Mr. Kenyatta, just a polite reminder, you & Jubilee cannot successfully fight corruption and survive the fight, Sir.

Mr. President, I have warned you before. I am warning you again. You and Jubilee cannot fight corruption in this Country and survive the fight. If you try too hard to fight corruption, it will be a Samsonian effort. It just may bring down the pillars of corruption and impunity but at the same time crash your regime to smithereens. For you, your choices are as clear as night and day. You either keep your regime intact, OR you fight corruption. NOT BOTH.

Disclaimer: The fall of the tribal and corrupt political class in Jubilee and NASA is a great hope and singular commitment of mine. On this one, I am sure we are not seeing things exactly the same way. You want others to fall and you to remain, and you actually think that your biggest enemy is the other tribalists in NASA. It is not. It is yourself and the house of Jubilee you build in 2013, whose main pillars were ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

That is why I was concerned when you said that those wishing to run on a Jubilee ticket should be vetted for integrity and get a clearance from EACC.

You plan to use EACC to do your dirty job. To sanitize Jubilee.

It is not sanitizable.

It will not work. Just like it did not work the last time you presented a list in parliament, in a half-hearted if misguided effort to fight corruption. You have forgotten that the last time you made that push against corruption and asked some Cabinet Secretaries to “step aside”, it left you with egg on your face.  Apart from squandering political goodwill, the move did nothing to dent the perception of corruption in your regime. Finally you called the guys concerned to Statehouse to ask them, ‘”sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni”. I told you before that this was a big mistake and the beginning of the fall of your regime. Please see

One would have hoped that you listened. Seemingly you did not or if you did, you forgot the lesson from the debacle that was the list. As you issue orders against Jubilee aspirants and shouting about integrity, this is a simple reminder. Jubilee and integrity cannot be mentioned in the same sentence.  Mr. President, you and Jubilee cannot fight corruption and survive the fight.  It is said that a wise man learns more from his enemies that a fool does from his friends. Do not say I did not warn you.

I am surprised that after the circus of the list, now, you are at it again. Your new foray into the territory of corruption is ill-advised and again will fail. Miserably. Your new doomed effort is  what in politics we call an “unforced blunder”.  It is unforced because you did not have to do it, your enemies did not force you to do it, you upped and just did it all by your good self, just because you could.  It is a blunder because of several reasons. Allow me to explain Mr. President.

First, your people say, “muti utegutemwo ndugeragio ithanwa“. (You do not lift an axe against a tree you do not intend to cut.) Corruption is a tree you do not intend to cut. And the reason is obvious. I will remind you of a statement made by Kilfi governor Amason Kingi that even a five year old in Kenya knows who the most corrupt person in the Kenya government is. I asked you a question then Mr. President. I repeat it here:

“Do you know what a Kenyan  five year old knows?”.

If you do, then you know that you and the Jubilee kakistocrasy live in a glass house, and you cannot afford to throw stones. Recently, your nemesis in NASA, he of the watermelon and your-name-betrays-you fame reminded you:

“I agree with Mr. Kenyatta that corrupt people should be barred from holding public office, but let him look next, behind and besides him”.  Sunday Nation 12th March 2017 Page 6.

It seems that even the katikati man also knows what a five year old knows.

Since you cannot “cut the tree” do not try the put an axe on it. It will only rattle the already fragile Jubilee Union and this being an election year, you don’t want that. Or do you?

Secondly, pretending you are fighting impunity in Jubilee is a blunder because you are uniquely unqualified to issue such orders. To explain to you why, allow me to refer you to a  biblical story in Mathew 18:23-34.

23 “Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants. 24 And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents. 25 But forasmuch as he had not to pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife, and children, and all that he had, and payment to be made. 26 The servant therefore fell down, and worshipped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. 27 Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt. 28 But the same servant went out, and found one of his fellow servants, which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him, and took him by the throat, saying, Pay me that thou owest. 29 And his fellowservant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. 30 And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt. 31 So when his fellowservants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told unto their lord all that was done. 32 Then his lord, after that he had called him, said unto him, O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst me: 33 Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee? 34 And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him.”

I am sure you are wondering what the story has to do with you. Everything.

Mr. Kenyatta, how soon have you forgotten that in 2013 you and your deputy were indicted in the ICC for nothing less than crimes against humanity? You gave the finger to Chapter Six of the Constitution that you now pretend to care so much about and told the world that the decision of whether you were fit or not would be placed in the hands of the Kenyan people. You subsequently used state machinery and resources to scuttle the ICC process. In street parlance, we say “uli ponyoka“. Since you “ponyokad“, do you want to tell us that the threshold for integrity is lower for Uhuru Kenyatta and the ruling elite and higher for the rest of us, mere mortals? Do you want to tell us that you can impose on others integrity requirements that do not apply to you and to your deputy? Do you really think you are this special and the rest of us are that foolish? When we were growing up, we used to say that when you use your index finger to point at others, the other three are pointing at you.

My President, you founded your regime on impunity. You loudly declared that is does not matter what people have been accused of, by who and where. They have a “right” to seek political office. What you knew then but did not tell as loudly is that they can in turn use the political office to scuttle the search for justice and insulate themselves. You wrote that script and used is successfully. Other Kenyans have borrowed the script and they will use it just as efficiently. You are the most unqualified person to tell them they cannot use the script – you authored it and build a regime on the foundations of corruption and impunity. Do not pretend that you can change the script now. You cannot. If you do, your house of Jubilee, founded on impunity and corruption will come tumbling down on you.

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  1. Professor its clear many kenyans read and listen to you but we are just too stupid to reason but be proud you are playing your role us a patriotic Kenyan you have my blessing NASA and jubilee parties do not stand a chance in a civilised society all they want is power and either continue eating or taste the meat .

  2. I cant agree more ProfMichael Wainaina…….infact your opinion isn’t alien to mine. I wrote this some months back.
    Rule of Law Isn’t the Impediment , Tribalism Is. By Dan Koyolla.

    From the onset, let me state that Jubilee government’s commitment (or lack thereof) to the war against corruption is more contemptible and degraded than that spouted by previous administrations.
    The pompous,declamatory manner of speech by its leadership has only made things worse.

    Under jubilee, we have seen both senior and junior government officials descend into the mire of corruption with terrifying gusto and rapacity .

    The situation is dire; avarice has replaced temperance and public service is no longer the gem it once was, as it is seen today as a perfect opportunity to engage in primitive accumulation of wealth at the expense of service delivery.

    The insidious monster of corruption is virtually rearing its ugly head in every sector of our lives. Our healthcare system is crumbling, our education system is in a mess, our leadership is emasculated, our economy is in the gutter,our security is fragile. All systems are crushing thanks to corruption.

    In all sincerity, no society’s moral vision has ever,surely, been more degenerate than ours. Indeed, ours is the most degenerate form of a higher civilization. We are on the verge of becoming a failed state, not because of civil war-no! Because of corruption.

    Every kenyan can define corruption in their own unique way but the main forms of corruption in the eyes of ordinary Kenyans are bribe-taking, kickbacks (kurudisha mkono) and unreasonable fines inflicted on the common man for petty offences. But with the advent of the social media, the citizenry is becoming more and more abreast of mega corruption.Actually,most kenyans are more than aware about the superlatively mega heists that have become routine in the jubilee administration.

    In a recent statehouse summit on corruption, President Uhuru sensationally threw down the gauntlet to the participants who were largely drawn from the multi-agency taskforce on corruption. Altogether, the summit only seemed to have exercabated the problem as it turned out to be a blame circus. But the apotheosis of the said summit was the president’s “mnataka nifanye nini” punch line.

    This must have emboldened the corrupt, avaricious lot within the government to continue tap dancing on the public coffers with impunity. The president basically told them that they had won-period.

    By telling them that his hands were tied and his recital of “rule of law” platitude, the president only succeded in exposing-bare, our taxes to the unscrupulous freebooters within and without the rotten system who are always on the prowl.

    In my view, using the “rule of law” as a scapegoat is inexcusable. The rule of law only serves to complement the political goodwill to fight corruption and it is common knowledge that what has been lacking in our case is political goodwill; the rule of law only comes in to maintain, improve and reinforce trite puritanical and ethical standards that have already been set by a committed leadership, but it is no panacea for corruption.

  3. Prof, I didn’t know you love comedy! You are also biblical on this one, but just go back to cross tell us the fate of the guy on the right! Don’t judge or write anyone off yet, there is a teacher who never thought you’d amount to anything, look at you now!

  4. Prof Wainaina,is it possible to remind kenyan politicians of their past misdeed?All they know is seeking power whether through theft or murder.Iam sure you might have talked to a stone.

  5. Prof wainaina, it’s possible to present an alternative narrative to Kenyans but will the beneficiaries of tribal narrative who are in power allow your dreams to be a reality

  6. The more I read your articles and watch your show in KTN morning show I always ask myself, since NASA is a tribal outfit of ethnic king pins like you wanna call them, jubilee stinks to high heavens (at least that’s proven even by their supporters ) why haven’t u proposed a new narrative like u always call it. A new dispensation that can be sold out to Kenyans and they can embrace it. U critique but don’t offer any solutions. That is self defeatist. I have said again, we are going for the lesser evil and eventually kick any iota of evil out of our political system in Kenya like polio. May take time but we are on track. You are either with jubilee or NASA until you give us or propose an alternative.

    • I agree with what you are saying, we need an individual/group of individuals to coalesce around to form the critical mass needed to begin changing the mindset of the Kenyan people. This requires resources which I dont think a group of people in the middle class can raise. unless they do serious fund raising. The ruling class will never allow that. However, I think the best thing would be to vote out Jubilee, replace it with NASA. If NASA doesn’t perform we sent them home. This will be a clear message to any president wanna be that you either perform or we send you home and possible charge them if they are found culpable of abuse of office. Performance must have multipronged approach from economy to jobs to public office appointments, social justice, legislation etc. This includes all elective positions, that way gradually we will wean ourselves of ethnic politics. I don’t see it happening over night. Kibaki had a chance but he institutionalized tribalism.

  7. Graft has evolved into a religion, in a religion there are believes and believes have an enormous power to conquer the mind. No amount of jail terms can destroy a religion like graft, only civic education can change what graft has become. You prof. I must say are in the right direction in enlightening our people but do not say that, alternative solution is a burden of us all. Lift your little stone and throw it again and again, sooner we’ll be fed up with partisanship and join you in the right course.

  8. How can unshameful, disrespect small minded maybe under graduated through back door, can even warn and advice a boss through publication? Hiyo lazima ikuwe ni shaada ya kuvuta bangi na kula ugali mfuko mzima. Ngojea mvua telele imee uweze kushiba usilaumu wenginu bure. Mungu yuko.

  9. Wainaina tiathomire nokiria ndona hau ni ritwa corruption nderenda ngukwira atiri corruption ndinoka na uhuruto ya rikuo nginya Hindi ya guka gukagwo wagukagwo agukaguo ucio ni mucene winaguo thie muno

  10. Thinking out loud…….A few decades ago, a corrupted term was introduced to us by the Kenyan academia & political activists – this term is “Fighting Corruption.” Many scholarly articles (even books) have since been written around this vain philosophy. The post above assumes “fighting corruption” is a reality. We even have a whole constitutional commission (EACC) built around this empty term. Truth is – this is a misconceived idea. Fighting corruption is a vain undertaking. No one should spend brains or money “fighting corruption.” We only need to spend money & brains to properly constitute, establish & insulate our systems of governance & national ethic. If this be done, corruption will fall with no one fighting it.

    • “Fighting Corruption” is a very corrupt idea in itself. The term is like saying “fighting off darkness until we can see.” Fighting Corruption is about hoodwinking the citizenry. It only helps the corrupt. It is actually a PR mechanism for the corrupt to hoodwink the citizenry. Truth is – if every government department was challenged to ethically DEFINE & TUNE UP all their operations, there would be no corruption left for anyone to fight. Moral here – let’s get busy wiring up & switching on ethical lights in all GoK departments, ……waste no time “fighting corruption.”

    • The hen and egg story all over again
      : where do we find those non-corrupt Kenyans to create such institutions if the Kenyan notion of salvation is to create myriad political posts(through which to perpetrate corruption for “our man”)?

  11. It’s people like this so called professor who, using their corrupt networks from the west through the evil society, perpetuate and kill the drive to fight graft.
    They know without corruption they cannot thrive; their masters in the West cannot be able to siphon and suck Africa’s blood, and they (professor’s company) cannot get blood money as NGOs, activists, evil society etc etc without the confusion they bring in the fight against corruption.
    That’s why they scoff against every effort to fight it, no matter how feeble it is.
    Professor Wainaina and his ilk pretend to fight graft, but ridicule every effort to fight it. His friends are people like Apollo Mboya who has taken the CJ to court because of his bold step to set up a special anti corruption court, people like Justice Odunga who acquits somebody because he thinks a person cannot be prosecuted for a crime committed 20 years ago, and others who ridiculed the Rt Rev Wabukala for being bold enough to accept to be EACC Chair.
    We know you professor, but remember, if you receive money from the west to weaken the war against graft for your personal gain, you and your children will pay. Mungu halali!

    • The spirit of always accusing is Satanic in nature hence we cannot leave God, who is our protector, out of it. How come you see nothing positive about the war against graft while there is something tangible being done? How genuine are you in the fight against graft in Kenya? Why dismiss and discourage any step to fight graft?

    • Professor Michael Wainaina, i disagree that nothing has been done to tame corruption and for this you lying. Sometimes it is good to applaud when an effort is applied to fight corruption

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD last time I checked, the government through an organ created by government called asset recovery agency has frozen more than 1.3b of NYS money awaiting prosecution of the NYS suspects. Through the same agency, the government has frozen over 1b belonging to Estama Ltd over suspected inflation of prices in the recent Ministry of Health scandal.
      What are those steps? To hide graft? What more can the government do under the law? Didn’t the president suspend hundreds of officials who were being investigated by the EACC which compromised his political support?
      And yet you see nothing being done? How genuine are you?
      You see professor, unlike the gullible masses that are manipulated due to lack of information, some of us do our own research, hence we’re well informed and therefore difficult to hoodwink.
      Jotham Macharia people like professor can’t see anything positive, they are supposed to show everyone that an African system can’t work without being supervised by the West.

    • Thomas Matheri, do you believe there are legitimate false gods? Secondly just claiming that my appreciation of corruption problem is too parochial is just a claim like any other; in fact it is a meaningless claim, unless you can give reasons for your it. Over to you..

  12. Kenya Mpya…
    An Israeli doctor says, _*”In Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s liver put them on another man, and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work.*_ The German doctor says, _*”That’s nothing, in Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work.”*_ The Russian doctor says, _*”Gentlemen, we take half a heart from a man, put it in another’s chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.”*_ The Kenyan doctor laughs and says, _*”You all are behind us. In 2013 we took a man with no brains, no heart, and no liver and made him President. Now, the whole country is looking for work!”

  13. I would like to know this PROF.What would be a preferred solutions to all these problems you have pointed out; There are indepedent bodies for all these stuffs to deal with independent Issues;I thought you should find a way to find a way out:

  14. What I can remind u is this, our president Mr Uhuru Kenyatta wasn’t a convicted to icc, he was just a suspect therefore u miserably mis-compared that biblical phrase.

  15. Now Mr. Knows it all, just by pin pointing the weakness of someone without offering solutions won’t help. The head of state is not the head of the varies independent institutions. The President won’t be the custodian of the law, the enforcer, the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner. Even a civilian can standup with concrete evidence and prosecute any corruption by government officials. One Omtattah always does it, so rise beyond empty rhetorics.

  16. I was an avid reader and follower of all political critics but from the tym I discoverd that given an oportunity they bcom worst am Neva interested , ask kiraitu, murkomen,kindiki, Anyang , etc. so discouraging .

  17. Many a Kenyan folk do not wish corruption to go away as they eat off it. Many others do not wish for tribalism or nepotism to end as it is also their daily fix. If none of our so called educators cannot see the need to teach about morals and etiquette in schools there remains no hope in ever ridding ourselves of corruption and even the so called dear leader knows so.

  18. u r okey mentally but u are very poor in reasoning. u are just a proffesor. kwani hujui kuna tofauti ya kusoma na uongozi. then what have you done. kenya is tribal & will remain to be so coz this started before u r born. ww unajua kuna corruption umefanya nn!!!!!

  19. Good talk, but still I expect you to define for him presidency is above abuses, insults , blackmail, open emotions, shouts. To my little know how that u taught me lit, is tolerance, perseverance, neutrality…… That public cant easily ready his face. Ama niaje prof?

  20. Those of you who are rushing to use words like bullshit on this platform, you obviously prove that you can not engage in a constructive intellectual discourse. If you are not agreeing with what Prof has narrated, why can’t you challenge it with facts and convincingly? Meanwhile Prof Kudos for the good analysis. You are among the few courageous Kenyans who will eventually bring the much needed change through such a platform.

  21. Truth sometimes hurts. Yet for us to hatch ourselves from naïvety, we got to shun political fanaticism and dwell on what is directly gnawing at our wellbeing. Otherwise our-man phenomenom will confine us to abject poverty for many years to come.

  22. Why always when somebody mention the President ,we take sides according to our tribes, let’s stop this or else we shall tear this nation and be the losers, let’s argue with facts

  23. this #PHD jubilee is a national party…….NASA is made up of greedy, selfish tribal men…….Wiper Kamba, ODM dholuo, and those my fellow Unpopular mulembes boys Weta and Mudavadi………

  24. Corruption has been there long before even jubilee was conceived remember goldenberg, triton the list is endless hiyo ilikua jubilee then again the war against it is not Presidents war its us as Kenyans n support fromq







    • You really entail the callowly attitude that men of this era rate it as goat mood….I think you should go back to re-breastfeed coz it’s so obvio in your conversation that you need to go back to your mama…your brain growth is dormant you should rly upgrade your upstairs….

    • Edwards, every human being has to pass through all the psych-sexual growth stages and its upto you (reader/listener) to assess one’s current stage or fixation(if any) before you engage.

  26. The Genesis of ICC we all know was aftermath of the disputed election of the year 2007. From your argument Professor is that the outcome of ICC should have been condemnation of especially the President and his Deputy. Why I make this allusion is your claim that the President used state machinery to scuttle his indictment and condemnation (which bits common sense given any right thinking person would not allow a noose meant for his gallows as you seem to suggest). The Genesis of ICC court Kenyan cases was a letter wrote by one the Secretary General of the President’s competitor’s party and an envelope that we were told that initially had 20 key names. But very targeted it zeroed to 6 Kenyans who bore the the “greatest responsibility” in the PEV. How this was arrived has remained a myth though we know the accusers of the President and his deputy were loudest in rhetoric “about snake and ants” statement that clearly was meant to incite all the others tribes against the “Kikuyu” who were accused of never voting for anybody other than their own. Professor much as I loathe the tribalism mathematics by the ruling class it is equally unacceptable that we vilify one side of this argument to portray that corruption witnessed in our political landscape can be tackled from piecemeal criticism directed to only the president, while the alternative is worse. The war cries prior from the 2007/8 were loudest from known personalities and they bore the biggest responsibility but they were sanitized by foreigners whose interest was to infringe on the sovereignty of this nation through the losers of this acrimonious election. Prof. your allusion that the president used state machinery to scuttle the ICC cases was what you would have done had you been in the same position. Evidence as to the credibility of this claim remains conjecture with the “corruption of the truth” that had become our way of life. The biggest responsibility in the PEV is clear as day and burying our heads in the sand that the ICC cases were “a foreign engineering” to impose “friendly” puppet it is also clear as it is on record that Western embassies in Nairobi even pointed as to who should not be voted, leaving Kenyans with no option but to deny or accept candidates imposed or their choice respectively. The “integrity question” that was used to scuttle the President and his deputy were repudiated by the Kenyan court (which gave the tribalism sympathy and credence to coalesce around their persecuted Sons). The president was awarded this win not much so by design but by the the opposition seeking open foreign support to sacrifice an opponent(s) so as to home to Statehouse with minimal or on opposition at all.
    The 5 year old knowledge of the corrupt personality around the presidency is hypocritical of the accusers. The corruption baggage in both of the political divide is appalling that the finger rule apply both ways. But we must have a beginning to deal with the “Leviathan” that is corruption has become our narrative. I would accept anything even if it means “operation Samson”.

    • You who were there what did you do? We are called at various times and seasons to rise up. This is prof’s time. And maybe the time he was bashing the previous regimes you were a dander.

  27. And what amuses me is the fact that we as Kenyans are never tolerant. Never accomodating to whoever dissents from our way of thinking or differs in their opinions. Impunity at its best,corrupt mind…in the name of the so called ‘OUR LEADER’ ….who only mind their interests and pride in our IGNORANCE.

  28. Asidanganye watu na corruption akumbuke yeye mwenyewe ako ndani NYS ya Waiguru yeye pia alikula, health scandal alikula na familia yake, Eurobond alichukua na kutumia ICC pesa ngapi zimetumika kwa Campaign ya Amina Mohamed na Watu wako njaa Baringo. Sisi sio wageni hapa Kenya kwahivyo msidanganye watu hapa

  29. What’s the need of throwing insult at innocent person who just give his advice for free?No PhD can be bought in river road unless some of you talking of the same had it from there?If you don’t agree with one’s opinion, don’t comment.

  30. In this scenario, all the Kikuyu’s will insult you anyhowly while the luos are busy congratulating you for this! Talk negatively about NASA then praise Jubilee side.hapo ndo Kenya ya sasa iko

  31. Its unfortunate u r making wild allegation to one individual(uhuru) whom u cant tie him,or show instance of corruption in him,corrupt pple shud carry their cross to the crucification,EACC,public prosecution n judicially r the institution fustrating the fight to corruption,they shud b reconstituted with pple of goodwil toward fight to corruption,not pple who r at the centre of corruption themselves,u cant expect excutive to fight corruption alone,without willing pple frm those instituions.

  32. Whether you are professor with a PHD or not, corruption in Kenya has and was in Kenya throughout, in this government and all the previous governments. Uhuru Inherited corruption. Maybe your so called PhD was earned through corruption.

  33. Mnataka rais apigane na ufisadi kwa njia gani na kuna wale wamepewa jukumu hilo kikatiba? Apige mtu risasi ndio mjue anapigana na ufisadi? B4 mtu amwelekeze rais kidole ajue hii ni katiba mpya na mtu ana majukumu yake!

  34. Please mr professor michael wainaina i think this is not good place to remind and advice President,you can find time and talk to him.But here you reveal yourself how great enemy you are to our President.You might be speaking truth but it is not that way sir.My question is are you full professor-phd and you can not face President and remind him and advice him like a friend?Correct your self.

  35. In Israel, sisi tunajua tu kuiba.
    In Kiambu, Raila ni MUGURUKI.
    In Turkana, alafu mjinga mwingine …
    In Mombasa, ananifuatafuata kwani Mimi ni bibi yake? ( meaning Uhuru’s interpretation is that married women must follow follow their husbands!).
    My office is run by corrupt cartels.
    But then, I remember that persistently foul-mouthed Uhuru grooms that idiot Moses Kuria & blessed him with a parliamentary seat.
    Mnataka nifanye nini jameni?

  36. Msidhani ati NASA wakipewa uongozi ufisadi na ukabila zitaisha,Noo…..its upon you as a kenyan to ensure there is no corruption and tribalism in your place of work so long as your in a position to do that, achaneni na siasa bovu.

    • Professional. Not proffesional.
      Wasting. Not waisting.
      People. Not peoples.
      Compositions are not marked at Mtihani House.
      You can’t ridicule Wainaina, the Uhuru way, yet the basics slip through your fingers.

    • James Kinyua, supporting Uhuru, as he loots for his family, brings relief food to your Kiambu & Murang’a doorstep, then gives you a 100 Bob blood-coloured T-shirt, is never a measure of wisdom. Before you jump ship to matters wisdom, value education. You will grow wise. Moi, a primary teacher associated himself with elites. Uhuru & you CHEERLEAD the sorry dunderheads of morality in Kuria, Duale, Ichungwa, blah blah…unakula nyama, ama namna gani?

    • These all namr start with o’s…thats why u will neva rule kenya because of you stupidity,arrogance,immaturity and over confidence,,we are not the one who elect leaders,God is the one who annoite,,uhuru and ruto was annoited by God,despites their huge cases at icc they managed to rule kenya

    • James Kinyua, you’re an original CaveMan. Citizens are no longer ruled. That tin god that you quote didn’t mark 2 million votes in K.U. Votes that recognized president Uhuru. Not governor. Not Mpigs. Not MCAs. So before you perambulate your unbrushed tongue that God gives leaders, throw your Kameme, Coro tribal rubbish set piece. I will stoop to your tribal upbringing. But because you’re irreducibly arrogant, continue eating tree barks, bird droppings & alluvial soil as you await relief food from UAE. Tuko Pamoja kwenye Bar!!!

  37. Jesus though He was God, “we” managed to crucify him and “we” knew he had no sin. KENYANS we are good at also criticising even the ones who are trying to enlighten us. Unless you are a beneficiary of that corruption, you need not to criticise the ones who are talking as it is. Kudos Mr Maina.

    • So u crucified yua own god??? Keke!? My God is invisible…. Not tangible… And no human being wotsoeva can harm Him…. At neva hrd creatures crucify to creator….. Which is which…. Which is mo powerful than the other….. Put ua god out f politics plz

  38. It’s clear from response that Kenyans want corruption. Kenyans want tribalism. Talk of Uhuru and see Kikuyu reacting talk of Raila and see Luos reacting. Truth be spoken only fools stand on the way of truth. How can Jubilee government (being led by Uhuru) fight corruption if itself is having 90 percent of corrupt fellows. Kenyans money was stolen during this regime how can it be that no one was prosecuted for the same, that is a sign of failure. Professor might be true.

  39. The self proclaimed professor of non sense and politics you don’t have the power to dictate our president, the best you can do is maybe dictate your wife if you are lucky to have one and keep off making such comments about the government, go team up with your brother Raila and draw strategies on how to ascend to power in year 2037

  40. Remind dem ma brother, they were the 1st 2 dilute this constitution, Imagine an mca cant run 4 office when facing a murder charge bt u can run4 president facing genocide or massmurder, what an irony

  41. Professor, remember that Uhuru and Ruto went through the ICC and emerged innocent in the end. Uhuru and his partner in 2013 general election had refused to run for presidency claiming that they were facing charges in ICC court. Forty MPs advised them and assured their victory saying that all this charges were used as propaganda to ruin their political carriers. By then before they decided otherwise they had plans to endorse Mudavadi for president . The forty MPs stood by this two leaders and explained to them how irrelevant the case was and eventually they decided to contest for the highest positions in Kenyan political arena. Eventually they got there safe and in the end the case vanished since it was all about fake accusations full of lies and propaganda. So professor don’t take our minds for a ride we know that Uhuruto regime was build away further from bases of corruption . Again professor there is no way anyone can intimidate our president on fighting the corrupt cartels that play untouchable in this nation. Hon Kenyatta should not relent on his mission on asking this cartels what they have brought about in their counties in terms of development services. Uhuru Kenyatta regime remain the best and stands the Highest chance to win the nearing general elections come the August eighth this year. I know that you are one of the very dangerous critic we have in Kenya that works day and night to bring down the ruling coalition but am sure Uhuru Kenyatta will go back to state house before the end of this year. Just to remind you professor that Uhuru and Ruto has nothing to worry about this time round since there is nothing to bring in to intimidate or blackmail them.

  42. I accept he is my president.
    sincerely he is now behaving like an assistant chief.
    He is afraid of his people.
    He utters shameful words to his juniors.
    He’s a no different whith a drunk principle on a Monday assembly.
    He has lost respect to the OATH OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT .
    To the whole nation.

  43. This is a well written truth on jubilee. It traces uhuruto journey from 2013 and the biggest casualties has been ordinary Kenyans who have been treated to the most brazen acts of corruption, actualization of bad, illegal laws, massive land grabbing and impunity of the highest order. This is the reality and anybody who doesnt agree with Prof is free to do his research.

  44. Tito be frank and don’t fear to mention the agencies /companies you may know. Don’t bother the presidency on matters you have no idea or afraid to mention. The professor, is known to most Kenyans that he is a critic of UhuruRutto regime. His long story will not deter Kenyans from re-electing Uhuru.

  45. Politician and we citizens are to blame for our escalating corruption in kenya.when one corrupt person is named we are made to believe that our tribe is targeted by the goverment.The other thing President cannot order prosecution or making one accountable because there are institution mandated to do that. EACC and judiciary are to be blamed most.The law enforcement very weak

  46. Mr wainana I love your article and creativity leval but you are not helping at all .The same 5 year kid you talked about knows about corruption in Kenya but the kid doesn’t know what to do about it. I wish you we’re writing more on solution s to corruption other than wasting your time to write to us what we already know but using a million words to make it fresh . we need solution s not questions with no answers Mr prof

  47. Let kenyans learn professor. I conquer with you in this article. Otherwise if “We hide the hyena, it will wait it’s enemies go and turn to us and since we are weaponless, gues what will happen”

  48. Prof corruption starts with u & mi i know b4 u reach where you are u have participated in many corrupt deals so clean yourself first then ad the things will change

      CLASS 112J
      MIMI SIO BIBI YAKO performed by Uhuru Kenyatta from Nyang’othio Jubillee Junior Academy

      Fery Mtongweni
      Matusi mdomoni
      Bangi akilini
      Pombe gilasini
      Hongo kichwani
      Waiguru Kitandani
      Salat Pia ndaaaani

      Lo! Mimi sio bibi yako
      Wavuta bangi wenzangu
      sera sio managu
      bangi kwetu tangu
      Tuivute maisha gangu
      Joho rika ya kwangu
      hasilete mapwangu
      Za kulevya kwetu tamu

  49. In a nutshell yu say,on matters corruption the buck shud not stop with fail to tel us that even a 2hr kid is aware that maina njenga was a leader of mungiki, a sect that is known 4 its brutal killings and extortion.u r using 2013 scenerio to castgate both the dp and the prsdnt tat they cant deny maina question is,y cant u advce ur leader maina njenga 2 run as indpendnt candidte n shem uhuru by winng?

  50. Prof.I wish Uhuru get the very opportunity to interact with this ‘Muti utegutemwo ndugeragio ithanwa’ its the absolute truth.So Prof. your submitting that majority of Kenyan are idiots,their sovereignty is overly misused by beauracrats.

  51. u jst said a nasty truth that we jubillians dont want to see but plis modo watch your mouth lest you are just imagining. truth truth truth i dont like it….. it hurts~ corrupt politicians both in govt n opp they the same, eating the beef while others waiting, salivating, amassing appetite ……

  52. Wau!Thanks man we need more often m youand we have hope as long as we have a few seeds like you!!most people won’t believe you are Kenyan. The surprise is that their kids are interns into corruption and are already billionaires in their own rights while the professor n doctor are in streets hungry

  53. Every leader in Jubilee & all their supporters know that as far as the PEV of 2007- 2008 is concerned, Uhuru, Kibaki, Raila & Ruto have cases to answer. In law, we are told that one is innocent till proven guilty.

    The Kenyan version dictates that one is always guilty till his wallet opens up to vomit. Its impossible for a loaded person in Kenya to be guilty.All rich people are innocent till when they run bankrupt & their guilt starts being expossed.

    Its not Uhuru’s fault that his commuinity & a big junk of the Kenyan population play to the gallery of hypocrisy & corruption.
    Our religious establishments & its members are to blame especially the christian whom Moi, Kibaki,Raila,Uhuru,Ruto, Kalonzo,Wetangula & Mudavadi subscribe to.

    How would an evil person get support of a holy person unless the evil one binds the holy one by holding him captive with his powers. Our choices is a reflection of who we are. We have a few people in Kenya who would stand to pay the price of their mistakes if there is a way to pay out of it. I MEAN INCLUDING YOU PROF. You appear to talk boldly till you are caught up between a rock & hard place.
    I am one of the few practising honesty most of times & have witnesses in those who know me.

  54. Prof to be sincere I don’t understand you. Have been poking out how you are anti opposition yet myself have been objective rather than subjective. Hope Kenya will see things the way they are

  55. Maina njenga ana tofauti ipi na waiganjo the impostor who caused the slaughter of our vibrant youth…..not to mention waiguru… much difference would her billions stashed aside have made on the holloi polloi of that are Kenyans?

  56. don’t even try to blame Mr president please because it like Kenya we have corruption in our DNA. He has tried his best but no one will be able to stop it.. it was there even b4 .

  57. why do u post a problem wid no solution? dat shows you r de big problem dan wat u post! if am wrong correct me bt not just shouting ma problem n u av no solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. What is this prof teachng….to give up the fight of trying to make our country a better place…sure is not easy…but with God evrythng is possible… please dont listen to such people they are selling negativity

    • Really? What have they done well? When Ruto is busy grabbing land, defending Waiguru then denying her? When Ruth’s office is rated as the most corrupt?? No, there’s a clear lack of good will in this.. We have to be honest. You are very right in the second part, Kenyans too must stand against this in their own capacity..

  59. Pretense!all kikuyus support corruption because they are the beneficiaries of it,even the likes of githongo pretend to be anti government but at the end of the day they vote for their kikuyu leaders,i know of only one leader in kenya who is patriotic and he fought for his people rights,william ruto,him being only an MP he recovered land from land grabbers and gave it back to his people,and he went ahead and grabbed someones land who legally payed for it and went to court and lose the case as a DP just to show the public that if any mwangi,njoroge or kamau bought a piece of land from any kipyegon and was evicted should do the same,but till to date there is no njoroge who went to court,they were living in camps to get compensation from the government which they did,but that was obtaining with false pretense.


  61. Wakenya wazalendo wenzangu huo ni ukweli….familia ya Kenyatta na Odinga wote ni wabakaji wa demokrasia. kama kenya itasonga mbele na kusahau ukabila ni wakati hizi familia mbili sitakuwa hasipo katika siasa za kenya. wanajigamba eti wao ndio magwinji…nkt! wakenya tusimatike jameni. profesa wanaina hongera sana kwa juhudi zako za kuelimisha wakenya. mola akujalie mema na akulinde.

    If you seek salvation of ADONAI ELOHIM GOD of ISRAELI, the only name with salvation powers are those of his son not those taught by fellow humans who themselves are blind.
    The name given by EL-SHADDAI for his son were Hebrew for he was born Jew.
    You can never be born in a Kikuyu tribe and be named a kamba name.
    The name of a person is deemed untranslatable.
    You can never translate your name into any other language.
    Names never change.
    The name given to the Messiah was a Hebrew name meaning salvation.
    The gospel of the good news is about salvation:
    The name Jesus is from the teachings of fellow humans,who themselves are blind guides.
    Men teachings advance the interests of Satan.
    Romans introduced the name Jesus from nowhere in the making of a English Bible,and converted the messianic community into Christianity and fooled us to believe in their men teachings which introduced Jesus as the only son of ADONAI GOD of ISRAELI.
    The fact of the matter is that the name jesus was invented by Lucifer himself to divert humans from YESHUA the salvation.
    Anyone who does not acknowledge LORD YESHUA is anti-messianic and you are a follower of the evil one.
    Lord YESHUA is the only son of YAHWEH, and is our only redeemer from sin.
    Commit sin deliberately and wholeheartedly knowing that ADONAI never change.
    All sinners shall burn in hell forever and ever.
    Follow Jesus at own risk,and at own will.
    Its very complicated to those with ears that are deaf,for you fulfill the prophecy by turning a deaf ear to the message.
    Shalom shalom to those with ears that hear .

    • I do not know what you mean by political discourse. I have stated in the past that the current politcal class in NASA and Jubilee are mired in siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi and they cannot be options for us going forward. We need to imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the country differently.

  63. Our good prof. will always point the ills of Jubilee and their inability to curb them but equally dismissing NASA as a tribal out fit that can’t deliver creating more confusion to already nauseated Kenyan minds.

    • You correctly note what my position on Jubilee and NASA has been and continues to be. For you, that position leads to confusion. I disagree. It leads to a situation where solution seekers must engage in seeking alternative solutions. Our problem currently is not Jubilee and NASA we know they are a degenerate political class that cannot take us anywhere. Our problem is lack of imagination.

  64. Prof. That boy is deaf. No matter how well u advice. He is deaf.
    But for this article u so right. Organize we meet somewhere u buy me tea becoz i wanna hug u for candid, upclose and incisive articles