Did Dr. Matiang’i succeed or did Prof. Kaimenyi fail? In a regime where all were blind, the mono-eyed man became King

CS Dr. Fred Okengo Matiang’i has done well, just. He has delivered a reportedly clean exam against a backdrop of filth of leakage that had become the KNEC circus every end of the year. Simply put, Dr. Matiang’i fixed a leak. Congratulations!

For someone who simply fixed a leak in a collapsing house, the words that I am hearing being used to describe this “feat of genius” are worrying, even ridiculous.

One leak in a house of 1000 leaks

I am afraid that the success of Dr. Matiang’i must be seen against the backdrop of a horribly broken education sector. He fixed a leaking pipe in a house with 1000 leaks, a falling roof, a crumbing foundation, collapsing walls, broken windows and a cracked floor. I have heard every word imaginable being used to describe this “success”: amazing, phenomenal, transformative, revolutionary, progressive, unprecedented, etc. On this one, Njoki Chege outdid herself. She described Matiang’i as, “the rain we have all been eagerly waiting for”, “the best decision that President Uhuru Kenyatta has made so far”, “that light at the end of this dark tunnel that Kenya has been walking through”, “the history of this country will smile at you”, “the man who transformed the education sector”, “rare breed of public servant”, restorer of “our faith in public servants”, one under whom “the days of cartels are numbered”,  etc. Njoki is one who is no stranger in hyperbole,  but folks, I think we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Imagine having a discussion with a foreigner from another country that may not even be as developed as Kenya. He asks you who the best performing Minister in the government is. You say Dr. Matiang’i. He asks, why?  You say he produced a KCPE national exam without leakage. That he was walking around in the wee hours of the morning with his juniors to supervise opening of containers. That the exam was marked and announced early and the country was excited. Picture the utter confusion on this guy’s face as he asks, “Eeeh”, he did what?  And how does that make him the best performing CS? Why would he go supervising opening of containers? Isn’t there a system and small people who are supposed to do that? As he was doing that, who was in his office doing the real CS work? Policy, transformation, innovation, modernization, the stuff that Ministers in functional governments do? How broken is your country that the best-performing CS is a plumber who goes around in the wee hours of the morning fixing leakages?” If the guy comes from West Africa, he remind you with a dismissive laugh, “the bird that flies from the ground and perches on an anthill is not far from the ground ooo!!”

Again, Dr. Matiangí has done well. He fixed a leak. Just.

A broken system and a complacent Kaimenyi

But, if you think fixing a leak by delivering credible KCPE exams is transformative, revolutionary, historical and all the other superlatives being bandied around, then you have absolutely no idea about the rot in the Kenyan education sector.   And the effort and time needed to fix the rot.

Folks, it is a mess out there.

And we have deeper troubles than delivering un-leaked exams. Exams were never supposed to leak in the first place. Non-leaked exams should be the normal, it is not the revolutionary, the transformative, or the exceptional. It is just the normal, the barest minimum we would expect of a KNEC C.E.O, and not even of the CS.  Leaked exams demonstrates mediocrity, unprofessionalism, laziness, utter dereliction of duty, dysfunctional systems and institutions and a sick civil service.

Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi failed, and has now produced a “hero” called Mating’i, a man who simply fixed a leak in the crumbling house called Education Sector, left behind by Kaimenyi. That makes Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi  the quintessential Jubilee technocrat, long on talk and short on action. A guy who incubates a mess by setting the standards so low, that they make heroes of their successors. He was comfortable presiding over a crumbling education sector, and drew a salary for doing nothing and watching things “leak”, literally. In civilized governments, he would never have made it to CS and if he did, he would have been fired. Pronto. Predictably, the system recycled him. The Ministry of Lands needed some laxity and mediocrity after the exit of the indefatigable Charity Ngilu. Dr. Matiang’i  lands in Jogoo house and begins by fixing “leaks” in a largely crumbing house and an exasperated and frustrated population make him a “revolutionary”.


Indeed, in the government where everyone including the President is under-performing, Matiang’i is a hero. In a regime where everyone was blind, the mono-eyed man became King.

A disillusioned populace in search of a hero

The brouhaha about Matiang’i only shows a country in desperate need of a hero. In a country where nothing good happens, where government from the President downwards seems clueless and helpless, anyone who delivers half an idea, even just fixing a leak, becomes that hero.

How did we get here?

What kind of national psyche heronizes a guy who simply normalized a situation which should never have been left to deteriorate to what it was and, in a sector whose problems go far beyond the fixing of exam leakages?

Let me give you a bit of background that puts this sense of false hubris in perspective.

After the ushering in of the new constitution, the Country was on a new high. We had been told that the Constitution would create Nirvana (heaven) for all of us. And we believed it. The expectations of the Country were therefore at an all-time high when we went to the polls in 2013.

And then a catastrophe happened.

On the presidential ballot were two leading horses, formations of the old order in two tribal contraptions called CORD and Jubilee. The choice was not between the old and the new, it was between two olds; the choice was not between the good and the better, it was between the bad and the ugly; the choice was not between forces of modernity and progression and those of stagnation, it was between two configurations of the status quo. Based purely on tribal arithmetic, we elected into office the biggest catastrophe that would ever have befallen the transformation movement that had been ushered in by the new constitution. We elected into office ICC suspects, a self-confessed-YK92-hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi-project.

We had been warned that choices have consequences. We are now suffering the consequences. Four years later, disillusionment is at its all-time high. The promise of Nirvana has turned into an unending nightmare for the people. Frustration, disappointment and anger are palpable. After the high expectations for a new dispensation, nothing has changed, nothing of significance has happened to change our lives and worse still we have no expectations of anything new, good or exciting to come our way. In deed choices have consequences.

In the world of oral narratives, it is at this point that the people go looking for a hero. Something is broken, stolen, missing, in Proppian terms there is lack. It is at such a time that Dr. Matiangí delivers a reportedly clean exam, and immediately, a desperate, frustrated, disillusioned country lurches onto him as a hero. Yes, he delivered a clean exam. But does that make him a hero, extra-ordinary or revolutionary?

I hate to rain on the parade, but I fear that it does not.

Exams are not supposed to be stolen in the first place. Dr. Matiangí did not reform anything, he did not revolutionalize anything, he did not transform anything, he simply normalized a situation. Exams are supposed to be set, distributed, administered, marked and released without leaking. That is the normal situation. Anyone who does that is simply doing their job – delivering the normal. Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi failed. He could not deliver the normal.

After the disappointment of the Jubilee government, I know we are looking for a hero. Desperately. So much so that we are happy to create one.

The long un-trodden road to heroism

I have described the education sector as a house with 1000 leaks, a falling roof, a crumbing foundation, collapsing walls, broken windows and a cracked floor.  Sealing a leak in 2016 KCPE can at best be a good start on the long un-trodden road to heroism. Before we canonize Dr. Matiang’i on Mashujaa day as a Kenyan hero, and pop the champagne,  let him go beyond fixing leaks in KNEC and fix the whole house of  1000 leaks in access, quality, financing and management of education. These include but are not limited to:

Let him do away with KCPE and ensure 100% transition from primary to secondary school. Sealing a leak in KCPE is and legitimizing it. It only gives credibility to a system where thousands of Kenyan children are denied secondary school education and called “failures”;

Let him reform a Ministry in dire need of new blood and new thinking, ran by dinosaurs from Jogoo house to the County Educational Offices, to Principals who are the biggest obstacles to educational reforms;

Let him reconstitute all statutory, regulatory and policy making bodies in the Ministry of Education and incorporate young Kenyans who are digitally savvy, bold, modern, progressive and futuristic;

Let him immediately de-register schools that have several exam centers to manipulate their performance, he has already called them “frauds”. Threats are not action;

Let him cause the prosecution and conviction of heads who are flouting the government fees structures and fleecing parents;

Let him stop the corruption that will see the average performing children of the rich gain entry into national schools at the expense of the poor, in fact let him do away with the current Schools’ hierarchy that segregates, discriminates and balkanizes students on performance and ethnicity;

Let him fire lazy heads who deliver bad results year in year out;

Let him shut down fake colleges fleecing parents and giving crappy certification to unsuspecting young Kenyans;

Let him dissolve and reconstitute all University Councils in Universities where tribalism, nepotism and “mtu wetu”  has become the order of the day (please read ‘All Public Universities’);

Let him shut down village Universities that have been set up to appease degenerate politicians and tribal interests giving crappy degrees to unsuspecting locals; Or force the politicians to take their children there;

Let him regulate massification of tertiary education by closing down the deplorable conveyor belts that our Universities and tertiary colleges have become, awarding useless degrees and graduates without skills;

Let him revive the research function of Universities, currently non-existent in Universities producing useless PhD’s by the 100’s every year;

Let him give employers job-ready graduates through Competency Based Training and not zombies who have spent all their lives passing examinations and learning nothing;

Let him stop the “degrees for cash” extortion schemes in Universities where politicians aspiring and serving, those who have no value for knowledge and scholarship and hustlers can get quick easy degrees including PhD’s;

Let him establish at least one internationally recognizable center of academic, research & innovation excellence out of the myriads of delusional wannabe public and private Universities calling themselves “centers of excellence” and “World Class”;

Let him ring-fence the Ministry, education policy institutions and schools & colleges from politicians and politicization;

Let him establish a centralized national bursarys’ allocation scheme that ensures that needy children get financial assistance throughout their school life without having to run after corrupt politicians and their minders after every election cycle;

Let him ensure that government sponsored internships for acquisition of employability skills and mentoring becomes part of the regular training for every Kenyan college and University graduate;

Let him ensure access through universal financing of tertiary education for all qualified students and not just a few or for those whose parents can pay;

Let him stop the theft of public money through cartels in all educational institutions including theft of FPE money and looting of Universities by tribal cartels claiming  “hii ni yetu“;

Let him re-engineer pedagogical practice in Kenya by demanding a review of all teacher training curriculum in the country and modern pedagogical skills retraining for all teachers;

Let him institute measures to enforce professionalization of the teaching career;

Let him modernize pedagogy at all levels of education and give us an education structure responsive to 21st Century needs and opportunities;

Let him establish a world class – truly world class – center for the gifted and talented where we ensure that the most talented kids reach their fullest potential and contribute in innovation and transformation;

Let him do away with the ridiculous laptops for Standard 1 Jubilee government nonsense and institute a cost effective and sustainable digitization of education at all levels;

Let him achieve Universal and compulsory primary and secondary education;

Let him ensure 100% completion of basic education and 100% transition to secondary and tertiary education;

Let him guarantee that no Kenyan boy or girl will be denied the most important tool for self and national advancement in the modern world: relevant knowledge;

And most important of them all,  let him ensure that no child is left behind, by mainstreaming Early Childhood Education, the foundation of every child’s cognitive abilities throughout life, and yet the most neglected and demeaned sector of the education process in this country and especially in the rural areas.

If he does this, then, maybe then, we can move from the realm of the normal – like fixing leaks left behind by an under-performing CS – and wade into the realm of the truly transformational, even revolutionary. Before then, Dr. Matiang’i is a good performing CS, who fixed a leak, but just a mono-eyed technocrat in a Jubilee administration where everyone else is blind.

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  1. Prof.After reading this article keenly,I see some sense and as you said it was a well done job by the Dr….but again something should be done about the quality of education itself…there is no need of having un-leaked exams that can not help or equip.

  2. its a step in the right direction.The norms of our society have been eroded and replaced with impunity.Someone loots public money and when made to account,runs back to his/her community to cry for being haunted because of tribalism.The community comes out guns blazing in aid their son/daughter prematurely even when their heritage is being ruined.So we can only appreciate Dr. Matiang’i for just trying to change the status quo of a rotten society.Then he moves to the next high level policies hoping the one after will indeed sustain the work in progress.

  3. I as a teacher,believe that the real problem facing the education sector is not just exam leakage.In fact that is a matter that Paul Wasanga in his days of Managing the KNEC was able to handle it amicably. The CS has a looong way to go when it comes to the issue of Improving the Value of what we offer as Educationists

  4. A nice read. However you have ended your article with “let him . . .”. Those closing statements negates your opening criticism of why Dr. Matiang’i should not be considered a hero. I guess here its better to apply the Chinese proverb that a journey of a thousand steps . . . Or the tired one of Rome was not build in a day. However I do agree with your analysis

  5. Spot on, on this one. I guess this house requires rebuilding. But where did we go wrong? There was never a proper strategy and remodeling of KNEC and the entire education system.

  6. I completely agree with you on this one. The Doctor was only doing what he is mandated by law to do and that does not make him a hero. The truth remains that Kenyans have been programmed to accept mediocre services and when finally one right thinking Kenyan serve them as they ought to be served, they label him or her a hero..Kudos for the good work you are doing prof

  7. Hi professor. This is a good read and like you say he fixed a leak what abt crumbling sector? What is he doing n how wl he achieve it if the small jobs like “plumbing” are his! Cartels are busy devising new methods to counter him.

  8. “Let him do away with the ridiculous laptops for Standard 1 Jubilee government nonsense and institute a cost effective and sustainable digitization of education at all levels;”i like this…

  9. He had to start from somewhere,when you want to construct a highway you must start by fixing leaking drainage systems and water pipes.Fixing the leaks cut off the financial supply of cartels

  10. One thing you should understand Professor is that the journey of thousands miles starts with one step. All those things you have stated that he should fix, cannot happen overnight, its a journey and eventually Matiangi will be there. U ar demeaning him even calling him mono eye. I thing you didn’t appreciate his hard work. Kwani nyinyi watu mnatakanga nini ? When the Cs wakes up early in the morning you have a problem with it, when he delivers a credible exam, u are not happy

  11. One thing I want to a sure you. Matiangi is causing a lot of panic and discomfort in jubilee. Reasons 1. they are people who believe cartels must influence everything. they were denied chance at examination centre to influence marks. 2.jubilee associates enjoy when workers do there job, there money though availed but banks owned by jubilee associates hold on the money to pay them after 4-5 months after making profits on the money. matiangi would want teacher’s who marked exams be paid immediately since that is how to influence good job to be done. 3.Matiangi is hard on everyone ,jubilee associates thrive on leniency and errors full of corruption. 4.Matiangi has no room for backdoor things;grades ,reports, scheduling etc.jubilants are chief investors in the above mentioned. note.↔ Matiangi◀ is God send but at a wrong dispensation. We want new government soon to embrace his good work or he will be frustrated or done away with soon. Kudos Matiangi

  12. Professor this is a nice insight into the Education Sector. First, I agree with you that primary and secondary education should be free and compulsory. Students at these two levels should not be subjected to a sumative exam so they can all transit. Secondly, ECD should be strengthened and mainstreamed. In fact, this is where we the best educated instructors. Thirdly, yes as ordinary Kenyans, we are desperate and some slight positive change in leadership really makes us so excited to the extend we cannot control!

  13. Some bloggers like this Proffesor of rubbish Wainaina think that when you oppose the government’ on account you belong to the same tribe with the president, it’ll make you relevant and sensible at whatever cost..you only look like a confused hyena that can smell caucus but can’t locate it..sorry.!!!!!!!

  14. At times Prof I really doubt your the title you are holding, if you the one to rate Matiang’i what would you say of him, compared to last years exam he did a credible job , he knows very well the back stops with him and that’s why he used all means to deliver a chest free exam

  15. A dedicated public servant doing his cores as espected is something very rare in our public so matiang’is heroism is in order.the education sector especialy high education is a big let down,many developed nations emphasis more on research lakini ajabu sisi huimba hata msaada wa research yet very little is set aside during budget preparation,if Njoki thinks the guy is much sought rains let her enjoy her self,hehee….

  16. The man has jst done his work as it should be,in kenya we are used to wrong things such that when one does his duties as he is supposed to, he becomes a hero,kudos waziri for at least reminding us that michuki spirit is still alive


    Dr.Matiang’i is the only sheep among many wolves,his work at the ministry has been seen by every Kenyan,my wory is that some cartels in education sector might influence his transfer to another ministry.

  18. This is an insult to Matiangi. It is evil to narrow down his many achievements to a single exams item. He silenced the Sossion/opposition sabotage that drained Kaimenyi’s energy. He braved domitory fires, won public support and defeated the powers of darkness, including teachers extorting parents in the name of tuition.

  19. Matiang’i should read this article because it addresses all the problems that we have in our education systems. Uhuru and all the stakeholders in the education sector should read this and formulate policies to implement the suggested strategies. Looks like system overhaul

  20. Stop being petty and stop nit-picking. The fact of the matter is that other Ministers failed and he did it, period! These idle “unprofessorial” arguments don’t add value and are not in sync with the reality.

  21. Matiang’i grabbed the cartels by their cojones and showed them who is the boss-Njoki.Uhuru needs to do the same not call a meeting to cry foul.N cease discouraging the CS unless u dont realise the repercussions of an untrustworthy education system.Nobody in his correct mind can call it a leak Prof its a disaster already happening am sure the CS must have had serious training in Crisis n disaster management.

  22. Matiang’i did a very great job of keeping exam fraudstars at bay. These frauds have been the biggest challenge to our education system for decades now. When this blogger narrows it down to Prof. Kaimenyi failing, then he doesnt know what he is talking about

  23. Too many words that only look at things negatively. Everyone knows the negative consequences of cheating to the individuals and the nation. A serious person like Dr Matiangi knows that you can only rehabilitate a leaking house from the leakages in the roof before moving to other areas. The Dr has touched a raw nerve. We have many beneficiaries of a rotten system and they are not happy with Matiangi. Many people fought Michuki but his tough rules left an impact. Matiangi will one time depart but matiangism will live forever.

  24. Well said Prof. We are all in search for a hero in such a time like this when the jubilee promise has failed to actualize. A day is coming, and i believe, when we shall have not to congratulate or brand someone a hero for doing his job. Its true Matiangi has just done the bare minimum and much still remains for him to do. If everyone plays his part then we will not have an unachieved vision 2030 but rather we shall have a greator goal.

    • Prof…i believe i people like you and i can stand and have the voice of reason then we will cease to be a 3rd world country. Prof how comes we export everything and import the same as finished product. We export coffee we import coffee in tins, we export ore we import steel, aluminium et al is it that we dont have potential to change this? Out there we have no bargaining power. How comes now South Korea are assisting as out while we were better than them. This mtu wetu syndrome must be cured lest we are doomed. When someone is accused of corruption we stand behind him or her and say mbaya wetu si mwizi, kabila letu laguzwa.

  25. From what you posted you must be a product of leakages.however small Dr Matingi has done it has disapproved the direct beneficiaries like you and those who were there before him.I doubt your titles

  26. Matiangi won a battle and as you are aware that in a war there are several battles and he joined when the war is progressing. There are several commanders in various battle fields. The assigning offer is One Direction Uhuru Kenyatta. If he is incompetent then it is showing as the war is ragging. The verdict is out there for all to see. The losses are far greater casualties stewn all over the stench is great. The field commanders no longer report to base and only eager loot what is let .

  27. Mr u r a product of this same education syste ur dissing do u want to tell us ur a fake u realise how ironic u sound y r u always negative to u the glass is always half empty in ur long baseless narratives.this guy has started somewhere in fixing the problem n here u r dismissing him with ur negativity MTU akifanya kitu he has to be praised encouraged na we umeanza ur usual do u think ur God that every thing u post is true why dont u apply for those positions ama usimame Kura or ur so afraid watu wataona who u really r u CD have just said congrats matiangi btbi hope u fix this other areas also

  28. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day , let’s give credit where due . The problem with kenyans is they fail to appreciate effort Matiangi has confronted the Dragon like no one else who preceded him , what he need from us is moral support but with your article you are pouring cold water on a lighting fire. Learn to appreciate….

  29. Tired readers are poor listeners and always put the cart before the horse in matters life.

    They read Indian examination revision text books that give points or bullets from which quick answers can be picked. Alway impatient.

    That fails to exercise the mind. It removes qualitative thinking! It makes one ask such questions as “how to you fix a plug into a socket?” They ask this while holding the plug in hand and looking at the socket. Yet a simple mind-exercise will show one how to do it right first time without asking.

    Prof is not giving revision notes for him to bullet out his article. He is giving a thought-provoking argument that requires thorough exposition.

    In comments such as these, asking whether this is a novel or not, I see exerpts of the folly of present-day education system.

    Let Matiang’i fix them one by one. A good start though.

    Sorry mine is also becoming too long to be comprehended by such poor readers.

    • LOL!!! Thank you sir. I was also also a fanatic of the indian exam revision text books while still in high school. However the career i chose wouldn’t allow me to take such short cuts in campus. It was a real struggle but i learnt to be patient in reading,listening and comprehending matters. This has made my day

  30. A good reading.Nevertheless lets start by giving credit where it is due.And then pray that Matiangis ‘small plumber job’ will be replicated in many other departments and ministries and viola! we will be on our way to ressurection.The whole of Kenya or for that matter MOEST cant be one man Matiangis job!

  31. Let’s give credit to whoever deserves n stop criticizing always I think those who r criticising should have benefited from the vice so I say congrats 2 honorable Matiang’i even Jesus showed that leader should act servant and not a boss

  32. Professor Michael wainaina PhD…..you’re no different from Koigi wa wamwere.Ever critical.So condemnatory ….Would you please consider changing your nationality? …..preferably to Somalia or even Syria where Monsters perform exemplary….anyway freedom of speech

  33. Prof, you have the foresight of a Jewish prophet that any citizen ordinaire will fail to comprehend ten out of ten. Our default natural inclination is conditioned towards mediocrity no wonder superlatives were splashed that week as if Noah’s Ark had got the only broom!
    Prof, I wish I knew where to find you this weekend to buy you a Christian drink at my humble expense, Sir.

  34. Its no doubt Kenyans are shallow minded if you like.
    Kenyan education is in its deathbed, those privy to the information to what constitutes an efficient and reliable education sector can attest to that.
    Matiang’i fixed probably one out of hundered problems bedevilling the ministry.
    Just hoping he wont turn to ‘mgema akisifiwa……’ before he brings sanity to the entire house.

  35. Well reasoned out post prof,correcting a mess is not a revolutionary or a transformative act,it is simply being keen in adherence to good practices expected of a disciplined civil service.

  36. I hope Sossions’ & Co have learned from this one. I once told KNUT that let the students burn all schools if that was the price we were going to pay to restore credible exam in Kenya. We are proud of you Dr. Matiangi. You are a grip of hope in this hopeless Kenya.

  37. Prof, you are a keen and very observant man. I agree with you that Dr. Matiang’i will be considered to have succeeded if all the examinations are done, marked and released without him making those many trips country wide and should effectively deal with the cartels at the ministry of education, the tsc and the wasteful principals and head teachers. So far that’s a good start.

  38. Good morning Prof. I concur with what you have echoed about our rotten education system. But could it mean that it is a war comprising of several battles and Dr. Matiangi has won the first battle? What if he’s given more time to wade through the rest gradually? What if resourceful people like you who sees things clearly joined hands with him as stipulated in the Constitution? Or don’t you think that you have a civic call/duty to kindly offer your input to the government in order to shape the destiny of millions of young Kenyans who are innocent victims of the rotten system?

    • I have said he has done well. I have also said that at best, what he has done can be seen as a first step in a long journey. Let us hope he will go the whole hog. I have not been asked to help. I am doubtful though that I can work for the jubilee government though. It is a poisoned chalice. The bible advices, in Psalm 1.1 “Blessed is the one
      who does not walk in step with the wicked
      or stand in the way that sinners take
      or sit in the company of mockers”. Jubilee is a no no for me.

    • Prof is just a Kenyan concerned about the Kenyans and the system of governance, jubilee or Cord doesn’t matter, you can stick with you’d psychofancy but prof just hit the point. We follow you prof, the truth’s the truth, keep telling them as it is…..

    • Ahsana Wangara Qaulan, I am also a Kenyan but don’t play a devil’s advocate, I follow prof all through but to be honest he has constantly critizised jubilee, praising CORD who have no agenda for Kenya better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know. You also know this very well

  39. There are those of us, who will use a thousand words to say absolutely nothing that we didn’t already know, and will a always criticise whatever they themselves didn’t start. Over to you “Professor!”

  40. Professor i thought you are also a man of the pulpit. Have you read the Paul’s 2 epistle to Timothy, 3rd chapter from 1~6? Have you also read the James’ epistle to the 12 tribes scattered across the world? I hope yes. Then why are you so thankless, unappreciative and crumbler? You are fulfilling this prophecy with an astonishing precision by not seeing anything good in an effort of a trying leader. You are using strong swelling words and sweeping statements to water down work well done like your great grandfathers Dathan Korah and Abiram. They complained to their grave, could not see anything good in the person of Moses. Well put professor, but you are exposing your hollow and empty heart, devoid of any goodness and sturning level of loneliness. Aha!

  41. A piece worth reading, Matiang’i has just started, he may have your list prof if his graduation speech at 28th graduation ceremony at Jkuat is anything to go by!He mentioned most of the issues, so far he is a great hero!

  42. we must give credit where it is deserved.matiangi did a great job.the rot at kneck wil take so many years to fix.matiangi has put the ministry on the right path.or what did you expect him to do?

  43. Like Michuki before him, all Matiangi has done is to stamp his authority at the education ministry. The elephant in the room of closed minded policy wonks and status quo education system still exists.

  44. There are two people who deserve praise and congratulations. On exposing financial rot in the government and counties,it’s Auditor Edward Ouko.On admnistratve duties on education it’s Prof Magoha.On policy it’s Dr.Matiangi.

  45. In summary: our systems are damn rotten. We have been making excuses, lowering benchmarks and even ignoring basic rules to accommodate complacency for far too long with an over emphasis on pleasing the political class.

  46. #professor or prophetess….. You seem to so down in your cricism…. If something is good,just call it simply good….. Wacha pang’ang’a nyiingi….. Ati walking to supervise container opening is neglecting his official duties of the CS??? Where have you had that went wrong wen he was out supervising???

  47. That may be a baby step, still in the right direction somehow I don’t recall reading a practical solution to our “unending “problems. Maybe, just maybe ur lost like the whole lot.

  48. some comments here….i’m left wondering if after hurling insults they felt good..nwy prof on my part i get what you driving at….we really are desperate for a hero…even i think avoiding leakages doesnt qualify one a hero infact its a minor thing considering how sick the education system is..a lot need to be addressed…there are far more vital issues in education sector that requires much more attention…. we cant deny the fact that our education system is built on a wet ground…i can label him a warrior..hero…he is not there yet…he is very far from it now that i think about it….lets keep it real folks.

  49. Thank you Prof for such an important critique of the education sector. Your Socratic approach is needed in such times to improve the system. The CS has done his duty which many have not, we applaud progress and the impetus involved. If we can have policy that guides the system coupled with implementation then the change we desire will be realized. A good point of depature

  50. I see your point prof for even if he runs the sector well the country’s fifth shall overwhelm his good deeds As a country we should have a come to Jesus moment and like an eagle ask if we die because of long unuseful tallons or go through the painful rejuvenation of removing them and grow new one s that will move us forward.

  51. There is somewhere I disagree Prof. I don’t c anything wrong with waking up at the wee hrs of the morning to go supervise. A wise man says ” A leader LEADS n not just being a BOSS.” So sitting in the office??? Nay nay na

  52. #ProfessorMichaelWainaina-PhD
    It is really good. I mean a good piece to provoke the mind. Everyone ia entitled to their opinion,and freedom of expression granted as an unvoidable right as well. All said and done,it is your turn to have a piece of your humble pie.
    I am not sure whether you are a true PhD holder,or just a social media fame /stunt. No insults. Scholars are supposed to be part and parcel of solution to scholarly problems. I have had an opportunity of attending 3 international meetings in connection to education. I have never seen you there. I don’t hold such a title as you do. But submitting your reseach paper during such events,is more amicable than putting it on social media. No one is going to implement your sentiments. This is just a story that we will read and it dies here. My point is,let us not always be critics. Let us strive to be part of the solution. No one is perfect. Offer your advice and opinion,but not making fame and praises over our own predicaments. Forever being critics won’t change this nation,not any time so soon. Let us be part of the change we admire of. Give credit where due,so that when you will be in such a position,we will accord you the same. Peace

    • Anara you seem to imagine that attending international meetings makes you more credible and valuable than the thousands of regular Kenyans reading my articles here and thousands commenting. You are wrong. By the time i became a Professor I had attending enough of those “International” Conferences. I can confirm to you that I would rather be here having a discourse on social media than attend another one of those self gratifying idle conferences where self-inflated intellectuals are simply talking to their peers about nothing. I found those conferences boring, presumptuous and a total waste of time and money. Life is about people and I am happy to interact with them here. All the best in your “International” conferences. And do not worry about me. I am in good company here. Been there done that, I am missing nothing.

    • Hey boss. I never said am feeling on top with such. All am saying is,let us be part of the solution. Am not any better than anyone. Not everyone is on social media as well. Being a critic is fine. But then what next??? Action,right?? I never missed a point in your article,you have softly missed it in this. Go through my comment. I started by saying,no insults. For Heaven’s sake people ain’t allowed to speak up their mind??? Then make it private. I find your reply abusive #ProfessorWainaina

  53. Matiangi fixed wat he waz supposed to,he waznt supposed to fix all the rot n filth generated by this gvt.He’s not the president Mr Prof.We knw u won’t buy the idea of Matiangi unseating UHURU,that i’m sure of.

  54. But Prof.,looking At This Government And The Standards They’ve Set For Themselves,don’t You Just Agree That Matian’gi Is Their Hero?I Mean A Bunch Of Clueless Guys Running A Government,hey Are Critisized By The Oposition And Instead Of Taking It As A Wake Up Call Throws Back Insults And Threats.It’s Just Crazy.I Get The Point Though.

  55. well , matiangi loses his credentials after telling the most hidden truth ? indeed he not only restored education sector but also said a certain fact about a famous for only riddle personality and if at all your title is anything to go by u beter breed the posible solutions to all the loopholes mentioned in the post if at all your post is clean and conicidence wth the the prop

  56. I hope you know what your “academic-equal” Prof. Ongeri did in the same docket. Yours is too academic, almost just “on-paper”…..When this country sent the highest number of Professors (like you) to the August, they delivered the worst output. Let Matiangi be. The little (as you call it) he is doing, may be all we need for now. We will get there

  57. How will you explain to the pupils who received the result with one or two subject missing yet there waz no cheating y subject parents plus people to stress yet he had tyme with him.how do i ve to explain to my son that the marks in three subject reived reflect his work in school yet the two subject still missing.

  58. What else can the professor offer other than endless criticism of those who are making a move? If all Kenyans were that unreasonable. ….
    Long live matiangi and may God provide others like him….

  59. The thrust of the argument is the palpable dissilusionment in kenyan populace that was there after independence.The homeguards stole the pomp from the true heroes and no wonder the present hegemonic plunder of the country.Am not sure who can save bt am sure Uhuru is the epitome of the bourgeois and cannot give us the nirvana kenya yerns for .


    what a magnifying article Prof..big ups man..but don’t you think the ‘let him…’ phrases require more of our engagement and team work as Kenyans in transforming and challenging the status quo to bring about developed, as per the needs of the Kenyans, sectors. I think the phrases target more or less we the Kenyans who are the beneficiaries of these sectors. They don not target the CS as an individual or his Ministry, as per say. Kudos Dr. Matiangi

  61. Weldone prof,such minds should be given a chance to contribute in building our nation,but because of political expediency,no one is even thinking about you,anyway tire not siku inakuja for you to be given a chance,best wishes

    • Thanks Peter for your kind words. I am not sure though that I can work for Jubilee. It is a poisoned chalice. The Bible advices us in Psalms 1:1 “Blessed is the one
      who does not walk in step with the wicked
      or stand in the way that sinners take
      or sit in the company of mockers”.

    • Very true,my worry is for you, never to have a chance to apply your know how even if not chupilee,or else start a mass movement of like minded people cross the country,count on my support good professor

  62. Professor Michael Wainaina, in your attempt to downplay the exemplary performance of Dr Matiang’i as the Education Ministry CS, you have deliberately forgotten that the long journey starts with the first step. You have also forgotten that he has done a job the previous ministers and CS were incapable of doing. He is a hero to Kenyans who is destined to revolutionize the Kenyan Education system. Let us give him all the support he rightfully deserves.

    • Timothy, what I expected of Prof Michael is to add his string of superlatives to the list already used in the description of Dr Matiang’s work. Your assertion that Matiang’i was just doing his work does not hold water weighed against the performance of the previous holders of the portfolio. Why was there rot before he came in? Why have the seemingly ‘high class’ schools been exposed as a clever scheme to gain undeserved popularity? Has his achievements in the ministry been equalled in other ministries? The answer is a resounding NO! Before we demand more from Matiang’I, let us first recognize and commend his good work. In real life, we recognize and commend our wives when they serve us delicious meals, even if it is their work to do so.

  63. On point Prof. We can’t say he’s ‘fixed’ the education sector. There’s more that he needs to do. We can say he’s done well to fix exams, that’s what he’s done. The sector is still a mess.

  64. Very well said Prof. Kudos. We are in a mess. Choices got concequencies. Right now we do not want anything new. All we are asking for is Uhuru’s regime to return Kenya to where it was before his swearing in.

  65. We also can’t say he’s restored our faith in public servants. Others have’nt started emulating him. All I can say is, he’s proven that with the right will and the right team, change can happen.

  66. success of a leader should not blindfold the masses by one or two parameters assumed to be his success. Even as every Kenyan go to bed every night it is crystal that Kenyan teacher are the most deprived,demotivated, intimidated and disillusioned in all spheres. Every child going through our education system is aware that it is not teacher fault that KNEC leaks its exam, that the men and women who stand in front of their classrooms preaching ‘EDUCATION IS POWER’ are the most economically powerless Kenyans, yet professors, lawyers, Doctors and the best world’s engineers once sat down to listen to their so called ‘rubbish’,. Unnecessary imprisonment for showing and displaying their professional work during their free time, extremely poor pay that ‘does not take a person home’ …… A manager who celebrates success of his organization at the expense of his employees welfare and is a failed manager just like economic growth is not necessarily a development. I may say Education is a bomb awaiting explosion if all the teachers welfare is not protected..

  67. great critique demonstrating high level of critical and logical thinking. all the same positive reinforcement is a major motivator and thus appreciating Matiangi for doing his job is justifiable

  68. As you read this and you reach to the point of Mr know it all and all you do is move to the comments area and occupy yourself there because that’s the only point you can help yourself and feel relieved. Thanks man.

  69. I concur with Walter Oduogi. He should be given the ultimate job to fix all the issues you have enumerated. The issue is about who can restore dignity in our institutions. All that cannot be done by one person leading a segment of our institutions. For us to reach that Nirvana the head Boss must be the epitome of those virtues for the simple reason that there are linkages to other sectors of the economy. Trying to fix one sector without regard to others fails terribly for each sector must function well for the good of the whole.

  70. Prof…. Sometimes if you remain silent…people will think you’re wise !. I rest my case hyperbole !. It is people like you,who given a chance to lead,urinate on our faces out of fear to fail which is human. Nobody is perfect no matter how ”learned” you pretend to be !. Even a toddler can teach you a thing or two in matters toddler don’t you think ?. Knowledge is acquired but wisdom is God given and bestowed on a select few who are humble and with a human heart.

    • Prof….with all due respect to the academia,who is stealing from Kenyans ?. Degree,masters,diploma and Phd holders entrusted with high political office in our land.They cook figures,inflate bills,under-report their financial status and that of their spouses….and here you’re castigating our only few people we at the very least,CSs, we can rely on to deliver good performance in the ministeries they lead. Majority Kenyans without a good quality education can be honest and accountable,than all academia and their bloated ego just because of mere papers they hold to get access to steal from poor Kenyans. Shame on them,the entire civil service. Eti Doctors and Nurses are on strike !. I call it an abuse of trust and lack of professional decorum if they have any at all !?.

  71. My learned Friend ( although I don’t know if you are a lawyer ) you have made me view ‘the hero’ in a different perspective. How ever I strongly disagree with your statement choices have consequences ( you can elaborate)

  72. Thumps up Mr Professor, you can’t start looking for a remedy to a certain problem unless you first bring it to board;meanwhile let us first acknowledge that,the nononsense CS Dr.Fred Matiang’i has started to bring the Ministry of Education back to its norm.Let us appreciate the little done and hope much big things are on the way,so long as this man continues to steer this powerful Ministry….

  73. Dear proff, kindly stop overthinking. It wont help. By our standards, Matiang’i is a hero. The suggestions you make are in our archives (in education reports) awaiting implementation when we mature up. It is an oversize garment which has to be kept in the wardrobe awaiting our body size to be enough. I have always asked, ‘If the whites were allowed to overstay, would we now be worse, the same or better? I keep asking this because i have never understood why over 50 years after ‘independence’ we still rot in ignorance. I mean, i personally have never understood what independence we keep celebrating. Kindly forgive my age.

    • Reading your comment, I cannot help but feel that you are the one overthinking. We are capable and there is nothing wrong with us. No society can progress without a visionary leadership. When you have a president who asks “sasa manataka nifanye nini jameeni…” then you know the society is in deep trouble. The Bible says, where there is no vision, the people perish.

  74. Prof. Dr Matiang’i’s exemplary effort now need complementary effort from your colleges where money has continued to lubricate the teaching of parallel students and soften the marking hands for their exams such that their ability to complete fees means successful completion of the courses. The less attended to regulars would usually create chaos at exam time due to poor attention and preparations. Would you therefore support Matiang’i shoud he propose that there will be no more parallel student intake?

  75. Wanaina’s assertions are a poor attempt to redeem his reputation as a jubilee apologist.
    He’s failed to captured the background history of that ministry, failed to capture various measures Matiangi employed to sanitise our education sector.
    One cannot dismiss Matiangi’s efforts using the exams as a yardstick,that’s a pedestrian approach. He should appreciate the herculean task of dismantling cartel networks both at jogoo HSE & knec.
    We should be encouraging our education officials to entrench proactive systems within that docket. Ensure the measures taken by Matiangi take root in all sub county education offices ( that’s how far the rot had gone down ). indeed,had all officials been working professionally, we wouldn’t have resorted to such draconian measures. Matiangi has not fixed a leak but given hope to many, that we can still salvage our broken society.
    Absence of the PhD title in my address, is deliberate on my part as I consider this post mediocre, a hatchet job without alternative solutions.

  76. A thousand leaks in a sinking ship can not be fixed all at once, has to stay somewhere. Now, if you are the mech after fixing your first leak somebody standing by dismisses your work highlighting the remaining 999 problems, would that be the motivation you need? A demoralizing critique expertly delivered

  77. Too bad you still think you are a foreigner, did you write about Kaimenyi last year? Seeking attention when one man fixed what was becoming a leak saving integrity of education in the country and you can dare criticize? Just hope you found something constructive to work on

  78. I agree with you prof. Unless the system is changed nothing will have changed. The cartels we were being told and non was exposed by the CS. In a true reform system, we expected people to face the law. They are just watching “reforms” before they bounce back more vicious and determined to suck the education system to death. Over the weekend, I asked some of my colleagues what is is the fate of education system if Jubilee is defeated in 2017 election? Given the fact that reforms in education is equated to one individual called Matiag’i? I know CORD symphatiser will tell me that the CORD government will retain him.

    We need reform in totality not playing with Kenyan minds.

  79. I see this as policy dilemma in developing economies such as Kenya. While we know relying on personalities without strong institutions has been our undoing, we have discovered that strong personalities can crash institutions anchored on the best policies ever. We have forgotten that the rot in our education can only be fix with sound and sustainable policies that reenforce self regulating systems at all levels. Imagine Matiangi has to be a spanner boy opening exam containers at 5am in the morning for exams to be credible! I believe we need a hybrid of strong personalities and institutionalized policies if we are to see a positive deviation in the way our sectors are managed

  80. We are indeed immersed in an ocean of problems. But if someone has managed chop off even a tiny piece of it, why not appreciate as we look for ways to fix the rest? Give the devil its due dear prof.

  81. I do agree with u even for giving the transformations necessary.A certain professor recently retired was a primary teacher-these are pple who were denied an opportunity due to some of the reasons u have outlined.It took him a very long process to achieve what he wanted.However,in a society expecting nothing,Matiang’i has done a surprise! There is still need for alot more

  82. I do not think a prof can be a sadist but what am sure is, a professor is just a rank. You have all to be taught still. How you consider this aspect of Cs Matiangi, i think then if u have been in Kenya, then you can tell why he had to go a step higher. Even cs Nkaissery goes to the ground, so I see no point. I think you have an aspect against him.

  83. Prof now I am in agreement with the stance you have taken. But, and indeed, our hunger and thirsting for heroes and heroines is symptomatic of a broke society. It also epitomizes a dearth of leadership. That is poverty indeed. For the greatest poverty is the poverty of thinking and leadership, not of lucre.

  84. I totally agree with you on the comparison and contrast between Jubilee and CORD but on the part of Dr Matiang’i he’s somehow succeeded Mr Prof. Remember Rome wasn’t built in one day. If we don’t appreciate the small things I doubt if we’ll appreciate the biggest things.
    The bottom line is Dr Matiangi is a performer even if you judge him with previous ministries he’s lead he brought transformation and implemented policies which changed the normal way of doing things as Kenyans(Corruption).
    The problem with professors is you guys are perfectionists who don’t delegate, mono-minded fellas who always believe their minds are correct and therefore teamwork to them is null and void. This is what your fellow Prof Kaimenyi did in his short stint in the education sector where he was the final decision maker and teamwork was no where to be seen therefore there’s no system to be consulted except his educated(Prof) mind.

  85. I’ve in fact read, understood and made notes on each one of your scripts. Do please remember if you are not part of a solution you are part of a problem. Critics never solve a single problem .they just make lifts.

  86. Very well said 100% true.Of course even if you use FBI to invigilate our KCPE and KCSE exams and leave it at that it will be pointless. Focus on our colleges and universities as well to ensure that dreams of such bright students are realized.As per now universities have been commercialized and are just after money hence producing half baked graduates.

  87. Give credit where its due man.It will nt make less of a profesor.what is succeess according to.Methinks its all abt setting the goals n objectives n achieving them.This guy did exactly that.99% Success.The fact that our society laverages in mediocrity is nt Matiang’i’s fault.Gives us a break!!!

  88. Education sector has systems made of organs, which are made of muscles which are made of cells. All these must be integrated and well coordinated to ensure life. I understand from my little management skills that you have to mix dictatorship and democracy if you want to succeed as a leader. A culture of inclusive decision making last longer because it brings everyone on board, creates a sense of belonging and responsibility amongst all the stakeholders. Dr. Matiang’i should be more authoritative than being authoritarian for his impact to last generations to come. Some of the challenges within the sector needs more time and consolidated efforts to be addressed comprehensively. He has what it takes to do all these, he has the will he can do it. But he can’t do it alone.

  89. I couldn’t have said it better. we as Kenyans can be a hypocritical lot. As much as we celebrate Matiangi now and ask that he stand for president we only need to look at the last elections to note how much what we say and what we do are clearly worlds apart. For all the claims that PK was performing well in His constituency as an MP and all the brouhaha about PK for president he only got 50k votes. Less than his FB page

    • Heheheheheheehehehehe…There is nothing wrong with us Kennedy. It is called the power of a single tribal political narrative. Peoples choice is either “your” tribalist or “my” tribalist. It is obvious who they will choose. I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative. I have warned that without it, the tribalists will win in 2017.

  90. Very well written, but I’m afraid majority of Kenyans are averse to change, we seem to abhor heroes, in the words of Prof Lumumba, we canonise demons and demonize the cannons. We are desperately looking for a relief, but that relief is just but temporary. We are averse to normalcy and a shortcut is always an option for us. We had Michuki and Mututho, I’m afraid the demons they sealed in a jar were let open as soon as they had hit the road.

  91. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  92. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  93. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  94. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  95. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  96. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  97. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  98. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  99. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  100. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  101. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  102. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  103. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  104. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  105. Contrary to your belief that a CS should sit in air con office and issue orders is what ails Kenya. Any leader should be a “plumber” who wakes in the wee hours to fix “leakages”. I don’t need “heroes” I need folks to do their job well. And Matiangi has done well- He’ll do well.

  106. Peter Otieno

    The article is very informative, thanks for telling all that’s going on in the education sector. The CS has started in the correct footing but needs the support of all players in the sector and the will to do the right thing not necessarily being forced or coerced. As someone in this system I know that a lot of good will and change of attitude is needed for him to achieve all that you have talked about. We should start from the lowest to the top, with this I mean the CS should be more concerned with policy making and leave the implementation to his juniors.

  107. I think you are uncomfortable with the growing popularity of this commitment man. He has just successfully jumped the first huddle and with nothing to hide every right thinking Kenyan is happy, Kenyans wish we had a president, vice president ministers and public servants who could do something right in this ailing nation or at least set the nation to the right direction. How could you explain this? SASA MNATAKA NIFANYE NINI? hopeless nation

  108. Oh yes but also Moses was ordered by God to move forward into the sea. Therefore be the solution by immobilising correct minded people to move on. It is important to honour the power that be as we make change and also our elders in age .

  109. Well done and said prof.wainaina,however,I believe the man to be first congratulated is prof.Magoha.He was at the centre of it.He sealed off all the loopholes at knec.Dr.Matiangi only provided anebling environment. Horay! to both of them.Prof.Magoha did it the way he cleaned up Nairobi university.our memory is still fresh.The rot was at the knec.Prof Magoha dismantled all the cartels.

    • You haven’t given a solution. You giving Utopian ideas. We understand it is the government responsibility to ensure that national exams administered are clean and credible. Now the question is was possible before CS Matiang’i?? Let’s give credit where it is due. Period

    • Amenya Ondeng’i My friend, engaging my readers is not idleness. It is called having conversations. It is what bloggers do. Any blogger who cannot have conversations may as well lock themselves up in their houses and talk to themselves. I do not respond because I am idle, I respond because I value my readers. As Desiderata says, “speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story”.

    • Mart’n Em Wangari I do not have as much contempt for the people of Kenya as you. To come here and call people “awful and uneducated” is in very bad taste and what some people would call ushenzi. Having a PhD does not make me any better than any other Kenyan who has an opinion. That you or I may disagree with their opinion does not make them “awful”. I have a lot of respect for the people. All people. I would advice you to have some too. And if you cannot, I would request you to respectfully leave this forum. In any case, I do not know what you are doing in a forum of the “awful and uneducated”. Heshimu watu buda!

    • The same desiderata talks of avoiding loud and agressive persons,they are vexations to the spirit,prof by ordering wangari to leave the forum your almost becoming ‘loud and agressive.’The main issue is here is that the CS deserves some credit.

    • Prof. You misquoting me. I haven’t questioned on your right to blog. I have a problem with your ideas. The so called solutions to the education sector.

      The bus doesn’t stop with CS Matiang’i as stakeholders we must take responsibility too.

    • Prof that is where you go wrong. You fail to see some clearly written comments like mine. I described the replies evident in most of your talks ‘hehehehehehe’ BUT NOT you as a person! I do not attack people at all but I preserve the right to describe any opinion in mine words. For instance, you are educated and you have good opinions about the country and its leadership, but your reply is not in line with what you believe in. Repeatedly replying with ‘hehehehehe’ does not do you any good! That is what I term as awful and uneducated because it does not help anything in this case. Sorry if you took this personal, I am not that kind of a person! Stop languishing in the pool of negativity buda!

  110. When an improvement is noted it’s good to note it. That’s a task well done and deserves to be the best in a group of underperforming cs. Professor you should instead acknowledge matiangi and highlight the other 999 leakages. Should cabinet secretaries be ranked by how much they sit in their offices. What matiangi did was commendable.

  111. Dr.Matian’gis resolve is commendable. He’s like the legend humming bird we envy him. If everyone did what is expected of him or her we obviously wouldn’t be where we are. This society has become so fake that if you do the right thing,you look like a magician.

  112. Thank you Prof. We have been conditioned over the years to accept that mediocrity and corruption are “normal” in govt work places. We are now shocked that a man is doing his his job “well”, yet he was hired and is handsomely remunerated to do just that. At this rate we’ll soon start praising a cop for catching a chicken thief

  113. This is a very nice Mwakenya for Matiang’i It’s well thought and can be usede as a rference to bring the necessary reforms in our education system.Sometimes back I wondered why colleges and universities were opening satellite campuses like mama mboga kiosks.Besides producing half baked and non baked graduates,kenyan universities are also frustrating dreams of many young kenyans by offering courses that doesn’t even have value.Our education system need a total overhaul…

  114. I have said not once the title “prof” and “PHD” on this rascal’s name tantamount to ridicule to intellects. He reasons fallaciously every other time and shamelessly display his shallowness and mediocrity on public. Matiang’i has just began, he has displayed the mettle of a doer. Everything must start from somewhere. Rather than destructive criticism on Cs, hold on your horses and give Matiang’i time. Beside, how are you helping the situation by your criticism?! Focus on corruption and other vices

  115. This could be the start of rectifying the mess in the system.This kud have been a nice stuff were it not for the exaggerations and self repetition. I am not sure that the education system is as bad to be described in some of these adjectives written with the help of a thesaurus. Then prof. since you are likely a product of the system…then you may need to return your title and just call yourself a brother or concerned citizen. I wish you just get a department to run and we see! Balance men will make you sound a little bit objective and realistic. Come down sir!

  116. this came as an eye opener. In reference to the times of the soviet union dictatorship, Stalin argued that people, like the chicken he used as an example, should be brutalised, denied everything and placed in the position of desparation so that when the people are given peanuts they will overwhelming praise their opressor……you have a point prof, we have a long way to go

    • Do you praise a truck driver for delivering goods with a truck? I mean that’s His job and he is paid to do just that so get over yourselves for praising matiangi for doing his job.the pay he gets is enough thanks. Some Kenyans work a life time to make what He makes in a single month.

    • The issues in the Education sector are Deep rooted. Matiangi has done well to address one such Exam Leakage. He has done his job he is paid to do that. Next he should build Structures to ensure Continuity even in his absence. He should address motivation levels with all stakeholders. Parents are demotivated with students leaving school without any jobs or Employable skills. Teachers from top to bottom are demotivated by poor pay working in harsh conditions under threats and intimidation from all quarters. School managers are under pressure to produce good results under difficult Conditions lack of Infrastructure Indiscipline and lack of Managerial Skills. What Matiangi has proved is that people can only work Under Maximum Supervision. This is a wrong direction for us to go. Completion Dropout and Transition Issues must be addressed Decisively Mushrooming Universities and Campuses need to be Controlled to ensure both Quality Viability and Sustainability. From then we Could all Turn Matiangi into our Hero.

  117. I agree with you Prof. that the CS didn’t do anything so extra- ordinary. Cheating in exams has been a function of KNEC officials and those hired to assist it perform its functions. The government knew it had the key to stamping it out,but it was not ready to. When it decided to, it did it.
    Friends,it is the same with corruption. If the government decides that corruption has to go,you will never hear of corruption in Kenya again. The government has the key,to lock or unlock anytime it wants to.

  118. Michael Mwangi and Munyua Alex
    Have u guys read profs article or it was too long for u to read hence ur shallow mindset.
    I have personally made posts on Matiangi and how he fought cheating.
    But that was his work. Truth fixing a leaking pipe.
    Pls read the whole article and see the extra Matiangi Must do to revolutionalize our education system. Celebrating and heronising Him now is just premature.
    Prof has highlighted the other partinent areas that require his attention.
    We cant heronize him yet
    The transition rate is low.
    There is rampant tribalism in colleges.
    Rampant theft embezzlement mismanagement of institutions and institutionalised corruption in our edn.
    This is what we need.
    Of the so called credible KCPE look at the desimal performance.
    More that half got below 270 marks the passmark.
    This is a wasting system and of this only 60% will proceed to sec the rest are for decay.

    I hate people hell bound on criticizing other peoples articles minus reading to interrogate facts clearly.
    What value do u add by being a mere critique empty of facts.
    Whats is it ure defending ?
    Its this myopic group in the kenyan citizenry that are intellectual doldrums.
    Empty Noisy Myopic Zero.

  119. Write all the english u find in ur head bt the fact is that he(Hon Matiangi) has done it well n perfect…critizise him in all ways n means bt he or she has eyes n ears can see n hear… I guess u r a Dr bcz u never cheated in ur exams.

  120. Why don’t we just “let him be president” professor? Then we can ‘let him’ appoint the likes of yourself (or even just yourself… though should you ask me you described roles for at least 10 different pros) to execute those tasks?

  121. Mr. Professor your kind are causing havoc in the education sector – I for one had to literally run after my supervisor for three months for him to approve my college project…… it is pathetic!

  122. You are a PhD holder but what you have posted here,even a class five drop out can never dare….
    So do you think you are a genius to transform Kenya.
    If you are better than everybody, vie for Presidency…

  123. This Prof Munene is full of himself and jealousy against his Juniors performance since he knows only too well that he is a failure. Its in bad taste to sit and jot down such a statement against your fellow hardworking and objective Kenyan.