Koigi’s response to: Mr. Koigi, bye as you join KANU a.k.a Jubilee; the Moi scions have done what their fathers couldn’t: Break you.

To Professor Michael Wainaina.

From Smelly Manure Grows Tree Of Life

Professor Wainaina., I am grateful for all the nice things you said about me when so many would rather deny my positive contributions or simply demonize me.

Nevertheless, you accuse me of selling out to Uhuru and Ruto when I joined Jubilee Party. But you offer no evidence of my surrendering my ideals -which selling out must mean – when you accuse me of selling out to Jubilee Party that you call “the most tribal, corrupt, inept and least deserving regime this country has ever seen.” But to sell out to Jubilee, you imply I have also become tribal and corrupt since I said I would join the party. But where is your evidence of my deterioration.

You say I said I had seen the “light” when I joined Jubilee Party. Yet what I said was I would use Jubilee Party to continue fighting our endemic problems of bad leadership, bad system, poverty, corruption and negative ethnicity? But if you oppose this Prof., do you truly believe changing forums, from a small to a bigger party whose weaknesses I don’t endorse, amounts to abandoning my ideology, beliefs and struggle for a better Kenya? Is fighting from a smaller party not a disadvantage when you reach so few people? Is moving to where people are in order to serve them better delusional? Were people like Museveni, Nyerere, Castro and all Kenyans who moved from smaller to bigger parties or to Narc coalition in order to defeat Kanu delusional?

Prof. let me ask. When people change tactics or parties, do they necessarily abandon their strategies, ideals or ideology? Because of our rather crazy circumstances that negative ethnicity has landed us into, have not otherwise good leaders joined rather unwelcome parties to change things from within or gain higher platforms from which to continue the fight for change? Look at histories of many countries and they are full of leaders changing parties or joining ever changing coalitions and alliances. I for one, has joined parties like Kanu – within which we fought for change until we were detained -, Kenya Patriotic Front that operated underground until the advent of multiparty democracy, Chama cha Mwananchi that remained small for lack of ethnic following and now Jubilee Party, not because each one of this is the best option but because my joining it is dictated by control of all our politics by negative ethnicity that I acknowledge but also fight. Often in history, when people move to a different territory, leaders join them rather than give them up. Before independence, people like Bildad Kaggia did it and in America we just saw Bernie Sanders do it, without becoming political demons. For whatever ambitions and intentions, why should I vie for Senator of Nakuru County with CCM for a second time when I know its small base cannot make me win?

You have not asked me, but my undying vision is to be always on the side of good, never evil and to fight from wherever I may be for Kenya to become a more equitable society, enter Promised Land or First World and ultimately become a heaven on earth. This is the ideological steam that drives and fires my political engine. Prof., have I abandoned this vision? Without accusing you of ill will or double standards, would you accuse me of selling out if I had joined Cord or Third Way Alliance?

Prof., I am sure you know politics is a dynamic science which gives politicians and leaders options that are less than perfect but allows them freedom to keep their visions and ideologies. I am sure you know, as in war, in politics, every retreat is not surrender and every change of tactic is not a surrender of strategy.

When I wanted to vote against Section 2A of the old Constitution, though right, people of Nakuru North advised me against it arguing it would be suicidal and unwise. Instead they suggested I go along until majority gathered courage enough to fight it later. Even Mati the Speaker of Parliament would not allow me to oppose the move on the floor of the house accusing me of being a moth throwing itself into fire.

If Kenyans in their ethnic cocoons are the mountain that will not come to Mohammed, should not Mohammed go to them to fight negative ethnicity, corruption and our other malaise? I may be wrong, but going where people are, to better fight their problems can never be wrong. But if you are right Prof., I will never begrudge you credit if you fight more successfully than we did. In fact, I will be happy to embrace you as my hero.

Finally, as you disapprove of my joining Jubilee Party, remember that though manure is smelly, from it grows the tree of life. Don’t be in a hurry to judge and condemn people whose actions may tactically seem wrong but are strategically motivated by a desire to do better for the people.

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