Of CORD and Jubilee frenemies and the tales of conniving, backstabbing , liars.

On Christmas eve, my wife was reading one of the dailies which had a feature on some of the vilest things that Hon. Duale has said. She asked me, “Why do these politicians hate each other so much?” My response was instinctive,  “Because they know each other well, they oscillate between being friends and enemies according to their political ambitions. They are frenemies”.

Her question brought me back to two points that I have continuously made, and which I will continuously make.

One, CORD and Jubilee are not different. They are the same political class predominantly driven by the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. This works for so long as they are together. When they fall out, it is nasty, very nasty. They are frenemies.

Two, if you want to know who the fellows in the rotten CORD and Jubilee tribal political class are, just listen to them describe each other, and believe them. They know each other well. Very well.

The most serious indictment of all the frenemies in the political class like I have said comes from themselves. I have quoted Musalia Mudavadi, himself a mild politician not given to insults saying that CORD and Jubilee are a “mockery”, “political gangsters” who are holding the country hostage. See http://profmichaelwainaina.com/yes-mr-mudavadi-tribal-kingpins-jubilee-clueless-moi-men-prince-without-kingdom.html

Recently, this position was confirmed by Kalonzo in a shockingly candid manner in his memoirs when he says:

The trouble with Kenyan politics is lack of values and principles. I believe that for one to be a true nationalist or patriot, one must have certain basic beliefs and commitments. Kenyans believe that politics is a dirty game and there is no honesty, truth and faithfulness. That only those who are conniving, cunning and liars can prosper. I do not think it has to be like that. Until leaders learn to sacrifice, cast away self-centredness and selfishness, greed and lust for money, it will be difficult to provide Kenya with the kind of leadership it deserves.

In 2013, we were told that the presidential race would be a two horse race between two frenemies, Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta. They know each other.  So listen to them when they describe each other. After all they were in KANU. One was a Chairman and the other the Secretary General. They were also together in the “No” campaign against the Wako draft. They know each other well. They fell out badly when Uhuru led KANU to PNU and Raila “lost” the 2007 elections to them. Now they run around cynically calling each other “my brother” while saying the vilest of things against each other.

Frenemies in happier days…

In the fall out, Uhuru seems to be more unhinged than Raila. Raila is happy to vilify the whole Kikuyu community for the sins of Uhuru Kenyatta and the Kikuyu political class. It is a devious and diabolical way of reaping political capital out of his Kikuyu frenemies and rekindling his 41 against 1 tribal narrative which he gladly rode in 2007. For him, a NASA line-up that does not include the Kikuyu (and the Kalenjin) is “national”. That is why he would be rather comfortable claiming that in the 2013 presidential elections, “2 million votes were stashed in ballot boxes in Central province”. The coded political message is clear for all of his supporters to see – and believe.

Uhuru on the other hand is on record as having stated categorically that his beef is not with the Luo community. It is with the person of Raila Odinga. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oBPeYrASTM. I do not know there is any love there. He has uncharacteristically gone overdrive in his expression of frustration and angst against Raila. I say uncharacteristically because I am told he is a nice guy, who isn’t inclined to nastiness. Even Martha Karua, one of his frenemies, an enemy now turned ally, said so recently. Uhuru has called Raila a bully, Kimundu, (How do I translate this into English? Let me just say in Kiswahili it translates into “kimtu”), an anarchist who does not believe in the rule of law, muguruki (madman), liar, dictator and hypocritical among other unmentionables. Just like Raila’s followers believe his narrative around Uhuru and the Kikuyu, Uhuru’s followers believe his assessment of his frenemy.


Raila’s bile against Jubilee leadership is largely reserved for the Deputy President, Wiliam Ruto. There is bile here people! And with good reason. Ruto’s friendship and political alliance brought Raila within a heartbeat of the presidency.  Ruto and his tribal constituency felt slighted by Raila when he formed part of the blood-soaked coalition government. Having an unbelievable sense of entitlement, they felt that they had not received a share of the nusu-mkate government commensurate to the strength of the tribal vote they had brought in.

As if that is not enough, Raila went on to mount a half-hearted fight against corruption that was so jaundiced that it seemed more of a political attack on William Ruto than a genuine effort against corruption. Like Jubilee after him, Raila knew that he could not fight corruption and survive the fight. Things would fall apart when Raila, in his characteristic inconsistency and connivance flip-flopped on the issue of the ICC. Consequently, the ICC suspects were  able to convince their constituency that ICC was Raila’s making. I personally do not believe that Raila threw the duo under the bus at the Hague. However, he was and has been so inconsistent, contradictory and manipulative about the issue that no-one can tell you where he stands. If you ask 10 people where Raila stands on the ICC issue, you would get 10 different answers. All correct.  With such inconsistency his Jubilee frenemies made him the villain. And it stuck.

Raila and Ruto seem to have graduated from frenemies to sworn enemies and they reserve the worst for each other. While Raila is on record as calling Ruto “the high-priest of corruption”, Ruto’s choice of language to describe Raila is laced with a dose of madharau (utter contempt) that reflects deep seated aversion and revulsion. Initially, he only used to refer to him as “yule jamaa wa vitendawili (that guy of riddles). It graduated to abunuwasi (a comical, conniving but largely good-for-nothing trickster folklore character) and now it has graduated to “yule mganga”, (that witchdoctor).

Folks, there is something here. Deep and ugly.

There has been talk that the hard-line and contemptuous stance that Jubilee often takes against ODM/CORD and Raila has Ruto written all over it. If this is what he feels about Raila, there could be some truth in it.

And then there are the CORD frenemies. Kalonzo Musyoka describes his relationship with Raila as “interesting and intriguing, full of drama and controversy”. This is so apt a definition of frenemies if ever there was one. He should have also said full of insults. They were in LDP together and formed the NARC government after the 2002 elections. They were also in the orange-banana referendum in 2005 and formed ODM-Kenya thereafter. Kalonzo describes the political class in Kenya of which he and Raila are at the top as “self-centred, greedy and lustful for money”.

He is right.

These are what ate into their relationship with Raila in the run-up to the 2007 elections. When Kalonzo joined Kibaki after the acrimonious elections, Raila Odinga called him Judas Iscariot. Besides Raila, Ruto and Uhuru, no frenemies have had rockier a relationship than these two. They are now pretending to work together. And again here Kalonzo is right, the Kenyan politician is conniving, cunning and lying.

Kalonzo is rather candid when he says that at the core of their fallout in 2007, was “our mutual mistrust and disagreement on matters of principle”. He should have said on matters political. The two have no principles. And it is not me who has said that. It is Kalonzo himself.  Nothing demonstrates this better than the pretense that these two frenemies can work together. Fate brought them together in 2013, not love for each other.

This relationship of mutual distrust was forced on them in CORD when Kalonzo was thrown under the bus by his younger KANU siblings in Jubilee in 2013. While he has stayed away from attacking Uhuruto at a personal level, he has unconvincingly tried to depict them as corrupt, incompetent and illegitimate. Again he has worked with them before and he knows them. Uhuruto on the other hand seem to have some contempt for Kalonzo. They depict him as an underdog, indecisive, opportunistic and a wannabe. They feel he has no qualifications for national leadership, and that he has often ridden on the patronage and goodwill of others and on opportunistic katikati moves which portrays him as untrustworthy. They are right about him, so is he about them!

And then there is the prodigal son, Musalia Mudavadi. I have written enough about him in the past. Suffice to say that he has made himself a boy-toy of his frenemies. Ever since the departure of Moi from the political scene, he has been in and out with everyone. To his credit, he either is a naturally mild fellow or he does not have much invested in these relationships. He is happy to be used and dumped as the frenemies feel fit. As quoted earlier, he has referred to all of them as a “mockery”and “political gangsters”. He seems to have been left with the short end of the gangsterism.

In an article he did in one of the dailies, , he said this of his frenemies in CORD and Jubilee:

There are three threats in implementing the Constitution; those who seek to retain the status quo, reverse the gains or manipulate the implementation. The culprits are spread across CORD and Jubilee.
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000211496/mudavadi-trust-me-to-do-what-jubilee-has-not-done.

He adds, “A Kenyan leader professing a certain ideology is a liar”. This is a good summative assessment of all the frenemies in  CORD and Jubilee. They stand for nothing, and it is one of them who has said it. So do not be surprised when those who are allies now fall out when their political interests collide, and they start spilling the beans about each other. Also do not be surprised when they form the most unlikely tribal alliances that may look anathema now. It is said that those who stand for nothing can fall for anything. Any political combination and alliance among the frenemies in CORD and Jubilee is possible. The only thing they have in common is that they all stand for nothing and as Kalonzo has said in his memoirs, in the current political space “…only those who are conniving, cunning and liars can prosper… Until leaders learn to sacrifice, cast away self-centredness and selfishness, greed and lust for money, it will be difficult to provide Kenya with the kind of leadership it deserves”. His frenemies will dismiss him and call him watermelon.

Unless we get a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently, me and you are stuck with the self-centered, selfish and money-lusting CORD and Jubilee frenemies. You heard that description from Kalonzo, or is ti watermelon?

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  1. It is astonishing how these strategies continue to bear fruits. For the first time since multiparty democracy came into force, there might not be an ideological or even a pseudo-ideological candidate in the ballot paper. In the past we have had beacons of hope like Koigi, Karua, Orengo, Kenneth, Prof Nyong’o and Tuju among others. However, when the chips are down and their personal interest are threatened, they have all burn their ‘ideologies’ like they are incriminating evidence. It is high time we all learn that an ideology is not measured with the metrics of its popularity but by the amount of conviction its holders have. So what if a candidate garners 3,000 votes in a presidential election? Does that mean that tribalism is now right by merits of its popularity in an election five years prior? The sad coincidence is that the era of sound leaders is almost here when most potential candidates are busy selling out. A look back at history shows that when ideologies have come and gone, their main strengths have been the people who held and believed in them. So the tribal equations might be the in-thing now but believe it or not, the ideology to make them obsolete will not come with the wind, it will be delivered by people who would sacrifice their very existence to see a nation where leadership is garnered simply through merit and nothing else. A belief contained deep down in their DNA and not one used as a tool of convenience. All seasons change!

    • There is enough wisdom in this post to last the Country are a generation. Dee, this is why I blog. To engage with such minds and to relish if only for a moment in such brilliance. This also gives me hope that there is hope for us still. With such minds, we will free the country from these tribalists yet!!

  2. 53 years and counting we, Kenyan citizens and voters are damned accomplices to this silly hereditary leadership in government and opposition, kwani other women cannot give birth to fresh crop of leaders to take into promising future? Bure kabisa!

  3. I love the word “frenemies”. It best describes the situation of our coalition political classes (both CORD and Jubilee) as a wise man would put it in the context of reality.

  4. Raila is Kenya since no person in central speaks without mentioning his name from children to elderly to insane people in markets to goofy educated PhD holders like you.Enigma in Kenyan politics
    Meza wembe.Raila is a hero

  5. These are long tales that do not offer any solution. Truth is after Aug 2017, there will either be Jubilee government or Cord/Nasa/whatever-name-they-agree-on government. It’s up to Kenyans to choose the lesser evil.

    • Kenyans are under absolutely no obligation to choose the lesser evil. You may call the article long stories, but you agree we are dealing with two evils. For you you are happy making a spurious argument on which is the lesser evil. As for me, I am not interested in the lesser evil. I am interested in a Kenya without evil.

    • So what will you do to get Kenya without evil? The truth is that that is impossible. That Kenya, and indeed the whole world, where there is no evil, only exists in imagination and idealistic dreams. How will you do it Prof?

  6. As a Professor one would expect you to know better than one dimensionalism. You see tribe in every political situation in Kenya. Have you explored the reality that even people of the same tribe can and are in reality political enemies? Your fixation with tribalism is a clearly unmasks you as an academic masquerade holed in a tribal cocoon.

  7. Bwana Professor, I begin by giving my congratulations for your valid and open analysis of our political alignments and leadership and it is clear that the age old belief that “we only choose the best alternative in solving a problem” is true and there can be no absolute leadership that is free of certain incapacities or virtues that do not appeal to certain individuals.
    You have laid the facts bare and clear and we can individually evaluate these political leaders to choose the best possible option in our dilemma.
    It is also worth noting that there is no leader who can meet all the expectations of the populace without disappointing a section of people who feel that they are not adequately recognized in such a leadership. This is inevitable in leadership noting that even the Son of God, Jesus Christ was betrayed by his follower and was crucified by individuals holding the same faith as him, or were Muslims or any other religious organization involved in this act?
    Guided by your description of our political leadership I still hold the opinion that the current president is still that best possible alternative in respect to all our political leaders and so he deserves a second term in office.

    • I can understand that. However, my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee, Raila and Uhuru. Naturally I have more options than those who have circumscribed their world in such a manner. I however think that your post is very mature and well articulated. it is always a pleasure to engage with Kenyans like you. Thanks.

  8. Prof, by consistently and persistently throwing venom and insult to political leaders of this country, you lost the argument and hope of a better Kenya. Not once, not twice, I have challenged you to throw yourself in the ring and offer that non tribal political narrative you keep bagging in our ears day and night. Either you are contented with consistently insulting and treating our political leaders or you threw in the towel for change long time ago. Attracting attention seem to be your hobby even if it means saying the same bad things over and over again about those you don’t like. Jubilee is the ruling coalition for now and we have a cardinal duty to hold them to account on run away corruption, tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, wastage of public resources, poor healthcare…..name them. Opposition role is to keep the government in check and by default the government in waiting. Jubilee has failed and to tell us that cord is the same as Jubilee is to took us. Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Raila are not elected leaders so don’t draw any payment from the exchequer. Uhuruto are and must be accountable to Kenyans. To purport that we have no alternative us to ratify the ineptitude if this government indirectly. I restrain myself in believing that tribe is your motivation. I give you benefit of doubt.

    • Mr. Omero, I think that your post is very mature and constructive. Let me however disagree with you. First, the fact that I am not a candidate does not mean that I cannot engage in political discourse. It is my duty as a citizen to do so. You are right that I have utter contempt for the tribalists in CORD and Jubilee. I believe very strongly that they are the problem in this country and that we will never solve out national political challenges with these thieves, mercenaries, tribalists and anarchists at the helm. i consider it my solemn duty to expose them as the self-seekers and empty charlatans they are, mostly using their own descriptions of themselves. S, on this one I am guilty as charged and I will continue on the same trajectory.

      It is not true that I gave up on change. I may not know how it will come but i know how it will NOT come. It cannot come from the degenerate political class in CORD and Jubilee mired in siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

    • First of all prof,,, you yourself sounds like one of the people encouraging tribalism depending on some of your statements abov…so don’t put the blame on our political leaders before you put it on yourself remember You and I should be more responsible for our country so until you stop these irritating statements we will continue in the same problem… That’s my opinion Mr prof and if I seem to be wrong then am I’ll be apologizing for that thank you

  9. For this continent called africa to prosper n even move forward in terms of democracy, economically, n to stop tribalism n corruption, African states should have only two major political parties. N the people are the onse who should have final says not politicians… Just take a look at developed countries like US, or even UK; there are only two major political parties N the people are the owners of those parties… Not like here in kenya whereby prominent politicians are de party leaders. N thea main agenda s to divide people n create tribalism in de country!!!

  10. Face facts.what professor wainaina is saying is the cardinal truth.we can’t run a way from it.Now listen to politicians who have decamped to other parties.Were they really genuine members of those parties? Hypocrisy and enymies. Kenya is gone with these greedy tribalists and opportunists.

  11. Some of these comments reveal the height of hypocrisy and lack of vision entrenched in the kenyan society. If professor had condemned cord, mt kenya regionists would hail him a hero and viceversa.mscheew.

  12. Good Analysis Prof. Now I Assume we Dont have Much of a Choice but to Choose The “Lesser Devil” Since They are All Corrupt..Inept..Tribal etc..But Now Accepting That They are All Kenyans.. I Propose as Follows..
    1. Jubilee With Their Leadership Hitches and Epilepsy and Theft..Have Had Their Fair Share of Running Govt and All Our Public Affairs And We Have All Seen What They Have Done in Their Tenure..
    2. Its Time to Give The Opposition An Equally Fair Term To Run Govt and Public Affairs We See What They Will Do in an Equal Time- Frame…
    3. In 2022..Both will be Eligible for a 2nd Term and Their Different Performance Records will be Clear …And Whoever will have Done Better Will Automatically Get a 2 nd Term Node From ” Wanjiku”
    4. If They both fail..A New Leadership will have Evolved.. Equally important..While The Opposition has been Well Tested in Terms of Solid Leadership Dynamics as Opposition..It will be Important to Also Keep an Eye on The Performance Of Jubilee as Official Opposition for ONLY 05 Years.. Coz The Opposition has Proved That Its Possible To Serve Kenyans Also While in The Opposition..
    Ya Take..Ladies and Gentlemen and Sober Kenyans Of Goodwill for a Better Future Kenya..!!!????

  13. Professor, there is one thing that is nagging my mind about the 2007 General election which was obviously stolen.Is this narrative,really have any meaning???…when it’s repeatedly said that Hon.Raila Odinga rallied all the forty one(41)tribes against kikuyus in2007? Is it true to say that Raila is against the kikuyus and vice versa? Is it true to say that Raila’s Pentagon did not have any kikuyus or people from central province? I,verily believe that this narrative is erroneous and misplaced. In 1992 FORD party was formed primarily to liberate kenyans from the former president Daniel Arap Moi’s misrule after 24 yesrs and was Not formed against the kalenjins who were in power… Some of the kalenjins were also in FORD.These narratives have tribal overtones that are used by afew opportunists to divide the country.we can leave such arguments to simple minded people like the recent defectors to and from both parties of Jubilee and Cord, Not us the knowledgeable. The Luos abdicated their responsibilities in favour of the kikuyus in 1963 and put Mzee kenyatta in power.In 1966 Mzee kenyatta and Jaramogi disagreed. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga started KPU however,Kenyatta retained some of the best and Powerful Luo brains and loyalists. They were very good strategic polticians who wanted to move this country ahead…. IN 1969 TOM MBOYA, to the dismay of the whole world,was assassinated. The assassin was a kikuyu…Just one year, before his death Hon. Argwings Kodhek, who was foreign affairs minister ,had also died a mysterious death.The Luos were not happy, smelt rats in their deaths and violently protested. There followed a forced oathing of loyalists in central province to retain the then “uthamaki” which by then included Embu and Meru.In 2002 the Luos voted again for a kikuyu presidential candidate….The kikuyu candidate won by landslide…This saying is very funny to me!!…..Since when did the Luos become tribalists enmasse? Between kikuyus and Luos,who have been shortchanging each other? Let’s us face the truth.Let the kikuyu leaders speak the truth.It only took one kikuyu poltician called Charles Njonjo to disorganise the the kikuyu selfish strategy and made Moi ascend to power.That thing is very necessary now.hypocrisy and selflessness must stop.NASA should not be tagged to any tribal grouping.It’s just a political strategy. Let’s us speak the truth.Uthamaki must stop or eles we may end up like other countries.No dalliance.

    • I personally like raila minus his comedies and psychophants who like calling us names. This creates animosity between the two communities who volunteered to lower the colonial rule.

    • Tony Onyango You have made great effort to engage constructively and maturely. Thanks. It is dishonest of anyone to deny Raila’s 41 vs 1 tribal formula of 2007. He is desperately trying to recreate it for the 2017 elections. He and his colleagues in CORD and Jubilee have absolutely no other strategy for mobilizing politically outside the tribal narrative. Nothing. You have a long history of the tribal narrative. I am sure many people will agree with you and many people will disagree with you. All I can assure you is that most of them will either agree or disagree along tribal lines. This is the problem. Tribalism is the dominant narrative of the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee. There is no possibility of this narrative giving us a common ground. Impossible. This is why I have consistently called for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. The tribal narrative has come to its logical conclusion, division of the country. If we do not get a new non-ethnic narrative the tribal narrative will take us to hell.

    • Onyango atlist your explanation has tangible evidence not just hypothesis. Am not a Luo but I can feel your frustration. Even individuals from your community have sacrificed their ambitions for better leadership but only to be betrayed, especially the Odinga family to not any community but one. I hope one strong community leader from the other side does so. I think the main question should be: why others are ganging against few or one?

  14. Professor you know you are wise. You know how to capture our minds from the beginning of your posts. When you move downwards, you remove official suit and wear a skin. To some extent you are right yes, but your big problems are :
    1. You don’t give us a solution as a phD man.
    2. You talk as someone who can change Kenya but we are wondering why your words are just noise to suffering Kenyans but not to leaders.
    3. If you have seen our leaders crooked in away, why can’t you step forward and be part of our saviours???
    4. You fail or fear to address major problems overlying on common mwananchi and the specific people who make kenyans suffer but you are quoting past things and questioning them as per your phD, why???
    5. I expect to hear Duale rebuked but it is like you are missing his file.
    Mr. Professor are you an equilibrium to the antagonitic leaders or you have a side? Some of your words are betraying you. If you are genuinely saving kenya and our leaders, talk less but quality entailed. Otherwise a great talker most time is a great lier…. If you may happen to read my comment, do something as a great man of phD but not use your phD to kill one side by pointing every leader of Cord. I myself am Jubileeted but your posts doesn’t flow my digestive system. Thank you!!

    • Be neutral and advice our leaders generally and uniformly. You know you are worth to be a leader. Be patriotic and minimize skining your leaders negatively yet you are a kenyan. Professor you know don’t wait until God punish you for what you was capable but you failed. You have good ideas and if you subject them well, we will be proud of you sir ublogger achia vijana, songa huko mbele and rectfy the house….. Don’t misuse your good wisdom sir

    • You are an annoying fence seater.majority of kenyans have done enouph reading to last them a lifetime.they are sick and tired of lofty writtings from ivory tower dwellers who are never in sync with the harsh reality on the ground-which is,the crunch is on the way and with it the ivory towers will come tumbling down like dominos.

    • I don’t agree being a blogger doesn’t mean you just have to write NO you can’t stand on your two feet and tell the whole country the ills done by the two coalitions then you are as good as useless!!!???

    • Why take side? Blog wisely with the interest of bringing the truth…. Sir your PhD cannot be of any meaning by blogging unwisely. I as an individual have helped as I can to make people understand their rights. Av mobilized young people to have self employment. No any support we have from the government but we are moving on well. Annually we ensure we have included ten guys to our field. Once one gets stable we cut him from the group to be a boss to himself whereby he mobilizes others. This is development. Now you as a blogger, what have you done??? Do you think this long posts reaches every kenyan? Do you third it is all kenyans who understand you vocabularies? To me is like you are trying to tell us how you are educated ……. true or false???? If false defend yourself here what worth is out of you.

  15. Prof,one of these days you should write about why the kenyan intelligensia perform dismally when it comes to elective politics and why those who succeed in getting elected end up making assholes of themselves.personally i think we have more than our fair share of good for nothing intellectual scums.imagine lowly pattin conning all the technocrats in government when he carried out the 15 billion heist.

    • So we can safely say PHD stands for permanent head damage and their C.V. For contaminated virus.after all these years of reseach nothing groundbreaking can be associated to them in the whole of Africa save for Dr.christian Benard(who is white) with his first successful heart transplant in the history of mankind.could we be cursed as a race or am i behind the news,anything earth shaking from your peers apart from lofty papers that are gathering dust in libraries?imagine not even a single patented drug ,internationally acclaimed, can be attributed to these learned fellows !

  16. 41 against 1 thing is a myth creation of th media. Kikuyus have been programmed to believe that Raila is devil incarnate. Back in 2002 when he bolted out of KANU, campaigned for Kibaki, and in fact Kibaki got more than 90% of the Luo vote, Mt. Kenya mafia hailed him high. In 2007 to date, it is always vilification. Can the kikuyus reciprocate the gesture, not only to this man, but to any other tribe? I bet not.

  17. Africa is not yet ready for democracy. All we need is a visionary and revolutionary dictatorship by a statesman.
    The voters are still a sleep dreaming about their tribal kingpins while the tribal kingpins are busy manipulating the voters for their selfish ego.
    No voters vision of a prosperous, united Kenya can be achieved through elections but we shall for ever remain divided. This is because we vote no policy but tribalism.
    I have sought to know jubilee’s or cord’s policy on health, education, security,etc. But all I get is only corruption and tribalism.

  18. Isn’t it a lie to write, Raila wants a NASA without Kikuyu or Kalenjins.
    Not that I support Raila but atleast he shouldn’t be crucified unfairly. Also, when and how did Raila villify a whole community? Something you believe Uhuru has not done. Aren’t you just shouting your own partisan ideas?

  19. The only thing I know in politics there are no permanent friends or enemies… Eg Why did Uhuru and Ruto go separate ways in 2007?
    The only problem we have in Kenya the so called political science analyst’s seem to cling more or lean on one political side.Tribal based analysis.Who said 2007 it was 41 against 1 Kibaki received votes from other regions including some ODM strong holds!!!???

  20. i always wonder if this “hallowed” proffessor even listens to himself…..!!! you hate Raila,any other thing you put uhuru in the mix is just to play with our minds…just like any other central guy! quote anything that Raila said that villifys the whole community

  21. Maina ,,,,in all your posts here ,they are always praising uhuruto even on obvious things that should be condemned,,,and if raila has ever called uhuruto names,,,then only after several attacks on him with mockery utterances ,,,,example,mganga,lord of poverty,etc the list is endless,he was called such barbarick names coz he condemned corruption which at the beginning ,,,and you will bear me witness,,they are always defended at all costs bt later the truth comes out and the same pple calling raila names are always the first suspects,,,,,,,,maina,,,even in the biblical account,the human right fighters,the clergy ,,,,,,they used to condemn all the evils done by the authoritative regimes like this of uhuru,,,but u instead of u condemning it,u a here busy speaking evels abt raila,,,,MAINA WACHA UMUNDU WAKWA,WACHA UKIKUYU,,ACHA HYPOCRACY,,,,speak reality ,,lets unite behind Raila and save kenya,,,,stop missleading kenyans always,,,,,,,!!!!!FINALLY Y CANT U GIVE US ALTERNATIVES OR SOLUTIONS TO THESE PROBLEMS U ARE SPEAKING ABT,,,,give us that angel out of blue to lead us then ,,,,,,#UHURUTOMUSTFALL*,,,,i assure u that!!!

  22. Professor wainaina’s comments are always educative and to a large extent covering matters civic.He has not been biased and has never tolerated tribalism.There have been such people in the society since time immemorial. In medieval Europe there was Thomas Moore.Tom MBOYA was in kenya.Julius NYERERE was in Tanzania.Mandela in South Africa.Paul kagame of Rwanda has set a good example. Those are just a few people in the world…These people would be hated for saying the truth.we are still remembering Willam Shakespeare due to such conduct.My prayer to kenyans is abandon this trend of partisan politics and move on together as a Nation.The econmist Ndii,once commented in one of the daily papers to the effect that we should liquidate the state because nationhood isn’t working.He was right and that what professor wainaina is calling fireenimies.Our politicians only go to rallies to about other politicians.Is that clean politics? Lets us change.Our style of politics is dirty.Its mostly driven by greed under guise of tribalism.

  23. Despite all this literature we Kenyans must ask ourselves what is the purpose of Government to its Citizens? Any responsible government has to set the following systems to it’s Citizens :
    1.Functional public education systems.
    2.Functional public healthcare systems.
    3.Functional public Security systems.
    4.Functional Public Infrastructural systems.
    5.Functional public Employment systems
    These are the systems needed in any civilised society for people to achieve their full potential in the Social arena. Back to our situation in Kenya, Kikuyu and Kalenjin have had a chance to lead this Nation for 53 years of independence, assessing the two tribes basing on the above systems we us Kenyans can only be ashamed of these TWO TRIBES.

    • @Lavinah Deborah Nya’Mugirango,that’s being hasty in criticism without reading and analysing the context, the problem with us Kenyans is what has been instilled in us by the so called politicians, we read names and conclude the alignment immediately, I pity the kind of society we are living in,the more we live and learn the more tribal we become,let us not sacrifice names for the sake of our inept thinking,a name holds nothing,it just came as a default of birth

    • I don’t understand why people would refuse to see the sense in this piece..Proff continue giving us the analysis.Disect into these politicians’ behaviours and inform Kenyans, although I doubt they will benefit.Kenyans(most) don’t have independent minds,they have sold their brains to politicians and tribal leaders

  24. you may be phd holder.but you are one of those worst kikuyu tribaliss in public life. you start your comments or post with your wife only to end same with raila odianga as if you sleep dreaming raila. what has puzzled me over the years is the way kikuyus educated or not view and think of Hon odianga . for a kikuyu to be politically relevant, they must start to address their supporters by the name raila odianga and end same by the name raila odianga. phobia which is now in every jubilee idiots” mind eg William ruto Aden daule Moses kuria murokmen kindik even uhuru kenyatta.

    • @Jackson Amina, am a regular reader of posts from Nicholas Gakio,Lemmy Nyagah and Ciru Kimani, are all these not Kikuyu if names are to go by,we lost the mark and what we tend to achieve if we don’t read and understand what the post is all about, in my longest time possible I have never read a post from Prof Wanaina with tribal sentiment he talks generally about all political divides in our country both negatively and positively his posts mostly is always corrective surgery, our country has gone wrong and still going down that path and the only way to correct it is what one time radio presenter the late Waweru Mburu once used a strong term”lightening to strike all members of Parliament “that time so that we have a new beginning, that’s what Prof Wanaina is talking about,Cord nor Jubilee will end tribalism, both are on the same agenda,only names differ and personalities, am sorry if my understanding isn’t correct

    • Hilary K Adams Thanks again bro. Again I have never understood how somebody can read an article “weigh”the “facts” stated towards either CORD or Jubilee and then decide there is not “balance”. I have just been telling my wife as I blog that you are one of those guys who share this masaibu with me. We must not tire of speaking truth oo power, hope to the nation and sense to the lost.

    • wainiaina.today or this afternoon I saw kibaki old guards addressing press conference saying they are back supporting uhuru kenyatta. this are the 2007 people who rigged election in favour of kibaki and mobolilized mungiki youths to kill ODM supporters in Nakuru, Naivasha, etc.one of this mungiki support is the one managing Kenya. Do you support this ruler

    • @Jackson Amima,Am sorry to cut through for the sake of Prof Wanaina, in your commend you are trying to force Prof to a certain party divide especially jubilee,a name can’t be Jubilee or Cord but the heart,Prof Wanaina has his name leaning towards Jubilee but his heart is not there he’s not ascribed to either side of coalition but a third force that takes care of the poor,the aged,the young and the disadvantaged,that can’t be corrupted nor compromised, Mungiki isn’t even in his vocabulary

    • @My-Captain Chomaa Junior,That’s being irrelevant and very unfair in your judgment, this is our country where we all belong,we build with our own hands,we can’t destroy with our writings,writings speaks louder and smarter than a sword if we use well

    • Hilary K Adams some nincompoops have been brainwashed to believe that their problems start and end with the kikuyu , if this fake captain can say only one reason why the vitriol against the tribe it would be nothing. They have been reduced to mere intellectual shells just for use during voting. Am proud of being mūgīkūyū , let everyone else take pride In their tribe alafu tupendane on an equal footing.

    • My-Captain Chomaa Junior am non of the things you have listed above , and nobody is ,it’s only that somebody who wants to misuse you for his own political gain has brainwashed you to believe so. Pole sana kaka.

  25. stick to the substance of the story.Raila phobia or kikuyu boigtry will lead us nowhere.All this guys have been in gvt at one time or the other.The question we should be asking ourselves,did they deliver or not.The devil of yesterday can not be an angel of today because he is now in gvt nor because hes in opposition.Pepo ni pepo !

  26. Actually only a Kikuyu, who acknowledges that the current regime has not given a satisfactory leadership but because of Raila phobia sees no alternative in NASA, can agree with your logic.

  27. where was matiangi,wen wainaina of diz world were graduating’ 2b phd holders.ur one sided in ua article bro.the truth about icc mata is now kwn.mau forest was a gav.plan,wea were u wen kales were being told by kina ruto that rain comes frm de sky not trees they r destroying,in mau.if ur a true prof.as u claim plz speak de truth as a kenyan not a kiuk.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina-PhD or whatever your name is, sincerely speaking, unapologetically I can say you are tribalically driven by the whole artistic articles right from the word go,,,, it only a matter of time for the truth to unfold. But meanwhile the bitter truth is that it’s a pure fact.

    • Tz now tym wen wainaina shud start 2 ask hs cmunity 2 resiprocate wat raila did by campaining 4 kibaki in 2002.Then ask uhuruto y transmision of election results r going analogue yet they claim 99p.c of households r conected 2 the grid.last,my boy rily nids hs laptop coz u must b ashamed of uaself wen ur cheating even de litle angles coz u must b in power.talk of the above issues prof.wainaina.

  28. I am struggling to comment on this article…not becoz it bad but fearing just to say i agree with you prof. and end there. politics seems to take this shape or something similar world over. But ours is more fragile with very temporary loyalty. Anyone can work with anybody as long as it is convenient. The good thing is we are better off than 20 years ago. But its our right to demand more realistically so that we dont die in over imaginations. As for the current political…did yu call it jenemesis or something…more betrayal is expected. A key figure in cord/nasa must joing jubileee or form another hypocritical “force” which our gullible media will label the third force. This will offer home for those who cannot survive with the big two. I want to read Kalonzo confessions…as you have alluded see the contradiction coz it was written in hurry with an opportunistic journalist. Thanks for being brief today coz never forget most of your readers are lazy.

  29. I have come into realising that Kikuyu is always a Kikuyu. Look around yourself and you will agree with me. Its even difficult for a Kikuyu pastor to acknowledge that Luos are also human beings. Visit their dominant churches and experience the truth. They are all praying for God to make Raila never be a president even in this wake Jubilee’s high level of corruption. The same applies to this professor. Kikuyus will ever remain afraid of any tribe that rises to presidency. They fear being questioned about their corruptly acquired wealth. The day of the LORD is quickly coming. Things will change in a blink of an eye.
    Make sure by all means to bare Raila from being President but his spirit will live forever. Justice will one day come…..

    • but surely are luos human?well they are.Only they cant think for themselves unless this jambaz called rails or something does it for them! ata katiba mbaya kama hii tunayo hivi sasa walisomewa and then ooops baba amesema.At least a human being has got right of thought and choise,jijazie fala hii!!!

    • Its true negative ethnicity affect many ppl in Kenya but please dont label a whole tribe. There churches that are very sensitive. Some are cosmopolitan with pastors from diverse ethnic backgrnd these members are happy. sorry and so bad for those who have extended this vice to the church.

    • Hope I don’t anger you professor. You have known what one of a Kikuyu radio station have been urging Kikuyus to defend not presidency but kingdom. This shows how evil you are. The way this tribe is behaving will cost it rest of its life. Colonialism will end one day. The British ruled by force but were removed forever by grass and leaves. Try another tactic.

    • E’l El’chayyim Jireh Chris All vernacular Kikuyu stations have been calling upon their tribes. Your hatred for the Kikuyu makes you unable to see that. They have not used any tactics that your god and tribal warlords have not used. They have only been more successful. I can assure you that if your tribal warlords continue pushing for the tribal narrative, Jubilee will win. To get true transformational leadership, I have called for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. And you are here preaching tribalism??

    • they have committed a lot of injustices. They have killed, robbed and acquired illegally. They fear even their own lice that depend on their lives. Never I will spread tribalism ever I create awareness about what is tribalism. I have lived with almost all tribes of KENYA but the only one hard to interact is this one Kikuyu. They must know that they aren’t the chosen. We are all equal. How can you refer others’ “gentiles” yet you claim you aren’t tribal?
      Days are evey minute numbered where KENYA will be ruled by a democratic President not a tribalistic king.

  30. Sheer bankum!! The message you want to relay here is simple:That Raila is bad and Uhuru is good;that Agwambo hates Kikuyus.You are only working hard to incite kenyans along ethnic and political grounds.Please preach peace,unity and love.

  31. Prof.your articles forces us to use our brains to think.most of us,especially men,dont want to use their brains. When you use your brain,you tend to avoid emotions. Thats the reason men like watching football games and violent movies.you dont use your brains there but emotions.women are the opposite. They use their brains most of the times.

  32. The article is spot on. I must admit frenemy is a new one to me, a linguist. That said, it still is my contention that you have stated the obvious, nothing new. Only a sycophant of lowest calibre would dispute the facts.
    The only challenge is while in all your articles you have championed and advocated for an alternative non ethnic narrative, you have never, as an elite intellectual, provided a road map to the non ethnic paradise.
    And this is the bane of our politics. Where we have a corrupt, greedy and largely inept political class, it is the intellectuals, civil society and the media who must stand and be counted.
    This is our lacuna. First, intellectuals, and you are a good example, are fence sitting. Secondly, the civil society has taken sides. You only need to read commentaries by the likes of Maina kiai, George kegoro and ndung’u wainaina to attest to this. Third, the media has become a hindrance in the search for an alternative voice, the so called third force which anyone with common sense would agree is the panacea for the political quagmire we find ourselves in.
    The media have done this by immediately sanitizing any politician who decamps to the opposition. You will find that while the media is (rightfully so) awash the Jubilee scandals, they conveniently sweep under the carpet the ills visited upon Kenyans by the opposition stalwarts. This includes goldenberg, kkv, Tokyo embassy, relief maize and nhif scandals. If the media houses were thinking about this, they wouldn’t give acres of print space to commentators like David Ndii, Mohammed Ali and Makau Mutua who clearly vilify one side while openly rooting for the other. Ethnic radio stations would also not be spewing poisonous tribal epithets.
    The net result is that for a considerable foreseeable future, we must continue, to use you own words, choosing between the bad and the ugly or what one considers the lesser evil.

    • Heheheheheehehe…I have been accused of mentioning Raila in every article. Then I was accused of mentioning Uhuru in every article. Now I am being accused of mentioning Kalonzo in every article. If I may ask, hawa mababe wa kikabila waliwapatia nini? You see yours in every article!!!

  33. prof you are very right.If my memory serves me right,when ruto was in odm he was a nice guy,today hes villified by the friends of yst day!what about kalonzo,the other day he was a watermelon and traitor but today a champion of democracy because hes on our side! musalia was called a jubilee project and coward,today ohh hes even a king of mulembe kingdom.The ppl who forced the resignition of man weta due to tokyo embassy theft are today sleeping with him on the same bed! now whose fooling who.Definately not me cant be fooled.Period.

  34. Why is your epistle biased to one side of the competing fronts? Here you so much discuss CORD and its flag bearers in a sided manner why Raila,Kalonzo, and Mudavadi your chosen characters that u discuss in details instead of putting more emphasis on the core thyme of your story that is Duale’s remarks on ethnic cleansing?? It was not about how politicians know each other here but serious issues of national security!!! You derailed your argument which you had begun well and lost it all in the thickets of a confused mind

  35. Why going around the bush by writing all those sentences while at the back of your head you knew very well that you just wanted to hit at Raila? By the way, do you want him to force the kiuks and Kales to come to NASA?

  36. @wainaina your wife seems to have a better logic than your self if she could afford to ask you such a thoughtful and noble question and you end up confusing her in a puzzle of improper reasoning. She must be bearing it hard with you thick head prof! I bet she was sired not by a kiuk….totally a different blood. I wonder how difficult your students get through with you

  37. Fellow citizens you may call professor names but what you display here is the ethnicity. And you spoil a lot for your earthly god, right from the elite to the illiterate. The question other tribes keep asking themselves if an ordinary woman can abuse the president and the institution of presidency what if your god is in charge of this country. I was living in Nakuru that awful period when those supporters were sharing our wives and property and swearing paying of rent have come to an end. Who in his rightful mind would preside over such anarchy . political maturity not activism rules this country. The earthly god should reign over his supporters if in deed he ever dreams of leading this country. Martha says if you hear a dog barking look for it’s master so it’s your supporters who keeps destroying any chance. To cap this and Mark this for record if the earthly god is declared cord or nasa flag bearer there will be a break up…. Watch this space. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and that extend to abusing me I don’t care.


  39. Uhuru and Ruto are doing their best for Kenya. They want to erase the past, to renew themselves and the nation. The ICC played a significant role in re-shaping them. Apart from being a reflection of society they did not create, they aim to create a difference. They are developing the whole country, bringing development never seen before in Kenya. God willing they will succeed. Stepping on a few toes will be as a by-the-way!

    • What are you talking about? That Uhuruto aim to create a difference?? which difference? They are developing the whole Country?/ Are you Kenyan and do you live in Kenya my brother? If what they are doing is their best, then they are what I have always thought and said they are, hopeless, clueless and mediocre.

    • A blind and deaf and senseless Profs! What Jubilee has done in 3yrs in terms of roads, railways, water, electricity connections, free maternity, no exam fees, extension and facilitating hospitals and health serices, in education, lands survey and registration, issuance of title deeds, anti-corruption prosecution, etc, etc., the list is endless and unpresdented. All has escaped your notice and compared it with Cord whose leaders have been in v. seniour positions in govt. for decades but cannot show any report card. I don know your field of knowledge. You must be of the fake degrees’ syndrome!

    • Prof I am now doubting you reside in Kenya…… Are you living in diaspora or what is development in your own term? We would wish to hear what you expect from the government that is not done with the devolution in place, money is devolved, follow the country government and see to it it’s not wasted by creating institutions to audit the use or mobilise constituents to picket. Uhuruto will not do that for you but on national platform they will ensure peace and tranquility for you and me to do our business in peace.

  40. The Kikuyus in CORD are not politicians.They will not go anywhere on their political life.Take the example of Wanjiru and Son and Mwaura they had to shift allegiance.Likewise Tuju and Otieno Oloo cannot go beyond those administrative positions in Jbli.That is the Kenya Independence Fathers left us.They started it all.

    • Jared Omoke,we as Kenyans just need an political event that will permanently remind us that we are all people of one nation.We have to get a president who will demonstrate to Kenyans that each has a right to be.Am afraid the current crop is tribalizsd so much. I pray for a people driven revolution that will teach the people to look beyond our individual nations and appreciate one another as Kenyan.This country boasts of high literacy level but we have let politics hijack our intelligence.This social media will be the birth of that revolution.It has started showing signs.#Thanks Proff M.Wainaina.

    • Ndeda Sijenyi-Ndede I couldn’t agree with you more. What you are describing is what I have referred to as a new non-ethnic narrative to inspire the people differently. I do strongly believe in it and in the revolution you describe. Like I have always reminded my readers, the people are the only hope for change in this country.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD how can the people be the hope for the change when others took an oath of hate from childhood,Jaramogi meant well when he campaigned for the release of Jomo Kenyatta from captivity and supported him to take the presidency despite him jaramogi being the favored one by the everlyn baring colonial government…Jaramogi showed togetherness and one people irrespective of our tribes..the Kenyatta regime started mishandling people’s resources with massive land grabbing and corruption with close confidants of the executive getting rich at the expense of common citizens…Jaramogi fell out with Mzee Jomo due his greed and total disregard of steering the country forward as envisioned..this differences led to suppression of the opposition led by jaramogi,and Mzee led a crusade against this dissidence with his kikuyu community taking oaths of hate against Jaramogi and his people..this has come down to our generation and deeply entrenched and rooted…so tell me…are you really being honest with yourself if you say the people bear the hope of change to our country while this monster of yours of hate to another tribe planted scores of decades ago is still deeply rooted in you..i think you should change first before you talk of hope for our nation…

    • Miky Mike I feel your sentiments but there is still hope when we put our hope on a people driven revolution because what is coming out from the political class is they are a piece who share many things in common from social class to common belief of dividing the common man for them to blind him from their ills like theft of public funds. The common man has identical challenges in life regardless of their political affiliation.It is these challenges that will make them reach out to one another and say No! This revolution can be at the ballot box like the one we are facing in August or even street protests that will bring an non-politician to the helm.The politicians are not trustworthy.

  41. I reluctantly draw the conclusion that professor is a tribal supremacist hiding behind his title and on a mission to ensure jubilee is re-elected. Using un-similar similarities to fool us has its limits.

    • Reading between the lines on the magnitude of your blogs wish am wrong but you keep on insisting that a dunderhead like me should be accorded the same audience with a professor like you. Read Raila verses the rest including uhuru,kalonzo,mudhavadi etc.

    • Now Professor mentioned Uhuru, Kalonzo, Raila, Mudavadi and Ruto…how did you conclude he was in support of Jubilee? Isack Mwaura tried to survive in CORD but whenever he aired his views that were not in agreement with the tribal chieftains, he would be labelled a jubilee mole. It’s tribal politics Professor.

    • Thomas just don’t comment if you don’t have what to say. What the professor has said is so clear. I wish we could be enlightened but you choose to be so stubborn and someone who view anything using tribal lens. Why should you direct anyone to read Raila verses? It shows that despite anything you are a confessed cord follower which is not a mistake anyway but obviously narrows your thinking

  42. The only way is to go through a revolution, which its consequences are not impressive” the anarchy that was witnessed in France before the revolution was chaotic and so need for the cleansing. This is where we are going when law is not regarded for respect.

  43. Ok prof am nt a doc but oftenly have visited one. On diagonising they prescribe to treat. Now the problem with you is you behave like the proverbial rats who summoned a meeting to bell the cat.

  44. True prof,what is the wayforward so that we can get out of this slavely once and for all,We need to start looking for the solutions as this issue can only be solved by having a third force

  45. Dear Prof,
    I have been reading your updates and i found that,
    1. You are not addressing national issues but personal.
    2. None of parties is national.
    3. Last general election jubilee was voted in across the country yet they claimed it was kales and kikus managed to get them to power”tranny of numbers” disrespecting the other voters the moment they got into the office.

  46. The prof is just the kind of people we need in Kenya, the other day, Kikuyus were on his throat for pointing out the follies of the Jblee govt. The other time he was on Kalonzo and Kambas nearly killed by their words.
    Prof,I yearn to hear what you have on Ruto.

  47. When did Raila vilify the whole Kikuyu community for the sins of Uhuru Kenyatta, get your facts right..Raila doesn’t hate the community nor does he has any bad motive nor issue with them.

    • In 2007 he said 41 versus 1 and still this year 2017 the narrative is almost the same. That where the fear come for Raila. I was pro Rao in 2007 but he gave a story in Bomet which described Kikuyu’s like a snake and needed to be killed unorthodoxically

  48. The point I have made and will continuously make is that Kikuyus of tribal mindset prof Wainaina included who hate Raila Odinga for the fear not of unknown but of prosecution of ills done by the kikuyu elites will always claim Kenya need fresh leaders.

  49. Am sure and I can bet, that the Canaan we so wish to drive to, can not be lead by the current political class, be it Jubilee or cord…. To the time I will see Kikuyus talk positive thoughts on Raila and luos talk positive thoughts on uhuru… Before then, we are nowhere… We will kill each other, beat each other, then those who survive will start a new Kenya…. I won’t mind if that happens, to save generations after.

    • I dont see anything good to say about Uhurus government pls nobody hates Uhuru as a person! Remember he has the mandate to make sure Kenyans are confortable peaceful free and hapy! If he was not a president who cares about his actions!

    • This type of response is irritating. I do not write measuring who has been mentioned more than the other. I have said a million times that my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I do not recognize them as different. They are two cheeks of the same arse.

  50. Great article! Worth sharing. After being beaten and chased from our homes in 2007, I developed hatred towards politics, politicians, and ‘their tribes’… After joining high school and university, I saw life differently, Kenya has only two tribes, the rich and the poor. My Computer Science class in JKUAT was so compact that I never noticed that we were only two students from Kisii. We were just friends regardless of our tribes. In 2013, I used to wear a black RAO FOR PRESIDENCY to class. My GEMA friends never hated me. I was in Mwea over the weekend visiting a Kikuyu friend who was a roommate in campus. We partied, laughed about politics and discussed about the state of affairs. Am an ODM member, he’s a Jubilee subscriber. We are friends, politics will come and go. Politicians are never enemies. This is more of WWE, the players show enmity and hatred to capture our emotions. God bless Kenya!

  51. Professor you seem to hate Raila Odinga through and through by continuously misrepresenting facts about him.Raila Odinga is not against kikuyu community as you have alleged in your article.This open biaseness against others is what may bring tension in the country.As a scholar you should try to be objective and put your facts right.Raila is on record of his association with kikuyu elites turn elders like charles Njojo,Charles Rubia,Kenneth Matiba,Rev Timothy Njoya, professor Wangari Mathai,Paul Muite and many others to bring the second liberation.Kenyans still remember clearly that it was Raila Odinga,Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia who were detained in 1990 for their demand on multi partism.Raila has been a MP for langata constituency for twenty five years and many of his supporters were kikuyus.In 2002 it was Raila who rallied the opposition will his Kibaki Tosha slogan.When leaders disagree on principles it does not mean they hate the communities of one another.In political life there is no permanent friendship or enemy.What is permanent is interest.Politics is the art of the possible or What can work.Professor to say that Raila hates the kikuyu because there is kalenjin or kikuyu representatives in NASA is wrong because the movement is for kenyans who are willing to join.Raila is also a member like every one.If Raila made a false claim on two million ballot papers stashed in ballot boxes in central province he could have been challenged to substantiate.

    • Professor wainana is an idle scholar who believe in reintroducing the tyrrancy of numbers behind the back door.In 2007 there was nothing like 41 against one.Kenya has forty two tribes and if president kibaki was contesting against Raila in 2007 then the swing votes were from the remaining forty ethnic groups.If Raila was able to take the remaining forty ethnic groups to his side then he was not only great but there could have been a serious weakness with the incumbent.If forty one against one was to kikuyu community then Mutahi Gunyi doctrine of tyrrany of numbers was against who.

    • Professor in a section of the article you said that Raila hates kikuyus because of the mistakes of elites please Raila does not hate kikuyu community many of whom are his close friends and supporters.

  52. Sitting pretty at the fence and critisizing the cord and the jubliee fratanities does not make you an angel . If you are man enough get into the murky political waters and then you’ll have the right to speak. Let the men fight it out meanwhile just shut the hell up Bwana prof coz you are being of no help coz you never give solutions.

  53. What an illogical commonplace discourse.I’m not a professor but that doesn’t prevent me from noting that what is the unity of those salivating for meat cannot attract meat eaters(kalenjins and kikuyus).Kalonzo is therefore right to support NASA with the few Kikuyus and Kalenjins in it.You as well need to know that not every NASA region/perceived supporters are Progovernment.

  54. Hi prof. I may not be a good history student but i can remember during our days in primary school at times we were overly noisy in class and a simple class prefect call for order was never enough not even the threat to list notorious noise makers. What silenced the class was only a passing teacher’s ambush with indiscriminate beating and you know what that’s where we are headed. Kenya has gone dangerously noisy a beating is inevitable

  55. As an educated professor it is your duty to educate the common man the way to act and think independently in am effort to drive away the motives and the vices used by our politicians who have only the ideological differences but eat together after the midnight hour and saying good night!

    • I am very pleased with your positive answer.But you are only reaching those who are blessed to have smart phones! Why can’t you have a paper written in kiswahili or other languages so that your teaching can filter thru to the minds bent on tribalistic feelings towards other tribes.In addition you can write why some of the TNA fellows are leaving their once loved political party to go back to where their ethnic feelings are driving them to and why.As a learned prof know that giving up means the ruin of the society.

  56. This doesn’t help abit. It just promotes hartred than unity. You can’t create unity among common men by dismissing all contestants using their past and failing to show them the best alternative and why you think it is (through facts and action plan). Take a stand and stop being a Watermelon yourself!

    • I do believe in your sentiments though we also have to agree with the fact that no serious contestant has come forward to battle with the thieves of democracy. What are we left with now? election is scheduled and people have to vote so will they boycott it or still vote? And if they vote will there be a ghost contestant who is “pure” to act as alternative to the branded thieves of democracy who obviously are in the ballot papers?

  57. Professor is right.the moment we shall realise,truely kenya has two tribe those who have and those don’t have,Kenya will change economically and democratically.those have been exploited those don’t have to their own advantage.will one day come when Uhuru or his friend corrupt Kenya and those don’t have including Kikuyu raise to protest against him?when will we raise and say no,when raila or his friend have corrupted kenyan,including those luo who do not have?.keep peace

  58. All this doesn’t exist in any other way we normally use to rotate these political gurns by.baba was there at nusu mkate did nothing wat will he do at this tym.remember tha one month vp mudavadi nothing ,kalonzo did nothing .my question is wea will we come with patriotic leader to save ourselves and the nation.for mi idon see any leader in btwn gvt and opposition they’re all leads by personal issues.

  59. If Uhuru has only issues with Raila, why has he sidelined Luos and other tribes from his government,once u fail to mention Uhuru as the worst tribalist in the world then u have failed miserably

  60. You have succumbed to buy cheap propaganda Prof. If I were you I should have pulled out this link immediately I re-read it! You might not be aware that so many enlightened people always look forward that you present a more non-personal or non-partisan view! We have real issues which we understand to be the basics of enemity amongst our leaders spilling over the citizenry! Mostly our politicians are corrupt nepotic tribalist and criminals who seek coverup from their tribes when busted! And bcoz Kenyans are gullible they buy this crap from our politicians! Secondly our politicians are selfish to one another! Thirdly our politicians are liars and pretenders! So the problem lies with Kenyans themselves the moment we deny this hooligans hostage when they angage in corruption and political crimes or fail to fullfill their mandate thats the only time hatred will end! bcoz the politicians will have no choice but to perform bcoz I blieve Kenya should be managed like a performing company hence we shall realize real change and quaality service equality transparency acountability and thereafter the development that Kenya deserves!”

  61. I concurred with AK. Alfred sentiment that you rely on some cheap comments taken out of context. Why did you omit the history of Kenya? Who or which group of community started what and did what?
    The choice of what to pick and where to emphasize is very telling and gave you wide latitude to describe Kenya politics as based or self centered personalized interest and I would like to appeal to you Prof. Wainaina to revisit your posts read once more to see what you omitted and if you had taken the historical aspects which are documented and are ready to be substantiated then I promised you that the political and development problems are or is based on one ideological family or community.
    Why were Kenyans unified up to the run of independent and were very successful and every part of the country seemed be okayed till when the guy they entrusted everything to be a symbol of unity embarked on disunity and self centered agenda and you know what up to Nyayo era began till Nyayo became the common enemy to almost every Kenyans and tell us what happened in order to get rid of Moi, who did what and why?
    Kibaki became the president and then Raila from being Jambaa to Raila Phobia and Raila Mania. Did anything change with Kibaki not all, he is the one who under his watch Kenyans ended slaughtering one another. Come 2013 , Uhuruto took over after lying to Kenyans about the ICC issue, well the duo prevail and the folks were not convinced but anyway moved a head but right after be sworn in , start with composition of the Cabinet it became 1. 1/2 composition and the attitude we don’t accept NUSU Mkate, any thing opposition say is Mr. Looser is time to retire because you will never become president even if your wife, brother and the entire family become commissioners of IEBC , this was preached, sang and became Chorus up to date even though kind of subsiding.
    Well, my point of contention is, different from yours, it is one tribe in Kenya who never allow the people of Kenya to choose whoever they want to lead them. It’s not Luo, not Kamba, Luhya, Masaai , Kisii even Kales, Coast and Mijikenda or Turkana except Kikuyus & Somalia Kenya, the ideological non caring, self centered , thieves, corrupt , looters and land grabbers. Unless Kikuyus change their attitudes and allow the 41tribes to have a say like them this our land will not prosper together. If kikuyu can never punish somebody like Uhuru who destroying Kenya economically then I don’t know how we can built our country of which they now refer as their Kingdom you said it well. They don’t accept nobody except a Kikuyus because the government of where 50 million people live and pay taxes that runs the government is their Full Bread that if fortunate can be invited to share just like they did to Luhyas by bringing Eugene Wamalwa to come and eat on behalf the Mulembe nation. We have destroy the system and bring Kenyan together.

    • Prof: Wainaina.
      You forgot that you were comparing & contrasting? Or what happened? Go back to your posts and have a look at your argument and presentation.
      If you ignore every event, significant similar to the situation before us today then what are we solving? Next another 5 years dilemma and you appear in the scene and start saying let’s not bring the past to see a trend or pattern neither should talk of the future, no only now?
      Try those your one sided based resealing as if you the only one who grew in the 80s, people who grew in the 90s reseal prematurely and that is what you trying to present to us and we reject it and keep it to yourself or people of your tribe they reason a like, they don’t care about the past even if it is a written document signed and sealed it doesn’t matter because the Kikuyus have to rule and steal, that’s first thing first.
      If any sane man can try to convince people to vote for Uhuru with all that mess then if you had lived during Hitler you could argue for him to rule. But this turn time is Uhurus side not really to relent but show his love for the country and also recognize the fact that he didn’t do a good job, he was unable to stand as a leader with responsibility and focused. His main accomplish is pay the immature bloggers who always insubordinate him and confirm to Kenyans that yes there is corruption because there was corruption in previous administration forgetting Uhuru is connected up to the last one he took over. Accepts and confirm the fact that there is corruption in opposition ruled counties so corruption should be talked in all context. Question who is responsible and commands all the organs, resources and agencies to lead in the fight? This is my answer that Uhuru himself is the cheered looter and The of correction in Kenya and if that’s the case as it is then he not even campaigning for another orgies with our economy? My foot.

  62. Gilbert Oloo this proff is a sinking sheep,Margret wanjiru and his sons are all ODM MPs courtesy of Raila,has Kikuyu ever surported anybody apart from themselves,Kikuyu will never appreciate, now why don’t they airport anybody for Nairobi governor,they can only do to house of mumbi

  63. ”In the fall out, Uhuru seems to be more unhinged than Raila. Raila is happy to vilify the whole Kikuyu community for the sins of Uhuru Kenyatta and the Kikuyu political class. It is a devious and diabolical way of reaping political capital out of his Kikuyu frenemies and rekindling his 41 against 1 tribal narrative which he gladly rode in 2007..”.this sounds a kikuyu mentality yet you pretend to be non-partisan….41-1 against one was a media creation,since all regions(coast,riftvalley,nyanza and western) were together in ODM,on the other hand was kikuyus under kibaki and kalonzo was contesting as the kingmaker(also a media creation)….the media picked this scenarios and created a headline of 41-1 to sell if you keenly followed the 2007 political proceedings…there was no vilification of kikuyu tribes,you chose to understand it that way…it was based on ideologies of galvanizing the nation….

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