Mr. Odinga, for someone so obsessed with free and fair elections, we would expect you to have set the standards with ODM.

The rantings of the Moi political orphans: Series Part 1 of 5

 (The Moi political orphans: DP William Ruto (presumably representing his boss), Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula ran separate commentaries in The Standard of Wednesday 10th August 2016, in a feature on the Countdown to 2017. In this, “The rantings of the Moi political orphans” five part series, I respond to the commentaries. In the responses, I am demonstrating that as Moi political orphans, their engagement in politics is simply based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They all have absolutely nothing new to offer to Kenyans as we Countdown to 2017. We must get a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics and it cannot come from these Moi political orphans. In this Part 1, I respond to Raila’s article “We must ensure next government is not a product of fraud”. )

Part 1 of 5: Mr. Odinga, for someone so obsessed with free and fair elections, we would expect you to have set the standards with ODM.

Mr. Raila Odinga, asked to contribute to the Countdown 2017 feature in the Standard of 10th August 2016, all you could master was another diatribe about credibility of elections in the article “We must ensure next government is no product of fraud”.

Since your unfruitful sojourn with KANU after the 1997 elections, the results of which you contested, free and fair elections have been the trade mark of your political engagement, and according to you, the only free and fair election was in 2002. Tellingly you were on the side that won. Your contestation of the 2007 elections led to what it led to and you “magnanimously” accepted to serve in a blood-soaked government that was “a product of fraud”. You want us to believe you had no choice and the act was done out of magnanimity and selflessness. I beg to differ. You claim that the election was stolen in 2013. Why did that not lead to spontaneous violence like in 2007? Where were the “magnanimous” you in 2007, the same one who “accepted “a “fraudulent” election in 2013. This tells us that there were options in 2007, and you took the one that you thought suited you best then.  You could have refused to sit in a government that was the product of fraud, on principle, and we still could have had peace, if that is what you wanted.  Only the spectre of ICC saved the country in 2013 when again you contested the results in the Supreme Court and lost. It would by all means seem that you are a crusader of free and fair elections. That you believe in the principal so completely and have spent the last 20 years of your life pursuing the principal. But seriously, do you?

No you don’t.

Evidence: Men-in- black and the ODM elections of 2014.

For someone who has been criticizing everyone else for their inability or unwillingness to conduct free and fair elections, we would expect that ODM would conduct the most free and fair elections this country has ever seen. Such elections should be the case study that you would be presenting in your sustained onslaught against the IEBC. It should be a master piece of organization, the holy-grail of democracy, the test case for electronic tallying, the pinnacle of law and order and the end all of election malpractice in Kenya. Instead, what were Kenyans treated to in the ODM elections? Chaos, mayhem, thuggery, suppression of democracy, preferred candidates, sham, and the icing on the cake, men-in-black as the electoral body of ODM. What moral authority do you then have to raise a finger against any other electoral body or process in this country or anywhere in the world? Or are you telling us that only you and ODM reserve the right to carry out shambolic, thuggish, un-free, un-fair and non-credible elections and everyone else should be held to a different  standard – incredibly by you and your followers?


With such credentials, wouldn’t anyone calling you to be an “observer” in any elections anywhere in the world be mocking you? Only a Kenyan politician would conduct shambolic elections in a party that they “own” and then lead their supporters to die in street protests to remove an electoral body for incompetence.

Only in Kenya!

And only in contemporary Kenya where national politics are controlled by yourself and your fellow Moi political orphans.  It is not the modern Kenya we envision for the future. On this score you would do good to listen to your own advice in your article when you say:

Our best efforts must be focused on ensuring elections that produce a legitimate outcome for future stability and progress while strengthening our democratic process. It is critical that Kenya remains true to the ideals of democracy, and we cannot run away from our responsibility in ensuring this.

Why do you imagine that this is a standard and a responsibility of everyone else except yourself and ODM?

You are fond of referring to the tribal kingpins in Jubilee as KANU and Moi-men but you yourself seems to have learnt well from Moi how to hold on to power without regard to due process. You also learnt well how to court impunity to achieve your own political ends.

Why do I say this?

What did you do after you sabotaged your own elections? Two things that place you as a master of KANU tactics: You promised an investigation to bring the culprits to book, and you handpicked a line-up of party officials who were loyal to you and not to the people. The latter action reminds one of the KANU Kisirani in Kasarani  where you yourself was handpicked to be the KANU Secretary general, by yours truly!

The report on the Kasarani debacle has never been released if indeed any investigation was done. It has joined the ever growing list of matters that end with a non-functional investigation or reports that never get acted on. Again when you criticize those who have never released or acted on reports, Ouko, Akiwumi, Ndungu, TJRC reports etc, please add the men-in-black investigation that was never done and a report that never came.

There is an expression that goes, “What you are saying is speaking so loudly, that I cannot hear what you are saying”. Is the ODM elections the example of how elections would be carried out in this country were you to become president undr an ODM banner? Chaos, thugs, undemocratic line-ups, aborted investigations and non-existent reports?

You seem to be irked by the fact that Jubilee are campaigning and you say as much:

It is particularly important for us to understand the link between what the Government has embarked on in recent weeks is nothing other than partisan campaigns. There is nothing new Jubilee can deliver between August 8, 2016 and this time in 2017.

One of the things that I agree with in your article and one that often isoften missed by commentators and pundits is your call to Kenyans that:

As citizens, let us embark on taking our future in our own hands by taking up our civic and patriotic duty to vote in the coming elections.

Pundits always miss the fact that voting is a duty and not necesarily a right. This, you got correct. For many Kenyans they would want their vote to mean something in removing from power a political class of Moi-political-orphans who preach water and drink wine. You have spent the last 14 years since the exit of Moi preaching democracy, accountability, nationalism and rule of the law. You have however spent the same years entrenching ethnicity, impunity, lies, double-standards and hooliganism. Your penchant for pulling Moi-political-orphans into tribal coalitions is legendary.  In the last 10 years no one has made larger tribal coalitions with these Moi-political-orphans and lost more of them in the history of Kenyan politics like yourself. And all of them give the same reasons for abandoning you: ethnicity, impunity, duplicity, fanaticism,  toxic politics, suffocation, hollow posturing, lack of democracy, false pretenses, hypocrisy, corruption, double-standards, thuggery and hooliganism in ODM and its leadership.

I however agree with your call to Kenyans “to take our future in our own hands”. If your call is headed, and if Kenyans take their destiny in their own hands and  “remain true to the ideals of democracy”, they would vote out the Moi-political-orphans who have used KANU tactics to frustrate and delay the day of freedom and prosperity for Kenyans. When that day comes, don’t be surprised to be kicked out along with the other Moi-political-orphans.  You have more in common with them than you imagine.

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  1. Profeser their was some discribancy in 2013 election but raila was respecting the constution that he had brought in this country of wch he wanted to remain the lagacy of having been the first person who have challenge the presidential result under new constitution

  2. when ODM have/had people like Ababu Namwamba,jakoyo midiwo, paul otuoma… Etc do not expect them to conduct free and fair election. Raila Odinga is NOT a dictator, he believes in democracy but the moles are the one destroying it inside ODM camp. Ababu was behind the men-in-black fiasco, taking advantage of democracy of freedom of speech, where is he now. It doesnt need rocket science to understand. Raila this Raila that. Raila Odinga is not ODM, the people are. The problem is ; ODm has many betrayers, hypocrites … Who want to destroy it. Mheshima; looking forward for your argument

    • that one day soonest; they will change. But most of them are are the best in camouflaging. Evidence, abubu; in 2008 swore in the name of Raila and what about now. William Ruto; was odm diehard. “he used every power he had before during and after 2007 elections to take Raila to state house but now?? Jakoyo Midiwo is very close to Raila by blood and politics. But he is destrroying odm gradually

    • he is with them; hoping one day soonest they will change. But they are some whom Raila cannot see coz they are good at camouflage and hibernate. Tamaa ya kula nyama tu ndo inawasumbua. Raila is trying to convince them being a vegeterian is worth best health care; jobs and employment; equity; best transport ; no to corruption; no to tribalism…

    • Odm is Raila and Raila is Odm..
      Take Raila out of Odm and there will be no odm.
      Democracy in odm reflects the mind of Raila.
      Anybody who differs with him is demonised and chased away…example Ruto, Balala, Mudavadi,Ababu, Musyoka of 2007.
      Until when he will clear the luos (orengo, mbadi, opiyo, nyongo, jakoyo) around him, thats wen he will become president

    • my brother; ruto was never chased away; the same to mudavadi and musyoka; they just left. The same to Ababu Namwamba. For your information they are so many luhyas as luos are in odm. Is oparanya a luo; is ojamoong odm; …kibunguchy; …

    • What is there to argue about raila. We all know he thrives in chaotic environment by pushing and intimidating others into submission. He is never a leader at all…..raila uses the jagon,the end justifys the means. That is his mantra in his political life and this guarantees,raila will never ascend to the highest office in our country ,Kenya. Raila keeps political thugs close to his armpit to use them when the need arises.Just mention any occassion he talked to his audience in luo nyanza on policy be it economic,social or otherwise. What is his economic blue print or vision for this country. His odm party manifesto was pure fiction without substantive indepth of how he was going to finance it either locally or using external borrowing or assistence inform of grands.Raila thinks we are going to elect him on a blank cheque to ruin our lives….hahahaha !. Never !.

  3. Raila won the elections in 2007 and u know the forces that led to the bloodshed and you cant blame that on Raila,as for 2013,to repeat the same mistake that Kibaki,Kalonzo,Uhuru and those who backed him and swore him for the highest office in the country at night was not a wise decision as it would hav only led to bloodshed and is not what Raila stands for and that is why he backed off.You are Only obsessed with Raila and ODM.

    • Listen to your own response my friend. Bloodshed was acceptable in 2007 and not in 2013? He couldn’t make the same decisions in 2007 that he made in 2013? Again I do not know what you mean by I am obsessed with Raila and ODM. The Moi-political-orphans series has five articles and only one on Raila. You are the one obsessed with Raila and therefore you have read only that which references Raila. If you reduce your obsession, you will see and read the other four articles before you respond to the Raila one calling me obsessed.

    • Ïñìspéktà Sønkø Ïnä Jãmä I have written dozens of articles. To say the I drag Raila in every article I write is either a deliberate lie or naivety borne of the fact that you actually have not read “every article” I write. I write on many things. Raila is just one of them and if you ask me, not the most important. Read my articles before you make such a statement. You may also want to see what Jubilee supporters have to say which is actually the opposite of what you are saying. They claim I am obsessed with Jubilee and Uhuru. I am not. It is because your world is divided into CORD and jubilee that you do not have any other lens to see my writing through. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee and had you been reading the articles you claim are about Raila you would have known that I do not differentiate between the two.

    • Both cord alliance and jubilee party followers are blinded by their tribal loyalty that sees,hears nor talks no evil against their tribal chieftains. Each claims moral high ground against each other yet all of them are tainted by corruption,nepotism and impunity. All of us are guilty of accepting this state of our political affairs led by our learned elite academia.

  4. As a PHD holder, I expect you to be able to be able to research and come up with articles of brutal honesty. You should not be partisan in your presentation. Claiming that he lost in the last two elections is a lie,exit polls never lie! Use your education to shape opinions,not polarise a people!

  5. Hearing and believing are two different things. You should carry your own audit of his allegations to ascertain the truth! Do not just write because you are able to put English words together. As a PhD holder,your arguement should provoke discussions,not the pedestrian articles that you write. On matters politics,write independent articles that will stand the test of time. Stop writing with your mind tucked in your backyard.

    • Odoyo, it is not necessary to be nasty and offensive. Independent to you means articles that praise Raila. I am not a court poet. I have responded to all the five moi-political-orphans who wrote in the Standard of 10th August 2016. You only happen to be interested in my response on Raila. I cannot force you to read the other articles. You cannot accuse me of not being independent because you will not read the other articles.

    • I am not accusing you. Your articles are never objective. I stopped reading your articles on the economy because your grasp of matters economics was wanting! I feel you are doing injustice to your many fans who hold you in awe! They deserve better presantation.

    • Odoyo Abiero I have never written on the economy or claimed to be an expert on the economy. I do not know what you mean by my articles are never objective. I have said time and time again, I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya uakabila, ukora na upuzi of both CORD and Jubilee. Again my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. Therefore my definition of objective would differ significantly from your.

    • You react to articles of nearly everyone including the Dr. Ndii’s. Objectivity of an article is universal. It ia a presentation that can be read anywhere in the world with boldness. History should be factual,presented as it was. Do not seek to distort the facts in your articles to massage the ego of the side who support. Cursing ethnicity by word of mouth is easy,living to discourage it is another. I never see your articles condemn even broadlight crimes committed by your government. Raila seems to be your subject of disdain!

    • Odoyo Abiero I really do not think I need to defend myself against such baseless claims. I have responded to one article by Dr. Ndii on the blog. That does not qualify your careless statement that “You react to articles of nearly everyone including Ndii’s” I actually don’t but wish I could. Time is what constrains me, it takes a lot of time to write an article. Raila is not my subject of disdain. The current political class in CORD and Jubilee is my subject of disadain. Raila only happens to be one of them. I have consistently called our these tribal kingpins for their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. If he does not want to be part of that political class, let him change from siasa ya ukabila, ukora, na upuzi.

    • Just continue you general writings. I go through some of them like a teacher would do to a class six insha. Being a dr, I believe when you grow up, you would be quoted like your peers.

    • Odoyo Abiero It is evident that you cannot disagree in civilized way. When you have nothing to defend your arguments, insulting me is easier. It is interesting that you do not think that there is anything of value here and you keep reading. Evidently, you are the clever one.

    • I am trying to be civil with you. I do not think I have insulted you. I am just dejected that with your seemingly high achievement in education, you still want to reason like you are in a village set-up. It is morally wrong to purport to be unbiased while a check through your scripts show a thread of tribalism through them. You may be tarmacking to be absorbed by the govt, but do not villify things for the sake. Inform your followers appropriately!

    • Get the log off your eyes before you can point the speck in others. That way you would be able to tell white from black. I hope you will do better in your next article which I will read. Your are a fundamentalist.

  6. Thanx for lecturing us but also take time to read the report by the commission abt the 2007 election. ODM tried to conduct it’s own elections, which other party has done the same? , have your party done it? … Also have a broader picture of issues and don’t narrow yourself tor your tribal and political cocoon

    • 2007 election was conducted as 41 against 1 campaign by ODM. It was siasa ya ukabila na ukora which I have always talked against. They did not count on the fact that their competitors had the capacity of both siasa ya ukabila na siasa ya ukora. It is not a matter of who was stolen from. It is a matter of who was outdone in ukabila na ukora.

      ODM did not “try to conduct” party elections. ODM actually conducted party elections. The elections were televised live on TV and they are also on youtube if you missed them. The elections were presided over by the men-in-black and the party accepted the results. That is why they have never repeated the elections.

  7. Your name suggest your angle of reasoning! At one point you want us to believe that there is no differents in Raila’s presidency from Uhuru, because one of your own tribe men is on top. you talked of party elections,Odm try its best to national level where they failed but you dont mentioned that the affilliates party of jubilee never held grassroot election until they were dismantle. you dont compare appointment of then prime minister and jubilee and tell us who is more tribal. your critics is always they are all bad or Raila is worse. it well known that Raila won 2007 election right and square but was rigged out unless you are a guest in this your home country.In 2013 election over 2 million vote can not tally and we know the beneficiaries. Boss you just another JUBILEE blogger

    • I did not know that there are real moi political orphans and unreal ones. I do know that Raila was KANU Secretary General and was in Moi’s cabinet. It does not get more Moi than that, does it? The only other Moi orphan who held a bigger post than Raila is Uhuru. None of the others can match the two in rank in KANU. If then there are real and unreal Moi orphans, Raila is as real as it can get.

  8. Proffesor…. i cant tell whether you have a Phd or you are self proclaiming proffesor, but my conscience tells me that its not something to do with politics, your reasoning and view of kenyan politics is a replica of a common mwananchi who spews rumours based on first page of the dailies,,,, am not aware of the disorder in your house but if it comes to managing a national party like Odm, its a very critical affair, not like blogging rumours based on such ethnic views, ODM is incompareble to jubilee but what i know is that your angle of reasoning about politics must be affected by your tribe..

    • The same way you view Raila’s presidency to offer nothing new the same your article articulate nothing new. Be candid with facts sir. You talk of ODM elections to be and feel Raila should be the last person to call for a free and fair elections. Get this Raila has never conducted any election in ODM, he is a party leader,there is part organ that conducts election and any blame is attributed to that organ not the party leader. Remember facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

      On your opinion that we ought to get fresh blood in the political arena, that’s wishful. Have we not had the fresh blood in the ballot and Kenyans still ignore them to vote based on their ethnicity and your tribe is mentioned to lead when it comes to ethnic voting.

    • Wakili Mjanja Hehehehehehe…perfect answer “It wasn’t me”. And you believe him? Good luck. And yes, we need fresh blood, fact. Regardless of whether they have been ignored before. Like you have said, facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

  9. Wainaina I like ur articles.. but why mostly do u like writing about Raila and ODM… Y cnt you talk of the government that has brought Kenya to a corruption zone?? Y cnt you talk of the failures of these pple.. You ignorant Kenyans from voting where they will be regretting come 2017

  10. The so called orphans that you say are complaining about democracy, didn’t they support Kibaki’s side of the grand coalition, why did they quit? Would they be accorded equal partnership on the other side or would they allow a democratic process if it were them holding all the Aces?


  12. following and shocked by how Kenyans are blinded, wainaina has been putting things right here,, but some people think he is attacking cord or jubilee,, professor has been open,, I do ask also,, what kind of democracy does raila want which cannot be applied in ODM???

  13. Lame diversion propaganda to shield kleptocrats/oligarchs/plutocrats ruining our country since independence and an PhD holder is a cog and wheel of what is tribally polarising

  14. The problem of Railas fans is very simple, they take Raila as their demigod, ‘Baba ni mweupe kama pamba’, meaning if Rao does something wrong, they do not see it as such, now do they learn from his past mistakes and correct him??? I assure you, in the next elections, Raila will come a distant third!

    • I do not know what position he will be. It does not matter if he will be competing with his fellow tribal kingpins and Moi-orphans. I am not sure about his supporters not accepting his mistakes. Does he even consider himself capable of making mistakes? And when they occur doesn’t he expect to be judged by a different standard from which he judges everybody else? If one follows a leader like that, can you blame them for imagining they are demogods?

  15. sometimes it is easy to work wid learned ppl not educated ppl…!You ar a PHD holder but u based your argument on your political side you should provoke both sides so that the discussion cn pour in

  16. Arap Korir Kipngetich Benard..I stand With You. Sir.. This Country is Badly Bleeding for HOPE.. That Someday.. We gonna wake up to A Different Setup.. Too Bad Now Its Already Morgaged to The Chinese.. How We will come Outof These Sticky Situations.. I Can Guarantee You That Its Not By Any Effort of Any Politician.. A Very Sorry State of Affairs.. But Lets Have HOPE.. For Now..!!!

  17. Why don’t you PHD holder come up with research where you can improve our lives instead of writing on politics. We have seen Standard 8 drop out doing great things in our society. Hawa wangine na PHD yao ni kuandika tu Siasa , kuchonga tooth pick kwa nyumba yao ili atumie inamubidi anunue imetengenezwa na mchaina . To hell with your PHD it is not helping we Kenyan .

  18. party elections and National(general elections) are incomparible!Elections funded by tax payers!As a professor how hard is it for you to understand that if your son is a thief,therefore,you can not preach against the act of stealing.Is Raila himself the head of Odm Elections?In kenya for instance government officials steals public funds as is there is no tommorow!!Is Uhuru Kenyatta as the head of government a thief?I find it hard to believe that this is the best a whole professor can have for public consumption.You should not even have time for these,but,you do!!

    • I do have time for these. As you equally have time to read. I will remind you that ODM is funded by taxpayers money through the political parties fund. So what happens there is a matter of concern for every taxpayer. I find your contribution contradictory. You want to argue that Raila is not responsible for elections in his party but you say that a father of a thief cannot preach against the act of stealing. He is the head of ODM and everything else in it. Uhuru Kenyatta is the head of government and must take responsibility for the corruption in government. It is called accountability my friend. It comes with leadership.

    • You never sounded like you are asking Raila to take care of other people’s messes.I also asked you whether if you son is a thief then you dont have any right to preach against stealing.I therefore find the professor not able to read and comprehend.

    • I used to have this friend back in primary school.. He would argued out everything against anyone including a teacher. The only thing he never argued out was end of term result when he would be at the bottom fraction of the class performance …
      Jacob, have we been classmates before? In primary

    • In primary school!!!That is very low of you.Which primary school are you talking about?Give a name.Who was our Class teacher?Because that is the only person who can engage you in your arguements

    • By the way …if we were in the same class what was your pass-mark in mathematics in class 8?Do you remember what happened that day everyone never reached their pass-mark?Do you remember Noor whose pass-mark was 96% and that day he scored 94%?My pass-mark was 86% and that day I scored 84%,do really remember what happened to me.What was my score in KCPE and which school did I go??You are so cheap and I never attended any School with you!!Get a life

  19. Raila won in 2007 but i think you all know what made him to share the government, ask yourselves where our Kikuyu brothers would be by now if raila could have refused to cool down,

    • I think it would be wise to follow your own advice i.e. Check your history before you go payukaring. Raila was not only the Secretary General of KANU but was actually in Moi’s government. No one except Uhuru held a bigger rank in Moi’s KANU like Raila. No one has asked you to stop following him. That does not change history or what those who have had the good sense to leave him have said about him. Stay.

    • Heheheeheheheee…A woman who was given the position in boardroom deal after the party had sabotaged its own elections? It is also a party that is seeking to be in power. Are we to expect that the affairs of state would equally be ran by men in black. Oliech, please stop defending the indefensible. It just makes you look bad and the people you are defending do not care.

    • Excuse me Mr.forget about the men in black.ODM is the only patty in Kenya which has attempted to do an elections to pick its leaders.has jubilee ever planned one?? Even TNA? Your former party.give credit to the largest party in East Africa Michael.

    • Has jubilee tried any?? If even during its launch,delegates were fighting.what of elections? Professor,accept it.ODM is above the rest.accept it sir.jubilee is a product of tribalism.ODM is represented everywhere.but we are not an elections body.we are a democratic party.

    • Hehe professor is a staunch jubilee supporter.that’s why among the parties in Kenya,he has only singled out ODM which he knows very well gives them a sleepless night.he tries to argue that ODM is an elections body not a party.professor!

  20. Raila isn’t a bad man but aman of democracy,however, the people surrounding him are misleading him.politics needs frequent tactics to succeed.In order for tinga to propel into the top office in the country:Must look onto the people who r not selfish,hypocrites,ill motivated politicians n leave about politics of analoque era.He must bring unity first to all kenyans n put into place manifestoes that r admired nationally n internationally.Tinga must seek advice from professionals from national n international especiacially in the developed countries.finaly,Tinga must know the history on how kenyan people vote in every elections n know better ways of changing the tag of politics to avoid monotony in politics to mention a few.Am not a politician but my own analyst.Am not saying about rao only but to his competitors.The issue here was about the above article whom the professor duelled so much on odm whom he would have provided ultimate way of providing guidelines to all the two parties which is in simple terms must be neutral to produce a motivated debate to all audiance of the two parties.

    • Cornelius, I have always rejected the argument that leaders are not to blame for their own decisions and we should blame the “people surrounding”them. I disagree. The mark of a good leader is the ability to make a good decision regardless of the advice one has received. I largely agree with the rest of the comment but I would like to say that I have not dwelt on Raila. This was a five part series and I have said as much. Raila’s was just one . Read the other four.

  21. Professor how can William Ruto spend 18m within two days? Mean that he can pay iebc bosses and teachers…….and how much will he spend in a month… much did he earn per month…..

  22. Kenyans should be very keen .this is the time when every Tom Dick and Harry talk Hogwash calling themselves PHDs ..Try all the tricks in your empty head and you will never erase Railas democratic credentials and his fight to deal with the looters of Kenya.

  23. Prof wainaina eei! Which Raila are you calling moi’s orphan? That is not but full hatred even if a may not support Rao i can’t agree with you. It was better to a collapesed odm elections than successfull IEBC one which anounses lies. Prof that is why statistics shows our country is heading wrong direction. Let us talk about other good stories but not Rao bcoz he is kenya.

    • My friend you said something about ICC & chaos so in other way you agree IEBC conducted thuggish elections but we only remained peacefull because of IEBC & it is true. Plz Raila was not KANU Boy so as you call him mois’ orphan na hayo prof hatukubaliani kabisa . It is like those who say that Raila was MP for lang’ata for long with nothing & if you ask them any mp who biuld his constituency infact hakuna. Nairobi ilikua chafu pande zote wakati wa Maina kamanda, Dick wathika, Norman nyaga…… Maendeleo gani yalikua? . RAILA ungeniambia mambo na Ford-kenya atleast. Finaly how long did he stay in those posts?

    • Levis Bulitia Raila was KANU Secretary General and a Cabinet Minister in the Moi Cabinet. You cannot deny that. In 2013, the country was saved by ICC. All these are facts. That he did nothing in Nairobi is also a fact. And that fact cannot be changedjust because akina Kamanda and Wathika and Nyaga equally did nothing. They all did nothing. It does not make Raila better.

    • Prof Raila is better because the democracy & freedom & developments Raila is heugely part & don’t tell me you don’t know. You just het or give him a bad name tobe killed but the sucrifises he has done for this country we know is good. Bana Raila ni kenya bila yeye tumeisha. True he will go down & happy ones are those who take kenya one step forwared four back . Tell me for how long did he stayed in those posts?

  24. Another boring analysis from a Nairobi Aviation College product. Political analyst don’t reason this way. Ethnic bigotry will kill you Kikuyus have never voted outside mt Kenya since multiparty politics voting started in 1992. My question to professor did Raila restrict them? Nooo. You voted for Uhuru your Kikuyu tribe did Raila force you to?, Nooo. Eti Raila is Moi’s ophan , eti professor professor my foot.

  25. I remember some years back 2012-2013 a certain guy called Koinange was really mentoring his cousin in K24 by elusively undressing the evil of the opposition,, until his cousin, clinged to power,,,, now I see the same in another culminating way,, perpetuated by a third persona

  26. Mr. Wainaina, in this modern age of communication, we already know who you are fronting for in disguise. In fact, I am blocking you from my wall immediately. I urge others of like mind to do so. You should come out in the open and tell us that you are campaigning for this wretched and ever lying govt. You want to tell me that you also still believe in the fiasco of bringing development closer to the people? Don’t we all pay taxes?

    • Block me. That is OK. You may want to show the other people you are asking to block me where I have campaigned for Jubilee. Criticizing Raila and CORD is not campaigning for jubilee. Unlike you, my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. From where I sit, there is no difference between the two.

  27. Well well, as long as you don’t talk for us, you are against us. When people say 2million votes unaccountable for. Who said these votes went to jubilee. Is there a possibility that they were cast in favour of CORD? In Africa, Losers in election will never accept the result as long as winner take it all remain.

    • This winner take it all is a myth. It is nonsense which has been spread by the Kenyan political class who are not terribly intelligent. When you win you take government and govern. That is how democracies work. For example, if Trump wins, will he form a mkate nusu government with Clinton?

    • No #Professor. He’ll look for qualified American citizens to work in his government. American citizen on the other hand will forget about 2016 election and get busy building their nation.

  28. Prof you are very articulate, but until we stop viewing everything from a tribal angle, we will continue dancing to the whims of these tribal demagogues. I agree with you-we need a new and relevant political narrative.

  29. Professor the article is so informing and articulate. In fact those who are not informed by what you have pen down are burying their heads in the sand, they will be surprised when that time comes.

  30. let me hope next time you gonna talk about the other side where you come from, hii siasa yako ndo ya ukabila,ukora na upuzi,we are having a president who is not perfoming bt wewe kazi yako ni kumulika CORD,,,kumbe there are no kenyans but ethnic groups living in a place called kenya!

  31. Tony Wambi

    Thanks Prof for the good piece. but one thing sir, Raila was not responsible for carrying out the ODM party elections so he couldnt have been held responsible for the that nasty outcome or otherwise men in black, their was an electoral board. second, Raila is a true defender of the rule of law thats why he challenged the 2013 outcome in court and not the streets and even accepted the court verdict which didnt favor him, this is cos he was defending the constitution he fought so hard for, and lest u forget,our own DP who is in office today opposed this constitution. politics is a dirty game,you cant be in it and keep clean.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Tony, this is the problem with the country. The politicians survive on impunity and their followers are not willing to hold them to account. You are making for Raila the same argument that Uhuru supporters make for him. He is not responsible for anything, yet he is the president. Why this is pure hypocrisy on their part and stupidity on the part of their sycophants is because they are willing to take credit for what goes well but not take responsibility for what goes wrong. This is called impunity. Tony let me ask you, what would Raila and his supporters say if the elections actually went well and were a paragon of free and fair elections? We would never hear the last of it. How Raila is a great man. How he is democratic and organized. How he is the only man in the world capable of organizing and delivering on free and fair elections. Now that it went badly, it was not his fault!! Really? You are even willing to go ahead and say he is dirty not because he is incompetent and compromised but because politics is a dirty game and he has to be dirty. Tony, we will only get the leaders who will take us somewhere when we are willing to call them out for their ukora na upuzi and hold them accountable. For so long us we give excuses for them, we are stuck with a rotten bunch that only knows politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi!

  32. kihara njuguna

    Great articles prof. Now that we’ve established that our politicians are a bunch of tribal bigots, incompetents, looters, ethnic bulkanisers ,where do we go from here . You realize they’ve ever decided for us who we’ll vote for as far ahead as 2022. The premise is that we don’t have rational minds to make our own informed choices. We are brainless to be herded around like lost sheep. What choice do we have, coz you know as we as I do that we’ll vote along tribal lines for the foreseeable future. Who will save us coz clearly we are too dumb(most of us) to save ourselves.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Njuguna, people are not too dumb to save themselves. Our problem is what is called the danger of a single narrative. Tribalism is the single narrative of the political class. They have fed it to the people without an alternative narrative because they do not have one and tribalism serves them well. So what options do the people have? They either vote for “my” tribalist or vote for “yours”. Of course they vote for “my” tribalist. The only way out of this dilemma is a new non-ethnic political narrative. If people are given a viable well articulated option to the tribal narrative, they are not stupid, they will listen and they will vote these tribalists out by 10am. Put differently, our problem is not a problem of tribalism perse, that is the choice of the political class. Our problem is lack of imagination. We are unable to imagine something other than the tribal narrative fed to us by the politicians. If you remember the presidential debates of 2013, the only people who had a political narrative to sell to the people were Uhuru and Raila. Tribalism. And they had sold it long before the debates. The debate for them was a waste of time. They had already locked their tribal blocks and they were waiting for the elections. By just looking at the voter register, a political analyst was able to predict easily who was going to win and by how much. The people who needed to use that platform to articulate something different were the other aspirants. Unfortunately, all the other aspirants DID NOT have an alternative narrative for the people. Can you remember what anyone of them said except probably Dida? This is the problem. All presidential candidates outside the tribal narrative are wannabes. They have no viable alternative political narrative to beat the dominant single tribal narrative of the current Moi-political-orphans. Their spectacular failure in 2013 made the people believe that the tribalists will rule us forever. They wont. All you and I need is to articulate a new alternative non-ethnic political narrative. This requires political genius. Not wannabes who think they can run for president just because they know how to speak English.

  33. Prof,you have fallen short when the test for innate intelligence was thrust to you. Intellects argue isolatively, never in general scopes.

    Is the concern really about how many times Raila thinks the elections were stolen or INDEED how many times the elections were rigged. I was waiting for you to – with facts – discredit his narrative. U opted for a blanket statement “every time”… Now I put you one peg down amongst sharp minds I revere. No time for rookies masquerading as professors, or you r a an animal science professor trying to find groove in politics. It flopped.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      My friend, the point of the article is not whether the elections were stolen. That is a different topic. The point of the article is he stole his own. Had them run by thugs, accepted the fact and moved on. He has never repeated the elections supposedly because he was satisfied with the results. The point is, what moral authority does such a person have to pick issues with anyone else’s elections and whether they are free and fair? My friend, the politicians will never change until we the people stand toe to toe with them and call them out for their nonsense and hypocrisy.

  34. Professor Michael Wainaina -PhD ….reduced to a third rate columnist!!! Raila was a candidate for party leader in ODM, is it the work of the candidates to ensure the election is free n fair? What if Ababu was afraid of losing to Dr Agnes Zani n opted to develop a counter-active theory through the men in black?

    Asking why in 2013 there were no chaos yet there were claims of rigging? Really? That shallow. It saps my confidence in you as an observer to learn that the SENSE OF FAITH IN THE SUPREME COURT is what stiffled chances of a 2007 recurring. If you think it is the ICC spectre, wait until “they” steal 2017 now that faith in the supreme court is gone.

    • Ua post is full of hypocricy and should b discarded as such. Baba is known to select odm office party bearers and no one should go against his wish. Look at what happened in Nairobi mbuge la mcas. Has he condemned the violent act? He can’t bcos violence is odm.

    • Charles Kariuki show me which official was selected by BABA as you claim…and I hope with your facts right.

      Is it the work of Raila to control and comment on what happens in County Assemblies? You want him to condemn the violence as who?

      You are saying violence is ODM, is it ODM that was removing people from matatus and cutting their heads off in Naivasha 2007???

    • So is it Raila’s duty to oversee elections in a party that has an electoral board?

      You want to ignore the priority of any party being to sustain itself and stem its internal strife…ODM did that through compromise democracy and it worked for the while.

    • Ochieng, Yours is not an easy task. It is very difficult to defend the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee. Yours is not an easy task. I honestly think that it is easier to call them for what they are clueless, tribal and corrupt and seek a new non-ethnic political narrative and a new leadership. Reading from you try to justify the thuggish elections held by ODM and men-in-black leaves me wondering whether you actually believe what you are saying. Defending thuggery? Seriously?

    • Prof we both agree on how the kenyan society should be but we differ in appreciating where we stand and possible solutions that are cognizant of the reality of where we stand.

      Kenyan politics, we agree are pivoted on greed and corruption. Parties are ridden in betrayal and back stabbing.

      My take is that through Ababu, JUBILLEE (Or Ababu by himself) wanted to rock the Cord leadership that is Ababu wanted to loose so that he gets ground to define CORD as nondemocratic. In the build up to the elections, you had heard him talk of the elections MUST be free and fair. That simply meant it was a must for him to win. I feel like he had a ready dossier to prove how elections would have been rigged in favor of Zani. Sensing his too obvious ploy, ODM moved in time to avoid the trap. That is why they forced the sec gen position on him to deny him avenue for complaints since he had the seat he was vying for. Not long, Ababu has come up to betray his original intentions :thereby proving whoever came up with the idea of “men in black” right n smart.

      I am not about to say that is good/ideal, but for the kind of political theatrics that characterize Kenya, it was a politically ESSENTIAL move.

      The reason why I support Raila is because he is not tribal; does not pivot his candidacy on the luo vote but a whole national appeal.

      Like the rest I understand he must be corrupt to some point (the Omondi Carol 3 star hotel saga, and his name in the Kazi kwa Vijana scam) but I differ with you on profiling him as TRIBAL.

      I am not saying he is perfect or any good, but the best in the political matrix of Kenya.

  35. @prof. Supporting a murderous political agenda, propaganda , with such an argument is tragic. I am not an ignorant fundamentalist who only cares about one thing or his loins. How do you build the NATION? Did you know! Monkeys do not need tutorials from olympic jumpers on hoe to jump from one tree to another,neither have birds ever asked the master of aeronautics to train them in the science of flying. What is your goal in this? “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

  36. Compare this and contrast Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nyanza counties are led by Governors from ODM.should Raila not have used this counties to showcase how an ODM government would look like (if he ever ascended to power)in terms of service delivery? The situation in Nairobi is pathetic from garbage collection to health sector, from street lights to water services. I surelyy believe this guy is in politics to protect the Odinga dynasty’s wealth but not for any meaningful ideals.

  37. Am waiting for that time when a spade will assume its rightful name. All these far negative sentiments about this article is a result of political sycophancy that has blindfolded many Kenyans.

  38. True..raila is the most hypocritical politician in of his double standards and an obsession with free and fair elections as if he is always rigged. Raila should admit the modern politics are behold him and retire..Kenya do not need his old political narrative

  39. I agree with you proffesor but u don’t expect a player to change the rules of the game when all the other players have accepted to abide by them. Men in black and wrigging is a rule that has been accepted by all other political players. What matters is how good you are at it.

  40. Rao.Baba.Agwambo.Tinga.keep on doing what you do best…Giving Kenyas looters sleepless nights.We went to the streets despite the.teargass and.Empty threats snd the commisioners are now.packing up.We are the true defenders of Kenya..we await your next order sir.Acha PHD Kanjanja.aongee Coast ni Rao Na Joho …mtalijua jijiiii…

  41. It challenges me that Mr Odinga can actually hoodwink so many Kenyans into believing he is so democratic. Am paturbed. Are Kenyans that ignorant? Atleast someone sees sense out there.

  42. there are people who separating them with RAILA is like trying to switch off the sun so that it does not shine on one of those pple. mimi hata sio raila damu, MIMI NI RAILA MPAKA KWA SUSU. BY THE WAY, your name betrays you.

  43. Agwambo
    Chun piny
    Wuo nyalego
    Nyakep gi obama
    Profesor Dr. Eng. PhD
    Chuor nyar yoo ma waluo ka wadhi migori
    Wuon fidel

    Tell us what we should do next,, now that @iebcgone

    Where should we go and demonstrate next???

    Juok piny wuo….
    Chikwwaaa waaa baba..

    Nyasaye omedi ngima…

  44. For a PhD,your kind of argument falls flat on its very face.why do you want Odm party election to be the yardstick by which you judge an individual? And harping ad nauseum about kasarani and men in black an event eons old and conscious lay ignoring the recent smooth and peaceful grassroots elections is self evident of your leanings. Clean up your act.

    • By The Way,let us wait for JAP wil b the worst.CORD has no problem bcos aspirants wil go back to their parties(ODM,FK,WIPER) and return to CORD with imagin what wil happen in Jap.!

    • Heheheehheee….Men-in-black did not happen eons ago. It happened in 2014. It is actually newer than the supposedly stolen 2013 elections. Have you people forgotten. Talk of selective memory. You and ODM want us to forget the Men-in-Black fiasco and thuggery. We will. If you forget your desire for power next year. For so long us you want to get power, we must remind ourselves that your own elections are run by thugs and goons.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD With all due respect, I think you have nothing to help Kenya! You are just another political apologist. The late Waweru Mburu also came to the limelight on the same premise as yours, on the surface appearing to stand for all what is right by calling out the political class on its b.s. But any intelligent mind could always read the agenda behind the rants and bloviating of Waweru. Before Waweru was Koigi Wamwere, however Koigi might have much for his exenoration, for which I give a benefit of doubt. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about you or Waweru Mburu! I am tempted to call you a Waweru Mburu orphan, although you play from a different platform-Facebook, while he did his trade on radio, you employ the same “Paint them all with one broad brush” tactic with an aim to obscure the ugly truth about your political masters by depicting them as simply a part of an homogeneous group of identical beings, effectively sanitizing them!

    • Albert Ngondi,are you mad with the proff for stating the truth. surely, if Rao was a democrat,his party odm would be the most democratic movement in the country. though Rao potrays himself as the anti corruption crusader but the counties led by his party are some of the most corrupt counties

  45. Very true..With Rao nothing againt his wishes is perfect..After he lost in 2007 he told us ECK with kivuitu must go it was done and we came up with IEBC which after loosing in 2013 he has also rejected them anasema lazima waende.kwani lazima ashide ndio tume ya uchaguzi iwe nzuri la sivyo ibadilishwe kila mara akishindwa?.Thats not DEMOCRATIC as you claim to be.

  46. Very true..With Rao nothing againt his wishes is perfect..After he lost in 2007 he told us ECK with kivuitu must go it was done and we came up with IEBC which after loosing in 2013 he has also rejected them anasema lazima waende.kwani lazima ashide ndio tume ya uchaguzi iwe nzuri la sivyo ibadilishwe kila mara akishindwa?.Thats not DEMOCRATIC as you claim to be.

  47. Prof. Wainaina, the challenge in Kenya is that half of the people (wananchi), especially those who feel left out only see the pretending opposition politicians as their Savior. Are we doomed because the Kenyan opposition leaders are worse than those in government?

  48. we proff! the only tribal guys n kenya is uhuru na majamaa wake wa mt ke. check out odm is not for luo nyanza but all parts of ke. except central. kuna any tna in TNA seat ili win coast kisii transnzoia na turkana? wacha kubeba raila kwa mdomo u n ngunyi r jubilee whistlers.

  49. proffessa you talk well and the points you are raising are factual,but unfortunately you are talking to a people who are radicallised and are drunk with Railakoholic they will not look things objectively.

    • Steve, If you hate the Kikuyu, you do not comprise everyone. Kikuyus are not any more tribal than anyone else. Tribalism is not the lot of common Kenyans. It is the tool of choice for the political class in CORD and Jubilee. They have no other way of seeing the world. They have fed the narrative to the people. And some like you have believed it and now you hate the Kikuyu who are equally victims of the tribal warlords.

    • Steve Crown I really try to restrain myself in responding on this forum due to the respect I have for all my readers, most of who are respectable Kenyans of integrity. Allow me to say thought that it is the height of folly for someone to make such a statement on the simple account that I am a Kikuyu. The vote was secret ballot and you do not even know if, when or where I voted. Just because I am a Kikuyu you make a puerile statement that you “know for a fat”that I voted for Kenyatta and then proceed to say I am pretending. This is the kind of tribal bigotry that genocide is made of. That you can judge people in this manner is not only annoying but it is actually scary.

      For the record I did not vote for Kenyatta because I believed then as I believe now they he should not have run for president as an indictee of the ICC. I also believed then as I do now that the only reason he believes he can be president is because Moi told him so. He lacks the capacity to lead a modern nation and it has been evident in the kind of clueless and corrupt government that he has run for the last few years. Another reason why I will not vote for him in 2017.

      SO much for your knowing for a fact. There are people in this country that think for themselves. When you look at your world with tribal lenses, you see tribal ghosts everywhere and call them “Facts”.

  50. mr professor i dont agree with your cheap propaganda so u mean political orphans only come 4rom other tribes apart 4rom yours we do know how election results r doctored by those in power stop being hypocritical ths game going on in kenya we know it wel

  51. Kenyans tend to think within the box,they don’t look beyond the walls of the said box some actually don’t see beyond their noses.They are petty,myopic and easily impressed by these tribal political demigods who though educated and informed sound uncouth.What gets to me most is the fact they seem to believe in one Kenyan though their coalition are based in ethnic arithmetics.Prof Mike i appreciate what you are doing despite all that ignorance displayed by this misinformed mass.

    • Mutie, this is called the danger of a single narrative. The people have been fed on tribalism by these tribal kingpins they cannot see anything else. It is up to a new generation of thinkers to imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative. The only antidote to narratives are counter narratives. Do not despair on the people, given the right options, they will make the right choices. If the options are between one tribalist tingod and another, they will obviously choose “mtu wetu”.

  52. you have no any right to criticize baba…its because of him that is why we are enjoying fruits of devolution and democracy…its only coz of kenyans nature of tribalism thats why people look down at baba…we will continuously remain in the darkness of corruption and poverty,,believe you mh only baba can liberate us

    • People are not enjoying devolution because of Raila. Kenyans nature is not tribalism. Railas politics and that of his CORD co-principals and Jubilee are based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. It is very unfair of you to blame the citizens for ethnicity and claim that Raila is a victim. He has been going around telling tribes to support him. If he is very nationalistic, why does he have to appeal to tribal sentiments? Do not try to rewrite history. He and ODM came up with the 41 vs 1 formula in 2007. It is only that in 2013 his younger KANU siblings in Jubilee took his own formula and tweaked it to 2 Vs 40 and they won. Raila is trying desperately to put together a wining tribal coalition. How can you possibly say the problem is Kenyans? He eats, drinks, and sleep tribalism. They all do.

    • totally out of point…raila fought everything in intrest of kenyans,,new constitution is due to his effort and devolution falls under it..I totally disagree with you,I believed in you and liked most of your articles but know you are creating question mark in me

    • Just bcoz of being critical to your god. He even failed to remind you of the ford-k elections in Thika what happened after sensing a defeat by the late Hon. Kijana Wamalwa.

  53. Some kenyan hate ro b told the bitter truth as u just did, as a result u can can understand more… even after reading most of the comments. How can u professor, truthfully hit hard on raila and bcoz of ua name expect the truth to b allowed in peacefully? I support u.

  54. Somebody said, if it were not for Raila hatujui tungekuwa wapi, na mwingine akasema mambo ya coast na malindi nkt, we qks r God fearing n our battles He fights for us.Qks’ read these comments n just b wise, listen, understand speak less

  55. You have forgotten yo remind rao and readers of the ford-k elections some years back in Thika where yet again men in black came calling armed with machetes and all kinds of crude weapons.

  56. prof plz analyze this observation n comment.
    If you count the number of our brothers n sisters from central region that are dearly departed and buried in public cemetaries compared to any other tribe u will agree it is way too high.why is this? could it be its beacause they are landless which means that they are homeless? in luo culture a man cannot be buried outside …its true for many african cultures….in the British Gulad it says a man from central region cannot be a kikuyu if he does not own land…now that so many kikuyus dont even have a place to bury their dead,what does this situation tell u….why are our brethrens n sistrens from central region being buried like odieros in public cemetaries….why are they all landless….who owns central coz it surely doesnt belong to the ordinary kikuyu….or did the kikuyu discard the traditional practice of honoring n burying their dead ama its coz mzee was budied in parliament?

    • The land question in Central is a very complicated one. I agree with your sentiments. In fact I can add that apart from being buried in Langata, almost all the slums in Nairobi have Kikuyu names. You seem to be asking, where did all the land in Central go? Who made the Central people squatters, slum dwellers and cemetery-outcasts in their own country? That question can best be answered by the thieving and land grabbing political class that took power form the British in 1963. And that is the problem. The question will not be answered because the son of the person who was at the top of that political class is now sited comfortably in Statehouse.

    • Professor, that last bit of your comment carries alot of weight,,, but if analysed well is ”you” the people of Central who put ‘him’ there… My question is why is that so? If you people have not seen change for all these years your ‘men’ have sat on the big deat, why is change a thing people of Central can’t try? Sometimes i don’t understands!!!

    • Prince Nelson Iranogwa Lanogwa When you see your world in tribal lenses, every thing is tribal. I take great exception in your singling out the Kikuyu as the only ones who vote along tribal lines and therefore the ones to bear the blame. This is dishonest and contrary to fact. Raila for example got 99% of the Luo Nyanza vote and the counts of the other tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee were as high. You only single out the Kikuyu because of your tribal hatred for them, not because they did anything that the other tribes did not do. I have said that for so long as the political narrative is tribal, Raila and ODM are doomed. They will never beat those with the tribal numbers. I have therefore said that even for them, it helps to drop the tribal narrative and try a non-ethnic political narrative. They wont because they have nothing else to offer but tribal politics. So they play tribal politics and the others play tribal politics and the ones with the numbers win and you start hating on them. This is hypocrisy.

    • You just misinterpreted my point Professor if i can say! I’m not singling out Kikuyu’s as tribal, am just stemming from the last bit of your comment, which says,,, ”That question can best be answered by the thieving and land grabbing political class that took power form the British in 1963. And that is the problem. The question will not be answered because the son of the person who was at the top of that political class is now sited comfortably in Statehouse.” Which even if need not be said it speaks whatever words you are trying to put in my mouth! Now back to your latest comments, it seems we can’t help but realize that its not that we are looking at things from tribal lenses but we are actually living a tribal narrative which we only deny by finding an escape goat to carry the blame and assume everything is normal. Tribal affiliation is either way, only that some are losing and others winning and only God knows how? You know what is eating us as a country, the people who know the truth, yet they choose to keep quiet or speak and if they speak its all propaganda.

  57. Wainaina ur name betrays u n unatubore na izi uchafu unatuwekea kwa fb kwani hauna job na ww ni professor ama ni professor wa River Road nwei tafuta something meaningful ufanye cz i cn c uko idle xana

  58. I have read through and grasped nothing. I don’t think I am daft..its just that there is nothing this guy is writing about! He could be very idle to have nothing to do ! …Professors can sometimes swim in their own imaginary worlds.

    • Which court was that and which judges sat on that bench? I remember it is the same election in which charity ngilu participated, and all the losers agreed that they would have to form a united opposition front if they were to dislodge moi from power. They later formed the rainbow coalition which went ahead to win the 2002 elections hands down.

    • In fact Raila is the father of coalition politics in Kenya. The youngsters are simply copying his ideas, they have never come up with anything new for this country. Even now they are busy completing projects started by the first coalition government and claiming glory from them.

    • The truth is that the entire opposition including Raila’s NDP agreed that the 1997 elections were seriously flawed and supported kibaki’s move to go to court to challenge the results only for raila to shamelessly betray them by folding NDP (the same thing he is lambasting Jubilee for) and joining Kanu. The move was selfish and served personal interests contrary to what he would want us to believe about wrecking kanu from within. You just need to ask yourself if raila would have defected if moi had made him Kanu presidential candidate.

    • Prof. of course it is perfectly understandable for a section of society to want to deny him such recognition, but somebody once said, even God Himself cannot change the past. The reason why you have probably lost count is that you haven’t been on the receiving end of a system that doesn’t work for you.

      Going back the subject of whether or not he conceded defeat in 1997. What court did he go to and who were the presiding judicial officers of that court?

    • Nick Ireri what was considered flawed, was the fact that the president had won with only 30% of the total vote. NDP was folded up in 2002, just before the 2002 elections and can therefore, not logically have been wound up during a pending election petition unless you say the petition was to be done in 2002 for a 1997 election.

  59. Prof its good that you’ve analysed it based on what you think my first questions to you was 2002 election fair according to you, secondly how would you feel if you have won a match and its very clear that indeed you have won then only to be told that you have lost ,in 2007 the election were stolen and you have to agree prof in 2013 when raila lost fairly because even the supreme court confirmed that through ruling the case on jubilee favour….if there is a person to end tribal politics then its raila
    1.he is the uniting factor to all Kenya because he has support from all the parts of kenya…tell me instances where raila has been has shown that he is a tribal leader

    • Otieno, You make big claims and I am not sure that you can be convinced otherwise. He did not accept defeat in 2013. He conceded and has been going around the country claiming the elections were stolen from him. He has been traversing the country telling tribes to support him. Luhyas, Kisiis and Kalenjins seem to be his point of interest. I 2007 he was the first presidential candidate in the history of this country to turn tribalism into a formula of winning elections, 41 vs 1. In 2013 his younger KANU siblings in Jubilee took his formula and tweaked it to 2 vs 40. If he does not drop the tribal method of mobilizing in 2017, he will loose.

    • yes prof its true raila has been traversing telling tribes to support him looks at the tribes he has visited luhyas,kisiis, kalenjin thats enough to show you he isn’t a tribal leader not only those tribes has he visited he has like almost talk to all the tribs in kenya to give him support to the country’s top job unless I dont understand the meaning of a tribal leader? And if he was tribal he could have only intensified his campaign in his backyard that is luo nyanza yet its clear he walking all over Kenya..raila ain’t a tribal leader prof

  60. ODM has only one woman, Millie Odhiambo who was nominated to vie for the position of Member of the National Assembly in the universal contest. Not so Democratic my friend.

  61. A sheep’s skin on ones head with several initials at the end of ones name is not a guarantee to wisdom..! that is what Politics as a science entails. You don’t just call elections for personal political mileage; you can as well nominate as provided for..! Read Abraham Lincoln’s as #POTUS biographies #AMERICANEMANCIPATION! during and after the civil war!!!!

  62. This is bullshit u wanted raila to declare war again look its so sad that in this era when people r now voting for tribe look at the price of sugar we are paying debt the kikuyu are stealing so as waiguru can buy innerpant siku hizi all top government job are either kikuyu or kalenjin ruto n uhuru are speculating they are forming a government that will unify all kenyan while the cannibal are kiuyuks who eat meat n if raila dont overthrow the government my son will

  63. Majority of the politicians in Kenya are actually a fraud. But when we talk about fraud raila is in a class of his own. From the ’82 coup, merger with kanu,’ 07 election violence, supreme Court humiliation to the unwarranted removal of IEBC, it has always been about raila and how he can grab power and not about Kenyans. The fact that he commands such a huge following is a manifestation of how far we have sunk in placing no premium on our conscience as a nation. If we had any sense of political values, we wouldn’t touch raila even with a thirty Metre pole, politically speaking.

  64. Rails does his work well note he deserve to be voted official Opposition Leader. But my worry is after 2017 he has no one to take over his role coz he killed all potential leaders from his party and backyard. I wish him long life to see the country being led by humility to serve not to demand. Kindly ensure you give us a strong opposition after 2017 when you retire.

  65. nice article pro. bt one thing you have over looked is i” in a battle ground without rules, a solo sole’s sanity can never surface a solution. Raila has tried to sound a concern, that a country made of bare knuckles bleach of all that is right is destined to perish. He doesn’t cause that mayhem, he is the watch dog that falls for others so dirty to taste the principal’s kingdom. What should he do? Watch the evil and hush up as you and your irk cook up ire and feed the Fourth Estate, with pieces full of criticism.

  66. I read the comments…..i wonder…guza UhuRuto…..we from nyumba nene.. .matusi…guza huyu raila…..umeguza watoka lake sango….wanjinga sisi wote…at the end of the day shinda yako n yako peke yako.matusi ilirushiwa UhuRuto ati euroboard, hatukugawiwa,sasa ni kenya airways…raila amegawia wangapi? Tusitumie akili zetu kama kofia.

    • Mwangi I hear you. This is what happens when the country is in the grip of a single political narrative, tribalism propagated by a degenerate political class in CORD and Jubilee. What we need is a new non-ethnic political narrative. Politics is about narratives. Seen this way, our problem is not of ethnicity perse, it is one of imagination. inability to imagine an alternative.

  67. ODM affairs should nt bother jubilee.As members of the party we knw hw we will do it.Wetha we will give a direct ticket or nt,wetha we will do a fair election or nt it should nt bother u.What we want as a party is competent leaders nt thugs and we are ready to give our pple the best leadership thru all means.Wateva is fair for us must be unfair fo u and that isnt our business….

  68. Dear Kenyans, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have previously said that our local Universities in Kenya can no longer defend their mandates because most undeserving individuals, individuals with no incisive thinking or known commitment to innovative, novel ideas or cutting edge thinking have been given titles that they don’t deserve at all. Political mercenaries of a very pedestrian calibre have been glorified with positions that they have no idea about. Look at what someone who goes by such a hallowed title has written for public consumption. Besides being presented in a language that’s hardly intelligible, it smacks of deliberate distortions and overt biases. I am writing this article from an Ivy League institution in North America where I am discharging my intellectual and scholarly responsibilities as a Visiting Professor. I can assure you that there is no University out here that can tolerate such half – truths and untested statements coming from an academic. These things can only happen in Africa where degrees are confused for education, and academics mistaken for scholars. These people are paid from public coffers, but share views that every tout or vegetable vendor can easily share. What then makes them different? When academics fail to appreciate their huge responsibility to humanity, and instead join the rat race for morsels dropping from political dinning tables, then sadly, the country is headed to the dogs. Such people cannot survive over here. But if he doubts me, let him apply for a position at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, California and others in that league. I wish the so – called Professor well. Thank you.

    • It doesn’t matter which tribe u come from when it comes to politics all intellectuals in this country become slaves of their political affiliations &tribes.Its myopic thinking to argue otherwise coz its the bitter truth &until as Kenyans we stop glorifying our corrupt thieving politicians these vices corruption &tribalism will continue to ill this nation for a very long time

    • Mr. Visiting Professor, I hope they will teach you in that Ivy League Institution in North America that you respond to the content of any writing by making logical counter arguments and providing evidence contrary to what has been provided. I also hope they will teach you that a long tirade attacking a writer and substantially responding to nothing they have written is called ad hominem drivel. And for clarity’s sake, we do have higher institutions of merit in this country. It is easy to insult them perched in the Ivy league institutions in North America. I am comfortable with them and have no desire or intention whatsoever to apply to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. Titi la mama ni tamu ingawa la umbwa. Had you responded to any of the issues in the article I would have had something to respond to.

    • Michael, how are you? My intention in that write – up was not to address the issues because, there was none, except for bashing of selected politicians at the behest of either paymasters or tribal kingpins. All I did was to advice you to give a wide berth to politicians, especially those who want to use you as a mercenary. You have a much higher calling than what you have condescended to. I don’t think I want to engage in a rigmarole. Let’s leave it at that if you cannot take my advice. That trajectory you have chosen is weird. I rest my case.

    • Vincent Okoth Ongore There is no need to sound complicated as if you need to confirm to yourself that you are in the Ivy leagues (whatever that means). My engagement in politics is a matter of choice. Something you cannot appreciate because you think that everyone is for sale. If you have such a low opinion of politics and imagine that intellectuals engaging themselves in politics are lowering their “higher calling” then you are in the wrong space. This is a political space. Go back to the Ivy League and engage in idle theorizing and whatever else they do at the academy. FYI, been there done that. This forum is a confirmation that I believe in political engagement and at the level of the people. You think you are brighter and better than them because you are abroad and in the academy. You are not. I think being educated should have taught you how to distinguish platforms. When you realize that you are in strange territory, just retreat to your familiar zone. You cannot go through life dictating to people what they should or should not do. I know you think you are good enough to do it. You are not. And most other people don’t care. There is life outside the academy and we who are open-minded enough to engage it will engage it on our terms, on our space and without apology. ADVICE REJECTED!

    • These guys from the lake believe great people of central are the source of their problems…. They are always very bitter with us.
      Stanley orondo the uncircumcised are always uncivilized… The Kikuyu league is so high for you to reach..

    • Gavana Johnie Carson, hi. I am writing this piece from North America where the majority are not circumcised. So, you think White Americans, Europeans and Chinese are not civilized just because they are not circumcised? In some parts of Germany where I was a few weeks ago, circumcision is outlawed. But, of course, German engineering is the best in the world. So, what is your point?

    • You are right, Michael. It’s wrong and demeaning of a Scholar to do the sort of things that I am seeing here. You must give politicians a wide berth unless they commission you to conduct a scientific research. Don’t allow them to use you in a hate campaign against their opponents. This diminishes the value and legitimacy of scholars as custodians of moral and intellectual compass. Please don’t be a purveyor of hatred on behalf of paymasters. The society looks to us to create bridges, not fissures. Universities in the West have codified knowledge, and therefore cannot take hogwash camouflaged as facts. Scholars here are constantly held to account on their statements. Good luck.

    • Vincent Okoth Ongore I am surprised that a “scholar”can say that we give politics a wide berth. This is very bad advice. You should know that. Unfortunately, you do not even seem to understand what I stand for. Why I write. You, unlike what your scholarship expects of you, have jumped into judgement before you understand. It becomes very difficult to engage with someone who is commenting from a position of ignorance, and I suspect of hate. The article with the highest number of comments and I guess insults in my blog should tell you I am not and can never be anyone’s hireling.

    • Michael, we have a responsibility and an opportunity as scholars to change the way Kenyans view their country, to cement the gaping ethnic fissures that constantly threaten to tear our country apart. But we cannot succeed when scholars at home continue to whip up tribal animosity on behalf of politicians. I said, and want to repeat here that the only time a Scholar should get close to politicians is when he /she is called upon to give scientific advice. I have reviewed what you are referring to, and subsequent ones, and obviously, there is no trace of scholarship in it. My brother, don’t put your faith in politics and politicians. They all stick together like bananas, and none of them is straight. They will abandon you when you need them most. Please upgrade your scholarship to scientific level, and release titles that may block your progress. Check what scholars in leading schools are doing in knowledge creation, and get the fire burning in your belly for better scholarship. That’s what scholars are called upon to do, not pedestrian, partisan statements about politicians and communities. I beg you my brother, identify your calling and enhance your capacity in that area. Politicians will mess up your young career. Ignore whatever titles you have been given by these third world universities, and aim for universal scholarship. I rest my case. Thank you, Sir.

    • Patrick Ngooro you are talking of people dying like a housefly ok go and do your statistics on number of street children, prisoners and squatters then give the biggest percentage of which community, almost 30yrs in leadership but poverty is still at epitome.

    • Vincent Okoth Ongore This is not scholarship. This is politics. Deal with it. It is you who is in the wrong place, not me. Go back to the Ivy League University. I am very satisfied with third world Universities and pedestrian engagement about politics. It is my “high calling”. If you imagine that a high calling is writing academic papers that only your peers can understand, you are wrong. It is just a calling. Not better or higher than the farmer called to plant maize, the singer called to do music, the mason called to build or a professor called to blog about politics. Drop that uppity mentality of Pathetic African Scholars who think that God is a white professor in an Ivy league college.

    • stanley orando u will never see kikuyus wakikalia rami na kurusha mawe au wakiomba serikali tusaidie we trust mwenenyaga nt politicians.other countries have street children and prisoners and thy r not kikuyus.

  69. In this post you have not given us the both side of coin sioni one of moi project you seem to hide him alot yet he is his main project hehe put his picture and name hence you are selective bt thats my opinion i stand to be corrected sioni picture ya our prezzo?

  70. Ogara william

    So my brother, if he clears the ‘luos around him’ you talk about and calls you in, what impact will you bring to ODM?