Mr. Koigi, bye as you join KANU a.k.a Jubilee; the Moi scions have done what their fathers couldn’t: Break you.

When I read the news that Koigi Wa Wamwere had joined Jubilee, I had a sinking feeling that the great generation of resistance to poor governance, ethnic balkanization, corruption and impunity had come to a sad and defeated end. Koigi was among the last men of an earlier generation holding out against CORD and Jubilee’s politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Since the Jomo Kenyatta days, he has been a government critic to the hilt and one who refused to compromise on his ideals. He carried his resistance crusade through the Moi government and the Kibaki government.

In a country where politicians claim to have “suffered” and “sacrificed” for the country when they are simply referring to their personal dreams and ambitions, Koigi has truly earned his stripes. Regardless of what you have heard about some entitled princes claiming to have suffered and sacrificed longest for the liberation of this country, Koigi Wa Wamwere is among the longest serving political detainees in Africa after Nelson Mandela. He was the poster-boy for resistance in Kenya and among the last men standing, the last one to tap out.

Koigi Wa Wamwere’s credentials in the fight for freedom and good governance in Kenyan can hardly be faulted. He fought for freedom, fought against ethnicity, fought against corruption and bad governance, fought against cronyism only to sell out to Jubilee the most tribal, corrupt, inept and least deserving regimes this country has ever seen.

How could he have resisted the dictators, the despots and the aristocrats even in the face of death itself only to give in to their pitiful minions, the pathetic Moi-mimic-men in the degenerate Jubilee establishment? It is like a great General who resists powerful and ruthless warlords and ironically surrenders to a band of junior clueless and powerless underlings of the warlords!

I am sensitive as I pen this not to demean the contribution of Koigi Wa Wamwere and others to the second liberation in this country and his continued resistance to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabiula, ukora na upuzi. I am also aware that most of his colleagues especially the young turks of the early 90’s tapped out a long time ago and were incorporated into the system. We have to congratulate him for holding out this long, but like Martin Luther King Jnr said Koigi must remember, “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice. Its conformity.”   What a way to fall!!

At 21, he abandoned his University education to fight none other than President Jomo Kenyatta himself. Today those who are 21 cannot even start to imagine the courage of such an act back then. Opposing Kenyatta was considered sacrilegious. At one time, Kenyans had been warned that even imagining the death of the President was treasonable. And a 21 year old believed then that his course was not only justifiable but even viable. What has changed?


Koigi has been critical of the the Jubilee government, ran by the son of the man he opposed and opposing the son of the man for pretty much the same reasons he opposed the man: corruption, social injustices, oppression, negative ethnicity, cronyism and empire building.

What is baffling are the reasons that Koigi gave for selling out to Jubilee. They are absurd and shocking. He claims he has seen the “light”. He says:

I have come to realize that I am fighting from a disadvantaged position because CCM was a small forum that could not make me achieve my goals.

I am not sure what he means by seeing the light. He would have to explain that himself.

There is no light in Jubilee. Only tribalism and dirty money. Very dirty money.

There is no vision beyond money and power and to say that going to “jubilee” is seeing the light is delusional. He himself has described Jubilee in terms that make his seeing the light claim look ridiculous. Asked in an interview whether Uhuru-Ruto alliance will bring about national healing he replied:

Absolutely not. How can an alliance of two communities unite the whole country? A lot of suspicion is still palpable among Kikuyus and Kalenjins, it is really a union of the two chaps at the top. On another note, the Jubilee win was ethnic victory.

People voted for it on the basis of tribes with the hope that it will bring goodies to their communities. It is a government of exclusion of others but inclusion of political allies. They have just appointed their cronies.


In the same interview, he describes himself as a media-man and warns:

Journalists should be the bravest and the best amongst us. They should be cynical and keep a healthy distance from the ruling elite, whom they are supposed to check.

It was a shame to see journalists fall over each other for photo opportunities and a hug from the President, literally sitting on each other and even openly soliciting for jobs. Agents of dictatorship within the media are pushing for the wrong side of things in the country.

One is therefore left asking: “So what has changed so that now he feels comfortable to join jubilee?”


Perhaps to answer this question, he goes on to claim to have been fighting from a disadvantaged position.

This is strange.

Koigi has always fought from a disadvantaged position. It is the lot of those who would bring change. Change is never mainstream. Those who would bring change must create alternative spaces to do so in the margins and in relative obscurity. This disadvantaged position has never stopped revolutionaries from achieving their goals. Martin Luther King warned that:

The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your [country]…there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic (sic), nor popular but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.

If Koigi knows Jubilee to be tribal, and a regime of exclusion, why would he join it because he is alone? Was’t he alone in the cells of Kamiti when he fought the political and biological fathers of the current Jubilee tribal overlords?

It is his expectation of his sojourn in Jubilee that is even more underwhelming. He claims that he will not surrender his ideological beliefs and will continue fighting inside Jubilee.

This had me shaking my head.

Either Koigi is not being honest or he is underestimating Jubilee. Mudavadi, who should know, has called them “political gangsters”, See .

These guys stand for no virtue and no value. They stand for raw power and money and they have never claimed to stand for an ideology. They are not known for their intellectual prowess. Swimming in money and power, they do not think ideas and intellect are necessary. It is in that arena where Koigi hopes to spread the gospel of good governance, accountability and social justice.  Comrade Koigi, we wish you luck! You will need it, and even luck may not salvage you.

My guess is that Koigi was persuaded by the tribal colossus that is Jubilee party that his only option is to join them. They are big, he is small. The old general calculated his chances, looked at the calendar, and decided to surrender. After 55 years of resistance, there was no heart left in the old general anymore. He has surrendered to the scions of his tormentors.  They will laugh at him and humiliate him. In the end, it is they who will have the last laugh, and it is he who will have lost a legacy. I have a feeling that Koigi has gambled big time in giving his legacy of resistance as a sacrifice to the gods of ethnicity and impunity, for a last chance at the emperors table. And for the erstwhile general, this is a last toss of the coin, a last desperate act akin to the caged Samson at the temple after he had lost his hair. We all know how it ended for Samson.

As one of the last doyens of resistance in this country taps out, the question is: What next for the resistance ranks in Kenya?

While the old order of ethnicity, corruption and cronyism has renewed itself in Jubilee, the resistance ranks have failed to inspire a new generation of patriots to take on the Kenyatta-Moi-Kibaki scions who perpetuate their legacy of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity.  The country is in desperate need of a new breed of reformists, puritans who stand for something. Idealists who like the Koigi of the 70’s were not intimidated by the corrupt and brutal state machinery and its machinations. I wonder, like Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe’s “Things fall Apart” – “where are the young suckers that will grow when the old banana tree dies”. The old general has capitulated to the sons of his tormentors, where are the young revolutionaries who will replace him?

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  1. When koigi shaved rastas he was starving for meat.wanjkus were left only to people’s president Raila Amoro Odinga.jubilee is for 2/43 Kenyan tribes.come we stay icc marriage.Dp is a mere sisal bridge in dirty river 2017.luckily he is a good poultry farmer.

    • I do not think that tribalism is a narrative of just Jubilee. You seem to be aware of their formula 2 vs 43. Do not forget that this formula is not original to jubilee. It was invented by the so called people’s president in 2007 as 41 vs 1. He is now looking for a newer better one. All these people ride on politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi.

  2. Prof. Very unfortunate he has fallen ,true liberators dies still resting, but as devil took Jesus to the wildness and showed him riches and kingdom of the world and told him to worship in exchange Jesus said no and followed the principle you should worship God alone .koigi in the words has been standing by the principle we should never bow down to dictatorial ruling elites or bourgeois but the ruling class has shown him the loots and riches and on conditions he worships them and he worships has agreed. You will see now a new koigi a sycophant who will defend the government and intimidate the agigators for already his mind will be enslaved. The jomo Kenyatta who was in jail was a black but the jomo Kenyatta who became the President was a white Kenyatta.

  3. You make it sound like Koigi was alone in this fight and belittle the real contributions of liberators like Raila Odinga out of ethnic chauvinism. That narrative is very familiar with you mountaineers and it reeks of dishonesty making this whole piece total waste of space. No objectivity. Koigi was compromised during kibaki regime so nothing new here.

    • My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I have said time and again these are not two different forces. They are parts of the same political class driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. It is only that the younger KANU siblings are on the inside and overeating, and the older KANU fellows in CORD are outside and overshouting.

  4. It is purely wrong to hold the opinion that one should only be opposing the government in order to remain a hero otherwise if we are hoping for a government without any challenges, then we better wait for God’ s government.

  5. He saw the light by realizing that opposing for the sake of being in the opposition does not pay and its only vanity. His comrades in the struggle have been there bur fine without anything tangible but fame to their names. As the adage goes ” if you can’t beat them,.. …
    .then” Koigi do not accept to live in misery in your sunset days.

  6. I wonder what you mean by saying somebody fought for liberation, it’s stupid to think Kenya is liberated.people like the so called prof.will one day say they fought because they are posting those opposition sympathetic posts.did read someone says that raila is the true liberator.

  7. Very true, this is one man who suffered alone, opposing his country’s government for the good of his country. His mother suffered with him yet he forged on, never giving up even when all guns were aimed at him.

    I guess he realized how much the citizenry are hell bent on ignoring his ‘negative ethnicity’ sentiments. He has to use the working formulae of getting to the table where meat is served.

    It is probably now or never, time is not on his side. All the other now old ‘young turks’ can’t seem to get satisfied.. raila, murungi, weta, orengo, still craving for more…. he just wants his share of the pie.

    • From 41 Against 1 in 2007,to the 2 vs 40 in 2013, ODM/CORD and Jubilee think of nothing and talk of nothing other than ethnicity. What are the so called principals doing now. “Consolidating” their strongholds. It is their euphemism for tribal balkanization. The “untaken” Kisii and Luhya vote is keeping them awake all night. Fabian, to deny that the political class in CORD and Jubilee are irredeemably tribal is to deny that the sun rises from the East.

      • Paul

        Unless Kenyans wake up and elect new leaders apart from this old KANU orphans,the common mwananchi will still die of hunger ,ethnic clashes,insecurity,lack of essential healthcare/ new leaders I mean people who have never been into power n those who have never been associated with KANU ,otherwise they will always refer to ukabila,corruption, ubaguzi ,manuals left by their predecessors.

  8. After Koigi wa Mwere joining jubilee, Mwandawiro Mghanga is now the last and only only figher yet to tap out. The latter chap has fought and suffered for this country from his days at the university. He has resisted both the jubilee and cord overtures. Instead he has steadily clung to his lofty but attainable principles of socially equality and justice for all. This relentless fighter has also been at the forefront in wars against corruption and patronage at both the county and national level. Mghanga suffered detention in his youth at the hand of the KANU regime and rejection by his Wundanyi constituency voters in 2007 and 2013, yet his determination is focused and unwavering. If corruption,patronage ,tribalism,inequality etc will never be rooted out , it will be very unfotunate for Mwandawiro Mghanga because we will have to bury him in the trenches. Paradoxically,he will entertain such a fate rather than sell out and dine with the rich and corrupt.

  9. Prof,I don’t fault you for your disappointment. Koigi is an intelligent politician with a LNG history of resistance BUT many of us who are and have been in the struggle,and with him,are not disappointed. That is the true Koigi coming out. Ask those he stayed within exile,those he worked with in Kenya and they will tell you,Koigi is a lone range who does not believe in others. Which progress forces has he worked with in Kenya,not even Raila or anybody else. When Release Political Prisoners movement worked to have him released from detention,he came out and treated them like dirt and more. Koigi is basically just a good man like a few in Jubilee and joins them hoping that his background will make him relevant in today’s politics but not to transform Kenya but himself.

    • Evidently. Thanks for sharing. I will agree with the lone ranger point. At least it would seem plausible by looking at his history. That is why I was baffled when he said that he is joining Jubilee because he was fighting alone. I shook my head. Koigi has always been alone. Why is alone-ness bothering him now?

  10. If you you talk on koiki you don’t know politics. Koiki was only opposing Moi rule when he formed mwakenya. In Kublai’s rule is when he shaved his rasta in support of Nark. So akikuyu will never ever support anybody unless he or she is a Kikuyu. Kenyans wakeup in your sleep kumepambauka

  11. He has given in to soft power n charm,the son of jomo is a hard one to resist.Kenyans r ungrateful lot when it comes on how we treat our heroes,why would one die a miserable man in the name of fighting for unapreciative fellas.?

  12. He is retired and young generation is one defeated because they haven’t produced likes of Koigi,raila,muite, orengo Gitobu,kivutha etc,they still look up to these old guards or are compromised

  13. I hate pretenders,pipo with heart dark than blind yet they pretend to knw pipos life’s,some demi Gods koling themselves professors,actually of doom..and others who can’t construct a sentence of four words without mentioning their deity…no other place in the world with sicker pretenders than in kenya

  14. Koiki has done what nsndrla did. Don’t go out a bitter man.the fight will continue another day but for now he is tired n won out.he wants to rest n pass the button to younger generation.that is acceptable. You canot fight of run all your life.fare thee well mzee koiki.

  15. Prof you never talked about Koigi until you heard he had joined Jubilee. Why do you only see mistakes in others? Don’t you also make mistakes?

    In addition it is not only Koigi’s democratic right to join any political outfit he wants, it is good for him because Kenyans, you included, are and have been unappreciative of his work. It’s time he appreciated himself.
    Why should we start screaming his name only after he is dead or when he chooses to dine with the meat eaters? Let Koigi do what he wants!!

  16. full of academic language and absolutely free from bias,prof i have been your critic,today u caught me under the belt,when something is good,say yes here i am saying yes prof.kindly send me your email,wanna exploit your knowledge and expertise,alanoduor88@gmail

  17. Professor, you are at it again? This time targeting one of the most decorated democratic fighters? You really know how to throw punches, of in the dark! Koigi made unfamiliar decisions for many years but when the time has come to join forces with the most progressive regime, you accuse him of leaving the bush where you always found him? Why do you judge people using your own laws? Can’t people change their minds without fear of backlash from you? Have you become the yardstick of our time? Now you are not only disappointing but also very annoying!

    • Sorry for being annoying. Truth has a way of being annoying. As you know Mr. Macharia, many people have defected to Jubilee and I have said nothing. This is because there really is nothing to be said. Most of them stand for nothing. In Jubilee they are in good company of people who stand for nothing, a self-confessed YK92 hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi-Project. Koigi is different. His history of resistance of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi especially in Jubilee makes his conversion worth writing about. And I have.

  18. who told you koigi can win with another party rather than jubilee he has to swallow the pill even though it’s bitter he is no longer chams cha masikini sorry mwanachi again hata yeye hataki kumeza mate

  19. Sogai! Hit the nail on the head! Next time i wish u do Surgery on Literary Schorlars like Prof.Ngugi wa Thiong’o,What happened to the cutting edge Writing? What became of the Wizard on the cross….Or it because the wizard is our son of the soil?

  20. Professor of what displine, you have excelled in discrediting the jubilee government, calling it names and all manner of ills but what is your contribution to the Kenyan society, can we write a sentence of any meaningful thing you have ever contributed even in your village, shut up and keep your bloated ego to your self

    • It is not my brief to praise Jubilee. They can do that all by themselves. I have not called them names. I have described them. When you call a dog a dog, have you insulted it? These guys are the masters of siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, and even they know it.

  21. Democratic Ideals are the best, but the society we are prefers tribal democracy. Hence a cosmopolitan County requires harmony hence the negotiated democracy. To me Koigi was sensible to the realties on the ground.

  22. You’re incredible learned friend. A sycophant you’re can you please let these JAP guys be. Myself i hate politics but i can feel you’re now taking it too far. It’s now evident beyond doubt you’ve been a CORD “mole” and a disgrace yo your own community. Take your rubbish to the pit, cut me a slack on the same!!!!

  23. If you can’t manage to beat them, manage to join them.The indisputable fact is that Uhuruto has formed a foundation that is firm and solid.No amount of criticism will affect their operations and Koigi has already realized it “I have seen the light”.
    The opposition has been dwarfed to a point where even when they have the real facts they are mistaken for noisemakers.
    Every bid to scuttle Jubilee’s achievements is hitting a blunt end and that’s why Koigi in his “seeing the light” decided to join them to mitigate his continued political oblivion.

  24. Politics like blogging needs target and following to earn. Continue blogging for us internet idlers. I think Koigi is not stupid to even try to think about your blogger brain. But it a good try mr Prof blogger

  25. This professor no doubt thinks that being a critic all your life is civilization. Civilization demands reasoning. Being reasonable. Koigi is not your ideology slave. Let Koigi reason.

  26. High prof.?siasa achia wanasiasa haufahamu lolote kuhusu siasa. I wonder how old were you when Koigi contested the presidency? Alipata kura ngapi? Were you in Kenya when Hon. Orengo contested the presidency? Alipata kura ngapi? Nakuru county belong to jap. Na kama koigi anahitaji chochote kuhusu siasa za nakuru mkondo ni huo huo.

  27. I feel you but you’re wrong on timing.Koigi ,the man ,betrayed the course along time ago during Kibaki time.The moment he joined the government and agitated for MPs fat payslip, that is the time l realized he had lost it.

    • Thank you for stating the facts,I fail to understand what Hon. Koigi wa Wamwere wanted Kenyan’s to view his points on Negative Ethnicity,have all his dreams over the hey days of Norway turned to ‘If you can’t beat them,join them’?am afraid,Saul only changed his name to Paul,but not his inner self,we only saw what he wanted us to see ‘our freedom fighter’,or did he lose it after shaving off the Dreadlocks?


  29. Continue yapping because you think being a Professor you know everything….only fools don’t change with time…. We now have a new constitution, what battles do you think Kiogi should to fight?

  30. They say,what matters most is the end.Am saddened of the political end of Koigi.the man we teach our youngsters as a hero has today let us down by joining the most incompetent,corrupt and tribalist regime (jubilee).R.I.P politically mzee.

  31. There’s truth in most of what you are saying, only that it is mostly from an armchair perspective.
    Seeing the light is being pragmatic and knowing that you cannot possibly change anything without a platform. I think Koigi means that he has to join jubilee not necessarily because he believes 100% in it policies, but because it is probably the only vehicle that can guarantee the ladder to a meaningful political/leadership platform.

  32. Well said prof. I knw this does not go wel with your tribes men! But u hv hit the nail on the head! Many of us are in jubilee bcz either we hv been ill informed or we lack the information! I wsh there wz a liberal party in kenya the one not associated with tribal kingpins like jubilee, cord etc

  33. You fake professor, why do you always like spreading unfounded rumours and tainting people’s names, you should behave like a grown up who have faced the knife. Secondly why do you always attack jubilee politicians and opposition politicians who are joining jubilee,that’s the decision of the people who represent them . Mr fake wainaina this is a fake account, and stop using the name of a certain tribe to champion your propaganda using fake Facebook account, from the look of things you are from Cord.

  34. kelvin mwangi

    I AM VERY MOVED & INDEED DEÉPLY DISTURßED WITH THE TWIST OF CHANGE FROM THE OUR VERY FEW DISTINGUISHED INTELLECTUAL LIKE KOIGI WA MWERE WHO HAVE SLIPPED & UNCONCIOUSLY ßETRAYED HIS ßATTLE’ FOR THE IDEALIST COURSE TO MERGE WITH ßANDITS THAT HE HAS SINCÉ CONSTANTLY HELD VERY CONTRASTING IDEOLOGY. Its very unfortunate ßut we the young anti_milleneals & anti_politrics, stand out aganist vague ideologogy held ßy our ßandits & demagogue JP & CORD. I stand for change & i see light as a young soldier who will mature into a general. We never gonna endorse the MONGULS who think own this great nation of kenyans. Time is the key for change & we gonna persevere & claim the Victory from the ruthless political kingpins who ßeat their chest thinking same old tricks can work in the such an era. Am a proud kenyan ßt our own government have ßecome the disease to our flesh. I stand against ßad governance, corruption,social injustices,oppression,negative ethnicity & cronyism. I stand for change that gonna ßenefit all kenyans.

  35. ##Koigi wa Wamwere##….yes prof I concur with you but there is one thing that koigi has discovered and that is #Kenyans don’t pay back#, they don’t #respect#neither #value# nor #remember# people who have in one way or the other #sacrificed# in #fighting# for good #governance#,freedom#, corruption# …..etc…the list of such people is endless starting with people like #Dedan Kimathi#, #General china# …..and all #Mau Mau# fighters. These guys were #forgotten# in fact most Kenyans don’t even know their #history# and the ones who are alive are not even #recognized#……Come to #second liberation#…. We have people like #Kenneth Matiba#, we all know how he #sacrificed everything including his own #life and money# to fight the notorious KANU regime…… What did he get????he was #defeated#simply because people #forgot his contribution# and gave #Kibaki# vote.Remember Kibaki had #done nothing worth noting here#…then #Matiba# was #detained@ and became #sick# as result of #detention touchers#, his #business empire went down# and what hear today is that banks, are on his neck because of #loans# and the very Kenyans he fought for, can not even #organize a”harambee” to safe him#…….. People like #Raila Ondinga,Mother karua,Mwana Mageuzi,Rev Timothy Njoya,Hon them….. have done so much to #liberate Kenya# and to give this country the #Democratic space# that we #enjoy today# but in return we just see people #insulting them on social media#…… what #Koigi# has #realized#is that, being a #fighter in Kenya bears nothing,#and for one to remain #relevant# and make a #living#you must #identify yourself# with the #ruling elite#whether they are #right or wrong# and the other thing is that you MUST #walk with the political euopharia of the day#….. …currently, where #Koigi comes from,# the #euphoria is jubilee# and if he want to #contest# any elective position and #win#, he MUST join #jubilee and if he fails to make it he will be considered #na utasikia amepewa kazi kama ya mwenye kiti wa parastatal Fulani#…….prof…. nakwabia Koigi ni kujipanga anajipanga……if we borrow from history,people like #Hon Orengo# once decided to #go against the euphoria# (Raila in this case)and they were #shown the door# until when they realized that and #came back to Raila# nowadays they can not #oppose Raila# even when he is #wrong.#…….inaitwa Kenya bwana professor ni kujipanga na ukikosa kujipanga utapangwa.

  36. Prof the power temptations can make somebody do the imaginable,Koigi has been my hero all my life bt am dissappointed to hear that he has given in at last,What has changed now for him to join the sons of those who tortured him through out his life?It is said the end of something is more important than the begining,Koigi has now erased his good legacy for a bowl of soup just like Esau did in the bible,They will make him irrelevant for good for a general loses all his rights when he surrenders

  37. Prof u r what youths call ‘mbuleina'(meaning a person who whines alot).u criticise alot bt u dont offer any solution.A critic was accurately described by someone as a person who knows the way bt cant drive.did he hav u in mind?.

  38. The only thing that I can say professor is that you’re only good in grammar and nothing else…Koigi wa Wamwere has seen light finally,nearly everyone in the country has seen the light n found the right direction of getting their dreams coming true..Though a saying goes;It’s never too late,I think on your case,you’re already late and lost.

  39. I thought in Kenya when you reach the age of 18 you are at liberty to choose what will be of benefit to you and all those you lead. So by faulting Koigi’s choice of Party is in bad taste. He might have valued all what he has done in opposing all those regimes and found nothing.

  40. And the holy book says what shall a man have if you gain the whole world and loose your soul. Tell them those who laugh last laughs best.the journey to freedom is not for all Koigi is just a soldier who gave up on the final battle. The tribal ,syncopated fearful and shallow politics is in it’s final is exponentially growing and it’s sweeping all those foolish ideologies down the dump pit’s

  41. then vie for president or criticize the govt through actions n not posting on social media. ..a coward,,,,neither the two boys nor rao or weta is Better mayb kalonzo bt 4,30yrs he has done nothing for his people.

  42. Koigi has proved himself to be useless.Tagataga ya ‘muninsipality’ A human rights crusader to be bought by dirty mo ney and in adirty political sociaty of two tribes.He has no logic trying to lecture to kenyans abt Jo inig The worst govenment full of corruption in the whole world.Bure kabisa.

  43. You have wrote all your heart n thoughts,politically don’t judge one cause of his father’s performance,too u r not blind that u dont see many projects many counties going on,give us solution we digest.

  44. Simply said I can assume that u carry the banner that ,don’t follow me am also lost,can’t and won’t follow ur rhetoric ………give us solutions not lectures for lectures go to lecture halls

  45. It’s not easy to sustain a cause in Kenya considering how lethargic and unappreciative kenyans are. Probably koigi has given up hoping to enjoy the spoils before the curtains fall. Let’s hope that this doyen of Kenya’s political struggle will come to his senses and reignite the fire in his bones. In the meantime Aluta Continua

  46. Professor, it’s called realpolitik. Accepting that you cannot get the political Nirvana you wish for and embracing reality.
    All things considered, Jubilee is the best we can get under the circumstances.

  47. There is freedom of choice in all liberal minds ,koigi is mature in mind body and spirit wen he says he has seen right never doubt him ,thanks for admitting he is a freedom fighter who doesn’t complain or seek recognisation or praise ,give him some breathing space if not respect tomorrow yu might need to explain to us wen we question your motivation

  48. Profesor we have serious issue to what what sonko did yesterday at a certain funeral telling kenyans that he is an acting president.what sonko did makes me to ask this question when the president and deputy president are not around who should act as a president.on koigi i cannot blame him it is his right to associate with a political party of his choice…He is not a sell out cos he has no followers politically.socially and philosophically

    • I never try to make sense of anything Jubilee does. Most of it has not sense and the rest is lies. During the ICC trials, they were shouting at the top of their voices for anyone who cared to listen that the President and the Deputy cannot be out of the country at the same time. Now that they scuttled the ICC case, they don’t care about what they said. As for Sonko, he knows who he speaks for. All I can tell his benefactors is a West African saying that warns, the man who brought a dead rat to his house should not complain when maggots pay him a visit.

  49. I thought being a leaned fellow one can understand lie repeated many times becomes a truth in our minds.The fact is if opposition sings a corrupt government all the time ,the elite will without doubt also join in the song regardless their reasoning capacity like in our case here or eibc case.In Kenya now at least everyone believe to make UA life better u have to either corn,steal or corrupt to UA survival. This is evident to both whistle blowers and to the ruling elite especially now every leader must have a degree or diploma .Their stealing capacities r so high com paired to previous gorverment.expect more after this gorverment

  50. Your statement is ethically correct but political wrong… like wise Koigi has made the right political move for survival and being relevant. The next thing he will do is start calling the name RAILA…then he will be a hero there….

  51. Since. Mundu wa Nyumba took over leadership..he has never uttered a word ..not even with AgloLeasing..Triton NYS and the numerous scandals rocking Jubilee. He was fighting for his tummy only..nothing more

  52. Very amazing for a man of substance like him but it is the Kenyan people who v compelled him to do so, coz going against the wave will extinguish you from political oblivion forever. Kenyans should learn that they r the cause of this disfranchisement of worthy n principled leaders n get sycophants in their place. People who even auctioning of the country will be done under watch without raising a finger lest they r kicked out. Unless you touch their salary that is the moment their principles of selfishness being exhibited without the fear of any backlash. Kenya hii koigi labda njaa kamsonga na yuahitaji kitu cha kula na nyama imo kwa wanaotaka kula.

  53. You are a great pretender, cheat those who were born yesterday, otherwise most of us know koigi so well, even during his time as asst minister, he was just a tribalist like you. You’re praising your tribes man not a liberator.

  54. I tell you truly and verily that aging can change a man. You can resist all you want and have people cheering you on but you can be corrupt and have an army fight for you. At Koigi’s age, he needs to look for a way to either put his views on a round table and see if they are considered or just look to retire with a bird in hand. You know what I’m saying?

  55. I like your sensitivity as that of your pen, you have explicitly shown us the way the so called politicians sometime known as “I PIG” are really derailing our political advantages to disadvantages and how they have been coming in the name of its our time only to confuse us. Nway my interest is with our almost forgotten hero Koigi Wamwere I think he almost lost his patriotism to Kenya after 40s years of hard struggle nway youths should learn from these heroes and stop the business of use n disuse…I will always adore n love the characters of Koigi as explicitly explained by proff.

  56. Koigi is no simple minded man. If he joined the regime then its time you opened your eyes instead of criticising because you have to. Because the govt need critics. Or just of any other irrelevant reason. I repeat… Koigi is no Simple minded Man!!

  57. The reform struggle as we new it before ended with the promulgation of the new constitution.

    All that these people were fighting for were at least put on paper in the name of constitution. Implementing it to the letter is what remains.

    Koigi thus have seen that with the little energy he has remaining, he would rather approach his twilight years in peace.

    There is a time for everything and I would say they succeeded. Let the old man be! I wouldnt fault him on anything.

    It is our system of majambazi that ruins good hearts like Koigis. A bad system will beat even the best man around.

  58. Prof wainaina i told you otherday many kenyans are applying the formula of if you don’t beat them you join them & even others just join without knowing. Hii ya koigi ni njaa na ukabila kama vile kibabi alitufanya . After all support from kenyans 1st he let as fight. 2nd he took the leadership back to ethnicity & status quo. Anyway this people joining jubilee arelost but they don’t know but they will know when the country is owned by chinise. This generatoin does not care about the country. Kibaki couled have supported other person wather a kikuyu or not but not the status quo. Raila we know he can not be given due to his perfection of carrying oppositio but mostly this tradition of not being circumsised. Though his supporters like me look civilised anyway kenyans have to change otherwise oneday even this prayers we like will fail

    • I personally do not think there is anything wrong in a person not being circumcised. Majority of men in the world are not circumcised and that has never been an issue. My arguement has always been that Raila is as tribal as all of the other tribal overlords in CORD and Jubilee. I am just reading today’s paper where he is telling Jubilee to forget Kisii vote. What is that if not tribalism? Raila’s problem is not the issue of circumcision. It has everything to do with siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi.

    • Circumsised tribals in kenya when Raila gain full support you will hear them shouting “kekhe” but thank you for not being part. True kenyan leaders base on tribal but some negatively or positive but understanding is what drag us back . For Raila is positive

  59. You can sit there with a straight face and put CORD and jubilee politics at the same level, surely? You can call CORD politics, politics of ethnicity and mediocrity?

    I think your standards are probably not measurable. That can be the only explanation.

    • It is a business technique, while trying to attract new customers, you should be careful not to scare away the old ones. The man is just trying to get everyone across the political divide to read his articles without concluding at the start. There is no way the level of corruption, ethnicity and mediocrity in Jubilee can be compared to that in CORD.

    • “There is no way the level of corruption, ethnicity and mediocrity in Jubilee can be compared to that in CORD. ” So you agree that there is corruption, ethnicity and mediocrity are in both sides only that the levels are different. We can and should get rid of both sides you know..

    • Gideon Korir, you can be trusted to twist words to suit a particular agenda. The fact remains, as evidenced in the US presidential campaign, that choices are usually between the lesser of two evils. CORD and jubilee are made of Kenyans, the difference is in how the two factions think.

    • Emmanuel Ochieng Okello Gideon is right. I was actually going to respond exactly the same way he has responded. Please do not pick rubbish because it is American to justify yourself. Just because America has a choice between the lesser of two evils does not mean the whole world is bound by the same formula. You people think that America is heaven and even when they export rubbish you should take it because it is American rubbish. Everyone agrees that what is happening in America is a disgrace and a Kenyan like you wants us to believe it is a formula to be emulated. When will we as Africans have respect for ourselves? Even the Russian Foreign Minister in a recent interview with Amanpour of CNN said that there is too much bullshit going on in the American elections for him to comment. And an educated Kenyan like you is here telling us to import the bullshit so that you can justify tribalists and anarchists in CORD!!!! Please Okello, have a little bit more of respect for yourself than this, man. The American presidential elections 2016 cannot be a reference point for nay self respecting nation. There is no difference between CORD and Jubilee. They are degenerate KANUnnites who are not worth anyone’s while. I know this argument irks CORD’s supporters who really want to think that CORD and Raila are an alternative to Jubilee. They are not.

    • CORD and Jubilee are not natural persons. Positions of authority must be occupied by natural persons, and those persons must come from the population of Kenya. We know as individuals, which leaders represent the lesser of two evils. As entities the two organizations are totally different in their approach to issues. You have a choice to bury your heads in the sand, because the righteous ones are not yet born.

      Oh, and giving example of America, does not equate to importing ideologies, it is just a pointer that humans are the same the world over, professor Michael.

  60. THOSE who are talking ill of koigi Were born yesterday and they don’t know how much he contributed to the second liberation. As our writer has said,I can’t blame him since others like kiraitu joined the forces and orengo,nyong’o became yes men to raila.the person remaining undecided is paul muite.

  61. Infact ,let the truth be said even though ua name betrays,but everything you heat hurts only the mumbi’s i fail to understand why ,u people style and learn on how to share what u have,dont be so selfish.

  62. I always thought that Koigi would be the last one to tap out. I’m amazed too! Until then, Hon. Koigi was one of the BEST fighters with unyielding principles that we still had around – and could bank our hopes on, that Kiogi TURNED TRAITOR probably for selfish interest….

  63. Koigi sacrificed a lot for the second liberation of our motherland. But, hell broke loose when he was appointed assistant minister for information. He was in charge of Kbc. The way he exercised his powers was akin to a white governor. He even gave directions on what should go on air. During one of his many visits to Kbc, he spoke to a lady along the corridors of broadcasting house. The lady informed him that she did not understand the language. What did he say in response ? “It is a pity that you do not understand this language”. I rest my case.

  64. Prof Wainaina, I read your articles all the time but I just dont think yours are anything but lamentations of a disgruntled teacher who having failed to make it in a worthy career keeps seeing the enemy in a political system that he thinks he rightly belongs in but has been forgotten even though he is politically correct ! You are very good at regurgitating words but deep down you are no different from those you criticize. Siasa ya ukora, upuzi et al are tired words. Come up with something fresh! Am a hundred percent sure that given a chance to serve in govt,you would turn out no better! You can fool some of your gullible students sometimes but not all the time. Yours are just hollow words . The problems we have in kenya on the political front are just but a reflection of kenyan society’s mindset

  65. There comes a time you change tactics of your game. As they say doing the same thing all the time and expecting a different result is . . . . . . Even Ngugi WA Thiong’o visited state house and no one is criticizing him, lets leave Koigi alone, after all its the electorate who will determine

  66. Prof…….prof…..let Hon. Koigi be bwana !. Give him space !. Kina Orengo , prof. Anyang Onyong and many others bowed to tribal politics long ago….why can’t you attack their betrayal. Why is it always a big issue when a kikuyu joins his fellow tribesmen to champion development matters ?. Must our politics be tribal only when a kikuyu joins hands with a fellow kikuyu ?. Come on prof !. Raila is surrounded by luos at any given time and even while going around the country as his personal body guards for hells sake !.

    • It is sad that a young educated Kenyan like you who claims to be a pastor believes that everyone is for sale. Shame. You should be the one preaching the capacity for good in all human beings. If pastors are preaching treachery and corruptibility, where is the hope for us as Kenyans. I am really disappointed.

    • As an intellectual you presented your ideas for critique but you can not even write a simple defense to the contrary of my claim…That is why we have serious intellectual vacuum with all these titles…being a pst does not hinder me frm airing my views. we had others..prove you are different instead of being defensive…niokotwe kwa pulpit

  67. Maybe his joining of jubilee will bring that change he has been yearning for for years.When a teacher sees students not performing, he don’t run away from them but come in and assist them to perform.

  68. I havent seen what Koigi said about joining Jubilee which even Moi cant join.It is the irony of the century.Koigi is somebody i know well from the Jomo days.He would then be a betrayal of enomous proportions.It wud he stood for nothing all those years.He wud better hav worked with Jomo than a blatantly thieving young man stealing unimaginable amounts of public money.Who wud hav imagined Koigi as a turncoat of unimaginable proportions
    I still dont believe that words of suppoting jubilee of all regimes came from his mouth.All liberation voices will feel betrayed and say so he was just a kikuyu.Why did he hav to pretend fo so long.He cannot make eye contact with them!So he was just mungiki!Betrayal of betrayals.He didnt hav to pretend fo so long

    • You never know who your real friends are until you are in need. You’ll be surprised who shows up. 2013 i voted this regime in is there anything to simile about other than taking out our life to kiambu county? water is life you sycophant

  69. Actually koigi has done a lot for this great nation …..he deserves respect….but YOUR work is just posting words….do something constructive ON your page than criticizing

  70. We are past those funny believes……with the new constitution it is time to build our country….it is not a matter of just opposing for the sake….it is time move on. Besides there is no longer Nile nikupe, Devolution has happened and each county has its own….I guess it is time to develop parties and share the ideas within…..

  71. How do you finish you fight matters a lot,where are the preachers who used to fight moi they ve kept quite from the time kibaki took over,we know them,their true colours are in the light.

    • We are all tribal by nature Prof. even those who deny it should accept that they also need help just like in alcoholism or drug addiction for the healing process to begin. Secondly no honest person can deny that there is corruption in Government just like it has been in all past Governments. Corruption in Kenya has grown into a culture with very deep roots spread over all areas if our social fabric. So Prof. it would be more helpful if you were to tell us how the two vices can be eliminated. Changing the monkeys in the forest and bringing in new ones into the same forest will not help (and we have seen it before) as they will also be poisoned by the forest fruits (privileges of being in power) and by the influence of older monkeys (holders of subsidiary power) whom they will have to rely on for orientation and for sustainable existence.

  72. Its sad that other tribes are joining Kikuyus leaving their own tribe when they can see people like koigi saying he is going home . DP Ruto,you belong to kalenjins before late join you people

  73. Koigi should not be criticized for his personal decision,,,he risked in totality his precious life for the liberation of this country…we didn’t read history in but we saw him fight very hard for this country…… whichever the way Koigi is right… Kwa Hivyo muache siasa na Jina hilo kabisa kabisa.

  74. Kura ya koigi ni moja tu , bwana prof, all the leading Kenyan politicians walikuwa KANU diehards, that Kenya’s politicians’ survival tactics. ,wanasiasa wote wakenya walizaliwa na mama mojaa

    • Kenya politics is very unique and special. Its controlled by what we call dynasty. Its kenyattas. Mois. Kibakis and raila families period. No body will ever assend to power wutboyt a blessings from these families. Even Ruto the 2022 presidential hopeful will be thoroughly checked by this dynasty and will be given a deputy but not him appointing one. This families will never ever let kenya burn no matter what. They all eat together and they know each other veeeery well. If an outsider thought he can outwit these four families he will be “killed” politically never to recognise him again. This is kenya

  75. You can’t go on criticising even when there is nothing to criticisise,nor oppose even if there is nothing to oppose,koigi has seen the fruits of what he’s been fighting for hence no more fighting.

  76. we cant ignor the fact that every develop and shape up gradualy.though slowly,kenya is moving foward to a better gavonance.have to cosinder patience and advice in everything.otherwise even christianity the longest organization is still a mystery to many after two thousand years.we cant Expect a overnight change of a costs opinion.

  77. Ati professor! If this is how professors think then i better remain a sweeper. If you can’t beat them join them. You ‘ll be under Jubilee until Jesus Christ comes back. Your novel is too long and boring! learn to write briefly and sensibly

  78. There is a saying in my university that, “once a kikuyu, always a kikuyu”.I may not support this nor condemn it but I know one thing for sure, that kenyans don’t support any government just because it is making their lives better, they do so because few individuals from their communities are beneficiaries of the same government. Simple theory

  79. Why prominent professors and Lawyers were brainwashed and join their fellow tribal king of Lake region.Kenya politics are tribal either you like it or not selling ODM in mt Kenya regions is like selling pork in Saudia Arabia.

  80. Now, which political party should Koigi join? Or should he stay at home? To me, all these political parties are like the Matatus we have in this country. Drivers and Conductors could be plying whichever route but you’ll agree with me, they behave the same. Meaning, just because you are in Cord, Jubilee or what have you, does not make any difference. They are all birds of the same feathers. All the good attributes you have enumerated about the man are individualistic and not influenced by the political outfit one belongs to. When he resisted the past, as you call them, ‘dictators and inept regimes’, he did it from inside those governments, not outside. Let the man be and kindly, do your bit. This country needs all of us to achieve the changes that we aspire to achieve, not Koigi alone.

  81. Koigi is just the other JJ Kamotho. He will die having achieved nothing despite fighting for the second liberation. He ought to join the system earlier and drive the change he wanted.

  82. What did he get in return? You cannot be in the opposition for live unless you are one Raila odinga. It’s important to take a toll on the way you lead your life and change at some point

  83. Mr Koigi wa Wamwere has simply listened and agreed to the political wishes of the voters in his Nakuru County. Nakuru is in Jubilee party, therefore any serious politician like Koigi wa Wamwere must conform to the political wishes of the people who will vote for him.There is nothing wrong in that.

  84. You are very right. It is really sad to see Koigi fall for this regime – the most corrupt ever. Kenyatta and Moi failed to break him but he has now fallen. I think he’s lonely and very tired of fighting. Unfortunately this is what people will remember him for most.

  85. prof who?is it wainana do u ua self write what u blieve in or what wil pull pples attention towards ua boring ad foolish lectures to ua theories as long one is a critic of the gover he is a hero ad one who does not a traitor foolish u

  86. If this koigi could be a luo or any other tribe of kenya the history given about him it would be moto juu ya fire but because ni mundu witu hahaha as today i see Raila being talked about on the bad side koigi no praised they were in solidarity to fight for the same agenda

  87. To much of something is dangerous… proffesor whatever you are doing in this social media to be heard is wrong very wrong……….please find another job coz we dont want to be like congo or somalia we are far better than that… I repeat find agood job.

  88. Prof; I don’t want to doubt your credentials but first and fore most,I want you to go back to the basics,that “Kenya and Kenyan belong to God”
    After realising the above,then its only a fool who cannot understand that we don’t need a superman leader to lead Kenya to greatest levels ,the notion that thea is a super leader somewhere is both misleading and meritocratic. All we need are systems and structures .
    Koigi is just but a human being,he is not immortal, he is a product of a man and a woman. The picture of koigi you are painting is a super man who comes not from earth but from another planet.
    Being detained is not a parameter of good leaders. In fact some of political detainees deserved a hanging or life sentences.
    We have too many good leader who have never tasted a jail cell.instead of castigating koigi,just give us an example of a super leader who can not be a sellout,not a tribal one,not corrupt,the one that comes from all 43 tribes,that way,we shall believe that you are a real good professor.

  89. You seem to think you know and understand Kenya’s politics, than the rest of us. Seek the very office we see how you will fare. You seem even an MCA would be a challenge for you.

  90. Its indeed sad and absurd that koigi had to end that way. Its a fact that Jubilee govt is in the social media but not on the ground in many parts of Kenya. I can assure you that dirty money is brainwashing our brilliant patriot Kenyans. Koigi is the latest casualties.

  91. “So you want to join the Union of Pedagogues? Very well, citizen. Where are you working?”
    “I’m not working.”
    “You cannot join the Union if you’re not working.”
    “I can’t get a job if I’m not a Union member.”
    “If you have no job, you can’t become a Union member. Next!”

  92. professor wainaina.Well Articulated piece But unfortunately, it is openly Subjective, Biased in Terms of Presentation & openly myopic in terms of Failure to put into Account the CHANGE dynamics Over Time .The tendency to critique Hon koigi over personal Decisions & Apparently not in Conformity with your ‘Wishful Thinking’ as it were, and your Attempt to Discredit the President over the ‘Alleged misdeeds” of the Father is Not only weak BUT a Fallacious Argument meant to Distort Historical Facts & create a paradigm SHIFT in Terms how the populace perceive the Leadership of Hons UHURUTO. Give Hon Koigi the Benefit of Doubt.Give the Current Leadership their Due.They won in 2013, methodology used Notwithstanding.I have no Doubt a Repeat Performance is in the offing come 8/8/16..Is personal vendetta noticeable in your Lopsided views Prof ? Time is ilof Essence.

  93. Its laughable when i see comments from ordinary kenyans talking about’thats the game of politics’.. Its called a game because you are the ones who are being played. You admire your oppressors. Dont you know that all they have you and your fathers are the ones that worked hard for?

  94. Now after discrediting Jubilee you should give recommendations of an alternative…..your preferred (an informed guess) thieve from Nyanza (because they all are) also joined KANU and tapped ou long time ago

  95. ‘A woman reborn’ in Koigi who was in the past was my role model during my primary school days during Moi regime!To be honest enough, it is not only Koigi wa Wamwere who is a ‘dead lion’ but also Rev Mutava Musyimi.These two were vibrant in politics against ‘Nyayo’ !!

  96. Sometimes when one realises he is fighting imaginery wars alone just comes to his or her senses.some mau mau fighters even left forest many years after indipendence coz they had accustomed to being in forest.Koigi’s ideologies won’t change,not in our lifetime.To be effective you must be wise and penetrate your enemy teritory from where you will fight even better.He has taken a wise course,otherwise he would have died in a makeshift station from where he broadcasts in a radio which I can’t even recall the frequency or name in nakuru.

  97. Prof wainaina, there comes a time when resisting the course of a river head on for long doesn’t pay!..especially if the beneficiaries of your resistance(the farmers) start making economic gains from your holding on ,by irrigating their land with the waters accumulating in the dam created by your wall of resistance !..its time to think alternative strategy but maintaining the core goal…one may decide to join the enemy, learn his working strategy n tools (as raila did with kanu) b4 making ua case from inside out!(moi as a kadu jouned kanu n later made kanu kadu from inside.). like an internal parasite does to the host animal!..anybody who cant change his mind for a better strategy wen the old one is not working is a fool to death!

  98. Michael wainana i disagree with u,jst mutua who works in uk as prof yet he came and faild to prove he can be cj. My point s koigi has a right to support anybody including uhuru and his gov as u surport raila and his fails.koigi dd what he dd when he was young,u as a person what have u done what wil u tel ur kids that u used to write some post on fb come on.we nd kenyan who can be themselves and not expectecting everybody to support what thy support. Jst a thot

  99. If Koigi stood up against short-fused Kenyatta, semi-literate Moi and even coined meat-vs-grass eaters phrase against late convert Kibaki, and now thawed in face of this scandalous dual, it means he is just a mere mortal. He has taken the spoils in Eurobond.

  100. I couldn’t believe it also,but the nature of current politics dictate so.The easier route for Koigi to get the Nakuru senatorial seat is being in jubilee,i blame Kenyan voters who do not vote personalities but parties and the wish of their tribal chiefs.

  101. Kikuyus are green snakes in green grass. Remember in 2002 when Kibaki was contesting with Uhuru. Matiba was asked who he wished to win the election. He said he had no problem, because he knew automatically Presicent was going to be a Kikuyu.

    • This narrative that Kikuyus are more tribal than anyone else is false. The most vicious critics of the Uhuru regime are Kikuyus. Tribalism is the narrative of choice for the tribal overlords from all the other tribes too and they cannot even be challenged by the members of their own tribel. You mention in 2002 there were two Kikuyu candidates. In 2013 they were four. At least the Kikuyus can run two or more candidates for the presidency at the same time. The other tribal warlords are un-assailable. They are virtually gods.

    • Mr. Professor, you missed the point when you said Kikuyus are not more tribal than other tribes. Already they are saying they are the chosen tribe to rule Kenya to the end of ages! That is why when Raila coughs, they are up-in-arms telling him that, he will never rule Kenya! Can you imagine that. The other day I heard a Kikuyu man saying “SISI WAGIKUYU TUNAJUANGA VILE TUNA PIGANGA KURA”! Kwani Wagikuyu wana pigakanga kura namna gani? Na kabila zingine zina piganga kura namna gani? This is beyond belief. Another point you missed is to say Kikuyus are Uhuru critics. Which Kikuyu can criticise Uhuru? No matter how much he wrongs them? Note: Since1963 Kikuyus never supported anyone who is not their fellow tribesman. In 2002 Luos, Kambas, Luhyas gave Kibaki 100% support. Came 2007 what happened when Raila, Kalonzo, and Wetangula told Kikuyus to support them? In 2013, when Musalia nominated Jeremiah Kioni as his running mate, even Kioni shamelessly did not vote for Musalia! What do you call that? Isn’t that Kikuyuism? In 2013 Kalenjins voted for Uhuru, but already Kikuyus have told Ruto to forget GEMA support come 2022! The essence pf my arguement is, politically Kikuyus are extremely lethal.

  102. Since a few years ago a new wave has been sweeping through the entire kikuyu nation. No one can explain it logically, its not development neither is it love but it has spread it’s tentacles very deep. For the poor folks you either support them or you will be swept aside. Opium?

  103. Koigi discovered you cant change them from far he joined them to change them from inside,even you there calling government names you need to jump in the boat then you chip in your ideas,we might create you a position of government spokes make

  104. Who of our current crop of politicians isn’t KANU? Raila, Kalonzo, Wetangula were all senior Kanu officials even when Kanu was at its worst. And whatever is left of Kanu the party with Gideon Moi, is definitely headed to CORD.

  105. You were my professor but I have to correct your line of thought.You are hypocritical when you say jubilee is the worst regime ever,may be for you who used to be the privileged class in academia and in Nairobi.You want Koigi to remain stuck with old ideas as if ideas are not dynamic and informed by times.You also forget that there is nothing worthy for one to die for their country since it will be negating the concept of life.One must be alive and man must always seek the route that will make his life better.Even Saul turned to Paul,and St Augustine too changed from a Manichean to a great Christian.Academic hypocrisy should stop.You can’t earn accolades or medals by using the resistance vocabularies used in the 60s and 70s by Wa Thiongos and others.Change with times and use your knowledge to bring models of development that can elevate the poor.You will earn a Nobel in such but not in political bashing.

    • What do you think are the new ideas in ODM? Stealing sugar money?selling Tokyo embassy?Your propaganda that you are as white as snow is utter nonsense.Furthermore,why is it that your thieves never develop your regions?

    • I am not sure you understood the article. I do not support Jubilee and I have no apologies to make. I am not deconstructing Koigi’s move because of what I think about Jubilee. I am because of what HE has said about Jubilee. Read the article my friend. I must have taught you that it is good to read before you criticize.