“Political Next©”: Calling on the next generation of ideas and actors in politics and leadership in Kenya

As a blogger, I have constantly and consistently argued for a new non-ethnic political narrative to replace the retrogressive, singular and dominant tribal political narrative of the current political class in CORD/NASA and Jubilee. I have warned that for so long as the political space is controlled by the single ethnic political narrative, a new political leadership and dispensation will not arise in this country. The tribal political narrative is the biggest obstacle to pluralism and modernization in Kenya. All progressive political efforts should be geared towards undermining and replacing it with a new non-ethnic political narrative.

As things stand now, anyone who wants to seek political leadership will have to first prostrate themselves at the feet of the tribal kingpins and their tribal political “parties” effectively offering themselves as tools for politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. While some argue that the political space in the country is about CORD/NASA vs Jubilee, the truth is that these are not antagonistic forces but the same people who want to either keep or grab power. The real antagonism in Kenya today is between the hopelessly tribal political class vs the people.

I am also aware that the structure of mainstream media in this country is such that only the purveyors of siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi have the networks and the resources to push their narrative into the public space.

As a consequence of the single tribal political narrative and the restrictive structure of mainstream media as explained above, new narratives/ideas are thus pushed to the margins and new actors swallowed, muzzled and muted.

As push-back, I believe it is important to search out and package these new ideas/narratives and actors using alternative/social media for them to have a chance to compete with and hopefully dethrone the old tribal political narrative and actors. The need for push-back emanates from my strongly held and well articulated position that the solutions to the political problems we have as a country will emanate from the people, not the current political class.

This is why I have teamed up with ACE TV to produce Political Next©, a video series that seeks to package the new ideas and actors in politics in professionally done interviews and make them available and accessible to the public.

In the series, I will be doing 10-12 minutes professionally produced, studio quality, HD video interviews to help aspiring politicians package their candidature and communicate their message. The videos can then be posted on all platforms in social and other media.

A problem can never be solved by the same level of thinking that created it. The Political Next©  project arises from my very strong  believe that change that implements impactful solutions to our national socio-econo-political crises MUST and WILL come from engaging a new, (preferably young), generation of actors and ideas. Change will never come from the same tribal and corrupt degenerate political class in CORD/NASA and Jubilee.

If you are an aspiring politician with new ideas or an engaged Kenyan who is not a politician but you have new ideas  to share, I have created the Political Next©  series for you.  We will work with you to package your candidature and your ideas in a professionally produced, studio quality, HD video interview for the series.

Get in touch with our production team at ACE TV on 0797660644  or politicalnext@acetv.co.ke

If you know of aspiring politicians with new ideas or regular Kenyans who may not be politicians but have new ideas that you think should be packaged and showcased in the Political Next©  video series, share this message and encourage them to get in touch with us. Like I have consistently said, politics is about narratives. To release ourselves from the grip of the ethnic narrative and its tribal kingpin purveyors in CORD/NASA and Jubilee, we need to start packaging and pushing alternative narratives for a new generation. After 54 years of the same siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi  and  with the same actors, it is time for our generation to ask ourselves what is next in Kenyan politics. Political Next© series is designed to address this question.

Spread the word and stay here and on all platforms on social media. Political Next© is the next frontier in the pushing of alternative political narratives and the search for a new dispensation in Kenyan politics.

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  1. Helen Otolo

    Am with you on this one Prof. The political class are obsessed with grabbing power as individuals for themselves and not on behalf of we,the people for transformation and development.

  2. Learned people like you or me (though I am not as learned you) do not support our so-called tribal kingpins out of ignorance or some kind of gullibility as witnessed by those poor villagers, illiterate or just poor uneducated folks back in our neighbourhoods. Unless you first teach my illiterate or poor Kamau that Owino is just a human being like him and Owino has nothing to do with Kamau being poor, he will always fall prey to brainwash and manipulation by his politicians looking for power. In my personal opinion, we don’t need legislature in order to shun ethnically motivated politics, but we need education of the masses. But more importantly, the formal education which improves one’s discerning power and critical thinking and sound judgement like a civilized man. Illiteracy and poverty are the leading causes of ethnic politics. Politicians are just generally smart people and who know what they are doing even when seem to promote ethnic politics. So the problem is not with the majority of leaders, but the big mess and real problem lies in illiteracy, poverty, wayward and backward wananchi who are manipulated and brainwashed with much ease by power hungry politicians. That’s my opinion

    • Prof.by now you should know there’re those who resist change from fear of the unknown.its a waste of time to loose time/energy engaging them.let ur work speak,they eventually follow.its a fact,few of us have the spirit of pioneership,many wait for the pot at the table&luckily equally many,once assured,become very active members&drivers of the innovation.like it,wishing u the very best.let the work speak

    • I hope in this country secondary schools start teaching critical thinking to try to stem tribal and foolish political thinking. Am ashamed to share a country with people who can’t see they are slaves of politicians tribal herding. God save us from people like these. It will take a miracle proff but i believe one day this kind of NASA/ Jubilee sheep mentality will end.

    • My brother, King’ori; I relate with your frustrations. However, I must point out that miracles do not just happen, especially in the political and Democratic context. It is people like Prof, you, and I; who make them happen by persistently educating others who may, for one reason or another, be in the dark. Since I was born, I’ve never seen God queue in the sun for more than 5 hours to vote, and I believe neither have you. We have to own our past mistakes if we’re to live up to our future expectations. Be strong and steadfast. Educate as many people as you can. I’ll do the same. Then, perhaps, the miracles will happen. Cheers!

  3. I hereby retract any negative comments I may have made against you prof, because I thought you complained about the two sides without offering a practical solution to the same. Hats off ! Watching this space. Can’t wait to watch your clips!

  4. The negative ethnicity of our kind is in blood streams hence it seems to be pathological kind of thing. There are many who have all possible traits of potential leadership but there dreams shut by meger tribal issue. #prof do you think as Kenyans we gona reached a time we will vote according to merits? .
    If United States elections faced discrepancies so don’t we?

    • I find this kind of reasoning faulty on so many levels – Intellectually, realistically, ideologically and philosophically. No one anywhere is born inherently tribal or corrupt. In fact, it is such myths that corrupt them by telling them, “Look, it’s okay to be tribal and corrupt. You were born that way!”

    • Khalif. We are not tribal. Tribalism is a political narrative used by the politicians to divide Kenyans to that the politicians can access power. The problem is that we are unable to imagine a new non-ethnic political narrative as an alternative to the ethnic political narrative of the tribal warlords. That is why I am looking for new ideas.

  5. To assure us that you are truly against negative tribalism, who are your production group consists of? Just asking, i have no hard feelings for you but i hope you know what i mean?

    • I do not need to assure you anything my friend. This is the kind of mentality we are trying to get away from. Good ideas are good ideas. They do not become good because of ethnic considerations. Free your mind from the ethnic narrative my friend. Kenyans have moved on.

    • I like to hear that. But how i wish it were a reality that Kenyan people has change,because if it were true then even you would have accepted that NASA is far much better than Jubilee even if they are also not that engles.

  6. Good idea but the wanjikus are to blame for all these tribal politics,Actually they hold the politicians hostage and demand that they enlist themselves with the tribal allignment within their backyard,You remember how they shouted at Martha karua when he was wth uhuru in kirinyanga afew weeks ago,telling her to dissolve her party ad join jubilee,This kind of politics from mwananchi is what is ailing this country plus demand for kitu kindogo,

    • Bwana karega,she was shouted down i guess for her long time trait record. otherwise she’s a good leader but too posesive…..and readily ungered leader for that matter. “I stand to be corrected.

    • Karega Njoroge Wanjiku does not make tribal appointments! You must be fully aware that important positions are mostly held by a certain ethnic group. Most of the times tribalism is about perception. Don’t blame Wanjiku.

    • My take is that we as people of kenya need to desist from voting blindly jst because smbody is from our tribe irrespective of their past records being full of misdeeds,No one is ever threatened with a gun over his or her head to vote for thse clooked men and women,Serious civic education needed so as to get mwananchi from this tribal trap,I hope if prof with other like minded kenyans can start this process,That is the only way to change our political narrative in this country,We can wail and shout at these politicians but we need to knw that they are deaf and dumb when it comes to positive and progressive leadership

    • Karega Njoroge There is nothing wrong with Kenyans. The tribal political class has given them a single narrative…tribalism. They have no other instrument with which t engage politically. That is why I have continuously argued that our only hope is a new non-ethnic political narrative as an alternative to the ethnic political narrative of the warlords.

    • I agree wth u prof but hw t get there is the ploblm,do we steart wth wanjiku or the leaders,Many pple are tired of this monkey business of tribal politics bt how t get out is the elephant in the house

  7. Dear Prof I have diligently read through the views expressed in’Political Next’ and l believe more also should be done on our educational curriculum especially the area that deal with our history, Prof,the colonial rulers did draw the geographical boundary we are in today,this we must appreciate, our main task then is to use every available opportunity to work on a united ‘nation’ as opposed to tribal Dom’s led by tribal Kings .This is a momentous task that surpasses political party’s monolithic manifesto,Prof we need to plant the spirit of patriotism in our school going lads,’Plato believed that education is the only instrument by which a society can be transformed’ this Ameri-British system of education was mainly meant to serve their imperialist ideals, some of its elements is the divide and rule which abound today, today’s Japanese child know the origin of their various clusters of people and what glue them together. But ask even a university student in Kenya what is it that hold then Kenyan people and you would be astounded with the answer,so me l do believe it’s time we have such a push towards the realization of of true one Kenya.

  8. To get rid of siasa za ukkabira ukora na upuzi, get rid of the tribes first. Without doing that all what you have spent alot of time and energy is just hollow rhetoric and it is bound to remain so for a long long time. The other shorter route to your dream is oblitrating the already existing tribal boundaries and homogenously mix all ethnic groups and be ditributed evenly over all habitable areas. Ha.. Is it possible?? Which other best way to go ?? What about recolonization by a colonizer who would not recognize any tribe and encourage free intermingling ??

    • That could have been done right. At the beginning of Kenya becoming a nation. However it was yet a challenging problem since the colonialists had pitted us against each other along tribal lines especially immediately before, during and soon after independence strugggle. The rifts between tribes are so wide thatit is almost an um imaginable feat. The rifts were seemingly latent till moi came to power when he hyped them to suicidal proportions which very stronngly culmminated to what we are winessing today hence your recent posts of siasa za ‘ukabila, ukola na upuzi’.
      Lets face it, we all belong somewher and to somebody(ies). It would be an exercise in futility nnot to consinder your own at a certain point in time or the other. Having had said that, the bigger picture is that every where and everybody allover has preferences and the point of reference is me then us and then them. This is the situation all over the world from the most ‘backward’ to the most ‘advanced’ society.. We can go on and on and on but the bottomline is there is, was, and never will never be a homogenous society where all are brothers and sister and everyone is equaly important to the other in word deed and desire except in Gods Kingdom.Remember that on this earth, the end of one problem is the beggining of an other and the solution of one problem is a another problemin another situation till Jesus come..

  9. I am all for this great idea so long as we deliberately and intentional block the old age family feuds between Kenyatta dynasty and jaramogi dynasty from joining this people driven initiative.Then we can be sure of removing this tribal kingpins from our midst before they destroy our country ,Kenya with their divisive tribal politics.

  10. Tribalists and those who preach tribalism are in Jubilee,to be precise (Kikuyus)None of the NASA luminares have been the president of this country. For 54 years this country has been led by only two
    Communities,these are the tribalists.Have you forgotten the oath your community took in 1969?If you want to detribalize this country start with your own community.

  11. you’re being shallow in your approach.power cannot be taken by mere narratives.Get a clue from Otto Von Bismarck while addressing the ways and means committee of Prussian diet in 1862 “that the most important question of the day will not be solved by speeches and majority votes but by blood and iron”.

    • Contrary to popular and rather misguided belief, power is not “taken.” Power is GIVEN. This does not just apply to Democracies, but also applies to all other forms of government. The people give power to a few individuals and can choose, if enlightened enough, to withdraw it any time they purpose to.

    • im sorry your approach is totally irrelevant and inapplicable.if you dont believe,history will vindicate me.you are an idealist.pragmatists that im quoting didnt organise choirs.

  12. That is the kind of concept that invoke a sense of revitalization in post modern political dispensation. My take is that for this “political next to see a workable fruitation, we must invoke a complete paradigm shift in our socio economic foundation.

  13. Michael you are in your own World!. Why don’t you give us this new humans that have never been in politics and have ideas to change Kenyan Politics? It’s too late for this your new minds since they should have come up earlier to gain their grounds first before they can preach their way to save this country as you think. A good idea that is pressed under the pillow is useless so try and save your energy and time because in the end you and others with the save ideas will sit back and watch the usual and qualified leaders take the throne again and again for so long. Example of the leaders to lead this nation up to over fifty years to come are.. Gideon Moi,ugin Wamalua, Mutula Kilonzo and maybe their sons and daughters. Hahahaaa Hahahaaa Hahahaaa!!!!!

    • If they are not who and where are this new political next ambitious politicians that can save Kenya? Hahahaaa. I think we are just moving round at the same circle here . I don’t expect any one new from outside politics to emerge from nowhere and be able to be elected as the leader of this nation. Just to remind us that in 2007 Uhuru Kenyatta ran for presidency against Kibaki, no one expected Uhuru to win by then hence Kibaki got there first. So what am trying to say is that… Uhuru was preparing a way for him to create public awareness that he would be there in future as a president against Raila and even the late Hon. Saitoti sorry to have mentioned Saitoti here and the other upcoming leaders. All what am saying is that each and every new leader must fail first in Kenyan Politics so that he/she can learn how to gorvan from the once in the government hence when elected if lucky enough they follow the steps made by outgoing leaders. Am sorry to say that Kenyan Politics will not change any soon and if it will it can be done by the same politicians we already have. Hahahaaa Hahahaaa Hahahaaa.

  14. prof your ideas are very commendable,and such minds are the kind that all wananchi should have.I strongly believe that the problem lies within the citizenry itself.most of the Kenyan population endorse this siasa ya ukora,ukabila na upuzi.sadly,its engrained in our culture.if we all,as Kenyans,hated these politicians’ destructive and useless tribal rhetoric, and vote for people who truly mean well for the country,then Kenya will be great.but honestly, cleansing this country will take a veeery long time.Yesu atakuwa amesharudi.His government is faultless

    • Thank you for your kind words. Let me also defend the people of Kenya. They have been given a single ethnic narrative by the political class and therefore have no other way of engaging politically. That is why I have consistently argued for a new non-ethnic political narrative to give people an option. i have been very categorical that given the right options, people will make the right choices.

    • Its an honour to get your feedback on my opinion.I really love your work and ideas regarding this country’s political future. I watch you on KTN and I will surely continue supporting you on other platforms.I personally hate politics and I rarely involve myself in political arguments, especially with those who seem to be mindlessly following these tribalists and thieves. however,it is refreshing to see people like yourself with the right motives,and i know there are many others. I have abit of hope for the future of my country,but it has always been my damning imagination that for real change to happen, a revolution, perhaps a bloody one, might have to take place, and needless to say, this is not my wish. the corrupt men and women are expertly protecting themselves with corrupt and murderous systems and structures.
      my thoughts are many, but these will suffice. I enjoy your passion. God bless you prof.

  15. Proff you are a great thing out there ..bt u should know that Kenyans will always vote along tribal lines..
    Just like the just concluded AU elections …They voted along languages…Kenya can only be helped by a good system of education everybody to be educated know all our rights as Kenyans, so as to avoid being manipulated by a few elites in society..

  16. Professor, I don’t think we are heading anywhere. If you watch TV u will notice a new station broadcasting in Kikuyu language. How do we rid ourselves of tribalism when the govt of the day encourages the same? Looks like sooner than later, Kenya might fragment with each province going it’s way. If the govt was serious in uniting this country, they would ban all tribal stations.

  17. And bcoz tribalism is being entrenched by the govt, I don’t see why I have to consider someone from another ethnic group my brother. Can’t we follow Tanzania’s example of doing away with tribal languages? Or is one tribe superior to others????

  18. Professor i commend you for for your good work and u are very right what we need are young undifiled patriots, young men and women to stand up to be counted and i say i am all in. Let me know what i need to do.

  19. Its better to be honest than academic, the problems we face are not tribal but of economics where deal making is the order of the day.we need to industralise at all costs and Kenya will be great for all

  20. Your agenda to encourage voter apathy and paint the opposition with the Jubilee brush is out there! The narrow perspective with which you view Kenyan politics betrays your alleged academique. I bother to respond to you because you crowd public space with negative and narrow propaganda that to the naive might pass as genuine commentry while in fact it’s mere confusion.

  21. After reading I have seen a verisimilitude idea that I have always told you that won’t work come what may. You want Kenyans to unite forgetting that when we were fighting colonial gvt people were united for the sake of the country. When Kenyatta was given power,he started grabbing land and resource in order to award those leaders who fought for independence and that’s where they differed with Jaramogi.When Kibaki and the entire opposition formed a coalition that threw Moi out of power a gain after winning he refused to obey the MoU and instead brought in his own people on board to run the government at the expense of people who formed the gvt.I appreciate your imagination on how we can have new ideas in politics but I disagree with you when you insinuate that NASA and Jubilee are similar in terms how they conduct their businesses. Yes they may be similar because the people in both are sons of people we know in this country historically but they differ in idealities.It also good to think differently from other animals but the question is who do you suggest? Politics need experience and you must start from somewhere but here you are with a suggestion that’s unique.To me maybe you are trying to create a link with followers so that you get your way.I must also not forget that you are in a mission of confusing Kenyans as well as fishing money through the link you have given. Not bad I wish you well but say NO to confusion we are moving forward with already existing opposition wing to save the country from this people who are looting and rapping our country.

    • I do not insinuate that NASA and Jubilee are similar. I state categorically, decisively and that they are one and the same thing. They are two cheeks of the same arse. You may not like hearing this because you want to convince yourself that your tribal kingpin is different. He is not. This is the plain truth. Sorry.

    • How on earth can you refer to two different groups with different names and people to be same when clearly they are not? I know you are doing business and am not ready to convince you otherwise.We are ready as young people to offer civic education Kenya must move forward with current opposition you like it or not because yours is a suggestion but no serious action.If you have failed to control this country then the button must be given to someone else.


  22. Prof.kenya is like US where they have Democrat and Republican so without these parties there would be no elections likewise to kenya….these parties/coalitions controlls large population…or unless you want to bring third force go ahead prof.

    • Kenya is not like the US. The US has political parties. Kenya has no political parties just tribal garbage they call coalitions concocted by tribal kingpins to grab or to keep power. Do not insult the Americans my brother by comparing their political party system with the garbage developed by the Kenyan tribal warlords.

  23. Prof Jp Has Failled Period. Stop Drugging Nasa. Raira Has Never Been The Ceo Of Kenya Be4, His Appearence In Nusu Mkate Gov Made It(nusu Mkate Gv) The Best Gv Since We Attained Independence. Prof Tell us The Truth, Now Kenyans Are Wise Cant Be Tricked Any More. There Is No Tribelism, Uthamaki Is Killing Our Country. Raira Is The Only Leader Who Can Adress The Problems We Kenyans Are Facing; Economy, Tjrc, Corruption, Support Devolution And Deal All Cartel In Our Gv Sectors. Raira Is The Change We Are Yearning For


  24. Following! The only narrative I can subscribe to is destroy this thing called Kenya. For us to start a fresh we must come with a new name for the country, a name we understand its meaning, a name that will bring sense to us, but hii Kenya I have never understood what it means? That’s where the problem begins. We must participate in creating a name, or naming our country. We must write a new constitution, this bullshit we have in the name of the constitution ain’t working. The political actors are feeding from the ignorance contained in that document. How come the constitution didn’t abolish Tribalism? As long as the constitution still presides over tribal cocoons, any other narrative will not inspire change or work for that purpose. Why would the constitution admit two people to divide a whole government among two communities? Where are the rest of the communities?

  25. And I have also insisted that your long narratives lack a compass, its absurd that you assert that you as Wainana or me as Masitta dont belong to any ethnic grouping… our ethnicness is not magic and so we cannot abracadabra it to disappear – hogwash of pious platitudes — the political next also will belong to ethnic groups.. it is unfortunate that you have refused to castigate your own tribesmen whom have always preached uthamaki, but write of dreams only in your head. Your political next remains irrelevant to many

  26. Let start with Boniface Mwangi he does not stand for tribe. Imagine having someone like that in parliament. I think he has the courage to take on the tribal gods.

  27. I am 100 ,per cent behind your noble cause. For far too long we have been misled to believe in a cattle dip mentality. This generation must rise above archaic and retrogressive political narrative.

  28. For the first time your agitation towards tribalism have made you innovative .Kudos tribalism rebel.
    We can’t give up on noble courses of liberation.
    Looking forward to the program

  29. its high time we wake up and face our greatest enemy,tribalism created by this politician to divide us out of ignorance for them to continue rulling over us for their own good,we need to think out of the box of this political goons.

  30. Professor the tribes are only two, the haves vs the havenots, and the middle class playing neutral in support of the oppressor its a game that only political illitrates who are the majority don’t understand , they play POLITRICKS instead of POLITICS look devolution has turned to devolved corruption, grabbing and now we call it DEVILS ILLUSIONS giving us FREEDOOM instead of FREEDOM its SHITSTEM, diving us and segregating us for their egocentric interests

    • You have to use big words to prove a useless point…ever read “no longer at ease” by Chinua Achebe? The most educated choose their words wisely for the target audience and they have nothing to prove because their education is safely inside their heads….you cannot understand that back where you hail from!!

    • The article is for those who believe in the possibilities of change and in our duty to pursue those possibilities. it is not for those like you who think that the solutions will come from the status quo. Chill bro. The article is not for you.

  31. Each voter originates from a tribe.
    The country is demacated along tribal geographical areas.
    In my view, the writer is articulating for something different from one stated. I sympathize to say it is futile exercise chasing the wind.

  32. Prof. Today I concur with u,but remember success in politics demands that you must take your people into confidence your views and state them very clearly, very politely,very calmly, but nevertheless, state them openly.

  33. Its a great idea Prof. But it will fail. And this is why
    It is true that the current tribal antagonism & polarity has been caused by the political class; it is equally true that the political class has personal selfish interests that drive their individual agendas.
    What is fallacious though,is the assumption that followers of these poliyical mavericks are intellectual dimwits with no conception of what they want or where they are going to.
    And anybody with an interest in uniting this country would be a fool not to listen to the lone voices represented by the following behind every one of those buffoons; including Dida.
    So before you even attempt to raise “a new crop of unifying leaders”, perhaps someone should start listening to the voters!!!!

  34. Tribalism is so much entrenched in Kenya such that slaying it is not easy. The enlightened are the ones propagating it.In most cases they don’t take their time to enlighten the illiterate who can easily be swayed by the tribal kingpins .Kenya is a great country. There are several great men and women who have gone against tribalism inclination. They have tried to fight against tribalism and other social evils but have been let down
    .Raila Odinga is one such Kenyan. He has fought for social justice for along time in the country. His efforts are always frustated by the tribal lords who thrive on falsehood and propaganda. There are others like koigi wamwere who have fought tirelessly for democratic space in the country .Such people in most cases are seen as anti establishment .The rotten society do not see the values that they stand for. All Kenyans need to change their mind set and stop thinking about tribe but should rather take themselves as Kenyans. That will even change our voting pattern. Kenyans should vote leaders based on what the leader can do for the benefit of all. All leaders who champion ethnicity should be rejected by patriotic Kenyans. It is high time we say no to ethnic based leadership that thrive on propaganda.

  35. if people would understand what tribalism does to a country…they would see sense in what you say…we have a very good example of a country that was once torn by tribalism
    Lucky it was just two tribe but still they slaughtered thousands and left so many cruel marks in themselves…
    We are over 40 tribes….the damage will obviously be high
    these people our “tribes men” have been in power and “not in power ” for far too long…but there are still luos and kyuks in the slums….there are still kambas and lughyas sleeping hungry…but when they tell you vote me am your tribes person….we do hoping change …for them we are jus some votes to be shared amongst them….
    at this time we are busy dying here….they are dying in london….treated in southafrica….but they are our “tribespersons”
    until we see they are just using us….tribe wise to get power and destroy us….we will remain divided with hatred in our hearts for the next kyuk….or the next luo….hatred that they spread in us….
    i support your course….show kenyans what harm tribalism does…so they can save their kids from it.

  36. Your way of thinking is laudable and if we can coalesce these great ideas to form a movement or push this consciousness to the minds of an enlightened citizenry, a truly prosperous Kenya will emerge.

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