Mr. Uhuru, a true leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, #crybabypresident

It was embarrassing to see a whole Commander in Chief and President of the Republic of Kenya stand in front of the country and ask “sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni?” on an issue as serious as the issue of corruption in this country. He is the one who has declared corruption a national disaster and a threat to national security. This is an issue as serious as an invasion of the country by foreign forces. And the President who should know the way, go the way and show the way is asking us “sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni?”.

In real war, such nonsense coming from a General in the face of an attack by the enemy is enough cause for mutiny. The second in command would calmly pull out his weapon, aim it at the General, relieve the General of his command and take over the army and provide leadership and direction to the troops. In a time of war, the last thing you want is an indecisive clueless General asking you “sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni?”.


People who have been in a situation that required leadership and the leaders could not provide it knows how frustrating it can be. Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States had a plaque on his desk with the famous words “The Buck Stops here”.


He understood that as a President he had the sole and inescapable responsibility to provide direction on any and all matters that ever found their way to his desk, however complicated or impossible they seemed.  We should not be lecturing Uhuru Kenyatta on his responsibilities as President, but sadly we are doing so. The corruption cartels were watching , laughing and high-fiving each other, the General had capitulated, they have won the war. For him, the buck stops elsewhere, and he does not know where.


A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.  A leader must be able to take you to a place where you cannot go by yourself. Moses was a leader. It is inconceivable that the Israelites would have attempted the great escape from Egypt without him. When the Israelites came to Moses in the Desert of Zin, and told him that there was no water for them and their animals and that they would all die of thirst, I can see #crybabypresident ask them “sasa mnataka nifanye ninin jameeni?”.  But Moses had an answer, like all leaders should do. He knew the way, he went the way and he showed the way. Otherwise he had no business being a leader.

And Uhuru has no business being a leader if he cannot give us a solution to the greatest crisis of our age. He very casually claims that the constitution ties his hands. No one and no law should tie the hands of the leader on a matter as grave as the one facing our country. When he felt that the law was tying his hands in relation to security, he forcefully changed the law. If he feels that the law is tying his hands in relation to fighting corruption, he should have proposed the changes that he needs done to be able to do what he must. In fact, when he was running for president, he ought to have had  a plan on how to fight corruption, ought to have evaluated his plan against the existing law and known what laws he needed amended or enacted a fresh to allow him to fight corruption. That he hadn’t done that and that he still has not means that he has not actually done everything he ought to have done and to do in order to effectively fight corruption, like he claims he has.

I am not a fan of football. But one practice in football above all else is informative on the role of leadership. When a team in the world cup looses, you will often receive the news of the loss together with the news that the coach had been fired. The coach does not and cannot play.   Why would he be fired?

He is the leader. Leaders have solutions. They are expected to . They are expected to lead people to the successful achievement of their objectives. This is why people follow leaders.  Uhuru expects Kenyans to follow him. And yet he is wearing a T-shirt with the inscriptions at the back that read “No. 1. #crybabypresident. Don’t follow me, am also lost”.

We as Kenyans need to ask ourselves, when it comes to fighting corruption in Kenya, does Uhuru Kenyatta know the way, can Uhuru Kenyatta go the way and can Uhuru Kenyatta show the way?

The answer to the three questions is No, No and No.


Does Uhuru know the way? No.

I have continuously made the argument that before Moi came knocking on his mama’s door, Uhuru had never dreamt of being President. He is free to accept or deny this claim. He however happened to be the perfect marionette for the scheming Daniel Arap Moi who, upon seeing that his exit was imminent, wanted to replace himself with a clueless puppet who not only had enough vested interests in the system to want to protect the status quo for both himself and Moi, but one who was harmless and clueless enough not to upstage his godfather once he got into power.

Moi was politically astute and could not have made a mistake on this one. His whole legacy and his whole life after retirement depended on this one decision and he could not have got it wrong. The perfect candidate was Uhuru Kenyatta. He ticked all the boxes. First, he and his family were invested enough in the system to want to protect the status quo. Secondly,  he had no known or demonstrable personal achievements, proving that he had no special intellectual abilities or personal gifting’s and therefore he was clueless and ambition-less enough to function effortlessly as Moi’s marionette.

It did not work out exactly as Moi had planned but his analysis of the person of Uhuru Kenyatta was right. And therefore anyone who is surprised at the #crybabypresident should not waste their energies. He is who Moi wanted him to be. Clueless, powerless, ambition-less and only good as someones marionette. With Moi gone, his marionette project has been captured by the economic and political functionaries, the corrupt cartels and he is being puppeteered just like Moi imagined. He was not called a Professor of Politics for nothing.

Can Uhuru go the way?

He does not know what to do. But, he has been told what to do?  Can he do it?


I have read several commentaries that have told Uhuru what to do in three simple steps:

  • Slay the dragon of corruption.
  • Fall out with the political class and the cartels
  • Turn to the people of Kenya for leverage.

He has been assured that the people will support him in the fight against corruption even if, especially if, it implodes his government. Put differently he is being told:  fight corruption ruthlessly, your government will fall, but the people are so tired of corruption that they will heronize you for fighting it, so much so that they will catch you when your government falls.

Can he go the way?

Moi needed a puppet who would never go the way, especially this way, even if it was shown to him.  Again he got the perfect candidate. Uhuru is so captive to his political allies’, his family’s and their associates’ interests in the status quo that he can never go this way.

Can he show the way?

Well the answer to this is obvious. The only enduring thing I have heard about Uhuru is that he is “a nice guy” and that he has “good intentions”. Well, it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And under his leadership, we surely are on that road. He and his deputy traversed the country with bravado declaring themselves the digital generation. They were high on confidence and very low on substance. Kenyans confused good English, swag and confidence with substance. A great Guru has advised:

Do not confuse confidence for clarity. Do not think that confidence can be a substitute for clarity. That’s the biggest disaster. The greatest tragedy in the planet is that people who have no clarity have confidence. In the age of social media people want to express themselves without regard to whether they know or not. It is the age of expression without perception. People become what they are because of what they have expressed not because of what they have perceived.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev.

 And there you have it. This is the age of expression without perception. A clueless Prince with confidence and no clarity.  A #crybabypresident who is the greatest tragedy for a country looking out for leadership. A true leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. In 2013 we elected a 2002-failed–Moi project imagined by Moi to be his marionette and never a leader. He does not know the way, cannot go the way and will not show the way. Confronted by corruption, the greatest national disaster this country has ever faced since colonialism, all the #crybabypresident can do is ask, “sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni? ”.

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    • The third pillar of the coalition UWAZI (Openness)
      Corruption: Cleaning up the mess.

      The Coalition Government

      Give the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) the power to prosecute corruption cases as happens in other African countries.
      Set up local anti-corruption boards at county level with the power to refer cases to the EACC or to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
      Ban anyone convicted on corruption charges from working in Government, in any public sector job.
      Enact the necessary legislation so that Kenyan companies found guilty of corrupt practices will be liable to have their assets frozen by the courts. ~ Ban foreign companies found guilty of corrupt practices from operating in Kenya.
      Introduce an automatic freeze on the assets of anyone indicted on corruption charges (with appropriate judicial approval).
      Put an end to Parliamentary immunity from corruption charges.

  1. Mr proff,ur very much lost,this war is for everyone, right now Cord are celebrating pretending how best they can fight corruption, let the president change anything in war against corruption u will hear em yapping like monkeys ati, president is mutilating constitution, wht we have r pretenders ,y is ur cord not giving a clear strategy if they mean wht they say!?can they do anything disregarding constitution!?

  2. If government today comes for you for such a post the constitution wll protect you still these commissions are protected constitutionaly we are not in Mois era where by he could fire somebody while in Germany.

  3. Its true that a leader should kmow everything and presumably,”NOONE”should know anything he or she doesn’t know.He must always be on top of things.That was indeed a sad day for Kenya

  4. Prof President didn’t pass the constitution alone. We did it collectively. B4 getting in to office he swore to protect it to the latter. So what do you want him to do yet katiba imemfinga. What kind of leadership would you show if u were given an opportunity. Be serious professor.

    • Aende nyumbani kama hakuna kitu anaeza fanya isipokua tribal appointments and protecting his corrupt friends.. He has the power to push all arms of govt but choses not to bcos it’ll come back to hount him..

    • From what I see from u brothers constitution is the problem. But I remember when that security thing was passed. Opposition insinuated that dictatorial regime was being forced to the people through backdoor. Unakumbuka mp wanga akimwagia speaker maji. Kenyans are good in forgetting. In fact some section were termed unconstitutional by the court. Its true the constitution ties him completely. He can’t react.

  5. Professor please with all due respect why only blame the President. First the government is made up the executive, legislature and the judiciary. The President is the head of executive while he does not head the other arms. So don’t reason as if you want to run for a seat in Nyanza please. Reason bwana and educate people. Being president you cannot compare with the job Moses was doing. For sure you Must be having a paying masters somewhere.

  6. Jubilee sycophants & idolaters always quick to defend a mediocre, all laughing PR president. When Kamwana was destroying the drug laden ships & yatchs at the coast he never followed the constitution. When the same dude was banning & closing some Somali businesses , he did not follow the Katiba. The dude has not stuck to the spirit of equity on matters tribal appointments ie each appointment should reflect our nation’s diversity etc. Why when it comes to fight corruption he should follow the Constitution??? Is it not true that he is a beneficiary of the same loot ? Jameni ata kama sisi ni wakikuyu lazma tuone ukweli na tuseme ukweli. We suffer the most when Kenya goes down. #crybabypresident

  7. Prof,in Kenya we don’t have the laws to control and manage corruption like constitutionally the definition of corruption is not defined by the law,neither the police or no body in Kenya is mandated to take,investigate,and prosecute corrupt individuals in the country,I appeal to u prof to advice on the way the corruption can be tackled and advice the president

  8. The question “sasa mnataka nifanye ajy” was not addressed to us Kenyans, lets not mix ourselves by findind senceless Annalysis from the war of words engaged by our leaders, so Uhuru was trapped into using some words he shouldnt have used of which is a weakness of everyone and we should not expect leaders to be saints, picture yourself as a leader and tell me whether you would appreciate people judging your words rather than your actions, Kibaki used to address people as “mafi ya kuku” were you there to rate his competency?? Did his random words hinder his performace??but ask yourselves before you judge him “mimi nafanyaje”

    • I anticipated people like Lunguti to disrespect my opininion because the dont like it but i dont mind because i wasnt looking to please anyone….
      Wainaina kindly let me ask you and answer honestly, are you a Cord supporter???

    • I will give you a scenario and make you andastand where the people come in “i enter DCs office to collect my ID card, the service man supposed to hand over my ID leens over and whispers to my ear ‘leta elfu moja kijana na utapata ID yako leo’ iam suprised and so i say No and the guy says ‘basi itabidi ukuje baada ya miezi mbili’ i try to talk him out of his dirty game but am left with no choice but to just come back after 2months for my ID” looking at the above Scenario, i could Choose to visit the DCs office and complain, i could choose to visit the nearest Anticorruption office and report the matter or i could just choose to sit at home and blame the corruption Incident all on Uhuru….. So according to the scenario comes in the question “mimi nafanyaje”
      Now dont focus your mindset on the NYS scandal if you do nothing about the smallest cases of corruption in your area, wewe “unfanyaje”??

  9. Professor Michael Wainaina, I agree, President Uhuru was out of order to openly state he is powerless to fight corruption, even if he was being honest (which I doubt, I think he can do more; in Georgia, a determined President stamped out police corruption within a presidential term). Such an admission, l believe, simply strengthens the corrupt.

  10. Be objective,corruption is a global menace! What of the institutions placed n mandated to do that work,…Prof?? Unataka wafanye nini jameni?? I think that means a lot to you if not UA epitaph..

    • When will our institutions deliver to Kenyans as expected constitutionally if everything must be done by the president. That wld mean,there is no need of them,which contradicts our constitution, the president swore to protect it,meaning its ideals must be enforced which he has categorically stated that those institutions must perform as expected or else be disbanded,so I find your reasoning aloof to reality.

    • When you say he hasn’t exhausted his avenues, I would agree with that, but we yearn for a Kenya where people mandated with specific responsibilities should do their job well long before they attract presidents’ attention for that is the spirit of democracy- people by the people for the people- please take note of that. I hope you don’t differ with that.

  11. Installing Uhuru a President was a blind mistake Kenya ever made – his ranting and demeanour make Kenyans suspicious of his Leadership qualities; too inept to be the President of a sovereign Country. #RantingPresident.

  12. Dont appear like you know it all these President follows the law , he even gave a suggestion whether you want him shoot pple in uhuru park , the other arms of government must work it unless you want him to be an idd amin dada who did not follow the law!!

  13. Wainana you stand shaky not knowing your ground. Those you please always says ‘ukuyu ni nyoka’. The other day they had the slogan 41 against 1.
    Do you have short memories to remember these!

  14. How can he fight corruption yet in his administration they speak one language, he descriminate other Kenyan tribes and that’s why he fear takling corruption those corrupt officials are from his tribe. Mr president reduce tribalism and u’ll deal with corruption.

  15. Reading such posts reminds me of a football match where the fans on the stands are so good coaches you would think they are world class but wait.,when they are put in the field they can’t even kick a football in the right direction Kenyans like whining oh Uhuru this oh Uhuru that but wait wawekwe in position of leadership inakuwa zero so don’t make mileage criticizing be part of the solution Good day Kenyans

  16. People should stage a coup in next years elections and elect a dictator in dealing with these dragon of corruption. Uhuru I remember said is mentored by certain president of Asian Tigers, Malaysia. He eradicated corruption to zero,though he was dictator for the benefit of the country.” Little injustice for larger justice” is all we need here in Kenya

  17. You are talking like the opposition. As an intellectual I would have expected you to guide your president with a solution to the problem. Sadly instead, you have joined the bandwagon that seems to think that it is the sole responsibility of the president to fight corruption even with such a liberal Constitution as ours which vests this responsibility on independent institutions which even the president cannot touch. I am afraid that you have become a talking shop. You blubber about everything but have nothing about what should be done just like our opposition.

    • Nick, ati you would have accepted me to “guide your president with a solution to the problem”. Are you serious? I have said that he is the one who sought power to solve these problems. If he had no solutions, he had no business seeking power and we have no business re-electing a #crybabypresident in 2017.

    • Professor, if you you think that any one person can run the affairs of an entire nation, you are grossly mistaken. That is why while it’s okay to criticize, we must offer alternatives like what Macharia Gaitho has done in the Daily Nation today. Otherwise empty rhetoric and it – is – other – person’s responsibility mentality can only exacerbate the problem. But again, when you hear the likes of Ngilu and kazungu kambi telling us how corrupt the Jubilee government is, then you know that we are in serious trouble.

  18. N that is y the opposition always says that uhuru n ruto were abig mistake to this country n 2017 we must make sure we save this country from the hands of this two lazy corrupt tribal rulers some..of us call leaders by not ..mistake.

    • Onuko, The opposition has no moral authority to call out Uhuru and Ruto. ODMs elections are run by men in black. Kalonzo is saying he want to be president because amevumilia sana. Are these the useless characters we expect to replace Jubilee? They should shut up. The only option for us is ourselves, the people.

    • Prof,no one cud 100% fit for that high office but we need some who is atleast 80% presidential material,I think that might save this country from its going through right now,I dont want to mension the name of any leader who can be of what i’m telling u,u know the person who can save this country,be a man ones n for all n the face the reality without bothering the tribe he comes from if u r really yawning for change n better governace in this country

  19. hi prof….i concur with you…uhuru has only serve to create a fertile ground for corruption…. he is helpless…the perpetrators of corruption have twisted his hand…they know he is a toothless dog in war against the vice…the tools to fight corruption is held by the people themselves…they just dont know it yet….how about integrating capital punishment to those who fuel it….that would deter people from getting involved in the vice….wat am i saying…?…..death is the only way to end corruption in kenya… may seem a barbaric move but will serve us best….what do you think?

    • Thank you Samuel. The problem of corruption is not lack of laws to deter it and harsh punishments. The problem is impunity. This country does not even hang those who have been given death sentences. The corrupt lawmakers will not make a law that hang them anyway. What is lacking is political will to deal with the vice. And political will cannot come from Uhuru and Ruto for obvious reasons.

  20. I think uhuru hands are completely tied.There av been several scandals involving his second in command either directly or indirectly,even his sources of monies he his dishing out almost every wknd are highly questionable?He is now talking like Hon.Mr.Ababu Namwamba a general with gun and no bullets but me am not surprised he is a prince who was handpicked to become a president that he never wanted to.

  21. I think the proffessor failed to get the right concept of the President kiswahili phrase. Although I have not read all the piece such phrase, it is a phrase, should not to be taken literally. Traditionally that sentence mean to warn someone of consequences for failure to follow rules or orders.

  22. Those who fight corruption are fought seriously by the cartels well known by the godfathers who protect them at all cost. Somebody earns 1m shillings per month but donates 16m shillings in one weekend and the president tells us that his hands are tied.

  23. Barney Ngale, sir l beg to differ with you and concur with the professor. The president wasn’t doing literature, he was addressing the common citizen inclusive. You need to open your eyes to see things in black and white. The president looked and sounded frustrated and clueless. Politics aside its quite alarming when the person charged with the responsibility to give us direction shows signs of surrender. So who do we turn too. Its always said that you can never win a battle when you quit. Barney sir are you not alarmed??

  24. prof or whoever u cal uaself nomatter how wise ur the truth remain u cant tell whats hapening in the next room in ua house or who is passing on the other side of the wall which is less than a metre apart.instead of raising formulae on how to remove the prrsident from the throne and electing the so u thnk omnipresent president who will be everwhere at the same time use tht energy to teach everyone to be transparent ad responsible ad ul b doing us a big favour

  25. The president is right by asking Kenyans what he should do,Kenyans or African generally are used to being pushed & dictated upon,yet they are always talking about public participation in governance,The president did a good thing to ask for public opinion,he has demonstrated that in a democratic society,all must be involved in seeking solutions to major issues affecting the country,Keep it up your excellency & involve Kenyans as much as possible in decision making on matters affecting the country,afterall they are your boss & employer,so they have to say what & how they want things to be done,then the government implements.

  26. The best analogy to describe Uhuru’s predicament is that of a dog chasing it’s tail. It frustrates the dog because it can’t catch the evil thing (unknown to the dog the tail is part of its system) Depending on your political affiliation with the dog you will either get annoyed, be entertained (me) or cheer the dog on. Pity!

  27. Holy Prof, Kenya, and the president are guided by our constitution. Nobody is above the constitution. The same constitution created organs to deal with various issues. And all these organs are independent and enjoy tenure. We have EACC, CID, DPP and AG who SHOULD work together to combat among others, corruption. It is pathetic of you to insinuate that a president should identify, investigate and prosecute corruption. If you are man enough, go for the real culprits. Carry out an investigative research and tell us exactly which of the organs is not functioning. The days when it sounded heroic to throw blanket condemnations are long gone. Nowadays you simply sound like the rest of a long list of desperate wanna-be bloggers.

  28. I differ with you Prof!!!! Uhuru Kenyatta is the most honest President Kenya has ever had. We thought Moi was tough, but it was during his reign that countries economy came to its knees due to corruption. We have a new constitution, where the president cannot question the judges or the chief justice. Parliament has become another government, whereas Governors have become small gods in the counties… You need to understand that the current presidency holds minimal power in hiring and firing. Therefore dont steal in your position, and then expect the same president to stand in the dock on your behalf.. He is not Jesus Christ… and to use the same Moses you used as an example… He also once became tired and asked God whether he impregnated Israelites mothers, and if that’s why he was suffering so much in leading them… Leadership is no joke..and if we want corruption to end, let’s change the constitution, let’s go Chinese way, if caught,face the firing squad, execution in broad daylight and that way Kenya will be corruption free come next generation.

  29. Michael wainaina your post is so good and is an epitome of true leadership…. The president should be a visionary leader and should not lose hope whatsoever, i propose uhuru shld be given a handout of leadership skills because he does not understand his job profile….he should give us hope instead of being a cry baby……he is just so disgusting, surely leaders are born

  30. You voted for this constitution to nail moi and his people that was noble for the yes then but the person who was to whip fail .and that is what makes all Kenyans stupid creating this constitution for an individual sorry we dug this grave and there we are, let those u can loot do they are kenyans

  31. pretending that somehow kenyatta can be able to get rid of corruption in kenya is a bit ridiculous. the structure of government here in kenya is a communist government disguised with a capitalistic cloak . the best thing is if people advocate for small governments . get government out of healthcare and education because these are the most corrupt departments.county governments should have more say in the state of their counties.encourage kenyans to pay taxes because when more kenyans pay taxes then they become vigilant on how their money is matter who becomes president their will never be any changes to the government since the system is so corrupt it will need a sot of revolution to clean up this mess.

  32. i agree with mr president coz corruption has deeply rooted itself evrywhere hata wewe ua here ua corrupt if to arrest everybdy will b jailed kenyans condone it from tha onset ….

  33. Pro i would suggest u gather like minded fellows and possibly seek presidential advisolly team on constitution to get UA facts collect cos my own opinion is either for him to follow constitution or him to rule with iron fist on some issues regardless of rule of law.This can b advantage to our opposition which had made it that way for any President provided they remain in opposition.

  34. The problem with you is that you want to make every situation bad, know how to phrase and the probable meaning of a phrase as per the circumstances. He was actually asking the team to tell him what more they want from him to enable the to fight corruption. With your kind of attitude we Kenyans are getting nowhere. You are the corruption that fights back

  35. Read my name, am expected to defend uhuru. Prof, you have information but lack intellect on the matter. You should be telling us how Uhuru is tied with his decisions after we systematically cut down presidential powers. Actions have sequencies

  36. How easy to criticise a hen on the size of the egg it has laid! ….but wait untill ua turn comes to lay yours!!?…ever been in a position where you can see the solution to a problem but the legal way to it is complicated n needs the good will of others!?…slowly but surely people now should be seeing the side effects of the new constitution in a 3rd world mind set!…this constitution is too advanced for a country like kenya with such poor n weak institutions like police, EACC, ect…with an equally overworked judiciary n a parliament full of compromised minds!!…unless somebody want the president operate above or outside the law, he has done enough!..n worse he can’t fire some of the non performing head of other organs!!…. without invoking the powers of a dictatorship, uhuru is kenyas best bet!….at least he is open minded n doesnt pretend to to know it all or to have it all, or worse, to do it all!!….he is a consulting president! ( though one may say he consults too much)!.

  37. I support prof 100% ,uhuru is a clueless leader and part of the problem. His deputy leads in corruption and so don’t expect him to fight it,he is shading crocodile tears!

  38. such kind of statements worries alot having the fact that the failure of this current government poses a several threats to the future generation which i am particularly concerned about as a visionary and future leader

  39. We gave the president a bad constitution which renders him impotent then you come and rant here how useless he is? Education is good but if aint bringing any solution to any of our problems then it is better to reserve your criticism to your wife!

  40. Did u expect a thief to catch a fellow? Do u rem computer errors? And why did he protect Waiguru if he is against corruption? If his hands are really tied,how did he manage the hunt against second-generation drinks?

  41. Prof. N all wenye nimelike ur comments na wapa kongole lakini kusema kweli, muswahili kalonga kwamba asiye sikia la mkuu…. kumbukeni mulipo ambiwa na dp ruto kwamba katiba ina upungufu mwingi hamukusikia hata la muadhini musikitini mulikuwa wakaidi midhili ya… sasa mwalia nini? Anyway, mwiba wakujichoma… kwa rais mpendwa uliwachochea wapitishe hii katiba kwani ulikuwa muoga wa janga la ufisadi ukweli mchungu ulijua ukipigana na ufisadi hutaongoza mihula miwili kwakuwa 99% ya wanasiasa wa upinzani na serikali ni wafisadi. Sisemi zaidi kwani ukweli mwaujuwa muliharibu mambo 2010.

  42. I wanted to read your post, but the first two words told me you are disrespectful.
    Even if your father drinks, beat you, lie on the road, vomit on himself, pees on his clothes and all that, I don’t expect you to address him,” Njoroge, you are just a .. “

  43. Thank you so much for putting this issues on table, corruption is the main problem in African nation, we had all we need to live in this world but we down no how to use them to make everyone else proud to citizens.

  44. wewe n prof wa kutoka wapi huna hata aibu aren’t you ashamed of your title you are also a product of corruption otherwise shame on you for you will never think of becoming a president

  45. As much as it is said Uhuru has failed, Kenyans have failed him as a country. He can issue all manner of executive orders and even shoot people at Uhuru park BUT, the war has got to have the goodwill of all including the opposition. Kenya is one. The plague of corruption does not discriminate as long as there’s a giver and a taker. Anticorruption is never a one man show. As a Kenyan, play your part and refuse to pay that buck to some cartel for a tender. Report them. We cannot claim to be the know-it-alls of anti-graft to ridicule UK yet we indulge in the exercise every single day as Kenyans. You can only take a donkey to the river but you can never get it to drink if doesn’t have the desire to do so. Unfortunately the law is an arse. Without the benefit of evidence, nothing can suffice. Without the goodwill of the institutions mandated to fight graft, its all vanity. Let’s call a spade a spade. I would credit UK for instituting measures to fight graft when he declared it a national disaster. The EACC has become a laughing stock and he should consider disbanding because the pandemic of corruption has exceeded all rational hypothesis.

  46. Makosa sio yake rafiki , bali wengi wetu tumekosa kuajibika vizuri kwa niaba ya wenzetu hapa nchini na hata nje ya taifa letu ,labuda mimi au hata wewe ,na ikifika hapo basi itabidi sisi sote tujipige msasa katika kuwa wazalendo wema .

  47. Look at president uhuru’s eyes and you’ll conclude he’s not sober…so how do u expect him to notice looters even him is likely to be stolen…We need a Kenyan Magufuli…And that’s what some people fear….God is watching n His time is best….

  48. A country is ran by humans using a system, if those put in charge of the system fail, the whole system is misjudged. I believe Uhuru is a great leader, entrusting the systems of governance to some incompetent fellows. Also, the current government is the better option for now, although, come 2017, I’ll be very objective while voting.

  49. He was lamenting the fact that institutions set by law and which he has empowered have failed him in the fight against corruption. This is a no- nonsense president. He asked whether he should parade the corrupt at Uhuru park and spray them with bullets. Should we give him the go ahead?

  50. There is nothing bad like sending a thief to catch a thief! Everybody else is a thief! At one time I went a police station to report about my son who had committed suicide and I was told on the face that the police vehicle to.carry the body had no fuel!!!

  51. This was one of president Uhuru’s biggest political goofs.We felt so helpless and the only other time i have felt like this was during the height of pev of 2007-2008.The then president remained mum and my little children terrified by pictures of scenes of violence asked me “where is the president?”. It has been said that a flock of sheep led by a lion has a higher chance of success than a pride of lions led by a sheep, it is not far fetched to conclude that on corruption war we don’t have a lion leading us. We have had enough answers now we want action. The president has barked for far too long we now want a bite – we want to see blood . I don’t believed he is as helpless as he claims.He may not have control over the judicially but at least he has immense power on the investigative and prosecutorial components of the process. He can start by lighting a very hot fire under their feet to eliminate the shoddy investigations and weak prosecutions that cannot deliver a conviction.

  52. Reading all this. I ask myself what ave i done as a person in this fight against corruption?. Its not Uhuru alone who is supposed to fight corruption. It team work good Kenya start from ur self n ur house.

  53. Common sense may sound obvious yet it aint… begins at home…wait till Uhuru comes to intervene when a matatu driver is giving a bribe. Or when you are giving it for a favour….then You tell me wen corruption will ever end

    • It seems if ur the president now , hell will break loose n i doubt u can survive long without impeachment !..unless u dont mind that too!…though i will concede some facts…that the president now is like a principal who is faced by the reality that among the pupils who he need to urgently expel for leading a strike( that burned almost the entire instution), is his very own son plus other two related aiblings!…in short, his tail is smelling due to infection!…it need to be cut out!..n this contutition overs little room for the executive to do a little naked dance!!

    • Kenyans can see the problem!!..the president can also see the problem!!…but the real solution isn’t supported by the Constitution!!….kenyans need to change the Constitution here n there for the president to make serious impact on the war on corruption!…this constitution separates the bullet from the gun!..the president cant fire n fire on time!!


  55. Kudos professor. from my lectures on leadership. I learnt the following:
    Leadership is influance:
    Leadership is vision. Where there is no vision the nation perishes.
    Leadership is determined direction and focus.
    Leadership is service and servanthood.
    A leaders steps forth as people follow. The far they see go and reach depends on the leader. Whatever they achieve is pegged on the leaders aspirations and passion.
    We cant fool ourselves its the leadership and the political will that lacks in the fight against corruption.

    I dont why some people say the katiba has curtailed the powers of the president. Which other powers does the preso need apart from these:
    The commander in chief.
    The supreme appointing authority of all govt CEOs.
    He signs all legislations into law.
    The NA and senate has majority Jubilee MPs so any law they want shall sail thro. Who is fooling who sir.?
    When Britain was about to loss the WW 2 under chamberlain Winston churchil was elected the PM an inspirational leader that lead Britain to victory against the mighty Hitler.
    Hitler even if his policies were bad but he marshalled the Germans to fight the whole world. My friend its leadership and leadership and the preso Nothing Less Nothing more. The President and Only The President HE Uhuru Nobody else i mean Nobody else should lead the way.

  56. This issue of kenyans being critical over every thing has taken away understanding from the heads of many kenyan. The president was saying that he had or have done what the new consistitution entails him to do without fail. He said he had even sacked his CSs on suspicion of corruption but katiba does not allow him do anything more. Other government organ charged with prosecution as per the new katiba have failed not the president. Perhaps we have to rething over the presidents powers if we have to blame the president. U will find foolish kenyans comparing Uhuru to magufuli without looking at the different powers they have. Mzee musima raila amepanda kasumba ya ujinga ndani ya vichwa vya wakenya ambayo itawauwa.

  57. He should blame his campaign manifesto for what’s happening. There must have been an item like; I will enhance and support corruption in all forms, which his campaigners never highlighted to him during the campaign period. He should have a fresh look at it.

  58. You make constitution to be independent thus the president has no power to sack a principle who is corrupt, if you are the president with this fake constitution where president has no power to sack, what would you do to corruption, we must give our president power in constitution. For now he is ceremony.

  59. Kenya my beloved nation, corruption is now part and parcel of of us. A situation where the head of state is now asking what the common mwananchi wants him to do in fight against corruption,am sure we (Kenyans) are heading to a wrong direction. I’ve heard people being suspended, others being changed from their posts and others being fired . On the other hand nobody has been prosecuted .Let me give my advice to the President , for you to step up against corruption, let the corrupt individuals be prosecuted no matter the office he/she holds, public influence they have ,political influence ,the tribe where they come from and even the relationship they have with you .If we flash back the so called nusu mkate regime two officials were jailed because of corruption. H. E the President do the same to save this great nation.

  60. The president was trying to solve corruption issues in a sober way by constantly asking DPP ,EACC,JUDICIARY, CID,IG what they wanted him to do not you Prof.Rest let transfer these depts to be under president and you will cry like in the Security amendment bills…If our president acts am assured you write again to condemn him …perennial complainers with no solutions at hand

    • Dat is nt a point we hv to struggle for each everdhing we do nothing was mention dat belong anybody so even u wherever ur it doesnt meant for u bt u hv to work for living na btw to prezzo l thout dat is annointing from God so dat position belong to uhuru.kwani nn si ww ukakuwe prezzo? Or any else watch out

  61. Everyone is now an expert in advising the president in how to fight corruption as if that is not enough anyone can take a microphone and insult the president and not to mention post an abusive text. All that said and done corruption is a reflection of who we are because everyone in Kenya wants to get rich quick and not work for it. Stop this charade and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you can resist corruption given a chance to line your pockets with millions overnight.

  62. The leader who will stop corruption in this country is the one who will know that he will be a one time prezo n might even loose his life kenyans glorify thiefs who hide by their tribes as if the loot was shared among tribes men corruption shoul be taught in school to desvourage it n maby n i repeat maybe our children will save this country for the sake of our grand children corruption has a very high price tag

    • This country corruption has dug deep roots to a point where the current generation envies tge corrupt if its descouraged from a young age it will be great today there are enough laws bt bado inaendelea tu hence my point we need a leader who is willing to sucrfice alot

  63. As at now , unataka afanye nini. Tulipitisha constitution na tukapunguza mamlaka ya rais. We made him a toothless lion. Laws are made in the parliament and we are the first people to oppose ammendments hiding under human rights. Go and ammend laws , give him lee way then post this article. As 4 now, unataka afanye nini jamani?

  64. The President is not perfect. God is. Nor does the President know everything & s/he can inquire for public opinion, if needs arise. The main role of the opposition, in Kenya today, is to critisize the Government. #BeVigilant

  65. Useless lecture,is uhuru the first president of Kenya,we av ad many presidents an corruption was there,y didn’t all the other presidents end it?…this is a collective responsibility ma friend

  66. Hio phd peleka choo ungekuwa mwerevu ugekuwa prezzo so watch out no asking ur suggestion to prezzo deh wise pple understand what kenya going thou ed each of ours we hv to play apart.dont blame uhuru hv nothing to do he work day ed night for deh best of kenyans so watu wanasoma ed bkam clever u it lyk uliongezewa matope dat why u kam up useless words go bk ed checkup whether u hv phd or diploma.

  67. kwa kusema ukweli Sisi wakenya ni wajinga tena wa mwisho duniani .Kwan hyu professa ametukana nani. hata kama tunamapenzi na raisi ama afisa yeyote alieshikilia ofisi ya umma lakini lazima maadili ya kazi yawe kwanza mbele. swali ambalo raisi aliuliza ni dhihirisho tosha alichukua ofisi ambayo hawezi kuendesha ipasavyo .lazima kila moja ajibike kikanuni. hatuwezi kua chini ya amiri jeshi ambaye tumevamiwa alafu bado anataka idhinisho kutoka wapi sasa na yt? ndie amiri? Rais anafaa kutafuta suluhisho la kudumu Katika swala la ufisadi na usalama.mfano mbona ilipofika wakati wa kuadhulumu waislamu kwa swala la ugaidi Mbona hakuaitaji ushahuri na wanaichi bali alichukua uwamuzi wa kua wauwawe kwa mtutu wa mbuduki na mambo akayamaliza alivyopanga .Mbona asifanye hivyo juu ya hawa mafisadi wanaozulumu wakenya jasho lao. ama kuna mchezo wa paka na panya.

  68. Better kuvkilia poa smtyms Kenyans munatafuta makosa saaaaaaana ,,,,cjui nikwa nn mnapenda kufananisha Kenya na uraya ,,,thnk bana chnye kina hesa zaidia wakenya wesako c kila kitu kutafuta makosa ,,,

  69. We are governed by contitution, he gave them work to do, they are not perfoming, angefanya nini RAIS, si iiikua lazima awaulize for he knows the meaning of KATIBA, hongera kwako the president, institutions are there to deal with corrupt pple u played ur part and showed us the way

  70. Mr President lets work extra hard to minimize corruption coz its going to destroyed the natural gift of humanness second lets interpreted others positively to amicable solutions because Kenya belong to us all not a tribe thanks

  71. I think some kenyans needs to drink education lyk soup…..proffessor hav not said uhuru is the one to fight corruption,bt uhurus sentiments on corruption n yet during his campaign he clearly promised to fight graft meaning he had plans on it,now he is asking us tunataka afanye nini………Does Magufuli ask those stupid questions???a leader always hav solutions to problems his juniors r going thru coz y did he want to lead n solve the problems we as kenyans r facing????akitaka kujua,aulize PLO LUMUMBA

  72. If one feels jerousey of being lead by Uhuru, kenyan’s borders are open for him to go to any other country. If not, vumilia or umeze mate! He’s here to stay, rule you untill his deputy deputy and deputy rules kenya. Its just about 40 yrs or so.

  73. itz true, kwan ww unadhani uhuru n malaika ati aweze kudeal na corruption pke yke bla ww,,,,,,? uhuru ata n mwanaume ww ukipewa hyo kiti cku moja utajinyongea state house

  74. The war against corruption is worse than preventing the spread of ebola. Nobody is scared to get in touch with corruption because nothing is done about it. If it must be won, the laws must be changed and if anybody is caught in any corruption dealings, should have all his or her wealth taken by the state. if this can be done to several people everybody will learn to be genuine. But if its a matter of talking to make people believe there is something being done, then its of no use.

  75. Young man not that prezzo hawezi nyamaza na afenye vyenye anataka without including public in his debate…but wewe unaona akiwa chini sana eti ju ameuliza afanye nini….io phd yako i think inamaanisha physical head damage

  76. When we elected uruhu one of the idea in the mind of most of kenyans was the potential they saw in him to fight the corruption. He comes from the wealthy family thus their was no need of greedness to make him rich.When raila was also prime minister our idea was the same. But friends both of all leaders who are interested in the presidential seat are either very corrupt or benefited from it indirectly. They have galvanised our nation in groups, regions, tribes, religions to make sure da serious leaders who have ability to bring real change will not make it because he or she will destroy theirs businesses and da of their club members. My beloved kenyan let us open our eyes and arise above those handles and elect leaders who mean well for our nation and generations of our land.

  77. Haha do you want Uhuru to set a firing squad at Uhuru Park so that he can win the war on corruption?The President has no powers.Under this dispensation the Executive has lost its powers.Let respect the institutions mandated to fight graft.Judiciary should be strengthened so that we can win this war.The President has done all what he can.If a leader is implicated on corruption he should step aside and pave way for investigations.The problem we have in our country is that Corruption is ethnicised.We should stop that.Hakuna cha mtu wetu.

  78. Spare your english Mr. Prof and hurry to amend your constitution that slashed presidential powers. Were you not the guys who said Mr President didn’t have powers to take names of corrupt people to parliament? How comes today he has powers? #askyourkatiba

  79. You voted for a bad constitution and now blaming it the President. Whenever he is doing anything right, you ate the same creatures that rash to court for injunctions! Kenyans, do you real know what you want? Are u sincere?

  80. This professor must be having a stomach problem..yaani he has written a whole essay..what do you want him to do?? I wish some of this people speaking Ill of the president would just be given that mamlaka for just one hour..some would sweat blood..aty professor?? Io PhD aikosi ni ya Nairobi aviation..nkt

  81. Good Job Professor…….you have taken up a difficult job…….may God bless you……Don’t forget what happened when the masses were asked whether to crucify Jesus or crucify the thief….the Bible has amazing lessons we can learn from…..

  82. Neocolonialism taking control in our country…ata muongee kama nani the prof has his opinion..wewe kama msomi changia kwa utaratibu..whoever is/was/will be prezo will never fight corruption with the current tides of tribalism, unemployment, nepotism, fraud, inflation and extrajudicial killings. So before you insult just know that we are all in this crisis and pray that Kenya is ONE

  83. We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.

    A government is as good as its leaders and until we have a complete overhaul of the people in power, we will always wake up to corruption scandals and later on some very emotional speeches from our president of how he has been let down by his officers in the fight against corruption.

  84. pipo r tokin of katiba …kwan hii katiba is it applicable to some situations na zengine ziii…. wea in katiba inasema pipo wenye wanaandamana wapigwe na live bullets,? no wea in katiba bt he did so during #EACCHOME so he shud apply such to corruption

  85. Prof.or whatever u call yourself give direction to prezzo who is not a prof.or with all your knowledge and wisedom give Kenyan a more informed leader or u shut your corrupt ,n hungly mouth for ever … go go go on Uhuru

    • Before l sue my teacher you need to put in a gallows or thrown into lions den,u sound like the few educated fools we have in our republic.Corruption means n includes behaving in a manner likely to solicit favour from a certain quarter, n that’s what your indication entails. Keep on fooling yourself prof

  86. I see you comment and i ask whether any of you, had even the chance to be a class prefect in high school ???????? Ruling /controlling adults, it’s like forcing dead bodies walk or rise!!!!!! You should instead kneel and ask God to give Our President more knowledge, plans and solutions to end thiz corruption and to stand strong!!!!!!! Nkt we never seem to mature though we called adults

  87. my friend we usually say there can never be a stupid question but most answers shows stupidity.prezo is not wrong when asking neither is he stupid but your answer shows the degree of madness in you.if you are a professor then this is the reason.most of you guys have permanent head could better if such a point is mentioned by a class eight drop out rather than least we could understand. My brother you have a point but try to give solution of the point not complain only.Am sorry if I have offended you but think beyond.

  88. u r the kind of people,”onogthegerwo na uheo ini (liver) no uriuga gutiuma guthige”yaani u ddnt get anytng better that our prezo said apart from that??u hav truly disappointed me,n betrayd our leader,uhuru is God chosen