If you smell what the Mom is cooking….

Gideon Moi said he and KANU will decide whether to support CORD or Jubilee in two weeks time. When I saw this picture in the papers, my political-blogger-self couldn’t help myself…


So, after this meeting, which side do you think Gideon Moi and KANU will join?  No prizes for guessing.



Picture by Raphael Njoroge. Nation

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  1. Gideon rekindles memories of run away kleptocracy & kakistocracy stemming from Moi’s system.
    Gideon, facebook comments do not reflect the madhouse or political garbage you’ll join…

  2. Yap its obvious which side the moi dynasty will vote…its the people they represent whom i wonder if they will cross over wholesale to jubilee…reason being ..drought has hit their supporters squarely below the belt and yet the verbose jubilee brigade that proclaimed to them multi billion ksh water projects did not live up to their (empty) promises…as we speak people are dying…please do not talk about electricity ..tarmarcked roads ..imaginary free maternity etc ..guys in turkana ..baringo..pokot..marakwet..samburu are asking what has taken you 5years to bring us ..ORDINARY DRINKING WATER…shut up if you cant sort out your promises that basically are centered on tenderprenureship….

  3. I think which side KANU will support we already know the fact that KANU leaders termed Salat’s attendance in the ‘NASA launch’ and his utterances as his personal views is evidence enough not forgetting how Gideon moi voted for jubilee in the election laws bill in the senate visit by the former first lady to kabarak is just the icing on the cake

  4. Mama Ngina’s business with Ruto is overdue because he is extremely hard to sell for Kikuyus when Uhuru is out of throne. That’s why Gideon is the best bet now to bank on for their(Moi & Kenyatt)’s political posterity.

  5. Have u ever heard any rift valley leader exchanging words with uhuru or insulting him since 2002?even ruto when he was in odm they respected each other.if u show uhuru respect he respects u back 2 times ukijifanya mjuaji anakutolea ujuaji wake wote na kila mara utakuwa chini ya miguu yake.

  6. Kibaki spoilt the ruling pattern. It was supposed to be
    Kenyatta snr—> Moi snr
    —>Kenyatta jnr—>Moi jnr
    —>a Kenyatta—>a Moi etc etc for a century.
    Now another spoiler appeared on the block!
    Not to be tolerated.
    Gideon is off to JP.

  7. Wanaina the issue of Mama nginas visit shld not be looked lightly It shows the level of panic. Ruto is all over in JP n Gideon has no chance if Given big post by the NASA brigade he may cross the floor.Uhuru can’t risk dropping ruto at this point. Thats a bare truth bro

  8. JAP ofcourse. Gideon is Mois favourite son and heir apparent. The Kenyatta family must appreciate and reciprocate the Moi gesture of anointing Uhuru. Gideon Moi is also less radical and tribalist than Ruto. The Gikuyu and indeed Kenyans would be safer and secure with Gideon as President than Ruto. The Gikuyu also cannot and shall never forget nor forgive Ruto for the 2007 008 massacre. As for now this is only a marriage of political convince.

  9. haaaa people are civilised nowdays ngoja muone venye cord itapiga watu sweep miguu juu !! time ya gedion ilikua 2013 akazubaa ruto akawa dp what will he do now the train has already left the station..

  10. Even if Gideon moi supports Nasa there is no impact since the electorates know the one and only king is William Ruto where he will be kalenjins will be Gideon moi currently cannot even be able to defend his senatorial seat in baringo reason being dp has given him a very strong competitor for the seat

  11. The retired president now is old and senile ! Look how frail he is kibaki retired we have never heard of the political dynasties With him moi plundered the economy . Let him retire kenya needs new ideas

  12. This why i have always say gideon is still a student in politic ,i strongly belief that his father might have told him ,kichana enda pole pole kwa sababu ukiunga mkona raila utajikaranga na mafuta yako mwenyewe kwa ivyo muchape kazi na uhuruto.

  13. The people who are to blame here are Kenyan voters who follow these politicians like blind sheep yet at the end of it all, its Wanjiku who suffers. All these leaders care about is the money in their bank account, their imvestments, the chunk of lands they grab, and how they can stay in power just to protect it. Kenyans should wisen up!

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