If ICC suspects can be elected to the Presidency, there’s nothing “unthinkable” about Trump’s election: Media should stop parroting and hypocrisy

Media likes to use its influence to set the political agenda and when they lose, they use the same influence to sanitize themselves. Donald Trump fought the media, his own Republican party, the Clinton corporate machine, media-shaped world opinion, overrated pundits, pollsters, and statisticians to swing one of the most spectacular upsets in the history of modern politics. Media had shouted, admonished, warned, scare-mongered, insulted, smothered, cajoled, ridiculed and caricatured him to the level of demonizing him. The guy won! When media and its idle writers were shouting and trying to force their agenda, Donald Trump had his thumb very firmly on the pulse of the American electorate. He had a novel political narrative of change that resonated with millions of Americans.  He won on a master stroke. Decisively.

Our deplorable Uncle-Tom Kenyan media had joined the bandwagon of parroting whatever was coming from the American media. Our media shocks me on its shallowness, shamelessness and cluelessness, unless you are talking about their greed for money, their love for wheeler-dealing and cavorting with tribalists and thieves.

In their dazed parroting, one local daily called the election on Tuesday night Kenyan time, before polling had opened in the US. They had a bold headline featuring Clinton in a triumphant posture with the headline “On the verge of History”.


Boy, were they wrong!

What got me though was the headline of another Daily after the earth shattering, tectonic Trump victory. Instead of a big bold poetic headline announcing “He’s Hired”, they put a pretty distasteful and unkind face-shot of Trump with the unthinkable title, “America does the unthinkable”.



They went on to describe him as a “foul mouthed casino owner, showman with an alligator sized-ego and reportedly the sexual morals of an alley cat”. Ignoring all the other things he has promised to do for the Americans, (who have believed him), the paper goes on to say, “he has promised to wipe out Obama’s legacy, build a wall on the Mexican border, start a trade war with China, and shoot the relatives of ISIS fighters”. As a political blogger, I have followed the American Presidential campaign from its inception 18 months ago, and the only thing I can call a promise is building a wall along the Mexican border and I cannot see what is wrong with that. Our own government has toyed with the idea of building a wall along the Somalia border. The media seems irked by his promise to undo the Obama legacy. What is so sacrosanct about Obama’s legacy that it cannot or should not be undone? And on China, while our own government is busy auctioning us and our children to China, Trump is saying No! What is wrong with confronting China on terms of trade with the US if the Americans feel they are getting a raw-deal?  If these are the things that make the election of Trump unthinkable, then our Kenyan media is even shallower than I thought.

Unthinkable? Let us talk unthinkable.

How soon have they forgotten that in 2013 we elected two tribal kingpins who were indicted at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity, yes, crimes against humanity! They were not charged with being foul-mouthed or for having a big ego, or wanting to build a wall. They were charged with murder, rape, deportation and persecution. The charges have since been dropped. Not because the case went to full trial and the suspects were acquitted and found innocent. No. But because the Kenyan government refused to cooperate, witnesses retracted and others disappeared and the whole matter was turned into a political circus of global proportions. If such people can be elected to the Presidency, can the Kenyan media tell us what is so unthinkable about the  election of Donald Trump?

To parrot the narrative of the American media, the paper goes on to suggest that Clinton was a better candidate. It says, “They (Americans) could have elected Clinton, a smart politician with 30 years of experience”.

Think People. Thiiiiiiiiiink!!

Do not shout stuff because you have heard it from foreign white journalists. What you claim to be the dazzling credentials of Clinton were actually the problem. Americans did not want to elect Hillary precisely because she is “a smart politician with 30 years of experience” in Washington. Americans did not want status quo, they wanted change. Can’t you get that? Besides Jeb Bush in the Republican Party, and our own Uhuru Kenyatta it is not possible to find a democracy with a candidate more steeped in status quo than Hillary Clinton. She is the closest America has come to a monarchy after the Kennedys.  For a country that wanted change, the Democratic Party committed political suicide when they smothered Bernie Sanders, the change candidate, in favor of Hillary Clinton the quintessential status quo candidate.

More importantly the same paper agrees that she had “a few dozen closets of skeletons”.

Politics is about narratives.  And the media spins several narratives of its own. They like us to believe that they are factual, objective and professional. Nonsense. They are every bit as imagined, scripted and spun like those of the politcal class. The media narrative was that the status quo Hillary with a few dozen closets of skeletons is better than the change candidate who is foul-mouthed and will deport illegal immigrants. The American people disagreed. They went with the media “unthinkable”.  The media was out-foxed, outsmarted and honestly out-foulmouthed by Donald Trump. And he won.

Our Kenyan media having no agenda of its own has jumped on the warped American media narrative and called America’s choice unthinkable. Seriously? If they want unthinkable they do not have to look that far. They need to look at Statehouse in Kenya. We are the only country with the dubious record of electing two suspects of crimes against humanity to the Presidency. Truly unthinkable. Trump comes along, and all of a sudden our media has forgotten this. Our media is behaving like the proverbial tortoise who stayed for weeks in a pit latrine and on the day of his rescue was shouting that he could not stand the smell.

If they want to talk about the American elections they should rethink their parroting of media nonsense from America.

What is unthinkable is that the Democratic party swayed by the Clinton corporate machine smothered change oriented Bernie Sanders for the quintessentially status quo Hillary Clinton;

What is unthinkable is that weighed against Trumps foul-mouth the American media had decided that Clinton’s “few dozen closets of skeletons” are the lesser evil;

What is unthinkable is that with all its pundits, statisticians, experts, ground-game, insiders, analysts and spinners, American media was blind-sided by a billionaire reality TV star who has open disdain and disrespect for them;

What is unthinkable is that he beat 16 Republican Party establishment candidates using billions of dollars’ worth of free media;

What is unthinkable is that with all its dazzling technology, big data and sophisticated modelling,  American media dismissed the real feelings of the voters. They dismissed Trump supporters as being out of touch with “reality”, probably a “basket case of deplorables” a Clinton and a newsroom manufactured reality.

What should be unthinkable is our local media eagerness to parrot nonsense from the American media. What is unthinkable is that we have a media who got it all wrong, and are now telling us that the success of the people who got it right is “unthinkable”.

The shamelessness, shallowness and parrotry of our Kenyan media can only be described in one word, unthinkable!

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  1. straight to the point.our own president is always complaining about our kenyan media lack of objectivity and the shoddy way they have covered the american elections makes me concur with him.

  2. You prof criticize everything that Kenyans do and glorify whatever Americans approve. That is being biased. Media was right because clinton defeated Trump on popular vote. If we define democracy as gvt of the ppl by the ppl majority rule. Thus Americans chose clinton not trump. Election is by the pple not electoral college. Just because Americans use electoral college does not mean that it is the most democratic way of electing leaders. It is subject to interrogation and even being repealed all together. You don’t think outside the box once you get American view since you think that is where the best minds belong. Somebody of your scholarly calibre should see the other side of the coin.

  3. Prof I nominate you for the article of the year award. This is out of this world. You have scorned the demons of political correctness and dared tread on presumably hallowed grounds. The media has shamelessly allocated itself the responsibility of charting the political paths for others guided by its insatiable appetite for money and power. Against all odds trump has triumphed in an extremely media-defiled environment. This is a victory for the ostracized masses and a big loss for the misinformation profiteers. The “unthinkable” Kenyan media would do better to up its game or continue wallowing in the murky waters of tribalism, greed, shallowness, hero-worship, mediocrity, insensitivity, and every other conceivable negativity. #The media won’t fool us anymore.

  4. Boneace Chagara

    I have no much respect for Kenyan nor any international media either. So that leaves just us, you and I, two external observers [or critics if you would] conscious of the influence of mainstream media. First of, I’m very happy that you’re an intellectual too, so obviously that drastically shifts the context of our discussion; we can move away from common folk parlance to some critical discourse. So, if I was to indulge the core of your article for argument’s sake Professor; what, in your infinite wisdom, was “the pulse” of the American electorate and who were “the”? With respect to the first question, if “change” and repeal of the “status quo” were the mains stakes, as I understand you so rightly propose, then we’ll also need to wonder, “change” from what exactly and which “status quo”? I’m more curious about the second question, because it is interesting in many ways that make it meaningfully to my first question. It is a good thing that now we can go back and look at the statistics and compare figures of what the American electorate is comprised of and how it voted. While at it, it would be more helpful [for the sake of our discussion] to compare voter demographics and voting patterns. Once we are armed with that knowledge, can we then construct our own objective narrative, independent of the lax and complacent mainstream media? Is it more or less [de]humanizing? If it emerges that a predominantly “white” electorate stood up against all disenfranchised minority “others”, to unanimously endorse a Trump [read white supremacist] presidency to succeed [not an Obama but] a “black” presidency, then clearly there was and still is cause for alarm. While the noise and mud pool usually created by mainstream media may seem like the main impediment to gaining more profound insight, knowledge and understanding, I think the greatest threat is our inability to look beyond our individual biases and prejudices, political affiliations and interests, among other things. So the media can be vindicated on the grounds that it is our own lack of detachment from issues that often lead us into the many pitfalls of media’s pandering [all of which we’re well aware of]!

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Politics is about narratives. The most dominant and the one that resonates with the masses is the one that wins. The same America that voted for Obama is the one that voted for Trump. It is a shame that the political establishment in both parties failed to animate a different narrative. To be sure, Bernie Sanders had one that was smothered by the Clinton behemoth. Like one analyst said, Clinton was a corporation, Sanders was a course. The corporation crushed the course and the democrats and the country paid dearly. The nature of democracies is that politics swing from right to left. Sometimes the swing is very severe like the American one but it inspires urgency to swing the other way. Ultimately America will be fine.

  5. It is significant that Clinton won the popular vote.So the media were right on popularity but due to an archaic college electoral system Trump won.It is ridiculous.That is why the Americans feel cheated.The popular candidate is not the one who won.The American need to change the constitution so that the candidate who wins the popular vote is the winner.In Kenya it is about rigging since independence.There hasnt been any democracy other than cheating and rigging.In 2013 it was outright rigging through computer generated results .Apart from stealing the election the bandits raided govt coffers even as kenyans watch.Kenya needs prayers

  6. We don’t have a media in this country. They suffer from mental impairment. The ICC duo stole an election and the media was parroting nonsensical things “We are one” or “Accept and Move On”

  7. We have a very compromised media in Kenya..A media that cannot be trusted to give the right information, their research is wanting, they copy paste everything from western media, they survive on rumours and allegations.. They sack the journalists who are principled enough to say the truth n uphold the tenets of journalism

  8. Very well narrated. Kenyan media is driven by greed and demonic powers. Look at Nation media, they were openly biased and reported the health ministry ill perceived saga, with a zeal full of hate and bitterness. The aim of the devil is to burn the country through media. They are the real devil worshippers. But let them be told. Kenya is God’s, and God will always frustrate their wicked agenda. Shindwe!

  9. A good one Prof , they chose Trump because he was sincere and really a better devil, Clinton has been with the establishment for 30 years and what did she do? Let Kenyans think about this as they prepare for General elections come 2017

  10. in the year 2013,the same media wrote rubbish against uhuruto,and the almighty Lord saw them through,so is today,and the same Lord Jesus will see uhuruto thorough to retain their stand.

  11. Well! Well!! Well said Prof Wainaina. It is this world,full of hypocracy!! Where man try to kill you, and when you have escaped the death plan! Come back in another colour of friendship. Alass!!!!!!!

  12. Media is the most corrupted and unreliable aspect of our society today… Conflicts turn into wars because media chooses to portray them as such.. Others turn to genocide because they are ignored or misreported to suit there agenda

  13. I agree with you. Our media is just part of the corupt cartel. There are candates who are not given 10 seconds of airtime while some MCAs from the two big parties get coverage. How is that a promotion of democracy?

  14. The Kenya Media definitely has suspect qualifications……when you recycle what you get from foreign media…….what do you become….a big shameless parrot…..what happened to originality?……….I am sorry, this obsession with everything foreign has made us petty……..a story begins from a foreign source and the Kenyan media grabs it without praying or washing their hands………………….no wonder more often than not…..they end up with putrifying egg on their face……….I have some advice for the media….if you don’t understand American issues……please concentrate on the numerous scandals going on locally….at least you have a better chance…..we copycat to appear clever but even a fool can see that we are out of our depth……

  15. I have been following it closely especially what the international media are saying.its its nasty,they failed terribly especially on the side of sanitising themselves after they lost.one question though prof,did the media caused the American stock exchange to crumble? Let’s call a spoon a spoon.trump is bad for our health

  16. True, most of Kenyan journalists are mercenaries for hire, the remaining fraction are tribal bigots. Their agenda has flopped. Kenyan journalists should concentrate on the shameless Kenyan political thieves.

  17. Professor Wainana my freind the case was lost not because of none cooperation from the Kenyan Government but lack of evidence. Just remember Ocampo had claimed that he had water tight evidence before confirmation, so on this I beg to differ. But on Trump it is a good lesson between the opinion polls, media and the masses

  18. The so called political analyst trying to lie to us every morning and evening the shalow media house with incompetent presenters employed by ethnic backgrounds, ,I am with you brother

  19. Its the same case here in Kenya Uhuruto promised to work for kenyans while the other one was criticising them on matters of land and ICC cases even today they are still criticising them bt they themselves arent telling Kenyans wat they can do to improve living standards of Kenyans..

  20. The working class supported Trump because the last time they had a pay rise was during Bush time and the last time teachers got a pay rise was during Mois time teachers please do not vote for UHURU AND RUTO

  21. Prof will never hold any post in kenya politics is a given from

    Profs will never hold any post in kenya
    ‘Politics is a title from GOD you may hold many PhDs but to govern 29 peoples is a dream

  22. Trump used white America’s fears just like Uhuru and Ruto cheated gullible tribesmen that Raila took them to ICC. Any govt founded on lies must fall when the people wake up. The people can’t be cheated twice. Will they campaign that Raila has set them up on corruption? Congratulations, this time your analysis makes sense because you dropped tribal sentiments

  23. Media got it really wrong, the problem is that the media is not independent and is used as a government machinery to propagate lies against those who oppose the current underperforming regimes, this round even ABC news and CNN of all the people got it wrong, that’s a good lesson for all media houses to learn

  24. I may not agree with your analogy, points of divergence or concurrence but, the majority of American voters voiced their opinions and choices loud and clear. We now have Trump as the US president elect. He will be at the helm come January. Hillary was humiliated at the ballot. She has since conceded defeat. Obama and Putin have congratulated him on his victory. We can’t undo that. There won’t be a presidential by election. For us Trump haters, it is time to bite the dust. In due course, the media will change its tune.

  25. Professor the inane Mumbis of this world will always spew out insults when you state refined truths here, but never be cowed.These are people who elect thieves and killers simply because they belong to their tribes and then complain when things go wrong.

  26. on verge for fame? continue bro. even if you start feace eating cocus you will be famous. eat your vomit.
    Hope next time you be raped to have a better defination of a rapist by the way my young brother has just read your post and has pitied all proffesors if trully you are. you demonstrate a castrated mind.
    abusing citizens of Kenya who made a decision to vote in their leaders and glorifying a section of US citizen who voted in Trump a heroe who went against odd like Uhuru and Ruto did despite the warning from the Obamas maggot Kerry that choices have consequences. Now since i have commented on your page you are sure you are becoming famous. soon you will come back to your mind and you stop eating with pigs when you remember your house. but as for now i pray that nobody give you a limelight because you are just a disgrace even to the termite that will eat you.

  27. The media is in the business of marketing, and for these case, marketing news. For customers to buy your products, you must package them in them in the most attractive way. For news marketing, tell the customers what they want to hear, preferably reaching the side with the biggest numbers. We may demonize the media for this but we need to appreciate that it is business. Any imagination of a win by Trump was causing a lot stress to the masses coz of his blunt politics and the media was successful in providing palliative doses of a possible win by Clinton. The group I would blame for the fiasco are the statisticians who either did not do their work right on the ground or introduced personal biases in the opinion polls.

  28. show me this proff ad il prove to u he is nothing like wainaina. all his contents ive bin reading he is truly a cord guy who disguse himself as wainana.any item u drop u end up comparing it to the people in power and in a negative way

    • First of all there is nothing wrong with being a CORD guy. It just happens that I am not one. Neither am I a Jubilee guy. In fact my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. And that is the big difference between me and you. I am free to say what I want when I want. It is a better place than trying to defend either CORD or Jubilee. One side is made up pf thieves and men-in-black who have been denied access and are over-shouting. The other side is made up of hungry hustlers and clueless and querulous princes, who are over-eating. None is defensible.

  29. Now this one Matiangi should like it. Speaking your mind sooo perfectly and sooo accurate.
    N btw I thot they threatened us on “CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES” …now what are they saying?

  30. I always salute Trump victory..Kenyans should stop parroting on Trump’s ideas on foreign relations..if he deports illegal immigrants no problem even in Kenya few months ago Uhuru had to send Somalia refugees back to their country..we should look both sides of the coin or the road when crossing

  31. I think two wrongs don’t make a right.we elected a very corrupt regime and we are paying dearly.Americans have elected that Racist buffoon and will soon too pay;hakuna cha bure.My bet is that he may not last the presidency!

  32. We hv to think on how we coul deal africa.women an children are in camps.rebels every where.hunger.look somalia.nigeria.sudan.lets be united states of africa.lts rise lk korea an china etc.lets be one.let africa has one strong army.no borders.free.free.one currency an one pass port.africa is rich bt now we are poor.look dafuur sudan.GOD BLSS AFRICA.lets follow wt qadafi has said.

  33. All said, our media fraternity which means from global media giants to our local vernacular media stations broadcasting from the backrooms of our ghetto’s are self seeking manipulated entertainers who lack acknowledgement for ethics or integrity in collecting reliable information, transmitting the same as a representative opinion. That’s why no one gives attention to opinion polls, news or any media article save for the gossips in the “nairobian” which serves the purpose to its publication. The rest is a subject that we all know that reported news are collected and aired in preference to the opinion or the inclination of the media house. That’s why journalism is slowly losing it’s relevance to bloggers who present their opinion after in depth analysis of the issue at hand or who are consistent in their opinion depending on their perception or the outcome they seek to bring to the attention of the mass, not selling falsehood that is financed, advocated and sustained by a small sample of respondents.
    Our journalists lack appreciation for a culture of research and extensive reading and are confined to reading publications from fellow media houses just to compare on how they got to report their news.
    I am no expert in journalism but as a consultant I know how to spot a grey area in a system

    • The way the so called commitee of expect on constitution, copy pasted other country’s constitution, the danger being copy pasting several, american senate, germany devolution giving us a cocktail of…..

  34. our media houses fear to speak the reality about this corrupt government.i thank NTV courageously airing system ya majambazi in jubilee govt.others are just their to benefit from this corrupt government

  35. newton

    I always believed Trump would win this election I was abused and laughed at but my gut feelings was with the guy. I told people opinion polls are flawed inherently due to the fact humans decisions are usually inherently irrational. Lo and behold on Wednesday morning I was vindicated and had the last laugh Hillary depended too much on stars power to campaign a David vs Goliath battle. Trump spoke to the hearts while Hillary spoke to the mind and we all know the heart usually triumphs on this matters.

  36. Prof. for so long we had differed on your posts…finally here we are on the very same grounds. So Africans are too busy speculating the American elections which they in no way have control of…They cant control their very own elections…what share do they have in the American presidency….America had so long longed for a change and they had to show the world how it means to change in real sense. Thats all we need….someone who believes it has been enough so far !!! Anyway it is known from history that change is never appreciated and that is why change is always necessary….CHANGE IS LIKE REST !!! I completely concur with Trump….Now that people think or else say that Obama is an African…that is why they think he was never wrong…think of the things he said Yes to….gayism and the rest..now is that acceptable to African culture…Africans believe their is no wrong done by their big people and that is why probably even 50 years after independence we stil need freedom…Again Trump should deport Africans in deed…they just go and hide in the U.S in the name of education…soo much brain lie a waste there….Its time America makes things great…..And as America becomes great….Africa on the other side gonna be Greater

  37. And Mr. Prof. anyone who thinks the Media in Africa especially Kenya is free as per the Constitutional Rights …then they are wrong…I repeat…There is nothing like freedom in Kenya…Not of whatever sort. Anyway who has no clue of how things happen in the media since time immemorial ? Media is just a mere name

  38. Have never seen an article as free as this…if the media could act without questioning trust me they would probably do something other than just sit back and do nothing when they have nothing to do……yeah….they have nothing to do anyway and thats what they are busy doing

  39. Have neither heard of voter bribery nor vote stealing accusations during the election..Due process was legally followed and Trump won.The world should accept the decision of the Americans.most of the Americans bought Trump policies, they may be bad to others but Americans are okey.

  40. An interesting exposition I’d say. I supported Hillary, but when she lost I embraced Trump. I failed to understand why he was demonized like he was the devil incarnate yet he’s ran multi billion businesses successfully for years. How could he suddenly become beast? The media created an image that made our minds blow things out of proportion. Trump will run America successfully just like he ran his businesses. Besides,a bigger and stronger personality like him is able to push established systems to do right. He will bully the American system to create change. I support him fully now.

  41. Icc sustpects were nt elected,they grabbed power thru coup and kenyans ddnt want violence at that mment,a time is cming and its beckoning!trump was elected fair n square n the wasnt rigging!!xo stp thinking that icc suspects are in power fairly!they threatene even judges and even sme iebc comm,but Gods timing is the best n the best supreme judge

  42. And i keep saying when not Kenyans but when Africans will see the vision of one late Gaddafi of African minding our own business and leave the western dance then things will be better for us. If Trump was a wrong choice let them deal with the consequences. We have given them too much airtime

  43. When Uhuru won the whole Kenyan media headlined “Mr President”. Trump wins and they write some stupid headlines. Thats unthinkable for me because Trump has no case for crimes against humanity

  44. I want to repeat it again without contradiction. This is a fake Kikuyu professor and it’s in the record and history of the country that the scandalous IEBC commissioners could not account how the corrupt, land grabber and ICC suspects got over 2 million that were not registered voters.

  45. Yap. God’s way of perception is not lyk us. We do see this in an odd way. Media are the most fake octopus we shall rarely trust. God has planned it well.so media to stop guess work. All citizens relies on you

  46. Donald Trump being a wall street operative, must be well within the inner sanctum that sets the agenda in America. Make no mistake about it.

    I’m sure he knows how the system works because he’s helped in shaping it;he isn’t a vacuum billionaire in a crude capitalistic America. He didn’t get there by fluke.

    I reckon there will be no significant departure from known traditions & norms. Once the dust has settled, Trump will go back to being the ideal Potus with the sole mandate of safeguarding and furthering US interests across the globe and who knows, he might even win a 2nd term.

  47. Agree to a great extent the cheapness of local media especially in critical analysis of important matters like this one. Worst of all the rate at which they join in the corus of the western media in all and sundry…to a point of copy and pasting news as some local profs do from books to notes for graduate students….i only differ with your reasons as to why the icc cases collapsed…you shallowly inferred on the actual reason…immature intl geo- politics. with your title…this is unforgivable…

  48. Hillary supporter were single ladies,gays n drug lords ,while trump were active workers n middle class who would you vote?.It will come a time for kenyan to vote for leader not because of famous ,tribes or culture expecialy Nairobi.The time is now since we have migrating,let us migrate everthing,even our what in minds

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