Of night calls with the dead, eating meat and tribal wheeler-dealers desecrating a funeral

If Raila Odinga is to be believed, the Late William Ole Ntimama went to statehouse and told Uhuru one thing and then called him at night and told him something else. Hmmmm…I do not know about you, but this sounds like someone besmirching the character of a dead man in his own funeral. Even if he had, that is not a nice thing to do. And in reply, that is all Uhuru Kenyatta should have said. That he had come there to mourn and eulogize the deceased, not to malign his name. And the case would have ended there.

But it didn’t.

It degenerated into an exchange akin to mchongoano, what in my village they call hũũhi. And obviously you ask why? I will tell you.

I have told you over and over again in this blog that CORD and Jubilee are irredeemably tribal and supremely committed to tribal jingoism over and above anything else. The tribal wheeler-dealers at the helm of the two tribal contraptions, (regardless of who has or does not have the “meat”) salivate, no, drool, at the prospect of a tribal constituency and they go berserk at the danger of losing one. That is why they court other tribal kingpins with the tenacity of a wounded animal. Apparently, all you have to do to make two educated adult males, of sound mind and with 2017 presidential ambitions to desecrate a funeral with mchongoano like uncouth bullies in a village school yard, is to be a dead man with an ethnic constituency. It has been a long time since a dead man was this valuable!

Let’s first talk about Kenyan politicians and desecration. We have such an uncouth political class that they have desecrated everything including funerals and pulpits. Before we condemn them though, we ought to ask ourselves how they are able to access these traditionally holy places to spew their tribal garbage, unsavoury invectives and even court the ethnic constituency of dead men. The blame falls squarely on the gatekeepers.

The clergy.

They, who are supposed to be the guardians of these spaces have gone to bed with the politicians. Gone are the days when men and women of cloth used to be the guardians of morals and decorum in society. They now seem content to prostitute themselves to the politicians. They welcome them with open legs – sorry – open arms, goad them on, pamper their egos and sing their praises in the hope that that would expand the size of the brown envelope they expect to get at the end of the service – pun intended.   You will notice that in the scene where these indignities were being exchanged, men of faith, decked in robes, white collars and bibles are to be seen in the background enjoying themselves. Shindwe!

Our bawdy clergy should borrow a leaf from Rev. Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church. The pastor, who hosted Donald Trump at her church in Flint, Michigan, interrupted the Republican presidential nominee during his speech to ask him to refrain from attacking his rival Hillary Clinton. When Trump veered from the subject for which he had been invited, the Pastor walked up to him at the podium and informed him, “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech,”. Trump backtracked. Something he never does. An unadulterated church is that powerful folks!


If we as a people are going to learn to stand for something, the church must lead the way.

Ultimately, did Raila or Uhuru, or the clergy honour the memory of the dead? I have dealt with the issue of the clergy.

Now to Raila and Uhuru.

Two events in the last two weeks provide a good context of the environment our tribal overlords preside over.

There has been a hullaballoo about a singer called Bahati, who sat on the President’s Chair during a public event to unveil the new tribal contraption in town called Jubilee Party. Why are people falling over each other to defend the “dignity” of a President who has no qualms about taking mchongoano to a funeral? Hasn’t he as an elder statesman showed the young Bahati’s of this world that protocol, propriety and decorum are not things to be taken seriously?

That aside, wasn’t the language that was used by Uhuru Kenyatta in “dissing” Raila even more scandalous? In a country where the word “eating” has deprecatory connotations, he did himself no favours by saying that he and Jubilee will continue to eat the meat and Raila and ODM can continue salivating. Even in a country where gaffs cost politicians nothing, I have a feeling that Uhuru will rue this expression in the next general elections.


Love him or hate him, Raila has a following. And when you talk to him, you are addressing yourself to that following. Such a statement coming hot on the heels of the extravagant “show of might” of the Jubilee merger carnival can only rub half the country the wrong way.  Even ardent Jubilee supporters are starting to question the unbridled sense of bravado and arrogance from the Jubilee honchos. It is in the same Jubilee Party launch where DP Ruto told delegates, “sisi si chama tu, sisi ni serikali buana”. I have registered my opinion on this matter in an article of the similar title here http://profmichaelwainaina.com/2016/09/12/9k-can-jubilee-party-hero-can-manufacture-history-remind-sisi-ni-serikali-buana/

The event that brings the spotlight on Raila Odinga in relation to the funeral debacle is a gubernatorial debate that was aired on a Kenyan television station that featured aspiring Nairobi gubernatorial candidates. It featured Philip Kisia, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, Esther Passaris and the indefatigable Miguna Miguna. An issue was raised by the controversial blogger Robert Alai to the effect that what ties the aspirants in common is that they are all defunct members of ODM. They were asked why they left. They were unanimous they left because the leadership of ODM was entrenched in tribalism, corruption, nepotism, party disharmony and disunity, hypocrisy, conmanship, looting, election manipulation and lack of internal democracy. You will agree with me that over the last ten years, no one has lost more allies faster than Raila Odinga. And they say why. He then goes to the Late Ntimama’s funeral and loudly calls him a duplicitous, two-timing politician who was playing both sides. Unfortunately, dead men do not tell tales. Ntimama cannot defend himself. Living men and women have accused Raila of worse things than those for which he was accusing a dead man. The tribal political wheeler dealer he is, all he cares is not about the name of the deceased, but the chance to inherit his ethnic constituency. Could he answer the allegations of his living, fire-breathing and spitting former allies?

And there you have it. Two men who wants us to believe they are God’s gift to Kenyans, who shamelessly desecrate a funeral with the complacency of a compromised clergy, telling long tales about night calls with dead men and eating meat as the others salivate.

Be reminded that they were our only choices in 2013. A choice between the bad and ugly. We chose one, I don’t know which one. I have warned that since 2013 the bad has gotten badder and the ugly has gotten uglier. If you did not believe me, the drama at the funeral of the Late Ole Ntimama is your answer.

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  1. Sound Doctrine is sound Politics. Though i dont entirely agree with your Scope of Point. I suggestively think you endorse Uhuru Kenyatta ßut he’s relactanly scored low though with remarkable improvement from his predessessor. All the same he has adopted the same precedent only that its distinguished. Not much is outstanding.

  2. Its true uhuru ought have been careful of his words there is a saying that”kumpiga chura teke nikumuongezea hatua”,our biggest problem is the raise of informed people who are so tribal to a point you wonder the meaning of kenyan education,they dont stand up and condem the evil those people are reading churchies and many organisition,those are our “nations judases” you will know them by there posts.and the language command and that is inclusive of you proffessors,damn you.

  3. haloo Mr i didn’t see it your way he was very passive when answering raila…. he was supposed to use words like pumbavu… Mavi ya kuku.. bure kabisa. at least I would understand your point….

    • It is you who has said that. He and his fellow tribalists in CORD and Jubilee are tribal because they use the tribal card to mobilize politically. All his former associates have also said as much. you only need to listen. We will never get rid of tribalism for so long as he and the tribal kingpins in Jubilee and CORD are the political leaders we have.

  4. My brother do not bother responding to jubilee bloviators.What is unfortunate about our situation is that the kenyans who get nothing at the end of the day are the ones who are also deeply tribalised.Responding their verbal garbage is a waste of time you cannot change them they have made a choice to support their ethnic demigods.

    • Sarah we cannot cede space to the tribal demigods and their bloviators. It is our country too. Remember what Martin Luther King Jnr said. The world is not made evil by the actions of the bad men, it is made evil by the silence of the good men. We must speak truth to power and hope to the people.

    • I am a believer and i honestly now think only God can intervene.I get your drift very optimistic but we should not flog a dead horse either.
      Why because you can tell the ethnicity of a person without even having to know their name.By and large our people support their chieftains even when they pour vitriol against other leaders and people.
      Do you think its okay for a megalomaniac to call for the assassination of a national stature and no action is taken against them.These people will take this country to the dogs.Fifty years after indepedence and nothing has changed.
      Personally i think the Kenyatta presidency is nothing but a dynastic ghetto.If action is not taken to deal decisively with impuniteers irrespective of their class or political affiliation we can kiss goodbye any hope of moving forward.

    • Sarah Kairu I hear you. There is no problem with the people. I have always explained that our problem is a typical problem of a single narrative. Wananchi are tribal because there is no option. You either accept the tribalists in CORD or you accept the ones in Jubilee. So naturally people will choose “their” tribalist. The only option is new non-ethnic political narrative. I am confident that given the rights options people will make the right choices. If the choice is still Jubilee and CORD they will choose their tribalist.

  5. The presidency is a symbol on national unity, I fail to understand how President Uhuru is going to unite Kenyans with his new oufit of Jubilee Party yet he is also competing? Look at his government appointments they lean on tribal lines.

  6. Pro Lonyangapuo
    My advice to DP William Ruto. It pays to use civilised language THAN to insult other people, especially elected leaders. Go slow bwana! They say Pride Comes Before a Fall! And by the way, am Professor of Applied Mathematics, and NOT a fool as you suggest

  7. Fanuel Simba
    “You trample the poor, stealing their grain through taxes and unfair rent. Therefore, though you build beautiful stone houses, you will never live in them. Though you plant lush vineyards, you will never drink wine from them.” ~Amos 5:11.
    Blessed Sunday.

  8. Fanuel Simba
    “You trample the poor, stealing their grain through taxes and unfair rent. Therefore, though you build beautiful stone houses, you will never live in them. Though you plant lush vineyards, you will never drink wine from them.” ~Amos 5:11.
    Blessed Sunday.

  9. J. Bambe

    Kajiado Central MP, Elijah Memusi, has said President Uhuru Kenyatta attacked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the burial of former Cabinet Minister William Ole Ntimama because he feels threatened.

    According to Memusi, who was elected on an ODM ticket, Uhuru is jealous of Raila Odinga and CORD because of their popularity in Maasai land thus his open tirade against the former PM.

    “The Jubilee team was unhappy because Raila received a rapturous welcome in a place where they feel they are the most popular,” said Memusi.

    The ODM legislator dimmed Uhuru/ Ruto’s hope in Maasai land further, saying what happened to Jubilee at Ntimama’s burial was nothing compared to what will happen to them in the coming days.

    He added that the Maasai have realized that CORD is the place to be.

    “As you saw, the so called Jubilee popularity is only on the newspapers.”

    “When you come to the ground, it is a different matter.”

    “People here will vote for ODM come 2017,” he said.

  10. at first mtalii was not supposed 2 b the president,he was appointed by iebc n supreme court, he was not 2,a tribal zealot like hs predesesa,who is dying slowly in muthaiga wth a throat wound like kivuithu who died in a throat cancer. Kenyans cursed them

  11. Idont think o d m is atribal outfit idisagree it is the only political party in kenya that is fighting for the wellbeing of kenyans the others have regrouped to eat meat while the others eat the aroma of the same

  12. Michael, I hope u remember these words: “One would have to stretch their imagination to ridiculous levels to imagine Raila as the embodiment of the country’s future.” Well, it probably is that realization that pushed Raila’s desperation soaring beyond the fragile ceiling of public decorum and demeanour.

  13. As they say news isn’t a man having been bitten by a dog but vise vasa that’s why i’d only upload our 4th estate’s insenstivity to bring sobrity.Having listened to the whole ceremony’s speeches.I can only conclude that our journalist only pick barbes & not roses without care if the country burns or not.I only imagine if they don’t report dirt what difference would it bring? Or if they’d why not be last & not fast.

    • I am not a fan of our media but I think you are accusing them unfairly. In this day of social media, one cannot get away with saying the wrong thing. If mainstream media does not report it, social media will. And then you will start saying the mainstream media is biased. The solution is for the politicians to watch whatt they say.

  14. You don’t sound a wise man u need peruse some philosophical books and a bit of theology hence mature in mature debates l again challenge the Kenya dons to come up with solutions to some of this grave problems effecting the nation instead of many unnecessary write ups.

  15. Ni kampeini unafanyia kitenda wili. Bona unaongea juu ya ukabila saa sote ? Bona huzemi vile kitenda wili alimuzumbua prezo Kibaki na alikua mpole. Kila wakijadiliana na kukubaliana na kiteda wili anamugeuka na kukataa . Yote munayoongea ni siaza na haituzaidii. Wacha kiteda wili apumuzike ajionee maedeleo kusema na kuteda Uhuru na Ruto fanyeni kazi tuko nyuma yenu hakuzema

    • Gachuri the way you are trying to argue out your points shows how selfish you are, how tribal u can be even to the extend that you want to force any Kikuyu with sober mind to believe in your fake philosophies.
      Are hating Raila as a person or simply because he is a luo? Personally I don’t either emulate any of this KANU born politians of today and neither do I strongly believe in the manifestos of their KANU aftermaths.
      Prof Wainaina seems sober in his blogging but because he lives in a society of people who have brainwashed and divided along tribal lines he is looking like a sheep in the middle of wolves.
      Accountability and taking responsibility isn’t found in our mother land Kenya. Two weeks ago a Switzerland minister resigned for driving while the alcohol he took was slightly above the alcoblow stds. Can this really happen with crop of politians? Be sober since it wouldn’t deny you being who you are .

  16. If maturing up is closing eyes to stupidity of raila and accussung uhuru on anything, even when its black and white, then I accept Niko na utoto!
    Am not back I usually pass your crap, coz I have known you as a hater since 2012,when you were” in Australia ” and we used to reply harshly to us very biased,hateful post s
    So be the third force coz you are blameless!

    • Penina Njeri Muchiri,since u were born u have never supported anybody bt ur tribe then u say stupidity of Raila,this same man fought for this freedom u are now enjoying,he said kibaki without selfishness just like his father did to Kenyatta,why don’t allow this man be?U see how u are the one full of stupidity becoz tribal fixed mind of ur tribal community.Shame on U.

    • This exactly the reason why kenya is divided diwn the middle cz some pple tgink they r more important than others. When u get out out of tribal cocoon u go live with other communities that is when u realize the importance if cohesiveness and together. N nothing rivals that whichever way u look at it..u become at ease

    • I do not think so. Please read comments in articles critical of ODM and Raila. It is called the power of a single narrative. Having been fed nothing else but tribalism by the politicians, the people can do anything including genocide. Out only hope is a new non-ethnic political narrative. Without it expect things to get worse.

  17. ,,,from your posts,,even a village DRUNKARD may believe that getting a phD is as easy as drinking a TIN of MURATINA,,,,oh u come from the land of FAKES,,,WAIGANJO,,MUGO,,KANYARI,,the list is long Yusuf Kinoti Philip Etale Berpile Nyar Japuonj Evangeline Karimi Hamilton Mukua Jbluab Bamba Joseph Okeyo Kennedy Omoga Robert Kipkemboi Abdullahi Musa Mukuru Wa Kimeruu Machumaa Julius Nestroy Kaibi Daggo Tuti Jakadongo Captain Tony Mballa Isaac JaAsego Konguka Hon Aduma Owuor Calvo Njoks

  18. Nobody can single handedly take credit for democracy that we enjoy,some even died,some were maimed fighting for it while the remnant want to claim credit for it…. It’s a shame! It’s also a shame to claim those who are dead called at night while it’s in public domain they said different thing in separate forum.politics is politics if you want to have literal meaning of kula nyama it’s your problem Kenyan are enlightened

  19. What is this theory u alway create that odm had a 41 against one tribe raila campained beter than kibaki the election was close raila won bt kibaki riged if an election is close it means evry candidate got votes from evry tribe

    • At no point did they say ati tupige kura against wakikuyu it was againnst kibaki i am luhyya n i voted for kibaki hiyo its something u the elite in kikuyu put in the minds of ur comunity ati tunachukiwa ju tuko na mali which is not the case majority of the kikuyus r poor n live with other tribes in slums

    • I was in kenya n that was not the opositions formula n u know it that was created when central politicians started moving around telling ppl to register to protect their precidency it now changed n became tribal what hurt kibakis administration was the angloleasing saga tgats y he lost almost all his cabinet in that electio mambo ya 41vs one ililetwa na central mps believe me i was kibakis side n we lost that election so ukisema hivyo what about the referendum bado ilikua 41 vs 1 like i repeat kikuyus live in slums with other tribes mr pls educate the kikuyu elite nobody hates kikuyus so hiyo mambo acha kabisa

    • You give tribal opinions when kenyans overwhelmingly voted for narc were they voting out kalenjins or they were voting out a leadership ur kind of thinking realy disapoints me there is no single case where an oposition leader said we shd unite against the kikuyus .leaders created that theory which resulted i revenge killings n ur still repeating it on social media

    • Felix Isiaho Isoso The tribal leaders in CORD and Jubilee want you to believe that the violence in 2007 just happened. They want you to believe that Kenyans just divided themselves into 41 vs 1 automatically. If you believe that, then you are the perfect follower that our Kenyan politicians dream of having.

    • Do u realize that had kibaki conceded they would not have been violence ama ni kusema tu he. Lost an election n angewacha bt leaders from central mathar karua dint let him so regretably ppl thot by targeting kikuyus properties were hurting him haikua ju ya oposition angekubali ameshindwa.what hapened in riftvaley if u think it was coz of raila or oposition or politics then i realy pity u n kenya 4 that reason that is something historical that has still not bn solved wamefagia nyumba wakaeka uchafu bed room it will come back.there r children who lost parents n never seen justice n they r all grownvup .luos did not kill kikuyus they were just destroying property in protest bt in kale nation it was a historical hatred that shd b blamed on kenyata they were killing them n that prob hasnt bn solved coz ruto na uhuru wanasalimiana if there is peace y is govnt buying land 4 idps kwanihawangerudi so blame it on kibaki on that night i slept knowing my candidate had lost i woke up heard ameshinda n i was not happy coz i knew what was coming it was not oposition or raila smtimes i wish tge guy dint exist ndio watu wafungue macho

    • U sh also understnd that kales also atacked luhyas n kisiis on their boders n those who bought land huko inkluding the idp land that ruto took it qas not only kikuyus so post smthing u have realy analized so as to get a solution

  20. Steve biko ondingas backed kikuyus with a purpose not out of the genuine love for the nation OK,if you know your history well!
    Who are matiba,Rubia,Muite,karua,Koigi,orengo,kijana,to name but a few in second liberation? Raila stole the glory as usual

  21. The only tribe remaining in kenya is that of you and your fellow kins men,rumour monger and hate monger. You are on that side,by purchase or i dont know by grudge. In any case you are deemed to remain that and certainly sure you got offsprings loyal to you. Doesnt give a difference,we will always come,read your posts,engage a little,hurl insults ( coz your tribe has made us believe yu tell true lies) then log off. Its 2against 40 tribes or so but whoever came up with these arithmetics must have been a member of the other tribes that orchestrates hate and rumours. We are one Kenya,we only differ in ideas and once i differ doesnt mean i am a kikuyu! O no! But for yoir tribesmen who believe eves its 2/40 tribes,you may as well as say am tribal inclined.

  22. @sibuor chester, if God annoited him over ur babu,then we don’t need a demon like you to accept, ur babu is worst tribalist,41 against 1,didn’t you sing that chorus?
    Didn’t the kikuyus suffer in07and property worth of billions ,destroyed? And you dare tell me that Uhuru is tribal? Idiot, but tuna watch tu! Kujeni vile munakuja ,tu! A luo will be President in KENYA, one day but not raila,OK liwe liwalo get it into it stupid head!

  23. You ate not a professor but Jubilee right hand man blogger. Your jealousy for Raila and CORD pays for you rent. Continue but Raila is unstoppable. Your cheap hatred and bitterness will give you ulcers, but its bonga points for Raila, since he doesnt give a fuck about Cultic kikuyu community and Mungikism god.


    A society reproduces itself like good seeds would, without much infringement by some parts of the whole that show dominant traits or by external forces such as viruses, pests or predators. Aberrations occur, in the critical cells, which is unfortunate, only because, natural processes failed to fall into their intrinsic pattern and order. Survival, in modern human society, is no longer about natural Fitness and Selection, but rather about antidotes, genetic modifications and deliberate effort.

    We get it wrong each time, by exceedingly glorifying chance, luck, impropriety, trickery, and default. Poverty isn’t dignified, but opprobrium is worse. Character may be clothed in choice jewelry but good manners escape kings in their noisy abundance.

    Which brings me to the First question: Are Kenyans committed to the Rule of Law and are leaders Sworn to the Solemn Oath of Fidelity to the Law really Faithful?

    The true character of our society isn’t explained by artificial images and antiques, for in these, lie only impressions of a diligent artist, who perhaps consciously hoped for a good world of truth and justice, but which in his world, only can be possible in art, literature and music. In public, our national symbols, evoke sense of power and authority to those few individuals who benefit from them to extract loyalty and obedience, in private though, ordinary wanainchi, find meaning in them, not merely as a consequence of fear, but as last line in their defence. As more and more embrace their wealth, majority Kenyans are left behind in their honest knowledge about nationhood.

    With the recognition that private citizens cannot be masters of their own destiny and being acutely aware that leaders are elected by masses whose primary orientation is diverse, the overall relationship between the two, ought to be modelled upon law, values, systems and structures founded on ideals of fairness not opportunity, right and not might.

    As a nation, our choices are limited to 42 million Kenyans from 42 tribes, willing to surrender their opportunities to lead, agree to be led by select few, every five years, just because each day, heralds “a next best” in leadership. It is understood that, democracy, creates a playing ground that is deemed level and that elections, shall be regular, free and fair. As a republic, our aspirations are held in trust by the Presidency and that ordinary Akinyi, Wanjiku and Cherono isn’t a “victim” or an “object” but part and parcel of the Body Corporate. Believe me, citizens obey the law of elections, only because it provides for Perpetual Succession, in the absences of which, knowledge of dissent permeates their psyche and shortly after, we create another DRC or Somalia.

    Which brings me to the Second question: Who owns Kenya and Who owns the Government? In this regard, i will deliberately avoid ordinary political parlance…….will circumvent aphorisms by careful selection of ideas abounded by classical culture, but still qualify a powerful alternative for a public, familiar with malignant rhetoric.
    The Neutral Stimuli for our politics, are the Persona of our Tribal Kingpins and the Stimuli of our Reflexes are their Promises and Bribes. We’ve therefore been too conditioned to the two Stimuli that no room is left in ourselves to question the possibilities and the veracity of their statements and up to this extent, Kenyan political leaders are the same. Our “voluntary” weaknesses have overgrown the limits of formal control, have fertilized an environment for self destruction, admission of failure or a leap of faith, with either of the options harmful to the original objective binding citizens to the Nation-state and the government.

    When leaders will finally discover, their opprobrium and infidelity pained Kenyans for 54 years, they probably might want to request for a moratorium……..probably they will sign themselves out without much regret, albeit ashamedly. The voices of true founders……Dedan Kimathi, Me Katilili Wa Menza, Jean Marie Seroney, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Pio Gama Pinto and Jaramogi will solidify into a crescendo and produce new lyrics for generations that will no longer be judged by the tickets of their ethnicity but by the content of their character and professionalism. In between, there are those who lay claim to the small gains, but I disagree with them for being too unfaithful to the ideals of the First Republic. Ethnicity isn’t and will never be a Trait, a Talent, a Gift…….ONLY individual attributes are.

    This is intended to be an Open Letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga…….C/O City Square-00100, Nairobi.

    OLELLA, P.A.(olellapedia)

  25. Profesor..I believe Raila said the Truth about the late Ntimama.Even saying that Ntimama phoned him after statehouse meeting should not be disputed and i believe that there are many politicians visiting statehouse and they phoned Raila after meeting the president.The only mistake our president did is to try to defend himself and Jubilee in that funeral.I expected him to talk about national issues and what he is planning to do in solving grievances of the maa community

  26. the president was just quoting one mswahili who told him that story of kumeza mate and he was just advising the friend of every dead politicians to organize his house to enable him to ascend to power otherwise he will continue salivating not knowing salivating don’t literally means eating

  27. It could be true Raila spoke with olentimama, while dead, rumour has it in some culture they sleep with the dead to please their gods ! However as for Uhuru meat,it meant it is our time to enjoy leadership ! So where they got other interprétation could ,be from kogero university.

    • So why are Kenyans so gullible Prof?why don’t Kenyans vote the oppourtnists out? they would rather stand with them whenever they raise tribal emotions than vote with their heads,,,something is wrong

    • Biwott Evans Yes something is wrong. The political space is completely dominated by the tribalists in CORD and Jubilee. The peoples choice is between your tribalist and my tribalist. Of course I will choose mine even if he is a thief. It is called the power of a singular narrative. For us to make progress we must imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative to counter the dominant ethnic narrative. Unfortunately none of the people who ran for the presidency in 2013 had an alternative narrative. The only people who had a narrative were the tribalists. If the same jokers ran for the presidency without a new narrative, the choice of the people again will be the tribalists. And they will vote for them. We need serious presidential contenders who can imagine and articulate a new non-ethnic political narrative to rival the tribal narrative of Uhuru and Raila.

    • Then why do we bury people and respect their graves? why don’t you sit on it while eating at our homes,why don’t we let the dead be mauled by dogs,why don’t we let the gvt bury our kin on our behalf?I belief the dead deserve some respect.

  28. The kenya we have and the kind of leaders and leadership. leaders who have put aside development agendas at the expense of their egocentric issues. Leaders cacooned by triabal and nepotism vices

  29. The president wud v known he leads a country whether one voted for him or not….he represents the presidency hence the need to be the bigger man. Question is does ge realy knw he occupies the presidency and what it entails in leading this ethnic volatile country. The truth is he is either being misguided by his advisors or he does the spats intentionally. But whichever the case it doesnt help the unity of this nation…knowing that the country is split down the middle

    • They use tribe to mobilize politically. Their biggest asset is a coalition of tribes rather than principal. That is why Raila is camping in Western and never camps in Luo Nyanza or Ukambani. They think they have the tribal vote there locked. He never campaigns in Central. He thinks the tribal vote there is locked by the tribal kinpins Jubilee. All calculations are tribal.

    • Antony Mungai No it wont take centuries to eliminate, and neither is it a monster. It is a narrative. It is the only narrative that the people have been given by the tribal warlords in order to keep themselves in power. Because it is the only narrative, we have it looks like a very big thing. All we need is an alternative non-ethnic narrative and you will be shocked how people will embrace it. Right now the only choice there is is between your tribalist and my tribalist. Of course you will choose yours and I will choose mine. Given more options, people will make the right choice.

  30. spare us the crap status quo man. You are a tribal bigot by desire.. some body had brought turkanas luhyas luos kambas somalis and coastal communities together in your skull you think he is still a tribal leader. just shut the crap up. the looting spree is the one keeping kalengins kikuyu’s and some bigots in the name of political defectors together. so keep quiet and join your tribal lords polepole mkikula nyama. upuzi usituletee bwana.

    • the general public ,please tell me which hate is here. Aren’t these straight hard facts. i know they are difficult to accept,but it is mediocrity to call them hate statements. isn’t it rue roads were cleaned during railas visit to turkana? something never witnessed even in nyanza. what then informs this guy raila is a tribal leader? you are soon leaving me with no space but to call you a mongrel which i often do without prejudice. being i the government and funds getting unaccounted for is what keeps Kikuyu’s and kalengins together if you don’t know.

  31. Nilikuambia wewe unaukabila mwingi na umenunuliwa ukakataa,angalia huna la kusema zako ni siasa za ukabila,hujaona makosa yoyote ambayo serekali imefanya hata siku moja maana wewe uko sawa,but listen you can fool only one man but you can not all.keep that in your mind and you got education but your brain is tattered and real spoiled with tribalism and you need Jesus in your heart.

    • I do not know how much of my blog you have read. Read before you make such accusations. I have been called many things. Those who are themselves tribal see tribalism and tribalists in everything. So when you read a simple article like this one all you can see is tribalism. Free your mind, you will see something else.

    • how do i free my mind when am already liberated. 2013 i did vote for uhuru. what deviated me from uhuru is your sister waiguru was first defended by statehouse. allot of cases being misled by executive under watch of uhuru. there is a procedural recovery system for graft in kenya.what makes jubilee administration better to come and report to us they have recovered part of the loot where i the other loot? bwana tunyamazie na utuwache. let raila b given the mantle he fails we send him home

    • But always be on the fence if you make judgement we need equality of ruling this country and also equal government appointments not only kels and kikus to dominate others my friend,hata ukiwa una watoto zaidi ya mmoja wagawie sawasawa.

    • Kenyan can be very fierce when the evils of their demi gods are pointed out. Prof care less on what they may call u. Absorb it but be assured that the truth has reached home.
      Many will be terribly bitter with you but let them stay behind you. Blog anything you feel provided in it is in line with the construction of Kenya I mean express freely.

    • Amur Shakur If you are so offended by my blog, just do not read. You cannot come here to tell me to keep quiet. I will not. What are you doing here in the first place boss? I did not force you here, I did not force you to contribute. If you cannot contribute anything to enrich the discussion, just don’t. You are so hateful, angry and tribal to engage with other Kenyans as equals. Don’t.

    • Wengine ni kiherehere tu inawasumbua mbona wasome hii blog kama hawana positive arguments?
      These are the kind of people who totally require spiritual, moral and political liberation, people who don’t see beyond their tribal lines. People who always refer other Kenyans not by their names by their tribes.

    • you know when you tell us there is nobody suitable to replace the current adminstration. it is outright you want us to maintain status quo. when you decide to get political know the public is waiting for you. if we keep quiet your statements will remain accepted by gullible kenyans. do you want us to accept there is no an alternative to the current stupor? nooooooooooooooo

    • Benjamin Meoli …and calling Waiguru my “sister” just because I am Kikuyu. This is just sickness of the mind. I am however hopeful about the exchanges and discussions I get on my blog. I think we have a generation of young people who have demonstrated capacity to think differently. We need to nurture that group and that is why I blog and will continue to do so despite the hate from minds totally twisted by tribalism.

    • Do you know why i call this stupor? we are in a country with an AG who is a professor. do you know what he does? he goes ahead and proposes a bill with a malicious interest of the President to appoint the succeeding Chief Justice. which is in total disregard of the spirit of the constitution which the AG so calls the “animal” surely where is the logic here? Professor stand perfect,void of any blame some other day and say raila is the at list alternative for now. kenyans have been misled with feww elites so benefiting from this government. without political wave kithure kindiki murkomen,hawangeona mlango ya bunge. wangekuwa wanameza mate tu

    • Meoli they can,but find where saitoti is and place them there,once noted they are a real threat. they will go down meoli. raila is showing some stability of not ging saitoti way,let’s give him

    • You very right Amur. These Jubilee blogers always think they are too smart for everybody. They think they can maneuver around with rhetorics to prove a point for this failed government. How a hell can a sober president blabber recklessly and arrogantly of eating well with total disregard to the poor common mwananchi? This professor is just a puppet whose puppeteer is sitting somewhere else.

    • Professor michael wainaina-phd… or whoever you call yourself….. Do you know that I ve interacted with kikuyus deeply inside their rural villages???
      Do you know that the mainstream kikuyu media houses call Raila odinga as… Atongoria wa jaluo…
      And other leaders are called as Atongoria wa kiama kia.. bla bla…
      And they call the president of the republic as Mutongoria wa furorine..
      By this alone.. tribalism is propagated even to the very innocent souls deep in kikuyuland??? That some national figures are leaders only to tribes!!! Do you know that.. a ten year old child in central kenya is lectured literally by the parents that the day any Luo ascends to the presidency all Kikuyus will be wiped out by the state machinery???
      If you care about kenya..what advice can give to this young men and women who are brainwashed to believe that it’s only safe for them when one of their own is at the top??? Do you know that
      The average Kikuyu works as hard as a turkana tending to his livestock..in todonyang… . then this child born somewhere in central kenya will be sent to foreign university after secondary education but upon his return to the country he isn’t liberated from the psyche of the ordinary kikuyu.. even with his foreign credentials???? A good scenario would bput this young man at the centre of great national transformation by shaping opinions of his peers towards Nationalism….
      Now that’s where the problem is…
      When is the last time we saw someone influential from central kenya lead this country other than being a tribl kingpin???
      In fact professor mutahi Ngunyi… a respected political scientist went public on national t.v. that
      Tribal kingpins from central kenya will rule the nation forever based on his understanding of the demographic statistics… they only need one more tribe to support them…????
      Do you remember that tv interview with pro. Mutahi Ngunyi, he of the tyranny of numbers fame in twenty twelve..??? Or you have a serious memory lapse??
      If you are truly a learned professor then you re discussing this topic of tribalism in a wrong platform.
      Serious people are wary of the social media.. unless you are here to serve a specific purpose…. to which I think is to perpetuate the status quo..
      Remember former president Daniel arap moi…. prepared this Nation for peace and stability when his term came to an end. He overruled all his advisors on who he was prapared to hand over power to…. including his very trusted lieutenants… He could even have chosen his cousin if he wanted and would have rigged him in as head of state…
      Somehow you have the answers as to why we’re yet to see a real statesman again like former president Daniel moi.
      Even with the shortcomings of the Nyayoism… he made sure that the country was united in his exit.. and apologized nationally for his shortcomings as he served as head of state.. that video is still available in you.. tube…

    • This post is not by any chance directed to either Jubilee and Cord. However, your answers betrays your lack of emotional intelligence as you all tend to fall prey of your tribal affiliations. There is nothing good about both Raila and Uhuru they have all failed the nation by choosing their selfishness over the general good of this beautiful country. Their food is your ignorance and biasness in thinking which some how can be blamed on our education system. Sadly the world is so lit up with hatred for us to be spewing the same. It’s an illusion that standing with our tribes makes us safe or prosperous. It’s a deep rooted evil that can only be contained by personal reflection of our differences and understanding that nothing is perfect and that our differences are the beauty of our universe.

    • Charles Olum Yours is a perfect example of how the tribal narrative works the minds and emotions of unwitting victims like you. Your whole presentation is tribal jingoism of who the kikuyu are and what they do and what they think and how they educate their children, and their fears and blur blur blur. The Kikuyu are not any more tribal than anyone else. The tribal narrative propagated by the political class affects everyone and imposes a siege mentality on all tribes. Some are besieged through inclusion and they fell they have something to “protect” like the Kikuyu and others are besieged through exclusion and they feel they have something to “reclaim”. It is just the nature of the narrative. What you should have done is to analyse what the siege mentality looks like among all the major tribes. But because you yourself are using the same tribal lenses to analyse the siege, you only see the siege mentality of the Kikuyu. I have said a million times that we need a new non-ethnic political narrative to animate our politics. We will start to see new realities and new possibilities and seethe tribal narrative for what it is; a lie by the political class to grab and keep power. Such tribal analysis only entrenches the siege mentality of those “in” and of those “out”. It can only lead to genocide. You cannot be “reasonable” for so long as this is the paradigm you are using. It is virtually impossible to make sense. I am sure if you ask a Kikuyu, they have a similar narrative about the Luo and the Kalenjin and the Kamba. If you ask a Kalenjin they have a similar about about everyone else.. The only people who finally benefit from all this madness are the politicians who have fed it to us.

    • on this Facebook i have even wished that people drop their academic credentials before they join politics. on this i was addressing the backwardness of one anyang’ nyong:o I’ve never let any inequity pass

    • That… professor wainaina… is not going to happen anytime sooo…. Remember
      Speaking as a member of the Luo tribe.. I can confirm here that we have had no problem with any other tribe in this country… so we are not under siege from any tribe… nor do we need someone to liberate us.
      Remember at independence… Jaramogi single handedly rallied the Nation… behind the call for independence… eventually turning down the offer by the British to make him the president until Mzee kenyatta was released….
      The biggest problem is with the people from mt kenya region….
      For a moment.. the country thought kibaki would unite the nation but he was held hostage barely three weeks into office…
      That’s where the we lost the battle professor… the rest is history.

    • For your information professor… I don’t hate anyone… am simply pointing out the truth… the hard truths that we are afraid to admit. In kenya today… there’s no room for independent minded citizens to flourish and nurture their budding ideologies… wether this is by design I can’t tell.
      You’re right by pointing out that its tribal constituencis that matter so long as it preserves the status quo…
      Maybe we are not alone in this… our neighbors have butchered each other to preserve the status quo. Very unfortunate indeed..
      To me the problem lies with the people who are charged by upholding the institutions mandated with governance…
      To allow real due processes to take their courses rather than postulation.
      We have seen freshly elected leaders assume office only for them to be no different from the previous occupants…
      The current constitution envisaged that certain state officers were not to be political office holders.. like the cs and principal secretaries…..
      But you can still see that corruption is still rampant..
      My bottom line is… The current leaders should be in the forefront in the strgle to make the country a better place…..
      Its not possible to elect all new office holders in each capacity.

  32. Technologically, it is possible to confirm if Raila made a call to Ntimama or received a call from Ntimama. If it is confirmed that the two communicated after the state house visit, would it amount to Raila defiling the funeral ceremony by sharing his last interaction with the deceased? Has it been confirmed that Raila lied about this? The President seemed to have not taken kindly to both the bishop’s and Raila’s comments. The President’s response to the Bishop was as awkward as the one to Raila. It is normal to blame Raila for “provoking” the president for the fiasco because he is a politician. But did the Bishop deserve such a public lashing from the head of state? Raila’s basic message during the funeral ceremony was on the Mau ecosystem and the and the TJRC. How these issues have turned tribal or makes Raila a tribalist is overstretching the imagination.

    • Yes. My claim that the funeral was desecrated is not dependent on whether the call is proven or not. Raila was calling the deceased duplicitous. I do not think that is a flattering thing to say, especially in a funeral. I have no issues about the Mau or TJRC, the spat between Raila and Uhuru had nothing to do with that. It had everything to do with locking in the tribal constituency that Ntimama held. If Ntimama had no tribal constituency, this would not have happened. That is tribalism and the players are tribalists. One needs no imaginations here.



      During the burial of Hon William ole Ntimama on Wednesday, 14th September 2016, I raised fundamental issues touching on historical injustices that communities and individuals have suffered in Kenya and which needs to be brought to a closer through the implementation of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation report.
      My sentiments at the burial and at the church service earlier were in line with the ideals the late Ntimama fought for all his life… the ideals of fairness, equity, justice and freedom…after decades of seeing the Maasai being dispossessed, tossed around and overran, first by the colonialists then by successive post-independence regimes.
      Many times in private, Hon Ntimama’s Iltaaroosero Clan, representatives of his Ilnyankusi age group and the Maa Community in general raised the matters of Maasai lands with me. It was important that as we buried Ntimama, we remind the national leadership of his unfinished agenda that must be acted on.
      But the issue is bigger than the Maa community. The TJRC report also addresses legal and institutional reforms; land reforms; tackling poverty and inequality as well as combating regional development imbalances; tackling unemployment, particularly among the youth; consolidating national cohesion and unity; transparency, protection of indigenous communities, addressing accountability and impunity. These matters are critical to our future as a nation.
      This report has always bee shrouded in controversy. Foreign members of the TJRC committee refused to sign it when some sections were expunged on instructions of some influential figures in government who were fingered by the report. Still, Jubilee remains uncomfortable even with the redacted report, hence the failure to table it for debate.
      Yet the report is in the hearts of Kenyans across the country from Central to Rift Valley to the Coast and northern Kenya where land grabbing, massacres, disappearances, marginalisation and other injustices have occurred since independence.

      That is why I reminded the Jubilee leadership particularly in Parliament that Kenyans are waiting for the tabling of the TJRC report in its original form and full implementation thereafter.
      Strangely, my challenge only sparked off a very strange rage from the President. The Jubilee administration is now claiming the President was provoked and that we are somehow disrespectful in raising this matter.
      I raised the TJRC issue as a matter of conscience. I did it as a duty to my country and as part of my deep belief that historical injustices have occurred in Kenya and they need to be addressed as recommended in the original TJRC report.
      I have no apologies on this matter and I promise to continue raising it.

      16TH SEPTEMBER 2016.

  33. Ati prrofesor? Ntimama was closer to raila for the longest period. U so him at state house after 3 years now u running ur mouth like u own him. the bitter truth is, maybe u paid him millions to join u party then died 2 weeks later without doing u any service. It shows how jubilee is cursed

  34. I agree with you entirely. Unfortunately from the comments herein it appears that we are the problem and not the leaders. Like I have told you before, with our attitude, I think we deserve worse than the leaders that we have.

    • Nick, I understand your frustrations. You are the first one though I have heard say that we deserve worse. I think Nick we should not loose hope. It is our country and it needs us. The freedom fighters had to go through far much worse and sacrifice a lot. They did not give up hope. We have a new constitution, educated population and a political class is incorrigible. All the ingredients for change are here with us. We shall overcome.

  35. Professor Michael Wainana – PhD …. I have agreed with your neutral critism 100% until today. What’s soooo bad about someone saying that he talked with Ntimama over his phone…. What’s the EXACT wrong thing.

    • First Mr. Ochieng, I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi of both CORD and Jubilee. My world is not segmented into CORD and Jubilee. Read the first paragraph of my article again. You will understand what is wrong with saying so. I am not saying he was lying, it is difficult to prove. I am saying even if it is true it painted Ntimama as a double-dealer which is not a nice thing to do in someone’s funeral.

    • Prof, what difference DOES the funeral (event) make? What if he was indeed a double-dealer? Or are you the type that supports the culture of lying in burials?

      In short, I don’t see a problem with anybody saying what he considers TRUE in a burial (just like everywhere else)…

      After chastising both Jubillee and CORD,if you were given chance to speak in the funerals of one the persons you consider culpable of the “dirty politics” ….would you say they were good in their alive days?

    • At last ua TRUE opinion has precipitated…BAD MOUTHING. So you have no regard for veracity but “things that serve purposes”. I wonder how then you criticize bad leadership in a country where criticism goes to serve no purpose.

    • Was certain of that too. My bite was about you castigating someone for saying what they believe is true in a funeral and you said anything that taints the image of the deceased is untenable.

    • Ochieng Olweny it’s very clear where your political stand leans to, the reason you are so irked by the professor’s take on the lower elementary gimmicks applied by the two individuals at the funeral. Critism like you say serves no purpose because of people like you, who are capable of penning words like precipitated and veracity in a sentence but are incapable of breaking free from ethnicity and hero worship wishfully thinking and falsely hoping that when your candidate wins you also get a chance to kula nyama. How I wish for a Luo presidency so that you people can know that it’s never like what you people have always thought?? I speak for myself

    • Madawa Prince…I wonder how you decided to tag me as an ethinicisist ….do you suppose that every luo who supports RAILA supports him for tribe? And I never allow my political inclination to dictate my reactions actions and responses. Read my posts and point at any that is tribal. And for your information my dad is a Kikuyu from Kiambu and my mum a luo from Nyakach. I have been BORN AND BROUGHT UP in Kericho my entire life. Think harder,see clearer

    • Wakristo wa Ku tick a checklist ama are they saved and living the life of salvation?
      The Christian is Christian by
      2- Spirit filled life
      3- we can see the fruit of that Christian life and testify.

  36. ProfMichael Wainaina I love your bold and unbiased opinion. But as you can see from the comments, you have ruffled feathers of the myopic tribal sycophants on either side of the coin. As someone has said above, we deserve the worst because we don’t know better. What was disappointing was that the politicians from both sides of the divide had to fight over holding a meeting in mathare to continue the discussion of eating meat and salivating. I felt sorry for my country on Sunday.

  37. This post is not by any chance directed to either Jubilee and Cord. However, your answers betrays your lack of emotional intelligence as you all tend to fall prey of your tribal affiliations. There is nothing good about both Raila and Uhuru they have all failed the nation by choosing their selfishness over the general good of this beautiful country. Their food is your ignorance and biasness in thinking which some how can be blamed on our education system. Sadly the world is so lit up with hatred for us to be spewing the same. It’s an illusion that standing with our tribes makes us safe or prosperous. It’s a deep rooted evil that can only be contained by personal reflection of our differences and understanding that nothing is perfect and that our differences are the beauty of our universe.

    • We will not live our lives in the past. We want a vision for the future. It cannot come from Raila or those you call evil men and their sons. It will come from a new generation of thinkers and actors who can imagine a different Kenya. Raila practices the same siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi that he accuses others of. He is not an alternative to them. He is one of them.

    • Raila’s father confronted Jomo on Land issues Land is Land no past or future, Justice breed peace, British settlers Created Kenya for a reason and not to be Kenyatta’s property. Generation of thinkers cannot raise when Public institutions (Schools and Hospitals )are in deplorable conditions. Central and Riftvalley Kenya leads in number of Private learning institutions and they are the ones in Government leadership. Why are Public Hospitals and Schools in Poor conditions? It’s because Kikuyus and Kalenjins elites make money by running parallel private hospitals and Schools. For corruption to end Kikuyu domination in Handling National resources must end. It’s not a lie Luos of all the Tribes have been oppressed by past regimes and revenge must be served. Just as God awaits to punish Satan Generations of past regimes will answer the sins of their father’s.

    • Justice is Revenge Mungikis killed Luos,Luhyas and Kisiis in Kibera ,Nakuru and Naivasha all this deaths must be revenged now or the future. Jomo Kenyatta gave Kikuyus Land in Mpeketoni (Coast)for free what happened to their Land in Central? These people must have justice by settling back to their land in Central.population of Original inhabitants around Mpeketoni is increasing and they will need Land for agriculture.

  38. In this country all we have is personality parties not idealogical parties. The time we move to this arena Kenya will have issue based political analysts but in the meantime. Prof continue the good work i believe that this day is arriving sooner then we can image.

  39. If indeed Late Ntimama has defected, that story would run on front pages of all newspapers and the statement aired on radio and TV.and since the clip is not there apart from the visit to statehouse which is not jubilee offices just means what is in public domain. He wanted to know what the government is doing about conservation of Mau period!

  40. All those called leaders were there not to mourn but to look for votes,only the villagers and may be some other close friends were genuine mourners,It is good the issue of historical injustices was mentioned as the man being buried had plawed a big role in both positive and negative ways,

  41. Where did Kenyan’s appreciation of literary art go? We are willing to sacrifice our linguistics prowess at the political alter. When RAO came up with the Tsunami mantra prior to the 2007 elections claiming thousands in the wake, we did not see complicity and premeditation, but an innocuous adage of meat and salivation brews such a storm. Give us a break, no one has a monopoly to the use of figurative speech, and your skewed interpretation is not religious. You got the message so do whatever it pleases to up your game..

  42. drop rao on on tribal issue pls. during mkate nusu railas appointees consisted of nealy all communitues in kenya while kibaki side was all his tribesmen starting frm uhuru. u cant hv a gut to mention hm jus bcos u hate him.

  43. If anybody want to know what Raira was told by Antimama,just tell the KTN, to play the tape,after Antimama went to the state house, the flowing day people from Narok went to Raira and when he was asked by a reporter what he think about antimama going to state house, he said bad things about Antimama he said he is old and Antimama doesn’t know what he is doing”!!! Its all in the tape!!!!

    • Eric Otieno your grammer is pathetic try writing in luo.raila a nationalist in deed.this fanatical following you have for this spent old man has always been your downfall.the sooner you realize that the better but am afraid you are too damn to realize. And what is with this man every person he talk to dies.Jacob Juma,mutual kilonzo,saitoti,ntimama,Fidel although itscopen secret he sold Fidel’s life to Satan.asinipigie sitaki kufa.

  44. #Prof.::It is my view that the night call conversation was Raila playing politics which is a right under our constitution.I also believe politics is exercised,expressed and played everywhere:in church,at funerals,roadsides,hotels,parliament and even international conferences.One of Abraham Lincoln’s iconic political statements was made at a mass funeral!As to whether invoking the night call will have a positve political impact for Raila is his business.
    On tribalism,I doubt if Raila or the opposition stands to be blamed even if the coalition is organized along the tribal philosophy.I want to blame the current situation on successive presidents from independence.The presidency has all the instruments to guide the evolution of a society that Kenya should be.No institution or person can influence positive or negative social engagement to any degree if the presidency is bent on influencing in the opposite direction.
    Look at the president’s ”salivation” statement;knowing the tribal polarization prevailing in the country of which the president himself is responsible,it was patently unwise of the president to allude to elections in terms of meat eating.To many Kenyans,including yours truly,the president was refering to the 40 communities that have never produced a president as ”smelling” the meat.

  45. Mc oyamo felix

    Its soo sad how kenya has become a field of war of words,, better still let’s assume we have no leaders and work independently,, what I know is that no leader will ever be hundred % clean , and the only solution to kenyan detaroriating leadership is overthrawal of bad government,,( don’t crucify me,, coz have expressed myself)

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      I do not think anyone should crucify you for your opinion. We are a free country. I do not think though we have reached a stage of overthrowing a democratically elected government. That has its complications in the new world order. I am hopeful that we have the constitutional and legitimate methods of changing leadership.

  46. kenya is and will remain a tribalistic country for another generation.We the generation that is has evolved and our children are evolving and changing ethnicity by the day.America too was that way 200 years back but they speak in one language.Our constitution is 6yrs old,20yrs down the line will be special

    • I perfectly understand why ODM/CORD supporters are very annoyed by my argument that there is no difference between the two. They so desperately want ODM/CORD to be an alternative. I feel their anxiety. Unfortunately, I am right. CORD and Jubilee are the same. They are made of former Moi-men, KANUnnites who stand for nothing apart from ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Jubilee looks like it is worse but it is only because this time round, they are in and overeating. CORD is out, annoyed and overshouting. If they got in, the eating would continue. This is the truth. I can understand that it is not the truth you want to hear. But there is no other.

  47. Peterson mwangi ur the people who are landless in this country ur the beggars in the city ur the people who suffers mostly in Kenya Ur the people who sleeps with animals and old grannies ur the people who steals in the name of the lord Ur the people who are chased in every country you go in Tanzania for u to go there u must have certificate of good conduct and yet u have eyes n can’t see ur enclave in ethnic cocoons the day u will see light u will fight among urself I really pity u

  48. Remember that Ntimama en Raila stood for each other in all times… Don’t pretend were nt true friends.. He called him even his family members conformed the same to cut all this romours shot… He called him period… Leta topic nyingine..

    • I am baffled at how sure some of you are of things just because Raila said they happened. Raila is not a scientific measure for the truth. It is his word against a dead man. If you choose to believe him, please do. Those who choose not to have a good reason. As for me, it does not matter if the call actually happened. Discussing it in the funeral was ill advised and the only reason it matters to Raila is to preserve the Maasai tribal vote. It is not for the love of Ntimama. I have said before that these leaders sleep, eat, drink and perspire tribalism. It is the lifeblood of their politics. And they will slander a dead man to keep a tribal vote.

  49. Kenyan politicians should respect the bereaved families and let them their mourn peacefully.politics during funeral ceremonies are nothing but mockery of the deceased.

  50. Professor Wainana I av been following ur posts nd especially political ones concerning Uhuru nd Raila bt i av realized ur criticism to the latter is tribal rather than professional so style up! Criticism is not bad when it is genuine nd professional ur a professor remember!

  51. Uhuru must have answered rao as uhuru the son of Ngina and not C.I.C. that was not a public function. So lecturing on what should have been said is out of question. He also must have exercised much control right from irritating pastor, hijacking mc function, late appearance of rao, etc. Kwani uhuru haendangi choo kama wale wengine? Tutigithie.

    • What kind of an argument it this? Unfortunately it is very difficult to make a sensible argument in defense of these tribal warlords. I read the same kind of ridiculous arguments from the supporters of other tribal warlords and I shake my head. Trabalism is the worst scourge that the political class has unleashed on the people. If we do not get rid of them, this scourge will consume us all.

  52. Raila said what he said whether it was true or not but remember, in many case, aperson or aparent before he/she dies speaks to aperson whom he wants to or agroup of people and you may hear some people asking if he/she talked to someone before he died. So that is what is there.

  53. We should not blame the leaders. Our tribal combination is the problem where our leaders are not wise enough to control. Both the nation and their tongues also I may advice the president to be a good listener not a loose talker because every time wherever he is the eye and the watch dog of the nation is on his neck

  54. Ntimama was neither on record as having defected from CORD. That’s the bottom line. Duale’s claims also can’t be substanciated and no one can prove that Ntimama didn’t call Raila.

  55. As Uhuru and his team Mafisi Jubilee continue to chew meat, let me remind him of a proverb from his people the Agikuyu that says “Ona ni irutagwo cii kanua” meaning that even that meat in one’s mouth being chewed can be taken away and its therefore not safe as his or hers yet. They also have a saying that “yumbukaga na karia imeretie” meaning that what is swallowed is what can be safely counted as one’s. In other words, possession or occupance isn’t ownership. Anyway, Uhuru’s days in State House are very numbered and presidency isn’t his birthright.

    • I agree with you on many fronts. This has been my position all along. My other contention is that if we want change, we cannot replace Jubilee with CORD, one group practicing siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi with another one practicing the same. That will not be change.

  56. And you writing such articles laced with venom helps bring change to this overtly tribal nation of ours right? If some of us didn’t know better,we’d think you are far more manipulative with you’re words than you appear…just saying

  57. This self acclaimed professor’s articles are fueling ethnicity.It is not about the papers but the wisdom associated with this title.written words are powerful and must be chosen well.Bias

  58. sm idiots here do think really. ntimama was a politician, not a small bt grt politician wat do u expect to b discused most at his sent off? raila, uhuru n others r too. wat do u expect rao say when he stand up? preach the gospel? an area chief will stand up n discuss hw the deceased contributed to security sector period. please hv sm fact mr proff.

    • What fact? You have not disagreed with what I have said, in fact you have affirmed it saying they are politicians. It is not necessary for you to insult anyone. People are contributing to the best of their knowledge and capacity. Capacities are not the same. I often find that those with rather low intellectual capacity think that insulting others adds weight to their contribution. It does not. It demeans it.

    • My contempt for both CORD and Jubilee and their siasa ya ukabila, ikora na upuzi is well documented. I have stated it very clearly and consistently. Secondly, I have said again and again, I am not neutral. I am against the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity practiced by both CORD and Jubilee. I have consistently said that one cannot be a substitute for the other. We need a new dispensation propelled by a new non-ethnic political narrative. I have stated categorically that both CORD and Jubilee are incapable of such a narrative. All they know is ethnicity. No wonder they were desecrating the funeral of a dead man to capture his tribal constituency.

    • This is not a forum for insults. Those who have nothing to say and those whose perception is greatly corrupted by ethnicity imagine will use the forum how they may. I have heard great ideas from sensible Kenyans in this forum. It would help if you would join them.

  59. A nice piece! Tribal jingoism and bigotry is well articulated at sacred places; churches and funeral. Alas, this is a curse in the 21st century but the followers are too blind to decipher! Some of them are hyenas benefiting from the leftovers of their leaders; watch the sentiments of the minority and majority leaders in Parliament! They seem to adore the leaders. Any critique to these leaders is translated to disloyalty, enemity, and outright defiance.


    From the outset let it be known that I am one of the strongest proponents of the “age rule” in elective politics. In fact, I am vehemently opposed to the hitherto unchallenged political dominance by old men and women some of whom have been in politics for decades on end with nothing to show for it. Such have got nothing new to offer to the electorate as far as progress and societal transformation goes.

    That’s why they must exit the stage and pave way for robust,youthful leadership with fresh, solid ideas to unlock the promises of tomorrow.

    Most of you will disagree with me but even as you do so atleast have some reverence for the Bible and history; in the biblical times, most ,if not all,great leaders,scribes,teachers, kings,queens,governors,etc, were youthful(Joseph,David,Solomon,…..) Alexander the great and Ghengis Khan of the Mongolian Empire were in their 20’s and 30’s when they conquered nearly half of the world.

    The principle here is very simple: elders represent the past,youth represent the future. This principle goes expressly unargued and therefore it qualifies as a rule-the “age rule.”

    A dozen elderly persons have in the past stealthily avoided our radar largely because of our naivity and got away with it. That’s how we ended up with hexagenarians,sometimes even septuagenarians or worse still, octogenarians, in the most influential arms of government-the Legislature and the Executive. I need not remind you about the great disservice they did to our economy and politics.

    How we came to entrust these “genarians” with the implementation of vital things such as vision 2030 and other significant blueprints still baffles me to this day. For example, why would an old timer care a hoot about V2030 considering that he wont be there to enjoy its fruits? Besides,at 75 years plus,your sight becomes blurry so much so that one can’t even discern the future,let alone plan for it.


    It’s common knowledge that Raila is a septuagenarian. But as much as he is old,very many aspects of his politics and leadership carry alot of relevance today and beyond. Study and experience have reduced his politics and leadership principles to seven simple points;-

    1.vision-he envisioned a dicongested and slum-free Nairobi,etc, hence the radical road dicongestion plan,the SGR,the slum upgrading program,etc.

    2.Integrity-Merchants of impunity,cartels,the corrupt,status quo proponents dread his presidency. Why?

    3.Consistency-the Raila of yesterday is the Raila of today and tomorrow.

    4. He’s a nationalist-he is called baba (father of the nation).

    5.He’s an enigma(unpredictable).

    6.Resilience-he never fades politically.

    7.He’s the only politician in kenya who has an ideology. The rest consider politics as an enterprise.

    There’s much more to him, for no politician today carries the burden of history as he does. In his youth he had to juggle between life and death. His world has been a dangerously precarious one of shifting alliances,in which trust was vital but few had it. But so occasionally was treachery and betrayal.

    To overcome,he acquired magical socia-political skills plus the necessary tools for survival. With his very life at stake and the nation’s fate in the balance, he remained faithful to the cause and thanks to him Kenya underwent a rebirth with the advent of the new constitution.

    In an era where loyalty to “jogoo” was proclaimed as the highest virtue, he stood up against bad governance and injustice and paid the ultimate price-detention without trial.

    History has prepared him. History honours him even if some of us dont. His story is similar to Mandela’s. He has undergone untold suffering which is not a circumstance confronted by many African(let alone kenyan) leaders today.

    Whenever things go wrong, when public servants plunder our resources with wanton recklessness, its only Tinga who calls them out by name.The rest fidget in fear of reprisal. His strength is phenomenal; he can jet back from a trip overseas and immediately embark on a countrywide tour.This is Agwambo’s most remarkable asset.

    That’s why Raila is the exception to the “age rule” and deserves to run for president as and when he deems fit.

    • I had your attention until you started saying why Raila is the exception to the age rule. I have said very consistently that he is part of a political class that is mired in ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, saisa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. There is no difference between him and the other ethnic overlords in CORD and Jubilee. I do not want to respond to your claims of his suitability some of which I find incredible. I have stated my case on Raila already. Read my article on: http://profmichaelwainaina.com/2016/09/17/yes-jubilee-accountable-tjrc-report-just-raila-botched-odm-elections/
      Obviously my take on Raila and yours differ considerably. Yours is based on adoration and assumptions. Mine is based on evidence and witnesses. Choose.

    • Professor Wainaina, I think it’s an anachronism (for lack of a better term) to try to draw an analogy between the TJRC report and what Raila said about some political party’s internal circus. Besides, we all know whose job it is to conduct investigations in this country, certainly its not Raila’s. I concur with you though that Raila isn’t your quintessential patron saint but it is intellectually tragic to compare the two(TJRC report&ODM elections)on the same wavelength. I believe it’s absolutely unnecessary to lecture you on the gravity of the former and it’s trigger effect.
      Concerning my piece on the “age rule” and why I posited that Raila shouldn’t be locked out of the presidential race on account of age, kindly indulge me; wasn’t he detained for the reasons I have enumerated? Was he not instrumental in the quest to change the old constitution? Who in kenya’s politics bears the heaviest burden of history between Raila and the rest? Isn’t it also true that he calls out the corrupt by name when nobody else can dare? I also observed that for a man his age he is strong if you follow his itinerary. These things I have seen. Adoration is relative but now tell me, where is the assumption here my good professor?

    • Dan Koyolla I think you are engaging in a very mature manner although I very strongly disagree with your stand. Thanks. I have always said that we can disagree respectfully. I honor that from you.

      I was not comparing two events. I was adducing the burden of accountability. He who calls others to account must he himself be accountable. Even if I would take your argument that the TJRC is very big compared to men-in-black, if one cannot be trusted with small things, how do you expect him to be trusted with big things. I am sorry that you seem bent on exonerating Raila from any responsibility by saying that he is not an investigating authority. I did not say he is HE SAID HE WILL. I am evaluating him on WHAT HE SAID. He lied.

      I am always shocked at claims of how Raila suffered more than anyone else. This is not only a lie but it demeans the sacrifices that Kenyans have made for this country. People have died for this country, others have been maimed, others have lost property. Raila has lost nothing, has been part of the corrupt KANU government and the blood-soaked coalition government, benefited from his dalliance with KANU and got molasses and now he is supposed to be the person who has suffered most. Of all the people who have fought for anything in this country he has benefited the most and has been handsomely rewarded by the system he supposedly was fighting. Something does not add up. Please be serious. I would invite you to read Joyce Nyairo’s analysis of the Raila biography. http://www.nation.co.ke/lifestyle/weekend/What-Raila-did-not-tell-you-in-his-new-book/1220-2065856-fhusp7/index.html. It is a much more intellectual look at this matter than I could attempt here.

      But let me even indulge in your argument that he suffered. So what? How come all those who suffered for this country are not running around shouting that they should go to statehouse? If you want to lead the country show me how you are different from everyone else. He is not. He is equally a tribal overlord fighting to retain a tribal coalition called CORD. He is part of the political class that wants to rule through ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. And I dare say that when it comes to ukabila, it does not get worse than the 2007 41 vs 1 formula and when it comes to ukora, it does not get worse than the men in black.

      He suffered yes. He fought yes. Then he sold out and became a beneficiary of the system. That is why he is comfortable running around with Moi-men.

    • Prof, watch the above video.Utopia aside, I still maintain that Raila is the lesser evil compared to the jubilee duo of uhuruto. Currently, there are only two horses, you have to choose between the two. In terms of record and experience the choice should be easy.It’s like choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary;there’s no middle ground in the game of thrones. Let’s be realistic.

    • True. Some people are even trying to convince us that these are not tribal outfits! I am concerned though about people presenting themselves as alternatives. They must have a very compelling alternative non-ethnic political narrative. I have not heard any from them. If they do not have one, the tribalists will win.

    • Its safe to say miguna is trying of all the candidates ive mention looking at his manifesto and following hus tweets and his followers they are aligned to him for so many reasons but tribe

    • Omarion Billy I agree. But he is operating under the super-narrative of ethnicity from the national leadership. Unless this narrative is deconstructed and replaced by a new non-ethnic political narrative, the likes of Miguna have no future in Kenyan politics. The way siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi is constructed, if you do not prostrate yourself at the feet of the tribal warlord from your community, you will make no headway politically.

  61. When Mr. Kivuitu announced Narc has trounced Kanu and Orange won over banana he became a darling then came 2007….And after Yes and No Isaac Hassan was democratic champ then in came 2013 and hot on heels was Okoa Kenya and then what….? Kenyans are held at ransom, period.

  62. I am imagining why Prof.. is receiving negative, abusive and irrational comments, his second name “betroys” him. Its without any shadow of contradiction that what he points out is the real point. However much you insult, both parties are black and black. They lack idiologies any any good will for mwananch eccept clinching power through tribal allignment. You are spot on sir!

    • Thanks Akali. People like you must make their voices heard in such forums and elsewhere. We need to create awareness that we are under siege from two forces of the same make. If we are to make headway, we must replace them all. A new non-ethnic political narrative is needed. We will not begin to look for it if we do not follow what you are saying. Thanks for your post.

  63. I welcome more analysis from you the #PhD holder but keep in mind none of the above puts food on my table.Its just that you are using this social site called facebook to the fullest.Thanks,