What, I pray thee tell, is new, national or super about NASA? The political gangsterism of the Moi-political–Orphans Continues…

I have consistently maintained, to the chagrin of opposition supporters and deluded contentment of Jubilee supporters that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee. Early this year the two “wala nyama”  Moi-political-orphans in Jubilee folded their tribal garbage called TNA and URP and formed a bigger tribal garbage-heap called Jubilee. Outsmarted and outwitted the “wameza mate”  Moi-political-orphans in the opposition dismissed the move. They said it was tribal, which it is, they said it was empty, which it is and they said it was non-consequential which they feared it was not. Not to be out done, the “wameza mate”  have now proposed an equally tribal and empty contraption of their own called NASA. Like Jubilee, they claim it is new which it is not, like Jubilee they claim it is national, which it is not, and like Jubilee they claim its aim is to Unite Kenyans, which it won’t.  I have told you before that the best way to know that the Kenyan political class are incorrigible degenerates mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, is to just listen to them describe each other. You will notice that the descriptions are so identical that they are ideally describing the same thing. To borrow the words of a former British politician, CORD and Jubilee are two cheeks of the same arse.

On June 26 2016, I wrote that the Jubilee merger is tribal gymnastics and their claim that they are uniting the nation absolutely nonsensical and even an insult to the intelligence of Kenyans.  See http://profmichaelwainaina.com/jubilee-merger-is-tribal-gymnastics-if-they-are-serious-about-the-tired-unity-song-dare-they-merge-with-cord.html. I further said that if they are serious about uniting the nation they should merge with CORD. It does seem that CORD’s answer to the Jubilee merger is NASA. Predictably there is nothing new, nothing national and nothing super about the proposed coalition. It has taken the empty, tribal and jingoistic character of the Jubilee merger.

What’s new about it? Nothing.

It is the same people, doing the same things they have done in the past, for no reason apart from the old desire to grab power by any means necessary. They cannot even get an original name. Their penchant for collecting and parroting foreign crap like Pentagon, ANC and NASA is in full display again. With such intellectual emptiness, it would be too naive to expect that these guys even have the capacity to come up with new ideas.

What is national about it? Nothing

In its present formation, NASA is nothing but a homecoming for Musalia Mudavadi back into the ODM fold. It is the perfect prodigal son story. Like I said in an earlier article, Mudavadi seems to be the Moi-political-orphan who has found it most difficult to redefine himself politically post-Moi. http://profmichaelwainaina.com/yes-mr-mudavadi-tribal-kingpins-jubilee-clueless-moi-men-prince-without-kingdom.html.

Without Moi’s patronage and protection, he has been in the political wilderness trying to find out who he is. I suspect, without Moi, not much. To his credit, he had decided to take the search for himself a notch higher and in the run-up to the 2013 presidential elections, he had asked Raila, his adopted political baba, to give him back his tribal shares in ODM for him to try his hand in the presidency – “give unto me the portion of goods (please read tribal votes) that belong to me”. He went and squandered his tribal share in the tribal political brothel with his younger KANU siblings in Jubilee. However, without Moi his political father and without Raila his adopted political baba, he failed, miserably. His attempt was not even  a bleep in the Kenyan political radar. And now he needs to be back in the hands of Raila, and he has offered a nebulous contraption with a recycled acronym to be accepted back. If his offer of NASA was rejected by his adopted political baba, it would be a still birth. To his elation, his adopted political baba seems keen to accept his half recycled idea. Not because he likes Mudavadi, but because he himself had run out of ideas about the floundering CORD coalition that was going nowhere.

But there is a problem.

In his absence, Raila had adopted other rejected and dejected Moi-political orphans in his never ending desperate “life and death” search for a tribal formula that will hopefully propel him to statehouse. You will remember that the biggest problem for the prodigal son in the bible was the brother who never left. And like the real prodigal son, Mudavadi has to contend with the new adoptees of Raila. They are asking uncomfortable questions: Where did you go?  Where have you been? What do you want? What have you brought? What is your tribal following worth?  Why do you want to reap where you did not sow? Why is Raila welcoming you back and we have been here, the faithful ones, tagging on his pants since 2013, hoping to be told “tosha”’?

And so starts and ends the story of NASA. Calling it a national outfit is to stretch the imagination. I do not see what is national about having Mudavadi back in ODM. Of greater significance though, is that if his adopted political baba does not see a path to statehouse through this newest tribal contraption proposed by his returning prodigal son, NASA will be dead on arrival.

What is super about it? For this one, my answer is hehehehehehehehehehe!!!

The alliance is formed by men who not only have no new ideas, but men who have absolutely no regard for each other. In an earlier article, Mudavadi had actually described the political class in CORD and Jubilee as “political gangsters”. He says:

Since the introduction of multiparty politics, Kenya has been on an experimentation mode, stuck on a political highway between the promise of democracy and threatening return to the devious past. The country is being held hostage by political gangsters… http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000211496/mudavadi-trust-me-to-do-what-jubilee-has-not-done

The political players since the introduction of multiparty politics are the same political class in Jubilee and CORD. The NASA coalition he is proposing is in his own words a coalition of “political gangsters”. He goes on to say:

Kenyans I meet ask me: Mudavadi, we like you, but what do you stand for? And before I answer they do it themselves by cautioning me not to replicate CORD and Jubilee mockery. http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000211496/mudavadi-trust-me-to-do-what-jubilee-has-not-done

Is this guy listening to himself?

He and the Kenyans he meets know that CORD and Jubilee are a mockery and now he is joining one of them to salvage his dying political career! Does it not bother him that he has been in politics since his twenties and rose to become VP and Kenyans still ask him, “What do you stand for?”. How can people ask you “What do you stand for” after almost four decades in politics?   Trump has been in politics for less than 2 years and the whole world knows what he stands for. If Mudavadi is looking for a mockery on politics he should just look in the mirror! Sadly, the same question can be asked of his co-conspirators usually called co-principals in the proposed contraption called NASA.

The other so called principals in the proposed “super” alliance are known to have enough contempt for each other. Raila has called Kalonzo watermelon and Judas Iscariot.  Kalonzo found Raila an irritant during the nusu-mkate blood-soaked coalition government and called him deceitful, insincere and hypocritical. The presence of Khalwale also raises questions about the respect of the men claiming to come together in a super alliance. Khalwale popularized the most demeaning song against Raila in the run-up to the last elections. He would sing in political rallies:

Niliuliza Bwana Raila, aazi yake ya miaka tano, ilikuwa aibu sana. Mbele yake nusu mkeka, mkononi mkate nusu, mndomoni vitendawili, ilikuwa aibu sana.

Like I have told you, if you want to know who you are dealing with, just listen to these guys describe each other.

That Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula and Khalwale can share a podium and claim to be forming a national super alliance can only be described in Mudavadi’s words as “political gangsterism”.

But the biggest thuggery of them all is the ridiculous proposal that we need to change the Constitution to create executive positions of PM, 2 DPMs, 2 VPs in order to accommodate all the political gangsters that are touting for the nebulous NASA coalition. Again, this is a typical Jubilee move and a typical contempt for Constitutionalism by the political gangsters. Remember that in order to merge their tribal contraptions, Jubilee changed the law. Not to be outdone, the opposition proposes to change the actual Constitution of Kenya to accommodate tribal kingpins and their political egos in NASA. This has been the story of the political gangsters since independence. No sooner had we gotten a new Constitution in 1963, than they started mutilating it to accommodate their political gangsterism. They mutilated it so much that we needed to replace the document in its entirety. We now have a new constitution and the gangsters are at it again, mutilating the Constitution to legitimize their gangsterism.

The proposal to mutilate the Constitution is particularly disturbing in the light of what Mr. Mudavadi himself has to say about the relationship between the political class and the implementation of the Constitution. He says:

There are three threats in the implementation of the constitution; those who seek to retain the status quo, reverse the gains or manipulate the implementation. The culprits are spread across CORD and Jubilee.

CORD and ANC have been shouting that Jubilee does not respect the Constitution and are mutilating it. For them to rise to power, they are promising to mutilate the Constitution to ensure all political gangsters get a place in another tribal and most likely thieving government. They all learnt well in KANU, that political gangsterism trumps any and all considerations. The political fortunes of the political gangsters reign supreme. And if the Constitution stands in the way, heck, change it!

After the Jubilee merger, the political gangsters in the opposition felt upstaged. A prodigal son comes back to his adopted political father proposing a tribal contraption with a recycled acronym, NASA. It seeks to bring together tribal kingpin adversaries who have absolutely no regard for each other, no regard to the new Constitution and nothing new to offer Kenyans. They have no and have never had any ideology that differs from the tribal, clueless thieving incumbents. Theirs is a fellowship of jilted gangsters plotting to get power through the same means that their younger Moi-political orphans did, ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. So, I pray thee tell, besides the usual and predictable political gangsterism of the Moi-political-orphans, what is new, national or super about NASA?

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  1. Another diagnostic scan on our ever painful political tumor…..
    This is nothing but the truth; we are stuck between a rock and a hard place …..
    Thanks Professor….I always look forward to reading your blogs and hate coming to the last full stop….
    Don’t end the year without unleashing another one
    Merry xmas and a happy new year

  2. You can’t offer alternative government to jubilee when all your co principle their history is known they are among most corrupt individual in the earlier governments . Kenya is sinking because of tribalism and corruption and the major purpose NASA is to make people vote on tribal block to support the principals and ouster jubilee with a single purpose of being wala Nyama they feel they have salivated enough .Although time is of essence we need somebody who will speak a Kenyan language and regardless of tribe and share the national cake to all .

  3. Politics is dirty game and i can term it as the law of the jungle rule- SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST. I agree with u on issue of tribal formation but u should be aware the incumbent has performed below our expectations. It’s hard to convince some intellectuals Kenyans to back them.

  4. somebody showed us how 2 vote on tribal lines in 2007. If you vote 4 the best candidate a majority will vote 4 their tribal king. Somebody said that they have numbers, what does that mean 2 those who doesn’t have? though 2 wrongs doesn’t make a right,

    • Most of us want change but who can we entrust our trust with? Kiraitu and orengo were good agents but they retreated to their tribal masters, what can we say about ababu namwambwa?

    • Prof there’s no hope, any intellectual mind is corrupted immediately it surfaces, who doesn’t want money? Change was mostly brought by education (university) but look at the education system, it was about to collapse until matiang’i came in. Those Strong voices are nowhere to be heard.. We are doomed, our future is bleak, no hope

    • I have said that tribalism is a narrative. The antidote of narratives is counter-narratives. Like Obama told us our problem is not one of ethnicity. It is one of imagination. Because we have failed to imagine an alternative narrative, the tribalists are running all over us.

  5. You never disappoint. This article makes me laugh and at the same time weep for my beloved country. But Prof what is the cure, I don’t see a merger between CORD and Jubilee working leave alone unifying Kenya

    • Thanks Constance. A good article is supposed to take you on an emotional roller coaster. We will have to sort ourselves out though. We are in the lair of wolves. We need an alternative non-ethnic political narrative. It will have to come from us. It cannot come from the tribalists. For them, tribalism is the be all and end all of political mobilization.

  6. The propaganda machine (am not reffering to michael) is now telling us to embrace the known “devil” and forget about the unknown “angel”.Kenyans are weeping with no one to comfort them.Things must be made to change in this country !

  7. I think wainaina is simply telling kenyans (with alot of wisdom) to vote for jubilee(the lesser evil) since Nasa (the evil)doesnot offer an alternative leadership…i beg to differ with you !

  8. In a country of competing tribal outfits power shairing is the way. Switzerland has a rotational presidency to take into account of competing tribes :The French The Germans The Itallians.
    The Germans are majority and the others are minorities hence the fear of Tyranny of nos the Germany Tyranny could always win elections year in yr out. Due to this fear rotational presidency was the only way out.
    The current presidential system lost its salt the moment the parliament And Independent offices started dancing to the tune of executives.
    Presidential system can only survive if there is total seperation of powers and independent offices do their work.
    This was the intent or the spirit behind this constitution. Jubilee never allowed these organs to work interdependently.

  9. We diverge on one point dear proff…none other than his Excellency the president unfortunately cemented the fact that ” sisi twala nyama nyinyi muendelee kumeza mate ” that was in reference to opposition bigwigs…and by extension their supporters who are missing out on development agenda due to perceived militancy against jubilee…so please do not use your intellect and wit to twist and colour the opposition as collaborators with govt in this meat eating spree…the wananchi in opposition zones basically are missing out on national govt initiated projects …and ‘development ‘ is actually bait when initiated in opposition strong holds….Jubilee should have shamed opposition by initiating mega development projects that will impact on the wananchi directly irrespective of what their rivals say…eg partner with Kisumu county govt and ensure the City and its environs get fresh clean water considering its sitting on the lake basicaly…simple ideas go a very long way in winning support for any government…persistence is key…

    • If my concious serves me right, Jubilee has initiated more projects in opposition strongholds which may be argued as selfish since we know pretty well they have a motive to woo them into their voting constituency.

    • Name one mega project…in any opposition strong hold peculiar to the region..(dont say road and electricity or panpaper mills the latter is a political gimmick ,bieng opened perennially in vain )..

  10. what i know could raila be involved in any scandal no way could he be able to talk about corruption. and i know for sure after raila any deserving kenyan will propel to the presidency. the contrary is portrayed by jubilee.

  11. Jublee Will this time get vote from oath takers only. There is no need of comparing jublee and NASA. Jublee supporters believe power must remain in certain regions and opress,other kenyans . This will only happen over kenyas dead body

  12. By 2002, Raila was SG of KANU, Mudavadi, Uhuru, Ngala and Kalonzo were deputy chairmen. In band also we had Ruto and Wetangula.
    In 2007, Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi one side. The other side, Kibaki, Uhuru, Wetangula, Kalonzo (then to destroy Raila’s chances).
    2013, Uhuru, Ruto, Mudavadi (then to destroy Raila’s chances). The other side Raila, Kalonzo, Wetangula.
    Prof. I concur with you and i add on that all Moi’s political sons have only one common agenda, “to escort Raila to political retirement by playing in his political cards to finish him”.
    My small mind tells me NASA is not to nasa Jubilee but its to nasa Raila. These political sons of Moi are nasaring Raila. One time during the KANU days, nominated MP, Mark Too is on record telling Moi that Raila dead is more dangerous to the political future of Kenya than Raila alive. Moi opted Raila alive. I think Mark Too was talking from a business point of view. Raila makes news in Kenya sweet and on that note newspapers sell and media make profits. And who owns large chunks of shares in these companies? Guess.

  13. A great analogy of the Tom come late and his brothers to the biblical story of the prodigal son . All these political reorganizations are geared to access power. NASA and Jubilee complement each other in the eyes of a common voter. Imagine a situation where Jubilee is assured of a win due a disintegrated opposition. The leaders would be so arrogant, mindless and would enjoy impunity that is out of this world. The same would happen for CORD(or is it NASA). Fortunately for the voters, with the reorganizations in the two houses, none is assured of clean win as things stand now. The voters become very important in this situation. They have to talk themselves hoarse trying to convince us why we must vote them. We are also able to understand their true characters as they whip tribal emotions and soil each other in the competition. This is a great opportunity for the voters to watch the video, be entertained and informed before the houses crumbling start due challenges of internal democracy and competition. We are enjoying the drama of the alumni of Moi school. Go NASA, go Jubilee. We look forward to more video and more drama. But please, don’t make us kill each other. We are yet to mature as voters and depend so much on what you say. You mature up in the game, we mature up too. Provide leadership, that is our humble prayer.

  14. Kizazi tulichonacho sasa cha wanasiasa ni kile cha enzi za nyuma. Nimekuunga mkono. What needs to change is the governance structure. Ningelikua na uwezo ningempa marehemu gadafi uhai atuongoze. But as much as we claim to hung on our african political leaders ambao wametueka mnada on tribal lines, then bado twarudi nyuma. Wanyonge wenzangu wenye nchi ! Tutoke uzunguni tusaidiane na wa china, na tuwe kitu kimoja . AMEN.

  15. Mudavadi in particular seems to have ran out of ideas. He is changing political parties like car tires. He is currently forcing a political marriage with the same partner he accused of infidelity back in the run up to 2013 polls.

  16. prof,i think no one will understand you for you dont understand politics hata kidogo,what is nationhood according to you? you only keep on writting about tribalism when every other common man on the street knows Raila has fanatical following in western and coast and maasai land,and offcourse other areas,but to you he is a tribal….!! Even in US,clinton called obama names but they still worked together….your defination of politics must the newest

  17. Spouses and sibling quarrel from time to time; however, their quarrels do not condemn them to a life of hate towards each other. They often reconcile and retrace their lost connections. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the political leaders putting their past political differences aside to work with each other. And who said Kenyans want something new? What is this new thing that you want to be offered and who do you think can provide it to you? If you are against tribalism yet you condemn an outfit that enjoys majority support from 6 out of the eight regions of this country, then it is not really tribalism you are against. No coalition or any single party or individual in this coming election will have a more national outlook than that. Jubilee, the closest, enjoys majority support from just two out of the eight regions. Also, I never understand how you expect the tribes or regions of this nation to unite and end tribalism when you condemn the unity of the top leaders from these tribes/regions. I mean how else would they unite if not under their leaders? You even said that if jubilee, which is made up of these tribal kingpins you say, is serious about uniting the nation, then they should merge with CORD which you say is equally tribal because it is also made up of tribal kingpins. How is this new unity of tribal kingpins you are suggesting any different from the ones you are condemning? Aren’t you confirming what you have always refuted that CORD is a lesser tribal outfit than Jubilee? I mean it already enjoys majority support from 6 of the regions. Add that to the two regions where Jubilee enjoys majority support then according to you; you have a united nation. Well, that is not happening; what we have, and I will keep reminding you, is either CORD or Jubilee, any other option is only viable after the 2017 elections. So if you stand against tribalism or corruption then you can only pick the side with the lesser of these vices; otherwise, you are lying to yourself if you think that some saint will emerge a few months to the elections and gain the trust and the votes of the Kenyan citizens just like that.

    • “So if you stand against tribalism or corruption then you can only pick the side with the lesser of these vices”. This is a very unfortunate position Dennis. I refuse to believe that our choice as a country is between the lesser of two evils. This is the rubbish that makes the CORD and Jubilee tribal kingpins salivate. I believe that this country is better than this. You see no options because you have limited your imagination to thieves and tribalists, and you are supporting one of them so it is important for you to convince yourself that the ones you support are the lesser evil. We are not looking for a saint, we are looking for food leadership. We do not need saint to attain it.

    • What is this good leadership you keep talking about? Who is this good leader that you want and expect to rise and take leadership without the backing of certain communities from this country? The options you see only exist in theory.. If you cannot name the leaders you think people should vote for like you can name the ones that you think should not be voted for then you are wasting our times trying to steer us towards an imaginary direction. Refusing to believe a reality does not change the reality, it only makes it harder for you to accept

    • It is not only me who sees no options, you see none either… If you have any options then share them with us and we will tell you why they are not options in this coming election…. Otherwise, I understand your imagination, just that the situations we envision in our minds have to start from practical points… To clean a house you have to start with one spot, and the spot we have here is the better option of the two leading political outfits.

    • Dennis Pranks… you are on point. I got bored of Professors assertions for only one reason. HE NEVER GIVE US ALTERNATIVES…. I WISH HE WOULD.

      Talk about problems then try to offer realistic and practical solutions for consideration by the masses. Otherwise, we end making noise in a world already full of noise.

      We know our problems we are simply looking for solutions.

    • Oruka Orwa It is not true that I have not given solutions. I have said what the only option is. You however want to hear a traditional solutions of a name and a tribe. This is what we must get a away from. I have said that the tribal warlords are a product of the tribal narrative. You will never get rid of them without getting rid of the tribal narrative. If we do not deal with the tribal narrative first, all we will do is replace the warlords. For example, you have heard the name of Gideon Moi being presented and also you can see that Peter Kenneth has lined himself up behind Uhuru. Do not be surprised if these are the tribal kingpins of tomorrow from their respective tribes.

      That is why I have argued that the only solution is a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the Country differently. That way we will neutralize the tribal narrative and the tribal warlords as a consequence. Without a new non-ethnic politcal narrative the tribal kingpins will win. Hands down.

      I do not know what the new non-ethnic political narrative is. It could however be many things. We hope that it will not be a negative one like the one Trump came up with, anti-immigrant and anti-global trade. There are hundreds of possibilities depending on the people that will push such a narrative. Rodrigo Duterte in Indonesia made his narrative anti-drug anti-crime and he won by landslide. Like I have consistently said, our problem is lack of imagination. The tribalists are prepped by the dominant tribal narrative and the only option is a new non-ethnic counter narrative.

    • I think Prof. you use so many words to explain very ordinary things.

      You can’t invite people to board a vehicle that is non-existent.

      You complain about the falling apart squeaky vehicles that are already on stage while we cant see this very new sleek air conditioned space craft you keep talking about.

    • Oruka Orwa Unfortunately, that is all I can say for now. I have said before that the beginning of solving a problem is diagnosing it correctly. We can then go to the next step, prescribing the medicine. You maybe impatient about the prescription. I understand.

    • Is it a crime to be the most popular leader from one’s tribe? I don’t see anything wrong with that, peole have to come from a tribe, and each tribe, like it or not, must have popular leader (the ones you refer to as tribal kingpins). I don’t see anything wrong with these popular leaders coming together to unite their people. This non-tribal narrative you are talking about is imaginary, it cannot be a solution in the upcoming elections which is only 9 months away because it does not exist…. What you have and what is possible in 9 months is a choice of the better or the best alternative between or among those that will present themselves by the IEBC deadline for the submission of nomination certificates. And I am almost certain that no outfit of the nature you are talking about would have emerged by then and won the trust and votes of the people.

  18. Prof, when the real wameza mate become constipated on their own saliva, even just changing their lice infested tops gives a measure of relief albeit short lived.
    Meanwhile seething will continue until the pot becomes overwhelmed enough to force something.

    • Let me tell something many people have always ignored when reasoning about Kenyan politics. Its a long story but i will make it short for you,
      In 1961 Kibaki stood as godfather of Uhuru when he was born and proposed his name.
      In 1988 Moi intentionally removed Kibaki from VP position knowing very well if multipartism is introduced, Kibaki would play his queen in the political chess board. Kibaki formed DP and destroyed Matiba’s chances. Kibaki remained in the opposition as a check of opposition politics.
      In 2002 Moi knew Uhuru would lose but his godfather made to the presidency. And a godfather gives his grandson the mantle.
      All those moves are calculated moves to lock Raila.
      In 2007, Raila had Ruto, Mudavadi and his destroyer was Kalonzo. On Kibaki’s side we had Uhuru and Wetangula.
      In 2013, Raila had Kalonzo, Wetangula and Mudavadi became his destroyer.
      Remember Moi made Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Ruto, Wetangula, Uhuru.
      If i were Raila, since 1998 i would never have associated with Moi’s political sons. Mark Too once advised Moi that create a band of youthful politicians who will work in Raila’s political games as they escort him to his political retirement. I wonder who advices Raila to be honest he would have created his own band of leaders who have never worked with Moi, he would be president now.

    • Mburu, you are to an extent right but the problem is still with us, the SYSTEM OF MAJAMBAZI.

      With or without RAILA, something has to change, the homeguards and their henchmen cannot continue to rule our nation.

  19. Mudavadi is confused. He & his UDF signed pact to support Jubilee then transformed to ANC. How can he now stand before us & tell us about Jubilee’s tyranny of numbers? Even if he pupports to join NASA/CORD his UDF mps are in jubilee supporting ELECTION AMENDMENT LAWS. Not NASA nor Jubilee has kenyan people affairs @ heart but how to grab POWER.

  20. We were told it is about meat-eating. So since all Kenyans contribute to making the meat let all have a chance to eat. It’s no longer about baking a bigger cake for everybody to have a share. It’s our turn to eat. Who bewitched us Kenyans?

  21. The one week sabbatical for Professor no doubt seems to have worked very well. The articlecle is nice i must say. Only that it leaves one hanging and as i said political analysis must take some risk…and answer the Question So what? You have not done that…but you can still be excused since this time round the sword was double edged…

    I agree with you that both Jubilee and NASA brings nothing new…they are both hypocritical to Kenyans…Jubilee want to retain power to fill up their stomachs while NASWA want to take over the steering to quench their deep thirst with our money.
    Let me help you to say what you feared to say. Jubilee garbage will win big becoz they are more shrewd…NASA will lose big becoz they are gullible…
    Finally let us be honest and agree that as for now we can only chose between the two hyenas…one can eat us to the last finger nail …the other may leave the toes…and God may use it to bring back kenya to life.

  22. Wise, but what option do you have rather than jubilee colluding with nasa which can only happen in a movie. What viable solution can you table? CRITISM! I can guide you if you feel blind.. weigh the two political giant, check who can better your social, economic and political life………. ; Good! That is where you belong. Otherwise, you can create your own out fit and maybe we can buy it only if it is worth it prof.

    • Prof.. please define this new non-ethnic political narrative. Is it a movement, a caucus, a party or a rebel group? What are its structures, members and supporters? Who is its leader?

      Prof.. what you want cañot happen in a vacuum it hàs to be people driven. Who is the driver of this vehicle and where is it going? Who are the conductors? Of course we are the passangers but we cant see the bus neither the driver nor the conductor.

      You dont want us to boad bus Jubilee and bus Cord but you are not even offering a Tuktuk. Unataka tukufe kwa stage?

  23. I have no time reading this article, after two previous reads from this Facebook professor. And my reason for not reading: the underlying theme is constant; Mental framing to the effect that whoever worked with Moi in the past automatically qualifies to be his orphan, and that being the case — the orphans can act in a no better or worse manner than their father. Fallacy of unwarranted generalisation! There’s typically no difference between this Facebook professor and the many ordinary Kikuyu averages with such frame of mind. If any, it’s the ability of this prof to put his thought in coherent, written language. It’s perhaps the narrowness of his writing themes that hasn’t allowed him space in the mainstream media writing

  24. Give a solution! Don’t just critisize! When you do that I will be your student… For now, yap like you want, in fact, yap anything and everything you think off…just critics! Critics! With no solution to offer…you are even confusing Kenyans more!

  25. Ata kama ni malipo unapata,basi unafanya kazi bure,,haya yote tunayajua kwa hivyo hakuna haja ya kutukumbusha,na kama nia yako ni kuharibia mtu umarufu kisiasa basi umenoa ndugu yangu, wewe si wa kwanza kuhitimu kiwango cha PhD katika Kenya hii.

  26. This nonsensical tug of war is not good for the country. Somebody needs to know that in a multi ethnic country like Kenya we need to bring a law which makes it mandatory for a President to win in at least 24 counties to become president. The law of garnering 25% of votes in the same number of counties is just a weak law.

  27. What do you propose? Are you telling us stop voting simply because they are the same?I am not afraid to tell you that you are out to confuse us.Your thoughts are so local that even if you call yourself professor then doubt begins.JUBILEE government has failed so you are out to confuse people not to think otherwise. I would be glad if you propose a mechanism through which we can wipe the current regime and replace them with new faces but that cannot happen so we have to continue with the same leaders. It is unethical to see a national leader giving misleading statements in a national TV before Kenyans and you are busy telling us how similar they are.Can you compare the grand coalition government and Jubilee government and then you outline the differences and similarities? We are out to wipe jubilee government and whatever you say can only be pleasant to your tribes and yourself.There is nothing you are analysing a part from creating enmity among Kenyans in the pretext of unveiling the past events when the politicians were calling each other names.Siasa haina uadui and there is a big difference between CORD and Jubilee irrespective of how you look at it.The kind of arrogance, looting, lies etc are so dominant in Jubilee government that you cannot tell us that they are the same. Every body now understand and know the image of jubilee and their failure cannot be reflected in CORD as you put it.

    • So professor, are you insinuating that since in your view NASA isn’t and ca never be a solution therefore the current regime is our best alternative or what? I mean can you be little bit more clear here.And while you are it, also bare in mind the blatant arrogance with which the so called wheels of power is displaying at every opportune time, not forgetting the number of scandals that has befallen the gov’t n the executive doesn’t seem to give a hoot.I mean, who does the back stop with in your opinion?

    • Prof could be you are green in Kenyan politics. The composition of the new group a part from CORD and jubilee cannot be headed by none other than political class how then will you make it possible yet Kenyans always identify themselves with a given group which can only accommodate maximum but not all tribes. Sorry to say this but it’s only Raila who has tried that before such as what was seen 2002 and 2007.Whatever you propose with current situation is almost impossible.

    • Bevan James I do not know what it is you say Raila tried. I know he was the first presidential candidate to turn tribalism into a formula of winning elections in 2007. I have since consistently that the options available to us are only limited by our imagination. There is nothing impossible, especially in politics.

    • Prof what you know might be limited depending on the selection of what you want to hear.Let us go back to 2002 which tribe was not represented apart from Kalenjins who were supporting Moi?What of 2007 Pentagon team which had leaders across the country? Even the recently 2013 apart from kikuyus and kalenjins can you remind me the tribe which was not in CORD?It so clear that Raila has always tried even if you decide to disagree.I mean it’s difficult but of the leaders he is the one who has done it irrespective of how you people look at it.The fact of the matter is that we cannot pretend that we can have another force that is neutral because whoever will come up with the idea must enjoy support across the country which is not possible with current situation in the country. Just to mention a few luos, kikuyus, luhyas cannot stop following their leaders whom we know yet for any winning candidate the tribes mentioned above are the determinant.Let us therefore not pretend that we can have neutral group and if you have studied sociology then you must have come across some of the social classes we have in our society.Political class in this country has its limitation and for you to be there you must join them first and once you join them you must behave like them and when you behave like them,you become similar just as they are so any attempt of thinking that a neutral group can be formed can only be hypothetical in nature with imaginations that might not exist in an ideal situation. I would therefore urge you to cross check between jubilee and CORD or NASA which one is the better option then we start from there instead of looking at how similar they are to an extent of thinking that they are yet you fail to give Kenyans better not best option.

  28. How I wish you could be busy publishing documents that can be useful to the society instead of doing all these zero work.To me me you are not a professor because the the ones I know do serious work that is useful and relevant to the future of the country but yours is to confuse people, always negative and ever backwards. This the time Kenyans can combine their efforts to fight for their future and if any that we may not have the leaders they want even mass action is possible.

    • I may not be a professor to you. That is OK. The title is not given on social media. I am not always negative and ever backwards. I write about the politcal class in CORD and Jubilee who are always negative and ever backwards. Blame them not me. I just describe them.

  29. What prof Wainaina is saying is a wake up call to all sleeping kenyans to run a wayfrom tribalism. He says these same politicians are whipping up tribal emotions inorder to ascend to power.we the people heard it all during the Jamhuri day celebrations.Uhuru kenyatta said and I quote ” kenyans know how to vote” This was a coded language.Let kenyans not shed blood for these tribalists,opportunists and boot lockers.Let’s us vote them out.Moi was a Kenyatta orphan.kenyatta was Jaramogi Oginga Odinga orphan. They were all dictators and greedy people.Liberal people were either assisnated or politically finished.where is Tom Mboya ,where is Argwings kodhek?where Is JM kariuki,Kungu karumba and kaggia? Where is chokwe , Ronald Ngala etc?we are just fed up with these dynasties.kenya can only change if we send this crop of people home

  30. Now that you obviously got the brains we need to unravel this quagmire,would you please think of what can work differently;analysing what is and how it is not right isn’t enough.The moi orphans you dismiss seem to know what we are yet to learn;how to keep the masses behind them and stand on their shoulders above the rest of us.I dare say they could be smarter than the rest of us,you included.

  31. Professor Michael Wainaina has been hired to discredit NASA. Read between the lines in his long articles. He knowns government machiney protects and supports Jubilee. He also knows Jubilee is scared stiff of NASA because NASA will upset the swing votes. Wainaina’s goal is to misled supporters of NASA. Both sides of the political divide cannot be the same. He is lamenting the formation of the new force in NASA which is potentially formidable.

  32. At this speed sir,yu are no different from the nere see hope,Miguna.Yu are becoming too much gun and no powder.Dont reiterate what we know,tell us the way 4ward for Kenya.The kenyan situation is same as that of US b4 elections,a dilemma of two bad devils to choose 4rom,we have seen the darkside of jubilee,we have hope in NASA whose dark side we have nt seen yet bt they give hope especially wid Raila as the candidate

    • Heheheheehehehe…you have not seen the dark side of NASA because you don’t want to see. When you call them two bad devils, you know we are dealing with gangsters. It is hypocritical of you to say you do not know the “devilness” of one side. Let us be honest Sir.

  33. We may rant endlessly about NASA this or NASA that but what very politician wants is to be elected to positions of their choice. That is their first & only agenda. Campaigns promises are fairy tales for the most gullible in society.
    For a nation to thrive there only needs to be a desire to improve on one’s station through a predictable, achievable path.
    No candidate on earth can attain political success without an alliance of some sort, horse trading gets better results in any democracy..unless one attains power thru a coup!
    Have our lives improved under Jubilee’s wasteful kleptocracy ?
    What’s so scary about Raila that any snippet of political arrangement sends shivers down your backsides ?
    Your argument is a ruse to portray mudavadi as unworthy, unqualified & unbefitting. A person ,that Raila should shun at all costs. That’s your arithmetic !
    End game ; scatter them,create disharmony & enable jubilee to rig itself back through unorthodox means.
    Nice try !

    • I do not care about the political class to this extent. I just describe them mostly using their own words. You of course will read what you want and hear what you want. But if you are honest to yourself, you do not even need to listen to me. Just listen to them describe each other. They use descriptions that make even me cringe. If you would lower your prejudice against me, you will see that I am just holding a mirror. What you see is what there is.

    • How politicians describe each other should not surprise anyone…it’s part of our Savage political arena .its genetic!
      The obvious solution to our current predicament lies in our ability to transcend beyond the social hype of believing & defending uthamaki.

    • Harry Douglas Bosire You are willing to forgive the madness of politicians in favour of the hatred of the Kikuyu. What you forget is that tribalism is not a uniquely Kikuyu problem. It is the problem planted in the large tribes by the tribal kingpins. Every tribal kingpin has build his uthamaki. You only choose to see the kikuyu one partly because of your own hatred of the kikuyu and a realization that if the political narrative is tribal, you will have to contend with them. I have argued that the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of the tribal tingods in the “savage political arena”. This can only be done through a new non-ethnic political narrative. Without it, even you are defending your uthamaki wahtever that is.

    • I’ve used uthamaki in the broadest sense, but you’ve chosen to decipher that word from a narrow prism of central province. Uthamaki can be applied across board,from the jubilee govt to any other political club that perpetuate parochial interests only.it doesn’t have to be Kikuyu, A Raila dynasty could equally benefit from this tag.
      “Paying too much attention to dark forces gives them power”…I posted this quote yesterday, yet the first comment vilified it,terming it as empty rhetoric… While it was meant as a judicious observation, calling for sobriety & cool heads to deescalate tensions across board.
      Only a short sighted person would urge me to be vicious towards either side while wisdom would dictate otherwise.
      I bear no ill Will towards the Kikuyu, they’re my in-laws. I’ve been raised amongst them, in Nakuru FYI.
      What irks me most is the continuous burying of heads in the sand while the house is burning around us.
      We can no longer defend the indefensible.

  34. It is unfortunate I cannot swallow your logic while comparing NASA and Jubilee. With psychology it’s quite certain that the politicians will learn a great lesson if it happens by chance that Jubilee is sent home come 2017. Why? Because the incoming government would be put on toes not to follow the same predicament. And It will probably shift their mindset from the need of a tribal block to win but a good leadership. I think you know this truth but you don’t want to admit it. Your continued criticism of both divides just confuses the gullible, the only better solution and option now is NASA.

  35. In your hear you really know the storm NASA is bringing forth that’s why you take much of your time lamenting about it.If it were fake and non consequential the way you claim,you could have given it a cold shoulder..

  36. Sir-rooney Teapeace Your cry is the cry of millions of Kenyans. Unfortunately, politics is the only way out of the conundrum you so well describe. So you and I should not disengage from it. In fact now more than ever we must engage in search of alternatives. If you disengage, you are simply giving a blank cheque to the same political gangsters. In fact they have made the politics dirty so that you can get very disgusted and disengage. Read my article on this in my blog. http://profmichaelwainaina.com/cord-and-jubilee-tribalists-have-dirtified-politics-to-keep-good-kenyans-out-stay-in.html

  37. Bro. Prof – The Kiss FM family launched a new radio station earlier today, a Kikuyu radio dubbed Gukena FM. Royal media have had their list of tribal outlets for long. Point – we are seeing more & more enablers of the ethnic agenda coming into life. What’s this other revolution that you seem to look forward to? You’ve said several times that a revolution is on its way. Iko wapi?

  38. Prof, you are right about NASA tean being full of Moi orphans & gangstars but as you continue to diagnize the ailment without giving first aid followed by a prescription, the patient will die leaving you with good for nothing long list of
    Incomplete tests & ineffective strange medical literature.
    NASA might look tribal but its the only option available to Kenyans to salvage the little gains we made in multipartism & against dictatorship of Jomo Kenyatta & Moi.
    As much as Mudavadi seems to have nothing new to you, he might have learned his lessons unlike one Mwai Kibaki who after being given a chance by all Kenyans rallying behind him under one opposition umbrella stabbed then in the back by crawling back into his own GEMA tribal attire causing us the whole Kenyan unity we had been yarning for. It is therefore no wonder that Kenyans who new Raila that time could be the very same Kenyans who can decide to follow his guidance if he says ‘Mudavadi tosha’. NASA has the backing of at least five different major tribes. Kenya shall therefore remain compossed of these tribes who all require to be part of any National governing outfit. What we are being treated to is the worst tribal circus by two guys whose sight & vision is defective as far as unity of the Narion is concerned. Moi was a dictator yes but he was so smart in understanding how to balance his govnt regionally by the use of strong leaders from all areas of governance.
    As Prof talks about us thinking Kenyan & not tribal, he is right! What he doesn”t mention though is how we can all do that honestly before we have dealt with the culprits of this tribalisn. We must first tame the two tribes whose mentality is highly rooted in tribalism by not electing one of their own for at least 20yrs. These 2 tribes can’t let go because they have been made to believe that Kenya belongs to them first,all other 40 tribes come in second.
    Mudavadi could be that first antidot while nature grooms another for us. Raila has brushed many the wrong way & might not be our best option for a peaceful tenure at this juncture. But I dare say that in all leaders alive today, non has fought as hard as Railla even though he has his short comings,who doesn’t! I don’t trust that any other leader could be as fearless in daring a regime & pointing out the evils within it as Raila does!

  39. I have been confused for some time now? what makes a political party be tribal? is it because of its tribal composition or its political agenda, or the coming together of key political leaders coming together for their own communities? Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD

  40. I have been reading your posts for a while now. Some I agree with some I don’t like but still they seen true. The problem is, you never seem to provide an amicable solution. Kenyans are tired of the rhetoric political organizations. We know what is wrong, but what is right is subjective. The point is we need to major on the way forward, and in order for there to be a ‘we’ there needs to be unity. So far so good these tribes have done quite a handy work in uniting deferent sections of Kenyans. criticizing the tribal politics isn’t enough, you need to give the alternative you think is right. Then we will gauge your ideas and determine if they are worth agreeing with.

  41. THE Problem with this Professor is that He has no alternative-to the myriad of problems he has given us -I see an intellectual who is happy and dines with the regime the slanders the same in the day to foll people

    • His long rant has no solutions to offer. His disdain for same old politicians makes one wonder where he expects new leaders to come from if new ones who are “clean” do not vie. This is the type of guy I am happy to block!

    • His long rant has no solutions to offer. His disdain for same old politicians makes one wonder where he expects new leaders to come from if new ones who are “clean” do not vie. This is the type of guy I am happy to block!

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD – you have no solution sir !!, and you don’t appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made by individuals ,i wonder where you were when people mad these efforts

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD -your lack of knowledge about them speaks volume -just like Koigi wamwere and Ngugi wa thiongo,Bishop njoya ,Bishop Gitari who are ostensibly quite as Jubilee rapes the country simply because one of their own is on power ,no body takes you seriously -in fact you are not on the same level as JohnGithongo who stood firm on Kibaki -such that tribal affiliations did not sway His principles -to many people you are just another Jubilee fanatic

    • Harun Saro You are free to insult me as you may. I am used to that by now. It would have been more helpful if you had responded to the issues I raise in the article. It is easy to pick all sorts of issues and all sorts of accusations when you have nothing concrete to say about the article I have published.

  42. I agree with you Prof. But it’s very hard to go play with the pigs and come out clean. I think if like minded people could join and ensure both Cord and Jubilee go home I can have a fresh start. I also think Kenyan should take their rightful place to ensure we are not taken for a ride again, Mahatma Gandhi never took a gun to take down the British settlers out of India, Martin Luther King Jr never threw a stone to end slavery. As you said development of a philosophy that will discourage such yet empowering our own will be best. But my take it should be done out of politics

  43. You have to bad mouth both CORD and jubilee so your not so wise ‘listeners’ can read impartiality. I’ve said it before and will say it again, your one single assignment is to tarnish CORD’s formation whichever method you use, the end shall justify the mean. Your article is full of fallacies, which anyway are your opinions, just opinions. You are deluded. Killing the the two birds using one stone ‘bad mouth’. It doesnt seem to you that tribal politics is here to stay until all wrongs have been written and until all peoples of this republic have felt ownership of the government. You hope that your tribe will ride on your deluded articles and the rest should forgive and forget. Where you will get your supposed angels to form government is still a misery. Continue bad mouthing but remember: ‘Anything, any one is a better alternative to looting Jubilee’ David Ndii

    • It does not matter how many times you say what you want to believe. I say what I mean and mean what I say. You are free to read whatever you may. It is the nature of reading. You have no other lens of seeing life apart from tribalism. You cannot reach any other conclusions apart from the tribal ones you have reached and you will never decipher any argument that is not couched in the tribal language and conspiracy theories you purport. Of course being someone who wants to push the equally rotten CORD down peoples throats as the lesser evil, the argument of anything is better appeal to you. I have written about the argument of anything being better than Jubilee. Read.

    • The problem in kenya is not ‘us the tribalists’ if that is how you’l see me. The problem is a few idealists like yourself who view the rest of the society as evil and think of yourselves as heaven sent with your inexistent revolutions, all the while confusing poor minds along your delusional path. We know how plastic fence-sitting works. Kenya is divided right in the middle not everyone of us supporting either divide is tribal as you imagine. Why am I angry? When a person as educated as you are takes to this media space and misleads a whole nation, where shall the help of the ‘uneducated’ come from? Stop this foolery, act wise even if it is just one time, declare your stand, we are too intelligent to know you are pro-jubilee, go ahead and deny it. Good luck Wainana, Merry x-mas & happy new 2017!

    • Gauo Gilbah Are you listening to yourself? Do you really expect me to defend myself from someone who has admitted that they are tribalists who sees no other option? You think that my search for an alternative is “inexistent” and “delusional” and “foolery”. The only reality for you is tribalism, so the only thing I can be is a tribalist. Because you are one, tribalism is “the only existence””not-delusional” and “not-foolery”. We live in two different worlds my friend. You live in a world of “reality”, you cannot imagine anything else. I live in a world of possibilities. It has a million options. For one like you who has accepted they are tribalists and that tribalism is the only reality, my world is delusional, inexistent and foolery. I agree.

  44. Prof..You are so corrupt than those whom you are pointing fingers at..This is cordon blue of intellectual dishonesty..Surely ..where are we heading at? There is no difference BTW you and Mutahi Ngunyi..”Players disguised as referrers..You are a prof..but don’t think we are stupid!

  45. To @ngunjiriwambugu @PolycarpHinga and my friend @OleItumbi and this one up here , the anti Raila rhetoric is more important that the stealing going on in the constituencies through the same mps -this cuts across Jubilee and Cord, beyond the @RailaOdinga you love to hate, it about a jubilee mp or cord mps. To them Raila is more evil than those who stole medical funds meant for Kenyan children, more than the thives who stole our youth funds both in the Youth Fund’s board and NYS. With such a mentally Kenya can still afford to fail.

  46. The most illiterate professor. He does not inspire or offer any solution, that’s neither hot nor cold. Moi ophans my foot. Why don’t you offer your self as an alternative. You can not assume that moi never existed and i bet you were educated and benefited the most by nyayoism.

    For once you’ve talked NON PARTISAN…
    Raila The #POWERGREEDY ONE Was Adopted by #MOI So he SOLD His SOUL…
    The same Guy BECAME A #WIFE To Another #MOI KID #KIBAKI…

  48. moi intended to rule kenya for the next 100 years dont ask me how he knows betters but raila nipped his plans in the bud by uniting the opposition in a similar move like nasa and baba gedeon went to herd goats nasa is the only option that can send the thieves home happy christmass prof

    • I am not sure that your interpretation of history is correct. It is Railas plans that were nipped in the bud. Moi’s plans are right on track as you can see his candidate is President. Raila is not and he is threatening us that Kenyans must die for him to be president with his one bullet remaining.

  49. My take on governance especially in a Third World country like our is and should be best on sacrifice, to achieve anything substantive our leaders have to sit down think develop a philosophy that will propagate the Kenyan economy to greater height with Kenyan themselves as the custodian. The philosophy that it’s our “time to eat” only serves in the negative. My understanding of politics is a means of gaining power as an end to its self what to do with it is another story, history tells me no foreigner ever invested in the so called First World countries, they worked out their economy, with leaders do believed in nation hood they literary went to war for it. Casing point Abraham Lincoln, George Washington who let go of a possible kingdom under his name to allow somebody else steer the nation he had help liberate with a gun in his hand. To me leadership is a matter of not getting what you really deserve for your hard work for the generation after you to have more than they need and there greatness begins. A definition lacking in politics. I wish we saw genuine debates and not chest thumbing to the matters affecting our nation, I wish we made decisions and policies for the betterment of our lives and not to facilitate power change. I wish election was an event to strengthen ties made by previous government and move the nation to higher places of glory. That power handover will mean one more less to worry about and one more challenge to look up to and take it down as a nation. Where her people will not fear getting their hands dirty, and universities offered for than just prestige it’s graduands but a chance to transform. So in short, politics may work but am adamant to say it is the solution to our current predicament.

    • Describing something cheap does not make me cheap. I do not subscribe to the school of thought that nothing can be done about anything in life. There are always options, always. People like you my friend choose not to see them for reasons that I do not want to go into because I dont not want to offend you. Kenyan politics are not like this because they were made like this by God. They are like this because evil people have made them dirty and good people like you believe you cannot do anything about it.

    • Kennedy Mwania Every Kenyan has the right to engage in politics. There are those like you who believe that the only options are CORD and Jubilee. There are those like me who believe that the number of options is only limited by our imagination. With 44 Million Kenyans the options are innumerable.

    • Kennedy Mwania I don’t know what you are talking about. If you want me to know it, it is better that you explain yourself and not expect me to read your mind. As for me, I have been very categorical. There is no difference between CORD and Jubilee and one cannot be an alternative for the other. We need an alternative that will come out of the articulation of a new non-ethnic politcal narrative. This possibility does not exist for you. In your head you have only two options. I can understand that.

  50. SHAME ON YUU!! ATY professor,,, I guess yu hold fake phds etc,,,,qhy can’t yu offer a solution then,,, yu arr the kind of peaple kenya needs to execute!! Yu add no value to this country!! Nkt!! nonsence go to hell!!

  51. All I have been praying for is Kenyans who can seize the opportunity and remove all this crap, put Kenya first and unleash the potential of this country. Beginning from small steps at personal level headed national

    • Kabira is the called the power of a single tribal political narrative. It is the stuff that genocides are made off. This is why I have said we urgently need a new non-ethnic politcal narrative. Without it we are at the mercy of the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee and staring down an abyss.

    • I do not know what reality you are talking about. The tribalists have made you believe that they are the only options we have. For, me I know that tribalism is only a narrative and the country is only a narrative away from change. The anti-dote to politcal narrative are alternative narratives. Not “reality”.

  52. I agree with one Kennedy Simidi,Wainainas articles are designed to cleverly and subtly discredict the opposition,,That is how Mutahi Ngunyi started,,an analytic pretender at Daily Nation,which saw him kicked out of NMG.Prof here is just same,when u read keenly thro his articles,,u realise that he is a Jubilee sympathiser who discreetly gives them some political strategy to fight the opposition.He wil eventually endorse the majambazi system towards elections later NXT yr,,and you can take that to the bank His arguments are a clever way to give Jubilee a strategy,a hired hand to twist the minds of the public thro misinformation and diversion,,the CIA, KGB & NKVD styles in U.S and Russia in the cold wars days

    • You seem to have a very fertile imagination Kisingu. You see things that a re “cleverly and subtly” discrediting the opposition. You read keenly, more than anyone else to see “discreet” things that do not exist. I have said again and again in a not so discreet ways, I have absolutely no regard to the CORD and Jubilee tribal kingpins na siasa yao ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. When I write an article that you think discredits one, it would help you to read others. I will remind you that unlike you, my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. The two for me are the same thing, it is only that some are in government and overeating and the others are outside government and overshouting. So stop reading “discreet” things in my article that exist nowhere outside your own Jubilee/CORD divided mind.

  53. The whole story is about NASA, jubilee was only aforementioned to blindfold the unsuspecting readers from your political inclination, you can’t corrupt any right minded person’s mind

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