Creating a wheelbarrow generation: Jubilee’s youth program for keeping the children of the poor in the gutter

Wheelbarrows (I guess the non-carcinogenic type) have become the symbol of the so called youth empowerment programs by the jubilee government. None less than the President and the CS of Devolution and now of Youth have been seen with wheelbarrows and shovels in the slums “launching” youth empowerment programs. The symbolism got me wondering if this is something they do with their own children, giving them wheelbarrows to empower them. It must be remembered that Uhuru and Ruto though largely tribal kingpins, campaigned under the banner of youth empowerment and a the creation of  a “digital” generation.

They are now creating a wheelbarrow generation.

As soon as they got into government, they fell back onto doing what they know how to do best, entrench their tribal henchmen into government in readiness for looting. They forgot one thing, that their CORD elder siblings were out of government and they were hungry and angry. Very angry. Unlike in the blood-soaked coalition government where all were eating and all were quiet and happy, CORD was not going to let jubilee eat alone, so they did what they do best, they made noise, and a lot of it. The first casualty was the “wheelbarrow” empowerment programs.  It turned out that while the youth were getting shovels and wheelbarrows, jubilee mandarins were feasting on billions of NYS money. Wheelbarrows do not cost that much and therefore there was enough left to gorge themselves on.

They claim they have fixed the looting problem and the wheelbarrows are back. They are a perfect symbol of how cynical the jubilee government is when it comes to the issue of youth development in the country. Of all the promises it made to the youth, none has been fulfilled. Jubilee has decided to simplify things for themselves, and the most visible and tangible youth program they have to show after all the shouting and campaigning is the wheelbarrows. The rest remains on paper and in their imagination. They have not explained how the wheelbarrow empowerment is supposed to sort out the issue of millions of educated youths, some very educated, who do not have jobs.

I need to be categorical here. There is nothing in this country that is more urgent than sorting out the economic, social and political disenfranchisement of the youth.


Especially not the things that the jubilee government has been shouting about. Not railways, not electricity, not Galana, not devolution, not fertilizer, nothing. There has not been a country in the world that has modernized without investing massively in inspiring the youth, the single most important resource in the development of any country. Jubilee should also show us any country in the world that has modernized by giving its youth wheelbarrows and shovels.

The problem of underdevelopment in Africa can be traced to the same economic, social and political disenfranchisement  of her youth. To be productive, the youth need modern skills, quality jobs and access to the means of production so that they can be successful entrepreneurs. But beyond this, the youth need inspiration. Ken Robinson one of the foremost modern thinkers in education puts it very well:

Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.

Like a government invests in mining oil and other minerals, it must invest in mining the great talents and possibilities in our youth.

That a whole governments’ most visible program for its youth is to provide them with implements of manual labor, trench digging and toilet constructions is a sad fact for a country with a huge and talented youth population like Kenya. It tells you that the government is led by fellows who have totally run out of ideas. They are busy investing billions of shillings in a railway and in power generation in a futile and misguided effort “to modernize the country and make it easier to do business”. What jubilee has forgotten is that railways and electricity do not modernize nations. The youth are a country’s greatest asset for  modernization bar none. Any modernization program that does not involve grand, innovative and world-class programs for the youth is nonsense. And as far as nonsense goes, you can’t do worse than the jubilee wheelbarrow and shovels program.

You cannot build the future for the youth, you build the youth for the future. I will believe that jubilee has a program for the development of the youth when I see mega projects that are meant to develop the best of skills and talents in our young people to make them globally competitive, not wheelbarrows and shovels.

If they want an example of how mature and visionary youth skill and talent development programs look like, they only have to look at China, the place where they go to beg for money to build railways. Youth development start with dreams, mammoth, out of this world, long term and futuristic dreams.  Dreams that recognize that youth is a resource to be developed and not a problem to be solved. And when it comes to dreaming for it’s youth, China dreams big as we give our youth shovels and wheelbarrows.

For example: Start with a dream and a vision for the youth -a big one – China wants to become one of the world’s soccer superpowers by 2050. Yes. 2050. Jubilee has no plans for anything much less the youth beyond the 2017 general election. They will tell you they have Vision 2030. It has no significant dreams for the youth.

So what is China doing to achieve this vision for its youth, some of whom are yet unborn? (You do not expect that the young people who will fulfill these lofty dreams for China have been born. In fact, those who will actualize the vision in 2050 will not be born until 2030, when your governments’ super blueprint for development expires!) China is doing great things. Very great things.  Within the next four years, China aims to have 20,000 soccer academies and 50 million youth playing the sport nationwide. And this is not the kusema na ku-tender nonsense of the amateurish and tribal jubilee government. They are serious. Very serious. To start with, they have build a USD185, 000, 000 (Ksh. 18.5 Billion) soccer academy, the largest in world, called the Evergrande International Football School, in Qingyuan, Guangdong. The academy has 50 (yes fifty) soccer pitches spread in over 160 acres and 3000 students. And by the way, the academy was built in just 10 months.

A view shows some of the 50 pitches at Evergrande soccer academy in Qingyuan, southern China December 3, 2015. Picture taken December 3. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Students in the Chinese Football Academy

Aerial view of the Chinese football academy

It is often said:

“The tragedy of life is not that we dream very big awesome dreams and fail to reach them, the tragedy is that we dream very cheap simplistic dreams and achieve them.”

Will a wheelbarrow program even if successful lift the youth of this nation to be the best they can be among their peers anywhere in the world? Jubilee will argue that the youth are desperate and it is better they do anything than stay idle. Fine. Are these the dreams that the jubilee mandarins have for their own children?

I have never met a young person in Kenyan whose dream is to push wheelbarrows. Kenyan youth have lofty dreams. So the question is, why would a regime seek to turn such an ambitious generation into a wheelbarrow one? The answer is simple, preservation of its own power. Jubilee knows that the only demography that can cut short their declared 20 year regime into five short ones is the youth. So they have to keep them in the gutter, fruitlessly laboring away their potential but with no real chance of becoming a threat to the jubilee hegemony. In other words, the wheelbarrow program is a sickening cynical way to keep the children of the poor from revolting against Jubilee excesses and ruining the party for their own children.

But in the words of Robert Kennedy:

A revolution is coming. A revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough and successful if we are fortunate enough. But a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character, we cannot alter its inevitability.

Ensconced in their believe that all they need is to lock in a tribal vote and keep the youth in the gutter in order to rule us for the next twenty years, Jubilee is sleeping through the revolution. It is their comfort in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi that will inspire a new generation of actors. (Please read my article “Of a feckless jubilee and CORD Kakistocrasy and the optimist’s alternative narrative” for more on this here

Jubilee cynicism towards the masses of disenfranchised youth better heed the advice of Alvin Toffler:

“The secret message communicated to most young people today by the society around them is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself quite nicely until they — at some distant point in the future — will take over the reigns. Yet the fact is that the society is not running itself nicely… because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination and talent that young people can bring to bear down on our difficulties. For society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the full participation of even very young people is imbecile”.

In the word of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere

“Thamani ya taifa ni kuwa na vijana wenye malezi bora, siha jema na mbongo kali”.

He should have added

“Hatari ya taifa ni ujinga wa siasa za ukabila, ukora, na upuzi.”

As far as upuzi goes, it does not get more upuzi than jubilees attempt to create a wheelbarrow generation, to institute a cynical demeaning youth program, meant to keep the children of the poor in the gutter. It  is a strategy to perpetuate their regime, but the youth are fed-up, and a revolution is coming.

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    • They are led by tribal kingpins themselves. The only way to make progress is to get a new political dispensation guided by the values of patriotism, accountability and productivity. It is only the Kenyan citizens that can give themselves this dispensation. The current political lot in CORD and jubilee are not the solution, they are the problem.

  1. If u are a proff, then the title has lost the meaning!
    How have improved the lives if the youths in our village back at nyeri? Is there a case study , so the govt can copy it?
    We’ve many lazy Kikuyu’s bashing from pen and paper educated fellow kikuyus, who are very jealous and very lazy indeed!
    So you wanted them to employed in banks or? Even in USA there poor pole show them how to do the game of mudslinging for pay and they will gladly appreciate!
    Signed by std 6 drop out!

  2. Professor Wainaina put things into context. The youth you see at NYS have been trained to serve where need to serve has come. These are para-military graduates and I don’t see anything wrong with the nys initiatives. Perhaps you have one grand idea you could share it here.

    • You do agree that it is not a grand idea. Inspiring youth to be who they could be requires grand ideas…So we can agree, let them serve in the initiatives, and let us forget greatness, and the modernization of the country since that will not be done through mediocre wheelbarrow and shovel programs.

  3. Well put but any other government formed by the current crop of politicians would be no different. I would propose 70-80% of the National budget be devolved and let each County manage itself. Clamour for the Big Seat and its attendant opportunities to eat would fizzle out.

  4. Use your head not your stomache.What is good.To stay on the streets without wheelbarrows and no pay or to stick to wheelbarrows and atleast can afford to put something on the table for our family.Think twice and stop this hooliganism.This is what empty and useless minds discuss.Shame on you fool.

  5. U”ve started showings signs of senility! I”ve seen smbody buy aplot & build his own house using a wheelbarrow as his asset! So plz if u got a better plan & job offer to the youths instead of crictisizing what others have started! Start urs & be different otherwise u r a waste of space!

    • Come up with solutions stop being part of the problem! That guy didn’t need tobe prompted! The youths that r given wheelbarrows most of them were lyng idle hence being moss used by politians bt now they dont need handouts! Where r the white & blue colour jobs for evryone! When u use ur toilet remember smbody will earn a living frm that shit u deposited there!

  6. Spot on Proff.Wainaina wheelbarrow should be a Jubilee symbol as it encompasses the deep corrupt rotten to the core system planted and nurtured by tribal oriented politics also a Jubilee leaning Bungoma county purchased one at a staggering 109000/= !!!!

  7. Give us alternatives, don’t just sit there and critic.
    There was kazi Kwa vijana, pesa Kwa wazee.
    At least Jubilee’s program, the youth get their money and save some.
    Tulia, you’ll see what the end result will be.. Giant companies tendering giant/mega projects.

    • Njuguna, your understanding has a big problem. First, I was not concerned with Kazi Kwa Vijana rip off. I know it happened but it was not part of my article. Your greatest problem though to assume that “giant companies tendering giant/mega projects” is necessarily and good thing. You see my friend, in this country tenderpreneurs pass for “businessmen” and some are even audacious enough to call themselves “entrepreneurship”. If a country develops from tendering of mega projects, we would be a first world country. A country develops by growing entrepreneurs who actually do something productive, who add value. “Tender preneurs” add no value and in most cases, especially in graft landen country like this one, they make life difficult for the rest of us. Because Jubilee mandarins are tenderpreneurs and thieves, they imagine that the way to grow the youth is turn them into the same. This is what happens when a country is held hostage but leaders who produce nothing. I am attaching a quotation here from Ayn Rand to put things in perspective:

      “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed. Money is so noble a medium that does not compete with guns and it does not make terms with brutality. It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot”

      Tenderpreneurship is a way where a country survives by half -property, half-loot. We are in trouble.

  8. The symbolism of wheelbarrow is also meant to express that if one fails in school, that does not make one a failure in life. We have many examples like Bill Gates, Walt Disney and Abraham Lincoln. I have also seen people with impressive college degrees making insignificant impact in the society. What we need to focus more is to show people how they can harness their God given talents and skills and live for God’s purpose.

  9. Typical of the Kenyan elite. Very good at telling us how wrong what others are doing is and what those others must do that’s ‘better’. Funny that the ones who are best at telling off others are the ones who do absolutely nothing themselves.

    • It is the duty of every citizen to tell the government what it is not doing right. I can do some things, and if you had asked , I would have told you what I am doing. But you need to remember that is is the government that has a contract to do something for Kenyans, not me. When it does not, or does mediocre thing s like the wheelbarrow and shovels program, it is every citizens duty to call them out.

  10. Professor Wainaina many atime I seem to really differ with U. If you r a blacksmith 4 example, what would u b empowered to do? I guess with what u know best. U cannot n I mean cannot be given a supermarket to run if u have never owned a kiosk!!!! I beg to differ

    • Maina differring with me is perfectly OK and healthy. The import of my article is deeper than you seem to have appreciated here. I have never met a young person whose dream is to push a wheelbarrow, even the so called uneducated. What are we doing to nurture the best dreams of our best part of the population?

    • Most of us never achieved what we dreamt of while we were young. But I believe one must start somewhere. Jump starting may land someone in ditch. There is song that says wira ni wira Wa Kalamu ona Wa icembe. Even in the most developed economies there’s work that needs hands. N Kenya is no exception

  11. xo what should be done to youth to make them engaged…I guess u are working for someone and as u criticize other first tell us how many jobs u have offered to the same youths u are championing for.I guess u are one of the guys who dont like youths being assisted and u are only happy when they are being teargassed to keep your fellow kinsmen in power…#”professor “

  12. I understand that you are cousin to maina kiai, Njeri kabeberi, and my others lazy kikuyus intellect s, if truly, u r a propff-which I really doubt, mince money from raila and evil minded Whites!
    From day when Uhuru was elected u been criticising him through out , get it in our head,we will never let raila occupy state HSR ,maybe he visit you in nyeri or Australia where you are pretending to write from!

  13. Very good high school essay: devoid of the facts of life and any knowledge what is achievable/not achievable. The example of China’s sports academy is laughable after defining empowerment as more intellectual. Haven’t even considered we don’t have China’s financial muscle. Long live wheelbarrows, shovels and savings. At least it’s doable.

    • This is the typical demeaning of Africans about themselves. Very very sad. I can see you are a good student of the wheelbarrow and shovel mentality. When other countries are thinking big, Alexi is busy saying we cannot. It is the language of Africans, haiko, haitoshi, haiwezekani, haipatikani, haieleweki, hatuna etc etc. I refuse this kind of language. What any one else can do we can do. You will be surprised that the problem is not money, it is cheap thinking and self demeaning talk like yours Sir.

    • You loose me in your generalities. What is thinking big, for example ? Tell us what this thing that we can do but refuse to do. Factor in situational realities like politics, economy, time frames, expectations etc. I am too proud a kenyan to disrespect or demean myself. ” Is the typical demeaning of Africans” is a phrase atypical of self hate. As if you are excluded from the mentioned grouping.

  14. What I know about professors is that they offer solutions to problems. They see a problem, work on it and suggest solutions. The professor doesn’t just sit and criticise. So professor, point out problems and suggest solutions otherwise you remain professor in papers.

    • Thuo, I could give solutions. But it is Jubilee which has a contract with Kenyans to not only provide solutions but to implement them. That is the job of government. If they do not do it it is your responsibility and mine to call them out.

  15. The more we vote for change the more it remains the same,all is vanity.kenyans hide under the coccoon of tribalism so much so that even when our leaders vomits on them they pretend it is ok.when u see things as they are ,you are called a traitor.soon tanzania is about to take its rightful position to be a leader in east africa as we do what we know best POLITICKING.ITS ALL MEANINGLESS EVEN TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT THE GOVERMENT WHILST THEY BEAR THE BURDEN CAUSED BY LEADERS.WHO HAS BEWITCHED KENYANS?

    • Clifford I feel your frustration. We are not bewitched. This is what happens to a country with vision-less, incompetent hustler leadership. I am very optimistic that the citizens will see this and give themselves the kind of leadership we deserve. There is hope in us still.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD True Prof. We are not saying Uhuru and his DP are damned but the worst character they have brought into their establishment is to hire people with dubious characters and questionable academic qualifications and very tainted past. On the other side, all the Jubilee MPs do is to rubber stamp the president’s men. If you look at what President Kibaki did, he surrounded himself with sound-minded advisers like Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, not drinking or high school buddies. Guys who could discuss Micro and Macro economics. Guys who looked at Kenya in 2030 and developed a Vision 2030 for the same, colleagues who corrected the president and advised him accordingly, not some praise-singers. Again, he went ahead to understand the common person and bring onboard the private sector, protect it and open the market economy. I am sorry to say, except the Central Bank governor, no one in Jubilee seems to understand or have the ropes on Kenyan economy. They are practicing Social Darwinism-survival for the Fittest Thief. The idea that if one in power steals public money, he will use it and it will have Lazarus Effect on the poor. Yet we all know, countries are not built by miracles. They are built by right-thinking people who learn form other countries’ misdeed and deeds and much more are inclusive. Great countries thrive on great thinking men because countries are like corporates

  16. What is your alternative to the massive unemployment which has been there since time immemorial. All youths can’t get white collar jobs,some have to maintain our roads and keep the environment clean.Several thousands have been absorbed by the disciplined forces and others in many other areas.As a professor what is your alternative ama you your work is to simply criticise?

  17. Prof,I’ve always admire your qualities and sincerity and power of your messages!! I still believe wheelbarrow policy was and is still a retrievable error on empowering the youth of this great nation. The jubilee government need to recognize and correct it before it is too late so that they can open the way to achieve a great society!!!
    NYS was more of a delusion partly self-serving policy….. Now the government through president Uhuru is struggling to reconcile AMBITION-CORRUPTION-CONVICTION..

    • You know what I think about Uhuru and his government. I have been categorical that he cannot and will not fight corruption. If he does, his government will collapse. You choose to call NYS and wheelbarrows a “retrievable error”. Let them retrieve it. And if it leads to modernization and transformation of society as we know it I will withdraw everything that I have said. And thanks for your kind words. They are rare in this social media jungle.

    • Virginia, Kenyans especially the youth had a lot of expectations from this government and they have been thoroughly disappointed. I feel with them and therefore I am not naturally inclined to see good things about jubilee. A government sets the tone for the country. If there is anger, bitterness and lawlessness it is because the government has set that tone. They may accidentally do one or two good things, of what use are they when the country is divided and disillusioned because of their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi? I wish I could say good things, but I will say good things when first there is a government based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. Jubilee in its DNA is incapable of this.

  18. Professor I have this meeting with several street boys in meru on 5/6/2016 ,they have asked me to buy them wheelbarrows ,I know you can afford one so please can u come and help me .

    • Good idea. I can afford several not one. In-box me we arrange. I am not against giving wheelbarrows to street boys. But when it becomes the flagship project of a government that is supposed to be thinking and working towards modernization of our country, it is nonsense.

    • Heheheheheeee, ukweli huuma. I trade in the truth, and I annoy a lot of people. But I also inspire a lot of people who still hold the dream of a new and prosperous Kenya where all who are born in it can expect a fair chance at prosperity.

    • The program is targeting the masses…bulk that’s academically financially and economically unfortunate….. Is it wrong to give someone a chance no matter how little it is?. Kibra had CDF from 2004 to 2013, couldn’t the MP have realised such a basic need? I ask again, do you have a better idea?

  19. I like people like you mr. Wainaina. Let us put tribalism aside and let the truth be told. But those who are tribal and don’t like to be told the truth, will not let you go far. But only God will protect you and guide you in everything you will write and let them be educational to us.

  20. joakim

    you may be right mr professor and I will admit that I have been following you recently..can you give solution .this young people were not born during reign of uhuruto that you can argue that during their reign the youth were not given necessary education ,Uhuru is not doing everything BT he is doing something small ,most of them r illiterate.
    am not sycophant of Uhuru BT he have positive intention for future of young people.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Joakim, I hear you. It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Uhuru is not going to modernize the country and meet the expectations of a young millennial generation through good intentions that only yield mediocre programs. Unfortunately, it does not matter what ideas I have, he is the leader of the government and he is the only one who has the resources that are needed to implement meaningful and world class programs for youth. When he comes up with a wheelbarrow and shovel program, I see no other option but to get him and his government out of power and give power to a government that will commit to put intellectual and material resources to youth development. We can discuss my own proposals in a different forum. Cheers!

  21. Rome was not built in a day. Yes wheelbarrow may not be digital but that helps someone who was sleeping hungry to at least have food on the table. Good proffesor i believe more needs to be done about the jobless youth in kenya but going by your title u know as well as do that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

    • There r so many jobs in the govt that u cant tell smbdy to start wth a wheelbarrow!So u mean manual work or rather whelbarow is the ticket to other beta jobs.?With my degree u cant tell me to start wth a wheelbarow!Do i need to go to school just to come bak and pull a whelbarw evrymoning!?Can u think big gentleman.We want tangible jobs to sustain our families!!

    • My friend ,how many job vacancies are there in govt compared to the number of jobless youths in this country. Not every youth has a degree unlike u maybe. infact majority of youth ave not been to any collage. this is just one avenue of securing this group of kenyans a livelihood. My question is who is supposed to push these wheelbarrows. we cant all be managers or ceo’s.

  22. Professors are of different calibres.It all depends on what this one studied.He is an illiterate professor who does not know that there are wheelbarrow users who are millionaires.

  23. This so called professor has very limited thinking capacity. Only seeing the bad side of the jubilee government. Those engaged in neighbourhood cleaning do some savings. Savings goes into investments . investments goes into creating wealthy to the youths and the nation.this monkey can’t see the forest.he sees only trees!

  24. Yes am up Penina Njeri Muchiri I don’t take. gospel lecture without thinking, esp extreme narratives from a hater and servant of foreign master!
    You do better if give us a live lecture not writing from africog office!

  25. Those abusing the Prof are the products of wheelbarrow mentality generation. Bred and coached in the art court jesters, to ulutate during plentitude and in scarcity. Some calls it ” nyakinyua mentality

  26. I will take you as a well intended person if you confirm my worst fears ,that you are not the person that was posting nasty articles about uhuruto before and after the elections!
    But now you pretend to be very balanced !

  27. In the name of empowerment, they go on and siphon the few left-overs left for the youth of this country. The Youth Trust Fund ended up in their pot-bellies never to be traced again. You saw them faking papers, awarding tenders to non existing companies, registered under their house-help’s names. With doctored figures and imaginery balance shits they looted to their satisfaction. When will the youth have a voice? We are yet to treck….

  28. Have you ever employed a single person to sweep your compound even for a single day? Or must you always expose how idiotic some category of people, such as you, really reason and pretend to be schooled?

  29. So you want them to buy cars wawapee for you to know they are doing good ? that is a youth who had nothing ,,,we kwanza umesaidia nini hii Kenya ? are you really a professor or ni jina ya fb tu ?

  30. If they burnt the toilets and clinics which were constructed for them, then it would be useless to invest heavily on them, since they would also destroy, but anyway i give u half marks prof.

  31. Wheelbarrow generation? ????? I hope you also qualify for youth empowerment, if you were busy you could not be posting such things here… Omba wakupee job. Help people to be visionary, not shortsighted .

  32. If true you are a professor, my thinking is that you look at the position the youth are in, what they are doing. Finding it inadequate generate for them or build from what they are doing something worthwhile by general standards. Even if you only assisted just one, they may acknowledge you.

  33. Dear Prof. the Chinese started by burning books and making the learned and educated push wheel barrows and shovel rocky terrains. Comparisons between China and a small country like Kenya is not fair.

    • I refuse to believe this argument that we should not compare ourselves with China or any other country. The point is, they have done it and proved it is doable. It is up to us to figure out how to do it for ourselves. This is what the current political class in CORD and Jubilee cannot figure out because they are drowning in useless politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

  34. In the whole link,i didn’t come across anything suggestive of what ought to be done to empower the youths.objective critizism would entail offering concrete solutions to that which you delve in.this talk of wheelbarrows and shovels is in bad country on earth developed as to find no use of these impliments ,not china,not america.there is this other matter of quoting wazungus in every context as though Africas greats were just moronic zombies who never said anything quotable.this brings in mind luminaries such as gaddafi,mobutu,idd amin,emperor bokassa,RAO,Mugabe,mengistu heile mariam,biwott,moi,shaka shulu,moshoe shoe e.t.c.the sad fact is:niggas were cut from a different cloth from the rest of humanity,to expect their leaders to be any different is being unrealistic.

  35. You can go to hell maina I can’t waste my good brains and education to dafts in the name of solution because jubilee leaders are thugs and murderers who use state power to loot from naive poor kenyans and bring them tokens in the name of wheelbarrows to dig trenches what choice does an hungry dog have?If the kitchen is too hot let them leave

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  37. If u remember well kazi Kwa vijana was slashers n pangas… Someone is jealousy of his programme being done well but not good enough!!!! They should be given lorries n pickups for easier job!!!!not wheelbarrows n one green t-shirts for whole year!!!! Nys u are joking, equip youths well, pay them well

  38. Hapo enyewe tuko na shida. We need some more sustainable & progressive programs. How best do you suggest the Jubilee side could deal with millions of unemployed and not very educated youths across Kenya? Any thoughts? The other side is keeping their youth busy with stone throwing & tear gas Mondays.

    • MY SUGGESTIONS – The GOK should start sponsoring serious youth-focused programs, mostly in the areas of agriculture, IT, sports, art & music, etc – not for paper writing or media display.

      AGRI-BIZ – Instead of doing Galana Kulalu, the GOK could use such funds start a nation-wide “1-acre Young Farmers Grant” to help atleast one million youths get funded to individually grow sustainable agri-biz projects suitable for their areas.

      SPORTS – Likewise, the GOK should establish non-political programs help to grow sport talent in every constituency. Youths should be helped to travel to participate in well-remunerated sporting activities in cities across the globe. Sport clubs should be encouraged to manifest as GOK supported investment groups or companies, with players & investors drawn from local communities.

      IT & INTERNET – Internet-based enterprises (e.g. BPOs) should be promoted & established in every shopping centre across Kenya. Exporting of IT skills should be made as easy as possible.

      PERFORMANCE ARTS – Each Sub-county should be required to build a local ART EVENTS THEATRE or Social hall where GOK supported arts & music programs can be hosted. Arts clubs, music bands and troupes should be funded towards becoming “export-quality” productions. Importation of production equipment for such groups should be tax zero-rated.

      NYS WHEEL-BARROWS – These should come last for to help guys who are at a place where getting daily food is a priority. It should be a short term support measure.

    • John Kimani Ngure See, you have very progressive suggestions. Can you imagine that a whole government cannot come up with such. They claim to be young and digital. isn’t it a shame. And when I call them incompetent and mediocre, I am called a traitor. These things are not rocket science. But jubilee is not interested in real youth empowerment. It wants to keep the youth engaged in nonsensical programs to stop them from revolting against them. It is all political. I like the fact that you are calling for non-political youth programs. Programs that empower youth because they recognize youth as a resource not because the political class needs to survive. Good ideas man!

  39. Prof, am sorry you appear to have picked your facts about what you call wheelbarrow generation from the wrong place. First of all, why lack of euphemism and politeness. It is not in order to call Uhuru and Ruto tribal kingpins because they are not. To say they brought their henchmen in government is irresponsible. Prof, you may not realise you are intimidated by your name and whatever you find wrong with Jubilee government and speak about, it will not be acceptable in minds of those who do not believe somebody can be above tribal and fanatic politics. Any way try to draw a line between National Youth Service programs under ministry of Devolution and Youth Empowerment Program in the government.

    • Henry, if you live in Kenya, you know FOR A FACT THAT RUTO AND UHURU ARE TRIBAL KINGPINS! So is Raila, Mudavadi (though this one is a wannabe, the luhya are too democratic for him) and Kalonzo Musyoka. To say they are not is to live in denial.

      I totally appreciate the cynicism of those who do not believe that somebody can be above tribal and fanatic politics. This is why we must speak, speak loudly and consistently. Society is never changed by conformists. It is changed by renegades who see things differently and believe that a different world is possible. Initially the visionaries must go against the grain. They will be called mad, stupid, unrealistic, traitors, fakes, devils and all manner of things that I have already been called. But that is the price of seeing things differently. George Bernard Show tells us “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man”. I am glad to be an unreasonable man.

  40. MY SUGGESTIONS – The GOK should start sponsoring serious youth-focused programs, mostly in the areas of agriculture, IT, sports, art & music, etc – solid, not for political show, paper writing or media display.

    AGRI-BIZ – Instead of doing Galana Kulalu, the GOK could use such funds to start a nation-wide “Young Farmers Grant” to help atleast one million youths get funded to individually grow a sustainable agri-biz project suitable for their areas.

    SPORTS – Likewise, the GOK should establish non-political sports programs TO help grow sport talent in every constituency. Youths should be helped to travel to participate in well-remunerated sporting activities in cities across the globe. Sport clubs should be encouraged to manifest as GOK supported investment groups or companies, with athletes & investors drawn from local communities.

    IT & INTERNET – Internet-based enterprises (e.g. BPOs) should be promoted & established in every shopping centre across Kenya. Exporting of IT skills should be made as easy as possible.

    PERFORMANCE ARTS – Each Sub-county should be required to build a local ART EVENTS CENTRE, a theatre or Social hall where GOK supported arts & music programs can be hosted. Arts clubs, music bands and troupes should be funded towards becoming “export-quality” productions. Importation of production equipment for such groups should be tax zero-rated.

    NYS WHEEL-BARROWS – These should come last for to help guys who are at a place where getting daily food is a priority. It should be a short term support measure.

    • Mr. John Kimani Ngure, GOD Bless You! I Just Pray And Wish This Tribal Pigs And Psychophants Who Are Commenting Could Take Time And Read Your Post And Internalize What You Have Just Said… Because That Is The Way Foward. And Just To Think And Know Most Of Them If Not All Are Well Educated And Exposed People! Nkt! Kudos To You Sir! I Hope One Day I Can Join You And We Make It Happen. I Salute You!

  41. A whole professor like you has got nothing sensible to post, apart from must be very shallow and don’t deserve to call yourself a professor. idiot

    • We have the freedom of expression of opinions. The good prof. has comprehensively outlined his suggestions in a manner that any sane mind would dare not disregard. I’m shocked this social media is infested with tribal non-thinkers who always arm themselves with negative criticism and insults! My friend, think before spewing out those venomous biles!
      Have a good day.

  42. better still better half loaf than none at all…….. I think the govt is doing well developing a savings culture in our youth… with the Sacco system of saving I think a bright youth can attain his dream in future using the must savings from NYS…. DON’T GIVE FISH TEACH HOW TO,, Prof read between the lines n get the bigger picture don’t just criticise be critical

    • I did not say that youth are not benefiting. I said that they are benefiting enough not to effectively oppose Jubilee, and the country is benefiting nothing in the long term. You do not build great nations by giving the youth wheelbarrows.

    • Val Evans Mayabi Hate is on both sides and it goes both ways. This is waht happens when a country is help hostage by tribal warlords who have nothing to offer apart from politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. Until and unless we can get rid of all the tribal kingpins, Uhuru, RUto, Raila, Kalonzo, Wetangula and Mudavadi, we will not be able to unite the country.

    • very true,. this fishing thingy has made our brothers from west very irresponsible. you simply wake up catch fish, eat and wait for tomorrow. you got to learn how to create the fish if you need to survive in today’s world.

  43. Professor stop inciting people on grounds of hatred…this might cause violence…talk about solutions that that will guarantee us a free to association generation.those party shit won’t lead us anywhere soon

  44. He is a professor who does not understand what the wheelbarrows are for. He criticizes but I have not heard him say he has created any job or empowered any youth. He is sure those youth with wheelbarrows are Jubilee because according to him they have a mark on them reading JUBILEE.


  46. This keeps this youth busy and occupied while they earn their daily bread, it also makes their brain work better than throwing stones any time. Idol mind devils workshop. What would you do given,uhututo position what would you do beacause job scacity has not started in their era?

    • I find it interesting that in this country we are not longer discussing what is best for ourselves but what is worse than the other. This shows how low we have sunk as a country. We are not saying we want Raila or Uhuru because they are men of integrity, each is saying their tribal chief is “less corrupt”; we are not saying we want jubilee or CORD because they are Nationalists and inclusive, we are saying we want our own because they are “less tribal” than the other side; we are not saying that either has world class plans to modernize the country and empower youth, we are saying that both are mediocre but ours is “less mediocre than yours”!! This is a big problem for us. Someone said once, “if your only choice is the lesser of two evils, all you will get the evil of two lessers”. We are stuck with the evil of CORD and jubilee because we are trying to choose the lesser of two evils. God have mercy on us.

    • Njeri Mwangi I find it interesting that in this country we are not longer discussing what is best for ourselves but what is worse than the other. This shows how low we have sunk as a country. We are not saying we want Raila or Uhuru because they are men of integrity, each is saying their tribal chief is “less corrupt”; we are not saying we want jubilee or CORD because they are Nationalists and inclusive, we are saying we want our own because they are “less tribal” than the other side; we are not saying that either has world class plans to modernize the country and empower youth, we are saying that both are mediocre but ours is “less mediocre than yours”!! This is a big problem for us. Someone said once, “if your only choice is the lesser of two evils, all you will get the evil of two lessers”. We are stuck with the evil of CORD and jubilee because we are trying to choose the lesser of two evils. God have mercy on us.

    • I cannot even open the article where I am which is why i could not comment on it but I just had to correct that :digital” bit cos that was during the “analogue” era. There is no time in this country that tribe did not come into consideration. I am not saying it’s right either

  47. Boss, Kenya is a capitalist country and you always get what you work for or what luck brings to you. the difference between the youths pushing a wheelbarrow and one who finishes campus and secure a job in the banks is either work, luck or both. The government cannot afford to get them to white collar jobs, neither can it afford handouts for the youths,. they have to start from somewhere, starting as a wheelbarrow driver does not prevent you from been a pilot in the future.

    • The youth don’t need handouts, that’s where you go wrong, what the youth need is the government to make a condusive environment for them to create their own wealth, not shoddy PR wheelbarrow antics

    • The conditions will never be better than they are now. as youths we need to be creative and learn to utilize the meager resources available. No government will spoon-feed you . the best they can do is imprison you there you can be assured of a roof over your head, free meals and bus rides,. Freedom comes with responsibility, if you wanna get free stuff , then be ready to sell your freedom. i rest my case.

  48. Prof. i like your observation. As a student in TUK govt funding for intellectual programs is discouraging and need serious attention. Jubilee is creating watu wa mkono kwa society. Two important factors are lowering retirement age and giving 40% youth in govt offices. Then loans be individual not group loans…

  49. When the ancient Chinese decided to live in peace, they made the great wall of China. They thought no one could climb it due to its height. During the first 100 years of its existence, the Chinese were invaded thrice. And everytime, the hordes of enemy infantry had no need of penetrating or climbing over the wall… because each time they bribed the guards and came through the doors. The Chinese built the wall but forgot the character-building of the wall-guards. Thus, the building of human character comes BEFORE building of anything else.. Thats what our Students need today. Like one Orientalist said: If you want to destroy the civilization of a nation there are 3 ways: 1. Destroy family structure. 2. Destroy education. 3. Lower their role models and references. 1. In order to destroy the family: undermine the role of Mother, so that she feels ashamed of being a housewife. 2. To destroy education: you should give no importance to Teacher, and lower his place in society so that the students despise him. 3. To lower the role models: you should undermine the Scholars, doubt them untill no one listens to them or follows them. For when a conscious mother disappears, a dedicated teacher disappears and there’s a downf all of role models, WHO will teach the youngsters VALUES? Isn’t this the scenario in our beloved country Kenya? Sad Have a thought!

  50. Who wants to hear more crap? Isn’t a wheelbarrow not a working tool. Let’s use your laptop to collect gabbage. Sometimes it is better to just shut up.

  51. The NYS project is fine but the goverment should not have concetrated on paramilitary training and giving them shovels to dig Mitaros. I feel embarrassed whenever they parade them in spades. 25 billion budget allocation is a huge amount and it should be used to empower the young men with serious technical skills in Mechanical engineering, electrical, automotive, culinary skills and other life changing skills.

  52. Hivi tutadanganyana ati jubilee inasaidia watoto wawengine eti wameawapa kazi serikali inaeza kuazisha miradi mingi sana yakuajiri vijana kuwainua kimaisha maisha yao kuna michezo kandanda mbio volleyball ufundi kuogiza kilimo biashara mfano shimolatewa prison shamba kuubwa manyasi sirikali itengeneze borehole kubwa sehemu ya wafungwa nasehemu ya vijana wisio na kazi ng’ombe za maziwa kuku kinyeji ukulima wa mboga na matunda etc na kila kaunti ifanye hivyo naona Kenya ikiuza chakula uhumi ukiimarika ufundi vijana wajengewe juakalisheds mashariti ya kupata mikopo ipunguzwe serikali ijenge showrooms kila kaunti mbili au tatu Sababu inauwezo mwizara ya Barbara waajiri vijana usafiri uimarike na mengi tu sana lakini uhuruto ka kushinda kujibishana na upinzani ningekuwa uhururu singe shuhulika nao ninge makesure lila wizara inafanya kazi naangalia maoni ya wananchi kwa mitandao kama wizara inalaumiwa kwanza onyo kwa mkuu wa wizara akirudia kortini kisha jela sioni sababu vijana kuhanagaika na kenya tuko na ardhi yakotosha taaluma zipo viongozi kung’ang”ania mamlaka bila kufanyia wananchi chochote kisha kupanga namna ya kuiba kura au ksalia mamlakani kinguvu sawasawa na barubaru kupigana na wenzake sababu ya msichana akisha mbeba anaenda kumlaza njaa kitandani hawezani mwisho anahaibishwa na huyo msichana na dunia itamcheka

  53. So, Professor, you went all around China, looked at all their development, progress and youth empowerment programs and the best example you came up with for Kenya to emulate is the fact that the Chinese built a SOCCER ACADEMY in only 10 months?

    So, in your opinion, China will rule the world because of the fantastic soccer skills of its youth?

    How about the industries where young people have been working 15-18 hours every day for the last 20 years, churning out cheap goods for sale in the rest of the world’s at least cost?

    Have you heard of the “slave-like” working conditions in the Asian Tiger economies that have enabled them to leapfrog into the 21st century? Just ask NIKE, APPLE, and other companies that make world class products where their best and most expensive products are made for onward distribution across the globe. It is in Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh where the youth are crammed into factories from morning till early next morning in order to create those fancy goods everyone desires.

    At least in Kenya we do not have “slave-like ” conditions in the NYS, SGR, and those other Jubilee “failures” you dismissed so casually. Our youth are gainfully employed, they are developing a savings culture, they are learning new and practical skills, and they are building the nation.

    That electrification program that you said is useless is providing our people with self employment opportunities, putting to work the digital skills they learn in those computer colleges where everyone goes after high school to great effect. In my rural village, I do not have to travel many kilometers to find a graphic designer, surf the net, or come up with a business plan for my startup. I do it comfortably from my house, or at the neighborhood cyber cafe.

    That is what Jubilee is doing for our youth. And in case you missed it, the Jubilee programme to supply digital learning devices to all our children is the GAMECHANGER we have been waiting for. it means that ALL our children are placed on the same, level playing field as those from Norway, Sweden, the USA, France, China, South Korea, Japan, India as far as their relationship with technology is concerned. They are learning to use technology just as fast as the children of the rich. No more inequality in exam performance because teachers have run away from hardship areas like Turkana, Marsabit, Kwale, Kitui, Mandera, Garissa.

    Wait and see how the digital revolution is going to transform our country within the next 15 years, as we achieve the goals set out in Vision 2030. We will have tech gurus coming from these areas doing things that have never been seen before as we join the ranks of semi-developed and developed nations. This is our version of the Great Leap Forward into the 21st century.

    Our youth groups are working to make it possible for us to enjoy a better environment, generate savings to start the next generation of African chaebols, as we work our way up there ladder of prosperity.

    Please watch and see what happens next. Meanwhile, keep looking at Chinese soccer academies for signs of development, as you miss their space programme, infrastructure programme, economic domination programme, social programme, military advancement programme. These are all paid for by the workers in those factories putting in 15-18 hour shifts everyday.

    Have a good day, Professor. Sisi twasonga mbele.

    • You will only be at par with the people of those countries I mentioned if you KNOW how do use the technology.

      That’s the real difference that is being created TODAY. Our children are being introduced to advanced technology today so that they can use their innate curiosity in the years to come, so that they can create a different future for themselves.

      Context, bwana. Context. Apply it.

    • I only see wheelbarrow what about student going 2 China 2 learn sgr technology.someone asked u what our solution will be instead of wheelbarrow. Great wall was not built using todays technology and at the start of chinas development they didnt have advanced machines
      .Don’t deride what the government is doing if I don’t have solution.That project u are downplaying is helping some families eat and save something 4 2moro

    • This must be a big joke by the jubilee government to let them continue looting from the public. How can you make a jobless degree holder or high diploma holder to collect garbage and thump chest that its empowerment? This is a mock to the jobless. Jubilee is taking advantage of being jobless. Tax is high, cost of living is high, cost of loans and servicing them is high where is saving coming from? In country where 80% are purely illiterate who don’t know their rights and privileges, who don’t know where their next meal is coming…. how do you think the government will give them haki?

      Think my friends. Think, you have 5kgs of brain over your shoulder. Wheelbarrow generation is a way to steal from youths. Period.

  54. I tend to think that b4 u criticize,analyse………kibaki introduced fpe n yet some parents were adamant to take their children to school n if not so some had overgrown to a point of no return……n now they are just freelancers in the villages where they come from n now the govt introduces something that they know well about n here u come critisizing.wat do u do with smbody who never even stepped in a pry schl.???

  55. I respect ur opinion Professor even though i disagree wit it and not bcoz of my last name. Now,the current unemployment status for our youth is not a creation of the Jubilee gvt. It is the effect of an accumulation of poor policies by gvts since independence. To be fair you dont expect Jubilee to save the situation in just the almost 4yrs it has been in power. And secondly,even if it was to employ youths then they wont all go to offices,others wil stil collect garbage. I dont think you are creating a ‘househelps nation’ by employing a househelp for peanuts….are u? And finally,comparing Kenya to a superpower is laughable. We cant afford to do certain projects like China has done. Tunajikuna tuwezapo. Would you rather the youths absorbed by NYS project remain idle till that day we can afford ‘soccer academies!?’ Save for the corruption coming with it,its a good project in my opinion.

    • Karanja, governments seek power to SOLVE Problems. Not to enter into long winded stories of who started the problem or who did not. When they asked for power, they did not tell us that the problems were big and that they could not solve them. That argument is not admissible now. Or then they should quit and let the people ho caused the problems come and fix them.

      I completely refuse the idea that we should not compare ourselves with other countries. Why then has the central government and the County governments spent billions of shillings in bench-marking trips? I do not agree with the money spent but I do know that the only way we can tell how well or badly we are doing is to compare ourselves with the best. And we are doing pretty badly.

      I have said that the wheelbarrow project is jubilees ploy to keep the children of the poor in the gutters. It is also a political ploy to ensure they have something to tell the youth next year. I also like your last sentence, that the project is steeped in corruption. You seem to excuse that part. Yet that is the heart of the matter. For every shilling that goes to the pocket of the youth, how much is stolen? The jubilee government has proved incapable of stopping the theft. The only option for the people is to kick it out in the next elections. The answer is a new dispensation of patriotism, accountability and productivity. We cannot get this dispensation from either CORD or Jubilee, they are too stepped in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi to help themselves or the country.

  56. i agree with you sir these wheelbarrow jobs are temporary also what is the work of county council in our towns just collect revenue embezzle it and harrass our youth who find their living in town “hawkers” uhuruto have failed greatly in their manifesto

  57. We were told during campaign period by the current Do that during their reign, vijana hawatapewa slashes na kuchimba mitari but will be given loans to start business.I hope wheelbarrow training is not one of them.Kenyans we are very forgetful!!

  58. Have you come with a statistical analysis of their respective qualifications so tha you can conclude they are reduced to wheelbarrow generation. …. fake prof. Researched data will support your assertions , failure to that you’re only breathing fire for nothing

    • How many are tailors masonry arc welders and have not even seed capital. … when one is told to do any available work it is from there he/she can start the passionate job, moreover if it is vocational training county governments are charged with development of polytechnics.

    • Then you should not make those sweeping statements if you don’t have facts. .. generally what I know whether qualified or not most our youth are unemployed and any kind of employment can give them hope of starting something.

    • I have not made any sweeping statements. I have simply said that this is a program of keeping the children of the poor in the gutters. You do not develop youth skill and potential by giving them “any kind of employment”. Unless of course you have something to gain by keeping them in the gutter, and jubilee has a lot to gain.

    • Francis Kubai, even sweeping the street is a county task. There is a youth fund for seed capital, is it working? Jubilee need to solve youth problems without re-election strategies.

    • You are now mixing issues if county governments are also charged with the same then you should not zero down to the jubilee government which have no control over country government running.and so far you are not giving any better options. .

  59. By the end of the day youth e.empowerment is not about formal employment. Professors like you live in their own unnatural world, you need a lesson on how rural economies function

  60. I hear you Prof. But what is your kind doing to cause the required change? Maybe writing irrelevant referred papers? The responsibility of emancipating the next generation is ours- all of us. We all know politicians will never do it. Stop gripping and tell us what to do.

    • Sure Mwathi,i agree with you,if somebody sees aperson in a problem and if he does not give a solution to solve that problem then he better shut his mouth.Coz speaking…speaking…does not solve any problem

  61. Its unfortunate that jobless youths are the loudest here, merely because they think they are in govt and others are out. Our govt has the responsibility of growing this nation and not its critics. So don’t take it personal when the govt is criticized, u are citizens like any other.

  62. Youth empowerment will never achieve anything by making youths sanitation staff. Sanitizing towns is the work of the County Governments. Building industries and revamping the economy is the sure way of youth empowerment. I can’t imagine my two sons are growing up to be empowered in cleaning market drain pipes. That will make them permanent slaves in their own country. And who will be their future masters? The sons of the current leaders.

  63. Prof I totally agree with you. Most noise makers here are people who have minimal education n do not seem to understand the point you are putting across. Youth empowerment cannot be done by wheelbarrows and spades. Education is quite important since it helps one think out of the box. Ignorance is dangerous same us settling for less than you potential. I hear some1 saying without a wheelbarrow you cannot put food on the table. What he fails to ask himself is for how low will he push the wheelbarrow. Quite a practical piece professor Michael Wainaina

    • Thanks Allan. Some guys never got the gist of the article. Pushing a wheelbarrow may put some food on the table. It will not provide you the means to realize your full potential as an individual. Corporately, the wheelbarrow generation will never become anything significant. And for Jubilee, that is a good thing. People who are insignificant will never pose a threat to their rule.

  64. So professor. What do you want those young people to be doing instead of pushing wheel narrows? The country needs great minds that can offer solutions to our problems. Great education like yours ought to lead to innovations so that jobs can be created. I have never heard of PHD in criticism.

    • We must start by understanding what is wrong with the country before we offer solutions. How can you solve a problem you don’t know? I find it rather curious when I am told to provide solutions. First , I ask, to who? Jubilee sought power to solve Kenyans problems. Didn’t they have a solution? Were they waiting for me to give them one? Why were they seeking power then? I assume that programs like the wheelbarrow one are their “solutions”. My job is to analyse them and see the extent to which they make sense. From where I sit, they don’t. It is my job to say so.

    • Francis Kubai These are KANU hangups my friend. Everyone who criticized government was charged with incitement and sedition. You need to know we have moved on from there. It is however hard for you to notice given that jubilee is headed by a KANU youth winger and a failed Moi project.

  65. The youth program is a passive bribery scheme. I watch in dismay 100 youths doing a job that would be done by 10 people and wonder what we are teaching our youth! That if they tow the line, they can “eat” without sweating. How are they selected to go and eat anyway?

  66. Engage the youth through skills training education and sports when you grab playing grounds and steal funds meant to benefit them you are a witch and a member of the Gambaga witches association

    • I am equally concerned with the grabbing of resources meant to empower the youth. They stole playgrounds a long time ago. They started KKV in the blood soaked coalition government and stole the money. They started wheelbarrow projects with NYS and stole the money. A political class that steals from its youth deserves to be sent home. All of them.

  67. What many commentators have not addressed, including the author of the lead article, is the fact that they have not addressed our historical aspect of the issue.
    Jubilee inherited great poverty, of over 50 years, when we have bn Independent, which, nobody, in all good faith, can claim to b able to correct within the 3 yrs that the Jubilee Govt has bn in power!
    Give the Devil his credit.
    What did Kibaki & the former Prime Minister achieve, relative to what Jubilee have achieved?
    If ever there was any looting, at all in Kenya, it was during the past Govts. They r the ones who have got a lot of explaining to do!
    Where did the money that now is going to County Govts go, during Kibaki & Raila era!!!
    Jubilee has not printed any paper money! What did Kibaki & Raila do with the money, that now is going to Devolution!

    • Mr. Tuigo, the money that is going to the County govts remained in the Central govt, because functions had not yet been devolved. Did you expect money to go to counties that were non-existant?

    • Lax Mcokha
      That’s not the answer. We all know that any Government is supposed to spend all the money according to the budget, of all the money that they collect!
      So if there’s any money earmarked to go to the consolidated fund, even Jubilee must remit that fraction to the Treasury.
      So the money earmarked for Development is the same & so its only fair to say that they knew how to get the money for developments siphoned back to their pockets, with the help of those at the grassroots, to develop themselves & their cronies!
      Are u telling us that u don’t know of ghost projects! That’s what has ailed this country, making individuals grow at the expense of the country!
      The Mumias downfall, is a good example!
      We know of many roads that never saw any tarmac but in the books, they r all tarmac!
      Development money went into people’s pockets!
      Not to the the Treasury. What was supposed to go to the Treasury, went to the Treasury in both the past governments & the Jubilee Govt!
      That’s why I say give the Devil his Credit!
      Kenya has really grown in these past 3 yrs
      Look at the distribution of Electricity, which is a big boost to development. I don’t have to enumerate everything.

  68. When u want to better a situation, u begin with what u have. The longest journey begins with a single step!
    Rome wasn’t built in a day!
    U can’t blame Jubilee that Kenya was so poor when they took over.
    Me I think they r on the right track!
    Of course I don’t expect CORD to do that!

    • It is the job of government to develop the youth, not mine. I have said if this is their master plan, it is mediocre, cynical and meant to keep the youth in poverty and stop them from revolting. It is like giving a painkiller to someone with malaria.

  69. Professor how many youths have you personally assisted or help to change their lives. They earn and save for tomorrow. I think too much of education erodes common sense from individuals. If you have no solution for problem better shut up

    An international ICT company is looking for ambitious individuals to join its team of affiliate marketers to work either part or full time and earn between KSH. 10,000-Ksh.20,000 weekly and get paid through MPESA/BANK/PAYPAL…..Interested??? Kindly send your details {Name, Age, Email address and location) to 0716417457/0720276248Via what’s app /Text.
    NB: Must be living within Nairobi and its environs

    • This gun for hire business is really ridiculous. Can’t a Kenyan express themselves without a paymaster? Doesn’t it reflect badly on you when you cannot believe that there are people who have an independent mind? If ever there was corruption, I consider this its highest from.

  71. Of course I don’t expect cord to loot NYS. If you don’t notice what kibaki did in ten years then you were born in 2013 or you need prayers to open your eyes. David Maringa Tuigo. Professor wainaina is speaking the reality. They hoodwink us by constructing toilets for hungry poor in kibera, people who have no excretion to put into toilets and steal that money to build their posh houses. These people are using the poor to get rich, a curse.

  72. That man over there is totally mad, some check ups need to be administered in his head. Chances are he has never tasted or experienced poverty in his whole life. With job you calling silly my friend is feeding my nephew’s family who used to struggle for a job and sometimes would beg just to feed his children. Kazi Ni kazi bora malipo.

  73. Prof,what do u suggest should be done? Coz the way i see it,b4 the wheelbarrow most of those guys went without a meal qui te offten. From a (great mind) like yours i expect idea’s and solutions otherwise i Will not b able to tell the difference between a prof and the guy throwing stones. Leadership is not easy and Im sure if u r an honest person,then u know that Is true even from your own immidiate family. Lets put those great minds to good use by coming up with great idea’s and solutions to our problems,not critisizing and complaining all the times,just saying.

    • I have already given the solution in the article Mr. Mwaura. But let me also hasten to inform you that actually it is not my job to give solutions. In the first place, whom am I to give them to. Secondly, it is Uhuru and Ruto who went round the country telling people to elect them. It is their obligation to come up with sensible and significant solutions. Not nonsensical wheelbarrow programs to keep the children of the poor in the gutters and themselves in power!

    • A journey of a thousand miles start with a step,,,, kuna kitu yaitwa compliments and grievances sawa… Sifu kashifu alafu peana pendekezo.. Ths negative minds will neva get us anywhere

  74. so u want the govt to create a probox generation…..keep in mind that the current youth is the product of the previos administrations which did not even offer them a spade leave alone a wheelbarrow ….the jubilee govt is laying a strong foundation to secure the future youth from such experience by providing up to date programmes like the digital learning(laptop) project which will produce an employable generatio……most skilled technicians currently are the product of the education era where technical skills were taught at primary and secondary schools whereas the jobless unskilled youth are product of the education era where technical subjects were abolished and so the govt is trying to ensure such an incident doesnt occur again in the future….so mr proffesor u can go to hell with your cheap publicity stunts

  75. Let’s start here,how many have you helped in your area of profession Wainana? Rather than filling this page with political motivated views,to me heri nusu Shari kuliko Shari kamili because I can evidently say youths are better of now than before.

  76. I have gone through your post and rather than mere criticism what do u intend to help the youth around you?and do think any youth reading this will extract anything directly helpful?as you can see the posts that followed are nothing but political sparks.

  77. Proff, I have read through your article and am flabbergasted at the way you discriminately wrote it. It fails objectivity, it is a bitter article depicting the cries of a sex-starved baboon. well, to state the lack of objectivity thereof, i wish to state that the NYS programme classifies youths according to their capacities to perform, some undergo diploma courses in electrical, control, mechanical and civil engineering, others mechanics, musicals etc. These youths irregardless of their tribal backgrounds are united as patriots to serve their country at that level while also studying or either growing their talents. Furthermore, the Jubilee government is empowering youths through the UWEZO fund, I partcularly have had access to it with zero bribery to getting it. we have Tablets programmes etc. Perhaps to awaken your lack of realism, you should know, China’s yearly budget is $ 2.2 trillion dollars, and that 80% of US debt is Chinese, compare it with the wobbling Kenyan economy of Ksh. 580 billion yearly budget, you expecting stadiums as huge as China’s, you crazy.

  78. I can tell you this “WAINAINA” though you don’t look it,what matters is the food at the table not how it got there.Do you have better ideas?Share them.What do you do with std 8 and form four graduates and there are no enough jobs to go by and these can’t be created within a five year span.We all can’t fit in an office.

  79. Brother this is not China it’s kenya so stop dreaming and wake up and give us solutions not to criticise everything the government is doing if you think the wheelbarrow work is not good for the youth then open offices and employ us we don’t complain coz those wheelbarrows are giving us our daily bread. So go to hell with your stupid ideas China is developed kenya is developing so none of your ideas are helping the poor youth. Keep it to yourself

  80. I beg to differ with you sir by pointing to you that, though you might not be wrong, but it depends on how you look at it, your perspective . Though I might be having a vision to work oversees , I must first learn to accept my current and appreciate it then look for my stepping stones to take me to my dream. Those youth you are talking about can tell you the story, they might not be yet there (digital generation) but they are not where they used to be, let’s appreciate it, I might have a dream to become a professor like you but that does not mean I’ll wake in the morning been one. Its a process ndugu.
    Remember Canaan is a journey though the wilderness, red sea even river Jordan. So if you cannot appreciate that bro, am sorry for you.

  81. Professor I am glad you finally put this issue into perspective. NYS and other initiatives, such as KKV are nothing but a platform for looting by wealthy politicians and create more poverty. Every time you will hear politicians and economists say that we were at par with south Korea and Malaysia some 52 years ago but we are not at the same level of economic growth today with these two far ahead of us. What majority of people fail to ask is the reason why. It is simply because they invest in human capital. Instead of the government wasting money on teaching people to collect garbage why not pay for them to learn other skills, such as carpentry or electrical installation. Imagine if these funds were disbursed in constituencies and a group of youths with different qualifications were selected and enrolled in different institutions to acquire a range of skills from driving, mechanical engineering, computer, beauty, tailoring, tiling, electrical engineering, plumbing and installation and others. The biggest bulk of unemployed youth are those that fail to transition from primary to secondary and those that fail to transition to colleges or universities after form four. They will definitely benefit from such skills or start their own businesses. After NYS is over just like KKV what skill will those youths have? Nothing except military skills which may not help them much. For those talking about funds like Uwezo or youth, they are just another way to siphon money by corrupt govt official. Before you throw the stones let me explain. When I sat on that board for disbursing the money while working for the govt, one of the requirement was that you must be a registered group under the department of social services. The minimum people that a group could have for it to be registered was 15. We mostly awarded those groups between 150k and 200k. When you divide this amount per individual it comes to between 10 & 15 k. What can you do with this amount even in a rural setting where I used to work yet you are still expected to pay it back? Aren’t you just creating more poverty. Only a few groups thrived but many gave us a headache when it came to repayment. Sorry for the long post.

  82. If we can argue issues soberly then we will realise that this ‘gentlemen’ coz they r not might leave this country poorer than they took it more tribal than any sane man may c it

    • Which ones? Anthony Mwaura? State them coz all I see is youths collecting garbage and saving some few coins in Sacco’s. But if the government was serious it would works towards eradicating poverty by creating youth employment. Imagine if all those funds lost through NYS were paid to local polytechnics and colleges to equip youth with skills in every constituency? These youths can seek employment anywhere in the world. Some of the best paying jobs in the middle east and other countries are those skilled workers. Even if they did this, they would still develop the economy by sending the funds back home.

  83. Very true Ciiku Kinyua,but this is exactly what. happens at the NYS dear. Really u r not aware because i do hv 2 relatives who have graduates,one with electrical and the other is a welder. I also had employed to girls from luo nyanza in a car wash i was running but got them a. Job in a garage coz thier passion and training was in Motorola vehicle wiring and electrical. So its not all about garbbage collection. Nobody is saying we dont hv a problem as a nation,especialy as far as corruption is concerned,all Im saying is that leadership even in ur own home is not easy. Corruption in this country is running crazy Yes,but there is a lot of positive stuff going on. My problem is when a whole prof and any other kenyan 4 that matter wants to critisize without giving a solution a practical and workable one at that.

  84. Prof,if u can take a little of ur time to go down there where the wheelbarrows are,give civic éducation to those guys,go to ur village,interact with mwanaichi,u will hv done ur duty for this nation. On FB,no new crop of leaders will emarge.

  85. Peace about your own spiritual path might be a wonderful place, and also very good start for just about any healing that one must have. While all of us shares our spiritual path/truth with another person, it makes our trip all the sweeter.

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  87. Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I’m experiencing challenge with ur rss . Don¡¯t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting similar rss drawback? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

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