Lucky sisters of CORD and Jubilee tribal Kingpins: If ones’ can be appointed ambassador, the others’ surely can be a tenderpreneur.

I have a confession to make. I do not want to make this article about Jubilee and corruption. Anyone who expresses “shock and disbelief” at Jubilee thievery and impunity must have been living in Mars since March 2013.  We have new sheriffs in town, of the “meat” eating cannibal type, ask those who have been in Kenya.

To the point of this article: I have consistently argued here that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee. It turns out that they have more in common than their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

The have lucky sisters. Very lucky sisters.

When in 2011 there was hue and cry over Raila’s sister being appointed ambassador, his brother, then Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya, came to her defence in the same language that we are hearing from Uhuru’s relatives who are tenderpreneurs with the Jubilee government. Check:-

He claimed the appointments were procedural, tick.

He claimed the sister was qualified, tick.

He claimed that there is no law that bars the Prime Ministers’ sister from getting a state appointment, tick.

His response was as cynical as that of Uhuru’s cousin, tick.

He said, “I know nepotism but this is not one of those instances…I did not know that if you are a Prime Minister, none of your relatives should serve in the public service.” Uhuru’s cousin is quoted as saying, “We are Kenyans and it is our right to do business in our own country”.

I wish that we had gotten a definition of nepotism from Raila’s dictionary and I would like to know how that definition has changed from when it was her sister to when it is Uhuru’s sister and cousin. This is what I refer to as siasa ya upuzi where definitions change according to what is convenient to the tribal overlords.

Is it wrong for Raila’s and Uhuru’s relatives to benefit from the government largesse courtesy of their famous and powerful brothers? I don’t know. What I know is that you cannot trust an answer to this question that comes from either ODM/CORD or Jubilee. They are both duplicitous, hypocritical and corrupt to the core. I suspect what is good for ones’ sister is good for the others’.

I would like to note two things from the saga.

First, Raila was also quick to say, “This scandal is President Kenyatta’s and he must deal with it as such”. That was rather quick. Was he rather too eager to tie Uhuru to the scandal for political mileage? If this is Uhuru’s scandal, would he want us to forget that the maize and KKV scandals were the Prime Ministers’ scandals?


But that is not even an important issue, it still is common knowledge.

The issue is that tribal kingpins sell the tribal narrative to their followers in the promise that “it is our time to eat”. Members of their tribal constituency are made to expect largesse from a government headed by their tribal overlord. I have said that this story is a lie.

The only people who benefit from these warlords are their sisters, cousins, a motley of relatives and their cronies. And they benefit in the manner that their brothers interpret the value of government. For Jubilee, it is a kusema na ku-tender government. Largesse comes in form of tenders to which the lucky relatives of the Jubilee tribal overlords can expect access. For ODM, it is government jobs. While Kenyans are dying of hunger and many other maladies courtesy of the Jubilee government, the biggest gripe that ODM/CORD has with government is state jobs. For sisters, relatives and cronies, I guess.

If you are not the tribal kingpins’ lucky sister or some other sort of close relative or a crony, the largesse does not include you. The small story they gave you about your tribe eating was a gimmick to get the warlords elected. Sorry.

I often  get very angry responses by some misinformed Kenyans telling me that the members of the “tribes in power” are eating meat. This is not true. They are not. The self-styled tribal kingpins and their lucky sisters and relatives are.

In the same newspaper that reported the scandal, they reported that over 40 young men in Chaka, a village in Central province have been killed by Al Shabaab militants in Mandera. They are migrant workers who go to work the quarries of Mandera which would pay more than the local ones. They are aware of the dangers but they have no option. They are not the president’s relatives. They have to fed for their own under the spectre of death!

Picture a situation where young Kikuyus are dying in quarries hundreds of Kilometres away from their homes, while Uhuru’s sister and cousin are getting millions worth of government tenders with their companies listed under the “disadvantaged category”. This is as scandalous as it gets. Yet these same young men from central province will vote for Uhuru. Some people have called them stupid. I have disagreed. I will give the reasons in part two of this article.

In the meantime, the fortunes of the lucky sisters of the power barons in Jubilee will continue to turn for the better. The tribal warlords outside Jubilee have nothing to give to their (this time unlucky) sisters, and they are an angry lot. Very angry.

As for you and me, I hope we finally get the point: It is not about us, it never was!

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  1. Good one Prof,what you need understand and all of us need to understand is raila is not in power so what he says now is inconsequential and it doesn’t have an impact on the Kenyan economy,and yes they both are corrupt but our current reality is people are literary on a looting spree under the President’s watch and he needs to take decisive action as the Head of government because the blame of failure will always go back to him all this sandals are his adminstration scandals making comparisons now won’t in anyway help our current situation

  2. Prof. as much as i try to read your article you are blaming Raila and support the current saga. 1. Prof. you know the procurement laws and they are very clear about the first family doing business with the government. 2. Raila sisters appointment i don’t think it is corruption in any way the country ain’t loosing any money…

    • If it was wrong for the PM to appoint his sis, yes. The Country lost money paying the wrong person, and reputation, integrity and credibility, being represented by a wrongly appointed ambassador.

    • Hehehehehehe…Do not blame them Cyrus. It is called the power of a single narrative. Tribalism is all they have been fed by these tribal tin-gods. That is why I have consistently advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire and mobilize the people differently. For so long as the dominant politcal narrative is tribalism, they will defend their tribal gods and vote for them. it is to be expected.

    • We need to revolutionize the people way of thinking I know its hard but I believe its possible,I know that even those who subscribe to Christianity and its teaching do so only on Sunday but latter retreat back to their tribal cocoons to advance their interests,you are doing a commendable job and I hope that like minded people can follow the same example and change this narrative through such inspiring articles.

  3. Dear Prof……Politicians are hypocritical…..and so also are we Kenyans…….if s.b from one’s side is caught in corruption, we rush to their defense, it is shameful, cheap and very low……If you mention a prominent politician from Central with regard to corruption, people with Central Kenya sounding names go to the defense of such a politician. If you mention the name of a prominent politician from Nyanza with regard to corruption…..people with names suggesting they come from that area rush to the defense of such a politician…..we are so used to “mtu wetu anamalizwa”. Brothers and sisters, let us stop this tired line of defense…….it is boring…….we are brothers and sisters in one wonderful Nation……let us fight corruption with sincerity and avoid these comical side shows…….

    • Do not blame Kenyans Alfred. It is called the power of a single narrative. Tribalism is all they have been fed by these tribal tin-gods. That is why I have consistently advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire and mobilize the people differently. For so long as the dominant political narrative is tribalism, they will defend their tribal gods and vote for them. it is to be expected.

  4. tribal gods have blinded people, with the phrase ‘government ni yetu’..while those who claim that drown in the vicious cyle of poverty…liberate them professor..from the chains of mental slavery

  5. I wish Kenya could speak in one voice. We categorically dennounce this madness of unduly eating from public coffers probably by staying away from polling stations come the second tuesday of august. Of the current political class from which we will certainly get the next CinC there is none with the zeal to slay this thing. we have no business going to the ballot.

  6. Surely prof in this we are together, by the way am one person who is very disappointed with the runway Corruption in the national government and County government.. But with a lot of respect to cord leaders and having boasting of control of majority of counties but I read mischief why have we not seen those Governors being condemned as they have done with the National government?? So it is the matter of what suits you at the particular moment..

  7. Is there a difference between corruption and state appointments, well am not a sycophant or an affiliation of any coalition in Kenya, but let us be frank with each other, are you trying to say that Raila’s alarm on the trending corruptions are hypocritical or what is your insinuations here?/??

    • I agree about the two tribes. I disagree that Kenyans are suffering from mental poverty. It is called the power of a single narrative. The tribal tin-gods have only offered tribalism as a single political narrative. The choice the people have is between “my” tribal warlord and “your” tribal warlord. It is obvious which one they will choose. That is why I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative. I believe very strongly that if the people are given the right options, they will make the right choices. If the options are several tribal kingpins, they will choose theirs.

    • That will be an uphill task given that tribe is the most readily available weapon.. A child born today is told that we are enemies with such and such a tribe and so he/she grows up hating that tribe without any tangible reason.. this just shows how far we still have to go.. I guese its complicated but it all boils down to us as individuals in the way we raise our kids.

  8. i just wish the independent institutions in our country can do their work in deligence then we won’t have to scream to the fourth estate who to seems to be eating nyama,,,,,this whole circus’ isnt uhurus but just Pple given supreme power by the constitution simply unable to do their work

  9. Correction. Raila isn’t holding a public office. Secondly if he was and favoured her relative with a job, it would be nepotism. Worse Uhuru sister is implicated in a graft.

  10. Good one pro.the problem is the new laws we passed which gives everyone powers that dont know to use and others missuse it.we were not ready for such a constituition it was too big for us

  11. It’s jobs and contracts for relatives and cronies the people we elected. If it’s not so in your County then that County is not one of the 47Centers of corruption we all inserted into the Constitution to assist the Central Government in making all other Kenyans poor through corruption except the relatives and cronies. We therefore can’t have effective laws to deal with corruption because it touches on the people who matter. We are only spectators in the large game of corruption where people are praying games with our little psychology, it is two thieves shouting to one another to confuse the public. One thief calling the other athief. That’s why corruption war in this country will take longer to deal with than all major World Wars.

  12. Even the so called scholars with Phds are confused.Man has ever been evolving since stone age and if the fight for corruption is real then we should hav seen an improvement frm the previous govt.There’s a difference btn corruption and nepotism where corruption leads to automatic funds loss,nepotism is as a result of favouritism which cannot necessary lead to funds loss unles the beneficiary uses dubious means to enrich themselves without proper guidelines…Why do you compare somebody who was appointed to serve with the one who obtained tenders that r questionable? When r we going to think soberly handle our problems with dignity without comparing with the past?…Is the govt in competition to steal frm its own coffers just bcoz the same happened in the previous govt?…if that’s the case then we r yet to see more to come….

  13. I understand what you have written… Just one question… State appointment vs conducting business with government where you are paid for services not rendered… How can we compare and contrast the two?

  14. i love your sense of relevancey and analytical skills and u seem informed..oooh sorry u are informed for this case and other articles have read below…I may want to challenge u if u give me a go ahead???

  15. Prof you av managed to change my political affiliation and now wl be vying as an independent candidare so that when i wl be fighting this malaise of ukora na upuzi no one wl say am fighting their regime. Mark my wird prof. Continue teaching us those who learn see the light

  16. I still find it hard to accept the fact that you find it worthy to compare the two scenarios ie Raila’s sister who I presume her a cademic credential speaks for itself and that of Uhuru’s relative winning the tender to supply what was not needed in the first place.As a professor you can imargin what 10 million kenya money can do!I guess it can construct a far more better medical facility that that thing lying at Miritini ground.The project was a corruption type to almost by defination.Why buy a container then look for where to place it.One must surely look for a place to construct a house before even buying a house plan.What of if the ministry fails completely get a space to place the facility?Sometimes it is hard to understand your way of looking at issues professor

  17. There is nothing to compare in this two scenarios, in one case, somebody is given a job to do and does it with no complain of theft and in the other one is given a favor to supply but decides to loot.

  18. Well said Prof,even those in opposition are just praying that their time to eat arrives as soon as possible to benefit n not serve Kenyans,all these animals in the name of politicians are the same.

  19. I have tried to debate with you in the past but not anymore! I find your irrationality irredeemable. Up until when and how far are you willing to go in trivializing every debate around the corrupt nature of this regime! Whenever someone calls out Uhuru Kenyatta (The current State House occupant) on his failures; from tribal appointments to cannibalistic graft, you always find it the perfect opportunity to reflect on the failures of the opposition! This is not different from telling us – “Shut up and leave Uhuru alone because even Raila is the same”. I don’t defend anyone but this is the consistent stupid line of argument amongst this government’s supporters who always desperately seek to put-off any discussion exposing the rot of this government! You must understand holding Raila accountable for vices done under his watch, and calling out Kenyatta on the corruption he is presiding over, are not mutually exclusive responsibilities to Kenyans! I only wonder why are these ‘Latent’ Uhuru supporters always silent on Raila’s vices and only choose to revisit them when Uhuru is held to task! The fight against corruption should not be reduced to a morality contest between two factions but must be approached from a genuine perspective to be won. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa!

    • I understand why Raila supporters are this annoyed when he is called out. They desperately want to believe that he is an alternative to Uhuru and the corrupt jubilee government. He is not. Do not put words into my mouth. I have never said “shut up and leave Uhuru alone because even Raila is the same”. This is your own interpretation which you are perfectly entitled to, just do not drag me into it. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

    • Can’t you realize your posts always serve to reduce important discussions into a Uhuru-Raila comparison? Raila can be called out independently (And I agree he has been involved in a lot to be questioned), and Uhuru independently! My point is – Why do you choose to conveniently remind us of Raila’s actions only when the government is brought to task?

    • Thank u Ngondi,,Mr self styled PhD here is just on his usual sanitization agenda for Jubilee,,Its good to put it strait to him without so much literal jargon..The diffrence btwn Raila and Uhuru sisters is that UHURU’s SISTER ALLEGEDLY STOLE MONEY MEANT FOR THE SICK and THE DYING,,RAILA’s SISTER DID NOT STEAL,

    • Prof i disagree with your analysis, history is awash with families of the first house working in public office due to merit, look at the Kennedy’s in the 60’s all the three of them held very key positions in Gov, When Bush was President his brother was Governor, When Thabo Mbeki was President his brother was already doing business in Government and continued even after he left (decent business)
      The difference here is using State machinery to make public appointments where merit lacks on account of family connections or friendship influence, a critical look at the Kenyatta family will give you endless list of such public appointments… again what business have you audited the business that friends of the President or of Waiguru to give them legitimacy and proceed to talk about sisters The PM’s sister in your lips was a Professor in the University before his brother became PM she is still a University Professor long after he left give the same scenario about the son of Jomo with his friends and relatives…

  20. Prof. this is the naked truth,the question is,who will ever save Kenya,coz this change of political party names,hoping from one party to another changes nothing yet the same dangerous fellows congregate ,for selfish, egocentric gains,Kenyans are just taken into circles because of their supple knees due poverty n naivety are forced to defend,praise,protect,tirelessly n fearlessly whoever joins their tribal political bandwagon.Every aspiring leader is just fighting for their “time to eat”,.

  21. This is the kind of sobriety would wish Kenyans to wake up to. hii story ya kusema We. .against them. .Kimundu kiu vs us and Gaitu gwiviarira, Imundu cia ruguru vs We (Central) ,’s bullshit. ..there’s no We vs Them. ..Our tribe vs Their tribe. .its bullshit. .how many of We have benefited from Kihanyas tenders. .These are political conmen who in most instances they are together they refer to each other as My Brother and the narrative changes only when inciting Gullible, ignorant peasants!

  22. This is the kind of sobriety I would wish Kenyans to wake up to. hii story ya kusema We. .against them. .Kimundu kiu vs us and Gaitu gwiciarira, Imundu cia ruguru vs We (Central) ,’s bullshit. ..there’s no We vs Them. ..Our tribe vs Their tribe. .its bullshit. .how many of We have benefited from Kihanyas tenders. .These are political conmen who in most instances they are together they refer to each other as My Brother and the narrative changes only when inciting Gullible, ignorant peasants!

  23. The problem is not about one getting the job. ..but doing that job with the integrity it deserves. .a service to people. .Our problem with the with the ungreatfull relathieves…Kindly let’s not sugar coat the corruption that’s bear before us..

  24. Now cordiots Will call you all sort of names because they fear facts and criticism like thitima. The so called angels in the name of Rao, stevo n weta have never answered the following scandals:
    Rao: KKV, maize scandal, molasses plant, mumias sugar, Kenya airways, ethanol scandal etc
    Stevo: NYS land scandal.
    Weta: the Japan embassy issue

  25. You PHd is questionable if you cant draw a line between nepotism and corruption. You are not ashamed do defend open looting of nation’s treasure and use you half baked knowledge to confuse the already confused chuplee supporters. The point is the criminal govt is looting off the country period.

  26. You’ve said it plainly. No one is as clean as they portray themselves. Age has caught up with grandfather Raila. He can’t even remember things that were triggered by him just the other day.He’s opportunistic. He has made himself so irrelevant.

  27. I agree with you that any Kenyan can do business with the government as long as she/he met what is required, but when it comes to any vice they should face the law as any other citizens

  28. What i learn here is that if raila is mentioned in some scandals,some guys here see it as ‘kuonewa’there is no difference between stealing public money in the name of being a kenyattas n using your political connections to influence your sister to get a job as odingas.does it mean there are no other kenyans who can supply goods to the GOK? Does it mean that there are no other highly learned kenyans to be appointed to be ambassadors?

  29. A point of correction Mr PhD,,those scenarios u are comparing are very different,,Dr Wenwa Odinga’s appointment was merited and it is the co principal,Mr Mwai Kibaki who did it,,it was because of her credentials and there was nothing corrupt about it,,that’s why no Kenyan complained when Kathleen Kihanya was appointed to head Mumias sugar,yet she is Uhurus sister,that not withstanding,,this other Nyokabi Muthama,Uhurus sister was caught up in corrupt dealings,,Dr Odinga was appointment by Merit,,Nyokabi Kenyatta is case of looting public resources.U still smell of a Jubilee apologist from a far,,Mr PhD.

  30. Look here prof.these pple will always take us as lesser men ,they take us a BUNCH of fools;-like we dont think i don’t KNOW .they always preach what they don’t practice….I wonder who will come n SAVE us from their York of slavery!!.

  31. Nepotism isn’t the same as theft.
    Where are these clinics; medicines/overpriced containers and/or missing machines; no site.
    Any supposed scandal against the diplomats’ while they were on tour?

  32. This professor ought to hv analysed the circumstances that transpired.Raila may not hv been fair enough to appoint his sister as ambass.cos we shall point the obvious;nepotism.But Raila didnt complain of Uhuru gving tender to a sister a sister but rather he complained of Uhurus sister benefiting from state coffers.I hope there is a boundary btw appointment as a civil servant n engaging in corruption given the opportunity.

  33. what you are writing here is pure nuisance and nonsense. Jubilee is more corrupt than any regime we have had in this country. My wish they should even go to Guantanamo Bay and live there. I don’t like being tribalistic but the fact is kikuyus have spoilt this country.

  34. Prof. Is certainly missing a point.. What is questionable is not the benefiting of the first family from government tenders but the category in which they were merited. How is the sister to His Excellency the President disadvantaged? This is so different from government appointment of PM’s sister .

  35. You know sir we are waiting for a scandal in which raila will be pinned hands down like uhuru in this nys scandal. if its on appointment’s,beth mugo is in the senate,past 3 cbk governors can be traced to a region in this country.we have agreed people can qualify for an apointment in that aspect.let us crucify raila when naked graft makes love to him. you can imagine a person owning 20 companies all registered and all wining 1.8 billion worth in tendering singly .Noo sir. am not a luo i didn’t vote for raila 2013 butt this time round am voting him . i don’t even like the way his tribes men even behave in the public by downlooking everybody arround,but let this guy lead us out of the current stale.

  36. I wonder where you collected you doctorate from… not to be rude but quite frankly Prof your article is way too fallacious to say the least.

    I mean you simply trying to draw attention to a case that’s not at all analogous not even by an inch.

    Trying launder the already rotten image of this thuggish government… which not surprising is lead by your kinsman…I mean how is an appointment to a position is not at all similar to looting billions of taxpayers monies not once or twice a whopping more than 10 times

    & you’re here trying to pretend to be objective and level minded … well sorry to say this but youre not any different from all the lot of tribal bigots Mr Prof.

    Get me clear, whereas we agree Odinga isn’t as clean ( I haven’t heard him say that either ) we should not be distracted by simply arguing the next guy isn’t clean either.. all we need is action.. that way we give the real point a wide berth…so whether it’s the Odingas, the Kenyattas & their clonies that need to be accountable.

    But arguing Odinga isn’t a saint so let Kenyatta mortgage the country after looting & milking it dry is misguided.

    #Freedom&Responsibility #WeDeserveBetter #DownWithMassCorruption&Political malfeascance

  37. Prof Wainaina is right. However, he is not suggesting a way out of this cage. Do we stay without a president? Not possible. Do u have an individual in mind, whose cronies and relatives wil not take us this direction?

  38. Am not defending anyone but if money was stolen when majority of kenyans r luving on less than a dollar daily, it is a pitty & ungodly, am a kawaida kenyan, & the inflation is pinning me down day by day

  39. I know some will support this to console themselves, but the truth is, that this is a very different concept…No regime in Kenya’s History has ever stolen from us like this Jubilee gvt, or over borrowed heavily in such a short span.

  40. Birds of the same feather flock tongether,masses are there to be used so the special ones can live like kings and queens,It is sad that the commoners from the two political sides are busy insulting one another as their kings and queens eat the meat,It is a country of special group who have to be devended by their slaves as they plunder just in the name of our tribe and our man or woman,

  41. Like Seriously..This is The Worst Admin that This Country has ever Had to Put up with.. Infact Its More Worth “Ejecting ” by Wanjiku Rather Than Voting Out..Voting Out is Being Polite to Lords of Theft and Impunity..!!! Kenyans..Think Fast…!!!

  42. Ur misrepresenting issue here,jst 2 justify Uhuru incompetence,i bet cos of tribal eye lense,bt nobody is contesting uhuru sister or any kenyan doing bsness,bt there corrupt nature.

  43. Prof your article has a stereotype mind of neutralizing good and bad hence I totally disagree with “Raila sister was appointed ambassador while Uhuru sister was given the tender”…..nice so Prof tell the public

    Did Raila’s sister involve in any corrupt deal?
    Did Uhuru’s sister involve in any corrupt deal?
    Note: Analyze your politics looking at both side of the coin and stop misleading the public with such articles.

  44. The analogy of equating Raila with Uhuru is totally unacceptable since we know Raila n the father were pioneer crusaders of social Justice but the tribal tag has been labelled against them to the extent that even being good couldn’t endear himself to the electorates who r already riddled with tribal sickness such that even when corruption associated with their son/daughter is labeled as witch hunt. So the problem with the endless theft in govt is because we can’t accept to question our own for the sake of depending power which benefits a few at the expense of few individuals. Look at the theft done by Moi n Jomo regimes, at that tym it was not at all questioned by their tribesmen n those dared like JM, their fate is known, death without trace of killers. When Jaramogi saw ideals of a social justice were not forthcoming from within, He had to resign and agitate for the same from opposing side which was later killed like we r seeing now with one party state in the name of unity. There is well orchestrated move to demonize counties whereas major public funds pilferage is happening at national govt institutions, we don’t see parliament n senate question the same but r running after small fish like the governors just to demonize their work. By this i don’t mean that their theft shouldn’t be questioned but an equal or more effort be seen when it happens at national level. Kenyans all over r quick to protest any misappropriation in counties but never raise a finger when it is national govt by even thinking of deciding not going to work for one week until thieves of public money r in jail whether by law or otherwise, coz this theft has to be stopped immediately if Kenya is to go ahead economically. Kenyans the ball is in your court politicians will play with our minds forever as far as we r tribally divided yet they reap from u. That’s why even those who r passionate about helping the country move forward can’t coz they won’t opportunities, look Wangari mathai, they r made to be sycophants to demigods coz u Kenyans don’t listen to facts but loyalty to demigods hence denying good people opportunity to lead n change Kenya. Independence status quo will not change Kenya u like or not pray like worshippers of Baal in the mountain but nothing will change with the status coz they continue to cover the ills committed since attainment of independence and if u challenge that then they would use their entire inexhaustible wealth to change everything by all means even the media. Amkeni sasa ama mtaisha milele

  45. What a strange thinking prof? Does it who gets what gvt job as long as they are qualified and the national cake is shared equaly? Immagine the presigents sister and cousin classified as maginalised:o!! The problem here is the unaccounted for money. Was the pms sister paid more than the job groups entitlement?

  46. WHEN UHURU’s GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT just criticize it. If raila does wro
    Ng correct him. Don’t mix issues. You will be either confusing people or creating a no one is right justification. Be specific mr phd,its time to correct uhuru.

  47. as usual for them to criticize their own ( kamwana) they must drag Hon. Raila for them to justify their wrongs. i would call this friendly criticism. TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT PROF.

  48. At whatever level, corruption is evil. Whether it’s bribing a police officer with sh50 or stealing 5billion from the national treasury. Many of us who shout from the rooftops are only bidding their time wait for an opportunity to drown themselves in this filthy lucre. Until we change our mindsets, we will remain permanent cheerleaders in this theatre of the absurd.

    • You got it wrong prof, I’m only ascribing to your call for a fresh and relevant narrative. The same way we need a new non-tribalistic political order is the same way we need to look afresh at this issue. How can we effectively tackle this vice when worship this looters, when we use our positions however insignificant for personal gain, when we seek means to benefit ourselves from looted funds, when we detest sacrifices and seek shortcuts to achieve our goals, can’t exhaust the list. I hope prof you are still a Kenyan. Once again I decree, the fight against corruption will not be won without changing our corruption-compliant mindsets. I rest my case.

  49. her,his, his,hers,….PhD and you can’t use them correctly?nor punctuate? right,you have your thoughts on more important matters like self righteousness n similarity in thieves.Sorry, never mind

  50. A well thought out propaganda to sanitize the real thieves that are actually in control of our taxes .Ni kama mtoto akishikwa akilamba sukari anaanza kusema”hata nani alilamba”…we’ve seen this narrative before.wont work

  51. Kenya will only heal when we remove from public offices the two feuding families of the late president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and elect our honourable deputy president William Samoei Kipchirchir Ruto as our fifth president as he has no past family connections to power. A very ordinary soul and perhaps who connects with the suffering of ordinary Kenyans. That’s my honest opinion regarding the run away corruption and the need to slay the dragon once and for all.

  52. Cjasoma sana kama ww professor bt akili yangu ya kuzaliwa inaniambia frst do u understand the meaning of opposition, secondly we are not here to compare uwizi…pls Kuna corruption and thts the wrk of opposition… Do u xpect president akuje mbele ya watu aseme watu wameiba Afya house? … Tumia akili ya kuzaliwa bwana kama ya masomo inakuchanganya… Umeandika nothing chietharidha wewe.

  53. Proffessor,there is robbery and robbery with violence;kuua na kuua bila kukusuhudia–all these cases are different;one is greater than another.It is true that no one is clean,but jubilee is spotted more because of the numerous scandals

  54. My friend you I must commend you for the article, but I must admit that you sound like you have a soft spot for corruption, see as a Kenyan it wouldn’t hurt me who is appointment for a particularly office as long they deliver, but if they are involved in stealing public finances to benefit themselves, it hurts us directly, when things are where they are now as a nation, articles like this seem suspect, so I urge you to be objective and call out the corrupt,we don’t care much who’s sister it is.

  55. .
    Psalm 51:10-12, 17 KJV
    Create in me a clean heart,
    O God;
    and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence;
    and take not thy holy spirit from me.
    Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation;
    and uphold me with thy free spirit.

    The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit:
    a broken and a contrite heart,
    O God,
    thou wilt not despise.

  56. You have not said what wrong was committed by Raila’s sister yet want to lump her in the same league with Uhuru’s sister. Look at the problem at hand and not whether someone is hired by the govt or not. Stop the kikuyu hate for Raila.

  57. prof from articles you post you can authoritatively confirm most Kenyan shelved their thinking and decisive capabilities and swallowed their tribal leaders poison n cant see nor hear against them

    • It is called the power of a single narrative my friend. It is the stuff that genocides are made off. This is why I have consistently advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative. Without it nchi imeshikwa ngeta na mababe wa kikabila. And with no other alternative people will literally die with their tribal warlord.

  58. Man your PhD is nothing but you got it through mlango wa nyuma. How can you compare state job and tendering . why do you take your whole PhD and reduce to a Kikuyu PhD . we Kenyans are going through hard lives while with your fake PhD talking nonsense. Wacha Raila Uhuru muungano sahi ni wa wala nyama na wameza mate.

  59. You said it professor.We need a total overhaul of our political leadership.The voter can infuse fresh blood into our leadership.Do away with Odingas, Kenyattas etal.Let get a Onyango, Wainaina or a Mwakesi from obscurity and make him president.

  60. Excellent analysis. But this is something many of us already appreciate. The vexing question that should now preoccupy us is, What next? In other words, what options can we create for Kenyans, and how can we mobilise the masses to get out of this deception and get a credible alternative to CORD and Jubilee? Or is everything lost for our own and future generations? I am waiting to read about solutions.

  61. We have had many people calling themselves professors. Those who never stepped in any University we just accept with a pinch of salt. We had the late musician Professor Naaman, Prof Omar, and many professor Miti Shamba herbalists. To get to the substance of the post. Leaders like Uhuru and Raila should not have their relatives barred from doing legitimate business or employment. The only criminal aspect is when someone is favoured because of relationship and when people don’t declare conflict of interest. It is also mischievous to compare ambassadorial appointment with cases of premeditated theft like in NYS, SGR, Laptop, Eurobond and Health ministry which have serious consequences on our future generations who will have to pay these loans and the lives of expectant mothers and unborn children dying as a result of these heartless thieves. We shouldn’t just support thieves because they come from our tribes and a real professor would be above this.

  62. We need athird force to unsettle this people.We can do that by calling for areferundum and change some clauses in the constitution to bar some tribes from presidential race for atleast ten years and see how others can perform.

  63. Kamau,njoroge ,maina na omondi,akinyi na odieki na amollo,are busy insulting each other while uhuru an odinga family are enjoying tenders,we common kenyans’wanjiku’ we need to open eyes

  64. Wrong is wrong whoever perpetrates and perpetuates it notwithstanding.
    I detest the corruption scandals all our tribal leaders are entangled in.
    We clearly can’t seem to select one over the other just like a contest between the bad and the evil.
    Kenyans must wake up to the harsh realization that when that leader they so much idolize steals from the public coffers,s/he does it for personal gains and that of the ‘Lucky sisters’.
    Were it not the case,all Kikuyus,Kalenjins and Luos would be filthy rich because we know leaders of the tribal descent who have ripped this country off every coin they stumble upon to a point of paralyzing it.

  65. How much did wenwa odinga loot from kenyans? This is justification that i don’t understand, you are using a different scenario to justify the jupillee thevery. Are you talking about corruption or nepotism?

  66. Politics is a foolish game. All politicians r liers and corrupt. They think only about their self interests and they don’t care about common mwananchi. I hate Kenyan politics, wanasiasa hawajakomaa politically. All I care about is the job that feeds my family.

    • If we do nothing about the clueless thieving politicians, even that job that feeds your family will soon be gone. Also remember there are millions without that job. You cannot ignore the fact that bad politics is affecting everyone. Do not wait until it comes for you. I would like to remind you of Martin Niemoller’s famous quote,

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      Do not wait until they come for the job that feeds your family. Make your voice count now.

    • That’s true prof but, there’s no need to replace one thief with another. Jubilee, Cord are filled with hungry hyenas. Tufanye nini? Jubilee r in the government eating meat, those in Cord have been in previous government n ate the meat too. What about us poor Kenyans, kazi yetu si ni kumwaga mate tu??!!!

    • You have just preempted my sentiment Prof.
      Those who claim to be apolitical are oblivious of the fact that politics drive almost each and every aspect of the society we live in today,even churches.
      When there’s bad politics we all bear the brunt ranging from insecurity, unemployment, road carnages et al.
      In brief,everything is intricately connected to everything else here.

  67. You are one of the meat eating caniball type who is trying to use a very expensive spray on a pungent carcass, praying and hoping that the odour will go away. Are you sure you are a proffesor with a PHD? Coz am so absolute a college dropout will beat you at your own game. What really is wrong with Kenyan System of Education?

  68. Wainaina think the PhD you holding is a honorary one….how do you compare corruption with an appointment? If you don’t understand politics…. go back to books and acquire a genuine degree….

  69. The difference, however, is that Raila’s sister was not used to propagate graft and thievery. How you narrowed down Raila’s concern to Uhuru’s sister and cousin being unqualified for state jobs and to do clean business with the government, based on merit, beats logic. A valid comparison would be where Raila used his relatives as conduits for graft.

    • I have said a million times I am not neutral. I am against the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of both CORD and Jubilee tribal warlords. I have consistently advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics differently and mobilize the country towards patriotism, accountability and productivity. On this stand, I have nailed it all the time and will continue doing so. Those whose world is divided into CORD and Jubilee will oscillate between calling me a devil or an angel depending on which side of their divided world I seem to be hitting. Remember for them, hitting one side means praising the other. It is how that warped world works. This is about them. Not about me. I have stated my position. Please remind me any time you see me digressing from it. I am not neutral.

  70. Hakuna dhambi ndogo mbele ya mungu. Dhambi zote ni sawa. Adhabu ya dhambi ni kaburi. That said, before my eyes, one who kills and one who is greedy have not committed the same sins. One who has stolen public money that he or she has not worked for at the expense of sick Kenyans is more satanic than the one given an opportunity to work for her own. Let tribalism be a constant in this equation (T)

  71. Whether the Author is a Professor or not is besides the point. He has laid the facts bare for anybody willing to read and understand Kenyan politics. I have lived to see all the four Presidents. This holier than thou attitude should stop if we have to tackle corruption head-on.

  72. All along you have never ever helped your target readers in trying to get a solution. But instead there is a silent message behind your articles that read: BETTER THE DEVIL WE KNOW THAN THE ANGEL WE DON’T KNOW. ‘RE ELECT JAP. TOO SAD

  73. It wouldn’t take the knowledge of a class three kid to know there has never been a government without traces of corruption, but when it goes to the extent of someone walking around with 52m taxpayers’ money then we better opt for someone else who won’t ferry home my money that much…zimwi likujualo halikuli likakumaliza

  74. Uare saying two wrongs make a right and to justify it uave to drag Lailas name as the enemy.This is the disease in central kenya.That it can be anybody else but Laila but when somebody else comes the it must be mondo wa nyumba.kibaki is aware that when it comes to presidency it must be mondo wa nyomba

    • Granted, ODM/CORD is in caps and Jubilee in small, I know my language ability to be limited to the resources I access but I think Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD has only maintained the simple language rule that abbreviations be in upper case and proper nouns like Jubilee to begin in upper case….I will leave the ‘between the lines’ for a future article.

  75. Only God view wrong doing as same,but it is different constitutionally and the charges too.There are cases of law breaking that can be fined less sh 200 in a court of law! These we may not even consider dwelling on! But what about when billions of shillings are feared lost! How many times have u considered posting about egg,chicken thieves? Did u not consider it minor? Even so,the two issues might be different.Employment is different from tendering:the former recieves salary,which can be freely used,while the latter is accountable to tax payers money

  76. Ours is the proverbial case of being required to choose which hyena we would rather be eaten by. Essentially, both jubilee and cord are alliances of dangerous teeth – showing hyenas and although we individually feel that we should be eaten by ‘zimwi litujualo’, it no longer makes a difference which zimwi kulas you. All will finish you in the very end. Even if you hear them say ‘halikuli likakwisha, if the ogre eats only the head, can you live with the torso? Zimwi ni zimwi tu. Liwe la cord au jubilee

  77. I am still urgently waiting for Prof’s alternative besides Cord & Jubilee!!! Pliz don’t get stuck in the gray region,lets see your black & white clearly coz time is running out! Lets know the colour of your blood!!!

  78. If the tenders were executed diligently and no taxpayers money was lost, nobody would be complaining! But telling us a quarry worker was paid 70 m… Driver 60m ,52m with waikulus hairdresser, buying containers worth 100k each for 10m each. honestly… This is carrying us children! ( kutubeba wana)

  79. The worst mistake ppl make is compare fairness and looting of public resources. currently their is no fairness in the world only in the hereafter would you expect full fairness but it does not mean looting if you were favoured and given a contract you should be held accountable for the money you steal you should be charged of looting don’t support the corrupt they already been favoured which is always the norm Now.

  80. Wainana your argument is fallacious and devoid of logic and facts. Do you want to tells us here now that because Raila’s sister was given a state appointment that nullifies Uhuru’s sister graft and it should therefore be treated as trash? No way. We have no problem with state appointment being given to relatives of ruling class as long as they don’t take all, because they are Kenyans too but in case they abuse their office and perpetuate graft that is a different matter. Another would be their merit and integrity. After all the vetting committee didn’t constitute their relatives only nor single community. Why don’t you note that Githu Muigai is Uhuru’s cousin and even one time family’s lawyer? But we can’t complain of that unless the Attorney General is at fault so is with Raila’s relatives. If Raila’s sister abused her office in any way or it was used to loof from pubic coffer your argument would be fair or what does your PhD tells you? The letter of your post portray concern with nation but their spirit depicts you as tribal and protecting impunity. Watch out before you tarnish academia.

  81. Mr. PROF, spot on! In Kenya, the only corrupt person is from the other tribe (party) if you would make it sound better, not ours. Wezi ni hao wengine, sio sisi. Infact, we are angels here, its the other team that is filled with demons. Our campaign agendas are about how dangerous the other team is. So vote for us!

  82. Prof I do appreciate your education papers for creating more problems rather than providing us with solutions, if you can compare fairness and looting public resources then I wonder where your academia is fetching you to

  83. It is not about getting a government tender but the whole issue here is about the purported fraud…indeed we are all kenyans and have a right to procedurally win government tenders but not through fraud as purported in the Mafia house scandle.

  84. We need solutions right now not justifying of one evil with another give us solution Prof, o’ wise .you are just fueling hatred and that is not wise of you. Kenyans know what is ailing us the only thing lacking is the will by we KENYANS to disengage ourselves from the shackles of tribalism and embrace good ideologies be it from whichever person,part or region it comes from hence it is wrong to always demonize our leaders yet we are part of the system. Chip never falls to far from the log.

  85. i have been following this professors posts but clearly he is just another mutahi ngunyi using complex jargon, technical analysis and tongue twisters to hide tribal instincts..names always give a true picture of which side kenyans are supporting..

  86. Proff I like your articles because you try as much as possible to remain neutral in this tribal affected politics we see in our country. But today I feel your research was incomplete though am not constitution expert, there is that part of constitution that state that relatives to any holder of government office should not apply for tender during the tenure of that individual in office. If you also know any part which bar the relatives of gvnt office holder to occupy other offices then I’ll be glad to know it. Again am not sure if am right because am not expert when it comes to constitution but am sure you’ll help me in this

  87. Two wrongs does not make a right even as much as they are unrelated. You come out as a tribal defender and apologist by this silly article. You should have sat back and analysed this before posting. It has made you appear soo low buddy. Don’t show your sloppy avarice in two bad stories kenyans would rather forget to justify your tribal masters blatant thievery in the face of abject poverty and famine in this country. You should be ashamed and shamed for this piece of idiotic writeup. The kind of money lost here could drill water boreholes and irrigate the famine stricken areas of this country to help produce enough food for eating and reserve instead of going to your known thieving tribe folk. Balderdash.

  88. Do not confuse us the current issues need to be addressed appropriately. I wonder which kind of Prof who is idle and that could be the reason why you cannot argue.Publish an article documenting all these as a proof that you have facts on your allegations otherwise you speak like your tribes men to confuse Kenyans

  89. Listen brpthers and sisters, some people in the inner circle understand this political game that we are all viewers. They read these articles and say; yeah J’s reply has some truth in it, M’s reply is absolutely wrong and so on. If only we would fight tribalism, Kenya would be a STAR! 1968, Some international countries used to visit kenya for exposure among other super economies currently. Only two ideas for kenya. 1. God first. 2. Say no to Tribalism.

  90. Anybody with a clear mind will see rather clearly that the issue isn’t about CORD or JUBILEE, Lets look at it differently this guys protect their interests in the long run we the common MWANANCHI suffer, if we realized that they are our enemies(politicians) Kenya would be a nice place.

  91. Are you in any way saying that Railas mistakes justifies Uhurus mistake ….Are you saying that we should keep quiet and watch these people loot public resources just because Raila oversaw his sister’s appointment. Let me remind you Something you seem to have forgotten. Kenya is bigger than these two families….Wait did I I just read somewhere that your a Prof,??? With all due respect delete this post

  92. Both are the looters why Rails keeps silent over a scandal and tomorrow come with another. When he is settled financially He keeps mum of yesterpolitics and go on with current politics. People be alert.

  93. Prof i see u as part of the problem coz all u are doing is trying to cover up jubilee’s ujambazi by just reminding us Raila’s mistakes no thats not the issue the real thing is that jubilee is the most corrupt government pliz let pie b pie not 22 over 7,The problem is how kenya will fight the rotten governance not how kenya will rem the nusu mkate government, i am a big fan of ur articles but we differ on this wacha kua mkabila

  94. There are so many misquided oppositions from this posts. However, Professor Michael Wainana, we do not need rocket science to note that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee Party. Today, Uhuru Kenyatta blatantly promised the losing aspirants handsome tenders as a compensation. This clearly demonstrate that his fight to corruption, ni Siasa za Ukabila, Ukora na Upuzi.

  95. You were almost on pint till you lost it on the issue of having relatives in government! Raila never complained on Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister and cousin getting tenders but engaging in corrupt deals, their companies dont even pay tax.

    • It is always interesting seeing the commitment of some Kenyans to their tribal warlords. It is called the danger of a single narrative. They think that these warlords are all they have. They are not. We are 40 million Kenyans. That means 40 million options.