Mene Mene Terkel Urpashin: Transgressions of the “Laws of Power” and the list that brought down Uhuru’s government.

The collapse of the house of cards that is the Jubilee government started on March 26th 2015. On this fateful day, I watched in shock and disbelief as President Uhuru Kenyatta presented a “list of shame” in his annual statutory state of the nation address in parliament. This was a desperate move to show that he was committed to the fight against corruption. It was his signal that the battle had started. I listened in disbelief and at the end of the address I remember muttering to myself, “mene mene terkel urpashin”. When I was in Sunday school, I was taught that the simple translation of the phrase is “Uthamaki ni wa thiira”, (“Your kingdom is finished”). Uhuru had begun the fall of his own regime.

This was the wrong move in more ways than one, all of them characteristic of the fatally clueless and inept Jubilee government.

Can Uhuru’s government survive a serious purge on corruption?

The answer to this question is a resounding, no. I have explained why in detail in two previous articles and

What I am not sure about is whether Uhuru knows this. If he does, why would he make such a hopeless attempt to fight corruption? I do not see how Uhuru can fight corruption in the Jubilee government and survive the purge. The best example is the list. It is Jubilee’s flagship action against corruption. When you ask Uhuru what he has done about corruption, he shouts that he presented a list in parliament and asked Cabinet Secretaries to step aside.

The question is, then what?

And the answer is, “then nothing”. Uhuru would have been better-off never having touched that list.

Why is this a bad thing for Uhuru politically, and why is it the reason his regime is over?

Simple. He admitted to corruption in his government, and then failed to decisively act against it. As a leader you cannot admit to a problem and then prescribe a solution that fails to work. This is a fatal mistake.  What you do not finish will finish you. The best way to analyse this is to look at Uhuru’s actions against the Robert Greene’s “48 Laws of Power”. You will notice that the move breaks a number of those laws, and my contention is that Uhuru’s government will not survive these transgressions, mene mene terkel urpashin.

Greene’s law number three says, “Conceal your intentions” and Law number 4 says “Always say less than its necessary”. In presenting the fatal list, Uhuru broke these laws in more ways than one. And to make matters worse, he broke them with both his foes and his allies. First, he exposed himself to his allies that he was ready to throw them under the bus in what they instinctively knew was a futile attempt to fight corruption. The sages of yore warned, “mburi iguthinjwo ndionagio kahiu” . (You do not show the knife to the goat you intend to slaughter.) Those whom he sacrificed have become his enemies, as he confessed during the Statehouse Summit Circus on Corruption. But worse still, those that were left with him are now suspicious of him. Most of those who are corrupt cannot trust him. He showed them the knife.

For his foes, he showed that he could be intimidated to take a lame action against a problem he could not solve.  He admitted to corruption in his government and then took hopeless actions against it. His foes no longer have to make a case for corruption in his government. All they have to do is make a case for his inability or unwillingness to fight it. They have even gone further in their boldness. They are not just accusing him of inability or unwillingness in the fight against corruption, they are now accusing him of complicity. The Afya House scandal has been called “President Kenyatta’s own”.

By saying more than is necessary and by revealing his intentions, his allies find him untrustworthy and treacherous. He declared war on graft, drew the sword and only felled his allies and lost the fight to his foes.  The foes find him weak, ineffective and limping and are moving in for the kill, using the sword provided to them by Uhuru himself. If corruption is going to be the main contention in the 2017 presidential elections, it is because Uhuru made it so. When push comes to shove, his allies will abandon him, and his foes will move in for the kill, mene mene terkel urpashin.

The so called fight on corruption as heralded by the list was dead on arrival.  Again this was due to transgression of Law number 15, “Crush your enemy totally”, Law number 23, “Concentrate your forces”, Law number 28, “Enter Actions with boldness”, and Law number 36, “Disdain things you cannot have”.

First, there is the matter of what happened or did not happen to those in the list. The “implicated” CSs are still walking around as free men and women and some of them are now garnering for political office. Worse still, we have been warned that their cases cannot be sustained in court because investigations were done without a functional EACC Commission in office. The sacked CS’s are not happy with Jubilee. Uhuru, in his haste to commit the worst mistake of his regime, forgot Lyndon B. Johnson’s warning that when it came to politicians, it is better to have them on the inside peeing out rather than have them on the outside peeing in. If Uhuru had decided to fight corruption, those “cat-walking around speaking a lot of English” should have been crashed completely. He should have concentrated his forces and entered the fight with boldness, not in half measures. If he knew he could not enter with boldness, then he should have adhered to rule 36, “disdain the things you cannot have”. He should never have admitted to corruption in his office and his government.

This indecisiveness and transgressions of laws 15, 23 and 28 are to be seen not in who was on the list, but who was NOT on the list. This is actually the bigger reason why the list presented in parliament was considered a big joke by the people of Kenya. The person whose Devolution Ministry was involved in one of the biggest heists of the Jubilee government was not on the list.  This raised eyebrows and later became one of the greatest omissions of the list that made the fight announced by Uhuru look like a con job.

But there was another very serious omission, which people talk about in hushed tones. This fundamental omission was recently touched on by the Governor of Kilifi, Amason Kingi, when he decided to give a dress down to the Deputy President for daring to lecture him about corruption in his County. See He said that the DP cannot lecture him on corruption because he lives in a glass house and should not throw stones. He went on to say “uliza hata mtoto wa miaka mitano…umulize ni kiongozi gani ambaye ni mwizi zaidi katika jamhuri ya Kenya, atakwambia”. (Ask even a five year old who the greatest thief in the republic of Kenya is, he will tell you”)

The question is, “does Uhuru know what a five year old in Kenya knows?”

How does he explain that the list did not include the name of “the greatest thief in the Republic of Kenya”.

If Kingi is to be believed, if the list was to be given to a five year old, he would ask, “ako wapi fulani”?  (“where is so and so”?). By demonstrating that there were some people who had more political capital and could not be sacrificed, Uhuru substituted himself with those he could not sacrifice, mene mene terkel, urpashin.

What the infamous Statehouse Circus on Corruption showed was that besides the list, its gaps and indecisiveness, Uhuru did not have an actual plan. This is a transgression of Law number 29 which says, “Plan all the way to the end”. The list was not part of a process, it was an event. A disastrous one. A plan-less one. During the cartoonic summit, a pitiful President called out the EACC CEO and told him “Wewe Wakho wewe ulinisimamisha hapo, mbele ya mbunge…na wewe ndio uliniambia hawa watu wako (kwa ufisadi)…mpaka wa leo this is two years, hujaniambia where their guilt is”. ( You Wakho you are the one who made me stand in front of parliament (to present a list)…you are the one who told me these people are corrupt. And yet until today, two years later you have been unable to demonstrate their guilt.) See

Sometimes the cluelessness of Uhuru and his government are shocking. He is admitting that he went to parliament on the word of an underling, without a comprehensive plan on how things would end. He forgets that he was the one who was politically invested in the fight against corruption and not his underlings. He should have never accepted a list without a fool-proof plan of how the event that would be kickstarted by the list would end. Successfully. He ought to have examined all eventualities and possibilities before he went with empty bravado to parliament. Typical of the Jubilee government, he entered action without a plan. His underlings are now scratching their beard, while he is the one who faces an election next year and a very angry population. Very angry. Mene mene Terkel Urpashin.

When you transgress these many laws of power, it only proves one thing: You have no clue about what you are doing. With the elections 8 months away and the war on graft all but lost, Uhuru will only rely on one thing to get re-elected. A tribal vote. That is why those “known by five year olds as the greatest thieves in the republic of Kenya” were missing from the list. I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the people outside this tribal narrative. When this happens, Uhuru has nothing to sell to the people, and the person known by even a five year old as the biggest thief in the republic will not help him. He will be a one term President. He admitted to heading a corrupt government, presented a hopeless list in parliament which antagonized his allies and emboldened his foes. It showed him as incapable of fighting the corruption he had admitted mires his regime. When you are in power, you do not admit to mistakes that you cannot fix. On 26th March 2015, he went to parliament with a list he should never have touched. The list turned out to be a comedy of errors.  On  8th August, 2017, he will receive a note from the people of Kenya, when he opens it, the words written in bold will be, mene mene terkel urpashin.

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  1. Now your name will not betray you because you have spoken against the administration failings but when you mentioned something about ODM being tribalists gathering,all that you said was overshadowed by your name .That’s Kenya for you.

  2. I have met friends who could insult anyone who entertained thoughts like your 2 years ago. Today they will listen and read such articles and nod their heads. Something unusual is happening. Is it the Trump effect or what because suddenly people are reasoning outside some perceived and ‘ascribed’ lines.

  3. Someone needs to read the story of the biblical High Priest Eli, the Temple Servants and his wicked sons Hophni and Phinheas in 1 Samuel 2 : 12 – 36 and the ultimate destruction that befell them. It unfortunately sounds eerily familiar.

  4. We had our hopes high on this digital team, l fear corruption, for personally and maybe am wrong, I still retain some vestiges of hope and trust in man Uhuru. Something tells me he’s a good man who shouldn’t be anywhere near Ikulu.

  5. I hate ethnicity. I refuse to vote by tribe, but by policies. that’s why it’s pathetic that the police can disperse the youth’s peaceful demonstration against the vice of corruption with teargas. sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with our police. they stand in the way of justice when they should be standing on its sides to guard it.

  6. Now, Professor, u’ve failed again.After Mr.Kibaki was elected in 2002,many people went round throughout Kenya, with a word: he will be first Kenyan President to serve one term.: J can recall, even some pastors, prophesied his mene mene Terkel. U want to repeat the same mistake n will call u a prophet of doom.It’s u who introduced me to this,tribal king pin, then suddenly u change mind.In the gym was taught,never start a fight that u r not sure will win.J understand almost every point u intend.But Prof.,the JP.administration has performed beyond reasonable doubt than the three prior adms.combined.This is only a language of looking, not even seeing or hearing. Without seeming to supporting corruption,no one or group,is perfect.Farthermore ,we don’t have an alternative gvt.waiting for now,n if there is,not cord.Am sorry if j offend anyone.

    • Those giving a bad name to this administration are individuals who should be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately those who should handle this menace are dragging their feet. The institutions are letting the Government down.

    • Just pinpoint the reasons why cord can’t form the next government! The public is ready to listen and either agree or disagree. This is democracy and this the best forum to advance reasons for or against each party.’I think from 1963 we have moved a notch higher and we are objective about our own governance!

    • I Cant agree with you on matters of state development,when analysing critically JP has done nothing they are only restructuring what had already been started by the previous govt of Kibaki…JP princes are only using treachery to manipulate the people,they are kind BT in really sense they are not ,they are crying with Kenyans BT in really sense they are not crying…Corruption issue will make the JP goverment fail completely and loose the election,unless they rig.

    • U r driving a point, Mjomba, but u know, don’t forget the tribal king pin as the them. Eg.if yo preferred candidate, but is yo tribal king,is implicated in corruption, can u vote or influence yo tribesmen into not voting for him?B sincere atleast this once.

  7. If I was to vote for an alternative, definitely not any of those in opposition. Ad a history reader, their track record in previous governments does not show they are better. Even without the benefit of knowledge of history, their skewed, inconsistent comments and behavior when corruption is mentioned with opposition governors is enough to show they are not better alternative.

  8. It is not how well you articulate an article to be the truth but what action would be taken at the fateful day by the voting masses. Elections are in August 2017 and thats a very long time in politics.

    • The economic blue print that the present governtment is implementing were Raila’s programmes.Remember the Thika Road and Mbagathi roads were based on experimental cost basis.what are the new programmes that the presentJubilee government has come with? Lets us read sessional papers touching on government programs. Lets us stop having short memories. Both Uhuru and Ruto were serving as ministers in the coaltion government headed by the two.Ruto was sacked by parliament because of corruption. Uhuru was forced out due to ICC case.what are you telling the public?uhuru was Railas deputy and Ruto was a minister appointed by Raila.stop having short short memory. Kenyans know how Narck inherited empty coffers in 2003.we are first receeding to the same situation very first.Remember the late JM kariuki analogy in 1974.ten millionares amongst tten million poor people.He was brutally killed for saying the truth.John ouko opposed the tender on kangemi Road.what happier?


  9. mr professor you are very wrong that is what we call false prophesy and never again use the word trying to curse what is blessed of God 2017uhuruto tena and you will see whith your naked eye otherwise tuko pamoya

  10. if only uhuru can face coruption in the gavament by its nose,then wanjiku would vote him with one acord. Uhuru is a clean man but those around makes him look weak. We have the votes not those few overnight tycoons.

  11. niwaambia na nitarundia kenya is Godfearing country na mungu wetu hajichanganyi Mungu hawezi kupeana hii nchi inayomwogopa mikononi mwa wale waganga waliconduct rituals of (knife and torch and tortoise) usikae uote ama ufikilie watatawala tena

  12. Prof. very true. Jubilee gv has bn busy eating NYAMA and making a lot of noise, they forgot that kenyans were watching. Ole kwao walanyama. Kenyans pls make good use of your VOTES to remove hawa walanyama wengine wakimesa mate in 2017 aug. 8th.

  13. Ok. Which ministry does RUTO the DP head? Why this blanket condemnation of the DP without presentinVg an iota iof evidence? Which scandal has DP in it? Or because RAILA said The DP of late is donating too much on harambees? Or joho or kingi said it? Yes the system stinks of corruption but not due to one man. Where is Junnet since he was mentioned on NYS?

  14. I just have one vote and the same can not put the President through, whether we add ideology,politics, hate and the likes will change nothing because Kenya is God’s so the vote that counts is with God who puts leaders in place “Siyo kwa uganga na uchawi wala PhDs” See David, Moses, Joshua and many others. We had Moi over 20yrs Professor of polit

  15. Is there somebody who cares where I will vote?.If I vote against the other doesn’t mean that I hate the one I voted against….. This song of ‘tulinde mali yetu’ is a piece of shit.The only ‘mali’ I own is a lodge chair,3′ table,Bed box,a GLD tv set,kawoofer,mtumba shoes and clothes and the only a piece of land I own is the soil on my shoes…..this is all I have been told to sing and programmed…..TULINDE MALI YETU……yangu na ya nani…Am more awakened..

  16. “Corruption fights back “,said Justice Ringers, that is a good discourse, but it,’ll not apply because we will vote him(Uhuru) with land slide. Last election he and his deputy had ICC cases in Hague over their heads but we elected them. The alternative you are trying to offer is as tainted. After all corruption did not come with Uhuru, it was there even before Kibaki . Your professy |prediction will not hold.

    • My alternative Peter is clear. It is a new non-ethnic politcal narrative to inspire the country differently. I have said again and again, if the tribal narrative controls the next elections the tribalist in CORD and Jubilee in whatever configuration will win.

    • I still don’t believe that we can get such ideal politician. One every Kenyan is socialised by some tribe or community, and being human we are biased towards our leaders|people views. There is no thumb rule on all hypothesis that we propagate

    • Remember once a Jew always a Jew. The thinking, culture and every thing else is Jewish. Otherwise anything else is culture shock. We are Kenyan and always Kenyan in our unique political aspirations and altitudes, we need a paradigm shift. It is next to impossible. But for now let’s do with what we have. Reason is when we have political disturbances, there is violence and blood shed

    • Peter Kabue Politics is about narratives. And the antidote to narratives is counter-narratives. Our problem is not the current narrative. It is our failure to imagine a new non-ethnic counter narrative. What you see as an impossibility is simply lack of imagination. Nothing more. A paradigm shift is possible. Tomorrow.

  17. If this election will b decided on corruption platform all the current politicians from either the opposition or govt must start looking for other careers.Kidero’s and Oparanya’s of cord are no better than waiguru’s and kabura’s of jubilee.

  18. Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country. If we support a corrupt government, the government isnt the mistake; the people are.

  19. I agree with you, spot on. Failure is not half-passed. The king need to read this but it’s a bit late now. His backyard says ” we support you but we won’t wake up early to vote”……

  20. The holy book is very clear. You reap what you sow. Someone saw mediocrity and corruption . That appointments are a reserve of a few. Kenyans will repay him during the harvest time. he is going home

  21. Prof, I find you very dissective and objectively so . Kenya needs people who can say things boldly as they are ,but with our ethnic lenses perpetually on, it’s tough on people like you. Did I say again I respect your bravery? Many an intellectual would have been bullied out by the ethnic bigots here- and I mean both jubilee and cord. Class!

    • Point taken professor. I’ve become, I believe, a better person by religiously following your articles on a daily basis. You are a blessing for some of us. Like the one I read about our school curriculum – you killed it! But will the mandarins listen to experts like you? God bless.

  22. It’s good also to point out from the onset that Uhuruto didn’t possibly win 2013 for those who are wondering how they can ”fail’ to secure a ‘2nd’ term. I always judge them from the perspective of a dubious Supreme Court judgement.

  23. Spot on!finally I have a read from you that I exhaustively analysed.this jubilee idea was a mirage,a farce,a smoke screen and a lie that has finally been unearthed.their time is up and it’s obviously you aptly put it:the writing is on the wall

  24. These laws are amoral, meaning that they themselves don’t take into account any sense of right or wrong.Instead, the laws focus on how one can increase their influence over any situation, regardless of the moral consequences of doing so.

    Having read most of ua articles, l got convinced u are an idealist. l never thought u could one day quote Greene (A realist). In fact u have swallowed his philosophy unchewed. As someone who has read his books. I want to be allowed to accuse u of intellectual laziness (in this article). Prof. u can do better than this

  25. please Proff you very much know that as long as the opposition remains the same then Jubillee will remain as strong as ever and i do not see anything changing be it CORD or NASA and whatever group of allegations they would use nothing will change they are the fuel behind Jubillee

  26. Two individuals brought together by the shackles of the ICC cases…once they overcame that. …it became abundantly clear that these fellows didn’t av any game plan for running this country…I av never seen a president who is perpetually whinning and yapping. …..

    • U are an idiot who is a class 2 dropout arguing with a prof …my frnd to be a professor is not removing ur dirty underwear n wear it a gain …Prof wrote his mind ..why can’t u write urs too ?respect learned pple

  27. Uhuru was catapulted into power by Moi albeit from the oblivion and am sure he was also mesmerized by the Moi’s choice as we were.He was tutored into a maze he himself was not prepared to and new little abt and because it wud seem ridiculous to turn the offer down,he took it up anyway,and waited to wade into the journey of the unknown,he is sometimes sincere of wanting the job to be well done bt he is overwhelmed by the same mesmarize that took over him wen Moi chose him.

  28. This is a well put piece of advice Prof and its like a wakeup call to Uhuru that he ‘Uhuru’ has been making a kind of movie titled “comedy of errors” for the last 4yrs or so.

  29. What prof ignorantly and arrogantly decides to omit is the fact that we have a new dispensation.Do ua followers a favour and gv them sm civic education abt separation of powers.

  30. The hunter has become the hunted. Uhuru has become the proverbial King who dance naked and nobody dare to tell him he isn’t dressed. The Kazungu’s will surely finish him. Next year they I’ll be MPs, governors and senators. Uhuru never learned from his mentor. He should have sacked those who provided the list to him without evidence yesterday and apologise to Kazungu’s. He has powers to sack DPP and dissolve EACC. He has the tyranny of numbers in parliament and citizens good will to finish corruption but has chosen not to. A president who will be messed by hair dressers and drivers. Well said #Professor. His tribe voting apathy will send him by 8am unless he find something to psych them to vote. Kenyans don’t vote for you based on economic development as Kibaki learned.

  31. President Uhuru can fight corruption. The problem is Uhuru has no national interests at heart. He cannot traverse the tribal barrier and his own personal interest to amass and protect his wealth. The day he decides to take the bull that is Corruption by its horns, that day it will be on the wall, “Mene Mene tekele Na perezi”. The whole of his government will go home.

  32. Michael wainaina PhD.I used to read your comments and see them as those of people supporting corruption and tribalism. but what you have written and said today has made me change my mind and see you as s a rear kikuyu amongst the many kikuyus who are disappointed with uhuru kenyatta’ s rule but are afraid to speak out because of fear of the know and unknow. Kenya needs portraits like you professor

  33. Being a P.R.obsessed goverment the rushed to make a state of the nation on a topic that would receive public support but without genuine desire to tacke corruption. The Jubilee P.R has been its greatest strength and greatest weakness. It is good riddance let the learn from their mistakes

  34. I can’t jus let my kid be governed with this regime i will be doing injustice to the i will exercise my democratic right wisely and soberly but one thing for sure give this regime another 5 years and this country will be bankrupt.

  35. That’s y he’s afraid of the NGOs who are enlightening the rural folks who seem to fall to tribal tricks. Uhuru’s enemy number one is uhuru and his deputy not raila as he would like us to believe. Good one there professor.

  36. I alwz read your articles and u r a very hard person to u critiszn uhuru and govt,tommr is raila and opposition.why dont u write about yourself and your phd for us to know u well.your work is to incite supporters of both sides.

  37. Haiiii Profesa, kwani the foes are part of Jubilee ama ni wale wako nje?
    Uhuru, even if he becomes a one term president will have been president.
    However, the DP has more to lose. If I were to analyse your article critically, the duo in this apparent crumbling of the fort, can only prepare for the exit. Maybe that’s what’s in high gear. You then need, profesa, to analyse this angle

  38. man!!..i like reading your article..thanks for always giving me a trip to the enlightment stage…..Uhuru created a monster(jubilee government) he got to feed it to remain in power. his inability to fight corruption portrays his selfishness as a leader…he only care about power and he is not in for the best interest of kenyan people….just hope we’ll get to revolutionary road someday.

  39. I wounder how akenyan can criticised others in terms of corruption and other side you suport it. Why can we vote for anew face who cames from apoor family and 4get those their parents have been leaders?. All of us we are corrupt including you.

  40. We voted in a constitution which as we were all aware, would need to be amended from time to time. Perhaps the time is right for the first one. The fact is that the president doesn’t have as much power as we were used to. To prosecute corruption today one would first report it to the eacc, who would then hand it over to the dpp who then decides whether or not to prosecute at which point the case would go to court… As is clear, all these avenues and steps create a long system all of which are potential avenues of corruption. So until eacc has the power to arrest seize and prosecute, we’re in for a long game of musical chairs.

    • #mbithe ,do you want to lie that Agikuyu did’nt know to write?then you are one of them to be brainwashed.Agikuyu knew to write but not in English,they were writing and only profesors and very few knew to translate our gukas writings,and they were knowing their NGAI WA KIRINYAGA / there was no need of christianity which also played a big game of brainwashing africans minds like,GEMA elders are now doing a good job of teaching world to go back to original GOD CREATOR OF PUT OUR UNIVERSE THE WAY IT IS/NGAI WA MA NGAI WA KIRINYAGA.u will wonder very soon and you will seek some advices to un educated ppls,no professors,but very wise ppls you can’t compare with big names,very humble ppls,tall with cool bodies,white man culture will be reading them in story books.the time is very near.hii ujinga ya kujifanya wasomi na kujifanya mnajua kuliko wengine juu mumepewa pesa nane na wanasiasa na walami kutoka Marekani na uropa ndio muendeshe agenda xao kwa nchi ya wa-afrika itafika mwisho wakati ombi la BABA wetu aliye binguni itatimika,na inaedelea kutimika kwa sababu mfalme wa u-swadi tunamuona hata ni vile tu hajautoa kwa mkopa wake wote.

  41. Professor,if you are campaigning for Raila, say so openly. There is no exhaustive investigation of corruption in Kenya that will fail to touch on corruption by Raila and his supporters. Your views are very lopsided.

  42. Uhuru robbed John to pay PETER.
    Others were removed and those who were given continue to roll the wheels of corruption in full glare of the president.
    But as always nothing define everything in this country as much as tribalism.
    So long as he still enjoys the tyranny of numbers. …..reelection is assured; corruption or not.

  43. Neither Uhuru nor raila will save us from this mess, we need a different, fresh face devoid of political machinations and influence because without that, it will jst be a case of electing the lesser evil which is definetly Uhuru.

  44. It has been a long time since i commented on your post because i have been seeing most of them as biased but this one you are on point and i think if you could have posted it like one and a half years ago it could have helped Jubilee government to change and things would be different now.

  45. The corruption minace is one embroidered in current leadership. Its a do or do situation. We all know about that, right! I too suspect that whoever comes in, if that happens, and it be that he’s among the many hopefuls, will beat the current ‘thiefing’ record. All the well known candidates are either ‘brothers’ from the same father or ‘cousins’ with close relations. What Kenyans aught to do is exactly what they (me included, perhaps) are not willing to do. Kenyans seem to br die hard political traditionalists. In my dialect we say “eshinyu n’eshienyu” , verbatim translated as ( your own is your own no matter what! 2017 elections will not be different, voting for your own. Until we all grow up, evil shall forever be exalted in Kenya society.

  46. Professor, i am with you every step of the way…. your observation is quite precise… Uhuru and Ruto came into power with a single agenda which is to kill the ICC case against them. Immediately after that they realized that no more agenda was left so they started stealing… what else did you expect two myopic demagogues to do with power and money in their hands???

  47. Not really me thinks he was right to tackle corruption head on and to catch the Bull by the horns those and any one mentioned adversely should step aside or down This shows a rare commitment rarely seen in an African or third World Country for that matter and is exactly what the good Doctor recommended as remedy against graft .

  48. Atleast for the first time i agree with u. To rub salt onto a fresh wound, Uhuru publicly asked a damn retorhical question, “mnataka nifanye nini?” What? Uhuru is surely a failure! Worse still, the gov’t in waiting is even more crippled.

  49. Prof.I admit you are never biased in your articles.How about the wind of defiance sweeping across the globe?How of the anti ICC spirit that this govt has planted in Africa, are pro-ICC west comfortable? Lastly prof,can Jubilee reinvent ICC narrative to whip up emotions of their supporters again

    • Anything is possible in politics. Especially in a country like ours where the political class survives by whipping up tribal emotions because they have nothing else to offer. Personally I don’t think Raila should have answered Uhuru on the issue of the ICC. They have used it once against him. They can use it again.

  50. I recently realized that over the years i’ve been responsible for electing corrupt leaders to positions of power,thus enabling them to rob me mercilessly.Now,its time to correct that mistake and i’ve decided never to go anywhere near a polling station till these politicians start serving the interests of common mwananchi.

  51. We should not blame our personal failures to tne goverment, blame yourself for thinking it supply you everything cheaply, corruption has been there before Uhuru. Our problem is tribalism

  52. and finally Even Wainaina shall vote for Jubilee come 2017 coz they are better than Opposition. If social media could vote then pk angekua Rais 2013. All the Monkeys are the same,the difference is the forest they are in.

  53. My Intellectual Marksman, today you have confirmed my instinct true. You were born way before your time. And with a third eye! If it were not for my crush programme, I would look for you, keener than searching for a needle in a hay sack and buy you a drink this weekend in Nairobi. What a good read!

  54. What u have said is not new,just try to give us a solution,why cry cry from jan-dec?finger pointing wil not help,then tell us what u personaly have done to try fight corruption,prof.

  55. mene mene tekel uphrashin means God has number u,u hv been put in weight balance and u have bn found guilty …ad ur govmt is ended…waaaa is this what u mean….is a prophetic word, but bahati the singer did it already wen he remov them frm ther sits ad sat on them ad even step on there table to show how they r going to b humiliated


  57. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to explain uhurus inability to fight corruption. Waiguru case sums it all. He can’t throw a punch at Waiguru because if he does she will spill it all. Waiguru can actually say :Where would I keep all that money? The same with PS macharia and muraguri. What they deserve from uhuru is apromotion. They have surpassed their target and some to spare for his sister who is among the disabled. All the appointees had corruption targets to achieve in all the ministries. In the end how could he have been fight. What happened is that he destroyed the Anticorruption agency and brought it under his control. Even the DPP is one of statehouse flower girls. Matemo,Onsongo ,Ngeno know what hit them. Don’t ask a thief to prosecute his own case because the outcome is certain.

  58. Could the president have tackled corruption precisely and firmly even it meant dealing the “high priest” his re-election could be a straight forward one…but, he seemed resigned the other day when he said, we will accept the results or challenge them in court. Too bad…

  59. Proff,do you think any saviour president can fight corruption and do away it?
    So far corruption was there before and won’t end even if we cry.
    Understand that every politician speaks of it and when they get into power they forget.
    Tell me which mechanism can be used to finish corruption……

  60. Prophet of doom…..or proffesor of doom sent by satan and paid by western nations to sell out his country…we can see what americans and russians are doing tothe pple of syria..russia selling arms to the goverment and americans sellings arms to the rebels becouse of pple like you serving your own stomach shame on you proff

  61. There were closed door negotiations that gave ‘us’ uhuruto. But again this was not a coalition of ideology. It was a coalition of convenience. To fend off ICC….money was used. Where does a new regime draw money ….to pay international lawyers , silence witnesses, travel to the hague regularly …with entourages (read joyriders) .How do you imagine this money was to be recovered if not through public looting?

  62. Professor b4 u were others, eg maina kiai, okoiti omtata,Boniface mwangi etc, n hakuna kitu walizuia,
    U will give us lectures like them ,disappear like them n uhuru arig 2017 n we continue, this is kenya

  63. A myth proffessor, is a myth.mythology is the study of myths. Gikuyu mythology is the study of origin etc of kikuyu myths. Tell me am wrong.proffessor, you’re telling/encouraging us to read your thesis about kikuyu myths so that we can form a nonethnicised opinion on kenyan politics? C’mon,proffessor,we all belong to tribes,some big tribes by populations, others numerically small,we av the big five, kikuyus,luyias, luos, kalenjin,kambas not necessarily in that order, the leadership of this country will be from combination of either two or three of the big five,supported by a conglomeration of the other smaller tribes! Corruption? No one person can win the fight against corruption,coz,it’s wired in us kenyans, we like shortcuts and av no time for waiting the bureaucratic way of a demoncratic systems,in dictatorship,there r no systems and no compensations,demoncracy is not good for us,to kill corruption, we need to change the style of governance to dictatorship,Ethiopia style, when caught ,purnishment is instant, firing squard etc.but you want to av your cake and eat it too?

    • I do not know what you are talking about. First Erastus Nyamu asked me for my thesis so I posted it. I do not know what your issue is. I guess Erastus is satisfied since he requested for it. I did not post it for you. You are the one who seems keen to make disparaging comments about something you have not even read. Then you go ahead to draw irrelevant conclusions and advance nonsense arguments about tribes. Boss, if you claim to be an intellectual, then engage like one. Read, understand then comment. It you have not read the Thesis, please shut up. Don’t comment about it. Please. Respectfully.

    • Well, av not claimed to be an intellectual,two am not engaging in arguments coz i thought we were only airing our views,three about your thesis, run through your responses to me, you asked me to first read it,tis titled GIKUYU MYTHOLOGY.four,if you think my assumptions or perspective of seeing the political landscape is not as per your tailormade perspective,or at least the way you’d want all of us to see it, then labeling “nonsense”,proffessor, way of summarising it, is a bit naive coz,the majority of voters look at it my way, that’s why” third forces devoid of ethnic/ tribal” leanings av bn crafted here and fizzled at the ballot under tribal canon fire! Leave high pedestal stool and step onto the un tarmacked political floor and then, only then, will you realise what you r advancing here,to those on that muddy floor is a mere entertainment,to enjoy as pastime. When voting comes, we’ll all vote CORD (Raila,not kalonzo or weta or mdvd etc raila is cord) or JUBILEE (uhuruto) even you!the choices r only two KIKUYU/ KALE AXIS OR LUO/ KAMBA/ SOME LUYIA AXIS and the rest hang around these units of the BIG FIVE,nonsense, but true

    • Ibrahim Musyimi Nonsense and untrue. Do not pretend to know what will happen. The tribal narrative is the currently the only choice. This does not mean that other narratives are not possible or viable. The world is never changed by those who look at things the way they are and ask why, it is changed by those who imagine the things as they could be and ask why not. You have decided that change in not possible. It is a choice, it is not a fact.

      And yes, I cannot have a sensible discussion with you over a Thesis you have not read.

  64. All u see is to negative side&twist tha positive things in order to have something to talk about. We know u all cord supporters!i will show u how u do it:when you have see that something has gone wrong as a father in your house&maybe your father demands to know why..which is the first move if not accepting that something is wrong then u face those who have messed up&lastly u divide out the role among your family members to deal with the rest.that what uhuru did..he did his role as the head and left the rest of work to those in charge.

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