Mr. Uhuru, hadn’t Jubilee become a lying, looting, tribal, clueless circus, Raila would be history

The President is at it again. You must have seen the Wednesday, 30th November 2016 Nation headlines where he claims that Raila is bad for the economy. If you ask some economists, they will say he probably is. Keeping the country in campaign mode since 2005 cannot be good for the economy. But that is not the problem.

The President should know this: –

Raila’s career was in the doldrums after the men-in-black fiasco in Kasarani. (Yes, again. You will never hear the last of it). ODM’s emptiness, hooliganism and incompetence was on display on live television for the whole world to see. It is the singular most embarrassing political fiasco for any politician anywhere in the world, save for the lawless states ruled by militias and buffoons. To make things worse, we had been warned, “ODM ina wenyewe”. And true to form we saw the owners. In their true orange colours; chaotic, undemocratic, hooliganic and unrepentant. I have insisted that in the civilised world, no politician would have survived such a debased, primitive and chaotic election like the one conducted by Raila and ODM. And any self-respecting politician would have resigned. Kenyan politics, however, does not qualify for a civilised world and we have no self-respecting politicians. Our politics are firmly grounded in ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. So much so that even after such a shameful catastrophe, we are told by some worshipers that Raila ni baba, mwana na roho mtakatifu.

So, what made a person so embarrassed, discredited and exposed revive his dwindling political fortunes and become a contender even with the history of chaos and hooliganism hanging around his neck?

The answer is simple:

The cluelessness, thievery and tribal jingoism of Uhurus’s Jubilee government. Had the Jubilee government delivered in the eyes of the people, Raila would be history. That he is always in the headlines is thanks to the amateur and thuggish job done by Jubilee.

Where did the rain start beating Jubilee? What was the “original sin”?


Jubilee government was founded on a lie. We were told that the ICC cases that the Jubilee duo had were a small “personal problem”. This was a lie. It was actually the reason why they sought power and as soon as they acquired power, the small personal problem was bound to become a Pan-African and a global problem. The Jubilee duo spent the better part of their term turning the “personal problem” into a local and international nuisance. By the time they intimidated, bribed, “prayed” and confused everyone to have the cases scuttled, the regime was already in trouble.  The thieves they had appointed in government had looted from the people with abandon.

By then, Raila had already stolen his own elections and appointed henchmen to the ODM NEC, wiped his mouth, washed his hands hands, took a toothpick and assumed that nothing had happened. Having buried his own sins of omission and commission, he cleverly picked on the sins of omission and commission of the Jubilee government to not only sanitize himself, but to put the Jubilee government on its defense.


While you will rarely hear Uhuru referring to the men-in-black, (If I were him, I would hang on this like Trump hanging on Clinton’s emails), he is always defending himself against Raila. The latest claim that Raila is bad for the economy is his latest attempt. It sounds desperate and honestly for a President, it is a cheap shot.


Before this uncalled for outburst, the President’s people have been trying to pin corruption on Odinga. How pathetic?

It was not Raila who first revealed that there was corruption in the Jubilee government up to the Office of the President. It was yours truly.

It was not Raila who tabled a doomed list accompanied by a yelling state of the nation address in parliament chest-thumbing about his commitment to fighting corruption.  It was yours truly.

It was not Raila who declared corruption a security threat to the nation. It was yours truly.

It is not Raila or Raila’s henchmen who defended a one Ann Waiguru until the heat was turned up on her and they bolted and ate their own words. It was your and yours’ truly.

After the drama of the doomed list, it was not Raila who appeared in a Statehouse summit with his tail between his legs, trading accusations with his juniors asking them, “Sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni…”. It was your’s truly.

It is not Raila who cannot show a single project that the Eurobond billions build. It is yours truly.

But Raila took advantage of  three things: – the President’s distraction with the “small personal problem” turned global, the president’s failed initiative with a doomed list and the President’s inability to regain control of a run-away regime,  to cleanse himself and occupy the space of the crusader against corruption that the President had tried to assign himself with total failure.

Raila has succeeded in making Uhuru look bad by using Uhuru’s own story.

He has succeeded in making himself look good despite his own story of chaos, hooliganism and lack of anything new to offer as an alternative to Jubilee.

Let us even grant Uhuru his hopeless mchongoano-like argument that Raila is actually bad for the economy. The simple fact remains that Raila is not and has not been President.  He has no obligation to be “good for the economy” except that of his wife and children. He is not in government. The government not only has the obligation and the instruments to grow the economy, it also has the power to stop Raila if he was sabotaging its economic agenda.

Raila is not responsible for a slumping economy that is currently losing jobs by the thousands. Uhuru and Jubilee are. Simple example: In justifying the billions they have borrowed to invest in the power sector, I remember Jubilee telling us that this would bring down the cost of power, lower the cost of doing business, lower the cost of goods and ultimately lower the cost of living for Kenyans.

It did not work exactly as they told us. They have produced a disaster. In fact, the exact opposite:

They have borrowed and spent the billions yes, but:  the cost of doing business has gone up, big industries and SME’s are shutting down or laying off workers by the thousands and alas, the cost of living has gone up, is going up and is set to continue going up, unstopped and unstoppable!

How, Mr. President I pray thee tell, is this Raila’s problem?

With all these things put into consideration, the question is: Who is worse for the economy; A hapless, septuagenarian, ageing, desperate and ideologically empty Raila, who is out of power, who steals his own elections using men-in-black and runs around shouting thief thief, or; the lying, corrupt, tribal, clueless and visionless Uhuru’s  kusema-na-kutender Jubilee circus that is currently in power,  which promised heaven and delivered misery to the people of Kenya? The answer is obvious. And Uhuru should know, had the Jubilee government delivered, Raila would be history.

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  1. Professor Michael wainaina, it’s an open minded article and I concur with you 100%, instead of the government fighting graft, it composes {songs}, everyday on opposition, with a FULL HD insults, and tagging grafts on the opposite direction just to quell it’s hot side of the rod. Personally, to me, this government has PR to curl and beguile its supporters, now it uses government resources for campaign instead of unleashing the projects since it’s a legitimate cake for wanjiku

  2. very enlightening to see things from your perspective………and i also think if raila role in opposition was that of a genuine leader 2017 he’d be voted in…i think kenya is in deep shit…

  3. Great Informative Piece.. How funny does the Jubilee Government seek to sanitize itself of Corruption by sending Sycophants such as Kimani Ichugwa to go claim Junet is part of the Scam. the Joke is…. What action has the Government taken….How does a SANE Government Blame Opposition for awarding them contracts and claim Opposition MP are also involved… So Catch me stealing.. and my defense AM NOT ALONE… OTHERS ALSO STOLE

  4. u hate Raila an we ve known ur postion dnt mince words jst suport jubilee mbna jap as a party hsnt done any election tangu waungane na urp ndio which party iko sawa ,jubilee mai b uhuru is clean tha rest r crpt how the can Rao kip quite we our country is bng mesed up ecomialy

  5. Pray tell me like am a 2 year old how did you come to the conclusion that RAO is a hapless septuagerian, desperate and ideologically empty? And I do want FACTS just like you have tabled facts that shows Kamwana is a captive of corruption which from these last 4 disastrous years no one can dispute coz we are all the worse for it….I would like you to table your reasons for your conclusions on the same for I would like to respectfully differ with you…..I have reasons for my not agreeing with you but I would first like to hear your reasons.

    • 1. He is over 70, he is a septuagenarian.
      2. We have been told that he has one bullet remaining and that for him to be President, Kenyans must die. You cannot be more desperate.
      3. Apart from shouting thief thief and stealing his own elections, tell me three new ideas Raila has come up with in the same four years. Empty.
      4. He is driven by the same siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi that drives the rest of the tribal warlords.

  6. Uhuru is in power and is in charge of all our taxes together with all the billions he is borrowing. All the failures with the management of the economy lies squarely with him not Raila or anybody else. Uhuru has all the power and machinery to deal with corruption, Raila doesn’t have. Currently the economy is biting to the common man. Even an average mwananchi knows there’s is significant reduction in money circulating. Small businesses suffer coz buyers have reduced significantly. Job cuts and lay offs are now common as employers try adjust and very minimal new jobs new jobs are created due to the poor economic situation Jubilee has created. This situation can improve a little if the president makes an about turn and create a political good will on the fight against corruption and stop blaming the opposition who hold no power.

  7. I do concur partly with these sentiments.Only that I suppose like the Americans the opposition should work together with the government for the betterment of the citizens but is this possible if we have people like Duale who will call this nusu mkate or Ruto thinking he is being overtake….We as a country still need free thinkers to move in the right direction and not tribal kingpins.

  8. The back stops with Kenyans. There has never been a corrupt government like Uhuruto in the history of both Kenyan and world over politics. It’s upon Kenyans to salvage their country from the mouth of Uhuru and Ruto.

  9. It seems u had noticed that writing an article without including Raila’s name while accussing him indirectly using anything as an excuse can’t make your followers to comment in large numbers.How can u indirectly expect an opposition leader not to tell the pple of the nation that their resources r being looted like u know or criticize any negative move made by the leadership of this corrupt system because in the name of saving the economy,even if Raila keeps quite n what pple see in this government continues,then it can still be a threat to the economy.stand by the facts no matter where it is,jubilee or Cord.Try not to clarify issues based on tribal smart when talking on either sides.

  10. This so powerful ,the raw Truth told as it is..
    The only thing,n I repeat only thing I disagree with ,is that,Raila is ideologically empty! Raila is the only politician with an ideolgy in Kenya….unless u meant sth else.

  11. I don’t like Raila, but your hate towards him is exaggerated. He has some good that you never appreciate. And again, in all your articles, atleast the ones I have read, you make sure you demonise Raila and Uhuru together so that you may look politically correct. Be yourself. Stop trying to be neutral always. Actually, if you compare the two leaders, uhuru and Raila, it is clear Uhuru is worse. He deserves more ridicule for goodness sake. Again, Raila is out of the government with resources to control. As an opposition leader he has tried despite his several flaws on tackling corruption in his backyard. On the question of party elections, I think you are irrelevant here. Kenya is a developing democracy and such cannot be missed. The party has tried to hold elections. No party in Kenya has ever been organised. Jubilee didn’t even carry out party elections. Hooliganism is anywhere even in jubilee party. We have glaring example s. Stop painting the picture that Raila loves hooliganism. It happens even in mature democracies like USA. On tribalism, uhuru is the worst ib history. Raila did it in last government, but it can’t be compared to Uhurus. The tribalism has introduced kikuyu privilege which you never talk about. You hate Raila and that is why you use him anytime you want to talk about jubilee. Please look for clear justification before demonizing Raila. Of course he is not perfect, but at least appreciate the little he has done. You can do better than this.

    • I do not hate Raila. Neither do I like him. It is not a personal affair. I do not even know him beyond his involvement in politics. I am a political analyst and he is a political player and therefore fair game for me. I do not care who is worse than the other. My friend, we need to get away from this argument of the “better devil” and demand better of ourselves. We deserve visionary progressive leaders, not the lesser evil. If you only choice is the lesser of two evils, all you will get is the evil of two lessers. Drop this argument my brother. We are better than this.

    • He makes sure that every article, even the one that should be entirely on jubilee, touches on Raila, who is not the only man in opposition. I used to trust his writings, but I have realised this way of fixing someones name where it does not fit is malice. He says raila is ideologically empty and a hooligan, which is just unsubstantiated claims. This article could have been split in two: one to speak about railas shortcomings and the other about jubilee problems. Can’t see why he forced his name their and attacking his person for crimes he does not explain clearly. How does the hooliganism of the masses become Railas fault. Hooligans are all over the world. And no day has the man promoted the vice. Let him not pretend that there is no way he can speak about Uhuru without mentioning Raila. And again, if he wants to have a good argument, atleast let him start by appreciating what a leader has done before going to attack them. Assuming they have done nothing us not good enough. A good writer should start by poiting on the avalable positives of a a person he wishes to critique. I am just confused

  12. Why are you presenting Uhuru as an institution but Raila as an individual. in this republic any political commentary is influenced by second name. your are clearly presenting uhuru as a man who can do more while rao as a man who can never do anything even if given a chance, why? is it because you kikuyu and he is Luo?

  13. The Jubilee may have found that things are not going their way and therefore buck passing is in order. The politics of appeasing the mass with massive projects without a blueprint

  14. The Jubilee may have found that things are not going their way and therefore buck passing is in order. The politics of appeasing the masses with massive projects without a blueprint are not making the situation any better. Mfa maji hukamata maji.

  15. And again, there is nothing like Raila has succeeded in making uhuru look bad. Dont write like a man who does not understand the constitutional mandate of the opposition. It is his duty to constantly crossexamine the government. It is not PR as you put it. Appreciate his role as the opposition leader. You really hate him, I see.

    • That is all about semantics. But you understand his legal duties. I thought you will say he has tried to perform his constitutional mandate, but he has several shortcomings. Saying that he has succeeded because of jubilees incompetence does not recognise his little (but not enough) efforts. Calling him ideologically empty was not good enough. Anyway, you have your right to voice your opinion. It was just my two cents. Sorry if I offended you. Regards

  16. Not forgetting the Men in black who brought holigunisim in ODMs election have now gone back to their masters,they are no longer in ODM but in Jubilee side since their attempt failed so they must be paid to do so may be,they are well-known,they used to be very vocal,they were known to be strong youth bus after this election they will remain history.

  17. Professor Michael wainaina analysis on current political situation in the country is always biased towards anybody he see a threat to central Kenya hegemony and its expansionist policies.The professor seems to hate Raila Odinga to the core because all his analysis starts and ends with the man. I’m sure if William Ruto declare his candidacy for 2017 presidential election professor analysis will be against.Professor wainaina is always happy with those working for their interest.As we move towards 2017 we should not be surprised with the professor coming up with fake statistic a kin to tyrrany of numbers.

  18. Why don’t we Kenyans come up with someone like Prof Ole Kiyiapi,Dr Matiang’i,Dr Ekuru Aukot or Abdi Kadir Mohammed and vote him President and end all this nonsense once and for all.These I have mentioned but not limited to,are visionary leaders that Kenya needs.

  19. Wainaina all UA scripts are laced with negative ethnicity,all we see Rao phobia, 4 UA info.most Kenyans have seen light and no amount of UA ethnic thoughts will change fact tell. Kamwana he has squandered his 5yrs awarded to him by iebc ,&judiciary.

  20. Pro.wainaina has tried to cut across jubilee and Raila but he doesnt tell kenyans when and how the exact impact of this lootings would cause to kenyan lives in the near future…we are told the debt now stands at more than 3 trillion but we still talk as if its jubilee’s looting celebration time…

  21. Economist think Rail is the problem…….you said so? I honourably differ with you! If it were not for Raila and afew activists who have stood their grounds to criticize the government, the economy could have been worse than this. Make me understand how the economy will be good if the government is looting left right and centre? Uhuru and his team should be held accountable and responsible for the worsening economy.

  22. Uhuru was the deputy prime minister & minister of finance in the last government. Wainguru wa working under him in the same ministry. Remember the 19 B computer error in the budget? At every turn RAO was frustrated by Uhuru. Let’s give a chance. He’ll deliver even people from central know that.

  23. Pro. Uhuru has won an election against raila before, he knows how to win, and he will win again because he knows how to exhaust raila energy. By Aug raila will have spoken himself on so many lies and won’t know which lie can take one to statehouse.

  24. Unataka tufanye nini sasa, mkikuyu hakuna wakati atakua kabila ingine vile mjaluo hawezi kuwa mkikuyu. Wengi tunajaribu vile wakenya wrote wangekaa na amani,umoja na uelewano lakini wengine kama wewe ni upuzi Wa kupanda ukabila na chuki
    na hiyo degree yako ya kununua!

  25. This article like many of the others penned before by the same author shows the frustration, helplessness and hatred with the person of Raila. The undertone exemplifies a bitter man puffed up with tribal bigotry whose only beef is Raila Odinga. For every problem bedevilling our country, he sees with Raila as the lens and his tribal orientation as the basis. For him it does not matter how Uhuruto aka Jubilee’s misrule, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, abuse of power….name them have send our beloved country to the dogs so long as Raila is history. It is not the ineptitude of Uhuru as the head of state that worries him but the crusade of Raila as opposition chief against the ills of a government of ‘Kamwana’ that give him sleepless nights. He is seeing power slipping from the hands of a tribesman. While he blames Raila for not keeping quiet, like other Kikuyus he is angry with Uhuru for giving Raila political fodder to dislodge the perceived tribe with a birth rite to rule from power. With this kind of frustrations, lets brave for more tirade from the good professor on the personality of Rao. He is not likely to stop soon. Somebody joked that if Uhuru is to solve the problem of alcoholism among his tribesmen, he only need to stand in a podium somewhere in Murang’a or Kirinyaga and declare that Raila invented muratina to finish Kikuyus.

  26. It is true professor that you bought your grade because your brain and that of a professor are totally different. You are lack you did your exams & bought grads before Matiangi came to the office

  27. Compare your posts to those of my learned friend Wahome Thuku and see how objective and subjective the guy puts his points in a concise approach. He gives concepts not empty, redundant, bigotry-like words that you post any time you feel like ‘blogging’ as you put it. I can a professor be busy blogging non-helpful staff like this

    • you r the obstacle to achieving change…the prof is bringing out the point that to achieve change this two principals Uhuru and Rao shouldn’t be in Kenya’s political arena bt people like u have opted not to think abt the future of this country but choose to channel all ur life to supporting somebody else’s mean political ambition. ..

  28. “…… for the lawless states ruled by militias and buffoons.” Thinking about this. Buffoons – not in Kenya, ofcourse. But in a nation where printers (not scholars) control text book lists for all schools & all classes, the problem could be much deeper & bigger than in those ‘buffoon’ nations.

  29. An insightful article. Please professor go back to the 90’s when Raila rejected the outcome of FORD elections in Thika. FORD Party was then led by his father Jaramogi. But Raila still refused to accept the outcome of the election.

  30. If buiding uhuru legacy is through mentioning Raila’s name and insulting him then you and kuria have one thing in common. Sycophants seeking cheap publicity through mediocrity articles just to please their masters. I doubt if this is a professor.

  31. The problem with you professor is tribalism. You just can’t accept your kin tribesman has failed this country without dragging Raila’s name. Odd election has got no comparison in any sober mind with the failure of this jubilee regime. Mia Mar Gaddafi and Castro came in power through chsotic means but changed their countries from bad governance to meaningful governance. Even without Raila jubilee was bound to fail. In fact bila Raila hakuna Kenya tena, kama wanaiba na yako in politics, sasa angelica ha yuk? ??

  32. Professor Michael wainana is a tribal professor whose views are meant to please and favourable central Kenya .He is always biased towards Raila Odinga.He hate Raila because he sees him a challenge to central Kenya hegemony and expansionist political and economic policies.He is a gun on hire to kill political interests of others region while promoting theirs.You should not be surprised soon to see some fake figures a kin to tyrrany of numbers of ,2013.

  33. Oooh, hav you ever followed BBC’s coverage of Zimbabwe and Dr Robert Mugabe? Its exactly wat you are doing: main objective is to demonise Raila. How does an article addressd to Uhuru end up forcussing on the negative image you hav of Raila? Yet you never touch the thousands of Uhuru’s evils in ua articles on Raila. I know u’l refer me to some of ua past articles, bt pliz TRY TO BE TRULY NEUTRAL

  34. What does Kenyan economy got to do with Raila Odinga??? It’s like telling us that because you are a loose canon with a tongue full of crap we should blame President Kenyatta for your loose pronouncements . Style up such posts should not be sponsored they can’t hold water instead hatred and insults which burn this country. This is a mediocre analysis

  35. Reading thru most comments seems like most people don’t understand the points prof is bringing out.A very excellent article tho it needs people with a very high understanding of English to understand it.

  36. Rushdy Earthman Rasheed, when you write one would believe you are a stateman but you are still full of tribalism.Old helps us to weigh an individual.That is what is being done when it comes to Raila. Please give us a break. If you do not want him to be mention, do not talk about him.We have had enough of Raila this Raila that.The truth should be told. Kiraitu Mirungi,Muite and the late Kinjana Wamalwa are the ones who could narrate this well.History has it. HE NEVER AGREE WITH ANYONE UNLESS HE IS THE POINT MAN. What a leader? Even his father?

  37. Karitu Moses get the facts before you display your ignorance to people, first it was not FORD, it was FORD-K back in 1996 then the late Kijana Wamalwa who was brother to current water CS Eugene Wamalwa, was the interim Chair after the first deputy chair Paul Muite had left. FORD-K went to elections in that year 1996 of which Raila rejected and went ahead to quit the party and joined NDP which he used in an historic by-election and won, it was historic coz he was the first MP do that even to date no MP have ever dare to do what Raila did. Remember Raila’s father died in Jan, 1994. Now you know

  38. Your article puts it well proff. No politician in power or to be will salvage this country until several generations down the line are gone because we are all students of a rotten system. The aspiring lot do so with the same agenda to propagate inptiness, corruption and all the rot that has successfully been passed on since 1963.

  39. You are a Prof. Mr Wainana but you think like a kindergarten kid.Was it Raila who caused chaos,is it not better for a political party that is fighting within its own democratic right than a party that is ripping kenyans off while you are childressly glorifying them.I am an Economist by profession and and wonders who awarded you that doctorates coz you live in the past.Let me offer this for free,Jubilee leadership is the worst this country has ever witnessed and no matter how much you sanitise them,they are rotten to the core.

  40. I remember prior to 2013 elections I sat in a literature class, the lecturer happened to be a Kikuyu and the politically charged environment made him delve into politics, he was all over himself demonising Raila openly taking sides and told the Kyuks & Kales in the class to vote Uhuru as a Raila Presidency would be a disaster to the Country and the utter joblessness Kyuks would face was unimaginable . The reason why I am bringing this up is that Professor here reminds me of that fool, fast forward to 2016 Uhuru Kenyatta is the President and Kikuyus have never stopped whining, the promised jobs never materialised instead they have to carry placards on major roads and streets seeking employment and the economy has stagnated, the only growth is attributed to stealing & stashing of billions in Kikuyu elite bank accounts and the harping on Raila hasn’t stopped, meant to drive a kind of a siege mentality on the ordinary Kyuks to abhor Kimundu as the harbinger of all the ills affecting this great Uthamaki Republic despite the glaring failures of the much adored Uthamaki. The implosion of the state and take over by cartels/mafia has been the President’s doing, his inability to chart a course for the country to follow & pursue a national objective and an ideal is disturbing, theirs has been a union of tribal jingoistic leaders never interested in the welfare of the people but personal aggrandisement. Social democratic tenets has been Odinga’s mainstay & this has endeared him to the masses who are left out at every turn when charting our political destiny, hence Raila doesn’t owes his relevance to Uhuruto’s failures but ideological difference is what puts them apart :Uhuruto’s centralised authority, businesses as eschewed in Grandiose projects associated with widespread looting of resources while Odinga’s ideology has been decentralisation – power to the people & equal distribution of resources through devolved structures. One has been tried and failed, what about the other, only time will be our judge.

  41. Let me not buy cheap popularity with you Mr Professor. Did you study the African and European history in Form Five and Six? If the answer is yes then your article is full of hypocrisy and lacks fundamental contribution. But should the answer be no then i can pardon and offer you some free lectures so you understand what Raila Odinga stands for :1.Prince Metternic of Austria who was famously refered to as the policeman of Europe was very chaotic and shrewd in stamping out undemocratic impositions. Where there was little regard for the oppressed, he represented them against autocrats and i believe Raila does this. 2.Had it not been for violence and bravery, slavery in African countries could not have ended. 3 . without running battles pitting oppositionists and government security agencies, Kenya would not have realized the new constititional dispensation, just to cite but a few observations. Raila is now fighting graft and tribalism in the country.

  42. Thanks Professor u always say it and call it what it is….
    When you have in power a clueless and corrupt regime and an opposition that reads from the same script it becomes hard to see beyond the current hullabaloo. …we are truly sunk if these are the two choices that we currently have and expect something out of
    As of now none can claim to be better than the other.

  43. The difference between Jubilee Government and the others in waiting on matters – corruption, is that there will not be any aita of corruption if either Raila, Kalonzo or Watengula is elected President, they will conceal all corruption (as they always fight for their corrupt in their bandwagon) to look good. Jubilee is exposing, investigating, persecuting and overally allowing the agencies mandated to handle corruption and the judiciary deal with the thieves. #Decision2017

  44. Monkeys dnt change by changing the forest thy live in,The script of ruling kenya has remained the same snce independence,Divide and rule through sycophancy and tribal animosity capped by looting state finances

  45. Why do you find pleasure in ridiculing our president vis a vie the jugnut self appointed opposition leader ?. I can see you sitted sipping your whisky or fine wine from Europe laughing at us Kenyans going for each other necks and trying hard to justify our hardline political view points in support of our tribal leaders. Here is the cold facts for you prof. Kenyans are humans and with feelings and emotions. We care less what the world thinks about us. Why ?. Even USA citizens have proved the whole world wrong by electing an ”outsider” to be their commander-in-chief, president Donald Trump against they wishes of the blue eyed mainstream media houses and the world of academia !. Nobody really cares where the world ends up to with or withou madam Hillary Clinton. Here in Kenya,we ordinary souls are going to proof to you,we are also humans and entrust president UhuRuto with a second term in office as they offer better alternative than raila the political thug and master of anarchy and chaos………. With or without your advice prof.

  46. As kenyans we all know that what you have captured clearly.both cord and jubilee are grandmothers to baby corruption,lets try then a new person dr Ekuru Aukot under canopy of thirdway alliance kenya for presidency 2017.if they will vote him and leave uhuruto and baba,thats when i will realise your are giving advice to real people who are not addict to poor politics

    • Well they were not held. All we have is men-in-black. They are currently the record holders. Do not tell us of what would have been. We know of what is. Had ODM Kasarani-Kisirani gone well, we would not hear the last of it and how democratic and organised Raila is. Now that it went horribly wrong. you want us to forget.

  47. I will only vote jp if they can tell me convincingly that westgate terror attack was Baba.Uhuru pliz,the so many graduatez in kenya jobless r not naive.meat is not very healthy,ua kiswahili ticha shud av told (taught)u so hata kama u were always absent from siyo coz of fees.

  48. am only reading the strength of adjectives used on Raila and lighter ones used on the most clueless president on the world…apart from the chaos, which also happened in USA after trump win,can you tell us whether odm broke its constitution?Raila did not in anyway go against his party’s constitution by “selecting” party officials,but you being a typical kikuyu,just like your tribesmate uhuru,you must think that was Raila stealing his own election. i stopped listening to kikuyus unless it is business we are talking about

  49. am only reading the strength of adjectives used on Raila and lighter ones used on the most clueless president on the world…apart from the chaos, which also happened in USA after trump win,can you tell us whether odm broke its constitution?Raila did not in anyway go against his party’s constitution by “selecting” party officials,but you being a typical kikuyu,just like your tribesmate uhuru,you must think that was Raila stealing his own election. i stopped listening to kikuyus unless it is business we are talking about…watu bure kabisa

    • RAO’s work is to point mistakes in the gov’t i e the work of opposition,what’s wrong when he does it for instance revealing the many scandals that have bedevilled the government? if all the scandals were avoided, RAO would not b bothered

    • Raila cannot stop and indeed all patriotic Kenyans will not stop with the kind of looting that is going on in the country by Jubilee.It’s Jubilee in power not CORD or ODM.Let them stop looking for scapegoats.They should clean shit in their hands and elsewhere.They fought to ascend to power to do a good job.They never told us their main objective was to rob Kenyans of their livelihood and entrench ethnicity.!

  50. this is the first time i read these political blogs and this here is not just some mumbo has some pretty uncanny scheme..a rather cynical game played. clean. you know mister raila has no mistake now right? i find it funny how this government fails us and yet people will keep yelling jubilee in the next year. its funny how we lost. we are a lost nation. dead..or dying..we are a zombie nation. yes. zombies. robots…we are screwed..we are the very folks that put us into power..these guys should have strategized. they fucked up. facts are facts people..whether you like it or not

  51. Professor I don’t want you to help me.All that I want to see is objectivity in the discussion and presentation of facts and not skewed analysis to favour certain sectoral interest.

  52. Mr Professor,
    Only blind and empty mind can buy this long writing you’ve peed here. You can’t haul black, rotten adjectives only to smear them on Raila’s face while real thugs are enjoying your tender protection!!!
    All I can see so guilty and depicting from 1st word to fullstop is, “A snake () is always a snake ()” even if you’re trying to distance, desist & blind us! To tell you for free, you are still worshipping your tribe + Mr Kenyatta since your last name aloud.
    Infact the more you keep drawing Raila’s name into your -ve writings, the more you look under handicap of dancing Mr. Kenyatta’s lyrics, and worst of all, it turns you look still captives of individuals worshipping + tribal biased.

  53. Prof.which other party in Kenya tried to conduct internal elections so that we can compare & contrast?If they tried u could probably see ‘women in red or Children in blues’.Lets give Baba the respect he deserves.en

  54. Good political commentary normally takes a stand. Accusing the two main sides of the political divides equally make you appear neutral and playing safe…which is not smart for an upcoming political commentator. But anyway growth is a process..sometimes a very long one.

    • I have said a million times I AM NOT NEUTRAL! Both CORD and Jubilee are driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. Yours is. That is why you are looking for balance. There is no value in trying to balance one piece of garbage, against another piece of the same garbage.

  55. What I believe is we are taking this country to a place where lawyers will be hotel cashiers, we are heading to a place where doctors will be serving food on local restaurants, Very soon if things won’t change many professionals will be hanging around jobless. When The opposition is condemning corruption by the government officials, instead of the government taking actions they also counter attack the opposition. Mr President and His deputy they control everything. They control both Senate and National Assemblies, they control the security organs. If your Government is clean and the opposition is corrupt please save this country from this corruption disease which is now becoming worse than HIV/AIDS and Cancer. If the opposition ate NYS cash deal with them please Mr President. If the opposition ate Euro bond Money please Hon President let them be prosecuted. If the opposition ate SGR money please Mr President send them to prison. This is because even before it is used the SGR has informed us that it is not good for human and goods transport. Hon President if the opposition ate the Health funds please let them die in jail but because now patients are dying in large numbers in our hospitals. Mr President Kenyans are annoyed because of the current state of our country and if you want to confirm assign your people to visit and have one on one talk with the Citizens. Serikali yako Hon President Imetufika Kooni.

  56. Proffesor michael wainaina, can you remember that one day on your post i critisized you seriously and rember your post was on raila. Today, i support you 100% , why do i? bcoz you hv said a nice and helpful point to our president, taking raila home is just avoiding those words, tribalism, corruption etc.

  57. proffesor you talk about president and his government keeping raila politics alive Wat about u who everything you think of writing raila must be the topic. ..u are a tool being used wrongly. repent and change. ..wewe ni proffesor wa nn lakini? just asking?

  58. proffesor you talk about president and his government keeping raila politics alive Wat about u who everything you think of writing raila must be the topic. ..u are a tool being used wrongly. repent and change. ..wewe ni proffesor wa nn lakini? just asking?

  59. Some of the commentators here just conclude too fast. The article according to me ain’t about how bad RAO is bad but direct comparison of the two. Both are bad options but UMK is worse because as the country’s CEO he has left all people desperate, poor, angry, hopeless and all. Good article Prof.

    • It seems like we are living on very prejudicial times. The major tribes in this country have ganged to smother and douse the garrison tribes. The kingpins (read- self made,malicious, egocentric, greedy demi devils collude to brainwash their people. The hopeless, clueless masses tow the line, with lifeless cheers and fanaticism the bloat these egoists. Who will tell the masses the war is between the right and wrong, management and mediocrity, morales and madness, justice and jesters, duty and doom. God help us all.

  60. I think this one is one of the best analyses i have ever met in my life. The first thing we need to know is that jubilee had no agenda in the first place way back before taking power. It was a matter of “give us power and we save our skin from the slaughter house”. the saving skin mission ended up successful and after that, what else do you expect? Dissolve parties and pull up the sleeves ready for a fight with an opponent who is already laughing in the bathroom. Sincerely speaking, this is not strategic, this is not creativity and this is madness.

  61. The professor termed Raila ideologically bankrupt because of the ODM election at kasarani.He should have gone a head to show us how many political parties held successful elections at that time to qualify that Raila Odinga was ideologically bankrupt.In the last week article professor claimed that Raila Odinga is the author of plural dictatorship in Kenya simply because professor nyongo and Orengo lost elections.Instead of Raila being ideologically bankrupt it is the professor who has run short of knowledge because the history of high profile people losing elections in this country is all over.As professor nyongo was losing election due to party ticket president kenyatta, kamotho and professor wangari suffered the same fate in central Kenya.So what makes the case of Nyongo unique.

  62. This long winded hypothesis doesn’t help u discredit Rao and boister afailed president. He has only succeeded in bringing the country to the brink with a heavy debt burden to boot. Who really brought him to power! It is the mafia whose work is to steal and owe nobody any apology

  63. It is very sad and barbarian to call you a professor, I thought I would read a well articulated article, very balanced devoid of tribal cookery and feelings but I got the reverse. It’s high time you woke up from your tribal limbo, coiling your tail in tribal cocoons just to smear Raila with human waste knowing very well that it is Uhuru who deserve just that.. Stop confusing Kenyans and yet you still find yourself in the fellowship of jubilee corruot thieves robbing Kenyans in a broad day light.. Be a professor of content and not one who is controlled by tribal gene and bias inside you, one who can be counted among the few.. Your long written piece has been washed away by the breeding hate of Raila inside your heart..

    • Mageto, I appreciate the fact that you have read. However, it is not always the case that when you do not get the point of an article, that the problem is the author. The article is as clear as can be. Uhuru should not go round blaming Raila, it is he who has failed, and it is his failure that makes Raila even a contender.

  64. this soo mean,, now that coz odms elections were interupted,, does it mean that they are bad to economy and raila @ large? jubilee sympathisers nowdays cant construct a sentence without mentioning raila and odm,, soo mean,, hii sasa dio unafaa utuabie n siasa ya ujinga na upuzi bw proff,,,

    • I will never tire of telling the truth. Insults and accolades do not dent the truth and cannot bend the mind that relies on the truth. My guiding light is, shall and will always be Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things”.

  65. Professor am profound of your article ,its well articulated and am sure the citizens blatantly can see how outrageous the government is…..its treating us in a circus of cooked up lies ,we need to lump and annihilate this fake government which is appealing in its administration

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD But yesterday you denied existence of anything new. Your contradictions are strange. Anyhow, our differences cannot stop me from reading you. However, the subterranean cosmology of culture needs a bit of depth. And I think you are capable of doing, only why you avoid it eludes me! I choose it, because I see you repeating constructivist features and try to pass them for socio-cultural facts. Yet, the structuralism of the local political rhetoric is rich with new solid dogmas for actions. Anyway, continue writing.

  66. Jubilee has failed,with debts that will be paid until 2059 running in trillions Kenya is afailed state.Uhuru and Ruto are green horns without any clue how this country could move again into the right track. Kibaki made amistake when he gave Uhuruto power in asilver plate and once regretted when he advised Uhuru that even if you hate one better listen to his/her advices.

  67. In trying to balance,your bias is obvious. You have reserved certain negatives for Rao and your only problem with Uhuru is that he failed to destroy Rao and chase him out of town( and that has been the core of your write ups). Your commentaries,obviously not meant to be academic are heavy with personal vendetta,which is the common thing in Central,and that adds u up to the tribal jingoists. Prove uaself different by giving UA readers like me an ideological direction Kenya should follow and if possible possible good leaders can trust. Condemning Rao on basis of age as an example robs you all the intellectual integrity ua professorial position confers u.

    • Kamonye I really do not know what you are talking about. And for your information, I have given an ideological direction. But obviously, you are too busy reading things and taking offence on things said about Odinga that you have not seen. I cannot defend myself against ridiculous allegations of Raila this or Raila that. The worst insults on me Kamonye do not even come from CORD and ODM supporters. They come from Jubilee supporters who claim I have a vendetta against Uhuru and that I am a Luo with a fake Kikuyu name. My biggest sin is that my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee and I believe they are both the same crap. I welcome insults from both sides. But that is my considered, final, unchanging and unrepentant position.

    • Well,Prof I may differ with you but must respect your opinion.Am yet to read that ideological position but can’t claim to have read all you have written. These forums would not help anybody if used only to haul negative words about personalities no matter what we think about them may they be Raila or Uhuru.You are entitled to your feelings even but ventilate them in such away that they do not give yourself too much and undermine the credibility you have already built. Throwing insults by anybody or whoever is stooping too low and would expect the commentaries to dwell on realities. Am not necessarily CORD but will appreciate or condemn them with their leaders as situation may demand.Will do the same with Jubilee. To intimate that a particular lead should have been consigned to oblivion kitambo does not make you a neutral player and leaves you exposed as to where your political leanings are contrary to your assertion.

  68. Professor if you want to be a good and respected person don’t be on hire.Remember politics of Odinga and Kenyatta will come to pass but the country will remain.Therefore use your work to built Kenya.It has been noted that during every election in which Raila is a presidential candidate some journalists from your community. are hired to write and say bad things under the guise of media freedom.One is now dead and another in NYS scandal, and it appears you have come to replace them.What you should know is that kenyans have become wiser and only support issues for the common good of the country.

    • Oloo, I do not know what you mean by “your community”. UNless you are the one paying me, I also don’t know what you mean by being on hire ( Na btw hizo cheque zako unanilipa nazohazija fika, follow-up with your bank). I do not care about who was hired and who was not. I only answer to myself and I am responsible of my own actions. As for those who were paid, follow them and ask them. I will wait for your cheques. Btw unanilipanga ngapi?

  69. @Professor Michael Wainaina-PhD,with your PhD safe for yourself on what, your name betrays your tribal bigotry msg,every sober Kenyan tribe wonders why every Kikuyu learned and gullible develops a bloating stomach in mention of the name Raila.

  70. Actually “raila being the problem to our economy.” claim by the president is a very strong campaign tool against the raila come 2017..just that the president needs to understands how to pass that message to the people in a clear way…Ruto can do so much better…..offcourse by raila keeping the country in campaign mood is a derail to economic development

  71. Sio kwa ubaya, are you a real scholar, by your title?! Your demeanor points elsewhere far from people that has seen and done it all in academic expoits. Anyhow, 1) Its dishonest for you to try to pin down Raila on the bungled Odm elections. Conducting party election is not exactly a cup of tea. On the contrary you should congratulate Odm for making an attempt at doing an election. Ask yourself why Jubilee has never even made an attempt at their own party elections. 2)Raila is not a septuagenarian. Unless that word has changed meaning. But nevertheless attacking him on account of his age is very low for a real prof. I dont know how old you are yourself. But I doubt you are a teenager. If you are 30something year old prof, there are profs in their 20s. So you are still a mzee to them. Leadership is not defined by age. You can be 20something and still have the thinking of a 90something year old and vice versa 3) Finally, that repeated statement, “it is yours trully”, is misplaced and bad English for a prof. Correct it prof.

    • Congratulate ODM for stealing their own elections??? Be serious my friend!! The fact that Jubilee has not done elections does not make the ODM ones any cleaner. They remain as dirty and chaotic as the world saw. Nothing can change that. Septuagenarian means someone aged over 70. He is one. We need new ideas, they are not going to come from a desperate Septuagenarian with one bullet remaining. They will come from a new, young, modern thinking and thinkers… Yours Truly.

  72. Huyu Professor ni wa nini? Because, sincerely,he should be a mechanical professor writing about politics! How can Raila disrupt the economy? How did he steal his victory? Uhuru is a tribal project,so is Kalonzo ,Wetang’ula and Ruto ,but RAILA AMOLO ODINGA ,Prof. Is a Kenyan project. The only leader who is voted across tribal enclaves. I dare this Prof. to engage me for debate here. We had only one week of demonstration , Raila didn’t tell anyone to throw stones ,neither did he tell them to steal or vandalize. We have had such demonstrations world over, why is it that such demonstrations haven’t crippled such economies unless it was a revolution?

  73. #TeamCourageKosobEmet #AwakeningSubconsciosOfBrightMinds Open Letter to Vincent Amwayi of Shidodo village, Shinyalu Constituency, Kakamega County. Yes Mr.Deputy we need electricity…but there are these important variables making this mzee not celebrate!! #Infaltion is at 6.68% making the cost of living unbearable each other day, #ExternalDebt balooning now at 3.56T & Cs Rotich is still asking more borrowing of 19B to cover deficits, next yr every individual tax paid of ksh.100, ksh 40 wl b for loan repayment..Jeeez!!! #Corruption keeps itself in the gym always fit to fight ur efforts…what you now doing is fighting corruption on podiums…Jeiso kityo!!! #Industrialization zero, state corporations are on losses each day, jobs are lost, Chemelil sugar is slowly dying like Mumias, i mean, Where is the #DoubleDigitEconomy? Instead, Mr.Deputy get out of those podiums of Ooh Raila what, Ooh Waiguru catwalks, i mean, u av enough barking dogs to do that!! Retreat for strategic meetings and chat this country forward. Cs Matiang’i has proved indeed as you say “it’s not a rocket science” this country needs direction. Zimbabwe will soon overtake us, just as Tanzania is slowly beating us. Mr.Dp & Pres. U rolled the sleeves during Cs naming and we were left mouths-wide opened “HapaNiKaziTu”….Only God Knows what happen!!!

  74. Professor democracy is about bringing power to the people.The fact the ODM election aborted at kasarani due to disagreement is not sufficient ground to call its leaders ideologically bankrupt if in the same country none of the parties have succeeded where ODM failed.If Raila can be referred to as ideologically bankrupt then professor what would you call leaders of those parties which have not conducted election at all.

    • There are no other parties except KANU. The others are tribal hopeless contraptions and never had any ideologies. Jubilee is tribal contraption nonsense. Their ideology is eating, if that is even an ideology. At least before he joined KANU and sold out on the struggle and got molasses as a reward, Raila had ideology. Now, he has none. Unless telling people to take him to statehouse is an ideology.

  75. i see the PR being used hear to bring down Raila …be straight n clear …elections at kasarani wasn’t Raila’s problem ..when one wants to do something good -ve forces must always be there which am sure are being funded by one’s opponent… i better stick to support a side thata makes me fee at home and that i can express my self without being forced to keep quiet like jubilee side.#iamodm

    • the only thing you fear talking about is the failure of jubilee admin ..they go to coast ,Western,Central and rift valley to lounch mega projects …my nyanza is neglected because of odm …on your side you can’t talk about failure jubilee alone must just drag Railas’ name to try n neutralize the bad message concerning jubilee …be clean ..Raila has only been an mp and PM …never call him a failure or lackiw ideas .

    • mark you the jubilee feared carrying out elections of the party because of the fear of violence. Raila doesn’t use money to make people obey him …like in jubliee ..remember the deligates at kasarani..

  76. Iam still trying to find where you have offered solutions to our mountain of confusions that are being built by jubilee and the so called cord.
    While jubilee has changed our name from Kenyans to thieving Kenyans, Cord is stuck somewhere complaining about corruption without giving us any way forward.
    The so called 4th estate is enjoying the standoff between Jubilee and Cord because it’s good for their business.
    Companies are closing while others are scaling down their operations due to a rough business climate .
    The price of commodities has gone up and the inflation is threatening the lives of many Kenyans while clergy are dinning with the thieving politicians from both Jubilee and Cord.
    We have only seen one Hon Matiang’i working but I can tell you that the cartels will push him to a ministry that is low key like they did to Hon Muchuki after reforming the transport Industry
    For now we can only praise the thieves
    and see them as our role models.

    Hapo I rest my case Professor

  77. My dream of becoming a professor someday has been killed blatantly;i don’t even know why i scrolled downwards for this psycological torture. Ati u say you’re pro? You should be ‘THE PANGANI 1’ Walahi afadhali wasee wangu wa mtaa.

  78. If you are a political analyst or whatever you call yourself.You should never and i repeat never farvour any politician coz they are all thieves.Period.Sooo shut your mouth niggar!!!!

  79. The true fact here is that JUBILEE govt has performed below our expectations, that’s why RAO as opposition chief must monitor their performance. Ur just beating around the bushes instead of slashing the bushes PROFESSOR.

  80. At Kasarani to start with was a well planned and rehearsed drama to interfere with a noble course and thank God the pioneers are already out of the party. They were selfish morons who do not have any political backgrounds. I can simply say that they were projects and moles. Thank God they successfully tainted the name of the ODM party but they won’t walk away with it. Kindly Prof. Raila is a leader who has withstand all tests of time, can be called any name, but that boldness prove how he has undying love for human and humanity, he is a real patriot and a Democratic leader recognized internationally. As a human being he has his own shortcomings but those can’t override his sincere contributions in this country as far as democracy and good governance is concerned. The current leadership however has failed the country a great deal truth be told.

    • Who are you talking about? Raila? “a leader who has withstand all tests of time, can be called any name, but that boldness prove how he has undying love for human and humanity, he is a real patriot and a Democratic leader recognized internationally”. Are you serious? Someone who steals his own elections and then dishes out posts in a boardroom? Someone who sold out to KANU and got rewarded with government property? Someone who formed and sustained a blood-soaked coalition government with people he says had stolen his elections? Someone who never bothered to represent the plight of the victims and kept flip flopping on the issue of the ICC suspects? I am not sure we are talking about the same person.

    • I too we are not on the same script, may be my definition for Raila is different from yours. I won’t convince you either to join my school of thought. I recognize only one Kikuyu leader who had passion to salvage Kenya from economic depression, His Excellency MWAI Kibaki nobody else with intention of making good PR while the country’s economy is sinking.

    • Francis Ouma And this is the problem with the way you look at the country. Kibaki was not a Kenyan to you he was a Kikuyu. And he happens to be the only Kikuyu leader you recognize. For someone who looks at the country through tribal eyes, there is no other way of describing your reality.

  81. You are the true representative of the tribal goons who suffer from Railaphobia and if in deed you are a professor by any standard, then you sure are a product of the doomed regime you are describing. Nothing on this universe can cleanse your head, idiot.

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD I just stole this from somewhere….Abu Suleiman wrote some of the reasons why we should save Kenya again.

      President – Uhuru Muigai
      Attorney General. – Githu Muigai
      Chief of staff. Joseph Kinyua
      Speaker N.A – Justin Muturi
      CBK Govn – Patrick Njoroge
      CID Dir. – Ndegwa Muhoro
      NYS Dir. – Sam Michuki
      NIS Director Gen Philip Wachira
      Solicitor General – Njihi Mutura
      KRA Comm. – John Njiraini
      KPA Dir. – Catherine Muturi
      KAA Chairman- Julius Karangi
      NTSA Chairman – Francis Kimani Major
      NACADA Chairman – Col (Rtd) Julias Githiria
      KeNHA Director General – Eng Peter Mundia
      Kephis Chairperson – Esther Kimani
      CS Devolution – Mwangi Kiunjuri
      CS Transport and Infrastructure – Macharia
      CS Youth Affairs – Cecily Kariuki.
      PS National Treasury – Kamau Thugs
      PS Interior and National Coordination – Karanja Kibicho
      PS Health – Nicholas Murakuri
      Agricultural Dev corporation board members:-
      Joseph Mwereria
      James Karanja
      Julliet Wanjiru
      David Mwangi
      Janet Kirui.

      -James Ndegwa- Chairperson board of capital market
      -Joyce Ngugi- chairperson national council of children
      -Geoffrey Kamau- Kenya Animal genetics resources
      -Charles Waithaka- Micro&small enterprises authority
      -Geoffry Muturi- National cereal & produce board
      -Freshia Waweru- Anti-money laundering advisory
      -Wainaina Kenyanjui- National housing corporation
      -Chris Kiptoo- capital market authority
      -Stephen Gichohi- Retirement benefit authority
      -Christopher Nyagah- Kenya industrial dev.
      -Judy Kibaki- Kenya investment authority
      -Esther Mungai- National drought management
      -Stanly Michuki- Uwezo fund oversight board.
      Dont forget that out of 259 County Commissioners 193 are Kikuyu’s, OCPDs out of 252, there are 138 Kikuyus…honestly this is totally un acceptable
      I thought you should know your gov.

  82. the way I see it Prof is that, there is no much corruption in Uhuruto administration’s than the other three previous government,jubilee party were so careless that , after winning the general election, they didn’t dismantle the raila kibaki government, it’s true that even at statehouse there is a good number of raila,s kitchen cabinets,

  83. I like your ideas. But you should comment or post without favours. We’ve been with these thugs long ago. My vote won’t make a change. I personally voted for raila since 1997