Mr. Uhuru, the failure to fight corruption is not about what you have done, it is about who you are.

It is now official. The president is frustrated and helpless to do anything about corruption in his government! In the recent Statehouse summit on corruption and accountability, an un-presidential looking and un-presidential sounding Uhuru asked a half stunned half bemused audience, “sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni? ”. He hoped to convince Jubilee sympathizers and apologists that he has done everything he needs to do and that he was frustrated and helpless. He and those making this argument are asking the wrong question.

I agree with Uhuru that the fight against corruption is frustrating and that he is helpless to do anything about it. But I disagree that the problem is what he has or not done. The challenge in fighting corruption is not about what Uhuru has done or not done. It is about who he is and the symbolism of his government. I would personally have been shocked if he had made a dent on the fight against corruption. Such an act is impossible given who he is, what circumstances brought him to power and what his administration stands for. I will explain.

The Jubilee government is a tribal administration founded by a self-confessed YK92 hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi project who in 2013 were fugitives from international justice indicted at the ICC for crimes against humanity. I can understand why they would want to come together. And that is the problem.

A union consummated in the bed of impunity can NEVER give birth to an accountable and corruption free administration. It is a simple fact that even a Sunday school kid will tell you. You reap what you saw. With unbelievable hubris, the duo went about demonizing anything and everything that was asking for accountability in regard to the post-election violence. It became taboo to support the victims or to ask for accountability.

Let me be clear.

Those supporting the ICC process were not asking for the conviction of the two, they were asking for accountability. The duo rubbished the process, gave Chapter 6 of the Constitution the finger, ran for the presidency on an anti-ICC tribal siege mentality , and won. (Or stole if you ask Raila Odinga). The message that this sent to the corrupt tormentors of the regime is that the end justifies the means. The greatest shield against accountability is power. Get it by any and all means necessary. They not only proved this they also showed how to use power to evade accountability.They unleashed the spirit of impunity that they are now struggling to contain.

The message that this sent to the now corrupt tormentors of his regime is that the end justifies the means. They taught the corrupt that the greatest shield against accountability is power. Get it by any means necessary and use it for impunity. It is called state capture. The use of state power to advance extra-judicial and corrupt ends.


Immediately they won the presidency came the hustler’s jet scandal. Does it surprise anyone that the first act of impropriety and impunity on the part of the jubilee government was directly related to the reason they had run for the presidency in the first place, to scuttle the ICC? Haven’t they, since then, completely scuttled the process through any and all means available to them, all of them extra-judicial? Haven’t the corrupt cartels taken a cue from them about how to use power to circumvent justice? If the fight against corruption and impunity is the political circus he called it, it is because he and his deputy wrote the script. The West Africans say the man who brings a dead rat to his house should not complain when maggots pay him a visit.


A good question to ask is. Hadn’t he been saddled with the curse of the ICC, would Uhuru Kenyatta have successfully fought corruption?

No. He wouldn’t.

First, hadn’t he been saddled with the ICC indictment, Uhuru would never have become president. He would have lacked the motivation to do so. Remember, Uhuru did not originally seek the presidency because he had the motivation, ambition or ability to. He ran for president because Moi told him so. He needed the tragedy of the ICC to see the value of the presidency for himself. Secondly, without the ICC, the tribal coalition that propelled him to power would have been difficult or impossible to form.

But let us assume that he became president without the ICC process. He still would not have successfully fought corruption. Again, because of who he is. It is not possible to find any Kenyan presently who, on his own behalf, on behalf of his family, his and his fathers’’ (biological and political) associates is more invested in the status quo than Uhuru Kenyatta. He is the poster boy of an oligarchy started by his father and entrenched by his political godfather and which he is a captive of. I have made the argument before that if Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki met to select their successor, all would agree on Uhuru.

Does the Constitution tie his hands as he claims?


There are two ways of looking at this. Uhuru is a sceptic when it comes to the new constitution and his Deputy is an apostate who opposed it. They have a healthy contempt for the Constitution. They are ready to use it as an excuse for their own incompetence. This is an incurable problem, and I suspect is emanates from the earlier discussed investment of Uhuru in the status quo. The only viable proposition was for them not to run for the presidency under a constitution they did not believe in. This is what happened to David Cameron when he lost the Brexit vote. He resigned. He knew it was futile for him to try and implement something that he had opposed. In 2013, we did the opposite, elected Uhuru and Ruto into an office where they were supposed to implement and protect a constitution they did not believe in.

But still, if the constitution is the problem, why hasn’t he proposed amendments that would enable him fight corruption? After all, he did it with the security laws. Whether such amendments would pass or not is not the point, that he has not proposed them means he has not done all he could to fight corruption.

Regardless of what he has done or not done Uhuru cannot run away from who he is. I hope he has learnt his lesson – you can use power to run away from the ICC, but how do you run away from your history, your name and your own shadow?

(Initially published by Saturday Nation on 22nd October 2013:

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  1. Bwana Professor, if Uhuru wrongs Kikuyus to the highest degree, do you think they can vote him out next year? Does it mean Uhuru has no tools now to govern? Because in that State House Summit he asked “MNATAKA NI FANYE NINI JAMENI?” as you have pointed out. Has he forgotten he is the CEO of the Country? And from all his failures, what do you think people of “MKOA WA NYETI” think of him?

    • Heheheheheehehe…Maingi, I honestly don’t know. What I know is that we desperately need a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country in a different direction next year. If we do not have one, it means that the only narrative we will have is the tribal one from the CORD and Jubilee tribal warlords. And it is obvious who the Central people will vote for.

    • Bwana Prof. You are correct, because you ended your statement by saying: AND IT IS OBVIOUS WHO THE CENTRAL PEOPLE WILL VOTE FOR. So, no matter what evil he does to them? They will still vote for him! This is beyond belief! Kenya indeed has Lela-U-Lela problems. What is what in this Land? Are we still evolving? How is it that we can’t manage ourselves? Is Kenya a cursed Nation? Bwana Prof. you said Ruto and Uhuru are products of failed YK92 and failed Uhuru as Moi Project 2002 respectively. Could this be the reason behind all these problems and failures?

    • My brother, it is called the power of a single narrative. The only and dominant political narrative is ethnicity and the tribal warlords love it. They know whatever they do, their people will vote for them. There is nothing wrong with the people. If they are given options they will make good choices. But if the only choice is between “your” tribalist and “my” tribalist, you know who each will vote for. This is why my whole campaign is based on the search for a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics differently. The very sad reality is, if we do not get a compelling new non-ethnic political narrative and articulate it well to inspire a new political awakening our choice will be between the tribal warlords. And you know what will happen. It is sad, but it is the reality. We need a new non-ethnic political narrative, urgently. Otherwise we are sunk.

    • Mr. Prof. what options? Kenyans are Conservatives, and I know you know that reality. Can you imagine is now over 50 years since 1963 and we never learned anything! The big question is, shall we ever learn? Bwana Ngugi, pretenders are worse than murderers. And if you are not pretenders, vote for Raila next year.

  2. Did I see somewhere you call yourself professor? Guess so but I have feeling that your PhD may be in anthropology or something to do with theology coz matters constitutional seems far to you.
    Anwy you are entitled to your opinion n I like your articles though I find it difficult to fit in your thoughts whether attacking the jubilee leadership or cord as an alternative government.

  3. I note that there arn’t many sensible people disputing what you have said in your article.Those who do simply have decided to have their eyes off, ears off , brains off and everything off save for their ethnic affiliations.

    • very true Professor. when you saying anything against Raila, Luo Nyanza rises against you. when you say anything Uhuru, Central Kenya is up in arms against you. the day you will say anything against Musalia or Wetangula, the Luhya nation, me included, will rise against you. hehehehe. that is the sad reality of this country. we are so immersed in tribalism that our tribal kingpins are never wrong. and that is why as a people, we are always manipulated by them

    • Wabule Nabibia Wekesa I am sure you will not rise up against me…you are pretty sensible. It is called the power of a single narrative. Tribalism is he narrative of choice for the tribal warlords of the major tribes. It is all they feed their people on. That is why I have been arguing for a new non-ethnic political narrative. People would have something different to choose from. As it is now, they only have a choice between “your” tribal warlord and “mine”. You know which one they will choose.


  5. Corruption started with his father like son, only that he has taken it a notch higher! It’s their tym to loot bt let them remember it’s vanity. Ask mzee moi and kibaki-true riches is having peace within and a clear conscience. It just shows how insecure this politicians are.

  6. All of you, talking negative about jubilee adm n the President in particular have very myopic ideals,, it’s as if u don’t know the bureaucracy of the nation. .the constitution that we have is very clear n the President reminded the people, we have independent commissions bestowed with enough Powers to fight graft,and all forms of impunity,,,but becoz you already have a negative attitude towards the current regime u can use every ill word against them…those who can offer an alternative leadership now,how better would they be…they even have a dirty sheet than the current…we need to be sincere…

  7. Uhuru promised Kenyans that he would not only fight corruption, but end it. Today he is blaming this and that for failing to bring corruption to zero. So, thé question jubilee sympathisers should ask themselves is, who shall come to our aid?

    • Kenyans themselves shall defeat corruption if and when they so wish. The buck starts with you and me. As long as we bribe, we give handouts to influence a decision or we buy our way out of trouble (patia askari kitu kidogo akuachilie) then corrpution will continue to thrive. The President can do as much, but the buck starts and ends with us. Period

    • I am not about to write one. Burundi is led by a 3rd term dictator who is killing his people, South Africa is led by a guy accused of rape and high graft, Kenya is led by fellows indicted in the same ICC for crimes against humanity. All are lords of impunity and they have thwarted all efforts for accountability in their own countries. What do you expect them to say about an international court that seeks to hold people accountable?. Trust me, such an article is not worth yours or my while.

  8. Uhuru cannot fight corruption bcoz his immediate pipo are corrupt luk at th dp is buzy walking to kisii and western looking for votes and his home pipo are dying living everythng for uhuru sureli do u expect him not to be frustrated he should

  9. Well put Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD If we are to really judge this Administration objectively then we should look at the manifesto they had during their electioneering period. They are so far doing very abominably with regard to this. One cannot even give them a 25% in performance. If as an employee during your interview you promised to deliver on certain deliverables and they failed then they would be at a risk of being fired. If we require this of lowly paid employees, then we should ask of the same form the CEO of the country. He should justify why we we should continue to have him as the head of state.

  10. Fighting corruption to me is the easiest job in Kenya the way even Obama put it during his visit in Kenya. Check ones income and his lifestyle simple as that.How can one drive a v8 or Benz worth 12 million when his salary is a half a million? How can one drive a Toyota nze when his salary is a 50 thousands? How can one purchase a mansion worth 50 million while his income is 1 million per month?someone will tell me they take loans which is not true because banks give loans according to your income so what they do is to hide in loans so that they can continue in corruption. Everyone sow how wealthy our police officers are who even some started with less than three thousand and are still getting a salary which can’t even meet the needs of their families but they transact with million of shillings. This was just a tip of the iceberg but its with all Kenyans not the police alone from driver’s, teachers,politicians, nurses ,property dealer’s name them all but I repeat the words of pope that corrupt people don’t have peace and don’t live long since corruption is a way to death

    • With a salary of half a milion, you can comfortably be given a loan to purchase a 12milion car. You don’t have to earn 12milion or more to buy a 12milion or more vehicle. Same goes to persons earning 1 million owning 50m houses. Do a back ground check man. Do you even have idea of the period payable for some of this things you’re talking about. And don’t get me wrong btw, I would be shocked if a person earning fifty thousand owns a land cruiser v8 or a mansion. Yea that’s cause for alarm

    • Daniel UA either with the corrupt r you are supporting them.I’m a business man myself and also a preacher of the gospel and over forty years old.the gap between a million and fifty million is as one thousand and fifty thousands OK.someone earning a million his expenses are around nine hundred a month OK so for a genuine and clean person the big loan he can get without been stressed is 20m and his investment should should revolve around that figure. During Kenyatta’s father I was a small boy and every investment or banking you used to give account where u got the money from so central bank and KRA owes Kenyans explanation y they are not netting this thieves and my friend never support stealing or get involved because after this world it will cost your soul in hell regardless of your status in of a man is very short compared to eternity .

    • Stephen Mutuku I think Daniel Mwangi did not understand the point you are trying to make and now wants the argument to be lost in figures. You are simply saying that fighting corruption is no that hard. If there is political will, there is a way. Lifestyle audit is just one of the many ways there are. If Someone with a 500K salary owns a 100M mall, in the center of town, let them just show us how they did it. Hakuna vita.

    • Am not tainting anyone’s credentials here. I approached the point as it was and I stand corrected if am wrong but figures is the topic. Owning a mall while earning a million shillings is not a problem especially coz that’s a business that’s self financing. The question is not whether a 1 million or even 50k person can own one. The question is the source of finance. If at all the person has credible sources fine. BTW going by your example that a person earning 1 million spends 900k. You mean in your entire 40yrs plus years you spend 90% of your income!? Wow!!!

  11. We all know how uhuruto got to power,they surely did not deserve were it not for former president mwai kibaki,who through IEBC,made sure that presidency must remain in central province,iam surprised isaw adesperate president telling us that he deosnt know what to do in statehouse,time is up in 2017,kenyans must elect soaber ,humble,Godfearing leaders who should not be bosses but workers,does the DP ruto fill in the time sheet,what does he do?apart from kumangamanga dishing out stolen taxpayers money,ithought it is only Hon.raila who is free to campaign and put the government of the day on checks,but uhuruto are in office they should work,from monday to friday,and fill in time sheets

  12. Prof. Bieng a gud critic as u r ,together with RAO,u never offer any solution to any problem .U should give kenyans 1or 2 ideas of how to combat the menace .U n the opposion r talking about corruption as if u’ve just landed from diaspora.J say if there is anyone who has’nt committed any crime (corruption:like bribing police or any civil servants ),let u be the first to cast the first stone!

    • Wanderi, first it is not my responsibility to give a solution. It is the responsibility of those who sought power and promised a solution. When they were asking for power they did not say tuwapatie alafu tuwasaidie na solutions. Secondly I agree with Makau, the fact that everyone is doing it, does not and will never make it right.

    • wanderi don’t use someone’s head to think the professor is not telling you to stop supporting uhuruto he is categorically stating what the president said about combating graft then argue from there

  13. The Governor of CBK Dr Patrick Njoroge is probably the most honest, un-corrupt, humble and fairest individual that has ever served in Kenya’s public office in recent times. How I wish God could present him as a presidential candidate even in 2017, I will not sleep that day to make sure I am the first person to vote for him. Hawa wengine wote ni wezi and good for nothing.

    • With tribalism being the only and dominant narrative, and with the tribal warlords from the major tribes feeding it to their people everyday, Njoroge hawesmake. The only way he would have a chance is if we had a new non-ethnic political narrative that would inspire the country differently.

  14. We don’t have to blame the current leadership but the Kenyan electorates who already know their perennial challenges but come election time,they tag themselves around their ethnic cocoons rather than their perennial challenges,in short politics of issues,politics that is people centered and result oriented.

    • This is the problem of a single dominant tribal political narrative. The problem is not the people. The tribal warlords only leave the people with two choices, either elect “my” tribal warlord, or elect “yours”. With that choice, it is obvious what the people will choose. That is why I have argued that the only way our is a new non-ethnic political narrative. People will have something else to choose from. Unfortunately the new narrative must come from us the people. It can never come from the tribal warlords.

  15. Kazungu Kambi was Cabinet Secretary in the Jubilee government and he’s now out and saying Jubilee is bunch of thieves who have nothing to offer to this country. Charity Ngilu was Cabinet Secretary in the Jubilee government and she has clearly told the country not to dare have Jubilee for a day more. She says a day more with Jubilee in power is like a year in hell. David Kimaiyo was the inspector general of police and he has told us that if you’re not corrupt, you don’t have a place in the Jubilee government. Chirau Ali Mwakwere was in Jubilee and he’s now telling us the work Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are doing is talking from morning to evening. Sasa wewe na kiherehere yako unatuambia tuingie Jubilee tupate maendeleo. Who is fooling who?

  16. I read this article this weekend just like I watch jicho pevu, you all talk of Uhuru supporting raila this will not work for your man ,you have tried this since 1997 when raila vied for the first time, anyway you need a share of donor money so you must write something every week a man must eat don’t you agree,nice time

  17. The eaves story is that, Gema, I included fear the unknown…”what would happen to them if, say, Raila is in state house?, would they go thru the same as in the era of Moi? would the kind of tribal animosity that we witness on social media be directed to them…….that straight away generates into sycophancy and the wake early to defend uthamaki without a second thought saying….tutingihe hiti mwana (can’t feed a hyena with own child)….sina Phd mimi.

  18. Well If we are to look at the issues critically the Presidency is not all to blame for the slow phase of tackling graft head on .Some institutions independent have failed him miserably in their Constitutional mandate .Even the debacle of the ICC was brought about by the total failure of Parliament to put in place a local tribunal or mechanism to probe the Post election violence .Again the Judiciary has also failed to discharge its mandate of delivery of Justice at the shortest time possible even after heavy funding One can understand the President frustration .Take for instance how similar cases have been handled in the past and currently .One case in mind is that of the Republic Vs Dr Ongonga Achieng and Others the case was heard and determined in record time while others like the NYS cases and the Youth fund are dragging on indefinitely yet the facts in both cases are almost similar if not identical only the amounts in question differ .

  19. Both Mr. Prezo and Dp are useless i just wish cord could take over so that we can see more Dev in Rft Vlly. This guys only use county bosses to loot more and more. I wish kibaki could hav led during this devolved county we would be better off.

  20. I concur with your disappointment Prof, u and the rest of Kenya across enthnicity .His words in its context were only expressing his frustration with the bureaucracy laded system of justice, all am saying is that he has power to hire and fire corrupt civil servants but prosecution of the said individual lies elsewhere most precisely with the DPPs docket. I might sympathize with his frustration but i can’t excuse his lame attitude toward the issue. He might have lost my faith in combating corruption but i still admire his resolve to fulfil his manifesto , ‘ (mgala muue na haki yake mpe ) ‘.

  21. does he want power?? yes he has! he even sent deligates in china to learn how to rule for 100 years!!! i mean uhuru to lead behind shadows 100 years!!!!!!! ohhh God kenya is done!! how will he touch the corrupt goons and power brockers who wants to put him on power forever?? mnataka afanye nini surely?? God send a magufuli in kenya

  22. Felow kenyans ladies en gentlemen en to my friends en my enemies in chief, we ave a tough battle to wage, en this cant b a smal battle as long as one of Gods children is a victim of injustices trible prejudice en fickle politics

  23. Your constitution does not give him such powers to act directly.Stop disrespecting the president of republic of kenya.go and become ugandan if you cant respect our president.he is not mr uhuru,he is your president

  24. You should not blame the president that he has failed to contain corruption,,but you are the one practising it, not Uhuru ! If we kenyans have self discipline ad say no to corruption,that would be the end of it… Leave Uhuru alone…

    • brainwashed! we are not EACC. we don’t arrest, we don’t prosecute, we don’t have access to details of people’s accounts and have no intelligent trainings, how do we stop corruption? do you know why they are in power?

  25. How come all the Jubille support the corrupt individual, No No, we all saw it during Waiguru loothing NYS funds, we know what Jubillee are capable of, so president should not pretend to us at all, we are tired of him, when Raila talked of Eurobond, his team came out covering up, we are totaly tired, Uhuru is pretending, he knows everything, maybe those stealing are the one who helped him to become president, who knows. They are walking all around at large.

  26. I think we as individual should also help in extirpate corruption in our fields ,,,,am sure like nys scandal some people just silenced or were simply silenced which lend to extravagance…..also we need strong institution to deal with that

  27. Kivuthi ngandi you defend him on the grounds of tribalism but you forget that bad will never cover good………………….. You vote him because he comes from yo community but remember you will always be kivuthi n he will never come to yo place to buy you food or pay yo rent because you voted him in…………………… Style up he is not of your class neither is he your type

  28. Life in Kenya is becoming mor in bearable,this government is not keen to the things affecting the common people.ho will the SRG benefit wanjiku or anyango in the village,any an go needs the cost of her living be affordable,
    I’m wondering what Kenya will be if it goes on life this.this is the government that had had mor corruption realities ,highest level of public fund missuse.and I wonder why and who will rise or us.
    I’m kept praying and I know the day will come……

  29. You always give Critics but have never suggested a Solution… Your that person who points out a Dirty Village Man insult him and ask people to stay away from him but you can not buy Him soap or advice him how to keep clean…. Thambo Mbeki choose to call people like you “Jacuzzi Critics” what do i mean!! All you do is sit in confort and spend countless minutes annalysing the government then more minutes editting the perfect speech critisising the gorvernment yet you dont play your part as a Citizen because you think your Leaders are superhumans. So what do you do yourself as a Citizen????
    Bill Clinton Once said, “A useless person is a person who critisises his leaders for not changing the Society but the same person does nothing for the same society”
    So i ask you again WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR YOUR COUNTRY???

  30. I have a deep hatrade for the government look 90% of the cabinent comprises of either kikuyu or kalenjin most parastatal r headed by kikuyu and kalenjin whose work is to mutilate the economy today kenya belongs to k k the prezzo is just a touring prezzo he is acting like lad instead of mending his house what he does better is just making tour i dont see what good has jubilee government has done actually am a kenyan version of trump i hate jubilee n by 2022 if i will b alive i will organise a coup

  31. Truth can only be covered but not changed. If President himself finds it a hot metal for peralstalsis, what about the victims? Are they covered to secure votes coming general election. Now, clearly president is corrupt, government the same. Yet……….

  32. You r speaking as if u stays in heaven u r here in kenya for christmas holidays.uhuru is a human being like u and me dont try to show there is a president who wil be loved by everyone

  33. if this is not hate speech then it must be betrayal …….learn to respect authority and because it seems you know much in leadership that our beloved and able president,where were you during election so that you would be elected…..i totaly dissagree with your mere idea young man

  34. Useless prof of literature who criticizes his leaders for doing nothing about corruption but does nothing himself about it. Woe unto his students who think highly of professors who hold high titles but once put in positions of leadership have nothing to show but their high faluting titles . Bure kabisa.

  35. Mr professor Michael wainaina,i may not know much like you do bt i can hv an idea on how to tackle our problems
    1.we should stop listening or following post from pals like you.reason being you always analise the problems in our country but you don’t give solutions
    2.we should stop undermining the government all the time at least let them do whatever they can see its good for us
    3.learn to aplishiate the little done
    4,forgive them bcz you also you are not perfect

  36. Let’s be honest by engaging in principled criticism. The political elite in this country whether in government or opposition is corrupt and thus blaming Uhuru for this is unfair. What’s your agenda?

  37. Prof u should be apart of solution but not apart of problem bt u seems to be apart of problem….corruption is a problem which WE have to solve…..Mr president isn’t the only worrior to fight corruption….the war is us all

  38. Once the team captain admits defeats the game is lost.
    Once a general accepts defeat, surrender is the last wall.
    When a leader admits that he has lost direction, The deputy takes over to help.
    Our case is interesting. The king is naked but his followers are praising him!!!

  39. I beg to differ with you prof on several grounds one attacking a personality to explain a national problem is wrong approach, am tempted to think you have personal issues with the president and needed to air your views which you have actually done and tag corruption on it.
    Their is nothing was like a soldier defying his General. On the fight against corruption, after some of this big Fish have been called in, the investigation is hindered through court injunctions I guess for them to clean their acts, what should the president do in such cases. Investigation is also one big circus, the day you tell your back that their was in illegal withdrawal or deposit within minutes the will remind you at all the transaction you ever made within that account a statement since you opened the account, so my question is to the investigative arm tracking the cash from inception to withdrawal there must be names names to this accounts, why the many faces of false calls.people should be serving jail. Mr. Prof sir what was the president to do go tracking the accounts, may call for arrests, deny exemptions from investigation. Or maybe fire the judiciary, DPP, and investigative bosses. Does he even have the powers? Remember he already fired his government officials. Let’s go to the street where more illegal transaction out weighs NYS so should he be on every street to stop you guys? So we better empower him if he is to be more accountable.

    On matters ICC for me there is know reaction without a catalyst if Mwai Kibaki, Raila Odinga, Samuel Kivuitu are not in the ICC, for me the bottom line is still the same political accountability begins with them. On tribalism for Bible readers David one of the most successful Kings of Israel had cousins for army commanders, my my point through the lens of negative ethnicity we are tribal n out best can wait to be politically correct. But through nation hood our individual credentials define our positions and prowess is ours to deny. I don’t mind having all Luos in cabinet, neither do I care of Rendiles do, none puts food on my table. Through their policy making my life is either better or was. So policy governs best not regional balance. Praying for my mother land proudly Kenyan.

    • A very spirited defense of Jubilee. You have done a good job to justify and defend a corrupt system. I am glad you acknowledge they are corrupt. I am disappointed that you have bought into their nonsense explaining away their culpability and their failures.

  40. Prof,I guess inside your heart u know very well that uhuru or..whatever his name is which i dont even care,never won n does not deserve to b president of this nation,to many kenyans who were denied their rights to b led by the person they chose,does recognize him as president of the republic of kenya legally,uhuru is the fourth illegal president of kenya not legal.consequences r there for everybody including our brothers n sisters from central n rift valley who voted for them,so lets shun tribalism n vote in the right man who is mature,presidential material,leaders with integrity,someone who knows that the presidency is a symbol of unity of the whole country n not a unity of two tribes,brave person n not a cry baby like uhuru,we need a leader n not a tribal kingpin because this lacks leadership.

    • Mr Henry Onuko I voted for jubilee and if they did win or loose I dint care coz all I wanted was that goverment but they have failed me and the rest of Kenyans but no one can convince me that electing raila and his team will bring deference in this nation so pls lets think outside the box and look for fresh leadership

    • Henry Onuko And who is this man who you describe as “right man who is mature,presidential material,leaders with integrity,someone who knows that the presidency is a symbol of unity of the whole country n not a unity of two tribes,brave person n not a cry baby like uhuru,we need a leader n not a tribal kingpin”. CORD and Jubilee are led by tribal kingpins.

  41. So prof. We thru our vote we don’t just elect but we employ. So to me the president as my employee was complaining to the boss on the issues he is facing that’s why I can’t get the results I need. So I asked myself if I gave him new instructions would things change and somehow I said yes.
    Moi used to fire people in public so we saw him feared and effective. The instructions then were different. How many people have gone exile since, especially under this government?
    No matter who will be elected this constitution has to change. Power is with the people not president under the current situation.

    • Why has he not told the people what he wants changed. Karanja, you make a good point. But even you can see how labored the point it. If the worker can not get the work done he must be very specific on the tools he needs. Kukuja kwa boss kumuuliza sasa nitafanya ninin ni upuzi!

  42. Karanja thanks for shedding light to the blind judases of our beloved kenya! This goons r enslaved by hate, tribalism, since when did kibaki fall in other president’s category? Uhuru is the nxt genuine president I know, truthful! Corruption is not tangible, tribalist n haters make it an individual govnt. problem but in reality U n me r the corruption! No president can end it, only U n me CAN!

  43. Katiba has nothing to do with this, Mr president and his dp are in a better position to tackle this problem fully because they are the ones in leadership and so many Kenyans are watching them and hopefully waiting for the result!

  44. If you can’t fight corruption and you call yourself the president of a country, that’s the biggest injustice you are doing to the citizens of that country, go home, umelemewa.we have good leaders who can do that,sio lazima ikuwe wewe

  45. This is simply shocking,that for the very first time my learned friend is spot on against the corruption-bedevilled government.surely,a wind of change is blowing,l can already see Baba taking leadership of this country,take it to the bank

  46. Eish! Man, you sure have away with words. But that is the truth.
    Ever since their ship set sail they been fornicating with the cartels who helped put them there. I don’t think they ever wanted to deal with graft in the first place. Choosing to belief that they were going to deal with it is in itself a corruption of proper functioning of common sense.

  47. Politicizing fight against graft will not take us anywhere. The seeds of corruption were planted during nusu mkate government when there was no opposition. The Cord should remain in position even after 2017 to check the government.

  48. Character and personality is very essential to any level of leadership. I think we need a very serious leaders in govt. The current leadership has watering the presidency,I cannot imagine hw one who has been elected by majority will jst wake up one day ed bcoz I am attending ICC, let ma deputy be president ed wen da deputy attends so called icc does nt delegates his duties to speaker or cj..and before the dust settles somebody sits on president’s ed brags abt it on social media and that not being enough somebody

  49. Mine is 2 ask where is list of shame ile Uhuru alipeleka kwa Bunge name them: Waiguru, Ngilu the list was wide n none has faced the Law n he is telling Kenyans nifanye nini wot do he expect us 2 answer (ka mtu mzuri)

  50. Then another person start dreaming in public function he says since president ed his deputy ar e out of the country I am the president…If such things can happen in national events I wonder what I may be happenning…curruption can be jst be sise dish …

  51. This government is corrupt sorry very corrupt but even the ones that we might wish the to replace the current government are not the ones coming with a solution coz they are not willing to help us Kenyans they are motivated by greed and a desire to (Kula nyama) like jubilee,so for me if it was possible we should have replaced the whole system with a new era of leadership whereby all this kanus offsprings we replace them all,from uhuru to raila both the goverment and the opposition

  52. Mr uhuru done his part but judicialy fail us thus what he mean.he cannot prosecute but only sucking nomanited one but not electected one.Judicial can stop the rest.You want him to do uncontutitional so you can be happy?.

  53. If Uhuru is serious in fighting corruption, let him have his Deputy resign..let the President suck those around him.

    He knows how the tenderepreneurship has been and who are behind it.

  54. If being a “PHD” entails such reasoning, I swear to remain uneducated for the remaining bit of my life.
    Good doctors gives solutions to the problems, they gives no problems, they earn the name by their contributions through research and well thought naive For someone to play cheap politics while hiding behind academic,respect, PHD is earned,no one should proclaim it.

  55. Be realistic here….dont jst support jubilee coz u r a kikuyu….at the end of it all kikuyu wont be spared from poverty….every kenyan will suffer only the big fishes will be rich with the corruption money….

  56. If President Uhuru decides today to deal with the corrupt, you will cry foul saying that he is autocrat. In fact, he has achieved excellence if rate him under the new constitution.

  57. The Jubilee government is a tribal administration founded by a self-confessed YK92 hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi project who in 2013 were fugitives from international justice indicted at the ICC for crimes against humanity.i like that

  58. Professor, spare us the rhetoric and itemize specific actions that you would take. This corruption is not about Icc, Moi and Kibaki were not indicted yet golden burg happened

  59. Voting in Jubilee 2017 is an abomination, stealing in the name of the Lord is what was meant for the prayer rallies. The president was simply telling Kenyans that they wrongly voted him and he is unable to deliver. This a Shepherd who has decided to run a way from the sheep, leaving the flock to wolves, the Shepherd must be replaced in 2017 at 8 am

  60. Kana hana la kufanya basi amtembelee jirani wake Rais Magufuli… hiyo class yake hata Fanya hata mtihani… the problem of you being appointed in a docket you are not fit in,,,, you don’t know what to do

  61. In Kenya how comes talkative u guyz ,u cant misplace this govnt out ov corruption ,u will still suffer until da corruptor dails from govnt ,wea z Jacob Juma hu tried to fight for corruption ,da gambler to fight out for dhiz z u Kenyan with ur votes,vote for right person hu can make change not thoz hu destroys changes ,keep dat guyz in ur minds

  62. I blame Kenyans for the runaway corruption.
    The corrupt officials are daring.
    We are not.
    A good Kenyan should
    1. Procure guns and ammunition.
    2. Promote to glory a corrupt element(s).
    3. Use the ineffective judiciary to get a light sentence or none at all.

    Now that is patriotism.

  63. Every Kenyan of average intelligence is aware that corruption. It started with the golden burg, the Anglo leasing the triton, the maize scandal, NYS etc. Any Academia worth their salt should offer specific recommendations or solutions. Narrating our problems with big grammar is at best a disservice

    • It wakes up the citizens and perhaps cause them to vote for change rather than ‘Muthamaki’.
      I needed to read this! I needed to start thinking. Change can be incited by a few people but it can only be realised by actions of the masses. Thank you Prof!

    • Although I respect your right of opinion, I agree with you on one thing… This is pure incitement. This is the least we expect from a person the calibre of a proffesor. I expect a proffesor to logically and intellectually interogate problems facing the society and come up with tangible n specific recommendations to address the same. Not to incite Kenyans against their government… Over to you proffesor

    • The only out is changing the leadership. We need a transformational leaders and whose ethics are beyond reproach. Fairly simple if Kenyans started talking about the issues we are sick and tired of. Prof has started the conversation, we MUST continue it. We have to get sick of being sick and tired. We are in an abusive relationship with our leaders and the only way is to leave this abusive relationship, not therapy. Drastic action is what’s needed.
      Also, you should be very very impressed with a PhD, there is a reason why not everyone is walking around with that title. I can only be inspired greatly by Prof!

    • If you have such high expectations of the professor, surely your expectations of the leadership group must be incredibly high! And once they fail you , how can you just shrug and pass over the responsibility of fixing the problem to the prof? There is a reason why these people hold office. They are our servants and must be held accountable.

    • There is absolutely no value we get from incitement. Am challenging to show me what value the so called proffesor ignorant argument give to this nation. Granted we have corruption in the nation… Any scholar or commentators who uses this unfortunate situation to incite us is out rightly reckless

    • Nkirote Koro at least you are doing better than the prof even though you have no PhD by suggesting that we get transformational leadership… But even if we elected Pope Francis, would he jail people personally? Would he carry out investigations, would he prosecute, or deliver judgement? “Truth be told. These duties are vested in very independent institutions over which the president has no authority. YET he bears ultimate responsibility. Prof should tell us Responsibility WITHOUT authority is recipe for failure. Alternatively tell me specifically your transformational leader will do before we usher them in

    • Simon Mbugua I will be starting my doctorate in a few months and I am looking forward to joining Prof’s esteemed circles, it will be a great honour.
      The president DOES have authority, otherwise what is his job??
      If we elected the Pope we would hold him just as responsible for his failings.
      I am curious, what would you suggest we do? Pretend that it’s not happening or write letters to the ministries involved and express our displeasure?

    • Also about what a transformational leader will do, just have a read and see what the concept is all about. Look at past transformational leaders, their achievements, strategies and the seemingly impossible challenges they helped to overcome.
      The potential for change is as huge as we dare to imagine

    • Am failing to understand what is difficult for you n proffesor. Problem is corruption… What are you n proffesor specifically recommending to his excellency the president. Don’t refer us to books… Unless you are telling me you have no idea about what you were lecturing us on.

    • I am recommending that he leaves leadership to those who have a clue on what that entails. I am not a presidential advisor, I have what I am good not and it’s not teaching presidents who claimed to know what the job entailed how to perform the job.
      I am referring you to history to show you that change can be achieved….but not by trying to improve candidates who have shown us over and over again how incompetent they are.

    • If you n proffesor are not presidential advisors which means you have no clue how to address the problem then you have no moral authority to lecture (incite) the citizenry. I bet this closes the argument.

  64. Uhuru has no power to sack these people coz they are protected by law.And remember he is the first president under new constitution.what we wananchi can do is to write a petition to president,he forms a tribunal and they give a report back to president so that those people goes home!!!

  65. Why don’t we just bring back the mzungu and maybe we’ll be better off. South Africa was colonized long enough and things don’t look that bad from where am standing. Sierra leone was a state entirely made of freed slaves, you’d think black empowerment would get them somewhere? Nop all they have to show for it is war and poverty and disease. Don’t even get me started on Zimbabwe

    • This is sad and sad….are we not in a global village?
      More importantly, the head of state is the most highly placed public servant, an employee.
      A village elder would be superior if you forced a comparison

  66. Rule of law isn’t the impediment , tribalism is.

    From the onset, let me state that Jubilee government’s commitment (or lack thereof) to the war against corruption is more contemptible and degraded than that spouted by previous administrations.

    The pompous,declamatory manner of speech by its leadership has only made things worse.

    Under jubilee, we have seen both senior and junior government officials descend into the mire of corruption with terrifying gusto and rapacity .

    The situation is dire; avarice has replaced temperance and public service is no longer the gem it once was, as it is seen today as a perfect opportunity to engage in primitive accumulation of wealth at the expense of service delivery.

    The insidious monster of corruption is virtually rearing its ugly head in every sector of our lives; our healthcare system is crumbling, our education system is in a mess, our leadership is emasculated, our economy is in the gutter,our security is fragile. All systems are crushing thanks to corruption.

    In all sincerity, no society’s moral vision has ever,surely, been more degenerate than ours. Indeed, ours is the most degenerate form of a higher civilization. We are on the verge of becoming a failed state, not because of civil war-no! Because of corruption.

    Every kenyan can define corruption in their own unique way but the main forms of corruption in the eyes of ordinary Kenyans are bribe-taking, kickbacks (kurudisha mkono) and unreasonable fines inflicted on the common man for petty offences.

    But with the advent of the social media, the citizenry is becoming more and more abreast of mega corruption. Actually,most kenyans are more than aware about the superlatively mega heists that have become routine in the jubilee administration.

    In a recent statehouse summit on corruption, President Uhuru sensationally threw down the gauntlet to the participants who were largely drawn from the multi-agency taskforce on corruption.

    Altogether, the summit only seemed to have exercabated the problem as it turned out to be a blame circus. But the apotheosis of the said summit was the president’s “mnataka nifanye nini” punch line.

    This must have emboldened the corrupt, avaricious lot within the government to continue tap dancing on the public coffers with impunity. The president basically told them that they had won-period.

    By telling them that his hands were tied and his recital of “rule of law” platitude, the president only succeded in exposing-bare, our taxes to the unscrupulous freebooters within and without the rotten system who are always on the prowl.

    In my view, using the “rule of law” as a scapegoat is inexcusable.

    The rule of law only serves to complement the political goodwill to fight corruption and it is common knowledge that what has been lacking in our case is political goodwill; the rule of law only comes in to maintain, improve and reinforce trite puritanical and ethical standards that have already been set by a committed leadership, but it is no panacea for corruption.

  67. Part 2 (continuation)

    Tribalism as the catalyst of mega corruption:-

    That tribalism is the chief catalyst of mega corruption in Kenya today, is a well grounded reality. It resides in our offices, homes,hearts,villages,politics, etc.

    Many scholars agree that tribalism in Kenya is relatively a new phenomenon that arose in the 20th century after the coming of the British imperialists.

    That it is also a product of our urbanization,socialization and the political culture that sprung up in the independent kenya and was preceded by the political doctrine of divide and rule-an effective political tool employed by the British to consolidate power.

    This heralded in negative tribal stereotypes which later on culminated in entrenched popular beliefs such as tribe X are thieves, tribe Y are lazy, tribe Z are grumpy, and so forth.

    Shortly after independence, tribal suspicions heightened under Jomo Kenyatta with two indigenous parties namely KANU and KADU being perpetually embroiled in ideological struggle.

    KANU was a Kikuyu/Luo alliance (the larger tribes then) and KADU was a coalition of the small tribes that feared the kikuyu/Luo domination.

    The KADU stalwarts were pro-majimbo as opposed to KANU which advocated for a unitary state. KADU later on merged with KANU and the proponents of a unitary state carried the day.

    The Kikuyu/Luo alliance was short-lived because of what the likes of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and JM Kariuki, described as the total betrayal of the mau mau spirit by Jomo Kenyatta.

    With Jomo firmly in control, came the kikuyunisation of his administration. This gave rise to the politics of exclusion and authoritarianism where critics found themselves in detention for being anti-establishment.

    This marked the beginning of the modern day tribal politics in Kenya, hence, institutionalised corruption.

    With the enrenchment of the corruption vice in Jomo Kenyatta’s administration(albeit managable),a consistent pattern of corruption emerged, tinged with the tribe factor.

    This was to be replicated during the tenures of Moi, Kibaki and now Uhuru, although Uhuru’s tenure(it is alleged)has outdone all the other three regimes combined.

    Soon after independence, nationalism died a slow but painful death and was easily replaced with the politically correct doctrines and narratives of “it’s our time/turn to eat” and “us” versus “them”.

    With the emergence of these incendiary doctrines and narratives, erstwhile nationalists were left with no option but to take refuge in their ethnic cocoons for protection and political survival.

    Alan E . Masakhalia in his paper titled: Focus on tribalism in Kenya, opines thus;-

    “Tribalism in Kenya is a major stumbling block to democracy as well as socio-economic development. It provides an avenue via which state goodies and favours trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen. Therefore loyalty to tribe is given even greater relevance than loyalty to the country”.

    He(Alan) goes further to state that tribalism is solely responsible for corruption among other things. That bad governance and lack of accountability is also attributed to tribalism as people will never question a government run by their tribesmen even where there are glaring mistakes and actionable evidence.

    Tribalism emboldens tribal appointees to think that they are untouchable because of the power factor.

    This feeds into their propensity to intimidate whistleblowers, interfere with investigations,bribe judges, or worse still, silence witnesses through bribery or the assassin’s bullet.

    Below are documented examples of mega scandals and how the tribe factor shaped them:

    1. Jomo Kenyattas reign-(1963-1978)

    ●Land injustice & unjust enrichment allegedly committed by Jomo and his inner sanctum(Kiambu mafia).

    2. Daniel Moi’s reign (1978-2002).

    ●Turkwel hydroelectric power station;
    -the dam was built at 3 times the estimated cost, twice the allocated amount & producing energy significantly below capacity.
    ●Goldernberg scandal;
    -this cost kenya the equivalent of 10% of its annual GDP then.
    ●overpriced 360 million Puma helicopter servicing contract in South Africa.

    Note: Suspects or those who were mentioned adversely were from Moi’s tribe.

    3. Mwai Kibaki’s reign( 2002-2013).

    ●Angloleasing scandal
    ●Prison dept allegedly lost $3m after contracting Hallmark International for the supply of 30 boilers. Only half were delivered.
    ●Nexus millitary communication centre which consumed 2.6 billion. It was alleged that a phantom company implemented the secret project.
    ●The Artur brothers saga which raised serious ethical questions.
    ●The 2006 banking fraud scam worth $1.5 billion.
    ●The 2007 charter House Bank money laundering fraud.
    ●The 2008 Grand Regency sold to Libyan investors below the appraised market value.
    ●The Triton oil scandal
    ●Tokyo Embassy scandal
    ●The alleged 2010 bribery scandal at DoD in a 1.6 billion purchase contract for millitary hardware.

    These scandals shook Kibaki’s “kitchen cabinet” comprising of his tribesmen.

    4. Uhuru Kenyatta’s reign-2013-to date

    ●NYS scandal
    ●Hustler’s jet scandal
    ●Afya house scandal

    The persons of interest in these scandals are largely drawn from either Uhuru’s tribe or Ruto’s. Some of them are family members.

    But the common denominator in all these scandals(whether alleged or proved), is that the president’s kitchen cabinet and/or tribal retinue are at the centre stage, whether in Jomo’s time,Moi’s time or kibaki’s time, and most certainly, Uhuruto, no less.

    The ball now is squarely in President Uhuru’s court.

    He should, first and foremost, start with slaying the dragon of tribalism in Kenya before cracking the whip alot harder in his own backyard then the rest of us will tow the line.

    • Then you continue again logically halafu you spoil your train of thought.
      If i may ask you, is the current administration more corrupt or is this administration more vocal and open than ever???
      Could you before without fear mention the name of the president and the corrupt scandals with the previous rulers as you do so now???(let us assume social media was also available then)

    • Be careful how you walk with ‘The staff of Moses’ as you lead others through the wilderness as you hold the power to educate, enlighten, expose, remind, edify the truth to others…

      In my opinion. This is the best administration Kenya has ever had. How we choose to learn and not repeat our mistakes is up to us! How we will impact our words onto others is on you and me…

  68. You clamour for a less powerful President, You pass the katiba.

    You want security of tenure on some offices to protect the seats, You pass the katiba.

    You need accountability and introduce vetting of state officers, You pass the katiba.

    You dont want a centralized govt and demand devolution. You pass the katiba.

    You wanted the right to free speech to talk sense and senseless. You pass the katiba.

    You now have the power to educate those who follow you and lead them through the straight and narrow devoid of lies and allegations. You choose to display umavi…

    It’s your right to lead however way you choose because, you are protected under the katiba.

    Some of you have been blessed to walk with a similar ‘Staff of Moses’ and lead your followers through the wilderness…

    What is your vision?


  70. Kenyans love tribalism than their home country kenya and that is why they don,t care their for coutry but they care for their tribe and it is like allowing one passenger burning the flying airoplane and others claping for him to do so

  71. Great analysis of the situation Prof, displaying the state of hopelessness we are in as Kenyans. Kindly now write another article suggesting way out of this quagmire. Choices have consequences but that does not mean that we remain lamenting about the consequences.

  72. Do u know u were the cause of 2007 Post election violence with such kind of posts and now u are repeating it again. Plis give us a break coz we are the victims when violence erupts not those big names u are mentioning

  73. Kenya cld be better place in the world but our big problem is wen someone from kalenjin steal from government he run to community and we defend him,same to luo,kikuyu,we defend thieves

  74. During the press briefing the president visibly looked drunk. Jubilee administration are participants rather than fighters of corruption. The earlier they r hounded out of office the better for kenya.

  75. I think kenya is good country.It is resilient and cannot be bent even if afew bilions meant for her ailing kenyans are resting in pockets of a few good citizen she trusts.No one exudes the confidene of handling corruption in this country.If kenya was another country it would have been in another country in another world it would have collapsed.Kenya cannot betray all her people because of corruption like China are doing…we are ttraining engineers and doctors who know how to architect s of run-way corruption. Corruption speeding levels will kill our economy.The best comment a from akenyan leader is “don’t worry”.Corruption is me and You.l stand with kenya.Economist Lau.

  76. Gordon Opiyo writes.:The plot is now clear!! The target was Uhuru Kenyatta.
    First, an audit report that has cleverly omitted the responses to queries is leaked to the press. Instead of demanding the complete report that has response and explanations- the press quickly baptises the half done report “Jubilee’s biggest scandal” As the story unravels, The Standard sensationally claims that all the papers of suspect companies are hidden. Everyone goes gaga- things get hysterical. But the AG quickly dismisses the fake story of lost files- Nobody in the media apologises for misleading Kenyans.
    Then the big press conference by baba reveals the true intention- Attack on the Person of Uhuru Kenyatta.
    Raila decides to link Kenyatta’s relatives to the story. He provides no single shred of evidence. Nobody asks him to provide any link, all he says is taken as gospel truth.
    After totally demolishing the DP, the target right now is Uhuru himself.
    As I said yesterday- corruption is evil. But politicising the war against graft is more evil.
    Slowly but surely- Kenyans will know that there is a game being played. Kenyans will know that someone is cleverly criminalising Uhuru Kenyatta, ready for the big slaughter.
    Before you believe any purported scandal report-open your eyes, there is a big game being played here.

  77. Gordon Opiyo writes.:The plot is now clear!! The target was Uhuru Kenyatta.
    First, an audit report that has cleverly omitted the responses to queries is leaked to the press. Instead of demanding the complete report that has response and explanations- the press quickly baptises the half done report “Jubilee’s biggest scandal” As the story unravels, The Standard sensationally claims that all the papers of suspect companies are hidden. Everyone goes gaga- things get hysterical. But the AG quickly dismisses the fake story of lost files- Nobody in the media apologises for misleading Kenyans.
    Then the big press conference by baba reveals the true intention- Attack on the Person of Uhuru Kenyatta.
    Raila decides to link Kenyatta’s relatives to the story. He provides no single shred of evidence. Nobody asks him to provide any link, all he says is taken as gospel truth.
    After totally demolishing the DP, the target right now is Uhuru himself.
    As I said yesterday- corruption is evil. But politicising the war against graft is more evil.
    Slowly but surely- Kenyans will know that there is a game being played. Kenyans will know that someone is cleverly criminalising Uhuru Kenyatta, ready for the big slaughter.
    Before you believe any purported scandal report-open your eyes, there is a big game being played here.

  78. pro thankx, I concur with you, both jap and cord cannot give remedy to our KENYANs problems lets vote neutral person in office of president, to usher in new ideology and a new political systems. ….

  79. i suport you prof ,i think it is clear that the government can not do anything about corruption and the only way to fight corruption is that kenyans should organise a massive protest to throw this dirty government away.

  80. I share your pain, your perception and perspective, this is not propaganda, it’s real. Despite the blatant wastage, embezzlement, conflict of interest, etc most of these projects the Government is showcasing as Jubilee achievements are almost built in borrowed Money, debts that we shall painfully pay as some few untouchables enrich themselves even with Children Immunisation funds , maternity funds , betraying First lady’s effort on Beyond Zero fund drives, HIV FUNDS …it’s very painful when we see people justify Grand Corruption,just because whomever in power belong to their tribes, yet it’s our own people who get deprived services where few king closest “win” Tenders ,Trade with their Cousin Government, embezzle What they claim 30% Youths n Women portion, Youth Funds, Elderly Funds, It’s not a wonder when most of the so called Government Deals get done, most of Kinyatta Family businesses are said to be involved, no wonder they give opposition all the impetus to hammer them and set people against them. Personally, I won’t vote Uhuru 2017 nor Ruto in 2022 nor opposition, I would Consider voting a MCA ,GOVERNOR n MP period. Everybody thought Uhuru with all the Money was never corruptible, but as it seems, we were wrong. There’s no a better evil, evil is evil even if it’s being committed by your better half.

  81. Very true,chamileon.even Mzee Jomo Owned large portions of land just about a whole county if measured per km2 and yet many many Kenyans are squarters and refugees.This is very sadistic!Like the son like the father.

  82. Katiba is very clear the presidency we have today is more or less ceremonial, unlike the previous if rao take presidential today he will b shoked to find his hands n mouth tied legally. But obviously he will suspend constitution

  83. Its time we fight back and take what is ours. This corrupt government has put us in debt that has enslaved generations forcing us to live in eternal wretchedness. No one is immune to poverty.
    Its crazy to see public resources being looted with impunity and no one is held accountable. Let’s not be divided by tribalism but think of ourselves as proud Kenyans, anyone can be a victim of this massive stealing of public funds by this corrupt scam bags. We all watched on national television recently how the President was hopelessly whining and blaming the judiciary. His hand is in the cookie jar and he’s part of the problem. Don’t believe his lies and don’t think of the opposition as the lesser evil to the solution of ending this disaster. Nobody care about us and they’ll never will. We’ve had enough of their lies and thievery and as We the people have the power to end corruption not them.
    Let’s all act now and end this shit.
    Click on the link below and join the movement #BeyondZeroCorruption don’t forget to share with your friends

    • Jhon….u are sick upstairs and blind emotionally….i pray that u personaly experience what it means to go to hospital and miss drugs coz ur tribesmate stole…ndio utashika alittle manners ..

  84. I wouldn’t agree more. Plus I would tell you that I might not support all that Raila says but its proven that the elections were not credible sir. When we fail to observe that we are supporting the process. Just because Raila has said it many times doesn’t make it not true. So much for the digression, sir. On corruption, I believe that the only reason this guy cannot deal with it is because it benefits his friends, family members, political cronies and the few people who always oversee who sits on the throne. Uhuru is practically powerless. The power he has was handed to him. The little knowledge and imagination I have has proven that it doesn’t depend on the voting. It depends on many other factors that cannot be sufficiently illustrated if there was need. Its as though Kenya is remotely controlled by some very few but extremely powerful individuals who-if you asked me- need divine intervention to pull out. That’s when the any leader in Kenya will ever start the fight against corruption. If this is not true, then maybe I watch too many movies!

  85. Josef starlin popularly called the man of steel developed an election winning philosophy that works up to now. That elections and voters dont determine who wins to lead but this is the prerogative of those who tally votes and declare winners ie electoral commission :then the end justifies the means.

    Indeed prof u have said it exactly i cant add or remove. Uhuruto are enslaved by a cobweb of corrupt cartels who catapulted them to power using their money or their position in govt at that time. These group formed companies to trade in this govt to recover what they spent. If the process was impunity prevailing against justice: Get political power and all others shall be added. I fear for this nation.
    Do u remember these men Mutae Iringo:Michael Gichangi :Julias Karangi: Francis kimemia :Githu Muigai and Hassan and etal.
    Bring on board Prof Njuguna Ndugu.
    Under their watch 7 Billion was un accounted for in April 2013:
    Look at this cartel only God can save this nation.

  86. Just touching thé surface…. I believe you were around during Jomo Kenyatta reign…. You know where the rot began….. Moi followed nyayo…….. These two tribes…. Yours included…. Are thé bane of our lives…..

  87. Prof….you are right like always but my question still stands,’Uhuru & his govnt has failed Kenyans including those who want to force him back even when he clearly admitted to have failed’,! Who is our alternative????

  88. Now your name will not betray you because you have spoken against the administration failings but when you mentioned something about ODM being tribalists gathering,all that you said was overshadowed by your name .That’s Kenya for you.

  89. I have met friends who could insult anyone who entertained thoughts like your 2 years ago. Today they will listen and read such articles and nod their heads. Something unusual is happening. Is it the Trump effect or what because suddenly people are reasoning outside some perceived and ‘ascribed’ lines.

  90. Someone needs to read the story of the biblical High Priest Eli, the Temple Servants and his wicked sons Hophni and Phinheas in 1 Samuel 2 : 12 – 36 and the ultimate destruction that befell them. It unfortunately sounds eerily familiar.

  91. We had our hopes high on this digital team, l fear corruption, for personally and maybe am wrong, I still retain some vestiges of hope and trust in man Uhuru. Something tells me he’s a good man who shouldn’t be anywhere near Ikulu.

  92. I hate ethnicity. I refuse to vote by tribe, but by policies. that’s why it’s pathetic that the police can disperse the youth’s peaceful demonstration against the vice of corruption with teargas. sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with our police. they stand in the way of justice when they should be standing on its sides to guard it.

  93. Now, Professor, u’ve failed again.After Mr.Kibaki was elected in 2002,many people went round throughout Kenya, with a word: he will be first Kenyan President to serve one term.: J can recall, even some pastors, prophesied his mene mene Terkel. U want to repeat the same mistake n will call u a prophet of doom.It’s u who introduced me to this,tribal king pin, then suddenly u change mind.In the gym was taught,never start a fight that u r not sure will win.J understand almost every point u intend.But Prof.,the JP.administration has performed beyond reasonable doubt than the three prior adms.combined.This is only a language of looking, not even seeing or hearing. Without seeming to supporting corruption,no one or group,is perfect.Farthermore ,we don’t have an alternative gvt.waiting for now,n if there is,not cord.Am sorry if j offend anyone.

    • Those giving a bad name to this administration are individuals who should be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately those who should handle this menace are dragging their feet. The institutions are letting the Government down.

    • Just pinpoint the reasons why cord can’t form the next government! The public is ready to listen and either agree or disagree. This is democracy and this the best forum to advance reasons for or against each party.’I think from 1963 we have moved a notch higher and we are objective about our own governance!

    • I Cant agree with you on matters of state development,when analysing critically JP has done nothing they are only restructuring what had already been started by the previous govt of Kibaki…JP princes are only using treachery to manipulate the people,they are kind BT in really sense they are not ,they are crying with Kenyans BT in really sense they are not crying…Corruption issue will make the JP goverment fail completely and loose the election,unless they rig.

  94. If I was to vote for an alternative, definitely not any of those in opposition. Ad a history reader, their track record in previous governments does not show they are better. Even without the benefit of knowledge of history, their skewed, inconsistent comments and behavior when corruption is mentioned with opposition governors is enough to show they are not better alternative.

  95. It is not how well you articulate an article to be the truth but what action would be taken at the fateful day by the voting masses. Elections are in August 2017 and thats a very long time in politics.

    • The economic blue print that the present governtment is implementing were Raila’s programmes.Remember the Thika Road and Mbagathi roads were based on experimental cost basis.what are the new programmes that the presentJubilee government has come with? Lets us read sessional papers touching on government programs. Lets us stop having short memories. Both Uhuru and Ruto were serving as ministers in the coaltion government headed by the two.Ruto was sacked by parliament because of corruption. Uhuru was forced out due to ICC case.what are you telling the public?uhuru was Railas deputy and Ruto was a minister appointed by Raila.stop having short short memory. Kenyans know how Narck inherited empty coffers in 2003.we are first receeding to the same situation very first.Remember the late JM kariuki analogy in 1974.ten millionares amongst tten million poor people.He was brutally killed for saying the truth.John ouko opposed the tender on kangemi Road.what happier?