If a snake does not want children to use it as a rope, it bites! Mr. Chebukati, politicians are toying with you: Bite!

Mr. Chebukati, it is the sole responsibility of IEBC to organize and conduct general elections in accordance with the Law and guided by Article 249 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Nobody and no-body should interfere with the organization and conduct of general elections. No one should issue instructions to the Commission and the Commission should take instructions from no other place apart from itself. This does not exempt the Jubilee government, NASA or any other busy bodies out there.

It is not the job of the Jubilee government or the tribal kingpins at its helm or its spokesmen to assure Kenyans of a free, fair and credible election. Only you can do that. It is not the job of NASA and its tribal kingpin “luminaries” to announce results. Only you can do that. I am sure you live in Kenya and you know that the political class is fundamentally mannerless and have desecrated every space, every law and every process in the book in pursuit of their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. If you allow them to pronounce themselves on matters elections, watakuambukiza ukora na upuzi!  There can be no negotiating with these guys, they must be reined in and put in their place.  And they must be reined in now.

There is a West African saying that if a snake does not want children to use it as a rope, it bites. Mr. Chairman, you and your Commission should bite! Warnings to, condemnations and summons of the bad mannered political class are not enough. You are issuing them to fellows who do not care. They do not just believe they are above the law, they believe they are the law. You must show them that when it comes to the elections the Law says you are the boss!

First, these fellows are incapable of delivering free and fair anything  in the parties they own (Yes, I am sure you know or ought to know that in Kenya political parties are private property). They cannot conduct free and fair elections nor can they conduct free and fair nominations.

The one side called a group of paid functionaries in Kasarani and declared that they had merged parties by acclamation method popularly known as kura ya makelele, popularized by their progenitor KANU. They then said the party had only two officials, the two tribal kingpins who owned the previous tribal briefcases called TNA and URP. The two un-elected officials then declared that elections will be held after the general elections. After all, they had been declared the leaders, why bother with elections now?

The other side is still a hodgepodge of tribal kingpins and tribal parties that call themselves a coalition. They have never held free and fair anything.  Only ODM has ever attempted an election. It was conducted by an elections board called men-in-black. It is a stylish name for goons and hooligans who scuttled the whole election giving the owners of the party the result they were looking for.

These are the fellows you are dealing with, Mr. Chebukati. None of them has the moral authority to demand free and fair elections from anyone. You should deliver free and fair elections because that is what the law demands you do, not because any of these tribal kingpins and their tribal coalitions have demanded it.

You can already hear aspirants in their own parties crying wolf.  These aspirants from their own parties cannot trust the tribal kingpins to deliver free and fair nominations because they can’t. How can people who cannot deliver elections of any sort unless un-free, un-fair and un-credible ones be the ones telling you how to run a general election?

I can tell you why.

Their interference with the electoral process has nothing to do with wanting to ensure free, fair and credible elections. They are not interested in free and fair elections. They are interested in elections that they WILL WIN. You should therefore not treat them with kids-gloves imagining that they are people that you can play ball with. You cannot.

Mr. Chairman, I am sure you have heard of a guy called Krieglar. Johann Krieglar. He Chaired the Krieglar Commission and what he had to say would help you know what kind of fellows you are dealing with in Jubilee and NASA. Remember all of them were key players in the botched 2007 elections. This is what Krieglar had to say about those elections:

“Fraud: Numerous implausibly high turnout figures reported in the strongholds of both main political parties evidence extensive perversion of polling, probably ballot-stuffing, organised impersonation of absent voters, vote buying and/or bribery. This inference is supported by numerous eyewitness accounts given to IREC of various forms of manipulation as well as election observers’ observation reports and ECK submissions. Indeed, vote-buying and ballot-stuffing appear to be such extensive and universally condoned practices in Kenyan elections that the question can rightly be asked whether genuinely free and fair elections are at all possible… A further contributor and facilitator for manipulation at polling stations is the disturbing feature that in many instances (in the strongholds of both main political parties) effectively only the majority party was represented during polling and counting. The alert self-interest of competitors is all but indispensable for honest elections and it is a matter for serious concern that this safeguard was absent in many instances.”

The fellows you are dealing with are the same ones Krieglar is talking about here. “Perversion of polling” is their specialty. While some Kenyans will tell you that the elections were stolen, Krieglar’s verdict indicates that everyone stole, only that some were more successful than others. Krieglar noted the existence of “manipulation” in the tribal “strongholds” of the contestants. I need not remind you that we are dealing with the same people today and the same “strongholds”. These tribal kingpins still own them and they plan to capitalize on them through “perversion of polling”, in the same manner described by Krieglar and even more.

I will remind you that there is nothing special about the 2017 elections as regards the Country. It is not like the 2002 and 2013  elections. The 2002 election was a hugely significant election because of the Moi factor. People wanted a new dispensation after 24 years of KANU misrule. 2017 is also not like the 2013 election. This was another hugely significant election. It was going to put into office the first government under a new Constitution and actualize the devolved system of government.

The 2017 elections are like the 2007 elections. There are no stakes for Kenyans apart from the regular and routine change of leaders as envisaged in the Constitution. But like the 2007 elections, the 2017 elections have huge stakes for individual politicians.

And this is dangerous.

On the one side you have a self-proclaimed-YK92-hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi-project who claim they will rule for 20 years. Never mind they were given 5 years by Kenyans in 2013 and all we have seen is a looting spree. On the other side, you have a desperate three time election “looser”, a septuagenarian who claims he has “one bullet remaining”! His idea of free and fair elections are those run by men-in-black. He is flanked by tribal kingpins of the shameless kind. One of them refused to answer a question from a journalist because “your name betrays you”. The other is the only known tribal kingpin to be crowned so in broad daylight after a “scientific poll”.  More worryingly, they were all key players in 2007, they are using the script again.

Krieglar warned us Mr. Chebukati. You cannot have free and fair elections in an atmosphere of political dishonesty and ethnic jingoism. You are dealing with the same characters whose political engagement he warned about. You cannot be wishy-washy about them. You must stand your ground and deliver to Kenyans a free and fair election without any reference to them. You cannot sit around and watch them toy with the IEBC and with the electoral process. These people want to use you to deliver elections that they will win. Bite!  If a snake does not want children to use it as a rope, it bites!

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  1. Well said Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD. No promises by mouth…it should be by actions. Speaking in mother tongue in a public rally in a country supposed to be fighting tribalism is illegal. Promising fare elections is wrong. What I didn’t understand is I think Raila Odinga said he’ll mobilise youth to watch and protect their votes and see who didn’t vote and go get them from home? Isn’t this a matter of quoting hum out of context? I stand corrected.

  2. Agree, but I have one question prof : what happens when the snake looks back and realizes that its very existence depends on it not biting the child (as its benefactor) – that ,one bite, and you have no snake to talk of? Food for thought.

  3. I Like this article but you need to make some corrections on it..on matters dealing with tallying,IEBC settled on with NASA that a parallel tallying centre is valid but only IEBC will announce the final result..for instance those people who own shops have weighing machines and I bet you know how they work on balancing items;that’s how NASA tallying centre will ensure results are genuine..You forgot that one man Nkaisery jubilee spanner boy who vows that NASA will not set a tallying centre under his watch,,he should know Kenya is bigger than Kajiado and should remember Olelenku went home.Proffesor one thing I don’t agree with you always,I think a proffesor is a wise person,,tell Kenyans who is atleast better,that person who can offer a drop of water if not an ocean to this good leadership starving country,you concentrate more on criticising all politicians than offering a solution..You can do better sir..don’t forget Uhuru barking to the opposition criticising them by offering some aspirants direct nominations,Uhuru himself with jubilee nominated people like Moses Kuria..Ambia Uhuru mtu yenu Gatundu ataenda
    Cc Hesbon Onsongo Dennis Dinobb Moinde Nyandoro

  4. Professor, I agree with you though you don’t want agreement rather you want engagement. I have also noted that at last you have accepted that it’s too late for the third force that you and I desire. We then are left with wishing that the best ‘ thief’ wins fairly and hope we will still have a country to save in 2022.Or at least the winning thief will have seen the light on the way to Damascus.

  5. Thats true prof ,continue shading the truth of how our political tribal kings are continuing divinding our country in the name of uniting us,but is just for there polical gain

  6. Professor hata chebukati sio shida n Kikuyu mafia ndio wanacontrol election za prezzo in pretext of protecting UTHAMAKI.Many Kenyans believe in change but when we conduct elections we experience mass rigging from govt.And if not true who won in 2007 Raila won but kibaki declared as a winner.2013 the government used all method to rigg the election to ensure uhuru won by 50+1 so who is a problem IEBC or the opposition.

  7. I like this statement“That every side of political divide stole, only dat some were more successful than others”, when I see the NASA brigade masquerading as agents of transformation in this country and purporting to gab electoral malpractices, yet they themselves were also involved in this menace, I find it ridiculous n illogical.

  8. we know who a mong the children u wish to be biten by the snake.I’m afraid that this time round,the snake won’t be allowed to bite the specific child u hate.the child had already sweared that this time round, he won’t be a victim of a snake bite no matter what!!!

  9. Just a small matter Prof,u can’t be one of those who heard a believe that NASA want to tally and announce the election results? The word used by Raila was kufananisha,which for the benefit of many is to compare IEBC results and those independently obtained. That is why Prof Atwoli thinks its too much noise for nothing created by Jubilee and its sympathisers like you so as to blame NASA for all manner of things like excuses for violence etc And that is why IEBC agreed with NASA. The old days of the snake biting are long gone and PROFESSOR you know that.

  10. . . . . .many words but no content!, reminds me of those students writing composition exam who always ask for extra blank papers but still end up getting 06/30. . . . .i thought your argument was to relate to election law, cite other democracy where counter checking of votes is illegal. . . instead your piece is personal, like a letter from a jilted lover who thinks he is better coz of his college degree and cant be turn down by a beautiful village queen with no education. . . . please make yo arguments as per the election laws and not yo own thinking. . . .

  11. The problem is you even lie to yourself, tell me how exactly do you want Chebukati to bite? You behave like you living in a perfect democracy, forgetting that the government whose main mandate is to protect the Law is the one vandalising it…

  12. Prof, in summary i would say according to your presentation Kenya is doomed. It is like we are to be eaten by a carnivore. We are only being asked to decide which one we prefer, lion ,leopard, cheetah,
    hyena, fox, tiger, crocodile etc etc!!

  13. We need discipline in our politics. IEBC should have a firm grip of the electoral process without fear or favour from which they will get the respect they deserve and more importantly to set a precedence for future elections and integrity in governance

  14. Mr professor i beg that you now tell us how the IEBC should BITE within the law. I am copy pasting this article to my wall and the only thing i ask in return is that you answer my question.

  15. True prof.All this specimen of what bad politics is, is what is ailing us.But we deserve it because we are the one’s who spawn this politicians.Uhuru is a Kikuyu tribal lord, Raila is a Luo tribal lord, Ruto n the Nandis, Kalonzo with the Kamba’s, Mudavadi and Weta with the Luyha’s.So let nobody say he has the national agenda.Someone said you talk as if it’s doomsday, but it is.It’s a jostle for which community controls the state.

  16. IEBC will have it’s say; Raila will have his way. And that way isn’t State House Rd. See you again in 2022.(Forget what the Constitution says. He made it; and he’ll break it. Again!)

    • We do not have to always agree. I do not write so that we agree. I write so that we engage. So when you find it fit to insult me because you do not agree with me you have lost the script my brother. I do not become an illiterate sycophant when you disagree with what I have said. Disagree. That is allowed. Do not insult. That is not necessary. I think you should withdraw this comment.

  17. Proff!. You say Raila has vied three times in vain and you have included his 2007 trial that you already know what happened.are you suggesting that there are special people to rule this country?.and for how many centuries they shall reign?.

  18. Like the proverbial madman of his vitendawili , Raila will definitely be forced to run naked through the market in hot pursuit of the madman who will run away with his ‘ clothes’ in August 2017.period

  19. This professor always downplays Raila so much as if we don’t know what he has done for this country. Offer yourself to by the change in this country. We are tired with your old stories. Your name betrays you,will tell you the kalonzo way and we are tired with you people. We are counting days and we shall make a choice whether you like it or not.

  20. Hey prof! I really like ur articles. It makes some of us feel as if they will burst like a balloon coz u always hit the nail on its head. Truth will always prevail and it cannot change. U always tell the truth and continue doing so. If any one is not interested with ur articles then he should not read them otherwise, u stand tall. Keep up.

  21. How can Chebukati preside over “uthamaki”? It is just very hard! You saw that the government side didn’t give in easily to register auditing,as if they were going to lose something! Willy Mutunga ran away from office,which free,fair elections are you asking Chebukati to conduct? Don’t run away from the reality,rigging is the only option for Jubilee.Tyranny of numbers is dead,the anger is great

  22. IEBC is a toothless dog just like the writer; a PhDless professor.
    If IEBC has the ability and capability to bite, you should have cited that section of the law.
    But as it is, your piece is like a hunter accompanied by a toothless dog as he heads to the wilderness.
    Both can only engage in scaremongering!

  23. Excellent piece. IEBC under Chebukati might not understand the game plan of the gang that removed Hassan from office so as to pave way for their victory by manipulating and weakening IEBC. The die is cast.

  24. direct this to iebc . you know their office in stead of engaging as wid long stories as if u don’t live in this country n understand how the current govt acquired power.

  25. YOU HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING NEW! You and your tribesmen know that Uhuru never won and can’t win any presidential election In
    Kenya.But as it is History will judge election thieves very harshly.I may not be there then but true to my word it will come to pass.

  26. This new team appear to be another jubilee mouth piece. I have a message for them. Declare the person with majority votes for every seat the winner without making the so called ‘Consultations’. This is what will save this nation. Anything short of fair elections we all know what will rightfully happen. As for these guys in government and the church leaders who keep yapping let’s have peaceful elections, while they support theft of votes when it favours them are hypocrites of the worst kind. There is only one way to ensure that and it is a fair, credible, verifiable and open electoral process. If IEBC runs a fair elections, we will begin building credible institutions and make our nation a bastion of socio-economic development

  27. I agree with you for the most part, but do you believe yourself when you say, ‘All we have seen is a looting spree’ in reference to Jubilee’s four-year reign? Is that judgement balanced, objective?

  28. Pwahahahaha! What have you said? That you are a professor? An African professor? Studied in Africa fully? I Dont and will never value any African professor ok? Very depending on inventions!!

  29. Article too long – try summarising otherwise most people will just skim through.

    To me Chebukati does not inspire confidence. Hata afadhali Kivuitu with his arrogance. Chebukati looks shifty…I really wonder if he’ll hack it. Our politics are not for weaklings….you need to be as tough as nails to deal with our politicians.

    • I really don’t care that much about any of them. Raila included. You can call me what you want, you can read what you may, but I have made my position very clear in the last one year. All of them belong to a degenerate political class driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. ALL OF THEM!

    • Prof u really didn’t have to be so hard me like that! !! Was just making an observation n by the way am au biggest fun. Am even doing a paper on your writing style as i pursue my MA in linguistics hope to meet you someday. Thanks

  30. Spot-on prof !. Very incisive and deeply well researched article worth every word written and proper analysis of our current political quagmire we find ourselvies in ….nothing could be further from the truth prof.our political train is on high speed without brakes almost headed towards disaster willingly and nobody is ready to disembark or shout out loudly for help !. We are suicidal and very apolitical as though nothing matters any more in our lives !. We standby and watch as things go haywire and nobody cares !. Thank you professor for being so honest and economical with words to openly sound the alarm bells and warn us all,that,we are headed in the wrong direction politically.

  31. I agree with you totally for our brothers who are waiting with deep breath for baba to change things you Will be in for a big shock and for those with the so called wavijana while they are 50+ years it’s which tribe you come from there is no Kenya

  32. Spot on proffesor. This is very true. I wonder which Kenyan can disagree with this article. The problem to me is that these names will be on the ballot and we shall have to choose btn them. We r therefore left to side with our tribesmen because we have no other choice. We still dont have a Trump-a guy from nowhere,a guy who has neva been in politics,a guy without a tribal following,a guy woth nothing to lose,a guy whose sole aim is to to help Kenya.

  33. Unfortunately today I must agree with you.Truth be told prof. We are not capable of delivering free and fare of anything, some of our leaders are becoming senile and others too week to stand up against the mediocrity propagated by their supporters who unfortunately have the numbers. A political system that runs on dishonesty and plagued by negative ethnicity is incapable of free and fare, it’s free and fare if it favours them. Its like when hyenas come upon a carcass, there will never be a fair of anything not to carcass or the other week hyenas. To be honest this is what I see.

  34. Reconciliation of figures is world over….what would happen if one was at gun point forced to declare the wrong results at a polling station? Come on guys let’s stop being myopic and let IEBC do it’s work as mandated by the Constitution.And for those yaping do this do that…where were they when applications were being invited?it is not lost in me that spectators are always the best footballers while cheering.

  35. Just a quick one prof. The difference between nominations and general elections, for your information, is that the former is conducted by the parties themselves while the latter by the electoral body. So, when you quote Johann Kriegler above, I think you err by trying to insinuate that it was the parties that bungled the 2007 elections. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was the sole responsibility of the then ECK to manage those polls. So whatever stuffing of ballot boxes, vote buying, bla bla bla, that you talk about, that was done with the blessings of the ECK officials who were present in those stations. I rest my case

  36. I was not able to finish it is too long…..but still all I read made a lot of sense and agree with prof. What I did not read I have not comment but still Chebukati should stand tall and be counted. No politician can be trusted. Hii chairman ya IEBC should have been given either Matiangi or Prof Makhoha I am sure they would deliver.

  37. Professor you are talking to a dead commission.

    One thing you must understand is that as long as PORK still has the power to pick the referee as it did settle for Chebukati, know that nothing really makes the IEBC independent.

    Secondly, the CEO of the IEBC is comprised. Upon the untainted chap assuming office, he was forced to make dubious payments that only Hassan and his team can explain. Those payments he made had interest as far up as that house on the hill. He got a coercive call to do so. The payment was irregular. Now he is dirty just like Hassan and team. If at any time he tries to do something right, they will flash that card at him.

    The vigour with which jubilee is always defending the IEBC is not just a coincidence. They have a quid pro quo pact.

    These folks don’t go for clean people to run these organizations. They pick folks with some past so they can tame them. Kinisu is a case in point. If you don’t have a past scandal, they will aptly create one for you like they did with Lumumba the day he attempted to make public some high voltage files. Someone short-circuited the system and the current struck him before he could do what he had promised.

    Chebukati’s body language is that of a scared man, a tamed man. A man without strength and own will to drive the IEBC independently. I highly doubt he will manage credible elections. He will not bite. He is a fangless snake. That is why campaigns are on before time and he is blind to it. That is why CSs are campaigning for Jubilee and he is silent. But when opposition says it wants to have its own tallying centre Chebukati roars. Never mind he has no legal backup. Of course he finds himself overruled. There is a precedent, he cannot go against.

    Everything is just not right and we are running out of time. I have said that we must postpone the August poll, but no one is listening. Even the opposition that will cry foul later, as Kenyans butcher themselves is mute on this.

    We cannot go to elections with the current messed up register. Cleaning it needs time. August is a deadline too close to permit a thorough scrutiny.

    The IT system is a big problem no one is talking about. Those gadgets will fail because Hassan and his team designed them to fail. They procured mediocre equipment so they could get more money to eat. That system is a time bomb.

  38. Iv said and I repeat. You’re hear to discredit and rubbish all that Raila stands for.ur brainwashing Kenyans by making them to believe that Raila and Uhuru are the same.we understand your mission bana.

  39. This is the truth but i wonder why it becomes problematic when the NASA coalition plans for aparalel tallying centre and when jubilee did it before then it was fair.Since you call yourself aproffesor;you need to read,do research and know why the NASA plans all these this time ……..?

  40. Kenyans don’t like hearing the truth.We have been programmed by our ethic lords to act in a given way. Looking at the comments reminds u how ethnicity have eroded our senses such that we can no longer see, hear, smell. Our leaders do it for us.

  41. Raila Odinga is a respectable statesman and is not a eligible bachelor looking to engage social media activists for flings or for anything else. What’s more, as people who believe in free political choices. You articles shows clearly you live on borrowed brains. I have respect for you ,but thinking politics is a reward for the bright students is misplaced. Free advice; politics is a school of its own. Jubilee set a parallel center in 2013 which I know you fear talking about it. You are a hypocrite masquarading as know it all but the truth you are just like them just waiting for your time to get chance and loot. The only Kikuyu I trust sir Charles njonjo the rest of Uthamaki are dangerous for any Kenyan properties, economy, power and life.

  42. Prof. Wainaina u’ve nailed it right on the head. Both Uhuru,Raila,Kalonzo,Musalia and Wetangula cannot save this country from her miseries, they will only aggrivated the situation. All of them are rulers but Kenya needs a leader as opposed to a ruler !

  43. I think prof Mike you are not a product from the river-road as some do.Never take sides, let’s yes or no whenever it matters.Uthamaki will never last for good in mount Kenya neither in any part of the country.Last but not least.What is good for goose should be good for the gander too.

  44. Prof Wainaina, you always write about the opposition and the kingpins even the JP but you never write about the MCAs who are moving here and there dishing out money as a bait too woo voters.Why? And where do they get money from?Do they know how the sitting and deliberations in the County are conducted? If they know where did they acquire the knowledge from?Are they not “MCA” amateurs who will earn money for months as they learn the ropes? Why should our roads be graded during the election year?Whom will you blame if the elections are not free and fair? When did we have free and fair elections? Is there a need for both media to tell us how elections were done in eg nyanza or Nakuru?

  45. It was only a matter of time Mr.Wainaina.You tried to hide behind academia, waiting for the opportune time to show your tribal bigotry.That time has come.A true tribal bigot no different from the likes of Mainda Kamanda,Moses Kuria,name them! You only champion the Jubilee ajenda.Fake PH.D.

  46. Prof u have vividly articulated the real impediments in Kenya and more so the electoral body that hinders free, fair and credible elections. The main issue is the Odinga-Jomo dynasty that has made their blind followers think the pair are their gods.
    Congrats prof. Am a luo but on this i agree.

  47. putting into consideration what happened in Busia two days ago during the ODM primaries-gubernatorial race between the people’s choice Dr. Otuoma against the unpopular incumbent Ojaamong who is very close to Odinga, I agree with you prof, Cord or NASA is not the option, thank you sir

  48. Every comment is a project that has been facilitated to benefit a certain class of people within a tribe. So (your) project managers must be happy with your handiwork. Everything seems transparent even though well camouflaged.

    • David Ooko If you think you are a dummy do not bring me in. I write for thinking Kenyans not dummies. What you make of my writing is your own interpretation. Others see very different things in the same articles. We do not see the world as it is. We see it as we are. And when your whole life is fixated on tribalism, all you see is tribal. You are not a dummy you just can’t help but be who you are.

    • I do not mind being called a dummy by a project like you but truth be told sharp minds will see through your writing which is tribally inclined . You better remember this, your writing will fascinate the real dummies who can not deduce real substance from trash, tribalist who wants to abuse by pretending to put forward a balanced argument which skewed is to demonize certain personalities from certain tribes. One does not need to go full length of your narrative know your target. It is just to obvious. That is why I believe you are a dangerous project. As Kenyan you can do better brother.

  49. Very well said, tribal politics are finishing this country 2022 will be the end of odingaism and kenyatta family feuds forever, maybe a new crop of politician, Our children, who don’t know what tribalism is .A good example , is uhuru’s son who has married a luo and Raila’s son who has married a kikuyu, intermarriages will help this country when we shall believe that we are one tribe ‘Kenya, and not the 43 tribes .

  50. When you are competing with thieves,you must be very vigilant.Prof.,we know you come from a community that embrace stealing as a normal hobby.This time round,NASA must have a tallying centre.We are not talking about announcing results.Don’t pretend to be criticising both competitors,your body language is easily understood,you’re perhaps the professor of ethnicity.Foolish prof,shame on you.

  51. Hii note book,ama 32 pages umeandika ni yakazi gani.nani alikuambia eti NASA watatangaza results za election nyinyi ndo muna insite WaKenya ndo wapigane.Jubilee walikua na talling centre yao.ulisikia wakitangaza.inafaa Matiangi aangalie hio prof yako tena.

  52. Dont call anyone a loser just explore ua way of pursuations for the sake of ua candidates preffered that is. Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.#Drain_the_swamp you are really a river road proffesor when call others losers. I will call you a river road proffesor

  53. A PhD holder !!!!! Let it be confirmed whether you acquired it legally …Nobody talked of doing iebc work..cases of cheating have been there since 2007 ..A confirmation center must be held

  54. Stop joking with us,u say NASA or any other body cant announce the result ati only you can,stop fooling us only IEBC can do that whether the elections are rigged or not,this tym no room 4 theft n rigging by jubilee,we aint fools omera.

  55. Prof, I believe as it may be plain to you now, many of those commenting are a proof of everything bad about majority of kenyans! In the figment of their imagination, you are evil for speaking against theirtribal kingpins!

  56. A Long post with no solution. you ought to be lecturing to undecides, chebukati included, for them to phantom your inclination! You qualify as a critic with no solution…!

  57. we are living in strange times. does calling profesa names change the facts he has stated. I think the article is well balanced and Prof is just making an observation and he has his right. give me a break.

  58. A gd piece of advice but to a deaf commission,This election will be the worst ever if nothing is done to restore law and order and to reign on all the tribal trouble makers,It seems as if some people are above the law and all the systems fear them and they are free to say,do and fail to comply with all the laws of the land

  59. We must rise up and think outside the box. Why feel pinched if the true records of your so called selfish tribal kingpins is clearly tabled??? Let’s be honest to ourselves n more so to our only country. Let’s stand on our own feet n learn to speak the truth n not be diehards of selfish creatures who only think of their stomachs at the expense of the starving Kenyans who fully support this country through their taxes

  60. I say it again. You are a jubilee campaigner. One might think you are bipartisan but 90% of your arguments lean on the jubilee side! You might not realise it but have you ever gone through your articles not as the author but as the reader?? Jubilee had a parallel tallying centre in 2013 but yeah, it was ok.NASA wants to do the same in 2017 but no, they are wrong. I know you will defend your self with your usual words…

    Political class

    You are 100% jubilee.

    See your life

  61. Prof. Wainaina
    This is a well researched paper anyone reading this article will think that you are not a Kenyan and not from Central Kenya, this is because you seem to be on the podium and the rest of us are in a political cabbage. Make an effort of saving Kenya from the political wolves. Stop giving lectures to Chebukati they will not the political conditions. If it is a matter of tribal leadership, go to political archives count Mzee Kenyatta’s Cabinet and count how many were from his tribe, go to Moi and find out come to Kibaki, and now Uhuru and Ruto, na hats wewe itakuwa vivyo hivyo. Twataka uongozi tekelezi sio nadharia.

  62. Prof your article is super and well balanced.I have read thru some comments but its unfortunate prof despite this well balanced article ur name wainaina is making this article look hypocritical more so to those aligned to NASA.so prof the problem in Kenya is far big than u can imagine.it will be difficult for a NASA fanatics to adopt a good idea from anyone perceived to be from the other side n vice versa.so prof stick to where u belong n leave the rest to God.

  63. Reply me prof. seems you have alot of free time unlike the professors i have known……well about the script, if you choose to discuss the manner through which IEBC should conduct its operations in delivering free,fair and credible elections in August then stick to that context but in choosing to discuss Jubilee and NASA while drawing one as a lesser evil is wrong. Both Raila and Uhuru are top notch politicians in this country you can speak the evil about them the same way you can point out the best in them.Ruto is coming up really first as a popular politician but among kalenjins Kalonzo is popular in the Eastern region Mudavadi has just completed one in uniting the West.Distinctly analyse one thing before ranting tantrums and abuses to This leaders.Reply

  64. 2013- Uhurus said they would accept IEBC result and incase of visible fraund,they would use constitutional route.

    2017- Raila odinga tells his supporters (we shall have our tallying centre) “I’ll never come here again to tell you i was rigged” his key supporter BABU OWINO says “we shall have our tallying centre and announce our result,then we shall swore RAILA ODINGA as president.it doesnt matter where to do it,we can do it in TANZANIA”.

    • That’s what we shall do, we don’t want people who steal the people’s rights of electing the leaders they want to pronounce themselves as their leaders. Kibaki stole 2007 elections, uhuru stolen 2013 elections, we also will do the same for 2017. Everyone is equal when it comes to matters of yearning for better life, no matter how much one is disadvantaged, we don’t want jubilee thieves in power again. It is going to be a revolution and if they don’t like it, Kenya will be like South Sudan, or like Somalia or like Libya. There’s nothing to lose.

    • Leonard you are reasoning like a kid how can you say such kind of words unafikiria wa Somali na wa south Sudan in kucheka wanacheka nchi zao zikiwa hivyo grow up my bro na uombe Mungu akufungue macho coz unaonekana wewe ni kipofu

  65. I am just curious, let me ask you, are you free of the tribal jingoism you’re accusing others of? First remove the log in your eye before you remove that which is in your brothers eye. The truth is you are also tribal, and the worst tribalist of all because you’re pretending. A person who pretends is worse than the person who does not but acts as he feels.

    • I have never accused anyone of tribal jingoism. I have been very categorical from the start that the problem in this Country is six tribal warlords Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, William Ruto, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula. They are the ones who have given you a hopelessly tribal political narrative that makes it impossible for you yo see me beyond my name. You cannot point out anything tribal I have said. You just imagine that I cannot be a level headed Kenyan who think outside the nonsensical tribal narrative of the tribal warlords.

  66. Professor instead of narrating us unendless story just tell us the best method we can use to avoid this naughty behaviour of election rigging every season and the way the IEBC should handle this

  67. The African problem is one of failed institutions. They fail because people who are incapable are able to attain positions they are incapable of doing. This is not a problem if you are advanced enough to know machine’s can do a better job with automation. You do not need a degree in rocket science to know #artificialintelligence outperforms human ignorance. Advancement is a choice. People went along believing the world was flat because that is what they had the capacity to believe.

  68. This is the reality on thee ground … Definitely we wont expect NASA to announce the true results when they r being defeated … N that might be the be the beginning of chaos after elections …

  69. #professor stop playing wth our mindset we know you’re a Jubilee mole NASA MUST and I repeat NASA MUST have a parallel talling vote centre to a void rigging of election weather you like it or not

  70. Currently professor you are cheating chebukati,he can not bite the hands that feed him or else the rope around his neck will snap and he will be declared dead.even you try this political jobs and we judge you.

  71. That is true then try UA best to fight this monster called ufisadi,unyanyasaji,ukora,wizi and other ills in the national. Coz I personal I support u fully in the quest of gd governance,integrity and gd virtues in society.kudoz and rply prof.siku poa.

  72. When ppl r so brainwashed they can only c things in terms of jubilee or nasa, politics become dirty and bloody, n it only serves the interests of those at the top, the tribe of haves. Wajinga ndio waliwao

  73. Our country is ailing from what I called kingpin syndrome, whereby pple are no longer voting in political leaders based on ideas, policies n competency but on the blessings of a political kingpin of that region, its quiet saddening that nearly every community in our country has a political party not formed to champion the interest of the common good as Aristotle n st. Thomas Aquinas teach in their political philosophy but it has been used as a means to and end by the self proclaimed kingpins who are taking advantage of the uninformed masses.

  74. Ok. that’s your opinion. But, chebukati can’t dictate parties. If the high court ruled that presidential results announced at constituency level is final., why is chebukati and AG appealing that ruling? Once bitten twice shy…

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