Not even “smart-cards” can save Jubilee, the cartels’ playground where being thuggish passes as being “smart”

The efforts by the Jubilee tribal kingpins to give their tribal duopoly a modicum of respectability is unrelenting. If their tribal duoply ultimately proves unsanitizable, it will not be due to lack of trying. They have tried everything to create a political outfit that is less stinky and could pass with a semblance of a modern political party. So far, nothing much is working except collecting hundreds of millions in nomination fees. Trust them to get it right on this one. Everything else that has a claim to order and integrity have eluded them, and will continue to do so until the contraption finally collapses when the insidious political ends for which it was formed are achieved.

It started by a doomed merger of the tribal briefcases called TNA and URP and some other nondescript parties that could not withstand the financial might of the duopoly. They were informed, “sisi ni serikali buana”. Read The merger was pitched as the greatest political event since the release of Nelson Mandela. Yes, do not underestimate the delusional capacity of these fellows.

That didn’t work.

They have since admitted that it didn’t. Read .  Where they envisaged one political monolith with the two Jubilee tribal kingpins at the top, it is turning out to be a crowded field, with Jubilee Party having to share the bed with recalcitrant but “friendly parties; PNU, Narc-Kenya, Maendeleo Chap Chap, KANU and counting. We have since been informed that they are buying 3 new parties and yes you heard me right, I said BUYING! These are POA, to be rebranded Party of Development (PD) associated with JP Head of Secretariat Raphael Tuju, Frontier Alliance Party FAP) for the pastoralist areas and Patriotic Party of Kenya PPK based at the Coast.  It is turning out to be a pretty crowded bed! If JP was a single national Party that united all Kenyans, you wonder where other Kenyans are coming from with parties for sale!

When the merger failed, I suspect a shrewd businessman who makes “smart cards” came up with the brilliant idea of manufacturing some and selling them to Jubilee. Desperate for half an idea that would bring them respectability, they jumped onto the proposal and again, started hailing it as a “first”, the most brilliant thing to be invented since sliced bread. It was not only going to make the jubilee contraption truly digital (do you remember the digital promise), it was going to be the solution to all their nomination problems. It was the silver bullet that will solve all the nomination problems that Jubilee knew they would face.

But my people say rῦruka rwa kῖῖmbu rῦtithiragwo nῖ mῦng’ῦng’ῦtῦ – the chameleon’s lineage will always have a rough spine. I have consistently argued that the Jubilee house is build on impunity, was founded for impunity, consummated in impunity and its biggest success had been impunity. This nature exhibited by Jubilee since its foundation has come back to haunt it even in its “greatest of electoral inventions”.  It turns out that moneyed thugs and cartels have bought out the so called smart-cards with the intention of rigging the nominations. As a result, the “brilliant idea”, the “first in Africa and beyond”, the “mark of Jubilees modernity and sophistication” has been suspended. All the pomp and chest-thumping about smart-cards and being digital has turned out to be hot air, much like everything else Jubilee promised. I have always warned that corruption, thuggery and impunity, breeds corruption, thuggery and impunity. The chameleon’s lineage cannot change itself. It turns out that not even “smart-cards” can save Jubilee, the cartels’ playground, where being thuggish passes as being “smart”. Who’s smarter now?

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  1. Hii umeanguka Professor , politicians merging every now and then is nothing new at all . Na itaendelea tu , instead give your views on how the country can move forward and take a better direction from your own perspective.

  2. Your article is certainly not objective. It’s like when one converts from small scale farming to large scale farming without realising there are serious drawbacks in both systems. Jubilee has converted to a mammoth party and there are major drawbacks as a result, but they are trying, and I believe they are in the right track.

  3. I love that “being thuggish passes as being “smart””. Pro. we have a doomed political system. Look at what is happening in Kiambu County. Aspirants disappearing, or is it “disappearing”. We are yet to know. And what happened to mr. mwaura, just missed death by a whisker. Actually, he was safer when he was in ODM. Political antics reminiscence to the middle ages…..This is the result of commercialized politics in our country

  4. Guys lets stop joking,,we are not heading the right direction as a nation,The worst of is that those leading are aware of this and they are not ready to be corrected.
    Wanjiku will be the most affected when Kenya goes down,But Wanjiku is the one clapping for those leaders..
    No matter which side win’s this election,The next Kenya political term will be the most wasted ever,
    Looting will be high,and Nation destruction will be more than before…
    Ruto will start his 2022 campaigns imediately,and Uhuru will not say anything about it,Actualy,Ruto will be heard more than Uhuru,There will more and more projects launched but none will be implemented
    Kenya’s lamentation is not too far,
    Our politicians are noy ready nor willing to help this country…..
    I hate them with all my heart,

  5. Alot of literature but portrays an educated demagogue. However, call them what you wish But we know, recognize, respect, Abhore, uphold and above all love them. We do not know you. You post anything about the government but you will only eat little from your masters and NGOs. If you think we care, vie and see who regards you. You are confused, misinformed, misplaced and above all no legacy to leave even for children. Nkt

  6. Very bitter in and with life :The professor. However ,your information depicts a very misplaced character. Nowonder, no institution,can hold you for a moment. Liability side makes the other side sway. Watch keenly into your perfect life and see. Noone recognizes you. Professors of your age earn well, when you loiter from one media house to Another,hoping Uhuru will see you. Without Godly favour, you will live blaming others for your own failures plz.

  7. Very true Professor…..even the Presiding Officers job we applied online,got the appointment customised texts from Jubilee HQ in Nairobi,attended the training yesterday at the Nakuru Showground only told today that over 500 of our Names are not on the Hard copy sent from Nairobi…..we are thus again jobless after wasting the whole 2days only for them to replace our names with those from their preferred politicians.

  8. CCM just joined ODM, Wiper, Ford K and Amani. You are so obsessed with Jubilee to the point of getting some depression. With all due respect, your criticism is destructive. You are very biased. Where is the constructive side of your criticism? If you can’t give a solution to any problem, including corruption, then you are better keeping quiet. What have you done for Kenya?

  9. You were right prof. Congratulation for your early prediction about the massive failure to be experinced within Jubilee party primaries. We were afraid to state the obvious ….nepotism has costed Jubilee party this much. People at the secretariat offices at pangani offices are employed not based on academic qualifications,but on family connections and sexual favours. I rest my case prof.

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