CORD/NASA has failed as to be a government-in-waiting, they are waiting to be government.

One of the advantages of being a political analyst on TV (I am the resident analyst on KTN’s Morning express from 6-8am, Monday through Thursday), is that one is able to actually meet with the politicians and ask them questions. One question that I have consistently asked CORD/NASA politicians is, why, having the control of 24 Counties, they have not implemented any of the things they are saying they will implement “when they get into government”.

Granted, there are things that can only be implemented by the government in power that sits in Nairobi. For those, Jubilee will have to answer and Kenyan’s are generally agreed that Jubilee has failed in most of them.

But CORD controls 24 Counties meaning that the values and policies that they are shouting about now should be evident in those Counties. They do not have to wait to be in government to do some of those things. They should have used the 24 Counties to demonstrate that their proposals work and use them to show the people of Kenya what they would do if they got into power in the Central government.

Unfortunately, one cannot tell the difference between CORD Counties and Jubilee Counties. I remind these politicians that CORD Counties are equally corrupt, nepotistic, tribal, wasteful and mediocre. By failing to use the opportunity to demonstrate that they are different, and by continuously making noise at Jubilee for the same ills in their Counties, CORD has failed to demonstrate that it is a government-in-waiting, they are simply idling, dancing and rubble-rousing waiting to be government.

What is the difference between waiting to be government and a government-in-waiting?

A government-in-waiting articulates alternative policies and implements them in the local governments it controls. It does not just criticize government, it does not just give alternatives, it is itself an alternative in word and deed. On the other hand, waiting to be in government means sitting around, loudly criticizing the government in power while not positioning yourselves to be the alternative, by being, articulating and to the extent possible implementing alternatives. One could as well be playing cards waiting for five years to end so that they can make a claim on power. CORD/NASA has proved to be the latter in the last four years.

They have been shouting that they have been putting the government on toes. I don’t even know what that means. And one would ask why have they not been keeping CORD County governments on toes too, whatever that means. It is easy to criticize government. The next guy on the streets can do that quite well. It is harder to be an alternative and to demonstrate using the governments you already control that your solutions work and you are a government-in-waiting.

When asked, they say that they want to fight corruption. Yet Counties controlled by both Jubilee and CORD are the new centers of graft and impunity. It can be said that the Jubilee Counties take the cue from the Central Jubilee government. But when CORD Counties are as corrupt, they loose the opportunity to demonstrate that they have “zero tolerance” to corruption as they have been shouting.

I have heard them saying that, to fight corruption, a CORD/NASA government will stop its elected officials from doing business with government. If they were really serious about this and were acting like a government-in-waiting, they could already have done it. Nothing stops them from asking CORD elected leaders not to do business with the Central and County governments. But they cannot do this. You will remember that some CORD members were mentioned in the NYS scandal. It tells you that tenderpreneurs are as alive in CORD as in Jubilee. CORD/NASA is waiting to be government and make up for lost time where they have only had the remains of the nyama after Jubilee had eaten the best parts. They, in the meantime cannot forgo even the remains. That is why they cannot implement a claim that is implemetable now but are lying to Kenyans that they will implement it when they get to power.

Worse still, they have rushed to the defense of CORD affiliated governors who have been accused of graft, or simply looked the other way. When a certain County government was accused of harassing and extortioning a foreign investor who has invested billions, CORD said nothing. One of its principals and his relatives and associates were mentioned. As always, they dismissed it as “propagnada”. More damning,  it has been alleged that some of the tribal kingpins at the head of affiliate parties in CORD/NASA have been beneficiaries of the graft and extotion that goes on in Counties and that is why they have been very fast at defending governors who have been accused of the same. It is for instance believed that one governor with a myriad of allegations of corruption now and in the past is a key financier of one of the affiliate parties in NASA.

A mark of a “government-in-waiting” is that is has real alternatives to the government in power. In a devolved system like Kenya, it has an opportunity to demonstrate some of these alternatives in the regional governments and show its capacity to run government. Such a “government-in-waiting” cannot be all talk. The claim that CORD/NASA does not have the instruments of power to check graft in the Counties they control is their typical defense.

Is this a valid defense? No.

The truth of the matter is that the same argument can be made for Jubilee. After all, when the President asked governors implicated in graft to step aside, they refused and CORD did nothing about it. They seemed to gloat in the fact that it is Jubilee’s problem. If they were behaving like a government-in-waiting, this was a good opportunity to demonstrate alternatives in the Counties they control. They had none.

On maters elections, they have been gallivanting all over the Country threatening Kenyan’s with “mtakiona chamtema kuni” if they deem the next elections not free and fair. This is the other area where they should have demonstrated they are a real alternative to Jubilee.  Unfortunately, they run briefcase parties that have never had free and fair elections. The one that tried had their elections run by men-in-black to deliver a result that the party demagogues wanted. They are the least qualified people to shout to Kenyans about free and fair elections much less threaten us with dire consequences.

All they have been doing for the last four years is demonizing Jubilee and painting it as an evil government for the same sins that their own Counties and political parties are guilty of. These issues are now coming to light since the County governments are up for re-election and their competitors are exposing the rot, incompetence and wastage of County governments across the board.

It is very telling that for the case of the governor I mentioned, who seems embroiled in scandal after scandal and whose delivery has been judged by the people as dismal, he seems protected from competition in the Party he comes from. Could there be some truth in the fact that he is said to be the Party’s financier? Given his poor development record and serious perceptions on corruption, is it conceivable that there is no insider interested in unseating him while almost all the other governor positions are going to be hotly contested from within CORD/NASA? Is this a case of a party keen to protect the corrupt? Are we seeing the same culture of “sacred cows” when it comes to graft that the NASA brigade has been accusing Jubilee of? Can they then turn around and tell us that they are different from Jubilee who have corrupt  “untouchables” who steal with abandon and get away with it? If they can cavort with the corrupt when they are not in government, how can they claim to be a government-in-waiting that has alternatives and will do things differently? Evidently they have not real alternatives, they are just waiting to be in government and continue with the corruption and ethnic politics of Jubilee.

They have been shouting about tribal exclusivity practiced by Jubilee. Being equally tribal, they see exclusivity in tribal terms. As a government-in-waiting they should have re-defined exclusivity to encompass gender and youth and they should have demonstrated inclusivity themselves on the three, i.e. ethnic, gender and youth inclusivity. Instead, they run equally tribal parties that have zoned the country along tribal lines. They have failed to meet the third gender threshold set by the Constitution in their own constituent parties and in the Coalition. Not to mention that their parties and coalition leadership is of political dinosaurs who should have retired from politics in favor of younger, brighter and need I say cleaner and more modern minds?

When I wrote Yes, Jubilee is a clueless tribal duopoly, but NASA is equally a power-thirsty tribal trilogy, some CORD/NASA supporters were very annoyed. They were however unable to prove the ‘national’ character of NASA. I heard some of the most ridiculous arguments in defense of the fact that NASA was tribal, some of them include: Kenyans are tribal; there is no other way of political mobilization in Kenya; Jubilee has two tribes but NASA is less tribal because it has three; Tribalism is a means to an end, they will become “national” once they have power ( this one is a laughable one).

I reminded the authors of these arguments that the same arguments could equally be used to defend tribalism in Jubilee and therefore nullify NASA’s claim and characterization of Jubilee as uniquely tribal. They both are.  Evidently, the tribal character and modus operandi of NASA is undeniable. No amount of calling me a Jubilee idiot will change that fact. It would remain true even if I was actually a Jubilee idiot which I am not.  Granted, I may be an idiot, but not a Jubilee one.

It is evident that when it comes to alternatives CORD/NASA is as clueless as Jubilee and hopes to ride on the same siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi in order to gain power. Instead of articulating and implementing alternatives and demonstrating they are an alternative government-in-waiting, they are sitting on the same siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, idling, dancing and rubble-rousing, waiting to be government.

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  1. Sometimes I feel Kenya need bright people like you to stand up and say enough is enough.We shall support you.Academic approach to national issues will never change things my brother.The masses you are addressing aren’t on social media nor do they own T.Vs

  2. I disagree , it seems to me most Kenyans cannot distinguish devolve functions and governments projects and so the government capitalizes on the said weakness and takes credit for it . The same applies regarding projects initiated by coalition government. So, if cord/ nasa went ahead to show by example how they tend to run the country by enforcing major changes on the opposition counties, the government would claim to have done it ….finally what became the of the list of shame, Anyone behind bars ? Would you then expect opposition to accept it governors are corrupt ?

  3. This argument has always been lame especially because;
    1)CORD/NASA is not in power.They seek to gain control of the central government.
    3)The so called 24 governors are not under the general direction and control of CORD/NASA principals.

  4. Both divides NASA and Jubilee are two sides of the same coin.Same case of the political elite who think they owe Kenya’s a favour to elect them.They will not change the lives of most Kenyans who are feeling the brunt of inflation.I do not blame politicians.I blame the electrorate for keeping them in power.Leaders are a reflection of who we are as a nation.

    • They are not a reflection of the people. They have held people hostage with a single ethnic political narrative. What the people need is an alternative non-ethnic political narrative. Given the right options, the people will make the right choices. Without an option, they will either choose NASA tribalists or Jubilee tribalists.

    • Actually I disagree with you on the matter that Kenyans are not pertinent and privy to bad leadership that we have.They do elect those tribal politicians even though they have better candidates at their disposal who are less popular with the masses.

  5. stand for something my brother! hypocrisy will be the end of you, we know this weaknesses but we’ve always said better NASA…but you….you think there is something to gain by supporting both sides!

    • Read the article. By your own admission you know that these people are equally useless. You have chosen your devil and called it the lesser evil. I have refused to settle for any of the two evils. I have insisted that we are better than this. You think you are better than me because you have chosen the evil that will eat you. You are not my brother.

      • Ochieng Thomas

        It was during Hitlers time that his propaganda minister was charged with repating lies against Jews so much that Germans beleived,You’ve repeated the lie about Rt.Hon.Odinga embezzling Kazi Kwa Vijana fund,Nothing could be further from the truth.
        KKV was conceptualized by Hon.Odinga as a stop gap measure which basically was an economic stimulus,to cushion this economy from economic downturn in Europe and America.This he did with grants from World Bank funing the programme with GOK funding too.The propaganda you keep on repeating was from the Audit by the World Bank raising issues with how the World Bank component fund was used to pay staff at PM office who attended capacity building workshop,the internal audit query was leaked by Treasury then headed by President Uhuru then for political gain.All government staff are paid per Diem when they go for such meetings,what happened was that the cash from GOK had not been released by the time the capacity building was being undertaken,so the staff were paid by the World Bank funds with assurance that the world bank fund will be credited ounce GOK releases its cash.
        The issue of youth not being paid can never be blamed on Former Premier as all payments were being done through the provincial administration working in concert with each line ministry,although its true the program was abused by corrupt public servants,it can never be blamed on Rt.Hon Raila Odinga

        • Prof. Michael Wainaina

          Of course according to you it had nothing to do with him. He conceptualized it, got money, did nothing with it, but of course according to you he did not steal it. Well the youth are as desperate as they were when he conceptualized KKV whose only achievement is that money was stolen. Listen to yourself, the defense you are giving here is the same one given by Waiguru and the NYS thieves. The same one given for the Japan Embassy theft, the same one they all give. IT WASN”T ME!! For you Raila is a god, mweupe kama pamba. If things went well, it is because of his genius, magnanimity and holiness. If things go wrong, it is not him it is others! When he steals his own elections, it is others. My friend, who is fooling who???

          • Ochieng Thomas

            Hope you can give an iota of evidence how Raila Odinga ‘ate’ KKV funds,otherwise i find your argument strange and pure propaganda.

    • We’ve never tested them in power. How do you judge them? UHURUTO have chosen to do business with looters who’ve become bigger than them and they can no longer handle the ghost within. Raila has over and over unveiled corruption which even me and you would never had noticed in a life time. Yeah….that makes me better than you by far….you are a pretender gaining from staining others. Mpanda farasi wawili……hupasuka msamba.

    • He was PM and money was stolen in his office and he just gave a long cock and bull story. Do not tell me you don not know about the maize scandal and KKV and others. He and his family has been named in Dominion Farms extortion. You call it propaganda and start saying he is new and clean. Who a re you fooling? Surely!!!!!

      • Ochieng Thomas

        Are you aware the Dominion Boss has been taken to court by Bill Gates Foundation for embezzlement of Funds,This Mzungu took over Ksh.200 Billion from the Gate under pretense of putting up schools,hospitals and improving livelihoods of Africa people.To date no project like that exists,his beef is that Bill Gates is close to Raila Odinga .If its true on his claims why is he afraid of going to parliament which is lead by Jubilee to lay bare his accusation on Hon.Raila Odinga and the Odinga family,enlighten us on the so caled maize scandal

        • Prof. Michael Wainaina

          Are you giving all this to justify why he is being extortion-ed? TO show that he deserves it? Of course again for you the Dominon Mzungu is a madman and Raila is an innocent angel. HOw many people must you declare mad in order to sanitize your tribal tin-god!!

          • Ochieng Thomas

            The Mzungu plans to blackmail People of Siaya County by attacking Raila Odinga,but let him know he must abide by the lease agreement by the Siaya County Government,otherwise its his right to continue entertaining Jubilee apologists

    • There you go again with propaganda. In the whole of Kibaki presidency only Raila Odinga looted? No prove. As I said my problem with you isn’t what you’re saying……it’s what you’re not saying.

    • Nyaenya Joe There are a million things I am not saying. Judge what I have said. You are the one who said Raila is clean and has not been tested in power. I told you he has. And the results are there for all to see. Unfortunately, you only choose what suits your argument so that you can convince yourself that Raila is an option. I have said he, the other NASA fellows and Jubilee are not an option. All of them are driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

  6. Prof, I am one of your ardent listeners. I support you on a cross range of issues, but I think you are messing up big time by equating Jubilee to CORD under whatever circumstances. What you are doing is you are killing hope in Kenyans. What you are trying to say is that if jubilee has failed, and CORD seems not to be good enough to run this country, then we better stick to jubilee. I think this is hypocrisy of the highest order.

    We are not in a perfect democracy where there is clear cut different between major parties that constitute different political ideologies to drive this country forward. What we have is an ethnic driven tribal politics. That’s why even when jubilee has failed mainly on the economy, all there supporters aren’t ready to question the same, but are ready to question CORD, even when they have been out of power.

    I am not saying NASA is ideal, but we must appreciate jubilee I’d driving Kenya in to an abyss.

    Prof, I know devolution has been a let down. Part of this is struggles between national and county governments on distribution of revenues, commensurate to the responsibilities there off. I personally believe Uhuru and Ruto aren’t strong believers in devolution, and critics have been saying that, they wanted devolution to fail, in favour of a central government.

    Companies perform differently with different managers on top, even when the rest of the manpower is maintained. Results of leadership will always reflect the quality of leadership at the top not at the bottom. I am not defending cord, but let’s be real, jubilee had failed Kenya, especially in managing the economy.

    We should, in the love of Kenya, be honest to one another concerning the future of this great nation!!!

    • Philip. I think you never understand this post.
      Prof is not leaning on any side, as much as jubilee and cord are concerned .

      Prof has just noted some kind of hypocrisy in cord, yes jubilee has failed most of it tasks especially the economy as you said earlier . bt the I think the point here is that …
      NASA are very opportunistic folks, just waiting for any mistake in jubilee and instead use it to buy votes from kenyans
      *cordians are not good either . they are sitted, just waiting for their chance, this is kenya. And it will remain this way . whether with Cord or whatever side takes power .
      Am resting my case

    • I can only attack NASA forcefully after they are given opportunity to rule, and fail. Raila and kibakibtransformed this country after 24 years of misrule. CORD has failed, and especially if looked at from the 24counties that they manage. If jubilee has failed, let’s give NASA the opportunity and let’s condemn them strongly if they fail too. But condemning them before you give them a chance at the national level, is extremely hypocritical!!?

    • Philip Mbithi Kiswii Thank you for your kind words. I have told Kenyans to be more hopeful than to accept that we only have a choice between two evils. Between two failures. It is said that if all the choice you have is between the lesser of two evils, all you will get is the evil of two lessers. We cannot settle for the evil of two lessers. We must look for another option. I have said that this option must be driven by a new non-ethnic political narrative. It is the responsibility of we the people to find out what that is and displace and replace the tribalists.

    • You are spot on prof, I know change is sometimes gradual and painful, I believe you, me and some other Kenyans who appreciate where we are, as well as where we ought to be, should be key players in bringing to fruition the future that we want. But prof, what we need now is anything that constitutes progress from the status quo. Let’s keep hope alive in Kenyans Prof. Nothing is as difficult as telling an hungry Kenyan, that there is no hope for tomorrow, nothing is as difficult as telling a graduate without a job that there is no hope for a better tomorrow. Part of why we understand where we are is because we should be able to provide solutions as to what paths to follow to be where we ought to be prof. Thanks for the response, and I must admit, we share a lot as to where we are and where we ought be !!!

  7. NASA is not very competent as a government in waiting, but let’s be real, we are looking for anything that represents an improvement, anything that constitutes positive change as we seek to transition ourselves to ideologically driven politics that is people and issue centered!! 40 out of every 100 shillings that KRA is collecting is going out to pay external debt. How much of the same will be going for the same after another 5 years of jubilee borrowing???

    All governors who have not performed need to be shown the door, irrespective of which party they come from!! Let’s not give resources and responsibilities to people who aren’t ready to move this country forward
    As we engage in politics of deceit, as we engage in politics of tribe, our people continue to suffer and to be hurt by this!! The elite of this country must think twice and start providing the solutions to our struggling brothers and sisters.

    • I am a strong supporter of devolution bro. We can never talk of a stable Kenya without devolution. You need to study development history, and learn how governments that embrased devolution long ago are very developed and advanced as of now!! After entertaining the idea of central government since independence, Kenya is extremely poor as a result of the same. I am a development studies student, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction, you can’t have a strong and stable Kenya without devolution!!! We can argue about the best way to undertake devolution, including the optimum number of counties to entertain in Kenya, but we must never debate about the concept of devolution itself and it’s effectiveness in advancing developments to Kenya

  8. This narrative is an old one….you began as if you had something new to offer….you are very academic but extremely far from the reality….you know the truth..but the Uthamaki mentality will not allow you to speak it….we wish you well

    • Fred Kambona Okeyo They have been in power and in government. Money was stolen from the programs in the PMs office during the coalition government and Raila gave a cock and bull story. They control 24 counties. What other prove do you need that these guys are not an option? Have you even read the article boss?

    • We can only mention one or two scams during Raila’s time. How scams can you mention during this regime? Just to mention a few Eurobond, NYS, Health ministry et cetera. Who are a bit better now?

    • Fred Kambona Okeyo This is a hopeless argument. So the scams under Raila don’t count? The ones that count are those under Jubilee. What kind of hypocrisy is this? So exactly how many scams makes one corrupt? Who set the number? Seriously??? Have we sunk this low? To weigh one thief against the other to find out who is a lesser thief?? This is depressing!!!

    • Raila ‘s scams were just fixing and name calling. These scams have been confirmed and you defend it? If Raila scams were genuine how much money was lost? They were just politicking. Everyone knows about NYS and Eurobond including a young child

    • Fred Kambona Okeyo That is the typical response to defend his corruption. The only reason these scams did not become a big issue is because all the tribalists were in the blood soaked coalition government and they and their associates were eating. There was no need to shout. Now, some of the tribalists and their associates are outside government and they are angry and over-shouting. The others are inside and overeating.

      As far as you are concerned, all the people who have named Raila as corrupt, tribal, dictatorial, hypocritical, manipulative, insincere etc, are mad. Never mind that most of them were ODM insiders. He is the only one telling the truth. He has been even named in reports but even the authors of the reports according to you are mad. He is the only one who speaks the truth. He and his family and his associates were named in the Dominion Farms extortion scheme. But according to you the billionaire investor is mad. Only Raila is talking that truth. He steals his own elections with men-in-black and those who point that out are mad. As far as you are concerned, he runs a democratic party. When you are this willing to close your eyes to the obvious, do not demonize those of us who open our eyes and who know that everyone else cannot be mad.

    • Professor you are getting it wrong about Dominion. I think that Mzungu made it clear. It’s some luo MPs who were trying to use Raila ‘s name to obtain some cash from him not Raila . I know Raila is not an angel but he can move this nation to the next level. We are tired of a tribal government. We just like kadu of 1960 are agitating for an all-inclusive government. Not a government of two communities. Remember Kanu of 1960 was for two communities (luo and Agikuyu) reminiscent of the government of the day (Agikuyu and kalenjin)

  9. I love this. The NAZI’s(my name for NASA bigots) are seething with anger. They can’t believe their supreme Hitlers, the four musketeers are being called for what they really are. Corrupt, violent tribalists. Again on point proff.

  10. So prof…. what is the wayfoward?? , another day i heard u ranking Mr Abduba dida ( Presidential aspirant… Tunza party) to be better than other presidential aspirant but u never said how???… I strongly believe that Mr Abduba dida is Ajoker broker, Y should he come only during electionering an not other struggling times…. wonders never cease in kenya, Evil cartels allover, may God save us…… So mr prof pliz go seek elective seat, wacha story moooob thanks….

  11. Prof you should stop diverting attention. The narrative that there are CORD controlled counties is a ploy to paint alternative leadership black so that all look dark so that we are stuck with Jubilee. Governors whether cord or Jubilee are county governments and are not cord or Jubilee governments. You better than I do that governors are not answerable to their coalition in terms of their service delivery. Governors like Alfred Mutua have outrightly defied the Parties that sponsored them and even form their own parties. The major problem with counties is not implementing projects but corruption. The law enforcement agencies are all functions of the national government. What saying is not new. But since you are a gun for hire you are comfortable with selective amnesia. I wish you could also be ready to learn during the morning shows rather than wasting the golden opportunity to peddle malicious ideologies

    • Are there CORD Controlled Counties. Yes! Does CORD like shouting about it to show how popular it is. Yes. Should we therefore see the difference between those Counties and Jubilee Counties. Yes. Is there any difference. No. Are they as tribal, nepotistic, corrupt and mediocre as jubilee. Yes. Anything else is mere PR my friend. This is simply the way it is. You can call me what you want. It will not change the way it is. IT would help you more if you accepted the truth and choose to fix the problem.

    • Prof those are your opinion and you have a right to them. They help you not me when your masters evaluate whether you have fulfilled your mission or not. If yes to what extent have you succeeded in bringing confusion to ensure your tribesman, Uhuru retains power. I challenge you to provide specifics on why you believe there are CORD Jubilee controlled counties. I don’t see how rightfully claiming popularity has any connection with controlling counties. Nothing stop your tribesman Uhuru Kenyatta from taking action against corrupt governors!

    • Whether there are CORD and Jubilee controlled Counties is not a matter of “believe”. It is a fact. Your problem is that you are hopelessly tribal. You cannot get over the fact that I am a Kikuyu. You have gained nothing from the article. For so long as you are motivated by tribal hatred, you cannot see any point outside the tribal lenses. Sad.

    • @ Mburu it does not matter how cool or zealous Prof may sound. It’s time we be honest with ourselves. I came from tribe first before I became Kenyan. I identify with my tribe more than a conglomeration of non cohesive tribes put together by colonists to form Kenya. Our engagement should be informed by mutual interests not colonial boundary.

  12. Prof, i admire your rational analysis on issues especially politics. We need liberal minds that are not shy to call it as it is and you are certainly one of them. This nation has brilliant minds and very hard working labour force but the leadership is direly wanting. We are in serious need of a transformed leadership that will focus on selflessly serving Kenyans. As we stand currently, all candidates vying for presidential position are seriously dented except one Ekuro Aukot (hope i got the name correct) . This Candidate presents a choice that resonates with the expectation of majority of us frustrated Kenyans. Problem is he has done little or nothing at all to market himself. A product may be very good but as long as its not marketed properly so that the customer is made aware of its existence and distinctness, it will still not sell. Ekuro must reach out to the people and present himself as the second choice. If he doesn’t make it this time,next time he will.

  13. Prof wainaina talks for jubilee ! Your talk is aimed at demystifying ills committed by failed JUBILEE !! You do this by saying NASA and JUBILEE are same ! Its jubilee in power not NASA.

  14. To be the president of this country one must attain the age of 35,be a kenyan citizen,one of sound mind,attains the necessities in chapter six n i believe prof falls in there,man up sell ur policies n will rally behind u

  15. Your analysis is skewed towards opposition. Meaning that you are on payroll to discredit the opposition. Your partisan in handling political issues disquafys you from being a resident analyst at ktns morning express.

  16. @Prof. Michael all the Governors in Kenyan regardless of their parties , implementing their own pledges & not the one of the Coalition that supported during election 2013 . Leave alone incumbents Governors those inspiring they are promising electorates if elected they will do A.B.C.D unlike their parties manifesto , having said that how do you expect them(24Governors) to implement CORD pledges ???? Remember we have two level of Government & each Government is implementing her pledges . Therefore it’s ridiculous to criticises CORD/NASA coalition because of 24Counties which they control .

    • U make me laugh!pthoo n the way uthamakistans are brainwashed..heard theyll go back to the forest n wear shorts under raos presidency…tihihihiii.take this narrative to them before any other pple..selfish egocentric n tribal bigots

    • I am very specific about the responsibility of CORD towards CORD Counties. Read. You are wrong. There is nowhere in the Constitution that says that its the role of government to ensure all Counties in this Country are managed properly. Again, read!

    • Do you want to imply that the National government has no authority over it’s own counties, especially when it’s graft?
      What is National Government Prof?
      We Kenyans, are used to bad governance to an extent of confusing the roles of the opposition and the government.
      A working stable National government will ensure all parts of the country are equitably served, both by the National and county government.
      It’s more of a Jubilee failure instead.

    • Read the Authorities and functions of the President Prof.
      The President shall –
      a)Respect, uphold and safeguard the Constitution.
      I believe, with my own interpretation and opinion, that the President, can safeguarding the constitution by stabilisation the institutions responsible for curbing graft and ensuring all victims are charged and sentenced. Corruption is illegal and against the requirements of our constitution.
      b) safeguard the sovereignty of the Republic; promote and enhance the unity of the nation.
      e) ensure the protection of human rights (fair allocation of public resources included) and fundamental freedoms and the RULE OF LAW.
      The counties in question are not in Burundi or Ghana.

  17. Wewe Prof bandia, anza na kutueleza tabia ya uhuru ya matusi na kukataza gavana wetu kuja tononoka. Sioni kama hii nchi itakua na umoja ikiwa rais anakua na tabia za kihuni hivyo.

  18. I have strongly believed that that Cord Governors should be a demonstration of what good leadership and governance is… Unfortunately we cannot showcase these Counties as models… A very unfortunate scenario for a Government in Waiting or a waiting Government

  19. Your blog is petty,shallow,mundane,retrogressive and nonsensical.You cannot be talking politics every time you post here.That shows how myopic you are.Furthermore you fail to aptly put your political bloviations in the right manner.Despicable.Isn’t it?

  20. Who told u its about performance? Wakiguyu mmekula sana ni wakati Wa tribe singine pia sikule ivo 2, Kenya style 2mechoka kunusia 2 harufu wakiguyu wakikula haki ye2, jasho ye2, nguvu ze2, Mali ze2, ushuru we2, tamu ye2, alafu wanatutabikia Kwa miguu ze2 kisha Kwa kiburi na majivuno wana2tusi venye si mafala hatuna ki2 2tawafanya, heri shetani we2 akuwe prezo kuliko malaika mukiguyu.

    • Am a kikuyu and i face the same challenges all other kenyans face.Do you think if raila is president unga for you will be 50shs and for the rest of us it will be 100??Do you expect to be given first class treatment in hospitals??Why is it that when you are in hospital you ask for blood donation from well wishers and not from your fellow tribes men??People like you are the very reason we are a developing country.Tribes dont lead,people from certain tribes do.Am a kikuyu and i have not gained from the perceived notion of a kikuyu is in power.Stop being so shallow minded my friend.

    • Unfortunately,your taxes are carried in sacks…in broad day light n nothing can done…we are so pathetic that due corruption,everybody wants to be an MCA or a governor coz that’s where monies are stolen…

    • boss,am a kiuk n i thnk am suffering as u r,ss hii unasema ni rubbish na sioni vle nasa/naswa italeta unga kwako.u will still struggle kama kawaida till mungu wako akusaidie,

  21. I agree with you today but been one of Kenyan who watch you on ktn I tend to be leaves you don’t see any thing good in your country ad much as there is a lot if corruption in government at least same thing is been done

  22. So Professor give us an alternative for next election.Tell us what score card your using for NASA. Are you saying we re-elect Jubee if we have no alternative? Or what are you saying? Give us a straight ans which of the two divide should be elected this year, because there is no third force.

  23. The professor has once again deliberately failed to delve into Jubilee’s misgivings. Note that any government who blame the opposition for their failures is a good as dead. The 24 counties u talked about are in Kenya and under Uhuru Kenyatta as the president, the Jubilee government has refused to devolve all the functions to the counties as stipulated under the Constitution. Example, if health was fully devolved, why are we still having a health CS with a full office? It’s important to take Uhuru as a politician and not as a president, presidents have decorum and respect to protect, on this Uhuru has failed!

  24. Lets be honest.This is a tribal country.As a kikuyu why should i vote for Nasa?Is it really the better alternative?Do they even know what problems we face?Instead of Nasa telling us what they will do they are busy telling us what jubilee has not done.As a luo why should you vote for jubilee?But its not lead by a luo.Kikuyus have always been in power.
    Kenya is a tribal country.Its a fact.Luos are equally tribal as kikuyus,and so are kambas,kalenjins,merians and so forth.
    Uthamaki is everywhere.It has a different name in luo land,in kamba land,in maasai land and the list is endless.

    • “As a Kikuyu why should I vote for NASA”….the last thing I expected to hear from someone who has been to school, .KINDLY..stop tagging your tribe in your reasoning…I am a kiuk and I won’t be voting for jubilee

    • Dogho..”hii ujinga wakikuyu wako nayo”
      Doesnt that statement make you tribal?
      And you didnt not vote for kibaki out of your goodwill you voted because your kingpin was on that side.

    • Byron..why is central a jubilee stronghold and not any other party.Why is nyanza a cord stronghold and so forth.Well you can be ignorant and play dumb but facts are facts.
      And you dont have to vote for jubilee nobody told you to.

      • Ochieng Thomas

        Kenya is not tribal,Kikuyus are tribal,when President Moi was about to retire he approached his relative who was the Chief of General Staff then Gen.Daudi Tonje expressed his desire to extend his tenure as Military boss,Tonje a Tugen like Moi Flattly refused,in fact out of this request he made changes that guided how military ranking was to be done famously known as (Tonje rule).

        About the same time in 2002,the Director General of National Intelligence Brigadier Boinnet a Kalenjin just like Arap Moi told the President that Project Uhuru was going down,infact Boinnet told Moi that he had to start preparing to hand over power to the opposition.
        These fine career public servants served this nation with distinction abiding to their oath of office,irrespective their tribal inclination,due to the two,the country had a smooth transition of power in 2003.
        But this unfortunately cant be said of Kikuyu who are in the Military or NIS,they dont care about their oath of office what is important to them more is the Kikuyu tribe,The NIS and other important security formations in this country are not serving the republic but are active members of Jubilee administration coz of tribal inclination,this is how a nation becomes failed.
        Everyboy knows that the Kikuyu formation in security sector wants to retain Uhuru Presidency at all cost,they will go for their imagined threats like Gov.Joho using all State resources.

    • Professor..We cant hide from the truth.Have you realised your article is getting praise from the likes of “kamau,mureithi,kipchumba” but its getting a backlash from the likes of “otieno,wafula,mwendwa”.Kenya is a tribal nation.Why is central perceived as a jubilee stronghold and nyanza a cord stronghold?
      Call a spade a spade.

  25. I think your articles could be pointing more to the bodies in office,your continuous waste of energy attacking Opposition more than the people in office is like you defend so much the legacy of “mtu wetu” have always told you that you can do better than this..your name betrays you..proffesor offer Kenyans a solution..your articles are good but your point of interest we don’t see it

  26. Sorry to say but kenyans will vote along tribal lines and we all know that.What we should be advocating for is peaceful elections.Elections happen once every 5 years but we are kenyans always.Dont hurt your brother and sister because of leaders who dont care about your very existence.Most of them want leadership for their own selfish gains.Lets preach peace weather your camp wins or looses the election.If raila wins life goes on,if uhuru wins life goes on.

    • Loool! In simple terms KRA on behalf of govts collects your taxes..The national government allocates each county certain amount of money each financial year e.g Nairobi and Turkana taking the biggest share…Boss from here you can bring back knowledge

  27. i agree with you totally,,, na tuelewane hii ni kenya,,, nothing will be different or no more difference will be,, unless their is a new generation not the one we know,,, hakuna acha tudanganyane ju pia sisi tunaona wengine wakifanya hivo unless we are preparing 100 ways of doing it wrong ,,


  29. Enyewe kenya is a politic Nation hakuna kitu ingine ndiposa maskini azindi kuwa maskini na tajiri kinyume yake by the way politics is job like any other in Kenya am telling you.the difference is that this job u get via polling votes unlike c.vs and godfather as we really get through them.

  30. Prof I think you are hitting hard on opposition than the right institutions. Prof. I think most people who get the power to rule use the power of the pen to steal. Talk of IFMIS. A computer software malicious hacking and maniputing the system to steal. Opposition cannot fight itself, the government can take control.

  31. Prof, your argument can only work if we eliminate this tribal political leaning. Even the striking doctors from mt. Kenya region will still vote for jubilee. Unless we move away from that to issue based politics, then hitting at CORD is of no use and consequence

    • Prof, the feeling in mashinani is that Kikuyu’s are self centered, believing they are second to none. If st any one time they would vote for another presidential candidate who is not Kikuyu, then the narrative will begin to wane drastically. Don’t run away from this

    • Prof, I am a keen listener to you on KTN and truth be told you are s patriot. I think the narrative should now change to reality. When you see Governors defecting to join jubilee, yet they are head of their own govts with a local Assembly to boot, then there is still something in the presidency. What makes them run to the President yet they are also presidents on their own right. Is it manipulation by the president or personal enrichment. My thinking was that Uhuru does not allocate funds to the counties, but CRA, so there must be something up there and this is why the battle for the top job will continue to be vicious and communities will regard it as its own and protect it.

  32. U r right prof. though I disagree with you at one point. It’s true that all our 47 counties are corrupt and plus uhuruto in the mix we have 49 thieves ruling our beloved country, and to be sincer corruption in Kenya has a long history starting from the founder of the nation that’s Kenyatta senior but and one thing we must agree is that the current Kenyatta’s lead gvmnt is more corrupt compared to all the other gvmnts.

  33. Prosessor, you seem to be saying both parties are thieves… u might be right to that far but have you not heard that we set a thief to catch a thief?.. that is the reason we want NASA climp to power!

  34. Let us all agree we are tribalistic in nature,y?,coz if a Kikuyu man post anything the Luos n Luhya normally react -vely, n vice versa including all other tribes eg Kales

  35. Kindly retreat to your blog Mr Professor, I would prefer Propesa over you any day. You are just but another tribal bigot disguised as an analyst. Shame on you.

  36. You don’t even understand your analysis… In fact you are abusing the prefixes and suffixes of your name. Facts are hidden books … You should have liberal mind to help you extract facts

  37. Kenyans must say NO to thieves and elect people of unquestionable integrity to positions of leadership. We must stop glorifying looters and start questioning the source of their wealth. They must be held to account by simply declaring their wealth. Further, we must strengthen our constitutional offices to enhance our governance systems where corruption and mismanagement of our resources are severely punished. The current office bearers of these constitutional offices are irredeemably impaired and have no capacity to fight graft. We must get rid of non performers from public offices regardless of their political or tribal affiliations, punda alichoka kitabo and we must all be accountable and take responsibility for our actions or lack of it.

  38. I told you sometimes back you are a messenger bwana.You speak on behave of Kikuyu people and you are one person who would never like any change in this country. It is only Raila who can bring a drastic changes in the country.

  39. siku hizi MTU anaaamka na kukojoa thn anasema yeye ni analyst……Do u expect NASA principals to work put and implement those projects with their own savings…….style up Mr.

  40. Supporting a corrupt regiment with your PhD shows that the eduction you acquired is not helping you at all. The simple answer is that the head of state should guide the country in the right way. It starts from the top downwards not vice versa, now can you stop attracting public attention by putting PhD title on your timeline yet you reason like a kindergaten

  41. Proff. I am starting to understand your point of view. It is up to NASA and JUBILEE to read carefully. What you are saying is that nothing will change come 2017 election. Jubilee will form the next government and NASA will have to wait until they convince Kenyans that they can do things differently.

  42. Slow down guys, what this guy is saying, his perceived bias notwithstanding is that we have a duty as a citizenry to demand a better leadership than what the past and present has had to offer..

  43. Professor, there is a deference between defer, deferment, deferential and deficience; how do you implement development projects that are clearly the responsibility of the #National government whereas the allocations disbursed to the devolved county governments are for recurrent expenditure only; roads are classified and costs to their improvements are factored in the national budget, health and education same and one individual charged with the responsibility to ensure implementation of devolution sits in OP and Kes 1.8b is carted away from a bank without trace? The audit of public funds usage in offshore accounts is halted by a house mobilised and lobbied by a majority leader to vote in a particular manner to block scutiny. Even Jubilee counties are cash strapped. Kindly acquaint yourself with National Income and Product Accounts… (NIA)! Give us the basic GNP #identity; which is fundamental to the study of economics on an aggregate level..! Politics aside!!!

    • Kevin, An educated person knows something about everything; AND everything about something! Right now Kenya doesn’t need Radio and TV talk shows to realise we are doomed economically! World Bank funded projects in Mombasa are clearly documented; The ambitious Road Networks and highways in all the three cities and country were initiated by Raila as the roads minister with lead times of implementation and repayment structures whether unilateral, bilateral or otherwise; funds are channeled through the national treasury to line ministries for accountability. It is on record; Raila left the country with county governors to seek project partners.

  44. Prof,you need people to analyse for you politics,suppose you should follow your profession if it isn’t politics.You say that Jubilee can defend itself against tribalism owing to the fact that NASA isn’t also an all inclussive! You want to argue that you can only right if you are 100% correct! You haven’t heard,’mkataa wengi ni mchawi’ (he|she is a witch or a wizard who deserts the majority) majority here mean more than half,but not necessarily all. In the matters of party elections,Ababu claimed that he wanted to form a third force,but recently he has promised support to Jubilee.Did you think it was democratic to leave ODM members but chose a jubilee member to be the ODM leader? It is like you always cry that a man,who is a owner of a home,would have allowed a snake ownership! Ruto said that Ababu was given a token ksh 200 million.Do you think the government planned to build or destroy it’s rival? If the government had planned destruction,did you want the opposition to destroyed? Why do you alway cry that the denied a chance to a destroyer? Was it a must that they were supposed to be stupid and give way a destroyer? You planned it and thought it would succeed,you are still angry to-date! If he wasn’t a government project,why has he declared support for the government? Uhuru Kenyatta,with all the power,claimed that his hands are untied,what do you expect the opposition can that the president can’t do? Don’t you think they should wait to achieve the seat in order to ammend the constitution for power? Leave alone that,what are the requirements for presidency! A person should be president of this country if he|she wins an election regardless whether they are or not development conscious! If you feel that you are being threatened by a free,fair election-it means you aren’t ready to escape the threat by investing in the odd! NASA is terrible:It has the face of Kenya appearing in their side and also almost half the face of Kenyans appearing in Jubilee.Do you know that deputy president is still a member of ODM party?

  45. Prof. You are stating the obvious. We are witnessing a politically messy situation with no clear direction ideologically. But it is up to learned people like you to guide us out of this quandary. Waiting till crunch time to analyze the scene thus, somehow leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of all. We are one corrupt and tribal lot for sure, so how do we kill this monster Proffesor?

  46. The better thing is to abuse the professor or to see the point he’s trying to drive? Commentors, when we post, scrutinize your post & reason if it needs to be posted, if not you expose your incopitent mind.

  47. I have always thought as much – that political parties need to guide, if not direct, the Development Agenda in their respective areas of control. Truly speaking, they have no good record to refer Kenyans to. And one is left wondering what exactly or different they will do if they get state power.

  48. Being a proffessor does not mean that you have a monopoly of information,but you are expected to be in a better apprehension of what is happening around you.All in all,prof is right and wrong on some issues,to be sincere some CORD governors have let the coalition diwn,unfortunately because CORD has little powers to do anything abt them,going for them would risk a case where they jump to jubilee and nomatter their failures jubilee would gladly welcome them like the case of Mutua and Dado.

  49. #Jubilee tuko pamoja kazi tu, Jubilee ummoja wa taifa kazi tu, Jubilee democrasia kazi tu, Jubilee maslahi yako kazi tu. ..MAKE IT YOUR Skiza Tune; Sms #Skiza61110386 send to 811.#NASA is comprised of former government failures.

  50. Did I hear or see you call yourself professor?!!!!! Then if this is what PhD (parmanent head damage) is made of,I would rather remain a fool…. You are another disgrace to a collection of academicians who went to school and school went through them… Unless you are a Punjab professor…. I thought professors stand btn heaven and earth to help a burning country find solutions?????? You are not any different from a young adolescent who picks up her mum phone,,, and goes with it to the neighborhood,to sway a gal with,but when asked to operate it,,, eyes turn red for knowing no book.thanjs for helping me define a fool

  51. We got what we voted for and there will be no difference after the election….. more corruption on a grand sale, more land grabbing and more lawlessness. Same old ..same old

  52. You are a wastful proffesor with your ill analysis. Jubilee is the ruling party with the instruments of state power to arest anybody confirmed to be corupt. Your analysis is about rumermongering n defending the corupt jubilee goverment. Look at the issues cord has brought up Eurobond, Nys, foreighners registering as voters etc. Money looted from the banks using sacks live. If u want to help kenya thru your education, then be an independent analyist not analytical tumbo kubwa for self interest.

  53. You are not being honest. You know as well as I do that Jubilee Govt has frustrated devolution as much as it can and because of this lack of good will some people have used the loopholes to their advantage. And this has been across the board. You may be a political analyst but a biased one.

    • Edna do you want to tell me the jubilee government controls who is employed and given tenders in all the cord controlled counties!such that the cord governors are helpless but employ their relatives only courtesy of jubilee…come on plse let’s be realistic

    • I beg to disagree. Had Jubilee had the good will of making devolution work, they would have put stringent measures in place to hinder misuse. This is not any excuse. I see a lot who either deliberately or out of ignorance just didn’t want devolution to work properly

  54. I have always asked whether you are obsessed with the opposition. The people from Mt Kenya will always applaud you for your nonsense. People would like to see equitable development all over Kenya and mark you it is them who pay taxes. Does this tax go to a ministry in the opposition?

    • Instead you should confront him with facts, as like the opposition has implemented this n that in their counties bt I know you’ll juz comment according to my last name not issues

    • How different are jubilee counties from cord counties….do we all suffer the same ills…corruption tenderprenours..nepotism…wastage???lets talk facts not tribes….we belong to the same tribe of the have nots…

  55. None of raila,mudavadi,wetangula or kalonzo is a governor,,they dont have power or access to public finance to implement anything in this country,,even if they have money they can not implement anything unless they want to run parallel government which is illegal….the best they can do is to use parliament and you know very well okuyu have tirany of numbers who are tumbocrates

  56. Wewe ni mavi sana…..ulianza hii page kutukana opposition, pretending to be a professor, a social critique, an opinion shaper or something…..then you forget that you were supposed to hide your Jubileeness, you start showing us who you are almost immediately. Enda ukalambe mamako

  57. It reminds me of the shagz boys who will seduce a lady who is already engaged nd planning for a wedding. Kenyans are already “booked” waiting for a “grand wedding event” on 8/8. So advise “boys” to keep off.

  58. Prof u r articulate and very candid in yo literature and a critical thinker..I do listen to the leymen on the street urgue and mostly their debates don’t yield fruit cz each religiously holds their positions however much the other may try 2 dislodge thm..similarly smtimes u drop your critical thinking hat and sneak in a arguments tht match the common Facebook users who r more often prejudiced by their affiliation..when u refer to CORD counties wat d u mean and how much mandate do u leave with Uhuru muigai kenyatta? u must always carry the the fact tht Uhuru is the president of the nation at all times not just when it’s convenient 4 him and his fanatics.he is in charge of CORD,Jubilee and counties controlled by any other prof pliz never stoop low in your thinkin cs your learned friends will notice..

  59. The National government should as well remit and armotize the loan they owe the county government in order for them to stand on a better ground so that Prof. You can begin to question some of the development records within the county. Eg. Nairobi County

  60. The problem with our country is that all the good national non tribal leaders are no where to be seen. The ones who seem to be less tribal like PLO Lumumba, Tuju, etc have not even offered themselves for elective posts. So Kenyans have only two choices NASA and Jubilee. The only other better alternative would be if we thought outside the box and completely came up with a new system of electing and appointing leaders. Otherwise left with no other better alternative we find ourselves at least leaning towards one of those two sides.

  61. You again!Being a resident analyst on TV means shit to us.You are not the first to spew gvnmnt propaganda on case you havent noticed we dont watch those shows any more, thank God for National geographic! Or somebody bring me.Prof Makau Mutua anytime!

  62. Our economy is sinking into unprecedented debt by Jubilee borrowing spree. Now as we speak every Kenyan both who voted for the incumbent government and those who never voted a like suffer in equal measurement. The debts keep on piling up waiting for all of us to offset one day sometime. The prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed, Kenyans are dying of hunger, life seems unbearable for many Kenyans and yet we feel timid and a shamed to break silence. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once said that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter and so we can speak loudly at the ballot. I want to plead with humility of heart to all Kenyans to exercise our democratic right by casting votes come 8th August, this is the only way we can break silence and change the status quo

  63. Prof. Do you suggest that Raila or Kalonzo should micro manage counties? Wouldn’t that be against the spirit of devolution? I agree with you on many issues but not on this one. Oversight is the preserve of the Senate and county assemblies.When one is in government he proposes a national not a county agenda. Check your facts.

  64. The angel in naswa/cord! Not from heaven!! At least Kenyans have been able to tell between empty rhetoric and action! Gov projects are all over the country! Reason why Uhuruto Tena na Tena sana come august!!

  65. Wow! Prof u have hit the nail on the head. Infact better the devil i know than a saint in sheep skin. The other day i went to pay for my business licence only to find that kidero Nairobi has increased the fee by over a 100%. It was a shock bcos all the 4 yrs he has bn the gvnor i’ve not seen value for my payments. Garbage is everywhere and water scarcity. I and others decided we wount pay and wait. We also dare them to make arrests and see dust. Hatulipi pesa halafu ziishie mifuko ya wachache for campaigns.!

  66. for sure kenyans have become so tribalistic….yesterday all critisizing this post where applauding when the heat was on the other side….the devil must be smilling waiting for you

  67. I normally wonder if those guys, who’s criticism is so brutal towards the professor do read this articles, ingest, synthesis and ponder over the issues raised by prof. Wainaina or they just read the author’s name and draw a conclusion. A person drunk in politic intrigues can respond this way. Not a keen reader.

    • Sylvanus, I am like the sower of the seed. Some will fall on fertile ground and sprout and reproduce, some will fall among the thorns, others will fall on the road and be trumped upon by passersby and others will fall on the rocks and be eaten by birds. If only one guy gets my writing, I am fine. Thanks for reading.

  68. Prof how dare you go back and criticize Nasa & ‘baba’ the father of democracy, transparency and good governance! Nasa/ cord/ all the initials you want, is the most corrupt outfit

  69. Prof in previous article u put very clearly the narrative the masses understand is shallow and our leaders know that and will exploit that consumately time and again i have said we are our undoing

  70. As a well respected proffesor I think it’s myopic to say “Cord counties” what do you mean?? You mean they report and receive funding from Cord or Raila and not the national government. Answerable to Raila? If someone steals a chicken from a ” CORD county ” he will be tried by CORD court??? Come on, NASA may not be the answer but Jubilee remains the question

  71. Proff, I agree with you and Kenyans need to come out of this narrow thinking and start seeing things from a wider angle. The opposition is truly bankrupt of ideas coz there’s nothing new they’re telling us they’re going to do for Kenyans. How does creating the office of the chief minister or prime Minister benefit the common mwananchi if not an extra burden? I know most of us are very fanatic and this impedes our ability to see issues as they should.Which development track can you associate with these guys given the positions of influence they previously held.Take example of David, the MP for ugenya, what he’s done within one term in office is a demonstration of someone when given power he can use it to better the lives of the citizens. Kenyans don’t love people who speak the truth. They will brand you all names but you go on educating those willing to learn.

  72. Pro, this is a very objective observation but I am sure my friends in NASA will come for you guns blazing. If the Anasa Principals, preach zero tolerance to corruptions, then, their ANASA counties would be a show case to this policy, but, alas, they are equally corrupt if not more.

  73. professor Michael Wainaina,what you are saying is perfectly true, but remember I once told you that before you fight them you must join them.Jesus was God,the bible says that he mixed with sinners in order to save them from their sins.Jesus being God becomes a first class demonstrator of a good leader.So professor worry less wait and see how NASA is going about their business, they are on the right track.

  74. Quack professor. You’re defending your roots. Face Uhuru and tell him the consequences of his anger. Who do you want Kenyans to elect or you’re simply telling Kenyans to re elect Jubilee since they(NASA and Jubilee? are all the same?
    Shame on you!!!

  75. You’re a mere Jubilee propagandist that is the norm with uthamakiism.Since when world over did the ruling regime acknowledge the government in waiting? .How do regimes manipulate the populace to sustain itself? by engaging the Wainainas who are never persuaded by facts and principles but domiciled in tribal and regional dominance!

  76. Naked truth. Raila even tried the best he could and took Governors tour to America and india on study tours and we have not seen any change on the ground. We are totally disappointed

  77. Truth hurts, Prof has hit nail on the head by fair analysis of our empty politics… Where the interest of politicians is to make loot for themselves … No wonder Obama had to challenge the thinking of opposition…. Just because they are not part of eating party they criticise. Very horrible to imagine the very politicians who are cause of our problems can be solution.

  78. You are wrong Prof. Neither CORD nor Jubilee controls any county. There exists no avenues for either Cord or Jubilee to direct performance by any governor. Governors were elected to deliver their own manifestos and not those of the sponsoring parties. We are yet to get to the level where the party one belongs to can be used as a yardstick to tell ones view on issues.

    If we are to take Nairobi for example, Kidero got votes even from Jubilee supporters who thought his experience in private sector will lead to better services in the city. His failure to deliver anything cannot be blamed on ODM but on Kidero himself.

  79. I however don’t agree with you in this, you are a bit too harsh on CORD and your long view eloquently put borders campaigning for Jubilee. I don’t know your intentions, as a prof. I think it would have been better if you could have also highlighted their gains and propose possible solutions to where you feel they have done bad.
    I don’t want to mention your name as betraying you but your analysis was not up there as expected. Offer solutions after critique

  80. I really like this has 99.9% truth in it. NASA is rotten as well as Jubilee they are just interested in power nothing else and due to that i conclude BETTER THE JUBILEE DEVIL I KNOW THAN THE COVERTED NASA ‘ANGEL’ i dont know. Thanks for the non partisan statement of the truth between NASA &JUBILEE

  81. Prof.I listen to you and others debate issues every morning when I try my only misgiving is when you become very scholarly to a level where you are not understood by your listeners. Please pass your wealth of knowledge just simply,then it will be of help,otherwise for now I fear that nothing much is understood by your listeners me included.

  82. prof,whatever you ‘ re saying about cord/nasa may be true,but personally I dont like the way you put it,that your eye only sees a wrong in nasa en nothing more,may I pls remind you that kenyans ‘re tired with this regime,sometimes i change the channel whenever I see u morning express with your narratives.

  83. I will call to KTN and tell u off of being a jubilee analyst not a ktn analyst. Ralila is the Opposition leader and not a GVN. Very littile thinking, u are among the proffesors from KIAMBU who are trying to use say that NASA is not better than Jubilee for the sake of LOOTENANTS. Prof Munene is another one, and it is NASA not Cord dont be silly.

  84. Wanyama ni wale wale ni vichaka hubadirika,i might be among those who votes bad leaders by not voting.there is no difference whether you vote or abstain.”ni waan