Peter Kenneth, Kenyan’s tunawesmake; wewe hungewesmake – You were never Presidential material in the first place

Only in Kenya! Only in Kenya can someone run for President in 2013 and then run for governor in 2017 and convince themselves there is nothing wrong with the move. This is what happens to a country where we are under siege from a political class that has no principals and is simply driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. . They stand for nothing and will change positions in the most unorthodox of ways and still try to justify themselves. This is upuzi  if ever there was any.

They will call it “democratic right”. I agree. There is nothing new about Kenyan politicians exercising their democratic right to be ridiculous. Martha Karua has since exercised this right. I will deal with that in another article. My concern here is the reasons that Peter Kenneth gave for demoting himself. The reasons are not only untrue, they are diversionary but more importantly, disrespectful and demeaning to the people of Kenya. They cannot pass without being challenged.

First, he claimed that Kenyans desire change but seem not ready for it when it is offered to them. In his own language he thinks when it comes to change, Kenyans hawawesmake.

This is total nonsense.


He cannot sanitize his premature, misinformed, uninspired and more importantly failed run for the presidency in 2013 by saying that Kenyans are not ready for change. We are.  We have been since before he ran for the presidency. It is utter contempt for the people for PK to make such a claim. This is because the road to change in this country must begin with the unwavering believe in its good people. I have consistently responded to those who would belittle the people that these same people are the only hope for change in this country anyway. There is no other means. To want change and demean and dismiss the people in the same breath is self-defeating, even foolish.

PK’s assumption is that we have been offered the change and refused to take it.

We have not.

And if he is to be believed, he imagines that he was that change.

He was not.

His argument is that since Kenyans rejected him, we are not ready for change. This is the kind of argument that you get from a self-righteous politician and not of the inspiring type. Kenyans rejected him because he had nothing to offer them. They know emptiness when they see it.

Politics is about narratives. He had none.

So, my question to him would, what change did he offer?

He was not a change candidate and he did not have a change message. In fact, he did not even have a unique message leave alone a change one. I cannot remember what he stood for because he either stood for nothing, or for the painfully commonplace. You cannot tell us that you are running for president to fix roads, bring us water, education, electricity and end corruption. That is what politicians have been telling us for the last half a century!

I have consistently made the argument that politics is about narratives.   For you to make an impact, you must have a compelling new narrative that resonates with the people, a sizeable base, a constituency big enough to take you past the finish line to victory.  I have argued that in 2013 only two presidential candidates had a political narrative, Uhuru and Raila. And their narrative was tribe. They were presenting themselves as tribal kingpins at the top of two tribal coalitions. The tribal coalitions gave them an identifiable, countable base, a constituency to take them over the line. Not only did PK not have a narrative, he did nothing to confront the tribal narrative of the two tribal kingpins who were his top competitors. How do you expect to trounce tribal kingpins without deconstructing the tribal narrative that makes them front-runners and provide an alternative non-tribal narrative?

That he couldn’t do this does not mean Kenyan’s hatuwesmake, it means he had nothing substantial to offer, hangewesmake! He should not justify his own failure to present himself as an alternative by claiming Kenyans do not want change. We do. He just wasn’t it!

The second reason he gives is even more annoying. He claims that the 2017 elections is a closed race between Jubilee and CORD tribal coalitions and there is no space for anyone else.

Nonsense. Utter nonsense.


First, anyone calling the 2017 elections a whole 10 months ahead is a stranger to Kenyan politics.  We cannot yet tell how the tribal configurations of the next general election will look like. One would expect PK to know this.

There is no guarantee that the two coalitions will remain intact until 2017. Jubilee might. But it will disintegrate thereafter. Jubilee party is what one pundit calls nonsense in stilts. As for CORD, there is a stand-off and we are yet to see how things unravel. I am not sure things will unravel nicely. It is premature to say what will happen. To claim that these are the only two coalitions and there is no space for anyone else is naive and premature.

I am not critiquing this move by Peter Kenneth just because it is unprincipled, amateurish and pretentious. I am critiquing it because as I will demonstrate, it has very serious implications to the political psyche of the people.

First, some background. My position in this blog has been very clear. That we are captives of a degenerate political class in CORD and Jubilee who are driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. Many people agree. I have argued that we need to get rid of the tribal warlords at the top of the CORD and Jubilee kakistocracies. Many people agree. But they add a rider that such an enterprise is impossible. In their defence, they quote Peter Kenneth and others who ostensibly tried in 2013 and “failed”. This is where I have a problem with Peter Kenneth and the others.

Do you think that someone who ran for President in 2013 and is now running for governor was a serious presidential candidate in the first place?

I don’t think so.

Can they then be used as an indicator of whether the tribal overlords in CORD and Jubilee can be defeated?

I do not think so.

This is the problem I have with PK. He has made people believe that the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee are not defeatable and yet it is he who was incapable of defeating them. To prove the extent to which he has bought into the tribal narrative, he has joined Jubilee where “his people” ostensibly are. I find the move rather cliché and pedestrian. By abandoning the search for the presidency in favour of his tribal overlord, PK wants Kenyans to believe that the tribal narrative is the only option, that the tribal warlords are undefeatable and that the best thing to do is to support “yours”. For a country that is desperately in need of a new non-ethnic political narrative, this is in my book is the greatest disservice that PK has done to Kenyans after running a rudderless and doomed presidential campaign. He would have done better to stay out of the fray. He would have in future managed to convince Kenyans that he is a Kenyan candidate. With his move, he has confirmed that he was a tribal candidate and that he is angling himself for space in future in the tribal narrative.

So, let PK not blame Kenyans for his failures. We want change and tunawesmake. His actions of demoting himself from a presidential candidate to a gubernatorial candidate, disdain for the people and capitulation to tribal overlords have simply demonstrated that he is not the change we are looking for. A confirmation that he was never a change candidate, was never presidential material, hangewesmake na hatawesmake.


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  1. Prof I will make my comment later. But offer us an analysis of what Pk said about 2017 vis a vis what transpired in the American presidential election in 2016 and taking into consideration what most analyst and media projected to be the outcome of that election election

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD, the self proclaimed professor. Av been following your post keenly, and one thing I found out, is that you don’t give any credit, its only criticism and criticism referring to everything as nonsense. You don’t give any solution and yet you crown ur self the title of a professor? If you think ur good, why don’t you offer yourself for presidency and provide the narrative you are lecturing us about and also do things that are not nonsense.

    • Stanley Mathea It is not true that I do not offer solutions. In fact you seem very alive to the fact that I have articulated one solution very well and you seem keenly aware of it, the alternative narrative. It means I have done a good job. I honestly do not have anything good to say about the current political establishment in CORD and Jubilee. If one tried hard enough, they would find something good to say about the devil. It does not make him any less of the devil.

      The hope for this country is its people. I have consistently said that. When some commentators demean the people, I come out strongly in the defense of the people. Of course you do not see that as something positive and optimistic because you are waiting for me to say something positive about the politcal class. I have nothing good to say about them. But I have a lot of good things to say about the people. If you have seen the narrative issue, it should not be hard to see this.

  2. As someone said the gentleman is like a Jacaranda tree. He flowers after five years and then disappears. As things stand now Kenyans cannot wait for politicians to solve our problems. We need to act.

    • #Mosoti. I agree. We have left the Kenyan political agenda and voting pattern to be driven by the poor and uneducated. That means they sell the country to economic rapists on handouts. Where is the educated middle class who pay taxes? Why have we left our uneducated to decide the direction the country should take politically? How can I vote on tribal lines when the President’s son is marrying from the same tribe our politicians purport to be our enemy? Who is fooling who here?

    • John Karenge and Mosoti, it is called the power of a single political narrative. It does not surprise me at all. I have said we desperately need a new non-ethnic political narrative to mobilize the people. If we do not get one, the tribalists in Cord and Jubilee will come with the only narrative they have, tribalism, and we will vote for them.

    • The middle class are a let down to this country and especially to the future generation. I think Kenyans need to face the worst for them to change their ethnic mentality if schooling wasnt enough to ignite their reasoning. I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND!

    • All over the world people congregate on self interests and the common denominator in our case is tribe. So prof. a different narrative will take generations to take root. Go back to history and find out how the so called civilized societies developed.

    • Anthony K Muhindi “Self interests and common denominator” does not have to be tribe. It is tribe because that is how the CORD/Jubilee political class want it. There can be as many “self-interests”and “common denominators”a s we are willing to imagine. Our problem is not tribe, our problem is imagination.

    • I concur,read some article and was struck by this idea of middle class making their voice heard in America tired of working for long hours for little pay.a good example are teachers where am one of them.tumekamatwa akili n during elections most do not vote by taking funny iebc jobs hence not voting,am mounting a campaign where we must be allowed to vote first,our voice be heard

    • We desperately need a new political narrative for sure. It’s possible, it’s doable. Africans in general lack imagination. It’s an area where our performance is dismal. Let’s start imagining a change in our political landscape. Just Imagining is a good step ahead for now. It’s a plus!

    • John Karenge This is why I blog my friend. When my readers start to see these things and yearn to become better and do better my job is done. I cannot agree with you more. I cannot add anything but to say you are a very good student. Or maybe I am a damn good teacher. Heheheheheehheehehe

    • It is not all done by saying and having that positive view, we must put ourselves into action. We need a movement of change, one that is crafted & driven by like minded individuals, with a clear agenda to bring a different narrative in the political arena. A movement binded by unity of all people from all walks of life. The question is are we willing to get to the real task (Action)?

    • mosoti Geofrey teachers at my sons school are millionaires(500students multiply by 6k per year=Ksh 30m divided divided by 30teachers=1m per teachear above his/her salary)
      this is good for status quo.

  3. I’m not saying it’s right but you are wrong when you say only in Kenya. Senator Marco Rubio vied and won Florida Senate seat after losing his bid for the presidency. John Mccain has served two terms as Senator of Arizona. David Cameron stayed on as MP after resigning as PM. Uhuru vied for Mp for Gatundu after losing pres elections. Say what you may but Don’t say only in Kenya and there’s nothing wrong with vying for a lesser seat.

  4. Peter Kenneth is a testube politician who like you say has nothing new to offer,where was he when we were fighting for the iebc commissioners to leave office? He is a hopeless political opportunist.

  5. There is a huge vacuum in 2017. People who are calling it a two horse race between JAP and CORD are missing the large pink elephant in the small bird cage. Trump is no angel but he won the American presidency against a 30 year washington insider. What was his message ? He constantly pelted the masses with the same chorus; the government is corrupt and uncaring(this extend to all who have been in previous regimes). The same message will resonate in kenya. The infrastructure is deplorable. Corruption is the norm. Tribal animosity is entrenched. Cost of living sky high. Youth are captive of unemployment. Witnessing this,it is hard to believe in an existence of a working or even caring government.

  6. Pk was and still is a poster boy anauza sura he stands for nothing and everything as it turns out. Martha is out of options but not ideas, which kenyans don’t seem to comprehend.

  7. Believe.And i believe democracy entitles individuals of a state to vie for any leadership position Whether it is a village elder,Govenor,president.Its about your willingnes to serve people and changing societys.If u have ever sufferd from statusquo,you will be writing this in capital letters.kenneth is a kenyan and so i see it okay.If kenyans believe in him they can do it as americans did by electing trump.He is not demeaning himself.You.are deamning him by pulling this topic.By being so rich or educated as you are does not you are demean by serving people in whatever position.It only means you are eqocentric,meaning you are a fool.SERVICE IS ABOVE SELF.

  8. Its so worrying that Kenyans are every election cycle forced to choose among zebras the fat one. A reliable change is not forthcoming. Am afraid that we’ll have no option but to settle for the lesser devil.

    • Do not give up too soon. Like Robert Kennedy said, “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”.

  9. Prof I think every Kenyan so this coming, succession politics, what we didn’t see is him running for Nairobi Governor which he might loose even on a jubilee ticket but most importantly it shows that he is a leader with no ideology but like I said he is the heir apparent that’s what this all shifts are about

  10. ODM Is Trully A Party Of National Unity. Raila Their Party Leader Is A Kikuyu From Muranga, John Mbadi Its Chairman Is A Somali From Wajir, Its Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo Is A Mijikenda From Coast. And Of Course To Maintain The National Outlook They Had To Include A Kalenjin By Nominating Oburu Odinga…

  11. True prof. I hate people who keep shifting goal posts. U have nothing to die for. Nothing to sacrifice.
    U want to play it safe for survival no way.
    I had been silent about PK untill he stooped low to this mediocre idea. Does it mean when he stood for presidency in 2013 there was no governorship post.
    Why cant the people of Nrb wait for this guy and shave him clean( 20k)votes.
    Him PK Martha K Ole abdi Diba Kiyapi and Mutie all combined got 50000 votes. This was shame the least votes those who contested for gubernatorial seat in Nrb got was 80000 votes much higher than their sum total of 50 k votes.
    Prof simply put PK and etal were projects to gather votes for one of their own or they were spoiler projects on hire. Now that they did their work no need to contest for presidency again. What a cunning man minus a single principle but a mere opportunist or survivor.
    Down with Him so sad.

  12. What did Kenyans want PK to do after failing to vote for him even the so called “Twitter Followers?” Bring change from outside government? That would be the work of opposition. Unfortunately he didn’t make it despite having a very clear agenda for this country. Though I don’t speak for him, by his statement that Kenyans are not ready for change, I believe he meant Kenyans know what they want but are not courageous to take drastic step. It was like Jesus and the disciples when he asked them to drop everything and follow him by way of Faith. There is nothing as disheartening as putting your faith in others who tell you how good you are but deep down inside have no faith in your abilities. That is what happened in 2013. PK only put up his candidature for all but the euphoric mindset of Kenyans couldn’t even give the cockroach a chance to smell the leftovers. Now Kenyans are annoyed at him because he “stooped lower” but fail to remember that the dynamics of politics in Kenya has been gravely altered by two families in the last 10years. Odinga and Kenyatta representing CORD and JUBILEE. Even if you Prof were to start a political party today, you would not even get 1000 votes not because you’re a poor candidate but because Kenyans only want to hear certain things and not the real truth. If you attack any of their subjects, it becomes a communal issue. Change can only come by way of principles and values. Today, we are been asked to vote in the lesser corrupt of two factions which unfortunately is our greatest limitation. Even if today PK stood for Presidential, you wouldn’t give him because it would be “wasting your vote”. But who said wasting a vote of principles and values is a wasted vote unless driven by inclination other than such value? Ask any Kenyan today what the value of their vote is. If they tell you it’s worth shs100 then they don’t know any other value. If they tell you it’s worth my value set as a person of principle, then even a communal influence to change such perception will not suffice. That Prof is what will bring true change to Kenya.

    • If PK had a well articulated alternative narrative that resonated with the people, they would have voted for him. That is the way of politics. That he did not have one is his own doing. To turn around and insult us and then join the same tribal warlords he was running against is totally inexcusable. Politicians the world over do not blame the people when they loose. They blame themselves for not accomplishing the task for the people. Hillary Clinton apologized to her supporters for letting them down. PK expects us to apologize to him. Hawesmake.

    • There is no current alternative Prof. That is what you don’t understand. And which task did he fail? Kenyans used 3piece voting in 2012. There was absolutely no chance for sober leaders leave alone Olekiyapi and Dida. When it comes to addressing problems facing Kenyans, tribalism is the one setback that Kenyans use to view individuals. That there is the no.1 setback. You have already branded PK one and yet all he’s done is to re-align himself with the only options of political vehicles available. Even if he joined CORD, Central and Rift Kenya would despise him for dining with the enemy. Either way, he stands no chance because politics is a game of numbers. The biggest weakness I have observed with majority of Kenyans is that they believe you must be tribally affiliated for one to address common Kenyan problems. Disease, unemployment and poverty know no tribe. Malaria in Western will kill a child in Central Kenya. That problem can not be addressed by people faulting an individual. Kenyans have got to give those who have solid agendas a chance to demonstrate ability regardless of where they come from. If you think Onyango cannot handle a problem because he is a luo, that already discredits him without fair judgement based on demonstrated ability. People knew about PK from Gatanga days but many Kenyans chose to ignore his abilities instead focusing on “euphoria”. Let’s understand one thing. We cannot get solutions to our problems from a standpoint of emotions. We have got to use rational thinking and objectivity. Instead of Kenyans condemning PK, they should ask themselves why the change of strategy? Unless you have the kind of financial muscle that recurrent crop of candidates have perpetually amassed across the different regimes, it may not be wise to jump onto a Presidential election without a fairly solid guarantee of success. I wouldn’t. Remember now political financing is very minimal and Kenya is even struggling to make ends meet with a high debt burden. I wouldn’t blame RAO for complaining about stolen victory. He may not be the best candidate but it matters when your expectations are not matched with reality. The problem is not PK. The problem lies with Kenyans. If you voted Uhuruto because of reasons other than the manifesto they had and then now discover that their tenure is more riddled with graft than any other regime, would you really blame PK? So now you blame him for joining Jubilee because it is corrupt and not because he has an agenda for Nairobi? Has it ever occurred to you that you can be working in the same company with someone you don’t like but because you need the job, you still get your job done? Does that make you as bad as that person? That is where the point of divergence lies Prof. If PK can join Jubilee but serve Nairobians according to expectations, who cares where he will have come from? If his priority is to serve Nairobi, who cares whether he does it from inside the house or outside? What matters is the “value potential of the vote” not the “aesthetics of the vote.” Btw the democrats had a better candidate to face Trump than Clinton but they chose otherwise.

  13. I disagree with u on this one. Pk just like any other Kenyan has other responsibilities other than being a politician. He has family members who look up for him as a bro, sis, son or a grandson. He has to provide for them n cater for their needs. After loosing a chance in 2013,he has to warm up for future n it requires financial stability. He’s therefore going for a gubernatorial seat for two things; to give his leadership services to mwananchi n of course to earn salary. In my opinion therefore its in order for him to secede n lower his ambition even for once

  14. I totaly disagree with you proff,it will take more than pk to change the kenyan political train from tribal rail to a merit driven one,leaders are doers while politicians banks on narratives,pk had little chance this time because kenyans are not yet ready for a change,oooh yes!kenyans have been given golden chances to change but never raised to the occastion reason been the institutions “schools”that should change the young generation are more tribal and profit driven,am sorry proff but the ball is in you peoples coats.

  15. Professor you’re another peter Kenneth. You first tell us Kenyans choose leaders based on ethnicity and that’s why peter wasn’t elected and next paragraph we didn’t elect Kenneth coz he had nothing to offer..ata wewe si unarukaruka kama yeye from prezo to Gorvonor

    • The statement is true. If you read the article keenly, you will understand that it is true. Let me explain. Among all the 2013 candidates only 2 had a political narrative, Raila and Uhuru. Their narrative was ethnicity and they were leading two tribal coalitions. For one to defeat them, there was need to confront them on this issue. Not through metaphors and PR. O mundu ghu mundu. Stand with them toe to toe and call them out as tribal warlords, PK did not do that. After you call them out, then you must offer the people an alternative narrative that inspires and binds them into a constituency that can vote you in. PK had no alternative narrative and therefore no identifiable constituency. This is called lack of political strategy. For a person who thought he could run for president, being without a political strategy ni upuzi.

  16. This kind of rubbish was all over year 2005/6 when Uhuru supported Kibaki.Having good policies is one thing.Having a superb plan on how to land in the state house is another different thing.A wise politician will invest time n resources on the latter first be it in Kenya,Europe or America. Siasa ni kujipanga as Ruto puts it.No politician’s future is as bright as PK’s

    • I do not know what you are calling rubbish. You need to explain. PK ran on a “nationalist” ticket. Now you are saying he has fallen back on the tribal narrative ndio ajipange. The country does not need another Kikuyu tribal warlord. It needs a statesman a unifier.

    • You are a professor as u say so I understand you are thinking from that line but running away from the reality.
      Do u know y those learned characters allover the world fail to make it to top positions? Its bcoz of such thinking.
      To me you are right very right indeed but this is just a philosophy that is far much away from the electorate.

  17. Proffesor Michael wainaina—- did you know that if you are seen walking or working closely with a thief,you are also counted as a thief ???PK should know that Kenyans are mature politically and are aware of these cheap politics,,, anyway this is a game plan for 2022

    • I am shocked at politicians making 2022 game plans. Are they assuming the 2017 is in the bag already. Big mistake!! Politics is about the people and they are thoroughly underestimating the people. I am withe the people and believe that given the right options, they will make the right choices.

  18. Poleni , but looks like Kenya is now ready for another Trump. One thatvwill restore our country back to the politics of the early 70’s, where the govt was for the people. Price control of essential commodities, equitable resources to all Kenyans n not where a refugee lives better than its citizens.(immigrants), jobs rvoffered to foreigners while many lie jobless (Kansime). .
    Ya Trump is all hate speech but has been voten in coz that’s wat the Americans wanted in TOTALITY.

    • I hope one day Kenyans will vote to person without considering his tribe,religion or race,a change is on the way,people are tired of poor
      governance ,unfilled promises,both political class they offer no solutions,we need new ideas,I have a dream,it may not 2017 but I assure u,Kenyans will
      unite and elect person who will bring real transformation

  19. Prof, just because you have taught at the University for many years , does it mean that you cannot teach at a kindergarten. Anyway you may not depending on how proud, arrogant you are, coupled with the inadequacies in the mastery of the basic concepts.

  20. I agree..some aspirants who are hopping on various positions are not after leadership they are after something else just like flies that keep flying near an hotel..Proffesor the only person who has ever persisted on his post is Raila Amollo Odinga,he has interests of Kenyans in heart

    • Okemwa, if there is someone who has been hopping on various positions in pursuit of power, it is Raila Odinga. He is the master of siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. He left Ford Kenya when he could not get leadership there, he formed NDP and sold it to Moi for a position in KANU and the then corrupt KANU government. It was not for nothing. His family now owns a government constructed factory called Molasses. He went to LDP to bargain for a position in NARC. He didn’t last in the NARC government either. He later bought a party called ODM and crafted the 41 against 1 formula to win the presidency in 2007. He was the first to turn tribalism into a formula of winning the presidency. He had underestimated the capacity of Ukora of his opponents. He forced a blood-soaked coalition government and became Prime Minister. His biggest enemy was Kalonzo Musyoka. Since he has no political agenda that he can sell to Kenyans, he needed tribal numbers for a shot at the presidency in 2013. He reached our to his arch-enemy to form a tribal coalition called CORD. In 2014 he stole his own elections with men-in-black. A big shame for someone who claims to fight for democracy and rule of law. Now he is busy trying to craft another tribal coalition. I know you are desperate for a leader. I can understand that. I hope you can see that that leader is not Raila.

    • I said this Raila has persisted in his post to be a president..he has not changed for another region or post to be either a governor,senator or kill his ambition…since he started vying to be a president he has persisted there

    • An not desperate for a leader but Kenya needs Raila presidency…with Karua abandoning the opposition she know in Kirinyaga she has to be against Raila to win…sons and daughters of tribalism

    • Prof, was it Raila who forced the grand coalition government or was it formed as a compromise for peace and stability that we desperately needed then? Was he the problem or part of the solution?

  21. prof u shouldnt use alot of your energy potraying your stupidity. u should learn to appreciate other people effort ad support their vision as long as they r get or to realize ones dream one passes thru thick ad thin until they make it.i sincerely dnt like your way of articulatin issue .ur a pessimistic person who always luks thgs in a negative way

  22. I am shocked when people say Kenyans av matured politically! They av never been and not any tym soon that’s why the politicians always manipulate them to their advantage and Peter Kenneth is no different from the other politicians – cunning and deceitful. Prof ur articles are superb bt u know that this is Kenya where ideologies don’t count.

  23. This is my opinion in 2013 we had the best chance to change our politics thru Kenneth as our leader but we never give him a chance. Now in 2017 with the current president still vying for presidency and strong opposition which Kenneth was not really part of it, the only realistic chance is in 2022. If we believe he is a good leader it will be practical for him to use any possible way to be at helm of the political class. I believe we desperately need change but we must make calculated moves cos majority of Kenyans don’t really care about the quality of leadership we have. Finally when he is there we can air all our criticism towards him. For him coward being I don’t think so it is where we are right now

  24. I respect your articulation on issues on this platform and your calmness especially when it gets hot with a lot of tribal digressions. Go Prof go… However, make it more lively by avoiding taking positions, or indicating which side you are inclined to. Thanks Prof.

  25. i beg to differ. Uhuru ran for presidency in 2003 n after realizing wat it takes, ran for MP in 2007 to support Kibaki. Right now he is the President. PK dont listen to critics

  26. I differ with u the so calld proff.. I dont catch any logic in ua all clarificatin on peter ken….4 me i cn see a perfect governor in him since he aimed higher during that time now he cn easily handle the prblms of the county

  27. Peter Kenneth is not the first to run for a lower position after a failed presidency. Take the case of John Mccain of USA. He ran for presidency in 2008 along side Obama and he is now the Governor of Arizona. In my opinion, he is not downgrading himself. Him Serving humanity at whatever level is much appreciated. Mind you, he is not a fool and he knows that his people cannot vote for him at the expense of President Uhuru.

  28. He’s nt demeaning pple bt th reality has dawned on him tht pple r vry gullible n need 2 change frm esp herd mentality/ethnic voting…bt, PK appears during elections n disappears untill anothr election!

  29. ben

    I agree with you prof, this Kenneth is just a looser who never had a dream in the first place, leave alone running for presidency. He seemed like an alternative force to Uhuru and i guess he has disappointed me beyond the normal. Kenneth would have been in the race for presidency for all his years remaining on earth, but what does he do? “Join the people we believe to be corrupt and insensitive of walalahois'”. He joins the pack of ‘wala nyama’, this pack is made of wolves and hyenas and beasts that devour anything and everything that has money regardless of who or what its meant for. Kenneth was the only ‘uncontaminated’ breed, but wait a minute, he too was bitten! He just transformed overnight? I would be really crazy to think ‘he just woke up and decided to support Uhuru’. Nothing like game plan, Ruto has his cards well folded in hos hands and anyone who doesn’t see he still has the winning card is just a fool. Theres much more than meets the eye here, and Kenneth will not and can never be a governor of the counties ‘He assumes’ people are begging him. If he is a man enough will political muscle and strength, let him try Nairobi or better still try Nakuru, a disaster is lurking for Kenneth, a political Disaster is waiting for him and the likes.

  30. This man seems to have lost his memory or he is suffering from memory lapse. Why don’t you ask Orengo, Kalonzo, ngilu, nyachae, and all leaders who made a stab at presidency and later ended seeking for parliamentary seats from yester years. Yours is selective altercation.



    On Tuesday, 1st November 2016, the UN announced that it had sacked Lieutenant-General Johnson Magoa Kimani Ondieki as the head of its peace-keeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).
    Two days later, on 4th November 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that Kenya would withdraw its troops from the UN Mission.
    Two days ago, the first batch of the troops who had served in the U.N. peacekeeping mission arrived home.
    Today, media reports indicate that the country has now told off UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over the South Sudan mission.
    A U.N. inquiry had accused UNMISS of failing to respond to an attack on a Juba hotel during fighting in July. The UN report concluded that the July attacks on a civilian compound and a site that houses UN staff was due to lack of leadership on the part of key senior mission personnel and it culminated in a chaotic and ineffective response to the violence.
    On the surface, it would look like Kenya is acting tough and the Commander-In-Chief President Uhuru Kenyatta is in charge and on top of things.
    On the contrary, these developments are greatly troubling as they point to a severe system failure and acts of unilateralism that endanger our constitution while at the same time undermine our global standing.
    As a country, we take utmost pride in our soldiers. They are our first line of defense. Many times they have been our best ambassadors on the global stage particularly through professional work rendered to the international community through UN Peace Keeping Missions.
    Our troops have served with dignity in key UN Peace Keeping Missions, among them East Timor and Sierra Leone.
    We take extremely seriously any actions that amount to questioning the professionalism of our soldiers because we know how professional they have been on UN missions.
    While we take reservations at the manner in which the UN handled the alleged failure of the Kenyan commander, we have even greater misgivings to the manner in which the President responded to this alleged slight.
    Even with our unquestionable pride in our men and women in uniform, our President could have acted better in defense of the pride of our soldiers and our country.

    The manner in which the President has handled this particular incident and the unnecessary diplomatic row he is opening with the international community through the UN is regrettable.
    Kenya has always stood for working in harmony with regional and global bodies in the interest of peace and security across the globe.
    It is part of our long standing foreign policy to engage and work with the international community through established channels particularly the UN.
    In turn, the International Community has stood with us in our hours of need, like during terror attacks and in the post-election violence of 2007-2008.
    The unilateral decision by the President to withdraw troops from the UN Mission in South Sudan and the further announcement that Kenya will discontinue its contribution of troops to the proposed regional protection force go against our established policy of engaging with the world.
    These actions by the President are ill-advised. It is not clear whether he was acting on advise of the National Security Council or on his own, driven by anger.
    In this action, we see the President who has been displaying strange acts of rage and anger locally, taking this to the global stage, making decisions based on anger and emotion to the possible grave damage to Kenya.
    Incidentally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said the President has a right to be angry and that he was mad at the treatment of his soldiers. This is wrong. We can’t lead the country and engage the global community guided by anger and madness.
    These actions do little to raise Kenya’s standing among the community of nations.

    The last thing the world needs is to engage with a country whose leadership can wake up and act unilaterally, giving instructions that jeopardise global peace without notice. The world thrives on predictability and procedure.
    It is cheap of the government to claim as it is doing that some people were not happy with an African commander at the helm of the UN force. Kenya has commanded UN troops before to great acclaim by the UN itself. The South Sudan Mission was certainly not the first and, we are sure, will not be the last, if the President used right procedures and tone to engage and raise issues with the world.
    It has never been our policy to retreat from the world. We have gained our space on the global stage by engaging with the world.
    The government says it had not received the UN report that recommended the dismissal of Lt-Gen Ondieki by the time he was dismissed.
    The government also says the UN team that was picked to investigate the incident did not give the Kenyan commander a chance to defend himself against the allegations.
    We have also been told that when Deputy President William Ruto and senior government officials and diplomats visited New York for the UN General Assembly in September, they were kept in the dark regarding the inquiry.
    These revelations are in themselves manifestations of something wrong and something failing with our engagement with the international community.
    Kenya has never been taken lightly by the international community in the manner being portrayed by the government.
    These are indications of diplomatic and systematic failure. Kenyans deserve full disclosure.
    We have concerns beyond the manner of our engagement with the international community. We are a country governed by the Constitution. We are not an Oligarchy and we are not a failed state.
    Our constitution spells out how Kenya can deploy and withdraw troops. That power is bestowed in the National Security Council. The Constitution at Article 240 says, “The Council may, with the approval of Parliament—
    (a) Deploy national forces outside Kenya for—
    (I) Regional or international peace support operations; among other things.
    It is not clear whether these procedures were followed. Parliament was certainly not involved.
    Unilateral actions by the President are usually the first pointers to intentions to overrun the Constitution, institute personal rule and take a country to a dictatorship and rule by decree. It must not be allowed to happen.
    NOVEMBER 11, 2016.

  32. I think it has been made sacreligious for anyone in form of a leader from a round the mountain to go against the tide.These people must have been locked up in a room somewhere and had the riot act read to them and whoever read the act must be someone so powerful that noone knows of

    • It is just happening now in central. It happened a long time ago in Nyanza. It does not make sense to make the tribal narrative a central issue. It is a national issue spearheaded by the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee and you know them. Uhuru is just one of them.

  33. Proff I differ with you you were not born yesterday and you know Uhuru kenyatta history and his present status you cant say Kenneth is wrong
    Furthermore I know alot of students who fail in exam but instead of giving up they got back in lower class and they pass

  34. Shida yako ni nini .fake prof aim the moon you might get the stars thes nothing wrong with pk vieying for gvna hes just real and honest kenya aint still ready for the likes of pk.and ekuru okot but in 10yrs to come pk will be polished and ready to be prezzo…..wewe unadai uko na ideas poa kuliko yeye c usimame uone ata ata kura mia tano utaget

  35. My good professor look at Kenyan political trend since 92 n yu might understand why almost each of the current contestants has ever backtracked at one time including the incumbent. That’s Kenya style so stop personalizing yua vitriol to ken. I also want yu to know it’s only in central Kenya where they allow homegrown competition therefore nurturing future leaders.
    Ken knows the time he will b relevant just like kenyatta did, Ruto also knows it n calls it kujipanga. Unfortunately other regions know best how to frustrate newcomers n kill their ambitions

  36. I won’t just post to counter you , but PK with all due respect, has no agenda than the normal selfish political ego. When he first contested he used to talk in low ,convincing & humble voice like an angel or some sort of Savior, He shd channel the same energy to vie for presidency in 2017 he & Karua shd Not fear facing Uhuru, if at all they have a sound agenda for Kenyans, Stop eyeing 2022 presidency please

  37. PK is very very right my friend the change he was talking about is our new constitution,leaders lead by Raila & Kibaki were telling us to wake up very early in the morning to go & pass new constitution.I remember Raila telling us Kenya has been born again, n that no more problem ” we have reached river Jordan & we cannot turn back “those words were spoken by Raila because he believed the new docket had all solutions for Kenya & it’s people.Kibaki also defined the new constitution as best.From there my friend I expected a new Kenya,I regret becoz those campaign for it r the same fighting & disobeying it’s advice & teaching.What anger me mostly is our respected lawyers they twist the law for their own gain,why not to stand with what it advices.

  38. I don’t see pk move as a wrong move, this will serve as a position to gain momentum for the top most job. So go back and write another article as a friend to pk, since this one u sound as an enemy.

  39. Very wrong in all that you have written here! ” point of correction, PK made a stub at the presidency, to taste the depth, & ultimately found it to deep for him, & made a retreat, which any sensible person would do, except you.
    Having the advantage of age,” He can comfortably afford to be patient,” just like the current president did, by going to an even, lower post of MP, & chosing to for go his ambition, by supporting Former president kibaki. Only scavengers lack patience, & go for prey,” they cannot handle. Peter kenneth, & take this from me, has made the right decision, just like Martha karue, or any sensible person, for that matter. Wachana na kenneth my bro!

    • I have a right to say what i think. His is tribal politics and I see a path for him for so long as the politics remain tribal. This country though does not need another tribal warlord. The ones we have wametosha and they are the ones strangling the country to death.

  40. Abubakar Fuad

    Its good to find regardless of how the country it being driven by pure ethic foundation there are peolple out there who are conscious enough to understand the game plan of those who pretends to be the game changer only to play the same game on a different strategy. If we Kenyans don’t stand up for ourselves for better then doomed is sure to come. Its never been healthy for anyone on how the politics is being played in Kenya. PK is the same player of ethnicity. he only backs Uhuru cause he wants to sneak in as the next tribal leader when Uhuru times end.

  41. You are always prepared with a repetoire of insults to heap on people. You never know their strategies or plan. Do you remember the filth you poured on Matiang’i? Now KCPE is done with very few hitches. You only see doom.

  42. Prof. Kisiasa huna akili! Ilimchukua Rais Uhuru miaka kumi tangu alipogombea urais 2002 na kushindwa. 2007 akajiondoa kwenye kinyanganyiro na kumpisha kibaki huku yeye akirudi gatundu kujipa msingi bora. Alililaumiwa sana na vipofu kama wewe wasioelewa maana ya uvumilivu ninini. Leo hii yuko ikulu akitekeleza majukumu ya rais wa taifa.Kenneth na karua waligombea urais na wamegundua uthaifu wao na kusikiliza wapiga kura, ninini makosa yao?! Maajuzi koigi wamwere aliitikia mwito wa wakaazi wa Nakuru na kujiunga na mrengo wanaotaka ili awawakilishe na kuwatetea. Ukajitokeza kumpaka koigi matope ya kila aina na upuzi wa kujipendekeza. Wewe ni mpumbavu Ngiri msahaulivu!! Unamkumbuka seneta wa siaya James orengo aliwahi kugombea urais? Matokeo yake akakosa hata ubunge! Baada ya miaka mitano kwa baridi ilibidi asikilize sauti ya wapigakura na kurejea kwa mkondo na akachaguliwa mbunge na leo hii yeye ni maarufu katika siasa za nchi. Kisiasa wewe ni bwege usieisha porojo hio yako ni miigizo siasa huzielewi. Prof.kisiasa wewe umelemaa hujui vyakutoka wala vyakurejesha domo kapanua kama chiriku ilhali huelewi usemacho.Siasa waulize wachanganuzi kama vile: Balaki muluka, Mutahi ngunyi, Edward kisianganyi, na wengineo. Je we we umewahi gombea wadhifa wowote??

  43. Nice one professor you seem to have brain syndrome. .. this is now the outcome of obtaining an MKU(Mama Kamau University) degree,,, fake professors whom are never adventurous like #Wainaina fully enchroached with dubious ideologies,,, kindly try to connect your brains to your ego,you’re not a political analyst, nwy PK and Karua are practising their Democratic rights,moreso nobodys rights have been infringed, so kindly let them enjoy their freedom auspiciously… Intellects are using brains and not instinct like you…

    Nimeenda professor, tukutane lecture hall!!!!

  44. Prof u r very right karua and pk are government project aimed at maintining kikuyu incumbency the greatest loser will be the right murderer thief who is called ruto kikuyu can never relent power to other community uhuru did it to kibaki now kenneth has done it to uhuru and thats the system but by either tukakuwa tumegeuza serikali hii inaiba kila kitu trump won american election by speaking of how much he hates obama administration

  45. Once again I beg to differ with you proffesor. Sometimes your arguments are good and other times they appear utterly ignorant. What is worse is that they don’t make any attempt to even suggest a solution. My take is this, there is no doubt Pk has a proven track record of leadership. The problem is the Kenyan electrolate. We vote tribally. Whether we elect thieves, non performers or even drug barons. The sooner we change that and look for the narratives you correctly say the better for us as a country. Having said that I don’t think Peter Keneth or Martha karua should confine themselves to political oblivion because of that unfortunate reality. In any case James Orengo, Peter Anyang Nyongo travelled the same route before

  46. Uhuru…run in 2002 for presidency and in 2007 he run for a mere Gatundu south.. Mp…not even the bigger Gatundu ..that did not stop him from winning the presidency in 2012.Raila run for president in 1997 and in 2002 he run for just the Mp for langata ..that did not stop him from becoming PM in 2007.
    John McCain was running for Arizona governor this year..and that no Kenya…the list goes on..of course your from downtown Bombay no one blames you…however when you expose your ignorance in such a platform…you are doing a great disservice to the title prof.

  47. Politics of the stomach. Period. There is no use to defend them. They are alive and in politics to eat. ” tuna Kula nyama na nyinyi mnameza mate.” It’s not the same.

  48. I was his great fan for the job he did in Gatanga…but i later realised that that was the only level he can operate at after his strange silence and appearance when the polls are round the corner.

  49. At least Peter Kenneth is true to himself and his conscience, so too is Martha Karua. Both understand that they can’t go far without recognising the tribal politics that Kenya is. Ask Anyang Nyongo and James Orengo and you will know what am saying which is not Gujarati. But Kenneth is special, he is prepositioning himself for after Uhuru Kenyatta. For me that’s being smart. When he stood in 2013, he was simply announcing himself, nothing much. He knew with Uhuru and Raila, both tribal kings, he wasn’t going anywhere anyway. He believes that he can pass for a lesser Kikuyu bigot. Believing is another matter. What I can’t take to the bank is whether its a tribal plot or individual. But knowing Ruto’s being hard to sell in the house of Mumbi, he hopes to reap from that gap. This is politics bro

  50. Yaah thoughts rightly articulated…when people of Peter Kenneth calibre goes this low…we are in trouble..Some of us looking for an exit from Jubilee and another person joining for own convenience…Martha Karua ceased to be principled long ago…so please use your time elsewhere and don’t tell us what we already know about her…not eager to see the article.

  51. Am not sure the kind of professor u are but u r reasoning like child. uhuru run for president in 2002 he failed but in 2007 he supported kibaki to win gatudu seat..politic is practical of numbers not theory of thought. if it were so Clinton would have now bn the president elect..Pk is the best fit of Nairobi. he was born In Nairobi slums, he can relate well with Nairobi tycoons ( kikuyus, kisii), has been the best politician in terms of development..I totaly blv In him

  52. With all these processors, no insult intended, commenting on all matters politics and the expected politicians behaviour and character, then pro. Unawesmake and recruit your ilk yu lead Kenya and bring the change yu talk of… Yu sound to be that change

  53. I love the hypocrisy in we who comment in this page. Today an article will be written and since it appears appealing to our political affiliation, we all go like ‘ tell them- the fools’. The next day another comes up and it is against us and that is the worst mistake that the writer could have made. That is when he becomes an illiterate inter alia and we start attacking his personality. I don’t think that anything that does not concur with what we believe in is outrightly wrong. KENYANS we need to change. We cannot move on this way

  54. The writer has forgoten kenyan are tribalists, they dont want positive change,why did they vote in leaders who by then had cases at icc,
    there was room for change but tyrany of numbers(tribalism) tk tall,
    these article is misinformed abt how kenyans votes,..its just attacking pple who have realised how tribal kenyans are
    despite being enlightened kenyans r yet to show political class that poor performance is punishable
    eg at 1st waiguri was snow, y was she not in the list f shame that president acted on?tday ruto says money got lost since his friends were mentioned
    ”jubilee tutiri hamwe”

  55. You dude.why dont you ran for president then??? We see how many votes you would gain.
    Take to bank as loan guarantee that PK would be president 2022.
    You are too much of litrature than being pragmatic Mr Fake prof

  56. Peter kenneth once told kenyans that he does not share the same political ideals with uhuru,I guess he knew n still knows that uhuru doesn’t hv what it takes to b the symbol of unity of a great nation like kenya but just because he can’t see himself betraying tribalism,he decided to support the person he dont share with the same political ideals!!!

  57. we kenyan have to change,we are mentally handicapped to the point we dnt think beyond our tribes and its becouse we have given the fuckin political tribals kingpins to think for us for their own good bt nt for the best interest of we ordinary citizens of our beloved motherland.the dy we will wake up is the dy we will make a meaningfull change to our country!sababu upumbavu na ukabila wa kijinga unaendelea kututawala,fisi bin-adam wala watu wataendelea kutufyonza hadi tone la mwisho la damu,we’ve got very fuckin learned kenyans who cant make a differance,what a shame!!

    • It is possible to make this argument using clean language. There is nothing wrong with Kenyans. The tribal warlords have given Kenyans only one option, tribalism. The choice is not between different policies, it is between “your”tribalist and my “tribalist”. You know who they will choose.

  58. Professors don’t talk much,I doubt your credibility,All politics is local you like or seems you have a personal different with PK or You are benefiting from Wairia’s government that’s why you fear being sent home

  59. Hello Prof. Why question another ones democratic right? Did you vote him in 2013? Is it wrong for him to be associated with Uhuru? What is your point? Why being biased on him? What is demeaning in giving service to County residents?

  60. I tend to disagree on this because if PK shunned the tribal narrative exploitedby the othercandidates…wasn’t he developing a new narrative “empty” as you say of tribal affiliations.I support his stance that most Kenyans don’t want change…if they did Cord/jubilee wouldn’t be the only options.Kenyans love to suffer while the political elites mantain the power.I believe this to be true as evidenced by political dynasties

  61. I think the so called professor is operating in Utopia, let us be real PK is the change that we need but he need to be smart, and once he get the power he can bring the change may be like Magufuli…

  62. Michael wainaina umeanza vinzuri na ukweli ndio hiyo. Hii igine unatueleza ni handithi ya kufunika watoto macho. Hapa hakuna mtoto coz mwenye akili zake anajua vinzuri hakuna kikiyu igine inaweza challage uhuru 2013 & 2017. Keneth needs survival & without backing the man of the day who happen to b uhuru for now, ur a day dreaming. Keneth, karua, mwaura, margaret wanjiru & his son etc for their survival they must join jubillee kwasababu ya ukabila. Sasa bado koigi, muite name them to come back home jubilee for their survival and to avoid futher sidelining by their comunity.

  63. Peter Kenneth wants Uhuru to prepare de ground via government machineries resources, military, intelligence, iebc, judiciary, etc for him to take over as president in 2022 elections…
    This is the sole reason and advise given to him to support Uhuruto in 2017 elections…

  64. First, it is not only in Kenya that people ran for president then take a leaser position. Let me give an example with USA since its easily relatable. John McCain ran for president but settled for senator, Bernie Sanders did the same. Before the new constitution here in Kenya. Aspirants for failed to make it for president remained to be members of parliament including Kibaki, Raila and Uhuru.

    We can not make this criticism a reserve for Kenneth and Karua only.
    But my take is they both would have ran for gubernatorial in 2013 and ascend the ladder. Not because they were not ready..but because Kenyans were not ready.

  65. So what! Si hata wewe usimame, hata sisi hatutaki upunzi yako, dont behave as umetoka kwa planet ingine ,yuo are a Kenyan like him ni vile hujapata hiyo platform ya kupora mali ya umma so dont lectures us kwa hiyo upunzi yako

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