A Kenyan brotherhood narrative that the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee prefer you never heard

When I did an article denouncing the ODM tribal calculations for the 2017 elections published by Agnes Zani in The Standard on Thursday 24th November, 2016, I received accolades and vitriol in equal measure. It has become the story of my life.  Then I received a response from a guy called Laban Mushiyi that took my breath away. He says he works as a clerk in a tea industry in Mombasa. Like many Kenyans who form a silent majority,  this guy gets it! That tribalism is a narrative, peddled by politicians, and it is not the lived experience of a majority of Kenyans. That,  in our daily struggles, we are not enemies, we are allies, until the politicians show up.

I asked for permission to publish his response in my blog because I felt that all my readers need to read it. Here is his response, unedited:

“When I lived in Kibera, I shared my modest crib with Onyango,Kimani, Kipngeno,Mutisya and Abdi. Abdi and Kimani shared a bed because Abdi was new to the city. The only thing that seperated our “bedrooms” was a “leso”, an old dirty bed sheet and a black polythene sheet that Mutisya had picked on his way from Industrial area. We shared everything and we showered in shifts and on alternate Sundays. Life was hard but we were happy. Kimani pushed mkoko at Marigiti and in the evening he will come home with a mixture of almost everything that was sold at the market. From it, we made a stew. Everyday it tasted distinctly different and authentic even though the ingredients remained the same, the quantity varied. Sometimes the pilipili or dania will be in plenty hence the taste of the day. We listened to Kameme together and KBC salamu za hodi hodi together and shared ushindi bar soap for washing and geisha Kubwa for bathing. Played draught at weekends.

In short we were more than brothers, and we remained so for 5 years.

Until the elections were called.

It was time to part ways. We got new identities jaluo, mkamba, kaleo, sapere,walalo and Banye. Identifying ourselves with the rich politicians we shared a language with was the thing, not the poor we had been with for years. The wealthy man from my tribe won the election I headed to the same room I had shared for five years with people of my class, albeit with some election posters to deco our crib. Mheshimiwa headed for Grand Regency to celebrate. That night we slept without food. After a while things came back to normal we were back to sharing everything with Abdi, musyoka Onyango etc. Whenever there was bereavement amongst us, we all attended. Just the poor people. Mheshimiwa was busy on the beach. But when Mheshimiwa got bereaved I mourned for him for weeks, even though I won’t be let to go past his gate. When he engaged in Corruption, I defended him fiercely just because he spoke my Language, to cut short…..I voted for mheshimiwa, he lives big but life for me, Onyango, Kimani, Abdi is still the same.

What if we had voted for one of us regardless of his tribe, could life be different???????

Identify with your own true tribe. RICH or POOR are the real tribes of Kenya. However the latter are the Majority and are ruled by the minority. Poor people, rise up and fight for your rights. Did you know the only common thing between you and your much cherished Mheshimiwa is the language. Nothing else NOTHING!!!!!!!!! But the list of common things you share with Musyoka, Onyango, Abdi is endless. ooh religion was never anything we took an issue with…we respected each one religion HIGHLY. Think and Educate other Kenyans THAT NOBODY OR NOTHING SHOULD DIVIDE US….WE’R ALL ONE UNITED KENYA. #Lovepeace”

(By Laban Mushiyi.)

For the tribal kingpins in Jubilee and CORD, this is the kind of story that they do not want to hear. The truth is, Kenyan’s live together. Tribalism is not their portion.

A Kenyan will rise in the morning to buy milk in a kiosk without caring the tribe of the shopkeeper. The housegirl would serve the tea without being bothered by the tribe of the employer. After taking the tea, the children will go to a school and listen to teachers from any tribe. The Kenyan would walk to the bus stop and take a bus without asking the tribe of the driver. The makanga will take the money from everyone without caring their tribe. The Kenyan would arrive in the office and work with colleagues and a boss from any and all tribes and at the end of the week go to a church with yet more of them, and a pastor from whatever tribe. When sick, the Kenyan will go to a hospital and explain himself to a doctor without being deterred by her tribe and be injected in unseemly places by a nurse from whatever tribe. When we are attacked by terrorists, we give blood that goes to help all Kenyans. We receive such blood when we are sick without asking from which tribe the donor was. We live together, marry each other, bury each other, celebrate with each other, share with each other, laugh together, cry together, sleep together (in hospitals, hahahaha) and die together, until these depraved politicians show up.

Then they bring us the tribal narrative. Because they all have nothing else to sell to the people.   Like the ODM calculations published by Zani, the politicians need the tribal narrative to remain relevant. That is why they push it with fervor and with mad tenacity as if their life depended on it because, in actual fact, their political life depends on the single tribal narrative.

Fortunately, like Laban Mushiyi, many Kenyans are increasingly seeing through the  tribal lie. He knows that tribalism is a narrative peddled by politicians for their own greed and glory. The narrative of the average Kenyan is different. It is that of life lived in a land called Kenya, with people called Kenyans whose loves, lives, longings, rituals and rhythms are strikingly similar.

They are realizing that hunger is Kenyan and tribeless, unemployment is Kenyan and tribeless, disease is Kenyan and tribeless, poverty is Kenyan and tribeless, hopelessness is Kenyan and tribeless. They are realizing that actually tribalism is a lie, politicians are tribeless, thieves are tribeless, their stolen money is tribeless and Karen & Runda, where they all live, is a tribeless neighborhood.

In this Kenyan brotherhood narrative lies the seeds of a new non-ethnic political narrative that will inspire the country differently.  It is the kind of narrative that the tribal tingods in CORD and Jubilee do not want us to hear. For it is the stuff that revolutions are made of. And one is coming, as Robert Kennedy once said:

 “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”.

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    • Tribalism is the single most dangerous problem facing this country today. It is actually the reason you are insulting me. CORD and Jubilee are its greatest promoters. I and every other peace loving patriotic Kenyan has the responsibility to call the out on tribalism. I will continue doing so. You can take your options.

    • I think you are among the most educated fools we have in kenya. Kenya bleeds of corruption, nepotism and all manner of evils because of conformist like you. People who wait for their tribesmen to steal from the public, hopefully for them. I am disgusted by your post

    • Professor I concur with you on these, I said our trouble is the two families the Uh urus and the Odingas, the rest of kenya are home and dry , sometimes I see as if they have unsettled matters &have ropped all unsuspecting kenyans in bitter vitriols , I fear they may make us run again for our dear life, but if am asked , I f raos wants to lead he should join hands with the others, though I dont see him buying that idea!!

    • omware you are so locol in your thinking ability,stop abusing our professor you are free to go back to your hero worshiping corner, here we dont entertain nonsense from both political quarters,we don’t care of election outcomes for it will be a lose for Kenyans on either ways win.

    • Kamanda, I think you’ve got it wrong. The problem is you and me who continues to support our tribal leaders who steal and insult each other and we attend their rallies and clap for them. The other evil is the semi-illiterate youth who use social media to trade insults across the divide as they support people who know very little about their existence. Thanks prof for continuing to point the evils amongst us.

  1. hitting the nail on the head…..’the winter is coming’..from reading that.. i now feel a change is possible..something i was starting to give up on…may not be in the near future but one way or another we’ll get there.

  2. Meanwhile a young man in Kiambu who can not afford 2 meals per day still believe that he is better than a Luo facing the same problem.

    Tell them that the age of enlightenment in Kenya is coming.

  3. This argument will only remain relevant when leaders, presidency for that matter treated Kenyans equally. Why must I fail to identity myself as Luo, yet everywhere I go to I am either discriminated or treated fairly because of my tribe. I once went for an interview in a well established firm. I had got wind from a Kikuyu friend who felt I was more than qualified for the job. As we patiently waited to face the panel one at a time, we got to interact with other job hunters like me. Majority were Kikuyu’s, Kamba’s and two Luos. we exchanged contacts for we had just become friends. we promised to keep in touch. One of the panelist insisted that I REVEAL the person who connected me to that place. I mentioned a Kikuyu name and I saw the surprise on his face. I knew I was not getting the job. From my own assessment I knew the job was mine. They needed a good number so I was sure that even if I was not number one, I will fall somewhere. ALL THE KIKUYUS who turned up for the interview got jobs. The two fishmongers were never contacted. They belonged to a wrong tribe. Tell me Prof. how you expect me to forget about tribe when it matters. If I ever own any business, I swore never to higher Kikuyu. I am yet to think otherwise. I badly needed that job. Prof. Tribe matters, that is why top government officials occupy executive positions. in this government. Did you know there is a department in this government that can hold meetings in Kikuyu?

    • If you can’t employ a kyuk, aren’t you worse than those who denied you the position? If only you n your tribesman were not hired, so they hired the kyuks n kambas who were there, isn’t it possible to deduce that their failure to pick u might’ve been something else other than tribe… Hizo mambo za there is a department that hold meetings in kyuk is what your tribal masters feed you to alienate you to other tribes… Ama ni gani specifically hufanya hivyo?..

    • I am like having a feeling that it is not tribe as such that denied him the job , probably the perception , that since you are jaka you are oppositionst , and it has affected even the most genuine person , capitalist by nature will guard there lot fort from a socialist leaning you can take these to the bank , lets see the striking difference btw the two waves one believes in empowering the ppl the other believes in helping them come out of there predicament offering them stipends , quoting last 013 election .so if the two are not there you gues is as good as mine we will chart our destinies more comfortably!

    • And yet it was a Kikuyu that told you about the job in the first place as he believed you were more than qualified….ironical, isn’t it? Judge people as individuals and not from the tribe they come from. It’s individuals who hate, who discriminate, and NOT tribes.

    • You can never delete some mindsets. Some people will just be manipulated to believe what these politicians want to believe and adapt their narrative. Am glad I have a mind of my own. We are all the same if we just shut up.

    • Wanjiku I can see you understand the predicament most of us go through.unless God intervene and make some people understand that tribal inclination hurts others This is an issue needing an urgent address and not be treated as normal

    • I see some people living in denial and debating with hidden cards here ,I think first those criticizing him should take his text from his point of view and the intended meaning. Otherwise Kikuyus should never gang up to try to convince me or us that tribalism doesn’t exist. Let’s admit that for sometime ,some animals have been more equal than others if we’re really committed to arriving at a solution.

  4. Prof does not live in this country. He is completely out of touch with reality. He is among the elites living in the middle or upper urban serene environment of Nairobi. May be the only Kenyan he meets most often away from his class is the newspaper vendor. He is among the urbanite theorists with their heads full with all kind cobwebs from newspapers, magazines, scholarly literature to fiction with no current empirical contents whatsoever. In a small town where I come from tribe determines most of decisions we make. Whom to buy from, rent your property, marry, stay, fellowship, trust, take your child to school…… with very few exceptions. Any entitlement is defined by tribe. I have also travelled to many parts of this country and the script is the same. The way we do our politics and our leaders are replicas of our society. We make tribal kingpins, exclude ourselves from blame and blame our leaders for everything under the sun when I can’t buy milk from a canteen owned by one not from my tribe. A visit to kibra, mathare, mukuru kwa njenga, githurai, kangemi, kawangware and many of these settlements would shock Prof. on how deep negative ethnicity is engrained in our society. Politicians are NOT the problem, we are the biggest problem

    • I am aware that the tribal politcal narrative has an appeal for a section of the society. That is why the politicians clutch on to it. I have said before that such a narrative is the stuff that genocide is made off. There are those for whom it is the only thing they know. That is why I did not highlight their story. Because we are looking for alternatives. we are not looking to entrench, justify and normalize the tribal dispensation the way you seek to do here. We are better than this. The only person who benefits from tribalism is the politician.

    • My point we can not absolve ourselves and apportion all blame to politicians. Me and you are part of the problem. When a person of influence like you uses such a forum to perpetuate hatred of certain prominent people we also stand accused of the same crimes we abhor. We must understand, define and brake down the real issues before we can point the solution whatever you want to call it

    • Guys these are socio political aspects, the two have a meeting point , a little bit of history if I may. When the colonialists came and colonized us, we suffered as Kenyans, when we felt offended ,oppressed and dehumanized we resolved to fight for that freedom us Kenyans, after the British had left us and self governance was brought that is when we realized we were luos,kambas, kikuyus, kalenjins etc.. There is something wrong about our former presidents, especially the founding father ..if he was one, well they are now gone but those that are there currently can decide to right their wrongs. Remember the 40 tribes vs 2 narrative

  5. Looking at some comments above all I can think about is: “It’s difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”.- Voltaire….. However, this tribal nonsense ends NOW! I am not only waiting for the revolution I want to be part of that revolution

    • Professor you are biased towards Raila Odinga even in your last article you claimed that Raila is the author of plural dictatorship simply because professor nyongo and Orengo lost elections in luo nyanza. I think high profile loss of election have occurred all over the country and not only luo nyanza only.At the time nyongo lost election due to party ticket Uhuru kenyatta,JJ kamotho, and professor Wangari Mathai also suffered the same fate in central Kenya. When the same same people were elected in 2002, professor nyongo was also re elected in nyanza.So professor where in this country did Raila authored plural dictatorship.

  6. Thanks a lot professor since I started following your articles my perception about our political leaders has really changed we have always coexisted with my neighbours and my friends even workmates for the last three years but now we are going for election the narrative have changed we are now divide on tribal line depending on our political affiliation the tribal narrative should change .Thanks for featuring me in your article really humbled .

  7. I too would like to end tribalism soonest…but believe me how u put ua articles especially this shows how much u preach water and drink wine…little advise avoid mention of names in ua articles , maybe then, we will read on the same script

  8. My exact sentiments a while back in a matatu from Kakamega to Bungoma. We suffer in poverty as Kenyans not tribe x or y. We tarmac as youth. Politicians are looking out for their friends and family not tribes. Wakeup Kenya

  9. In addition to that I believe Kikuyu’s are the least tribal. Only in Kikuyu land do you find professionals hired in County and TSC the same doesn’t happen to Kikuyus in other Regions. Contrary to what the Luo thought led to his disqualification the only reason could be the Answer he gave as to who had Referred him there. Meaning that he had Canvassed for the Opportunity. Under normal circumstances Canvassing leads to Automatic disqualification. Could be the Guy also had an Attitude and expected automatic qualification because he had good referral. That’s my take next time be wiser when answering interview questions.

  10. I celebrate this piece,,I could feel your patriotism whispering to me from your conscience,,,that inner voice calling Kenyans to be united and avoid seeds of division sowed by the leading political class.With this article I feel u are being neutral,,kudos for preaching cohesiveness and nationalism,just like Raila Odinga does and did,sacrificing his life for a democratic and just Kenya,

    • He was detained for eight years and has been teargassed severally fighting for Democratic space in Kenya wth other compatriots e.g Charles Rubia, Paul Muite,Gitobu Imanyara,Martin shikuku etc. That time you and others,including your Jubilee people were in the comfort of their houses in swivel chairs,,I don’t expected u,as a self declared professor to just wish away that kind of sacrifice unless u are a pretender to the history of the second liberation in Kenya,

  11. I believe its better to die on my feet than beg on my knees.
    Men by constitution are naturally divided into two parties,
    1). Those who fear and distrust the people and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes.
    2). Those who identify themselves with the people, having confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of the public interests.

  12. Thanks Professor …This is a master piece.
    This article strikes a cord with the majority of Kenyans.
    Unfortunately we have been brainwashed to think in a tribal mindset but I believe and say…it will come to pass; people will awaken….the vail will be lifted and we will read from the same script…one day in the future a leader will be elected to serve all of us irregardless of tribe…
    As of today it is wise to note that my tribal leader doesn’t steal Luo money or kikuyu money or luhya money or Kamba money…
    He steals from a common pool called national/county/constituency funds for himself,his wife, girlfriends and children because he knows there is a protective caccon called ‘my tribe’
    Be warned a time is coming when this will come to end because it was never meant to be…Kenyans will one day wake up and realise how wasteful this tribal mentality has caused all of us
    Thanks Professor

  13. Tribalism is more dangerous than Ebola ,today I took my cousin to one of the renowned hospital in Nairobi, I heard a lady in the reception asking the person in front of me a question which irritates me most”Which tribe are you?”ati you are a luo ,sit in that chair and wait”and at this point she has a patient who was attacked last night and needs immediate attention.I got annoyed very much

  14. Rich get more …… nd poor get more …… .soon much of the poor lot will be diminished least we standup on this reality#vote wise,its the only right you gat my poor friends#The cause of death be hunger 2nd HIV due to finacial instability and more b more,the rich are the perpetrators.think#the rich can be your brother or anyone close to you$mark your position are you poor or rich,im talking to the poor ones,lets protect our life and loved ones by voting wise,we r numberless mean we are more than the rich we can deliver a big blow,uncontestable blow.come on link shirts a watch.

  15. hahaha!
    telling stupid Kenyans to end tribalism is like telling the sun not to rise!

    be wise:
    open your eyes and see that the richest people (excluding bloodthirsty politicians) have no tribes!

    go to garden estate and tell me if you will hear any tribal takataka. never!

    only us poor fools clouded by poverty and shallow brains see tribes in humans.

    instead of pushing donkeys to drink, leave them alone. hustle so hard and make good cash to go live in suburbs that don’t reason on stupid lines.

    then buy a gun. while on the road, if hooligans try to stone you or rape you or burn your house or circumcise you while demonstrating for the bigger rich fools, shoot them dead like worthless mongrels!

    operation #ondoatakataka

    • Your very tribal can you believe I’m Kikuyu well I voted for Baba last election for he is a hero to me can I ask you a question ,if your given a good Kikuyu and a luo who is not competent whom will you vote for? the answer you’ll give will tell us everything God bless you brother

    • those who steal the election are not the tribe but establishment figures sacred of change. they use their money to decide who becomes president and professor is here accusing tribes as if its a crime to vote for somebody from your tribe.

    • Dancan Amek don’t be duped! Read the story very carefully and you’ll realise that there’s a very big disconnect between the author and the environment portrayed. What is happening is that an attempt is being made to shortchange WSR come 2022 similar to the NARC Revolution. It will not work because most Kenyans are wiser today than they were in 2002. You can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  16. Kenyans lets arise and say no to tribalism,laban’s narrative is the truth of what we all go through only fo politicians to capitalize on short sightedness,lets arise and say no to these tribal demagogues,it’s possible let’s return Kenya to Kenyans,

  17. Sure… When will the commoner realise the rich uses him to close n leave him to be swept by poverty, illiteracy, poor health etc untill after five years… Let cultivate our brotherhood n refuse to be used by the selfich ‘ mheshimiwa’

  18. If only we would realize how we have been turned against one another by these tribalistic politicians, a revolution will be in the offing. It’s time we discarded our tribal lenses and stereotypes and embraced wholeheartedly that which is for the good of Kenya.

  19. Prof. Thank you so much for rubbing that bitter truth on my eyes its so clear.. This article is so real , if only we could for once see things from this perspective, our only problems are the self proclaimed leaders especially the ones drunk with power. My heart wants to see things the right way but Uhuru won’t let me. Are we really one?

    • I do concur with your observation but that withstanding, need I say that for your narrative to suffice then I think some of the issues raised must be addressed, for instance, check the civil service, regional balance must be enhanced, equity in the distribution of our endowments. Prof.

  20. They have ears but they don’t hear, they have eyes but they don’t see. Yesterday they borrowed salt from their neighbours and tomorrow, they slaughter their neighbours all because of a big man. A big man who we only see in TV or at a distance. I hope one day, we shall understand what Waweru Mburu (RIP) used to tell us. There is only two tribes in Kenya. The rich and the poor.

  21. What we need to understand and comply with is our status as KENYANS regardless of political stand. Every morning and evening greet each other, we sit together, we drink together, we board matatu together, we work together etc. Politicians should stop using us and dividing us on tribal lines for their political supremacy.

  22. I think the oppression of other minority tribes began with the the first president by making his Kikuyu community superior to other tribes. He, to me, would have been the difference maker but he passed the opportunity on. As long as we continue to hide or rather burry or heads in the sand on this matter we will have the same problem mr professor. And the two guys in power are segregating the country further in the name of uniting kenyans under one party. Thanks.

    • My brother Kikuyus did not steal your land, a few connected people did. If you are in the Rift, please know that the Kikuyu you are now calling a thief is your fellow victim of disinheritance. The lands of his ancestors in Kiambu and Nyeri was stolen by the Kenyattas and he was sold the lie of forming land buying companies to buy land from the people who robbed your ancestors. I met a victim of 2007/8 post election violence and his story almost made me cry. His father and brothers sold their ancestral land in Embu and moved to Kiambaa in the 70s where they bought larger pieces of land than they had at Embu and through hard work built a better life than they would have have done in Embu. This old man now lost everything and he swore that he will never return to Kiambaa. He had even invested in a building and hardware at Elburgon.

    • Joseph Lee Kikuyus did not steal your land or anyone elses. The political class from 1963 upto now did and are still doing it. And you are supporting them calling them mtu yetu and saying it is Kikuyus who stole your land. My grandfather had 2 acres in Kiambu and 3 sons. They cannot even get an acre each and they have 15 children among them. And you say kikuyus stole land. Which one? Wasn’t my grandfather a Kikuyu?

    • #Joseph_Lee hizo vitisho zenu mtakuja acha…You can’t keep threatening adults with tribal war over some imaginary “theft” of land.

      I’d like to see how you behave when you as an individual gets caught in the middle of the wardrums you keep trying to beat desperately over land.

      Your body is not an armour and you’re not threatening children.

  23. Let me congratulate you sir for delivering that very moving story. Keep up good work though it might be painful to the mighty in leadership positions,this truth will never be buried and if buried it will germinate to a mighty tree. Thank you sir

  24. Prof, I have heard this TIRED theory over ten fold but beyond the lamentations, we know that the problem is not the politicians! The real problem is those who now post glowing tributes but at the voting queue they pay homage to better the devil you know than the angel you don’t!

    • The options in the ballot in 2013 were between the bad and the ugly. David, when all there is in the ballot box is tribalists and thieves, people will choose their tribalist and their thief. That is why I have advocated for a new non-ethnic politcal narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. Then people will have a choice. I have said that without this alternative narrative, of course the tribalists and thieves will win.

  25. To counter a wrong narrative a good one is needed.This narrative is sound.To make this narrative dominant and entrenched in the psych of kenyans,requires a structured movement that has a strong leader.

  26. Walk ur tone to the two parties physically….leave us alone. That lecture won’t make us change our attention.,,,,it doesn’t solve problems ppl are facing so. Go present this to uhuruto. #sipendi_ujinga.

  27. This is true, however the same poor have given the minority rich a leeway and audience to whip our emotions to believe and trust that they’re our saviour from poverty.
    My take is that, to emancipate the poor form the rich politician who speak my vernacular purportedly out to help the very poor, the poor must push for a working system or should get the basic needs first, because you can’t reason with havenots when someone is enticing them with niceties

  28. Prof…..your partiality in the issues you raise on this platform is in doubt, you seem to raise very genuine concerns, but you blame one political divide than the other, albeit with some kind words in attacking one than the other, I take time to go through all the comments and responses you give to your audience,am afraid they don’t reflect what you make your readers believe is your true intentions-freeing them from ethnicity. Let’s be realistic, the condemnation you receive from some quarters are as a result of what is perseived by many if not all as your lack of objectivity in your analyses of issues……with all due respect, your articles lack objectivity……

    • Kenneth Oduki, I do not know what you mean by objectivity. I have said many many times that I am not neutral and I am not balanced. Only those whose world is divided into CORD and Jubilee are looking for balance. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I have said consistently that this is the same crap. A political class of the same tribal kingpins driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. So there is nothing for me to be balanced about. There is no need of balancing garbage on both sides.

      I am not neutral. I am against the tribal political narrative of both CORD and Jubilee and I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. I have said very clearly that such a narrative cannot come form the ghasia that is CORD and Jubilee. It must come from a new generation of actors and thinkers in Kenyan politics.

      So, you can go ahead and read whatever else you want from my articles and my comments. It is up to you. As for me I have told you what I am all about. And Sir, that is my final answer.

  29. I have never seen a ”mheshimiwa” attend a burial of a poor person at even langata cemetry …but they always attend burials of their fellow rich politicians like them when they pass away ?. Very funny imagine.

  30. what you say has in it lots of truth and in particular that story of Laban,i have also been in similar situation though it didnt take that downward path. The pitiful thing is that, we manage to live together in all our ups and downs but when our politicians show up, we take different directions why?? partly we can blame the politicians while on the other hand we have ourselves to blame; actually the largest part. The reason is after living together the better part of the five years,we still cant uphold the same unity,same peace,same inter existence but all of a sudden we regroup as tribal men pointing fingers. Therefore it’s only we who can emancipate ourselves from mental slavery as Bob Marley said, not them leaders whether u want to call it a revolution or an uprising something of that nature is inevitable i a gree.

  31. Prof, you are right in what you say, the problem is that non of us would take courage and admit to be spreading tribalism. Today as a matter of fact, am cutting deals with a friend from the side that i do not vote for, uchanguzi ikifika, namuona yeye ni adui…mimi ni mjinga kweli!!!!. Ask me why? Because I know very well that i have no hope of cutting a deal with the those that I vote for.

    • Wewe sio mjinga. It is called the power of a single narrative. All the tribal kingpins survive on this single tribal narrative. Hakuna ingine. Your choice is to either vote for “your” tribalist and thief, or vote for “their” tribalist and thief. The choice is obvious. You will choose yours and they will choose theirs. That is why I have said that the only option is a new non-ethnic political narrative based NOT on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity but on patriotism, accountability and productivity. Without such an alternative, you will have not choice in 2017. You will go to the voting booth. you will pick a ballot paper and you will vote for your tribalist and thief, and they will vote for theirs. It is called the power of a single narrative. You are not stupid. The politicians have made sure you have no other options.

    • That’s how clever and intelligent they are, they have mastered the art and the people that go against their ways is either eliminated or blackmailed ie Saitoti, Kurua, Kenneth, Michuki and the rest. Only a conscious person can realize this and prepare.

  32. This is exactly what we need to bring Kenyans together. It starts with each one of us. There are some who will doubt it to be possible there are some who don’t want to make it happen but the majority know that without each other there is no Kenya. We need to remember that this is not a tribal war between Kenyans but between some high level families and dynasties. If we refuse to acknowledge that then we are fools and should agree to be used and indoctrinated with lies that stifle our growth and development and mortgage our children’s future.

  33. Well versed bro and for sure as per now it is either Cord or Jubilee….that is the slogan and let next year after casting votes…things might be akward as the way things look…..

  34. That is not very true.we should not from the the truth.there is no tribal narrative in cord or Jubilee. Jubilee is being couched into tribalism. The kalenjins Luos,kambas,Somalis and other tribes are not tribalists. The only tribalists in kenya are kikuyus. Get the historical fact correct.After independence , everything went well.Dictatorship started stoking into independent KANU.Odinga Jaramogi left the party and started KPU. In 1969,Tom mboya was killed in the streets of Nairobi.pple rioted. What hapened. The kikuyus were lathes not allow the leadeship to skip away from the house of Mumbi. The late Martin shikuku used to say that unless the kikuyus cancelled The oath,he would never trust them.Don’t cheat us.only kikuyus are tribalists. Pple like William Ruto are just used for expediency. Didn’t The Luos voted kibaki enmase 2003? Please to your own to change their attitudes.

    • Prof.I appreciate your concern over the galloping tribalism bedevilling our society.if at least we could have another ten pple like you,Kenya could change.I don’t like the politics persued by most of out polticians,the Odingas,uhuru’s Rutos ,kalonzo,, wetangulas, Mudavadi etc.They are negative and inciting. Take a look at Uhuru’s recent visit to central province entailed!!.only incitements…Take Raila’s visits to other areas.Nothing.only persnal attacks on uhuru and avoiding to challenge the institutions deal with Corruption. William Ruto
      goes more primitive on his attacks and think all kenyans are stupid.I would wish in 2017 we vote out all the mps ,senators and start on a new plate.In any case anybody has been associated with KANU is corrupt.only the late John Michuki did a good job.These pretenders,the orengos nyongos kiraitus ,kamau kurias should be rejected.All aspiring presidential candidates must be rejected.we need new blood.

    • I concur with u on the need for a new crop of leaders #Onyango. the like of Raika,kiraitu,orengo,karua,and the 90’s reformist r past their expiry date that y Kenyans av no option other than electing opportunist in leadership.the likes of sonko,kuria,Uhuru, and many more were never born leaders.they pounced when an opportunity presented itself

    • Absolutely correct, bwana Erick.what options do we have??.They have reduced us to cheering crowds.Raila in particular has not brought any viable solutions on the table peacefully.He has stiffled opposition very badly in his backyard or support base.As a leader,how can the aspiring candidates fight before you?In many instances I prefer uhuru kenyatta though not born a leader because he listens. He messed when he was unseated by a muscian.However,he must stop listening to looters like William Ruto etc.The ntional debt has now hit ksh4trillion.This has hapened because of shameless looting.we need our country back.There is massive unemployment in the country.Both opposition and Govnt dont want to tackle. Do we have a government or kleiptcracy? Prof.Michael Wainaina has started a good debate.

  35. Prof this is a a great article, but am still asking whether Kenya is ready for such a revolution. What happens when next general election comes, will we have people singing this song in 2017? Kenyans forget easily and politicians know that to well.Unless we involve the communities, people, business and clergy. But politicians have mastered the art so well such that they are using same people to gain advantage. As we talk a Luo and kikuyu and a kale commenting here will still make the same mistake…

  36. Good article.Exactly my sentiments.I started voting in 2002 and have never voted for the same person twice and this year will not be an exception.In my work place whenever we are at the lockers changing ready for work or after leaving, you hear heated exchanges that are motivated by tribe.People think along tribal lines until it has blinded them.I prefer even to vote for someone from the marginalised tribes who can deliver yet I come from the most common tribe in Kenya.Whenever I discuss with people not to think along their tribal divides,I end up looking like an idiot.But I believe one day things are gonna be different and people will rise against those perpetuating tribal discord.

  37. Tribes are not the issue.Allocation of National cake is the Problem. Kikuyu and Kalenjin regimes have allocated National cake based on Tribe for 53 years of Kenya’s independence .The notion of poor or rich can’t hold. What we need is a transparent government that offers equal opportunities to all citizens irrespective of your Tribe. Kikuyu and Kalenjin leadership has failed.

  38. In 2002 we almost crossed the ethnic river that separates us, until Kibaki and his Mt Kenya mafia rudely yanked the bridge from under our collective feet. I reject this naive tendency by the elite to apportion blame equally between those in Power n those in opposition. Those with instruments of power always deploy it to favour selves and crony /elite kinsmen while the ignorant, naive peasant cheers them on.

  39. Nice piece but all this narratives cant work in a country like Kenya without equality of all national resources,n u know that,don’t take Kenyans has fools through Kimani ,onyango n abdi way of life.

  40. Before you became this tribal I used to enjoy your articles, but since you started being a tribal bigot I switched off my data to your so called tribal and political aligned writings. How I wish you would be reporting the reality

  41. But go through the posts from Kenyans who barely can afford,say a tissue paper in their homes because of the problems like those raised in professor michael wainaina-PhD… 90% are very cynical and negative,all tribal bile directed to the Prof.
    Nothing will puzzle God,my friends

  42. Sad story indeed. That whatever terrible omissions or commissions by this regime, it’s compared to and blamed on Raila. Let’s see:
    When there was outrage over alleged grabbing of Wilson Airport land; it was rebutted with the Kisumu Mollasees Land.
    When we talk about tribalism in govt higher offices, it is rebutted with the then PM office during nusu mkate govt.
    When we talk about corruption scandals in the JUBILEE govt, we are told hold on, what about KKV, Maize Scandal etc
    When people cry about nepotism in state jobs; they are reminded what about Oburu, sijui Jakoyo, sijui Wenywa Odinga. …..
    When we talk about irregularities in tender awarding; oh what about sijui Raila’s relative or cousin.
    When we talk about insecurity; oh Raila’s hedge man was the minister of Immigration
    When we talk about high cost of living and bei ya unga; oh, who raised the prices if not nusu mkate govt. …..

    Raila’s. ..Raila’s…..Raila’s.
    Same people acknowledge that Raila was in a nusu mkate govt. …..yet as they apportion blames, nobody dares to talk about their own messes then and that of the then president and the other side of the divide
    When they link Raila to every and each of their failures; they are forgetting that they sought power to change the narrative not to make Raila the object of their scorn.

    Raila shouldn’t be the policy of this govt. ….regretable we know Raila’s character assassination has been the hallmark of their achievement. In four and half years jubilee has been in power. …..Raila has been used as the signature project and policy they promised kenyans in their manifesto to have realized …..partly the narrative has worked for them.
    Cutting deals in the name of fixing and embarrassing Raila.
    Auctioning this country to Chinese, friends and relatives in the name of fixing Raila. .
    Fleecing this country in a rush to overdo the ‘alleged Raila corruption’. ..
    Alienating other kenyans from the govt in the name of fixing Raila.
    Raila was the manifesto, has been the policy and the achievements and will be their campaign slogan come next elections.

  43. Just few days ago I heard Kimani Chungwa say dz; “if you do corruption plz invest in your area so that as you benefit your pple may also eat” kwa R jambo.
    Let’s speak d truth our problem is the mountain.
    Look at what Jeremiah Kioni did to Mudavadi,Kibaki to Raila,Uhuru to Ngilu n Kalonzo,Mwaura to us.
    Kenya iuzwe tu

  44. Sadly tht when these ‘majority’ will have ‘revolutionize’ and ‘sanitised’ our politics after taking over power they will b even more corrupt with power and the circle will continue…remember George Orwell’s The animals’ Farm,”…two is better but four is best”

  45. JUBILEE must fall the Gambia way . The most tribal govt ever seen . Look at diplomatic appointments ?? 80 percent from central !? Look at cabinet ps ! 70 percent Central tribe !! Look at CEO of parastetals !! 80 percent Central !! What about provincial Adm ?? Security docket ?? Jubilee must fall . It’s only advocating for unity when looking for votes but when eating meat they do it based on tribe !!!

  46. Halo guys welcome to wazalendo society of Kenya. .we are kenyan men and women who belief that something must be done to fix Kenya.. And that civic empowerment of citizens ..join our movement @ wazalendosociety or click the link below

  47. This lad is more patriotic,more professional,in fact he just like me he’s so universal,people should understand that we are all africans despite being born and brought up in different mere geographical boundaries that tries to differentiate us in the name of,”tribe” tribe is simply the language that a group of people that lives in a specific region use to communicate. This communities with different customs and culture,it’s because of this culture that those who are born are given cultural names eg Anyango,Onyango,Nafula, wafula etc but its equally the same thing if one can think critically.

  48. Great work Prof. We are not ready to follow the instrumentalized ethnic affiliations that our politicians preach… let’s all embrace a peaceful coexistence and shun negative ethnicity – it kills… Great work Prof. once again

  49. we are neither safe in jubilee nor cord as waweru mburu(my his soul RIP) Used to say nyani ni wale wale misitu ndo hubadilika and then he also said fisi ni wale wale utachaguliwa utaliwa na nani

  50. please dont take us for fools…how are resources in kenya distruted…who has the biggest share of all jobs in kenya snd some of them even dont qualify.. i have traversed this country and i know how kenya looks… tribalism is not ending any time soon..

    • I don’t know about resource distribution,but I know about connections to the powerful.I have four abled males who are jobless in my household and I am from kiambu. So don’t tell me about tribe- the one tribe I know is the powerful,rich and connected and the poor and powerless and resource less.

    • Davis Karoti you are right there are a lot of hopeless jobless young men in Gatundu just as in Kisumu or machakos ……only I doubt if we have an Odinga or a Kenyatta who is tarmacking even the tenth in the family line. Distribution of resources is a narrative for either a candidate in an election or a warlord.

    • Amata, I agree with the responses for Kenyans. Your tribal kingpin whoever he is has cheated you that resources have been distributed to a certain community. What he did not tell you is that he is a past or current beneficiary of the resources and he wants you to elect him so that he can benefit himself more.

    • may i ask you a question, do you know who my tribal kingpin is?? from your sentiments you already judged that i belong somewhere.by that very fact you already shown me how tribal your mind …and your brain is….as i said i have traversed this country and when you look at the distribution of resources, you wonder… actually, thank God for devolution coz some counties can now develop themselves.

  51. One day the Poor will have Nothing to eat than to eat The RICH… Thats day we shall know No Tribe, hunger, disease, pain, economic constraints, and collapsed industries, poor education, will be our unifying Factors,

  52. how do you expect prof to lie? he only sense that litrates lites behave and act vise varsa, using bad language in public and expecting others to cheer is abig joke, let watch the twisting tounge of our leaders wherever they talk, let them talk fact and not fuck talk to build that tribal name calling, let kamau be kamau during campaighn and after election and msapre, mjaka, mhala, mnduli so forth so on, let style up, let save our lovely nation!

  53. Yap! Yap! Yap! and Yap! Is all Kenyans can ever do, it is what they do day in or out. Kenyans know what is ailing them but they are too comfortable to disturb the tide; all the ills in this country have been internalised next to becoming a cultural practice. Until the day we collectively say no to the status quo, until the day we choose the straight and narrow path, is when things will get better, for now let us yap! and yap! and yap! Even more.

  54. Very well prof. But you forgot to mention that the seed of tribalism was planted by the colonialists and cultivated in a good crop by our first African government. Moi took over an already overgrown plant and reaped its benefits to the maximum. By the time Kibaki came to power, that seed had grown into a forest. Well, he tried to trim it but gave up in the long run. Instead of trimming it and get hurt with no personal gain, why not rest in its shade and enjoy its fruits! This forest has grown so much so that it has touched each and every part of our society. Let’s not get deluded. Tribalism has permeated everywhere. It is part of us and we are part of it. We live it. Of course I agree this thing started with politicians. In the long haul, we all joined in due to either real or perceived benefits or denial of these benefits due to tribal perception. Am saying this because I have seen, l have touched and have dealt with and am still handle tribalism. For a long time, we the middle class have been quiet about tribalism. It’s time we raised our voices. If we don’t do it now, time will come when we will wish we had done it earlier.

  55. tribalism is evil social cancer.It is a double egded sword which cuts by both side.It’s consequences are fatal!!! Kenyans think, talk,speak,work,elect and vote as Kenyans. Development much talked about is a right not a favour.

  56. True. Our minds are being poisoned by politicians who always say they are speaking for us.
    Lets reason and think positively. Hating someone coz he is kikuyu, luo, luyha or kalenjini is rubbish.

  57. You are just another schemer to brainwash non-kikuyus, that we all fucked up anyway. I hate it when you pretend to be the angrier one while your heart is smiling all this time. I do not need to read more of your articles, I already know which path you want your uneducated followers to follow. But just if you doubt, remind your uneducated followers that ethnicity is manifested in very small acts at home where the adage blood is thicker reigns supreme, from the smallest position MCA right through the Presidency. Please also remind them that neither Raila nor your relathieve uhuru has forced his tribesmen to follow them, this they have done on their own volition & conscience! I will also remind you that those same followers have kept your relathieves uhuruto on toes to thieve on their behalf & bring those handouts home some in as much as millions of taxpayers looted money in places of worship. So ‘prof’, if at all you are educated yourself, tell me where from you intend to get these non-tribal angels of yours for the revolution, when a newborn kikuyu son or daughter is told to hate Raila or all luos right from the maternity ward? If there has to be non-tribal revolution definitely the proponents can never be from the same tribe that has thrived on the same vice!! Endelea tu kubeba watu wana!

    • Or when a Luo child is made to grow believing all Kikuyus are thieves? Let’s grow up , there so many good kikuyus n Luos. I am from kiambu , from the great grand father Wangengi wa Muigai with no single benefit from Uhuru or the Kenyattas yet we share so much in bloodline.
      I eat my sweat!!

    • Go tell that to your people who cheer up your drunk relathieve when he calls Raila ‘a mad man or cjui muguruki’. I choose to be real & pragmatic. If you have to fight tribalism, start the fight from within your tribe, else you know not what you talking about. And so you know, i am among the least tribal & i take this matter so serious that I kindly ask you to drop that title ‘professor’, for i am certain genuine professors do not mislead people on account of their academic titles/authority. For me you are a gun for hire!

    • When Luo cheer up Raila when he disrespects the president , is it OK Mr Gauo Gilbah? The day u n ua kind will accept that Kikuyus are Kenyans too will be the end of tribalism. Kikuyu is not Uhuru n if u hate Uhuru , kindly stop extending your emotions to the Gikuyu community. This only shows how tribal u r.
      For your information even if ua preferred Raila became president , u will still buy mboga from the same Kamau u buy from daily n if Kamau needs some assistance he will come to u his neighbour. Tuache ujinga , ukabila tuachie Raila n Uhuru.

    • David Martin Njenga You see, now you are defending your relathieves here and at the same time expect that somehow a miracle will happen and tribalism will be a thing in our past. For argument’s sake i am not luo, infact i have kikuyu ‘blood’ in me but tribe to me is a mere instinct, we all humans and deserve equal dignity. So my fellow relathieves stop this hatred towards fellow human beings.

    • What I mean is there is nothing thief Uhuru or Angel Raila will change about your life. Work hard n God will bless your life. Regardless of who is president.
      Kama hatukuisha wakati wa Moi , even now we will survive.

    • In short you want us to sit pretty & watch our country being mortgaged . You & I work hard, we raise revenue for the government to function & deliver services & projects. Were it not for the looting, blv me all or most of our roads would be at bitumen standard, free & quality education, water in our homes, agricultural subsidies. I agree none is an angel & no one is ever going to be one, but uhuru’s looting is on a large scale never seen before and here we have to call it a spade.

    • I think this gentleman is right. We are pretending to be remorseful. Tribalism has been entrenched even among the growing kids. This generation of you and me must pass. Stop lying that politicians. We are tribal when the time comes to share scare resources otherwise we are united.

    • Mr Gauo. Kenya is greater than any person….the Prof has made it very clear in English that he a is against tribalism….. what other language do you want him to speak? Kenya is a great nation…….let us not belittle those who try to do something for this nation. The Prof endures shameless insults from Kenyans for his efforts…..what are we ourselves doing…..

  58. This is an excellent read. Unfortunately it is just that, a well written piece worth of reading. Tomorrow the author(s) or myself for that matter will rise up among the “poor” and become some politician then somebody will write the same about me. We have seen all those politicians rise from amongst us. So why doesn’t the narrative change? Because politics is about people, and the Kenyan politics is about us. If our politics need fixing, then it is us as a people that need fixing.

    • The problem is the political “good guys” simply don’t survive our politics. Am 100% sure you can count a few in our history and so can I. They are either one termers or they just toe the line. A thousand people who would be such politicians read your post but they won’t dare try. Why? Their “people” want a “warrior” who will fight for “them”… Them being their tribe mostly. They don’t even care that he never did and never will do anything for his own village. And therein lies the problem.

  59. As long as appointments are made on tribal basis, with one community running the Treasury and all security departments…tribalism will never end. As long as people continue to feel since one of their own is the president they have an advantage over others or are better despite outrightly failing to succeed in anything ..then vote in failures and assist in rigging elections we won’t end tribalism.

    The only way to end this is a focused leader who can distribute our national cake equally without greed like has been witnessed in the last 15years and be ready to end impunity. This will trickle down to justice department and Parliament . Only a good president can end all this and not anyone else since most are either compromised or not powerful enough to effect change

    • But that is the truth..government appointments and national tenders are given to people from specific areas..unfair distribution of national resources. Even they wanna kill or at worst disable devolution.. It’s not a story they r telling us. We can see. The tricks used by the Mt Kenya Mafia to impress the rest of Kenya are out in the open. An their bag has run out of tricks . Anything is better than this government or anyone.

    • @wainaina why do you think he has been told!!? While he can see and understand? Doesn’t he have an independent mind to reason? My brother Maundu Muli this guy is under pay to post….and brain wash the feeble

  60. The ONLY thing left out here was that mheshimiwa was living LAVISH OFF THE POOR PEOPLE TAXES. Not his hard work not his sweat BUT their HARD EARNED TAX MONEY. That he loots and poor Onyango and musyoka and Abdi defend him FIERCELY.
    Prof I suggest you start a movement, a party we shall call independent conscious party. I assure you all the youth will rally behind you. It is time to end these scams. George Karenju Jojo Modjo

  61. We all talk about this stuff with emotion and a sense of “its time now” but come election day,we privately vote for the same people, then our ignorance and our stupidity is announced for the whole world to see,its time we meant what we say and vote with integrity then only we can even say its God’s will,otherwise its never God’s will its our doing,we know what to do but we Dont do it,we run back to our ethnic cocoons

    • Samuel, people vote for the same people because they have not been given viable options outside the ethnic narrative. That is why I have advocated for a new alternative non-ethnic politcal narrative. If we do not get it, expect the people to vote for the same tribalists in 2017.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina,until when are we going to say that we HV not been given an alternative, who gives this alternatives,its up to us to chart our way forward, why can’t we go with the other candidates who offer themselves for those posts,I believe Ni one goes to school to learn about being a president,

    • Samuel Ngole The answer is simple. People will not follow you because you have offered yourself to be president. People will follow you because you have a message that resonates with them. If you don’t they wont. People are not stupid, the y an tell when someone has something to offer. I can assure you that the only people who had a resonating message in 2013 were the tribalists. If we do not get a new compelling massage, a non-ethnic politcal narrative, the tribalists will win in 2017 regardless of the number of wannabes that offer themselves. That is how politcs works.

    • Dida and co talked of issues that resonated with us(poverty corruption etc) but we still voted tribal,we chose to see no evil when it comes to elections even if its right there in front of us in black and white

  62. Usitubebe wana,I really support my fellow commentator Gauo Gilbah.Ok let’s vote ourselves for other seat and vote Raila for president because only him is the mfalme wa masikini just like uhuru claimed

  63. I feel so sad that this is where our politicians have taken us through, see when I believe I was raised by two parents, one my mother and the other my neighbor mama okoth, she treated me like a son, I’ve eaten all luo delicacies thru her, I have attended all there weddings,we have mourned together, there never came a time where she categorised me as a Kikuyu,i only pray we can go back to how we were before all this erupted

  64. Thats why I say that majority or the masses have never done anything profound but become manure, majority of the people don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground, you simply cannot trust the masses they are sick in the head, ignorant, confused and retarded. Having them decide our future as a nation is absolute foolishness. In light of this you can only expect democracy to lead us to complete destruction. Our great African tradition had us rule ourselves under strict laws n guidance from rulers n community leaders who were not elected by the masses but by spiritually enlightened people and a small circle of wise men who had proven themselves over time to be worthy (just like how the secret societies run the world today) for African people what we have as a system of governing our societies is an absolute joke…. given who we were n still are spiritually. As for tribalism….. Its just the same way people believe that this country is called kenya….. Its just the same old divide n rule. Someone comes n gives you an identity which u adopt wholesale without question. Its mental slavery.

  65. Are politicians present at workplace? We become tribal the moment we have limited resources to share. It is scarcity of resources. These posts are just escapism posts trying to pretend that we are angels and politicians are the devils.

  66. Sometimes I think a change of guard will do…. Some of the reasons why we should save Kenya again.

    President – Uhuru Muigai
    Attorney General. – Githu Muigai
    Chief of staff. Joseph Kinyua
    Speaker N.A – Justin Muturi
    CBK Govn – Patrick Njoroge
    CID Dir. – Ndegwa Muhoro
    NYS Dir. – Sam Michuki
    NIS Director Gen Philip Wachira
    Solicitor General – Njihi Mutura
    KRA Comm. – John Njiraini
    KPA Dir. – Catherine Muturi
    KAA Chairman- Julius Karangi
    NTSA Chairman – Francis Kimani Major
    NACADA Chairman – Col (Rtd) Julias Githiria
    KeNHA Director General – Eng Peter Mundia
    Kephis Chairperson – Esther Kimani
    CS Devolution – Mwangi Kiunjuri
    CS Transport and Infrastructure – Macharia
    CS Youth Affairs – Cecily Kariuki.
    PS National Treasury – Kamau Thugs
    PS Interior and National Coordination – Karanja Kibicho
    PS Health – Nicholas Murakuri

    Dont forget that out of 259 County Commissioners 193 are Kikuyu’s

    OCPDs out of 252, there are 138 Kikuyus.
    Tuko mbali sana

    • The 40 against 2 narrative peddled by the “saviour”…Notice how only ministries headed by Kikuyus have been mentioned… You will even see counties ranked according to their riches with those from Central topping the list in order to rally other Kenyans against fellow Kenyans from 2 regions…if it never worked in 2007, what makes you think it will work this time?

    • Fabian Patrice Mulinge Oh yes? I have asked, shouldn’t Kikuyu’s hold public office? In fact the list is incomplete. There are thousands of Kikuyus employed as teachers, Doctors, Civil servants, Police, military, County governments etc. I have asked shouldn’t they be employed? What is wrong with what I have asked?

    • I do not know what the post (which has been heavily circulated on social media platforms) was meant to achieve…should these Kenyans be sacked? Perhaps replaced with persons from other ethnicities? Does that resolve the issue?

    • Prof…..easy here….if I run a big multinational with offices all over a certain country that has 52 tribes and it happens that 80% of the employees are from my tribe….don’t you smell a problem? Prof I know you are a good person but I hope you can see what I am trying to say….


    • Professor Michael wainaina, this response you have give have assured that you are just an attention seeker you don’t know what you stand for!? Did you know that despite the high unemployment rate in this country, Kikuyus are the most employed individuals in this republic!!! You are to tell me they are the best fit to hold public offices?! For your information tribalism will stop when you as an individual see the sense of equatable distribution of Central government jobs and placements!!! Stop riddling here and let’s hold facts the way they are!!!

  67. this artcle is written in good faith but by a shallow minded person. is he really a proffessor or is he face book professor? all professors i have come across(and they are many) i have never seen them write Phd, he claims there is no tribslism in kenya, that is very SILLY, & very annoying, it is a fact that tribalism deeply entrenched in kenya since indipendence, eg when tinga said kibaki tosha that was the best opportunity in recent times to get rid of tribalism & corruption forever, we all know what happened afterwards, this idle professor telling us there is no tribalism is sad,obviously he is not in the receiving end of it.

  68. Are politicians present at workplace? We become tribal the moment we have limited resources to share. It is scarcity of resources. These posts are just escapism posts trying to pretend that we are angels and politicians are the devils.

  69. Hahaha. .good professor, the animal is too sick to take your medicine!…in fact it’s mistaking you for the butcher man!…the disease has gotten into its brain n now controls the animal from inside out!….the worst is, in the few times the virus isn’t in control, the animal suffers withdraw effects n demands for mo n surely the political bodies are eager to top up!….the worst is that the disease has even penetrated the host DNA! …the siblings are being born infected! !.

  70. but your thoughts aren’t issue based but of targeted anger from other quarters.No buda you are deeply tribalist full of hate.For your cooked ideas doesn’t add up though with a pleasing click.I rest my opinion on your article

  71. It cannot be peaceful as normal when some benefit at the expense of others and for that matter the ‘mutisyas, Abdis and Onyangos’ continues to suffer while the Kimanis and kipngenos help their tribal kings to endlessly continue to loot everything from the economy. Hope your article was best directed to the two tribes (you included) to respect the rights of the rest of kenyans

    • It is helping us not ‘you’ they use you their Kin’s men to execute the looting…the kaburas and murkomens and maybe soon you’ll be dragged in. Stop blindfolding us we are enlightened

    • I sort of agree with Festus. When the President comes from your tribe, there is a good chance that his cabinet and other senior governmental positions will mostly constitute of people from his tribe, like in current government. Of course I there is always dotted compensation from other tribes but, but these are bread crumbs. Ministries and other government bodies come with mega-budgets and employment opportunities that are again available with ease from community whose man is in power. Once in a while, a cabinet secretary will be accused of misusing public resources and the president will use every weapon at his disposal to defend him/her. How do you think the rest of us should feel then? Happy? The regional imbalance in development is legendary in Kenya and it totally sucks.

    • Yes I was born kiuk but I disagree on that popular believe. If I remember well I have or I still fond Kisumu a presentable place in the fact that politics aside they are the most best warmest name it welcoming people. But my oh my come electroniering time and i have to trace my roots somewhere in a village that i have not lived. Point is Okello Otieno Kenneth was is and God willing will be always one of the best friends that God gave me.Albeit the distance I still admire his resilience his passion for success and all that he instilled on me. I will praise the other side of him abeit politics because any young man would want it l. This is just a narrative. Lastly would there be a drug that would wash all memories tribe that we would wake up one morning and only recall our Kenyan calling????? Someone answer me

    • Bobdinnaging Juswaki Yes. You have correctly said that tribalism is a narrative. The antidote for it is a counter-narrative. Narratives are neutralized with narratives. Our problem right now is that we have been unable to imagine a new alternative narrative.

    • Not all Kikuyu’s Professor. But a considerable number compared to the rest of the tribes. Let’s see, there are forty two tribes in Kenya. There is a tribe which does not have ministerial post, that in itself is an imbalance. Examine all government corporations, most are headed by Kikuyus. It has become a norm for anyone heading an institution to preferentially hire people from his community. Let me exemplify, when Mugenda of Kenyatta University took over, rumor has it, majority of non-GEMA staff members were shown the door. When the VC was a someone from Western Kenya, even the grounds men hailed from those sides. My point is, there are direct and indirect benefits that come with one of your own ascends to power. Why do you think we have so many Kikuyus is the civil service unlike many other tribes combined? Come on professor! You seem like a smart guy, you must figured this out already. I am widely travelled individual, within the country, and I am positive you are too. The regional developmental imbalance is nauseating. Most of governmental corporations are centred in Nairobi and some Central. I am not saying the current government did that but they have not done much to rectify the status quo. And I won’t settle for the devolution crap! Because its a complete joke!

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD I would like to give you a brief synopsis here about the whole narrative; firstly, when the leader Mr Kenyatta was making his campaign tours in the country late last month, he went around launching or commissioning projects like roads hospitals and such. But we noticed that when he came to his backyard he did something more than usual, pardoning all the government loans totalling to a tune of billions in the name of coffee farmers!!! My question is why didn’t he do it elsewhere like machakos where coffee farmers are uprooting the crop due to this same issues of poor returns and accumulated loan arrears? In the very same script is his deputy carrying tens of millions and distributing it to his kin’s men in the name of harambee. Isn’t that a direct benefit to ‘you’? The so called ‘meat eating’ in the street language as ‘we’ other tribes tunameza mate tu. You need to first address this vices before even asking us to rescind our perceptions regarding the direct benefits related to power and tribe. Ask your self also why the konza city is an history while tunnels are being funded at kirinyanga and mau by your tribal Kings

  72. Gauo Gilbah I doubt if you have any Kikuyu blood in you as you claim because if you had, you would not demonize a whole community where either your mother or father was born to…mark my words “born to” for no one chose to be born in a certain tribe…who cares if I am a Kikuyu or Luo? Out there in the world we are mostly stupid Africans…. A people that cannot see that there is no difference between Raila and Uhuru is lost..Raila is moving around creating tribal kingpins like he did in 2007…he is courting the likes of Hassan Joho, Gideon Moi, Johnstone Muthama, Moses Wetangula, Musalia Mudavadi etc…all these people have been mentioned adversely with regards to corruption in the past…how Raila is going to save this country sorrounded by such people?

    • I am Kikuyu. But that is irrelevant. I engage with Kenyans not with Kikuyus and not against other tribes. If I criticize Uhuru, I am not criticizing a Kikuyu. I am criticizing a Kenyan who sought power and has been unable to provide direction to the country. In your head, rejecting Uhuru means endorsing Raila. My world Moses is not divided into CORD and Jubilee and into Raila and Uhuru. We are 40 million Kenyans giving us 40 million options. but we will never see the options for so long as, like you, our minds are tied to tribal kingpins and tribal coalitions like CORD and Jubilee. Free your mind. You will realize that the world is full of options.

    • You are out there in the Diaspora or you have travelled out…tell me, who cares if you are a Kikuyu? My point is simple, I refuse to be judged by my ethnicity because it’s irrelevant in today’s global village…and yes, whether you agree with my point on Raila versus Uhuru, I still state that both do not deserve the presidency….

    • Vis-a-vis Uhuru is going around central whipping up tribal emotions. It does not mean I wholly agree with your sentiments about Raila creating tribal kingpins. On the aspect of Gov. Joho, it was Uhuru vide his Coast handyman Marwa who made Joho. The tribulations Marwa visited upon Joho was supposed to break him but unfortunately for Uhuru supporters, Sultan Joho emerged, stronger and with renewed vigour. His confidence endeared him to many and Raila pounced upon Joho’s oft repeated phrase, “I belong to ODM.”
      Joho envigorated ODM and Raila knows that.
      Raila needs Joho the same way Uhuru can’t do without Ruto.
      The reverse is true, Joho without Raila and Ruto without Uhuru is tragedy to both Rao and Uhuru

    • And both Rao and Uhuru are people who should never get near power…their hands are soiled by Kenyan blood shed in 2008…we will not go to this dark era but what Kenya needs is a break from this historical and self-enriching families…

  73. I pity you Prof. You are talking to people who cannot be delivered. No wonder politicians use them because they are so deprived and cannot think beyond the lies of politicians. Keep writing thou one day they may wake up from the slumber.

    • U are the one who think knows future and present more than anybody else…. U are blinded by UA Tribe Brathe BT l promise u very soon things things will change ….God knows what Kenyan’s are going through all communities 43 include Kikuyu’s God is gonna deliver us like he did to the Children’s of Israel he will to Kenyan’s too. Coz we are tied………!!!!!!!

    • Dennis Ogolla I do not know what you are talking about. What do you mean by “43 tribes including Kikuyus”. You are talking like this and then imagining that Kimani is the one who is blinded by tribalism. My brother, we need liberation, and that includes you Sir.

    • Kimani, do not pity me. It is the fate of scribes. We must be the bearers of the new news. Things that are in the future and people have not started to see them now. We are the ones who take the untrodden path and leave a trail for others to follow. From our perspective it looks like a painful arduous and useless pursuit. From my perspective it is not. It is a mission. And I am humbled and challenged that it has fallen on my laps. It is not something for which I should be pitied. I would not have my life any other way.

  74. The prof.is right on his analogy.The rich is United but the poor are divided.The few rich will then use their riches under pretext of whipping up tribalism to ascend to power.once in power they perfect nepotism under guise of triabalism. This is very true.Uhuru kenyatta will only appoint his relatives and close friends and supporters.Raila once pm,just did same.Look at CDF.The MPS appoint only friends.What prof.Wainaina is saying is to sensitise the poor who are being misused so that they should and must change tack.Let’s refresh our mind here.When Raila’s son was wedding he did it at the late Michuki’s hotel.When uhuru visits Nyanza he has to ask for Raila first… All the noise we hear is fake.Support prof.wainaina to lead the revolution of the poor against the cheating rich.It’s an abomination.There is no real tribalism.It is high profile cheating.

  75. I tell my friends this everyday. They will never let us to understand our challenges. They are taking advantage of our ignorance, planting hatred among as……..for their own good. And we are their assets, just aiding them to lead a flamboyant life, while we languish in poverty……….

  76. Professor in ’02 more than 60 pc of Kenyans voted for Kibaki. In ’13 Kalenjins voted for Uhuru to a man. Have the kikuyu common man ever voted for a person outside their community since independence? Am I wrong to say that the kikuyus are the most self centred people in kenya?

    • Which tribe in kenya has ever voted where its king is missing,if wakamba they follow kalonzo,and all other like that,the only selfless pple are them who have nt followed their kings but have followed conviction and wise judgement while voting.

    • Timothy arap Rubiri each and every tribe in kenya has a political chieftain in their midst that directs them during elections. E.g the luos voted for Kibaki in ’02 courtesy of Raila, at independence they supported Jomo coz of Jaramogi, Kalenjins supported Uhuru coz of Ruto, Kissis supported Kibaki coz of Nyachae, e.t.c. Now answer my question, have the Kikuyus ever voted for someone outside their community since independence?

    • Kamau Mburu have you ever voted with other tribes or it’s always vice versa? Let us not bury our heads in the sand. We all know when, where and how tribalism gained roots in kenya.

    • Paul Wangugi are you posting your comment from another planet? Are you implying that non of presidential candidates during elections has ever campaigned in central? Even Mudavadi’s running mate in ’13 voted for Uhuru.

    • I feel your disappointment mse but by going the same route of self centeredness will not make this country any better. Hold on and exercise your constitutional mandate of electing a leader wisely based on merit and not tribe. Change is coming, hold on

    • Timothy Mayabi you and I may have heard the privilege of living outside our respective communities, hence the opportunity to interact with other people not of our tribe. This makes us to think and vote with our own heads without manipulation of the political class. BUT unfortunately majority of voters in kenya live and have spent a greater part of their lives in rural areas. Killing the ‘our man syndrome’ within this part of the populace is not easy and that is why they are the most targeted by uncouth politicians.

    • James you have stereotyped and hated the tribe as I see it. But don’t you think that that is a rather retrogressive way of looking at things? The so seeming self centeredness was rather incidental to the kind of politics we have had as a nation. Their numbers may also be one of the reasons they seem tribal but all that is not enough reason.

    • James Miguda It is very unfortunate that you choose to demonize a tribe for doing what others are doing. The tribal narrative spares no one and it is wrong for you to single out one community. The fact remains that tribes voted for mtu wao or voted where mtu wao told them to vote. Do not make tribalism a Kikuyu affair. It is the accepted method to win power for the tribal warlords.

    • Professor and Allan Alan let me withdraw the words ‘self centred’ in the interest of our engagement. If you read my comments carefully, there are no elements of hatred or stereotyped in them. You have only chosen to avoid my question for your convenience. Almost all communities in kenya have cast their votes for Mt kenya dependants at one time or another. Is it hatred to ask if you have ever voted for someone outside your community since independence? President Uhuru once told his Dp that he will vote for him, BUT he cannot guarantee the same for his kinsmen. True or false? Isn’t it correct to say that you are your own enemies in your perception of other communities?

  77. You Call Yourselfe Prof. Wainaina. Let Me Won You. If You Are Doing This Articles Just To Gain Popularity And Soon Join Them. Then You Must Be The Worst Amimal That Has Ever Walkd On This Land Cald Kenya. Better Stay A Way Let Us In Tribolism


  79. Kenya was tribeless until a certain president introduced a system of education that required a student to learn only in his region from nursery school to university. Teachers only headed schools in their regions. Tribalism was born. PERIOD. Don’t sugarcoat it with too many philosophies

  80. Before someone come to social media to lecture us on cord and jubilee, please to look for jomo Kenyatta’s grave and tell him all the, he is the architect, mastermind, accomplish, developer, and grabber among all other evils the Kenyans have experienced, experiencing, and will continue to experience?! There cannot be a common ground when others are more equal in terms of where the tribe has placed them than others… let me tell u one thing, some graduates do no have employment yet some Kikuyus who are still in school are employed in positions equal to those of graduates!! What brings the difference!? As much as am not professor you should be sitting in my class!!

    • You and I don’t even know who Jomo Kenyatta is. We read about him in history books. Yet you cannot open yourself up to reason because of the things he did or did not do. We can choose to look ahead as a nation and create the country we want our children to live in, or choose to look back and destroy the country because of the sins of our founding fathers. The choice is ours and I choose to look ahead.

  81. this man cant be a professor in a university, he has too much time, besides after writing your name as professor so and so why do u write phd, it is well known that for u to be a prof u must have phd so why add it at the end of your name,;this man is a poltical broker/conman

  82. This is a shot targeting something politicaly based.But if IT’S may ask you Mr professor,what is Your opinion as far as corruption,assasination and land grabbing is concern,can we shut up when all these are happening leaving Onyango,Mutisya and the likes of Abdi hopeless???Please answer,partisanism and tribal bases aside.

  83. N many of us wil want 2 accept the truth bt no guts to make the change required we only wait 4 the inevitable to happen then we later see hw fool we made ourselves be,personaly i believe if i can’t be part of the solution then i must be part of the problem

  84. This piece from Prof is the reality of Kenya life. Between the haves and the have nots, one is doing an ‘excellent’ job while the other is enslaved to its thoughts. The political class applies servival techniques, telling people what they want to hear and keep them at status quo. This helps ‘us’ to be receptive in the next elections. Its no doubt that tribalism is real in Kenya. Its a seed well watered, rooted and nourished so well that its beauty is so seductive. The first step must be admission of this vice and begin to search for a lasting solution. I believe by keeping on pointing fingers at tingods time and again will not generate the desired outcome. Rather, lets speak to our ‘class’ and show us how we have layed fertile grounds for tingods. We can make them sing our song if we wake up.

  85. You can only compare Uhuru to other presidents ie Babake, Moi n Kibaki n don’t compare him with pple who have never been president of this rotten country. Have u ever asked your self why your president speaks mother tongue in central to whip up emotions by insulting Raira or is it Raila? I hope u will vote for Ruto in 2022 to take Kenya down the drain.

  86. Your calling or the so called narrative falls on deaf ears …..I’m a luo n my boss is a kiuk ….we’ve No issue….but a revolution is coming. ..it will come from us !! Majority of Kenyans have realized we’ve got only two tribes ….the rich n the poor