Mr. Onyango Oloo, you were used to sanitize tribalist crap called TNA then spat: ODM will chew you up.

Like your former boss in Jubilee likes to put it, “Myyyyy friend, umepangwa”!! You very mistakenly believe that your defection to ODM is an event of national importance. It is not. It is of high drama and comic value to the media. Just. Please stop running around shouting you have secrets and strategies and heaven knows what else. Like they say, when you are drowning you hold on to anything, even your own shadow. The day you heard them say they were to fold their tribal crap called TNA and merge into a bigger heap of tribal garbage called Jubilee Party, that is the day you should have known that your goose was cooked.

Your biggest mistake was to believe the TNA hype with their dubious call of “I believe”.  It looked real but it was a mirage. A big one. You imagined that TNA was a real political party and that you were its Secretary General. Wrong. TNA was tribal crap. An ethnic briefcase that Uhuru Kenyatta needed to galvanize a tribal constituency and haggle in the tribal political brothel that he and his tribal kingpins have created. But he couldn’t say that. It is not politically correct. So he created a mirage called TNA and he needed to give it an aura of respectability, a “national” face. And that is where you came in. To sanitize the tribal crap. You were simply a sanitizer. You became the non-Kikuyu face of the tribal briefcase, until the owners needed a bigger briefcase. You suddenly found yourself holding a Secretary General job in a party that did not exist.  Myyyy friend, umepangwa!

Having said that, I find your tantrum uncalled for and your reaction to your situation self-righteously amateurish and self-destructive. I will tell you why.

While I agree that your former boss in TNA did a number on you, always remember, HE MADE YOU. Let us face it. Who was Onyango Oloo before Uhuru Kenyatta took him in to sanitize the defunct TNA tribal crap? You may need to answer that question yourself because, honestly, I don’t know. Personally, the first time I heard of the name was when I saw you on a dais making a speech at the launch of TNA.

I was underwhelmed.

First, I knew that you were part of a scheme by tribalists to sanitize their tribal crap, and secondly, honestly, you were trying too hard. Your speech demonstrated that you did not know you were a pawn in a grand scheme that did not involve you. You were a hired mouthpiece. You believed the hype. You quickly grew into the role and became one of the staunchest defenders of Jubilee tribalism, thievery, cluelessness and arrogance. You rendered your eloquence to the defence of wala nyama, until your share ran out.  I have to say you served your masters well. I hope you had enough nyama while you were at it. For you to expect anything else apart from that is to overstate your value. You were used, yes. But any premium you can now claim in the political space comes courtesy of your benefactors in the defunct TNA. Thank them. Were it not for them, you would still be whatever it is that you were before they made you their hired mouth piece. Myyy friend, be thankful.

This brings me to my second point. Your new move is self-destructive and demonstrates you are not as  politically astute as you would want us to believe. You had many options, and you chose the worst of them – to deliver yourself to Raila and ODM. You chose to run away from the hyenas and deliver yourself to the vultures. Myyy friend, utapangwa tena! They will have you for lunch!

Before making this move, you should have consulted a one Ababu Namwamba, the General without an army. He would have told you in very clear terms “ODM ina wenyewe”. And you are not one of them. When you were busy defending TNA and Jubilee excesses, Ababu was equally busy defending ODM mediocrity.   He is the only known living being to have sworn allegiance to a Raila Odinga Presidency in the floor of parliament. He thought he was it in ODM. Until he grew too big and the owners of the party grew very concerned. When they went for ODM elections in Kasarani, the owners of the party unleashed men-in-black on him. They are the unofficial ODM elections board. Then he made what in politics amounts to a career mistake. He accepted a boardroom deal, a poisoned chalice from his tormentor Raila Odinga, what he later came to refer as a “gun without bullets”. Why he didn’t check if the gun was loaded is a story he would have to tell himself. Like many people before him, he left ODM in a huff. Crying of treachery, betrayal, harassment, a victim of a party leader who is conniving and duplicitous. Welcome to ODM.

My advice to you is that you should heed the advice given by Kalonzo Musyoka about the political class. He says that Kenyan politics is a dirty game and there is no truthfulness or honesty. That only those who are conniving, cunning and liars can prosper. Because you build a career attacking CORD, you are of the very wrong view that these are two different entities. They are not. To quote a former British politician, they are two cheeks of the same arse. Your moving to ODM only has dramatic and circus value. Another hype. Once the excitement has died down, you will see that ODM is another mirage, albeit a bigger one. You may not have been listening, but Ababu did say that there is no room for growth of political talent in ODM. If they smothered him, what is a jilted former Jubilee mouth-piece with an exaggerated sense of political value? You have left the guys who made and spat you for the guys who will finish you. Myyy friend, you were used to sanitize tribalist crap called TNA then dumped: ODM will chew you up.

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  1. But prof for real,why do u have such immense hatred against U.K….samthin samwea must be wrong….u always talk grt points bt end up with negativities of Uhuru…hasnt Uhuru done anything gud in ua own view

  2. The fact of the matter is, the people we voted to our nation’s leadership are below par. 53 years, we have tribalists and egocentric power brokers running the government and 47 years later we will still be damned if our choices will be this ilk if we don’t forment a REVOLUTION NOW!

    • Thuo Daniel definitely not anyone in power now, was in the last 53 years of independence and is planning to continue the fallacy of royal hood towards Kenya’s centenary mark with this bigotry of corruption, tribalism and blind greed. We need to stop class, tribe and wealth meritocracy as ideals to voting people into leadership and look at their economic and nationhood ideals that they hold for Kenya and if not any, reject them out-rightly. Can you imagine that none, Uhuro, Ruto, Raila, any of these people trying to vie are talking about economic leadership and can even debate good economic leadership or even their parties’ political agenda for the Kenyan nation? REVOLUTION NOW! must start by us questioning and thinking critically…no longer tribal-ly, no longer with laziness, no longer wirh self-doom

  3. Professor..i think i have followed ua arguments for a while now..1st..which political group do u belong or support…because i dont get it when u say any political reader is an ethnic king blows my mind coz that can only work when eg raila stands in nyanza and tell luos to hate him and he does not need them and uhuru vise vasa..u start at home first..if ua father is a drunkard u dont publicly deny him..he dont cease bieng ua dad..2nd u hav to accept kenya is led by a government not army..meaning if u r not in u r out..and that govt is elected by pple by votes by nature of ethnic king..remember 2007..they were saying 41 against 1..why???is it becauze the man did not govern well???

  4. I agree with you on this one. Onyango Oloo. “Oloo” can be literally translated as O- soil. The guy has soiled himself he cannot be clean. Well his action was a good decision. He just disentangled himself from a tribal outfit. His problem though is his desperation for Popularity.

  5. Mr.professor you have written a very long story and make it neutral by attacking both sides so that people can say you are very genuine,but let me hit the nail on the head,Onyango Oloo was not given a post in JUBILEE just like others from U.R.P leaders the likes of Ole Kaparo and those who had bigger posts in other parties dissolved,so as to have neutral and new leaders the likes of Raphael Tuju who was not in either parties dissolved,so saying he was chased away is not correct in fact we heard him saying he was promised bigger job in state house which means he was being rewarded.I can only speculate that mr.Oloo joined O.D.M so that he can contest for parliamentary seat which is okay because that’s the Kenyan way of politics.

  6. We kenyans are funny lot,doctors have been on strike for months which means thousands have been suffering and dying of illness that can be prevented but we are treating electral register like an emergency,why not ask our leaders who are out in fulforce preaching vote registering the fate of our health sector?are we this cheap and dull?uchaguzi ni upuzi ambao hudumu miaka mitano.

    • My reply was intended for me and you “yaani” we cheerleaders who are rushing out to register as if its taking us to heaven,proff message has always that we summon our senses and start asking the right guestions “natuanze na sisi wenyewe”.why do we do the same thing over and over especting different results?who bewitched we kenyans?????????

    • Registering is the only way of hiring and firing hahahaaaaaa spare my ribs hahaaaaa…….means we have not learnt since miaka ileeeeeeeh,means proffs gospel is landing on hard grounds then consumed by politicians,”njigua iimatu no maitu nimarwaru”he who got eyes hears not unless afflicted.

  7. My professor well said. However Professor, my problem with is that you talk of things when they are well past helping stage but with an undertone that you had expected to happen. So you are like a doctor who knows or has the prescription which can prevented a patient from dying but withholds the prescription until the patient dies and the unleashes the vital medication the patient should have been administered in order secure or save his/her life. So is for Onyango Oloo. Now can give Mr Tuju his prescription before he becomes Onyango Oloo or Ababu Namwamba as you intimately noted

  8. You are right prof about the parties but next time you write about them,tell us how else the Pattie’s can be in this kind of political landscape.even if you want change and you are organized it won’t be possible to go without being smeared by the mud.imagine you have to go to town by matatu after your car breaks hate matatu that overloads…can’t you get the ride and plan to advocate for change after experiencing it?

  9. I agree with professor that the defection of onyango Oloo from jubilee to ODM is not a high profile political activity and should not even be treated so. Onyango Oloo is a person who see a thief stealing your cow and even help him to unskinned it shares its parts before coming back to confess to you five years later. I think this hypocrisy of the highest order which should not be tolerated. However there are a few things which may help onyango Oloo to whether the storm and get away with it one being unfair distribution of position in government by the president. How could onyango Oloo the general secretary of the ruling party who represent the face of another community and who was being used to defend the government be awarded with a dead cow in the name of parastatal without proper meat, milk and blood to eat. This was an insult of the highest order. Secondly president Uhuru kenyatta and his predecessor Mwai Kibaki have not understood the psychology of the luo community the way Jomo kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi did. . Luo have psychology and once you understand it you will not even be able to use riot police and Intelligence service. When you see luos calling or praising a leader using a nickname then that one has gained their approval even if they don’t vote him. It shows that they respect and recognize him as a leader. President Uhuru and Kibaki does not have a nickname among the luo the way his father and moi were. Jomo kenyatta was called by two names atwara or Otike wuod wamboi . Atwara means one with charismatic voice and Otike means the bearded one. Wuod means son of. Moi wuod Odongo. Wuod Odongo means son of or grand son of. President Uhuru does not have a name because the community feels that he is biased against them by holding the grudge of election between him and Raila. To luos politics is like a wrestle match where by once you defeat an opponent you stand up you don’t keep holding to his throat the way the president has done to the luo community. His choice of Tuju over onyango Oloo is even a serious blunder because the luo and the Abasuba view Tuju has not part of them so he can not represent them. It was better onyango who could disagreed with luos but at the end of the day they trace their genealogy to a common ancestry. Therefore the position given to Tuju is given to him as an individual Kenyan and not luo.

    • Auma, I can see you are good at expounding on the tribal narrative. Remember tribal bigotry gives rise to tribal bigotry. Expect those whom you refer to as “they” to retaliate with even more tribal bile. The only one who benefits from this rubbish is the tribal tingods in CORD and Jubilee. You make them very happy.

    • Professor there is nothing sinister about that than pure truth . The position given to luos by the government is to benefits them as individuals and not community. Look at Recovery omamo yes a luo but do we know where her home is. Rachel Tuju the advisor to the president. How is that position helping the luo community. He has now been appointed the chairperson of jubilee to be exploited the way onyango Oloo was.

    • Hehee, auma yu don’t need anyone in office to have maendeleo in ur area. Kiambu moved on during moi era. The community should instead ask their area leaders where does all them money allocated to counties , constituencies etc in the budget go??. They steal from yu and lie to u ni Fulani making it a double crap.
      I here of a scenario where one leader I think tuju brought up a conservancy project to curb the poor sanitation and associated diseases in some areas of nyanza, but apparently reaching some area which I won’t highlight, the area king had twisted and hired guys to prevent him from carrying out work in that area, of which there wasn’t an alternative of stop him then I will do it, they were left dining their own kinyesi….. A similar case happened in ukambani on a borehole drilling project, villagers still say no vaa… Trust me ever since I was born I have never heard any mraDi in kiambu. We do everything for ourselves.

    • Lying us very easy. Indeed we live in a post truth world……….many of professor community members I believe appreciate that their kamwana has done not so good but they would rather not admit. Any time they have to show their displeasure and disapproval, they do so by equally blaming Raila and cord even where there exist no link or comparison in the issue at hand.
      Uhuru is President and TNA or Jubilee is the ruling party. RAILA or a party he leads has never assumed that role. We can only compare the current Uhuru to Kibaki, Moi or his father – Jomo.
      These counter accusations don’t help to shape the destiny of this country. We are just stuck with bad governance, corruption, tribalism, nepotism and impunity.

    • Read the comment by sos above Oumar O. Kakumu, we have no reservations about kamwana because at the onset we never expected him to spoonfeed us. We do things ourselves with or without the input of elected leaders. That is how central managed to progress despite the dictatorial and oppressive anti-kikuyu Moi regime

    • Please do not based your self on the here say. During president Jomo kenyatta regime people of kiambu were given loans and later loans were written off under pretence that drought had made farmers of wheat, coffee and tea run at a loss. You think we don’t know this.

  10. If you first had of Onyango oloo during TNA launch then you are a political dwarf, in the year 2002 and 2007 the kisumu east politics that was regularly marred by violence was between Onyango Oloo and Gor Sungu Oloo was a staunch member of ODM and that’s why Raila said a lost son came back and more so Oloo has been practising law for a long time he has even been held a post in lsk as much as some of your argument is okay most of your arguments are shallow and lack Kenyan political touch

  11. Nkt…This are decisive force in the society called prof. They can’t pay attention to problems affecting Kenyans instead they wake up every morning to spread up tribalism. Why didn’t you comment first when Onyango Oloo joined TNA years back. After dumping jubilee now you see that he was not important. Style up and think critically before posting anything.. Don’t show us your foolishness of defending jubilee as you pretend to be neutral.

    In fact you seem to be useless.
    Respond to rotten activities in government and problems affecting Kenyans and not politics

  12. If you think jubilee is a heap of tribal garbage then it means that all parties fall in the same categories world over. Which is not a bad thing. Political parties are made by and for human beings. All political parties must have members in order to be called, well, parties. All members come from particular ethnic backgrounds. Hence any party is a collection of different tribes

  13. Good analysis prof, I think at the end of the day politics is about interest.. and a politician’s interest is constant at any point, therefore as for Onyango Oloo he is eyeing a political seat in Nyanza and that remains his intention.

  14. Well said prof, Onyango Oloo won’t add any value to Odm, infact he stands to benefit from it if he aspires for a political seat, bitterness won’t help, telling Kenyans elections were rigged over 4yrs down the line is suspicious even to ordinary people like me. He needs to be jailed first.

  15. I concur with u Prof. All these alliances have the same song ‘Tribal Bigotry’….Kenya need to be colonised again for another 101yrs for its leaders to uproots out their ethnic blood in managing Government,.

  16. What numbers does Onyango Oloo bring to the table? What value addition? Secrets of what transpired in 013? Useless infor. The defection of OO was used by Raila to castigate Uhuru as intolerant and fighting “our people”. It was for a moment. And then OO will be forgotten. Kabisa.

  17. This is true. I pity the man. if i were him i wud have gone underground …eat what i got from TNA silently …do another degree and after five years do something bigger. This was such a big miscalculation and will backfire badly. Poor Onyango Oloo

  18. Hi Friend ,Eastern Kenya tunasema Uhuru tosha 2017
    If you think Raila is a good guy and better than Uhuru Kenyatta, just look at his 2017 Campaign Team.
    Sample this:
    • ODM Secretary for Political Affairs……………. Opiyo Wandayi
    • Head of Raila’s 2017 Campaign Team,………. Adams Oloo
    • Custodian of Raila’s Campaign Fund ………….Caroli Omondi
    • ODM Party chairman…………………………………. John Mbadi
    He is one man you should never trust at all. He is the worst tribalist in Kenya.
    And guess what else happened during the “nusu mkate” era when he was overwhelmingly voted in by Kenyan? He appointed his kinsmen to the cabinet positions disregarding other tribes who literally died for him.
    That man is a traitor!
    Just look at this:
    • Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons – Minister – …………Gerald Otieno Kajwang
    • Ministry of Medical Services – Minister…………………………………………………Professor Peter Anyang’- Nyong’o
    • Ministry of Lands – Minister – ………………………………………………………………………………Aggrey James Orengo
    • Ministry of State for Public Service – Minister – ……………………………………………………Dalmas Anyango Otieno
    • Assistant Minister of Finance- …………………………………………………………………………….Dr. Oburu Oginga
    • Assistant Minister of Nairobi Metropolitan Development -……………………………………Elizabeth Ongoro Masha
    • Assistant Minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security -..Joshua Orwa Ojode
    The guys from the coast hate Kikuyus so much that they have been blindly supporting this perennial poll loser. Now, Awiti wants to be Mombasa Governor. A coalition of Luos and Kambas can definitely defeat Joho!
    By the way what happened to millions of Youth Fund that disappeared under his docket when he was the Prime Minister?
    #TeamVote4UhuruR uto
    #OkoaMaskiniWake nya

  19. Its good in Jubilee we have Robert Alai who criticizes Raila and Cord in general and we feel good for him.The same Case applies to Cord who have Professor Michael Wainaina-PHD who criticizes Uhuru and Jubilee in general and they feel good for him so kila mtu aendelee kujitafutia sifa venye anataka lakini sisi wote tutakutana kwa “DEBE” ndio itaamua period.

  20. Prof, you have really skinned that thick-skinned political leech finer than what my grandma does to “warus”.
    Now that you will neutralize, or balance or sanctify or sanitize (ha ha ha) this article with a Jubilee Economic Criminal & Kakistocrat, begin with the foul charlattan, serpently-malicious Moses Kuria!

  21. Prof. I agree with you on the fact that Onyango Oloo alipangwa! I however disagree with the insinuation that either he or Ababu Namwamba were victims!
    Politics is a premier league game. And all entrants to this league often put themselves out there because they believe that they have something to offer; something to trade with. In a nutshell,they strategically place themselves there. Onyango Oloo had tried his hand at National Politics severally before TNA identified his talent. He failed severally because he was a struggling talent in a league with abundant talent(,ODM!!!!). Whether TNA plucked him up,OR he marketed himself to them,we may never know in this period of convoluted facts and myths. What we do know is that his presence in TNA not only earned the party a National face, but TNA accorded Onyango Oloo alot of Political visibility…..visibility that he had been unable to achieve in ODM. You cannot call that a chance achievement. That is strategy…….. Furthermore,being the only notable Luo in TNA, he was able to ride the victim card. Hated,vilified and crucified at home for belonging to an enemy Political party.
    Onyango Oloo’s strategy only failed him because he failed to read the signs of the times and did not have a TNA exit game plan. Or perhaps he did have one,but it led him to a dead end!.
    It is the same victim card that he is trying to unleash in ODM upon his return. Whether it will serve him well or fail him is another topic for another day.

  22. Professor you never highlighted the impact of Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua or Bishop Magret and her son when they decided to return kwao. Why does it pain you so much about Onyango Oloo?
    Do you know that Kenyans are used to your characters that a person is only good and worthy when s/he serves your interests?
    The moment he stops serving you and your interest, that person becomes evil, useless, inconsequential and branded all manners of negativity.
    To you, no any other kenyan from a different tribe other than yours can be strategic in their choices or moves unless they serve your interest. Why haven’t you discussed the impact of Tuju or Sakaja? You won’t because they are serving your interest. …………..tunawajua.
    In fact any person associating with you is merely for financial short term gains. …… wise person can rely on you for political advancement.

  23. After reading this your article i conclude that you too you’re hungry thats why your articles are abit neutral but mostly acidic to cord side because you know cord is full of intelligency hence wont buy u…jubilee lacks intelligency therefore can buy u nowonder you’re more soft towards jubilee side…..therefore no difference between you and mutahi ngunyi.

  24. We Kenyan belongs to tribes even Jesus Christ come from Judah tribe of Israel and his disciples come from other Eleventh tribes.President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee supporters a cross the country are not ashamed of their tribes it’s either you who’s ashamed.

    • Onyango Oloo was never used by anybody to balance the equations of tribes in TNA high table setup it was his freedom of association he agreed to be secretary general of TNA.TNA accommodated all tribes. That’s why he’s free to be a party hopper like ODM nominated mp Hon Mwaura who join Jubilee or any other kenyan.TNA no longer exist after merger of 12 parties that form Jubilee party and that disturbed Oloo comfort.if either he jumped out of frying pan to fire it’s up to him to sort out his political adventure in ODM/NASA/ANC/WIPER/FORD-K/CORD.

  25. now that we are talking tribe, I’m a kikuyu and i owe nobody an apology for that in fact i pride myself in being one. we as Kenyans we should always find cohesion and strength in our diversity this reverse discrimination of making some people feel bad about themselves is ill informed whether coming from a professor or a street lowlife

  26. One credential for anyone to be in politics, is dishonesty to self and others… One ceases to live their lives and metamorphose to something Oloo himself referred to in sections of a news paper today…prostitute!

  27. Just looking at your inflated-for-nothing name. what would happen if everyone advertised their achievements on their names?

    for instance Trump or Moi and all his doctorates?

    I see a case of a village boy wearing a bread wrapper to show the world he successfully ate bread over the weekend!

  28. A gun for hire has time limit,he should shut up and move on,A gentleman does not reveal secrets of his former boss as that shows how dishonest one is,The man corrupted the jubilee nominations and he made a kill,Let him know that vyama sina wenyewe na mgeni hana haki kulalamika

    • I know about it and he knows it too,He destroyed many peoples political ambitions more so in mt kenya region,That is why we have mps,senators and mcas who have no clue on leadership,they just bought nomination certificates from Oloo and he noe claims to be an angel,I still think it was a stragegy from Cord through him to have dunderheads in parliament from mt kenya region who can not even express themselves on the floor of the house

  29. Wacha feelings let him reveals the secret of the so called tirany of nambers what was done in the dark must come to light remember raila when he was sec.general of kanu he defected to narc coalition he was deemed as traitor by kanu members bt nw he is seen as a public figure may as time goes by onyango oloo will take the same foot step as raila watch and see.

  30. True. His shouts of having secrets from jubilee is suspect. We never heard of jubilee chasing him away from high table. This guy’s behaviour is suspect. If at all ODM has been a tribal outfit as the Oloo had always preached from his then heaven of inclusiveness, why he going tribal again?

  31. our political parties have no philosophy at all.What do they pride in? since the days of Rachel Shebesh,Albino Mwaura,Raphael Tuju and even Kiraitu Murungi and Onyango Oloo.People should be assessed on records and backgrounds. we don’t have politcs in kenya.we have bitterness, tribalism, Nepotism, stupidity and ignorance. why is Mama Ngina running to xpresident Moi! These schemes and cartels must be destroyed. There is no secret Oloo is bringing to ODM neither Jubilee is standing for.I support the views of prof Wainaina on this analogy.

    • @Tony, he called Mhesh Mwaura. Please don’t call people “Albinos”, that’s being insensitive and irresponsible with public speech. Now you can continue with your lecture on political defections in Kenyan political arena, and remember it happens from both sides of political divide!

    • As Prof.put it the other time you can conclude that there is no difference btn jubilee and cord since they are identical twins. They have nothing better that we Kenyans are looking for. We only follow them looking at how loud they can use their mouths

    • yes,I will not call him Albino again.Iam very sorry about it bwana Lameck.The unfortunate thing is that I don’t know his other name.His contributions on Radio are very toxic and only targeted at the Luos.He is the worst tribalist in the present dispensation. Defections are welcome but only when they are on policy but not attached to opportunism and tribalism.What reasons has Mwaura given for his defection? He was a nominated ODM MP.Mr. Onyango Oloo was Secretary general of TNA.he could concort anything to befit his departure. Ababu did it.Mwaura didn’t it.he is incessantly saying that he was there on spionage. He has falsely accused Raila of only visiting ksm,Homabay, Migori and siaya.these are the people kenyans must reject.Nationalism died with Tom Mboya and Jaramogi oginga Odinga.Dr.Ouko tried to revive it but was silenced. Raila,wamalwa ,kalonzo and Joe khamis tried to inculcate it in the minds of kenyans in 2003, but their efforts were thwarted by tribal tendencies of the likes of kiraitu and Arap Kirwa..Now it’s worsening.The group have descended into massive looting of state resources ignoring development agenda.where are the jobs? where are the policies? The vision 2030 is gone.Their vision is to allocate funds to various ministries and agencies to be looted by their agents and sycophants. Their vision is to be on 24hr campaign since 2013 only wooing for defections and bashing opposition.They have not read the constitution and don’t even understand wainana has tried his best to educate them devoid of tribalism.Alas,do they listen??.Only to run to various personalties including former presidents to bolster tribalism and thievery.

    • Tony Onyango If the current political class dropped the tribal narrative, they are all sank because they have nothing else to offer the people. That is why I have advocated for a new-non ethnic political narrative to inspire the Country differently. Whoever will have one will one by ten.

  32. I wonder what u would v said about Tigania MP Mpuri Aburi, Isaac Mwaura and Miguna Miguna’s spats with Raila, not to mention Ababu Namwamba and Musalia’s allegations when he was moving out of ODM that Raila is undemocratic now he wants an endorsement from him. Not to mention the shuttle diplomacy of Kalonzo when he was in power for ICC case and later to be dumped and threw a tantrum….When people are in power or associated with power especially in kebya they never see beyond their noses…instead persuing progressive policies they support and persue oppressive ones…Oloo and company and many to come r getting a pill of their own medicine

  33. Prof your memory seems to be too short and so to speak it is expedient for Onyango Oloo to do whatever he did just was witnessed with Peter Kenneth, Kurua,Mwaura,Magret Wanjiru just to mention a few.I wonder where you were because I did not see you posting about their exit.This a clear evidence that you simply want to create confusion but in real sense you one sided. Jubilee just created job opportunity but when the contract is over Oloo had to look for another opportunity.

  34. Nice piece….full of “truth” but I feel you are not hitting the point. This is but a slice of the whole truth behind his defection to ODM. Politics is like business and while you are at it, there are some sacrifices you have to make either for a short term benefit or a long term investment. Onyango Oloo is a Nyanza guy and being that tribalism have made it clear that you cant win a post through engaging in opposing tribal party, you sometimes have to retreat to your area of choice and make them believe in you (denouncing their esteemed political enemies) and they will if not might…vote you in and that’s the exact thing onyango oloo is doing #professor

  35. I wasn’t surprised when oloo defected to ODM knowing that he has set sights on the Kisumu central parliamentary. Knowing the Kenyan media that reports things with a certain aim or political interest the oloo issue had to be fueled to seem as a huge thing. Now oloo’s detection should just confirm how politicians are led by personal interest and greed for power I should congratulate him for studying the political wave and knowing he will lose if he doesn’t use ODM …. It’s t

  36. Most Kényans are politicaly tribal..we prétend publicly how elite or informéd we are ans how we shun tribalism…but you wouldnt ne surprised with our locker room talk..what Oloo has done is his democratic right n nothing is wrong with that dame to Ababu n thé likes of Mwaura..This article just proves …that Prof is a jubilee sympathizer..hé hides this for false intellectual survival pple . ne honest

  37. “I was miss used. HELP.” We know them. They always get excited and over step their mandate. Harassing citizens on the assumption of getting noticed. The shame will exceed the glory of being a sell out

  38. Yes it was a tribal out fit as odm and the so called nasa is also a conglamelition of trbalist led by the king of tribalism one raila amollo odinga a perenial looser. Oloo came home where he belong where even when other leaders from around the country are gathered there the official language is dholuo!

  39. Defecting to ODM is very okay since he wants to run for a political seat in Kisumu. That is the only logical thing to do at this point in time.
    But to keep talking about secrets, strategies and that he helped Jubilee steal the 2013 election, that’s a stupid strategy of getting votes. No one will trust him ever again and as he has rightly said, he’ll remain just an ordinary member in ODM. But his tantrums seem to be directed to his former bosses probably hoping he’ll be given something to keep quiet…I saw some Whatsapp msg purportedly from him asking for 50M for having been ‘thrown under the bus’.

  40. Great times the will to vote again is depleted coz after five years most “leaders” (politicians) have little or nothing to show save the many projects launched very close to the election/ campaign period

  41. 1.we all belong a certain tribe.Its not by choice.
    2.Those political parties have members/people who have their own reason for supporting tose parties and the people who lead them.When you insult a party remember you are also insulting the masses or people who support those parties
    3.Political articles dont have to based on insults and trying to create a tribal scenario just for the sake of likes or so that you can sell.
    4.We all vote with different reasons just like you are a proffessor and another person is a farmer.Some vote for change,some for their popular leaders,some vote along tribal lines and so forth.Irregardless of the reason we vote we will always be kenyans.

  42. When u keep insisting that a party that has MPs n mcas in evry region of this country is a tribal out fit then it really beats logic n not just one or two odm has many MPs in evry region of this country

  43. Yu water Wanaina yu name yuasef. Yu attack jubilee in guise of oloo. Oloo did a noble thing. The roster going back to roost. Any other writing is but an invoke to otherwise painful reality that the mammoth loser with his antic of tsunami has no place in modern politics with such as yu mediocre hatemen baseless without just cause to be given attention

  44. Odm will use u n dump you coz they have seen your weekness. U behaved like a stupid woman who will go bad mouthing a fellow woman just bcoz their relationship is broken. To me thats kidish n thats my opinion!!

  45. Oh “prof”, ur a sadistic. U call all political grouping tribal heaps; vilifying every politician. Do you hav an alternative or it just a matter of babbling na kizungu mingi.

  46. Prof, it’s Onyango Oloo who made a mistake by going back to ODM, and may be assumed rejects as you put it! Why would Marther Karua, Kenneth Peter joined different parties if they mean well to the country not tribal sycophancy?

  47. That’s what we call ‘Survival Politics’.If Oloo is not a tribal,then he won’t have chosen ODM(Just like TNA,URP,etc ina wenyewe)after being left in the cold by ‘Wala-nyama’.
    I agree with the prof. Oloo is a hypocrite n has nothing to offer his tribal kingpin n will be chewed n vomited b4 he can breath in.

  48. I beg to deviate from your perception prof..or is it Dr…your reasoning is more tribal than Onyango’s action..remember it is a constituitional right for every kenyan to belong to a party of their choice..Onyango made his move and it is welcome..Peter kenneth has made his move and it is too can make your move and it will be welcome..Democracy is about choices…so stop forcing Onyango to do what you will have done..all this parties are houses with landlords..the rest are just tenants who can shift at anytine you ask Ababu Namwamba

  49. Oloo needz counselling more than anybody now.he put himself in a fix n now he needs rescuers when they r busy too rescueing themselves.te say goes”if u cant beat them,pliz simply join them”that s when he can b relevant

  50. I think Oloo is just making noise he has nothing to offer.alitumika.was carried away by the title sec.gen…probably he has now been send to spy on odm,should not be entertained as such.aambiwe karibu lakini tuongelee nje ya nyumba kwa gate

  51. The commentary is unnecessarily wordy.What has happened is Oloo as a fisherman found no catch and the pirates had taken even his net.He had to jump ship and the only ship available was ODM.In terms of what jubilee stands for even Uhuru doesn’t know because it stands for nothing. Jubilee will not be there 2018.They will be talking of another party.

  52. All kenyans have a constitutional right to belong to a political outfit of their choice, so prof propagandist, stop your tribal politics, we are all kenyans and no one is forced to support a political movement, you do it at will

  53. This time round I agree with ur arguement though hard it is picking sense 4rm alot of nonsense words…Onyango Oloo is of no economic importance in the opposition…he is a traitor n if akina Rao et al r not keen enough…they will loose it#OnyangoOlooisaSPY

  54. Let the truth remain, Oloo is gone period what else why are the mumbis so worried, where is Isaac Mwaura didn’t he go back to where he belong. To my surprise Oloo is raising alot of questions, pliz accept and on

  55. Any political move today will alway be seen as tribal. I read here and all I see I tribal this tribal that. Even professors think in terms of tribal movements. Even registering of votes has been described as tribal. Whoever wants to move let him/her move to whatever party they want. After all the ruling party has failed me as a citizen and the opposition too has failed me in their watchdog job still as a citizen.
    One day kenya will talk solutions and progressive politics and will vote in leaders as Kenyans not tribe. I am afraid tho with this kind of professors, church leaders, lecturers who think tribal in all dimensions and sermons, we will not live to see that day.

  56. To feed the world with ignorant polical information that you have not done any research is mediocrity of the high never knew Onyango Oloo ,you only only knew him after Tna/urp came to power.that is a fact for you,but oloo is a leader that existed before any body knew Uhuru Kenyatta ,has been contesting in kisumu east more than three times in Ldp/odm before anybody knew about that there will patty called tna.won two times in nominations and denied an old ticket because the patty preffered hon.Zabbir.has a huge following in Kisumu east and central topical odm,only came to tna to make money from Uhuru kenyata bfor his political future.nowing very well that if you must get ODm ticken then you must have some money to buy it He calculated his move well and he is going to to be Kisumu central MP 2017 because he has bought the ticket already .i wanteed you to that before you right anything in your blogger think and know that people understand kenya politics that better concentrate in your Job or politics in central where I think you understand better,paiting Uhuru kenyatta and Jublee brigade a little bit of Mad at start of your comments then latter power out your vomit at ODm briggade so that people reading your blog can think that you are balance is not intelligence but just foolishness that does change your mindset and out are just a topical boy from central Kenya ,bitter with why onyango Oloo has left your tribal King.get this wrigt politics in kenya has nothing to do with ordinary Kenyans but it’s agame to make money..big money..using foolish Kenyans by tribal division .

  57. Too much noise for nothing.The proverbial children fighting for the moon.Time is gone when we had patriotic nationalists in Kenya who could be elected across board.What we have now is opportunistic glambers.Radar less,vision less n of no economic value to the nation.Why does our leaders not shed off the old style.??? Kenya as a nation is at crossroads. Wake up call for all.!!!!

  58. Onyango oloo has outlived his usefulness in JP. He may have secrets for 2013 but not 2017. Unlike Sakaja he has moved on. Give him credit for that at least. Sakaja hasn’t realized that. Watch this space. Atalia chooni.

  59. the truth is that oloo is a luo and he has gone to his fellow luos period. hio sio maajabu and it is of no importance to us after all,he wasn’t delivering even a single vote to jubilee. we even know he voted for raila.

  60. Why should it pinch u soo hard when Onyango oloo the prodigal son gets his way back to his home..when mwaura…the political urchin left Odm where were you to criticise..this is a revolutionary time the gone are the ages wen Kenyans were in slumber…the time has come to out master good for nothing atavistic government with nothing to deliver…who told u statehouse is a personal kiosk…..Go start a kindergarten in ua village at lease ua PhD will b of help there.

  61. Reality in Kenya is becoming elusive prof. Thanks for giving us hope that there still exists realists. It’s unfortunate that people become so blinded by the hand outs they get and they squander their opportunities to serve the country. Once they’ve been used and dumped, they start crying foul. That could be the Miguna Miguna of Jubilee. Let’s see if he has a dossier now that he harbours many secrets.

  62. Your long article is boring and synonymous with your true character.You are social media’s advocate of polarization and hatred.Your peers are busy doing positive research for our country as you concentrate on pitting people against others through your dubious research and silly opinion.Kenya is bigger than our tribes.If Kenya is wiped out nothing like tribe will remain for us to brag of

  63. I tend to sympathize with us Kenyans me inclusive, the new constitution was promulgated in 2010 and we were given access to it so that we can go through it understand and make good use of the Laws, what is wrong with one citizen exercising his rights in the name of Onyango Oloo

  64. its very much obvious thatvu could be attacked frm both sides of the tribes who worships their tribals gods whom overs them nothing bt silly gospel of doom to our nation,very few people can see sense in what u are saying bt the mojority will rebuke u with all their strength and heart deffending wala nyama na wao ni wala nyasi!!

  65. Now Prof, where do you imagine that Obyango Oloo should end up if not in ODM? Can he be elected in Nyeri or Kiambu with that name?

    Why did Isaac Mwaura, Martha Karua & starehe MP get back to thei: own (Jubiiee)?
    Don’t you have anything to tell them?

    As you’ve noticed,in this country, people operate better & safer from their own, any other way turns out to be pretence & hypocricy as demonstrated by all these inter-ethnical coalitions, be it between Moi & Saitoti or Kibaki, Kibaki & Raila, Uhuru & Ruto, Raila & Ruro or even Mudavadi & Raila.
    Your regular posts content is based on criticism with no direction towards a remedy if any & this informs me that you are not an exception for the very same hypocricy that you demonize!

  66. The defection of onyango oloo from TNA to ODM is not important because the man had never added any value to TNA neither will he add value to ODM.Onyango had been in ODM and we know his ability to deliver.But why is jubilee and Mt kenya mafia so worried about his defection than those of other politicians.The jubilee elites have a reason to worry and i support them on this.The reason is onyangos claim on what he have in the store.what is this thing in the store.How jubilee was not elected by kenyans but imposed themselves on the people.Otherwise what is cause of worry.

  67. I like the way Prof expresses his thinking and reasoning here. Some Kenyans here, however, are here hurling insults at such a great mind as this. Its shameful how Kenyans,me included, like running away from the truth and reality. As a matter of fact,this is where we go wrong.

  68. Dear professor…..Onyango Oloo has exercised his constitutional right….why is it such a bother that he has come back to where he should have been.Everyone has a right to be in a party he or she is comfortable with;not unless there are things jubilee is hiding from Kenyans,that they fear Onyango Oloo will spill out

    • You’ve tried to explain wisely but I think onyango oloo and Isaac mwaura are one of the people who spread tribalism coz if Isaac could stay in odm and onyango in jubilee that could show that us Kenyans we are heading somewher

    • Exactly Diego Franko Costa….but sadly our nation is busy with tribalism and corruption….Our leaders who are supposed to give us direction,are the worst examples. #Godhelpus

  69. When Margret Wanjiru n Isaac Maina defected it was bizness as usual bt bcoz Onyango Oloo defected, all hell broke lose. Stop being hypocritical n focus on something th@ can actually upgrade your miserable lives, dummies!!!

  70. I listen to this mshiba nyama za jubilee na kwenda kukunya kwa choo za odm and wondered! He didn’t have evidence to prove Uhuru rigged 2013 votes but he says it’s according to public opinion! Who influenced the public than RAO!?

  71. The more you cunningly try to bellitle Oloo ,the most attention he gets…..we know how parties operate n Oloo has got a lot of things to share unlike A babu who was seen long b4 his target.

  72. Yes professor I agree with you that Onyango Oloo was just a flower girl who was used to balance the equation; but with my little knowledge on our political land scape I interpret the following; when you slightly expose your house in Jubilee and strongly attack ODM on matters that are unresolved by Jubilee I think you are brilliantly defending your “Uthamaki” by technically avoiding upsetting your opposition followers of your biased articles.The fact is that jubilee is in power with massive resources at their disposal which means the numerous challenges we are facing as a country from corruption in state house to corruption in the chief’s offices jubilee is entirely responsible so I wonder how ” vulture” is applying here in ODM just an opposition that does not identify,investigate and prosecute the corrupt nor build roads.So to me your analysis you are pupporting is nothing but you want your social media accounts to remain relevant.