Mr. Ruto, Jubilee’s “crown Jewel” is not the SGR, it is the scuttling of the ICC

The rantings of the Moi political orphans: Series Part 4 of 5

 (The Moi political orphans: DP William Ruto (presumably representing his boss), Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula ran separate commentaries in The Standard of Wednesday 10th August 2016, in a feature on the Countdown to 2017. In this “The rantings of the Moi political orphans” five part series, I respond to the commentaries. In the responses, I am demonstrating that as Moi political orphans, their engagement in politics is simply based on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They all have absolutely nothing new to offer to Kenyans as we Countdown to 2017. We must get a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics and it cannot come from these Moi political orphans. In this Part 4, I respond to DP WIlliam Ruto’s article, “Three years later, Jubilee scorecard is very healthy”. )

Part 4 of 5: Mr. Ruto, Jubilee’s “crown Jewel” is not the SGR, it is the scuttling of the ICC

In an article titled “Three years later Jubilee scorecard is very healthy
Read more at: penned by Deputy President Mr. William Ruto, we are treated to a self-diagnosed scorecard and a verdict that can only come from the DP. His contention is that after taking the reins of a highly expectant nation three years and four months ago, jubilee has

…been vindicated by a diverse array of achievements and immense works in progress. The Jubilee administration has repaid the trust and faith of the Kenyan people with an unwavering commitment to the economic transformation of the land”

My question to DP Ruto is, “Do you live in Kenya?”  Reading through your article one is reminded of an aloof great princess who, when told that the peasants were demonstrating and crying out for bread, she retorted, “Let them eat cake”. It is called kupoteza network. The country is angry, divided, bitter and disillusioned. And you think that is a “healthy scorecard”!

What is laughable is when you say that the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) is the “crown jewel” of Jubilee.

It is not.

A “Crown jewel” project for a government is based on what the government had promised the people. Their anchor idea during campaigns around which they mobilized people to vote for them. So, what is the anchor idea around which you mobilized in 2013?

I submit that it is not SGR. It was to scuttle the ICC.

And this is a crown jewel for Jubilee in the true sense of the word. You see, Mr. DP, a crown jewel in governance is marked by the success of the anchor idea around which you mobilized.

In 2013 you and your colleague in Jubilee found yourself indicted for crimes against humanity at the ICC. You wanted to scuttle that process which you had initially naively believed would never catch up with you. Do you remember saying prosecutions in the Hague will be done in 2090? You were deadly wrong! The process came faster than you could ever have imagined.  Both of you needed to frustrate that process and the most convenient way was first to capture state power. You mobilized your tribal bases along that idea and demonized your opponents in order to capture power and scuttle the process.

As ICC indictees, your seeking power was a purgative reaction to the ICC process to demonstrate that you couldn’t be culpable of heinous crimes against humanity and be elected by the people of Kenya. Put differently, you needed to show that the fact that you were elected by the people of Kenya was a negation of the image that the ICC wanted to portray of fugitives from International Justice.

It all started with a lie. A lie on national television by your boss that the ICC was “a small private problem”. Officially and on record you wanted Kenyans to believe that your run for the presidency had nothing to do with ICC.

You lied. They believed you. You took power.

“Sanitized” by a win, the personal problem mutated into a national problem, a regional pan-African problem and finally a global problem.   I wonder how many Kenyans can mobilize all of government, the African Union and anyone who cares to listen in the global community to solve a “personal problem”. You and your boss went on an epic affront to demonize the ICC and scuttle your cases there. No sooner had you captured power than you started an operation on a global scale using state resources to scuttle the ICC process. The CS for foreign affairs had her brief and the AG became a personal counsel to the suspects and the chief confuser of the ICC. Foreign governments were insulted, civil society was demonized, witnesses were intimidated, political opponents were demonized, the public was harangued, the clergy was paraded until finally the process was scuttled.

This is Jubilee’s number one reason for seeking power. It has been their greatest and most spectacular success. It is your crown jewel.


And this is where the case for jubilee becomes complicated. The regime was founded on a lie.  You can therefore not quote the lie as your “crown jewel” because it was just that, a lie.

In an article in the same series published your KANU sibling ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi puts it even more succinctly when he says, “the country is being held hostage by political gangsters”. He accuses you of “nostalgia for single party dictatorship”. He claims that the watering down on Chapter Six of the constitution allowed “crooked characters to infiltrate and sabotage the country’s political and economic systems. That’s why the youth role models are the corrupt”. This is a damning assessment of Jubilee by someone who would know. That is why your self-assessment of a healthy score-card does not add up. Founded on a lie, perpetuated by misrule and nostalgia for single party dictatorship and based on the adulteration of the Constitution to allow crooked characters infiltrate leadership, no wonder the country is angry, bitter, divided and disillusioned.

But there is a bigger problem than this for you and your regime. Regimes succeed or fail within the first two years. In fact in other jurisdictions, they assume that within the first 100 days, a regime should have rode the euphoria of winning to make a lasting impact.  You used the most valuable time addressing the real issue you about which you had run for the presidency – the ICC. As a result, you lost the most valuable years of your regime on this most unholy of courses. In the meantime, the expectations of the people that you quite rightly point to dissipated and slowly turned into frustrations and anger.  You therefore have to look for successes to showcase to the people as your successful-ICC-demonizing-regime ends and comes crushing.

So go ahead and sing the “spectacular” successes of the Jubilee government. True or imaginary. Mostly the latter. My contention is that any list that does not include the scuttling of the ICC indictments as a top achievement of the Jubilee administration is simply incorrect and at best, PR. But then again, what more has the regime achieved beyond PR?

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  1. More so those who came up wth the TJRC report they were government today they are telling the government to table it so as to achieve their political intentions i remember one politician claimed Uhuru had stolen peoples land wen it came to presidentisl debate and asked over thr same he started laughing as if he insane and said he was refering to Ruto very irrelevant…he once promised kazi kwa vijana i am a victim kazi was to slash alongside the roads and being paid 200 bob even some cash uptodate are unknown y ddnt he fight those cartels wen he had the capacity to do so..? Suprisingly ge said kijana akiamka asubuhi bangi ndio anatafuta kijana akiamka asubuhi pombe na kitu cha kuiba ndio anatafuta Mr Professor i personaly i prefer the corrupt SGR somehow the corrupt tarmarked roads the corrupt laptops atleast or somehow it has reached on the ground the hospital machines are much better the electricity evetywhere though wth corruption rather than a corruption free government wth power rationing restricted 1kg sugar thats wat i witnessed wth mkate nusu government.

  2. I accept yout lenghty deliberations and am personally convinced that kenyans elected the wrong leaders who are self centered. Just to highlight some of their achievements, scuttling of the ICC case followed closely by corruption. Maybe you highlight more on their economic score card proff!!!!

  3. It is better Mr. Wainaina to give options as u’ criticize the other, coz I believe those in office and those seeking the offices are not better than the other, n’ if my may be wrong with my minds there are those who can hold the office n’ start doing more mess than those who hold it now, the trend and lines has already been drown n’ we’ve seen some politicians messing n’ says si hata fulani alifanya xyz, mbona hakuchukuliwa hatua? a good examples are corrupt governors are saying so, remember the nys scandal so to speak, not those in the ruling collision or opposition, or majority of them mentioned in the same, n’ when the truth of the matter came almost all of them kept quite,,, so to me there are no angels in Kenya tusukumane mpaka mwisho!

    • Haijaingia kwa mishipa Josey. It is called the power of a single narrative. The politicians have offered Kenyans tribalism especially in the last 16 or so years and therefore it seems as if it is a big deal. It is not. All is needed is an alternative narrative, essentially non-ethnic to compete with the ethnic narrative of CORD and Jubilee. If tribalism will be the only narrative in 2017, of course Kenyans will vote tribal.

      And this brings me to the issue of Ekuru. If he does not have an alternative non-ethnic narrative to compete and displace the ethnic narrative of CORD and Jubilee, he will lose badly. Politics is a game of narratives. The dominant one wins. Right now the dominant narrative is tribalism.

  4. Professor, I will always disagree with you anytime and everytime you attack personalities through any media. Unless you wanted Kenyans jailed prejudicially, even the not so learned friends warned the ICC of the probable collapsing of these cases! Moi was a mentor and he did a nice job if what you are saying is anything to go by! This brings us to the most important question for everyone of us, what will be our legacy? Bluntly put, what will be your legacy as a professor apart from thousands of pages of personal attacks?

    • I would be proud of a legacy of “thousands of pages”. As a professor, that would be a good legacy. That they are “personal attacks” is your opinion which I consider misguided. It is more so misguided in response to this article because it is actually my response to an article penned by DP Ruto. Are you saying that they should write in a national newspaper and we should read and nod our heads in acceptance?? Aiii!!!

    • My answer to this question has always been the same. It is not a question of “whom”. It is a question of “what”. All these Moi men are tribal overlords and their “what” i.e. their narrative is tribalism. For us to change we must get a new non-ethnic political narrative. Without it, if elections were called tomorrow, one of the tribalists will win.

  5. mmmm nice article… Dp gave us one side of a.coin and Prof here gives us another side… it’s true to say that the jubilee administration has done better in all fronts.. economically, developmentwise ,corruption wise…. however comparing the their fellow orpharns I’ll still go for them for lack of better option… I however agree with Prof “better is not what we need”

  6. Prof. I think we have done enough problem statement and justified the project. Can we now develop some hypotheses and work towards resolving this problem.

    We have known the problem, let us now have the solutions.

    My suggestion is always that since good guys like Prof. have failed to contest the high seat, lets choose from the devils we know, one who is slightly angelic because the angels have failed to rescue us.

    I now agree when somebody said that those who look ordinary usually succeed so well in areas that would otherwise be dorminated by professionals.

    Prof. in terms of solutions you are letting us down.

    • First, congratulations for being a convert. As you can see in this forum, not all of us agree on what the problem is. You have and that is why you are impatient for a solution. We however need to build a critical mass that agrees on the problem so that we have enough people to look for the solution and implement it. So kindly excuse me if in the foreseeable future, I proceed with the Gospel of exposing the tribalists in CORD and Jubilee who are our problem. The message needs to be sent out.

      I agree we need solutions. I have said that the solution lies in a new non-ethnic political narrative. I have also said that for now, I do not have that narrative. I am engaging with you and others so that we can get one. Do not abdicate the search and settle for the far easier option of saying that the option is the devil you know.

  7. Ruto is the excerct replica of Maria Antionet who arrogantly told the peasants to eat cake,if they thought that the price of bread was so high.Ths arrogancy led to the 1789/ 2022 revolution.

    • And for Jubilee, they should be warned by the words of Robert Kennedy. ““A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability.”

  8. I have read most of ua articles but they have one thing in common u dont offer solutions,u r just a critics n u think u r smart than our leaders its so unfortunate the nature of proffessors we have in kenya.

  9. The ICC case scuttle is an indicator that Kenyans prowess , its proven they no pushovers even on the international stage.They have frighting spirit renowned worldwide. Prof. a politically motivated defective charge wouldn’t be ‘jewel crown’ for jubilee. It was not part of their promise to Kenya.

  10. Prof Wainaina articles are nothing but lamentations from a disgruntled Kenyan who sees nothing good , does nothing but lament , offers no solution and is only fit for academic theorizing and zilch for value. Am reminded of Steve Jobs quitting university business class after realizing that the professor couldn’t run even a kiosk !

  11. You never see anything good in the current gvt. Yours is to criticize perennially and whatever solution you puport to offer is not practical. For examples if you tell kenyans to vote for leaders with various quality characteristics that you esteem and then disqualify all that are on offer based on your holier than thou criteria, who will we elect?

    • The current government and so called opposition are founded on politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. There is nothing good about that and therefore I have nothing good to say about them. I have disqualified only six Kenyans, the tribal overlords at the helm of the tribal contraptions called CORD and Jubilee. That creates room for the rest 40 Million Kenyans. It is your belief that your only choice is these six that makes my writing impractical. If you expand your possibilities beyond the spurious CORD and Jubilee divide, you will find options, many options.

    • There are no options Prof. Where in this country do we have a gvt institution that is not corrupt? You saw the case of Moi university new vc. Universities should be spearheading recruitment based on merit yet in kenya public universities employ on the basis of ethinic and regional profiling. Who doesn’t know that. Thus tribalism begins even before you start working because our students are already aware that their lecturers come from a certain tribe. Do you expect those graduates to exhibit different values other than those that their trainers inculcate? No leader will not favour their tribes and political cronies. We elect those who might not collapse what we have toiled to acquire. Small tribes accuse big ones on impunity and complain about historical injustices. If they are given chance to lead they will definitely revenge and in most cases on the wrong pple such as what happens in Rift valley. Who becomes the internally displaced? We elect leaders with higher chances of ruling without starting tribal animosity. Those complaints about non uniform development and some tribes being favoured rests with pple who don’t work hard. If you cannot succeeded in your motherland kilifi why not migrate to Nairobi

    • Joseph Ng’ang’a All you have described is correct. It is called the power of a single narrative. Ukabila is all the political class in CORD and Jubilee and in the Counties know. It is the only and dominant political narrative. When this happens then what you describe can be the only result. It is not true however for you to say that there are no options. Every narrative is simply “a” narrative not “the”narrative. Therefore there is always the option of another narrative. Out problem then is not tribalism perse, it is the inability to imagine a new alternative narrative to replace it. Once we get a new narrative, the reign of the tribal narrative will be over and society will start to re-mold itself around the new narrative. I will give you an example. Apartheid was a narrative. Since it was changed, South Africa is molding itself around an alternative narrative.

    • what you say is true but we are talking in the realm of the foreseeable future not ambitious ideals that are day dream in the current dispensation. like where i am in mombasa i want a leader who will not lead to, pple from the upcountry being kicked out. I dont need gvt support to realize my dreams. I only need a stable leadership. We suffered in 2007. it is possible you hv never experienced clashes at a personal level and feel how its painful when your business is burnt down. I know our case is different from you guys out there in Nairobi.

    • I suggest we retain Jubilee and that does not mean praising it. We fear leaders telling Masais to oust ‘outsiders in Narok, Laikipia etc’. When you hv invested in some areas elections are critical

    • Look at our hospitals with ‘qualified’ doctors but corruption is the order of the day. Our schools from nursery to universities, our land registries, sacco societies, the Police, the judiciary etc. Corruption, tribalism, nepotism, cruelty, inhumanity; these are the national attributes imbedded in our people. It is not Jubilee, Cord , Kanu or any political party. To move out of this quogmire we need a revolutionary upheaval reminicent of the European revolutions of the 17th n 18th centuries. Only the Lord gives us blessed assurance of a bright future.

  12. @Arap Mukunga,if your chicken is stolen by a thief n out of your cry the neighbours kill that thief,are you the one who’s killed him?
    Other than the mediocre propaganda you believe in,how many kenyans were killed during that 1982?
    For you 2 b fare can you also tell us how many pple died in Ksm coz of Kenyatta?
    How many died during mau mau rebellion or were these deserving to die?
    Do you know how many pple died during 1992,1997 tribal clashes in rift valley? If you can narrate all these then definitely Wainaina will ans you.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina-PhD. I thought Jubilee flagship projects were Primary School laptops, free delivery in government maternity hospitals,increasing number of policemen and women,increase number of women in leadership,buy as many CORD members of Parliament and Governors as possible,borrow as much Eurobond as possible,extend Kibaki Odinga railway to zero industrial Naivasha,do weekly state house PR,continously threaten staff of sack,looting of NYS and blaming Raila for everything. These are just but a few of our priorities. We must however admit that alot of improvement has been done in hiring highly educated Cabinet Secretaries. Maybe the Cabinet secretaries should be blamed for frustrating Jubilee efforts. I wonder if they got a slice of Eurobond!? Maybe they did not hence their go slow.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD The solution you propose (“we need fresh blood”) is unrealistic. Well, that sounds pessimistic to say the least. But there are a few issues you might need to understand: Why and how Kenya found herself plagued by the current brand of politics (“Siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi”), what is the recovery process and who/what can steer that process? I would like to tackle the first point first-The brand of politics. Unlike some other parts of the world, in Kenya people only have problems with each other when it comes to resources. There are no discernible boundaries in interactions among people of different tribes or races like is the case elsewhere, where you have colleges with a student majority from a certain racial group or the other. So tribalism in Kenya is simply not a people problem, but a system problem that has been systematically engineered to serve as a tool for economic control through political dominance. The “Us” against “Them” philosophy has been promoted as a convenient means of warding off competitors in controlling state resources (or if you like, the “meat”) where one group is doing the “eating” while the other group “salivates” and is willing to do anything to wrestle the meat from the other group. The other parts of the problem i.e “ukora” and “upuzi” are just the other two pillars of our political mess triumvirate of tribal balkanization, a culture of irresponsibility and unaccountability and state-sanctioned cartels. So why do I think the “fresh blood” narrative is impotent? Because the architects of the rotten system can’t allow that to happen! period. But there is a workable solution, one that involves a gradual neutralization of the politicians’ control on resources. When the president and other politically powerful individuals no longer decide who gets more opportunities and who benefits more from state resources, then all these retrogressive politics will start to die away. Devolution was just one step in the right direction, though with its set of challenges. But we need to continue to build strong institutions and relieve politicians of critical powers.

    • Albert Ngondi Siasa ya ukabila na ukora is not just used by those in power to keep it, it is used by those outside power to grab it. You are also advocating for gradualism. That left alone, with time the politicians will sanitize themselves. Not in a million years. Societies do not change because those who hold old retrogressive ideas get a conversion. Societies change because a new generation with new ideas comes a long and sweeps away the old generation. Power my friend is not given, it is taken.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD Now you miss the point again. I don’t advocate for gradualism as per definition – “letting situations the way they are to change with time on their own”. I provide a clear and actionable option – Widening the gap between political power and economic control, which is REALLY doable through progressive constitutional reforms. And I gave an example – Devolution. See, what you advocate for, (We need Fresh blood) is pure MESSIANISM and is unrealistic and unpalatable to the Kenyan political plate. Why? Simple! A myriad of reasons. First of all, your argument presumes an objective Kenyan population capable of making up its mind to do away with the “BAD” politicians and only elect ethical ones into offices. I draw your attention to Rene Descartes’ “Discourse on methods” where he elaborates the intellectual anatomy of society – That only a very small section of society is capable of discerning the truth/right and forming an intelligent opinion. The rest has to rely on the opinion of others. This is why a new political narrative as you suggest has failed to grow some bone for the last several decades and will probably not do so in the foreseeable future. Because more than 90% of our population looks upto the same architects of the system we want to bring down for guidance. Now, there are cases where MESSIANISM works: Through revolutions led by the “Messiah” e.g Millitary actions, Mass actions of all sorts that are marked by violence, or in a completely different system from what we have in Kenya e.g a Monarchy where you can have a benevolent ruler! But in Kenya, the only viable and realistic method, (I’m a realist) is a continuous constitutional reform process that can address our real problem-RESOURCES/GREED, and not futile narratives that focus on treating SYMPTOMS-(Tribalism, Ukora na Upuuzi). An afterthought: Even if your so called new political narrative was to work, it would still be a gradual process – And most likely, ultimately fruitless. So get this fact right, REAL CHANGE HAPPENS AS A PROCESS AND NOT AN EVENT PROF!

  13. Prof,very painfull but it’s the bitter truth. The Country jumped from the frying pan direct into the furnace, thanks to the ICC debacle fronted and financed by Jubilee purportedly on behalf of Kenyans.

  14. The youth stadiums …… What happened? The hakuna kazi notices turned to kuna kazi what happened? Unga was to go down to kshs 60 from kshs 80 its now ksh 120 what happened? Milk? What is the price? Which mwananchi are we working for if we cannot address the above?

  15. I think people don’t understand how politics works,there must be a ‘point of aggression’ in every Election,just wait for the next point,re-election in Kenya does not really come from your devlpnt record,it is just your game in politics to gain the numbers.development is not really a key to re-election.

  16. Whether or nt ICC is there crown jewel is 4 us 2 see nt 4 u 2 tell us. Uhuruto have achieved wat we gave them power 2 achieve. the disgruntled few like u…have the platform 2 air ua view n we will also take our tym 2 scrutinize them n gauge wat u r driving at bt we will just stop there coz even u u have a personal agenda against uhuruto. That can explain the vigour and clamour 2 discredit them anytime u blog. Just understand this they r our leaders whether thru tribal machination or nt n its the will of God that they shud lead us n so we love them for whom they are.

    Dear Mr Kilukumi,
    Re: Alleged Libelous tweet and DP Ruto’s threat to sue Boniface Mwangi
    We refer to your letter dated 30th September 2016 bearing reference KK/GEN/DP/006/2016 addressed to our client Boniface Mwangi in which you give notice that unless our client publishes an immediate retraction, correction and apology to Deputy President William Ruto over a tweet allegedly published on 28th September under our client’s twitter handle you would institute proceedings for recovery of damages, and other remedies, for your client.
    You have reproduced details of the tweet in your said letter.
    Our instructions are that for reasons set out below our client will not retract, correct, withdraw or apologize for the said tweet.
    Your client is the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, a State Office to which he is accountable to the people of Kenya. As long as he holds that office he must accept that he will attract and continue to attract not only praise where it is due but also most robust criticism for any conduct or behavior that falls below the requirements of the Leadership and Integrity provisions set out in Chapter VI of the Constitution.
    All Kenyans are duty bound to protect and preserve the Constitution and the members of the press have an even higher duty in this regard.
    Boniface Mwangi is not only a journalist but a human rights and public interest defender who has bravely and courageously fought for the preservation of our constitutional values and bringing to account leaders who do not live by their oaths of office. He has been subjected to death threats, torture, malicious prosecution and countless intimidations all geared to silence him. He sees the threat contained in your letter as falling in this category of harassment.
    Your client appears to have singled him out because of his consistent defence of the public interest and he is not surprised by this.
    The tweet your client is complaining of simply expresses his fears. He says: “I hope Deputy President has no plans of killing me the way he killed his old friend, Jacob Juma a fellow thief who became a whistle blower”
    Is it not true that Jacob Juma was killed?
    Is it not true that Hon Cyrus Jirongo, a close friend at one time of both the late Jacob Juma and your client pointed fingers at your client in connection with Jacob Juma’s death?
    Is it not true that Jacob Juma was a one time friend of William Ruto?
    Is it not true that when Jacob Juma fell out with William Ruto he became a whistle blower?
    Is it not true that prior to his death Jacob Juma publicly disclosed that William Ruto was planning to kill him?
    Is it not true that on account of the late Jacob Juma’s publicly expressed fears, William Ruto is a prime suspect in the ongoing investigations into the death of Jacob Juma?
    Is it not true that your client’s notice of intention to sue our client is an ill motivated attempt either to forestall or impede the investigation of Jacob Juma’s claims by a contrived excuse that the matter is in court?
    Our client has very real and compelling reasons for fearing that your client may wish to kill him and he reserves his right to disclose these in court should the need arise. The burden of proof in these circumstances will rest squarely upon your client to show up in court and clearly demonstrate that the fear by our client is not well founded.
    It is a matter of public notoriety that your client was indicted at the International Criminal Court at The Hague over some grave crimes including murder. It is a grave matter of public record also, that the charges, or at least some of the charges were confirmed and your client was ordered to stand trial but that trial was terminated while your client was on bail for reasons well known to your client and which reasons include documented disappearances and extra judicial killings of witnesses and potential witnesses.
    Because the ICC is part of the Kenyan judicial system by virtue of the legislation that domesticated the Rome Statute, our client will, if necessary and in his defence, seek leave of the court to produce those proceedings in the Kenya courts. Our client will then subject your client to robust cross examination which he, your client, was not subjected to by virtue of the termination of the case at The Hague, to show why he harbours these well founded fears that your client may want to silence him by having him killed, as Jacob Juma was.
    Your client claims that his reputation has been injured and seeks the Kenyan court to intervene and give him protection and damages. Our client will seek to persuade the court that that he has no reputation worthy of the indulgence of a court of justice either in Kenya or elsewhere. If need be our client will call witnesses to testify that they believe and perceive your client to have been involved in corrupt practices including land grabbing.
    Our client welcomes the opportunity to meet yours in court if and when this ill motivated attempt to silence him comes to court, as threatened in your letter.
    We have, in the circumstances, instructions to accept service of process on behalf of our client and also to file a counterclaim against your client arising out of an internationally broadcast television interview in which your client defamed and ridiculed our client and sought to portray him as a drunkard who spends the night drinking and wakes up at 11a.m and is an unworthy citizen of the Republic of Kenya.
    Be advised accordingly.
    Yours faithfully,
    For Gitobu Imanyara & Co
    Gitobu Imanyara,
    Celebrating Advocate Kethi D. Kilonzo

    • Gitobu is just setting himself up for legal fees and Mwangi is such a hot head that he can’t realize it. The question is: does Mwangi have any evidence to prove Ruto killed JJ? The rest is hot air.
      How does your reply here relate to professor’s article?

  18. With all due respect, I think you have nothing to help Kenya! You are just another political apologist. The late Waweru Mburu also came to the limelight on the same premise as yours, on the surface appearing to stand for all what is right by calling out the political class on its b.s. But any intelligent mind could always read the agenda behind the rants and bloviating of Waweru. Before Waweru was Koigi Wamwere, however Koigi might have much for his exenoration, for which I give a benefit of doubt. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about you or Waweru Mburu! I am tempted to call you a Waweru Mburu orphan, although you play from a different platform-Facebook, while he did his trade on radio, you employ the same “Paint them all with one broad brush” tactic with an aim to obscure the ugly truth about your political masters by depicting them as simply a part of an homogeneous group of identical beings, effectively sanitizing them!

    • No, profs. There is a new kind of leadership. The pple accused of crimes against humanity are now progressively developing Kenya as one of the fastest growing economies recognized by the World Bank n IMF, among others. Just as they called Jomo Kenyatta a leader unto darkness n death but he is renown as the light 4 the nation. Doom sayers will b ashamed.

    • Moses Ethaiba Excuse me!! Did you just say “The pple accused of crimes against humanity are now progressively developing Kenya as one of the fastest growing economies recognized by the World Bank n IMF, among others.” Do you live here? World Bank and IMF are not institutions from heaven. They are western institutions, the same western that your suspects were demonizing when they were scuttling the ICC process. The judges of how good or bad an economy is are the people. They obviously do not share the optimism of World Bank. And may I remind you that World Bank and IMF are not registered voters in Kenya.

    • The prof. has not seen the latest opinion polls showing the popularity of Uhuru. Next yr we shall win by mo than 60%. The road networks, the SGR, the water n electricity projects,hospitals, etc, all over the nation are testimony of progress. Those who have eyes n ears can c n hia.

    • He has been fighting to go to statehouse. He has not said what he wants to go and do here. As for the freedom you and I enjoy, he ain’t the only one who fought for it. He is the only one who actually benefited from it. Other were maimed, others died and others were finished politically and economically. He runs around saying he wants to be president and owns a factory that once belonged to government. He has not fared badly at all. Has he?

      And yes. I maintain, there is no alternative. Raila is not an alternative. He is as invested in the status quo as all of them and he runs a party whose elections are conducted by thugs. This is not the change we are looking for.

  19. i partly agree with your idea “private problem turning national crisis and eventually an international crisis.”. but as far as am concerned this is one of the methods the govt used and ought to use inoder to eben attract prosperous countries aids and even build a stronger friendship….thats evidence to cant deny it…. my point therefore is..the icc process had more advantages than the disadvantages that you are trying to put across

  20. Your full of ignorance and priest of tribalism, remember uhuru was moi’s major orphan but you dint mention him, your agitating for fame on social media but you wount archive recognition, keep on parroting

  21. Any mature politician in kenya must have gone through Moi,only those under 40 never interacted with him so you cannot call them political orphans because they are all over,the reason as to why you found kenya in good hands unlike Somali,south Sudan etc is because of Moi,it is your turn/duty to make the stable Kenya economically viable stop using side mirrors while the wind screen is before you

  22. I may not as intelligent as you but surely, I can read your mind you hate those in office. Let me ask you this sir with tremendous respect were investigation done on kenyan cases. How come there were some mathematics in balancing the two sides. Anyway I remember Proff Makau Mutua accept that he did procure witness. And please remember Ocampo also agreed there were pressure from foreign powers. Tell us if President and deputy scuttled the process because they were in power then what of Kosgey., Muthaura and Alli? Please don’t think in one direction. Take it from me next elections will be for other seats not that of President because He will win with a landslide

  23. There are things which can never happen in Kenya… Kenyan politics are one-of-its-kind….You may try convincing somebody of how bad someone is but in the end you end up being bad yourself ….What Jubilee has done and what they have not fulfilled will never matter come 2017…people’s minds will be corrupted and those revolutionists will still wonder how events turned ….I know Kenya will never change and it’s factual.., no one will change kenya….no alternative… it’s like wishing your neighbour was your father….

  24. Are you trying to show that you have a PhD. But I thought those who got their PhDs earlier than you made it clear that empty vessels makes the most noise. Could this PhD be amongst the fake papers that exposes the ignorance of most of you. Anyway next time try to think beyond the nose.

  25. U’ve been paid by cord to smear dirt on our national leaders to appear as if even the public that the leaders represent are not loyal to their leaders….!! U are a sell out n a cheap one on that

  26. upuzi you looked learned and talked like learned person, but for your info that’s stupidity if not that then it’s madness, high office went to power because that’s what Kenyans want,i don’t figure out any connection btw the govt in place and then on going cases in icc umejaribu but you score very poorly,you can try next yr

  27. Msitu ni ule ule nyani ndio wapya ila tabia za msitu huu ziliandikwa kwenye matawi ya miti ndani ya msitu na kila nyani wapya wajapo vigezo ni waendane na hulka zilizotumika mbelen!!….Sisi vyura tuu tukipigwa teke badala tukasirike tunafurahi tumeongezwa mwendo. Sisi pia samaki tunatafunwa kwa meno ya ujeuri na macho hata hatujafumba tangia tuvuliwe baharini. My dear kenyans we will just be debating about change in the world of imaginations yet the change is right with us.

  28. good one you said it all ,tribal chiefs have activated their defense wings armed with all sot of abuse and condemnation but no matter truth must be told. no 1 agenda of jublee was icc and it is done ,no 2 idnt know! Complex web of corruption

  29. @Mr Wainaina whetever PHD u have it is from river road, this is because the purpoted phd holder is driven by common sense, it seams common sense is no longer common to you, first u are tribal because u are only focusing on one side of the coin why not talk about mungiki , Raila, uhuru and the rest, u are the type who hype on nothing to get donors money, ur hands and brain is dirty, cant u see the standard guage raily is almost complete, cant you see the country is connected to electricity and more so your rural primary school, can’t you see our hospital is giving free maternal care, cant yiu see more roads are being tarmacked, i dont see any sense in your ranting and grunding, i sympathize with the type of you who dont have a sense of belonging, open your eyes and try to see any gud that is their, again i can swear in the name of God tgat Ruto the DP u hate so much did not participate in mass killing or whetever idiots are whining a bout, Mr PHD holder wainaina get facts correct and last but not the least stop tribal ranting and love your country and government

  30. Professor I like your argument. But I fail to see why you didn’t respond to the other things Ruto mentioned as successes. You proved ICC was the driving force, but to argue they’ve done nothing else other than fight ICC is being economical with the truth. I’m interested in their score card on other promises they made.

    • John, I understand you. I could ask you the same question in reverse. Why didn’t he talk about the failures of Jubilee, hustler jet, NYS, Youth fund etc. Politics is about positionality. He has taken a self-righteous position and totally ignored the fact that they are at the helm of the most tribal and corrupt regime in history. That is where I come in.

  31. There’s a lot I could say about this article, but suffice to say that this ‘Moi Orphans’ narrative is as pedestrian as it is overly hyped. Even from an academic perspective, it’s clear that referring to Uhuru and Ruto as Moi orphans reeks of either ignorance or malice – or both. Look at their approach to politics and governance, and you will not see any ‘Moi’ in them. That reference is only meant, by Wainaina, as a conveyor belt for a certain political agenda that’s disguised in fairly tattered academic gown. Perhaps Wainaina should go further and tell us how, in his view, Uhuru and Ruto should have separated, in practical ways, their ICC personal matter and their duties as the President and the DP. Regarding their campaign promises, infrastructure was tops. It seems that Wainaina is not aware of the accomplished and ongping projects, apart from ‘claims’ by the DP. And if he’s aware of such projects, it seems he has a reason to dismiss that particular aspect of Jubilee’s campaign promise.Quite often, Wainaina reminds me of a few other PhD holders I happen to know fairly well, eg Anyang Nyong’o and Makau Mutua.

    • James Mukuria yu lost me the moment you said “Look at their approach to politics and governance, and you will not see any Moi in them”. Heheeheheheheheheehhehe! I have no words. Let Kenyans be the judge. Most will agree this is a government of siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They just worry about those presenting themselves as alternatives.

  32. Reading thro ur article u have said what simple tribal and polluted minds cant see.
    I cant repeat what u have said prof these are bitter truths.
    This was was Jubilees main mission. Now that it was achieved they better allow us and kenya to have free and fair elections.

  33. How have you assisted or help the economic growth of this Country in your simple way? I would expect you to be a renown Philanthropist who is not just interested in criticism but changing the lives of Kenyans in your simple way.

  34. 4 once i congrats u uve finished ur post without naming raila .there r many things jubilee has done wrong take re introducing tax on basic things take milk phns motorbikes defending corrupt css the reintroduction of land grabbing kitu ilikua imesahauliwa n tribalism n a clear frustrating of devolved govnts by introducing the post of county when we say jubilee itoke we dont mean raila is perfect bt he cant be worse there is a reason this big guys dont want him inbpower n i want to find out why it might be good he might be a maghufuli.

    • I have never said that Jubilee should leave for Raila to take over. His is equally politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. A person who elections are ran by men in black cannot be an option to the corrupt jubilee government. We need an alternative. Raila ain’t it.

    • I have not limited unlike u am being realistic there is no other stonger candidates i will pick the guy i feal is best i want to find out y the establishment r so fearfull of him if he wins its up to him to desapoint or proove me right in my jubilee has divided the country tribalism it is at its highest n its not the oposition its govnt telling ppl to join jap in oder to get dvlpmt the country is back to where tulitoka .it was kulipa uhushuru ni kujitegemea now its ingia jap upate maendeleo howz that

  35. am a Kenyan and as such I am entiltled to hold my believe not caring academic write up done by people enshrined to their own doctrines.Remember in Kenya we have Raila Kenyans,Uhuruto kenyans and a few other Kenyans and I am in the Uhuruto group.So cant …..

  36. Wainaina to me you a grabber like your brothers so you grabbed Kenya what is remaining is nothing to talk about you a just nothing to tell us we do this and that you thieves

    • Rebecca Nzuki We are not ignorant. I have said time and time again that this is the tragic power of a single narrative. We are under the grip on a singular tribal narrative. Kenyans have been fed on nothing else but tribalism. The politicians in CORD and Jubilee have nothing else to offer apart from tribalism. We need a new non-ethnic political narrative. Without it, the tribalists will win next year. It does not matter from which side.

  37. Wainaina the earlier you realize the meaning of politics the better for. Few Kenyans can understand your point because it is too vague. This idea of calling politicians Moi’s orphans is irresponsible and lazy for any academician. I wish we could understand each one of them and question their ideologies rather spend too much time on history.

  38. thats why i promote limited government.the governments role is to build infrastructure and provide security.kenyans are to blame for this.this saidia serikali nonsense has made us heavily dependent on the government who justify most of their government programmes as helping people yet they saddle taxpayers with huge debts making us more poor.we a huge wage bill caused by the government .what kenyans really need is an equal opportunities environment not government handouts.

  39. The problem is not the leaders the problem is the electorate, Kenyans tunachagua waizi, tribal leaders, tuchagueni non tribal leaders na visionary leaders, tuma nyumbani Wale wanaeneza chuki.

  40. The comments themselves portray the ethnic division in Kenya! Can’t we think outside our tribal lines???? 2017 if we don’t think outside our tribal lines then the Rwanda genocide of 1994 may be witnessed in Kenya. God help us

  41. Prof… just another self seeker looking to attract attention to himself for a plum job appointment instead of drowning his sorrows and frustration with life drinking beer at a pub with his peers ”learned” professors hahaha !. Attacking Jubilee party nor our dear President UhuRuto adds you nothing or an accolade…..pure rubbish analytical of our political landscape. You will not set the agenda of our politics by disrespecting our national leaders ever. Perhaps and maybe only IF americans hear of your exploits will they reward you will an appointment to go and teach at their universities just like your mentor maina kiai and prof. Makau mutua hahaha …..but remember once they tap your brains to exhaustion,they release you off your plum job appointment hahaha !. Fare the well prof…..keep trying as you never know when wazungus will come knocking at your doorstep poa.

  42. Its so much humility to name our national leaders as kubafu,waizi na maneno ingine ovyo ovyo but, is it in the first gvt to have impunity in its leader’s? Xo even if we go in to elections every day we shall be ruled by majority, b it fools or de wises, they’re d majorities,what we lack in Kenya is civic education.

  43. It’s a pity you spend all your time looking for what to criticise prof. instead of using your crown jewel of knowledge to contribute positively, you are all selfish. As a scholar you know that there is no perfect human being and that’s why there can never be a perfect Government. We are interdependent for any success to be achieved and each of us is an important link including you for this country to move forward. There is one drawback we Kenyans have, nobody appreciates the little each of us does, complaints complaints 24-7 throughout the year. Tenda wema nenda zako and this country will be great for all of us. Believe me you are apart of the failure you are so eager to attribute to Jubilee.

  44. Umepanua macho ukaona dp tu proff sampuli gani hii of all 40 + million. Chambua kila mtu u cant fool any one in kenya kila mtu na kura yake 2017 everyone knows da story kenya are not fools on repeated storys

  45. You make a premise but the argument doesn’t follow or support it. The ICC issue was NEVER the campaign issue/idea of Jubilee campaigns, it was the “supposed” glue or idea as expressed by their detractors. Please provide even one single link or quote where the duo ever told their support base to vote them in so as to scuttle the ICC cases.

  46. Politics is no sainthood bwana proffesa, you have ranted long enough on and about all our political leadership and i still cant figure out where you want us to head, ama unasimama wewe msafi and non orphaned tukuchague?

  47. sometimes a neva like to comment but u know how evil prevails prof..hvin said that 1.sayin Ruto&his boss has dne nothin dpends on ua list of much as u want to condemn appreciate tha good wak however less it might be

  48. Moreno Ocampo was in Kenya only to darts Uhuru & Ruto.He even said that some envoys were pushing him to make Uhuru & Ruto a rocked out of election.But God shamed him,seeing now that they r delivering it must b a surprise to many.

  49. Professor, did you ever read Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? If you did, you would know that for most, after money they desire power. To insinuate that the only reason uhuruto went for power was to defeat ICC is way off the mark. Are you forgetting that uhuru ran for president in 2002 way before the post election violence? Do you also remember that ruto sided with him in those elections? Secondly, you go just short of claiming that uhuruto were guilty as charged by the ICC. But between you and me, you would agree that the problem in 2007 /2008 was far much broader than uhuruto. In fact, we knew that the ICC process was flawed the moment kibaki and raila were not indicted when knowing that ICC goes for people bearing the highest responsibility. Secondly, you are almost acting in defense of the civil society even when there has been overwhelming evidence of malpractice in witness procurement for ICC. I know that the core of your message is that the body politics in Kenya is rotten but can you desist from putting forth your argument through skewed analysis, false accusations and innuendo.

  50. The most sincere thing here is, thy all av nothing to offer…..very true….its very bitter tu tribal ad blind supporters…..
    Thy are useless corrupt hyenas……tu start with Uhuruto, Raila ad his boys….. These are dustbin material

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