Be afraid, be very afraid, the era of the tribal dictatorships is here, ask Koigi, PK and Martha Karua

The opposite of dictatorship is pluralism. Poetically defined, “Instead of one, many”.  A shift of enormous proportions is happening in Kenya. Dictatorship is back through the backdoor and pluralism lies on its death bed.

After independence political pluralism was strangled.  We slowly but surely drifted into a de facto single party dictatorship and finally a de jure single party monolith, a Moi-dictatorship that sought to quell any and all alternative voices. The monolith became so notorious that at its height Moi asked every Kenyan to sing the KANU song like parrots. State power was abused to ensure that this dictatorship became a way of life, mama na baba, and alternative thinking was crushed with a ruthlessness and efficiency of a police state.

But Kenyans refused to be cowed.

Agitation for pluralism, then defined as multi-patyism, gained traction even under great repression. The agitation of the 80s and early 90s ushered in pluralism through the re-introduction of a multi-party system of government. We thought that the inevitable exit of Moi in 2002 and the ushering in of the new Constitution 2010 had put the final nail in the coffin of monolithic dictatorships.

We spoke too soon.

The last 15 years or so have seen the reversal of the gains of the 80s and 90s with the rise of the tribal overlords and ethnic monoliths that stifle pluralism in ways that would put KANU to shame. It started in Luo Nyanza where, for one to make any progress politically, he/she had to prostrate themselves at the feet of the self-styled tribal tin-god Raila Odinga. The casualties of this tribal dictatorship were the progressive forces of the 80s and 90s then called the young turks e.g. James Orengo and Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o. Having resisted Moi and won, they found it difficult to resist Odingaism. Today it is difficult to imagine they were at the forefront of the fight for pluralism. They have accepted the single voice that comes from Luo Nyanza and they can hardly imagine an independent line. Under the Raila Odinga guillotine, pluralism in Luo Nyanza is dead and buried.  He has a grip on Luo Nyanza that would make Moi envious.  It is ironical that a person who likes to sell himself as a crusader of pluralism was the first to kill it among his supporters. If KANU was mama na baba, Raila, like we have been ably warned is baba, mwana na roho mtakatifu. He has never denied the statement.

That is not the end of the story of the death of pluralism under the malice of the tribal kingpins. It is actually the beginning.

Raila Odinga has become the prototype of a tribal kingpin and all other wannabe tribal warlords have learnt well from him. Like him, the ultimate political goal of tribal overlords is to establish a tribal dictatorship that locks in a tribal constituency and ensures that the kingpin is the ONLY voice of the tribe and no other can dare rise up in the tribe without prostrating themselves at their feet. William Ruto locked a tribal constituency, and became the sole tribal overlord of the Kalenjin. Kalonzo locked a tribal constituency and became the Kamba tribal kingpin. Up until 2013, the Kikuyu had held out. There was a glimmer of hope that the era of the tribal warlord had not completely drowned pluralism in Kenya. Impressively there were four Kikuyu presidential candidates and each hoped to be listened to. Each believed they had a chance even if Uhuru Kenyatta the Kikuyu candidate with the tribal narrative was a front-runner. They believed that the self-styled Kikuyu tribal overlord could be defied and opposed, after all we were supposed to be in the era of pluralism.

Not anymore. Sadly.

The events of the last few months in Central province should worry any Kenyan who cherishes the values of pluralism as enshrined in our constitution. It started with Isaac Mwaura who had been a nominated ODM legislator, putting himself in a most awkward and ridiculous position of being a nominated MP with ODM but preaching for the corrupt Jubilee government and singing praises of Uhuru Kenyatta in order to have a chance of being elected in Ruiru constituency. Then came Koigi Wa Wamwere the longest serving political detainee, a gallant crusader of pluralism during the Jomo and Moi days. More notably, he was a tough critic of Uhuru Kenyatta and the thieving Jubilee government. Even he capitulated, joining the newly formed monolith called Jubilee Party headed by two tribal overlords and former ICC suspects.

This was a bad sign.

Things got worse when the very people who had presented themselves as alternatives to the Jubilee tribal duo and their tribal narrative in the 2013 presidential elections, Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua, not only quit the race but prostrated themselves at the feet of the Kikuyu tribal supremo.  Who could have believed that Martha Karua could ever endorse Uhuru Kenyatta? This sent the message that there was no place for pluralism in Central Province. The only voice would be that of the tribal kingpin and anyone who dared him had no political present or future.

Raila Odinga’s script had been borrowed and has worked in Central Province.  The other tribal kingpins like to demonize Raila, but they have no qualms about using his formula of stifling and killing pluralism. While we had four Kikuyu presidential candidates in 2013, only an extremely brave and brilliant Kikuyu can run for president against Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017, or a very stupid one. The era of the tribal dictatorships is truly here with us. Pluralism is dead.


To be sure, some large communities have resisted this single narrative and one hopes they will hold out longer.  The Luhya for example have refused to be herded together for sale in the political market-place. There have been calls for them to do so. The calls so far have been unsuccessful. The Luhya would be tribal overlords remain pathetic wannabes.

I would like to note several things about this scenario. One a clarification and the other an imploration.

The first one is that what is happening is not a reflection of who Kenyans are and what their aspirations are. Kenyans know that tribalism is bad for them. The challenge is what I have called the power of a single narrative. The tribal overlords have sold this single bad narrative of tribalism to the people. They have temporarily succeeded in suppressing pluralism so that there is no other narrative in the political space today.  The people are intimidated, bamboozled and herded into tribal baskets for sale in the political marketplace for a path to power by the tribal overlords.  Based on this, some people have called Kenyans hopelessly tribal. They are not. This is simply what a single narrative does to a people. It is the stuff that genocides are made off.

Secondly, those who fought for pluralism through multi-patyism seem to have been the first casualties of tribal dictatorships through tribal warlords. What this country needs is a new breed of independent thinkers who refuse to be intimidated by the tribal warlords. The torch of pluralism must be rekindled and the right of Kenyans to think, express and associate freely as envisioned in the Constitution reinstated. This is the time for a new generation of actors to rise and fight the era of the tribal dictators and dictatorship in the same vigour that the young turks fought Moi, the political godfather of the Jubilee tribal duo, in the 80s and 90s. I have seen the argument being made that tribalism and the tribal warlords are the reality of Kenyan politics. They are not “the” reality. They are “a” reality. A created “reality” based on a created narrative of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. We need to create a new reality based on a new alternative narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity.

When President Barrack Obama came to Kenya, he said that the problem of ethnicity is a problem of the imagination. I agree. We have been bamboozled by the tribal political class into tribal cocoons. So much so that we are unable to imagine an alternative narrative. Due to lack of imagination, we feel helpless in the face of this narrative and under the grip of the tribal warlords who eat, drink, sleep and wake tribalism. We see all possibilities only in tribal terms and therefore only in the terms of the tribal warlords. It is the reason why the likes of Koigi, PK and Karua are trooping back to Jubilee a.k.a KANU Re-loaded, with their tails between their legs.

It is R. Burkminster who said,

“Never change things by fighting the existing reality, to change things build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.

We must imagine a new model of political mobilization which will make the tribal narrative obsolete. There is no other way. The tribal warlords have locked in the tribal narrative and suffocated all possibilities of pluralism within that narrative. When all voices are silenced all possibilities defined along this tribal narrative, it will be the death of the Kenyan dream and the country will be on its way to conflagration. It should worry every Kenyan. It is at such a time that a new generation of political thinkers and actors are required. It is truly time for the political next because the tribal status quo is in and locked. The era of the tribal warlords is here with us, be afraid, be very afraid.

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  1. This is well narrated professor Wainana, however it will take time to reach those standards of voting on the basis of accountability issues and honesty. But I trust that time will come. Thank you and God bless you sir

  2. Are you sure professor, we are ready for non tribal political voting,,,, hehehe, I am just waiting for the bill that doesn’t all /warrant single tribe to transact presidency more than twice Kwanza.

  3. If you start alone and face the electorate with your ideals you will loose like Kenneth. People said he is good and can develop kenya as he did muranga when he was mp, but unfortunately they did not give him any votes. That is why he is joining Jubilee.

  4. Well articulated article professor Wainaina.The sons and daughters of this great nation, until when are we going to be reduced to this pathetic and outrightly demeaning state of mental slavery, that after years of struggle against the yoke of single party dictatorship and profoundly liberated ourselves from that berated maltreatment we’re now taking the country to same dark era. This time we’re piloting it,we can’t and won’t blame the leaders (read misleaders) since we’ve that power to resist their gospel of tribal narratives and vote them out but it’s so unfortunate that we’ve been blinded by this myopic”our own” syndrome.That however corrupt,tribal and incompetent a leader is, provided he/she is from our ethnic group he/she gets our vote. This is retrogressive, it’s suicidal. Kenyans we need to change, to change for the betterment of this country.

  5. The first step in bringing back pluralism is by the electorates resisting the tempting advances of the kingpins by making independent political choices.
    Secondly we the voters ought to evaluate a political candidate based on their development track record coupled with their level of integrity while ignoring their ‘big’ names and that of their fathers and grandfathers.

  6. This guy is just a student of crooked history.he values limited sense thrives in lambasting Raila Odinga.He is obsessed with the achievements of opposition.He forgets that Raila has made it on his own and sacrificed much for this great nation including incerceration.

    • I agree with you. But nothing you have said makes him any less of the tribal kingpin he is. The architect of the 41 vs 1 tribal narrative of 2007 that he wanted to ride to the presidency. You only choose not to see that and see “sacrifice”. He is all you have said and more. Just open your eyes wider.

  7. My tribe is ‘supposedly’ in the basket of chupilee party,BUT I’LL VOTE FOR CORD irrespective of the flagbearer that they give me.I am tired of tyranny of thieves.I decide my vote.Period.

  8. Atitwa olwenyo.
    I think this is a balanced article. Did u read the whole of it ? I think the mistake prof did was to begin with Raila then finish with Uhuru. The same strong tribal king pins. No body can dare run against Uhuru in central or Raila in Nyanza.

    • Unfortunately Robert, some people have refused to think beyond the name of the tribal kingpins. They see the name and they jump. If we will change this country we need a cool approach like yours. We also need to realize we are all on the same side and the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee are our problem, not each other.

  9. Prof you’re right but in Kenya we are yet to adopt issues based politics ,but do follow religiously our tribal tin pot gods to wherever they can go in matters parties and allegiance for Dp Ruto has herded Kalenjins from Kanu – Odm -Udm-Urp -Jubilee in less than ten yrs same with R.Odinga has herded Luos from Ford kenya -Ndp-Kanu-Ldp -Narc-Odm etc.I’m of the opinion that Kenya as country was a product of British imperialism of last century as a personal property of Sir Richard MacKinnon of Imperial British east Africa never did much to create a united country from Mombasa through Ukambani ,Kikuyu ,Maasai ,Nandi,Luhyas to Buganda in western end ,so the country is a product of rape between British businessmen and ignorant illiterate African chiefs like Chief Kivoi of Kamba,Chief Lenana for Maasai Nabongo Mumia of Wanga in Luhyaland such forced agreement resulted to bastard called Kenya too bad Prof.

    • We do not follow them because there is anything wrong with us. It is the tribal kingpins who have ensured that there is no issue bases politics. They serve tribalism as the only option. I believe very strongly that if the people are given the right options they will make the right choice.

  10. Kenya as a nation is no more,what we have are tribal nations each having its own king,In moi era at least there was a voice here and there decrying the states anarcy on its people but now that is becoming history now,Avery person is now after the meat and so sooner than later we are going to start eating our own for the greed of power is too much,History will judge us harsly for destroying all the gains our forefathers fought for,kudos prof for at least you are a voice in the wildness calling for self evaluation

  11. When people adore the shilling and it’s holder no matter how its gotten; then everything else matters not. One loses the power to stand for that which is right.
    In Kenya today our politicians can ‘buy’ anyone; from those that we look upon to offer an alternative solution…the likes of Martha and PK are just examples. Take a look at our churches; they steal and present huge offerings and No one raises a finger ….ooooh aren’t they generous….so we say and clap for them and our bishops offer payers and anointing imploring on God to adds 4 fold where it has come from….
    We are a lost people
    What is happening at the tribal platform is a manifestation of what we have become….unless something out of the ordinary happens, they will go there eat and we can only salivate. They will continue boasting and we will continue giving them the avenue to “eat more” because they are from our tribe!

    • True true…The challenge though is to us. We must imagine that “something out of the ordinary” that you are advocating. Our current problem is not the tribal warlords, it is lack of imagination. A new generation of thinkers and actors in politics is needed. It is the assignment of this generation.

  12. Mr. Professor Wainaina, I totally disagree with you. You failed to mention about fought for multipartyism, non other than Raila Amolo Odinga. Don’t be tribalist, we may know better than you, so don’t mislead Kenyans.

    • Paul Nambwaya It is far much easier to insult me than to make an intelligent response to the article. I have never claimed to be balanced. It is those whose world is divided into CORD and Jubilee that feel the need to be balanced. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. Both are the same crap driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I have always advocated for a new alternative non-ethnic politcal narrative. It cannot come from degenerates like CORD and Jubilee.

  13. Prof.I believe some people even those who normally abuse you in some of your posts will agree and congratulate you because you’ve talked of Raila and some leaders from luo nyanza mostly.Afew that you’ve brought adds no value .I don’nt understand what pains people in Raila and his likes.Yes Raila might be tribal the way you put it.Tell me how many politicians today who are not luos that Raila has endorsed and campaigned for .

    • You are right. I actually agree with you. But nothing you have said negates what I have said. There is nothing that makes him less of a tribal tingod just because he has endorsed and campaigned for politicians who are not Luos. All other tribal warlords do campaign for politicians who are not from their tribe. That does not make them any less of tribal warlords.

  14. Prof.we have Junet our mp tell me he come from which clan in nyanza,we also have shakir shabir tell me his grandfather in nyanza,Raila’s lawyer is Mwangi do you think there are no good lawyers in nyanza he could pick.This tribalism is adisease and if we are not careful then it will take us to the deepest end of the sea..We think tribal,we speak tribal,we put on tribal we eat food which is tribal and even our behaviour is also tribal.Kenya is bigger than these nonesence people think

    • You are right Fredrick. You have thrown some names. Other tribal warlords can throw some names equally to show they are not tribal. It is called tokenism. It is actually a way of sanitizing themselves so that they can hoodwink you that they are “national”. The head of Uhuru’s TNA was a Luo. The head of Jubilee Secretariat is a Luo. Does that make Uhuru and Jubilee any less tribal? No. Same with Raila. These are the games the tribalists play. Believe them at your own risk. These guys are inherently duplicitous and deceitful.

    • Wainaina tell somebody who has endorsed another from adifferent ethnic if not Raila,i don’t mean that Raila is not tribal he might be.Tell me heads of these “kenya ports authority,CBK,Kenya airways you will find if not from Rift then central why,if not tribalsm then development would be done even in the opposition dominated areas,but asituaton where you have to go to state house to kneel down so that they can be given something,and all are tax payers.

    • Fredrick Owano This is only happening because the tribalists in Jubilee are in power. When the tribalists in CORD get power, same thing will happen. The only reason Raila seems acceptable is because he is not in power. We know what he did when he was prime minister. And given the tribal narrative he stands for, the Luo will feel entitled to eat in a Raila presidency. It is not even about whatt he wants or does not want. if you mobilize on a tribal line, you cannot run away from the “it is our time to eat mentality”.

    • William ruto endorsed raila in 2007 and so did balala, nyaga and mudavadi.ruto also endorsed uhuru in the way raila endorsed kibaki in 02 because he had no other option.he had no time left to do his own campaign. N.a.k of ngilu, wamalwa and kibaki were winning anyway. Raila just put the icing on the cake!

  15. I don’t mind this tribal inclinations as long as, once the tribal kings get to leadership they stop nepotism, graft and deliver to Kenyan’s. Getting a job even in a hotel mwitu is almost impossible if one is not from owners tribe. Bure Kenyans.

    • Edward, how can they mobilize tribally and then stop nepotism and graft? It is impossible. Yours is a paradox. The same one given by Ayi Kwei Armah in “The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born”. He talks of a bad called Chichidodo…Its favorite food is maggots. And it cannot stand excrement, where maggot breed in plenty.

  16. Well prof.,it’s good to talk yo mind. But we Kenyans,r way far from that kind of pluralism. It might take us 50yrs or so to reach there. As much as u continue referring Uhuruto, the former ICC suspects, it seems even the learned people like u Orengo, Anyang, Koigi Karua n many others, r far from back from here.

  17. There’s one thing you are ignoring and am certainly sure you are doing it tentatively to create a bad picture of Raila Odinga as being tribal… I would have agreed with you if you would have discussed these your purported tribal Kingpins with their parties and how spread they are in terms of politicians holding positions in each of them, until then I will not take your posts seriously cause they are one sided and subject with little or no objectivity, tell me a luo mp nominated by URP,WIPER or TNA? Look at ODM Legislatures and tell me which region in the country has non? that’s the party headed by Raila and I doubt if it’s tribal based

  18. In that scenario all of us become political zombies, we don’t have alternative voice if you oppose the tribal kingpin you are either anti Establishment or pro establishments (political sycophancy )

    • It is a time like this that brave men and women of conviction are needed. De Gaulle said about such a time “These are the times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, that great characters are formed. The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties. Great necessities call out great virtues. When a mind is raised, and animated by scenes that engage the heart, then those qualities which would otherwise lay dormant, wake into life and form the character of the hero and the statesman”.

  19. Their is a lot of awakening across the board its time we got a third force at the helm with an unifying factor of one Kenya. The perception of the many is changing and its time we reckon that tribalism and corruption is sinking Kenya in a very deep pit history will judge you politely good work sir .

  20. I think the Kenya nation-state is finished, dead. Foundered and murdered by the Uhuruto. They have floundered the idea of nationalism and cohesion and balkanized a people to two tribal statues by their ethnic shopkeeping. Enlightened nationalism and pluralism is not some blind worship of ethnicity. It is not a wish to denigrate or dominate others. An economy is not nationalism or pluralism. Party affiliation is not nationalism or pluralism either. The nation is a higher organic, alive state of being inclusive of all and sundry. As scholar Christian Koppf asks, “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his country?” What’s is wrong with our leadership is what is wrong with our politics. You cannot elevate tribal partyism above all else. Conservatives like Koigi and Karua understood that until now we have to watch them sink in the miry clay of hopeless oblivion. Once the British prime minister said, “what all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damn fools said would happen has come to pass.” The one hundred years of KANU oligarchy clothed in red, yellow and black without the cock. That’s what’s is happening.

  21. Prof dont you think you are placing too much faith in Kenyans. I get amused when I find that Kalenjin youths even the educated ones think in a more retrogressive way than there parents which means the trajectory is only going south.

    • Limo, Kenyans are our only hope for change. I can never have too much faith in them. Do not worry about what you have heard or seen. it is called the power of a single narrative. The youths have heard nothing else apart from tribalism and it is our time to eat. When they know better they will do better. It is up to us to give them a better alternative non-ethnic political narrative.

  22. prof your analysis should start from the world,america has voted along racial lines it was a battle between pure americans n ‘outsiders’ a battle of the haves n the have nots,blexit was about locking out immigrants,politics is a game of interests,politics is a game of numbers, if karua feels her interest r in jubilee let her join,n for new blood,remember germans became frustrated n elected adolf hitler n they regret up to today.

    • Martin, I do not know what you point is. Must we vote along sectarian lines because Americans did it? Don’t we have our own brains to think for ourselves or must we copy all crap and rubbish because it comes with the label “Made in America”? Martin, we need respect for ourselves and I am not sure that your argument dignifies. I do not understand your analogy about Germans and Hitler.

  23. prof your analysis should start from the world,america has voted along racial lines it was a battle between pure americans n ‘outsiders’ a battle of the haves n the have nots,blexit was about locking out immigrants,politics is a game of interests,politics is a game of numbers, if karua feels her interest r in jubilee let her join,n for new blood,remember germans became frustrated n elected adolf hitler n they regret up to today.

  24. This propesa is masqurading as a patriotic only to emerge as atribal joingoist.His main aim is to portray a nationalist and patriotic Raila Amolo Odinga as just a majaluo as is common where he comes from.U cant box Rao into a tribal. He is loved by a majority of kenyans for whom he has fought and risked his life and a majority of kenyans know.U didnt have to go round and round to say make ua false statement in a demagogic manner

    • Raila is not Nationalist and Patriotic. Read the article. I do not know what you mean that he is loved by a majority of Kenyans. That still does not make him patriotic. And in any case if he is so loved, how comes over 6 million of them did not vote for him in 2013. I fail to understand how someone who runs a tribal party whose elections are run by men in black can be described as patriotic.

    • Nobody who lives in kenya needs to told that the elections were stolen.even hassan admitted and only pleaded that he shud not be jailed.after stealing the elections the bandits raided the public coffers making Sani Abacha and Amin saints.goldenberg angloleasing have been made to look like loose change.If Rao had been a thief and unpatriotic he wud have joined the gravy train long ago and so was his father.His patriotism and nationalism is unimpeachable.He is immensely popular nationally he can comfortably win in5provinces

    • Prof.u may not know that i have folowed kenya politics from just bfo indepnce when jaramogi mboya etc were campaigning fo the release jomo who wud later kill and jail his campaigners and any progresiv voices only to pas the baton to moi whom u kno what he did.5/8 is a respctble majority.Rao is obviously poplar country wide an u kno it.the bandits kno it and that they canly steal to win

  25. it is sad.we ended in wrong direction.You have remain neutral so far prof. unlike other guys the likes of Alai.On issue of Pluralism.Lets find out the root cause and try solve from.could it be that one tribe has been in power for so long hence bulding inpatient and mistrust among others,,?Could this when we go the electral college way where tranny of numbers is not the wheel to state house.These are just hypotheses.Luo nyanza is so pluralist and whoever Raila blesses become the elected no matter how incompetent they are.This counties in nyanza will lag behind until they eyes are opened with few people like you prof.try put in national newspapers for them to read.anyway continue showing us the light and right way politically

    • Thank you Michael. I however have always maintained that I am not balanced and I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the CORD and Jubilee Kakistocrasy. I advocate for a new dispensation based on a new non-ethnic politcal narrative. We need it to free ourselves from the siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of both CORD and Jubilee.

  26. Kenya is maturing democratically. Instead of having many small meaningless parties we are moving towards two major political parties. We only happen to have many tribes and these two parties have to be led n the leaders must be from some tribe. Unless u are implying that for a party to be non tribal it must be led by any other tribe apart from kikuyu n luo.

  27. I like your articles but my question is what solution or alternative govt a you giving Kenyans at the end of your last lines? I could appreciate if you clearly pointed to Kenyans who are good leaders.

    • Okemwa Erick It is not about the people. Anyone can. It is about the new narrative. We had 8 presidential candidates in 2013. The only ones who had a narrative are the tribal kingpins. The rest were just speaking English and they lost miserably. It is not about the who, watu ni wengi. It is about the what, a new non-ethnic political narrative. And that is where we are stuck. It does not matter how many people come up to run. If they do not have a new non-ethnic politcal narrative, the tribalists will win hands down.

  28. History must and will always repeat itself….just prepare yourself and know on which script of history you want your name to appear.And don’t forget its only Jesus Christ who died for mankind.

  29. Good Narrative, however better research could have gone into this. Take Kalonzo Musyoki he does not have the grip you describe here, in the 2007 election where he ran for Presidency he did not win the large kamba diaspora vote in Nairobi,mbeere Taita, coast or urban ukambani Kitui town etc, most of this went to Odinga, come 2013 this were merged votes. The Kamba vote was never monolithic in 2007 or 1997 is it any wonder the Uhuru spends so much time in Ukambani trying to get some votes there he rightfully figures he can succeed. As for the Kikuyu vote i also disagree from 1997, skip,2002 come 2007, 2013 it was always monolithic. When a proper census is done other than the Luo, Kikuyu you will find all other tribes including Kalenjin offer alternatives despite powerful chiefs. Which offers hope than tribal chiefs like dinosaurs will soon be extinct.

  30. Africans and Kenyans have been brainwashed Esp our learned few. Whatever is right in other countries it’s wrong here for example in America there are red and blue states and nobody is saying those who ascribed to red states are racist and reserved while those from blue states are liberals.
    Come back here supporting uhuruto ESp when you come from kalenjin backyard you are tagged kalejinga. One party or many a Kenyan from a
    Particular tribe will become our president so as the deputy not all of us will be the president and dp at once

  31. Prof the herd mentality among the Luo can be explained and justified. Remember after the fallout of 1966 between Kenyatta 1 and Jaramogi, Luo Nyanza was declared a development free zone. TJ Mboya aligned himself with the goverment of the day the Luo Community was divided into Central Nyanza and South Nyanza between the two Titans. Jaramogi was considered a pariah and an enemy of development. Come 5th of July 1969, Mboya who had all along been the ‘darling’ of the Kiambu Mafia harvested whatever he had planted. Kenya has never been the same since that time. The genesis of the deep rooted hatred between the Luo and the Kikuyu had been born. Within the same year the ‘Russia’ Hospital massacre happened. Jaramogi remained the only senior Luo figure who could point a finger at the excess of the ‘Oppressor’. Today its the son who can dare the same powers of the day.

    • Mr. Ngeso, re-read your post. This is exactly what is wrong with the nation. We are entangled in a history so contaminated by the tribal narrative that without a new non-ethnic politcal narrative, we are all headed towards genocide with your story. This narrative is what we need to get away from. What you are narrating here and calling “Luos” and “kikuyus” are elitist politicians who simply use the common-man as pawns. A regular Kikuyu has no business hating a regular Luo. They are equally poor and exploited. For the tribal warlords to remain relevant, they have sold you the story that you have so eloquently narrated here. Boss, it is their story, not yours or mine. Me and you need a new non-ethnic politcal narrative that recognizes that we have more in common than we have differences.

    • Levi Ongoma This is what the tribal warlords want us to think. They have nothing else to offer and therefore they offer us history. Me and you will live in the future. The tribal warlords are incapable of imagining that future for us because they are caught up in history. It is important that you and I imagine a different future for ourselves. Beware of those who offer you history when you ask them about tomorrow.

  32. I would expect a realistic discussion of what ails Kenya. You have cleverly digressed choosing to blow a lot of hot air aimed at the victims rather than the villains. I wonder what is more tribal. Address the issue of elections rigging. That is what ails the Nation!!

  33. The Prof tries very much to balance his arguments between the opposition & the rulling party but the question that he has never answered is, how can Kenyans get out of this scenario? Who or what party do you think can save Kenya? Why do you think the Luhya community pratices pluralism but still largely supports the opposition? Don’t you think that due to the Luhya’s stand & political style of voting,this should be the community for good moral Kenyans from all tribes to emulate,support & probably put their weight behind a Luhyas leader. As we know the Luhya,even if many other tribes would support the a Luhya candidate, that particular leader can never get 90% from Luhya land as it is with most other communities.
    Why should we be moving in circles when we can decide to teach kinpins that Kenya belongs to all of us? We’ve been subjected to these circus by Kikuyu,Kalenjin & Luo wars for superiority long enough,we need a change.

    No Luo can approve a Kikuyu president nor can a Kikuyu support a Luo leader! Moi almost made armed forces & police force Kalenjin institutions. No politician from these 3 tribes no matter their patriotism even of Prof’s calibre is good enough to change the status quo narrative!

    • Musindi, I have said a million times that I am not neutral and I am not balanced. Balance is for those who imagine that CORD and Jubilee are two different entities. They are not. They are the same garbage steeped in siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I therefore see no need to try and balance garbage. Unfortunately Musindi, you are making an equally tribal argument. That we go for a Luhya is a tribal argument. I have said that the only option we have is to imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the people. Any narrative that uses tribe as its basis belongs to the CORD and Jubilee tribal warlords. If you choose such a narrative huwesmake. Ni yao.

  34. Proff you what? This narrative will be going to it’s death bed in the run up to 2022 Elections bt you know right now it’s impossible to take it down you can try but it won’t be successful

  35. I don’t agree with your sentiments. The kind of support Raila gets in the country you can’t just portray him as merely a Luo leader. In fact, if all the presidential aspirants were to vie on their individual capacity you know very well who will get many votes across board.

  36. Is it Tribal dictatorship or Tribal unity? I prefer to look at it as tribal unity or just tribalism because I perceive a dictator to be one who makes all the decisions without the input of others and if anyone goes against them, he instructs his generals to physically deal with them. Amin Dada of Uganda, perhaps the most infamous of all the African dictators, was known to torture and kill those who dared went against him. Our very own Moi had the special Nyayo torture chambers for similar reasons. Adolf Hitler had Gas chambers, crematoriums, and other places dedicated to the same course. Kim Jong Un of North Korea is known for sending even his very close allies who choose to defy him to “re-education,” a term which many independent analysts say refer to as a prescribed period of mental and physical torture.
    We do not have that in our country today, what we have is politicians looking for political survival. The difference between that and dictatorship is that the dictators literally force people to do what they want done, and if anyone openly goes against them, they direct their men to “unfairly” deal with them. Does Raila, Uhuru, or Kalonzo direct anyone to deal with those who go against them in any way other than democratically through the ballot?
    And just a question; was it by design or by accident that you chose to discuss only “one side” of Raila on this subject, and two sides of the others like Orengo, Koigi, and Nyong’o? According to you, the likes of Orengo and Nyong’o were the few Luos who fought against Moi’s dictatorship and single party rule, only to kneel before Raila’s “dictatorial and tribal” throne. Do you not recognize the fact that Raila was one of the most notable crusaders of multipartism and one of the people who fought so hard against Moi’s dictatorial regime? In fact, he found himself in prison for 9 years without trial because of that. This was just a reminder in case you forgot.
    We have been fighting for a united country for ages. What if we did manage to achieve that and all the tribes of this nation willingly rallied behind one political leader; so much so that any person who ran against him or her, would not manage to get any substantial amount of votes in an entirely democratic process. Would you call that dictatorship? I believe dictatorship comes in when the subject is not willing to tow a line but a leader forces them to do so by making brutal examples of those who go against him. If the people are willing participants of a process then that is unity, not dictatorship.
    In a nutshell, what I mean is that dissenting voices are useless if they do not speak for the populace but for the individual leaders. If the people believe that a certain leader best represents their tribal interests then it is not dictatorship; just tribalism. But it only remains tribalism if these people refuse to work with or under leaders from other tribes. Once they accept to join other people, united under a common leader (ship) and sharing a common purpose other than the supremacy of their tribe, then it becomes a positive thing.

    • Dennis Pranks You not only got the history wrong, you got the definition of tribalism wrong. Belonging to a tribe is not tribalism. Tribalism is the use of tribe to include or to exclude. To the extent that you are arguing that we use tribe to include or to exclude, your argument is hopelessly tribal and it can never offer a solution. Never. Your argument of separating tribalism and dictatorship is lost on me. Totally. There are different types of dictatorships. Millitary, feudal, ethnic, racial etc.

    • I never said belonging to a tribe is tribalism, I said supporting a leader from your tribe with no other reason other than the fact that they come from your tribe is tribalism not dictatorship. And when these “tribal” people come together under various “tribal” leaders to support one of the “tribal” leaders from one region then it ceases to be negative tribalism. Dictatorship, whether ethnic, military, feudal or any other, is forcing people to do what you want and dealing with them if they fail to. Does Raila or Uhuru or Kalonzo or Ruto force any of those leaders to support them? And you guys are not telling me which part of history I got wrong, point it out so that I can explain it to you, I am sure it is just the order of events that might be confusing you…… Mine was not to offer a solution but to debate your solution and see how viable it is; my solution has always been a greater good or a lesser evil, depends on how you want to look at it. I do not believe an ideal situation can exist anywhere in this world; therefore, we must not stagnate while waiting for something that might never come. If it happens to come then let it find us a few miles ahead; a gain is a gain, and however small it is, it is still better than the no gain… Whether we have a thousand dissenting voices from all the tribes, if they cannot reason with the people to listen to their “reason” then it means that the people can either read through their hypocrisy, or they have not enough reason to appeal to the people.
      Make me understand how coming together to support one of your own is dictatorship and not tribalism, then point out that part of history that I got wrong, I do not mind being corrected if I am wrong.

  37. What a fallacious article, a terrible error in thinking! There can only be one president. In any electroral process, only the strong candidate wins. If the strong candidate is supported in his backyard, that doesnt amount to tribalism. Who else do u suppose should rupport them!?

  38. The so called professor who don’t read beyond the books, who took the breath of Central maffia, who was raised in a land and a farm stollen by one Jommo Kenyatta. Don’t tell us such a fake history obtained from Mt. Kenya University. Be sincere tell as the facts. Tribalism started 2 months after Kenyatta took leadership and then you sneezed and coughed to the rest of Kenya. You always hide your a gender under Cohesion and integration,Hate speech and so on, Tell the Kenyans the truth you are bloody tribalist and Maffias.

  39. according to you pro. phd man..trump won election through indirect electrol vote by 232 vote clinton gains but she won popular votes by over one millions can describes democracy where citizen has no rolles to choose their president..instead selectived few individuals calling themself electrotes..

    • The article is not about Trump. There are many way of ensuring democratic representation. I have no problem with the way Americans have decided to do theirs. She is not the first candidate to loose and win the popular vote. It has happened before and will happen again. She knew that and should have planned his campaigns accordingly. It is not true that the citizens have no role in electing their president. Kindly try to understand the electoral college system before you start criticizing it.

  40. As always trying to pool wool over our eyes by pretending to be balanced. This is one very interesting Prof. always slanted in his views. Goes to great lengths to justify the ills of the other by “drawing parallels,” this article in framing and caption picture seems like it is about Uhuru but read and see how soft he is on Uhuru and no surprises as usual rants about Raila. Hey Prof can you tell us the genesis of tribalism, nepotism, land problems, assasinations et al in Kenya and the role of the 1st President in it and feel free to throw in Raila in your educated and balanced analysis

    • I have said a million and one times that I am not balanced and I am not neutral. Only those whose world is divided into CORD and Jubilee find it necessary to talk about balance. My world is not. CORD and Jubilee are the same rubbish driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. There is no balancing rubbish. I have also said that I am not neutral. I advocate for a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the country differently. Without an alternative narrative, the tribalists will win in 2017. ..and for me it does not matter which ones. Switching one garbage can for another changes nothing.

  41. At least some deduction, but all societies go through known and sometimes different and dangerous paths. Some come out and progress, others almost extinct. Its worse for our situation coz of the way way play ethnic politics and class, and now the wanton theft of public resources.

  42. I think the making of tribal dictatorship highly depend on the culture of that tribe. It will for instance be impossible for Uhuru Kenyatta to have a say in the Gikuyu politics if he fails to win the presidency – this might be different from a few other tribes. For this reason, I don’t wholly agree with my Professor that Koigi, PK and Martha failed to win their respective political seats because they opposed Uhuru. To a greater extent they tried to sell or were deemed to sell a narrative that their constituents couldn’t identify with……If they had ‘better’ ideologies, at least they would have received presidential votes even from other tribes. Politically, they should have been more smarter and as a leader, they should have been more in touch with the common mwananchi. In the Kalenjin community, how W. Ruto was able to have such a followership in spite of having other big names around shows more than tribal dictatorship. How Kalonzo keep losing popularity regionally to a young Mutua is equally telling.

  43. For as long as Kenyas population is made up of tribes, there will always be tribalism, and tribal unity, tribal chiefs, tribal everything. If anyone needs a solution to these issues, then eliminate what makes every tribe, probably try to ban us from soeaking our dialects, from practicing our heritages etc, ….but u know that cannot happen. It will go in circles, eternally.

    • It is not true that for so long as the population is made up of tribes there will always be tribalism. This is a very narrow understanding of the concept. There is nothing wrong with tribes an Kenya is not the only country that has tribes. That tribes are used for political mobilization is not a natural phenomena. It is the making of the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee. It is what I have called a narrative. It tribes is what causes tribalism, all governments in Africa and all politics would be tribal.

  44. I wonder y do we blame leader yet we are the same people trumpinizes our hillary look its such a shame that we complain of leaders myopically yet we r not ready 4 change if i had power i would stone the eleventh parliament

  45. Prof this is an interesting article. However, every Kingdom has its narrative that changes with time according to need. American Civil War was driven by slave trade coz the narrative then was cheap labour. Trump win was driven by the narrative of reclaiming their jobs. In Kenya the narrative is mûndû wa nyûmba. This too will come to an end soon.

  46. This kinds of attitudes will lead this country into division. Infact kenya as we talks right now s polarised because of tribalism. And if we continue like this kenyans will found themselves in a situation whereby no one will be able to intervene. There are some leaders in this country whom stil believes in politics of tribalism. And that will not help this country to move on in terms of development!!!

  47. why are people trying to be naive what pro is saying is the reality of political happening in Kenya,wajaluo why are crying if koigis and karuas are supporting Uhuru and become sad if James orengo become a Jap man. Kenyans are hypocrites.

  48. Politics are local. Strong leadership village, county, to the whole community translates into a strong country. There is nothing to be envied from the lack of unity and strong leadership among the luhya community.

  49. Alfred Aila…..yes, the Luhya community should be envied for lack of unity within their ethnicity because this is what is ailing Kenya & taking us down as a Nation!
    You might have little information on the Luhya community to say what you’ve just said. The Luhya pple have had some of the strongest leaders in the Kenyan history; Examples are, Masinde Muliro, Kijana Wamalwa & Mudamba Mudavadi. Although these were great National leaders of intergrity,the Luyhya community never rallied behind them blindly disregarding the Kenyan unity & tolerance like what other so called big tribes are doing today. Selfishness, insecurity in inferiority & pride is the 3 factors which our 3 warring tribes are suffering from. While one tribe believes that Kenya belongs to them,the other 2 want to also get a chance in monopolizing vital economic sectors of this country the way this owner of Kenya has.

  50. Magero WA Magero

    You have a wrong perception based on ethnicity. You have portrayed it yourself & it indeed exists in you. Tell us; Say example when you graduated don’t you invite you family/relatives and friends? If you you’re pursuing education and you’re incapable to raise the the fee will you not ask family members, relatives, friends & even CDF for instance to boost you? of course you have because you home pocket if the first & donors later as per their wish. So why should Uhuru or Raila not seek votes in their home region first & later ask you and I as technocrats who can gauge them as per their value & vote the best in based on democracy?: You vote your right!. In other terms; In a race you have to perform a thorough exercise & prepare yourself full in your country & given that you win then be chosen outside there that you win. Politics is all about Numbers; & not forget that it’s a dirt game.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      I am not sure I get you point. The post was either written in a hurry or basically in a style that fails to communicate. Tribalism is not asking for votes from your tribe. Tribalism is using the fact of tribe, yours or others to include or to exclude.

  51. The concept of democracy is an illusion in Africa. Perhaps the west supports this kind of democracy we have because it serves what they started which is divide and rule. The rulers have thus perfected this art because by Balkanizing the country into tribal entities they continue confusing the people and ensuring their communities eat while others salivate. I posit that in the Kenyan case, unless we change the way we elect our President thru some form of consensus we will continue that same root to our self immolation. To think that only two communities have rules Kenya since independence is an affront to our nascent democracy. Therein lies the problem, because what others have done will continue to be replicated and when others fail they ferment war. This is the genesis of conflict especially when one fails to win elections, then they feel their communities will continue to salivate as others eat. They mobilize their communities to violence and the circle continues. To think that we will achieve a middle income status wile others are being excluded becomes a mirage.

  52. are dead wrong on Uhuru.he is nobody’s miss out on how his presidency was architectured by the kikuyu elites and politicians who didn’t want to let go the trappings of power that they enjoyed during the kibaki presidency.when the hague baggage rested on his shoulders,uhuru’s immediate priority was how to shake it that juncture the presidency was beyond the wildest of his fertile imaginations.for him,there was no knowing how the hague demon would’s against this backdrop that he and his fellow suspect had tea and mandazi with madvd.they agreed to throw their combined weight to mudavadi’s quest for the presidency as an insurance against the hague masterminds who certainly saw their hague woes as a godshed opportunity to be exploited to the maximum.sadly the tea party was a closed doors affair with the kikuyu and kalenjin hyenas kept in the dark.but this being kenya where you can only be assured of a secret remaining under the wraps if o nly you happen to be the last surviving party,word leaked out.the kikuyu mafia would have nothing to do with mudavadi.they wanted Uhuru to contest for the presidency.uhuru was to famously quip”mashetani waliingilia”.poor Uhuru had no option but to toe the describe him in the same light with Raila is to say the least a misrepresentation of facts.kenneth and Martha proved it to the world that kikuyus are a vibrant democratic tribe.the two survived to tell the tale.

  53. It is so backward to keep referring to Kenyans as,
    Kikiyus, Luos or Luhyias. This tribal is a mirage. It is an imaginary line of divisions. It is all nonsense. I distaste even more when I hear people speaking full of prejudices about skin color. It is trash. It is a thinking that has stuck it’s roots in stone age times

    • Actually Patrick, what is real is our tribes. Tribe/Nation is larger family. Your statement exhibits the success of the colonial education system in breaking down the real primordial bonds and submitting us to an artificial false bond of colonial nation hood. There is no such nation as “Kenya”, never has been, never will be and that is why this illusion keep falling apart ever couple of years whenever there is political upheaval. The colonial Sovereigns (false gods) who gave you this false identity in 1885 in a conference on Berlin have noticed it is wearing thin and are slowly destroying it and creating new ones for us all ( now there exist people who self identify as “South Sudanese”, Somalis who self identify as “Somali landers”, “Kenyans Somalis”, “American Somalis” ” “Somalia Somalis”, Indians who self identify as Pakistani,so on “Balochis”) I guarantee powerful sessionist movements will rise in the coming future, passing a federalist constitution was the first poisoned chalice we were compelled to swallow ( did you ever wonder why everyone from Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, literally everyone visited insisting the public endorse it, why?), so brace yourself Patrick, your illusionary nation will not exist in 10 year and the process to give you a new identity is, of necessity, bloody…

    • Thanks for your view. My thinking is at such time and era, we should be able to live above little ethnic groupings. In reality nobody can claim to belong to a given tribe wholly. We ve intermarried until our children can’t claim any one particular tribe

  54. Upon what basis is your idea of “Pluralism” built? i.e. Pluralism of what? Because we are not an Ideological Society, never have been. Therefore Pluralism in a non-society like the one we exist in can only be built on instinctively understood characteristics, the most powerful being “nation hood” (at our society ‘s level more correctly called “tribal hood”) or patriotism (bond to land). Therefore I submit Professor that there is political pluralism, just built upon a basis that is less than civilized. I therefore further submit in conclusion that the challenge we face is far deeper than political, it is Ideological. The only question you (our Intellectual class) should be asking is…

    …of Civilization.

    What is Civilization? Why are we uncivilized? What is the correct basis upon which to build a Civilization? Are we even capable of being civilized?

    • At a certain point I agreed with the Professor, his argument has some element of truth but short of other variables that cripples Kenya’s politics, policies and identity. That was until you laid your submission, ‘What is civilization?’, and I couldn’t agree more. Kenya is not yet civilized, we are at certain point where we envy civilization but clueless on how to attain it. I can vote for any Kenya from the same community ten times {assuming it is possible. It isn’t) if he presents better policies and ideologies that his/her competitors without questioning his second name, but again I would expect the same individual to understand that a country needs diversity, inclusive and inclusion such that that individual or group of people will agree that others are as well suited for leadership as them but incorporate their views together to make one document of policies. ‘Pluralism’ as Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD would like to convince us is a none-issue in Kenya context, at least that is my opinion, We got Britain and USA who had family running running the governments and only two parties running the countries. We are bedeviled by immaturity and ‘acute short of civilization’, if we get civilized, even one party would be enough.

    • ArkanudDin YaSin and Karis Sj you guys are too complicated bwana. I was using pluralism in its simplest form. “Many”. There is only one voice in Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin and Kamba lands. Every other voice within these tribal fiefdoms is either drowned or intimidated.

  55. What we have in KENYA(Africa) is what I would refer to as “DEMOCRATIC ALLUSION”. There won’t be any real democracy till we have reshaped our political thinking. How I wish pple who have same line of thinking as yours Prof. gather the courage to stand up against the current political narrative and give us a new storyline!

  56. The prof is biased on Raila Odinga.Professor can you tell us who central Kenya has voted for who is not from central Kenya itself. In 1963 luo voted for Jomo kenyatta and that is why kanu was mainly a political Alliance between luo and kikuyu.In 1992 as kalenjins voted for Moi, kikuyu voted for Matiba and kibaki ,and luos voted for jaramogi oginga odinga.For one to assert that Raila started tribal politics is to show his ignorance of kenyan history even if he is a professor.Professor wainaina should know that Raila first contested for presidency in 1997 along side Moi, kibaki,wamalwa and charity Ngilu.In this election like 1992 communities with presidential candidates voted for their own. In 2002 Raila publicly at Uhuru park endorsed Mwai kibaki when all other kenyans watch.What professor should tell kenyans is who has central Kenya supported outside their community.Let him know that that central Kenya will never support any body out side their community including 2022.

  57. Raila is the pillar and problem of Kenya,I won’t go deeply instead of preaching statesmanship, is driven by hate and division politics, first he joined Moi°s Government to anti-orgonise Kikuyu hoping Moi will back him,lakini wapi,ikaenda mrama,

    • Problem of Kenya are Kikuyu’s. They’re so deep into themselves they don’t think of other people living in Kenya. Just a simple question to you. What do think will happen when other Kenyans one day woke up and start chasing Kikuyu’s from their towns saying everyone should go back to their lands? Kwa hivyo usiongee coz unaweza. Wewe ishi Nairobi kwa usalama ama Kiambu. Wale wakikuyu tunaishi nao makwetu hawana ujinga kama zako. Think of Rwanda, Sierra Leone where ethnicity destroyed their Countries!

    • Kihara raila is the problem for pointing looters you and I pay taxes, why is the government not jailing looters, if raila is involved in looting public resources let government take stern action measures against him, let take corruption war outside tribe, things seem not to work out, big wigs in the government robbing tax payers of the hard earned penny in the name of using it to undertake development only for it to end into pockets of the few, it is bad, unacceptable and narrow tribal politics should be divorced from this, and all of us must rise and demand accountability on the government we pay to run our affairs, so no blame gain should be here all are robbed alike

    • People, look at the arguments that you are advancing and realize that the problem of Kenya is not you, me or your brother. It is the ethnic warlords who have fed you this tribal narrative. The only thing this narrative facilitates is divisions and they like it that way.

  58. i agree with you on this one. Spot on! But how can we change that narrative. A neutral person with an agenda to liberate Kenyan farmers who are suffering, Kenyan youth willing to work but got no jobs, Kenyan women who are made to work like slaves…….but who is that brave?

  59. Some corruption are scientific creation by Cord through propaganda, I repeat again Kenya could be better if Raila and his Colony did shown the seed of hate to the whole community and trying his divide and rule procedures, his rhetoric nowadays is null and void, may be its his age catching him.

  60. The term tribalism in your context is very debatable.Would please educate me on who made Raila a Luo Kingpin??Show me anyone in Luo Nyanza that may have elavated himself to the level that Raila have and rejected.I walk a round and those who call Raila baba are not only Luos and that is what make me see mischief in your arguments

  61. Bwana Professor, if I may ask; what would be your ideal start in politics?
    If you don’t have the backing n trust of your folks, then u can as well discard the ambitions of politics.
    The challenge in this, is lack of respect to boundaries that dictate limits to our social, cultural and participatory privileges in our communal settings. We have failed in raising responsible leaders, we have failed in making it clear to our leaders that their conduct or participation in communal affairs is bound in such and such boundaries, we have failed in unifying our cultural diversities to clear goals, we have failed by making Kenya a tribal based opinion country, we have failed in our selfish ambitions of competition, we have failed our freedom fighters by ignoring their sacrifices so as to see Kenya as a free nation, we have no interest in understanding what exactly made them go in the bush and have reduced their honor to a single day celebrations that are nothing but platforms to fight tribal when the same freedom fighters are being shortchanged and exploited by disrespectful political leaders.
    Now, we are failing in inspiring the true values that this nation is founded on, we are failing in teaching the younger generations how to respect the rule of law and authority, we are failing in escaping responsibility for our actions and blaming it on the leaders, we are failing our leadership by nourishing their divisive ambitions that we perceive as a tribal superiority prize in Kenya.
    No matter the number of articles we write on issues of leadership integrity, we will always fail simply because our mindset is tribal and its we who endorse tribally brainwashed leaders. We always fail because we are not sincere in walking our talk.
    And the painful reality is that we have fixated our attention to irrelevant issues just because we all have a secret target we want to hit such as we too can bask in glory courtesy of our beloved tribal kingpins; but as is the norm with regrets to always speak out last, we are regretting over issues that will not help us at all, issues of pluralism, democracy, integrity, betrayal, negligence, violence, poverty, underdevelopment, and all other regrets that Kenyans are crafty enough to blame it on the leaders.
    The real issue here is not about constitutionalism or pluralism or democracy: the issue is that we all are vague when it comes to acknowledging what is really the vision that Kenya has set for its citizenry. This vision is what we lack to synergize the efforts of all Kenyans for a peaceful and prosperous nation. This vision is not a practical target since it keeps changing with the political leadership we put in office and this vision has now lost its meaning and changed to taking office and benefit our tribal alliances forgetting that Kenya belongs to the more than 42 million citizens of this nation and any leadership should serve the 42 million populace in equal measure and not reward their tribal alliances that now threaten to tear us apart.
    Acknowledge the vision of Kenya, evaluate leadership in the light of our nations collective vision, teach the young generations to defend and work to achieve our set vision, and suppress our tribal mindset to embrace diversity and inclusion and cries for pluralism and democracy will be bygones.

  62. Calling someone whose politics affects everyone in this country…43 tribes to be precise a tribal kingpin is the highest height of mediocrity!!Noone in this country be it a political analyst or just a politician finds their story complete without bringing in this name Raila.This name is always the salt of everyone’s story;even professors of this world.He is so significant that without him everyone runs out of a story!!Would you reduce such a person to just a tribal kingpin??I dont think so.

  63. This post proves nothing. It is a fact of life that any group of people who share commonalities such language and other aspects of culture are likely to also chart a common political path. It is not unique to Kenyans. If you keenly followed the recently concluded US elections you kept coming across phrases like ‘white males’, ‘ratings among blacks ‘ which in essence are political constituencies, that is ‘ tribe ‘if you were talking about the way Kenya is primitively viewed. Also in the US, there are traditionally blue and red States which have never voted otherwise. Simply put, if Joho runs for president in 2022, I don’t see how the Arabs in mombasa will not line up behind him. If they don’t he is unlikely to gain traction among the rest of Kenyans. If you, professor runs for office and your wife and mother don’t line up behind you, I will also not elect you.

  64. Interesting thoughts …………but I would take you more seriously if you did not use the terms Luhyas. Kikuyu’s and Luos etc. You have fallen under the same guillotine you purport to guide people to avoid.

  65. What I like about prof is that he doesn’t call a spade a big spoon, its high time we stop supporting tribal cocoons and engage Kenyans on the basis of ideologies……What next… for the youth who speak one language..?????

  66. I thaught professors are learned people who can teach others like me who never went to university but i wonder what kind of a professor is this talking shit?kama unajiona uko sawa si usimame kama presidential candidate next election tuone kama utapata ata kura mia moja?nkt..

    • Kisingu, i have always said that I am not neutral and I am not balanced. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee and therefore there is nothing for me to balance. I believe that they both belong to the same degenerate politcal class driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the country differently. I am not neutral.

  67. Political development is a process..this is where we are historically and we will continue changing polepole..women became eligible to vote in the USA about a century people would stand in the bus for the white folks to sit abt 50 years ago..without making excuses, sometimes I think even most of the shortcomings of moi and Kenyatta eras was simply where our thinking was at that time..we thought leaders are gods and we thought it was right.. do you look back and see things our elders, our parents, our teachers reasoned and acted back in the days? Looks awkward and at times primitive compared to our thinking and interactions today…so all the things Prof has highlighted are indeed true and one day those who will be there will be reading how we behaved in 2016 defiantly rallying behind our tribal kingpins and they will fall of their seats laughing! Just like we do when we recall things were happening when we were children and before.. So I personally don’t think there is that much to hate ourselves about…I am positive we will continue to mature and that is not to mean we resign and stop pushing for better governance no! It is all part of the shaping up

  68. Nature has away reasserting herself… a time will come and tribe will not be important. Am not giving up on all Kenyan tribes to rise up one day and say goodbye to tribal chiefs who have formed cartels like governments. That said, Narc was a people revolution and one like it is in the offing. Suffice to say, tribalism started from independence, when the ‘founding father’ shared wealth to cronies and the art was perfected by the KANU regime under Moi. That said, the luos were neglected by successive regimes for having produced the Odingas. The same way the Kikuyus were neglected by the Moi regime after the 1992 multiparty elections. This is not Raila’s making.

  69. Talk! Talk! Talk! So much of camouflaged half-truths driven by tribalism itself that we claim to fight in the 1st place… Its silly,.. (use every other adjective to describe the same if you may)…to think Solution is attacking the so called labeled kingpins…last time i checked politics is about being able to mobilize and ‘herd’ a good number of folks..if pluralism must only be achieved through such then I would rather the dictatorial way all the way! #RhetoricsHaitusaidii

  70. In Kenya there only two tribes but idiot see 42 tribes …the tribe of matajiri na tribe ya maskini ….I say bro the tym that maskini watajielewa kwamba wananyanyazwa Kenya will be at gud position ….kati ya jubilee na cord wote wamejawa na ufisadi I say it….

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