Ababu Namwamba mounted & rode the ODM Tiger then disembarked, it will devour him

I have been watching. And listening. And I can tell you that the fall-out between Ababu Namwamba and ODM did not start with the IEBC protests. It started when he accepted a boardroom deal from Raila Odinga after ODM unleashed the men-in-black and snatched a people-driven victory from him at Kasarani. I was extremely disappointed when he accepted a boardroom deal from the ODM tribal Kingpin, and I remember thinking to myself, “politically, this guy is finished”. From that point on, he was Raila’s marionette, since he owed his SG post to him and not to the people. It is not true that Raila handed him a gun without bullets. When he accepted the boardroom deal, he accepted a gun with one bullet, and now he has turned it on himself. Political greed, self-preservation and manipulation is what drives “political parties” and their tribal tin-god owners. However enticing the deal you make with them in the boardroom is, you are just a pawn in their game of tribal arithmetic and power brokerage. Cavorting with them is like mounting the proverbial tiger. You cannot disembark, because if you do, it will eat you. Ababu has disembarked from the ODM tiger, it will devour him. A good question to ask is, how could he have not seen this?

Ababu is not a fool. In fact, compared to the average Kenyan politician, even those he was serving in ODM, he would pass for a genius. I used to read his articles when he was a columnist in one of the dailies. I would not say they were exceptional, I have read better. But they proved that he is a guy who is moderately read and can wrestle with ideas and he can hold his own in average intellectual debates. How could he have gotten this one so wrong?

I have consistently said that in spite of what the political class would want us to believe, there are no political parties in Kenya, except KANU. And on this count I will have to agree with Moi. All other “political parties” are tagataga (garbage). No wonder their tribal kingpin owners throw them away like the garbage they are, when they are done with them. Check the garbage bin after the jubilee merger, you will find discarded garbage called TNA and URP! All these “political parties” are masquerades, tribal briefcases for the tribal kingpins who form them to bargain at the political market place that only knows ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi as their currency. Their owners can buy them and shut them down at will, ODM is no exception. If Ababu was listening, he had been warned as much before the ODM Kasarani Kisirani by non-other than George Aladwa, he of the one-bullet-remaining, people-must-die-for-Raila-to-be-President fame. He had said without mincing his words that ODM:

party leader is Raila Amollo Odinga and he owns this party. And this party is a private club and it has its own members. (See this videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vjgWbKdOWQ.) (Emphasis mine)

When they unleashed the men-in-black on him and the other aspirants, Ababu should have read the writing on the wall. I have argued before that this is the most embarrassing and degenerate public act by any “political party” in Kenya’s history.  Raila and ODM would not have survived this incident in any other civilized country. Only in Kenya. Raila demonstrated beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt that he had no intention whatsoever of letting democracy defined as “the will of the people”, reign in Kenya. He defines democracy to mean him and what he wants. For him, ODM delivered a democratic election in Kasarani.  Beyond discrediting Raila as a leader of any sort, the incident ruled out the possibility of ODM being trusted with power. The last thing you want is to give the instruments of state power to hooligans and anarchists. That Raila survived and today calls ODM a “national party”, a “government in waiting” is thanks to jubilee’s incompetence and corruption that makes some Kenyans contemplate that ODM can be an alternative. It can’t.

The Kasarani debacle was Ababu’s moment of reckoning. He had two choices.

The first was to tell the King he was naked and demand another election. And mean it. ODM attack dogs would have pushed him out in what would have been seen as an act of treachery. Taking the treachery he would have demonstrated his mettle and principal and become his own man. He would have been out but taking this option would have bought him martyrdom, a prized title in politics. This option was akin to facing and doing battle with the tiger, he didn’t have to worry about losing, he would have become a martyr.

The second option was to hand the King a loin cloth to cover parts of his nakedness by accepting a poisoned boardroom deal that purported to give him the position they had denied him on the floor at Kasarani. This is akin to mounting and riding the tiger. Instead of option 1, facing the tiger, he decided to take option 2 mount it and go for a ride. This seemed more enticing, faster and thrilling. Tigers are magnificent animals and pretty fast. A top the tiger, he still believed himself to be a general. But by this one act, he had been disarmed and given a single gun from the authors of the men-in-black debacle. He says it was not loaded. He is wrong. It had one bullet and by disembarking from the Tiger he has turned that one bullet on himself.

Previous examples of both options exist. Ruto, took option 1. He was pushed out of ODM in what was seen as an act of treachery and he achieved a political martyr status. Today he has joined Raila as a tribal tin-god in his own right. Raila would prostrate under his feet for audience. Martha Karua took option 2. She mounted the PNU Tiger in 2007 and disembarked, it devoured her political career. Before she dismounted the tiger, they used to call her “the most powerful man in Kibaki’s government”. After she disembarked, she is a run-of-the-mill politician who is now following Raila and CORD around, and still inexplicably harbors dreams of being president. She still doesn’t get it – “It’s game over”. I don’t know what she stands for. I doubt she will ever recover from this incident.

What is the lesson for aspiring young politicians from this Ababu debacle? The current political class is only interested in you to the extent you are of use to them. If you have something they can use, they will charm you. Once you have served your purpose they will spew you and crash you. I know of another promising and in my assessment brilliant secretary general of another tribal briefcase for a certain former Moi man from Ukambani, he of your-name-betrays-you fame.  I have always had a lot of respect for the young man’s intellect and political ability. But he must know that he decided to mount the Tiger. If he does not want to end up like Ababu, he better have a more strategic exit plan. The same goes for some youngsters who have been offered hollow positions in TNA. They are brilliant at defending their indefensible benefactor. My advice to them is to watch Ababu, and learn.

The current political class has no use for new ideas and new approaches, but more importantly, they are too full of themselves that they have no space for a new young generation that would bring these ideas. Ababu Namwamba bought into the hype, imagined that there was space for new ideas in ODM and mounted the tiger and disembarked, it will devour him.

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  1. A solution lies in two political parties. You are either pro government or anti government. Only then can we kill tribal affiliations, unnecessary MOUs and useless party hopings. You either support development or stand aside to monitor.

  2. Ababu discovered intellectualism is not meritorious in Kenyan political landscape. He has resorted to beating the tribal drum, with may be hopping to be another tribal kingpin. He seems to be a good student of his masters except that his methodology seems to be inferior. A general does not expose his underbelly to the allies turned rival but tactful recruit loyal soldiers to command. For now he appears to me a general without soldiers. It does not matter his combat skill, but this strategy makes him a soft target for allies turned foes

  3. How can one be anti government when both parties hope to form government? That’s the language of KANU and it’s offspring in Jubilee. When you have only two parties, they become mirror images of each other. What’s the difference between Jubilee & CORD really apart from individuals in them? The solution in my view is ideologically based parties, and a level playing ground created by law. Institutions that manage our politics like registrar of political parties, IEBC, Judiciary, clerks of houses of parliament, etc that are independent regardless of party in power at a particular time.

  4. Where is the ideological difference between Raila and Uhuru? The last presidential debate in 2013, both confessed that they were social democrats. So the fight is about which individual will gain power and which tribe will dominate Kenya. It is like two children in a playground.

  5. Ababu has a trillion Canon balls hurtling down at him.And he is the one man every soldier in odm is angry at.He will not survive. When odm was conceived back in 2005 Ababu was not there and to hear him brag “situlijenga pamoja” wacha tutaona kama walijenga pamoja.

  6. Ababu should stop baby sitting kids and face reality of hard bare knuckle tribal political somersaults ,when ODM was being formed way back in 2005 he was in US ,now he’s claiming non existing shares ?amekaliwa chapati na bibi !!!

  7. Ababu had no choice but to share the post. His character and political double dealing was already glaringly in the public domain. He had lost the trust of the Cord lieutenants and his time of leaving was on the finger count

  8. You have not yet heard the last of Namwamba, this guy knows what he is doing. Ababu sees beyond 2017, if Rao loose there will be a stampede of pple quiting ODM and Rao will leave many political opharns stranded. Ababu does not want to be one of them after reading the signs on the wall.

  9. He’s just playing his card just like.Tuju.He knows well that his pple will vote a dog as long aa its in ODDM but it seems just like Tuju,he’ll get a gvt job sometyms later after the election even after loosing but i want to assure him that he’s trending on Dangerous grounds.He jas forgoten very fast.He has history to learn from.This gvt is appointing ‘young blood’ en not young blood as is the expectation.Shauri yake.

  10. Nobody has ever had a chance than Ababu to make themselves politically sane and influential…

    Instead he chose to abuse the trust he was given by everybody…

    What happens when yu cant be trusted anyless is to leave…

  11. More failures are yet to join him paving way for right people to come in and ride Kenyans to the promised land.It will not be easy since Ukambani rebels,Kisii rebels, coast rebels and one key person in Cord will join him thinking Cord is finished yet it is God Pruning Hyenas from lambs.Am not a politician but am sure God has guided me to post this.Wonders and confussions are yet to erupt from the other devide.Let God grant us peace.

  12. You want to make us believe that after reading the dailys, you could see that Ababu was cheated and paticulary at the boardroom.As a true partriot ,why didnt you show these prophecies before things went off hand? Why are you say it tonday? I want to bring it tyou that this evil dinasty will perish in front of your both eyes.

  13. Ochieng

    Prof.wainaina I like this article #ababu namwamba should not have accepted this brokered boardroom power deal

    • Albert

      I like your coment. Thats what prof is saying…in Other words..Used then dumped!….like tissue paper. Hehe.

  14. RAO as a prophet forsaw it coming long long ago even b4 kasarani kisirani that urobond was to make this judas ran away with ODM documents if given full power, REMEMBER MARTIN SIKUKU

    • Tibiwa, I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of the current political class in CORD and Jubilee. I am a crusader for a new non -ethnic alternative political narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. We live in an era where all Kenyans of good will must take a position for the country, against the tribalists. The country needs us.

    • Thank you very much bro. Indeed our country is bigger than individuals, tribe or anything else. Our political class have planted seeds of hatred and tribalism and it is duty of every Kenyan to reject such leaders. People with opinion like yours and i are few but am surely optimistic that numbers will grow and eventually we will get there.

  15. Ababu has looked beyond 2017.We cnt ignore the massive fallout within cord.If they dnt do smthng tangible to sort it out,the party leaders will be left with only a skeleton.I have followed Ababu for smtm and he is a sharpkid.He has build such a strng bond at hs backyard and thats what he needs to b in office.

  16. conservative political parties driven by leaders whom their thirst for power is unquenchable……just you know….the winter is coming……. poor governance has pushed most kenyans in what i would like to call enlightment stage…..we are not there yet but we’ll get there when we get there…when we get there our tribal roots will start weakening….if a party cannot solve its indoor conflict…. is it capable of leading an ailing nation….?….

    • I can’t concur with you,cause by doing so the akamba community will eschew themselves out of Cord…because the memorandum state it blatantly that Raila is suppose to back Kalonzo for presidency comes 2017

      • Albert

        I like your coment. Thats what prof is saying…in Other words..Used then dumped!….like tissue paper. Hehe.

    • Jeremy Kush These are all useless tribal calculations. It is all the current political class knows. They contribute nothing to the welfare of citizens. This is why I have said that these guys should all go home. They are our biggest problem as a country.

    • I totally believe that Raila is the root cause of all the setbacks is going through cause the party has been personalised to be of a certain community and by doing so I patently see the party being dismantled due to their egocentric….

    • thats why Raila thinks western is like Luo nyanza where he has planted his charm,disappointingly his charm is failing to function in western, Coast,Kisii mentioned them,

  17. Expect more there is what we call political alignment, RAO is a king maker remember when Balala left he went for Joho, Mudavadi for Weta, Ngilu for Kalonzo, believe me Ababu has done a political sucide, he will be appointment CS

  18. i like ababus political move.he is ambitious just like ruto.he is wise.compared to kalonzo and wetangula,he is young vibrant and influential.acting behind RAO curtain will delay his ambitions.

  19. I love ababu courage and determination of political liberation.he is truly lovable.ababu is truly going far just like his counter part ruto.rao is making a big mistake to lose ababu cos u only know something was so dea when u let go,rao removd ruto from job in coalition gvt bt only realised ruto was too dea when he lost the rift votes and 2013 election.i see ababu as possible ruto dp after kiks wamechexa ruto.with the recent fall out in cord mulembe nation, now kisii coast and not forgetting kamba behind mutua cord will neva win election unless otherwise.

  20. Prof., you need to read the sad, tragic story of all who married Ihuoma, she of, God rest his soul, Elechi Amadi’s novel, The Concubine. Emenike was one of them. She was a goddess but did not know it too, neither did her suitors (am trying to speak to a prof).

    Therefore, Ababu married a god, and this is where the trouble is. He should never have married it at all, for its powers haunt!

    But as Amadi puts it in his book, some tough medicineman came along and appeased the bad gods. I dont believe in gods personally.

    Those that he has joined know how to “keep the gods at bay”. And Ababu will be safe and well

  21. Am from busia county prof nd i can assure u we will be sending that traitor Ababu home just as we dealt with moody Awouri, we luhya’s don’t take betrayal slightly especially after what uhuru did to musalia in 2013 then recently wen the same regime Killed a fellow luhya ( jacob juma) of which ababu was missing in action

  22. I must admit I had doubts when this post was suggested to me. But I just fell in love with your sense of reason and ability to go about tackling potentially divisive issues without showing bias. On the second article and can’t wait for more

  23. There is only one thing that stands that we all come from some kind of tribe and that we are all mired in the tribal mud that we hardly see past our tribal boundaries.

    The challange is here my dear brothers and sisters; what is the solution to our tribal problems?

    When Ababu ran out of ODM, where did he go? Back to his tribesmen soliciting for support. Has the same Ababu outlined clearly the reasons why he left ODM? What was the problem?

    The only thing we here of is dictatorship. Can he put this dictatorship into context and perspective so that we the citizens can understand. In what way was he dictated upon and by who to do what?

    In Kenya today what drives our political agenda is lust/greed for public resources or to have power to protect the already grabbed resources. The former drives the new and ‘poor’ politicians and the latter drives the old rich mandarins that milked our nation dry in the past regimes.

    Our political fights are ringed around the alleged betrayals btw the two tribes of Kikuyu and the Luos at the inception of our nation Kenya. This has ever been sugarcoated as idealogical differences for political correctness. All other tribes are caught in between and the highest bidder usually wins.

    When shall we be set free from this yoke of tribalism? And who shall lead us in the path of peace and harmony? May be somebody from a foreign land for all of us in Kenya are tribal.

  24. Ababu took oath in broad daylight in parliament that he will be under Raila, Now he has taken another oath to serf Ruto, on Railas vow he used the Bible on ruto oath he used money, the Bible oath will finish him. Don’t joke with the Bible the greedy Ababu,don’t use Luhyas to con jubilee. We are still morning Juma Jacob

  25. Proff am an article writer and i do academic writing but i dont do politics tho i did political science back in undergraduate. However i admire your writing and how you analyze some events, politics is adirty game but one has to play it smart if need to succeed in kenyan politics

  26. Luhyas dn’t behave like dogs who vomit halafu kulamba tena. this Jubilee govt shortchanged u in govt appointments unlike Raila he was in coalition govt and may give peole like Wamalwa to lure ur votes, Jubilee tricked Mudavadi and abused u madevils and lastly killed ur son Jacob Juma.how desperate ar to vote uhuru and this Arap Mashamba…hata hii pesa ya Eurobond wakina Ababu wanapewa, ar all Luhyas benefiting from it?

  27. Yet another rogue professor with no gravitas.Ostensibly a protege of Kagwanja,the soi-disant professor with no academic qualifications to underpin the aforesaid academic status. Kenya is on the cusp of economic slump.Our neighbours from EAC are pulling adrift from us.They’re disrobing us our status as economic kingpin in the region.Yet,counterfeit simpletons masquerading as scholars are chocking our guts with utter drivel and inconsequential narratives of no significance to a commoner.Kenya is now importing instead of expoting fish from China,a gut-wrenching reality yet those we assume to have knowhow to address this economic mockery,are feeding us with hooey.. The so called Kenyan elites.

  28. I choose to disagree with you, the problem with upcoming political annalysts like you is that you think your Opinions hold enough water probably because you have read alot of books in history and done political Science. You are a wise guy i dont dispute that but you are very mistaken in this case, On 2011/2012 Mutahi Ngunyi maintained His stand and this is what he said “William Ruto is a Mulnourished Politician with a big urge to get into political Limelight, His Defection From ODM is a death Sign for his political career”
    Am telling you now this my brother, Namwamba is not a fool, His Decision was not a One night Propotion. Stop talking of Repulcutions like he is the first Political Kingpin to ditch Raila. NAMWAMBA IS BUILDING UP, FOLLOWING THE SMART FOOTSTEPS OF MUTUA AND RUTO. MARK THIS WORDS

  29. I am a new reader of your articles and as young linguist by profession I must admit I have learnt a lot both in the reasoning and language ends.But if I may ask, what are you suggesting Ababu should have done? Having failed by taking the option 2 in your analogy and his political star expected to dim according to history and your reasoning are you suggesting he should have remained in CORD out of the fear of the “obvious?” Don’t you think there is a conflict between your presumed thinking and what you pupport to crusade for and what your pen writes? Be Ababu for a while after all the mis-calculations he made! What would be your move? Harmonize your thoughts and your pen and seal the gap In this article.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Thanks for reading and engaging. I am encouraged that as a young linguist you find my writing of use.

      I have really explained myself in this article and I am not sure I have anything to add. Maybe what I can say is that when Ababu accepted a poisoned boardroom deal which he knew to be undemocratic, he had hoped to dupe the system. He was wrong. You tell me to put myself in his shoes. If I could, I would not take the boardroom deal.

      What happens to him from now on depends on what he does. One can only hope that he has learnt from this incident. It is recoverable, he is young. But he needs to know that the mantra of his antagonists in CORD and those wooing him on the other side is ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, ukabila, ukora na upuzi. He is already a victim of the same. Let him not imagine that the rules of the game have changed.

  30. Am a political science student and i can assure you that Ababu is a catalyst to unite western kenya. His move from ODM is a big blow to Raila though they cannot publicly admit that. ODM should expect more leaves and I can only see Raila and Joho in ODM in 2017. But put this in mind Ababu has began his political career and expect more surprises from him.

  31. guys u still talk of cord. if jubilee won without all these fucking stories of defections what do u think will happen next yr. if i was kitendawili ni kupea mwingine. this is a 65% win for gava beleive me.

  32. Michel it is easy to advice than to make a decision,i was shocked when Ababu stooped so by accepting such a dirty and backward deal,he lost himself since then and all along he has been caged in a political limbo where he couldn’t do anything but finally the Ababu i know is slowly coming back to his political senses no longer having to rely on Raila’s name to move on.

  33. Ababu thinks that he can twist the minds of the Luyia nation to which ever side he wants. But he is definitely wrong on that and he should ask Musalia Mudavadi how far he went. The Abaluyia community have for many years been divided by who ever wants their votes. At least Raila tried to bring together. For now its everyone for himself come 2017. Musalia will have his group, Weta the same, and Ababu being a new Luyia vote hunter depending on his sole purpose, may get the list. If they are all genuine for a strong luyia block then they should fall behind Musalia who has tried at least before, put their votes together then give their conditions to whichever side. He has left Raila with no choice but to bank on Weta in the region. I wish him the best in whcih ever direction he heads.

    • These tribal arithmetics is our biggest problem. Who said that any tribe should vote in one way? This is a democracy. The fact that some tribes have been denied democracy and herded into one way of thinking and voting by their tribal warlords does not mean there is anything wrong with those that don’t.

  34. Ababu ako sawa chama yake iungane na new ford k na zingine tutafutie uhuru kura tayari tuko na wangwe washali savula kakamega busia pia wemekuja sioni kama uhuru atakosa 400k kutoka kwa waluhya

  35. That how luhya politics plays out, they are a unique lot, when other communities are forming parties to champion their interests, luhyas are busy winding up theirs.

  36. Professor, you have said Jubilee is incompetent and corrupt. And CORD can’t manage the Affairs of this country. Because the political parties are TAKATAKA, or tribal groupings. Now, what is the option for citizens? And what is the formula of get a political party that has a national face. That is not a tribal group? Because in accordance with your analysis, what is happening in political circles, amounts to nothing! Because when a politician does something, you say he/she is riding a certain type of Tiger. I even realised there are different types of Tigers in political arena. Can you assist me in that area?

    • Maingi, this is the realization that will make us start thinking of alternatives. If we do not get here, we will continue thinking that these tribalists have the answers. They don’t. The beginning of the search start with the realization that we need new thinking.

  37. Ababu played with wat he knew could one day EAT him. We cant cry 4 anythng, he got wat he wanted. Thz is the case where an idiot wins over an intelligent person. Oh Ababu, politics in kenya ddnt start by u.

  38. Ababu is right to try venture elsewhere. However what worries me is that the journey he is pursuing in western politics has been tried by others but proves futile.

  39. Just like any other Kenyan politician Ababu can venture and allow many suitors to court him, but remember whatever kind of money you may dish Luhyas they normally whip such politicians at the ballot box ask Hon. Kombo, Hon. Mudavadi, Hon. Jirongo, Hon. Eugine, etc can Ababu pull to the caliber of this politician’s? Lastly I have never seen a person who claims to have resigned and take more that 24hrs to hand in your resignation letter is a joke!

  40. When you realise the train you are riding is taking nowhere, common senses dictate you disembark and walk to where you wanted to go. Even if it might be far where you are going, at least you know you are on the right track.

  41. You can never be a billionaire in bussines without taking risk.likewise in politics the bigger the risk the higher the reward.Ababu is a risk taker,it will not be a surprise for Ababu to be our vice president in 2022.Ruttoh took a big risk which rewarded him greatly.for Ababu,I wish him well.

  42. Now that jubilee has purchased him l can see mt Kenya is praising Mumbi on top of their voices but history repeats itself anybody can be bought from western but the final word remains with the constituents let’s wait n see.

  43. This guy is said to be priced and bought at a fortune, allegedly swimming on money as the Butalangi folks drawn in river Nzoia annually helplessly . What are the priorities here? Construction of more dykes to tame the storm waters, and relocation of people living within the valley and avert more destruction and loss of lives. Ababu-namwamba-is, a man under siege, whose political career is hanging on a cliff. Can he save himself, and how?

  44. Thats the problem affecting not only Ababu but also the entire Luhya rising stars. When they feel themselvs ready, they become too planless that eventuly leads to their fall, leaving them mare heads of political parties that they formed to pesue their dreams. Nowonder those were who once ‘people’ from the region today heads parties to which even themselves cant be elected . Few examples includes; Kombo, Mudavadi, Wetangula, Wamalwa,Ojiambo, Jirongo and now Ababu is planning to lounch another.

  45. I concur with the Professor. Ababu Namwamba got it wrong from the first day he entered parliament when he engaged the House in unnecessary rhetorics about who won the presidential elections.

  46. Prof you must develop a thick skin because I’ve seen some pple insult you here.
    And more are yet to come.
    That’s true with Kenyans. We’re very tribalistic to the core of our very souls.
    Keep talking man.

  47. Writting a thousand pages praising and making ababu a small god wont change budalangi more so luhyas who dont be commanded to follow politicians blindly like ruto to kalenjins,uhuru to kikuyus and raila to luos..,we vote for individuals not following one leader like lost flock of sheeps… This guy was paid to wreck odm and cord just like others but they will not succeed… If not careful its the begining of the end to most of them politically..ababu has only one chance left which is to campaign hard for jubilee and pray they win so that he’s given job,or else be on the fence like wanjala,kombo,wakoli etc ..,nothing more than that…

  48. By the way pro. Wainaina which politician doesnt have a history of his or her fallout in this our mps for sale arena at party and national level..?? Name for us only one if you can ..raila/kibaki was 2002 MOU..,Uhuru/gedion/salat in kanu…,ruto,mdvd/raila odm..ngilu/kalonzo ukambani..etc..etc…

  49. Ababu should know that selling jubilee in western iz like selling pork meat in a mosque… Western votes r determined by wananchi wenyewe not lidas hw can he go in a camp ya watu wenye wamejipanga kitambo not unless awe shabiki tu not a player koz paka kwa bench kumejaa

  50. I see Tht some of you try to reason …anywe the truth is Ababu will be back in a demonic way come 2022 but ukabila ndo aache let’s always speak fr ourselves but not to all community at large

  51. Why are you pple angry becoz of ababu exit where is it written he should be in odm till death. Hata tha late jj kamotho said kanu ni baba na mama na damu yake ni kanu but finally alitoka. Raila alitoka NDP akatoka NARC why didn’t you complain. Everyone has a right to be where he feel comfortable. Finally ababu has not said anywhere that he has joined jubilee.

  52. Ababu is charting is way towards 2022 and is vision is clear ,why follow ODM to it dead end? becouse the sign that it heading to no where is clearly written in the wall.First ODM itself is on fire ,then come’s raila factor that he is ODM and ODm his him period.seconly the coard factor , who will be the torch bear ,will kalonzo support rao and will waita agree to play raila tune and will raila give chance to either kalonzo or waita ?this and the men in black is what forced Namwamba out of ODM.


  54. Raila shot hìmself on the foot when he unleashed the men in black on Ababu. He sensed danger when Ababu and others started holding secret meetings and Rao opted to boardroom appointments to accomodate Ababu. He cleverly avoided a pple driven vote in Ababus favour as SG to trim his then political shinning star. Now Ababu has come to forcefully claim his place and those trying to ignore his political omph ar living in another planet. DP RUTO’s political marriage with Rao 07/08 and now should ring a bell.

  55. Prof….I like you posts very much but now you got it wrong……..now stop cocooning yourseif and tell us you are also tribal…..Ababu is not and will never be a successful politician

  56. The implication of Ababu’s move is not determined by ODM since they are loosing clout in western otherwise how do you explain the party pitching camp in the region if Ababu was of no effect?

  57. Prof Michael Wainaina ,I disagree with you,from your mother article,you just want to please your master ODM(Raila) hence be in mind,Jubilee’s leaderships to note you are still there idle, and you are able to contribute.

  58. I’m of the opinion the proverbial tiger might devour the owner other than the rider who happen to be Ababu . This time round RAO has lost a lot of ground that the infamous tsunami has returned to its source coursing near irreversible damage. There is a song translated literally that “when the monkey death comes, trees becomes suddenly slippery

  59. How can he survive especially budalangi where half the constituents are luo? I think he is trying to use the formula william ruto used but as they say bahati ya mwenzio usiilalie mlango wazi

  60. I partly agree with Prof, the only thing he has not addressed is that even if Ababu will be devoured, he has surely dealt a very big blow to Rao, the same way Mudavadi escaped with over 500 Thao voters which is what Ababu was meant to do, then 2022,he will be in a pole when Ruto will be vying for presidency.. Tafakari hayo.

  61. Luhyas only come together in funerals but when it comes to politics the interests of individuals supersedes those of the communities. I’m sure ababu and those others shouting how bad odm is are cheep political prostitutes of rutos 2022 presidential imaginary ambitions. We were there when shamala magwagwa and others in ford asili were bought by moi as if they were dogs on open market at khulubao market. Odm is the only party which the community stands to benefit. Right now mumias sugar is in ICU inspite of a billion brought with a lot of fanfare by uhuru. Ababu and core are sick

  62. because before your fact came to be he had had another boardroom deal with URP kingpin with Uhurus knowledge ,therefore he had a gun with another bullet sir or some explosive that was to bring down ODM at kasarani sir and this was what was demolished by the people in black sir,Ababu might have passed your test as a brilliant speaker, but would have scored minimal as a political science student and a law schooler.in Kenya everything revolves around politics, Ababa drowned in his own blood of greed, the tiger that has devoured him.thank you sir I love you, i love your wits but forget not if you become the president of the republic of Kenya sir the people to bring you. down will be the greedy elite from mount Kenya region….do a political research you will concur with me….

  63. I wish Ababu was representing the 14 subtribes of luhya nation…but alas since the death of Wamalwa senior all the Luhya big wigs have never managed to pull the elusive luhya unity. I wonder if ababu who is yet to make any visit to Vihiga county on his on will manage to pull that mass walk out he has been talking about. Luhya is a liberated nation that do not move around with would be leaders….

  64. I just wonder who said tribed hv to follow individuals. ?the kikuyu have never followed their own fanatically they shift gears with the next that fast….politics of following should end abahu hsd bright future with ruto

  65. Paul Ngiela
    Time will soon be up for politicians whose stock in trade is to buy opponents instead of engaging in tangible projects to alleviate peoples suffering. Ruto having been a chicken seller thinks people are like his confesd trade commodity, and keeps buying politcians like chicken. This new kenyan voter requires development n good governance. By rejecting his sycophants its Arap Mashamba whose political future is in limbo.

  66. Ababu is ayoung brain nd atortoise who cannot nd wld ave not let to decide to aparty with such abig vission nd idealogy.His work was mainly to write minutes nd party decission,but he was agreedy chap! Who wanted his aba cha da mind to be used in making party decission,he is gone! We can’t speak ill on him,but wish him well in his THIRD FORCE ALIANCE!.

  67. He’s a lawyer: eloquent but not bright. Now, throw in his greed for quick riches, high end lifestyle & unbridled ambition. His fall won’t be surprising to us in Budalang’i, perhaps to his wife.

  68. Prof write this again in January next year. Incumbents in Africa have a way of fighting research and theories on poor population behavior as opposed to developed world.

  69. tumbo politics….i read the comments and about 90% of luhyas where ababu comes from say he is finished while kikuyus and the ‘ilk’ think, oh sorry, WISH he is strong.

  70. Mr Michael Wainaina, how are you? I have just read through your article on Ababu Namwamba, and am particularly interested in pursuing your argument that Ababu Namwamba was denied a win in a people-driven process at Kasarani stadium. May I draw your attention to the following issues, some of which will come in the form of questions, to which I would invite you to respond. First, it was the party hierarchy that settled on Ababu Namwamba to take over as Secretary General after Prof Nyong’o indicated that he needed to take a rest from active party affairs. The party had immense confidence in him at that time. Then, from the blues, Hon. Namwamba started traversing the length and breath of Kenya in hired choppers, looking for votes. His overnight financial muscle attracted huge national attention. The ODM party was equally perplexed by Ababu’s overnight fortunes. Naturally, the party got interested to find out if there was anything out of ordinary, or even untoward about this new – look Ababu. Alas, his campaign machinery was being oiled by the party’s rivals. This fact has been in public domain for a very long time now, and the financiers have not denied it since they know there is overwhelming evidence to attest to this claim. Why would a party finance individuals who are gunning for top positions in their rival party’s hierarchy? What interest did they have in sponsoring individuals to win party positions in ODM? ODM party lost confidence in Ababu, but still gave him another chance to reform after he requested for it. Then there was the issue of PAC investigating the billions lost from public coffers. MPs from both sides of the political divide physically fought, and ousted Ababu from the chairmanship for giving them morsels while pocketing the whole loaf. Again this is in public domain, and Hansard records. We all know who dished out the money, and why. When fellow legislators publicly accuse you of impropriety, you lose legitimacy and moral high ground as a defender of citizens’ rights. Would you, Mr Wainaina want such a person to represent you in the eyes of the voters? You appear to be casting aspersions on the intellectual abilities of the ODM leader. Are you aware that when he did his national exams (Germany, year 10) in 1964, he was among the topmost students, and was selected on merit to study Medicine, which he left after four months for personal reasons to study Production Engineering at Madgeburg, from where he graduated with an MSc in Engineering, before taking up a teaching job at the University of Nairobi? He later won a competitive scholarship for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado, which he didn’t take up as he was given a job as the first Deputy Director at the newly created Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in charge of standards. He wrote the policy document that created KEBS, and crafted the industrial standards that we still use to date. Weak or average people do not study Engineering, and definitely not in Germany, the engineering powerhouse of the world. Isn’t it good for people to get their facts right before they go on record? The other thing that stands out in your analysis is your disdain of ODM party, which you call a tribal outfit. First, ODM is the largest national party in terms of elected members of both houses of parliament, county assemblies, and governors. These are found in Meru, Isiolo, Marsabit, Samburu, Moyale, Turkana, Nakuru, Narok, Kajiado, Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Tana River, Malindi, Kilifi, Mombasa, Kwale, Taita Taveta, Nairobi, Kisumu, Siaya, Migori, Kisii, Nyamira, Kakamega, Vihiga, Bungoma, Busia, Teso, and many other parts of the country. It’s curious that at your level of education (if it’s true that you hold a PhD) , you could opt to go by stereotypes rather than facts. Don’t University teachers use evidence to draw conclusions from research? Of course, I am aware that most of our local universities are teaching institutions, with very little funding committed to research. I have done due diligence on Mr Michael Wainaina, and realized that he does not appear among the ranked scholars in the country. So, I will not be too hard on him. He is still crawling in terms of scholarship. If he were seasoned, I would then engage him on specific issues. I can’t blame him, though. University departments have to be filled with people who are available, and they must be given titles to justify such appointments. Otherwise, how do you explain this level of discourse coming from a person who carries titles such as PhD? The fact that you are based at KU must be a great embarrassment to Prof Daniel Sifuna Namusonge, who is the senior most professor of education in Kenya. Mr Wainaina, you need to realize that when people carry titles such as yours, the society expects them to spend time synthesizing ideas. You can’t peddle the same cheap rumours that the unschooled are known to carry around villages in search of busaa and muratina. Even more painful is the fact that you can hardly communicate in good English. Sit down, and read before you can effectively tackle issues of national importance. Good weekend.

    • This is the fact of the matter, Vincent Ongore . I have read your response twice, and gone back to the “Professor’s” article. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you are a brilliant man, and I can already sympathize with students who have to be conned by being taught by such people. He should know better than peddle lies from the comfort of his office in a university not very famous in research.

    • Question is whether Wainaina will appreciate or even understand this well written rebuttal. And why not just save time & energy & call him out for what he is: a Kikuyu. So don’t expect such to have an objective argument where Raila is involved.

    • Drixel Sincher, how are you? I don’t write as a Luo, but as a Scholar. It’s wrong for people to pigeon-hole me instead of judging me based on my service to humanity. I have traversed this country and world talking against stereotypes. Please allow me to advice you to embrace diversity of ethnicity, races, religions, creeds, color, gender, etc for a better world. Thank you for reading my long article. Good weekend.

    • Nyongesa Oloo Eric, thanks for your honesty. We don’t have to agree, but I am prepared to defend your right to disagree with me. But remember facts are stubborn. They always stand out. Good weekend.

    • Khaemba Wa Bukekhe, how are you? I don’t discuss partisan politics. Please get me out of it. I was talking about principles that guide conduct of public officials. I didn’t say that there is an ODM governor in Bungoma. I said the party has elected leaders there. Read my article once again. Let’s separate these issues, and respect scholarship. We can’t always reduce issues to Uhuru and Raila. We have a country that’s bigger than individuals. I am not a politician, and don’t plan to be one any time in my life. My calling and training is to guide public discourse, by bringing people back to issues whenever they digress to name calling. I am sorry, I will not go that way. I am bipartisan. Good weekend. Thank you.

    • Vincent, thank you for engaging with the article. Your response can be categorized into two, in manner of approach, both formal fallacies but for different reasons. The first approach is quasi-intellectual and purports to respond to the substantive issues in my article. The other is argumentum adhominem which is pseudo-intellectual, the attack-the-messenger approach, where you demean my qualifications, my credentials and my language. I will deal with your quasi-intellectual response first.
      You seem to have special details about Ababu Namwamba’s transgressions which may be true or not true. You correctly summarize my position that Ababu Namwamba was denied a win in a people-driven process at Kasarani by the de facto ODM’s election board called men-in-black. Then you seek to draw my attention to certain issues. Going through the so called issues, none of them disapprove my position that he was denied a win in a people driven process in Kasarani by men-in-black. Read closely you are simply explaining “why” this was done to him, not disproving that it was. That is why you are keen to catalogue his transgressions from a combination of hearsay, character assassination, suspicions, witch-hunting, facts and gossip. In an effort to prove his guilt and why he deserved the treatment he got from ODM’s men-in-black, you push your argument to ridiculous heights which would not withstand simple interrogation. I will zero in on his accusers in the incident of PAC that you choose to highlight. You claim very tellingly that “MPs from both sides of the political divide physically fought, and ousted Ababu from the chairmanship for giving them morsels while pocketing the whole loaf”. The MPs were not acting out of good conscience but from a deal gone bad where they did not receive their part of the loot. There is really no honour among thieves. But this fact is lost on you. In fact you claim that the same unscrupulous MPs, who one pundit has called a fellowship of thugs, the cream of all crap, members of an institution that is discredited and has lost the confidence of Kenyans are your prime character witnesses in your indictment of Ababu. You incredibly claim “When fellow legislators publicly accuse you of impropriety, you lose legitimacy and moral high ground as a defender of citizens’ rights”. Isn’t it preposterous that your character witnesses against Ababu are a fellowship of thugs, the cream of all crap? Luckily for you, this is not a judicial process but a simple discourse on social media. I can imagine what a defence counsel would do to your case if this was a judicial process and the key witness against Ababu are Kenyan MPs. Your position would be torn in shreds on witness credibility alone. Please drop this line of argument. It makes your argument against Ababu look desperate.
      After all that labour though, misguided as it is, you still do not dispute my simple assertion that Ababu was denied a win in a people driven process in Kasarani by ODMs men-in-black. To defend the action of the men-in-black, you ask me a question “Would you, Mr Wainaina want such a person to represent you in the eyes of the voters?” I think the more relevant question in relation to my assertion is “Would you unleash men-in-black on such a person?” ODM would and it did.
      You use the same quasi-intellectual argument to prove that ODM is a national party. Again none of the evidence you have adduced even if true disapproves my assertion that it is a tribal party. You have mentioned a few counties where ODM is in control to prove that it a national party. If you are using this to prove that ODM is not a tribal party, Jubilee will show what they control to also make the same argument. That aside, ODM and CORD are obsessed with issues of ethnicity and ethnic balancing, whatever that means. They will hardly open their mouths without drivel on this issue. I have argued consistently, if you have been following that the political class in CORD and Jubilee are hopeless, mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. To be true to this script, ODM and its leader were the first to turn tribal arithmetic into a formula of winning elections in 2007 with their infamous 41 Vs 1. This is ukabila if there was one. They claim that their counterparts, who were equally tribal, stole the elections. Ukora if there was one. In 2013, jubilee promptly appropriated ODMs formula but tweaked it to 2 Vs 40. ODM and CORD claim there was ukora again. It doesn’t matter. Ukabila na ukora is their approach of politics too. As far as ukora is concerned ODM holds the record with men-in-black. They only complain when the ukora is not theirs and does not help them meet their goals. You are right, I have disdain for ODM as a tribal outfit, as much as I have for CORD and Jubilee. I have said as much in my articles. Guilty as charged.
      Railas credentials and qualifications were not part of my submissions. I can see you have taken time to familiarize yourself with those. In your version he is supposed to be so brilliant he almost did medicine. He is supposed to be so brilliant he almost did a PhD. Almost. The fact is that he didn’t and that cannot be used to prove lack or presence of brilliance. You claim he is so intelligent that the standards he purportedly came up with the KEBS are being used today. That again is not proof of the seniority of the standards (and according to you the brilliance of Raila), it could only proof of the mediocrity of KEBS.
      Let me briefly deal with your argumentum abhominem. I do not like defending my credentials in social media because they were no given in social media and the expertise to validate or to invalidate them does not operate in this medium. You have done due diligence on my credentials and concluded that I am nothing in the intellectual world. What tell s me that your so called due diligence is dubious and pretentious is your fallacious and downright incorrect statement “The fact that you are based at KU…” How can you have done due diligence and state such obvious absurdity.
      Let us grant you your wish and assume that I am a nobody in the world of scholarship. I do not need a PhD to state the obvious stuff which you have agreed with: i.e. Raila and ODM used men-in-black to stop Ababu from getting a people endorsed mandate in Kasarani; ODM is a tribal party, mired in the same politics of ethnicity, impunity, and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of their counterparts in CORD and jubilee; the Boardroom deal that Ababu accepted from Raila was a poisoned chalice, he shouldn’t have; the ODM tiger he has disembarked from will devour him and only time will tell whether he will survive the mauling. You have not disputed any of these assertions and questioning my academic credentials will not make your rather irrelevant submissions any more valid. Equally you do not need to ascertain my credential to respond to these issues. It is hypocritical of you to tell me that “Mr Wainaina, you need to realize that when people carry titles such as yours, the society expects them to spend time synthesizing ideas”. You can only make such a statement if you recognize, affirm and use the titles. To the extent that you dismiss, demean and refuse to recognize those titles and credentials, you cannot then turn around and accuse me of not using the titles or making an argument that does not live up to the expectations of the titles. This is not sound argumentation, it is heckling. This heckling can be extended to your cheap shot in regard to my language. It is easy to say I cannot communicate in good English, without proving it. Was that even necessary?

  71. You are a breath of fresh air. You hit the nail on the head. I like the way you put it that the current political dispensation ni saiasa za ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Wish we could get a second force to eventually liberate this country. I really had admired Ababu’s fiery approach and thought he was the real deal before the MIB in kasarani. He was totally subdued through the boardroom deal where he was given a powerful position but he is nothing but a toothless dog. ODM like other tribal hegemonies zina wenyewe. Any one else is just a flower gal. Poor guy his political career is over.

  72. raila is more famous and loved in budalangi than Ababu…he accumulated 18k votes compared to ababus 11k in last election…him and mutua and the rest will go down.

  73. What I can say is that Raila has gotten chance to pull Ababu down to where he himself is. Remember, Raila is not a MP, Senator or Governor. Yeye ni raia na hatakuwa President. The good news are that with the money Ababu has gotten, he will be able to do business and at the same time further his education since he is still young.

  74. Professor, of all days today was your day of flattering Ababu for nothing. Ababu has always been sycophantic to RAO ,he even branded Mudavadi a traitor of the 21st century, today RAO has turned to be nondemocratic? Ababu has committed political suicide and will remain to be political flower girl.

    • I do not know when. All I can confirm to you is that when they happen, they will be guided by ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi that is the hallmark of the political class in CORD and jubilee. They know nothing else.

    • cyrus ashana na WSR sasa…this your mtu wa mkono has surpassed you kisiasa hundred of thousands of kilometers…and namwamba has done a few thousands ahead of you too…hii kikwetu inaitagwo kijicho!na kikwenu??

  75. Point Taken Prof.. Thankx for that indeep Explaination…Its the Most Logical Theoritical Summary That Bares good Explaination to This Ababu vs ODM..Melodrama..Now Going On.. Means Ababu is “Eaten Food ” already Unless he can figure out another way of Recreating Himself again and Hope that another Briefcase Party might Find Value for Him Which I dont See..Coz RAO s Already in His Budalangi Turf Tommorrow to “Clean ” The Turf for Someone Else.. Prof.. Educate These Upcomming Young Politicians So That They can Stop Farting Around as soon as They have Lunch with These Seasoned Political Cyclones Humming How They are “Going Places..” Na Kumbe ndio Beginning of Their End..MCA’s..Governors..And Other Politicians.. “Look at This Blackboard “…..

  76. I would say Ababu actually put his finger in the rear side of a porcupine in some foreign territory.now,with a dozen quivers embeded in his body,he is running helter skelter in his homeland crying for help with the enraged porcupine hot in pursuit.

  77. People come and go but Kenya remains. Those with ulterior motives phase and fade fast. The principled remain in the annals of history as giants. Kenya is too big for one to own, one day one time Kenya will be free and more peaceful, KENYANS OF GOODWILL.

  78. From the old to young,from leaders to subjects,reach and poor.am talking about my brothers and sisters from central who are always being taught hating Raila and the entire luo community without reason.shame on you!!!

  79. Ababu Namwamba is eyeing some appointments in the coming government like Eugene Wamalwa. He knows that he cannot triumph with this boat in his homeland but wants to remain relevant in the next 5 years get cash and come back stronger in 2022. He is quite intelligent – his calculations are not for 2017 it is for something better.

    • I agree which will be better than nothing, you see if you cannot face electorate and you know that before hand you must be well prepared. Ababu worn previously with a very narrow margin. ODM had started rebuking him and he wasnt sure of their support so this leap is the best for him.

  80. the current dp knw…the only way to power come 2022 is through western region….n he very well knws central he wil atleast get some votes…..D.P knws very well kale + luhya ni direct win…

    • If you read all my articles you would know what you are saying is not true. Hate is a big word. But I have no love lost for the current political class in the both CORD and Jubilee. I am fundamentally opposed to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity , siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi that pivots their politics.

    • If you read all my articles you would know what you are saying is not true. Hate is a big word. But I have no love lost for the current political class in the both CORD and Jubilee. I am fundamentally opposed to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity , siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi that pivots their politics.

  81. give Ababu a constituency in central if he’s good enough,only the blind nor the deaf don’t know where central is,Ababu might not even get a village elder there.

  82. I think this professor should also tell us good things about politics …not bad critique …it has two side …honorable learned member in the house…why can’t you preach the good side of people some time….. Uprofesa..!!!!!?

    • Tell us about their good side. I have been very categorical. I am vehemently opposed to the current political class in CORD and Jubilee for pivoting their politics on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. That is my only and final answer. If you have something good to say about them, Please go ahead.

  83. Your line of argument is biased against the Hon Raila and odm as a party.This blatant subjectivity of ideas is fallacious and doesn’t befit a person of intellectual maturity as you,I therefore feel that you need to do a thorough research on issues before writing about them or support your jubilee party peacefully instead of displaying your jingoism and machismo.

    • What have I said that is not true? Did Ababu run a people based campaign? Yes. Did Raila and the “owners” of the party notice? Yes. Did they unleash men-in-black on him? Yes. Did they offer him a useless SG post in a poisoned boardroom deal? Yes. Did they frustrate and undermine him in that office? Yes. Did he leave? Yes. Will they devour him? Raila is already in western doing that.

  84. Allow mez to call you by your first name, not because we know each other well, but Facebook has made us acquittance . On Ababu exit I think you have over rate Raila and the depth if Railaism in umurembe kingdom. Namwaba onslaught on Raila started immediately Raila betrayed his trust as the premier .Ababu was a firm believer of Railaism to the point of willing to shade his blood for him . This was until raila presided over a corrupt premiership stint. He Ababu tried to re-engineer ODM through organizing the youthful mp under odm reloaded but was scoffed by Railas Who was getting jittery of his organization skills . The embolden Namwamba then so a chance to challenge Raila albeit at the peripheries . He referred Raila as a general with only one bullet, some cheered him on unaware what he was saying . His accepting a negotiated deal to me was a plus and a preparation strategy, if he had walkout on Raila then he would have left alone .To his credit he has been able to tag the omurembe community and some are bitter with Raila frequent Raila betrayal not once but thrice .Judging by lukewarm reception Raila is pulling in western things are and will never be the same for Raila in the western

  85. tribalism is deeply rooted in us…count the government top official, not the police and parastals,does it represent the true face of Kenya.!? Wen u call Raila tribal kinpin is appears to me how useless ua article is.

    • He is. I have nothing else to call him. You blame jubilee for being tribal, how inclusive is ODM as a party? How representative was the PMs office when he was there? I have said that the only problem he and his tribal sycophants see is that jubilee is in and eating. They are out and overshouting. If and when he was in he was doing and will do what jubilee is doing.

  86. if indeed Ababu was to be SG from first, men in black could not have been hired.ABABU represents a community from Wetern a region with many political parties and aregion of democracy in our country if hi pple would need him come 2017 they will not mind of a party.

  87. That raila is a ‘tribal kingpin’ , right then u ought to change your initials, quit from jubilee, form an all inclusive party and make a giriama your party president, you are intellectually ignorant yet you ‘assume’ to have attained PhD

  88. Those people yapping here and there that professor hates jubilee, can you guys give us even a single reason why this thing called jubilee should be supported? See you have got totally nothing to show

  89. @professor wainaina. You are rhythm but remember that even the best does mistakes in life. That’s why it is said that its easy to learn from a wise man when he stumbles than a fool when his right

  90. Ababu is done. He is bought by egocentric in him. Kenyans are experiencing hard tym nw due to their initial poor choice of precidency. They say, ‘its never too late’. We can remove this govt come 2017 by choosing the ryt leader who atleast gave his own lyf to fyt 4it. The one who wants equality to all including his rival. We all knw that that one leader cant be found in the current ruling govt. This govt shud jxt go. Exmp, we import fish if we are one of recognised exporters of fish. We import suger atyms wn farmers cry 4 poor wadges en expring of sugercane in farms at da same tym our suger comp are detaroriating. Do this gvt wanna say the’s no remedy 4all this. Our soilders do die in somalia yet our migingo is slipn out of our hands due insecurity. I jxt cant tell u more coz many are jobless en yet the fuel en basic comodities shoots up with great inflation en huge foreing debt of which the nxt genretn wil be the one 2face the conciqenss. Lets team up en vote out this ruling govt, rem theirs brutality frm police too bt lets b bold enough 2 eradicatet it.

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