Of the “New Non-ethnic Political Narrative” Converts and the Call to Run for President of the Republic of Kenya.

#Iam4aNewPoliticalNarrative and #Profwainaina4President hashtags have been doing rounds on social media. This is not the first time my readers and followers are asking me to run for President. Over the last year, I have received numerous and consistent calls to run for President, some more genuine than others but all suggesting that I should run.

I am humbled by those who consider me worthy of that high calling and responsibility. But more importantly, I am encouraged that after a year of blogging and pushing the call for a “new non-ethnic political narrative”, many Kenyans have come to accept that it is not only possible, but also necessary if not urgent. They also think and believe that I should be the voice for that narrative.

With deep gratitude and awareness presented by the trust many of you have shown in me, I would consider running for the presidency of our great nation Kenya, guided by certain fundamental principles and lessons from our history.

The missteps of yesteryears

To start with, it is not enough to say that we need to remove the current degenerate, visionless and tribal political class in Jubilee and NASA. That need is obvious, critical and very urgent. It is the only way we can liberate our country from the shackles of negative ethnicity, exclusion of youth and women and corruption. The more pressing question for me would be:

“What do we replace the current political class with in terms of a long-term vision for the next generation of the Kenyan citizenry”.

Here we should learn from history.

Even though the 2002 general elections were touted as the best since the advent of multi-party politics, it is worth noting that they fell short in a significant way. The political class that had fallen out with Moi took advantage of the unpopularity of Moi and KANU to push a “Moi must go” agenda. Unfortunately, they did not give us a concrete vision for the Country post-Moi. All they had was a power-sharing formula for themselves that became the center of controversy soon after the people sent Moi home. Five years later, the Country was in civil war from which it has never recovered. Since Moi left, it has been quarrels, battles and divisions. We must never repeat the mistakes of 2002 by replacing an unpopular political class with a clueless and visionless one. The political class is busy again with power-sharing formulas. We do not need another power-sharing formula among tribal kingpins in Kenya, what we need is a new vision for the future and for our children to inherit.

A new vision for Kenya’s future

What should be the character of this new vision and dispensation for the future?

First, I need to re-emphasize that is must be non-ethnic. In my well-considered opinion the reason is simple. We cannot beat the ethnic kingpins in Jubilee and NASA and their ethnic political narrative at their game. They are the masters of tribalism and politics of dynasties. Replacing an ethnic narrative with another ethnic narrative is futile. We therefore must strive to remove all barriers and situations where ethnic identity can be invoked to deny people their God-given and constitutional rights.

Secondly, the new dispensation must not only deal with the present dilemmas facing Kenya as a nation but it must also be futuristic and recognize that nation building is inter-generational. We currently have a tribal political class both in Jubilee and NASA which is not only stuck in the past where they all belong, but one that is totally incapable of imagining a Nation beyond the next general election.

We cannot build a Nation in five year cycles!

There must be a paradigm shift and a pressing need to imagine an intergenerational vision that recognizes that the youth are the engine and drivers of transformation. To this end, we must provide them with the foundation they need to unify, modernize and rekindle the Kenyan spirit and a sense of purpose. We cannot allow the youth to face a future riddled with uncertainties. They must instead be at the center of any new vision for the future of Kenya.

The Participation of the People

The participation of the people will be important in the imagining, defining and realization of the new vision for Kenya. While the new vision needs a leader, it is ultimately the responsibility of every Kenyan to define their role in such a dispensation.

We all agree that the Nation is under the grip of a corrupt, mediocre and tribal political class that has divided us and continue to do so for no other reason than to keep or to grab power. We have been reduced in our political engagement to discussion about “the lesser evil” and the “devil I know”. When did we let evil and devils rule over us? Can we expect a peaceful, prosperous Nation when leadership has been reduced to “the lesser evil?” As Kenyans, we deserve better and it cannot be a choice between the lesser of the two evils. We must rise up, be counted and resolve to do something about the direction our nation is going to take.

Every generation in history has had to come to its own, take on its assignment and leave its footprints in the sands of time. Our generation has come to such a time. If we remain silent and let the Country be divided by the tribal Kingpins, we will have to answer to our children when they ask us, “When they divided the Nation with tribal hatred, when they turned Kenyan against Kenyan, when they squandered our future, WHAT DID YOU DO?”. We cannot remain silent and continue putting our trust in tribal kingpins and political dynasties. We must take back our Country. We must start the journey to mend the moral fabric and free Kenya again!

Even with the call that I should be the voice of the new non-ethnic political narrative and a new generational vision for Kenya by running for the office of the President of the Republic of Kenya, we need to engage each other on the roles that each of us see ourselves playing in ushering and realizing a new dispensation. If my role is to be the face and voice of the new non-ethnic political narrative, what do you see as your role in the new dispensation?

If you believe that as a nation we are on the wrong track and that we need to take our destiny in our own hands, if you are not prepared to remain silent in the face of great evil and great persecution of ordinary Kenyans by a degenerate and tribal political class, if you know and believe that you have a duty of giving this Country a new direction and a new vision, if you know we are the change that we have been waiting for, if you will not remain silent in the midst of misrule and looting by the political elite, then this is your time. It is time for us to take back our Country!

Announcing my candidature for President of the Republic of Kenya.

In pursuit of this noble course, I hereby want to heed the call by many Kenyans who have requested me to vie for the Presidency and be the voice of a new non-ethnic political narrative in Kenya. I will be officially announcing my candidature for the President of the Republic of Kenya on Saturday, 29th April 2017, 10 -11 am at Ufungamano grounds.  I will be running as an Independent Candidate.

I shall lay out what my vision for a united prosperous Kenya is and what we must do in order to prepare the youth for modernization and prosperity. Furthermore, I will share with all Kenyans the foundational and guiding principles that will inform a new non-ethnic political narrative. I am inviting all Kenyans of goodwill, looking to take part in something new and something different and a fresh start for this Country to join me and other like-minded Kenyans at Ufungamano grounds for the official announcement of my candidacy for President.

Fellow Kenyans, the time to renew our commitment to recapture our destiny is NOW. Destiny is what we choose for ourselves, fate is what happens if we don’t. We cannot leave the future of the Country to fate. The task ahead is huge and it will require all of us working together and to carry this message of renewal and  a new dawn all across Kenya. Remember to join us on Saturday, 29th April 2017 at Ufungamano grounds for the momentous occasion. You are all invited.

My Campaign Media and Communications team will stream the announcement live from Ufungamano grounds, Mamlaka Road, Nairobi Kenya on Saturday 29th April, 2017 from 10:00 am on the following campaign social media platforms.
Facebook page: @ProfMichaelWainaina
Twitter: @YouthifyKenya
YouTube channel : Youthify and Modernize Kenya
Google plus :Youthify and Modernize Kenya
You are welcome to watch the event and participate by asking live feed questions or compliments. Your questions and compliments will be appreciated.

God Bless Kenya!

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  1. So…I need your personal answer…what is your view on the so called gay rights….since all I can read from this post is that you are very progressive ‘liberal’ and left wing if you know what I mean…You can answer me here as reply but I have more questions that WE AS KENYANS need answers to from you personally…you can answer in my inbox…coz I know fb pages have that option…

  2. I will not waste your time. I think you are brilliant but it seems all candidates read from the same script, giving the dog a bad name first! I won’t discourage you but I am sure those mouths that told you to vie won’t even read your name leave alone vote for you! Kenyans are bright but they not looking for anything brighter and that’s the part you will never understand! Good luck Prof!

  3. Any keen eye would know whose interests you’re advancing. The moment you say Jubilee and NASA are all but the same,serves to perpetuate the incumbency and its impunity.Only ignorants can be convinced by these kind of arguments.Raila has never been president of this country and we therefore can’t judge him on the same account as those who have plunged this country in this abyss.Yes he was PM but his efforts were stifled and often watered down by the mt kenya mafia.

  4. do you think common mwananchi out there in kibera or turkana can buy this grammar you are narrating? join the tribal kingpins nd fight from within.ask peter keneth why he chose to join jubelee and you wil know y its hard to sell policies like yours

  5. Prof, could you find a better platform, than fb , to share the said ‘ narrative’. It may not achieve much unless it reaches the common Wanjiku, Fatuma and Atieno in parts of Kenya.

    • If you believe in this message, then it’s incumbent upon you to get it out there to the masses. Remember in the article, the Prof said it’ll take all of us to take the message all across the nation.

  6. That’s the problem we’ve in Kenya. Translating fans into votes…church members into votes…Family members into votes and so on. So now you think those who advised you to vie will vote for you…eeh? Nihaku..

  7. Dear prof,

    It sounds to be a good idea to bring Kenya back to its direction it should be. However I understand the Kenya we are, perhaps you know better than me. Please share the strategies you have in reforming Kenya from these vices:

    1. The Kenyan politicians are funded by some cartels who dance together. When they succeed they dig and eat from the roots leaving the trees drying. What strategies do you have in fighting these cartels? They (cartels) control Kenya leaving the rulers helpless.
    2. Kenya has more than 42 tribes, perhaps 43 plus the new Nyamakonde. Ethnicity has developed much, just because afew will share the 95% of the national jobs. Tell us the plans you have in 43 tribe representation in your dream government. If you are ready to get rid of ethnicity.
    3. The current rulers share of national resources come as a reward in other regions yet it is a right. Thanks to the new constitution, in the name of devolution. How do you plan to share the resources to all other counties regardless they vote for you or not?
    4. Kenya is more like broken pieces of a glass of the 43 tribes. Some have remained helpless, and do not understand the role of politics in the society. Shed light on how you will fix the broken glasses to make a full united Kenya with the same spirit.

    If you are prepared to fix this, then ethnicity might be a meer word in the dictionary. So that we can vote based on Scorecards and not tribal lines “saidia mtu yetu” .

    Asante Rais mtarajiwa

  8. Even your wife wont vote for u.dont demonize, criminalize and paint others in bad light so you can get our votes. Tumekuzoea.you and those you demonize are in your own words cheeks of the same ass

  9. Count me in in in kabisa prof,At last you have done all what i hv been asking you to do,We need another voice as the current forces have nothing to offer,Same monkeys in different forests,Kodos prof a long journey starts with one bold step,I now hv the will to join the campaign

  10. The defeat of the British Empire by America, ironically saved the Empire during WW1 and 2, some people cannot see anything positive. Sadly this is what the political class has done to us, we must take our country back.

    • This professor is working day and night to be part and parcel of that political class using academic narratives. We have enough academics in government and opposition and the results are clear to those who can see.

    • Thanks Thomas for engaging and your take however can I submit to you that now or later we will have to put our trust on a person whose past is not littered with corruption and impunity and that person will have to offer themselves- that is what prof has done

    • Jicho pevu had a different mission, that of unveiling what is being done probably behind the curtains, just!!!!! He had nothing in mind like saving the country from poor, corrupt and vexiuos politics. ProfMichael Wainaina has a very diverse view and misssion, a mission of not only great Kenyan but dedicated, bright person who want a better safe ecosystem for all, get it right brother. Open your eyes now and see!!! Achana na jicho pevu

    • We are already doing it, campaining!!! Stop being blind by choice. Money is not everything. For sure, Poverty is in the mind. If I can remind you in case you know, Dolly Parton in her song ‘court of many colors’ said people are only poor if they choose to be. Keep money aside, see the first things first and you will succeed!!!!

    • We are already doing it, campaining!!! Stop being blind by choice. Money is not everything. For sure, Poverty is in the mind. If I can remind you in case you know, Dolly Parton in her song ‘court of many colors’ said people are only poor if they choose to be. Keep money aside, see the first things first and you will succeed!!!!

  11. Looks like you’re trying to re-invent the wheel, before the 29th take a walk to kariokor mkt, korongocho slums and mathare valley and if you find any signs of tribalism then you can launch your non-ethnic political party.
    Last time i checked with a Greek friend of mine ethnic meant national.

    • The modern wheel is a result of critical thinking, creativity and innovation. See this fact. When most of us think politics, we base them on their decent……,.tribalism. Critically, a shift is necessary and the only avenue is a different political narrative. Prof got it

    • Tribalisw doesn’t stop us from the pursuit of the common good including justice and economic advancement, its only used for maintenance of status of those in leadership. Remember Moi was a crusader against it so is our professor.

  12. Trust me no matter how many narratives you come up with the moment you come out public with that ambition thats when you will come face to face with the real tribal narrative prof. Kenyans are just too tribal and corrupt. Watch kirinyaga primaries and you will understand what am saying.

  13. You can never be a President.You will fail.I told you to start a newspaper so that you educate the community or go to places like Nakuru, Nairobi,Mombasa and teach people your new political ideologies.You can never teach people who don’t know themselves and hate reading to acquire knowledge.It is Postaluzz(1746-1827) who wrote”The aim of education is to reform society, to achieve economic development, cultural modification and the general social well- being.”

  14. If u try 2 stand,u wll go home as earlier as jubilee will go.Nasa is enough 2 send jubilee home n not u n you n yr party.Who thought moi would go home?.Yours is a chameleon whon u dn’t have a stand,2day here,2moro there.

  15. Unfortunately you need a genuine degree to vie for the presidency. We don’t need another president with questionable education. If you were non ethnic you would have told us that Kibaki and an ethnic clique killed the aspirations of an expectant nation within 100 days after the 2002 elections. This is why he had to take power by force in 2007/8.

  16. In Kenya I don’t believe in the changes in political narratives because the voters and contesters were all the children who find their way to their mothers’ womb by means of corruption and ethnic soothes then you’re dreaming for positive changes when the looming ethnicity will be much worse than the past one. There’s no hope for Kenyans but I do wonder who are those Kenyans maybe the lesser Kenyans as the current trend shows that the citizenship has intensity in Kenya wonder will never cease

  17. Those who support this candidature and those who don’t are all angry about something but while we have rightly recognized our enemy and are willing to do something about it-some people haven’t.

  18. My brother, on numerous ocassions some presidential aspirants have ended with 15,7 or 4 votes. And trust you me, they also have had people who called and urged them to vie for presidency. When it matters most you wonder, who advised these people to run for presidency?? The same people calling, telling you to run don’t be surprise if they don’t turn up to vote for you. Good change is not abrupt but gradual….nimeenda kuleee kujitayarisha kupigia NASA

  19. John Jaramogi Kariuki

    You are absolutely what I have been seeking for. I can’t wait for the Kenyan revolution. Jubilee and NASA are identical twin hyenas fighting to devour a limping lamb while pretending to care for it.

  20. These guy looks and speaks like a con, me thinks he is just using this platform to advert n cote attention for himself apewe kazi na gava. I keep challenging him to go first to his people and convince them to get out out of their paranoia about other people then come tell us his presidential ambitions. Otherwise when u see it walk like a duck, quake like a duck then its always a duck..FOR THOSE WHO KNOW…

  21. Hallo there. I hate to be a prophet of doom. But i must faithfully say that the good prof. and his new found believers are inexorably headed for their waterloo. Maybe thats what they need-something to jolt and wake them up from a self induced theorized political stupor. Mark this; revolutions simply happen on the cusp and on the melting pot of historical circumstances-they are not conceived by anybody or persons no matter how passionate or bitter they are. I rest my case.

  22. I support you Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD. The only thing I am not sure about is the timing. In my own thinking 2022 would have been a better time to stand. That’s when Jubilee’s term will be ending and there will definitely be vacancy in the office of the president.

  23. So this is what it’s all about? Okay I am not entirely non-entirely non-tribal but this is my promise:-

    If NASA chooses Raila, then my vote goes to you because I cannot stand another Kenyatta-Odinga dynasties duel…Any other NASA candidate will get my vote regardless of their principles or lack of them…That’s my promise Prof…

  24. Just one response from Romans 12:3:
    For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

  25. thank you for accepting to lead us sir ,i have been waiting for a leader in this period of political reawakening so as we can save our beautiful country from the jaws of this thuggery and tribal political class

  26. Encouraged by the call for paradigm shift but what will change me and others from assuming its only a case of face painting? Are there any tangible projects or so to initiate your to political limeout? or as a blogger you assume you have what it takes? Ok, welcome Mike.

  27. Hehe.. Stick to blogging and the rest of the things you’ve been doing for now and use Miguna as your case study, the man might get less votes than the spoilt votes… I believe after that you will know how to approach the politics of this country….

  28. I have watched u in love debates
    Maybe start with mp or senator
    If u get well
    But u sometimes overrated urself
    As much as we have rotten system.
    The best way is to fight them.from within
    Not just throwing and thrashing every party
    But presidency forget about

  29. I have picked 3 weighty points from your piece.
    1. We cannot replace a tribal outfit with another.
    2. We can not build a Nation in 5 year cycles.
    3. The Youth must be at the centre of any new vision for the future of Kenya.
    All the best Prof.

  30. Prof.Go for it. A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.Initiate this reawakening and liberate us from the political morass of this two parties.You are guaranteed my vote

  31. We have seen some leaders working without being in that top position the likes of Matiang’i .we’ll reach where u want us to be without ua candidature. ..U have seen how Nandi county have done in the party preliminaries and more will be seen on 8/8/17…Take as slow prof mike.

  32. Voting in kenya has nothing to do with good leadership but is he in our camp. whether ua ideologies are good, we consider our camps. NASA is a camp of other greedy hyenas that will fight for meat( public resources) with JUBILLEE who are hurriedly eating before the hungry hyenas come in or repulsed. All of us are team labourers to produce for the beurgeosis to eat well and throwvthe remains to the procetariat

  33. They will change you faster to suit the system before you change them,Kenyans’ seems to be genenotypically tribal something not easy to erase, there has been few who had a common reasoning like you proffessor but they didn’t make but anyway try

  34. You’ve lost it, kindly pay for my masters with that money you want to waste in these politics, even NASA is not sure of winning neither is Jubilee. Facebook followers and twitters doesn’t mean you got supporters enough to win the presidency. It can only happen in a middle level college that has started up with 500students, it’s being on the ground join them. Kind advice prof you can make Kenya great again by paying for me that dream master degree I long for with that money that is going to be wasted to fight an elephant with a stick. Educate me, I will pay back with doing the same to another Kenyan and the circle continues and when our democracy is mature enough then we can form that liberation. #Honest opinion of a needy master degree prayer warrior who is ready to learn.

  35. It’s obvious that he won’t get, politics is about business and creating connection/web with high and mighty, once you compete with them, you build yourself a high stake/stakes for appointment to state agencies and even being awarded huge tenders. Given the oratory skills and eloquency of the prof. he will definitely emerge the best or second best among presidential candidates during debates and that’s how he’ll be close or closer to whoever will carry the day on 8/8, prof. hii maneno tunaelewa.

  36. Even that which is etched on stone can be broken. Moses did it with the commandments. Prof. you have dared the levathian that is our political narrative, that is tribalism. It a gargantuan and herculean task. But I agree with you and your spirit and whether you win the presidency or not, but you have given even your hardcore critics food for thought. Burying our heads in the sand will not demolish the sad reality but taking collective action. Dishonesty reigns supreme in our political market, with self declared “Moses” who shout loudest for want of being in @ the banquet that is our eating culture. Nusu mkate government is not long distance memory.
    Soldier on Prof. winning @ the ballot box in Kenya is not absolute democracy it has a big mooring rope that is tribalism. It will take us a long time to cut it. But with each nibble at it and continued crusade even if you don’t win elections, maybe the first step to political Canaan.

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