Buyer’s remorse: Mr. Kiraitu, you and the TNA/URP tribal kingpins made your Jubilee bed, you must now lie on it.

When it was reported that Kiraitu Murungi had said that the folding of TNA and URP and other nondescript parties to form Jubilee was ill-advised, untimely and had flopped, I recalled writing two articles on the issue. I published the first article on 26th June 2016 and warned that the then proposed merger was hogwash, mere tribal gymnastics. Allow me to quote myself:

“The proponents of the jubilee merger have been lecturing Kenyans about national unity. They claim that theirs is a “patriotic” move to “bring Kenyans together”. Politicians especially of Kenyan extraction can say anything. This is the newest “anything” in town which makes sense to no one except the jubilee mandarins and daydreamers. They are yet to explain to Kenyans how merging tribal entities like TNA and URP is supposed to bring about national unity and cohesion! It is akin to saying that if you have a small heap of garbage and you merge it with another small heap of garbage, you get a big heap of worthy garbage! But jubilee is so desperate to drop the tribal millstone hanging around its neck that they are willing to believe their own hype.”

When they met in Kasarani to solidify the merger with hired fake delegates, I  spoke very strongly against the circus in an article titled,  “For 9K, you can be a Jubilee Party hero, they can manufacture history & remind you “…sisi ni serikali buana”.

Now, the architect of the Jubilee merger, the guy who folded his mbus has spoken. And he is full of regrets. It is called buyer’s remorse. He has come to the realization that the Jubilee merger was a mistake, a big mistake. It was also ill-advised.  He is not telling us anything we did not know or anything we did not tell them. It is said, a wise man benefits more from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

I was very categorical about the merger. Some people even thought I was too strong in my language. I said that TNA and URP tribal kingpins were trying to manufacture history. Allow me to quote myself. This is an excerpt from the article I published on 12th September 2016:

“Such is the might of “serikali”. It manufactures history. You will remember the DP warning ODM and CORD that they are government “na tume jipanga“. This is the malady of a regime that has forgotten that the people are the government and that they govern courtesy of the people. They are nostalgic about the KANU of their heydays that imagined that it could manufacture history. Jubilee is recreating the KANU madness and it will fall. It was trying to manufacture history in Kasarani, the same “kisirani” place where Moi tried to manufacture history with disastrous results to KANU.

The manufactured history follows an official line that Jubilee is changing the political landscape by uniting Kenyans. That it is creating a new culture of organizations with institutionalized democratic processes. That it has distinct ideological positions, and that the merger is an “earth shaking” political machine that will carry along all Kenyans into the land of prosperity. Crap! What anyone in jubilee is yet to explain to me is how merging two tribal political parties, TNA and URP, and buying out some nondescript briefcase parties is supposed to unite Kenyans.

When the real history is written, it will record that two tribal overlords, desirous of perpetuating themselves in power until 2032 collapsed their distinct tribal parties into one big tribal party, with ten or so other briefcase parties as flower girls. To further consolidate power, the governance machinery of the new tribal party was handpicked by the tribal overlords, with sensitivity to the ethnic power balance between the two dominant parties not to upset the tribal elite who had collapsed into one party. Fact!

Ultimately, the circus of the merger will unravel because of the real history. They will have to manufacture new history to tell us why it will have fallen apart. But fall it will. Not because I am a seer, but because history has taught us that nothing founded on manipulation of the people, corruption of money and a dearth of ideas can survive the test of time. I am sure you have continuously heard of the phrase, “History will judge them harshly…”. Nowhere is this truer than the fate that awaits the product of the Jubilee madness displayed in Nairobi over the three days”.

So Mr. Kiraitu, you are not telling us anything we did not see as we watched you dance on the grave of your dead mbus baby at the birth of the political bastard called Jubilee Party which you helped midwife. We warned you but you did not listen.

I have some advice for you Mr. Kiraitu, you and the TNA/URP tribal kingpins made your Jubilee bed, you must now lie on it.

I opposed the Jubilee merger as a matter principal for reasons explained in the two articles. It turns out that it was also bad political strategy. Kiraitu and Co. would never let us sleep with talk of unity and how Jubilee was the be-all-and-end-all of ethnicity and divisions in Kenya. They were delusional. But like a break-less train hurtling down-hill towards its catastrophic end, Jubilee loves the sound of its own voice and listens to no one apart from itself. They are blind and deaf. They truly reflect the old adage that for whom the gods will destroy, they first make them mad. I have said in numerous articles that despite their bravado, Jubilee is clueless, tribal and the greatest disaster occasioned on the desire for transformation and prosperity post-2010 Constitution. What has befallen them was foreseeable and avoidable. But like my people say gikuu kia nugu kianakinya, miti yoothe ni itenderaga ( Loosely translated, when it is time for the monkey to die, all the trees become slippery). The death of the Jubilee monkey is nigh.

I have one more piece of advice to Mr. Kiraitu Murungi, and those who are shocked at the death-dance of the monkey – “Na bado. You ain’t seen nothing yet”. You need to tell the Statehouse tribal kingpins that you work for to go slow. Kenyans are not as stupid as those KANU surrogates imagine we are. They should have been able to learn something from the reaction of Kenyans towards the recently concluded mass voter registration exercise. If they are still in denial, kindly remind them of my warning to them in the same article where I warned them that the merger will fail. Again allow me to quote myself:

“The people of Kenya in 2017 are not the people of Kenya in the 90s. The demographics have shifted and the beneficiaries of NARC’s free primary education in January of 2003 will be voting in 2017. Unlike then, the people now know that they can bring down a government. Theirs was an act of faith in 2002, they had never seen a government fall. Now it is an act of procedure. They not only have a defeatable regime, they have significant experience in defeating regimes and regimes’ agenda. They know that the money they are being bought with is their money, and that those buying them are giving them just a small fraction of what has been looted. When they came to Kasarani, they did not come in search of heroism, they came for the piece of the pie, to partake of the crumbs offered to them by “serikali“. Easy money. It was déjà vu, “kula kwa KANU” all over again. In 2017, the people will “kula kwa Jubilee” and give their “kura” to a new leadership, a new dispensation.”

Kiraitu’s explanation of what went wrong is worth mentioning. He claims that the idea was noble and that the Jubilee tribal kingpins were “very progressive” in thinking about a monolith called Jubilee. He further goes on to insinuate that we,  the people of Kenya, were not ready for the “highly sophisticated thinking” of his bosses in Jubilee. Rubbish!!

Something very tragic happens to people and their capacity to think when they get to power. This is the Kiraitu of the “young turks” fame of the 90’s who gave Moi sleepless nights. How he can argue that the creation of a monolith tribal party to consolidate power for tribal kingpins is  “progressive thinking” defeats me.

I am not very patient with any argument that seems to insinuate that there is something wrong with the people of Kenya.  My response to Kiraitu is if you want to know who it is you work for in Jubilee, rewind back to 2002.  You had fought the KANU regime for more than a decade by then. Mr. Kiraitu, in 2002, who was the face of the KANU excesses, misrule and emptiness? Which side were you on, the side of KANU and its project or the side of the people?  I have news for you: nothing has changed about the KANU you fought against all those years. It clawed its way back to power in 2013 just as Moi had imagined in 2002. KANU never changed. The self-confessed YK92 hustler and the 2002-failed-Moi-project became the new face of KANU in 2013.  It is still the same tribal, corrupt and inept regime you fought.

Mr. Kiraitu, news flash! Someone has crossed over to the territory of the other, and it is not the KANUnnites.

Imagining they could manufacture history like their father Moi in Kasarani-Kisirani, the KANU surrogates talked you and other misguided and greedy politicians into killing your own parties for a delusional half-baked idea called Jubilee Party. After realizing how dumb the idea was, stop insulting the people of Kenya by telling them they are not ready for change. We are. But we also know that tribal gymnastics and mercenary mergers that seek to manufacture history KANU-style are NOT change.  It is you who is having buyers remorse. You and the TNA/URP tribal kingpins made your Jubilee bed, you must now lie on it.

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  1. Prof.Wainaina why are you telling the bitter truth.?!!Surely you have stepped on very many toes and worsened the wounds.Remember,the trouble in kenya is Kanu.This Kanu thing which as you put calls itself “Jubilee” is determined to perpertuate itself through “uthamaki”.

    • Intentions were good? If you believe in the people you expect to work with,you don’t coerce them into buying your idea. But if you have a sinister motive,you dictate the terms and give ultimatums as you leave strings hanging. That was the creation of jubilee, such that one doesn’t know which string will make the item stronger when pulled or the one which is likely to disintegrate it should it be pulled

  2. Political revolution is approaching,Kenyans cannot be taken round forever,this animal called KANU has really deep rooted itself so strongly,so many of its offsprings are all over. I pray for a One Kenya. However, I have to realize that the biggest problem is with majority of Kenyans who are so good,they never raise their fingers to criticize and condemn political thuggery in our country….

  3. A nice piece Prof. Kiraitu and other misguided greedy and broke old politicians in the names of Noah Wekesa et cetera have lately reduced themselves into political cons and sycophants inorder to maintain a lifestyle they enjoyed previously and which present circumstances cannot afford them and their families.

  4. I like this. Well researched and articulated. Kiraitu is a colourless politician whose best days are behind him. I now see Jubilee in a new light. Let’s have more analysis like these.

  5. Edith Wangari edith

    Prof Wainaina, I would like to congratulate you for this interactive forum and your continued ‘incisive’ discourses in the various programs in the local television(s). It is true that we need a different narrative from the one that gives the impression that we can not escape the ‘scourge of tribalism’. While it is true that ethnic identity is handed to us without choice, it sad to see that a certain class of people exploit us, the people of Kenya, by manipulating these statistical demographics. We need to refocus and re-introduce a positive narrative about other Kenyan communities which are not our own. The 8-4-4 system of education put our people in narrow cocoons of counties. An example is a student who is raised in Ruiru, goes to Mang’u High school and performs so well that he is admitted to JKUAT for further education. He performs well and gets an Engineering job in Thika , Kenya Motor Vehicle Assembly (KMVA)?
    Unless a national narrative is introduced at all levels of human development, where we speak good of other communities and avoid hurtful stereotypes and prejudices whose intention is to undermine other communities self-esteem for purposes of painting them bad and inciting people to discriminate and hate them. Let the older people remain relevant in education and leadership and community activities in order to teach the history of our wonderful Kenya in a systematic manner. I read somewhere that in South Africa, little children are told stories of the Drakensburg and Table Mountains and the Zulu (Chaka) people by old grand/mothers/fathers. This is grand. We need to propagate the pride of being Kenyan, East African and African. It appears foolhardy to atomize Kenya into factions of tribe and such like regional demarcations then ‘aggregate’ them and hoodwink them for personal gain. We must avoid deception and outright lies. Peace.

  6. Prof is not telling Kenyans the truth, Kenyans don’t be deceived ,where was this guy three years ago?why is he coming up the last minute? He is criticizing all the presidential candidates,who is he going to vote for?This guy is jst a conman politician trying to gain popularity then run for an office,if you are genuine kindly tell us where were you before, nd who should Kenyans elect because we can’t run a country without a president because you are simply telling us not to vote for any presidential candidate.

  7. Prof . Wainaina is hired to Shepherd the non ethnic narrative in Kenyan Politics which Jubilee has failed to implement in their five years administration ! Its evident that Prof Wainaina from his analysis and writing enjoys a warm relationship with JUBILEE . He usually gives Jubilee mild criticism ! Prof Wainaina is quick to point fingers on both side of the political divide so that it appears to the public eye that both sides are the same !! Look at the cabinet ? Parastetals heads ? Security Chiefs ? Diplomatic representatives ? Provincial administration ? Prof . Wainaina must tell Kenyans how Jubilee has performed in relation to other previous regimes . The Prof . is Cushioning Jubilee and trying to change the narrative theoretically !! If he has lived in Kenya he must genuinely tell us the ethnicity challenges we are facing . Philosophical theories from books can’t help us solve this bad governance we are experiencing . Prof wainaina must be told that NASA and JUBILEE are not the same ! Prof , Kenyans know who is who and what is happening and their expectation. Prof Wainaina your neutrality is in question !!! #CheckPoint #KTN

  8. I am afraid that I don’t subscribe to criticism without posing alternatives. Your posts are mere rhetoric without much objectivity. I’m waiting for the day you will analyse both sides and present your synthesis

    • I do not know what you mean by both sides. I do not recognize NASA and Jubilee as two different sides. They are the same political class mired in siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. If you are waiting for a critique of “both sides” from me, I can assure you it will be a loooooong fruitless wait.

    • It’s good you put “both sides” in quotes. Then maybe in your critique I would expect a demonstration of the fact that “both sides” is just an illusion, which I believe is the case depending on the point of view. From another point of view, majorly informed by subscription to tribal politics, they actually exist. Unfortunately the latter has the biggest subscribers. You will agree with me that we don’t have exclusively two options yet NASA and Jubilee are posed as the only options available

  9. Hahaha prof today is a NASA darlinf because he writes something against Jubilee but is very factual. I hope such sentiments will continue when he exposes the fraud that is ‘baba’ father of democracy!

  10. Prof is just cut from a different cloth.He gives honest and objective analysis and it is not his business to give solutions to anything.But since some of us are too doped with ethnic opium and mediocrity we tend to see everything from myopic prisms.Kudos Prof.

  11. Let me first appreciate your contribution on KTN.I liked your tangent on matters to do with Kenyan politics.My main concern or request to you is to try and think outside the box and provide a tangible elaborate way of reaching to the masses even as you continue blogging.Prof there is always room for development especially when new ideas are put together and I would wish to see you push your agenda beyond pen and paper.I think now I understand you.

  12. All these politicians came from kanu, … TNA,URP and others formed Jubilee, …wiper, odm, cord, amani , F-kenya formed NASA ….What’s your point vis a vis solution? …It’s not adding up. You can’t just criticize without directions, options, solutions or alternatives.

  13. True Prof,nothing has changed since independence, it slightly changed during “nusu mkate” that’s when the common man realised its strength in unity of purpose….

  14. you will dethrone the father of ‘tyranny of numbers’ very soon….about mushrooming kenyas political party,we stopped believing in them long time ago.they are different side of the same coin.they dont have meaningful agenda if at all and that explain why they keep folding them time after the other!

  15. I am not shocked, just surprised at the hypocrisy of kiraitu murungi. As if he never knew all along that he is adding to the tribal status quo by folding his meru outfit to join a similar outfit on a bigger scale. The thick skin and brainlessness of kenyan politicians is a true lesson in being a human chameleon.

  16. Its very unfortunate that political analyst have a tribal thinking. Its high time you guys start thinking outside tribal narrative. When an indian is elected as mp, does it mean we have more indians in that particular constituency? Its very illogical to say kenyans parties are tribal outfit knowing very well over 90% of 42 tribes will vote for jubilee or NASA. Does it mean a party with over 20 tribes is tribal party?

  17. Prof Wainaina, I don’t know whether I should commiserate with you or just brush the argument away? Anyhow, your logic is sound coming at the point of imminent loss. However, let me share with you my thinking. You seem to differ with the merging of Jubilee affiliated parties simply because they are headed by KANU surrogates, which doesn’t really bother me much. I don’t even want to question your political affiliation in similar way that a commentator has challenged you. But you have done us a great disservice by failing to tell us how we would fare in the absence of these faces occupying our political space. Which again is an impossibility. We know the would-be beneficiaries of this merger. And, I wish to speculate, that is what you abhor. I have a single challenge. That could you share with us how we can redeem our politics? Forget about the usual armchair prescriptions of “we need to stop ethnic-based voting” and please demonstrate how we could overhaul our rotten political arena. At the end of it we shall have something to celebrate. You talk about rapacity, vacuity and regression; but I don’t see your alternative to these hard images. Until we can see this, all will be abstract elements of denial. I rest my case and wish you a continued writing.

    • I agree with you Kennedy 100%,We need to start looking for alternative avenue that can deliver us from this ethinic and tribal trap we are in,Condemning without a solution is far fetched

    • Karega Njoroge That’s what I find unfair with this blogging. In the midst of all this contemplation, at least we need a deeper creation of how we can change our behaviour. I always believe that the problem is in our thinking; our ideas are warped and conditioned in a neo-darwinian structure. The scholars have failed us, including Prof Wainaina, who can’t seem to think beyond his elitist detestations.

  18. Prof i truly support you .This ironic thing of folding parties was the start of jubilee demise.Thats why Bomet county residents decided to take their way after Dp failed to listen to electorates .This time they will tell us tutajipanga not tumejipanga .Nasa wil reap heavily soon due to these dimbwit kiraitu utterance.

  19. Who does not belong to a tribe?
    Too much meaningless rhetoric .
    Get the country an expatriate or more so a martian leader so that he or she will not belong to any tribe in kenya.

  20. They were blinded by the so called tyranny of numbers, ,which in my view won’t work this time round,the dyna;mics have changed voter apathy is there, and so many other factors.but 8 august will determine who was right or wrong.

  21. You’ve written lengthily on Jubilee being a tribal, if you are an academic professor why don’t you tell us which party is not tribal? You are just making noise like a hen when it wants lay an egg. Kwani wewe umekuwa brainwashed huna kabila wala mila.

  22. I may not put it intellectually like the prof. But is there a solution to our Ethnic Based Politics? You are just an Intellectual Critic of Both NASA & Jubilee with no Idea of a solution. We just happened to have been independent tribal outfits that the British considered and called KENYA. In 1895. The Dominant tribes were put into power for the self interest of the Settlers and new rulers. Kenyatta for Kikuyu’s, Jaramogi for Luos & Later Moi. The White Man had Annexed Most of the Land from the three tribes. He needed to appease them with power. The same inheritance continues…….. Prof there is no End unless you suggest ONE.

    • The answer to your question is YES, there is a solution to Ethnic Based Politics. First you must understand that politics is about narratives. The most dominant narrative rules. IN Kenya, the ethnic narrative is the only one for both NASA and Jubilee. There is no other competing narrative and Kenyans have come to believe that this is the only way. it is not. The antidote of narratives is new alternative counter-narratives. We must imagine these counter narratives and offer them to the people as options. We as a generation has failed to imagine new narratives and the tribalists have stolen the day. The day we imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative that inspires the Country differently, the tribalists will fall and the nation will be free of tribalism.

    • I cant agree more. The DAY we shall look at ourselves beyond tribal cocoon will be the day of reconning. I now get the TRIBAL narrative. The SAD reality is that we are HOSTAGES of the POLITICAL CLASS. Maybe a revolution or a Genocide like RWANDA will JOLT the citizenry from the slumber and the brainwash by the political CLASS.

  23. The effects of merger will be seen ballot boxes. Its so hard to send one jubilee candidate against Nasa. Chap chap will flock into mt Kenya region or even Kanu. The results will be too ugly than what they thought.

  24. I did not know that a wjole proffessor, a PhD holder can sit down to write a long monologue full of nothing but ignorant and biased criticism of an individual. Why do you hatethe Jubillee leadership, if I may ask? According to your personal judgement, who among the current crop of politicians is less tribal inclined and clean of corruption than Uhuru? And would guarrantee instant genuien change to the rotten Kenyans ( you and me included, I wager).

    • For your information James Kamala NASA hasnt folded constituent parties like Jubilee did, they are only opposing joint nomination which is akin to folding up all parties into one…

    • ,thx,japheth,there now lurks the danger of loosing in an election.A divided house runs the risk of the opponent an upper hand.History will bear me right,remember during moi's time,the total opposition vote was more than kanu's.Kanu still won.

  25. PhD Wainaina with all your knowledge in politics, whats the best way to go???
    Well we have tribal political parties spread all over Kenya. I think it would be prudent for you to suggest at least one which according to your knowledge represent the face of Kenya.

    • #ProfessorWainaina. Thank you sir for your response. My concern is, who will initiate such imaginary forum/political party/ or the sort….
      Last GE in 2013, we had very new bloods in political scene…akina Kiyapi, akina Dida and to some extent Martha Karua. But Kenyans rejected them and obliged tribal chiefs.
      According to your vast knowledge in politics #Prof. Wainaina give us clue where is our starting point.

  26. When deal is right think twice”poleni xana” regretz cames after bt nt b4,imagine learned pple be cheated to fold their parties to stay houseless now r all crying saying”kama tungejua” bt too late

  27. The vocation to truth comes no easy. And this uneasiness some times comes so fierce even to the point of rejection and endangering of one’s own life if it becomes a project of liberation to a victim so entranced and imprisoned. Socrates or even Jesus of some Christian believers attested to this. Their vocation to truth and the truth that has a liberative project attested to such.

    What sounds so interesting is the fact that the mindset of most of the victims looks so divided and bent that any article that highlights on one divide sees itself threatened and the reverse is so true. But such is the joy of such a project worth its name.

    Bravo and never relent Prof.!

  28. interestingly, even all the current opposition bigwigs were once in the house of kanu. now good old prof. tell us what’s the difference between the kanu in jubilee and the kanu in nasa??!

  29. Dancing on their own graves!!!!quite a masterpiece prof. They only listen to themselves prof . So the gods have pronounced a curse on them? But are they really mad? Ithought so!

  30. It is interesting how we tribalise the word tribalism. It appears today tribalism is anything the Kikuyu people do or say, in a bid to inject guilt and self hate. No matter how much hatred you have for that section of Kenyans, be informed. These are Kenyans and will remain so.

  31. This man Wainaina,,he lives in his own world,he see himself as a super human being ,,he is a KANU era educated guy,,the kid of schooled guys who are chauvinistic,,and suffer from superiority complex inwardly but outwardly they are having their inferiority complex because of their status vis-à-vis their questioners,,,,,,,you’re just another gossip monger and we expect nothing to come out of you as far as jubilee is concerned,,,,,you call them none thinking African extraction tribal chief,,,when is the last time did you visit your grandmother,,,,all politics is local,,,charity begins at home,,,,,If you don’t know where you are coming from,neither where you are,you are probably have no idea where you are headed to…Now your lectures ,gestures insinuates and indicates your political inclination is towards NASA,,but even there your less demeanor cannot mingle with experienced brains,,,you are a bastard debater ,you can only listen to yourself but you cannot have and issue based discussion that have a useful ending to itself. ……how many factories have you opened to offer employment to young Kenyans,,let as start there,,,,Rome was not built in a day,,show as where you have placed your development stone….non starter.


  33. I bet some of us Kenyans we don’t care whether they’re tribal parties or not. We want peace and development. But we believe that someday a national political inclusive of all Kenyans will mushroom. I know if two tribes in Kenya. The Haves and the Have nots.

  34. Kalenjins should know that Kukiyus have not learnt how to vote for another community, Kiraitu is right,am sure he was addressing DP Ruto, am sure they like the votes Ruto can bring from Rift Valley ,but funnily enough,see P keneth,must be jp aspirant in Nrb,these pple will nva vote Ruto 2022,nacked truth is bitter

  35. Am wondering, who are the new leaders you are proposing. The same Moi boys. I wish there were new ones as you are wishing.
    The developed countries went through the same phases we are going. Kenya shall reach there but not now.
    It is wishful thinking. Worry not.

  36. Prof. Next time try to limit your words, time hatuna! Secondly, Next time don’t just criticize, give some way forward. It appears to me like you want to earn some fame from some quarters, This will be short lived. When we will lack people who can dream of uniting people, even two tribes, that is the time we will be fully done!

  37. The main problem with Kenyans today is that you raise the wrong doing of government then you are taken as an idiot and academic fool. A being that does not worth living and this is because people are blindfolded by their tribal kingpins. The same when you did to opposition ,you are seen as a corrupt ,and someone who knows little about sufferings of Kenyans.If you can remember ascertain politician says on a television debate about doctors strike”you know which political side they are”The day that this Jubleeesm and Nasasm will leave our minds ,I think we will see the sence. FOR SURE KENYANS AND KENYA ARE IN A SORRY STATE!!!!!!!

  38. At the end of the day it remains simple majority call it tribal or whatever but as long as they are Kenyans and continue to have numbers then they also have rights to dictate their representation.

  39. When jubilee merged its parties it was not urp n tna who only dissolved their parties there were other parties from diff communities that also dissolved n formed jubilee so don’t make us to believe tht jubilee is brought together many parties from diff communities

  40. Two tribes united in mouth and stomach alone, seems people have forgotten what really peace is, so far the cold peace between the two communities is simply fully dependant on their two kinpins, is that really how peace is sought

  41. Prof until that day that Kenya will have a different President other than from the so called two tribes,we will and shall never be one united nation, Hata mmerge na meli, never and i repeat Never!

  42. Prof, simply because the architect of the merger said something untoward about it doesn’t mean that it’s not working. There are alignments and realignments going on until a time when the boat will steady. I think that would be the time to deductively conclude whether the merger was a mistake or not. My two cents….

  43. Prof,i think a weighing balance have got two sides,instead of just looking on one side,please tell us something about ‘your’ NASA coz to me thats where you belong.The NASA must be very holy to you such that from its formation i had barely seen your critics towards it and its entire self-confused members.Again,dont you come from a certain tribe yourself? Where is the solution to this,its cure?

  44. I told u kiraitu is a fallen angel God does not forgive dark angels he condemns them to hell ,kiraitu forgot the ideal of justice when he was shown the loot he bowed down and worshiped the devil.


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