If this be the “new” thinking from the “new” NASA outfit, we the people of Kenya are sadly on our own.

I wrote in an article entitled, “What, I pray thee tell, is new, national or super about NASA? The political gangsterism of the Moi-political–Orphans Continues…”,  that there is nothing national and nothing new about the much touted National Super Alliance, NASA. I still stand by that position which has recently received confirmation from none other than the NASA operatives themselves. Harangued by their clueless Jubilee brothers to present an agenda, they felt compelled to do so. The people of Kenya also wanted to know what they stand for apart from telling us what we already know that Jubilee is a tribal, clueless, thieving regime. The disillusioned people of Kenya are looking for hope, a vision, an indicator that there is something new to look forward to apart from the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi which are the hallmark of CORD/NASA and Jubilee.

With such high expectations, the unveiling of the NASA nine-point plan should have been an earth-shaking event. Unfortunately, when NASA drew their nine-point pillars, they confirmed what we have always feared – they are KANUnnites at heart,   Moi-political-orphans who have run out of ideas and have nothing to offer a new, modern, generation looking for inspiration and modernization. For those who did not get the nine-point plan here it is. Do not hold your breath:

  1. One Nation One People (From self-proclaimed and coronated tribal kingpins).
  2. Kenya first. Kenya Kwanza. (What the hell does this mean?)
  3. Security for all
  4. Better health for all
  5. Food for all
  6. A better economy for all
  7. Education for all
  8. Eradicate corruption
  9. Promotion of devolution

Do not wait for more. That’s it!


If you are as underwhelmed as I am you know why I believe that if these are the “new” ideas that the “new” NASA is bringing to the table, we the people of Kenya are on our own.

For those of us who were of understanding age in the 80’s and 90’s, do you remember KANU promising security for all, better health for all, food for all, a better economy for all, education for all, water for all and eradication of poverty by the year 2000? They thought then that the year 2000 was so far away. Compare that with NASA nine-point plan!

Let us further interrogate the nonsense they are calling “One Nation One People” and “Kenya First”. As if it was not enough to mimic the NASA acronym from elsewhere, they have now stolen the “Kenya first” slogan from Trumps “America first”. By “America First” Trump meant that all security and trade decisions that will be made by his administration will put America first. Can a clever person tell me what “Kenya first” means? Are these guys this devoid of original ideas that they have to recycle rubbish from foreign media to sound sophisticated?

But what disgusts me is a bunch of tribal kingpins lecturing us about “One Nation One people” and “Kenya first” nonsense. How can a cabal of tribalists claim to unite a nation whereas all of them have made and maintained a political career by dividing the country into tribal cocoons? Do you remember one of them, who says he is the fittest to lead, refusing to answer a question from a journalist because “your name betrays you”? Do you remember them running a 41 vs 1 campaign in 2007?  Do you remember one of them recently telling his supporters to turn out in large numbers to vote for him so that he can get “tyranny of numbers”? Do you remember one of them recently being crowned a tribal kingpin in a public event and telling “his people” to back him so that he can bargain with other tribal warlords? Have you seen them stampeding their tribal backyards begging “their people” from “their strongholds” to register as voters? Don’t they all head tribal political parties that they use as bargaining chips for a seat in the political market place? Are these the people with the audacity to stand in front of Kenyans and promise, “One Nation One People”? Either Kenyan politicians are irredeemably dumb or they thing we are irredeemably dumb. Such a proposition can only come from shamelessly duplicitous characters.

What tragedy can hit us as a people that when we have a young, modern generation that wants to be inspired into a brave new modern world, we have a bunch of tribal kingpins recycling the 30 year old rubbish from their KANU days?

In the 80s we the people were told that the problem was the single party state. We brought in multi-partyism. The ills of corruption, tribalism and poverty continued. We were then told that the problem was Moi that “yote yawezekana bila Moi”.  In 2002, we sent Moi home. The ills of corruption, tribalism and poverty continued. Then we the people were told that the problem is the Constitution. In 2010 we overwhelmingly voted in a new Constitution. The problem of corruption, tribalism and poverty persists unto this day. Then we were told that NASA will solve the problem. We asked how. And all we get are the platitudes of yester-years. Having run out of any new ideas and out of lies, they are offering us the same rhetoric that KANU fed us for 39 years!

Is this all NASA can offer to a Country that is tired of listening to the same stories for the last 54 years? Isn’t it truly tragic that for a youthful country demanding leadership, vision, inspiration, opportunities, prosperity, innovation and modernization, all NASA can offer are the broken dreams of yesterday?  Isn’t this a perfect case of a child who asks for fish and is given a snake, a child who asks for bread and is given a stone?

If you doubted that NASA is the same monkeys in the same forest, here is your answer. Tribal warlords offering you that which they can never give and that which their political father Moi and KANU promised us decades ago and never delivered.

The promise  on corruption is an interesting one. All these fellows have been mentioned in one scandal or the other, and they all dutifully served in the hopelessly  corrupt Moi government. They did not find it necessary to speak against corruption then. For so long as they were in the gravy train, they would sing Moi from here to Kabarak.

The Counties have become the new frontier in grand corruption in this country. These guys in NASA control more than half the Counties in Kenya. Have you heard any of them raise concerns over the immense graft going on there? In fact, their close associates, allies and relatives have declared their interests in running for the Governors’ position. They know that election to Governor is a licence to eat without accountability. And on their part the tribal kingpins at the head of CORD/NASA are saying they will transfer 50% of national revenue to the Counties. For them pesa mashimoni is business as usual, provided they get a piece of the action. I have said that the problem that NASA/CORD have with Jubilee is not that the taxpayers’ money is being stolen. Their problem is that it is not them stealing it. Provided the graft in the Counties benefits them indirectly or directly, you will not hear them raise their voices against it.

Again, for the millionth time, what is needed to modernize this country is something that CORD/NASA and Jubilee cannot give. We need a compelling new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. While many of my readers agree, they argue that such a narrative is impossible.

I disagree.

The new non-ethnic political narrative is only an idea away and it must come from the people.  All I know is that it can never come from these degenerate KANUnnites of yester-years. If you are looking there for change, you are looking in the wrong place. The “new” NASA nine-point plan is enough warning that, if this be the “new” thinking from the “new” NASA outfit, we the people of Kenya are sadly on our own.

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  1. Edward Ofweno

    This is Kenya and we are Kenyans. Kenya is not mature enough for what you want us to believe it is capable of.
    What did you want NASA to promise which it failed to do?
    Which new ideas if any did you expect NASA to come up with.
    It is not enough to say NASA is a group of Moi orphans devoid of new ideas yet you fail to outline the ideas you thought NASA would come up with you?

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      It is not my job to give NASA new ideas. Your response confirms that they had no knew ideas and then you apologize for them and make me the culprit. They are the ones looking for political office not me. It is they who want my vote not me. It is not me to give them new ideas, it is them to give me.

  2. Professor Michael Wainaina,kindly explain which is the new non ethnic political narrative and earlier you mentioned in one of your articles,a revolution is coming,i only see a two horse race in kenya that is Jubilee and Cord,kindly answer.

    • That’s so hypocritical. Kenyans needs a solution….not twisted mambo jambo….there has to be a solution somewhere. But when you just trash everyone then you’re no better.

    • Are you angry with me now? If putting you to task to justify your writings makes you mad then don’t pretend to think that you’re any better. We need to be tolerant and handle this surgically rather than judging and not giving the solution. You’re a smart writer…..put them to task….sell your new ideas to them…or find us your hypothetical dreamland leaders…..if they exist.

    • Let’s just agree that the cartels have put themselves in power positions to ensure that they retain their positions in one way or the other. It’s going to take more than just words to get them out. Kenyans must make hard choices and elect leaders not associated with old goons.

    • His writings is always laced with hidden tribal agenda. If not, which I doubt, a fascist aka uthamakis! These titles ati ‘professor’ & PhD lacks seriousness that it deserves. And matiangi is right to be worried. A genuine intellect gives reasonable alternative facts not these obvious flowery writings!

  3. Plain truth, what normally puzzles me is when i see them criss crossing da country n condemning jubilee gvt, as i nrmlly say Nasa has got no agenda for this country, what they are dying for is just to get da power and amend da constitution to great feckless positions for their own good, dts y upto now they are yet to agree on who will be da flag bearer.

  4. I find your writing subjective and aimed at showin Kenyans that they do not need to remove Jubilee,that there is no hope anywhere else.You have a soft spot for looters and thieves.So much about nasa but pls address the fact that I buy sugar at 140shs and Uhuruto found it at 90shs.Doctors are on strike and Lecturers too.That a 200000k container can cost 10m.Fight nasa as you can but I wd rather have them rather than re elect thieves.Your writing is stinking of tribal affiliations and preference.

  5. You rarely disappoint- well- thought off article. I am almost for voting out jubilee. However, weighing the horses we put on for a comeback into sanity of Kenyan politics- NASA misses the mark by a trillion tides.

    • If your choice is between the lesser of two evils, all you will get is the evil of two lessers. There is nothing wrong with those of us who know that we deserve better and can get better. It only means they know something you don’t, they can see things in a way you can’t. For you the easiest thing is to dismiss them and call them dreamers of fools. All people who brought about change were once called those things.

  6. Your jubilee marriage is doomed to expire terribly soon. The animosity in between is towards drowning every effort left. Your cry is a cry of a dying horse. Your fear is clearly elaborated in this article. Why don’t you mention the Moi orphan whose prostitute mother keeps visiting KANU to beg for power? Have you ever seen Raila kneeling before moi.
    The latter here is that you are to pay the debt you owe Kalenjins for the past five years something impossible as determined by current pressure in politics. Try another method we are no longer fools.

    • I did not say am smart in anyway.. perhaps the worst. The truth is bloggers receive payments from their articles. When the article is directed to a certain direction, covered logically then I realise we are at the same ground of hopelessness..

    • Robert Ratemo This is the problem with spreading nonsense you have heard and generalize it. I have always said that the only person who can claim that I am paid is the one who pays me. If you have not paid me, please shut up. Do not tell me about bloggers who are paid. Tell me about those whom you pay. Tuheshimiane boss!

  7. What is your agenda prof? I see no problem with the nine points put forward by NASA to the electorate. Kanu might have put up similar points but there was no political goodwill to implement them. Kanu had good policies but we’re swept under the carpet. The leaders championed ethonopolitics at the expense of the general welfare of the people. They championed the politics of exclusion. Those with divergent views were sidelined. Kanu could have achieved a lot. The party leadership turned to be black imperialist. Land grabbing, corruption and negative ethnicity became the national motto. Kenya could have become a great country if the founders of this nation were true nationalist but instead they acted like tribal kings. Tanzania is more united with less tribal inclination because The founders of their nation took it upon themselves to unite the people. They never saw independence as a way of amassing wealth at the expense of ordinary citizens. NASA leaders believe in devolution. They can do much more than jubilee duo who campaigned against the new constitution. The duo believe in centralisation of power .Devolution can achieve a lot for Kenya if properly supported. Jubilee can only be credited with propaganda and politics of exclusion.

    • You speak well but you have put your hope in the wrong people. Let me quote you as you have written above “…The leaders championed ethonopolitics at the expense of the general welfare of the people. They championed the politics of exclusion. Those with divergent views were sidelined…The party leadership turned to be black imperialist. Land grabbing, corruption and negative ethnicity became the national motto”. I agree with your assessment here. YOu have posted it as an assessment of KANU. Read it agian, it is the perfect assessment of NASA/CORD and Jubilee.

    • I agree with u…. Then what is the way forward? Jubilee has failed terribly. Giving them a nother chance will be suicidal. Their priorities seems to be upside down. Public hospitals grounded. University students are at home because their lecturers are striking. Teachers morale is at its lowest level because of frustrations from tsc and ministry officials. There is a lot of pessimism in Kenyan faces. Kenyans are crying for radical change in the political leadership of the country… “where can we take refuge prof? “

    • Cancious Onoka We the people are the refuge we are seeking Onoka. I am extremely hopeful that the people of Kenya will rise up and save their own country. We will not be captives of the thieves and tribal warlords forever. You can fool some people sometime. You can also fool some people all the time. You can even fool all the people some of the time. But you can never fool all the people, all the time. A revolution is coming…

  8. When u stand up and say the truth it’s understandably clear Kenyans won’t like u. Abuses will be directed to u, why?, reason so clear “we are all tribal in different platforms”. But until we decide to review when it all started, the vice will one day overwhelm and sweep/erase our great nation from the globe. Raila always mobilizes tribal thieves like him to fight one tribe in the name of nationhood. Touch kidero/mumias, u become a jubilee mole, Weta/Tokyo embassy, Mudavadi/cemetery/golden back scum, u’ll be an outcast them. How about molases/dominion scum. Do i see any new thing in them?, NOx100.

  9. I remember the glossy manifesto KANU produced in 1992 at a cost of cool 20 million bob (quite a tidy sum even by the standards of the inflation-wrecked economy of the time) and wholly financed by the late Prof. Saitoti.

    It was long on awe-inspiring promises but pretty thin on tangible or realisable agenda.

    TNA/URP pulled the same rabbit from the old bag of political jiggery-pockery in 2013 with a seven point plan which was as equally empty and devoid of realisable national agenda.

    Maybe it is high time politicians in this country stopped using the same old tired trickery to impress us. They should just say they are running because it is a democratic requirement and nothing more.

    Until the time when as a people we shall be tired enough to put a new political order a’la Trump’s America, we shall be seeing more and more of these unimaginative campaign tricks.

  10. Is the problem in NASA’s nine points or persons behind the still budding amalgamation of parties(mark my words more parties are lining up to join)? Institutions not people will be at the fore in implemention of the nine points. Corruption will be fought by a stronger and independant EACC and judiciary. Land injustice will be tackled by an equally strong land commission. You get where I am going? The problems is with you and the masses who see an individual at the helm of an institution as the messaih. EACC has been consistanty failing as an institution but we choose focus on the individual at the top. We started with seeing Mwau, then Ringera’s person or associations instead of focusing on the legalities or systems. Kaca changed to kacc because of some legal hurdles. Same happened to kacc. When independant bodies are formed with some individuals in mind as the right ones to head they more often than not fail. The institutions are tailored to suit an individual instead of it being the otherway round. In the past decisions were made by few individuals rather than an open interview. E.g appointments of Mwau, Ringera,Visram etc. Where NASA is involved I choose to be optimistic. The NASA coalition is made up of many old hands who after witnessing individuals fail will opt to bank on strong institutions.

    • Could it be they have learnt from past mistakes? In a country so littered with these mistakes I fail to see how they cannot have learnt. Unity around Kibaki got narc to state house. They learnt from ’92 and 97 mistakes. Unfortunately, like a pack of wolves turns against each other after bringing prey down, Nak and LDP tore at each other after the election. Having gone through such a scenerio NASA must have a post election plan to keep the coalition together.Again it’s institutions & systems that will forge the desired unity not individual whims.

    • Fred Mbela Where is the evidence that they have learnt from previous mistakes? If they had, wouldn’t we be seeing a very big difference between Jubilee controlled Counties and CORD controlled counties? Why are all these Counties centers of corruption, nepotism and cronyism? Doesn’t that confirm to you that all the parties are the same, they stand for nothing except siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi!

    • I remember Dr. Matiang’a statement last year in December when the KCPE and KCSE results were released early and without any allegation of cheating–” When I was appointed cabinet secretary, MOE,police,KNEC,TSC,school heads were already there. All I did was to make sure everybody was doing the work they were suppose to do at the right time. Matiangi is not an institution, the rest are. If all work as they are suppose to,it matters not who is in charge.” This self deprecating academic gave these insightful statement when evading showers of praises from all corners of the country. This is the kind of leadership Kenya needs- not a revolution. Strengthening of current institutions. Most citizen are lost in the primitive belief that change is brought about by individuals. America’s first president George Washington could have easily choosen to go the Napolean way ,but he opted to strengthen institution over his person. Power was vest on the people(institutions) and law(amendements). Back home,it wouldn’t matter who is president as long we have working institutions.

  11. On matter of security, jubilee government failed terribly. I can say that Moi regime was more secure than the current government. Prof. Currently, I think you have been financially empowered by looters. Let’s see what affecting our country currently and what NASA highlighted. Many people innocent was killed by Alshaabab under this regime, fighting corruption is a lost war, health sector is on the knees, education was rotten and require a clear strategic plan, on matter of food too need a well mitigation plan. Kenya have enough rivers to provide water for irrigation, enough agriculture graduates to provide agronomic support

  12. You’ve clearly and “unbiasedly” analyzed both sides of the political divide. Surely they are a big let down to Kenyans.

    Now, this “new non-ethnic political narrative” idea must come from the PEOPLE. You are a human being, and not just a human “doing.” Why not just come up with it, and do it?

    You might be the “Martin Luther King, Obama,” or the transformational leader Kenya is yearning for.

    Otherwise, come August 2017, we are stuck with the choices of a “pot and kettle” and both are black, only the degree. The choice between the “mbimbi and njahî.”

  13. Professor….Why dont you vie for presidency,you seem not contended with the current options available.I believe you will too critisize Jesus if he was to vie today.I believe this is a democracy and so instead of finding flaws in each candidature,give us an option please.

  14. the problem in Kenya is that we do not even know one another, instead of focusing on policies that can unite us, we always do this wrongly better than the other, then point fingers on the other directions

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