Of ODM elders behaving badly, a heritage of poverty and a fed up generation – Tedd Josiah speaks

I have urged in this blog that voices of the good Kenyans need to speak up against CORD & Jubilee’s politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I have used this forum to speak strongly against these and the tribal warlords who thrive through them and who are keen on taking our country to hell, again. Two incidences of Kenyans speaking up encouraged me this week. The incidences were calling out the tribal kingpins, criticizing the mindless political games they play with other people’s children, pointing out the heritage of poverty they have yoked their people with, asking the right questions and letting the political class know they are fed up. One item was this video of Tedd Josiah, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYAox0BO8ek  speaking about the IEBC protests mounted by CORD. The other was an image doing rounds in whatsApp, the featured image in this article, about what the children of Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula are up to while the children of their impoverished followers are being hammered by police in the streets. I will comment briefly about the photo and then at length about Tedd Josiah’s message. We, the Kenyan people need to hear this message even more than the political class, because I doubt they are even listening.

The photo drove the message home. I am not worried about the veracity of the images, the authors may as well have used photo-shop, emojis or caricatures, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the message. The image hit home quite deeply, so much so that I felt angry and I have not even been to the anti-IEBC CORD riots. I have always insisted that the political class thinks that Kenyans are poor and stupid. When they ask other peoples’ children to go to the streets to protest, where are their own? Could they be rocking and rolling enjoying life and all things nice while the children of poor people are abandoned in the streets as the tribal tingods are whisked away in sleek 4 x 4’s as soon as the first tear gas canister is heard? Who is the fool now? The picture speaks for itself. Itafakali. Let me turn to Tedd’s video.

It starts by painting a shameful picture of an elder, a grandfather sitting in the streets in the name of protests. I had felt that there was something wrong with that picture but I hadn’t figured it out that way.  Tedd asks a very pertinent question;

“How come the ODM leader has not mentored young revolutionaries who are supposed to be in the streets demanding for free and fair elections and an accountable government?”

This is a good question and it raises a fundamental issue about succession and political mentoring. The tribal warlords having no political ideology or institutions that they can pass on to a new generation are an end unto themselves. Politics is about them and therefore they have never seen the need to nurture a new generation. They stand for nothing, have built nothing apart from tribal fiefdoms and therefore they have nothing to offer a new younger generation. I remember watching a documentary of Nelson Mandela. When he left office, he had powerful words for the youth:

“Time has come for a new generation to take over, it is in your hands now.”

He had fought and ushered in a new democratic dispensation. The country had a new constitution, which had been his dream and objective all along. Having achieved these, he felt it was time for a new generation to take over. But he had something to hand over. The Kenyan political class have nothing to hand over. At the rate they are chest thumping and intimidating Kenyans with death and violence, we will be lucky as a generation to pick up leftovers of a country they are ready to shred to feed their own greed for power. Tedd’s was a call for the old guard to reflect and start to imagine a transition, and what their legacy will be. I doubt they are listening.

Tedd goes further to question if indeed there is a legacy to talk of from the ODM leaders in Nyanza. He correctly asks:

“A leader is supposed to lead you to a place of prosperity. What place of prosperity is there in Nyanza, one of the most fertile places in Kenya? What prosperity it there? What prosperity are these leaders bringing?”

This is a critical question. Tedd wonders what ODM and the Nyanza political elite have done to support for example, micro-finance for the youth and job creation for the young medics, scientists, media practitioners etc who roam jobless in Nyanza. Nothing.

But it is instructive that Tedd, even as he points out all these things reckons that he will boldly talk about them “because nobody wants to talk about these issues”. This is a serious indictment on the ODM political class. Nobody wants to talk against the tribal “tin-god” there. Tedd is right that he would be castigated for talking against his “tribesmen”. This is not a problem among the Luo only. We have reached a point where the tribal warlords at the top of the political class in Cord and Jubilee consider themselves untouchable gods. You cannot speak against them especially if you come from their tribes. For example, the reactions of Kikuyus to my criticism of the jubilee government are venomous, intimidatory and excessive. I have not heard Raila, in the name of democracy, defend a besieged Luo who takes a different position from him, criticizes him or asks the kind of questions Tedd is asking. True, I have not heard such a defense of anyone from the other tribal warlords, but I do not expect much from them. Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangula are KANUnites, graduated Moi spanner boys and projects. They never supported the new dispensation and they were at the forefront to frustrate and ridicule it when progressive Kenyans were in the streets demanding for it. So I do not expect them to defend democracy or the rights given to Kenyans by a new constitution and a new dispensation that they so vehemently opposed.

Raila and ODM should be different.

He likes to front himself as a fighter for democracy. Shouldn’t his people be the freest and the greatest beneficiaries of the democratic gains that he has ostensibly fought so hard for? How come that those of the new generation, the voices of reason among the Luo like Tedd will be vilified for their views without any expectation of protection from him?  He prefers tribal sycophancy of the KANU orphans that he runs around with. Maybe ever since he started cooperating and  joined KANU after the 1997 elections, he has learned that there are more dividends to be reaped from suppressing democratic space than from letting people be. Shame!

But Tedd, like many young people, a fed-up new generation of brave patriots who refuse this tribal dictatorship, is defiant. He not only asks the tough questions that nobody will ask, but he refuses to be co-opted into the chauvinistic, impoverishing and retrogressive tribal dictatorship. He says emphatically:

We have to really start looking at empowering our young people of the republic of Kenya [not Luos or Kikuyus, or Luhyas, or Kambas, but the republic of Kenya]…and giving them real job opportunities…they are just not bodies and numbers…in 2017 we are not gonna fight for you because I am not just a body. I am not a number. I am not gonna be in the mortuary as somebody flies out because shit got wild. The opposition strongholds need to start empowering their people, (Emphasis mine).

I, as a crusader for change is inspired by this message. I have said again and again that there is a new generation that is fed up with politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They are ready to rise and claim back their country from the tribal tin-gods in jubilee and CORD. I said in another article that these voices of change need to be raised and they need to be heard. Tedd, has raised his. More progressive Kenyans from all walks of life should raise theirs. This will bring about a people revolution, which is long overdue and inevitable. In the words of Robert Kennedy:

A revolution is coming. A revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough and successful if we are fortunate enough. But a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character, but we cannot alter its inevitability.

It is my voice, Tedd’s and yours that will bring about the peaceful, compassionate and successful revolution, the change we want for the youth and for the future. Where is your voice?


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  1. Thats the truth –!What good thing comes from these cord leaders . yes he condems the national govt for corruption bt he goes silent n county level coruption …Selfish

  2. For all those Kikuyu leaders, who’ve led this country, I’ve gained nothing. Yet every day iam virified for belonging to an amorphous group called nyumba ya Mumbi. Maybe Raila belongs to nyumba ya Mumbi more than me and my neighbours.

  3. Who the heck is this Ted Josiah???????? “I saw an opposition leader sat on the street” What kind of English is this????? Is Nyanza different from Kenya???? Im sorry, this man is illiterate. Where did he get that accent from or he is just faking it?????

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    • Kikuyus don’t want the President to do thing to them, but for the whole country. Why don’t you asking what he has done 4 the nation? How many projects has he launched outside his mt. Kenya region? Countless! What president… He values the nation more than his own people. Heko my president! Hata wakikuondoa saa hii….you have set a good example. They crucified Jesus who had come to save them.

    • Richard Njuguna if kikuyus do not benefit from the presidency, then why do they fight tooth and nail to retain it even when they have blatantly lost an election?

  5. Why should he pick on a community when talking about Kenyan youth, this video is suspect its aimed at the ODM leadership who happen not to be in power.His first salvo should be aimed at the Jubillee governament first before he starts blaming others.The tribal genesis that is currently threatening the stability started in 2013 when two tribes deemed it fit to create an unholy alliance…Lets not engae people in hal truths that are meant to serve one side please..

    • holy would have been to watch them continue to fight each other and kill each other as baba takes the leadership right…well thanks be to God for opening the eyes of the two warring sides that created a pact that brought peace which you all don’t seem to like at all…this unity is really hurting you guys…isn’t it a shame

  6. Ted Josiah’s family are moreless like collaborators ;when this country was saddled with corruption and poor governance,tortures, assassinations and detention without trial, they were the beneficiaries oof decay dining with oppressors, he is more a product of opulence and state privileges than the Prime Minister’s children he is castigating;find out who the Josiah’s were during the Kanu regime and you will tell this guy to just shut up

    • yaani wewe ni future teller unajua even what will happen miaka ijayo huh..anyway inakaa inawawasha saana that kiuks have chosen to support ruto so if it makes you feel better keep telling yourself that

  7. Vybz Kita, Isaac N Ongoma, PK Motiryot, Isaac Cheruiyot, Bett Felix, Justin Castro Fidel Nyakundi, Kimipamoja Power, Laboso Mareri, Josphat Koech K, Ramadhan Otweya Babu, Prince Ehud, Nancy Kosgei, Fel Kip, Josphat Hilarious Langat, Rutto Jeremy Bartunen what’s your take on this?

  8. Ted is a sycophant period! Now Dr. Maina, do you remember when the Pope massacred those who said that it is the Earth that goes round the Sun? Later, and that is over 400 years later, Pope John Paul apologized for the excesses of the Church. So as a scholar, put the blame where it should be. You are blaming CORD yet they have never been given a chance to show their ideas. Let us take this Jubilee Govt, Rwanda has bolted from the SGR, Uganda has also bolted from the Oil pipeline, Tanzania has reduced electricity imports from Kenya by 67%, IMF gave a warning to Kenya about uncontrolled borrowing that is now at 3.2 Trillion. What next do say about Jubilees incompetence? They talk much but do nothing

  9. Kevomike

    Comment…the idiots are spewing their stupidity again after being controlled,brainwashed to the core ,
    the are the people who Jesus said are blind followers lead by blind people,,,

  10. amos bet i agree with jawabu kikuyus are planing to bury wiliam imediately after mr uk is sworn in 2017 with luo nation they have always advocated for fair equality since independence with me idont trust any kikuyu not only in leadership but also in other social lives

  11. who declared all these cords mps governers or senator winners the answer is iebc .wht did baba say in brazil pple demostrated to remove the president u get the point now iebc nooo overthrowing the goverment now thts the answer .so this war c ya raia wa kawaida ul die fighting a war u dnt adastd tuendele na kibarua wacha viongoxi wajibambe

  12. This is the problem with us young people; we aren’t sharp enough, inquisitive enough and curious enough. We are not deep enough, observant and reflective. We live in the here and now without a broad perspective of issues.

    Ted, you are privileged, I guess me too. If you would understand what makes a human human then you would know that material wealth is the least of them.

    If you would know what entails leadership then you would know who is failing our nation.

    If you would understand what ultimate ethic and virtue is, then you would know why the IEBC and especially Issak Hassan should have resigned as the IEBC chair.

    What I am saying is this; let’s find out who we are, where we have come from, what we are today and where we want to be. Not as Kikuyus, Luos, Kambas, Kalenjins etc and etc but as Kenyans.

    Let’s build a culture of strong ethic and values of which the law will be the bear minimum standard.

    Somebody said that a society whose standard of ethical behaviour is based on law is just as bad as a society without the rule of law.

    Nobody likes demonstrations but it seems this is the language that some of us understand. They cannot simply do the right thing unless they are coerced just because of political expediency. I being a father hates a scenario where my kin and kith complain and grumble and I ignore. Bending over or backwords to listen to them does not make me a lesser father. A leader must always lead from the front and you must always be seen to be leading.

    Let us look directly into our eyes and accept that we erred, we did some things that weren’t right at all to our brothers and sisters. Lets all agree that we have lived with our prejudices and hatred for one another for along time. We live with pain and anger against one another and these are what manifest in the demonstrations, the pride and grand standing we are seeing all around.

    Lets talk, accept our iniquities, forgive and forget. Where we can, lets restitute. Without all these,we will all end up in a bottomless pit.

    May those with clear conscience, clear judgement and good standing wake up and take positions that will guide our nation to the right path. I don’t believe CORD and more so JUBILEE, are taking us anywhere. Why Jubilee? Because they have all the instruments of power to do the best for the people of this nation and that is to find and guarantee peace and tranquility. Let us not hide behind a constitution. With goodwill we can sort out this predicament without contravening the constitution.

    Let us always endevour do what is right. A load always seems light when it is on someone else’s back.

    • Orwa, I hear you. The potion of your contribution that I would like every reader to remember is where you say “May those with clear conscience, clear judgement and good standing wake up and take positions that will guide our nation to the right path. I don’t believe CORD and more so JUBILEE, are taking us anywhere”. I agree.

    • Emperar, all of us know what is right. We only choose to walk in the opposite because of our selfishness and lack of regard to one another. We treat those that are not of our persuasions as lesser beings, a very unfortunate situation for citizens who call themselves children of the same nation.

    • Oruka Orwa We have not chosen that path as citizens. It has been imposed on us by a political class that has nothing to offer. They have offered us a uni-modal, divisive and primitive ethnic political narrative. The people need a new progressive and unifying political narrative. As you have said, all of us know what is right. When the new non-ethnic and modernizing narrative comes, Kenyans will know it and will support it. It is however for you and me and other progressive Kenyans to imagine what that narrative could be. The current political class is incapable of a new narrative in absolute terms.

    • This third force is slow in gaining traction, as it is, its still #uhuruto even after 2017. Atleast we have time to think n reflect on how we want this country run, i think we should be long term in our thinking n smart about it, we have become a sensational people run by empty hype n rhetoric, even the illuminati/ secret societies that runs most of the world, didn’t just start the other day, they have been there for centuries, we need time to grow n heal, probably we also need our own secret societies to run the show since majority is some messed up people.

    • Emperar Aizanas III This approach is called gradualism and it has its own sympathizers. I am not a gradualist. I am a revolutionary. I understand and respect your position, but I demand more from myself and from society. We cannot wait until the tribal warlords have brought down the country for us to demand for progressive change. We must demand it and we must demand it now!

    • N by doing so bring the country down ourselves?f ur sergieon needs 5 hrs to do an operation then u demand that he does it in 30min because ur in a hurry, then my friend u clearly have no need for ur life.

    • I think when the foundations were not rightly done and the only piece of land you have is that foot print, then an overhaul is inevitable.

      We have a new structure in the constitution, what we need is a different mindset and value system that will run in tune with the precepts.

      New wine in an old wine skin??!!! Never..

      Look for guys like Kipngetich, look for guys like Ken Njiru, Barak Muluka, Githongo, Ekuru Aukot and probably better than them, Ole Kiyapis of our nation, May be PLO, find the best leader among them to lead the pack as we follow and may be we will begin to transform our nation.

      Better still, Prof be the general with Emparer the leautenant General. We the foot soldiers will follow suit.

      What I am saying is that unless we organize and set structures and strategize for the course we want, our talks and opinions will just be in vain.

      We have to make the change we want. We have to drive it and we have to shape the destiny of our nation.

      And it is not tomorrow, next week or year 2022. It starts today with the first step, MORBILIZING! The real change might not be now but we have to start.

  13. Ted Josiah feigning amnesia. poor. somebody living in Kenya knows what’s going on. a criminal can ask for the judge to be replaced if partisan or an interested party, but a voter who complains about a skewed electrol body is fed live bullets.

  14. You are pretender,a serious tribalist who hide behind your acquired prefix and mastery of language to slap jubilee with a sponge and hit cord with a gun barrel.You are a hater of Luos and there is very thin difference between you and Mutahi Ngunyi

    • He was not the only one who was ever detained by Moi. In any case he got his “payment” when he started collaborating with KANU, became its Secretary General, A minister in Moi’s government and the owner of Molasses. Let us respect the gallant Kenyans who gave their lives and livelihoods for the freedom of Kenyans and never sold out.

    • Chieth,so he wasn’t the only one detained.the same respect is the one that we give to the guys who were killed the other day.Raila has never sold out.the only stupid thing he did was that Kibaki tosha declaration.

    • Rashid S. Gure Read your history. To suggest he is the only one is an insult to the memory and contribution of the others. But let us even assume he did. So what? It is the high time we started looking ahead for the future and what kind of a country we want our children to live in. The fact remains that the future we seek cannot be delivered to us by the current political class that includes Raila and that is hopelessly mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora , na upuzi.

    • Prof. You also didn’t understood my statement. Who are this other gallant Kenyan’s? Plse don’t hide yourself expose urself n tell us the other Kenyan’s ur fronting to salvage our country.

    • Rashid, I do not know who they are. All I know for now is that it cannot be any of the tribal tin-gods, Uhuru, Ruto, Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and wetangula at the top of the current political dispensation of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. They are all former Moi-spanner boys and heirs of KANU’s misrule. But before we ask who else, we must ask what else. The country needs an alternative non-ethnic political narrative first. Without a new narrative, we are stuck with the warlords.

    • Prof ur right but how can we change Kenyans mindset where tribalism is much deep rooted. Even today’s generation who are expected to be free from tribalism are programmed earlier in life about negativity of other tribes.

    • I cannot be apolitical. I have said again and again that I am not neutral. I am against all the tribal warlords in CORD and jubilee and their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I believe in a new dispensation in politics of patriotism, accountability and productivity. I am not neutral. I am with the long suffering people of Kenya.

  15. which tribal professors are these?
    you are always against opposition because of tribal spirit,u r someone’s child supporting jubilee yet children backing opposition suffer to deliberate the tribal and equity jubilee is swallow in two regions,how did some people crack to limelight yet illiteracy is killing them publicly?

  16. Hehehehe umeguza pabaya bradhe chunga hii siasa c ya nyanyako buana its recently when Raila lost a son just because of political war and the you stand there with ejaculating nose seriously speak nonsense are you aware tht you are a public fool and if you have not been told then Gordy has confirmed tht to you nkt !!!!! …. ……..

  17. A good leader never insight his poor supporters and use force where dialogue can be applied for me Kenyans we are the ones spoiling the image of our country if at all we say NO’ to being used badly by this politicians Kenya politics will be the best we will be able to elect the best leaders Kenyan youths say no to unnecessary demos@ Amos K Bett

    • Which dialogue bro.Ruto says jubilee is ready for dialogue but only in parliament, where opposition has no numbers.yet our concern is open,so open that even the most biased could see.1.Isaac hassan said that the petitioner(Raila) is a perennial loser of elections and never accepts defeat, that shows that a referee has declared the game lost before it s played.
      2.IEBC together with their British accomplice flouted procurement of elections materials and equipments. The Britons are in prison,Oswago sacked as Isaack is protected by jubilee and Eurobond.
      3.Scewed registration of voters in jubilee strongholds at the expence of Cords

    • that’s a lie, just have a look at the member constitution of legal affairs committee headed by chepkonga,, which numbers are you talking about? ,, the platform for dialogue has been there and it will always be there through legal affairs committee in Parliament

  18. There will always be the governing and governed , supporters and opposition side. . .if professor you have a solution beside that or suggestion of a model leadership you want us to emulate, don’t hestate, offer to us. . .if we find it workable, we shall support you otherwise get hired as a broadcaster.

  19. If a government promotes injustices to the people it rules and trumps on any dissenting voice with propaganda or impunity. Then the oppressed masses won’t take it anymore. They act in the only way they know how to prove a point or to demand their rights. Take it from a family point of view. You will always side with your mother or father, whether u pretend or not at one point it will come out openly at one point. N that is a fact.

  20. l won’t call you professor because i know you are not even close to being called one. i will call you Wainaina…. Wainana you are a tribal bigot. Your articles are so shallow with baseless reasons… with guys like you in Kenya… the county Kenya will go back to the dogs.

    • Being a professor, he should be posting positive things to be “discussed” not dissecting shallow think minded articles… This country is deeply married with tribalism… people with such titles should be working harder to bring this country together not opening fresh wounds or even salting the existing wounds…. Shame on you the fake self proclaimed professor.Since when did professors start thinking and reasoning like toddlers???

  21. Man it will be over only when a Kikuyu name their newborns Otieno, Onyango while luos name theirs Njoro,Mwangi and kalenjins as well name theirs Ouma,Ochieng nkt

  22. Nmesoma comments zote… Conlusion kila mwamba ngoma anavuta kwake.. Each person defends his/her tribe… Kenya ukabila ndio yetu… Mtu asimnyoshee mwenzake kidole sababu ta ujinga yenye tunatolerate…. #Kenyaniukabila

  23. hii tabia ya wanaume wengine kulamba tako la wakubwa itakuja isha lini kenya hii?? Ted Josiah i dnt know well but i think you are not from mr Green Josiah family according to the level of literacy have clicked here

  24. This persona homo deficient wainaina should take his stupid lectures to kikuyuni where they are most needed. Wakabila namba moja wa kikuyu wezi wafisadi wauji wanaonyofoliwa burungo na huku wanajigamba wametairi ni hao hao walevi washenzi pia hao. U should realise other tribes r hardworking kenyans na wot they own they own legally c kama mkikuyu anachoma mahindi halafu anajenga gorofa then u come and open ur foul mouth here ati mko hardworking whereas hio kuchoma mahindi ni camouflage usiku mnashika wale wakenya wametoka kudanya kazi yao kwa bidii ngeta kisha mnawapora hardworking kikuyys my foot. Its good thing the infighting amongst yourselves kabogo amefanya vizuri sana wengi wenu madegree zenu ni questionable thats y u av to loot and ran back to ur community for protection and since most av jigger infested brains they agree

    • Eric this is a real rant, abusive, contradictory, chauvinistic and totally unfortunate and unnecessary. Isn’t it ridiculous for you to belive that mtu hawezi jenga gorofa kwa kuchoma mahindi lakini anaweza janga kwa kushika watu ngeta? You are full of unhelpful stereotypes and evidently a lot of anger and hatred. The political class from all tribes has stolen from Kenyans. Hard working and honest Kenyans from all tribes have been the victims of the thieving political class. It is the same political class from all tribes that hides behind tribalism to protect what they have stolen. The degree may differ but it is clear that those who have had the privilege of being part of the political class have enriched themselves. So it is up to you and I to realize this and work towards getting rid of the political class and the tribal kings at the helm of the class specifically Uhuru, Raila, Kalonzo, Ruto, Wetangula and Mudavadi. They are the greatest beneficiaries of the corrupt system over the last 54 years. They are our problem. Not the hardworking Kikuyus and other Kenyans.

    • I abhor no anger nor hatred towards the kikuyu neither do i follow someone blindly because he is from this or that tribe. Lets call a spade a spade not a big spoon. Honestly rheir is nothing wrong by maize roasting so long as one earns his daily bread legally. People from all tribes have their peculiar ways of attending to issues. Stereotyping the Luos as poverty ridden as u like to pen in ur forums only shows how much u loath the luos but its okay is orite that is ur legal right and no one can take it away from u. Fact is there r people who are ready to die because of Uhuru and there are many mo willing to due because of Raila but all in all this are polirical contests best left to the political pundits themselves. Suppose kenya had working systems such as a transparent IEBC whom majority trust an effective legislature charting out issues for the well being of its citizens a lean public service yet efficient enough to offer service to its citizenry a corrupt free police service which we can all look forward to in times if distress but not one misused by ruling elite to crash any dissenting voices an efficient EACC thar peosecutes those who misuse and or abuse our resources and so forth. That being the case who the hell cares who the CEO of kenya will be it can even be someone from the minority tribes

  25. If Tedd Josiah is man enough mwambie arudi Kenya atoke Bongo. As for you Prof Michael Wainaina , u know from ur previous discussions about your leadership of Grad school in KU that u got no moral authority to point fingers.

  26. Whoops! Who is Ted Josiah??And I told patriots to ignore this ‘professor maina’..hes an accredited fool in academia honor of tribal sycophancy from Mafisi college!

  27. very hard working indeed. This man thinks we are living in Uganda or Tanzania where we can’t monitor how his tribesmen are staunch looters in this country is that hard work?. you can’t tell me that a maize roaster in the streets of Nairobi can just wake up one day in Runda or Karen after being spotted some few years woovering arround Nairobi with Maindi choma then you come back here and trying to fool people my tribe is hardworking we are never fools man.

  28. Cord brigade are fighting for the common mwanainchi. They want our children to be like theirs one day. Otherwise;why waste their time picketing when they own everything?hecko raila ;kalonzo and weta.

  29. Luos vs Kikuyus.
    You have INTENTIONALLY decided to fight each other & destroy Kenya…
    Dear Kenyans, if you can remember your Facebook’s password, you can remember your phones pattern or some funny codes to unlock your phone, you have never walked naked in the streets, you confirm the road is clear before you cross and you always close your door before going to bed every night… Then i consider you a literate and well informed Kenyan who is able to REASON and know what is right or wrong.
    Lemmi then remind you…
    All Luos are not in cord and all Kikuyus are not in jubilee and even if they were, mind your own business.
    Whether you are angry or not, its very wrong to insult each other etnically and for these two tribes to jam the internet with their tribal attacks.
    A Luo is not better than a Kikuyu and a Kikuyu is not better than a Luo and even if one was better, can you live with your tribe alone? Get over yourself!!!
    Who are you trying to please by posting tribal messages. You are actually ashaming all other Kenyans who are nationalists and trying their best to build a united Kenya.
    What do you gain, really???? Do you know how many Luos have never even seen Raila one on one and other millions of Kikuyus who only watch Kenyatta on tv????
    Who told you every one, over 40 million Kenyans must have the same opinion as you and if not, any Kenyan who disagrees with you is wrong??? Respect diverse opinions.
    Kikuyus and Luos. Cord & Jubilee. This country is for all us. The so called Bloggers, Politicians and the rest of us, its Immature, Selfish, Reckless and criminal to post tribal messages that will definitely destroy our Nation.
    Lets Build a United Kenya.

  30. “A leader should lead his people to economic prosperity. What opportunities have our leaders given to our people?…bankers without jobs, scientists without jobs…”
    Ask this Tedd brat the following:
    1. Which leader in Kenya should lead his people to economic prosperity if not UK?
    2. Who’s responsibility is it to employ scientists, professionals etc, if not the government’s?
    3. What is the sole role of the opposition if not to check on the government.
    Huyu kijana akome kabisa kuzungumzia maswala ambayo hana uelewa nayo!
    If he is as bold as he claims, let him talk about the NYS scandal that denied our youths direct jobs, the Eurobond that is denying resources for healthcare, the tribalism that won’t place professionals from Siaya at NSIS.
    Tedd believes in naturing younger people to take over from the old: how many young artists from Siaya has he natured in his many years in music?

  31. I wonder if nyanza is autonomous with another president. Nyanza is in Kenya therefore bad Kenyan leadership. Youth are suffering everywhere the reason why some like Ben gitau have resorted to selling their boot to make ends meet somewhere else. Economic hardship is all over Kenya

  32. When we cry of bad leaderships and poverty we don’t go regional.Non of Kenyan tribes can brag to be rich and turn others to be poverty laughing stock. The problem is spread countrywide and should be blamed for those who have hold national posts since independence



    We also sell plots in any of our counties at affordable prices.

    Guton Microfinance Ltd ,

  34. I dont expect much from kikuyus when they talk except criticise cord,we know you and we are watching you. What else can you tell us,even when the social fabric is fast eroding,the economy is crumbling,corruption is tearing us down,what can you say about that under the keen watch of 3 kikuyu presidencies!!!????.BULLSHIT

  35. your argument na kutusiana makes no sense ua jst making safcom rich 4buying more bundles ,we a tired with luo kikuyu fiasico wacheni fuchinga fuchinga fwana kenya is bigger than otieno & kamau

  36. Kenya needs to borrow a leaf from Ruanda, I can tell you the path we are taking as a country is extremely dangerous. I pray and pray it won’t be too late by the time we come to the reality that tribalism is not good for this country.

  37. Yes,Nyanza people are funny sio kama hawa wangwana wa central.Bcoz,kwanini kwao hakuna jiggers,kwanini kwao wanaume hawaolewi,kwani hawaui watu ili wajinusuru,kwanini awalali na punda,mbwa,mbuzi na kondoo,kwanini kwao hakuna maskwota na ma idps,kwanini kwao hakuna machokos,kwanini kwao watu hawauliwi na kumikumi?Hii inaonyesha niwatu maskini sana!

  38. Just look at this demos ? Who else is there except luos! The fact that that they are in big towns in different counties doesn’t make it a national affair! Last week we had six demonstrations in only six counties out of 47. Kalonzo could not make his people demonstrate no weta! All the main demonstrators except the leaders who want direct nominations all come from same tribe! How is it a national affair? 80percent of Kenyans want peace regardless of the leader!

  39. good but for our featured idea we young people should hv an action about means as well as ends and it will therefore implies change, changing situations ,systems,practice,behaviour, and our society will become a meaningfully to ur coming generations

  40. What has this got to do with Nyanza if I may ask?..

    Ted is my village mate and I know he means well… Opposition is opposition and IEBC is not the government..
    Short of sounding a Kikuyu apologist…what you are saying is OLD HAT.. READ THE KENYAN HISTORY.. This will never end well…

    • Who is a Kikuyu apologist? You talk as if being a Kikuyu is some sort of a crime or something to be ashamed of. With your kind of talk, you bet, this will never end well. We need to realize that all common Kenyans are victims of the political class. In Kenya, it is not about belonging to a tribe it is about being poor. The majority are poor on account of a thieving corrupt political class in both CORD and Jubilee.

    • Prof..that young mans rant is Old Hat..

      Who said Luos are desperate?

      The underlying ” elephant in the room” here is the perennial chasm political or otherwise between Luos and Kikuyus..
      This defines almost all political engagements albeit subtly.. Facts can be stubborn.. Luo bashing earned leaders favours in previous regimes…it won’t cut in the current dispensation….

  41. Just because a luo talks ill of other Luos makes Kikuyu’s get a hard on.

    Tell ted to visit luo Nyanza.. Luos are not as desperate as he thinks…
    Infact his village in Ugenya is wanting… Boda boda riders and changaa Brewer’s.. What has he done about it?

  42. Why i find this kind of blog nonsense is simple, poverty cuts across all tribes, we have tribal warlords in every tribe, so trying to point out luos is nothing short of stupid. As for poverty Professor Micheal wainaina I will tell you this, ND will use the area where you come from Central, poverty is rife nd that is after 2 presidents nd currently a sitting one,plus plum government appointments skewed to favour ur area, plus a whole host of millionaires,poverty ,joblessness is there ,hence leading to drunkness in among the youth.Poverty is everywhere in fact I believe worse in Central nyinyi mkikufa mnazikwa langata ata shamba hamna, the young luo man will be transported home kuzikwa kwao,so please save it,that poverty stricken kikuyu/kalenjin youth will die for Uhuruto without blinking an eyelid nd that’s the nonsense we need to get rid of in the country not trying to point out some people, Uhuru kenyatta is a billionaire watched news in Muranga schools kids bn taught outside,no desks, no classroom,if we r to use ur reasoning bout Raila, Kalonzo, Weta kids then how come ur kids or Uhurus don’t go to such schools??? As for Ted Josiah wat has he done to change the mindset in Nyanza, atleast when am home i talk to the youths nd tell them some things have to change,,so please save us the bullshit rich tribal warlords are in all tribes,same as poverty, kasaidie wa Central kwanza charity begins at home.

    • It would have helped you Omollo if you had read my other articles before going out on a rant. You will be surprised that me and you agree on almost everything you have said. How then can my blog be nonsense and you be speaking sense if we are actually saying the same thing?

  43. Ted has spoken well…but one thing that he foes not know is that you can’t have a meaningful life unless you are ready to fight for it. One famous Chinese philosopher once said: “You don’t have a right if you don’t know your right…but if you do know your right then it is worth dying for. TED seams not to understand the politics of this Country and the Key players.
    The freedom that Ted is enjoying today was fought for in the same way.

    • @Peter odera ochieng All these rights we know.But its like a medical practitioner with all academic qualifications and when you professionalism demands what he went to medical school to use in order to treat a patient he/she does the unthinkable.Gives the patient an option of going to a witchdoctor to get treated.So why call yourself a doctor anyway??Whats my point here?Opposition CORD has the best brains of well schooled lawyers the list is endless.Why can’t they show Kenyans they have what it takes by pushing out IEBC through the legit way and not like a qualified Doc who tells his patient to go the more destructive way (Witchraft) to seek his treatment here I mean street.Let them use their brains.

    • Aggrey Kituyi CORD have no intentions of following the constitution, they want power. They also have absolutely no ability to bring meaningful change. They are equally steeped in politics of ethnicity, impunity, and mediocrity just like jubilee. For Jubilee and CORD, the constitution is not the supreme law. It is a nuisance and they will only follow it when it favors them. If it doesn’t, they will make the most stupid, infantile and asinine arguments on why they should not follow it. This is what happens when a political class has reached the end of its line. If the citizens do not get rid of it it will take down the country and not care. Both CORD and jubilee are drunk with power, some to get it and some to keep it. They are all delusional.

    • Thé mess we have is due to poor leadership From the founding Mzee jomo after jaramogi sacrificing himself From not ascending to power and give It to kenyatta.later kenyatta with Mt. Kenya mafia formed club to steal what White pple had left. Same thing raila saved moi govt later moi appointed uhuru. Now comes kibaki again after having been handed power to kibaki the results. So pple thing they are hardworking than others. No.. Watch the space Punda amechoka.

    • Tell them Polycarp Mukabwa, lies don’t outlive time.we were born some few yrs ago but we understand the history of this nation pretty well.They can demonize the opposition as they can but less criticism goes to the govt of the day which shld be held accountable in the first place.The leadership of the opposition cld be wrong but the govt is scoring higher than that, so where shld our focus be in the first place? The govt of the day or the opposition which is a govt in waiting? Let’s skin the govt properly so that the opposition knows well that even if it gets a chance to lead and not to RULE this nation it will be required to adhere to high stds.All these other lectures of ethnic profiling is just but crap.I live n dream beyond my tribal cocoon.For those whose thoughts are hatched within tribal nucleuses woe unto them! Kenya will prosper with these bunch of imbiciles alive or dead.God bless our nation Kenya.

  44. Ted ameongea. The problems in nyanza are also in central and other areas. The difference is the millionaires in central have made us believe there’s no poverty and joblessness in their areas . Tembea uko uone.

  45. Big Ted is in the kitchen…it is not hard guessing whose tune he is singing, just as it wasn’t hard guessing whose tune he was singing previously. So hr is neither the voice of reason nor that thoughtful role model you would have us believe he is. I also do not buy into your bullshit that Nyanza people are poor and people in central rich, or that leaders in central made us rich and leaders in Nyanza made them poor. If you believe it, you need to go right back into the basics. There are very rich people in Central but that hardly translates to people. Besides there are super rich people in every region in this country and we all know how they make their money….from government. So please, take your professorship back to class or your ass to the street to demand less corruption in government.

  46. I have a reason to believe Tedd Josiah is just helping to add more firewood to. An already super heated furnace of hate and tribalistic twisted society called Kenya.The arguments been bringing up if you read the comment u disclose that they are only being ignited up by those who believe heis favouring thea political and tribal outfit.that already again fires up more bad than Good.
    Speaking of poverty ,my believe has always been that No Kikuyu is rich BT individuals among them are rich and no Luo or kalenjin or even Luhyas are rich or poor BT individuals among them are either poor or rich..Tell him be reminded that the wealth of my Brother is never a guarantee that am also rich or even my neighborhood

  47. Your name betrays u nothing we expect from someone like u thinking hatred eating hatred n drinking hatred u hate other communities create your own planet otherwise u will die b coz of jealousy hatred n tribal

  48. Are you trying to say that uhuruto did not use other peoples children in their political prayer rallies, in their political campaigns and actual voting in the last general elections? Their security details are other peoples children! Their farmhands! Their political visits to various parts of the country are graced by other peoples children! It’s other peoples children who bear the brunt of corruption despite Uhuru enjoying all the trapping of power! Stop Kikuyu stupidity!

  49. Tell your government to stop cheap tribalism when it comes to sharing the cake. If the government is for two tribes,what do you expect from the other 40 tribes? Do you want them to cheer up Jubilee as they take the country to dogs? Punda amechoka!

  50. WHO IS TED JOSIAH??the last time he was given tender with Uhuru to launched his presidential candidature ,,what did he do when he was in ENTERTAINMENT industry,,they corrupted that industry they discriminated and interfered with talented upcoming artists ,,
    Ted shouldnt even talk about corruption in this country ,he’s the most corrupt young man

  51. I have read Wainainas’ article and even listened to tedds’ clip. Man let’s be honest, what is said is not any far from the truth. The only thing that teddy needs to put across is that it is not only nyanza that is poor, poverty can be seen in all regions. The key take home message is “there is need for a succession road map in Kenyan politics “. God bless Kenya.

  52. The children of Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangula have no good reason to demonstrate in street politics because all their needs have been superbly catered for. In contrast, the children of the Kenyan poor have no hope, are desperate and have been disenfranchised from decent existance. They yearn for a revolution to make everything level so that everybody can have a fresh start and therefore are looking for the ignition to start this revolution – and that’s why they are easily rallied to the streets by politicians.

    • True. I have always found that line that Raila’s kids should join the street demos rather simplistic. Guys like Ted ought t o tell Kenyans what HE can do for Kenyans or Nyanza for that matter to reduce poverty and eliminate poor leadership. Not open another book of lamentations inspired by other political authors.

  53. As of the past two months ,Where did this this tribal hooliganism emanated n who is behind.To destabilize Kenya is just a matter of hrs.N who ever wishes it can b ready for results.Soon nahama Kenya.

  54. Tedd Joshia,your point on ethnicity on comparing the two giants parties is very outdated! Both parties are not for particular tribes but are across the board represented. Can you convince Kenyans that you are NOT a tribalistic citizen??

  55. Angalia sasa when slaves are told the truth insults flies from all corners..instead of asking themselves;what have these analogue leaders done for Kenyans hio miaka yooote in the govt kama sio wizi,uuaji,kuropokwa for self gains??think!!!

  56. Is nyanza a sovereign state different from the kenyan republic,what is jubilee doing to nurture the youth in this country and have they allocated money for that,is recruiting the youth in mungiki sect a process of nurturing youth and is it happening in nyanza,when you talk of nyanza leadership we dont know whether you start from uhuru as president going down or mcas,avoid profiling nyanza and showing the world that you are a jubilee puppet,kenya is for us all and the final man for thes problem is uhuru who has the primary responsibility to care for nyanza youth through our tax we pay,

  57. Instead of going kwa mandamano join me @ AIM Global part or full time business which will improve your life friends for more information whats-up no +254716775514 God bless you

  58. Kill the mentality that only certain people from certain communities fought for independence and therefore are the only one going to rule that the presidency cannot cross river chania I want to tell you now that it’s a slavery narrative used to defend and protect what they continue to steal from Kenyans collaborators and sycophants like Tedd once they squandered the bribe they got turn to tired stereotypes to try and gain some foothold but in truth they are drowning in the great river of betrayal and guilt

  59. What is it that Raila has that Ted don’t have. Did Raila stop him from starting his own political party?? Has Raila stopped him from initiating any development project?? If you look at who posted the video online….

  60. Stop nonsense any Kenyan who posts tribal posts is an animal and a threat to peace and Kenyans. Let’s all grow up you don’t know Who will die next due to our own undeveloped thoughts and post

  61. Prof the kenyan political leader is not spending his money on campaigns so that you can benefit, please understand they do it to get into political office’s from where they can be worshipped and recoup their monies back. What is surprising is that after all these years people still expect the same guys to lead us to prosperity.
    If you want prosperity then vote for issues not tribe

  62. My fellow kenyans,it annoys me when i see two main tribe insulting each other in the name of politicts.why is it only Kikuyu & luo accuses each other in this platform.kindly my kenyan good God created people.avoided accusations & embrase peace & Almighty Father will take away all the problems you are facing to comment noncences in this group.goodday

  63. Wainaina is just a reflection a Kikuyu man. He is doing the right thing. Uhuru took a photo with a very reach Kiambu lady while launching rural electrification in Kiambu.

  64. Kenya’s problem can only be solved by a president…..and that’s where our problems begin. The only president with the goodwill to change politics in this country was Kibaki, unfortunately he succumbed to the Mt. Kenya mafia that survives on the gravy train that is the government. Uhuru is too preoccupied with a second term to solve Kenya’s political problems as will Ruto if he takes over. Tedd’s call will not work because it retains a status quo which is favourable to the government of the day. Human nature is such that people will destroy everything for justice. Unless God intervenes, we are on the path of destroying everything and starting afresh with more respect.

  65. The question should never be whether Nyanza is richer or poorer than Central. The question uppermost in our minds should be how better off am I today than yesterday, what personal initiative do I intend to implement to better the conditions of my personal life. A leader is a “leader does”, and that leader should be me. The riches in Central province won’t help me if they don’t belong to me, they might as be in Siberia.

    • Dee-j Kollo,don’t u see their is something wrong with this picture?think abt it-their kids are leaving the high life,they have no opinion abt what their fathers do except how much house helps shud be paid all the while other poor Kenyans who don’t even have blood relationship with the so called leaders are getting the full force of the authorities while the cord leaders escape with their fuel guzzlers.if u lead a demo,u have to be willing to die for your cause(Gandhi, martin Luther) and not let others suffer and then capitalize on their deaths.

    • U pple amaze me…u want us to suffer coz our children wil die??..each cos has causalities…how do u explain a case wea a person’s wears a watch of 10million yes 10 million and thousands of pple r leaving in poverty

  66. The many youths on streets to join CORD Fraternity for demos shows how badly managed our country is..the youths r jobless n idle..what happened to 1million jobs per year promise by JUBILEE government?y is the government clinging tight on IEBC?you Jubilee sycophants you r Simply heading to a wrong direction.

    • Not holding on to iebc,holding on to the constitution.even the USA itself struggles to create employment.when u see Uhuru going abroad is to woo investors so that this jobs are created.this demos are not doin the country any favours in terms of offering investor confidence and know a separate madaraka day celebration???

  67. The clip by Ted Josiah is a depiction of ignorance and the dead and buried “Big Man Syndrome ” that characterized the regimes under the old constitutional order, where people relied on “Big Men” (pun intended) to deliver goodies to mere mortals in the form of ordinary citizens.

    The dispensation has changed so drastically that nobody can stand on a podium and demand attention from the Central Government, because for 90% of the time, “Central Government ” (again, pun intended ) no longer has the capability to ignore parts of the country based on whose butt they choose to lick.

    • But also know being buddies with the government helps get things done quicker with less frustrations.licking arse for a leader all over the world is an essential tool especially if he/she cares for his voters.in luo-land,since yester-years have consistently been militant against the government and while they grew rich,the masses were left to suffer all along being told the fault lies with the government .

  68. Tell Uhuru to stop making other regions of this country poor because they are not his tribes people. Secondly, tell Uhuru to stop corruption and the Bandit economy as Dr. Mutunga puts it? Which University gave you professorship by the way? What you are seeing is because of poor leadership that is hollow or rigid to change! we need change by making our Institutions trustworthy and free from manipulation, we need an economy or country where public service reflects the 42 tribes and inclusive of all kinds of humanity in this gret country and not all managers of an energy regulatory board from central…you mean all public Universities admits only central students? they are the only with paper? Now if you are a real professor my assignment to you is give me an institution in Kenya that does not have all or at least 3 0r 4 top managers from one tribe? Kenyans can not afford to be fooled in the 21st century! stop that propaganda!

    • Wake up and smell the coffee,politics is a dirty game.u keep your friends close and enemies closer!!!.in Kenyan perspective,the government is only going to hire people they trust and they will especially keep the opposition very close in that they will have to know their every move.have u ever considered that certain communities suffer and have suffered due to their leaders who funny enough are fabulously wealthy??and on corruption,its been their since the dinasours but at least now we are doin something abt it.if u think fighting its easy to fight it put on some gloves see how many rounds u last.

    • Mark Ngugi the evils done by some people in this country needs to be addrressed. the comm isssipons in that effect were formed and reports given. we need action not protection of evils!

    • Kihara Wa Kabeu which consititution when it is being flouted left right by the supossed custodians..why are people not going to uhuru park? i thought it is under nairobi county as in devolution? or it is under police? since when?

  69. Those fighting to change the status quo are not the incubators of poverty!It is those who are out to maintain the status quo that make poverty to hit Kenyans and humanity hard!

  70. Mark you also buy the lie that government is responsible for making people better. If that was the case there would have been no jigger-infested person in Gatundu which has had two presidents so far, and girls in Baringo where the president of 24 yrs and vice president for over ten years, would not be using raw goat skins and chicken feathers for tampons. Some of the things never happen in Nyanza which many people would waneto ridicule.

  71. Tedd with this your long ,long boring list,i see you have agood message whose tym has not come,pple of kenya lazima wakae chini and disagree to agree.so hold on your poorly fed horses first

  72. Many times agree with u and largely on the above but not with the tired argument of Railas and their children. Resistance,demos are not family outings neither a validating element or would join them if u found Kalonzo’s son in the forefront?

  73. When the professor talks about two incidences I truly thought he was sincere until I saw the two incidences are both from one side of the political divide as usual. There are more serious atrocities from the other side which Maina Kiai and Githongo have been addressing properly which I thought the good professor would site for consideration. I am afraid the good professor you fail the test of one who has the best interest of this nation at heart. You are just a jubilee activist using the sword of cord against them.

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