The “anarchist” and the “thief”, and their mad rush for tyranny of tribal numbers

I have always told you that if you want to know who Kenyan politicians really are, listen to them describe each other. Since the start of the voter registration exercise, it has been a brutal no-holds-barred contest between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. It is an all-out war between them. And with good reason. They seek to rise to the top of the tribal arithmetic hierarchy. The voter registration has a direct impact on their ethnic numbers and serious consequences for the tribal political narrative they push to Kenyans. They are leaving nothing to chance. It is a bare-knuckle fight for the soul of Kenya, each seeking to emerge the tribal-overlord supremo with the tyranny of numbers come 14th February 2017. You would be forgiven to imagine that 14th February is the election day. It is not.  But Raila has loudly declared that it as the day the election will be won or lost. Once the ethnic census is in.  And that is the basis of the political madness you are witnessing.  The politicians have taken over the voter mobilization exercise. Just like that, the patients have taken over the asylum!

The gloves are off.

Raila has finally said what he has been implying for the last 4 years. That Uhuru is the patron of graft cartels, the godfather of the system ya majambazi.

Beyond looting the Country, he has accused his government of using all sorts of thuggery to upstage him in the voter registration and steal the 2017 elections. We have been told of NSIS registering voters, of Ethiopians and Ugandans being registered and of IDs registering multiple people.  He is calling Uhuru a “thief”.

On his part, Uhuru and his attack dogs have been going around his “strongholds” saying that the kimundu is coming, and he is a nuisance and a lawless demagogue who does not mean well for “the country”. He has called him a tribalist, a bully, a coup-plotting mutineer, a dictator, a liar, bad for the economy, a nuisance, a disturbance. In one word he has described him as an “anarchist”.

I do not know whether for the people he is talking to, their concept of  “the country” extends beyond Central province, but that is a story for another day. He is asking “his people” (not “the people”) to help him get the “anarchist” off of his back.

From where I am seated, both are right.

Voter registration has become ethnic jingoism per excellence, a  battle royale between the tribal kingpins, a showdown between the “anarchist” and the “thief”. Their supporters have joined the fight. They agree with both about each other, and then settle for the “devil we know”. The leading consideration being the devil that speaks my language, or the devil that is in bed with the tribal warlord that speaks my language.

Ooooh, Cry my Beloved Country!

How did we end up here? How did the Country end up a captive of the two most undeserving individuals? Billionaire political wheeler dealers, who think that they own Kenya and the rest of us are squatters and at best cheerleaders?  How is it that the people only see their choices as the lesser evil, the devil you know? Just by listening to Raila and Uhuru, we are forced to ask, how did our choices end up being between the “anarchist” and the “thief”?

The least qualified person to demonize Raila should be Uhuru Kenyatta. In an earlier article, I said that he has re-invented Raila post the 2014 ODM men-in-black circus in Kasarani. Had he not run such a thieving, clueless and visionless administration, Raila would be political history. Raila has nothing to tell the people. He has nothing to sell apart from a doctored past of “fighting for democracy”, sanitized by the transgressions of Jubilee. It is these sins of Jubilee that give him a resurgence of relevance.  In the “father of democracy” narrative, he proclaims himself a defender of democracy and forgets to mention that the first Ford-K elections ended up in anarchy reminiscent of men-in-black. He forgets to mention that he was also an opposition sell-out, a beneficiary of Moi and KANU excesses. He was part of the blood-soaked coalition government which was stealing quietly since all the pigs had their snouts on the trough. And now he passes himself off as a democrat and protector of the people.

Hadn’t Uhuru given him the rope to hang Jubilee, the only thing he would be running around shouting about is that he “fought” for democracy and that the 2013 elections were stolen. One year after the 2013 elections, he was a completely deflated man. He had run out of ideas, alternatives and more importantly he had run out of vitendawili. The end had come when the self-styled democrat stole his own elections in Kasarani using men-in-black. He had nothing to tell the world. Uhuru needed not tell anyone about the “anarchist”.

And then Uhuru and Jubilee goofed, big time, handing Raila a sack-full of sins, (literally)  with which to redeem Raila’s dwindling career.

Uhuru presented a list in parliament in an ill-thought, fickle and doomed attempt to fight corruption. He admitted that his government was irredeemably corrupt and then admitted that he could not do anything about it. And just like that, he handed Raila a lifeline. Now, the Moi-political -orphan, Raila the KANU Secretary General, Raila of the molasses plant, Raila of KKV, Raila of Maize scandal, Raila of the 41 vs 1 2007 formula, Raila who runs around with some of the most corrupt, unscrupulous and alleged drug-lord Governors in the Country, Raila who steals his own elections in broad daylight is the self-appointed crusader against corruption. Uhuru by running a tribal, incompetent and corrupt administration gave him this lifeline. And then he calls him an “anarchist”.

Likewise, the least qualified person to go around the country threatening all of us with chamtema kuni  if elections are “stolen” is Raila Odinga. Yes, Uhuru may be running around with thieves and maybe the patron of graft cartels. Kenyans can point several thieves in Raila’s entourage. Yes, Uhuru may be planning to “steal” the elections. But Raila is not the person to lecture us and threaten everyone about it. He steals his own elections in broad daylight. And then proceeds as if nothing has happened. It is the perfect case of the cooking pot calling the kettle black. When asked, he says that at least he has tried to have elections and no one else has. In Raila’s world, you are better off as the guy who steals your own elections, than the guy who never held any. The only person with the license to steal elections and get away with it is Raila Odinga.  Everyone else owes him and the thieves around him free and fair elections. And to him free and fair elections means the ones he wins.  In Kenya, there is no truth. There is only truth according to Raila Odinga. I demonstrated his duplicity in an earlier article where he declared that the election will be won on 14th February after tribal calculations of the voter register.

He expects us to believe it because it comes from him. When the same argument was made by other people in 2012, he dismissed it.

His duplicity does not end there. He has spent the last 4 years vilifying Jubilee because of “Tyranny of numbers”. Jubilee has a majority in both houses. It is called “democracy”. Jubilee has not always used this majority for the benefit of Kenyans.  He has been calling it “tyranny of numbers” to show people how bad Jubilee is, and how untrustworthy it is. He said that the IEBC issue could not be solved in parliament because Jubilee had the “tyranny of numbers”. He made his supporters believe that “tyranny of numbers” is a very bad and evil thing. Now he is gallivanting in his strongholds telling the people to come out and register to vote en-mass  in order to give him – brace for this – “tyranny of numbers”.

So, it turns out that this thing called “tyranny of numbers” was not a bad thing. It was bad because Raila Odinga did not have it. And now he wants to have it, and once he has it, he will call it democracy. If “tyranny of numbers” is good for him, it is good for Jubilee.

And there you have it. Two uniquely unqualified individuals demonizing each other, and telling you to choose between them. One calls the other the “thief” and the other in return calls him the “anarchist”.

More importantly, none of the them wants an election. They want a tribal census. That is why they have been urging people from their “strongholds” to register. Uhuru calls them his “jeshi”.  Raila has told you that the election will be won on 14th February 2017, once the tribal numbers for each ones “jeshi” are in. They assume that you and I have no minds of our own. The only choice we have is between “your” tribalist and “my” tribalist, either the “thief” or the “anarchist”.  Sadly, for so long as the political space is ruled by their ethnic narrative, this is true.

That is why I have argued that the only option for a new dispensation in Kenya is a new non-ethnic political narrative that will inspire the country differently. Without a new non-ethnic political narrative, the elections will be won on February 14th 2017, through the tyranny of tribal numbers,  by either the tribal kingpin Raila calls a “thief” or the tribal kingpin Uhuru calls the “anarchist”. Take your pick!


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  1. Proffersor whatever you call yourself. Have been reading your articles but to my dismay uthamaki is full in your noggin. The freedom you enjoy like freely expressing your opinion as above is because of Raila.
    But to taint his name in comparison to Uhuru is completely in bad faith. Though both have their weaknesses Kamwana is epitome of tribalism, bigotry and a bodyguard of corrupt Kartels. Single out this from Raila.??

    • I too don’t know him well bt secretly u painting Raila’s bad name in drumming support for your tribesman. All this to make people feel Uhuru and Raila are just the same. Bt this is far from truth.

    • Yap…bunde have seen it the elections draw near our beloved proff has of late engaged in a not so clever energized attempt at painting Rao and uhuru in the same colour ..trying to project the two as having the same characteristics…alas its a flopped ruse ,everbody knows Uhuru doesnt take to criticsm well ..unlike Raila who has a thick skin and doesnt get emotional at a whim…on this you lie bwana proff..

    • I bet u understand English he claims Raila has nothing to present except a Doctored past??. Is it really true?. I doesn’t mean I am a supporter of Raila. Bt amidst lies to castigate his name. I am happy for the freedom he fought for us.

    • Felix is doing great. Mistypes are understandable. However,love it or hate it. Therea no day uhuru will be railas equal. I suggest we liken him to mudavid. He can pass as his political age mate The only area he bits raila is on the vices. This is to mean raila is not a saint. He too has his shortcomings just like any other politician. But if youve lived in kenya long enough you should know that raila has been the back bone of kenyan politics and all that is good about it. He represents our country in the internatinal front. Who knew uhuru before he was planted on the throne by the mt. Kenya mafia? Nobody. Think again bro

    • There is nothing special about Raila?!!!! Really, are you serious? ……Now I understand…..The purpose of your posts is to attack Raila by pretending you are non partisan .
      You know Uhuru has nothing to lose because he is already the sitting president, once people ignorantly judge Raila to be equally useless like Uhuru!
      You see the catch here?!! ….” There is no need to replace evil with the same evil, better let the sitting evil continue “

  2. You have tried to balance your opinion but your tone when criticizing Uhuru sells you out. You better tell us why the majority of those who have engaged in voter registration malpractice come from central. Why would moi or Kibaki’s id register eight Mwangis for instance! What a coincidence! Meanwhile the Uthamaki protector Uhuru wa Ngina has done worse that all the past presidents. We must try the alternative devil, the one you hate to the core, Raila Amolo Odinga

  3. Do you think if raila lose this election he will concede defeat? Not at all until he is declared the president that when kenya will have exercised free and fair election otherwise he is rigged out.

  4. Professor, with all my research done on your articles,i have discovered that Raila is your worst enemy, not based on politics but because of tribalism and ignorance, if Uhuru registers unborn,the dead and foreigners, then you term it as a fair game,whenever your subject of discussion is Raila,you intend to surge in Uhuru so that you can pretend to neutralize the article. A perfection of tribalism, and a confession of sycophant seems to be your own problem. It is better you shut down your mouth and be thought to be a fool than opening your lips and spreading hatred. You’re promoting tribalism at the expense of pretending to reveal it. The essence of knowledge is, having it,to apply it correctly,and not not having it to confess your ignorance. I have now understood you,your aim is to promote hatred and tribalism and not nothing else. No where is written in the bible that one tribe must rule Kenya for life. We need change of power and not recycling one tribe among the 43 tribe

    • You can analyse my articles and come up with whatever conclusion you have in mind. It is possible to analyse them and see in them a reflection of your own prejudices hatred and tribalism. It does not mean that is the reality or that is what the articles are about. We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.

    • You seem to defend Raila through your comment, Hudson de Mark, that in itself shows that you are tribal. Besides, while we want a leader free from tribalism, your point seems unrealistic. We need a leader from ANY TRIBE who can lead us in a fair manner that will will lead to progress of the country. If it were to give every tribe a chance to lead only one term, some tribes could wait for over 200 years!!! (43 X 5 = 215). Is that really realistic? We do not want the tribe cycle to lead us, rather we need a sober leader who will Unite Kenya as One and bring fair development in all parts of Kenya…

  5. Charles kamau

    I have been deeply thinking on the politics of Kenya and what we exercise as democracy and the disappointments we are treated to every time we democratically elect our leaders to office after every five years. Finally, I thought about this age old practice we blindly use in the name of democracy and why does it always fail in meeting the expectations of the electorate.
    After a long deductive thinking and analysis of our three arms of the government and their constant tag of wars that they employ in vain pursuit of independence from each other. I call this constitutional pursuit of independence in executing their mandate as vain coz in all their push and pull acts of antagonism, only the executive remains to bear the brunt which has led me to the conclusion that the executive is much more influential in duties and responsibilities and the reason for my conclusion is this:
    – In the recent medical staff labour stand off, the legislature has remained silent in deliberating the CBA under dispute or even debating on the gaps in effective healthcare policies that are the cause of this health sector paralysis and instituting proper actionable procedures to ensure sustainable healthcare system for Kenyans. This is the same case in the university academic staff labour agitations, not forgetting the cosmetic legislative committees that frustrate and confuse any genuine efforts to investigate and prosecute any corrupt personalities.
    – The Judiciary has been the player in underhand dealings that seek to invalidate any quest for justice and fairness in labour relations differences, prosecution of corruption suspects, and any other claims that needs expertise interpretation of the constitution in ensuring justice, fairness and rule of law is effected for the welfare of Kenyans.
    – The executive has been the bulls eye in all these antagonizing actions of the legislature and judiciary with all claimants shooting their blames of reluctance by the executive in taming the frustrations of the legislature and judiciary, but ignoring the fact that in any such instance the executive decides to give his noble directive, we are quick to dismiss his action in claims of independence of the arms of government or worse lack of constitutional authority where our devolved units are guilty of negligence to their mandates. In either way, the executive is the hot seat and is attacked by the mighty and small who use their vote as the goof to intimidate him; the very vote he has been actively asking us to acquire. Isn’t this ironical?
    Thus my conclusion to this deductive thinking does give utmost respect and credit to our executive arm of government.
    In the course of my deductive thinking, the question of democracy still remained prominent and this finally trickled down to our political parties and leaders. This was the climax of my thinking capacity and it was interesting to realize the exact cause of failures in our democratic exercises. I will use a valid example to depict this scenario;
    Currently we have two political camps that are seriously contending for the office of the executive, i.e. JUBILEE and NASA/CORD/ODM/WIPER/MASHINANI/FORD K. These two camps of distinct ideologies are all dependent on the vote that we the small people are using to intimidate the executive every time he gives the intention of taking the right action in serving Kenyans all which we do in support of the other two arms of the government.
    The big difference presents itself in that as JUBILEE is seriously serving Kenyans and defending their record of service to Kenyans that they have struggled to achieve despite the vehement antagonism from selfish institutions and actors, NASA is of the opposing idea that they want to dupe Kenyans to embrace as the rocket science our democratic Kenya needs but my deductive thinking has brilliantly concluded as the fatal ideology to Kenyans that advises Kenyans TO SWALLOW RAT POISON JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY MIGHT HAVE SWALLOWED A RAT.
    That is my conclusion and the undeniable reality to our democracy of deceit, selfishness and desperation and as we approach the general elections, I challenge all Kenyans to not use their vote as a tool to intimidate their leaders or vengeance to their leaders by voting the wrong leadership just to express their resentment to the current leadership but rather be sober to scrutinize my conclusion before giving support to Jubilee who are defending their development record and does promise to deliver better to Kenyans banking on their already evidenced commitment to service or NASA with their deceptive rocket science that advocates we swallow rat poison just because they have lied to us that we have swallowed a rat even when we are sure that we have not swallowed any rat.
    I rest my case and now I too have a family to think about.

    SHUKRAN & BLESSED to all Kenyans who know the effects of administering the lethal prescription of rat poison for the falsified ailments of swallowing a rat as NASA/CORD wants to trick us and watch in anticipation as we commit suicide.

  6. well said professor. kenya will only be democratic when we will choose our leaders based on policies and issues other than tribe. and you will the tribal line in comments here when individuals defend their tribal kings. talkill of them and you have insulted the entire tribe…

  7. I read it n as always, a bash on Raila. Its all hate for Raila but gladness, u dont have monopoly of knowledge, opinion nor the power to convince all. Those are ur views n we n many other Kenyans have their opinions too. Hate it or like it, a majority of Kenyans liked, like n will always like ur object of hate, Raila. We sure know he’s imperfect like many of us, but we also sure know out of our little layman wisdom n hard facts that he’s the best bet we have for now. Kenyans voted him n will vote him overwhelmingly, yet again n will not allow the thieving hands to steal our votes again. Yes Mr. Professor

    • Man uar ….thank God you and many others have seen through our proffesors pretentious “neutral ” analysis…all ….not any, but all ..intelligent Kenyans of good will agree on one basic thing ..Uhuru is a gentleman shackled in bondage with thieves plunderers looters and probably murderers…in a govt arrangement that he cannot wiggle out of due to pacts and oaths and unbreakable MOUs that have rendered him a puppet to a conglomeration of tribal biggots from two regions..try as he might..he cannot admonish Rutos mealy mouthed charlatarns like duale…however treasonus his utterances are…HOWEVER…nobody in his right minds should attempt practically or imagined try to drag RAOs name in the muck heap of sewage corruption ,impunity ,arrogance and deceit that jubilee grandmasters tend to thrive in..and that unfortunately is what proff has been out to do ever since this NASA nightmare started in earnest…Raila is no angel BUT he cannot be compared to the acrobatic tounged Kanu aparachics ruling us ,as opposed to leading us..

    • No Prof. Its pretentious “Neutral” silently slandering Uhuru but fully bashing, demeaning n trashing Rao, really trying to portray him as same as Uhuru or altogether the real problem, cancer n rot bedevilling Kenya. I thank GOD he distributed wisdom, intellect n knowledge to all. We have insight to decipher n discern if ur Neutral or “Neutral” Prof. I follow u n like ur line of thinking except this bit of slandering n smearing Rao. U leave that then I’ll be with u n I believe many many more Sir

  8. not a bad analysis but you didn’t mention that both men are hate working….we are in for a long haul before we get a visionary, smart and hard working leader like Kibaki. Ruto is smart and a workaholic but is let down by “deals”…

  9. All is not lost professor,this mouth and mind disease affect us one day in five years. Its only politicians and their hooligans make the cheering game dangerous.After election tunaenda kwa mama mboga,samaki,mama pima,kwa daktari,kanisani,kwa matanga,kibarua bila kuuliza the tribe of who serves you. Its sad that some take politics so personal,its just a game.

    • He does not have any different color from the other tribal warlords. I do not crave public attention. You have come here on your own volition to comment. I get your attention voluntarily and of all the others. And I am grateful for it. Keep reading and commenting.

  10. Truth told as should be,for a confused nation God sends a leader and for a reberious crowd God sends his profet,tumefunga macho hatuoni shekh ni yule yule ni kanzu tu amebadilisha.thanks for playing the profets role,yataka moyo ndugu yangu.

  11. This is a one sided literature,and am happy you are not talking on behalf of Kenyans.this is purely your opinion,and you are entitled to it.GO AHEAD.and write any thing you like,as the PHD may dictate daktari

  12. Prof I like the way you analysis this two individuals and it’s pure truth but the problem with Kenyans me be one of them is we have ears we don’t hear,we have eyes but we don’t see. It’s high time we do away with these politicians and elect leaders when will Kenya stop being a captive of Odinga and Kenyatta’s families. Both are serpent in the Garden of Eden.

  13. a learned kikuyu and uninformed village idiot have the same reasoning when the name raila is mentioned, the only difference is that the learned one will try hard to hide his tail of tribalism where’s the idiot will be wagging his/hers.

  14. I agree with professor that raila does not have any future for this country all what he want to deserve is the throne, he is full of greednes,I could be very happy if they announce kalonzo as a fragbearer coz at list he have something in his mind ,,,,

  15. Really prof? You tried so hard but still failed. Please tell me how and where in the blazes did you even get the mind to compare uhuru with Raila. Just how? Wait a min. I thought you are a proffessor. A proffesor of all the people ought to be able to see this. it is so clear. Uhurus league is way lower than that of Rao. I mean the guy hasnt even a clue what he is doing in statehouse. He imagines ako picnic huko na mum. And daddy is away on an international visit. And i dont blame him in the least. Planted on the throne by the so called mafias to do whatever they bid him i cant expect much from him. Is that what you are comparing this great kenyan to. A puppet? You are smoking something proff. And i know what it is

    • For someone who worships Raila, I have to be taking something. For someone who is sober though, they know that Raila is equally driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, just like all the other tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee. There is nothing special about him.

  16. No one is a saint my brother so you better live with the available specie and as for tribalism God created the different tribes and i think he has the best reason as to why as much as we always preach no to ethnicity only the mouth speaks hearts while the is so cold in making a change

  17. Let me juxtapose factual reality’ your seemingly hazy grasp of the mwananchis mind regarding issues affecting their daily lives…cant uhuru for example decide to create hundreds of jobs at the lake region by putting up a water hyacinth (thats choking the lake ) processing plant and in so doing create wealth for the poor KENYAN citizens there…did u know hyacinth can make paper ,biogas ,animal feed , furniture ,fertilizer..etc..but proff you and i know the mono tribe bunch of advisers cannot think beyond kiambu…imagine Uhuru deciding to enhance the fish processing industry in the lake region…imagine Uhuru declaring unwaveringly that migingo is in Kenya and uganda should keep off ..imagine Uhuru wrriting off sugarcane farmers debts and providing govt subsidised fertilizers to the wananchi in western…imagine uhuru telling Rao today am spending at your home in Bondo…can you picture the Kenyan solidarity and nationalism he would kick spark….BUT noooo 3/4 of top govt officials come from central …they thinnk reason plan organize and decide in mother tongue …unfortunately that disease has caught up with the prof ,its akin to mad cow treatment available..

  18. As from the notes I understand the President has just behaved like any person not like someone in state house, he has no quality of the person in a country ‘s state house.

  19. wainaina i expect u to b neutral as me,by saying that ….Kenyans needs credible, transparent, election ….n whoever win will b in state house period …all that story is not necessary

  20. he’doctor,gd evening,have seen something here,u mention about rao,why not uhuru,u’ve the PhD,but this PhD can’t help u anything,there so many people there who were viewing the presidatial seat,why a you! when u wakeup morning’raila,when u pregnant ua wife’raila,till when,we know,the kikuyus will never support another tribes,there so,selfish,now we’ve wake up,& we will show u that we are Kenyans,but not,tribalism.

  21. I think the word tribe shud be removed from Kenyans dictionary. The more it is mentioned, the more pple associate with it in one way or another.
    Our diversity is our heritage and nobody shud try to demonize because that is one thing that can not be changed. I happen by chance to be born to my parents whom comes from a certain ethnic back ground.It is in human nature to do what is opposite, in that realization, I think Kenyan shud be encouraged to be tribal; who knows, they might do opposite.

    • Kikuyus have demonized our diversity and it is true, the more we have them in presidency, the more we become divided…Kenyatta family has failed to unite us as Kenyan,,,they even sponsor musicians who make songs calling Raila ‘PhaRAO’…Uhuru even tell his supporters that other tribes will never be Presidents exept Kalenjins and Kikuyus….

    • Charlse Erickson.thea you are again. Kikuyu Kikuyu Kikuyu. Breath your air and forget about kikuyus. You shud have known by now that Kikuyu is not a tribe but an enterprise,all you need to do is to adapt. How can you convince those kikuyus that you mean well when all what you say is Kikuyu this Kikuyu that.

  22. Kikuyus are the same, whether they have PhD are not,,,they will never support another tribe,,,Kenyatta is a problem to himself, his father was rescued from the colonial chain but dumped his rescuer immediately…Kibaki did the same thing. Who can live peacefully with a neighbor with search vices…maybe the EMBU and Meru because they lack ambitions,,,the Kenyatta family has divided this country for their gain. Imagine of Kenyatta discussing a billion contract with his sister on KPLC poles and later going to Ukambani to buy a thirty bob sado from Mwende as a hand of help to her,,,honestly Mr. Phd….I feel pity to see anybody praising Kenyatta family

  23. Professor Wainaina, you can never win in a shouting match against RAO’s supporters. They are simply talented.

    If shouting, insults and bad language were votes, Raila Odinga would be Kenya’s life president.

  24. From what you’re saying, Raila should not talk of the ills your government is doing.. Holding a PhD is nothing, first go to the school of life, you will know what we citizens face.. Otherwise this is a bunch of “Englified” tribal hypocrisy .. Don’t think hatujui kizungu

  25. Come on proff or whoever u call uaself…am frm mt.kenya region,Uhuruto thought election basket,but me and a great number frm these sides are doin it differently this time round,so put aside the narrative of ethinicity and tribalism,kenyans are thirsty and yearning for good governance….Uhuru has been tested,his govt is stinking and sinking low day in day out…Rao has never had that chance to prove wat u tryin to preach to us leave alone the nusu mkate govt that he got promised but never given the space to prove his worth….Change is comin…u like it or not,and Rao is taking over soon…we av nothin to loose,your narrative betrays u…continue worshippin your demigod…the thief…we are for the Anarchist…period.

    • Give me a worthy figure who can pin down Raila in his so called party?…who doesnt know the men in black were jubilees puppets…where is Ababu Namwamba?..Raila will clinch the presidency whichever way….no american citizen would imagine that one time they would be ruled by a black…but martin luthers dream came to pass with an Obama presidency….Kyuks cant rule kenya forever…3 in a row sunken…Kibaki atleast.

    • Killim are you really from mt. Kenya? Am humbled if really you are. Please lets root for raila the individual and not raila the luo. He is the only hope kenyans have among the crop of politicians we have here. I can only hope thisis true

    • Am frm Meru county #Daniels…in my constituency we are represented in the natiinal assembly by a mhindi #Rahim Dawood,so the matter of this is frm my tribe is a bygone thing where i come from….Raila will garner atleast 40% of the Meru vote this time round…u can take this to the bank.

    • A revolution driven by who in the sense that all of us belong to a certain tribe, u know the word tribe has become so hard to define in our politics, anyway what’s is the way forward prof I’m very confused

    • Professor you demonize the two respected leaders with fanatic following and you refrain from discussing possible replacement for the duo. Even Mr Peter Kenneth, the self proclaimed Mr good Manager has seen light and drop his presidential aspiration for the time being because he has been dwarfed so badly by the duo.
      You have left no doubts in the minds Kenyans the two leaders are not fit to lead but have not at all a super leader of you choice who has compelling leadership qualities to take Kenyans to Canaan. Are you a sadist ?

    • These guys are unbeatable unless they voluntarily withdraw their candidature or support another candidate, the die is cast and one of them will clinch the presidency. Professor, even the other presidential contenders in NASA does not have the clout enjoyed by the president and the opposition chief in addition this, these contenders also have transparency and accountability issues and this does not end there. The credibility is now a source of concern amongst the Kenyan populace. The two personalities are the only choice we have professor. We better choose our best from the two gentlemen

  26. ,,take ur shit to your TRIBE,,,you want us to believe that RAILA is responsible for the current problems that we are facing in the country???? dont make a MAKANGA to think that holding a PHD is just like watching a movie

  27. A good number of ‘them’,tribalism is deeply rooted in their DNA.Often do they try to potray themselves as impartial in their articles.But,you don’t need to be a genius to see how their hate towards this One man takes Over.They lose it.And ruin an article that would have been otherwise a great recipe for opinion shaping

  28. It all depends on your Surname, Wainaina. Even your knowledge does not exonerate you from being a tribal machine.
    Everybody who reads this silently can tell your preferred candidate.
    Let’s hope the change in 8-4-4 might bring a better free minded intelligentsia. Hehehe

  29. Those who are aware of global politics and the fight for global dominance fuelled by the wealthy know that Kenyan leaders find themselves embroiled in this global war in which they are trying very hard to make their personal contributions felt. They hate being used as pawns. The Reds want to renew rivalry with the West. The West is at crossroads. UK is insisting on Brexit which threatens to divide Europe. Trump is a loose cannon. Many think Russia has control over Trump. Trump is happy that EU is shaking at the realms. Our consolation is that Trump is annoying China. Then also there is dirty money. Godfathers may want to establish gateways. Never take these things lightly. There is more than meets the eye.

  30. You are the goof, stupid mongrel, who gave you the degree you are bragging of , your PhD and analitical statement contradicts your IQ during these moments of sorrow ,, the country is mouening , that your ally’s promises have become history and are the reverse of current actions,, even biblically we are told we should vote ,we can do it thru having votes,, be a remnant of Jesus not an ally of God

  31. Vie for presidency and present to us a model of what you would want to see. If you can’t, then stop complaining. Just sit and enjoy the show. Like rest of us. By the it isn’t that we dont see what you say, we just dont have options.

  32. I hope that day will come when we’re all going to have our eyes open to see beyond the veil of “tribal leadership” and vote for nothing but our country, Kenya. Prof. I can assure you that there is a whole lot of us who are sick and tired of these theatrics by our ‘misLEADERS’,and we are silently rallying behind your views yet we know that we need to rise up and do something about this whole mess, and only then are we going to have the Kenya we want… We are the change we seek!

  33. unbalanced article the headline suggests something different from the content.. it is lopsided much focused on the anarchist than the thief …or was it a tactic to draw people to it only deviate …there could be some truths and half truths but its malicious in some kind as some biasness could be detected your inordinate focus on the thief over the anarchist

  34. I think you are not helping Kenyans. You must be self exiled somewhere and your writings are just becoming irrelevant. This rhetoric is not helping at all just wasting your time. If you were a professor in one of our Kenyan public universities then that would be relevant but talking in diaspora you have no value to Kenya. Stop your cowardice, you have no experience of Kenya. Feed your stomach silently!

    • I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. You are not a bad person neither do I but just to ask you to try approach a reconciliatory writing given the political temperature of our beloved country. You some of this will only add salt to injury. I understand you have an academic obligation but still you could do it within the framework of creating a united Kenya. I would be happy someday if your article is something that people can refer to to broker peace. Thanks, this is purely out of love.

  35. My two-bit feeling is, after 2017 Raila will be too old to stand for election and Uhuru will be barred from contesting by the constitution. We should change the Kenyan political narrative before Rosemary and Jomo start become our lords for another 50 years. Every one of the students of Jomo,Odinga,Moi and Kibaki should be very far from Kenyan leadership for real freedom.

    • It is a huge task to ask people who are under the spell of a single tribal political narrative to read the article without applying a tribal view. So I am grateful when a few of us can. Until we get a new non-ethnic political narrative, there is only one way for most of us to view the world. Tribal.

  36. You should have told us the origin of this tribal arithmetic. It is our founding fathers who put tribe above nation and everything else. Just compare us with our neighbours. TZ, with over 200tribes is not tribal, reason? Their founding fathers taught them nationhood

  37. Prof wainaina your analysis is OK but your name betrays your leaning. If u are a true patriot u will call a spade a spade and tell Kenyans that last 2 elections were rigged in favour of your tribesmen. Period.

    • You have noted that prof answers back if the questions or comments are intelligent… Wonder why he ignored yours? So we should think the same way and because of your name we deport you to Saudi Arabia?

    • Proff cant tell the truth about the last two elections lest he is served the same plate that SK was served with. Cursed because of telling the truth!! You kikuyu are a real joke and your long awaited downfall is nigh. Ngoja tu

    • Ody let me tell you kenya is one but politicians divide us to benefit them not us…. Believe me in kenya we have only two tribes poor and rich not 44 as they say…..Uhuru and Raila are great friend and no doubt about is …i came from central but i slept without food sometimes and uhuru is a kikuyu so me i believe whether Raila or uhuru win i will gain nothing …. That if i see omondi , mwanzia , ombai , wanjiku,Gacheri , e.t.c i seen them as my brothers and sisters…… kenya is big than an individual …i lost relatives in 2007 and it has been my prayer these will never happen again ….let embrace to fight against tribalism…..

  38. This wainaina as i said earlier is a mind reader and thankfully many have realised your tribal inclination. whoever has borne the brant of u r insults in this “article” is raila. u kind of start by giving someone excess sugar n b4 sugar is over u feed very bitter poison then u conclude with sugary pudding. wacha upumbavu coz we’ve seen u r one sided (tribal) narrative. lemi conclude like earlier on that u r only fit for COMPOST. bure kabisa.

  39. All this time you’ve always criticized these leaders and pointing the wrong things they’ve been doing to kenyans. My question is, is there anything good that you can also say about them.

    • I am not a soothsayer. I am a truth sayer. It is not their “good” things that will bring down this country, if they have any. Any it their siasa ya ukabila, kora na upuzi. That is why I have made it my mission to expose this in them. They can talk about their good things.

  40. Prof you have a good information but we can’t agree with you when you are taking 3 paragraphs calling Raila all sorts of name. If you don’t like him we do and stop provoking us, we love him nothing more so please address issues sobberly here or is your page for jubilee cz you are more of tribal.

  41. We will have a better kenya when we Kenyans start to think and act beyond tribal lines. When we change our attitudes. When we practice true love if u know what i mean bt before that we need prayers lots of it.

  42. Prof your article is good but the ending is always an anti-climax. We are less than 6 months to the election. How is this new dispensation going to come up? If you had suggested an individual or a party to consider, we would be less confused. My choice is not Uhuru Kenyatta and neither is it Raila Odinga….that leaves me with a third option at this point in time: SLEEP!!

  43. To day u failed me by exposing u inner agenda of tribalism by intellectual coil around,in short u mean its better u thief brother than a anarchy a raila,one thing I know he has never become a president so I can’t judge him,the previous election were stolen, he his not clean but we don’t have those alternative u talk about,raila is not my tribe but for know he his only hope I’m left.we have tried uhuru but is total failure.

  44. this guy is just confused all your words are on raila this raila tht…hadi mwisho it so clear hakuna kitu umeandika hapa you are busy protecting the real thieves afadhali nipigie raila thn going another 5 more years with scandles and theft na president who admits publicly hajui afanye nini nani anaogopa…ad go with raila atlist he makes thm work bure we would wake up to a broke nation if t were nt for him so am raila nangoja tu date ya kuvote nilishadecide kitambo sana am sick of ths government

  45. Exactly what i have always thought but lacked the words and phrases to express. Thanks proff. Great work. I hope everyone in this country can lead this and understand what kind of hole we have been put in by kenyatta and odinga dynasties.

  46. For a PHD holder, he had a lot to write on the “anarchist” than the “thief” or is it that material lacked to balance out the article? At the beginning, he draws you in with this aura of “neutrality” only to give you what you expect…a composition on RAIRA. Or has he chosen his lesser evil? Or it about that his surname doesn’t allow him to delve into matters thievery?

  47. Life must continue,during referendums campaigns we didn’t read the constitution our tribal kings did it for us,Why?Hypocrites, opportunistic and power hungry leaders get chance to exploits wanjikus ignorance. Wenyeinchi just rubber stamps it. ,Yes won and No lose.What else do you expects from Wanjiku now.Nothing,she’s going to follow the same same path and whatever will be will be.

  48. Prof. Please why are you so inclined on charactor defarmation? Are you becoming Duale who faults his faulters in order to convince the masses that the opposers are more worse than the thieving government! You cant succeed in blackmailing! Just come out clearly and anounce your stand because nobody will hang you! You are part of the mixup because its clear in public domain that whether you are Prof. Dr. Bishop or Cardinal especially in Central nobody is allowed to go against their tribe come rain come sunshine! So stop blackmailing us! What are you taking us for! The thieving and tribal segregation being perpetuated by Jubelee administration are real issues that can be felt by even the most naive individual! The billions of taxpayers money taxed from more than 45 tribes used to pay off loans for a single specific tribe is okay to you because you come from that tribe! Dont use language theatrics to bring diversionary sentiments from the real issues affecting majority of Kenyans! You learned felas are the ones igniting tribal fiasco! You are a big letdown to this nation! Stop stooping too low Prof. You were quit relevant and accepted and celebrated across the political divide until you succumped to tribal pressure and drive! Please redeem your position its not yet late or rather make your stand clear instead of hiding behind language theatrics! Sorry bcoz we are so clever for that!

  49. You cannot describe a politician using another polititian’s description. Aren’t you aware of the propaganda and greediness of the politicians? Tell me any proof to certify your claims that Raila is an anarchist? We can only deduce the attributes of the politicians by looking at what they have done and delivered. Your post is just malicious and biased against one party.

  50. Just because Uhuru called Raila an anarchist so he’s an anarchist. Oh my! Are you even a professor?On one side you castigate the politicians and on the other side you take what they say as the gospel truth. Where is your stand?

  51. Prof. I salute you… But I believe you know, as well as we all do, that sometimes silence is great eloquence and that I you speak much, chances of erring also increase thus breeding contempt

  52. excellent article prof those who are against it shows automatically dat they have been brainwashed by their tribal king to an extent dat they can make their own sound and independent judgment.

  53. Someone should take a bill to parliament seeking to disolve all tribes in kenya and to have only one tribe known as kenya. What good does being a member of a tribe afford anyone? And dont tell me about that tribal identity crap… There are nations in this world where there are no tribes and their citizens still have identity. Is being a member of a tribe worth all the hatred it attracts?

  54. Morning prof.

    This article has deep analysis on the characters and treads going on in this political game of numbers. As usual, the populace is made to believe that all other disasters like hunger, doctors strike, dons strikes etc are secondary. The issues affecting the lives of ordinally kenyans have being relegated to as secondary needs. The primary needs are many but only one! Chukua Kura! This madness is will continue until such a time when all will realize that we have 43 tribes in Kenya but the 44th is the greatest and the most oppressed. Its the 44th tribe that all politicians rely on to get their votes and “tyrany of numbers”. The POOR and oppressed, code-name “WANJIKU” is the 44th tribe. This tribe cuts across all 43 tribes. The bigger the 43rd tribe, the happier the politicians. This is not tyrany of numbers, rather its now FILTH OF NUMBERS. Soooo bad!!!!

  55. If you still dig deeper Raila has nothing to offer. His anti corruption campaigns are attacks to deflect attention on his inadequacies. He runs an autocratic super corrupt and violent machinery that gravitates towards cult worship of himself. The former KANU sec gen is a fraudster extra ordinare

  56. Wainaina mentions all the sins and scandals of Raila, including being Secretary General of Kanu. When he turns to Uhuru, he instead talks about how Raila stole his own elections – Uhuru’s faults are Raila, again.

    It is a poorly veiled rant against Raila. Really, it must pain these “thamaki” minds that Raila is the phoenix that rises from their fire, ashes and tears.

  57. True to the point. My big worry is, why are citizens not voluntarily willing to register as voters? Why is there such a spirited campaigns for voter mobilization instead of selling their ‘viable’ policies?

  58. its only for the very least who can understands true real points u’ve driven home about this 2guys sons of the so called liberators of iur country only to become the second oppressors and defylors and worst oppressor frm the colonial rules,kenya need true revolutionalist frm all tribes to come up against this usesless goons ans chase them away the way for the better of all kenyans regardless of our ethnicity!

    • My dear, this is a good analysis. But I feel that this is kinda brainwash, he has focused mainly on the negatives because he knows too well that if the other side is unearthed the underachiever will be very conspicuous. Is it fair to compare a sitting president who has alot to his disposal to an opposition leader who is not even in the government? Why not compare their achievements in their capacities? My opinion is that he is trying to pull both in a mud sling so that we may see both as incapable.

  59. Well this is a good analysis, but my question is how do you pass the same judgement for a married man and an unmarried man? We are talking presidency here, Uhuru is in it, at the helm and has all to his disposal which ability to call shots. Raila on the other hand is not even in the government, and if my memory serves me right this man opposed some of Kibaki’s decisions when they were in the same government. He is not as clean and clear but is it fair to judge a sitting president at the same scale with an opposition leader who is not even in parliament. My opinion is that you are pulling both in a mud tussle so that people may see both as dirty. Why not put Uhuru’s achievements against his capacity as compared to Raila’s achievements against his capacity?

  60. This article is devoid of any productive political thesis and practise… it is not informative either.The “thief” and the “anarchist” theme are mere political rhetoric and devoid of ideology.The conclusion is myopic..where is this article leading us??surely one can not claim to stand on any moral high ground when he despises the senior most politician as well the POTROK(President of the Republic of Kenya).Political rhetoric must be separated from the ideals and policies that political parties and governments stand for.There is no middle ground either….Voter registration my be ethnically motivated but a government that delivers is good for all Kenyans whether the POTROK is from your village.

    • This is a warped argument. Let the politicians divided the country for registration and voting purposes and then deliver to everyone!! Well they have been doing that for the last 54 years and they have not delivered to everyone. Madness is doing the same thing for 54 years and expecting different results.

    • Kenya is a democracy.. with regular elections at least every five years..the divisions are superficial by the way and the hatred shallow!! Look me in the eye…where in govt.offices have you found a Kikuyu deny a luo a service?at the work place in public service it is team work…team Kenya..I believe in our resilience as citizens. Let the politicians do their thing…after August 2017.normal Kenya.At times even politicians wonder how we survive their hate!!!

  61. Sorry professor,I have come again.’Hakuna mteremko’ (it is not easy) In school,we were taught that that which is said much is the topic of a composition.You have mentioned Raila by name like 23 times,but you have mentioned Uhuru like 13 times-you simple brought Uhuru to make a ‘polite’ post! You have said that the sins of Jubilee relevates Raila,otherwise Raila would be history. You behave as if you have only met with Raila in the era of Jubilee govt! That can only mean that when Jubilee was not there with it’s sins,Raila was history! You claim that both are sensitising their stroghold to vote for tribal warlordship.This is true for Uhuru but may not be true for Raila.Your mouths claimed that Raila lost in the past election because his pple did not have votes,that which you fished out as his failure.What is wrong if Raila implemented your thoughts and corrected the fault? Do you blame Raila for heeding to your correction for him? After outlining how Uhuru presents Raila,you say,’ Raila ‘WHO’ runs around with some of the most corrupt,unscrupulous and alleged druglord governors’ In case of Uhuru,you say,’ Uhuru MAYBE running with thieves and MAYBE the patron of graft cartels’ This shows that you defend Uhuru against the allegations of Raila,but acquint Raila the allegations of Uhuru! You have also said,’if tyranny of numbers is good for him (Raila),then it is good for Jubilee’ Here you have mixed issues terribly: Your arguement about the voter registration and the determination of the victor by tyranny of numbers is wrong and ill concieved,but if Raila,who denied it’s favour to Jubilee would approve it for himself,which will also mean it was good for Jubilee,then you can change your stand and approve it! Are you not defending the then Jubilee tyranny of numbers? Are you depending on Raila for direction on tyranny of numbers? So you are ready to correct what you have said against tyranny of numbers if Raila admits it was good for Jubilee? I thought if tyranny of numbers is bad,then it is bad for all,it can’t be goot for anybody with any reason. Do you know the originater of tribalism? Can a doctor cure a disease it’s cause not known? If all pple heed you and vote neithor Uhuru nor Raila, the only expected contesters and the ones you claim are for status quo,don’t you think Kenyans would have done a stupid thing? You say when the tribal narrative would die is the time of your desire,what brought this narrative? Elsewhere,you have claimed a revolution is coming-with who and how? Prof,you usually come here with ropes threatening to hang yourself especially after getting wind from Ng’unyi that tyranny of numbers is dead for Jubilee! Somebody also said that he will organise some youths and put on short trousers as a disgrace if Raila beat them,don’t you think the defeat is something that can be sensed? Dispute mine comments and replies with points.In court,for instance,stating that somebody is bad,tribal,psychophant is nothing unless you give evidence.In the Hague,Uhuru accussed Raila as responsible for the post election violence,but admitted having no evidence-the issue or allegation nullified and the ill feeling sensed.

    • Another one told you that you took like two paragraphs calling Raila names! Correction: i counted the number of times both Raila and Uhuru are mentioned by name! It appears that if you hear or see the name Raila,then the degree of madness in you projects!

    • In school,for instance,a teacher finds out what a pupil or a student has dwelt much on to give a tittle to a composition if it hadn’t any.A teacher also do the same to see whether a writer has deviated from the topic.You can only refute this if your phD is a bogus one

  62. Nb. During Grand coalition govt Raila had the tyranny of numbers in parliament but we have never seen this dictatorship in parliament as it has severaly happened under jubilee in december 2014 on security laws ammendments and in december 2016 on election laws ammendments to allow manual idendification of voters and results transmission in order to give room for ghost voters to vote coz biometric means cannot be confused and same way to allow ghost votes to be transmitted. Jubilees tyranny of numbers has never been sincere at all and throughout. We are enlighted and carefully watching every step.

  63. Raila has never been a prezo to see him as an oppressor! Talk of the Kenyatta’s, Moi n kibaki. problem kenya faces is from those guys who have led kenya. Visit Nyere’s words of wisdom! Kenya is a man eat man society! we av witnessed assassinations, detention, molestation n others in the hands of poor governance

  64. Professor such a narrow, archaic, ethnocentric ideology will lead u develop mental cancer, why do u feel so offended just because jubilee (the forces of impunity are headed for a big defeat) what’s the importance of UA skewed education when it cannot change u to reason with fairness and just, u normally use UA articles to vilify raila every Now and then and glorify corrupt jubilee administration who returned our nation to the dark period of prejudice and hate just because UA kinsmen are at the steering wheel. Kenyans are not fool’s to fall for your cheap tribal rhetoric’s. We have decided its NASA 4ever

  65. This guy is ignoring some facts. No man is perfect yes that point is driven home but who is better among the two demons as you’ve deemed them? A common thief stealing day n night with proof all over or a unique anarchist with doctored proof? What are their positive sides? Have they achieved anything for Kenyans? I wish you could posses a little wisdom n advice people the right way than discouraging them when you and I knows so well that there’s no real replacement for the two unless they’re the ones who calls the shots. They have their people n they’re loved passionately so this your article is as good as nothing. Reason out well like the professor you call yourself n please tell us who is better than them to replace them or is it you? Hahaha wisdom wisdom wisdom! May God save His people through His wisdom

  66. There is no Education in Kenya,Academics dwarfs call themselves proffesers …in kenya we only reward mediocrity and mainstreams..people that cannot address matters under their own aurhority because for instance what is this one telling us,simply nothing.

  67. I will vote for raila. All those freedom you enjoy now expressing your tribal mind freely thinking that because you call yourself a professor we may follow blindly were fought for and some were even jailed on that process.

  68. Its a pity that as we can see we are already divided even by reading this comments. What prof have outlined is the whole truth. Kenyan’s are looking for the lesser evil then affiliate him with his tribe. Thus exposing this country to much more poverty and division.

  69. Where will we get a candidate who doesn’t come from the 43 communities. Whe just have to wait for the river to take its course and retire the Odingas and the Kenyattas

  70. Prof Wanaina should just stick to academic theories..he has an obsession of always trying to sneak in Railas name while pointing out Jubilees failures…his posts look more like propaganda for a system gone bad trying to save face by creating a narrative that we have options for leadership in this country…thats an academic fallacy..

    • My good professor anarchy as we know it is a result of protracted injustices against the masses over time that reaches a point of no tolerance when governments fail to honour their pledges to the masses and trample upon the rights of the people. The end result is ANARCHY. If Jubilee had delivered on their election pledges and unga would be going for 60 shilings instead of 130 no amount of incitement from Raila or whoever will be taken seriously. For now what we have for a government is a clique of self serving wheeler dealers hellbent on neagating all the gains that we have achieved thus far. Call a spade a spade join the rest of us and have them voted out instead creating a loose -loose scenario by branding the very people who have made sure that you are enjoying basic freedoms(Like calling then Anarchists here!) I believe like all other societies that we have made gains that we can bulid upon, you perennial call for a NEW society to stand up a SAVE Kenya is to say the least theoritical at this point.

    • Paul Amwayi I stand by my “theoretical” call for a new society. I will never join you call to replace thieves and tribalists in Jubilee with thieves and tribalist in CORD just because the thieves belong to your tribe. A new non-ethnic political narrative is my final answer.

    • i have mentioned here before that i am a Kenyan who does not subscribe to tribal affiliation, if you cant join forces with like minded Kenyans to remove this regime then your quest for a NEW society is an excercise in futility it will only be achieved here in your articles. As they say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. And to chuck out this regime should be that first step Prof.

  71. Prof., Even in the US election 2016, it was said the two top candidates WALIKUWA NA DOSARI. We should accept, Uhuru and Raila are the FRONTRUNNERS, but Raila should be in the ballot with Full Opposition support otherwise, Uhuru will beat him. The other presidential contenders should now give the RAILA TOSHA signal to their troops, otherwise they should just join Uhuru now and shelve their ambitions forever because DP Ruto will NEVER GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO DISLODGE HIM.

  72. The problem with Kenyans is that they love and like lies at the expense of truth, from pastors and conmen to politicians. They admire quick riches while hating hard work. Tell a Kenyan that speed, smoking, excessive drinking kills and you will be told off to your face, they congregate where miracle babies, blessings are promised. They want to make a quick buck without breaking any sweat, from Deci to quail farming. There’s a saying where I come from which says ‘ they will only hear the dogs that will maul them’.

  73. Quite myopic perspective laced with tribal vitriol. A classical case of judging the actions (already done by a person) against perceptions ( in the mind of targeted simplistic minds). Actually, tribalism is a political fallacy, non existent save in the minds of simple minds. Our greatest enemies are perpetrators of inequalities and inequity. Those who pride in making themselves a fortune at the expense of the masses. The greatest enemy in our midst are those who set ground for corruption then sit back claiming the constitution can not adequately address the menace yet he controls the “tyranny of numbers” in the law-making arm of the government. For how long will we enjoy the fruits of our simple minds? For how long will we be fodder for capitalists? With family wealth standing at 3trillion with no track record of professional practice in the rank & file of the family since independence (save for the clueless AG), what evidence are we still waiting for to change the mental bondage we are in. In deed, I cry for my beloved country, the inheritor of our stupidity. Demonizing the opposition chief does not pacify the incumbent. He had a chance to save the lives of Kenyans but spent much of the time as a tourist in other countries, not putting in mind the plight of the poor Kenyans who voted him in. Alternative? Whatever is strong enough to offset the status quo will surely be a welcome relief for the nation of Kenyan and a strong message to the leaders who elected in office and choose to take a holiday in Dubai till the next election. May these changes be effected from the national level to the grass roots. Let us hold accountable those elected in office against their actions and promises. We must stop these leaders for taking us for granted for so long.

  74. I have said again and again you need to dig deep on the history to enable you politic and have some intelligence liquidity to smoothly flow and scrutinize every political act and sounds beyond our biased judgement to understand great writing as this… Well narrated I concur with you prof I have tried to draw a line between the two with hardship, but through this article the line can’t be parallel they meet somewhere…

    • What the Prof. says is factual, but it is only an analysis of obvious facts just like I would tell you: ” Vasco Da Gama was a Portuguese sailor who lived in the fifteenth century”. So how is this Prof helping ordinary Kenyans by bringing out lamentations about the ‘thief’ and the ‘anarchist’ ?
      I’m not a fun of soccer, but at least I know Arsenal and Manchester United in EPL are the most prominent opposite contenders in the minds of Kenyan Soccer fans, even when one’s darling team is Leicester. This is the way I see Kenya’s politics – you support either of the ‘thief’ or the ‘anarchist’ or keep of if you are the Prof. It is a heritage that defines our politics. Hopefully one day we shall have a strong democracy, despite the Prof.’s who will always try to bring negative energy about imaginary ‘third force’ with no tangible solution.

  75. As usual, u’v failed the test of nutrality. U had 2 patients at hand: THIEF & ARNACHIST. How did 80% of ua article end up forcusing on ua perceivd ARNACHIST? Which scandal raised by Raila has proovd to be false, including recent ones on voter registration? NOTE that ua persistent tribal efforts to demonise Raila wont achieve anything. Remove the tribal log in ua eyes b4 pointing fingers at others. I doubt ua PhD

  76. When a person of your calibre writes to tell us that he Raila has nothing to present to Kenyans, then I strongly doubt your PhD. How first do you forget that of all other things Raila offered himself to plant trees in the Mau while others couldn’t dare do it for the sake of their votes. It beats the logic. So u want us all to believe what you have made your grandchildren to believe. Style up your talk bwana professor. Raila has done a lot for this country and I believe if you had done your research well, you could write volumes about the guy en not in those perspective. All in all your name betrays you. It’s a pity you too share the thoughts of a standard six dropout.

  77. Naturally I wouldn’t like to engage in this academic lie….the kenyattas are the architects of all human and environmental pains in Kenya today. Oginga Odinga made the first grave human error imaginable in the history of this country. ….relinguishing leadership role to one Jomo. Raila, with his human shortcomings speaks for the citizen, Uhuru for the Kenyatta family. That’s the bitter truth.

  78. great message professor, but we’re are a country where you can’t convince a monkey that honey is sweet that banana.
    tribalism and ethnicity are the key drivers,
    central believes that raila is an enemy of the people while western believes that kikuyu(uhuru and his team) are rooters in all dimensions, elections, lands and country funds.
    it’s well demonstrated above with comments.