For those who refute my claims that Raila and ODM are tribalists, here is your answer from the ODM Secretary General

I have consistently listed Raila Odinga among the top tribal Kingpins in the CORD and Jubilee evil tribal nexus. I have said that the bane of Kenyan politics are these tribal Kingpins and I have done several articles emphasizing this point. I have warned that we will never make any socio-political and economic headway unless we get rid of this cabal of tribal tingods. And we will never get rid of these tribal tingods if we do not call them out, by name:  Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, and two wannabes called Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi.

When I say this, I get half-hearted rebuttals from the supporters of the two Jubilee tribal overlords, the self-proclaimed YK92 hustler and the 2002 failed Moi project.  Even die-hard Jubilee supporters know that Jubilee is a coalition of thieving tribal jingoists and it is very difficult to defend them. It is a hopeless case to prosecute, Kenyans cannot wait to see their back next year.

Raila and ODM supporters are more aggressive and vitriolic in defense of their tribal kingpin.  Predictably, they start by raising an issue with my name. I don’t know what is wrong with my name. Do you? It is the name I was given by my mother and it is the name in all my official documents. Others have a problem with my being Kikuyu. I have always told them that being Kikuyu is not a crime or an achievement. They then claim that Raila is a national leader with support in all parts of Kenya, except Central and Rift Valley. I remind them that Central and Rift Valley are inhabited by Kenyans. I do not see how anyone without support from there can be a national leader.  My rebuttal is usually twofold: First, even the tribal kingpins in Jubilee can claim to have support in all parts of Kenya. Their supporters are to be found everywhere. Two, having support in all parts of Kenya does not change a tribal kingpin from being one.

Understand this: Tribe is a cultural fact. There is nothing wrong with it. Tribalism is using the cultural fact of tribe to include or to exclude. Period!

Tribalists are the politicians who use tribalism to categorize their constituency, to mobilize politically, seek power and ultimately to govern. This definition therefore includes the mentioned tribal overlords in CORD and Jubilee and their tribal contraptions called political parties. In this sense, Raila and ODM are tribalists. The only difference is that ODM/CORD have never had the opportunity to govern, but they have done everything else that entails tribalism and tribalists i.e. categorized their constituency, mobilized politically and sought power through the manipulation of the cultural fact of tribe to include and to exclude.

ODM has finally published their tribal arithmetic’s that they hope to ride on to power in 2017. It was contained in an article by their Secretary General, Agnes Zani, a boardroom appointee of Raila Odinga and a beneficiary of his 2014 men-in-black fiasco in Kasarani.  It was published on Page 15 of The Standard of Thursday 24th November, 2016.

The article is so shameless in its tribal calculations from ODM that it literally nauseates. I quote:

Most recent data projecting the scenario in 2017 from suggests that the “Big Five” main ethnic groups comprising the Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Luo and Kamba make up 64 per cent of Kenya’s population, hence can influence the results of any presidential elections. Out of these “Big Five”, the Kikuyu (8.2 million people) and Kalenjin (6.2 million) support the Jubilee party while the Luhya (6.6 million), Luo (5 million) and Kamba (4.8 million) support the CORD coalition. The next six ethnic groups in ranking account for 26 per cent of the Kenya citizen population: Kenya Somali (2.9 million), Kisii (2.7 million), Mijikenda (2.4 million), Meru (2 million), Turkana (1.2 million) and Maasai (1 million). Hence the top 11 ranked ethnic groups will have a projected population of more than 43 million in 2017, accounting for more than 90 per cent of Kenya’s population. Their estimated voter potential will be 17.4 million if 80 per cent voter registration is achieved or 19.6 million if 90 per cent is achieved. Out of the top 11 ethnic groups, Jubilee controls only 3 ethnic groups with 6.6 million estimated voters if 80 per cent registration is achieved while CORD mostly controls 6 ethnic groups with 9.2 million estimated voters. A total estimated 1.5 million constitute the Maasai and Somali vote if 80 per cent registration is achieved. CORD’s voters are projected to be 10.3 million, exceeding Jubilee’s 9 million if 80per cent voter registration is achieved. These figures are proportional to the percentage increase in voter registration with the margins increasing with higher voter registration… CORD strongholds must maximise mobilisation, registration, voting and protecting the vote. The 2017 elections provide an opportunity for a clear win especially with the super alliance in the offing.
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There you have it. In black and white.

I told you so.

I have consistently and convincingly argued that ever since his infamous “41 against 1” formula for winning the presidency in 2007, Raila Odinga is obsessed with tribal calculations and coalitions. His Secretary General has confirmed it. Having no other message to sell to Kenyans, and no other method to ascend to power, he is only interested in demonizing the innocent members of the communities whose tribal warlords are in power, creating a siege mentality from the other communities and causing tribal disaffection so that he can ride the tribal fallout emanating from this jingoism to power.  This is my position and will remain so until Raila and ODM change from making tribal calculations their  political strategy and tribalism Raila’s ticket to power.

Nine months to the elections, you would expect ODM to be putting forth strategies and policies of lifting millions of Kenyans from poverty – poverty is tribeless. You would expect them to be putting forth strategies and policies of creating employment for the millions of jobless Kenyan youths – joblessness and the hopelessness that it creates in our youth knows no tribe, youth dis-empowerment and dis-enfranchisement has no tribe. You expect them to be setting out policies of how they will lift the burden of food insecurity, poor health, poor sanitation and poor water supply from the backs of millions of Kenyan women who toil for so long, with so little, to provide so much, for so many – the suffering of Kenyan women has no tribe. You would expect Zani to be putting her own party to task over the failure to realize the two thirds gender rule already provided for in the constitution – gender discrimination has not tribe. You expect them to be putting up structures to curb theft and corruption in Counties they already control – corruption and the suffering it causes on Kenyans have no tribe.

Of all these challenges that ODM can mobilize around, they prefer to make tribal calculations to see how they can grab power without Central and Rift Valley.

Instead of presenting such policies, they are shamelessly dangling tribal arithmetics showing how they should win elections based on tribal mobilization and voting. Shame!

I have said previously that in 2013 Jubilee stole (pun intended) Raila’s tribal formula of “41 against 1” and tweaked it to “2 against 40” and won the elections. Since then Raila, ODM and CORD cannot shut up about how tribal Jubilee is. They are bitter they were upstaged in the tribal numbers game. Wouldn’t we then expect that they are busy crafting a new non-ethnic political narrative to replace the tribal Jubilee? How different will they be if they win using the same tribal machinations that they call out Jubilee for? Hypocrites!

Typically, wait for Raila’s supporters to say that he does not know of these calculations. (They say he did not know of the “41 against 1” formula. Actually to them he knows nothing, does not know Molasses, does not know KKV, does not know maize scandal, does not know men-in-black and does not know that ODM/CORD governors are corrupt.).

Never mind that Agnes Zani is his marionette. She was given the Secretary General position in a poisoned boardroom deal after Raila stole his own elections to stop independent-minded and people-mandated young leaders from taking over the party he imagines is his personal property. He and ODM have not come out to disown the article by Zani and she made it very clear that she was penning this article in her capacity as Acting Secretary General of ODM.

When I tell you that the current political class is made up of hopeless tribal jingoists who eat, drink, sleep and wake tribalism, believe me.

When I tell you that there is no difference between CORD and Jubilee when it comes to politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, believe me.

When I tell you that Raila Odinga is no nationalist and ODM is a tribal contraption ran by tribal jingoists like Zani and men-in-black, believe me.

When I tell you that Raila/ODM and CORD can NEVER be a replacement for the thieving tribal Jubilee, believe me.

And when I tell you that the only solution for Kenya is a new non-ethnic alternative political narrative to displace the tribalists in CORD and Jubilee and their ethnic political narrative, believe me.

And for those who refute my claims that Raila is a tribalist and ODM his tribal contraption and ticket to power, here is your answer from none other than ODM Secretary General herself. Believe it!

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  1. U are the tribalist number one and a Jubilee supporter.u claim to be neutral but your articles show us the real u,,why are u so affected by Dr Zanis article such that u react so emotionally?? It’s because you fear your corrupt gvt loosing!!If u are so passionate and neutral why have u not also dissected Uhuru and Jubilees tribalistic trends e.g the skewed tribalistic appointments in national gvt? Why did u not react so emotionally when Mutahi Ngunyi talked abt the tyrrany of numbers in national television AMA that time u didn’t have a Facebook account?? Why did u not bash him yet he used a very tribal arithmetic??.Just cease from laundering your ethnic leanings with some corrupted intellectual discourses,,anyway..u are entitled to your opinion,just like Dr Zanis is

    • For the millionth time, I AM NOT NEUTRAL. I will say it until the cows come home. I am 100% against the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee and their tribal narrative. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee because there is no difference between the two. Ni watu wa siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I therefore see no need to balance anything. There is nothing to balance between the same things.

      Kisingu started this thread to simply insult me. He has not denied what I have said. It is true. You can question my motives, that is within your rights and paranoia, but you cannot hide the truth. It is there in black and white. I have simply re-stated it. Let us even assume I am tribal, how does that change the facts of the article?

    • Why do you go for the Professors jagula without first reading, digesting and assimilating the contents of the article…..being CORD or JUBILEE isn’t the point here nor is it that which the Professor supports.It is what ails our political antagonists and their parties and he sums both of them as being guided by siasa za ukora upuzi na ukabila…only that this time he has zeroed in on some content crafted by CORD. Please give the Professor a break and concentrate on the facts!

    • Patrick Nicholas A spirited defense my brother. Thanks. Sometimes I understand them. When you elevate your arguments, expect to inevitably leave some people behind. Unfortunately, it is the ones left behind, the ones who don’t get it who shout the loudest and some do not even know what they are shouting about. It is very touching though for those who get it, those who are with me conceptually like you, to take time to occasionally come to my defense. After all we are our brothers’ keeper. God bless you my brother.

    • I hate to see people trying to defend the indefensible …a poor man in Gatundu goes through the same hardships the poor in Bondo, Eldoret, Mwingi or even Bungoma goes through…if there is medicine in the dispensary, security and courts that one can look upon for justice irregardless of status, and opportunities for our young people…it wouldn’t matter what tribe the leader is from….
      Tell us more at least you have people who can see where you stand in all this ….I look forward to every article you write because I resonate with your thinking

    • You will always see what you wanna see if you put a lamp outside in the middle of the night some will see the light others will see the darkness covering the light …if the article is as useless as u claim why do you have that precious time and bundles to read and reply. ..the truth is bitter to swallow and difficult to digest

    • The liberal minded are few;like you. But the compact majority rules. Politics is like religion. If you ain’t Muslims you’re a Pagan. If yu ain’t a Christian then yu ain’t gonna see the kingdom of Heaven. If yu are a Buddhist then you got an after life unless yu ain’t. Ever wondered why and how this line determines and divides? It’s manipulation of compact majority. And once they blv, they blv. And you can’t change their belief.

    • If that were true we couldn’t have seen the death of nazism, USSR communism and many other man created ways of dividing a people along lines that have no social economic benefit to them…. we don’t eat tribalism but we let it control us….
      GO ON Professor tell them!

  2. i like reading your stuff ….its plain truth…i now think our leaders are not the problem…its us… can we extinguish tribalism yet we among ourselves are the persons who fan this platforms are even worse….the question is….does my support for a candidate based on tribal aspect help me at all?….does having a ruler from my tribe portrays me as a superior being than others?..poor leadership is a reflection of the kind of people we are in our society…..we just dont get it….it will require scandals more and more scandals that will shake the foundation of this country…then we’ll realize we need some changes….we need to change how we treat each other….kenya cannot be reborn not with the current narratives esp in politics….we people have to change first…. the qstn is how can we do that?

    • This is a very passionate appeal from a Kenyan who gets it. That this thing called tribalism is killing us. Narratives are changed by newer and better narratives. Our problem is not the tribal narrative perse. Our problem is our current inability to imagine a new alternative narrative. I can bet that if we do not get a new narrative soon, the tribalists will win next year.

    • Then why can’t you stand for presidency coz you are not tribalistic? Focus on the vice but not individuals. So you want Kenyans to re-elect failed leaders back to spearhead corruption. Not at all. When we say this round we want change then we must change the way we are choosing our leaders. UhuRuto must step aside errespective of the tribe he comes from.

    • E’l El’chayyim Jireh Chris Thanks for you vote and vote of confidence. I think the most important thing now is not who runs. It is whether or not they have a new narrative and whether they can compellingly and convincingly communicate it to the masses. Whoever has it will easily defeat the tribalists. Without it, we are stuck with the tribalists. Sadly and tragically.

    • am not living the life am trying to survive…thats y i cant dream of even becoming a president….u realize we are so messed up by the reality that dawns on us after carries with it a dark cloud that shutters your dream…you are left dreaming and hoping things would change to better for the sake of our posterity…that the only dream av got….i dont need to be the President for change to occur @chris

  3. The elites are the problem in our country because the can’t come together and give a different narrative to the voters,coz they are self seeking, and selfish. Politics is a game of numbers. Until when the elites will accept the fact that,there can be one president and they have the responsibility of rescuing this country from the jaws of political tribal lords, is the time we Will have reprieve. Political campaigns requires money, and to defeat the establishment, they must also devise ways of raising it. It’s unfortunate that, the ignorance in our country is overwhelming.

  4. When that Raila you call tribalist picked one Isaac Mwaura who is a luo from the streets of Nairobi and nominated him mp,gave him a wife but at the end refused to be Kenyan because tribal genes invested him,he disowned Hon Raila. When Hon Raila refused ODM overtures to endorse their own in Mathare By-election, his heart was with a luo called Kariuki whom he made him whom he is now. As we speak, the RT Hon Raila’s advisors and lawyer is one Paul Mwangi who is luo. Am ashamed with you especially with the title you carry ,”Professor”. Just call yourself Wainaina

    • David, I always have a lot of respect for my readers and I restrain myself from calling their responses stupid. This is one stupid argument I have heard over and over again. You have been hoodwinked my brother. What Raila is doing is called tokenism, whitewashing the tribal arithmetic so that the gullible and those who do not interrogate think he is different. The argument you are making is like saying that Uhuru Kenyatta is a nationalist because he picked a Luo as Chairman of his tribal crap called TNA. The argument you are also making by defending Raila this way is that Jubilee is a national party because they have Raphael Tuju as their Sec Gen. These tribalists have hoodwinked you with tokenism. Please drop this argument y brother.

    • #Wainaina just get out of politics or tell people your interest in all these articles. You don’t exactly picture out the answer to the current national affairs. We are against corruption not tribalistic. And if every leader is corrupt or tribalistic then stand for one of the posts and welcome angels to vote for you. Sijui kama unanipata?

    • I mean whoever will vie for any post must have votes from his tribal background. This doesn’t mean tribalism. We want change in our politics. I’m not a luo and not a gikuyu but I voted kibaki and Uhuru but they have let us down. When we say we want Raila we want change. Governance do not need a certain tribe. Ama unataka mzungu asiye na kabila aje atuongoze? Wachana na mijadala ya tribal kingpins tulete mijadala ya nani atauongoza vyema. Kama Uhuru angetawala vyema nani hangempenda? Ama jubilee msingi wake ni nini kama si ukabila na ndio tunataka waondoke KENYA isonge mbele.

  5. It’s very unfortunate that in Kenya majority believe in stealing public resources. Cord and men in black can’t wait to replace the Jubilee gangsters. Cord is equally corrupt!!! Prof thank you for the informative article. The sycophants can take that to the bank.

  6. Professor Michael Wainaina : You’re among the most Sound Opinionist in Kenya ßut am never suprised ßy the majority commentaries who have been indoctrined,toxicated & sharply divided in support of their celebrated ill monguls( the CORD & JP: the demagogues & ßandits). Flimpsy claims such as ßeing a Conspiracy or rather being speculative remains to ße their ultimate defence to accepting the your profound Scope of view. I give you Props for ßeing a Champion of creating awareness to the Accomplices who think are Victims to political injustices which they ßlindly endorse.

    • Thanks Kevin. We must continue to speak truth to power and hope to the masses. I do not blame those who pour vitriol on my writing. It is called the power of a single narrative. They have no other lenses of seeing the world and therefore they read the articles using the only lenses they have. It is our responsibility to ceaselessly continue educating them. And ultimately it is our responsibility to provide them with an alternative non-ethnic politcal narrative. Those will be new lenses and they will start seeing the world in a different light. In the meantime, it is the same old grid. But we must never tire of defending our beloved country Kenya. Big up bro!!

  7. Prof you might be right but keep it in mind that Kenyans are not tribal by nature and I want to use natural calamities as a case study, you will agree with me that any time a Kenyan has bee called upon to help fellow Kenyan they respond without looking at their tribal differences eg to raise money for medical treatment abroad or to help hunger and drought victims. The problem comes during political alignments, our leaders poison our thinking and of cause they are supported by few others who make it look like it is their tribe been fought and not the ill doing of the leaders. Few days ago a leader said that gikuyus need leadership and should not let it slip out of their hands this shows how even if you were to be neutral not everyone will see it that way. Today you talk about Cord jubilee will celebrate you making cordians feel you are biased and if you do the opposite my statement will also change

    • Ogola, I couldn’t agree with you more. KENYANS ARE NOT TRIBAL!! You are very right and very bright. Tribalism is cooked and served by the politicians during the elections since they have nothing else to offer the people. I am optimistic though that sooner than later we will find a new non-ethnic politcal narrative to inspire the people differently. Do not worry about the Cordians and Jubilee people. When we get a new narrative even they will be liberated and see that there are alternatives.

    • Emperar Aizanas III Do not worry about the comments. This is what happens when a society is in the grip of a single evil narrative. So not to worry about the people for now. In fact I am very optimistic that the people are the solution to the problem we have. We are the change we have been waiting for.

  8. And raila keeps lecturing Kenyans on tribalism.I think raila should better remain as a corruption buster and in opposition and government.we have better lecturers like uhunye,ruto,musalia et al

  9. I agree with you to some extent but note that these tribal parties we have today will evolve to become national parties in future. However our political arena is dominated by the elite who’s only objective is to join in the eating at the high table.

    • Muhindi, take it from me, these tribal parties will never ever evolve into national parties. As soon as the ambitions of the tribal warlords at their helm are met, the parties will die. Like FORD Asili, DP, NARC, PNU, TNA, URP, LDP, NDP, ODM-KENYA etc. The fate of the rubbish we have now in the name of politcal parties is similar.

  10. U can only confuse your fellow tribalist pple from central with your fake articles,u always trying to make pple to believe you r neutral but u r not.u a strong jublee supporter hiding under the shadow of nationalism.we know true nationalist n fake ones like u.

    • Deny what the article says. Calling me tribal will not change the facts. For the millionth time, I AM NOT NEUTRAL. I will say it until the cows come home. I am 100% against the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee and their tribal narrative. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee because there is no difference between the two. Ni watu wa siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I therefore see no need to balance anything. There is nothing to balance between the same things.

  11. You should start some programs in Kameme and Inooro, these kind of thinking is much appreciated and enjoyed there, team up with Moses Kuria, you might even get elected somewhere.

  12. Prof this is a good one. It is analyzes the situation the way it is. The tragedy is that the tribal competitions are becoming dirtier and more vicious. The tribal number arithmetic is based on lack of strategy, and guiding policies and principles. The preoccupation is to snatch the bone from the meat eaters. The current govt does not make the situation any better. The perceptions of exclusion in hiring, development and in all that can be called meat eating makes some tribes bitter and derive comfort in their tribal kings who promise them heaven with the exit of the hostile govt. That’s while massive tribal mobilization to register as voters and unreasonable tribal calculations will be with us for long. God save our country. These people to be our leaders are all the same.

    • I do not hate Raila. I have said before that he is a tribal Kingpin like the others. I have no hatred for anyone. Actually I have been accused of hating Uhuru even more than Raila. I think people need to separate ideas from emotions. I do not think that as men, fathers, husbands, sons, uncles, friends, they are bad people. No. As politicians, they are tribal overlords feeding the nation on a poison called tribalism. It will kill us. We cannot let that happen. When I call them out, I am doing my duty so that God forbid, if we fall over the cliff, at least I can say I raised my voice against the evil of tribalism.

    • Completely agree with u..I go thro professor’s articles but I always feel like something is a miss…He covers his tracks smartly for his followers not to know on whose side he really is..but clearly he usually lean towards one side.

    • Evans Ng’iendo Matiku There is no side to lean on. My friend, my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. So I am under no pressure to balance anything. They are both useless tribal contraptions mired in siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. There is not obligation to balance two things that are the same. My position has always been that we need a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently.

    • Non ethnic narrative sounds good. If you look at our history and particularly that of our political assassinations,u will appreciate that it had nothing to do with tribalism otherwise JM would not have died. Were Jaramogi’s problems tribal? Prof,u probably know better than I do but for you to keep harping on tribalism as almost the main problem is an argument you cannot sustain for long.The political class ,whether Jubilee or CORD is one and the same,and that you have always said. I wish you could give us something new that will revolutionalise our political economy.

  13. Jomo Kenyatta was tribalist number one…. Moi who followed his Nyayos number two….. Those two tribes planted the seeds of tribalism… Kibaki promised but failed….. If Kenyans learnt ukabila ni hao viongozi wawili….. Now the two KK master tribalist are united….. Just look at the composition of senior govt positions …….ukabila WA Kikuyu Na kalenjin….. By the way You are clever but I know where you come from and where you are going……

  14. Raila and ODM supporters are more aggressive and vitriolic in defense of their tribal kingpin….. Do you believe this statement yourself…… Who protects Uthamaki more than you a Kikuyu… Propagandist…. Who hates Raila more than uthamaki tribalists…. Who is more vitriolic than Moses kuria of foreskin mentality. ….Who……. Who….. Who….

  15. Unless we do away with the post of president and create one for prime minister, when tribalism will reduce in Kenya. This two tribes will always craft ways to rule us in the name of popular vote.

  16. attacking/defending Raila/Uhuru will not help anybody. can we for once think outside politics n politicians? Uhuru n Raila dine n wine together. they call each other brothers. uhuru has his followers n so does Raila. they don care wat u n i do or how we make our ends meet. wako job. lets discuss our jobs n careers. that is wat will help us

  17. 2002 Kenyans coalesced around Kibaki, we had United as one entity but look how much we have sunk the return of tribal cabals is back”mtu wetu,wale wengine, wale wagaga,wale waja tahiri,wale wa vitedawili ….really professor

  18. Professor you continue to loose credence in each and every of your next articles. 41 against one was a reality of a united nation against tribal politics. As of now uhuru is enjoying support of tribal hate. Money being looted in the central government is enough to bribe few kalengins loyalty who are loud mouths and vast of it goes for real private development in Kikuyu backyard. raila succession if he becomes president will be for any deserving kenyan for Uhuru succession it will be for a person who can give the presidency back to Kikuyu’s . look here sir this is the reality if you not in touch with it. Do you the the amount a presidency deals with in a given year ? Do you know the pool of money in financial markets which the president is in control of through the minister for finance,it should be upon elites like you to educated masses that money unaccounted for is the one jubilee is moving around with to buy their loyalty. And they should know raila has no money to buy their loyalty. You are confusing Kenyans by your status quo advocacy. Raila has never been in charge of treasury at any single point for us to realise his buyers in Ate resources allocation. After railla,if joho is the deserving candidate he has My vote. Am not from coast.

  19. Kenyans are tribal by nature and these tribes ideologically identify themselves with a particular leader or party . what’s wrong then by calculating a future political duel using this populace? There was a time Raila was considered only as a Luo leader and unelectable, but now he’s a darling of almost all tribes in kenya except the kikuyus whose brains have been programmed to detest any other leader ( President) but themselves. So bwana prof., this tribal tag is most applicable to your community than any other.

    • This ping pong of who is more tribal than the other is not helpful. It is like the hopeless lepers in the pool of Bethesda asking who is more of a leper than the other. In fact I actually think it is a childish. We all agree it is a cancer and it will eat us all up. Instead of pointing fingers we need to join hands and rescue ourselves.

  20. lets try look on individual progression of each candidate which is the paradigm of the direction the political discourse is to unfold on . raila supports succession by anybody. uhurus has key note tendency of who will bring it back. that is the political difference in the two the first place Zani has no populous authority to dictate. for me raila is not the only option but the deserving option. i voted uhuru 2013 ,he has failed me. tribalism is at is worst. uhuru is supported by tribal hate

    • Professor you are not right here. i f raila supports joho presidency soon of what benefit will it be to his business empire? it is clear uhuru shivers about any person succeeding him who will be a threat to his business empire. simple reason it doesn’t have proper documentation. stop burying your head in the sand professor. uhurus has tribal support because majority of it though in ownership of vast resources most is suspect. so desire to have tribal succession which will not be a pain in their asses.

    • go study social foundations of law. their is a key concept on theory of classes and a key topic on property ownership and how it influences the politics of the day. i think you missed that. this is in good faith

    • yeaah social foundations of law is not easy . but alluding to it. owners of ill gotten property have a desire to influence future governments so that their previous acts don’t get unearthed. a very practical example of what is transpiring as of now in kenya. i can assure you there is a mess at central bank of kenya now. only a jubilee friendly succeeding government can stand the stupor. therefore need for a tribal successor who will continue foiling the mess at cbk. and please don’t tell me you don’t know the mess that is at cbk. only a tribal successor can help some very senior government officers alined to uhuru to escape prison,once wills of power change.

  21. Politics by nature is competitive and the participants must create a ‘thing’ around which to attract followers/supporters. For Kenya, the thing is tribe.
    We can only replace tribe with something else…so we’ll always be divided around whatever ‘thing’ we pick [even the USA had the ‘establishment’ as their thing this year].
    What we need are true leaders, who are able to bring out the best in us…so that everyone has a chance to realise their potential and contribute for the overall good of the society. It does not matter how that leader mobilises.

    • It matters how the leader mobilizes Lucy. If one’s “thing” is tribalism, they will never have the wherewithal to ensure that “everyone has a chance to realize their potential and contribute for the overall good of the society”. I agree with you though. We can only replace the tribal “thing” with another “thing”. They are called narratives. The antidote for the tribal narrative is an alternative non-tribal narrative.

    • For now, even though we know the tribal narrative doesn’t work, it would take something REALLY BIGLY (if I can use Trump’s english) to have that shift in our mind.
      Reason being, the Luo nation is determined, came hell or high waters to have Raila ascend to the throne…while the Kikuyu nation is also hell bent to see that it never happens. That’s what drives our politics for now. Its like asking Arsenal fans (am one) to give up their hope of ever winning the Premier or Champions league.
      Once Raila is out of the picture, hopefully both nations will exhale and see the stupidity of it all…I doubt any orphans left will have the same grip…so the tribal narrative will start to change. Shida iko hapo mlimani na ziwani.

    • Lucy Wanjiru I agree that we need something really BIGLY. It is the challenge of our generation to imagine it. It is possible. You are very mistaken about the end of tribalism my sister. Once Raila quits the scene, another demagogue will take the anti-Kikuyu narrative and run with it. It will not end. Please read this article of mine very very carefully to understand what I mean. Also to understand who the next anti-kikuyu tribal demagogue will be. He is already on the scene. Please read, very very carefully. Seek to understand.

    • Heheheheeheheheheheee…I have nothing at the back of my mind Akayo. I have said over and over again that mine is a genuine search for a new non-ethnic narrative to inspire the country differently. It is our only hope. These tribal warlords and their tribal narrative are taking us straight to hell. Like they say, it is better to build a fence at the edge of the cliff than to build a hospital below it. I am looking for the fence.

    • U see prof. this tribual kingpins have instilled in us a tribual mind set, so don’t blame him. On the other side what can we do to overcome this and hear a luo or Kikuyu trusting each other politically?

    • Patrick Akayo I have said consistently that tribalism is “a “narrative”. The tribal warlords have made is “the”only narrative. The antidote of “a”narrative is another alternative, counter-intuitive narrative. That is why I have consistently said that our problem is not tribalism perse, it is lack of imagination. Because we have failed to imagine a new narrative. the tribalists have succeeded in indoctrinating us with their single tribal narrative. What we must do is to imagine a new non-ethnic narrative to displace the tribalists and their single narrative. It is that simple, yet that hard.

    • Kikuyus are the most tribalistic people in Kenya, look the way they have taken up the big posts in the government . where are the other Kenyans do you mean they don’t qualify , Do the other Kenyans second class citizens? If you are genuine enough professor Michael wanainana talk about these injustices otherwise kenya will fall apart in the near future.

  22. Both coalitions map out kenya based on tribes as they strategize for 2017 elections. The only bad thing is secretary general revealed what should rationally be discussed in party’s indoor meetings. You are right prof.

  23. Professor…..politics can never and will never be run like a church service where morality takes the centre stage.politics is a very dirty game.One must come-up with a formular that works and in Kenya it will always be something to do with tribe.If you have a better winning formular and armed with the best policies for this country then I wonder what you are waiting for!!?Dont you have the desire to deliver us from these bondages????Come out men

    • Khama, “a formula that works”will NOT always be something to do with tribe. It is that way because the tribal warlords want it that way. Without tribe they have nothing to sell to the people and they would be finished politically. Tribalism is the only narrative because it is the only one the tribal warlords have and we as a new generation have failed to imagine a new one and we have bought the lie that the narrative will always be tribal. The antidote of politcal narratives are new alternative politcal narratives. There is not narrative that is “the” narrative. All narratives are “a” narrative. All you need to defeat them is another narrative.

    • I agree with u entirely,but,these peoole are not stupid either.They have studied and understands the masses’way of thinking.That is why they sell it to them.You know wht controls the market..demand and supply.Mojority of voters would not understand those things you are talking about.The story begins and ends by which tribe is he/her.Move around even in market place and here any discussion a bout anyone…always something to do with tribe will come in some-how..Aftr a brief discussion you always hear”na yeye anakuwanga kabila gani”You can not blame this entirely on politicians but rather the society we live in.It is only that the politicians would capitalise on what is already there.

    • Khama Jacob And that is the issue. Politicians capitalize on it and make it the only and the dominant narrative. There are many other things that Kenyans talk about around which politicians can mobilize. But they CHOOSE tribe. The solution is to choose something else. Believe me, tribalism is a narrative. To subdue it, we just need an alternative narrative. Khama, the masses are not stupid. They know that ukabila ni ufala na wanatumiwa vibaya na mababe wa kikabila. They are ready for a new narrative. There is a saying that you can fool some people sometime, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    • In politics the goal-post is power.There is no clear moral threshhold on how someone gets there.Believe the problem is the electorates.If the people can change their mind-set ut would take very little effort to change politicians.Politics in my view is about playing a round with the minds of electorates;to some extents even promising them heaven when they know too well that you can not give them one.There is too much deception involved and the problem should always be the people who believes them.I tell you….when you want to know who people are you can always see it in their leaders.The leaders are the true reflection of who peole are.The recently concluded American elections can prove that

    • Khama Jacob Never underestimate the people. All change in the world and throughout history, was as a result of the uprising of the people not a change of heart among the rulers. You can fool some people some time, you can even fool all the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time. But you can never fool all of the people all of the time.

  24. Hehee its so funny how the truth is so bitter.. some can’t take it hehee siasa ya #UkoraUkabilaNaUpuzi very true ..simply personal gains all are pursuing I am sorry but if our freedom fighters rise again (God forbid its at night ) they would prefer to go back to the dead .

  25. Tribalism will destroy this country, as it has done others. The sooner Kenyans realize this the better. The reality of tribalism when it comes to a head is deadly, literally. Ask yourselves tribal people, do you really want to see this country sink. Think Kenyan, not Kikuyu, Kale, Kamba Luo… for fucks sakes people wachana na hi mambo.

  26. U have exactly talked like a philosopher, unless we change and vote out this tribal kingpins and bring in new true digital minded guys tribalism will never end. We shall still fight for our own kingpins.

  27. Wainaina, I always read your posts and you are fond of talking about UKABILA, UKORA, na UPUZI. But your arguements are technically based on UKABILA, UKORA, na UPUZI. Psychologically you are so technical because when I went through your post, I saw rat’s behaviour. Remember a rat bites and the same time sooths! And in the process you won’t know you are harmed. That is precisely your behavour here. Now, if I may ask you, what is in your mind to say Raila is obsessed with tribal numbers? Is there a politician who is not obsessed with tribal numbers in our land? If you are sincere with what you are preaching, why don’t you sacrifice and ensure Central Province votes for Raila next year? To prove your arguement that, we are the solution to terminate tribalism and tribal kingpins.

    • Ngao, my people are the millions of disenfranchised youth who are jobless and hopeless. My people are the honest hard-working men of this country who will work all their lives and die poor because they have not stolen and because the thieves and their dirty money makes it impossible for the honest and hardworking to make a good living. My people are the millions of hardworking women who work so hard, to provide so much for so many with so little. My people are the millions of children who will grow up in country full of hate and with decreased opportunities because of tribalists and thieves. I can assure you Francis, Jubilee does not work for my people. It works for the greed and wicked schemes of the tribal warlords, their relatives and friends and tenderpreneurs. Never for my people.

  28. Prof..thanks a lot…hope all Kenyans can read this and just know that Jubilee and Cord have equally failed this great nation of ours.unless we decide to do away with both..we shall remain the same..just pointing fingers to each other

  29. You’re a very tribalistic quack,which field of “Prof” are you? ain’t you a sideliner who puts a mask to manipulate the minds of critics… shame on you Wainachieth

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Boss, respond to the article. I doubt you have even read it. You are not making any beneficial contribution by insults. What I have said is true. And you do not have to accept it for it to become true. Truth knows itself to be true.

  30. Elections world wide r planned by targeting specific groups of plpl in the us they target blacks hispanics white educated doesnt make them kenya u have to target diferent tribes coz they r diferent with diferent needs tho we have common needs so with ur analisys unless u live in mars unaongea ujinga bt i agree with u to sm extent that odm is not selling an alternative policy

  31. Prof.point taken.we the masses are fools.we want to hear,feel,dream and name it the tribal way.That is where our psychological satisfaction is.Even writing an article like this one,the first thing to look at is the name of the writer and the game is over.political leaders are not different from that. They come from the same society and take the opportunity to sell their agenda using the tribal card.The new constitution has even recognised this tribal balkanization. We have a long long way to move away from this tribal narrative. However with time societies transform from worse to better.For now,we cant tell when this time will be.But future leaders will be born to change these current tribal things.

    • Samuel, it will be soon, very soon. Believe me. People are tired of this tribal nonsense that only give a chance to the tribal warlords and the mongrels surrounding them to loot the country. Watu wamechoka. Change must happen. Like Robert Kennedy once said, “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”.

  32. Learn not to blem Raila on everything if someone takes money from kiambu county ni Rails if one employs more from one tribe ni Rails if it fails to Rain ni Rails when he was prime minister if another grabs school Rails mbona hakustop hiyo grabbing ask yourself what you a doing as a christian who share the same faith as the Christian who are facing famine and poverty

    • What you have written is OK but we a in Kenya we have to give voice of reason a chance Raila might be bad but we don’t have option because even if we think positively we still go back to tribal line just be sincere a u proud of the government ?For us to eradicate ukabila it has to be an effort let us not blame those a still out but to blame those who a in the office because they can if they would wish

    • Let’s think on how to tackle vices in the society we as citizen who a feed up of politicians can you imagine we a still fighting who is the best and people a eating wild fruits if non can stand against vices then no need to talk about Raila or Uhuru and we accept corruption as a culture and ukabila to adore

  33. These leaders are a true reflection of the masses, including the educated. You can see the invectives and tantrums that others are throwing here when they look at who is speaking and from what region. Things will slowly change though with time, maybe in the next 100 yrs. Change is gradual and painful. But our grandchildren and great grandchildren will see things in a better way. Let’s take more children to school…and the harsh realities of life shall be the number one teacher.

  34. Raila first if he become president he target kikuyu and he can tell his pple never pay rent bcz is belong to kikuyu and owner cant agree what next tribal clases so let not do any mistake for rao ro become prezzo it is better mudavadi or kalonzo to be than babu

  35. Professor,ua fellow academic dwarfs have thought an excellent post,but consider learning from some us for u would do better.When pple read,they expect to find greater points followed by lesser ones.In the list of the tribalists,u omitted KURIA,who said Raila should be assassinated! Who is greater than this man in regard to tribalism? He ought to top the list.The other long segment of ua story lies in one answer: Mutahi Ngunyi,who is one of ua fellow,came up with ‘tyranny’ of numbers.Who is to blame if the others have immitated u? Sir,there is no law forcing anyone to do posts,and it is not an offence not doing one.U would better consider shutting up. U r the teachers of tribalism,with some of u feeling that certain pple should be assassinated.

    • Heheheheeheheheheee….I will never shut up. This forum is voluntary. If you do not like it, don’t click. It is that simple. About the article I was not listing all the tribalists in the Country. I am interested in those that have presidential ambitions because they are our immediate problem. And also let me tell you something about my people. Because you seem to think that my people are those who call themselves Kikuyus because we share a language. You are wrong. Very wrong. My people are the millions of young people without jobs,, my people are the millions of children getting inferior education, my people are the millions of honest men who work hard all their lives and will die poor because their taxes have been stolen by the tribal warlords and the mongrels around them. My people are the millions of women who work so hard, under very difficult circumstances to provide for so many, working with so little. Those are my people. Please stand corrected.

      Oh, and the Kuria comment. Every tribal warlord has lunatics surrounding them dripping with madness and vitriol and demonic utterances. Need I remind you that we have been warned that Kenyans must die for your Raila to become President. I do not listen to these mongrels. When you see a backing dog, wachana nayo, enda ukatafute mwenyewe.

    • Professor,Raila managed to bring together all tribes to vote for Kibaki-Do u think a tribalist can have all people,including u,rallying behind him and as he|she sacrifices to support another tribe?

    • Daniel Aloo He did not bring together all tribes to vote for Kibaki. Kenyans came together to vote for Kibaki. Because you look at Kenya as a conglomeration of tribes, your interpretation of 2002 is that is was a coming together of tribes. You are wrong. To prove that he did not, let him do it again. He is fond of re-appropriating the history to himself. Only the good one by the way.

    • Heheheehehehehehehe…Asante Ken. mimi nimekatalia hapo na sitoki ngó. We desperately need a new non-ethnic politcal narrative to run these tribal warlords our of town. It is our only hope. And I am its chief crusader. Ikipatikana, wakumbushe mimi ndio nilikuwa eutopianist number one. Big up bro.

    • Hehe …. Prof. But I remember not Long ago taking political science, the books we read, highlighted 3 ways of gaining and maintaining power. 1.Force
      And (sometimes )
      3. Love .

      Which method, in your book a u suggesting

  36. Why are you trying to make sense from nonsense Great Professor?We all know the pioneer of tribalism and its streams.Unless Mumbi preaches a cold soda and drinks out of it then its just but gymnastic play.You cannot pretend to speak on the article of a better Kenya when you think tribally,speak tribally,you walk tribally,you look tribally and you mock Kenyans tribally on your post.It makes no sense at all cos nothing is new from your scathing attack of the The Honorable Raila.We are on our monthly period and we have the hope that it will stop.Even the woman with the issue of the blood in the Bible had Hope until that day that she met the Son of Mary.Spare us your tribal chauvinism view Mr Professor.

  37. Proffesor Uhuru is more tribal than Odinga,see his cabinet composition..see composition of some boards like Kenya pipeline board,see distribution of national resources….Raila is not the president and he has not been given a chance we see his cabinet…proffesor is high time you concentrate on people in power,leave Raila alone,in your articles you have failed Kenyans who read don’t offer us a always merge Raila and Uhuru I don’t know if Raila is in power..Uhuru said in state house abt corruption “Ngai sina uwezo” a and now the govt wants Raila to end corruption in counties..who is now the president..Wainaina don’t write only articles but also be in the shoes of majority of Kenyans

  38. As much as everyone is entitled to own opinion, it is easy said than done to retire the animosity of these corrupt tribalists. The problem with Kenyans is the acceptance of the same nonsensical rhetoric of “mtu wetu” in all aspects of life. That is the reason we don’t have any upcoming fresh option to take over the national leadership leaving the same old “faceless, pigheads, fisis etc (as cartonist gado would present)” to run the country. Wore unto us.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      James, never underestimate the power of the people.Even the tribal tingods imagine that they have a constituency of fools who will vote for them regardless. They are mistaken. You can fool some people sometime, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  39. Jubilee is the most tribal outfit ever witnessed since independence to luimp Raila together with Jubilee is an insult…Try as much as you can to paint ODM as a tribal outfit but the truth is its the only party that has a national outlook.What Zani is trtying to point out is not TRIBALISM..its a factual representaion of Kenyan communities as they exist today..if you want to read tribe into that professor then i think you have a deep inclination of looking at things from a tribal perspect even when that may not be the case…

    • Why did Zani not look at Kenya with a population of 40million people, or talk about regions,Coast,N.Eastern etc with this much or per counties if it was not tribal based.Lets swallow the bitter pill of ethnicity forge ahead.

    • Your attempt to ridicule my sober opuinion is not lost on me.The problem with this country is that ithas too many Pseudo Philiosophers like your yourself who seem to look at everything from an interlectual point of view.The reality is our problems are still factor driven and we have not reached a sophisticated level where tribe will stop to count any time soon as long as the UHURUS AND RUTOS continue to preside over a country they have divided along tribal lines….your tonnes of research will only make sense to thesis writers and will have no pragmatic solution to our current problems.You may be a scholar well schooled in books but that as as far as it gets..

  40. In kenyan politics its hard to discard tribal arithmetics. Methinks we should more more alive to reality than anything else. In this case, reality has it that tribal arithmetic is the core n desideratum of our politics. Thus, doing any calculations discordant with this is pure suicide. Its a question of which tribal permutation is more inclusive? so that a political party thats going to bring on board a majority of people from the melange of diversity we have is better off than one which only touts for only two. Think thats should b the crux of the argument n anythng short of that is absolute hogwash. Dont demonize one leader while superficially touching on the other while deceiving us ur using facts. Think ur so avaricious for anything that can nail Raila to the extent when u come across an article touching on tribes by serendipity then ur fast moving to pen it down. Tribalism is real n is here to stay. So we should b thinking of making each of our tribes get the most in our governments through inclusivity.

  41. Am to say this but 4 surekila mwanachi au raia wa kenya ana haki ya kutoa maoni kulingana na katiba ya kenya hizo hisabu mama zani anatengeza ni sawa kimaoni ya chama anacho egemea lakini kuna jambo moja asisahau kwanza kura ni siri ya mtu pili nihiari kupiga ama kutopiga nataka aelewe kitu kimoja kama ni.ukabila ndio unatengenezwa ili vyama vingine vipate ushindi sioni kitu kuhusiana na mwamko huo ila tusije tukarudia yaliyo tokea miaka ya nyuma kupoteza maisha ya wengine kwa sababu ya kuamini mimi lazima nitashinda kulingana na hisabu zinazo tarajiwa la hizo hisabu zikendelea kuwekwa ndio twaanza kujijenga na chuki hizo fikira tusiweke watu ni wahamasishwe na sikulazimishana ama fulani akija huku kwa kabila au mkoa fulani asipewe nafasi ya kuongea na wenyeji lakini wengine wawe wakienda kwa wengine waonyeshwe uungwana wakaribishwe mfano wakaribu miaka michache nyuma tulikuwa na pentagon tukapiga kura matokeo ilikuwa nusu mkate wana pentagon walipotelea wapi walisambaratishwa kimpango kama ule msemo unasema anekusaidia kupanda juu usimpe nafasi awe karibu nawe maana ile njia alitumia kukupandisha aweza itumia kukushusha yangu ni maoni.hayati rais wa tazania mwalimu julius kambarage nyerere alikuwa na msemo akipenda kuusema kuwaambia viongozi wa nchi za afrika kuwa raisi wa kipindi utakacho hudumu kwa watu wako ili historia ikisoma yako uwe ulikuwa kama raisi sio kama nabii wakati wa unabii ulikwisha poleni kwa atakae kuwa nimemkosea yangu nimaoni mfano wa pharao kubishana na uwezo wa mungu kulimponza

  42. the best thing is if we revert to creating a constitutional republic like the one they have in america . the founding fathers of america were highly intelligent they knew that if they advocate for popular vote which we currently have in the country chances are that there will be tyranny. this is evident in the fact that in Kenya only the major ethnic communities are able to front not only candidates but their vote can make or break a presidential candidate excluding the minority ethnic communities . through the creation of the electoral college this allowed small states with low populations to also have a say in who could be elected as president because if they resort to popular vote you would only need states such as Florida,California , Texas and NewYork to win the presidential elections.

    • Jacky, nothing, I mean nothing, even a constitution from heaven can fix the tribal warlords and their tribal politics. NOTHING. We must get a new non-ethnic politcal narrative, sell it to the people and send all these tribal packing. Do not imagine that there is anything that can be done to turn around the hearts of the tribal kingpins. Nothing.

    • but its actually a start . no one has come up with an idea or a plan to deal with this issue the only way in wich we can make some sort of difference is by rewriting history, going back to history and finding events that brought kenya together and peddle it to the masses. it will also require creating media that could be distributed to the people in order to create that change but as we think of ways of exterminating tribal kingpins we should create a framework in which we will wrest power from this people and will be able to create institutions that that will never be corrupted and wich the people themselves will protect

    • Jacky Turi We are in agreement except in the matter of the order of things. As for me getting rid of the tribal kingpins is paramount. A new narrative is needed in order to do that. It is only after that we can start to fix anything. If we try to fix anything with the tribal warlords at the helm, they will adulterate it. Can’t you see how they have desecrated the new constitution? They are a plague.

  43. Ideal utility of the ink Prof (in this case fb) i adore your persistence in desuading our otherwise misinformed masses across tribal divide ,soldier on, u shall never walk alone.

  44. Look at it, give it a name and its accepted as the norm. Lets start from where we are and admit that our politics is tribal and has been such since independence.

    That type of politics has been outstretched but we still stick to it like ticks on the skin of a cow. Lets not blame the tribalists for they know on other form of politics and start formulating the type of politics we would like to bequeath our children. Tuache tabia ya kushika mti na kulilia mti “niache, niache” while we hold on tight to that tree. Remember Jesus teaching of the ‘log and the spec’. Which up coming politician has an alternative system and which Kenyans public have shifted to that New paradigm?

  45. Good prof, you’ve used a very long article trying to discredit Raila, bt you’ve ended up revealing ua political leaning. Rem Raila is loved all over Kenya except by Kikuyu & Kalenjin (due to dirty misrepresentation of facts over ICC cases. Never mislead us abt R. Valley- it strides Kenya frm Lokitoung to Loitoktok). Am waiting for such a long writ abt Uhuru Kenyata, bt I know it wont come. Instead, like Koigi Wamwere, Martha Karua & Peter Kenneth, u’l soon make a u-turn and declare support for Uhuru’s re-election bid.

  46. na sasa,, whom is ur prefferd candidate bwana proffeser,,, juu sasa sjui tutafanyeko nn,, or should we find someone from another country to lead us,; ,, my point is,, i dis agree with u,, it doesnt make sense in enway,,,

  47. I don’t blame you but bitter for not having solution on tribalism can you leak an option for us to support ? But don’t blame Raila we’ve not tested him with presidency for us to blame him because when he was pm he appointed many to be minister s from other tribes than the president

    • We have no alternative my brother but for sure people have been unfair to raila now advice me on what to do to wait for who and that’s why I turn to Christ let as not compare Uhuru na raila because we have not seen what he can do when he campaigned for kibaki on a wheel chair kilamtu alimpenda when it come to giving him his pension he can not be given some sign for themselves and when it come to airport he cannot use VIP lounge what a shame to our society

  48. Learn from history who was the first to promote tribalism have you imagine Kenya under one party state under this tribalism Leo ni jubilee let them eradicate tribalism because they have numbers for making the nation for our children and let’s stop tribalism I t will destroy tomorrow imagine you were prezo ungefanya nini but blame game ni kazi ya kitoto call a spade a spade not a big spoon fight tribalism in a better way in a home who is to direct the home elder son or father

  49. Professor, you are right when you say that both jubilee and cord plus their leaders are tribal outfits led by tribalist. All other parties are also tribal outfits. So in Kenya we have a conglomeration of parties which are basically tribal. The question is did these parties come from a vacuum? These parties are a creation of the Kenyan sociopolitical experience right from pre independence, to the time we got independence till the present. Tanzania’s experience immediately after independence informs how their politics operate. Same to Kenya. When we were writing the current constitution, one key informant was tribalism. That’s why we got so scared of tribalism that we mutilated the powers of the presidency. So although you are railing against Raila and other politicians, don’t forget the monumental efforts that tried to get rid of tribalism in our polity. You have admitted that you cannot see a leader who is better than those mentioned. So what do you expect Kenyans to do? Vote in a “tribles”leader. Not until we change how we elect our President, which in my view, thru consensus or bring in the position if prime minister for better negotiation among tribes to allow other tribes to also lead. This parameters that you are taking about like poverty, two third gender rule, etc, also find expression in tribal arithmetics, hence its a fallacy to say that poverty knows no tribe when communities that rule have their people leaving better lives, have better infrastructure, have better schools, hospitals, have more investments, than most communities that have not ascended to power, this is supported by the Kenya poverty index research. So in th he kenyan mindset what started during independence must continue to it’s logical conclusion, that other tribes want to write these wrongs by placing one of their own in power. We are in a catch 22 situation. When you tell others to look for tribles leaders it’s like telling them that now others have eaten to their fill they now want to muddy the waters. If there is any one Kenyan who fits the bill you are suggestion, he must first behave like Gorbachev, appeal to all the tribes, then scatter them by writing a new non ethnic framework to rule the country. Much like Singapore and Malaysia

    • Unfortunately, your proposed solution for tribalism is more tribalism. That is why you say “Not until we change how we elect our President, which in my view, thru consensus or bring in the position if prime minister for better negotiation among tribes to allow other tribes to also lead” Sir, this is an equally tribal solution. I have advocated for a new non-ethnic political narrative. It is not this one. This one is not non-ethnic. Thanks for engaging.

    • Professor, I don’t see a your ethnic political narrative taking shape. Perhaps when Kenyans agree silently that the big five ethnic groups will not have one of their own elected. As a teacher and as one who has done psychology, I would like to put it that the Kenyan environment is highly polluted ethnically to sustain your solution. I am because we are and since we are I am. That’s how people think, shaped, informed by enduring experiences. Not unless there’s is some cataclysmic experience, like a common mind shaking experience for all of us. Thanks though for your article.

    • Sylvester Wauye And there is no reason why a common mind cannot shake experience for all of us. Such an awakening is in any case the doing of a single mind. Only Moses believed that the Israelites can be liberated from slavery in Egypt. The slaves themselves could not see that. In fact even after leaving Egypt, they were still claiming that slavery was better. In 2007, only Barrack Obama believed that a black man can be elected President of the United States. Change does not come through the judicious study of existing reality. Change comes through the imagination of unseen possibilities. That is why only the very brightest is society are change makers. They are able to see things that those of “reality based” reasoning cannot see; We need such men and women at this time of great need in our beloved country.

  50. Avoid repetitions in your article,putting stress in your work simply shows you wrote not out of good u do agree that if Nasa is formed with Mudavadi,Weta,Kalonzo ,Isaac,Moi,Raila,Jirongo,Khalwale,Joho,Oparanya,Ngilu,Jumwa nd Mishi then raila will emerge the president elect of the republic of Kenya,but if nasa turned foul,then Uhuru nd MyFriend will win.

    • If we do not get a new non-ethnic political narrative, the ones who will master the tribal one will win. It does not matter who. Change will never come that way. Judge me as you may, I am judged as having good faith when I am seen to support either side. Unfortunately, my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. It turns out that whether I write in good faith or not depends on who you ask and which side of the rotten divide they support. I support none.

    • The question is not who, but what. We need a new what, a new non-ethnic politcal narrative. Whoever has that will be the best chance of defeating the tribalists. Even if 100 men and women run without a new non-ethnic political narrative, the tribalist will win.

    • As an academic I seriously don’t expect you to exclude some of these facts or speak as an entitled big tribe person! The bias you are depicting here is dwarfed by the many people from central Kenya that Raila has trusted and given opportunities until they decide to go protect uthamaki. Not so much can be said about the other side.

    • Tonny Matenge Every one defends their tribal Kingpin in the tribal political narrative. This has nothing to do with one particular community. Raila is a master of tokenism. Giving crumbs to members of the Kikuyu community to pretend that he is a nationalist. Trust me. It is all rubbish. The same rubbish where TNA nominates a Luo as its Chairman of Jubilee appoint a Luo as Sec Gen. It does not change the fundamental tribal bent of these tribal parties and their Kingpins. It is the game they play.

    • In the grand scheme of things, Kalonzo is my kingpin but for two elections now I have not been convinced by what he stands for. With all the flaws, Raila remains the only person that stands tall among these others. Being on the fence just leaves us one conclusion, you support your kingpin but would rather appear like you are rooting for an utopian candidate. Shalom prof.

    • Tonny Matenge In your world that is divided into CORD and Jubilee it is impossible for you to conceptualize my position. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. A million other options exist. I am free to think as I may. You will not understand. A free mind and an unbounded heart are powerful tools full of possibility. Shalom.

  51. Well said,Prof.But u see, we don’t expect the tribal kingpins, as u call them, to change this system coz they benefit directly.It is we, the common people to rise up, see the light n say no to them. But again, do any sober man or woman, see this coming in this century?.

  52. Since I began reading your analysis of events and leadership in our country, I have come to admire your indepth and nonpartisan positions. I pray our country one day decides to kick out all these tribal bigots and send them to jail.

  53. Comrade,
    am not such an elite but my concern revolves round fictous future.A bright future.Education is light.Thats Education and back to relevancy of my post,I believe at one time you have read about Stanley Yelnats’ juvenile fiction ‘Holes’.
    Krnyans are like the juvenile convictees at the camp green lake.
    No,electric fence no watch tower,but must dig a hole daily to build character unless come across something…
    Jubilee govt. is like a cornered monitor lizard.If you ever came across the same obviously we are at par.

  54. There is this one arrogant tribe in Nigeria Professor called the IBO that which was excommunicated in Nigeria several years ago.History is there in our domain and we understand the reason and life of this tribe before they were wiped one day one morning.There’s this bird called Dodo Mauritius that which was wiped in Mauritius not because it was a bad bird not at all but because everyone that spotted it anywhere saw food.All the tribes are ganging together because of the arrogance, chest thumping and intimidation of your brothers. Think about that Professor

    • Moses Miysba There can never be a sensible argument from someone who sees their world through the tribal lenses. He sees tribalism everywhere. I have asked you who my brothers are. Instead of giving me an answer, you call me a tribalist. It is very interesting that in this Kenya, only others are tribalists. Not you.

    • Its opeque when you arguably try to justify yourself ignorantly by crossing over the Genesis of tribalism in Kenya.What my good Professor you need to do is to take that gospel of tribalism to the seed of Mumbi for perhaps they may hear you because the gospel has come to them from their own Son.How can you preach to us a bout TRIBALISM when you fail to understand the very outlet of its Genesis?We can not have an Exodus if we are not ready to deal with the Origin

    • Moses Miysba This is your problem. Instead of acknowledging that tribalism is a problem of all the tribal warlords, yours included, you want us to believe it is a Kikuyu problem. In the tribal narrative, the tribal warlords in ODM/CORD and Jubilee hope to ride the narrative to power. The sins of the Kikuyu is that they actually suceeded. The others failed, but the formula was the same. That is why Raila would gladly get into a coalition with someone he himself called Judas Iscariot. For so long as he is bringing a tribal vote, he is his savior. I have said here that if the political narrative for the next elections is tribalism, Raila will loose. It is within his interests to get a new non-ethnic political narrative. Unfortunately he is incapable of one. He has never had a coherent narrative since the demise of Moi. That is why he thinks that demonizing the Kikuyu will help him. It did not in 2007, it wont, ever again. That is why such calculations are sickening. It shows someone who has not learnt, a hypocrite who preaches water and drinks wine. Jubilee is tribal, so is he and ODM and CORD. Let him tell us something else.

  55. Let me pick one mistake in your article since I do not want to say much and prove to you that you are wrong. Dr zani is not a beneficiary of kasarani kisirani. She was appointed after Namwamba was given a brown envelope and chose to ran away leaving the post of the secretary general vacant.

    • After Namwamba realized that he has been known, he coiled out because he knew that the trust has been eroded by him self. So you should not blame anybody for his downfall. Concerning Raila Odinga, he remains the only national figure. He recognizes each and every Kenyan that has contributed for the betterment of our country unlike the other people who keep on attacking him even on the things that they know he is talking or saying the truth. I know he might not be famous to you on the public but down in your heart you do agree with me that Raila is a good leader. He accommodate all communities in Kenya. Even as we speak his lawyer is from your community, thus there is no secret he has against your community as you are made to understand by the enemies of progress. Am sorry if this will hurt you.

    • Makori Kombo Isaac My freind, you cannot come here to tell me what is down in my heart. Let me tell you. I have previously and consistently said what is down in my heart. That Raila is a tribal tingod, who runs a tribal party and steals his own elections in broad daylight on national television. He was the architect of the 41 against 1 campaign and now you can see the tribal mathematics that he is doing in the desperate hope of winning next years elections. He has never sufficiently answered to charges of corruption from KKV, to Maize, to Oil scandals involving his businesses, to Molasses. He does not feel the need to respond because he knows that his tribal following will never ask him to. He gives token appointments to Kikuyus to pretend that he is national. The other tribal kingpins have learnt tokenism from him and that is why now the Secretary General of the tribal contraption called Jubilee is a Luo and the Chairman of the defunct tribal crap called TNA was a Luo. It is a game of hoodwinking the feeble minded and the gullible that these people are nationalists. It stinks with hypocrisy and lack of respect for the capacity of people to think. Raila and the other tribal tingods thing we are fools. That is what is down in my heart.

  56. When the government in power openly shows that only those in power should benefit from the national cake, it’s only logical to gang the other 40 tribes that have been left out. When some regions in Kenya have been marginalized since independence, it’s only obvious that u gang these regions together.Not so long ago, you talked about strategy being important than wit.

    • So u suggest another strategy even if it’s hellbound to fail.Peter Kenneth, Ole Kiyapi have tried, where are they now.Fire meets fire I believe.When even the poor from two tribes support the government which doesn’t give a hoot about their welfare, the opposition is bound to fail even if they preached eradication of poverty.I don’t support tribalism, but I see no other strategy other than the tribal realignment currently being sort by Cord.

    • Mweresa Mwebi Mweresa At least you are honest. You see no other strategy. I agree. Do not assume though that because you see no other strategy, that such a strategy does not exist. It is a big mistake to assume that your limitation is the measure of all limitation. It is not.

      Please do not quote PK and Ole Kiyiapi. Theirs is the fate of wannabes. People who think they can run for the presidency because they can speak good English. They are not the measure of failure. They were never going to succeed. Whoever will succeed must confront the tribalists oo mundu khu mundu, and they must offer an alternative non-ethnic political narrative and inspire the people differently. None of the presidential candidates confronted the tribal kingpins in 2013. None had a new non-ethnic political narrative. None had a chance of success. Do not use them as your measure.

  57. Professor,history is vital for understanding.All the eight regions have voted for Central Kenya,infact,even disowning their own like Orengo,while the pple have not forgotten to do anything of the sord.Instead,they have even informed Ruto not to dream of a consolidatf Central Kenya votes.Eastern,Western,Nyanza have supported Central Kenya,which has supported none-What can this really be?

  58. You can continue to lecture people with your biase information about Raila, but we are Kenyans n u can’t cheat us on what we know and understand well. With your level of Education you can’t confuse Kenyans on Political issues. Bro we are all wise Kenyans

  59. Where were you when another fake scholar called Mutahi Ngunyi came up with the tyranny of numbers? Now the same thing said by Cord becomes tribalism to you. Navigating the minefield of ethnicity and objectivity is for the enlightened

    • I dont see how Rao is a tribalist, anyway those are just your views, it is not a must that they are true because you even you your nt pefect, you can be even worse if u are given an opportunity to be in those leadership position they are

    • Brian Oyolla I like the fact that instead of responding to the article, you are now attacking me that I am not perfect and I will be worse than Raila. I may not be good, but I doubt anyone can be worse than Raila and the other tribal tingods in CORD and Jubilee. They are the basest that a politcal class can become, hypocritical, empty, hopelessly tribal, corrupt and prisoners of hungry mongrels that surround them ready to devour the country to enrich themselves. CORD and Jubilee politcal class are the worst it can get. I am not an angel, but I would be incapable of doing worse.

    • Raila is a tribal leader for the fact that utmost majority of Luo follow him religiously. Others follow their tribal kings, who in turn follow Raila for their selfish expectations

  60. Any article that you think of writing without inculcating Raila’s name does not worth selling.You will concur with me that Raila is a Brand that sells equally in the regions where he is unpopular as well as where he is popular.If you demonize Raila in some regions,then you have high chance of being elected like some regions did in the last elections.In other regions,you only do the opposite to achieve your political ambition.Therefore,the Brand”RAILA”will remain an investment to the media houses,social media,political aspirants and even writers like prof.wainaina regardless of their political divide.

  61. Prof other than bedevilling corruption at the heart of our country, we have calamitous jiggers in Kenya, cancerous addiction to illicit brew, the troubling cancer in sub Saharan Africa, you can gather information on the above highlighted to earn you credit rather than spending the whole to sample certifying gimmicks which put Raila on the edge of blunt sword…..what an idleness!!!!

  62. Prefessor,going by ua feelings,I think u might have not gotten worried by the realisation that Arturs,kibaki’s relatives, were fake police bosses and Waiganjo,a central kenya resident, managed to masquarade as an assistant PPO-not even Somalia can afford this crap! In certain regions in Kenya,the common citizens are just as tribalistic as their leaders.They pressurised Uhuru to drop Mudavadi,and to make him,Uhuru,feel the pinch and act immediately,the proposed voting Raila.If Raila was as good as Uhuru,they would have allowed Mudavadi then voted him,but it was just to speed up the reaction against Mudavadi! The last campaigns were done with Migingo under Uganda invasion,yet Uhuru,Kibaki have not refuted Museveni even after his tongue slipped and admitted that the land belongs to Kenya.This is because it neither affects them nor their home electorates directly,but others.Uhuru said this somewher,’Raila amepokea Kichapo.Rais alikuwa amejam,manze,akamchapa mjaka.Sema kichapo,Raila amekiona leo’ (the quote may not be exact) Raila ought to have been disciplined by Kenyan electorate,but not an electorate,Kibaki.And because Uhuru felt it was a whip on Raila,he lost the election to Raila but they had sat down and agreed not to hand over power to Raila.In Kibaki’s second bid,Raila beat him live but seemed as if he had been directed to hand it over only to a kikuyu or else,he,a kikuyu, maintains the seat! If one is wronged,anger is automatic.The offended is allowed to defend him|herself.It is not very wrong for Raila to be angry after being offended live,otherwise the offenders assumes righteousness! Who are the leading tribalists?

  63. Raila has been moving around asking votes and doing what it takes but has not stepped in central province and like wise the sitting president has been on the helm for three years he has been in south nyanza maybe two time or three at most. His deputy is transversing these country dishing out looted money but he rarely takes the loot to south Nyanza .we need a leader who would continue with all inclusive Kenya narrative we need a revolution. Just concluded America elections the aspirants if you are not keen you cannot know their states of origin .they speak the American narrative. Making america great again,yes we can , God bless America its among their slogan . The luo in jubilee are just puppet decision are made by Kikuyu mafias and in chord the luo say chama kina wenyewe so being another tribe your are just a rider. Professor continue with the good work the reception of one Kenya in your article is getting more positive response many have discovered your reasoning and argument is guided by good will. kindly next time let’s read something about the African states withdrawal from ICC .I feel the post election victims have not got justice and I believe our government have a reason to pull out but not for the right reason .

    • Very well said my brother. We need a revolution. And like Robert Kennedy said, ““A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”.

  64. When I lived in Kibera, I shared my modest crib with Onyango,Kimani, Kipngeno,Mutisya and Abdi. Abdi and Kimani shared a bed because Abdi was new to the city. The only thing that seperated our “bedrooms” was a “leso”, an old dirty bed sheet and a black polythene sheet that Mutisya had picked on his way from Industrial area.
    We shared everything and we showered in shifts and on alternate Sundays. Life was hard but we were happy. Kimani pushed mkoko at Marigiti and in the evening he will come home with a mixture of almost everything that was sold at the market. From it, we made a stew. Everyday it tasted distinctly different and authentic even though the ingredients remained the same, the quantity varied. Sometimes the pilipili or dania will be in plenty hence the taste of the day. We listened to Kameme together and KBC salamu za hodi hodi together and shared ushindi bar soap for washing and geisha Kubwa for bathing. Played draught at weekends.
    In short we were more than brothers, and we remained so for 5 years until the elections were called. It was time to part ways. We got new identities jaluo, mkamba, kaleo, sapere,walalo and Banye. Identifying ourselves with the rich politicians we shared a language with was the thing, not the poor we had been with for years.
    The wealthy man from my tribe won the election I headed to the same room I had shared for five years with people of my class, albeit with some election posters to deco our crib. Mheshimiwa headed for Grand Regency to celebrate. That night we slept without food. After a while things came back to normal we were back to sharing everything with Abdi, musyoka Onyango etc. Whenever there was bereavement amongst us, we all attended. Just the poor people. Mheshimiwa was busy on the beach. But when Mheshimiwa got bereaved I mourned for him for weeks, even though I won’t be let to go past his gate. When he engaged in Corruption, I defended him fiercely just because he spoke my Language, to cut short…..I voted for mheshimiwa, he lives big but life for me, Onyango, Kimani, Abdi is still the same.
    What if we had voted for one of us regardless of his tribe, could life be different??????? Identify with your own true tribe. RICH or POOR are the real tribes of Kenya. However the latter are the Majority and are ruled by the minority. Poor people rise up and fight for your rights Did you know the only common thing between you and your much cherished Mheshimiwa is the language. Nothing else NOTHING!!!!!!!!! But the list of common things you share with Musyoka, Onyango, Abdi is endless. ooh religion was never anything we took an issue with…we respected each one religion HIGHLY.


  65. Professor,don’t u think Raila has got the right to bag back,as all do,all the votes he hunted for Kibaki,so that the govt remains only with Central Kenya? When the referundum on the proposed draft constitution was done,Raila’s chungwa worn against Kibaki’s banana.This implies that Raila had the majority following.When Kibaki sacked Raila from govt,did he not chase them away? Did u expect them to forcefuly continue working with Kibaki? Someone who denies u food is better put to be an enemy-have u not heard that Uhuru would continue eating meat as the others salivate? Is it not funny to think that pple are willing to join hands with their enemies! Mudavadi was branded a ‘demon’ after being sought by Uhuru and Ruto-who are those demons that u think should join hands with Central Kenya Angels in the ‘chorus’ of ending tribalism? Infact,going by this observation,joing hands with Central Kenya is propagation of tribalism.It does bring about three scenarios:first,u can’t make it without their support,however many your votes could be.Secondly,u must admit being inferior to them-DP has already been shown the door.Thirdly,u must admit being different from them-Mudavadi-a demon! Joining hands,associating with Central Kenya means being tribalistic,therefore, disownment is justified.Tom Mboya thought he could work hard with Jomo to better the lives of Kenyans-did he not see his demise-do u preffer this? Teaming up with Central Kenya is a nuisance? When other pple team up in exclusion of Central Kenya,they are simply getting rid of tribalism.

    • If he is the one who got all the votes for Kibaki, why hasn’t he gotten them back for himself? The answer is simple. He didn’t. But he has convinced you he did. You only see politics in terms of one tribe joining hands with another. This is the problem. You must start to imaging a non-ethnic political narrative. For so long us your understanding of politics is that it is a “them” vs “us” game based purely on tribe, you will be taken round and round in circles by the tribal warlords.

      Teaming up with anyone on the basis of a tribal narrative is a nuisance. All you are describing are Raila’s failed attempts to make the tribal narrative work for him. He wanted to use others and others used him instead. He has been outwitted and shortchanged by the tribal kingpins he chose to do business with. He has then decided to demonize a whole community and galvanize other communities against them using his story and sour grapes. Now he is in new calculations using the same tribal narrative. He will loose, again. He is incapable of a new non-ethnic narrative and is desperately holding onto the tribal narrative. The others are too. He is bitter it never worked for him. Had he won in 2007 or 2013, he would have given a different story. Reading your comment, it is obvious his story has sympathy. Not from me. He has chosen the tribal narrative, he deserves everything his tribal kingpins throw at him. When he looses, like he will, let him not come crying to us that he has been shortchanged. Our tears for tribal kingpins like the ones he is with in CORD and the ones he is trying to outsmart in Jubilee dried a long time ago.

    • That is what he told you. The others say they won. Choose whoever you choose to believe. As for me I have no doubt in my mind that we are dealing with hypocritical, duplicitous, lying and stealing politcal class in Jubilee and CORD. Believe anything that comes form their mouths at your own risk.

  66. Professor,ua answer for a similar question is not consistent.U claim that tribal calculations have and will fail Raila.Have u not said that the Jubilee borrowed a leaf of 1 versus 41-2 versus 40,to beat him? If Jubilee borrowed the formular from Raila,did it not work for him? Or do u think they admired it because it failed Raila? And if Raila worn with the formula,why do u find it hard admit it except for tribalism? How do u lecture pple off your lifestyle? Professor,do u want to say that they borrowed a leaf from Raila because it scored or failed him,Raila? But if it scored for Raila,why do u say that Raila has never and will not win? And if he worn,why was he denied? U can’t handle this factor,it has eaten u up!

    • Daniel Oloo, we can go on ad infinitum about who borrowed what and what worked or did not work. These are the facts. Raila was the first politician to use an overt tribal formula to seek the presidency. The KANU men in Jubilee took the formula and applied it in a way that worked. Now Raila is busy trying to cobble up a tribal formula that will take him to statehouse. Other tribalists have learnt well. Hawesmake.

    • Is it a grave matter to admit that if Jubilee borrowed a leaf from Raila, then the leaf must have worked or scored for Raila? Why do u disown your very words? If it worked for him and to the extent that Jubilee also borrowed it,how do u believe it will not work? Were u required to approve it when it worked? We can’t fight tribalism,which is your culture and with illacies.

  67. I have read a few of ur posts,(honestly u r wise) and what I’ve concluded 4rm the comments, is that the problem with Kenya is nolonger the leaders (Raila Uhuruto Kalonzo etc)but the inhabitants(Kenyans). Meaning, even if Raila, Uhuruto etc are taken out of picture, Kenyans will still raise other tribal lords. It’s already in the blood, nowadays even in marriages, if u r 4rm jubilee strongholds u can’t marry 4rm CORD areas and vice versa…its as stupid as that.

    • Thanks you for your kind words. I have witnessed many cross-cultural marriages and do not worry, they will be here for a long time and they will get more and more. Also do not worry about the people. This is how people behave when they are under the grip of a single narrative. The solution is to show them that there is an alternative. When people know better, they act better. You can never ever loose your faith in the people. They are the last frontier of change in this country.

  68. When the country was burning,only the peace accord salvaged her.Kibaki and Raila ascented to the agreements-Did tribalism allow him to fully effect the accord or r u a stranger in the country-They embrace tribalism! more than pple’s lives-they did not honour what ceased blood flow! They have fathered tribalsm! Kibaki was voted not knowing whether dead or a live in hospital-what did he do to Raila after recovery? And have u forgotten the issue of Mudavadi! Are these animals or pple?

  69. Professor,a problem is better solved from it’s cause.The root cause of tribalism should be of our great concern.Doctors must examine a patient first before treatment.How do u want tribalism stop without knowing it’s source and cause?

    • The source and the cause are the tribal kingpins. They have nothing else to offer the people so they feed them on this toxic and poisonous narrative called tribalism. They don’t care. The goal for them is power. We will never get rid of tribalism without getting rid of them. We will never get rid of them without a new alternative non-ethnic narrative. That is why I have consistently advocated for this new narrative. It is our only hope. The tribalists have nothing else to offer us. Only more tribalism, more divisions and more hate. It is time for a new narrative , not time to try and make sense of the old one. It makes no sense.

    • I don’t think that leaders r the source of tribalism. We recently saw the likes of Peter Kenneth n Martha Karua declaring their support to Uhuruto just to conform with the expectations of the people. I think ignorance is the main problem: we need civil education.

  70. When u can’t admit that Raila has worn the presidency even when Uhuru himself knew that it is president Kibaki who whiped Raila,then u are greater than Uhuru in tribalism.Uhuru,one of those we r argueing about on tribalism,inwardly knew that Raila worn.If Raila had not worn,then refusing to hand over power to Raila would not be considered a whip,because he would not deserve the seat?

    • My article was not about Kibaki. My friend, you can be stuck in the past or you can choose a brave new future for yourself and your children. What I can guarantee you is that there is no such future with the tribal kingpins and their stories of who stole from who. Kenya is like a computer that is so full of rubbish that is has almost crawled to a stop. You know that the only thing you can do with such a computer is to clear the operating system and reboot. We need a reboot in this country. That will delete the malware called tribal Kingpins and their toxic tribal narrative. We need to set up new administrators. Trying to revisit some corrupted files will not help us.

      Personally, I am not interested in the stories from the tribalists. I am looking forward to a new political dispensation with a new political narrative towards patriotism, accountability and productivity. I do not know where it will come from but I can guarantee you that it will never come from the tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee. NEVER. You can defend them and try to make sense of their rubbish, or you can join Kenyans who want a new, dispensation, a new dream and a new vision.

  71. You r not good in answering questions.But let me ask u another:during the heated sabasaba,at one point,the head of state,Uhuru,said,’tuko tiyari kwenda msituni’ (the quote may not be exact) When the president with all machineries on his hands sees a possibility of countering opposition from the bush,how heavy,big is Raila following? And how do some think he hasn’t and will not win an election,if the govt sees a possibility of giving them way? It is only being tribalistic

  72. Are u looking for a new political dispensation that is lacking pple? The very pple I’m telling u r the one’s who must change towards ua funny dream of a new political dispensation. Uhuru claimed could only assure Ruto his and family votes-he can’t change the pple towards ua dream because he knows them very well.

  73. Politicians are the ones to change pple for almost all are their followers;those who hear from them.These pple carry swords and peace at their hands-they are the one to fish pple out of this muck.Change must begin from where the rot is hosted

  74. By the way,tribalism stands a bigger threat to our country.We must approach it live and hit the nail on the head! We must call it by name for it has claimed lives,injured pple,dislocated some and destroyed property.Let not a spade be a big spoon!

  75. Professor,u r missing the point.Suppose u understand not politics! After the mess created by leaders about IEBC,pple,including America ask RAILA and UHURU to sit and talk.And after their agreement,the country calmed-why do u run away from that simple fact? The Annan peace accord,that saw peace in our country after the violence,was done with leaders to get Wanjiku off the turbulence.And indeed it worked for Wanjiku-do u want to claim that u don’t know why my formula works but not uas? U suggested that politicians will not get us out of the mess they have created? Allow me this if u don’t mind: in certain parts,if u have been bewitched,for instance,then the witch stands a better chance of correcting the situation! Politicians are the ones who can get pple off their own muck because their followers believe them.Their followers will turn to left or right as directed.But what about a person like u who has got no following? Will u change wind?

  76. like I said before n still repeat, no need of pretending to b a nationalist when u r not,I can see u r soon declaring to be a jublee sychophant for life.u r fake n we can see it clearly through your addiction to matters on Raila than those many negative things committed by your tribalist leader called Uhuru.


  78. “I do not see how someone without total backing in Central and Rift Valley can be a national leader”….” If he did bag votes for kibaki in 2007 then how comes he hasn’t done the same for himself “….hahaha so much crap but I choose to highlight the above two…need I respond? No I don’t think so, but my conscious commands me to do kindly I will state just two things in summary.. 1) Being qualified to be a national leader has nothing to do precisely with just Central & Rift Valley…2) nobody is capable to democratically ascend to power in a fraud prone electoral system..not even a national leader …with/without total backup in the two regions mentioned above. #peace

    • Yes Sam Kibe, sarcasm is your way of play I can see but all in all your sentence other than being sycophantic in nature, it would be more correct if you complete it..say with…. “….unfairly.”..ooh and sorry I ain’t into individualism this thingy that’s been stalling our democracy for so long..that no point can be expressed independently minus a particular persona as the main subject huh! It’s 2016, almost 2017 not 1980’s.

  79. “Raila stole his own elections to stop independent-minded and people-mandated young leaders from taking over the party he imagines is his personal property.” In that regard who was independent-minded? Ababu? Where is he? Joho was among the so called independent-minded, isn’t he still a honcho in the party? Wainaina, to ignore tribalism in Kenyan politics is to pretend you’re not Kenyan. We vote based on tribal lines and that is a fact. To tell us there are rogue element in both Cord and Jubilee is nothing new…we know that. I’ll ask you as an intellectual, what is your option for Kenya? By the way, Raila has supported a non-Luo Kenyan, same as Kalonzo, Wetangula, Mudavadi et al. I don’t have to tell you who’s missing from the list. Sometimes you have a point, sometimes you miss it and that’s being human Prof. Keep up the good job but avoid cosmetic analysis in your to sound neutral. Supporting Uhuru or Raila doesn’t make one tribal, it’s a preference even if informed by tribe ALONE. Ethnic jingoism or chauvinism is evil though.

    • Joho is not a honcho in the party. He is a Raila marrionette just the way Raila wanted it. If Raila wanted Joho or any other person to become something in the party, he would have let them get a mandate from the people so that they are independent of him. Of course he would not. They were warned by Aladwa “Chama ina wenyewe”. And they owners proved it.

      Seth, I have said a million times and I will never tire of saying. I am not neutral. And I am not balanced. There is nothing to balance. CORD and Jubilee are the same, driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. There is no need to balance two things which are equal. They are already balanced. I am not neutral. I advocate for a new non-ethnic politcal narrative to inspire the people differently. You believe that tribalism is here to stay and that all Kenyans are tribal and you find nothing wrong in supporting the tribal warlords in either CORD or Jubilee. My world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I believe we have 40 million other options, where you only see two. Our problem is that we cannot imagine beyond the two evils as you call them.

  80. Leaders will come a tribe. What makes the difference is whether the leader is fighting for a national Agenda or tribal agenda and using his tribe to balkanise the nation. The founding president balkanised the nation along tribal lines and his successor followed his nyayo leading us to where we are. A Kikuyu with very few exceptions can never vote for a nonkikuyu president. We have a few exceptions like PaulMuite CharlesNjonjo Githunguri, etc but they are few and far between. Other tribes can vote for any presidential candidate just like luos voted for Kibaki. Other tribes are not in tribal cocoon the Kikuyu’s find themselves in. They need to disengage from the god of mtkenya to set themselves free.

  81. Give us your best leader we elect him..the rate at which you parrot in your articles you don’t offer us a solution Mr Wainaina..your are becoming monotonous,if you can’t be part of a solution you are part of the problem..who will you vote for?