Mr. Raila if you say 2017 elections will be won on 14th February, then you must admit Jubilee won on 18th December 2012

The screaming headlines of 17th January 2013 in the Standard, had Mr. Raila Odinga telling you that the 2017 election will be won or lost at the end of the voter registration exercise on 14th February.  If it came from anyone else I would have said it is strange. Coming from Raila Odinga it is not strange. It confirms what  Kalonzo Musyoka said in his memoirs about Kenyan politics and politicians. I highlighted it in my recent article “Of CORD and Jubilee frenemies and the tales of conniving, backstabbing , liars”   .

“…is a dirty game and there is no honesty truth or faithfulness. That only those who are conniving, cunning and liars can prosper”.

I need not remind you that Raila has been running around since 2013 shouting that the election was stolen and threatening about the next one. Yet, using the same argument he is now using and exactly the same calculations, Mutahi Ngunyi had informed the world that the 2013 election had been won by Jubilee when the IEBC register closed on 18th December 2012. Same argument. He dismissed the 2013 scenario. Now he wants us to believe the same scenario for 2017 just because it is him saying it.


Sometimes I wonder whether Raila believes there is something called truth or whether “truth” is something that only he can manufacture and it does not exist outside of him and his imagination. If the argument he is making for the 2017 elections is the truth, then the argument that was made by Mutahi Ngunyi using the same method and logic in 2012 is equally true. This can only mean one thing; the 2013 elections were won on December 18th 2012 using the same method Raila is claiming he will use to win the August 2017 elections on 14th  February. In other words, he is a late convert to an old gospel.  He is adapting Jubilee’s 2013 method four years too late and one loss to boot. Instead of admitting that he was wrong and failed to mobilize his base to register and to come out to vote in 2013, he runs around shouting that the elections were stolen. Kalonzo could not have been more right.

Picture this.

Raila was making this statement basing his argument on tribal calculations published by ODM’s own Agnes Zani on Page 15 of The Standard of Thursday 24th November, 2016. I wrote about it in an article titled, “For those who refute my claims that Raila and ODM are tribalists, here is your answer from the ODM Secretary General” 

Raila’s point is a replica of Mutahi’s.  That the 2017 election will be won according to tribal voting patterns which can be determined at the time the current voter registration exercise ends on 14th February 2017. He is therefore mobilizing his tribal base to make sure that by the time the polls close, he has “won”. If that is not a tribalist, I wonder who is.

Raila the Pseudo-democrat

Apart form exposing his hypocritical stand about the 2013 elections, there is an even bigger problem to this claim by Raila. He claims to be a democrat. In fact, some of his supporters commenting on my blog call him the “father of democracy in Kenya” (Dont ask!). He has not denied the label. The basic principle of democracy is that the people decide who their leaders will be by casting a considered vote in free and fair elections. In a democracy, voting cannot be an academic exercise where people cast their votes in a pre-determined election whose outcome Raila would know six months in advance. If this is the case, then it would mean there is no democracy and anyone advocating for a pre-determined vote cannot call themselves democrats much less its “father”. So why would someone who sells himself as the “father of democracy” (publicly) make such an undemocratic prediction? ( All of them make these predictions in private).

I will tell you why.

Beyond this dubious title, he has another one -the father of tribal electioneering in Kenya. Of all the elections done in this country, none was mobilized on an overtly tribal construct than that of 2007. In fact, it was the first to overtly be used to turn tribal arithmetic into a formula of winning Presidential elections. It was one authored by Raila Odinga and his frenemies in ODM and came up with the infamous 41 against 1 formula that subsequently sank this country into civil war. I have consistently said that the political class in CORD and Jubilee are incorrigible tribalists who have no other method of mobilizing the country other than tribalism. That is why for Raila, there is no contradiction in calling an August election in February, based purely on tribal statistics. It is normal for him, just as it is for all the other tribal Kingpins in CORD and Jubilee. These guys are incapable of politics of issues and policies. Their political genius or lack of it starts and ends with tribal arithmetic, period!

Whenever I make this argument, I am reminded by his supporters that Raila cannot be a tribalist because “ODM has almost all tribes”. First, this argument is not true. That is why they are quick to add the word “almost”. In my most recent response to this argument on my blog, I told the writer to restate the statement, “ODM has almost all the tribes in Kenya” without using the word almost. As a teacher of English I would mark the re-statement, “ODM does not have all the tribes in Kenya” as correct.

Secondly, even if the argument was true, it fails to recognize the very simple fact that it is not the number of tribes that you have or don’t not have that makes you a tribalist. It is the fact of using tribal identities to galvanize whatever number of tribes you have. So, someone with 40 against 2 is no less a tribalist and no more a nationalist than someone with 2 against 40. It is not the number of tribes that matter, it is the fact of using tribe to galvanize a political constituency.

The other argument they make is that Raila cannot be a tribalist because he said “Kibaki Tosha”. This is a self-defeating argument. If he said Kibaki was able to lead the country as a qualified Kenyan politician, then the the matter cannot be interpreted with the tribal prism. Kibaki’s ethnicity can never be adduced as evidence of anything, its irrelevant.  And if he said “Kibaki Tosha” because of Kibaki’s ethnicity, then you know what that makes him.

The “committed” vs the “considered” vote

A democrat sells his policies to the people and the people interrogate them and if they like them, they cast what in a democracy is called a “considered” vote. This vote cannot be predetermined until the people have cast it in a secret ballot. A democrat recognizes this fundamental principle that democracy is an un-manipulable choice made freely by the people after considering all the options being offered to them without undue pressure, influence or manipulation. This choice can therefore never be pre-determined until the people have made it. This is the essence of a democracy.

A pseudo-democrat balkanizes the electorate along sectarian lines, makes demographic calculations, sure of how a balkanized population is going to vote. He can therefore call the elections even before they happen. It is called a “committed” vote.

In religiously divided countries, pseudo democrats mobilize their faith against others, count how many belong to their faith and call the elections even before they happen.

In racially divided countries, pseudo-democrats mobilize their race against the others, count how many voters belong to their race and call the election even before it happens.

In ethnically divided countries a pseudo-democrat mobilizes ethnic groups against each other, counts how many voters belong to the ethnic groups supporting him and call the election in February, six months before they are due.

A true democrat understands that there cannot be a true democracy and democratic elections on a “committed” vote. They seek to persuade the people to cast a “considered” vote.  Pseudo-democrats having nothing to offer the people rely and mobilize people to cast “committed” votes. Besides military coercion, there is no other surer method of getting a “committed” vote than using tribal or religious sectarianism. That is why the tribal warlords in the CORD and Jubilee kakistocrasy are committed to mobilizing the country along tribal lines.

I once attended a talk at the University delivered by Dr. Julius Kipngetich, then the Director of KWS. I remember him saying that elections in Kenya are a waste of time and money. He said that the IEBC should just do a tribal census, declare the winner and use the money to do something else sensible. The tribal census is what Mutahi Ngunyi did in 2013 and called the election. It is what Raila is doing now and has declared that the August elections will be won on February 14th, six months before a single ballot is cast. It exposes him not just as a hypocritical politician who refused to acknowledge the same formula he is now using when it was successfully used by his opponents in 2013. Then he called it inconsequential. Now that he has “seen the light” he wants us to believe it is electoral gospel according to Raila Odinga and we should believe it. Unfortunately, his embracing of the formula four years after he lost through it simply exposes him as a Johnie-come-lately tribalist, not as the Democrat he pretends to be.

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  1. I don’t read articles starting with Mr. Raila… Huyo ni Right Hon. a liberator, a fighter of freedom, a defender of democracy, a protector of public resources, he’s an institution… Show some respect boy

    • You are a perfect example of indoctrinated individuals who believe Raila as your mini-god. You need to emancipate yourself from this mental slavery. As the article states, Raila, if he were a true democrat he ought to sell his policies to ALL KENYANS and if we like them, we vote for him. He should campaign for people to register as voters in All Parts of Kenya, not Just in his tribal strongholds. He is a true definition of tribalism.

    • You are a product of many years of kikuyu bigotry towards certain communities the result of which is a blinding hate which cushions one from seeing obvious truths. Why do you want him to campaign in kiambu? What did you tell him when he highlighted muranga water tunnel? Please remove the hate tinted specs and you’ll begin to things clearly

    • Ah Pinch Pinchez You have read the article and understood. A guy who has not even read is telling you that you are a product of Kikuyu bigotry. This is what these tribal tingods have produced. We who see things differently must not tire of calling out the tribalists in CORD and Jubilee and calling for a different dispensation. Cheers bro.

    • Blezed Azzuranze Read the article first, understand it and accept or critique what it has said. Otherwise, I will not vote based on tribal lines. I will vote for that person will represent the interests of all Kenyans. Not just people from his or her tribal background. Not the one who says that ‘this time it is ours’ and such kind of bullshit… If you even leave one tribe behind as a leader, you are not a true leader. Besides, I individually has no problem with the Murang’a tunnel as it was a program started by the Coalition government. I do not represent any tribe. I represent Kenya, nationally and internationally.

    • You see problem is when someone starts a political article as Mr. Raila, Mr. Kenyatta, Mr. Daniel Moi he sets a bad tone which gives the reader an attitude reading through. Remember these leaders represent millions of people however unlikable they might be elsewhere. As a good writer having a difference of opinion with a certain leader does not mean you demean their social status

    • You are a perfect example of the same tribal bigotry.Trying to use your interlect to propagate your deep tribal sentiments.As much as you argue soundly it’s easier to detect your hidden hatred and feelings towards Raila.Like him or not ,whether he wins or not,this man fought for many including so many Kikuyu when Moi was breathing down their necks during the so called mwakenya days.Without him the basic rights would be trampled upon by this exclusionist regime.He is the people’s president.The Martin Luther of Kenya

    • Blezed Azzuranze now that is where the problem lies. These leaders do not represent anybody. Tribalism starts when you begin to say that so and so represents our tribe. No one should represent anybody. Leaders should come, tell us their policies, If we like them, we vote for them. If you keep on defending and protecting your so called leaders, what will stop others from defending their “representatives”?. Let us practice sober politics based on facts and not tribal affiliations.

    • Professor in a funny degree …..wish you could argue the way professors argue without revealing which side of their bread is buttered ….your a shame to the professors and PhD holders……

    • Pinchez politics is a game of representation, representing people not tribes. Since 45 million kenyans cannot sit together and plan for the national resourses we send representatives. Leaders are people’s representatives.

    • Mwangi John you know very well the party he leads is useless the same way his supporters consider the ruling party useless.This is revolving around the same issue we are discussing here.Mwangi will never respect Odinga the same way Otieno will never respect Uhuru.That’s exactly where Kenya has reached

  2. Exactly!!! You have hit the nail on the head. We do not have a true democrat in Kenya. Until our politicians stop campaigning on tribal lines, Kenyan politics will remain to be tribal and no one can declare himself or herself as democratic or non-tribal.

  3. This article is written by a useless scholar who see every thing in terms of tribe.One who has sweared to hate Raila Odinga.He must be a hired scholar with Raila Odinga to write on.This man seemed to be haunted by the shadow of Raila Amolo and he should not bring his frustration to us.

  4. Uhuru, the chief Mthamaki, has bought over five thousand armoured vehicles and is transporting sickly cucus and rickety gukas to registration centres is immoral. As if thats not evil enough, he forgets his sex pet Waiguru is catwalking with kenyans millions! As professors like you are sitting on the hot tarmacs, yelling your tongues dry, striking for extra coins! A muguruki like Habbakuk Uhuru nows wants you, yes you Prof, with your PhD to join the government (register as their voters) to get Uthamaki development! Pole sana, Prof…as you continue sitting, singing to that deaf King, cursing on hot roads, escaping tear gas & carrying manilla papers…

    • I do not know what you are talking. My article is very simple, if Raila is right about elections being won on 14th of February 2017, Jubilee won on 18th of December 2012. The other issues you are bringing here are not relevant. If you had cared to read I have already written about that Uthamaki nonsense and annoyed a lot of Kikuyu extremist. Read before you use your own tribal prejudices to judge me.

    • I belong to a tribe, yes but am not tribal thats why i feel sad when people of academic standing go about yelling CBA…CBA…CBA…then sit on hot tarmac awaiting Uhuru’s armoured vehicles to spray you with chemicalled water or teargas Profs…
      Khaiii..You will overcome.

    • David Ooko you are wrong. People who are oppressed have used all crazy means to fight thez oppressions. Du remember the mothers of political prisoners stripping naked to get their release from moi govt? Du remember wangari maathai strippinng naked to secure freedom corner? Raila n company sitting in tarmac to send home the chicken gate guys? Du remember female South African university students protesting while topless against fee increase?……. If a government can’t understand logical reasoning, then don’t blame the subjects!

    • Stop arguing with this man he is not a professor unless he is a professor in bee keeping….. Professors know how to articulate issues backed with facts not settling their person issues on social media……

    • My good Prof, i detest tribalism and all its manefestations so i will not glorify their academic rat-ism with a reply. I still worry for your safety because Muthamaki Uhuru has just issued a ground tilting statement amid his state-trotting hobby that he will not toe the line to Dons pocket whims even if you relocate from sitting on hot tarmacs to sleeping on lakes.
      Prof, He stole elections. He killed ICC witnesses. He pocketed EuroBond. His rela-thieves, Kihanya,Nyokabi, carted away funds for unborn. His sex pets are catwalking with your PAYEE yet an mental goliath of worthy output yells before national cameras & youtube..LIPA KAMA TENDER…is the lowest of all unknown lows.
      Prof as you restrategize how to miss those teargas cannisters or the pepper spray or the fatigue from carrying manilla papers, i will chant a silent dirge to Habakuk Uhuru…God is watching us…*2
      meanwhile to all lecturers on strike like Prof Wainaina, “No Longer at Ease” in the new dispensation.

  5. I hate the sound we luhyas should unite and put our votes in one basket every kenyan should evaluate careful and and vote for a leader who represents the interest of all Kenyans for instance nobody talks about lawyer Murgor cause he doesn’t talk any tribal narrative .

  6. Raila has created job opportunity to many Kenyans than the jubilee government,look at this fool for instance,the guy puts food on the table just because of what baba speaks or does

  7. Prof your article only confirms one thing something is right if it is for the favour of raila and it’s not right if it doesn’t work for him. Now RAO wants us to believe a tale that if he used it after 2013 he should hv rested his case. About 2013 it’s for another day my question is what if the numbers don’t favour him by the end of voter registration will he hv lost even before the ballot ? What if he had a backlash with his other tribal kingpins and the numbers he’s counting are shifted to another camp? The other unlikely scenario is if the political culture of the country changes. If raila will lose I hope he takes this into consideration before bringing out his usual argument of rigging.

  8. Tell me where in the world where politics is not dictated by tribalism ?in u.s we have blacks hispanics so called whites and they vote from a certain point .even if we become rude to each other it dont make any sense.some of these are universalnot uniqueky kenyan .no need to be rude guys .

  9. there is nothing wrong with being optimistic and anticipating your win,every candidate and not only election would assure their suporters of a win to boost their morale,even jubilee does that when they keep on saying the 2017 race is already taken care of till 2022

  10. Wainaina you can rant the whole year about how you hate raila and call him names …you are just an illiterate tribal chauvinist. Education should free the mind youi with a PhD should be freed but you are chained in your Kikuyu mindset and jubilee thievery of tribal supremacists see no evil hear no evil say no evil. You disgust me.

  11. I fail to understand how Raila becomes a tribalist just because he is mobilising his strongholds to register as voters.
    Evry aspirant does that and it is just ok, when Raila does it, it is ‘tribalism,’ seriously?

    For instance, Uhuru is even using gov’t resources to ferry voters in his strongholds to register and it is not tribalism to you. Why can’t that be done nationally..? It is only in “the kingdom”

  12. The foundation laid down by Jomo Kenyatta on elections and governance is what is bedevilling Kenyan politics today .Jomo Kenyatta was always unopposed as Mp and president throughout his political carrier .He openly favoured his tribesmen in allocation of government services and privileges .While Nyerere built a foundation to unite Tanzanians as one nation ,Jomo Kenyatta was uplifting his tribesmen at the expense of other tribesmen from Kenya .Not yet Uhuru adage by Jaramogi Odinga came too earl in independence to register displeasure on how Jomo was ruling Kenya .This style of leadership is still being propagated by jubilee today and is polarising Kenya tribally !

  13. I admire the nonpartisan approach you employ when castigating evil bwana professor…but tell me what the future of our country is when the who is who in the animal Kingdom are the tribal lords who have the muscle to influence anything within and without…what’s the way forward?

  14. #Professormichealwainaina::Your statement and Raila’s are both CORRECT.Jubilee slept on the job in 2013.Just look at the voter registration factor for CORD leaning regions-below 37 on average and the GEMA leaning regions-over 52%.There is no doubt!
    Raila’s statement means they have seen the light are doing the needfull.
    My hope is that he replaced the 2013 technical team.The trick was staring them right in their faces but they failed to see!

  15. Mr professor you would make more sense if you factor in the two million presidential votes over and above other positions, otherwise yours is simply propaganda driven by tribal bigotry.

  16. professor michael wainaina -PHD or whoever you really are, you shld learn to separate political rhetorics from facts, you and your ilk read too much between the line when Raila says something, you dont use the same fine tooth comb when analysing the Uhuru ruto rhetorics, if you are a real professor ypu are very idle professor, why would you take time hrs and hrs analysing a non issue like that, so many politicians even from Jublee have said the same thing.

    • the moment you call Raila my tribal my tribal warload, without knowing you have taken side, that Uhuru is your tribal warload, so what u are doing is fanning hatred and tribal animosity, you are doing war mongering, you are potential war criminal

    • the IDLE professor why are you so sure that 2013 election were not stolen, no one can be sure of that ,why do u say Raila shouts election were stolen,can you cite any instance where Raila says 2013 election were stolen, he has never said that infact after the supreme court ruling in 2013 he and other kenyan accepted the result and moved, this shouting abt stolen elections only exist in your brain, if you were a real professor, you cant expose youself like that by stating s’thing u dont have a citation for

  17. JUBILEE has lost the election by scoring several own goals, the IDLE professor help them explain the corruption cases like Waiguru NYS, AFYA house loot, Eurobond loot, SGR loot when you are at it help them explain the unfulfilled promises like Laptop, Five brand new FIFA std stadiums, among amny others, in kenyans minds they know where to cast their ballot the only remaining thing is to register as voters

  18. your are that kind of person hon matiangi should take away your so called phd i know you had a D- that’s y you are totally confused raila isn’t your neighbour nor your brother calpulute your mindless issues at your own paze and moreover learn how to adress grownup

  19. Isaak hassan was very good b4 raila lost,synovate was very accurate in 2007 bcoz raila ws alwz ahead,kalonzo was water melon bt today a saint bcoz ako na baba,during maize scandle ruto was an an engle and cant steal bcoz he was in odm bt today he is ole mashamba,prof wainaina is very good when attackn govt bt now he is an idio,foolish all names bcoz of this post and when i say raila and his sycophants plays politics of the time without lookn ahead am told i have hatred to him.

  20. you and your kingdom your second name betrays all your thoughts stop hiding behind scholarly articles and be just like your king uhuru and preach tribal politics. have you ever explored the question of 2 million votes for the presidency alone? why? round hii ukuyu if you have to win it has to be fair not thorough scholarly rhetoric like this and mutahi ngunyi.


  22. With phd,you do alot in breaking this country than uniting, alot of destruction than building. Ask yourself if there is anything good you have done to this nation apart from creating tribal animosity.we are not proud of you,your education is a curse to this nation.your an enemy of peace,you cant bring heads together, your joy is to see leaders fight.may the almighty God open your eyes and see what hell your doing to this great Nation. Shame on you.

  23. Prof.Remember there was one time I told Kenyans are so brainwashed by their elitist leaders such that they cannot fathom you refusing to support the tribal govt &tribal opposition…it’s like rocket science or blasphemy.This is how genocides happen

  24. If Raila was a tribalist as u so claim he shouldn’t have echoed ‘Kibaki tosha’ and u seem to forget very first we ar waiting to see ua President who is the symbol of national unity come to kisumu to mobilize for voter registration if indeed he is not tribalist


    Basically i read what Prof. Mutahi Ngunyi wrote about NASA on one of his weekly article with great shocked and dismay of how Jubilee propaganda machinery are using this Don to confuse Kenyans again like he did in 2013 with his sassy Tyranny of Numbers thesis.

    In his said article he typically opine that NASA is a make by UhuRuto, by him spewwing so his intention together with his bosses(UhuRuto) was to confuse opposition, with a hidden motive of making opposition supporters to oppose NASA, since they all know how most Kenyans(Opposition Supporters) hate and detest anything associated with UhuRuto duos or Jubilee Administation, Thus with him associating NASA with UhuRuto he wanted Opposition Supporter(Most Kenyans) to Reject NASA.

    My call is for Most Kenyans to reject his article and analysis about NASA since he is been used by Jubilee propaganda machinery to divide opposition and make opposition supporters and it leaders lose focus nay be confused.

    NASA is Baba’s brain child, that he gave Hon. Musalia Mudavadi to spearhead with a strategy of bringing a strong opposition like that which defeated Moi and Uhuru in 2002. Musalia Mudavadi will be the ring prince politician behind this outfit that will propel Baba for his last stub for Presidency in 2017.

    For now they(NASA) can’t disclose their preferred line up but Mawingu Yametanda and the Kenyan political ground needs Baba more than how they needed him in the last election(2013).

    The Baba we have now can only be compared to the Baba we experienced in 2007 and Kibaki can tell you more about it.

    Lastly in my mother tongue we say “Baba Pod Pek Seriously”

    Don. Baraka Juma

  26. raila is fond of controvacial statements.during kamukunji by election he said vyenye huo ushaguzi utaenda ndio general election itakuwa,his candidate johnie lost and raila lost in 2013 then akasema ameibiwa n he is the one who prophecied that.

  27. I have never seen a professor like you…… everyday talking how you hate a person. With your paramount title “professor “, I wonder where you studied??? What did you studied??? Do your wives read your articles??? I think NO!!! They would have rather changed you instead….. You can imagine if it was a book you were writing……. how was it to look like or capture readers??? You phD should be checked by Matiang’i

  28. Lol…Prof..You sure have made a Good Shot on Tribalism in Kenyan Politics and a Good Example of How RAO. sees and Used the Stratum..But What You havent said Is
    1. The Nature …Polititical Anatomy and Physiology of His Opponent…
    2. Aware that This is Africa .You havent Given Him an Alternative Approach to an Election Competition That We All Know Was Lastly Won on The Same. Tribal Dynamics and Not A Level-ground hence “Supreme Court Pronouncement” Hurriedly Before All Available Evidence could be Given….
    3. Do You Expect Him to Under-Estimate His Opponents and Run around Democratically leaving His Opponent the Monopoly of Bashing Him with “Tribal Uthamaki’s..??
    Prof..Here I sure Ope that You Aint One with That Pathological fear of RAO. .. But I Sure Think That He s “Combing All Areas and Levels ” of Kenyan Political Landscape in a Way Jubilee are Having Difficulties coz of Their Misspent opportunities in Govt and Their Chain of Scandals that have Disendeared them from The National Public Appeal..and I Think This Wheel is Gathering momentum to the Extent That Even The Tribal Kingpinship…May Not Hold Ground Anymore..!!! At the Current Rate of I.T. Dissemination In Our Society and The “Democratic Space” Now available You Cannot Underestimate Anybody’s Ability to Catch up with Your Misdemeanouers…Pole For Jubilee and Its Tribal Nation..coz They Have a Formidable Patriot with a Better Capacity to Slice Thru the Same Tribal Political Landscape..A National Resolve to Rid This Country of Thieves..Cartels..Wheeler- dealers .inequitable Distribution of Public Resources is The KEY..Driver in This Election for The Sake of a Better Kenya in Future..Jubilee have Excelled in This Direction..and All Kenyans Know it..Now CORD/NASA.. should show us Their Performance Once They Get The Cleaning Job Done..coz If RAO accomplishes the Cleaning task..No-matter How at This Rate..Then He Expressly Deserves The Top Job..and A Similar Opportunity to Serve Kenyans Like Jubilee Had..!!! I hope am Not being Tribalistic….!!!!

    • Thanks Prof.. In the Absence of a “Fresh Capacity”..I prefer The “Untested” Lesser Devil..He Might Eventually “The Corner Stone that was Rejected Only to become the Main Pillar of The City.”…Lets see How it Goes in All Possible Fairness..!!

  29. So you wanted him to count the Kikuyu votes as his,or anybody without Kikuyu support is tribalist? You went through school but the school never went through you,you kaimenyi professor

  30. Raila Raila Raila is your PhD about Raila Mr goofy professor? I told you n I repeat Raila is nightmare in your community from insane people in market centres to educated fools like you are WAINAINA

  31. If i can get your papers, I’ll vomit on them.raila and Uhuru are busy encouraging people to register as voters, you instead busy looking for minor thinga to creat disunity. Your acurse!!,be informed.

  32. Rich mind,,,, it’s only God who can deliver us from tribal kingpins via sober minded Kenyans who refuse to play sycophancy. Before most Kenyans see sense in important issues they first CHECK the name,,, am sorry prof your name betrays the rich content of this post from most of us. Our forefathers erred; they sowed the seed of tribalism and we are painfully eating the bitter fruits of the vice.

  33. As always issues based on your background,try to update yourself and remember those are your opinions it doesn’t count in anyway.draw your pen in both sides of politics,like this one you are talking more of Raira his failures forgetting we a government and its president . Otherwise nothing my friend.yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow,each day rises fresh from the hands of God by Margret can’t say what happened in 2013 can repeat itself it’s a lie.nobody knows

  34. Prof, first get your fact, then distort themas. There was no closure of voters register on 18 Dec 2012. If there was, please tell us how mäny were in that register. Last time I checked IEBC were yet to give a verifiable register and this is 2017.

  35. Raila knows that a big chunk of his near fanatical followers believe everything he says.He therefore regurgitates the earlier disputed theories to suit his current political situation.The other day he embraced Onyango Oloo after he trooped “back home” after years of “foreign sojourn” in Jubilee! Doesn’t this doyen of opposition politics think that this is the height of tribalism that he usually scoff at if it happens on the other side of the coin? Call it doublespeak.

  36. I’m appalled by the reactions of the people who do not agree with the professor. He’s within his constitutional right to express his opinion whether it’s right or otherwise. I think the best way to counter the same is to give us your fashion of the story then we will compare whose story holds water.

  37. Kwani umeolewa na raila odinga..every time you write anything is all bout him.. Why can’t you talk of something rather than raila.??or because you are a Kikuyu all you grew up is all bout RAila..what has he done to you ndo kila time umharibie jina..funda a kisii..and being honest ..I voted for kibaki..the same raila said kibaki this time unamharibia jina..jinga wewe..u call yourself. PhD sijui waweru..I better unfriend you Mara that that. Nothing good is coming from me following you.

  38. The father of democracy!You make me sick. When a man uses divisive tactics akin to Nazis in blaming the faults of the country on one segment of the population; when democracy only works when he wins(quit his dad’s party after Wamalwas thumping); Goes around threatening use of mass lawlessness if he doesnt get his way. He has never disavowed use of violence for political purposes; The man is a potential Charles Taylor unleashing violence on those who oppose him

    B4 i wrote this reply to u,i first
    consindered ur 2nd name.and i will continue basically to answer u on that until u urself changes my friend,i hav been following what u write n what u stand for n found those tribal things had been serving u right,to u if continued ur comfortable so long u belonged to the cause,now that it is threatening ur comfort,ur coming out now guns blazing.but pls NOTE this wainaina,it was done,it was wrong,it succeded,it is wrong,it will b done n it will succeed.just b patient n come out n stop pretending,ur more tribal than one can imagine,what worries u is mjinga ameerefuka,ur just living in denial of the proverb “mjinga akierefuka mwerevu yu mashakani”.

  40. the so called called professor upgrade yourself and wright not because when you choose Raila you will have many followers.We are Kenyans and we trust,love and defend our country Kenya,including opposition. What do you stand to gain if you just love Raila this much to always write the same always.

  41. Honestly I have never used this phrase but this “professor” will b the first al use it on:Your SURNAME betrays you….
    Kwani you dint study anything in university other than RAILAphobism…
    If phds make people turn out this way

  42. i would ave agreed with your long sweet for nothin narative if could ,masha,wanjala,mohamed or cheptich but kamau,maina,kariuki,njenga okuyu tupu .NYS,EUROBOND,HEALT SCANDAL IS ua tall order of the day.ibeni tu punda amechoka

    • my friend ,it matters not how gd u try to potray yourself before these our brothers and i believe u cant and will never be better than Raila Odinga or odinga himself who gave power to the kiuks and the end result.they were colour yourself good but one thing is sure the donkey is tired and i rest my case.

  43. Professor,your adrenaline is the muck in your post.If Raila echoes what Mutahi Ng’unyi said about the dead Jubilee tyranny of numbers,why do you bring a rope to hang yourself? Why didn’t u do that when Ngunyi talked of Jubilee dead tyranny of numbers? Is it because he is your fellow? Have you heard Raila direct his followers to call him ‘baba’? Why do u feel ill about the name people have dubbed him? Is it because you have indicated your identity as ‘professor’ yet you don’t see much impact? These are little,kidy,unhealthy illacies! Do you know what tribalism is about for u to be taking about it all the time? The consequences of tribalism can help you define it! Tribalism is a form of discrimination that consequents to desertsation;the discriminated are sent away-they are not drawn closer! You want to believe the issue of a concluded election before voting from Raila on the account that he admit 2013 defeat! How great is Raila that Wainaina can believe the victory of his speach|statement beforehand? How ill is Wainaina,who continues ill fights against one he portray as a hero and who gives him sleepless nights?

    • Read the article. I am making a simple thesis and you are ranting about Raila. Eiiish!! If you want to give a lecture on tribalism, give it to Raila. He is a tribal political wheeler dealer now trying to build some tribal crap called NASA He would benefit from a lecture on tribalism more than I would.

    • Professor,you can gather the illite for your thesis,it is not workable for many.You can’t manage a thesis,it is hard! Not with shallow,irrate feelings and ethnicity.You have touched on democracy,tribalism,but majorly dwelt on tyranny of numbers! You argued that if Raila has ‘almost all’ tribes following him then because ‘almost all’ is not ‘all’,then he too is tribalistic! Is this the kind of reasoning to support your crap of thesis? Since in a school,for instance,all,both students,pupils and teachers, have atleast some knowledge,would then promote all students and pupils to be teachers? What a thwarty reasoning? Isn’t this vague? Can this kind of notion apply anywhere? You feel ill when Raila predicts victory before any vote is casted,just like Mutahi Ng’unyi did to Jubilee by the look at numbers.This is where alot of bile juice drips from your adrenaline! Petty,ill,hogwash reasoning don’t format your culture,it remains filthly-why do want to hang yourself with a name,baba, pple have dubbed Raila? Why don’t you also go on stage and earn yours? A name that Raila doesn,t even include in his identity as you do yours,’prof’! Mutahi Ng’unyi predicted victory for Jubilee before a vote was casted-how did you react? Or because he predicted what you wanted to hear,you rejoyced? The same Ng’unyi has come with a nother one:’dead tyranny of numbers for Jubilee’ Do you listen to news or you are simply ailing of Raila? The latest prediction of Ng’unyi means Jubilee lack numbers and translates to tyranny of number for opposition! Even after making these two influencial predictions,you haven’t attacked Ng’unyi-can’t anybody see tribalism or know that Ng’unyi is your fellow? Why do u attack Raila for reiterating Ng’unyi as Ng’unyi meet no criticism from you? Spare your bile juice for the right function!

    • I think you have a serious problem understanding what I am talking about. It is really simple. You are either reading with a jaundiced perception or you altogether lack the capacity to understand.

      I did not say that Raila is a tribalist because he does not have all the tribes following him. Read. Your language is really difficult to understand, I cannot figure out what you point is however much I try. Sorry.

  44. Prof what you say reminds me of one Miguna Miguna book peeling back the Mask In which he describes one RAO alias Agwambo as a flip floppier or one who has no fixed mind or focused .Although one can say that one MM was a bitter angry man after being fired without a soft landing by a man he considered a friend and hero and thus felt betrayed .Me thinks RAO should have given MM a soft landing may be as a diplomat or Consul to Canada or even to the East African Legislative Assembly since MM still had kids in school and needed to put food on the table .

  45. Something I must give to you Proff, even though you are profusely vulgarly abused on your posts you exercise great restraint not to respond in kind. That does not mean I agree with all the time.

  46. This professor of kikuyu drinks eats dreams of Hon Raila morning lunch time dinner time even when sleeping with his wife ( that is if married) sad indeed. what will. you write about if Hon raila was not a round? No wonder every kikuyu purporting to be a leader must start his address to his fellow kikuyus by the Raila odianga and end same by the Raila odianga. I am sure this people must be having bad dreams at night about Hon odianga

    • Jackson Amima My people are the millions of jobless and hopeless youth who are still waiting for redemption and hope. My people are the millions of women who toil each day to provide so much for so many with so little. Those are my people. In your tribal world you think my people are those I share a name. You are wrong.

    • Good morning Michael wainaina professor. I hope you have remembered me this Sunday morning. when I woke up this morning, a lady from the land of kikuyu nation by the name of Kylie Njeri made a comment in one of the post here and told the kikuyu people to stop being tribalism and vote for Hon Raila odianga since the kikuyu rulers have failed this country bad. comments which came first and furious from the kikuyu castigating the lady were bad and full of incitement. can you Michael imagine someone telling kikuyus to remember what happened to kikuyu people in 2007/2008 as if Raila was the killing kikuyus while it’s to every Kenyan’ s knowledge that William ruto’ s people are the people who where killing kikuyus in Eledoret while kikuyus were killing lous in nakuru and naivasha and the police under kibaki’ s watch will killing lous in kisumu, kibera mathare etc. the marriage of convinces between uhuru kenyatta and William ruto came about as a result of the kikuyu propaganda against Hon Raila odianga must stop and good kikuyus like this lady KYILE NJERI MUST BE APPRECIATED. Michael wainaina, preach the gospel of ONE KENYA ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE. ASK YOUR KIKUYU ELITE TO STOP FOOLING THE OLD KIKUYU MOTHERS YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT

  47. Jubilee supporter Mr prof,waina/soever ‘s response to raila odinga statement is a chaotic response not in a national spirit perspectives, & those are very people who always resembling salva kiir in political stupidity respondence n,shall put Africa into more worse then ever,

  48. professor whenever you touch uhuru on your articles and talk ill of him you arose the pain in every kikuyus ass …..this time you have made it wrong to arose the luos pain in ass by talking of their one and only raila…….the healing of this country will come when this uhuru and raila are crucified sorry to mention them

  49. I wonder yua PhD is valid……hujui tribalist…….confirm this from maina kamanda when he told sakaja that he is not a Kikuyu so he can’t be given a chance of governor in Nairobi yet you yell yua fake PhD talking about raila……check out your word coz in most of the top positions in Kenya are all kikuyus

  50. I doubt whether this guy is a professor .Is it wrong to sensitize people to register as voters?I can see every leader doing that! I would have agreed with u if this long post was offering possible solutions to run away corruption and tribalism in this country….Educated people have liberal minds.

  51. The saying like too much of something is dangerous was said by a wise man/ woman, when you ready too much you become an idiot instead, if am wrong tell me one professor who has ever been a president ?

  52. Prof I often differ with your comments but on this one your have done your homework right however be ready because those who warship where Raila walks will bay for your blood

  53. Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD IDLE professor be real! dont be too shallow , what Jaramogi said then literally means KENYATTA TOSHA, what tinga said in 2002 was KIBAKI TOSHA meaning even tinga is a statesman, when will your tribesmen/women ever say anyone from another tribe tosha?

  54. It’s getting hot in Jubilee! the Professor has now come out of the closet, no holds barred. The egwugwu has been unmasked. That veneer of objectivity is now off the window. People are sweating! Some are jumping ship, eish. You thought it was going to be a walk in the park? Anyway, if you’re their last arsenal, game over!

  55. Professor Michael Wainaina- PhD Raila saying that the election will be won on 14 February is simple a rallying call for his supporters to register as voters. That’s Just figurative and should not be equated with Mr Ngunyi Statement.

  56. Raila is no longer intrested in presidency . His mind is cheating him to use violence then to call for a national dialogue to bargain for a power sharing and retain the prime ministers post and a dp then some cabinet secretarys post alafu askize flower girls wake better half a loaf than none . I think u know mganga now !

  57. He is a professor who can only handle two sub topics .One is tribal narratives and the next is Raila Odinga.He is a professor who specialised in ethnicity and can not competently discussion other narratives because he is weak in them.

    • I agree with the professor that professorship is not acquired in the social media.But why is he communicating to us on social media.As a professor i think he should have given us more insight on others narratives which are going to effect the coming election and not to dwell on Raila and ethnicity.By dwelling on these the aim of the professor is to fuel hatred of Raila among the kikuyu.He once wrote that Uhuru hates Raila as individual but Raila hates kikuyu Community because of the sins of leaders and elites
      How sure is the professor that Raila hates the entire kikuyu Community.While the professor pretend that he is condemning ethnicity he is actually promoting it behind the back door.The professor have told kenyans that they should not expect issues based compaign from both parties in other words he is encouraging people to vote ethnicity.So why is he condemning the two political blocks.We expected him to sensitize the people on what they should look for instead of lamenting with them.

    • Gilbert Oloo Boss this is my page. I write what I like. I do not know where you are seeing a back door. I have sad what I have to say in black and white. And yes I am condemning your “both parties” because to me there is no difference between the. They are driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They are two cheeks of the same arse!

  58. Write an article against Jubilee, you are stoned to death by the supporters while the opposition perceives you as the only liberal Kikuyu in the country. Write an article against Raila and CORD, you are stoned to death by the latter who crowned you liberal. I must admit, the 2007 narrative changed Kenya’s voting exercise. I long for 2022 already. At least there would be no influential personality to contend for the presidency with tribal affiliations, bar Ruto!

  59. By making such a such a statement so early in the August 2017 race Cord/Nasa team could actually be scoring an own goal.Suppose they don’t register the expected number and the rival camp of Jubilee get the numbers.It will be like starting a football match with Messi or Ronaldo to use their favourite football analogies.

  60. One FACT is the 2007 and 2012 did not give the true results of the exercise.If you voted on both occasions pls Examine Your Conscience.We Kenyans like living in denial for faux joie. I don’t want likes for this post.

  61. Plausible observation. The only problem is you are saying the same thing over and over using so many words. Your entire argument is made in the first few lines. You needed to fill up the page? That said, you need to differentiate three things i.e. what Raila says, what Mutahi says, and the truth. It is not quite the same thing, is it?

  62. Professor,thank Raila that you and I live today and get off your kidy behaviour! Had Raila insisted on a defeat in 2007 election,suppose you and I would haved laid down our big mouths to rest! Mwaura can claim that Raila sleeps in a grave to win election,yet the big mouthed mwaura is still a live,but many ICC witnesses died for speaking bad against some pple! Kimani’s post on fb against some pple took him to the grave! In the burial of Fidel Odinga,the recurrent,strange deaths in CORD were condemned and termed political,death heard,heed and gave CORD a break! The death of tyranny of numbers make you shudder! You are fainting even in the radio stations,’let us all register as voters to defend ‘our’ uthamaki (kingship)-a good for nothing pple! Kuria said that Raila should be assassinate, yet he,Kuria,still live todate! Had he told this to some pple,he would have been laid to rest! Thank Raila that he has let you go on discussing issues against him with a smelling mouth! When Raila didn’t obey the calls for him to retire from politics,his son was killed! Continue building on a mucky tower! Your tower will fall never to rise again!

    • I have spoken out against that Uthamaki nonsense and received unmentionable insults form Kikuyu extremists. Either you did not read or you read but could not appreciate it because you are totally blinded by your love for Raila. I have nothing to thank Raila for. Your rant is incredible. Some of the things that you are saying can only be said and believed by super-sycophants.

      Like I told you, if I ever met Raila, I would tell him that you are his biggest sycophant.

    • Kenyans do not live at the mercy of politicians,those who do its by choice….Based on Daniel Aloo’s argument,the 2007 violence were instigated by Raila,hence why he feels gratified what followed after so much mayhem and death
      Raila did not save Kenya from anything,and no current crop of Politicians will do… That day tribal maths will end…Its the day KENYA will be reborn

    • Peter Wabeer,what you and fellows lack is enough information.Uhuru Kenyatta linked Raila to the violence you are ignorantly talking about but confessed having no evidence on imterrogation by the ICC team! If Kenya needs to be reborn,then it has failed! Who is to blame? There must be one who takes charge!

    • Professor,I knew you spoke about ‘uthamaki’,but I wanted to see if you deliberately ignored touching on Ng’unyi as the one who you ought to have fought very hard for the springboard of tribal maths-Mutahi Ng’unyi has come out with tribal calculation more than anyone.In fact,just before his reign of ‘tyranny of numbers’ exit,he has immediately come up with ‘the dead tyranny of numbers’ for Jubilee! Because you have handled ‘uthamaki’,now I know that you deliberately ignored handling Mutahi Ng’unyi’s tribal maths for fear of an own goal! You remain the kings and queens of tribalism! Behaviour is what brings about intergretion or disintergretion! How is it possible for Mudavadi,for instance,intergret with those who dubbed him ‘shetani’ You are handling what is foreign to yourselves!

    • Aloo, I only said empty head when you said we need to thank Raila that we are alive today. I don’t know politics and cannot comment intelligently but I know an empty head when I see one.

    • “We have Raila to thank that we are alive today?” That statement is your answer. So blinded by sycophancy and fanaticism that you don’t even realize that the author and giver of all life is God. It’s a pity

    • Mash Maigua,Get off little and kidy pretense before God! Go and tell the president that the author of life is God,so he should not be accorded human security! Your notion will be declared a 100% stupid! People secure and destroy others physically! Juma,Yebei,Willie Kimani,Tom Mboya..were killed by men! Do you dispute that? If not,get off folly! If yes,prove!

    • Daniel Aloo I was wrong you are not empty headed, your head is so full of Raila Shit for lack of a better word (and believe me I searched for a more suitable word to no avail)

    • It is indeed very hard! ‘Ama ulidhani ni mteremko? Kama unataka mteremko,angalia mawazo ya Kamau na Njeri!’ You see,even now you have not touched on Ng’unyi the author of tyranny of numbers! By the way,my comments are within the context of your post

    • Daniel Aloo…The song no peace….Was sang by who?
      Now the same have another “dance macabre”
      Chest thumping on how they won’t accept another imagined stollen election….Wish we are hearing of what these politicians intend to do to better Kenyans lives other than talk laced with tribal spices meant to forment hate….Uthamaki ain’t just refering to Uhuru,look beyond….The Odinga’s have dominated the Kenyan landscape than the Kenyatta…

    • Peter Wabeer,simple it is common phrase that if you want peace,prepare for war! Are u the only dumb around? But rem Kuria asked his listeners to cut some pple with pangas and machettes! Suppose others are immitating you!

  63. As if you forget that CORD petitioned and plethora of evidence was disputed under unfathomable circumstances. Prof you do not expect Raila to be a 100 percent Democratic when their competitors do not show even an iota of it.You sound to be neutral about politics but you are merely creating a state of confusion to both sides. Am as well disappointed when you remind us when Raila said Kibaki Tosha and assert that that itself was with tribal mind yet that was idea majority of whom were opposition leaders’ agreement.I stand a chance to be corrected but let me also apologized in prior by asking this questions,Do you think if it were Kenyatta in shoes of Jaramogi then he could have given power? From 1963 is their any Kikuyu leader who has ever endorsed or sacrifice politically to any other tribe? Call it what you may call it but I want to tell you that it’s time to change and if it’s tyranny of numbers that can throw Jubilee out of power then so be it.We can not keep on complaining of bad governance yet the formula is very simple. If it is Jubilee then it is right but when it is CORD then it is tribalism. Personally I support even if it means rigging like they are prone for the sake of making Kenya a better place for everyone where equality practices is observed. Reminder 2013 election was not free and fair not unless those who petitioned after election fooled Kenyans and any claims that it was fair is misguided following the evidences.

  64. You are just a blogger hence your views ain’t worthy any accolades…. What’s the purpose of just writing and posting just to get comments and likes be the change that you want this country to be!!!!????

    • Wakati ninaposoma baadhi ya hadithi, ujumbe ama niseme kwa namna fulani uchanganuzi wa siasa,napata kukereka na kujiuliza baadhi ya watu wamesoma kwa kiwango gani. Elimu yao waliipa vipi na kwa jinsi gani? Inakuwaje wanapochanganua siasa wanaegemea upande mmoja na hivyo kuonesha waziwazi namna ukabila ulivyotawala nchini. Hawa profesa namna wanavyojiita, ndio tunaodhania kwamba wao ndio wanaopaswa kuyanyosha mambo kutokana na uprofesa wao kumbe ni uongo mkubwa. Vipi mtu ajiite profesa na mwenyewe amemiliki ukabila na ubaguzi ndani yake? Anataka vipi tumfuate na kumuunga mkono? Eti kwa kuwa kasoma sana? Eti sisi tumwuunge mkono na kumfuata kipofupofu kwa kuwa amesoma sana? Huku ndiko kusoma sana? Kusoma sana kupotosha watu? Kusoma sana ili kuwachanganulia watu ndivyo sivyo? Huu mimi na elimu yangu ndogo, ninauita ujura ma wembamba wa elimu. Hiyo si elimu tena. Ni ujura mtupu. Watu wataiishi wakiabudu ukabila na ubaguzi mpaka lini? Wenye elimu wapo wapi? Mbona siwaoni? Profesa Michael Wainaina, ulipata wapi elimu yako?

  65. I doubt if u ‘re areally prof bt Mr matiangi can proof u right if u didnt by tt 1 from Riverroad junga bro wacha siasa kama hauna habari ukabila utakumaliza km
    Madakitari wamegoma
    Wahadhiri “””
    Clinical officers

    • John ngugi ujinga ndio utawacha…uhuru was the finance minister (and deputy pm )incharge of treasury when he made life difficult for doctors then ,during the nusu mukate govt….or have you conveniently forgotten…now u want to blame opposition ..HOW…? the deal that he made then is what has returned to haunt him now…so be real and face the facts..

  66. needs only common sense..with reasons..please contradict my understanding,Rao’s words were an urging call for Kenyans to get involved in the election by 1.registering large numbers 2.campaign-which is continuous till final days to voting…in simplification-for an academic fool….the side that will maximize the said time frame,in terms of registering,campaigning then finally turning out large numbers to vote will win the elections-haven’t heard anyone tell people to register so as to defeat a certain tribe or elections will be won from a certain tribe on 14th…conversely all have heard is a call by one tribe for it’s people to register in numbers to defend the presidency come 14th

  67. by the way this time round as a Kenyan sitaki make any tribalistic post or comment doesn’t matter which tribe-i’ll report you to Zuckerberg, NSIS,FBI..hata ikibidi Donald Trump mwenyewe…such were the contributories to Kenya blowing up and nearly getting razed to the ground 2007