For 9K, you can be a Jubilee Party hero, they can manufacture history & remind you “…sisi ni serikali buana”

When DP Ruto walked into the Kasarani Gymnasium for the launch of the new Jubilee Party, he was met by a hostile crowd. So the reports goes:

Deputy President William Ruto had to solely plead and caress delegates to drop their protest over unpaid allowances before… jubilee delegates’ conference could begin. When he arrived at the Kasarani Stadium, the venue of the NDC…Ruto found a situation thick in protest jeers and utter confusion. Delegates outside and inside the gymnasium had refused to cooperate defying speakers one after another as they insisted on being paid their cumulative allowances for the three day political extravaganza…The delegates said they had been promised Sh.10,000 each per day, totaling Sh. 30,000 for the three days.
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The delegates were reportedly so incensed that “when called to rise in prayer, shouted “pesa”. It is reported that the DP informed the delegates that their claims on allowances was “a small thing” which would be easily sorted out. Never mind that there were reportedly 12,000 delegates demanding Ksh. 30,000 each for the three days. Do the math. To be sure Ksh. 360 Million. That, in the world of the DP “ni mambo madogo madogo”. It does seem that some of the delegates had done the math, and when the money was not forthcoming concluded that they had been duped and the money would never come. The DP could court no such doubts. He promptly reminded the delegates “sisi si chama tu, sisi ni serikali buana”.  (We are not just a party, we are the government man!). The point here being, what is Ksh. 360 Million to the government? What was eventually paid varies depending on who you ask. 9K per delegate seems to have been the reserve price, Jubilee’s “bei ya jioni” so to speak.

I do not know about you, but from where I am seated, this is a confession that the Jubilee affair was for all intents and purposes financed by government. If you had any doubts that the gory old days of KANU excesses are back, there is your confirmation!

The DP proceeded to placate the delegates. “He praised them as heroes and heroines of the country”.

Yes, heroes and heroines!

This would be a good point to throw up! In true KANU fashion, hirelings and mercenaries who were threatening to cause chaos and mayhem are now the new Jubilee’s heroes and heroines in town. Jubilee has an official price for purchasing a hero or a heroine.

It’s 9K. Any takers?

For those who are already disgusted I have bad news for you, the madness has just started.



The level at which Jubilee is throwing “sisi ni serikali” at our faces borders on the obscene. It is hard to believe that these are guys who “won” in 2013 with the thinnest of margins. They now think that with a few billions you can manufacture history. The DP was telling the Kasarani “delegates” that:

I want to pay tribute to you once again. Yesterday you performed an historic feat never seen before and which will remain for many years.

Manufacturing History

Such is the might of “serikali”. It manufactures history. You will remember the DP warning ODM and CORD that they are government “na tume jipanga“. This is the malady of a regime that has forgotten that the people are the government and that they govern courtesy of the people. They are nostalgic about the KANU of their heydays that imagined that it could manufacture history. Jubilee is recreating the KANU madness and it will fall. It was trying to manufacture history in Kasarani, the same “kisirani” place where Moi tried to manufacture history with disastrous results to KANU.

The manufactured history follows an official line that Jubilee is changing the political landscape by uniting Kenyans. That it is creating a new culture of organizations with institutionalized democratic processes. That it has distinct ideological positions, and that the merger is an “earth shaking” political machine that will carry along all Kenyans into the land of prosperity. Crap! What anyone in jubilee is yet to explain to me is how merging two tribal political parties, TNA and URP, and buying out some nondescript briefcase parties is supposed to unite Kenyans.

When the real history is written, it will record that two tribal overlords, desirous of perpetuating themselves in power until 2032 collapsed their distinct tribal parties into one big tribal party, with ten or so other briefcase parties as flower girls. To further consolidate power, the governance machinery of the new tribal party was handpicked by the tribal overlords, with sensitivity to the ethnic power balance between the two dominant parties not to upset the tribal elite who had collapsed into one party. Fact!

Ultimately, the circus of the merger will unravel because of the real history. They will have to manufacture new history to tell us why it will have fallen apart. But fall it will. Not because I am a seer, but because history has taught us that nothing founded on manipulation of the people, corruption of money and a dearth of ideas can survive the test of time. I am sure you have continuously heard of the phrase, “History will judge them harshly…”. Nowhere is this truer than the fate that awaits the product of the Jubilee madness displayed in Nairobi over the three days.

KANU reborn

I will remind you for what purpose the madness was in full play. They say that they are uniting the country. In their head, by uniting two tribal entities called TNA and URP and buying out some other nondescript briefcase parties, they are uniting Kenyans. For them, they might even believe the hype. It is reminiscent of KANU in 2002. A deluded cabal of Moi-men who after raping the country for 24 years were preaching to Kenyans about national unity under a Moi-proxy Presidency occupied by Uhuru Kenyatta. It failed then. It recreated itself in 2013, and in those 3 days they have come full circle. KANU has been reborn. It is now as a behemoth duopoly of the Kikuyu and Kalenjin political elite who have a lot to protect accumulated over 53 years of politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

Someone asked in this blog, whether we have been bewitched. How we ended up where we are now and for how long our politics will be manipulated like this by dirty money and tribal overlords. Kenyans who were asking this question earlier have been left dumbfounded by the events of 8th – 10th September. I have consistently maintained that ours was a choice between the bad and the ugly in 2013. We chose one. I don’t know which one. All I know is that the bad has become badder and the ugly has become uglier. The greatest tragedy for those who had hopes for a new Kenya after the promulgation of a new constitution is that a self-confessed-YK92-hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi-project occupied statehouse at a time when the desire of every Kenyan was change. No wonder some people think we are bewitched.

Serikali” vs the People, Round 2…

But I am optimistic. The madness does not depress me, it excites me. There is a saying in West Africa, that “those whom the gods will destroy, they first make them mad”. So, do not be discouraged by the madness you are seeing. It is a cue to all Kenyans of goodwill that the time for change is now. Why am I confident that the Jubilee hubris is terminal madness, the pride that comes before a fall?

Two reasons.

However bloated their egos get in being “serikali“, Uhuruto are no Danel Arap Moi. The hardly 4 year old Jubilee “serikali” cannot approximate the political might and material resources of the 24 year Moi “serikali”. Moi had all the instruments of the state at his disposal and an old despotic Constitution to boot. Everyone in an appointive position in government was his hireling and he shared power with nobody. Yet, Moi was defeated and (unfortunately) humiliated by the same people he had ruled over with an iron fist for 24 years.

In contrast, Jubilee are operating under a new Constitution that has significantly whittled down the powers of the executive. Even Moi would find it hard to be Moi with the new Constitution. To make matters worse, Jubilee is a tribal tango between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin political elite which makes the DP a powerful individual, almost sharing executive power with the President.  Uhuru is no Moi, he has to make a call to Ruto before making the smallest of decisions.

Additionally, the new constitution created a devolved system where considerable power is with the counties. While primary school kids can name a few governors, I doubt many can even name a single County Commissioner (except probably Marwa), who are supposed to be the power of the Central government at the grassroots. When we were in school we knew all the PCs and a few DCs. They were Moi’s power on the ground. Thus, the attempt by Jubilee to recreate “serikali” in Moi’s image will backfire. They are no Moi and this is not the 1980s. And this brings me to the next reason I am hopeful.

The people.

The people of Kenya in 2017 are not the people of Kenya in the 90s. The demographics have shifted and the beneficiaries of NARC’s free primary education in January of 2003 will be voting in 2017. Unlike then, the people now know that they can bring down a government. Theirs was an act of faith in 2002, they had never seen a government fall. Now it is an act of procedure. They not only have a defeatable regime, they have significant experience in defeating regimes and regimes’ agenda. They know that the money they are being bought with is their money, and that those buying them are giving them just a small fraction of what has been looted. When they came to Kasarani, they did not come in search of heroism, they came for the piece of the pie, to partake of the crumbs offered to them by “serikali“. Easy money. It was déjà vu, “kula kwa KANU” all over again. In 2017, the people will “kula kwa Jubilee” and give their “kura” to a new leadership, a new dispensation.

Kasarani was a rehearsal of 2017. And although there were “mambo madodo madogo”, the Jubilee “serikali” did not disappoint. They delivered and affirmed to the people, that for 9K, you can be a Jubilee Party hero, they can manufacture history & remind you “…sisi ni serikali buana”. The madness has just started…but remember, those whom the gods will destroy, they first make them mad.

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  1. A great nation is not led by a man who simply repeats the talk of the street- corners or the opinions of the newspapers. A nation is led by a man who hears more than those things; or who, rather, hearing those things, understands them better, unites them, puts them into a common meaning; speaks, not the rumors of the street, but a new principle for a new age; a man in whose ears the voices of the nation do not sound like the accidental and discordant notes that come from the voice of a mob, but concurrent and concordant like the united voices of a chorus, whose many meanings, spoken by melodious tongues, unite in his understanding in a single meaning and reveal to him a single vision, so that he can speak what no man else knows, the common meaning of the common voice. Such is the man who leads a great, free, democratic nation. Therefore I Vito, the Voice of the Young I decisively not suggestively endorse neither of celebrated trißal founded alliances,CORD & JP.REVOLUTION such POLITRICs is INEVITAßLE IN UNITY

  2. YOU CAN FOOL WITH THE MINDs OF THE PEOPLE ßT THEY SOON TIRE & RETALIATE AGAINST UA AUTHORITY…I Kenyans Can just see the ßigger picture & realise that we are entirely responsißle for change in this Country…we have the power to Cast a regime of Self_centred leaders whom curruption is their Acme achievement…robbing off their poor ignorant kenyans whom have ßeen enrypted” & split into trißal division to ßlindfold their priorities & defend personalities rather than fight for the right course of our great nation. MY CONTROVERSIAL QUESTION IS WHO WILL CHAMPION US THRO. THIS REVOLUTION?.. Only time can tell.

  3. But prof. with all due respect I beg to ask you a question,in the article you are telling us to “kula kwa jubilee ” and give our kura to new dispensation, which is this new dispensation? When we only have two big players in the 2017 race, that’s Jubilee and CORD and you already told us in one of your articles that CORD are no more better than jubilee.

    • Professor, the said party is insulting our intelligence. why is it so hard to admit theirs is a tribal outfit just like their opponents yet we all know? Moses Kuria is many things including an ethnic bigot but at least he doesnt pretend to shun tribalism like his party of choice…

    • Kipkemo Edu P N Tribalism. He is a tribalist who used a tribal 41 vs 1 formula to mobilize for the presidency in 2007. He is desperately trying to cobble up a winning tribal coalition but all his allies are deserting him. In fact his only option is to add his tribal vote to the Jubilee tribal basket. That way he might have a chance to be something. Right now, the jubilee tribal maths is against him. If he continues to seek tribal coalitions with tribal Kingpins, he will loose to Jubilee in 2017.

    • whats a tribal party? according to me a national party should include different Pple who support it irrespective of where they come from i find that in jubilee and cord…we just cant wish away that kenya is made up of different tribes and the media just bedevil and negate our difference… again i ask what do a national party pride in

  4. the so evil delegates that you describe were bought at 9k are kenyans ,,its just unfair to just criticise but not give solutions….. presently i dont have a favorite but human nature just loves to win but presently jubilee are just ups!

  5. Francis Imbuga once said in the book of Betrayal in The City. It was better while we waited.Now we have nothing to look forward to.We have killed our past and we are busy killing our future.The fruits of independence we are now getting them second hand. As the late Saitoti once put it.There will come a time when the nation will be more important than an individuals.Most Kenyans don’t bother to reason whether we are in the right train or not.All that matters to them is that we r in a train. It is like people taking tea with milk while others are feeding on their saliva.Do you know what we call that Professor? It is called selective breeding of molecular layers of humanity.It prevents an epidemic of breaking point as they say.But as Physics once taught us,Just like liquids have different boiling points,human beings have different breaking points.But as the wise once said,the time for liberation will come when people have mindsets that are positive towards greater positive change.I rest my case

  6. I think you are belittling word professor that you tag yourself.I thought you are saying the money was gotten from corript source which you might be a genius to get.I differ complitely with you that its was wrong to pay them. I am yet to see how you could do it differently.Professor why dont you talked about new inventions in ICT,Manufacturing,farming that can provide job to unemployed youths.You have betrayed you education you sound like the rest of us who didnt get chance to see secondary or primary level education.Shape up pal

  7. I think you are belittling word professor that you tag yourself.I thought you are saying the money was gotten from corript source which you might be a genius to get.I differ complitely with you that its was wrong to pay them. I am yet to see how you could do it differently.Professor why dont you talked about new inventions in ICT,Manufacturing,farming that can provide job to unemployed youths.You have betrayed you education you sound like the rest of us who didnt get chance to see secondary or primary level education.Shape up pal

  8. Citizen TV today aired about sick health system in the country. Pointing out the dire situation in Kenyatta hospital which is named after Uhuru Kenyatta’s late father. Cancer patients are more than suffering yet Kenyans don’t see anything wrong with that. What is my point? It’s so depressing to see when the economy is being mismanaged by few top individuals who steal and squander our resources are still celebrated by the victims. The victims were in Kasarani waiting for 9k. The other bunch of victims was screaming in Mombasa celebrating the arrival of 47 branded buses. Explain to me like a two year old!

    • This is a nice one John. I will try. You see, our political system is not headed by patriots and statesmen. It is headed by tribal warlords. Currently it is headed by two tribal kingpins from the Kikuyu and Kalenjin political elite, a YK92 Hustler and a 2002-failed Moi project. All others who are trying to get in are also Moi orphans and tribal warlords whose politics just like those of the duo in power is anchored on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. These guys care for no-one and they have no vision for the country. They care about themselves, power and money. Having perfected the art of dividing the people along tribal lines, they do not care about delivery. They care that their tribes-people vote for them. We will never make any progress for as long as these tribal overlords are the ones at the top of the political hierarchy. That is why I am advocating for a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the people against the tribal warlords. I do not currently know what that narrative is. But I know it is the only hope. The search for one is the most urgent political assignment for any Kenyan who cares about the country. Without it, the tribalists will win in 2017. And it will be business as usual.

    • But how come Prof that the ‘rape victim here still celebrates the rapist’ it beats me to be honest. What’s wrong with the victim? To some extent I am tempted to shift the blame from the leadership to Wanjiku the victim.

    • John Karenge Please do not give up on Wanjiku or blame her. Wanjiku is the only hope for this country. She has not been given a choice. I will give you an example. A hotel in your neighborhood only cooks rice and chicken. There is no other hotel for miles and people out of compulsion only eat rice and chicken. The owner of the hotel starts to brag that the people of your neighborhood ONLY LIKE rice and chicken. Is this a true representation of facts by the hotel owner? No. The political class in CORD and Jubilee only know tribalism. They have served it to the people for the last 53 years. Now they are telling the world that the people of Kenya are tribalists and they only love politics of tribalism. Is this true? No. Politics of tribalism is all the choice they have. I have written extensively on the choices we had in 2013. They were the choice between the bad and the ugly. CORD was a coming together of tribal warlords who had been jilted by their younger KANU siblings in Jubilee. Jubilee itself was a coming together of ICC fugitives turned tribal warlords to scuttle the ICC process. Kenyans chose one of the evils.

      I know you will tell me that there were other options for the presidency. That would be incorrect. You see politics is not about “who”, it is about what. Put differently, politics is about narratives. The dominant narrative in the 2007 and 2013 elections was tribalism. Those who espoused this narrative had captured the imagination of the people. Unfortunately, those who claimed to be alternatives were just shouting themselves hoarse but they did not have an alternative compelling counter-narrative. They were just wannabes who thought is it “sexy” to run for president. Of all those who ran for president in 2013, can you remember what they stood for? Did anyone make an impression on you by articulating an alternative to the tribal narrative that Uhuru and Raila represented? No one. Dida tried. But to articulate and sell an alternative narrative in the midst of a dominant one takes a lot of talent and skill. Only Obama has demonstrate such talent and skill in recent history. Those other guys came saying “elect me president”. They had absolutely no alternative compelling narrative to the triablists. The tribalists easilty won.

      Back to the rice and chicken seller. Having convinced the people that they ONLY like rice and chicken, (because that is the only thing he cooks), it would be very difficult for another person to come and set up a hotel. He would have to sell rice and chicken. If he sells something else it will take a lot of marketing and sensitization for the people to accept it. But his biggest problem will be the first hotelier who will trash the possibility that the people can eat anything else.

      The first people to trash the argument that Kenyans are not tribal are the tribal warlords and their sycophants in Jubilee and CORD. They want us to believe that we are tribal. That way they will rule us forever, i.e. they will sell us one option forever.

      I have advocated for a new alternative non-ethnic political narrative to rival the tribal narrative of jubilee and CORD. That is the only way we can get rid of them. You cannot get rid of the first hotelier by selling rice and chicken. Against all odds you must sell something else however initially opposed the people are to it. With time they will open their eyes and if your alternative is better than the rice and chicken guy, you will eventually push him out of the market. If you sell rice and chicken you must work with him otherwise huwesmake. Anyone who joins CORD or Jubilee MUST play tribal politics. If you play politics of principal, huwesmake. See what has happened to Mwaura Issac!!

      This alternative narrative must come from someone clever enough to design one, talented enough to communicate it to the people and skilled enough to build strong consensus and a mass movement around the new narrative. It must be engineered by a political genius and not these wannabees running around saying they want to be president.

    • This is a very very unfortunate comment Williams. I will have you know that the toughest critics of the jubilee government are Kikuyu. Do not be blinded by hate and stereotypes my friend. People have eyes and they see. They have ears and they hear. They have brains and they think. To deny this about anyone just because they are Kikuyu is dangerous tribal jingoism. Please drop it. Hiyo njia umepitia si sawa.

    • I have not dismissed or endorsed anyone. What I know is that to defeat the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee, you need a compelling new non-ethnic political narrative. I have not heard any. Without such a narrative, the tribalists will win. So for you to know whether someone stands a chance, ask yourself whether you can identify the alternative non-ethnic political narrative in their platform. If it is not there, hawawesmake.

  9. Robert Alai,Dennis Itumbi and the ilk parties,tribes aside,me thinks, from the words of processor, what is ‘bei ya jioni’ when hospitals are death dens,government are choreographed of corruption,police who are to protect now kill without fear or mercy,the govt system are controlled by cartels, the plight of Wanjiku is a forgotten chapter,Kenya is next to impunity yet we take it as business as usual really! It’s high time we shun these,the earlier the better,we rather stop being of like mindedness of my party,my tribe must be in power,tell that to birds.

  10. If the government cannot convince the electorate on it’s achievements and policies and has to literally BRIBE them to attend the launch then we as a country are in for a rough ride if miraculously they get re-elected…

  11. The government is made up of thieves where many have watering mouths to get in so they can grab as much wealth as they can the opposition is not any better our society is even worse because many are blinded by very funny tribal myths that its “our son” “our daughter ” and that makes us feel as if we are riding on the same boat but in real sense we live in two very different worlds the planet of the rich who fight their battle in the supreme court using very intelligent lawyers and even making fun of each other …and the world of the poor who slaughter each other in slums or die as victims of extra judicial killings by police …its high time we emancipate our minds from this mental slavery

    • Yes. There is a poem called Desiderata. Google it. It says in part, “speak your truth quietly and clearly…and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story”. Vinny, if we will change the country, we must be willing to engage everyone. Especially the skeptics. In fact, it does not help me to only engage with those who agree with me. There is not need of preaching to the converted. It is the epileptics, the haters, and the “ignorant” whom we must engage incessantly. It can be draining and irritating but it is the only way.

  12. With me I can’t see any change soon, ,,, be it a professor, ,, a Dr or a prophet…!! There have been perfect political critizers since I knew politics back in early 90s…!! They start by criticism against the government and are vocal in our dailies, ,, thank God to the Facebook platform…!! They now use it. .. Kenyans hear them and gives them power hoping that they will fulfil what they had made us believe they can, ,,,, my God,,, the same character turns out to be Robbers with hundreds Stomach that they have now turned up to be CARTELS. .. THE LIKE OF PROFESSOR. .. GIVE HIM SOME TIME YOU WILL HEAR HIM NO MORE!! Mwamba ngozi. ….. GOD HELP KENYANS. .

    • Hehehehe…this is a very bleak prognosis Kane. Things are not this bad. I agree with you that would-be changemakers turned out to be as bad as the other thieves. I will tell you why. The system is locked in and you can only play by its rules. I will give you an example. Imagine I said I want to join politics to “change things”. What do I need to do? As a Kikuyu form central province, I need to prostrate myself under the feet of the Kikuyu tribal supremo to get a Jubilee ticket. That will be the end of my independent thinking and my criticism of the system. There is simply no other way. This is because the current political class have locked in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. You either play by those rules or you will not make it. This is what happens to the bright people who think they can get in and change the politics.

      The current political dispensation cannot be changed. It must be replaced. That is why I am urging for a new alternative non-ethnic political narrative to replace the ethnic narrative of CORD and Jubilee. I can assure you that unless we get that alternative narrative, I cannot join politics. I know what would happen to me if I joined politics under the current dispensation. I think you do too.

  13. Why don’t we just face it? The greatest enemy for the Kenyan is the Kenyan himself. We deserve the leaders we have because of our greed. Just walk into any village and you hear people saying that they can’t vote for so and so because he /she has given them nothing. We want to be bribed to vote for people but we will never blame ourselves. If someone bribes to vote for them, it is only natural that they will focus on recouping what they spent and not service delivery. The leaders that we have are a product of the rotten society that is us but we will never take the blame.

    • Professor Michael wainaina are you ignorant or feigning it? The some of the people who demand bribes to vote for others are not beggars. Just ask anyone who has participated in elections for various professional representation be it for teachers, lecturers, lawyers etc. The language is the same. What are you giving me? Are you providing transport on elections day? I have stood for office so I know better. In Kenya almost everyone is corrupt in their own small ways but always want to castigate their seniors for the same vice. The society will even ridicule you if you didn’t use a senior position you occupied for self aggrandisement.I think corruption is a cancer that has permeated the core fabric of our society and no single section of the population can be responsible for its eradication

    • Nick Ireri It does not matter. They are still victims of a corrupt system. Both the giver and the receiver. The only people who are true beneficiaries of the system are those at the top of it led by the tribal warlords. Everyone else is a victim. Specifically I pity anyone who enters the political fray “to change things”. This is pure naivety. The system is so badly corrupted that like a voracious black hole it will swallow anyone who comes near it. The system cannot be changed, IT MUST BE REPLACED FROM THE TOP. If you run for political office inside the system, be prepared to play by the rules and their rules are known, ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

    • Professor Michael wainaina the system can’t replace itself. It is your victims who MUST rise from their victimhood and rise against the system. But I don’t see them doing that before they stop being beneficiaries and before they stop their own small thieving ways.

  14. I sometimes. .. aploud pple from central Kenya. .. those holds their leaders accountable.. If they cannot perform they are thrown out of seats. .. but other regions they are chosen by their activenes in shouting and criticism. .. The more you criticise the gava the more the chances of becoming into power. .. no development agendas. . No development record. .. They even don’t have a home!! Please Kenyans let us not take bribe for us to vote!!

  15. Kai ukoragwo mwena uriku Wainaina ? Gitumi waragia uhoro wa siaza oriria uui ati kuri andu amwena uria ungi makenaga ni uria urauga. Maundu mangi matiukaga wega guku mitendao ini thiini wa news cia thaa ithatu kuri mundu munyite ni kwandika ndeto ikira nite na watho wa mitendao. Tuthomithie ndeto igututeithia tondu mundu wakwa

  16. Its good 360m to go to 12000 delegates across the country than, 200billion eurobond to 10pple, Mumias to Kidero and allies, anglo leasing and golden berg to few pple, Nys to waiguru and her saloonist, Triton to Raila and frends, heri wakenya wenye bahati pia wapate share kidogo

  17. Uhuru is determined to retain power in order to continue looting public cofers dry, on the other side arap mashamba is keen grab as much land on site. Finally I sympathize with the delegates for ass licking at only 9k

    • Baba Ryan do yoy understand what blogging means?
      Haven’t you noticed that its an article from a newspaper?
      Tomorrow when Ryan is diagnosed with cancer,you will call for a medical fundraiser to finance his healthcare,-to take him abroad,then ultimately chemo back home,add to drugs and othee related logistics.
      Now you are making noise,very stupidly over an article that is giving you a real picture of what is going on in our country and you want to start making it personal over someone that is way above you both intellectually and financially.
      Sit your ass down and stop playing blind just because you have some emotions towards a party.

    • Gavin Garvey Raila baba was in power for five years and all he did was to cry for his nusu mkate. I don’t belong to any party but when a bogus professor fails to offer solutions and instead cries like Baba, it really irritates me. He wants to attract the eye of Jubilee big shots to be appointed when they win elections

    • This is not about an individual or where your affiliation lies. There are billions of shillungs that were allegedly lost in that NYS saga and nobody has even been prosecuted. Yesterday there was a piece aired on national Tv about the plight of cancer patients at KNH. The fee has gone up. We have no machines locally yet just the other day the ruling party splashed enough money to buy several machines.
      We cannot make this a discussion about an individual when we have such serious issues and the govt is not doimg anything about it.

    • He might not be a professor ni vile watu hujitia juu. When you are a professor your must be broad minded. Just being here talking of jubilee wrong doings , is not what an academic professor should be wasting his time on. People talk as if this this the first government since independence.

  18. Uhuru is determined to retain power in order to continue looting public cofers dry, on the other side arap mashamba is keen grab as much land on site. Finally I sympathize with the delegates for ass licking at only 9k

  19. Since the delegates were later paid what the issue here??about the millions you are talking about’ jubelee has well wishers who donated en fund raised even frm abroad you may assume they wer using state funds but u can’t state clearly otherwise jubelee is the government of the day

  20. Uhuru alone is capable of paying them all. what was the problem with delegates demanding for their right. Did you see any of them throwing stones? Yes Ruto said they are the government, did he lie?

  21. I wonder how we will ever mature mentally. When analysing the political choice kenyans to consider, and say jubilee and cord are not an option, i think am sorry to say that is stupid. It’s unfortunate to see strong selection of sarcastic words towards a certain political party and you have nothing to offer. Don’t be hater, a criticizer, a gossiper.

  22. Uhuruto managed a campaign of billions in 2013 while still paying travel n lawyers expenses in hague,hiyo ilikuwa pesa ya eurobond ama taxes?Let delegates b paid for having tyme to leave their businesses n families unattended,dont assume they r idlers bribed to attend.10,000 ni pesa kidogo kwao bearing in mind that its harvesting period for voters.Let politicians pay dearly n share what they have stolen from us.We should b paid even listening allowances

  23. thank you for abeautiful outline of kenyan politics,i love you for this holistically,in kenya peoplez comments are juged by there names.
    by seeing you name people will simply guess the direction of your therefore can we find more Ngugi wathiongos of yesteryears sir as the two side of coin seem to be similer what are your advice.
    thanks, my personal priority was to kill the monster of looting and not decaiving to kill tribalism.

  24. Thats true proffesor…its only that some Kenyans cannot think beyond their nose …. Instead of thinking on how employment is going to be created, quality of education going to be improved among other key things, they just get excited about being duped by small papers in the name of money …kenyans should understand that the government is trying to propagate poverty at expense of the citizen #dontkillournation

  25. This talking is of an injured opposition mole who has financed them to the last coin. The bitterness is allover from his face to the point of his pen. You’ll get aloss of over 70% if not 72%.

  26. Prof,,,i love the way you respond even when some blind sycophants here hit on you…it left me mad when i heard that some musicians who performed there on saturday were paid 1million just for jumping for 20minutes!!!

  27. From both political devide, if you are poor, you remain poor, if middle class, wabaki hapo or higher, if stinking rich, you become more richer. That is the truth of the matter in Kenya . Uko CORD, ni hivyo, uko JUBILEE ni hivyo tu.
    The majority of the people insulting one another here on facebook are of a class I don’t want to mention…… Jishugulikieni, wachana na politicians.

  28. I urge people to read professor’s comments with an open mind. Partisan interest a side he is illuminating a rotting notion that abuse of office and corruption are rampant in the Govt which purports to protect the citizens

  29. The tragedy of humans deluded by the “we and us” mentality is a very painful loss of objectivity and rationality…..I would really be happy the time I walk into a bank looking for credit and I am told that we av different rates for different tribes…or when I walk into a bar for a tipple and I find that there different prices for different tribes….or I drive into a gas station and I find the cost of fuel is segregated on tribal lines…eg a liter of gasoline is 70 for Kikuyu and Kalenjin ….and 85 Bob for Luos … kambas….luhyas..and coastarians….I will of course wait for the insults

  30. It shows that this government is not there for money but to work for it’s citizens, money is nothing look how the development is being done from Left Right and centre oh I like this government, tuko pamoja till 2032

  31. Pole you wanted then to goa angry am a to offer service for free I believe they paid transport and house and also needed for for the three days

    I believe the school of thought by Adams smith in Economics where he says there is no free lunch even if it had been bought by someone

  32. I wonder how some people expect delegates to stay in Nairobi without food, subsistence allowances so that they are not to be said they were paid. This is quite myopic and illogical so to say.

  33. Some pple have become psycophants that if their leaders tel them its night in at noon theyl jump back to bed n sleep..the fact is jubilee is borrowin looting n we shall all pay for the concequencies irrespective of the tribe

  34. Hee those tribal followers of MTU wetu can’t see anything sensible in this post. The can go as far as abusing Prof Wainaina in their dialect( believing he is from our tribe). Wakenya tumerogwa we need prayers. You may be made to believe they know what the role of Government is yet you can be sure majority only pride in claiming to be leading no matter the wanting conditions they live in.Poleni sana but let the truth be told!

  35. I have never seen any sense in what this so called professor writes. He has never posted any helpful thing. Its like he has n mind of his own. He is just there to criticise and not to offer solutions. We know he is anti jubilee, he should keep his rubbish to himself.

    • George Mworia Thuku You can disagree with me. But insults are rather childish. I am anti-jubilee. You are right there. I am also anti -CORD and anti all tribal kingpins who have reduced this country to what it is now. It is not my job to give solutions. People elect government and give it resources to provide solutions. If it cannot like the jubilee one can’t my only obligation is to agitate for it to be removed from power. That is what I am doing here. That has been my position and it will remain like that. SO if you have never found the position making sense, I suggest you stop reading because that position is not about to change.

    • You just anti. Anything professor Michael wainaina-phD. Just becacause its someone else’s doing. You want to position yourself as the know it represent nothing. If you don’t want us to read don’t post but if you post we read your stupidity criticise it too the same way you are criticising others. I didn’t know where you got the audacity to decide for me what to read or not to read. Professors are supposed to be critical thinkers not commentators.

    • George Mworia Thuku,the next delegates conference will be held after 5yrs ei 2022 so Kula 9k pole,pole,if asking accountability in the goverment you call us foolish then I think you should prepare your self to deal with many foolish, we are not getting tired any soon.

  36. Prof wainaina umekanyaga kicwa cha jubilee . Thuku mworia behaving like the real jubilee sons .ooo! You blame but not offering solutions. If u want us 2 offer solution it means u r not where u belong surely . That is y missusing ua sit

    • @Philip Ndirangu,who told you opposition leads the poor? This is mediocre politics that has been used to You fools to make you feel you’re rich. Let’s start with you who is still living in his mothers hse n jobless! Don’t you know the president’s region hasthe highest no of refugees and landless pple yet half of that area is owned the the president’s family? So you are the fools who have had the presidency for atleast 26yrs n still we have bad rds in Tetu,Mugumoini,Nyeri…. we still have your pple living in Mukuru kwa Njenga,kayaba,Kiamakal, Soweto,Gitari,Line Saba,Kiambiu,Mlango kubwa,Majengo,Mathare North, Kawangware, Kosovo, Ndunyu, Maumau, Kiana, Waithaka kwa Ng’ang’a, Kabiria, Mlango soko and Ndwaru road.
      Frm Embakasi 2 Makadara 2Langata to Kamukunji…..
      So wake up frm your slumber!

  37. By tha way you respect Jubilee so much kama wanaweza shughulikia mfuko wa delagates hawa wote…..that Cord culd not afford to catter for onlt 100 of them lazima wsitishe 6000 plate….

  38. I have come to understand that poor people are actually brainless idiots, that is kenyans, you people should be ruled by the few rich forever, may you never see change in your lives till you die poor imbeciles

    • You cannot insult the people Prince. This is the cardinal sin in politics. Trust me, those you are calling idiots are the salvation of the country. I have maximum respect for the people. A Presidential Candidate in America insulted the people in 2012 and lost. Hillary Clinton is now in a storm for insulting Trump’s supporters. She will pay for it in November. Insulting the people is anathema in politics.

    • Prince Dee This is not the truth. do not know what leaders you are referring to. I know though that political leaders think that Kenyans are stupid and that they will remain like that forever. They hope that people will no get enlightened so that they can steal from them for ever. I would not trust them. I will stick with the people. You have insulted them. And it is not right.

  39. weve seen leaders in this world,powerful en very rich,en wa disgraced by their own people.Prepare for the worst uhuruto.Sadam,ben ali,mubarak,gadafi,mobutu,bagbo,name them,amin,wako wapi?sahii,wenye kuenda,ni kama vile uhuruto,m7,mugabe,u knw them

  40. These country started taking the wrong turn when Kibaki rigged elections in 2007 and went for the worse when he taught the same legacy to the KANU boys who perfected and stolen RAILA’s victory in 2013.

  41. Prof…..don’t go that road you have taken against those in power please !. I know for sure you’re an academia. Kindly focus your energy and mental capacity in producing the best brains for our country to take-off towards realising vision 2030. Being a pragmatic person and a gentleman,let Jubilee party be !. It may not be what you conjure up in your academic mind,but to majority of us Kenyans….that is the best option so far available to us to guarantee a peaceful enviroment. We don’t want senseless bloodshed in Kenya for the sake of watering the ”freedom tree”. For what purpose if people get killed enmass !?.Kenyans are well aware what the elite academia want ordinary people to do !?. Put their lives in harms way for the academia to enjoy the fruits of liberation over their dead bodies reward with abnormal huge salaries !.Kenyans are wise by nature and apart from afew foolish goons,we cannot go the path of bloodshed you so much desire for us you academias .

  42. 9k is just too much fo a poor man who was ferried frm ‘Mshambani’ to come in nairobi fo the first time.Bt let me ask u lady and gentlemen.9k can make u to abuse Raila and see him as an enemy surely.Umaskini haina huruma na Adabu….

  43. professa make sure when u wrote this atical hawa walafi waporaji wa mali za ummah wasikuone wakikuona utaishia Jela ama utabandikwa jambazi na utakula mahindi ya chuma. wewe unakua againest government

  44. In politics you need to be smart and know how to maneuver tough situations, what did you expect ruto to say?? to tell people to go back home?? where was the president to answer those tough questions sisemi kitu sisi sio Wana siasa tu sisi Pia ni serikali bwana!!!

    WERE YOU GIVEN THE 9K,Your villagers or mpango wa kandos??
    Speak what you like Further more talk of people Who holds POSITION IN SOCIETY That were SUPPOSED TO BE GIVEN TO *K-STREET & SABASABA BUSINESS LADIES*And your likes take hold of therebiz as a Caretaker…

  46. And as we spend all this money, make merry and continue with political extravaganza there are poor Kenyans that will die as they wait for more than one year for radiotherapy treatment at KNH, the reason being the hospital has only one radiotherapy machine. Shame on our leadership.

  47. Am Urgently Looking For Serious Individuals Located In Nairobi And Its Environs To Work With Me On Full Time Or Part Time Basis And Earn An Income Ranging 7,000-15,000 Weekly.I Will Offer Training To The Interested Individuals To Get Started.If Interested Send Your Name And Location Via Sms/call To Me Business Number 0718596238

  48. I am a member of a certain cooperative society, during our AGM or SGM we are treated and entertained by those we chose to run our business. …does this amount to be being bought. If you are not a jubilate mind your business elsewhere. !!! The only problem we have in Kenya is we have brains but we rarely use them.

    • It is sad that someone like you who is in an institution of higher learning is incapable of simple rationale and objectivity. Furthermore you have to resort to insults to dissapprove an opinion that is contradictory to yours. Shame…

  49. And what is wrong with payng delegates such amount or rather what does tht affect uo daily business? Jp has/will never asked u 2contribute 4the same.Form uo own coalition/party and decide not 2pay uo delegates and nobody will question u 4that,period!

  50. when kenyans stop the politics of Money & Tribalism.. we shall be well.. Reading from comments here you can see how tribalic people Just read the name and you automaticaly know the political side.. shame on you GEMA & Non Gema people.. mmeturudisha nyuma sana

    • “ The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.” Bertolt Brecht. Only the liberal minded can see the mediocrity of the so called Democratic status of Kenyan when The President utters “we are not in a hurry to leave power”