Chapter 2

I have been blogging for over a year now and I have been able to engage with thousands of Kenyans on matters politics, education and culture. I am grateful for the opportunity.

On 29th April 2017, I announced my candidature to run for President of the Republic of Kenya as an independent candidate.  I plan to offer a concrete alternative to the Jubilee and NASA siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I have constantly said that it is impossible to have politics of issues when the leading political actors are tribal warlords relying solely on tribal mobilization and the stirring of tribal sentiments to be elected. I have also said that politics is about narratives and the solution to the tribal narrative is a new non-ethnic political narrative.

It is therefore time to pivot to the next stage of this journey. While I will continue to engage with my readers, I would like us to engage more on the alternative vision for the next 54 years and beyond.

It is time to take our Country back and imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative that will inform a futuristic vision for us and our children. I will commit myself to the articulation and implementation of that vision and my run for the Presidency is the beginning.

While I will continue to be a critic of the Jubilee and NASA political class, I will endeavor to communicate an alternative vision for the country by articulating a new non-ethnic political narrative. I hope that all my readers will stay with me as we undertake this new phase of our political journey as Kenyans.

Chapter 2 begins…the struggle continues.

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