Mr. Nick Salat, KANU “ina wenyewe”and they have spoken: Is that egg I see on your face?

I watched as Nick Salat made his ndaaaaaaaani ndaaaaaaani ndaaaaani   call when declaring that KANU was in NASA.

I laughed.

I do not know when these fellows will ever learn. The political space is not a place a mere mouthpiece like Salat can imagine he can talk on behalf of so called political parties. Zina Wenyewe.

Before going to shout himself hoarse in NASA rallies about being ndaaaaani, Nick Salat should have known who the wenyewe in KANU are.

And it does not include him.

He made the same mistake that some green-horn politicians have made recently. They had mistaken their lowly mouthpiece Secretary General positions as a guarantee of being part of the wenyewe.

They were mistaken. Very mistaken.

It started with a one Ababu Namwamba being warned by the hawkish George Aladwa that ODM ina wenyewe. He went to Kasarani for the fake ODM “National Elections” calling himself Generali and he was shown who the ODM wenyewe were. He came out of Kasarani a thoroughly discombobulated General.

Then he went on to make a stupid mistake.

He accepted a Secretary General position given to him in a boardroom deal by the same wenyewe who had stolen “the election” from him in broad daylight. With time, he realized he had been duped and given “a gun without bullets”. He quit in a huff crying wolf, betrayal and dishonor to anyone who cared to listen. His tormentors called him a Jubilee mole, gave him the finger, reminded him who the ODM wenyewe are and went on with their lives. Undoubtedly it was business as usual, probably after handsomely compensating their electoral board called men-in-black for a job well done. I chronicled this disaster in this blog.  He moved to a small party called Labor and he now claims that, like the people who stole the ODM “election” from him, he is now a mwenyewe.

We shall see.

The other example that Salat should have learnt from  is of a one Onyango Oloo. Heheheheehehe…allow me to have a laugh at the expense of this one!  He was hired as a mouthpiece to sanitize tribal crap called TNA. And boy,  was he eloquent! Then the wenyewe decided that the briefcase “party” they had formed to get them to power had served its purpose – to get them to power. They needed to form another briefcase, though a bigger one, called Jubilee. Onyango still did not get the cue. He became a cantankerous mouth piece of the Jubilee Party. Even after the demise of TNA, he did  not realize that he was never a mwenyewe in TNA  and there was no way he was going to be a mwenyewe in Jubilee.

No one was louder, cockier and more belligerent and annoying in defending Jubilee excesses like Onyango Oloo.  By the time he realized that he was a mere mouthpiece albeit a too enthusiastic one,  he was a frustrated man. He jumped ship and unfortunately has been shouting himself hoarse about how he was treated in TNA, how he has secrets and strategies, how he was a spy for Raila. He is making too much effort to try and increase his premium in his new found lair of hungry hyenas who are not too enthusiastic to have him. Unfortunately, he has jumped into the ODM guillotine that smothered Ababu Namwamba. Listening to him, he imagines he is an important player in ODM. He should listen to Aladwa. ODM ina wenyewe. And secrets or not, Raila spy or not, he is not one of them.

These are just a few recent examples of some characters recently caught speaking from the wrong side of the mouth. To that list add one Nick Salat. Before cavorting with NASA tribal kingpins, he should have known that KANU ina wenyewe. And he is not one of them. The owners of KANU, (please read the Moi family), have a huge stake in the status quo. It is not that NASA is any less status quo than Jubilee. It is that the KANU wenyewe feel safer with the Jubilee side because at the helm of the Jubilee government sits a KANU clone, Uhuru Kenyatta. He is perhaps the only other guy with as much stakes in the status quo as the Moi family has, if not more. The interests of the Moi family and the Kenyatta family conflate in ways that Nick Salat cannot even begin to imagine. Placed against the enormous economic and hegemonic interests of the two families in shaping the political direction in Kenya, the frothing-in-the-mouth, chest-thumping, ndaaaani-ndaaaani-ndaaaani-shouting   Nick Salat is not even a bleep in KANU’s political radar.

He should have known.

What Nick Salat forgot is that there are no political parties in Kenya. There are only cartels of deeply vested economic and hegemonic interests that revolve around grabbing of power, looting and protecting the loot. He is not a member of these cartel families and interests. While the wenyewe sit in the palace to plot about power, grabbing and protection,  Nick Salat and the other wannabes are only mouthpieces with useless titles of SG, who think they are part of the party because they are close enough to smell the nyama and occasionally get a bone or two.

If he wanted to speak on behalf of KANU, he should have first rushed to the wenyewe the way Mama Ngina Kenyatta did to find out what they want said. As he was shouting ndaaaaaani, ndaaaaani ndaaaaani, the  wenyewe were consulting and when they finally called him to tell him what they wanted, he found that he had spoken too soon and from the wrong side of his mouth. Mr. Nick Salat, KANU “ina wenyewe” and they have spoken.  Is that egg I see on your face?

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  1. Salat was being used by moi to bring tension in jubilee and get the bargaining power with Uhuru,is like real Madrid Ramos threatening to join Manchester united yet he was bargaining to increase his wages,KANU won it ,salat was just a spokesman

  2. Very true ina wenyewe but all the same they’re going nowhere time for mama na Baba is long gone let us wait as two families of moi and kenyatta trying to protect there properties

  3. i was very much impressed by the way u countered those guys you were with on ktn breakfast political analysis,especially,they know the reality of the real situation of our contry,be it jubilee or nasa they’ve got nothing better to offer as by to fight for leadership and continue to loot for their own good and those of there close associats,how i wish we could think otherwise away frm this goons,hop one day kenyans will realise the truth and think and act consciosly and wisely.

    • Thanks Robert. Given options, Kenyans will make the right choice. Right now the only options of the table is a choice among tribalists from either NASA or Jubilee. We who have a different view of our country must not tire of speaking truth to power and hope to the country. I am glad you are reading and listening.

  4. exactly prof, we are just treated to side shows in name of saving our people and this vehicle is for you,,, those are the sweet words used to get our votes deep down they are gangs who group at a given time to sale themself as a moses who is ready to lead wanjiku to promised land but they are wolfs in sheeps skin,,, .may the lord rescue Us

  5. On this you are the one who is very wrong. We all know Nick is someone’s spanner boy. All they were doing was just increasing negotiating stakes!! What then do you say of Kittony?

  6. I agree with u to some extent..allow me take you to our neighborhood Tanzania. CCM ina wenyewe pia. when it comes to elections they sit down and pick the person who can protect their interests…it is a matter of ‘changing the guard’ not leadership. This has been replicated not only in Kenya but in most African countries. Presidents mentor their children to take over power once they retire. Why did Moi pick on Uhuru who had no political experience in 2002 yet we had people like Saitoti and Kibaki who could be best options?? Uhuru is a clone of KANU…JUBILEE is going to mutate back to KANU wait and see

  7. Mr Wainaina you parrot so much even though I respect you with article,Nick Salat was right its only Mama Ngina who went to Former president Moi to beg him Gideon to support the moment we don’t know where Gideon is headed you tell Nick Salat that KANU ina wenyewe you should also know Kenya ina wenyewe..your articles have never offered any solution to us is only your normal songs and poems about tribalism..hatukuli articles bwana twambie mwelekeo imara,choose a leader and concentrate in telling us his goodies

    • proffesor when you insult Uhuru or Raila they don’t catch feelings too..if you want respect from us readers and commentators of your articles write articles that point goodies in people instead of concentrating on negatives..once again as u have said respect is both two ways but don’t expect everyone to dance to your articles sir..I respect you and I rest my case…Juma Wycliffe RELAX you are not an eye opener

    • Okemwa Erick I do not insult them. I describe them. In any case I have never said anything that they are not or have not done, or they have not said about each other. Describing negatives is not insulting anyone. I have chosen t write about their negatives. Again that is my choice and I am not forcing you to read. If you think there are positives that should be highlighted write about them yourself. Those who are interested in positives will read. You are supposed to apologize for immature engagement. Do not try to justify yourself. There is no justification for ill manners.

    • You are a proffesor who can do more on positives,people don’t eat negativity in people,once again your articles are good though they are becoming monotonous proffesor,you can do better sir…feed people with positivity that is worthy in people you see are best to be leaders in country

    • prof you sound like mutahi Ngunyi & the kwendo opanga of the 1990s. Of what value are your posts if you never suggest some solutions that would be of value to our nation ? Or at the end of the day say around June or July ’17 it’ll boil down to: “Given all this, it’s better to just retain Uhuruto.”

    • Prof your discourse is full of truth but you should be wise enough to ensure that every political ill that you highlight to us the Kenyan people, it should be accompanied by possible corrective measures and remedies based on how you perceived, understood and judged the phenomenon under discussion. We have been hearing these ills for about 50years now right from independence and what we want now is a person who can come up with a solutions to these problems. Highlighting the ills and just leaving it just like that for us to read will not benefit us in any way. As a matter of fact, you are doing the work of mere journalism and reporting since what you are saying is what I expect to hear on the radio news or TV news. Let solutions be seen alongside your ills highlights. I don’t think you are a journalist or a reporter, I guess you can be good in offering technical and professional insight and solutions in the wake of such political ills instead of just telling us about how so and so is bad or good. That’s not NECESSARY

  8. Haha haha prof Wainaina your have made my day. How rib-cracking this is! Ndaaani Ndaaani… Hahaha haha, yeah, someone tell mr Nick Salaat that KANU is a family party run privately by the bona-fide members
    . Once again, hahaha hahaha.

  9. Am looking for like minded poor Kenyans we start a major revolution. A revolution where the elite in the political arena will have no place. Where wanjiku will be at the center of everything. Where we will only elect those of high integrity. Those poor but willing to bring change in this nation. Just like our freedom fighters did.

  10. Hahaha Prof, a party just like a family ina mwenyewe (children are beneficiaries of the bread crumbs)only that our parties comprise of a 5 year cycle of coalitions of which tribe is bigger than the other. Poor Nick Salat! Next time you sit at the KTN political analysis homestretch, dont retain that trophy of best first timer overshouting Prof!
    Ama namna gani?

  11. Proffesor when you insult politicians and supporters get on your neck too don’t catch feelings,your articles concentrate so much on negatives than positive sides of leaders and politicians..once again Mr Wainaina you tend to lean more on uthamaki than anything else…am expecting an article from you that will point and concentrate on a leader who can transform this country as a president..human beings we have both negative and positive sides but can you ignore negatives a little bit…haven’t seen your articles full of any praise something

  12. Aamie NASA.. We welcome all including you. By the way your new TV show in the morning is doing very well. However, on which side of the political divide are you in. You are either in NASA or Jubilee. No middle ground. Choose the lesser evil.

  13. As much as I agree with you… When a dog backs ask its owner. Salat and kitony were sent by Gideon moi to threaten Ruto. Here there is more than meet the eyes. REM Gideon warned Uhuru during Too’s burial to look for votes himself, there is a supremacy Battle between Gedion and Ruto. This is humiliating Ruto in his backyard. Today Ruto went in Baringo for a security meeting, KANU leaders also warned Uhuru of sending anybody else and should quell the violence. Its a Battle of KINGSHIP of rift valley and succession politics..There is no way president Moi can support Tinga.

  14. That’ s the plain truth Professor. Do you think KANU’s support to Uhuru is genuine following the recent comments by it’s leadership that it will only support Uhuru the President and not Ruto his deputy? Is Ruto’s 2022 ambotion safe owing to such kind of arrangement and sentiments?

    • Like I have said the owners of KANU has too much invested in the status quo. i do not comment about 2022. Politicians are not God. And only God knows what will happen then. They imagine they have 2017 won. They don’t. That decision belongs to the people of Kenya. And they will make it in August.

  15. Prof your discourse is full of truth but you should be wise enough to ensure that every political ill that you highlight to us the Kenyan people, it should be accompanied by possible corrective measures and remedies based on how you perceived, understood and judged the phenomenon under discussion. We have been hearing these ills for about 50years now right from independence and what we want now is a person who can come up with a solutions to these problems. Highlighting the ills and just leaving it just like that for us to read will not benefit us in any way. As a matter of fact, you are doing the work of mere journalism and reporting since what you are saying is what I expect to hear on the radio news or TV news. Let solutions be seen alongside your ills highlights. I don’t think you are a journalist or a reporter, I guess you can be good in offering technical and professional insight and solutions in the wake of such political ills instead of just telling us about how so and so is bad or good. That’s not NECESSARY

  16. I think Kenya needs salvation. .no one is honest..from the bishops to profs? Everyone is supporting either the person who puts then on paycheck.. Or his tribe’s political alignment.. We are both spiritual n nationally doomed.. Political fellows are doomed soo r intellectual n spiritual fellows.. kenyans follow your conscience.. Don’t listen to the disguised flawed analysts

  17. I took negotiations, Gedion I want you not to join them.Moi is my father as he is to you now these goyards cattle lets milk them and keep meandering.Now ruto is just carying my laggage and after on i will give you the button and you’ll choose somebody to carry your laggage.

  18. Prof…I think you are being intellectually dishonest.. I do not think either Jubilee or NASA is right. BT what I feel are just telling us all that is wrong n not offering us solutions…when you are questioned your ego blows up to the extend of asking if professorship is awarded on social media! Surely? I was taught with my little education in comparison to yours..that education isn’t the filling of the bucket but the lighting of the fire . you are stooping too low below your standards …with such comments you are 0.00001 of the standards of the likes of Prof. Ali Mazrui

    • You imagine you are the only honest person in Kenya. You are wrong. I have given solutions which you either know nothing about or you ignore. Yes professorship is not iven in socialmedia and I have never been intereste in being Prof. Ali Mazrui. I am me. This is all you get. You are free not to read what I write. When you have nothing inteligent t contrbute to the discusssion, your only resort is to adhominem drivel.

  19. Professor,many Kenyans can’t see you in your hidding place,you enjoy them because of stupidity,otherwise you would sweat. Though parties have owners,but the remarks of salat supporting your enemies really angered,hurt you more.You are sick to anything uplifting Raila,nowonder,ODM has dominated a KANU post-look at the picture! I think those are Uhuru and Gideon,where you describe Uhuru as a KANU clone,so it ought to be a KANU post.Though ‘other’ agendas or references can be made,but they don’t dilute the topic as in this case.ODM or NASA was just a reference,it ought to have not displaced the topic,KANU.You simply wanted to express your anger,annoyance over the thought of Salat,that KANU would have supported your enemy,Raila.The issue that parties have owners is simply a scapegoat,who doesn’t know that? Or do you think parties are wind? Don’t they have those who formed them? This kind of illacy isn’t constructive at all.The bigger issue of the party ownership lies with Jubilee,leave alone the fight of Ababu to have a stake in other people’s party! Uhuru forced for party dissolution to render Ruto’s party useless to ensure his automatic support for a re-election,while they remained with their parties! Which is a worse scenario? Being denied a stake in another’s party or destroying one’s party completely to have only yours in the whole market?

  20. It is fair to observe that it was not lost to those who have been following political developments recently upto the climax at funeral of Mark Too, that bewilderment coupled with embarrassment was all over the faces of both Gideon and Salat as they announced their decision. It was hardly a joyful thing, but they all showed to have been got between a rock and a hard place.

  21. Pro remember the parties during colonial period they were marged to become one and now after half a century it has happend again so this words inawenyewe means alot. Recently in the social media i read something that some from another political part saying that huyu kinyangariks kutoka eneo la pwani anabwata bwata hajui hii chama iko na myewe just have a look the way this m o u r being made for others u can see from their faces is like they have no otherwise only to agree poleni kama kuna nilie mkwaza in my opinion

  22. U always talk leaning your coat. Fake odm, hungry hyenas in nasa, surely? Prefessors of these days! No wonder Matiangi is suspecious,, should crack a whip on ur overnight papers. They cant hide, shallow n emotional!!!!!

  23. You are very wrong Mr Professor when it comes to Salat with the Ndaaaani thing. Yes KANU has wenyewe I agree and that was enough to guide you into a conclusion that Salat only wanted to market himself within the Rift Valley and nothing else. You should have asked yourself why he chose to attend CORD/NASA rallies. It is because such events are well covered in the media and being an outsider who wants to be an insider as Raila and his co would literally see him , it was automatic he was going to get a chance to address large crowds associated with the opposition and his message to the crowds would be aired in the evening news. Salat is now known to everyone within the Rift Valley and that believe me will add some value to his campaigns.

  24. A good analysis prof.But you just made a mistake to mention NASA issues in a negative way . There u r sure of getting a thousand insults.You should have concentrated with uhuru,ruto,moi and KANU only in a negative and demeaning analysis and praised the NASA side in everything .That way,u will earn respect from the people who are now insulting you and questioning your academic credentials.

  25. u are among the guys matiangi is looking for for fake PhD certificates. in fact u think PhD guarantees u to holla shit like u wish. I educate u PhD has far reaching effect to man and a man who earned it has alot of sense to be learned from.

  26. Prof you should know that nobody is new in politics, Raila ni yule yule, Kalonzo ni yule yule, mudavadi ni yule yule, wetangula ni yule yule. Prof don’t think when one get defeted from government and when comes back knows better than what he knew from the previous.monkeys are the same even if they are on tree or on the ground.

  27. Nick Salaat represented wenywe ably as a strategy. He acted as instructed, disembarked when instructed and read the passed NEC resolution as instructed. Nick didn’t act on his own. This time you got it wrong. Nick has always been facilitated to these meetings by wenyewe to say ndaaani ndaaaani kabisa.

  28. Everything was stage managed in KANU.Salat did all what he did to put KANU in better negotation position.Now KANU is better placed than ever since it fall from leadership in 2002.Uhuru and Gideon will be codrivers in the next government.Infact Gideon is in better place to succeed Uhuru than Ruto.

  29. Very, very shallow analysis here. Does it really require some rocket science to establish that KANU was increasing it “worth” by “supporting” NASA? C’mon professor these are basic strategies in politics.

    • Gideon can’t replace Ruto . Why did Raila reach out for Ruto in 2007and not Gideon .Infact Ruto campaigned and eventually even Gideon lost his seat as an Mp .Ruto can deliver more than kalonzo,weta and mudavadi combined .This other flower girls are not giving Raila the best support yet they want to be presidential candidates under Nasa . Look in mudavadis Home county where it only had 26% in the recently concluded mass voter registration 2. Look how Ruto defended Raila and fought for him in 2007 when wetangula defended kibaki

    • Gideon cannot replace wrs,Kalenjin all the way from north,south and central rift we know our ways. Rutto has command in R. valley and we pledge our loyalty to him,nyi someni magazeti,hamtujui nyinyi

  30. Well done Prof, that’s what intellects do, giving your analysis void of interference. After all, aren’t profs required to conduct their own analysis. The truth is that political parties have it’s owners : Ask Ababu Namwamba, ask Onyango Oloo, ask Isaac Ruto? Their is no decorum in political parties, not just in Kenya but all over the world.

  31. Any open minded can categorically state that he was being used by Gideon Moi as a broker, he attended 2 NASA rallies which shocked Jubilee. Then later on Jubilee and Kanu had to strike a deal.. the only person who has been down played in this politics is Ruto..

  32. Heheheee! Nick Salat is not a fool to make such a pronouncement without the blessings of the Mois and maybe the Kenyattas as well. Salat’s move was to make Mama Ngina and Mzee Moi to panic and make moves faster than earlier intended. #Siasa101

    • I just wonder and people ur comfortable .Salat Was right he is one of the bright guys.Yy wengine mtaendelea kusema uongozi n wetu mkiwa masikini tu .Hivi n nani hajui kwamba hii serekali ya porwa ?

    • They request votes like other Kenyans belonging to Kenyatta or moi family doesn’t make them less Kenyan nor deny them their right of ambition all Kenyans are equal regardless of the family where we come from. No one chose which family he/she will be born otherwise we voted for Uhuru and we are going to do it again come August.

  33. It also means Jubilee ina wenyewe… Ruto folded his URP… and his party has lost… For KANU to go into an agreement with Jubilee after all the attacks Wesley Ruto has had on KANU is covert betrayal.

    That is a message to the DP that Jubilee ina wenyewe. This should be a warning to either Mudavadi or Kalonzo… that NASA ina wenyewe.

    • Paul Munga Wachira… Well… we have many walls… A Wesley Samoei Ruto … presidency in 2022 is a 40/100 chance. Jubilee is dying… he will have to make a new outfit (party)… that must attract national appeal including in the Uthamaki territory if he is to win the presidency.

      Politics has no permanent enemies but …Jubilee as it stands is on it’s deathbed whether the incumbent clinches his last term or looses to NASA.

      The resurrection of the Jogoo (phoenix style)… has dented the prospects of the DP. A 2022 dream presidency for WSR is a dying ember.

  34. Hata presidency iko na wenyewe bt the little one suffer more than those termed as oppositions little ones , before election everybody shouts different but after election ther sufferers countinue suffering whether the president comes from your community its only the prestige that remains.

  35. That is politics sir.for you to be relevant in politics,you must pose a i can bet with you that KANU will benefit more if jubilee wins,unlike Rutos URP.nice scheem from salat,and kanu party(Gedion Moi)to be precise.come 2022,Gedion will have more political space visa-vee the Dp.

  36. Me don’t care whatever case may be but I know wakati wa Pharaoh who was very powerful Egypt one day was over and Israelis were released back to their country ,shorty I say nothing impossible with our Almighty God

  37. A black guy was travelling on a plane.. beside him was a white lady sitting with her monkey. The black guy later went to the toilet and on his way back to his seat, he saw that his plastic bag, full of bananas, was empty. He asked the lady: “Where are my bananas?” She replied: “Your brother ate them all.” Later, the lady also went to the toilet. On her way back, she realises that her monkey is dead! She turned and asked the guy in fury: “Who killed my monkey?”. The guy answered: THIS IS A FAMILY MATTER .. IT DOESN’T CONCERN YOU!

  38. I don’t think Salat, being a veteran politician does not understand this wenyewe thing. Politics is game n politicians will say one thing today n the complete opposite the following day. I don’t see any egg on Salat’s face. To the contrary,by shouting himself hoarse anywhere, he remains relevant. Politicians need any publicity on any platform. N in case you hadn’t noticed, of late, Salat is becoming more visible than he has been in KANU.

  39. Reading throught this,I see a frustrated man.A man who’s disappointed because things are not going his way.A man who starts by telling us about Nick Salat but spends much of his time talking about Ababu,ODM and NASA.This fake tribal professor must realise that this tribal government is falling and falling fast

  40. a whole PROFF,, speaking this shiiit,,,the few professor,I have seen have,, super reasoning,buh ua reasoning has no different with wat a class seven 7 pupil would say,,kama hiyo ndo kua professor wacha ikae,,do you,, lecture in any public university,,?????

  41. I beg to disagree prof. Kanu was ndaaaaaaaani kabisa. It took mama president, and, the president himself, for the change of heart. The son of ” prof. of politics” reluctantly gave in, but not without conditions, I believe.

  42. A professor will always be a professor. It’s no accident. You read an article, you get immersed in it then drown with it. Big up professor! I always pay homage to your wits… Amazing flow of ideas…PhD grammar…Hats off! I’d like to be as smart as you are!

  43. Very true Prof! What Kenyans never realise is that the Political Parties have what I would call God Fathers, those who make lots of of noise on the side are mare frogs who tend to cause lots of disturbances that never a have any meaningful results coz the cows still drink. They are noisemakers who realise they have no meaningful meaning late in the evening, let’s call them a disgrace. They end up coiling in their shells completely speechless after realising no one has an ear for their worthless noise. Give them their dose,though bitter. Kudos Prof.

  44. Well put… “There are no political parties with Kenya’s interest at heart, there are only cartels of deeply vested economic and hegemonic interests that revolve around grabbing of power, looting and protecting the loot…”
    I like that line (y)

    • Yes Prof I replied to your post coz I liked the analysis and have keenly been following your comments on KTN news in the morning. You’ve come up as one of the most reasonable Kenyans who represents Wanjiku and I. But Prof because of your title we expect even more reasonable contributions from you that will bring change to governance in our country. I have been looking forward to a time when the educated lot will be in the forefront in setting the political direction and I am happy that at least we have one in you. So Prof keep it up we are keenly following you and hope to keep on hearing from you. Meanwhile kindly do not take sides as you comment on topical issues.

    • I am keen on starting a non-tribal political caucus to take over parliament. I am looking for a group of 30 (or so) young ordinary Kenyan professionals/intellectuals with great ideas for transforming the nation. We need to engage Kenyans across the counties and collectively run for parliamentary elections, through which we can bring change.

  45. As usual Prof & like always you write well, pointing out on the problems & hardles with no single solution or option for Kenya.
    It always sounds hopeless & limited to lovers of literature whose interests is to go through your posts not for political solutions which Kenyans are yearning for but grammer appreciation. What a waste!

    Smart people know that political parties are like clubs which are formed by a group of individuals with similar interests. These parties therefore like any other Organization have their master minders or heads who are the vision careers. These are Directors who may remain god fathers of a party forever.
    So the term ‘chama kina wenyewe’ is an obvious reality & common knowledge.

    Its hard work to break off strongholds of a godfather. Unless their successor are transformed out of conformity of the godfathers.

    Is transformation an easy thing? No! It requires a renaisance or rebirth of ones mind & spirit. Is this possible with common politicians with the natural 5 common sence or informal education? A big NO.
    Do we have such special politicians of Mandela, Nyerere & Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya today? I believe we do but I can’t see them in Moi, Kibaki or Uhuru who are our previous & present heads of state.
    The 3 were playing another person’s tune & had no authority of their own deep down but their godfather’s before them.

    Tell me something,I need to understand why Mama Ngina would be part of a National political decision? Does she posses hidden executive knowledge unknown to Kenyan? Could she be in the executive arm of government?
    I have not heard of the late Mandela’s wives or Nyerere’s having a hold on other presidents or ruling parties despite their husbands’ power over their states .

    Allow me to mention two politician who have demonstrated strong stands against popular & common trends, Isaac Ruto, Alfred Mutua & Munya all governors. Unfortunately non of them is eying the top seat at the moment.

    Now unlike you Prof,having explained myself, I would like to ask you & your readers a very simple qustion that could lead to a solution to our common political problem. ‘Among the group of politicians who have showed interest in the presidency, who among them could you say has a mind of his own or rather is able to be transformed out of party, ethnic & godfather’s holds to govern Kenya under an entirely new dispensation???

  46. Most Kenyans have been made to believe in the ethnic political narative. The topmost leaders likely to be elected are the ethnic kingpins in under the cover of coalitions but the song is the same. At fhis moment, a non ethinic naratives is not popular or saleable to voters. We must be talking about educating the Kenyan voter to demand cedtain transformative qualities from the one who is likely conform to our demands easily than the one under influence of godfathers, plackmailers & little room for his own manuvour.

  47. It was natural for Gideon Moi to support Uhuru.I think the entry Gideon has a calculated purpose that is meant to keep off and restraint Ruto,In case Jubilee wins.Will Ruto will be another Oloo.

  48. How much stake you have in a political party is dependent on how wealthy you are. So in short hawa wenyewe ni watu wana pesa. They are able to buy media coverage and to invest in publicity and marketing. That’s what politics is all about.

  49. If a non ethnic political narative is the only medicine,I can assure you that that antidot is still under research & from the look of things shall take ages to be approved.Kenya doesn’t have that luxury of waiting any longer. We need medicine or a remedy like yesterday.
    Everyone of us unfortunately comes from an ethnical bachground even Obama is a Pure Luoman whom a Kikuyu can never vote for here as it is.
    I have given my solution in black & white but the prof refuses to acknowledge it. My sences tell me that we all must content with it in 2017 whether we like it or not. Other options are far fetched & falacies.

  50. Isaac Ruto is one of the true courageous men Kenya has. Kenya would be great with leaders like him. Kenya is neither NASA or Jubilee but a state which requires honest & balanced leaders not sycophants or puppets of bad governance.

  51. GIDEON WAS BETRAYED BY HIS OWN FATHER MOI…. a big betrayal that will cost him come few years, Uhuru is a good con and has sweetest mouth to bring this illitrate guys to his side then use them and dumb them

  52. One thing with kales they dont learn ruto has been fried but hawaoni….. Wabash till when will kale leaders be used and used and the people don’t benefit that’s total unfair, loook at central kuna maendeleo sana kuja rift valley uh hata mahindi sikuizi wapandi…. Why why why?

  53. What I know anyone supporting jubilee is corrupt or a fool… I thought professors reason more meaningful than this… I thought of being a professor but if this is the way you reason with all that knowledge you’ve got I’d better not be… May God help you see where this country is heading to and make you change

  54. There are always exceptions to the rule. Many used to laugh at Moi, even when he became president. They said he was a passing cloud. But he stayed on for 24yrs. Wenye Jubilee wanaonekana kama wakalenjin na wakikuyu lakini kuna wengine watafaidika zaidi. Utulivu na ujaja na imani ni mhimu. Gideon has no patience, no stratigy or demeanor of a politician professor like his dad. Pole sana!

  55. i fail to understand why kanu can’t be safe with Nasa if both parties are for the better future of Kenyans but not that one is of dynasty and another one is party of commoner /Nasa/, nature of society or environment can creat/ nature new leader as the so called Kenya society experiences leadership vacuum. )

  56. The revolution is already here Prof. It has always been with us since the multiparty campaign era started in Kenya,only that key Kenyan politicians have turned into the devil’s agents & priests turned into conmen.
    Kindly let me know if you know of any Kenyan powerful politician that is free from cultic protection & I’ll show you the most unpopular one who tried campaigning free of such attachments!

    The revolution you’re talking about must have one & only one objective, to resist the demonic influence in the land & bring our country back to justice & truth. Any other revolution shall only be a continous sacrifice to Satan.

  57. Right from when Otieno Kajwang said back then that Gedion Moi CAN NEVER be trusted by opposition especially Raila, I knew and believed that Nick Salat was only keeping the newspaper vendors on their toes, Gedion Moi can not share bathroom with Raila at all, the problem with Rift Valley is that their Kingpins do politics with zeal and when wronged, creat permanent enemies, they jail and kill individuals with contrary opinions…today, central Kenya are at their mercy to forward their support to either of the kingpin whether Uhuru Kenyatta is re-elected or not, any failure to do so may creat a precidented situation

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