I don’t hate Ũhuru, I am fundamentally opposed to the tribal political narrative he (and other tribal kingpins) represent

Die-hard and even some moderate jubilee supporters from among the Aagĩkũyũ community have accused me of hatred towards their tribal kingpin, H.E. Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta, as they like to call him. My reader knows that I am highly critical of the tribal political class in both CORD and jubilee, and their supporters don’t like it. CORD supporters dismiss me as a demented, paid jubilee sycophant. I can understand. But there is a special kind of venom and bile reserved for me by fanatical (and the not so fanatical) Gĩkũyũ jubilee supporters. They see me as a mũũgĩkũyũ, and they cannot understand how I can criticize Ũhuru when “ũthamaki nĩ wiitũ”, (rulership is ‘ours’). Some have even gone as far as suggesting that my criticism of jubilee (most cannot distinguish criticism of jubilee and criticism of Ũhuru) is tantamount to self-hate!  Numerously, I have been asked, amid unmentionable insults, “Why do you hate Ũhuru?”

I don’t.

I just have a fundamentally different view of the nation and I am (strongly) opposed to the ethnic narrative that he (and the other tribal kingpins) represent.

I would like to remind my reader that Ũhuru did not become the Gĩkũyũ supremo through superiority of intellect, sophistication of ideas, unique contribution to society, exceptional personal achievement or possession of remarkable skills and talents. No. He was part of Moi’s tribal arithmetic and grand plan for the preservation of KANU hegemony. He has not disappointed.

In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G87EaLz9qlQ, he advised the Aagĩkũyũ that they need a tribal kingpin, whom they should follow blindly and who should negotiate with other tribal kingpins on behalf of the Aagĩkũyũ. He then presented himself as that kingpin. When the proper un-doctored history of the making of Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta is written, it will have to take into account this fact and his own admission to it.

Consequently, majority of the Aagĩkũyũ who support him, do so in the mistaken belief that he represents their interests as a community and that this and this alone should absolve him from the mess that is his clueless, corrupt and tribal regime. To my knowledge, he has not done anything to dissuade his followers from owning him as a tribal kingpin, rather than hold him accountable as a national leader. Many central politicians support him because he has made good his threat in the video that anyone who does not support the defense of Gĩkũyũ interests should know that his political career in Kenya is finished. To the extent that he considers himself as representing Gĩkũyũ interests and by acts of omission or commission encourages his supporters from central province to see him as such, I will remain opposed to him. As a public intellectual who happens to be mũũgĩkũyũ, it would be remiss of me to fail to point out the contradictions in the narrative of the  Gĩkũyũ fundamentalists and their tribal overlord, Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta . I have not failed to point out the contradictions in other narratives.

I can understand the extent to which Ũhuru sees this position as safeguarding his (essentially Moi-an) and the community’s short-term political interests. I nonetheless submit that his short-term political interests and thinking are diametrically opposed to the long-term interests and political realities of the Aagĩkũyũ, the same ones who hail him as their king. I contend that for so long as Ũhuru is a tribal leader, and he is, he is the greatest threat to the long-term political and economic survival, progress and prosperity of the Aagĩkũyũ and the Kenyan nation.

I will explain.

Politics is about narratives. The old man Jomo’s narrative was Uhuru, (independence not his son Ũhuru) and acquisition. Moi’s was himself, grabbiosis and KANU, and Kibaki’s was acquisition and economy, in other words produce even if you steal. For the three, tribe was a sub-narrative. For the current political class in CORD and jubilee tribe is the dominant political narrative. Acquisition and theft is only its corollary.  All of them have no new ideas to modernize the country. They only have ideas about how they can form tribal coalitions, propel themselves to power and loot the country.The only reason CORD are overshouting is because they are out and jubilee is in, and overeating.

What I will say next is important, very important. It is not for the faint-hearted or the feeble-minded. If you cannot handle truth, stop reading , now.

Now listen…and more so the Gĩkũyũ fundamentalists, listen good, and understand. As the great singer Makibi James warned you, “…nĩ niĩ ngwĩkĩra mũkonde, riũa nĩ mũguoota, mwaaga kũigua rũũrũ mweterere hiti iria ikamũrĩa”. (I am confirming/difficult times are at hand/ if you fail to listen and understand this, disaster beckons, may you wait for the hyenas that will consume you)

In all narratives, there are the bad guys, the guys and the good guys. In Proppian terms, (can all of my students whom I taught Vladmir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale at the University raise their hands…), all narratives have the villain, the victim and the hero (for the initiated, Propp calls them, the villain, the victimized hero and the seeker hero).

Like all narratives, so is the Kenyan ethnic political narrative, it has to have all three.

The Kenyan tribal political narrative has been cast so that the Aagĩkũyũ are the villains, the other tribes (including the Kalenjins) are the victims and Raila is the hero. And this is a problem, a huge problem. For so long as the political narrative in Kenya is tribal, the Aagĩkũyũ will remain the bad guys, the villains, the hunted. Those tribal tin-gods from other tribes will always thrive on the narrative of rescuing the victims from the villains, rescuing “their tribes” from the Aagĩkũyũ, and they will be heroes. The more they pronounce the Gĩkũyũ villainy, the more heroic they will be among the “victimised” non-gĩkũyũ. Put differently, for so long as the political narrative is tribal, the Aagĩkũyũ are doomed.

If you have not understood this, please read it again and again.

Now, knowing this, I have several questions for the Gĩkũyũ fundamentalists and the fanatical supporters of Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta who have been hurling insults at me. These questions dramatize the problematics of the tribal narrative to Gĩkũyũ politics and the place of the Aagĩkũyũ in the Kenyan tribal political matrix. These are questions around which I am willing to debate any Gĩkũyũ fundamentalist and  Ũhuru himself, at a place and a time of his choosing.

  1. Why should you hold on to a narrative that condemns you and your children to the role of the villains and the hunted much less prostrate yourselves under the feet of anyone who does?
  2. Why would you be so fanatical in supporting someone who thrives on a narrative that marks you and your children as hunted villains? Isn’t it like believing that the doctor who feeds you on poison will eventually heal you?
  3. Do you think that any Mũgĩkũyũ or non-gĩkũyũ riding on and championing the tribal political narrative is doing you and your children any favors or safeguarding your interests whatever you consider those to be?
  4. Don’t you think that any mũthamaki (King) working for the good of the nyũmba, as you like to call yourselves, has the singular onus of making sure that the tribal narrative is not only deconstructed and dismantled but replaced with a new non-ethnic narrative for the long term survival of your nyũmba and the bigger nyũmba known as Kenya?
  5. Understanding the tribal narrative this way, do you now understand why you have a pathological fear of Raila Odinga?
  6. You claim that Luos worship Raila. What is the difference between that and your belief that any Mũgĩkũyũ who criticizes Ũhuru and jubilee is traitor? Has he become a god? Would their sins be lesser if Luos “worshiped” Ũhuru   instead of Raila?
  7. But more importantly, do you understand why Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta represents a concept more dangerous to you than Raila can ever do? In fact, do you now understand that Raila is a creation of the very narrative that Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta represents?

You mistakenly believe that your problem is Raila. It is not. It is the tribal narrative that he and Ũhuru represent. Narratives are very enduring things. If we do not find a new non-ethnic political narrative, a repeat of the 2007 strategy of 41 Vs 1 which was constructed along the tribal narrative is not inconceivable, despite the current jubilee tribal arrangement which cheats you it is. I have even more bad news for you. Even if Raila vacates the role of hero in the tribal narrative, another hero will arise to continue the narrative.

He must. It is the nature of narratives.

According to what I can see and hear, you ought to be afraid of the talk about some coast political honcho who is eyeing national politics. He is a perfect character for the new hero, post Raila, in this tribal narrative. You may now dismiss him as a nobody, (I have even heard some dismiss him as a drug dealer. Your own tribal king was a nobody in 2002 and you called him worse). Be ye warned.  The “drug dealer” will ride on the plot of rescuing the victims, (other tribes) especially the long suffering and marginalized coast ones from the evil grip of the villains, the Aagĩkũyũ. He will easily take over from Raila on that narrative and become the new hero. There is already trouble for watu wa bara in coastal politics. Like the good book says, “let he who has understanding decipher”!

In the hopeless insults from nyũmba that I get when I criticize Ũhuru and jubilee, I see a desperate attempt of a besieged and sinking community holding onto the pants of a tribal King desperately shouting, “Save us”.

He cannot.

He is a product and a beneficiary of the same narrative that has you besieged and hunted. He is using the narrative to protect the spoils of his father’s narrative of acquisition. Many regular Aagĩkũyũ  need no protection, because they have nothing to protect. They have worked their way to any little they may have, and therefore no one should begrudge them. I would like to know how many Aagĩkũyũ have 30,000 acres of land in the coast to protect. I know of one. I am a Mũũgĩkũyũ, and he does not represent my interests.

I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative as the only way to rescue those who feel villainized/hunted or victimised as tribes and to forge a modern Kenya. Yet Ũhuru fanatics have called me names. They think I am a traitor and that if I had interests of the community at heart, I should support Ũhuru. I have the interests of the country at heart. And the Aagĩkũyũ are part of the country. And I have said that the interests of the country can only be addressed by a new non-ethnic political narrative that gets rid of the tribal kingpins, including Ũhuru the King of the “villains” and Raila the hero of the “victims”. We need to understand the real narrative. Which is this: the political class and the tribal overlords Raila, Ũhuru, Mudavadi, Ruto, Wetangula and Kalonzo are the villains, the Kenyan people are the victims and we need new heroes to rescue us from the villains.

The new heroes will establish a new narrative for a truly Kenyan project, a spirit of nationalism grounded on a new dispensation of patriotism, accountability and productivity. This new Kenyan vision is not opposed to the survival of the Aagĩkũyũ or any other tribe, as the fundamentalists may think.  It is not only good for the Aagĩkũyũ, it is the only one that will free them from the current role as villains that they play in the tribal political narrative that Ũhuru and Raila represent.

I believe that because of the unique villainy position that the Aagikũyũ occupy in the ethnic political narrative, the search for a new non-ethnic narrative must come from them. It will be liberative and more enduring than anything that Ũhuru can ever offer the Aagĩkũyũ. We cannot fight the ethnic narrative without looking like we hate Ũhuru, it is what he represents. I represent a search for a new-non-ethnic political narrative that seeks to free all of us from the shackles of tribalism and plots that create heroes out of hating on or fighting the other tribes. The Aagĩkũyũ must however see their own survival as being served by a new non-ethnic political narrative and intertwined with the survival of the greater Kenyan nation. Great, even exceptional wisdom is required here. And I will refer again to Makibi James, who ends by saying:

Ciana ciitũ nĩ ithomithio ũũgĩ wa mabuku, ũũgĩ urĩa wa muciarĩre uumaga kwĩ ngai, tutikanakĩrio nganja nĩ mbari ya njitha, yanjagio ira ni mwene yo, nyũmba nĩtumeei toro. (Let’s give our children book knowledge/and wish them natural wisdom from God/ so that we are never outsmarted by those who wish us ill/ the one with the challenge must take the lead in seeking the solution/ nyũmba let us come out of slumber)

It is not just slumber that the Aagĩkũyũ are in. It is deep stupor that borders on hypnosis.There is no other way of explaining their fanatical attachment to a narrative that marks them as villains, and a clueless tribal overload, who is personally invested in the same self-destructive narrative. The fundamentalists have accused me of self-hate for criticizing their King, they themselves have swallowed a self-destructive narrative, and are following its tribal champion to self-damnation! A true leader does not lead his people unto darkness and death, he leads them unto life and prosperity. Your survival as a people and as Kenyans, is tied to a new non-ethnic political narrative, which is incompatible with what your tribal King stands for.

I will remind the Aagĩkũyũ fundamentalists of Martin Luther King’s famous quote, “we must learn to live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools”. The tribal narrative with its villains, victims and heroes will make you perish. It is tragically the narrative of the political class including your Ũhuru Mũigai wa Kĩnyaatta. I do not hate Ũhuru, I am fundamentally opposed to this tribal political narrative that he represents, and so should all Kenyans.

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  1. Uhuruto’s leadership emptiness is sinking both their diehards worshippers and others!!Economy is all time low,corruption,murders,hawking is on the increase just to mention the few.Even pastors are not getting enough tithes and offerings under jubilee…Let Uhuruto lead up to 2033 to teach tribalists a moral lesson!!!

  2. #Proffessor just show me the way n 2017 go to Luo Nyanza an vie for a elective post on a jubilee ticket an win, my friend you have a point BUT if you cant beat them join them this is kenya, if there is any other kenya out there poa you will be heard, JUST talk anything concerning corruption elimination thats good, tribal politics you an me will die an leave it here.

  3. When we look at the relationship between tribes just before independence especially after Odinga rejected forming government without Kenyatta, was that of siblings accepting that the Agikuyu we’re their elder sibling & was therefore given the responsibility of shepherding the young republic into a nation. The appointing of Jaramogi as the first vice president was an attempt to show the rest of the tribes power would eventually b passed over to them…unfortunately the centralist forces around Kenyatta had other plans …and thus the birth of the villian. The victim & hero only exist because of the actions of the villain .Its only the Agikuyu who by destroying the villain can we get rid of the victim & subsequently the hero….just my thought

    • Odhiambo, I can see you have understood the article.I probably need to think deeply about who started what. What I know is that the villain role is not good for those labelled as such and they have an urgent reason to want to change the narrative.

    • I agree Prof. The Agikuyu are great people who believed in self rule & I am sure the liberation they fought for wasn’t for a few but for the whole mankind otherwise the mau mau rebellion wouldn’t make any sense, why would they fight one master only to b enslaved by another in the name of tribal god. I still believe its only the Agikuyu, by going back to the original dream, can truly liberate this country . If u get rid of the villian there will be no victim and without a victim there will be no need of an hero.

  4. True professor ……Its now a time that we as kenyans should think beyond ethnic lines politically and elect guys with ideas,policies developers #Thinkers…..Lets get a high political culture.

  5. Mr Wainaina, we understand where you are coming from, but the ideal idea of democracy that you dream of doesn’t exist. Politicians are not out there to take care of the interests of the ordinary citizens like you and I, but they are elected to their positions to represent the interests of the elite few. Voters are nothing but a form of machinery to make the process easier. The elite few pull the strings and manipulate the politicians. You should listen to Donald Trump. Do not accuse Raila or Uhuru or even their supporters of politics o tribal bigotry, but instead accuse the system.

  6. Polictics in the whole world lies on the number you got …bcoz uhuru has got numbers doesn’t he tribal…shame on you as a so called proffesor i think you should no better stop reasoning like a 2yr boy grow up…

  7. What I do not understand why there is no positive side of the government that you find. It cannot be that everything is negative. There should be a balance, otherwise I will take that your statement is not genuine.

  8. me too, this man hates uhuru with passion, wainaina or whatever you call yourself, does it mean that there is nothing good that uhuru doe ???? by the way I believe all kikuyu are my blood, whether good or bad, anyway, I don’t blame you because, maybe you married from another tribe

  9. People like u who have nothing good to say should give solutions or just shut up, ur criticism or hatred wount change facts on the ground, believing everything evil about ur country n its president is not helpful, am not saying that things couldn’t be better but this type of hearsay propaganda spreading negativity is now becoming too much, yani there is nothing good u can say about uhuru/jubilee ???

  10. I can see how hard it is to reason with contentend slave just because he/she shares a thing or two with the master then anyone who criticize the master is his enemy,no wonder some are calling for wainaina’s crucification

  11. The Aagikuyu interests? Which interests? Majority of our tribe are very poor to have interests. Last time I checked they do the most runnings with City Council Askaris in CBD, touting along matatu terminals, pickpocketing and snatching cheap phones around Githurai bus terminal, brewing killer liquor and consuming it themselves. Once again, which interests? A good number were saved by cheap motorbikes from China the other day. Now they at least own something in their name. The rest is wannabe middle class working 8 to 5pm. Which interests? A five story apartment block along Thika road attracting crazy interest rates from local banks? Which interests?

  12. And the buck stops with him they will not understand you nor have your own persepective its either you are on this side or the other side if you start to talk ill about the state then automatically you become their enemy number one but as you say aluta continua

  13. If Can Ask Ourselves Who Were Not From The Mother KANU? Tribalism Has Been Cutting Across The Divide In The Kenyan Society N It Is Not A Lie Or Strange. Politics Is A Game N Infact Politicians Find It Easy Or Rather Nice When They Go Along This Problematic Perspective. It Is Us As Kenyans Has Failed To Kill It That Every After Five Years We Tend To Rejuvinate It Again About Who From Where To Rule Or To Live In A Certain Jurisdiction. The More We Talk About It The More It Cuts Deeper N Deeper Into The Already Wounded Kenyan Body. Even God Himself Knew When He Brought This Among His People In Babylon As Per The Bible Is Concern. The Big Question Is To You Our Professor, Research On This From The Political Point Of View. How Do We Make People Come Together Again As They Were Again?? Tribalism Shall Never End, Even The Minute One Trickles Even In The Developed Countries. If The World Was One We Could No Longer Be Staying On This World. Think About It!!

  14. I am a Kenyan first and then a Kikuyu. The problem with Kenya is that most Kenyans are their tribes first and then Kenyans. Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves.

  15. The ruling class makes fortunes out of the citizen’s ignorance.They are not afraid of looting public money,knowing better that their tribal psycophants would defend them vehemently should someone try to question.They are assured of their elective posts anyway.

  16. if u can’t profess, can’t call u a professor.. Evince that political yoke on ua shoulders.. Politics in Kenya are tribal. From where were u baked? It would be prudent of u to stop these malicious attacks against H.E Uhuru.. Y mention him? Is he the mastermind of tribal politics? Political mileage can’t be attained through this political dwarfism!

  17. i totally agree with your work,only the intellectuals can understand your narrative.kudos and keep liberating the narrow minded people of “nyumba ya mumbi” and the country as whole

  18. l tataly feel ye vibe on this issiue even Jesus said that his brothers n sisters were those who could understand what he said n not those of blood n flesh. l say go to hell u small political n tribal war dogs. kudos prof.

  19. ok primary am Kenyan secondary am kikuyu but av brrn searching for solution providers of the tribal politics in Kenya ,i read the profs coments and i still feel tribal than kenyan ,,Uhuru isnt the problem at all prof me n you are when you post articles that touch on tribe you aint helping anybody just smeering poop on a guy just fallen from a sewerage hole….the tribal issue is wholly thrown on our face by all read news networks in kenya …av said it before n will say it again our jourlists are our worst enemies as far as the tribal equation remains the main headlines on our news networks we forever remain the same till the time they realise their relevance is quality not screaming healines of uhuru n brigade n raila n brigade only then will kenya heal

  20. FAKE PROFESSOR. Who said your ideas are the best en we must view them as superior. Kikuyus may be proud of their politics en practice the way they know it best. Just be content that yu are not wiser than the millions. I have my own reservations but I respect their side of things.

    • Let all of yu desist from demonizing kikuyus , Uhuru en Kikuyus In the name of lecturing them on democracy. There is no perfect government en even democracy en capitalism are deficient. Monarchies at tyms can be great en at tyms fail. Democracy is a class struggle. Its not defined en every society tries its best thus democracy evolves. Those “book” theories our friend has are his own opinions. Let him comment positively on the good that has been done. Enemies of our nation are people who are tribal en negative like Ndungu. We have lived many years successful en without this kind of holier than though pontificating patronizing advice.

  21. Exactly my thoughts. Everytime a kikuyu criticize Uhuru they claim you hate being a kikuyu and such other nonsense.
    It calls for an evaluation of your mind if you treat a fellow man like your god that should not be questioned or criticised.

    • still cant trace it,,,but even though i still feel that the more u post harsh criticism towards H.E, the more tribal feeling u propagate,,,look from the comments, those who support H.E feel offended, n those from baba feels great,,thereby ua post does not bridge the gap concerning tribalism,,,,but anyway freedom of speech and expression of an opinion is guaranteed,,,#its good to speak ua mind

    • Jimmy Ngarariga Please keep things where they belong. It is very wrong for you to insinuate that I am the one propagating tribalism. First I do not know how many of my articles you have read. I am not a soothsayer. I am not here to praise anyone. I am here to speak truth to power, to a corrupt and tribal political class in CORD and Jubilee. If they don’t like it, too bad. It is because I am speaking the truth. I am not posting anyhting to “bridge the gap concerning tribalism”. There is no gap. Only a narrative which I am opposed to whether that narrative is being propagated you beloved president of by your hated baba. Read all my work before you start blaming me for the problems propagated by the tribal tin-gods you worship.

  22. true professor. i want to meet u one of these days to learn more from you. your thoughts are well articulated and to the point. those who are in a tribal cocoon hate it when you attack their god, the god of impunity and tolerable to corruption! keepup dr.

  23. I know handful can understand u,I’m not akikuyu but u more superior in thought.what wrote we are talking about everyday but in different perception. If it continued like this 41anganist 1 will one day come.its better preventing then look for cure

  24. Well, prof. irealy love the way you put your argument across. Truth be said , all the leaders we have, including Mr. President are fruits of our collective ignorance. When times are good, politically speaking, they are busy appointing all their relatives and friends to every available position(read plum jobs), When the tides are high they run to their community to remind them ,about uthamaki and other nonsense, ….Prof, tell it as it is, sir, we are listening.

    • Thanks…It is the pleasure of a writer when the audience gets the message. You have put it well. They and their associates will take all the spoils and when they need you they will come talking about “uthamaki and other nonsense”. Very well put.

  25. jealousy’s an awful thing ,i would punish it with a law if i was in the parliament! you’re jealous because you’ll never be like Uhuru please be content with what you are if you can’t then try to be what you would like to be!!

    • You are right! I will never be Uhuru. I will never be a failed Moi project, I will never be an ICC fugitive, I will never have to defend the sins of my father and the oligarchy he created, I will never have to guard the interests of a thieving and corrupt political class, but more importantly I will never ever be a tribal tin-god, a politician with no vision, no abilities and no clue, who only relies on rallying a tribal vote and making tribal coalitions with YK92 hustlers in order to rule. Kariuki, you are right. I WILL NEVER BE UHURU KENYATTA.

  26. U a right professor, he who talks of on u, actually wants the best from. Let Uhuru himself accept the corrections u mek, but not his sycophants shouting wat they even dont undastand. Xame to Amolo Tinga. Wen smbdy goes silent on truth being told, then sm point is getting into him. Never giveup plz, we ua supporters r thea to check en balance. Wea u a wrong, i wil point at u, bt wea u a right, i must stand with u.

  27. Yep he has not disappointed. The superiority complex from the lot that advices him and more often than not his critique of opposition activities tend to boil down thru a tribal narrative ‘us versus them’ war and its never helpful coming from him. A President should be way above petty tribal issues, and his job must be to serve all not just hunting for votes or throwing pleasantries on every outing.

    • It would be nice to castigate some mundane vices every now and then from the bully pulpit that is the presidency. Remaining mute and out of touch isn’t working so well. Neither are these tribal and regurgitated SC appointments elevating the presidency. Politicians are without vision or mission and only waffle and fluff their way until the next elections . A president must be the opposite and must be a benchmark for his successors.

  28. You are so right Prof, even me at first took you to be hating my party but have realized after reading and analysing your writings that your greatest hate is tribalism especially those who sit at the apex of it , I have since then enjoy reading your articles, it will take time too for those who embrace tribalism to understand

    • Heheheheheeee…I remember you and your initial comments. You have come a long way bro. I am a strong believer in having a position and defending it whatever the opposition. I am saying what I was saying then. I am vehemently opposed to the tribal political class in CORD and Jubilee and their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi…And these are its lords!!

    • To me prof, Ruto is the most tribal agitator and he and Raila are kept at their positions by tribe, they got no real agenda for them except to misuse them for their own selfish gains

  29. Ww ishi ukiongea wana tu! Kumbuka akina Jacob j,George S,Mutula K etc wote walikuwa…..criticizing ur gov’t is lyk abusing ur biological father of which if u cnt obey them,ur life shall be shortened. the bible says honour ur mother & father that u may live longer,meaning??? kuwa professor wa kucritisize gava ni kama tu mtu mwenye hakuenda shule….finally u r fighting a losing battle! if what u r saying is next to a reality,y r oppositions supporting this gov’t?? Guy style up,by thinking twice!!!!!!!

    • My friend you are abit deviating, stop quoting the bible out of context, God does not support injustice, tribalism favourism and unequal distribution of resources, men to ask prof to shun criticising and pointing out the ills in our nation and gvt is abit naive, naive on this way sir, prophets like Moses were send to confront ungodly regimes, Daniel disobeyed a wicked decree from the president, and so was The three Hebrew boys who were cast into the fire, Prophet Amos was called to caution the gvt of his day, John the Baptist, Paul and Silas, Peter etc, the least never ends, lets first read the Bible and use the word of God correctly,
      Read HOSEA 8:4,a people that have rejected God will definitely name wrong choices like electing wrong people to office, that should never silence the voice of reason.
      Finally let’s not fear criticism, criticism comes from thinking outside the box, Sio Latina we think the same as cows, we must be happy with our diverse thoughts and opinions that can build the nation.

  30. Professor Michael Wainaina, you are completely correct, honest and balanced in your views on this subject.
    The greatest liberation is that of these pseuche as the greeks would call it the mind, intellect and the will.
    A wise man changes his mind when confronted with facts, This nation is being destroyed by tribal Kings and their tribal sycophants who are will to die defending their tribal chiefs whether they ate wrong or right.
    We cannot say we are educated and promote tribalism in a manner that our so called learned leaders have propagated it.
    Thanks prof.

  31. Jambo Professor.M. Wainana.. I begin by Honestly Congratulating You On Your Tireless Effort to Save Both a Nation and a Community from Blacksmoking into Osbscurity in Not a Looong time to Come.. I Luv this Country and really appreciate its Diversity But its History and Particularly ” Political History” is DANGEROUSLY WANTING”.. And I think this is what You sre Battling With..coz History Always gives Us a Pararell of Where we have come from so that If We see Reason to Alter..Then The PRESENT gives the Opportunity to Change The Future Having Learnt from History…
    Prof.. I have taken time to Read all through Your Narrative and Believe Me For The 1st Time I have Truelly Understood Your Honest Straight Talk and Defogging Logic with Reasoning to The “Inplants of House of Muumbi and The Nation at Large..”..
    Prof. You cannot hav Explained it Better ..'” That..
    1. Its the Ommissions and Myiopsy of Jubilee that Flourishes the Opposition on Daily Basis at Every turn they take in Their Departure from National Duties Chased by Their “Pathological Fear of Raila” and Their Quest for More Tribal Supremacy..Which Unfortunately is Their Own Poison..
    2. To The Misty eyed Sycophants an Believers in Their Tribal Supremacy as far as The Presidency is Concerned.. They have a Major Surprise Comming coz Clearly.. KENYA is Bigger and More Unified and Determined to Free itsself from These Villains as put by Prof. And Not Any One Single Community can Stand On Its Way coz Even Stealing Has a Limit…
    3. Just to Complement the Prof.’s Logic.. I ‘ll add an African Proverb That Says..”Only a Foolish housefly clings to a Corpse till its Buried With it”.. Please.. TRIBALISM is Obsolete..Archaic…And Social Insomnia…Depart Now Those who have Ears that Hear ..Eyes That See Coz As the Prof Puts it.. Yu are being led to become Still Targets of an Agitated Political Storm..in Not soo long a Time to Come..
    Kudos Prof.. Keep Educating Those Who want to Learn.. KENYAN NATION IS PARAMOUNT.!!!!

    • It is the joy of every writer when the audience gets the message. The tribal narrative is poison especially to those who think it favors them now. It is said, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. They should stop digging. I concur with you when you warn them that the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave. May God grant us wisdom. we need it, for no other reason than saving ourselves and the nation. Thanks Robinson.

    • Most Wellcome…Prof…I Believe That Our Ability to Reason and Figure Out Situations Separates Us from the Rest of The Animal Kingdom and It Becomes a REAL TRAJEDY. When We fail to Use it to Improve Ourselves including Saving Ourselves..Kip The Pen On.Eventually It Will Harness Those Who will Reason With You..Be Blessed Always…

  32. Perhaps South Sudan is the most near example of how urgly tribal politics can be. They cried for self rule, they have it together with immense wealth; oil, land etc. Yet they cant hold together. It is only a fool who d close his eyes to such truth.

  33. What do you mean by tribal prof: when i hear uhuru being accussed is accused of tribalism. But what do you mean by tribalism. A kikuyu frm murang’a feel uhuru is more theire than a kikuyu from riftvalley. The same case to murang’a and a kiabu gikuyu people. Go to kiambu and find kabete and gatundu kikuyus . But come to gatundu you find agaciku,acera and ajiru;they will feel the power is much theirs than any other clan.
    From this can we say agaciku are more tribal …….?
    I don’t understand this ‘tribalism’

  34. Tribal support is a time bomb.. People here dont seem to care but watch Congo,Libya,Sudan,Somalia,Rwanda.. all their problmems started when people felt a certaim community was holding unto power. As proffessor said we should start picking leaders based on ideologys,perfomence etc

  35. “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?” (Romans 6:1-3) 1. We were all born into this world as sinners because of what Adam did. The only way out of our sin dilemma was through death. “And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again” (2 Corinthians 5:15). Now God deals with us through Jesus; God Himself has placed us in Jesus. “But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption” (1 Corinthians 1:30). Surprisingly so many Biblical Names with no spiritual significance. If you really are Christians,Why all this name callings?

  36. I am form the land of mulembe simply meaning peace, you are one and only mt Kenya origin who can stand up with nothing but truth may God bless you brother, i would like to meet you

  37. Prof. Evil has a lifespan. Good is forever. The evils of colonialism, slavery and apartheid came to pass. Rational people worldwide are opposed to the evil of racism which is equivalent to our TRIBALISM. Slowly but surely the evil is being challenged and those practising it are forced to deny doing so. They do so in the comfort of their fellow racists and fellow tribalists because they know it is wrong. You are on the right side of history. The evil of tribal politics and it’s practitioners will surely be defeated in the fullness of time and so will the evil of stealing/rigging elections in Africa. You don’t hate jubilee or UHURU. You hate tribalism. It took rational white people to end apartheid, slavery and colonialism despite resistance and resentment by the beneficiaries. It will take rational kenyans like yourself and many others to see everything that is wrong with tribal politics to bring it to an end. Remain unbowed.

    • Thanks Harun for your encouraging message. We must continue to speak truth to power and hope to the nation. I also agree with you that these discriminatory systems, slavery, apartheid, racism, tribalism are destroyed by progressives from the side that they favor. Those who seem to benefit must question a system that marginalizes others to guarantee their comfort. It is the realization that their privilege is not sustainable that makes them question and eventually change things towards more equality and justice.

  38. A true balanced analysis, we need more people like you. Keep on, maybe one day people will listen. Kenya is headed in the wrong direction, we need courageous people like you to say it the way it is. Good work!

  39. prof you are absolutely right to stand in light always I encourage your sentiments and also its your political right enshrined in the constitution the supreme law of the land to be part of or not to join any side of either the Rulung coalition or opposition. This bad culture and old version of judging a person’s political stand by using their last name has no space in the 21 st century.lets be liberal minded

  40. you are not impressing!your writtings confirms what the other people have been thinking about you.an atention seeker and a desperate proffesor trying to get a name in politics.you will never make it in politics with this kind of trash.tutakupaka matope kwa siasa hadi ukimbie.

  41. Uhuru Kenyatta is to Kikuyus, Raila Odinga is to Luos, Kalonzo Musyoka is to Kambas…. William Ruto is to Kalenjins… Why do you have to single out Uhuru Kenyatta? You simply hate him for reasons you know better professor Michael

    • None of the ones you have mentioned are President. None would have the kind of impact he would have on the issue of tribalism and corruption. To him that much is given much is expected. That being said I don’t know how many of my articles you have read. You would know that what you are saying is not even true.

  42. Say it prof. Days will come when what you stand for will sweet to every kenyan. For then shall we all see one another firstly as kenyans and maybe secondly as kalenjins, teso, kikuyu ….

    • I doubt they have a logical response. I expect venom and insults like no other. I however believe that regular kikuyus who are Uhuru die-hards actually do not have this perspective. It is our responsibility to give it to them. we must But we must continue to talk truth to power and hope to the country. When they know better, they will do better.

  43. Its my hope that more and more Kenyans wake from the sleep they are currently in and smell the coffee. We ought not to love or vote Uhuru because of his ethnic background but rather due to what he stands for and his unique contribution to economic development and social mobility.

  44. How do you fight ethnicity by advocating ethnicity? ??now I have an idea,because we want to really fight this animal called tribalism, I have a great idea,example,in the janeiro games lets this time round take people from other areas, like kisumu and do away with the Eldoret guys because we want to be fair to all the tribes,last year we took people from Eldoret, the other year we took people from Eldoret.do you agree with me that we should be fair to all the tribes and this time ,we should take people from another area probably kisumu?let’s not cheat our selves, it doesn’t matter if we would take people from Eldoret a hundred times.so long as they are qualified and are the best we have we should never denay them an opportunity. Let’s not creat enthinicity in the name of fighting enthinicity.

  45. No. one is perfect even u if u become president now this guys congratulating u here in fb they wll criticise u wth your first cabinet secretary appointment just bcoz we all read their last name .

  46. Mr PhDman 2day umenibaba tu kiasi coz nmeona umeimprove grammar bt we don’t oppose any ideas from u bt according to ur nonsense motions,,uted to talk as if we all should criticize our blessed prezo..according to ur ideas its like u eat from being unloving to our one gikuyu man(Uhuru) by deliberitily echoing hate statements in media,remeber most of us r nt kids n hence we do udastad ur fanatico n hate post against gikuyu….just try to write about something dat will not bring about tensions n hatred among kenyans,, we r all team #Kenya.so write about food,health,education etc,n u Will get million likes n Comments of blessing than braking Gods comandments one by one….tiga “Gucogera” maundu uganwo….

  47. By the way have been asking y specifically u direct hatred towards him,even if u criticize cord it’s a rarity,much of ur strength is dedicated to bringing uhuruto down, I don’t knw y?

  48. To you, Wainaina, nothing worthy commendation ever happens with Jubilee.
    I think its high time you learn the art of optimism & contentment; not pessimism & criticism all along. I can imagine ukishinda kuambia mamako amewekea kakako githeri mingi kukuliko. What I see in you is a mole & a crybaby

  49. Professor wainaina,you are real patreiotic,kenya today needs such ppl to avoid blood shed come 2017, but the problem with your ppl is that the Tribalmania is deep inside their minds n no cure at all its gikuyu n gikuyu only till we go the Rwanda,Somali,S/sudan way nothing will save us come 2017.

    • I disagree that there are people who are more tribal than the others. None. All the political kingpins are equally tribal and they whip up the emotions of their tribes. The only reason the gikuyu seem more tribal is of course that their tribal kingpin being in power, they very wrongly feel like they have a lot to loose. It is the narrative that the political elite have build. Of course the gikuyu political elite have a lot to loose if the the tribal overlord left power. The regular kikuyu have nothing to loose but their chains and villain status. We need to let them understand this.

  50. if it u in the shoes of uhuru or raila what can u do or u will just give up these r turbulent waters at times u just follow the tide or else u will be drowned this tribal dimensions are not uhurus making and can not be wished away whats ua take

  51. Very aptly presented case, Professor. Those with keen minds on either side of the (dubious) political divide will fathom it. As for the hostile crowd, well; have compassion for them. Lets just expect that they’ll always choose Barabas over Jesus.

  52. professor , you represent the voice of silent masses ,I am thrilled on how you deploy your proverbial expression in censuring the evil perpetuated by government officials or rather called political psycophants.The contraversial comments is an implication of retarded minds of majority who only want to sit back and assume as if everything is in order.when are we learning from the past?when are we shunning be mkenya ? corrupt and egocentric stereotypes ? it is until we take into consideration to convene ourselves and discover new development idealogies .professor I truly compliment your struggle to impart knowledge to the public for them to open their blind eyes and see the light for the nation canot be build with ignorance but with innovations and initiatives .

  53. standing from an objective point of view,i see a lot of sense in this post.it is true that nepotism has reached its highest point in this government and the supporters should come to their senses that most of them are not benefitting,their lives have either remained the same or gotten worse

  54. Prof. I have read ur article keenly. The boer political empire of over 70yrs was built on apartheid: The racial superiority complex. It survived amidist oppression marginalisation of the majority. Men like P.W Botha the typical Boer oppressed massacred all divergent voices. Now FW De clerk was Boer but was a sensible man: He allowed for Democracy pluralism and release of political prisoners among the Mandella Madiba N. The First black president. These are people who make History Its shocking for Uhuru to behave the same way like his successors. They can give u power or put u there but be ur own man and be ur own man and bring changes for the nation. This is leadership. Atiku Abubakari The last Nigerian military ruler they put him on the throne after the death of Abacha hoping that he will preserve their military Junta. He became his own man and allowed for Free fair elections where Obasanju worn. Will kenya ever have such a leader: A self less man: A man who will lay aside his own tribe and friends and promote equality for all. A man who will kenya minus the tribal microscope. Its shocking that these tribal king pins think that by engulfing themselves with men of their tribes its their security. Little do they know that these are psychophants who dont add value. It doesnt matter who will rule but once he becomes tribal my support goes. Who will save this nation fro tribalism corruption and psycophancy. Where is De clark Abubakari or sisi to root out muslim fundamentalism. Or a castrol to uproot evil capitalism. Any nation that changed for better had leaders like Those of singapore in the 1970-1980s. Whoever is in leadership let him tell us what legacy will he live behind:

  55. Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD have you considered where RAO says enough of Kenya Politics. He folds up ODM and off he flies to Bahamas or Hawaii with his family to spend the rest of his twilight years in those lands with ever beautiful white sandy beaches. The list of his political orphans (ODM included) will be just too long, even the DP and other pretenders to political leadership. They will become irrelevant with RAO out of the Picture. For now let them enjoy the goodies for the fear of joining RAO is real should they be antagonised, imagined or unimagined. They owe RAO total recompense. The response from both Jubilee and ODM sycophants will be the same should such happen. What? I am finished

  56. Its good to have someone like you, unlike Robert Alai who is so tribal and so open at it. Tell them we are behind you, and tell both Raila and Uhuru their time is up and our time is now.

  57. Prof Wainaina……it is true what they say about the truth, its not popular. Most people would rather live a lie than true.
    Most of us are more comfortable with lies!
    Goiing through this article, I find each & every word true & to the point. No one can disapprove it unless he just wants to rubish it for the sake of sycophancy.
    Don’t relent in creating awareness on the real truth because it’s godly.

    Truth is the only thing that can surely set us free! You know that most people who are mentally imprisoned do not have an idea that they are in custody of someone else’s authority in the first place. Such people subject future generations to unwarranted jail term too.

    I agree that its hard to say the truth because many will hate you & you might end up without a friend but I advice you not to give up for God loves people like you who are hardly available & yout reward shall surelly come!

  58. I once said that a time was coming when a united people would rise up and make the stewards steering the country to imminent destruction account for their actions, they will look but find no place to hide, no one to bribe and no one to pity them, well, its not really a prophesy, its an inevitability. Wait and see for yourselves for the time is upon us……..good work prof.

  59. kwani u like him or not it is yr burden and if u like him do u want to eat him man if the likes of RAO and co are yr darling change ID u be called son of RAO WETA AU MELON u better hate yr mum who bore u in kikuyu land pussy wewe

  60. Haiya,,prof as aforementioned,,I can not be swayed by you,,,it has reached a time when Kenyans can no more be moved by premature thoughts,, I say no to hatred !!!

  61. “In order to retain power,a regime must make its supporters stronger,its opposers weaker.”ARISTOTLE.Every politician must have read that philosophy.Why shouldn’t Uhuru upgrade Gikuyu who are its first disciples?Am not Gikuyu,am not Kalenjin,am a NOBODY! Sometimes I feel like my tribesmen n I did nt deserve to be in Kenya.Uhuru and its regime is justified.

  62. Kenyans are tribal and that will not change in the foreseeable future. Kikiyus had no problem with Kanuism but Moi himself and for being non kikuyu. That is why they are now ok with the same Kanuism under ‘mtu wa nyumba’. The late John Michuki once said ‘There was nothing wrong with the old constitution, we just wanted one of our own at the top’. All monkeys in the forest are expected to jump from one tree to another. The ones that don’t, arouse suspicion as to their ‘monkeykind’. So don’t be surprised when they raise those qns.

  63. My take on the Kenyan problem is totally different from the esteemed professor’s. He uses scholarly verbiage to convince Kenyans that he has something new to tell them. In the end he misses it completely. Let him know what the simplest mwananchi knows. That the elite rule Kenya. They maybe clothed in tribal or political party attire but they are one and the same people who have milked Kenya and it’s people since independence. The common man, to them, is merely a tool to attain power. The elite are a tribe apart, and the worthy professor may be surprised to find himself as just one of them. He’s trying to find a path to join the bandwagon but is not sure to which he’ll ultimately belong. In short he’s gone fishing wondering which group of the elite cartels will take his bait and take him in. My heart yearns for the day when the common people, across the width and breadth of Kenya, will recognize just how fake and greedy our leaders are. They meet in posh hotels to wine and dine the night away gorging themselves on the sweat of poor Kenyans. At such times, there is no Luo or Kikuyu. No Cord or Jubilee. At such time they shed their masks and become the fat cats they really are. Far behind the flashes of media cameras they dance the night away. Prof. Wainaina deign to direct your scholarly mind to these wolves in sheep skins and expose their duplicity and don’t confuse us ordinary Kenyans further, already the burden of poverty and suffering is too heavy.

    • I am not sure attacking me and making aspersions is necessary. If you have read my articles keenly and not with a preconceived mind of who I am you would have seen that we are saying the very same thing. You however could not resist the urge to attack my person clouding an otherwise good response with meanness. I am an academic, I write the way I write. You seem to have a problem with my “scholarly verbiage” and have forgotten to check my message which happens to be exactly the same as what you are putting here to discredit me. Comment na roho safi Mburu. We are actually on the same side.

  64. Tribal politics. Where are they? With masses? With politicians,? Have ever seen a poor Luo business man refusing to sell fish to a Kamba because of tribal politics? No! Have ever seen a rich Luhya politician refuse to attend a burial of a rich Luo politician because of tribal politics? No. Then, where does tribal politics exist besides in your rich imagination?

  65. Prof it does not matter i am a jubilee diehard and i don’t mind,infact i will vote a suit from president to mca.You scholars want to use us when kikuyu unite and vote as one you claim its tribal.but when luos vote for raila its democracy i know you are a cord brogger paid to spoil kenyans

  66. You just want to prove u went to school n attained that Prof title in belief that proffs av got that special piece of thot away frm schooled ordinary pple.leave politics to politicians,make more professors in universities pliz.

  67. I don’t understand what do people think.. we have been doing the old politics for a very long time until Uk comes with his charismatic leadership. I tell you Kenya politics is changing slowly by slowly watch the pace … Raila and Kibaki did the tribal politics and we received the fruits in 2007 … Uhuru has to use the same root to be in that sit. But what i know he is doing his best to kill tribal political views. Jubilee party will the first party to reduce the so called Kikuyu party (TNA) kallejin (URP)luhya and others that will be willing to change the same old politics. But it’s not easy to explain why a learned person like you prof you are still behind with the old political views you deserve to be called Prof in Raila kibaki era but i doubt Not in current politics of issues

    • Heheheheheheeeee…he has to use the same route, but he is doing his best to kill tribal political views!!! Are you listening to your self. Your argument that the cure for tribalism is tribalism is a fairly desperate one in an effort to sanitize your “charismatic leader”. Unfortunately Mwangi, you are defending the indefensible, sanitizing that which cannot be sanitized. If you are willing to be open minded enough you will see that what we need is to get rid of all tribalists. Unfortunately this includes your charismatic leader. Otherwise the other tribes will make the same argument you are making…that Uhuru used tribalism to finish tribalism. They will equally say that their “charismatic tribal leaders” want to use tribalism to get rid of tribalism. Drop this argument.

    • i won’t drop it cause i know the politics you are playing is the same old politics .. you want to justify yourself and you know very well in Kenya’s history since multi party the only year Kenyans did stand together is 2002 because of moi.. Its only from 2017 people will join together to support issue based politics.. This song of tribalism started with Raila and will retire with him 2017

  68. Actions speak louder than words Prof, Wambugu Ngunjiri will tell you that you don’t have to hate your tribesmen for you to be liked by others. In fact as a scholar, you can show love to all as an example to the society. In any case you judge yourself!

  69. Proff you are just waking up from slumber.I totally agree Kenya is tribal and now worsened by the the so called condtitution what I keep on wondering who is that angel in Kenya who does not practice tribalism?I keep telling you that you give us a list of distinguished people who can lead Kenya hujawahi nipatia.Wacha ile madness itakua next year.People like DR EKURU have said they want to lead Kenya fine.but the masses in Turkana ,Kilifi,Murang’a Nyamira cannot even remember their women rep.The so called local FM stations make things worse.What we need is serious activisim,civic education and those given authority to exercise patriotism in handling issues otherwise how do yu explain when all university vicechancellors come from the ethic areas that they are situated?

    • They cannot period.They are all political prostitutes.Soon they will all be running to their tribal Kings for blessings and survival.When yu mention about KANU every body was in KANU in one way of the other.When a respected leader speaks about ‘MY COMMUNITY’what he means is his wife and kids.Our citizenly is ignorant.If having the head of state from your community makes you develop, then Gatundu would be having marble streets but now even the antijigger people are there.Kenya needs selfless leaders like the late Wangare Mathaai who understands the local mwananchi and sane Governors who can govern transparently and honestly.People like Koigi should also be heard hata kama atwekwa speaker of the assembly.

  70. Prof, UHURU is not a leader by mistake , I also doubt whether you vote? according to your posts you can only vote for yourself, leave politics to us the voters and our leaders UHURUTO till 2027 but do I say.

  71. Professor human beings hate truth..but tell them the truth…we were born selfish.Let’s give other communities a chance to lead too.We are more than 42 communities in Kenya right?

  72. You can’t b more right prof n this sycophancy n tribalism is so deep rooted n we can only pray for our pple to open up their minds and see Kenya and not their region.

  73. I slightly might imagine that i understand your narrative.To some extent, its true but only goes to show us how the likes of you and makau mutua hate us as Kenyans.First, kenya is a mix of 42 tribes. The tribes need to have leaders who need to come together to provide national leadership.So a national leader need to belong to a tribe before anything else. Telling Kenyans that they can stop belonging to tribal arrangement is in itself a lie. Do you want kenyans to live a lie like Americans? These guys have always pretended to be national without any tribal or racial effects buy we can all see what is happening. Uhuru is a tribal king who is also the president of kenya through tribal coalition. Raila is a tibal king who is the official opposition leader through coalition with other tribes.That is the kenya we want where tribes can join to form a national outlook other than that you and your PhD can comfortably go drying.THII UKIUMAGA.

    • U feel insulted but when you call leaders tingods you don’t feel insulting. Sure, you only engage with people who believe in whatever intellectual garbage you and your fellow Mr.know it alls have to offer.Reality on the ground will shake your intellect to nought.

    • The problem with most of these self chosen ‘Liberal monded’ individuals cum PhD holders is that they always purpose to force their opinions down our throat. When you launch a serious and directional argument against their views, they deviate from those substantial points in your response and focus on the so trivial ingredients.

  74. Professor I thank you for informative article. Keep it up and continue enlightening the Kenyan people on the issue of politics. Our minds have been poisoned so severely that even some of those who claim to have been schooled cannot see beyond their noses.

  75. mr professor facebook is not a lecture room wether u hate him or love him no one cares he has a wife and kids who definetly love him and doesnt even know of your existence

  76. We are hearing tribalism with u leader s n its the high time u stop misleading n messing up wthKenyans minds n u hv been the source of cheos in our country hence in a plot we stay together sharing one toilet, one bathroom one compound, our children play together n even school ing together .so we kenyan we don’t know what tribalism is all about.

  77. Wainaina or whomever you actually are, is Uhuru and jubilee all you can ever post? Is that all they ever taught you? You made your stance on that clear eons ago. There is something called ad nauseam. Change topic(if you can). What dyu think of the CJ short list for e.g.? Remember we rely on ‘professors’ to open our minds…

  78. Regardless of tribe…sm positions are competitive so if i step out thea n vie for a position n i win…im sorry not even tribe wl stop me.for competitive positions may the best win cz thy hav workd hard for it..

  79. Big ups wainaina but this country doesn’t need sober minds like yours. You need to be corrupt,thug,hatemonger and election rigging oriented and you can really fit in very well. Though I honestly don’t blame H.E the president bt his inner circle ,diehards and sycophants who really are misleading him.

  80. Its not a wonder there those from his neighborhood leave alone you who hates him but that doesn’t change anything he is the prezzo of Kenya to stay. Its time you learn to accept reality not posting things which don’t even add up.

  81. If yu are a true biliever of the bible u can remember the time of egypt there was faminine and joseph was lets say a ”manager of food store” and anytime his family woud come to buy he would return their money by hidin it in their gunias! Tafakari hayo

  82. I think currently we dont have a politician with those unique values, attributes and qualities that can make one say, ‘wow’ this leader is so perfect’. One thing I know, in a house there are objects for honor and some for dishonor. In a 1 million dollar house, there are gold jewels, expensive mahogany furniture as well as a roll toilet tissue. All of them have their use.

  83. I think proffs should give solutions to problems and not yap and whine around leaving the citizenry confused the more.Instead of all this noise and long uninvited posts, you should give us some names of people you think are not tribal,then we just pick on any. If not that,stop your petty complains or remove that title prof coz you are a disgrace to the respected family of proffs.

  84. We pretend we are independent, look at style of kenyan leadership, the way mkoloni rule, devide and oppress the voices? Then came our tribal kings followed same channel, devide and oppress the voices, you remain in power.
    Its upto kenyans, the moment we will realise how we hv bn used by these kingpins, the time we will liberate our country, meanwhile let dance to their tunes.

  85. Weee nguiino reke ngwire okorwo duri muruuu uka tukuruithie todu wina uhiii muno na pia wee duri mugikuyu.

    Listen you kenyan empty minded fools,when a bomb explodes somewhere hua mnakimbia kuona imalipukaje without thinking that kunaweza kua na nyingine iliyotegwa hapo tu karibu and thats why mkiangamia mnaangamia wengi.what do i mean? Some mindless or unsucumsised fool tells you that a certain leader is bad or tribalistic nd you agree with him another one tells you that another leader from a certain tribe is bad just because he opposes every plan from the government be it good or bad and you agree to,rightthe truth is that those of you who agree with evry and any post you are are like an empty sac yenye hua inatumiwa hata kubebea takataka bila kuteta. Endeleeni kuchochewa hadi ile siku mtaambiwa kua kiti cha urais kitakaliwa na kila mtu hata wewe utakayesoma huuu ujumbe nkt

  86. Jubilee or CORD, I always take time to critically digest your comments and I believe you are right and I have always stated so in my posts.You always make me think beyond my Luo tribe and feel as a Kenyan

  87. So to you every leader elected as a president becomes a tribal kingpin of his tribe…This is just,but shallow thinking..president uhuru may not be the best,but we cannot judge him on your silly logic..

  88. Kenyan politics are unique entrenched on ethnicity.its people like you among other who see it as based on negative ethinicity( tribalism).American politics are fundamentally based on almost the same thing,Republicans who are whites Puritans and democrats on the other hand

  89. This guy is not a professor bt a goon am oligarch of tribal lane…its definitely shows where he supports aven’t heard him talking about cord or are they angels…huyu c professor hakuna professor anaeza ongea ivi..

  90. I’m sure Uhuru or jubilee know nothing of your existence, so please save us this crap, SHUT UP and focus on your life, intellectuals my foot! Is this what school taught you??

    • u have poverty of the mind…i pity you….u think uhuru knows you……u should re-read to undstnd wat prof is talking about or else u have a thick cranium that cant comprehend wats going on..

  91. I don’t care who the president of Kenya is or will be, what I care about is the standard of living for all Kenyans to improve and the cost of living to be not so high

  92. Professor useless Wainaina,you better prepare urself to YAP LOUDER…til we hear your voice,nobody gives a cow shit whether you like president Kenyatta or not…its ur personal choice..we too ve ours..BT we dnt go taping like some mindless pipo…you ll never ever knw where the rains started beating you u are already soaking wet,or don’t you understand?????

  93. But your so called critiscm is nothing more than desperate attention-seeking pretenses…ooh the jubilee govt this,ooh uhuru that…if asked so what do we do prof…oh it aint my responsibility to come up with solutions…give us a break man you are hardly an angel yourself…

    • Give me a break. You have no obligation to read what I write. If it is that bad, why are you reading it? Why are you even here commenting? Is it because you know that what you are reading is true and you have no other response to it than to attack me. I will continue to write. I would urge you to stay right here, and accept the truth.

    • Its hypocritical of you to say that i have no obligation to read and comment on the crap you write,if you are so sure its the truth(and thats if Truth changed meaning overnight) why dont you ignore me and respond to the fools who are falling for your brouhaha!..

    • Moses Gichohi Of course you don’t have an obligation. You are here because you cannot resist being here. Why are you so concerned with crap? Just leave it. After all, you are supposed to be the only intelligent person around here. According to you, I write crap and the people who believe it are fools. For a genius like you, you are keeping very bad company, of people who write crap and fools. That is not very intelligent , is it?

  94. Give us a chance professor, we need to appreciate the level of development of party politics in Kenya, we are still at infancy where we continue to hold onto the skirts of our ethnic mother. We need to grow up pretty first and develop homegrown ideologies on the move. It has been tough to be a young nation with a twenty year old multi party history. We have to work overtime to get to the next level, and grow we have to..

  95. anger is a bad thing….for those who are hurling insults…. just u know people are at their weakest when they are angry….u wouldn’t wanna look weak folks?,..’andu a nyumba’

  96. from grassroots everyone wants to feel that fever of presidency coz apart from being president he is our spokesman “cia mucii ti como muruna” mundu ndaciragirira kwao

  97. Who on earth isnt trible.Every politician has to have backing from his tribe before you venture to others.Everyone knows this apart from the self proclaimed professor wainaina.Non the less we dont need his professies inorder to forge foword

    • You believe that every politician has to have backing from his tribe. That is not true and not everyone “knows” it. The fact that you believe it does not make is everybody’s knowledge. I If you think you are forging forward. you did not understand the article. I understand. I had said it is not for the feeble minded.

  98. You should know that moi did not put a gun on my head and force me to cast my vote in favor of uhuru. Your analysis on that one is skewed. Leadership is a talent in itself. 2012 we had 3 kikuyus on the ballot and we made our choice.

  99. I think the difference between Prof n his articles is the target audience. We are overwhelmed with anger that we miss the critical point one passes across n I personally a similar challenge where I cannot criticize cord neither Raila coz of the collective tribal propaganda.

  100. Stop that hippo curacy , you hate him. To a point of associating the death of Willie , to his government, you hate which sycophantants,? Were you in Kenya in the yr 2007, did see how one tribe was rounded, by other tribes on account of one man called baba, Uhuru stood with his tribesmen. To the point that he was taken to Hague, bcs he stood as a true leader in his tribe, we have seen his sacrifices, for the nyumba ya mumbii. Stop those misleading posts.

  101. I know for a fact Raika got votes from many ib central ad did Uhuru in Nyanza…But the IEBC had to have the last say..It is a fact that was on Tv there was a room in Ku votes were being re ‘cast’

  102. How many ‘angles’ of political survival for politicians do u look at in Kenya?Tribe is among the bigger dimensions.until u we change that,what ur writting is nt new

  103. Professor… I have never understood what you are up to but listen…. Jesus told Pilate.. no one rises to leadership without God’s consent. That tells you leader good or bad have a divine connection… That’s why in the book of romans it States that ” this is the reason God propelled Pharaoh to power” to be glorified.. On the tribal factor.. You need to under stand that we are first tribes that constitute the nation Kenya. Tribes are not bad… Its only that they become bad when used negatively. Humans have many differences but still live together… It all depends on how you view and use those differences… they can work for us or against us. All Kenyans tribes belong to Kenya and non is moving out… So professor… Preach peace not divisions

    • To insinuate I am preaching division is to be either ignorant or dishonest. You have said it, when tribes are used negatively, we land into problems. And that is what the political class in CORD and jubilee has done and that is why we are in problems. It is not me who caused them.

    • That’s a lie, and you are deceiving yourself. If that was true, he would have tuned Kibera slums to heaven… For the last 20years he has been their MP…. and he would have extended the same to Bondo constituents.

  104. What’s the alternative??? Kimenyi, why don’t yu go run for a political post see how good yu are. Yu may have knowledge of books as all of us do but Uhuru has done a lot to fight tribalism en corruption. Wacha kuwa lama Raila criticising even when asleep. Post some criditting comments cos no one is perfect. Shud raila be your best that’s OK. Its your choice.