Jubilee merger is tribal gymnastics, if they are serious about the (tired) unity song, dare they merge with CORD

The proponents of the jubilee merger have been lecturing Kenyans about national unity. They claim that theirs is a “patriotic” move to “bring Kenyans together”. Politicians especially of Kenyan extraction can say anything. This is the newest “anything” in town which makes sense to no one except the jubilee mandarins and daydreamers. They are yet to explain to Kenyans how merging tribal entities like TNA and URP is supposed to bring about national unity and cohesion! It is akin to saying that if you have a small heap of garbage and you merge it with another small heap of garbage, you get a big heap of worthy garbage! But jubilee is so desperate to drop the tribal millstone hanging around its neck that they are willing to believe their own hype. This is a country deeply divided along a tribal fault courtesy of jubilee and CORD tribal chauvinism. We cannot talk about national unity provided this fault exists and it keeps getting bigger. If jubilee is serious about national unity and cohesion, dare they merge with CORD their tribal Siamese twin. Anything short of this is hogwash and tribal gymnastics.

If Kenyan politicians were honest, a merger between the two is not inconceivable, after all, they have more in common than in contrast. To begin with, both are mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. What this means is that there can be no way of bringing about national unity if only one side pretends to “denounce” its tribal character, identity and method of political mobilization. For us to achieve truly national character in politics, there is need of conversion of both CORD and jubilee and not one or the other. If jubilee is serious about national unity, dare they first merge with CORD. If CORD is serious about national unity, dare they merge with jubilee.

To show that there is no ideological difference between CORD and jubilee, the tribal kingpins at their helm have worked together in the last three elections and two referenda when their tribal political interests coincided. To begin with, all are KANUnnites. Some were more senior than others, some had a longer dalliance than others, some were more hawkish than others, but all were as ideologically empty and tribally inclined then as they are now. You did not need to be intelligent or visionary to succeed in KANU. In fact too much of either was frowned upon. You only needed to show deference to baba Moi and to fit in his tribal arithmetic.

These KANUnnites learnt well.

With Moi the master puppeteer gone, the puppets fragmented into individual tribal tin-gods and today none can project a vision that resonates with all Kenyans. They all think they are worthy just because of the tribal following they bring to the table. The problem is that they have no respect for each other. Because they know each other to be empty and tribal, they will not give way to each other. They reckon that one tribalist is as good as the other. And I would tend to agree, if two or three tribal warlords can unite, all six can. If Jubilee cares about national unity, dare they merge with CORD. And I can propose a new name for that merger, “KANU Re-united”. They can add “21st Century style” just for swag and PR!

All the KANUnnites seem to define national unity as a “tribal MOU’s by self-styled tribal warlords speaking for their strongholds”. CORD claims to be national, because it considers itself a more legitimate tribal conglomeration than jubilee which is seen to be a conglomeration of two tribes. This is the greatest handicap of the political class in CORD and jubilee. They are entirely incapable of imagining a nation outside the tribal paradigm. I do not blame them. Doing so needs very high level of intelligence both natural and acquired, great moral fortitude, vision, selflessness and statesmanship. All these qualities are lacking in all the feuding and jostling tribal kingpins. None of the six, Raila, Uhuru, Kalonzo, Ruto, Wetangula or Mudavadi can demonstrate any of these qualities in sufficient quantities or in sufficient combinations. The biggest qualification they have for wanting to rule the country is that they all want power and they have serious contempt for each other since they know none of them is better than the other. Some even sadly have a sense of entitlement, that somehow Kenyans owe them the presidency! However, if you remove tribal supremacy, they are all as equally empty as politicians come.  I have not heard them say anything inspiring in the last 15 years. In fact, I have heard them all tell us how tribal, or corrupt, or empty each other is. They are masters of doublespeak and political gerrymandering. Surely, they belong together.

When it comes to political day-dreaming, they are equally matched. Their status as tribal overlords haunts them equally. Consequently, their rhetoric is self-righteous and there is nothing they like more than calling themselves “nationalists” but they call each other “tribalists”. Well, you can only be one or the other, not both at the same time. A good test of who they really are is to ask ourselves what would happen to them if Kenyans got rid of tribalism tomorrow and embraced nationalism. All of them would go home. It is impossible to conceive of a united and cohesive Kenya with these tribal warlords at the helm. They are the antithesis of what is needed to build a united country.

To their credit, jubilee has identified the biggest political problem: A fragmented country courtesy of their and CORD’s politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity.  From this, they acknowledge the need for uniting Kenyans. Again this is correct. It is their prescription of how they will go about uniting Kenyans that betrays their hopelessly doomed way of thinking…that the solution to tribal fragmentation is to form a bigger tribal coalition. This is honest stupidity. You cannot solve tribalism by more tribalism. It is Martin Luther King who warned us that:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

After 53 years, the political class needs to admit that their unity project has been a total failure. It is time to regroup and take the unity song back to its source KANU, and hopefully compose another song. This has to start with a merger of all the KANUnnites, in CORD and jubilee, not just the jubilee ones. As for we the people, after 53 years of the meaningless unity song, secret tribal warlords’ MOU’s, scripted ethnic mergers  and tribal divisions, we are tired, very tired!

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  1. Jubilee has oftentimes called on CORD mandarins to join hands with it for the sake of development…where have you been? Are you an advocate of a single-party-state? What happens to Multipartyism that Kenyans fought for so hard? Churn out constructive criticism or Give us a break!

    • Proff…Am not alone at selective reading. Looking on the bright side of things creates hope for the future…Lets not throw the baby with the dirty water. Minority, errant individuals in the executive do not constitute Jubilee.

    • Heheheheheheeee…it always amuses me to hear the excuses jubilee and Cord people give in defense of the indefensible. These are hopeless guys steeped in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. Siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. I am willing though to indulge you. Show me the so called bright side of things in jubilee and Cord?

    • You only have to open your eyes with an open unbiased mind free of criticism….things could be worse. Its unfortunate that no third force has come out strongly as a choice when it matters.

  2. In this one you are out of order prof. In any democracy we must have the leftists and the right wing. Now, prosperity is not merging the two because that’s just impossible. Its about getting everyone to understand the essence of equality. Be it in resource sharing or just holding a common perception about a people. Unity and development comes by that not trying to get whether the government and opposition will merge. Otherwise, who will ensure the checks and balances when the other goes rogue with power??

    • Leonard, you’ve missed the whole point of the article. There is absolutely no difference between Cord and jubilee. They are both hopeless tribal outfits masquerading as national leaders. To imagine that one is an alternative to the other is to seriously mistaken. They stand for nothing outside eating.

    • Good point. Multiparty was supposed to usher in an era of plurality of ideas. Competition is supposed to be in terms of ideas. Having no ideas whatsoever and having been beneficiaries of KANU the current political class has turned this into ethnic chieftaincy and politics of hatred.

  3. Guys the prof has not supported any merger.He has merely called Jubilee’s bluff.Gillette is right coz the office that should forge national unit is the one responsible for perpetrating ethnism.The office of the president had practiced tribalism by making state appointments that favour certain communities at the expense of others.While in that office,it does not matter whether this or that region or nationality voted for you.The cabinet and other state appointments must reflect the face of the country or you are failing in fulfilling the spirit and the letter of the constitution.You will be splinering the nation.

    • I have said before that our problem is not who. There are many people lining up to become President and many came out in 2013. The problem is what is the new non-ethnic narrative that they are articulating and how. For so long as there is no compelling alternative political narrative, the tribalists will win.

    • Bitter is a big word. But in terms of kukula nini yangu, they are squandering the future of the next generation. Their intellectual and ideological emptiness is stalling the huge possibilities that exist for this country. The country is crying out for vision and modernization. All they are capable of is ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity.

    • Paul Njoroge Mwangi you can’t fit the prof’s shoes.He is to the point of national unity with good values and yet you are tribal cocoon and national disunity.

    • I just started following the conversation. I must say, Prof. Wainaina, that your narratives becry a country that lacks a unifying political idealogy and is deeply driven by ehtnicity. What caught my eye was Paul Njoroge Mwangi’s statement “Professor, kwani Jubilee walikula nini yako? You seems very bitter”.

      While conducting research concerning corruption in the education sector in Kenya last year, quite a number of government officials asked that question concerning the depth of graft, embezzlement and the use of public resources for personal benefit. I heard statements such as “Is it your father’s, uncle’s or brother’s money we are stealing”? “If he is a thief, he is our thief”. “We steal on behalf of our village since the government does not distribute resources equitably”. It seems many in the Kenyan government do not see corruption as an impedment to democratic processes and consider national resources to be a national pot that belongs to no one. When pressed further, some opined, “My first allegiance is to my tribe and then to the country”‘. “This whole idea called Kenya is a colonial construct that has no influnce upon me above my people who sent me to represent them and bring the resources back to my village”. “I serve my people through the government of Kenya but will never pledge allegiance to a man instead of to the flag or country”.

      The lingering and rife incapability of the country to meet its societal responsibilities has forced senior government officials to steal so that they can deliver to their tribes where the state has failed. The indication is that Kenya lacks unifying national values that would lead its citizens to serve their country. “We cling and serve our ethnic group that has given us a unifying identity and use government resources to support our own”. When I aksed the senior government officials to state what one would call “Kenyan values” all of them gave me their ribal values but failed to list one value deemed Kenyan. I do not know if this is true of all Kenyans since my research was limited to senior government officials. However, I sense tribal undercurrents even in some of the conversations in this blog knowingly or unintended.

      Tribalism and ethnic politics subsist as a flagrant and repugnant mechanism of amassing personal riches and easy access to undeserved party-political power and social wealth at the expense of those who have been disenfranchised by a government that is supposed to protect and provide for them. It seems that a person who occupies a public office and steals, is not seen as a thief but celebrated and seen as a hero or a hunter who has gone to the field and has earned the loot successfully and brought it home. It is assumed that government property belongs to nobody and because it belongs to nobody, there is no victim; it is a victimless crime.

      Apparently, if one occupies a public office and does not use it for personal benefit, is seen as a fool given that you were given an opportunity and you squandered it. From my field experience, it seems almost everything that is done is interpreted in terms of which ethnic group will benefit. Very few politicians and civil servants think nationally in their actions; they are so ethnocentric to act and reason before beyond their village. You must face historical reality and “the reality is that each government official is first a Kikuyu, a Luo, a Luhya, or a Masai before he or she is a Kenyan. Most of the politicians have been at it for over 40 years and have perfected and mastered the system. Even the constitution might not help since it is implemented by the same system that is bound to kill. President Uhuru Kenyatta is sincere in asking from help from the people. Just remember that a leader is just as good as the managers that sound him/her.

      There is no doubt that politics in Kenya is based on ethnicity and patronage in an environment where there is poverty. Apparently, to be a successful politician you are expected to finance the needs of the electorate. And these are sometimes very basic needs such as build roads and pay school fees. You are expected to undertake all manner of things, which in civilized countries, such activities are undertaken by the Government with the taxes paid, And because politics is corrupt and people need a lot of money to engage in politics, they use their political offices for purposes for preparing their wall chest for their next electoral cycle so that it feeds itself. So one should not be alarmed when political and ethnic coalitions are formed to safegurad continuity of party resources.

      As Africans, we are chronically grouped together by colonial boarders and unless we fully embrance this political predicament, truly become Kenyans, pledge to our flag and the principals to which it stands and unite as one nation, regradless of our tribal affilations, politics that is nurtured in ethnicity will continue to perpetuate and groom the kinds of leaders your narratives so clearly describes. Unless there is a chance for each ethnic group to form its own country like the did in Europe, we chronically torked to the hip and we had better learn how to live together. The irony of it all is that Kenya is replete with briliant and educated people whose academic essence has not had effect on the ethinic troubles that ail the country. We sound very educated in all our proposals, dissertations and converstions and yet continue to wallow in ethnic prejudices. The grandchildren of the “Muzungu” do not have to divide us anymore; their grandfathers did a good job. What is the solution? Professor Wainaina so elonquently proposed it in his blog concernign the “Unleaked Exam”. It is good for the entire antional system. I have a few more ideas to add in the future. But who should make the change? It starts with the man in the mirror.

      Forgive me Professor for being wide-winded. Do not be discouraged, keep the narrative going; it is through such salons that humanism is enhanced.

      • Prof. Michael Wainaina

        Thank you for your response. I write to engage and always welcome thoughts from Kenyans. Like I have said before, we are all in the grip of a single political narrative, ethnicity. Unless we change the narrative, the politicians will continue to use it against the Nation and for their greedy objectives. I usually give the example of Rwanda. The ethnic narrative sent them to genocide. For them to rebuild the Nation all the y did was to change the narrative, they did not get “new” Rwandese. Political narratives are strong things and they can inspire positively or divide dangerously. The ethnic narrative does the latter. I agree with you that it is up to us the people to change it. It works for the political class and the top civil servants. They have no motivation to want to change it. You do not change that which is working for you. You preserve it. It therefore remains the sole duty of those Kenyans for whom the narrative is not working to imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative and articulate it to the masses. I personally think that this is a particularly urgent assignment. The divisions of the ethnic political narrative are pushing us to the edge of the cliff. And like they say, it is better to build a fence at the edge of the cliff, than to build a hospital below it.

  4. Jubilee could be right given that, in their eyes, the country is comprised of the Gema & Kalenjin nations. These two, they have managed to unite. Even this unity is fickle, based on the assumption that Gema will support Ruto for the presidency in return in 2022. That will be the real test of this unity. There will surely be a candidate from the Gema nation in 2022 and it will be difficult for them to reject their own and face the prospect of being out of power for a decade!

  5. Unlike all other professors worldwide, this professor does not say which university he is affiliated to. He does not show where he earned his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees but quick to assign himself the title Professor and PHD. There are many conmen in this world

    • The same people who in 2013 were outsmarted. Their younger KANU brothers took the same formula and twisted it to 2 against 42 and he lost. If the 2007 guy does not change the tribal narrative, he will loose to the new formula in 2017. And yes, we are shaking the system…speaking truth to power and hope to the country.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      I have not misrepresented any facts. Kenya has over 60 registered political parties. A merger of CORD and Jubilee will not lead to a one party. Please realize that the world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      A few fellows who choose to be nasty and express their tribal sentiments on a blog does not constitute “Kenyans”Maina. It does not matter where other people stand, it matters where you stand.

  6. Jubilee is trying to slay Cord while cord is also trying to be remain relevant and popular, in this whole contest we have an electorate who have no idea of what’s going on apart from the free amusement park opened every weekend

  7. Wainaina. Politics in Kenya is tribal. The constitution is tribal . citizens are tribal including you.counties are tribal.our thinking is tribal.our stomachs are tribal.so what do u expect any political competition to be?

    • When you have bought into the tribal hype in this way, it might seem like change is impossible. There are those of us who see tribalism for what it is. A political narrative of the current political class in Jubilee and CORD. We also know what needs to be done. Craft a new non-ethnic political narrative. This assignment though is for those who believe that the country is better and deserves better. It does not make tribalism any more real just because you accuse everyone of being tribal.

  8. I thought any good idea to be implemented must start from somewhere. I don’t know who told you that it is a one day affair. With your alleged professorship, I thought you could understand that it requires men of goodwill and patriots to achieve this. It is an uphill task but can be achieved.

  9. National unity does not occur automatically. It has to start somewhere. The starting point is uniting like-minded parties and then after that,casting the net wider to bring on board ideologically different parties such as Cord. Hold your horses,professor.

    • If you are waiting for jubilee and Cord to come up with a master plan for national unity, good luck! How many times must I repeat in this forum that there are no political parties in this country? Just ethnic briefcases of tribal warlords that they use to bargain for access to power. And yes I agree with you about like-mindedness. And all the tribal briefcase parties and their warlord owners are like minded, masters of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. If you are waiting for them to unite a country, God have mercy on us.

  10. You forget that JP will be made up of over 15 parties,this merger will bring more unity it shall bring the face of Kenya am sure some enemies of development will argue different but facts will overcome.As we speak today jubilee under UK has a 58% popularly na bado.

  11. Bure kabisa, ndio Uhuru akiingia tena 2017 wengine waanze kutake credit ati they gave him power yet they were already losing. Remember Kibaki tosha? As if the alternative was Raila Tosha. nkt. Would still have been Kibaki or Uhuru. Get lost with your theories.

  12. Prof’ is it possible for one to hold water in a basket? Do you think Ruto can hold even one vote from central? Make me understandard this plz prof.u seem to understand this difficult subjets….

  13. Much ado about nothing! What is this post all about? Somebody interpret it for me! The first time I encountered the word COHESION was to do with TWO tiny drops of Water coming together to form……..an Ocean! What are we being told here? That Two people cannot come together to form a small company that would grow to a conglomerate? That with the modern learned(know all) people trees are climbed from the top?????

  14. The big worries to jubilee is what it can do to retain in power? and cord worries what it can do to be in power they don’t care about national unity what matters is who is in power

    • It is not helpful to lay the blame on anyone’s doorstep…It is the system and the political class in general that relies on ethnicity. If it is not Uhuru and Raila, it will be other tribal kingpins. The whole political narrative needs to change.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD you started on the wrong footing by attacking current ruling leaders and then to be seen as being objective you mention the word Cord. I think your mind need to be exported to Uganda probably you stand a better chance there. Yaani you can educate

      • Prof. Michael Wainaina

        I have said again and again that i am not neutral and I do not seek to be “objective”. I am vehemently opposed to the current political class in Cord and Jubilee who are mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. I am not neutral.

  15. Thanks prof. I am convinced you are one political blogger who is not a sycophant. If only we Kenyans would look at politicians from your point of view: we would be far and a second force that knows no tribal kingship would finally bring the much needed changes in our country. However most of us as per the few comments I have read cannot see beyond their tribe and therein lies the problem. But I have a dream one day we will see the light.

  16. Just in that book-animal farm.all tribes (animals) r equal but some r more equal than others.In this case all tribes were God created with their characters and beliefs and no matter what some one may think,tribal tags cannot end

  17. Huyu prof makes my day,you cant force cows to drink water,they are trying, they brought some like mungaro ,mutua n etc,…..we Kenyans are the only ones who can change that,hayo mengine ni kelele

  18. I sincerely endose your arguments, infact i will not vote in the next election if we still have the same same jubilee and cord aspirants as the only affiliations to vote for, hahahah i am tired with these seassoned bunch of politicians.. I long for the day we will have a complete revolution, i am really waiting for that day.

    • “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”. Robert Kennedy.

  19. A recent opinion poll in June 2016 by an international research firm, Ipsos Synovate, shows Kenyans will vote for Uhuru by 51% as compared to Raila with only 28%. When the figures are adjusted for undecided voters, Uhuru gets 58% against Raila’s 32%

  20. Am really not certain but this will definitely give Uhuru the much needed 50% +1 knock out win over Raila or do you think there us any other worthy competitor?

  21. Prof is absolutely right,,jubicord has nothing good for Kenyans,,,bt then the problem is within us as Kenyans because we only vote along tribal lines then complain for five solid years,,, its high time we change our mind sets and vote for ideologies..otherwise if we don’t change then Kenyan is headed in the wrong direction.

  22. you professor were you born in kenya or else where,cos how you talk makes me wonder.who dont know all parties are tribal based and thats why when urp merged with tna there was possibility of ending a long tribal difference which have led to blood shed furthermore if cord joined the lot there would be no opposition and i think they make the best.

  23. I wonder what unity they are talking about when they call upon a tribe,not an individual,to ditch their support for coalition to support them. What is it if not division? How dare a government use the word ‘tribe’ and still claim to preach unity.It is sad, the vigour with which the deputy president is preaching tribalism.

  24. Truth has never been fair to anyone but to those who believe in straightforwardness. It doesn’t pumper the wicked but avails justice to the innocent. It gives hope to the weak and more so to everyone. No wonder, it is everybody for himself but God for us all! Kudos Professor. Keep the pace and we are tight, right behind you.

  25. At least I hear talk of National Unity at every chance Jubilee principals get. On the other hand Cord principals, all they do is incite Kenyans against those in Jubilee.

  26. Prof,,This article is true,the idear of merging is just to strengthen the tribal politics,,,we need things like negotiating with new parties in Jubilee,,,

  27. proff the jubilee merger is open to all interested parties….and if you can recall the deputy president has been trying to gather support from eastern and western kenya which are cord strongholds so do you want them to force cord to join it….some kamba leaders are already joining the side…the same is happening in western an the coast as well if you would care to remember…so saying that the merger is a tribal affair is misleading kenyans…u cannot be pretending to be helping people by only posting negative and untrue facts….bt anyway ur nt all alone…we havo others like alai or prffesor kisiangangi who makes me wonder what criteria does the kenyan universities use when making someone a “proffesor” and now i do no longer understand the meaning of “PHD”.

    • Thiongo you seem to have bought the jubilee hogwash hook bait and sinker. Reread your post. It is too tribal to even fathom. When you talk about Kamba leaders, isn’t that tribal gymnastics? Why would anyone who has a national appeal try to gather eastern, or western or northern or whatever. The very talk of regions is irredeemably tribal. it is the only thing that CORD and jubilee can talk about. They have totally run out of new ideas. Totally.

    • Nothing can be produced under a government based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. Mutunga told you it is a bandit economy. Anyone who is not a bandit will find it very difficult to make headway. The search of a new non-ethnic political narrative is the most urgent project in Kenya today.

  28. Out of order, Kenya is made up of tribes, do you expect political parties to start recruiting. ..angels to cease being tribal, I am proud to be who I am and to where I belong. The problem is not tribes, Tanzania has many tribes like Kenya, yet they are peaceful. The problem in Kenya is “our leaders” they some are gullible and without vision for the country, don’t care attitudes towards Wanjiku.

  29. I totally agree with you professor, there is no way a collection of a few tribal heads,can be allowed to ride roughshod over 44 million Kenyans. The speed with which these tribal heads agreed to have a dialogue with their opposition counterparts, is a clear indicator that its not about the people, nor about the rule of the law, neither is it about honouring the constitutional institutions, but individual interests considerations. I wonder when we’ll gain our country back. Maybe inclusiveness through a government of national unity may be the only way

    • People cannot be tribeless, leadership can be devoid of tribalism. And a party that shuns tribalism is conceivable. With the current political class who only know ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, such a party is impossible. With a new non-ethnic political narrative and actors, it is probable.

    • I prefer to write the lines myself. We are not slaves of history. It is said that history is good to learn from but is is dangerous when you make it your bed. We have the capacity to fashion our tomorrow the way we want it. Our condition is our fault, but the future is our choice.

  30. Professor for nothing… Coalitions and parties are founded by people who come from particular tribes.The founders are not ghosts.Cord is a coalition of tribes just like Jubilee.. Think loud.

  31. I here some people saying that Jubilee is made of informed people, surely, compare Engineer H.Raila, Lawyer Weta, lawyer Stivo, and Uhuru, Ruto and Duale.

  32. I believe everyone have his way of interpretation of any situation, like the Prof and his cheering squad, but I still remember the squad including professors , like him on top of the mountain telling us that baba hard read the wako draft for them and declared it unfit for Kenya’s consumption, what’s is baba doing now to the constitution he told Kenya’s that it was fine for them?cheering squad my foot.

  33. Prof, I think now you have worn a totally different coat. You have drifted from psychology to politics, and in your politics, you are not appreciating the role of ‘democracy’, which Kenyans recognise as means to check govt. The ideal phenomenon that what you profess is and must be of a theocratic governance and its opposite is democracy; the current order. The new paradigm shift of your articles has openned a new page which confirms other interests!

  34. Tribal unity has to start somewhere!!Uhuruto have done more to unite the country than anyone in history.Prof,stop politicizing everything and even if you do,be bipartisan with your opinions and actually acknowledge the small tide jubille is starting.Maybe when you graduate from talking/teaching and start doing and hopefully are elected as a politician,u will show us how to better fight tribalism.

    • Ngugi, I know there are those who have bought the jubilee hype but you have taken it to another level. Jubilee is starting a tide? Are you serious? To say that jubilee has done more to unite this country than anyone in history raises very serious questions about your own understanding of political history of Kenya. These guys cannot start anything. They are KANU damu. And yes, even if not me, other new visionary Kenyans will rise and show you how better to fight tribalism. All I know is that this will not be done by the YK92 hustler and the failed Moi project currently occupying statehouse. It will never happen.

  35. professor, 2 glasses of water n milk of equal amounts mix well but there will be no new colour, all look milk meaning ‘no visible change but taste’. the merger of jubilee n cord does not in any way eradicate the ‘tribe/tribal’ factor,thus, your main objective or target for some reform or the much needed change for the better. what do u exactly mean to achieve in their n/or new ‘one-party’ merger? > unity? one party rule? more tribes inclusive gvt/state house? reduce current friction n escalating division among the 2 major parties n followers? cheat kenyans that there is biparty relationship hence unity n progress? or we say n nod that the ‘prof. said it, n, its o.k’?

  36. When you dont see the good side of anything yours is to punch hole literally on anything,you should offer tangible solutions,and stop this mulky propanganda of the impossible merger of the two antagonist

    • CORD and jubilee are not antagonists. They are siamese twins, equally mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. The only beef they have with each other is that one is in power and overeating and the other is outside power and overshouting.

    • My learned friend Prof there seem to be inherent hostility and disenchantment between the two.Unless we come up with your preferred or alternative sought of party we Kenyan are stuck with this

    • Samuel Maina Malebo I am not sure what hostility you are talking about my friend. Raila was with Ruto in 2007. He spent the next five years insulting and undermining Kalonzo at every chance and turn. Ruto was against PNU in 2007. In 2013 he left Raila to join his KANU sibling and form KANU Re-loaded aka Jubilee. Jilted by his KANU siblings, Kalonzo ran to his nemesis and they formed the most ridiculous tribal coalition called CORD. What hostility are you talking about? These guys are all the same. Watch them. Before August 2007, the alliances will change in ways that are unimaginable today. It is only gullible people who cannot see the manipulation. These guys are together.

  37. Prof right,ngugi wrong. Jubilee has divided this country more than moi and kibaki combined. State jobs kikuyu na kales 90% what do they expect others to just smile abt this? So others are just tax slaves?

  38. Wht unity au talkin about yet we hv only two tribes ruling this country left , right and centre ? This country hs 42 tribes not only and its really ludicrous to talk about unity with such kind of tribalism goin on this country .

  39. Another one looking for attention just like that nominated senator.as a professor u have really reasoned backwards and am not ashamed to say that.when some are trying to pull together,ur busy pulling apart.anyway its a country of free speech

    • CORD and jubilee are not of different opinion. They are siamese twins, equally mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. The only beef they have with each other is that one is in power and overeating and the other is outside power and overshouting.

  40. Prof. am with u on this reading most of the comments proves that kenyans wil never reason beyondr tribes. Uhuru n Ruto a pretending to unite kenyans while the country is very polarised as a result of entrenched tribalism. The top ten posts in the kenyan embasy in US are held by two tribes. Is this the way jubilee is uniting kenyans? Prof endelea kuwambia ukweli.

  41. I believe merging the respective tribal outings can take us some miles in enhancing unity however the proponents are not sincere since most of the public apointments made so far are skewed towards few tribes.
    Others are left with nothing but wishes.

  42. While I admire your reasoning there are a few factors that you have overlooked. One, the elections are a political contest where there will be losers and winners. The problem that we have is that losers never want to concede defeat. Second, under this constitution there is no room for power sharing that you advocate. Third, what would be the need for elections if the parties merge? What we should be doing is strengthen our parties so that the tribal tags are removed so that people can jugde parties on their ideologies and aspirations

    • Your argument has some basis. But it is flawed in its assumption that there are political parties in Kenya. Hakuna. Only ethnic briefcases owned by tribal warlords for the purpose of political bargaining. There is therefore no basis of judging ideologies and aspirations of any of them. They have none but the acquisition of power by any means necessary.

    • Hence my point of strengthening the parties and building strong structures as in the case of USA where we have Democrats and Republicans or UK where we have Labour and Conservative parties

    • It depends on your definition of political parties but going by what is in the Political Parties Act we do have parties. We the people are to blame because we have allowed the politicians to put us into tribal cocoons.

    • There are not two definitions of political parties. And even the registrar of political parties knows that there are no political parties in Kenya. I think we have a responsibility to change the political class. I cannot take responsibility for tribal political parties. The politicians especially the six warlords will have to take responsibility for that.

    • …I am not sure about your understanding of history. It is jogoo that infected tinga with politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. A top notch reformer has now been reduced to a mere tribal tin-god gallivanting the whole country training and recruiting tribal chieftains and bargaining for tribal coalitions. Shame.

  43. The Author must be a dimwit whose intelligent or lack of it can only be compared with that of a kindergarten scholar.

    How else do u describe an elite who cannot make small distinctions of roles of the opposition and ruling party in a multi-party democracy.

  44. Prof has shared his opinion. Some ppo responses leave u wondering whether they reason or not. Who are u ‘judges’ or a generation with itchy ears? It’s better to hold one’s peace rather than make some comments. Anyway there is always a lot to be tolerated. SHALOM

  45. Why would Jubilee govt and indeed any govt of the day have a problem with a united Kenya? In fact they compared to opposition would be loving all the way to the bank. On party issues I agree with you, but I also think that Political parties Act have been disregarded by politicians. A party like TNA for example was launched in Kasarani with “delegates” from across the country, seemed like it had a national outlook but unfortunately was ridden by tribal forces.

    • Jubilee would have a serious problem with a united Kenya since a United Kenya would have to shun tribalism. If we shun tribalism, all the current tribal warlords and their tribal briefcase parties will fall, hard. There was no launch of a party called TNA in Kasarani. There was launch of a private members club owned and directed by Uhuru Kenyatta for the purposes of making tribal bargains with other tribal warlords,for power. He was very successful.

    • TNA was formed with the aim of coalescing with one other tribe. Period. But they knew two other tribes would have no choice but join. True. There was no elections. No policy. Nothing.

  46. All Kenyan political mergers are that way. Our tribes are so much in tribes and we’re also so much in them. Basically Mr Prof , Kenya is a tribal country unlike Somalia where everyone speaks Somali. Just take it easy. Good evening

  47. Unfortunately…..I see no balance of intellect in the abstract.

    Kannunites is a lame flute the author chooses to blow in the pretense of supporting this roughly imagined prose.

    In its stead…Wainaina shoukd have left his third eye stance and walked a mile in the shoes of either of the coalitions.

    Calling the chefs burning the midnight oil to bake this nation a formidable political movement , tribal chauvinist & day dreaming mandarins is in itself an insult to the long standing battle for political space and right of association.

    Unity may take a litle longer to achieve…but the train has already left the station..and we shall surely get there.

    I forgive you who crucify the chefs burning their fingers to serve you a united nation…but who chose to sit on the fence, wear glasses of ignorance and take the high seat of elite criticism without looking deep into the fountains from which the jubilee coalition seeks to quench this elusive thirst for unity.

    • Heheheheeeee…If you smell what the chefs are cooking you will get an unmistakable aroma of corruption, ethnicity and mediocrity. It is all mixed with spices of pretense, hypocrisy and intellectual incapacity. And we know the native essence of the chefs, they are called kanunnites. And when you support them, you totally completely loose any “balance of intellect”. You are defending the indefensible.

    • If being a professor is to reason like you let me remain the certificate that I have…. There are some people who thrived in orchestrating tribal hatred! You are one among them! and am very sure since this has become a non_issue to the main tribe’s that you thrived in mongering hatred, u must be very bitter! That makes you look like a class five drop out i pity you Mr professor!!!

    • As a matter of fact I don’t see the importance of uniting two communities at the exclusion of others. I call it tribalism, myopia and hogwash. It is an exercise that demonstrates that it owners are either extremely foolish or they thing that we the people are extremely foolish.

    • I think we,the people are somehow extreemely foolish.The politicians are using us to propel themselves to position they want which eventually benifit them and their families.It is no wonder Kenyans are ever whining about poor leadership.We dont elect based on merits.

    • I am only disturbed by the most learned Kenyans who have made careers out of criticizing others intead of showing the way forward. A politician may politik, a president may just do as much but a prof is different or if not the prof thing is just a prefix!

  48. Live long Prof.Michael Wainaina…i see the importance of education.I can say that people like you can give back to the society what is really and sanctified

  49. Live long Prof.Michael Wainaina…i see the importance of education.I can say that people like you can give back to the society what is really and sanctified

  50. I am a very disturbed Kenyan. Kenya ni yangu na ni yako pia. How I wish everyone could read between the lines like I. The dive is cast n there’s no turning back. I it’s ruto the 2022 or no one else. That’s the deal n nothing else.

  51. We longer sing the same song like we used to do,that’s why national anthem is heard when we have a national function in attendance the president,do we pledge our loyalty anymore????? If only we can all think in your line,I don’t see a Kenya.

  52. All this tribal chauvinism came with Multipartism Former President Moi said it And it happened the most tribal affiliation I saw in my time was the Pentagon and surely it led to a blood bath sadly the tribal train left the station I don’t know who can bring it back Kenya is more tribal than ever

    • Tell me how tribal pentagon was.I think it included most of the tribes in Kenya.Ruto,Mudavadi,Ngilu,Balala,Nyaga and Raila.How tribal was it?And the Pentagon didn’t recruit Mungiki to slaughter people in Naivasha ,neither was it the one that burnt people in Kiambaa church.Can you use your brain to think not emotions based on political affiliation.State facts.

    • Bob Deya sadly your comment is directed 80% by tribal affiliation the Pentagon had heads of different tribes brought together to represent tribal regions and isolate one tribe it was said 41 against 1 and we had PEV my point is KANU was an all inclusive party multipartism gave every region a party TNA_central ODM_Nyanza Ford Kenya_western just to mention a few Wiper_eastern remove your tribal lenses and see this with naked eye we failed as Kenyans by bringing Multipartism

    • Karanja all main political parties and their presidential aspirant are tribal. You cannot pick out one as more tribal than the other. Ningetaka kukukosoa kuhusu your opinion about Moi and that multipatyism will bring tribalism. This was not an innocent concern for him. He not only wanted to preserve the one party system but he also wanted to be the only tribal kingmaker in the political arena. That is what he was trying with the kasarani kisirani debacle until it exploded in his face. Just a note…the concern was not being expressed in the best interest of the country.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD I think Some parties are more tribal wen you see one tribe as Chairman, organizing secretary etc and with no tolerance for the ones who come from another tribe without mentioning party names, and about Moi He was an astute politician who could see years to come Multipartism created tribal cocoons my people our people our Party Look at developed nations how many parties do you see….. So we have failed as a country if someone says I’m from central you can connect Him to a party pap If it was one Party or Two Kenya would be unified but now…

    • Arafat Hemed Your arguments can only be understood through the tribal prism. What do you mean by “Cord has everyone except central and rift valley”. This is a contradiction. What is your understanding of “everyone”. It is like saying everyone was in the house except two members of the family. It means that everyone WAS NOT in the house. If it is except central and rift valley, CORD is tribal.

    • This is a tribal argument and threat. it is part of the problem not the solution. Nothing will stop a new tribe from saying it is our time to eat if the basis is this kind of argument. The political class in CORD and jubilee is the same, equally tribal and equally corrupt. You cannot replace one with the other and call that change.

  53. then if possible the minister for information must burn all tribal broadcasting radio stations and television so that Kenyans must use only English and kiswahili or any other international languages to kill tribalism.

    • Even if you banned all radio/TV stations and all other languages, the politicians in CORD and jubilee will use wahtever language is available to them to preach ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. This is all they know. It is not the language that makes them this way. They live and thrive in politics courtesy of ethnicity and corruption. You cannot change them by banning radio and language, you can only vote them out of government.

  54. I don concur with u prof….. You are asking for sth impossible … Jubilee merging with Cord? Then what will be the essence of elections? It is even more dangerous for such a merger since gvnt evils can never be unearthed. @ Arafat Hemed banning tribal stations is infringing the rights of media n also freedom of expression. Jubilee’s efforts will unite the larger part of Kenya. Look at ODM…. Its simply another name for Luo Nyanza, Ford Kenya is simply Luyha, Wiper is synonymous to Ukambani….. So Cord is worse. Jubilee had invited all political parties for merger including Cord parties

    • remember jubilee is a party of two tribes kale and Kikuyus that is the truth odm is in mombasa garisa and all over kenya dnt you see is a national party look how jubilee apoints people if nt tribal

    • You can’t compare Kenya with Tanzania my friend. You are talking of 2 in Tz while in kenya we have over 42. As much as tribal stations have perpetrated negative ethnicity, the solution is not infringing freedom of expression …. The solution is changing the landscape of politics n also changing the mindset of kenyas so that we can stop attaching so much value to politics. Media in general has failed…..all the news we get dwell on politics while the rest fall under Aob. In my view, social ethics is lacking in our media……n that’s what need to be addressed….not disbanding them.

    • bro njoroge Tanzania has more tribes than kenya nt only 42 but they speak only two languages nw look at Rwanda they only speak kinyarwanda and nw they prosper look at Ethiopia and tell me nw where is kenya under jubilee

    • ArafatHemed, that’s what is presumed by Odm leaders. Odm used to be but its no longer be. I believe Odm can do better in a merger than in a coalition ….look everybody in Cord wants to be president …so who is the deputy? Presidency require pple with concrete vision n plan…..right now Raila is tired, Kalonzo is still swallowing melons while Wetangula is still enjoying BAT funds as he hits billboards due to drunkenness…… In Cord coalition, only Raila can command a whole community n beyond…..others can only command their relatives.

    • ukabila umezidi wakikuyu wakijiona more Kenyan than other Kenyans msithani wakenya wengine niwajinga wakenya wanashangaa na ukabila vile umeshamiri wakati wa kibaki na uhuru

    • I really don’t like the comparison of Magufuli coz Kenya is capitalist while Tz is communist…….he just rose like any new president…..but at least he may thrive coz he doesn’t face hooliganism of property destruction in the name of demonstrations. Raila can only be a president of violent demonstrations. He is destined yo sacrifice his own supporters. He can only do that by spreading poverty like a plague…. I don’t think kenyans would accept to be ruled by him coz we fear he will infect everybody with poverty

  55. Democracy comes with its challenges and therefore moving from purely ethnic parties to ethnic coalitions such as JAP and CORD is a step forward likely to pave way for the emergence of formal political parties.

    • I cannot consult for a political class this steeped in ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. This regime cannot be helped by good ideas. It adulterates everything it touches and bastardizes any and all good ideas through incompetence and tribal chauvinism. Anyone who joins them with the intention of changing them gets changed themselves instead.

  56. Agreed. 2017 is the strategy ODM used in 2007 to win. The only challenge it was all against one. I wonder how they will craft this. Since the one to be sidelined ia already known but Jubilee is not just saying it loud enough. This agenda was championed by among others Ruto who is now doing the same thing but now for a different master. Will it succeed. That is a matter of wait and see.

    • By the tribalists in CORD and jubilee merging, we will not kill multiparty politics. We will stop the charade that one is an alternative to the other, because this is not true. They are the same, mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, and they belong together. There are over 60 registered political parties in Kenya so multipatyism is alive and well.

  57. Its Always Funny Reading Comments Of Tribal Slaves,what The Chief Slave Says Is The Voice Of A god And To Say The Contrary Is To Sell The Community,they’ll Insult And Call You All Sort Of Names But The Good Thing Is That You Are Free But They Remain In Their Slavery.Prof. Good Piece Keep It Up.

    • They are the same…it is sad that they have managed to convince you that they are protagonists. They are not. They were together in the blood-soaked coalition government and there was no noise against corruption. They were all eating. The problem now is that Jubilee is in power and overeating alone and CORD is outside power and overshouting. At the heart they are scions of KANU mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. Like my primary school teacher used to say, “birds of a feather flock together”.


    • We need to convince non-tribalists first. And believe me they are in the majority. It is only that hater shout loudest. New narratives are not build with those on the left or the right. They are spoken for. New narratives are build with those in the center, and they are always more.

  59. I am for a unity party. It is time to exercise true democracy. Mult-party to me does not mean 200 political parties. Two to three parties are enough for people to be in the party of their choice. The British and other colonial masters divided Africans for easier administration. The Africans administrators have even more divided their people into their own families.
    But currently the British have only two strong political parties. The same to the Unites States of America. Why can’t we borrow their idea? Already we have started with Cord and Jubilee and let it remain that way for 100 years and we shall have achieved at least something as a nation. But hi mambo ya kuunda vyama mpya every election year and party hobbing should stop if we want to achieve anything recognisable by all.

    • CORD and jubilee are not political parties. The are tribal briefcases for the political bargain of their owners, tribal warlords. Jubilee may last until the next elections. I suspect that CORD will not. Jubilee will conflagrate thereafter and cannot win two elections consecutively. No “party” has won elections twice since 2002.

  60. Me thinks the new constitution was a bad idea,it opened the floodgates of corruption,cronyism,tribalism.Maybe its time we had another referendum but the political class will hear none of it.

    • The problem is not the constitution. It is the political class entrusted to implement it. They desecrate everything they touch, from churches to burials to the constitution. Even if a constitution dropped from heaven, it has no chance if those expected to implement it is the KANUnnites and Moi spanner boys in CORD and jubilee. It will never happen.

  61. I think you, Mr Professor , are the day dreamer. We need a powerful opposition like Cord. Any enterprise must start somewhere and we are in the nascent stages of doing just that in this democracy. Cord and Jubilee are like the Republican and Democratic parties of the US but at the infancy stage.

    • After your laughter you conveniently forgot to notice that I used the words infancy stage. Corruption is a way of life in Kenya and is not a creation of the current administration. It will take more than a patronizing professor uttering statements full of vitriol and half truths to correct our situation. We need leadership that from the lowest rungs in society to the highest committing to address the vice. From the nuclear family leadership to the presidency. All Kenyans are culprits and I dare you to take a peek into your conscience. You talk to Kenyans as though can’t think for themselves, our new Messiah -you just write these incendiary statements to promote your site which is as unsitely as your writings.

  62. Why has jubilee decided a president for the people in 2017 & 2022 if it is true JAP party unites & accommodates all Kenyans? Is this democracy? Such a draconian party can only be embraced by .tupid .ools.


    • No I can’t. Jubilee is the problem and not the solution. They are the purveyors of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. They lack the political goodwill and intellectual acumen to build a nation. Tribal kingpins cannot. Hawawesmake. And they know it. These are just attempts, tribal gymnastics at best.




    • Peter Kimani Comparing Jubilee with teams selected by AK is to push it. he selection is a professional process to pick the best. Jubilee is not the best. It is the top of the worst. It was formed by tribal kingpins, a YK92 hustler and a 2002 failed Moi project, fugitives of ICC justice who were out to solve a common “personal problem” and cement impunity. They have as expected formed a kakistocrasy. They are not the best qualified, they are the most adept at the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Given your unbridled support for them, you cannot imagine an Obama or a Cameron type politician running for president here. I can understand why you can’t. You will only see possibilities when you look and hope beyond the hogwash politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity of both CORD and Jubilee. Like we say in our language, “rekia kiu unyitite”, wachilia hiyo umeshikilia, utaweza kuona na kufikiri vingine.

  64. Prof, I thought logic was the hallmark of scholarship! How do you achieve unity if not by bringing together those very tribal entities, if TNA, URP, ODM etcetera are so? Or would you rather they remained so? Me thought political association is voluntary…that those willing to join JAP or CORD will do so without compulsion. The logic may be flowed, but the argument of JAP proponents has been that instead of having dozens or even hundreds of small political parties, we collapse them into two or three nationwide parties. If this happens each will be forced, as envisioned in our 2010 Constitution, to recruit throughout all regions and ethnicities. Come that time and parties will be forced to compete on ideologies. JAP and CORD may not be the panacea but they are a step in the right direction. Let both assume a national outlook and we see how well they can compete on ideologies and action plans. That will be the beginning of the end for those that survive on ethnic mobilization either to retain or grab power. Our politics has to change if we are to survive!

    • I wish the energy and strategies they put together in order to win election is the same they use in fighting corruption, poverty and anything else that concern common mwananchi

    • Mack u have said nothing but the truth..politicians think about themselves and they have managed to blind kenyans in the name of unity..”fisi ni wale wale misitu ndo tofauti”

    • JAP, CORD, TNA, URP, ODM have the same thing in common. They are vehicles by the tribal kingpins atop them to take them to power. Period. Please do not mention the word political party and then mention these contraptions in the same sentence. They are not and can never be political parties. As soon as the political ambitions of the tribal warlords are dealt with, they will cease to exist. We are going to have the fourth election since 2002 with a different political outfit in four elections in a row. This is because political parties mean nothing to the tribal warlords. They just need a briefcase to carry their selfish ambitions with. They call them political parties. They are not and cannot be.

  65. Professor I have noticed we have the same ideology, merging to win election but not to help common mwananchi, I challenge them to merge with the aim of fighting corruption,fighting poverty and anything that will help common mwananchi

  66. Those seeking the Presidency should get out of their tribal cocoons and seek votes from Kenyans direct as individuals. Why are they so scared to approach Kenyans directly without wearing a tribal attire. Uhuru Ruto Raila Kalonzo Mudavadi Wetangula should should stand alone individually 2017 and let Kenyans pick one of them. Why fear.

    • This is a very good point you are making. If they are visionary leaders with a program for modernizing Kenya that appeals to all Kenyans, let them come out as individuals and sell those programs to Kenyans. The truth is beyond tribe, these guys have nothing to tell Kenyans. Nothing!

    • Do not be confused. Look for a new non-ethnic political narrative that appeals to Kenyans outside ethnicity. What I can assure you is that that narrative will not come form the current political class. These guys are hopelessly tribal. They know nothing else.

  67. What science can one use to mix water and oil or paraffin? One group believes in using violence and destruction in airing their grievances while potraying themselves saints and the other peace.

  68. Internal unity first. CORD wajumlishwe baadaye kama tena tunataka serikali ya NUSU MKATE. Kibaki and Raila’s HALFBREAD GOVT did Kenya proud. Positive changes Kenya imeona ni hao wawili walileta.

  69. Mandarin professor who neither sees nor hears anything worthy from jubilee,i dare him to form a political party and that is when he will know that running a political party is not the same as taking porridge in a kiosk.

    • Maina, be nice. If jubilee had done or said anything worthy, I would have seen or heard it. The regime is so corrupt, that if they have done anything good, it was because of the opportunity for graft the good thing offered, not because they believe in it. If there is money to be made in it, Jubilee will do it. Trust them.

    • The article was about the jubilee merger. CORD is fine to remain as separate small heaps of tribal garbage. Jubilee wants to consolidate the small heaps of tribal garbage called TNA and URP into a bigger tribal heap to protect the sick personal ambitions of the tribal tin-gods atop the small heaps.

    • It’s Ironical when TNA and URP members keep shouting from rooftops that CORD should unite. How that is a problem to Jubilee I don’t know. No politician in this country wants this country united.

  70. #WAINANA

    • This is the very reason I have said CORD and Jubilee belongs together. When did jubilee parties have democratic elections? Who can challenge Ruto in Rift valley of Uhuru in Central. Aren’t they equally guilty of the sins they accuse Raila off. Surely, they belong together.



    • Dr. Abdillo by now you must have heard the mention of the word tolerance, which simply means you don’t have to agree with Wainaina ,he expressed an opinion, express yours, but for the mere fact that you throw insults at whomever is not cut from your school of thought is shallow, unwarranted, and insane for lack of better words

    • #LAUREEN
      Then to my FUSS With You is..
      1- Are You A MOTHER ?Cz For A WIFE MATERIAL You dont SUIT THERE..
      THERE IS A SWAHILI SAY That Says..
      (A SLUTTY WOMAN)!!

    • Good point. They borrowed from those who had crafted a tribal alliance which they had christened pentagon. They took their formula of 41 vs 1 and changed it to 2 Vs 40. They learnt well. And now the teacher has been left in the dust shouting that they students in jubilee want to ruin CORD. These politicians!!!

  71. Prof. You’re truly a prof. of tribalism, if, at all there’s that discipline in wherever you lecture. When tribes unite we get a prosperous, unified country, and that begins by first, uniting two tribes then three etc etc.

  72. All CORD tactics to break the unity between Kalenjins and Kikuyus seem to have failed miserably. Even the less political-minded Kenyans have discovered what CORD is after. But it’s such a shame they have continued using the same tactics. No wonder they have been rejected all the world. Even the US is now snubbing Raila and avoiding him like Leprosy.

  73. All CORD tactics to break the unity between Kalenjins and Kikuyus seem to have failed miserably. Actually, their vicious and baseless attacks are now backfiring, causing defections from CORD to JAP. Even the less political-minded Kenyans have discovered what CORD is after. But it’s such a shame they have continued using the same tactics. No wonder they have been rejected all the world. Even the US is now snubbing Raila and avoiding him like Leprosy.

  74. this does not worth debating. I’m an ardent supporter of the jubilee government but unfortunately its composed of only two tribes like ugali,flour and water. though CORD is not the alternative but enough still,it has more kenyan tribes which even a blind person could feel. its only the leadership of CORD that has failed to exercise democracy

  75. The last time I looked I saw ODMs’ leadership dominated by people from one tribe, I did not see a Ford Kenya leader from any other tribe while wiper is not different. It is interesting how people only see jubilee tribal overlooking their own cocoons.

  76. I hate stupidity being hidden in names like prof and Dr…yeah you think its a tribal party so what?Jubilee so far has covered the whole country while CORD is a western kenya’s party…further more,we’ve seen many many more paid idiots like you.

    • Heheheheheheheee…I am neither paid nor an idiot. Another comment said that CORD is national and Jubilee is tribal. This may sound like a contradiction but both of you are right. CORD and Jubilee are both tribal. But to get that answer you will have to ask the supporters of the other side.

  77. Jubilee is a unity of GEMA and kalenjins even a child knows that. Actually cord has more tribes behind it than jubilee they only lacks the so called tyranny of numbers. ..you’re correct pro.

  78. When intelligent, exposed people talk, those die hard triabalist don’t see sense,what Prof. has said is the “naked” truth. Remember the days when Raila was being referred to as “jamba” ,Kenyans was united.

  79. Proffesor of doom,one Michael wainaina,u don’t merge with idiots n tribalist,merging with cord is like working ur lifetime,buying land,puting a house,marrying n the wife comes to tell you,” this our property,” we share 50/50 …unazo hangover za nusu mikate,nasema hivi,mikate iliisha uamke…watururudisha nyuma tu,vile mwenyewe akili yako yaenda reverse..watu watizama mbali,uwapi wewe,kadhelewa api??? Jikaze mtoto Wa kiume…mikate hapikiwi dukani,yapikwa bakery

  80. hw is it right to cal urself the majority while when u go back to sleep at night,u r aware that u r the minority…….sheeps followin the gate keeper while rejectin the owner…..

  81. Unfortunately Bw prof, a leader must come from a certain tribe in this country in case you dont know,that said,if he reaches out to other leaders from other tribes even for selfish reasons and in the process unites the two or more tribes, pray where is the problem in that?

    • But isn’t that what jubilee is trying to negate by uniting several or if possible all “tribes” together to make one big “tribal” political outfit by wooing their leaders and since there can only be one centre of power why not represent everyone there….i have not heard them reject anyone from any particular tribe,have you?

  82. KENYANS themselves should bring about the change,whereby voters vote in leaders not by tribe by leadership characteristics.No national unity when two tribes come together to form JAP.

    • After independence we had two parties(multiparty). The politicians then thought it wise to kill one and operate one but they never passed a law to make Kenya a one party state. When Moi took over thought it wise to entrench mono partism in our constitution. Still we had issues and the fight for multipartism started, finally we achieved it but nor parties are tribal vehicles with no internal democracy. How can we expect democracy in the country when there is no party democracy? Let’s try a party less country.

  83. A think jubilee is fetching members across that country, front nyanza, coast, western, north eastern, ukambani, but it’s only raila who said he doesn’t need jubilee voters to be president,

  84. I usually find it funny when people say jubilee is made up of two tribes whereas they have invited members from across the country which in turn are baptized as moles

  85. First advice CORD affiliated parties to merge it to one bigger party the way the JUBILEE alliance did, then start comparing the two. Otherwise jubilee is currently far much ahead in uniting Kenyans