A governor’s portrait on illegal mock exams! We and our children need protection from the madness of the “excellencies” in the Counties

Just when you think the bar for our governors’ madness, vanity, and utter annoyance can’t get lower, some governor drops it even lower. He “sponsors” illegal mocks, against the regulations of the Ministry of Education, and does one better.  He puts his portrait on the exam papers!

After the 109K “carcinogenic” wheelbarrows, bench-marking trips to Congo, (Yes, Congo!), millions spent on gates, curtains, opening Facebook accounts, tea & mandazi, hundreds of millions spent on palatial residences and noisy motorcades with illegal sirens, you would think that the “excellencies”, their assemblies and their executives in the counties are done.

No they are not.

They believe they can disregard rules and regulations they do not like at will, and everyone must bow to their whims, including our children in schools! As an educationist, I think that this act by the Siaya governor is the lowest it can get for the simple reason that the governor thinks that our children are fair game when it comes to his playing politics There are many reasons why children do not vote. One of them is because they are at an age where they need to be protected from politics and politicians. There are also reasons why education is not a devolved function. Thank heavens!

Some governor ready to drag school children into politics for no other reason than the pampering of his own twisted ego is a shameless man. I dare say a dangerous man.  Anyone who is debased enough to imagine that the next frontier of his sick politics is our school children cannot be anything else. Politicians have desecrated all available spaces, churches, funerals, businesses, “councils of elders”, homes, everything. Is our children their next frontier?

County governments have hijacked devolution and frustrated its intent. By now going down to our children they are not just keen to rob from us today. They are more than willing to ruin our tomorrow by desecrating the last space that our children can make a last stand against poverty and demagoguery – our schools. And when you read what is going on in the Counties, the debacle in Siaya is just a tip of the iceberg. Someone or something needs to save us from the madness going on in the counties. This is the curse of a well meaning system that has now created 47 megalomaniacs who believe they are demi-gods and are not answerable to anybody. We not only devolved funds and power to the Counties, we also devolved corruption, cronyism, bad governance and a healthy dose of grandstanding and megalomania.

The people know that devolution is the best thing that happened to the Country in the new constitution. Unfortunately, Governors, confuse devolution with themselves and imagine that they are the best thing that happened in their Counties since sliced bread.

It makes me wonder what kind of a sick mind would be comfortable with this kind of self-aggrandizement, running roughshod over very poor folks who can hardly afford two meals a day using the money stolen from them.

For the avoidance of doubt, devolution is not governors or the county governments. Those were simply structures that were put up to implement devolution. Devolution can be achieved using a million other options. So MCAs, governors and CECs should not confuse themselves with devolution. We can get rid of all those offices and still design a viable form of devolution that will deliver to the people of Kenya.  So anyone’s dissatisfaction with the County governments should not be seen as being against devolution. Significantly, no one is a defender of devolution. It is law. It does not need defending because no one apart from the good people of Kenya can change it. It needs not be defended, it needs to be implemented. When criticized, I have heard the governor’s claim that they are the defenders of devolution. They are not. They are its mutilators, its tormentors and the single most important reason why the people have not reaped the full benefits of devolution. They are the problem and they must be stopped!

Who by?

It does seem to me that the “nyumba ya wazee” called Senate, cannot or will not protect the people, The central government in Nairobi seems totally helpless to do anything, with itself suffering the same,  having admitted to being held hostage by corrupt cartels. The office of the auditor general has been deliberately emasculated and he has been begging for powers and money from a government that does not want a strong auditor general’s office. The EACC is itself suffering an identity crisis as it was revealed that its disgraced Chairman was a tenderpreneur with the Jubilee government. To demonstrate the untouchability of the governors, CS Matiangí moved to quickly suspend concerned education officials in the County. And nothing happened to “His Royal Highness” the Governor.

We would have to think of a different model for implementing devolution and protecting the people. Like I have said, County Assemblies and Governors are not the defenders of devolution. That job falls to the constitution and to the good people of Kenya

South Africa has something called the office of the public protector. I suggest that we need one here. It has become clear that the public needs protection from these megalomaniacs. The authors of the constitution, more than eager to emasculate the presidency, could not have imagined the monsters they had created in the Counties.  They imagined that the governors could be checked by the MCAs. The MCAs themselves have turned out to be mongrels threatening to eat up the governors if not well fed.

In 2013, many had not appreciated what the office of the governor entailed and some seasoned politicians even chose to go for senate, mistakenly imagining that is where the power would be. Many have now seen the “meat”. It is in the governors position. They want it. Not because they want to serve the people but because they want to loot from the people. The incumbents are panicking and I suspect that the insane acts like those seen in Siaya will become commonplace between now and the next general election. We the people need protection. Not just from the Rasangas of this world, but from those who, having seen the loot available in the Counties, are now running and will become governors next year. Lessons learnt in the first ever term of governors is that MCAs cannot check them, Senate cannot check them and they expect not to be checked. We need an office of the public protector.  Urgently.

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  1. It’s a shame the people entrusted with devolution have misplaced priorities and an insatiable appetite for meaningless grandiose political mileage, it’s almost comical to say the least.Turning to our children education just to foster their selfish agenda is both egocentric and barbaric.My patience is wearing out Prof am actually contemplating giving up exercising my right to vote merely because what is on offer is neither tempting or alluring infact this bunch disgust me, i call them the cancer of our society.

    • I understand your frustration with the present Kakistocrasy. But we must never loose faith in ourselves, our power to change the situation and our duty to do so. The rise of the megalomaniacs is simply an opportunity for the good people to rise and offer alternatives. Remember the world is not made evil by the actions of the few bad men, it is made evil by the silence of the many good people.

  2. You are ever complaining, give us the way forward instead of all this. I was eagerly waiting for your opinion on the muranga water project bt hadi saa hii you’ve not opined. I think you are for the current government and not interested in change

    • I am personally opposed to Early Childhood Education being left to governors. What we fail to realize is that Nursery education is the foundation. If a child does not get quality early years education, they will struggle for the rest of their school life.

  3. Why don’t these Governors provide schools with printers,copiers employ secretaries in every school to be printing internal exams instead of these merchants. Freezing our Coper’s.

  4. I think the governor did something that directly touched the citizens across the board. I do not think that every Kenyan likes to see the face of an individual on every shilling. By the way, where are the Moi notes? It is all about politics.

  5. I see it as a futile and desperate attempt to remain relevant after failing to deliver on anything tangible to the electorate. After all by the time the candidates become viable voters they won’t remember the governor exams and if re elected (which I doubt) they will be in the final part of their last term in office.

  6. When looking for our votes this people (i find it foolish to call them honourables”)can even milk ua cow to show how servant he will to the electorate bt wakiingia kwa io office they bkam bosses allergic to public audience. current Constitution must be subjected to a referendum.

  7. We have free KCPE and KCSE this year and am sure the president’s portrait wilnt appear.there is nothn useless like any leader who likes publicity that he can even bribe media to cover him.

  8. Prof. What is the difference between office of the public protector and the ombudsman office that we have?

    Meanwhile, why then not do away with all portraits including on our medium of exchange, money? When we have portraits of the president in all and every office, are these meant to drag everybody into politics?

    ‘WE THE CITIZENS’, unless we morbilize, organize, define and act on a way forward; we will remain cry babies and complainers with no solutions to our problems…

    Prof. I keep challenging you for solutions; problems already well stated.

    Can we identify ourselves with a grouping or movement say,VOICE OF THE PEOPLE or WE THE CITIZENS or whatever, and start articulating our issues and views through a structured grouping?

    Individual opinions are good but if not crystalized into an organized grouping or movement, they just remain opinions without any effect on the crooked systems we today have.

  9. Governors are drunk in power that’s why a governor like munya would go all the way to Somaliland and guarantee them recognition by Kenya breaching all protocols of foreign affairs. Devolution has made them become ‘untouchables’ their increased ego and no service delivery.

  10. When power get into their heads, they call themselves presidents of the counties, disregard summons by the Senate, they are untouchable. But we are to blame for not scrutinizing the Constitution well. Governors were not meant to be politicians in the first place!

  11. For those not aware, the “millions for Facebook account” referred to my great County Kirinyaga. I live in a flat 50 metres from the County headquarters and am forced to hire a donkey cart to fetch dirty water from the River for domestic use. I humbly propose my Governor as the best example of the worst case scenario in County leadership.

  12. You are just petty, in siaya we value education, now what is wrong with the portrait of the governor on that paper, are children writing portrait or the exam, give us a break with your useless and baseless findings meanwhile you can also talk of muranga tunnel of death!!

  13. We devolved power madness and went further to give it to sick and greedy pigs,When chapter six of our constitution was deleted and replaced with ‘our man,our clan,our tribe,our party etc `that is the time we sold our souls to the devil

  14. The president is sick. His deputy is sick. Morally sick. A fish rots from the head. Naturally all other leaders will be sick. Disband the anticorruption thing and let the courts deal with corruption matters. It’s so clear that eacc is shamelessly riddled with graft and led by the worst swindlers.The eacc is now the ideal witch hunting tool for the government.

  15. The pictures was wrongly put however tiz a fact that mocks are done everywhere unless Matiangi is not living in Kenya. I come from Ksm and mocks are all over in primary and secondary schools.

  16. Prof. Allow me digress. I would like u to write something on the “tribal associations “in our universities, why we still have them long after “moi regime” was replaced. Thank you

    • The Universities are a reflection of the political system. All other public institutions are. The politicians use these tribal associations for their own selfish ends. For so long as we have a political class in so called CORD and Jubilee that is driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, we will never get rid of these tribal associations.

  17. Bloated egos have blinded the governors from understanding what leadership is all about. Rather than serve the people, they are building towers of Babel to soothe their itching egos. It’s time kenyans discarded their lethargic tendencies and told these governors that they have had enough of them.

  18. I have to say with a lot of humility that am a kenyan but i do not worship the god of tribalism but i think to tar Uhuru and Raila with the same brush is dishonest.Raila is a pro democracy icon all over the world second only to Mandela but Uhuru and Ruto are mere reactionaries.Let us be balanced and objective coz very soon its gonna start looking like you are working at the behest of jubilee.Comparing Raila to Uhuru is akin to saying heaven and earth are the same.If u are sincere talk about the icc trials and who circumvented them.

    • I have already talked about the ICC trials. Read my blog. As for Raila, he is equally driven by the same politics of ethnicity, impunity, and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi as Uhuru and Jubilee. His elections are run by men in black. He invented the 41 vs 1 formual in 2007. He has no alternatives to Jubilee. The only thing he runs around saying is that he want to be president. To compare him to Mandela is an insult on Mandela.

  19. let’s stop politicizing everything. Let’s learn how to appreciate and avoid criticising every step taken. We teach politics in school. In the syllabus we av the pictures of former presidents of the country like mzee Kenyatta,Moi and some other prominent political leaders. We learn their achievements. What is wrong with the portrait? stop cheap politics and tell us what you are trying to smoke?

  20. What was wrong? The mock exams or the potrait? If he was the one sponsoring the exams then nothing wrong with displaying the potrait.the potrait is a civic lesson to the kids!

  21. I absolutely agree with you on this professor.The guys have bloated egos,high penchant for stealing and eating and yes,they are drunk with power.What I see is the re enactment of Africa’s post independence big man rule.We see a re incarnation of Idi Amin Dadas,Mobutu Sesesekos etc.Some of these buffoons are really misappropriating too much public finances on protocols,big motorcades,irrelevant ceremonies and seminars etc.

  22. There is the danger lurking in the leadership of this country from national to counties. The governors are demigods. They are myopic and blinded by power and resources. They are hyenas and have vultures above them christened MCAs. Theirs is to devour anything available with (PIA) pride, arrogance and ignorance. Putting the portrait is part of PIA.

  23. You talk about democracy? We learn ours from our big brothers the Americans. Are they tribal for supporting only two parties sins their indipedent? Republican and democrats. Umean to tell us it’s better for every tribe in Kenya to have their political party so that they exacise their democratic rights or what? Cord ni ya kabila zote ama ni Kikuyu gani alienda huko akafukuzwa? Jubilee ni ya kabila zote ama ni jaluo gani alienda huko akafukuzwa? Wee ndungithuruo ona chairman wa munanda kwanyu! Wendaga uganwo nuu?

  24. the problem in this country is we are largely dependent on the government andctherefore we have created demagogues who can do anything they want that is why we are here talking about jubilee and cord as if they have anything good to offer.when you give governments too much power to control your lives they end up doing stupid things

  25. i believe that the governments purpose is to protect my rights here and abroad and also in building infrastructure.they should steer clear on matters to do with wich schools i want my children and what hospitals they can visit.nhif is a trojan horse it looks good now until the day it crumbles since it had become a money making machine for the government.big governments are a problem.if we regulate and decrease government powers we can be able to tame the wage bill.that means lower taxes.krnyans will then have mire disposable income therefore improving their living standards .when governments have too much power on our day to day lives they create patronages and corruption becomes rampant

  26. Education liberates her adherents and that’s the reason teachers and pupils are “academic age mates”. Happy to read about Alumni and Alumna of Great Kanyawanga, Gendia, Othoro, Ngenyilel and Nyabieyo High Schools for gainfully exercising the power I selflessly bequeathed them as their Principal. Everywhere I go, I’m confronted by Apparent Heroism rekindled from this Consciousness…..what a blessing! I subscribe to the Mantra that “Only Education Equalizes”. Nothing can be further from the truth. I have spent 24 years of public service creating Access in schools through whirlwind Tour of Duty. The graduates from these schools are my Mashujaa and I their Shujaa. I pontificate upon their capacity to exploit the promise of mother nature and that of political order with gusto as direct consequence of power of Social Justice ONLY available through school. I have made great decisions that positively influenced this roadmap and admit attendant pride effortlessly. A good Principal is like a good Midwife. UN Sustainable Development Goals project a scientific correlation between Reproductive Health and Universal Education with such serious exactness and finality. The UN think tank in New York agree Education is the Sustainer of all the Development Goals for modern societies. As a young Principal, I got a new trajectory when I visited Hanover High School in New Hampshire, Azusa Pacific High School-Beverly Hills, California and Martin Luther King Jr High School-Brooklyn , New York. Classrooms in this side of the world are akin to labs or workshops where nearly every idea and theorem is subjected to empirical test. The outcomes of teaching and learning are controlled to elicit specific responses. The systems are demystified and even style of teaching Mathematics offloads unnecessary jargon and abstraction. Every subject is a tool for practical skill from elementary school through university. I suspect the Proposed New Education System might narrow these gaps and push the next generation of graduates out of the woods. Kenya must strive to be a Net Exporter of Products and use education to stop our motherland from becoming a rotten Dumping Ground for toys and electronics. I salute our automotive mechanics who though armed with little formal schooling, dismantle vehicles into parts and put them back within hours. These are our uncelebrated heroes and not apologetics and surrogates of corruption, favouritism, parochialism, tribalism and nepotism. We need to start declaring people as Heroes and Heroines on the basis of Character, Resourcefulness and Selflessness. Heroism is Priceless. It is what we “pay” out in order for someone else to be comfortable and happy at great personal sacrifice. Because of this undeniable consideration, all Mothers and all Teachers are Heroes and Heroines.

    I isolate The Closing Arguments between Hillary Clinton and Billionaire Donald Trump at the Third and last US Presidential Debate at University of Las Vegas, Nevada for major research work on political heroes of C21st. We all saw the gap between Wealth and Duty. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the Heroine in White House and can be trusted with Dreaded US Nuclear Codes that President Obama will hand over in January 2017. For Trump, every leader before him is “stupid” because he slept in his “beautiful hotel” in Vegas, he flew in his own Super Jet and didn’t really need to raise campaign funds from ordinary supporters and precincts.


    • its like saying having a nude image on a calendar hang on your wall and saying its just a calendar…. parents would only understand the implications of this behavioir. who cares about them… they are now getting to enshrine themselves into our kids.. quite inappropriate.

  27. U Lunatic called him self professor wainaina keep off from Siaya politics and with all due respect leave our governor a lone ende central Kenya upige Siasa huko nyokonyoko takataka ya dunia

  28. RASANGA MUST GO…how many homesteads has he managed to connect with flowing tap water…HOW MANY.?..hapa got nothing to do with tribe ,if u cant reason development simply…TOKA..4YRS 5yrs is enough…its not about how close u are to rao..that feeds nobody…GO HOME BWANA…bigup proff ..a spade is a spade..

  29. Prof. Nothing wrong with that. I would also want to appear in all pages at the top right corner if I sponsored it. It’s not the picture that matters,it’s the test. Does it or does not effectively evaluate the candidate? Does it help to the students to do individual gauging and put efforts accordingly? Or are we all drunk with tribalism to the extend of being mentally blind?

  30. The excellencies have gone too far.My two cents on this , education and health care should remain under national government.Look at what is happening in most of the hospitals today.Health care should not have been devolved.

  31. We kenyan have the ability to screw up anything good, it’s wrong yes I agree with you prof but was it necessary to cancel the exam Governors have portraits in every project they do even if it’s a class D road worse still mps have been doing this with cdf money branding their names even in toilets, why did we spend millions celebrating mashujaa day and “IDPs” have been camping outside parliament for 2 weeks (the last bit is unrelated but I feel it should be discussed)

  32. Every governor assumes he’s a small tin demi god! Their wings should be trimed. These small demi gods don’t even know the limits of their powers. Other than looting the county coffers, they have no time to read the LAW!

  33. To some extent i disaagree with you Prof.How many times have we preached bowing down to a teacher,principal ,chiefs ,Dos And now Governors as type if best respect practice.When we see Names of politicians and individuals being printed on projects they iniitiated sounds like something Strange and silly ,,yet thats how leaders in Africa are brought up ..We have also see n public moneys being wired into individual accounts of Mayors in big cities in Nairobi.To me this art has been in public gallery since..Let counttys run their affairs smootthly with minimal regulations . Th e questions raised should address whether the examination met all requirements as outlined by Examination council.We have ignored the contents and student from sitting the exam which they had prepared for and allowed our political instincts to take charge of this.I underlined this Stunt as irritational and full of malice.

  34. u call ur self professor yet u reason like a quake his Excellency Rasanga was asked by the kepsha chairman and the six Knut secretaries from each sub county 2 go ahead and sponsor the exam 4 both the poor and the rich families without any discrimination akuna ubaya wacha uwivu all in all he used part of his entertainment money 2 sponsor it.

  35. I honestly consider ‘Prof’s’ remarks simplistic & empirically deficient! Only imperial mindsets criticise governors in wholesale. Matiang’i’s greatest undoing is playing to the public gallery at the expense of pragmatic response to issues and failure to consider the letter as well as the spirit of the law. He needs to sober up!

  36. You nailed it,These governor’s are obsessed wth big man title recognition,In real sense mediocrity and extravagance spending of county resources is rampaging at expense of development projects mend to benefit the comon man.Shame on them.

  37. ndungu wainaina. Are you a really proffessor? leave the governors a lone you professors of kikuyulism. reading your post, your target is are governs from nyanza region. your so called president was on national tv admitting that he has failed and is unable to stop corruption which starts right from his office. so Mr professor direct your advice to your fellow kikuyus who are looting state resources you kikuyu

  38. Leadership should be freely felt,not imposed.
    Your Excellency,Just serve your electorates well and you’ll not have to put portraits for you to be remembered.
    The good deeds and selfless services will be ingrained in their minds eternally.

    • It baffles me to see our governor erecting banners bearing his name on Bodaboda shades.
      “Wa Iria no wîra tu.”
      What I cannot comprehend is whether its an act of charity or he’s doing us a favor,so he needs recognition.
      He wants us thank him for doing so little with our taxes.
      I mean,have brains divorced our heads to take in such crap?
      What happened to the well intended purpose of devolution?

    • Kigo Njehu Good question. The Bodaboda sheds look like something an individual would build for his goats and even I have seen better goat sheds. That such a contraption is what a whole governor calls “wira” is beyond madness. I guess they think we are all goats!!

    • Something must be done to put at bay this madness,lest we all perish as fools.
      Where’s the essence of having such pitiable Bodaboda sheds when the roads are impassable?
      Again,they have made it a near nightmare to afford the Bodaboda so the riders can enjoy the sheds.
      Just the other day,they all reached a unanimous consensus to cheaply trade the future of Murang’a County residents. Harvesting water,all from the source, to be channeled to Nairobi while the local residents fetch the same scarce water on their backs defeats logic.
      Our country has literally gone to the dogs.

  39. Rasanga Did No Wrong On Mock Exams Because We Need True Proffessors Of High Quality And Intergrity Not Tribalists And Forgers Like Ur People Why Not Comment About Tunnel Of Death, Registration Of Underage Persons To Vote In Central Region And With Secrecy? Ukabila Utakupeleka Vibaya Kisha Ukuharibie Hadhi Yako Bwana Wainaina

  40. I dont see anything wrong in sponsoring an exam and this has been done by many manu leaders not only Rasanga did this.. Exam is meamt to help teachers and pupils asses themselves as per the syllabus coverage to be ready to compete other students country wide let us not politcise this many other regions had mocks and why specifically this one of siaya…As a teacher and a consuned teacher i dont think there was anything wrong with the exam let us avoid bringing politics where its not needed the pupils are as young as u have just said they are not interested in voting but in doing exam period

  41. The one from my birth County Muranga have said that Matiangi must pay the costs for prohibiting the exam papers with Governors name. That’s how far this Lords of corruption and arrogance can go.

  42. it has been a while since i read your articles Kenyans loves your work and approach however they begrudgingly accept as such governance issues must be highlighted but don’t tire they are not innocuous articles

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