Jubilee and CORD tribalists cannot change, we the people must eject and replace them

I read an op-ed titled “Uhuru, Raila should put their act together in 2017”,  in one of the dailies that I would like to respectfully but strongly disagree with. I have always said that for us to save ourselves and our country, we must correctly diagnose what our problem is and prescribe the right solutions. If we do not, we will never solve our problems and the CORD and Jubilee tribalists will rule us and ruin the country for the foreseeable future. I therefore take it upon myself to set the record straight when I see either a misdiagnosis of our problem, or a wrong prescription of the cure or both. As far as a wrong prescription is concerned, it does not get as wrong as that article. It calls for a response.

It is incorrect for someone to tell Kenyans that:

As we prepare for elections next August, Raila and Kenyatta will be at it again. These are the choices we have. Let’s stop wishing that we had better politicians. Instead, we should demand that these two individuals get their act together.
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I disagree. Completely.

I disagree with the proposition that the choices for 2017 are Raila & CORD and Uhuru & Jubilee. I disagree that Kenyans should stop wishing that we had better politicians and I disagree that the two can be prevailed upon to change. They cannot change. Let me deal with the three issues separately.

First, I deal with the claim that the choice we have in 2017 is only Raila and Uhuru. Says who? This is how powerful but baseless political narratives are developed, sold to the people and they become “real”. We know that Uhuru has been endorsed by his party to run for the presidency. Raila has not. He belongs to a coalition that does not even know how to pick a presidential candidate without imploding. Even if he had, we have thousands of Kenyans who are qualified to run for the presidency and we cannot make the conclusion that we have only these two candidates, until the IEBC declares that only two candidates will be on the ballot. Kenyans fought for multi-patyism to usher in a new era called pluralism. This does not just mean a multiplicity of parties, it means a multiplicity of ideas and actors. We cannot then claim that our political space is limited to the politics of two Moi-men, entitled princes who subscribe to the same politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

I have been told that my stand is unrealistic and naive. But those of us who believe in change refuse to believe that human options a closed. I can understand those who talk of “face the reality” like the author of this article. The problem with reality based communities is that they believe that solutions emerge from judicious study of discernible reality. They don’t. They emerge from imagination. The ability to think of things that are not as if they were and then will them into being. Obama told us when he came here that the problem of tribalism is a problem of the imagination. We are stuck with tribalists, whom we are now being told are our only choice because we are unable to imagine an alternative, preferably a non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. Our inability to do so is reaffirmed by such writers telling us that we only have the same “choices” and that we should stop wishing for another. I disagree.

Uhuru & Jubilee and Raila & CORD are not “choices”. They are part of the same political class that is driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. One is on the inside and overeating “meat”, and the other is on the outside, “salivating” and obviously very angry and overshouting. If the tables were turned, we would have the same thing. I have made the point over and over again that the choice of CORD and Jubilee in 2013 was the choice between the bad and the ugly. We chose one. I don’t know which one. What I know is that since 2013 the bad has gotten badder and the ugly has gotten uglier. God forbid that the only “choices” we have in 2017 are the “badder” and the “uglier”.


And this brings me to point two. How, with the prospect of the “choice” between the badder and the uglier can we Kenyans stop hoping that we have another real choice? How can we sit down and believe that our only hope is to replace one tribal kingpin with another tribal kingpin, one tribal coalition with another tribal coalition, one band of corrupt politicians with another band of corrupt politicians: How can we resign to the fact that our “choice” is either the NYS & Eurobond thieves or the KKV & maize thieves and men-in-black? How can we accept that our “choice” is between the merged tribal duopolies on one hand and outfits run by men-in-black? Which people in the world faced with such “choices” should not wish they had others? We are busy arguing about which type of misery and mediocrity is better for us, the CORD type or the Jubilee type. We forget that misery and mediocrity are not our permanent condition, we are better than that! It is unconscionable for someone to tell us that given such “choices”, we should stop wishing that we had better politicians!

Finally, it is the issue of change. That we should just hope that CORD and Jubilee and their tribal leadership will change. That they will see the light; embrace good governance; denounce tribalism and the tribal coalitions they have worked so hard to form and keep together; denounce and drop their corrupt associations and associates and have them locked in jail and they throw away the keys; embrace accountability, inclusion, democracy, rule of law and while they finish all that kiss and make up. Then we can all sing kumbaya with grateful faces facing the heavens! This is the stuff that vain thinking is made off. Throughout the world and throughout history, regimes do not transform themselves from the degenerate corrupt ones to progressive and accountable ones. It is the people who eject such regimes from power and replace them with new progressive ones. Longevity in power does not lead to an epiphany of righteousness and holiness on the part of corrupt regimes.  It is Frank Herbert who said:

Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class — whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy.

The longer Jubilee and CORD endure the more tribal, corrupt and mediocre they will get. They cannot change. Or put it differently, if they will change, they can only become worse, not better. This is already evident. In 2013 we were dealing with the bad and the ugly. In 2017, we will be dealing with the badder and the uglier. We cannot therefore seek to change them. That is a waste of time. We must seek to eject them and replace them with a new order. Burkminster Fuller advises this about change:

Never change things by fighting the existing reality, to change things build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

CORD and Jubilee cannot be fought and cannot be changed. We the people have to build a new model that will replace the model of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity that is the hallmark of CORD and Jubilee. I have argued in this blog that we need a new non-ethnic political narrative to replace siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. This new narrative cannot come from Jubilee and CORD. The old one is working for them. Why would they want to change it?

A prescription that tells us to accept Uhuru & Jubilee and Raila and & CORD as our only options in 2017 is unfortunate, reactionary and counter intuitive. To go further and tell Kenyans to stop hoping and working for an alternative is even worse, and to imagine that Jubilee and CORD can change for the better it to engage in idle wishful thinking. Jubilee and CORD tribalists cannot change. We the people must eject and replace them.

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  1. Why not state this clear not we the pple kwani will you vote on my behalf,i MWITI MARTIN GITONGA a registered voter in meru county,south imenti constituency,abogeta east ward,kirogine poling station will vote for uhuru period.

  2. True… the 2 have zombified their slaves to a very critical level. The shocking truth however is that the slaves want more of their masters. They want pain & more pain. They love everything about their demigods. And guess what, its their will that will prevail yet they will confuse their own will & desires to that of Almighty God. God already gave them to themselves. They just can’t realise it. They will tell you Uhuru is God’s choice without shame. Good Lord save us from this zombie nation.

    • Hi Ngarêh Wawerùh. I wouldn’t be that hard on the people. What is happening in Kenya is called the power of a singular narrative. The political space is dominated by the same political class and their one and only narrative is tribe. The people have no option. It is either they select their own tribalist or someone else’s tribalist. They therefore naturally choose their own. For us to get past this, we need a new non-ethnic political narrative. It must be compelling enough and well communicated to counter the singular tribal narrative. That is why I say that our problem is not ethnicity. It is lack of imagination. We have failed to imagine a compelling alternative narrative to replace the tribal one. If we do not do so before the next elections, the tribalists will win.

  3. I fully agree with you ,we have choices outside Uhuru and Raila. But the problem is that the vast majority buy this sickening narrative that it is either one of the two. So I believe the first step is to convince our brothers that Uhuru and Raila are not even a choice. These two are not a way out of the political problems we are facing, they are the bigger part of the political problems we are facing. Telling us to vote for these guys and thereafter expect them to initiate the change that we want is like telling somebody who is suffering from taking an overdose of a certain medicine to take another dose of the same so as to get better.

    • Clamping Raila Odinga with Uhuru is a political crime. Raila has a political platform to run on and I believe within me that you mean very less of what you are talking about. Raila has no equal while Uhuru has many equal.

    • Julius Okuto I like the fact that you have said that is what you “believe within me”. You are at liberty to believe anything. As for the political platform you claim Raila has it is the same as that of Uhuru, ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila na upuzi. No wonder his elections are ran by men-in-black.

    • Julius Okuto: They say that one mans hero is another mans villain so i can also say that you don’t mean what you are saying unless you are one of the infamous men in black. Professor: feel free to use my analogy it is from my heart. Anybody who believe that I don’t mean what I have written, may as well believe that I don’t have a heart.

    • Soiling Railas name wont make your game work. Raila is in the opposition. Silencing him with arrest and putting him behind bars would have worked perfectly well for the Government. The fact that this hasnt worked makes your allegations meaningless.

    • Talking of party nominations ..a tick tack timed grenade will explode during jubilee nominations with too much decamping of loosers. ..however a timed bomb will explode during CORD nomination. ……….

      All We need is a leader who will melt down all “tribe slavery mindes “in the same pot add more spices and serve in one plate as one Kenyan tribe….

    • Professor Michael Wainaina-Phd. Probably you need to understand how Government properties change hands. Molasses plant was put on public auction by Government and the second bidder Spectre International paid for it after the first bidder failed to meet the required deposit claiming it was a piece if scrap metals. Railas company bought it even when they were in bad terms with Moi then. Do you even know that the Title of the same property was issued during Kibakis reign?? That aside, Raila has never qualified to be branded a tribal leader. Every party has and will always have a strong traditional and regional support base. Democrats and Republicans in USA are NOT an exemption. When Raila was in NUSU Mkate Government, most of his cabinet appointees were from Rift Valley and Western Kenya and NOT Luo Nyanza. His Chief of protocol was non other than Tony Gachoka, a Kikuyu. His backyard, the luo were complaining for being left behind. Now Railas party is in the opposition and most of his nominations were NOT Luos, Kikuyus and one of them has defected back to his tribal party. Raila campaigned to Kariuki single handed and won him a seat in Mathare. Raila is the only current politician who single handedly campaigned for a Kikuyu candidate and rallied the entire Country behind him and installed him as the president of this republic. Railas current legal team is led by a kikuyu, Mr Mwangi. Railas ODM secretariat is composed of different men and women from different tribes and even the Cord Coalition is the face of this Country. These and so many more, “professor,” as you call yourself, is what you call a tribal leader??????? I think you need to define what tribal here means.

    • Julius Okuto It is not necessary to insult me. I think you have made a very coherent response and it has merit, had you resisted the urge to insult me at the end of it. I am more than glad to define a tribal leader and respond to some of the issues that you have put forward. A tribal leader is one who uses tribe to mobilize politically and as a basis to discriminate by either inclusion or exclusion, to incriminate or recriminate. Raila is a master of tribalism so defined. It is not unique to him though. it is the malady of all the six tribal Kingpins angling for the presidency. You have mentioned incidences where you claim Raila has worked with Kikuyus. Tribal demagogues are not stupid. They know that the tag is a dirty one and they would like to avoid it to the extent possible. So they use something called tokenism. What you are describing is tokenism. It does not prove that Raila is not a tribalist. A good example of tokenism is when TNA made a Luo the Secretary General. It did not make the party any less of the tribal crap it was and its founders tribal demagogues. There are many examples of tokenism, whose purpose is to hoodwink people like you that the tribal demagogues are national. They are not. As for Molasses, it is something that Raila supporters like defending as a business deal. It was not It was political wheeler dealing and again it is not unique to Raila. It is possible to give a lot of stories about it. But the bottom line is that he got the Molasses plant in 2001 when he sold out to KANU and became a Minister in the dirty Moi government. It is inconceivable that the deal would even have been considered had he not joined KANU. I am always uncomfortable when Kenyans are quick to use American examples to defend the tribal bases of the tribal demagogues. In fact your claim is totally unsubstantiated. Can you explain the relevance of using the democratic and republican party to defend tribalism. This claim is absurd. There are some claims that should not be made. You sound a bit educated and it is therefore incumbent upon you to make sure that the claims you make can withstand simple interrogation. What do you mean by “Raila is the only current politician who single handedly campaigned for a Kikuyu candidate and rallied the entire Country behind him and installed him as the president of this republic”. Excuse me. “Single handedly”??? “Installed him as the president” Are you serious??? Please notice the tribal nature of your own submission. What is a Kikuyu President? Was Raila campaigning for a Kenyan to be President or was he campaigning for a Kikuyu to be president? I have defined tribal leaders above as those who use tribe to mobilize politically and as a basis to discriminate by either inclusion or exclusion, to incriminate, exonerate or recriminate. Raila is one if there ever was one. I am not fooled by the tokenism of the Gachokas and the Mwangis that you site.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD I wonder where the so called “insult” is in my comments above. However, I want to tell you that, as opposed to America which has races, Kenya is a multi-ethnic community and that means you must appeal and rally the tribes behind you if you are a politician. A politician must come from a particular tribe in Kenya unless he comes from the space. Raila is a luo and Kibaki is a Kikuyu hence coming from a particular tribe. Judging a tribal leader in Kenya can only be achieved by looking at the composition of the Government appointments and how the majority of the tribes are viewing the same Government and NOT rallying the tribes to vote for you. Who will you appeal to if NOT tribes in Kenya? You will notice that I never said A Kikuyu President. I said a candidate who is a Kikuyu. Please try to read between the lines. The constitution and the Electoral Acts recognizes Kenya tribal composition and nothing will stop Kenya from having all these tribes. You are either a Luo, a Kikuyu, a Luhya et Cetra. Kenya president must be from a particular tribe whether you like it or NOT and what matters is how the Government treats other tribes. That is what will define a leader. I have brought in the American political set up to highlight the political base. That every party in the world has a geographical area where it derives its mass political support and Kenya is NOT an exemption. Raila has ever shown that he can cut across the geo-political boundaries in this country and that is what is important. Working with all and sundry.

    • #Okuto,dont be a “wasted brain” just to justfy your kinsman Raila…..
      Both Raila and Uhuru are not qualified to be kenyan leaders. ..it’s happens they are both sons of rich men……..they r busy building their empires since they are both dirty lunatics. ….

      Let us have leaders who teach the civic education, teach them their electoral rights, teach them ethics, and integrity, show them how we can wipe out the spoiled lot democratically, rather than divide them along tribal lines!!

      We don’t have any that qualifies. They only qualify because they are from our tribes, and benefiting affiliates.


    • I AGREE raila n uhuru are dirty politicians. My main problem is that many of us “kenyans” endorse dirty politics sided by our tribes. The young generation (“future leaders”) too copy what current leaders do n goes ahead to practise thus the disease is hereditary making it hard for kenya to change

    • Ndungu Wairimu Why do you call yourself Wairimu??? Anyway, it is easy for you to bundle Raila with Uhuru because Uhuru has achieved what you want while you are scared of Raila Odinga. Your game plan wont work.

  4. I dont even debate anymore,people are so indoctrinated they are willing to die for either side.Its pathetic infact we are labeled traitors when we display a lack of faith in the current ineffective political elite

    • I concur i would however wish to live to see my kids grow.The thing is we will be striving to help those who are ready to eliminate us given a chance.Opening a Kenyan’s mind is like trying to free a slave who is so used to the chains such that upon release he will run to the master to report you and beg for new chains

    • Kevin Omwayi These things are not for everyone Kevin. I can understand your aversion to risky situations. Those who will eventually rescue us cannot afford those kinds of reservations. There are those people who just want to be safe and happy, burying their heads in the sad in the face of adversity and exploitation of others. Some will risk everything for the freedom of their fellow men. These are the ones who were not born to be happy, they were born to be great. Everyone must resolve for themselves whether they were meant to be happy, or whether they were menat to be great.

    • But Prof can it be done without a military force or armed rebellion.I say that because the most corrupt popular leaders have huge personal wealth which can be employed to blind the masses to reality.How can that be countered?

    • Kevin Omwayi A new political narrative is what is needed and it is not a factor of money. It is a factor of brains and intelligence. Do not be scared by the huge ill gotten wealth. These guys cannot buy brains and wisdom. They can only buy cars and houses and beer. We the people have to imagine a new political narrative. Believe me, it doesn’t take money, it takes brains.

    • I want to agree but i have seen the true face of my countrymen.True there is going to be a revolution in time but that time will come.I hope it is sooner rather than later for i fear that if cord also becomes a party…the elite would have succeed in creating 2 new tribes.just like in 07.Its a risky endevour particulary when both sides are willing to win at all costs.Is it possible for Kenyans to go on a voting strike if the 2 candidates are the forced on the voters?

    • Kevin Omwayi Candidates will always claim that voters want them. And whether we like them or not they have support especially within the tribal narrative. My hope comes from people like you who are seriously interrogating the madness and applying yourselves to find solutions. We will find them.

    • Prof…..we don’t have a person worth trusting with power currently in Kenya who is not a tribalist.The ideal political scenario you’re candidly trying very hard to paint cannot be realised during our time.America and other western democracies have been in existence for hundreds of years. Kenya and our brand of politics are very infants who have to learn to crow before we walk. I know the temptation to draw comparison with tested age old democracy drives your pronouncements though premature. Everything has a cycle or phase to develop and our politics is no exception. We need to be tolerant and accomodative to divergent political view points but very realistic not to expose ourselvies to destruction. No freedom is worth a human life ever !.Life is sacred and should remain so no matter what !.Yes I know the pace is slow,but good things come to those who perservere and are patient with time. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel of history like the America liberation war to free and end slave trade. We have learned lessons without going through the same experiences of civil war to bring about civil liberties. Every country has econmic classes and an element of autocracy like the Bush families or the JF Kennedy families who shape the politics of the land…….Kenya is no exception !. Money plays a very significant roll in our day-to-day politics as nobody can take the risk of a pauper president ever. Your brand of political emanicipation is dangerous and can easyly incite people to a rebellion or coup de tat through popular uprising to dethrone the elite from power but at a very high cost and loss of human life. I rest my case prof.

    • Gatiba Kamau I hear you and respectfully and totally disagree. You are advocating for something called gradualism, i.e. do nothing and give the situation time, it will sort itself out. This is a fallacy that is perpetuated on the oppressed by the oppressors. Social development is initiated by human action, it is not achieved by time. Time is neutral and it supports what is, not what could be. If you are a farmer, can you not plant and hope that with “time” your crops will grow? If you have planted can you fail to remove weed and pests and hope that “time” will do it for you. “Time” is only an instrument, if you do not use it for change, the status quo will use it to exploit you. Kamau, power yields nothing without a struggle. The colonialists were not kicked out by time. They were kicked out by human action. Apartheid wan not destroyed by time. It was destroyed by human resistance. The Kenyan Kleptocrasy will not be destroyed by time. It will be destroyed by human action. I understand your aversion to resistance. Unfortunately, we must choose whether to live as free men with our destiny in our hands or live as cowards and slaves of the political class. If we choose to free ourselves, like every other human endeavour, it takes sweat blood and tears. There is no other way.

      I would like to say something about money.it is used to intimidate those who do not have it. The owners of the money know that the power is still with the people. They however make people feel that the power is with those with the money. In the endeavour to free ourselves Kamau, money is the least of our problems. There is a freedom of spirit deep in each one of us that money cannot corrupt. Remember, much of the money that is used by politicians is actually dirty money and the people though they take it know that. The politicians’ game plan is division through ethnicity and corrupting through dirty money. We only need a counter game plan which I have called a non-ethnic alternative political narrative. It must be conceived, articulated and animated by us. If we sit down and wait for time, what will happen is what would happen if you sat down and did nothing about the weed and pests in your farm. They will eventually eat and annihilate your crop.

    • We are not myopic. We are under the spell of a singular tribal narrative from the politicians. It may look like we are myopic, but this is what a single narrative does. It herds people like goats. What we need is an alternative political narrative. Without it the tribalists will win.

  5. Well put prof Michael Wainaina!!! Uhuru and Raila are part of the problems we are going through, they can never be a solution. Ben Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon puts it well when he said ” we’ve been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems but at some point we’ll wake up to recognize that it was politicians who created our problems ” so are the duo’s,they are engineers of the sorry state of affairs in the country and many don’t realize this because they have been blinded by the tribal narrative spread by these two. So sad!!

  6. Urs is uphill task prof. Ur next topic should be based on Satan. Fight hard n convince us why Satan is as important as jesus to those of us who believe in xtianity. Go ahead n tell us without Satan the whole story would not have been complete

  7. Kenyans are hopelessly tribal and will forever vote along tribal lines. They voted for UHURUTO to a man yet they were ICC idicties,facing crimes against humanity charges. Raila will forever go down with his kinsmen & women.
    As for the press in Kenya it’s “who pays the piper calls the tune”. After all,it’s politicians who owns this media houses.

  8. as it is right now, we are already waist deep in the mud…the only hopeful president we have a shot at is the Enigma, to take us knee deep, then from there we shall reach home foot deep and in no time, we shall have countable blemish…even a child starts walking by crawling…

  9. Kenyans are politically naive. They can’t reason logically when it comes to choosing the right political leaders. Bigotry (tribalism) and being controlled by political leaders is the problem facing Kenyans politically.

  10. Well said prof. By propagating the doctrine that we only have the ‘uglier’ and the ‘badder’, they want us to believe in their predetermined positions that we are either CORD or jubilee but that’s a lie. We can & we should stand up against being herded & used like brainless beings, majority if not all are better than the said options.

  11. professor, you have made a good observance of our political system in kenya, but it seems kenyans like bad people to lead them; someone who can speak with arrogance in public then evade lawful consequence.Just to inquire what’s your view in the ongoing CJ interview process will we get the right man/ woman to lead our judicial system?

  12. prof, I have been trying to buy to this doctrine of badder and uglier, my only question is, is it true that we can know the real character of an individual without trying and testing them, as they say the karat of gold is determined only after exposure to fire, we have tested the theory if tyranny of numbers, the gospel of tumekalia, kumeza mate and pesa sio ya mamako to know the character of one side, I’d rather we give room to the other side to see how they can be drunken with power, I want to assume that it’s not possible for an individual to do what he/she has spent nearly half their lifetime fighting

    • This is an interesting angle Byron and I can see where you are coming from. However we have already seen what “the other side” is doing. KKV, Maiza scandal, defending the looters of Mumias and Men-in Black. Do you really want to see more? The only options Sir is a new non-ethnic political narrative. I can confirm to you that even if angels fell from heaven and won through siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, we will have the same problems.

  13. Who told you that Cord does not know how to choose their flagbearer ?
    The fact that Jubilee has its flagbearer known and Cord hasnt does not necessarily mean that the latter does not know how to choice its presidential candidate. We can see through your thinly veiled Jubilee lapdog treatise masquerading as a middle ground intellectual !

    Give us a break from pseudo-intellectualism !

  14. Is there any Kenyan able to take the leadership? One who will not be manipulated by the power “behind the throne” the non-elected rich oligarchs that really run the country/world. Does not dumping our current politicians leave a vacuum that may be filled with the even “badder” and “uglier” . What is happening in Kenya is not unique, it is a global problem, the shift has to start everywhere and from the bottom up, from the youth who can see that the future is in their hands, and it has to be polepole.

  15. Let’s give credit where credit is due, and to those who deserve it…. This’s worth quoting:- “Solutions emerge from imagination, the ability to think of things that are not, as if they were and then will them into being”. Prof., this is the kind of narrative that can change the conservative mindset, although OUR Society (KENYA) reads, thinks, and analyzes with tribal mentality, sad! If only we can be fair enough without a wee of bias whatsoever, we can make great strides as a Nation. I’m not tribal chauvinist, but truth be told, Railla Odinga has passed the test of time to be true Leader that is being admired World over in many ways, and nobody can contest him atleast in Kenya.

    • I think you are making a good contribution and I am happy you have actually read and picked something you think is of value. I am not sure how Raila has passed the test of time. I have said that he, and all the other tribal kingpins rely on politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. He is not seeking for a new way of doing things, he wants to use the old ways to win. He and the political class cannot change and they cannot offer us new 21st century solutions. This does not take away from what he may have done in the past or what he was in the past. It is a new world in search of new ideas. Those ideas will come from you and me. Not Raila and the tribal political class.

    • Prof. I prefer Socialism to Capitalism, and Raila has always been in the forefront Championing Socialism and Social Democracy which is a PANACEA for the problems bedeviling us. Even though, he always wants to be politically correct to the extent of communing with bad apple just the same as political class from the other side.

  16. Sasa huyu ni proffesor wawapi he is full of hatred u never write anything with sense but just kno that I Muru Wa Muchunu from muranga county,kigumo constituency kahumbu ward I will vote for Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta no matter wat


    The superstructure of every community, borrows heavily from her most treasured ideals, her innermost traditions, her best kept secrets and the dexterity of her gatekeepers.

    Traditional African homes were plural, with many houses, many wives, many children and all shades of relatives. A father, just one father, gave the homestead a definition. Each mother, according to exigencies of customs, gave her house a definition.

    In this arrangement, the owner of the “harem” positioned his hut in the middle of the homestead or at the top part of the homestead, directly overlooking the gate, which was deliberate and correct. He was a father to many, a husband to each lady, a benefactor to relatives, a High Court Judge, a Justice in Court of Appeal. He had a small Kingdom so he had powers to arrest, prosecute and bring to trial members of his jurisdiction who went against his rules. Each father, formulated own legal systems that borrowed from common sense and traditions of larger community.

    Mothers and their children are called by his name and the home too acquires similar reference. Division of labour, defined gender roles, one’s place in the hierarchy, seniority of matrimony and order of birth. First wives who were lazy, disrespectful and unwelcoming, were slowly and painfully relegated to shame as their coveted positions got occupied by next best.

    Boys were children of their fathers and by design, passed through rigorous psychometric tests just to be sure none had characteristics of a woman. Women and girls were accorded their fair share of provision and inheritance but it was ridiculous to have too many boys without temerity, agility and flamboyance of a Prince.

    Among the Luo, fathers were comical and notorious, in more than one way. Every season and every event heralded a spree synonymous to some circus in Greek mythology. The harem was ever awash with activities carefully arranged to induce the highest possible pleasure in the Mzee. Animals would be slaughtered and all the steak and fillet specially reserved for Mzee. Each of those events was punctuated by beer, meat and sex. Within the harem, each woman lived and toiled in service of Mzee. He was Alpha and Omega, child or no child.

    Times came when a bad woman would be sent back to her people and more often, odds were arranged against her. Fathers on the opposite families dreaded the demand to return dowry so to avoid this embarrassment and pain, they chose to side with their in-laws in total disregard of daughter’s feelings. Girls were groomed to blindly obey their husbands who according to tradition were never wrong particularly when confronted by women-related-issues. Elders quickly entered a No-case-to-answer Judgement in a most unjust and callous manner……..the adage in which hyenas sit in a case of sheep.

    Mentoring was therefore about gender, roles, expectations and unforeseen circumstances. Fathers were more preoccupied about their endgame and inheritance than about the perfection of their own responsibilities and this explains why male children rented the biggest space in the matrix. Men got worried anytime they sensed imbalances in this equation and would keep adding more wives as if to multiply their fortunes. At no one time would elders entertain bachelorhood unless it was widely seen as curse or a condition of bad omen. The future was measured against the present and societies gained prominence on account of their menfolk.

    For the sake of correctness and for the avoidance of doubt, we need to understand the workings of Patrilineal communities and I believe the one under my purview falls into this category.

    OLELLA, P.A.(olellapedia)

    • It takes a lot of effort to make a civilized response to this kind of a comment. This is the easiest argument for tribalists to make. Because they are full of tribal hatred inside themselves and cannot shake it off, they make the asinine argument that all Kenyans are tribalists. This makes them feel good about themselves because they comfort themselves that everyone is doing it. This is nonsense. Uhuru and Raila went to the ballot in 2013 and I did not vote for anyone of them because both are driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. As you try to justify your tribal self, please leave space for free thinkers and patriots like the many who have posted so in this forum and we are many. We do not see the world through your tribal lenses. For someone as irredeemably tribal as you are, I am sure it is very difficult to understand this. But it is true.

  18. In Cord we have 3 presidential candidates who have all declared their interest,why should you just see that its Raila alone?How am I assured that you are not tribalist when your post shows it clearly?Where do you want to get those leaders from?Heaven?CHANGE IS STILL FAR TO COME.

  19. Our tribe is our identity. In kenya, democracy happens at tribal level. I already know who I’ll vote for and your guess is right. The tribal arrangement that gets majority wins. That’s how democracy works here. I think the most pressing problems we have is building autonomous and credible institutions.

  20. Professor by name but can’t realise that in Kenyan politics now its either Uhuru or Raila ,Accept coz even in USA its trump and Hillary, you can’t change that fact.you argue not beyond your nose.Argue based on what’s in ground ,you will change nothing as at now .professor Michael Wainaina.

  21. Proffessor, even if it is not Raila or Uhuru, we will still have the usual culprits in state house, either Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Karua, Dida, and etc.

    They are not perfect and may be tribalistic but I believe amongst them there is a fairer one.

    Lets find him/her out and vote for him or her. Society is trascient and change is gradual but I do agree that we must be very deliberate on which way we want to go and pursue it.

    Sometimes in leadership we are forced to choose amongst the worst but electing the worst of the worst is a no no.

    In a nutshell if we so happen to have Uhuru and Raila as the sole candidates and deep in our souls we feel that Raila can perform better than Uhuru then why shouldn’t we elect him, even though deep in our hearts we know that they are all below average in leadership. Unless out of our tribalistic tendencies, one wants to hide behind the myth that Raila and Uhuru are nincompoops and very bad leaders that the only way to save of our nation is to wait for this miracle perfect leader to be dropped from the sky so that we vote them in. It will never happen.

    Lets make the best out the worst that we have.

    • I totally refuse this defeatist gospel of choosing among the worst. We are a country of 40 million people. I refuse to believe that the only options is just the “culprits”. If your choice is between the lesser of two evils, what we will get is an evil of two lessers. Unfortunately, because the evils are all tribal, people will simply select the evil with whom they share a language. I refuse to accept that this is our fate as a country. We are better than this.

    • Professor michael wainaina i have read most of your posts and mostly defended your line of thought what am doubting now is whether what you are advocating can be realised through the ballot

    • Julius Mwangi Yes it can. It starts with believing in the principle. Do not worry about the method. If you agree with the principle that is a good start. When you doubt you give leverage to the tribalists who are so sure of their principle and method and are intimidating us that they will rule us until 2032. Remember Bertrand Rusell when he says “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” Do not doubt. You are standing up for the right principle.

    • Professor, hope not based on reality is wishful thinking, living in the fantasy world.

      At any time in your life you will always win or lose based on what you have in your hands. You cannot buy food, pay rent, pay bills with money that is in somebodys pocket..period. Unless you are a thief or robber or corrupt.

      I keep on saying that there must be some organization, mobilization and a figure head to champion your transformational ideas.

      Giving good ideas at the comfort of our large offices and taxing our minds for the best ideas without action is a waste of time.

      Leadership does not originate from good ideas but by somebody taking action.

      Less than one year to election is not time enough for any new face to appear and win against our usual culprits.

      For this I dare to stand alone, none will come from amidst the 40M you are talking about to win against the culprits.

      The best that we can do is to vet the culprits and the one with the highest score gun for the presidency with our support, which in my opinion is also a tall order but more practical.

      If we feel Martha Karua would be the best bet then lets all be behind her..or are you gunning for Ekuru Aukot?…then let him show us what he has.

    • Prof standing up for the right principle means defending and also acting upon the belief system.

      I stand to be corrected but I think internalizing the noble ideas you have and actualizing them might take us another 10 – 20 years before we see a transformation in our voting patterns. Hence, in 2017 and most likely 2022, I do not expect any major transformation in our political leadership.

      It is painful to say but it is a fact that in the foreseeable future it will be the culprits that will still lead or at best their would be props.

      Changing a culture is not an instant coffee affair and that is the reality of life. That is why gradual and incremental change always works and particularly when dealing with matters touching behavioural change and transformation.

  22. Change would only come when our politics wl be based on party manifesto rather than tribal leadership,also mind u that 2 run 4 presidency u need billions 4 campaign that require donations from the rich & foreign donors who put their trust on u so that u can award them with lucrative contracts in gov.

    • This is the story of the corrupt political class Wambia so that they can intimidate you to vote for them believing they are the only hope. They are not. To run for President you do not need billions. You need the right message, the ability to communicate it and the confidence and trust of the people. Full stop. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to scare you with stolen money.

  23. Professor Michael.. I am a Strong and Deep Believer of a Better Kenya Beyond Uhuru and Raila.. The Two I Insist are Kenyas No.01 Problem and Real Obstacles to a Better Country.. However ..I Note your Efforts to Pump Genuine “Basic Logic” to Common Kenyans is Real an Uphill Task…But The Truth is That Kenya Has Far Many Better “Patriotic Leaders ” Than These Two Tribal Bigots..and The Sick Narrative That its “Only ” These Two Choices” That Wd Have Is The Real Opium That Has been “fed” to Those Hopeless Kenyans A long time ago To The Extent That They CANNOT DARE.. Imagine a Kenya Without These Two Tribal Chieftains.. At Times I Think that Tribalist an Vulnarable Kenyans Feel Very Insecure Outside Their Tribal Cocoons.And Thats Exactly How and Where They are Held “Hostage.”
    Surely ..Reality is There s a Kenya Without Jubilee or Cord..Just like Germans Woke up to a Similar Reality in 1946.. That There was a Better Germany Beyond Hitler and Nazism..No Matter the Popular Propaganda…
    Its Time People Shed their “Non existent ” Fears and Stretched Their Imagination to an Achievable Reality and This Way They can Be Shocked at The Beautiful..Industrious..Non-Polarised and Equitably Progressive and Corruption-Free KENYA. That Lies Just at the Horizon of Their SELF-BELIEF and Beyond the “Political Mental Prison ” That Most are Here-in Held Hostage…!!!

    • Changing mindsets is not easy. But you have explained our situation better than I could myself. I have said that the first step towards freeing this country is to call out the tribal chieftains by name. Then to expose tribalism as a lie that has been used by the political class to create a political career for themselves. The next step is to popularize a non-ethnic alternative political narrative. If we do this, then the Kenya you talk about “Beautiful, industrious, non-polarized, equitably progressive”is possible. I think your contribution is pure genius and divinely inspired.

    • Thanks Prof..We kip Writting and Sharing..Those few who yearn for Real Change and Wish The Future of This Country Well Will be The 1st and True Seeds of Real Change.. Even for Those who are Deeply entrenched in Tribalism and other forms of Mental Myiopsy..They too will Eventually come to Understand That Society is Dynamic and it will Eventually Evolve to Spill out This Chuff as it Refines itself In Self-Purification and Only The Foolish Housefly will be Buried with The Corpse of Tribalism ..Nepotism..etc..

  24. @George Georgy Odhiambo Awuor, I agree with you 98% its obvious between rai and uhuruto, but the good thing is that Ata Mimi nikitaka kusimama presindency I can ni vile siwezi pews kura!
    Even in USA, their is racialism, money must be a factor, Hutu sii proff, ni fake one, just a hater! Is aki nominate bcoz “he is clean awe presidential candidate? Mwenye ana musponsor ni waste of time and resources!

  25. @,Robinson muguna,w
    Why not point at wrongs done the govt or cord? We fail in exams by not correcting ! In school did you threw the book away when you were told to do corrections?
    Only a fool can imagine there is a another 3rd force that can unseat JAP and cord, this is politics!
    In USA, Trump is supported by white majority but Hillary is favourite to native Americans, immigrants, and black Americans a democracy 400 yes as compared to KENYA only 53!
    This fake profile,should use the platform in educating us our rights from govt our responsibility to nation, to live in peace even after raila is floored next yr like 2002 when uhuru was defeated he accepted gave the acceptance speech then took his role as an opposition leader ,which many Kenyans have forgotten or ignored even this fake proff:

  26. Your political misadventure can only take Kenya the Libya way, esp if you get a spoiler mzungu sponsor to sell your Country to. Gadaffi was demonised by jelous people like you. Where is the better alternative they were dreaming of?

  27. There some people who a extremely scared of even the talk of change. That is understandable. Change is not easy. But it must happen. We can either participate in it and mold our destiny, or deny it and leave ourselves in the hands of fate. Destiny is what a people make for themselves, fate is what happens when they don’t.

  28. Change or the change will change you. Kenyans are just slaves. Our mau mau, jaramogi, jm, pio, matiba, wamalwa kijana, Wangari mathai, mekatilili, samoei etc did their best. Change will come one day.

  29. Wainaina a yoke is a yoke iwe ya chuma au ya mbao let us try to liberate ourselves by voting out leaders who have failed the country by allowing, corruption, oppression, discrimination, marginalisation among others

  30. That sounds like careless bullying Prof. If you cannot see any change now, you will never see any, ever. Power is divolved, Presidential powers are controlled, the Constitution is a tool of change. Use it instead of condescending on your fellow Citizens.

    • All these have nothing to do with Jubilee or CORD. They are simply constitutional provisions. We are now talking about the well being of the citizens and the future of the youth. Do not tell me all is well when devolved funds are being siphoned with impunity, when cancer patients are sleeping on the floor in Kenyatta, when a Kenyan dies in an ambulance after being there for 18 hours waiting for treatment, when our youth cannot get jobs and their number one ambition is to migrate, when in a country where a third of the budget is stolen by the political class and the their civil servant accomplices, no-one has ever been sentenced to a jail term, where the president goes to a foreign country to call Kenyans thieves, where some tribal warlords are saying they will rule us until 2030 on account of tribal numbers alone…need I say more. This is a dysfunctional nation crippled by the “it is our time to eat” policies of the same political class for the last 53 years. Where the only difference between the so called opposition and the government is that the opposition are not eating and they are very angry and are mobilizing their ethnic base on this account alone. Iko shida my friend. Kubwa.

    • What is this ambigious outfit you call “the same political class Prof?” Is it cast on stone? Isn’t it that Dr. Policeman, school principal, tenderprenuer or Bishop? Did we mould them into the thieves they are, aren’t they the alternatives we have at hand to replace the current rulling club? What better change do you see them bringing. You just misleading people with controvercial narratives, meandering into oblivion.

    • Betty Kamami CORD and Jubilee are the same political class. Forget about the policeman and the principal and the tenderpreneur. Those are victims not beneficiaries of the system. For so long as we have CORD and Jubilee thieves and tribalists at the helm of Kenyna politics, expect more and more corruption not less and less. And by the way include yourself and me in that list. We are victims.

    • Betty Kamami I am totally opposed to the argument that we accept the mess of the current politicians because we have nothing better of all of us are like that. It is not true. This is the argument of the political class who want us to believe that we are and will be at their mercy forever. In fact they want us to believe that they are doing us a favor. Please!

  31. Prof. You talk a lot but the end of it all adds up to zero… how else do we expect change if the already witnessed milestones in devt of uhuruto n kibaki is not in your records anywhere?? Your narratives lack even basic pragmatism… Sir

  32. Well argued, problem is where is the third alternative. My take is that, the electorate need to be informed/educated on need to demand services from whichever “tribalist party” is in power. Guess is if we have two monolithic parties ( jubilee and Cord) there is a possibility of the many tribal kings within the party demanding for service deliveries to their fiefdoms.

    • Hehehehehehe…Karanja, tribal kingpins are just that. Tribal kingpins, greedy, corrupt, vision-less, skilless, delusional, intellectually challenged, surrounded by mongrels and hyenas, hateful, hypocritical, empty and all other adjectives you can find. You cannot rely on them to provide anything apart from enrich themselves and the mongrels around them. It is like relying on the devil to show you the way to heaven. These guys do not have a solution, they ARE THE PROBLEM.

    • Goro Karanja I am not sure about “development”. I am not sure I even know what development is. I think we should be talking about productivity. The country needs to produce. I am not sure that what the politicians development is productivity. Mostly, it is only a opportunity to steal.

    • Development to me is more of govt putting up the infrastructure( roads, electricity, water etc) while it leaves the productivity to the private sector. Its the entrepreneur who can determine and be able to adjust to the market needs without worrying about single sourcing and all those bureaucratic rigmarole

  33. Wainina d outfit that’s promoting tribalism itself is Jubilee or Uhuru. Look at key appointments made by him. Defending n routing for equity doesn’t mean tribalism. Look tribalist Rails nominated Nyaga,gave him Full flag,Wanjiru n d son,Mwaura,Kibaki on a wheel chair,Kenyatta from Prison! Kama hii in ukabila basi nasi pia tunakua Democratic sasa. Did I tell Mpuri,Mwangi? Better divided nation than pretence of a united nation.
    Bishop Ole Sapit juzi katusiwa na raid mwenyewe.

    • I have addressed the matter of Raila appointing non-luos. It is called tokenism it is not called natinalism. It does not make him any less of a tribalist. Your argument is the same one that Uhuru makes when he says that TNA was headed by Onyango Oloo. Does that make him any less of a tribal Kingpin? I find this attempt to sanitize Raila a very desperate one. His elections are ran by men in black and he was the first one to turn tribalism into a formula of winning elections in 2007. Appointing 2 or 3 Kikuyus does not make him a nationalist.

  34. The problem with most of us is that we act like a condemn man who is too happy to be place in a bigger room in jail! We wear very narrow prisms. Our lenses are blurred. We see what we have conceptualized. Our imagination is tailed by our political affiliation which in turn is wrapped by our ethnicity!

  35. Prof you and I are standing this very second at the meeting place of two eternities, the vast past of tribalism,nepotism,corruption etc that have endured forever and the future that’s plunging on the last syllable of recorded time, we can’t possibly live in either of those eternities-no not even in a split of a second,we are now being swallowed by two main parties whose leaders are one man eat all as you said above some eating juicy meat as others salivate,but practice is a vice versa

  36. I was not aware that there is anybody who have been prevented to stand for presidency.

    For your information Raila has already been declared a presidential candidate for ODM since Cord is already dead. Uhuru is for JP. There are other parties which are neither in Jubilee nor in ODM and they are free to offer their candidates. There also slots for independent candidates. So the question of only two choices does not occur. People should not be confused

  37. Dear Professor Michael Wainaina PHD…..I have always disagreed with your articles because they seemed to be slanted in a manner to discredit certain people or communities…..but this time, you have outdone yourself. This is an excellent piece….you see, tribalists always claim one tribe is better or superior to the other, or one leader (FROM THEIR TRIBE) is better than the other…but you have hit the nail squarely on the head…….we are suffering from lack of quality leadership because of blind allegiance to tribal kingpins(yes, because he is from your tribe, you don’t see him as a kingpin – blinded by tribal love)……Thank you for saying what many are unaware of or don’t have the guts to say. Yes…we Kenyans have become a nation of “yes men”….following blindly and singing praises of our tribesmen. This problem does not just affect one tribe, it is widespread in this country…..it is predictable…..a Kikuyu will support a Kikuyu politician, a Luo will support a Luo politician. If you are in doubt, look at the comments to your article(it is a terrible case of “your name betrays you” – wiper leader)…….This blind devotion is what makes you find politicians garnering 99.99 percent in their tribal backyards, but almost 0% in other regions. Very good job professor, you have had the courage to say what a lot don’t have the guts to say, and you have also had the guts to be different…….this will for one make me say you are really worthy of a lot of respect. This country will be changed by people who have the guts to think DIFFERENTLY……..

  38. Kenyans or people they know wts good for them.they are not mad.they are not animals.millions of peopl salute for magafulu.why? He is very strict in terms of corruption.my leaders are joho.farah maalim,raila an peter keneth.an i lk cord.GOD BLSS KENYA AN ALL

  39. Changing the leaders is something we have done in the past but and we have not seen anything materialize out of it!

    A politician comes with a list of promises of schools, hospitals, roads etc. The voter has NEVER had their own demands. In fact, we are so selfish that we want them to give us handouts in the streets and at our own private fundraisers so that we agree to vote for them!

    Change starts by you and me changing our demands and expectations of these leaders. It’s not just about changing the occupants of offices!

    • Kennedy we have changed 80% of the legislators in this country since 1969. However this country is ruled by the 20% who never change. That is why we have a Kenyatta in statehouse today. The challenge is to remove he 20% and there is no better way of removing the 20% than to get rid of the CORD and Jubilee contraptions. We will have freed the country from 53 years of vested interests.


    • You are very hateful. This is the reason that all reasonable and straight minded Kenyans should fight this ethnic narrative of the political class. It is obvious you have swallowed it whole and your world is defined by it. Mine is not. That might mean that we live in two different worlds . Mine is a world where inclusion by way of tribe is as bad and unacceptable as exclusion by way of tribe. In your world, I should be glad about inclusion by tribe and join those who are eating. Because I am not, I am a fool. If refusing to accept a corrupt and tribal hegemony is being a fool, then I am one.


    • Jeremiah Orera Hate has blinded you to the fact that the ethnic narrative is the dominant narrative of the political class. It is the staple of the ethnic chieftains and they have left their followers with little choice. I do not know what beef you have with the Kikuyu. They will tell you that the Luo vote is already locked for Raila. It is very wrong for you to single out a tribe for the tribalism imposed by the tribal kingpins.

    • JUBILEE HAS GOT 2 faces of Kenya ie kiuks and kales ,where as cord has over 40 tribes of Kenya as its followers.. You can’t Deny that and you can’t change the fact that Kenya has 40 ,plus tribes co existing together!

    • Fabian Gwena IN 2007 ODM actually had 41 and it was still tribal. Tribalism is not about the number of tribes you have. It is about using the fact of tribe to include or exclude. When it comes to tribalism, Raila was the first one to use it as a formula of grabbing political power with his 41 vs 1 formula. In 2013 the jubilee tribalists took is and tweaked it to 2 vs 40. We are waiting to see what arithmetic will be used next year. We cannot be sure now what it will be. What you can be sure about is that it will be tribal arithmetic. These guys are all hopelessly tribal.

    • Talk of somethingelse @fabian.if u defend your ill fated outfit by saying it has a national outlook,tell/us then how many people frm mt.kenya region r in leave alone ODM but CORD’s N.E.C???

    • Mt Kenya people are not in cord by choice ,but have been brainwashed into believing that they are superior than others.the few who have defied all the odds by joining this I’ll fated out fit as you call it have achieved,eg mwaura,Steve Kari’s wanjiru bishop,mburi Ampuri,Gachoka Tony,,the list is endless my friend
      Cord is a Kenyan outfit unlike chupiliwhich is a two tribe outfit

    • This is the problem. What will be good for the country in a hundred years is good for the country today. You imagine that things work themselves out by you doing nothing. They don’t. If the rains come, you cannot say that you will give your land time and then go to harvest. You must go and plant. Time favors those who act, fortune favors the brave. Right now the tribalists are the ones acting. Preaching tribalism, dividing the country and stealing from us. Giving them time will not make them go away. They will entrench themselves. The longer they stay the worse they will get. Destiny is what a people make for themselves by being proactive, fate is what happens to them when they don’t. You are telling us to leave ourselves to fate. That is called fatalism. It is wrong.

  41. As much as most of us know there is a big group of individuals who can make better presidents..the problem is how does one come to the limelight..the financial muscle..the control of our media by the political class and its ownership..Tribal tyrants who wish to maintain the status quo so they stay in relevant.. Not to mention Kenyans who believe that if u don’t have cash of your own ..u can’t give them a better life ‘kasumba ya Wakenya’. We only have these two options. However what we can do as Kenyans is vote out this poor leadership which has failed to fight corruption and the next person who comes in, upon exhibiting failure to provide proper leadership is voted out. As time goes by we will get leaders who can serve the people diligently and selflessly not self seekers who have no idea what leadership is about other than stealing from the poor

    • You have made a pretty good contribution but there are two points I would like to disagree with. First that you need a lot of money to be elected president. This is not true. You simply need the right message and the confidence and trust of the people. The current political class in CORD and jubilee have to use a lot of money because they have neither the right message not the confidence and trust of the people. The other point I would like to respectfully disagree with is the we need to continue experimenting with bad people until sometime after a long time, we can get the right one. People know what they want and they do not have to wait forever for it. Once it comes along they will recognize it.

    • Kalonzo Musyoka was in government for 30 years. Wetangula was in the KANU government and was Minister for foreign affairs. Raila was a KANU secretary general and a Minister in the KANU government, NARC government and Prime Minister in the blood-soaked coalition government. Kindly revise your history.

  42. Kenyatta senior planted the seed of tribalism and corruption in the country. Land grabbing, in coast and Rift Valley, he is the author of all the ills that bedevil this country, for this country to heal let us implement TJRC to the letter. For this to happen Raila has to be president.

    • Mramba Martin now it seems that the people of men-in-black have forgotten the thuggery of their own party and they have a new crusade in the TJRC. I agree that it needs to be implemented, but it will not be implemented by those who steal their own elections. I also agree that the seeds of tribalism may have been sown by Kenyatta Senior, and the fruits were reaped by ODM in 2007 when Raila became the first presidential candidate in the history of the country to use a tribal formula to run for the presidency.

    • Prof,kenyatta(snr)not may but did plant the seeds of wht we are reaping now.the junior had a chance to reclaim this country back bt look what he is doing.sadly raila realised if you cant beat them,join them,you can nt change wht took years to build

  43. Why do ulike grouping a politician like raila with uhuru waswahili husema mgala muuwe na haki mpe even jesus said i will know my ppl by their actions raila is not a tribal leader so dont lie to ppls he suported a hindu muslim luhya mps in his own back yard he enjoys suport across the nation he won i.6 provinces hehas nutured many politician from diferent tribes n made them a force including ruto mudavadi shebesh wanjiru n her son how is he tribal the same way luos love him its the same in luhya land n coast he campained for kibaki he also joined moi who had imprisoned him how is a guy like that a tribal leader.na ujiulize if raila asimame ruto asimame n uhuru asimame wote kiviao nani atashinda hapo ndio useme he is tribal

    • I am very much aware that my putting Raila with other tribal chieftains angers his supporters. He is as tribal as they are. Having people from other communities in his political arithmetic does not make him any more national than Uhuru and the rest. His attempts at tribal inclusion are as tribal as the attempts at tribal exclusion by Jubilee.

    • Ur a funny guy now acording to u what r the characteristics of a national leader n pls engage me on this what r the qualities of a national leader coz hueleweki i think u voted 4 jubilee nowthyv desapointed u bt u have to justify urself tht u had no choice uhuru n ruto r nothing without their tribes raila enjoys suport across the nation

    • Felix Isiaho Isoso You do not know who I voted for. Before I tell you who a national leader is, let me tell who he is not. He is not anyone who runs a presidential campaign on a tribal formula of 41 against 1; he is not anyone who forms tribal coalitions in order to get the numbers he needs to win the presidency, it is not anyone who denies democratic rights to the members of his party by using men-in-black to run his national elections, he is not anyone whose biggest selling point is how only two tribes are “eating” regardless of whether that is true or not, it is not anyone who runs around with a coalition partner who is on record as telling a kenyan “your name betrays you”. In a nutshell a nationalist is not Raila Odinga. Who is he? We do not have one in the current political class. A nationalist is someone whose core message, demonstrated practice and political vision does not rely on the concept of tribe to either include or exclude. All the current leaders are tribal based on this simple definition. They cannot imagine political engagement outside the concept of tribe.

    • I think u will have to create ur own world whe a govnt is on record apointing majority of their tribes men in majorbpositions when someome points that out is he now a tribalist .when i rally my comunity to have one political view thats called democracy not tribalism n i told u the 41 against 1 is a narative in ur head planted by the gema leaders who want to enslave their comunity raila pointed out he is not againsts toilets in kibera bt the amount used to build them many shouted including u tribalism is not a bad thing negative tribalism is tge bad thing n whether u admit it or not raila is a national leader coz acoding to me a national leader is one who has suport across the nation n sucrifices alot 4 the love of his nation matiba did it ,raila n his father did it ,at no time have i heard difrently n i keep telling u raila has many faults bt never doubt his love for this great nation.i will repeat remove gema kalenjin n luo from the voting block alafu wote wasimame who will win u havent given me that answer yet na hapo hakutakuwa na kabila zao

    • Felix Isiaho Isoso Felix, your whole argument is based on tribal arithmetic and tribal blame. Unfortunately, if you are a follower of the tribal warlords, there is no other way of looking at the world. I have told you who a nationalist is and who a nationalist is not. You are stuck on Railas own definition of a nationalist as a person who has support from the whole country. This is not a good argument for you to take up because like many arguments that come from politicians, it is actually nonsensical. Based on this definition, Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo and Mudavadi call themselves national leaders. So if we accept this definition you have picked from Raila, it does not just sanitize him, it sanitizes all the other tribal warlords and wannabes. The other problem is that the definition is actually false. No politician has support from all parts of the nation, including Raila. That means none of them is a national leader, according to their own definition. I hope you now see why using this definition does not help your course. It makes it worse. I concur with you when you say that Raila has many faults. I concur with you that he probably has done more than all his tribal kingpin colleagues in CORD and Jubilee in fighting for democracy. I disagree that any of this qualifies him to be President. He has no vision for a modern country and has gallivanted for too long with the status quo to make a difference. But to the extent his politics is based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, ukabila, ukora na upuzi like those of his colleagues in CORD and jubilee, he will never be a solution to this country.

    • So acording to what shouid we do which leader qualifies ur high standards evryone belongs to a certain tribe first b4 anything uniting as a ppl from that comunity for a certain goal is not wrong bt even obama secured the minority vote first b4 the national level he is black first b4 he is american.tribalism starts when u start discrimination n favouritism based on tribe not unity of a comunity.so acording to u many luhyas who mainly suport afc or luos gor mahia n kisiss shabana r tribalists.stop confusing ppl in ur articles so pls name one leader in this countries history waswho was not a tribal king acording to ur standards ama hatujawai

    • Felix Isiaho Isoso Your argument keeps changing. Now your argument is that my standards are unrealistic and un-achievable and that Obama was elected by minorities. Your initial argument was that Raila cannot be classified together with Uhuru, because as far as you are concerned Raila is a national leader. What I agree with you is that it is wrong to use tribe for discrimination and favoritism. That is the problem with all tribal kingpins, including Raila.

    • No change in my urgument ur clasification is wrong that when somone unites a comunity to have a comon voice about something he is now a tribalist my prob with raila thars y i aplaud most gema leaders he only does it politicaly not economicaly bt he is better than jubilee who have reversed the kibaki vision n r now encouraging ppl to join them in oder kukula nyama wapi imeandikwa hivyo kwa katiba.a national leader doesnt have many explanations he enjoys suport across the nation he doesnt enjoy power thru numerical power of his comunity

    • The guy nominated mwaura an albino to parliament the first na bado akamruka pls explain how he is tribal nyi huonea huyu jama y lie he has his faults bt he is a great leader he will b praise siku ile atakufa ka wamalwa

    • Profesor the day u wake up n evrythinh is perfect evryone is doing ok all things were right then ure probably dead not awake .evry thing can never be perfect its has to be in an acceptable standard i have not said raila is perfect he has faults bt he is a good leader among those that we have now so am not waiting for jesus i will go with the current leaders now.i told u to name a leader u feal is up to standard bado

  44. You hate me coz you know I know ur posts since 2012, just a HATER, nothing else! Why is it that you never deny! Why waste time in writing ” Gospel of spotless politicians” where you belong!
    Do you imagine as it is now,that KENYA without tribal thing, preach ve- ethnicity’ or God was a fool to create a luo ,kikuyu,Masai, kihii, mijkenda kambas! OK we will ” follow you to paradise “

  45. Politics is a sensitive area bro, but ua insight is the best! Without politics lets fight tribalism n promote patriotism! Let’s use the principals to fight division n make them lead by example to b patriotic!

  46. Proffessor Michael Wainaina …..you have a liberal mind and I have been a staunch follower of yours. With all the post I have been seeing here I beleive our number is increasing and soon those who share with us the same dream of liberating this beautiful country from tribalismshall be in millions and at the time the tribal leaders shall have no space in Kenyan leadership and their politics.
    But in respect to that we must share our opinions with utmost sincerity in order to get there….I read what you posted this time then I felt something is a bit wrong and bear in mind that I’m neither a Jubilee nor Cord tool and there is enough evidence to back me, so if you want to react to my opinion please visit my timeline and page called Patriotic Kenyans-Tribe Kenya. I know the people of Kenya also have eyes and minds that they can use to make their own decisions until that time they will see it from our side..
    Let us go step by atep

    1. Before indipendence Johnstone Kenyatta betrayed the Veteran Mau Mau leader Dedan Kimathi delinking KAU from Mau Mau when then he was arrested the following day for managing Mau Mau. And when Dedan was arrested what was the statement of the first Prime minister that sent Dedan Kimathi to his grave.

    2. On the same note Jaramogi Oginga refused to take power saying “it would be seen as an act of betrayal for their choice is already known. Their leader is Kenyatta, release him from Kapenguria and let him lead us. I’M SENDING THREE PICTURES SEPARATELY QUOTING THE WORDS OF OGINGA AND KENYATTA..If u realy care to know the truth look for those screenshort photos..

    Let us continue from where we are you already see the problem how it is coming about. Okey when Kenyatta was in power there was alot of reported corruption, emerging of Gema tribalism and extra judicial killings….the question is who has ever benn brought to justice since then?

    As a liberal minded person I knew all is not lost until we were blessed with Uhuru the son of Kenyatta..

  47. The qualifications factors have always hindered the young generation from qualifying.to qualify you in every sector or job youmust have
    1. 5 years experience.so if a graduand you have to wait for 5years as an intern.
    2.must have worked for another 5years in a recognizable institution to qualify.
    3.you must have a patron and henceforth to attain a job
    4. The Constitution my ass hinders the qualifications.
    5.so you have to wait for internship,mentorship, attachments and so forth.
    6question is how will the youth get these jobs hence they have passed the institutions of higher learning?

  48. …..to lead us….we knew and I particularly knew he was going to make right the wrongs of his father……but what have we seen after five years…..tribalism is growing and corruption is increasing in figures…..evn in south Africa…..the government at the time saw Nelson Mandela as a terrorist who threatened the government by leading mass demonatrations for thier cries to be heard….when he was arrested he changed and whatever was expected he was going to do at the time of his release never came to pass…he did exactly the opposite and that was uniting all SA including the whites but not revenge.

    About Raila and Cord …he has been in opposition for a longer period right now that means not having direct control of tax payers money….however through opposition he faught for multiparty smwhich gave birth to democracy.

    The question is has democracy ever benefited you in one way or the other….while in opposition and as an MP of Kibra there is no significant change he has brought save for the slum upgrade progam of Highrise buildings and the Raila houses…
    We have also seen scandles like those of maize among others but he has not been brought to justice what ia the government waiting…..is the government afraid of him or what? Or maybe the government is the one having a problem….that is for you to decide……PHD and dear Kenyans the journey is on so it only depends on when you join the caravan but agree with me PHD our number is growing and change is not far…….I can smell the promised land it is not far away….the land of love, unity and peace no hate, corruption nor tribalism .
    …..read follow n decide ….look for the backing screen shorts before you decide I hav sent them God bless Kenya

  49. PHD Wainaina you are very sound and timely. But having a formed opinion that if tables were turned we would expect the same thing is not convincing. Look at Magufuli of Tanzania. He cracking whips on anyone found to be corrupt across the political divide. Cord & Raila is avictim of betrayal, where as Uhuru and Jubilee are beneficiaries of the same. Kenyans have evidence to link Jubilee to corruption. But Can you prove “ukabila, ukora na puzi” in cord as an outfit? In short, reading between the lines, you have litle or no confidence to condemn the GEMA regime for corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and all forms of political betrayals to the people of Kenya. The “reason” you are not confident to do so is the major problem Kenya has.The bravity to condemn “mtu wetu” is the only barrier to good governance. I wish you suggested an alternative candidate instead. An average kenyan would ask you why you are so obsessed with Raila and Uhuru. Almost every pro government comentators want to compare Raila’s achievement to that of government. And that is not only unrealistic but also unethical and therefore uncalled for.

    • Otieno, please read my other articles. You see my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. These two are not different. They are all KANU leftovers and led by Moi-men who stand for nothing. I know you like to say that Raila is different. He is not. After the 1997 elections he started cooperating with Moi, joined KANU and became a Minister in his government. That is why today he is very comfortable in the company of diehard KANUnnites and Moi-men like Kalonzo and Wetangula. He feels he need to bind himself with them because of the tribal vote they bring. That makes him a tribalist. You claim he has achievements. Which ones? He was a Minister in the KANU government, in the NARC government and a Prime Minister in the blood soaked coalition government. Show us the achievements? The coalition government was as corrupt but there was not much noise because everyone was eating.

      As for the jubilee government, you should be reading my articles to know that I have no love lost. I am on record as saying that the biggest tragedy to the course of reforms after the 2010 constitution is that we have a self proclaimed YK92 hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi-project in statehouse. This is as bad as it can get. Nothing worse could have happened to the course of reforms and the search for patriotism, accountability and productivity of Kenya. Nothing.

    • We do not need angels. We do not even need good men, we need men of good will who are not invested in the status quo. After 54 years in power the current political class is beyond repair. They do not know where their personal interests end and the interests of the country start. They actually think they are the country. My people say, paka akizeeka huanza kukula vifaranga za mwenyewe. There is only one way to deal with an old cat. After that you get a new cat. Our political elite ni paka mzee.

  50. But that’s the plain truth who else has the finances political muscles to bring out those changes apart from the two real big boys? The rest are political brokers or businessmen, let them come out and prove that they are the real change.

    • Your comment is based on the very wrong assumption that it takes big money to be elected president. It does not. This is the story that those you call “the two real big boys” have told you and you have believed them. They lied so that once you believe the lie, they can rule over you forever by intimidating you with the money they have stolen from you. To be elected president, you need the right message in the form of an alternative political narrative, and the confidence and trust of the people. You do not need billions. The tribalists need the billions because they have no message, no new narrative and no confidence and no trust of the people. They have to buy everything. Those who will dethrone the tribal warlords and their stolen war-chests of billions will be regular Kenyans with the right message and the confidence and trust of the people. Anyone who tries to fight the warlords by building a tribal following and a war-chest of billions will never make it. “The two real big boys” are the masters of siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. The only hope of defeating them is the people.

    • Well remember what happens on the voting day until the counting of votes is completed and results are announced that those who tally the final results are the ones who decide who the winner is even if we all elect an angel and the result announcers do there job the results are just based on what you are trying to deny the billionaire carriers the day so as for now it’s just the more money you have the chances of clinching the top seat are high. Lastly we vote yes for the right candidates but the final decision lies with those who tally the votes.

    • Abuyeka Shiboko You are now trying to make a different argument form the one you were making initially. I have told you that the only reason money is important in the presidential election is because the candidates have no new inspiring message and they do not have the confidence and trust of the people. They therefore need money to buy the elections. It does not matter at what point the money is used, it matters that it is used at all. But that is not even the problem I was addressing. I was addressing your claim and believe that billions are needed to win an election. And my response is that all you need to win an election is the right message and the confidence and trust of the people.

  51. Ongeti, you have not been sharing of late. You must continue publishing otherwise you will perish. What of this irony. They posit that one huge party is not good for democracy,but the same group is promoting the narrative of ” farasi ni mbili” Just thinking.

    • Hehehehehe…I have said that if there is no new non-ethnic political narrative, do not expect me to join politics. With the current siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, you will not recognize me if I joined politics. First I would have to prostrate myself at the feet of a tribal tingod to get nomination and then I would have to become their sycophant after that in order to survive. I can’t.

  52. Good education professor….It will take such words decades over to teach people politics of inclusion that is not driven by the wrong tribal mindsets….The lessons are good but few people learn…anyhow one day truth will visit people and everything will never be the same again.

  53. Bw Wainaina if you’re a professor, say the truth. Don’t pretend. If you’re not a tribalist then tell Uhuru and jubilee to put their acts together, don’t blame Raila and the cord as if they are the ruling coalition. You’re pretending and Kenyans are seeing.

    • Paul Ndung’u Hehehehehehehe…you are painting a really hopeless picture my friend. I understand where you are coming from though. What you need to understand is that politics is about narratives. Ethnicity is the only narrative of the current political class so do not be surprised that their followers know nothing else. Our challenge as a generation is to find a new non-ethnic narrative that Kenyans can adopt as an alternative. Unless we do that expect the amplification of the tribal narrative and expect to see more vulgar and angry insults for me and anyone else who dares think outside that narrative. It is just the way politics works.

  54. My dear friend, it is Jubilee that should go. Remember that in 2002, Moi proposed Uhuru for Presidency and he lost. Then come 2013, Kibaki propelled Uhuru to the presidency and since then we have had very serious problems with our economy because of theft! Eurobond, NYs etc. Has Raila ever been tested with leadership? So don’t lump Raila and Uhuru together when it is very very clear that Uhuru has failed. Even the ICC has referred Kenya to the ASP. Please let us be fair to all

    • Raila has been tested and found wanting. He was a Minister in the KANU government, NARC government and a Prime Minister in the blood soaked coalition government. He has left a trail of unanswered questions regarding Molasses, suspect deals when he was Minister for Energy, KKV and maize scandals. I need not remind you that he owns ODM, a political party whose national elections are ran by men-in -black.

    • Amstrong Alaro my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. It is difficult for anyone whose world is divided like that to understand me. They think that when I criticize jubilee, I am siding with CORD and vice versa. If you read my articles within this paradigm, you will never get what I am saying.

  55. Prof if you think you are good then go for it, it’s not about we, it’s starts with you! You have the mandatory for the truth, then stand for it, and make it happen! And one always remember that in Kenya if you want to hide something, hide it on a book, we are not a reading nation! I hope you understand

  56. I beg to differ with you Mr prof the leaders don’t cultivate tribalism it is the majority who make tribalism work in Kenya and any other part of the world. Let me support my argument
    1: if all Kenyans could see each other as fellow countrymen then the leaders would have the least space to hide behind tribalism and accountability would have taken the course
    2: if all Kenyans would think freely without adding tribalism in their thoughts I promise you Kenya would be ahead of Singapore and Korean nations.
    Let me rest for now

    • Ogola, Kenyans will never do the two things you have suggested with the current political class in power. You have to understand that ethnicity is the only political narrative of these guys in CORD and Jubilee. They are the ones controlling the political space currently and therefore they will ensure that the tribal narrative is the only one. The only hope of doing what you say is to first get rid of the political class that relies on the tribal narrative. With them in power, we are done.

  57. you have aproblem, and the problem is if raila becomes president, relax. we understand you, you are such a people who do not sleep because of raila. but we all that hes going to be president.

    • Joel, I totally understand why Raila supporters do not like the argument that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee. They hate me for this argument which actually true. If Raila became president as you say, nothing much will change. You can imagine who are the people who would be in his government and who would not. He is part of a political class that is motivated by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

  58. Uhuru and Raila arent the problem, the problem is you and me! If we all can manage to see each other as the best God creation, see you as a fellow human being and a kenyans, uhuru and Raila will coil! So let us be change we want to see in this country.

  59. Kenya iko sawa i see proff you are trying to create fear and regrets Kenya is Kenya and trying to compare it with any other country is wrong. the problem with Kenya is noise maker like you who see nothing good in everything and in everyone except in themselves. on tribalism, people of one tribe tend to think and act same and in unison example is when David was fighting Goliath, in Bible history tribes lives to fight and compete and that will not end tomorrow even God ordered the tribe of Israelite ONLY to move from Egypt where they had conflict with locals there. even the latest history tells us why tribes migrated, now that our country have not reached there tuko sawa, and if it’s can reach there those who will feel the heat are free to go/migrate it’s normal

  60. Prof well done, but this is a vocabulary to CORD and JUBILEE you must come out of your tribal gods in order to understand like I did two years ago,I was defending JUBILEE whether they are right or wrong, there is No different between CORD and JUBILEE ,CORD are just jealous because they are not the one eating.

    • I am encouraged that you saw the light. We must keep on talking to the people and hope that more and more see the light. But more importantly we need to give the people a new non-ethnic political narrative. Narratives are fought with counter-narratives. Without a counter narrative our people are left in the darkness of only one option, the tribal narrative.

  61. These are just jubilee strategy,they have realized that Kenyans have known what they need and put focus on(Raila) but their intelligent option is to use the likes of Wainaina here to make us loose focus by trying to compare Raila with Uhuru.Where are these people like Wainaina when jubilee is stealing our taxes through eurobond,SGR,NYS and many more.Let us be ware of those involved in PR to protect loots and to have Kenyans loose focus

    • Alphas Ayodo, I am not anyone’s hireling, much less Jubilee. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. It is difficult for anyone whose world is divided like that to understand me. They think that when I criticize jubilee, I am siding with CORD and vice versa. If you read my articles within this paradigm, you will never get what I am saying.

    • Vince Oluoch If you think I write trash, don’t read. I can understand the annoyance of Raila and CORD supporters when I say there is not difference between CORD and Jubilee. I do not know what “reality on the ground” means. All I know is that it is the phrase used by the tribal and corrupt politicians in CORD and Jubilee to intimidate us. And I did not call you a tribalist. The guilty are afraid. You called yourself.

  62. prof, here we are talking of political power/leadership and not some blue chip company where leaders are chosen in boardroom. The masses matter here and Uhuru n Raila got that following. Wake up

    • Andrew Nam this is a defeatist argument that assumes that the masses were ordained by God to follow these two into damnation. They do not follow Raila and Uhuru because of who they are. They follow them because of what they stand for. All you need to do is to give the people something different to believe in. They will drop the two like a hotrod. Our problem is that we do not have an alternative narrative. The people are stuck with whatever narrative the two stand for which unfortunately is tribalism.

  63. Unfortunately we people( voters ) we wont listen to your Solomonic wise advice because our thoughts are imprisoned by our politicians and our tribe! We have some tribe in kenya that wont vote for a person from another tribe even if that person can change their life positively! We the citzens of we can change our country! Dont hide a thief, dont bribe! Hahahaha not in kenya Proffesor! Our minds are imprisoned!

    • I would not be too quick to judge the people. I will also not be too quick to pick one tribe out of the many and say they are the problem. Our collective problem is a political elite that know nothing else than tribe. Those who have power want to keep it by the power of tribalism, and those who want power want to grab it by the power of tribalism. Kenyans accordingly choose their own tribalists. That is why we need an alternative non-ethnic political narrative. Without one, the tribalists will win. Of whichever side.

  64. I See You Have state Raila As A Tribalist And So Let Me Proof It Wrong. Look At The Nyanza Region As His Home Ground. You Find other tribes have been elected eg Junet Muhammed, Shakir Shabir etc while go to Central No One. Another Thing Raila And Cord Has Seats In Every Province Apart From Central And Rift Valley Unlike Uhuru Who Covers Only Central Region. Your Proffesion Was Baseles On Kenyas Political Ideology And Only Favours You Comunity Frm Central Province. Lastly, Raila Is A Nation Leader Whle Uhuru Is A Regional Leader. If Nt For Uhuru Taking The Leadership Through Backdoor With The Aid Of The Kibaki Regime (his fellow Kikuyu). U See Your Opinon Is Baseles. For Thz Country To Be Healed Needs A President From Another Tribe Apart Frm Kikuyu.

    • Willys Oduor your comment is full of tribal hate and selective analysis of Raila. You are quick to tell us about Shabir and Junet but cleverly avoid Raphael Tuju and anyone else who dares to go against Raila’s tribal supremacy. Support from “all regions” does not make one any less of a tribalist. In any case you yourself agrees that Raila does not even have support from all regions. So even if it were true, it would not apply to him. According to you, he is not the tribalist, it is those who do not support him who are tribalists. Unfortunately, you are trying to defend the indefensible. Raila, Uhuru and the other tribal overlords rely on tribalism to mobilize politically. Trying to defend him is a lost case.

  65. Rose

    Prof, I am of the same opinion as you in terms of changing the political narrative. How about we as Kenyans do something really drastic, how about we give our vote to the “third” force in kenya? Am talking about giving a woman like Amina Mohamed a chance to manage our affairs for just 5 years and you will see the difference especially in the social services. And I am not advocating to vote in a woman for the sake of it. No. I have deliberately chosen a person who is a performer.

  66. Don’t forget this tribal elders called,,,, wazee wa maasai,,,, wazee wa Gema,,,,, and so on,, they also have eateries from these bowls of corruption, they should as well be smoked out,,,,,, I wonder some individuals are strongly controlled by these witch Panthers

  67. president is the ceo of acountry. Why compare aceo with his staff. The work of raila & uhuru can be compared if raila is the ceo. Trying to compare ateacher with astudent is wrong coz astudent is under the teacher. Lets give each achance be4 to prove himself.

    • Odm attempted but failed others have never thought of attempting they dish seats to their loyal members. Which is agood trial. Parties is about loyality national issues is about good governance that advocates develovment &better life. Junilee has the mandate to do the above.odm has been spear heading debated on bad governance.

    • Cosmas Nzangi He is the CEO of ODM. Their elections are ran by men-in-black. You make it even better when you say he tried and failed. I thought you initially said he has never been given a chance to prove himself? Let me tell you, if the ODM elections had succeeded we would never have had the last of it, them telling us they are the only ones who have done a national election! Now that they failed, they tell us the elections are not important. Talk of double standards and hypocrisy.

    • Assuming that we have two choices the first choice has been tested and failed.the best thing is to give the same test to the second choice otherwise u are not giving afair comparison. My solution is that both should form the next government if they remain our prefered choices by these the tribal imbalance will be taken care of. We just pick number one &two doing away with runningmates.by so all will have ashare in the sinking ship ending the blame game. Ithink if they are given the mandate both of them they will compete in offering good leadership.

    • Cosmas Nzangi Good leadership cannot come from bad leaders. Jubilee has failed to run the government and ODMs elections are run by men in black. There is only one solution. Get rid of both of them. You are saying combine both of them. What kind of a solution is that. Failure plus failure is not equals to success.

    • Raila &uhuru are loved and hated in equal measures there4 the question of geting rid of them is out.the trueth is raila has played his role as an opp leader very well.if its not possible to get rid of the two it means one of them must be the president.who then & why! achange is what is needed & the change is tinga.

    • Cosmas Nzangi I have said good leadership cannot come from bad leaders and ODM is not an alternative to Jubilee. They are the same. Nowhere is it ordained that one of them must be president. This is only the extent of your imagination. If you expand it a little bit you will find that Kenyans have many options beyond the two.

    • Felix Otieno I am aware how annoyed CORD supporters get when I make this argument. It is however true regardless of how unpalatable you find it. The basic foundations of the political class in both CORD and jubilee is ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. You do not expect anything else from these KANUnnnite Moi-orphans.

    • But my learned friend, do you not agree, when you search your conscience, that what the opposition is doing is what it should be doing- keeping the government in check? How does that equal the corruption, the land-grabbing and the sleaze we have witnessed in this Jubilee-led government, and which the main stream media has struggled so hard to gloss over?

    • Felix Otieno I am not here to defend Jubilee. I have probably stated in much more stronger terms than you that they are the greatest tragedy to befall us post 2010 Constitution. How can we replace them by a party whose national elections are ran by men in black in coalition with another whose leader refuses to answer a journalist because of his surname. We cannot replace thieves and grabbers with anarchists and tribal jingoists. That would not be the change we desire. It would be tragedy.

  68. Your penning of this article and wording betrays you prof,however careful and choosy you try to be with your words. We all subscribe to either side of your so called tribalists,and dont blame it on the players ,blame the game and its rules.the founders of this nations lay its foundation on tribalism and sycophancy so who are you to differ?mbegu ilipandwa wacha tuvune matunda

  69. I heard one person confess that he elected RAO in 2013 because he believed he was not a goat thieve,and since he was herding goats he had to make his choice well. Whether uhuru and Raila remain the only two choices again in 2017 or not,we must agree that as a country we are too tribalistic in our thinking, and behavior. Pretending that we can elect a Dorobo, or ichamusi as a president is to lie to ourselves. Until devolution works well, and balances off the whole country, this competition for state power by certain big tribes is a reality we have to learn how to make do with.

  70. This leaders should be kicked out all of them…..they dont hav kenyans in their mindset….supremacy battles reigns…..r kenyans going to eat their cheap rhetorics???waende wakauke…..

  71. These politicians are betraying us year in year out.bt we as the majority poor will stl elect the very people in the next election even if there will be better options.Navumilia kua mkenya

  72. Check Sunday standard news paper how they have bought choppers for campaign,we know how much money they will be paid as salary after elections,why are they spending more than the salary in campaigns? My guess is same as your guess

  73. I agree with you…they are not the only one..and both are tribalist,corrupt and are not the best to run our country… But now as u see here,,we as Kenyans this is what we want..to be just tribal and maintain the status quo

    • It is the leaders who want to be tribal and maintain the status quo. They know nothing else. Kenyans want change. Most know that they will not get it from either CORD or Jubilee but some think that even though they will not get change from the two, they are all they got and therefore they choose their own tribalist among the two and support them. It is called the doctrine of the lesser evil. I think the country is ripe for a viable alternative, real change. I am confident it will arise before the next general elections.

  74. I agree with Prof. We can introduce a completely new brand of vibrant leadership in this country free from antagonism and tribal animosity. America under Barrack Obama is a classic example. Yes we can.

    • It is more than doable. Our problem is not tribalism. It is lack of imagination. Because of the dominant tribal narrative of the political class in CORD and Jubilee, we are unable to imagine an new non-ethnic political narrative. The day we do, the tribalists and their tribal political narrative will be home.

  75. why would you continue referring to CORD and by extension ODM as tribal party yet their representation is national…jubilee in the last election was represented by two major tribes only….get these facts and note who you can refer to as tribalist

    • If you had read the whole article you would have seen what I have said about those who talk about reality. I quote. “The problem with reality based communities is that they believe that solutions emerge from judicious study of discernible reality. They don’t. They emerge from imagination. The ability to think of things that are not as if they were and then will them into being”.

    • Peter Gitau Are you now changing your position that I am unrealistic? Your second comment contradicts your first one. The future belongs to those who can imagine the world as it should be and act as if it already were. Nobody ever changed anything by being realistic. Like they say, today is the enemy of a different tomorrow.

  76. It’s us Kenyan you and me can change this by saying no to jubilee and cord and we elect new leaders regardless of their tribe and party we have Raphael Tuju and Peter Kenneth to start with

  77. Then give as a remedy of how to unite the 42 tribes at least uhuruto are trying by uniting small tribal political outfits to form an all inclusive party. Do your research well before you shout

  78. If the good people in this country(thousands that you say might be qualified to run for president) continue being silent and cowardly, we have no other choice between these two evils. You may write an encyclopedia but there is no magic that can save the Kenyan electorate. We are stuck with these two Stallions”.

  79. the roll the big and non holy spiritual churches are playing in politics leaves a lot to be desired, they play to there tune the gallery of there various devils knowing clearly that no group is good.we need prophet Elijah to get us out of this,we need God’s guidance to get us out of this two evil forces.

  80. most tribalists are kenyans who live in rural areas,and rural politicians people like uasin gishu governor ,i personally i have friends from diverse communities i have no problem with anybody from any tribe

    • Good for you. That is as it should be. But I would like to inform you that some rural folks are very progressive and some urbanite educated folk are bigoted. The “your name betrays you”madness was not unleashed on Kenyans by an uneducated rural fellow. It was said by an exposed, educated high ranking politician with presidential ambitions.

  81. I like your posts.very much,,very realistic of what our society should be ,,,,but at this time ad age our development(in terms of understanding) is quite low. I pray for Kenya to have likes of you ,kibaki ad more,,,,,. You are ahead of our time ad am sorry to say,,,,,look at at developed world ad there history ,,recall Abraham Lincoln ad 13th amendment. Civil war. At least they were against each other beliefs,,,here it’s ethnic difference,,,not ideology

  82. An insightful piece. I do believe that it’s us, the citizens, the voters, who have the ability to bring change in this great country. We don’t expect the ‘Old Moi-Men’ to bring any change. They’ll still do what they’ve been doing over years. We, the Kenyan voters have the responsibility of injecting new blood into our political sphere.