Mr. Kalonzo, after thirty years as a KANU man, there is nothing new or hopeful about your pursuit for the presidency

The rantings of the Moi political orphans: Series Part 5 of 5

 (The Moi political orphans: DP William Ruto (presumably representing his boss), Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula ran separate commentaries in The Standard of Wednesday 10th August 2016, in a feature on the Countdown to 2017. In this “The rantings of the Moi-political-orphans” five part series, I respond to the commentaries. In the responses, I am demonstrating that as Moi-political-orphans, their engagement in politics is simply based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They all have absolutely nothing new to offer to Kenyans as we Countdown to 2017. We must get a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics and it cannot come from these Moi-political-orphans. This is Part 5, a response to Kalonzo’s article “My bid is a call for a Kenyan renaissance”.)

Part 5 of 5: Mr. Kalonzo, after thirty years as a KANU man, there is nothing new or hopeful about your pursuit for the presidency

Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka, many words and descriptions have been used to describe your career in politics, none flattering. Instructively those who have labelled you are the ones you now run around claiming to be co-principals with in CORD. That is why when you penned a commentary titled, “My bid is a call for a Kenyan renaissance”,  I could bet the first people to dismiss a Kalonzo rooting for a renaissance are your co-principals in CORD who once called you Judas Iscariot.

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Of all the five commentaries, yours was the most vague, ambiguous and cliché. It shared an obsession with ethnic politics with that of Mr. Moses Wetangula and cementing the perception that CORD pivots around ethnic politics and prioritizes ethnic grievances, perceived or real,  at the expense of everything else.

If you read the Standard in which you had published your call for a renaissance, you will notice that your other KANU siblings in Jubilee, Amani and CORD had also published their own dreamy fairy tales equally drooling at the prospect of the presidency. Oh the pain of being Moi-political-orphans!

It is curious that you would offer yourself as a cure to the ethnic balkanization caused by the political class. One can see why such unflattering words like watermelon, chameleon and Judas Iscariot have been used by your CORD co-conspirators to describe you. How can the ethnic bigots of yesterday be the nationalist renaissance crusaders of  today? Of all the tribal overlords in CORD and Jubilee you hold the sole record of unspeakable tribal bigotry. You refused to answer a question from a journalist on account of his last name and loudly proclaimed, “Your name betrays you”. What is the difference between this and the murderers who in 1994 murdered a million people in Rwanda because “their name betrayed them”? What is the difference between you and the murderers of the 2007 madness unleashed on Kenyans by the political class who massacred people on the basis of their name?

Mr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, I have news for you. Do not imagine that ethnic warlords who cause genocides are creepy red-faced alien creatures with horns and the three-pronged satanic shovel emerging through fissures in the earth’s crust from the depths of hell.

They are not.

They are bigoted, well groomed, well-educated ‘learned friends’, smooth speaking, shiny faced, designer suit & tie wearing politicians, praise-the-lord, church going, well traveled diplomatic types with bloated tribal egos, verbal-diarrhoearring ethnic crap like “your name betrays you”, in a televised media briefing.

What you as a Kenyan leader fails to understand is that Kenyans are listening to you and they will pick up the cues from you on how to deal with each other. In my blogging, I have come face to face with the disastrous results of your tribal bigotry expressed on national TV in the engagement of Kenyans by other Kenyans. There are those who will not engage with others because “Your name betrays you”, a uniquely Kalonzonian phrase, immortalized by you and I hope you are ready to take responsibility for the consequences of the phrase in the event it is pushed to its logical bigoted possibilities. Pushed over the cliff by the ethnic politics of the current political class, these people having taken cues from you, will do more than refuse to answer questions. No one invites them to a press briefing.

For avoidance of doubt I have compiled and preserved some of those responses for you. So before you start dreaming about a renaissance, sit back and enjoy your handy work in ethnic jingoism…Kenyans mentored Kalonzo-style. These are real responses from Kenyans on my blog. It is what you have inspired. Enjoy!

Newton Mwangi , Danson Ondero, the moment I saw the Os in your name I knew straight away that I was dealing with with a lunatic, a retard… Ni hayo tu kwa sasa…

Peter Ngunyi Jose. “Prof” needs to be realistic. He can read am Jubilee from my name. “Your name betrays you”. Remember kalonzo.

Okoyo Jnr ur name betrays it all…

Desterio Juma Your name betrays you.

George Obendo No wonder the sir name is wainaina, professor of trablism…


Silaz Kirimi wainaina even your name ………..

Sayiore P Biram wainaina that name alone tells wat side ur

Glisson Megan That is being partisan is what so the called useless professor knows,l think you would be fare if u could have mentioned mungiki there.lf u cant trust men in black to conduct free and fair elections in kenya,then who are we to accept the outcome of elections conducted by mungiki??ln fact that name,#wainaina has betrayed everything

Pharice Suspha Odeke someone check out for me his second name before I make my comment please.

Israel Mande “wainaina” the name destroys u as aman from the slopes of mt kenya; tumewazoea

Paul Obbayyo what’s your 2nd name,,!!!??? the name betrays everything you say

Daniel Mwakidasi Your second name betrays you

Moses Ongwali Your name betrays u nothing we expect from someone like u thinking hatred eating hatred n drinking hatred u hate other communities create your own planet otherwise u will die b coz of jealousy hatred n tribal

Onchoke Joash @ Wainaina never convinced with your opinion coz to me your name betrays(too tribal) misleading as but in the actual since defending your tribe broory bure kabisa.

Silvas Emuruon Jina lakusaliti.

Mwalimu Ombaye juddie your name betrays you. you interest ni pesa… hahahaha

Enrique Othello all that comented hehe…there names can speak for themselves…..

Vincent Nasengo proffesor Michael who?oooh,ok.

Aleky Blake Asurry Ua name dscrbe all

Estone Magare “Wainaina” is yor last name that has betroyed u!!!.

Johnson Senelwa Your name tells your opinion.

Marimba B Cosmas you may be a professor bt of no good….your name betrays you.

Stanley StanoMastermind Keya I think you are very stupid…The last name sums it all Mr.Kikuyu professor


Эвядним Фцщаиц your name betrays you…hizi degree za kujiwekea zinadanganya watu sana

Owilly Wuod Lokah Omalla Your name betrays it all

Eryq Roman Reigns McOmwoyo your name says it all.

Dan Omondi Your name betrays you just lyk your actions

Asuma Nyakieni PM Junior The name betrays you! Be objective. Endea bahasha; Uhuru likes your analysis.

Haajir Maow Fake proff Like magret wanjiru ur name betrays u go and join ur tribal small god leave rao peoples president.jiggers

Lawrence Majorityleader Professor your name betrayes your stament

They say choices have consequences. And that leaders should weigh their words. I hope you can now see why. God forbid, you have build an army that selects its enemies on the basis of their names. When the madness you have unleashed becomes manifest, Kalonzo’s army will be asking for ones name, and on that basis alone, they will decide whether you will live or die! And you are now writing commentaries calling for a Kenyan renaissance? Give us a break!!



This in my world ranks as the lowest point in your political career. Consequently, I personally do not think that your watermelon reputation is the worst is gets. In fact, almost all politicians in Kenya are watermelons at best, rotten mangoes in reality.  So you really do not have to whip yourself too hard over the issue. Reading through your article, though, even with the dubious watermelon tag in mind, it is difficult to believe that you wrote it. And if you did, then you are more capricious than those who nicknamed you watermelon can even contemplate. You say:

My leadership will aim at enhancing inter-ethnic harmony and burying deep-seated suspicions among leaders and ordinary Kenyans. As a nationalist (Sigh)…our utmost attention will therefore be focused on national integration.


Why I am doubting that you wrote the article is that your other recorded and reported utterances are the polar opposite of what you are trying to preach here. Do you recognize the article below?


I do not have words to describe this kind of a duplicitous posturing. So what are you? This is not even preaching water and drinking wine.  This is preaching holy blood and drinking changaa! What in this article calling for Kamba community to gang together shouts “inter-ethnic harmony” or “nationalist” or “national integration”? Do you now understand why your CORD co-principals labelled you Judas Iscariot? Do you now appreciate your role in creating the dying Kenya that you describe in your article in gloomy terms that:

Kenya is on a precipice. It is teetering on the brink of collapse, Massive corruption, unbridled tribal balkanization and negative ethnicity hover on the nation like the proverbial sword of Domocles.?

With such tribal talk from you, you are the one pushing Kenya to the precipice. The sword hanging over Kenyans need not be proverbial and it need not belong to Domocles. It is real, it is the tribal sword of Kalonzo and the political class in CORD and Jubilee, hanging over Kenya and its future.

To your credit, you correctly diagnosed the problems in Kenya. That:

Kenya’s massive socio-economic and moral decline in the past few years has been as a result of a leadership that abhors good governance.

You go on to correctly note that the trust of Kenyans on the current political leadership has been:

…lost following decades of politics of betrayal and selfishness that gave birth to massive corruption political wheeler dealing and tribal bigotry.

So far you are correct.

What you conveniently fail to mention is that you have been part of that leadership probably more than any other candidate that seeks to run for the presidency in 2017.  If ever there was a Moi-man designed, planted, harvested, pressed and matured in the KANU winery, it is you. You should therefore be the last person to give us a lecture about the betrayal of the Kenyan people by the political class.

The punchline that has all Kenyans shaking their heads is:

“We are the new dream for Kenya”.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Seriously!!

When the current political class talked dreams, Kenyans believed them. They have been in dreamland for the last 53 years as common wananchi suffer with poverty, disease, ignorance. As you and the political class have been dreaming, Kenyans have been living a nightmare. Your co-principal Mr. Wetangula describes the situation very aptly in his article discussed in this series when he says:

At independence, we grappled with the challenges of disease, poverty and ignorance. Half a century later, the twin cancers of corruption and tribalism have conspired to make the situation worse”…[caused and aggravated by] “…the privileged few who run around displaying obscene fits of generosity and philanthropy form the wealth stolen form Kenyans.

Here you are offering yourself as “new dream for Kenyans”. A stranger to Kenyan politics would be forgiven to believe you. What you have not told them is that you have been a central player in the KANU regime that has impoverished and stolen from Kenyans for no less than 5 decades, 50 good years?  You have served the regime for almost 30 of those years. You have served the regime well, and defended the excesses of the Moi-regime to the hilt. You are now suffering illusions of grandeur. You have finally heard the cry of Kenyans that the country is in trouble and in total oblivion to the role you have played in causing the trouble in the first place, you are absurdly offering yourself as the newness that Kenyans desire. You are truly delusional.

If there was anything new about your pursuit for the presidency, it should have been evident in the article. We should have felt the “newness”. Unfortunately this is not the case. It ends with a call to all Kenyans to keep the hope of a “third and final liberation” alive.

A third liberation is needed.

But Kenyans will be better warned to be wary of those who were Moi-men and who were on the wrong side of history during the second liberation. You were planted firmly and happily in KANU when Kenyans were fighting for the second liberation.  Of this class of Moi-men, I would not get a better representative than yourself even if I tried. Ayi Kwei Armah has warned us about your types in “The Beautyful Ones are not yet” Born when he says:

A new life will maybe flower in this country. But when it came it will not choose as its instrument those who have made a habit of killing new flowers…

When the correct history of the KANUnnites who frustrated and delayed the coming of the second liberation is written, a Chapter would have to be reserved for Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. You are now part of the Moi-political-orphans who are offering themselves as a “new dream”, campaigning for a “Kenyan renaissance”! The reactionaries of yesterday have turned into the revolutionaries of today.  Those who shouted themselves hoarse for the release of Barabbas are now weeping at the cross. Watermelon does not even begin to describe such duplicity! “Oh the scourge of the Moi-orphans!”…we cry our beloved country!

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  1. Professor Michael Wainaina. Uhuru and Ruto are Moi products so is Kibaki. You seem to be falling in your own trap,ethnicity. Kalonzo has just as equal rights as Uhuru or any other Kenyan to seek to be elected as President. Let us engage in more constructive debate than character assassinations.

  2. Mr professor, you have touched one side “cord” what about these kanu men uhuruto? If it’s the truth don’t favor any. Why can’t you advice Kenyans to vote a man who has not been partaker of those evils??

  3. Unless this Nairobi Aviation College professor want to rewrite history, you list Raila as Moi orphan but leave out Kibaki who was Moi’s number two for a decade till he ran away and Uhuru because they are correct in your tribal cocoon. What a fallacy!!?. Wake up .

    • Kibaki did not write an article in the newspaper. Did he? I was responding to the article Raila wrote. You are quick to call me a tribalist because I have mentioned Raila. It surprises me that for you a simple response to what Raila has said makes me tribal. If you had read the introduction, I have said that this is Part 1 of a five part series. You have not even read the other parts but are quick to insult me because you only saw the article that refers to Raila. Sad.

    • This is not true. You are only able to see what you want to see. This is part of a five part series and I have equally responded to the Jubilee claims. The fact that you did not read but used other means to judge the article misleads you to the wrong conclusions.

  4. according to me better kalonzo who stayed in kanu for 30yrs than raila who fought kanu for more than 30yrs then joined it n became its secretary general halafu anajigamba alipigania ukombozi wa pili meaning interests zake ziko mbele kuliko nchi yake.

    • When ur done with the fifth series,do write also about the real leaders in Kenya who haven’t been talked of.ur ever writing about politics n politicians.Can u give us a break by bringing on some new stuff.Professors are not myopic,they think ahead when they’re done with history,aren’t u there yet!

    • Am now more than convinced ur sick just as our this all u talk abt even within ur family circles? If so a then go on bt I doubt coz its not only politics that is ailing this nation.STOP being myopic I repeat it again.ur fanning tribalism just as the politicians.make gud use of ur doctorate.

  5. I never thought a learned guru upto and including Phd can be this partial! Who among the political elite has never danced KANU song even you a whole prof? I cant call this hate speach bt speach i hate.

  6. I dont agree with you, Raila saved us from strong jaws and grip of Kanu. By saying Kibaki tosha that is what brought the end of Moi regime although we now have his boys in power. Kalonzo, Wetaa and Madvd are real orphans. They were pillars of Kanu and tribal politics. Jubilee is a tribal party of kalenjins and Kikuyu

    • kalenjin and kikiyus???? but i know when you say kalenjin you mean even the turkana,samburu plus the twelve tribes that make the kalenjin and when you say kikuyu you mean the ameru,aembu,ambeere plus all the tribes that reside around mt kenya

  7. Prof,stop belittling other people’s ambitions.Everyone has a past including you and that what shapes individuals…You can as well offer your candidature and let kenyans decide.Period!

  8. Kalonzo anaonewa, sikia mwingine vile anasema kimhusu;
    Political mathematics was done by the G7 members in 2012, led by Kenyatta and Ruto in a bid to look for Kibaki’s successor. It was found that Musyoka could hardly contribute a million votes to any coalition. On paper, Kenyatta was found to be worth about 4.5 million votes while Ruto had 3 million votes, or thereabout. Musyoka was asked to take the post of Majority Leader in Parliament. He refused. Not even Wamalwa could contain the heat after he was relegated to Speaker’s position. Balala stayed. Musyoka’s job was thereafter given to Duale. It is now a position for Somali Community.

    According to pundits, it was also incontestable that Mr Odinga was worth about 4.5 Million votes. He needed only about 2 Million votes to become President. But he took the risk that Kenyatta and Ruto were extremely afraid of. He took Musyoka as Running Mate – same Musyoka who had 800,000 votes when he vied for President in 2007. Of course you know what happened in March of 2013.

    So, when Musyoka stand on a public gallery to make a forlorn acknowledgement of failure, talk so mournfully that he’s now ready to be in any Government, then the question is, which Government?

    1. Can he fit in the Jubilee Government?
    ~ No. I don’t see a vacancy for him.

    2. Can he fit in CORD any longer, of course as Co-Principal in Opposition again after 2017?
    ~ he swears he wont.

    3. Can he become President even if supported by Odinga?
    ~ That’s a lie.

    • These are the tribal arithmetics of the political class in CORD and Jubilee. This is the biggest challenge we have as a country. A political class who have absolutely nothing to offer. All they can do is sit down, do tribal maths and make coalitions. Shame.

    • Mawia Maria

      Actually, during G7 Kalonzo was considered as a successor to Kibaki. What disqualified him was the fact that he has not championed development in his own constituency that he represented for 30 years. Not a single tarmac road during that time, limited number of schools and hospitals and no electricity.
      As people look for their next govt consider their track record of development, not just how much air time the media gives them.

  9. proff stop fighting tribal politics, “tribe is a natural sweet gift from God” reference from Bible it’s was born to confuse people and here we are confused whom do we blame. as Kenya urge on tribal line developed nation urges on racism line. let’s celebrate our identity peacefully

    • Proff.Let me help you in this. Nderitu is making some sense. About tribalism let me explain using the term Ethnicity derived from ethnic.We have positive and negative ethnicity. We should pride on positive ethnicity were by I can shout out and say my tribe man has been shortchanged in his bid for a given position yet he qualified and was number 1 may be. I can stand tall on that. Negative ethnicity is when I want my tribesman who even never attended an interview to be given a job. So in us much as we pride from the fact that God created us to be in different ethnic communities,we should get the difference between negative and positive ethnicity

    • Kiptanui Kimitei S I am not sure I understand positive and negative ethnicity. I have heard the terms used by Koigi who by the way has joined jubilee. I don’t know whether for him that is positive or negative ethnicity. I honestly prefer to stick to my earlier definition. I find it simpler. But I truly appreciate your effort in explaining this.

    • proff you are confused, how Can you like a cow and hate it products, you can’t like a certain tribe and hates it policies or like christ and hate Christianity to me there is nothing like positive or negative ethnicity, it’s once perception, the problem with humans is that we are critical thus we will criticize God for creating universe the way it is. if you are victim of tribal friction that is it, it’s like how lions feeds on buffaloes, have you ever heard them complain? that’s how it’s supposed to be to human and that’s what we call dominant

  10. #professor michael wainaina i support you i think we need a presidential candidate from hell coz heavenly last performer was David…..all these 2017 hopefuls have rotten minds and bacteria infected senses

  11. this is not US where leaders are thoroughly probed by the people and media..this is a developing nation where ignorance is the order of the day.hate Mutua love Kalonzo???..the choice lies with people whom vast majority are rotting away with ignorance

    • This is a very grim analysis of the people. I have always been against any self-deprecating talk. We cannot call ourselves a developing nation where ignorance is the order of the day. We cannot accept that “vast majority are rotting away in ignorance”. I believe very strongly that the people are our only and last hope. Given the right options they will make the right choices.

  12. I understand you, I feel you, I agree with you, the term Moi ophans is actually relative. For example why call Rails so when he has fought the KANU regime for a very long time: he is the one who destroyed the regime from within! The rest can be termed as such. However if we have to vilify/ridicule or accuse these guys of KANU problems created, we also need to interrogate honestly, with no prejudice, objectively and with an open mind! For example what is the origin of the much hyped Moi regime shenanigans which has killed the so called patriotism, which has rooted what you call tribalism, which has endorsed mediocrity, which has uplifted corruption & the corrupt? If you do this then that is the beginning of a modern day revolution, without this kind of interrogation, we will forever be mark timing!

    • I agree. Moi-sm is fed to us even today by the Moi political orphans who include Raila. He was KANU Secretary General and a member of the Moi cabinet until Moi passed him over for Uhuru. We are stuch with Moi-sm until we get rid of these guys. All of them. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

  13. Is the meaning of professor still the same?? Very partisan in tyour argument especially when you call people orphans of Moi and yet uhuru Kenyatta is among them. Secondly this message is directed to Kalonzo musyoka alone not all of us. Don’t you have his email or number so that you wire it direct to him?… I read not knowing that the message was not meant for me.

  14. I am inclined to agree with you on one thing : the fact that there can’t be much of a difference between Jubilee and cord in terms of leadership. In fact, going by the scandals associated with cord affiliated politicians during the coalition government, I suspect that cord would be much worse especially now like it was said (before people twisted everything) they have been salivating for quite awhile. Yours is the ideal, the strict and the narrow. But how many Kenyans share your lenses? You only need to look at the bigotry with which we mill around and marvel at the helicopters carrying these demigods and and you will know that the train of sanitized politics in Kenya is not about to leave the station, not just yet . At least not in 2017. Meanwhile, I guess we can only make do with the lesser evil.

    • Ireri you are so balanced in your comment. You actually make this what I do worth my while. I do not disagree that change looks impossible. But that is exactly the point. We have to appreciate the urgency of a new non-ethnic narrative. The Egyptians brought down a thirty year old quasi-military regime down in three weeks. Trust me a five year regime of clueless Moi-men, a self-confessed YK92 hustler and a 2002-failed is no big deal for an idea whose time has come. Moi’s project fell on its face and he had the money, the power and a 24 year old regime. So do not worry about his scions. All we need is the right message.

    • It is a catch twenty two situation. First, with the level of tribalism in Kenya, an Arab spring set up would seriously boomerang on us. It would be the reincarnation of Somalia of 1991 with numerous warlords and initially, largely clueless followers. But I agree that all is not lost. Kenyans need to realise every bribe you receive from politicians to vote for them is taxes hitherto stolen from them. They are under no obligation whatsoever to vote for the bribe giver. Then they should realise that the current politician is the embodiment of evil forces against them and that the poor person from the other tribe is only an ally and not an adversary. Only then would we know true political awakening. Indeed, this is our only antidote, our panacea.

  15. Wonder how a whole grownup professor can write a shamefull nasty article like this ..dont be biased to gain from the other hand which i cant mention because we understand you…political affectionier…big sorry to you saying raila is a kanu opharns yet hes the one who fought for downfalling it..styleup and blindfold your fellow followers who i cant mention citing from your name with vernaculor articles ..dont tarnish good image of professor to look like your thinking can take you for Gods sake

  16. The chance of being a president is too slim,so not every politician should be a president.He might have been born a politician but not a president.Before God everything has a reason and a purpose.One can force to be a leader and lead the country in a wrong side.Results are shown,you have eyes.

  17. mere association with former president moi does not disqualify anyone from pursuing their political ambitions. in any case are we now saying that having many years of experience in politics disqualifies somebody from political endeavours. Kanu was the only political party at the time so where do you want these fellas to get political experience from

  18. Break hereditary leadership trend by making supprise yet independent choices to break away from the yoke of the past. That is the wish of the Hon. Professor. He hates leadership slavery.

  19. Dont prove 2 be a silly proffesor where n hw could kalonzo cut in during the 20yrs of nyayo era still behold we had kibaki in awaiting, uhuru n raila also on the same same race, idenounce your degree n enquire 4 its approval shame on u! in wiper we blv n trust oiyee!!!?

    • Rmbr by calling u silly! idid not lay emphasis to any mitigating circumstances that may interfear with oneself surely iwas jus presizing my point inorder for u to recognize wht we braodly term as physcicological soccialogical approach itherefore beg u deffy the limits of my mistakes n bleach the standard of anacceptable conduct.

    • Rmbr by calling u silly! idid not lay emphasis to any mitigating circumstances that may interfear with oneself surely iwas jus presizing my point inorder for u to recognize wht we braodly term as physcicological soccialogical approach itherefore beg u deffy the limits of my mistakes n bleach the standard of anacceptable conduct.

  20. So who has something new to offer the nation. The entire past leadership has been bred in KANU..those who didn’t mismanage the economy grabbed tens of thousands of acres and those who r said to have done anything tangible for lack of a better benchmark caused the deaths of over 1300 Kenyans with souls,families and lives like them by stealing an election in broad daylight.. Shamelessly so. The entire political class is the same and we look for the lesser evil. To purport that you are looking for change is like saying u just arrived from Mars. At least someone can stop the runaway corruption by Jubilee and exceedingly tribal appointments .

    • I am always tickled when I am told that my search for change is unrealistic. It is like I “have just arrived from Mars”. I agree. ~ George Bernard Shaw tells us: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man”. I am an unreasonable man.

    • This is very philosophical and is subject to debate on how logical is the statement in the first place including the actual and not perceived meaning of the word ‘reasonable’ itself is subjective in this context. You speak like a politician now with more of greys than black & white. An hey, your search for change can be made realistic if you walk with others. We also welcome dissenting opinions

  21. you r talking more or rather ill of kanu forgeting it was the only and majority ruling party we had, Rmbr history keeps repeating itself they will come and go bt kanu stil remains an historic i again dissaprove your phd for trying to fox every everyone look n believe even today as if kanu was another kenyan tribe apart frm aparty itself, you termed my support for wiper tribalistic, why then do you belve he cant withstand uhuru given afair chance?

  22. At one time during the nusu mkate government, I thought Kalonzo was the soberest and most focused, come 2013 all changed, Kalonzo unfortunately is not his own man, he is very indecisive some that shows very loudly.

  23. The Raila u are busy criticizing is the reason u can sit behind that desk to wriite nonsense about him, The man u claim sees moi as a mentor was jailed for more than 8 years by that same moi, Lest I dont know the meaning of a mentor I must be mistaken, You are just like the Ngunyis of this world, u promise so much but will end up in a more desperate state even than him

  24. Nyakimincha primary became an icon wen prof Ongeri called it out for coming last in exam whereas the name betrayed it all.How do we solve the issue of name betrayal?Tells is professor n be the solution.I think we go the Peter Keneth way of burrowing foreign names otherwise for now we r still stack to traditional names that betray if not define us

  25. It doesn’t matter how long one has been in politics, what matters is the change in oneself and the change one wants to foster given the chance. Every individual irrespective of the position one holds or has held and power has a role to play towards the development of this country, its only that we forget our roles. Each needs to appreciate the role played by the other toward the economic and political development!

  26. U know Kenyans are a funny nation who tend to pretend to forget easily;its true the todays political class has nothing new to offer to citizens so having said that may the winner come 2017 get the seat and the support of the masses

  27. With all due respect, I think you have nothing to help Kenya! You are just another political apologist. The late Waweru Mburu also came to the limelight on the same premise as yours, on the surface appearing to stand for all what is right by calling out the political class on its b.s. But any intelligent mind could always read the agenda behind the rants and bloviating of Waweru. Before Waweru was Koigi Wamwere, however Koigi might have much for his exenoration, for which I give a benefit of doubt. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about you or Waweru Mburu! I am tempted to call you a Waweru Mburu orphan, although you play from a different platform-Facebook, while he did his trade on radio, you employ the same “Paint them all with one broad brush” tactic with an aim to obscure the ugly truth about your political masters by depicting them as simply a part of an homogeneous group of identical beings, effectively sanitizing them!

  28. With minds like this one, Kenya is far from healing. We need people who can unite our nation, give genuine support to the govt of the day and ensure that our country is well even if Elmolo is the president. It is difficult to assume our tribal inclination, but for the greater good of our country, let’s embrace unity

  29. With minds like this one, Kenya is far from healing. We need people who can unite our nation, give genuine support to the govt of the day and ensure that our country is well even if Elmolo is the president. It is difficult to assume our tribal inclination, but for the greater good of our country, let’s embrace unity

  30. With minds like this one, Kenya is far from healing. We need people who can unite our nation, give genuine support to the govt of the day and ensure that our country is well even if Elmolo is the president. It is difficult to assume our tribal inclination, but for the greater good of our country, let’s embrace unity

  31. Everyone has one VOTE. Let everyone deem where its right for him/her to put in the coming August 2017 elections. Too much talk wont help. It will be accusations and counter accusations based on where you come from. Lets meet at the ballot. Period…. swallow that

    • Vote on issues? This is kenya and not the USA or United kingdom. It is totally where you come frm. I believe i will vote my tribesman, 80percent hav and will always do that. The other thing is that if my tribesman has laid down a formular for us, then thats where we shall vote and overwhelmingly so to speak. The formular for us this coming election has already been laid down for us(where i come frm) . Its thirteen small and big parties who joined together. Thats where we shall vote for overwhelmingly. The opposition too(where they come frm) will vote to obviously ODM, WIPER, FORD KENYA etc. I think to you am not saying anything.

    • Elijah Gatei You have accepted the directions of your tribal warlord. I can understand that. There are those of us who are too independent minded to be herded by the vision-less and clueless tribal big-men. It does not even matter whether we will defeat them, though we expect to. It matters that when they traversed the country preaching tribal jingoism, forming obscene tribal coalitions and presenting themselves as the saviors of the their tribes, we called them out as the tribalists, empty charlatans, self-seekers and the demagogues they are. We do not oppose them because we want you to change your stand, we oppose them because truth, justice and patriotism demands that we do.

  32. Huyu professor wa wapi hajui siasa ya kenya.Kalonzo musyoka is not a traitor nor watermelon nor judas iscariot.All politicians are like that and musyoka is not an exception.Could he have stayed put in kanu for all that time if he could be a chameleon?In 2005 referendum kalonzo was the only highest ranked politician according to opinion polls to unseat kibaki within the original ODM-k.He once ranked over 50% favourable rating above raila,ruto,kenyatta,mudavadi & balala.It is only those within the then opposition caucus who tagged him names to tarnish his image during campaigns for nomination of the presidential candidate of the movement.They only wanted to win the political mileage against the then opposition legend.Probably they succeded in a way but why are they still struggling together in the same coalition to form a government!…ukichimbia mwenzako kaburi mwishowe unaingia mwenyewe.If the opposition wants to win the election ,let Raila clean musyoka’s name to kenyans.This will bring back the glorious attributes of musyoka allover the country .This will in turn bear political benefits for the coalition and win with a mudslide against jubillee. Kalonzo is a world reknown leader and commands following thus should be respected .He may lack a coarse voice like Odinga,joho or president kenyatta to thunder over the mike but don’t disregard his high pitched soft voice.There lies his brainy diplomatic advantage.He is yet to be irrerevavant in national politics

  33. Life is a mixture of many issues but in a research, you can only investigate one at a time. Sometimes back, issues that Professor wrote concerned Jubilee. That time, CORD celebrated the Professor as Jubilee labelled him a traitor.
    Now that he write about CORD and opposition figures, he’s now a hero to Jubilee but a tribalist to CORD and opposition followers.

    • It would be nice for him to come-up with a balanced critisism because none of these people is perfect.What is seen here is some sense of mediocrity.He seems to be a gun for hire where when he fails to get whatever is promised he turns against

    • Khama Jacob It is sad that you do not believe that people can do things because they believe in them not because they are paid. Having said that what do you mean by being balanced? My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee and therefore I have nothing to balance. I write what I like about either of them without being worried about being balanced. There is nothing to balance since CORD and Jubilee are not two different sides. They are the same political class driven by ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

      Your need for balance comes from the fact that you think that these are two opposing sides. It is also reinforced by our extremely mediocre media that imagines that bringing on TV someone from CORD and Jubilee is balanced journalism. It is nonsense. Do not take Kenyan media that seriously. They don’t even take themselves as seriously.

    • Correct….maybe the term “balanced” has many meanings,In my context there is need to argue your cases based on both their failures and achievements if “ANY”.It would be naive to state that Raila has done nothing for this country and in many ways he may have failed it too.The same applies to these people in Jubilee.A balanced arguement should tourch on both.That is my understanding bwana professor

    • Khama Jacob Every article has its thesis. I do not write because I like Jubilee and CORD and the tribal kingpins a top those tribal coalitions. There are bloggers who like them and they should write about their good side. For me I am against the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi that they stand for. My job is to expose them thus and to campaign for a new non-ethnic political narrative based on patriotism, accountability and productivity. Unfortunately these are not values that the tribal CORD and Jubilee coalitions and their tribal leaders can give us.

    • Kipyegon Van Rutto First, Uhuru Kenyatta did not write an article. I assumed that DP Ruto was writing on behalf of his boss and Jubilee and I have responded as such. But more importantly the fact that I did not mention Uhuru does not make me a tribal bigot. It is you who thinks that because I have not mentioned him, t has something to do with the fact that I am Kikuyu. When you look at the world with tribal lenses, everything is tribal. Thirdly I have written about Uhuru and Jubilee so much that you will be surprised that Jubilee supporters would disagree with you. They have numerously called me a CORD mole. This happens because my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I call it as I see it and I see no difference between the two.

  34. Wainaina,,, are you God who shapes a man’s life? Keep your perception to yourself and your jubilation party and give us a break, even you since you started posting your bullshit you have never embraced national hood, so nothing new you can post. Doing a mistake today don’t mean one is a victim always. God is a God of a second chance.

  35. Professor u r talking a lot of sense….i believe the time people will start choosing their candidates based on their performance rather than tribalism then the people would have matured politically…..

    • My advice to them is: “You have nothing more to offer after 53 years of politics of tribalism, impunity and mediocrity. We need back our country so that we can fix it and modernize it. Your cannot deliver on this aspiration of a new modern generations because you are mired in siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi and you can’t help yourselves. QUIT!”

  36. Prof. I doubt if your history is serving you right Raila has never had a political father Rao has never been politically orphaned because he is a man who worked for his political clout he joined moi and brought him down

    • Kiratu Evans if Luos hate Kikuyu’s Jomo Kenyatta and Mwai kibaki would have not served as presidents of Kenya.Jaramogi refused to take over power only to hand it over to Kenyatta that’s love not hate Rao said Kibaki tosha and he became the first president to be sworn into office on a wheelchair in our continent that’s brotherly love.I feel it’s time this generosity and love should pay back

    • Selemia Gunga I do not remember the Presidency being given to someone called “Kikuyu”. I therefore do not think the Kikuyu have anything to pay back. This tribal narrative demonizes innocent Kikuyus who had nothing to do with the political intrigues of the elite and also gives some other tribes a sense of entitlement that leads to bitterness and hatred. We will only make progress politically through a new non-ethnic narrative. This ethnic narrative is simply leadin us to the abyss.

    • Prof it’s prudent,fruitful and healthy for our nation to run away from tribal political alignation but it’s an uphill task since we don’t have any political party with ideologies if you mention JAP I see Uhuru Representing Gema Ruto representing kalenjin nation,others are flower girls Meant woodwink the blind Kenyans,not to mention odm,wiper,fords.In order restore the Kenyan tribe that all of us belong to the lineage of Kenyatta and Jaramogi must sit as spokepersons of the most antagonistic nations in our country to bring back the Kenyan tribe that led to Mzee Kenyatta’s freedom to lead us and the infamous kibaki tosha.Wainaina if this can’t be done through the TJRC I assure you that Kibaki and Kenyatta remain Kikuyu’s while Ruto becomes a real kalenjin

    • Gunga,you should know that odinga’s action then was to check Mboya and Gichuru,in the absence of Kenyatta.Gichuru would have become president, he the KANU leader.The odingas are spoilers for others ,for what they fail to get.Raila failed to get the KANU ticket,bolted to spoil uhuru’s chances.

    • Mbiyu the bitter truth is we need a united country where wainaina and otieno can vie for presidency based on ideologies and not the letters that spell their second names.this can only be achieved through redefining the Kenyan tribe

  37. Ken Barack

    Good job professor. Don’t worry about the critics. They have probably read two paragraphs out of possible five articles. You should keep up with enlightening the few of us who see reason, rationale and credibility in your words. You are a professor and I believe that counts. I don’t think you should back down because of lack of informed perception on ideas and inability to fathom rationality and plausibility by a few individuals. I believe in you. Keep up writing and I’ll keep on reading. All the best.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Hi Ken. Thanks for your kind words. This can be a mean space and goodwill is in short supply. I appreciate an occasional vote of confidence. It tells me that the search for a solution is on and if we keep the faith, we will get one. When the country is in the grip of a single political narrative of tribalism and under the spell of the high priests of the gospel of ethnicity in CORD and Jubilee, I can understand why people are angry. Caged in the tribal prison they feel that their only hope is their tribal kingpin jailers. This is the tragedy of a single narrative. So I do not take the insult personally, I appreciate the dilemma of their purveyors, and hope that with the help of people like you who get it, they can see that their jailers cannot be their saviors. Cheers bro.

  38. This is how I understand your statement; moi failed to steer Kenyans in the right direction, Uhuru is failing, ruto is a failure, raila failure, and kalonzo, mudavadi and wetangula r hopeless n not fit to even try to convince nobody they can bring any positive change to our country. What I don’t know is whether we should try a muindi to bring this change, coz there seems to be no original Kenyan out there wishing to even try, or maybe these moi political orphans are too strong to let anybody try… and if that’s the case, what should we do as Kenyans. We badly need change, especially from this ethnicity thing…

  39. Prof it’s so sad that as kenyans we have chosen to believe lies. Rather than interrogate the so called leaders and hold them accountable for their speech and deeds, we have instead allowed our tribally disoriented minds to hold sway. Even as you labour to deliver us from this Dragon, it seems so difficult for us to let go this demon. May God open our eyes and help us realize the depths into which we have fallen into.

  40. He is an expired political label. It’s time he retires honorably. This the generation who never imagine there other young born leaders. Yesterday I was disgusted when he said “hakuna mkamba at a join jubilee” that’s straight tribalism… Why on hearth should he mention the tribe in his speech!!!!!! I thought he was gunning for a national figure not a regional leader. OMG!

  41. If you mean Moi orphans I think Raila only joined KANU to break after fighting and championing for democracy outside for a long time and people lost their lives along the journey fighting for second liberation,I salute you whoever you’re having PHd but you’re wrong to put Raila among Moi students. You can’t say Raila is a failure yet he has not been in government with powers bestowed on him forget about Grand coalition government that he was prime minister but restricted though he did alot in Roads Franklin Bett has minister

    • Lenny Kipchumba Why didn’t he quit? This is the problem of the hypocritical Kenyan politicians. They want to have their cake and eat it. British PM David Cameron lost a referendum and resigned. He knew he would be handicapped to function in a regime that would be expected to implement Brexit which he had opposed. SO Raila sits in a government whee he is “restricted”to earn the perks and achieve nothing and now you want us to believe it is someone else’s fault. We have to be prepared to hold out leaders to account. Making excuses for them only makes them notorious. Stop it.

    • #michael Though you might not understand why he stayed and accepted all the insults from Kibaki’s administration. He did alot especially ministries under his office though he was being short changed just like how national government is controlling counties by freezing money meant to be devolved.

  42. Many who are commending have the same mentality of tribalism. Y ur u so much disturbed by pple while doing their work? Mr prof, the pple u call moi’s political orphans are better than you 100x, look for substantial debate to bring on table we debate about it.

  43. Every body in kenya is a KANU orphan. Remember MUI HUWA MWEMA. If they get chance orphans can make better parents. The standard newspaper couldn’t have baptised them as KANU orphans m

  44. Every body in kenya is a KANU orphan. Remember MUI HUWA MWEMA. If they get chance orphans can make better parents. The standard newspaper couldn’t have baptised them as KANU orphans.

  45. The professor is a lone professional who is jobless, trying to hit hard the mugo wa wairimu style .so that his master Uhuru can notice him and give him a job.@Proffessr wainaina .ask Wa wairimu if he ever got anything for insulting leaders. #Check your name again. It tells it all.

  46. This is a very good statement to enlighten people on how tribal we are.How I wish we could read and understand first before we insult him.To me I agree that we have tribal kings exploiting our ignorance.

  47. The writter of this article is the most tribal.He didnt include his kingpin and tribal president when mentioning the so called moi orphans..~kosokoso muthei~thii ukiumaga we.!

  48. Prof your sentiments are in order but the first person to be on that list of Moi political Orphans is Uhuru Kenyatta..
    You and I know that he once vied for presidency under KANU ticket and ofcourse failed not because Kenyans were very united to evict KANU you should have began enlightening us why Uhuru is not worthy a second term
    The truth is that “prof” you are breading hatred rather than elightening people.You are actually makinf people more tribal than they were before
    Because if all is said and done Prof Wanaina Your sentiments show that your are moved by ethnicity and if there is one person with pure ethnicity is You because your sentiments are so biased
    Bring on board a person who aint a Moi political orphan both directly and indirectly and we will make a gd choice as kenyans.
    Otherwise your sentiments will be more ideal than realistic

  49. The Kaparo commission is also saying dangerous things that 10 educated Luos cannot run a parastatal.But Some are many and others few how do you balance the few and many.Now that of 6 kenya killed in Mandera 5 are kikuyus risk takers in a hostile county why cannt Kaparo complain and have other smaller tribes represented.Why is he saying there too many luhya watchmen and cooks and too many luo mechanics?

    • You learnt nothing from the post. It is easy to insult me because your world is divided into CORD and Jubilee and you think one is better than the other. My world is not. I know that there is no difference between the two. And I cannot insult any Kenyan on behalf of either CORD and Jubilee. They are not worth it.

    • I agree… Its a mammoth task to convince a spellbinded citizenry… Its a challenge that you must be prepared to fail.. In essence a sacrifice for the possibilty of success way beyond ur time

    • Collins Chirchir It is Charles De Gaulle the great WWII French General who said “The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community”. I agree.

    • @ peter Kim …why kalonzo retire?. He his still young and visionary whom can bring the better change wanainchi so much desire ( good governance ) say ; if waiguru was a kamba or luo today things couldn’t drag as it has been . Now I can guess why c.j retired quickly without tagging with the courts like his deputy. The workers at at pains e.g the retired teachers they have been to every court since 1997 to date some have passed away and still no payment is due.Are conolized or are we self governed?. Did the may mau mau fight the British for such merit?. Its time for a change now.

  50. Rao had Ndp joined Kanu got ministerial position flew to Uthumo,joined Narc formed Ldp then Odm then Cord now Odm then keep on talking of past governments mistakes while been part and parcel of it.Kalonzo remains in history books…the only thing i have for them is they are still my Kenyan compartriot.


  52. The truth is, a great majority of those who make this corrupt and tribal system today were not even anywhere close to power in the Moi era e.g Waiguru, Duale et all. I constantly find this topic irrelevant to the discussion around curing the Kenyan problems. The Moi regime was surely an epitome of oppression and lack of economic vision, but grand corruption and ethnic polarization have escalated to the roof only starting from when Kibaki took power. So I find it escapist to allude that our problem is the remnants of KANUISM. THE PROBLEM IS OUR SYSTEMS THAT ARE FULL OF LOOPHOLES for exploitation by the political class. The solution lies only in constitutionally rendering political positions apparently unattractive to those who use them for their greedy motives.

    • It is Kibaki who squandered the goodwill of Kenyans after the 2002 elections when his government was seen to be tribal and we have never recovered. Had he embraced the will of the people and appreciated that leading is both economic and political, we would have turned a corner in 2002 and would have had a different country today. That he left us with a deeply divided country is a perfect case of the sins of the fathers being visited on the sons unto the third and Fourth generations. We have to break this vicious cycle that he set in motion and that is fueled by the six tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee.

  53. uv been paid to blog this immarture political dogma to ambush minds of liberal minded kenyans who have vowed to never lie low to leak bitter buttocks of jubilee govt…n this may not b a way to convince an eloquent man like kalonzo to rediscover his politics in the den of hooligans #jap# u better blog f students on imptance honest work in schools..

  54. Should we be nameless for Kenya’s sake?The first to go should be titles like,Prof.,Dr.,LLB/LLM,Msc,PhD etc .We wonder if really some of these went beyond KUCHEKECHEA level….. They add no value to the lunatic situation in which Kenya finds itself in . At least Durterte of the Philippines is doing better

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