Sonko may one day become your President as you insult him and sit around waiting for change

I have heard all sorts of insults hurled against the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. Some of the most memorable ones include thug, drug-baron, jail-bird, buffoon, scoundrel, illiterate, juvenile etc. Yet his rise in Kenyan politics has proved unstoppable. Like Trump, he has beaten all odds to rise to the position of Nairobi Governor and he is rising, and may well become your President one day. The rise of Sonko exemplifies the problem with our Kenyan politics, and the problem is not the Sonko’s of this world. The problem is a snobbish, self-righteous, know-it-all, politically-aloof middle class that never stood for any public good let alone public office but are so keen to insult and demean the Sonko’s on twirra, and in cleverly constructed articles in Newspapers. This group of the educated types expect change to be delivered to their living rooms by clever and polished politicians, who is not them and who shouldn’t be Sonko! Themselves, they will stand for no political office, will support no-one who challenges the status quo, will not attend any public rally, will not participate in local neighborhood politics let alone county or national politics but will loudly sneer at the rise of the Sonko’s of this world, while at the same time asking for change!!

In the meantime, the Sonko’s of this world are in touch with the hoi polloi and with the methods and strategies that get people elected into political office everywhere in the world. They know that with all your degrees, English and brilliant bar-room, conference-tea-time and University-corridors ideas, the currency of political success is a voting constituency, grassroot networks and money, a lot of money. They have therefore invested money, a lot of money (whatever its source) in courting a constituency of people who have for so long been deprived and care little for twirra, your English and your disdain for those who cannot speak it. As someone said, “for a hungry man, a loaf of bread is God”. The Sonko’s of this world know this and offer practical solutions, however misguided. The posh-educated types don’t care, or rather only care that the “hungry men” be kept out of their neighborhoods. And that is the difference.

The rise of Sonko has actually been in spite of if actually not at the expense of the posh, educated, English-speaking types. As they say, another one bites the dust. His latest casualty has been the posh-corporatey-managerialist Polycarp Igathe. This, after Sonko unseated another corporatey-bookish (never mind women slapping) Dr. Evans Kidero!  When Igathe joined Sonko, he should have known that he was going to deputize him and learn politics from him, not to manage him. He should have known that the political landscape is far removed from the corporate boardrooms he was accustomed to. For him to survive, Igathe needed a complete paradigm shift which he has proved incapable of. Had he asked advice from me, I would have told him that we needed his types in politics and he should stick it out, stay and learn politicking from the master of the game, H.E. Mike Sonko.

Despite the big fail, I honestly applaud Polycarp’s courage to step into the political arena and offer solutions.  If we are going to change political leadership in Kenya, we need more Igathe’s but with a little bit more grit and political mettle to stick with it and accomplish something. I maintain that Igathe would have done much more for Nairobi and for Kenya had he stayed in with Sonko.

I repeat. The problem in our politics is not the Sonko’s of this world. It is the educated, vain, idle, know-it-all, aloof, mall-hopping, smart-phone-flipping middle class whose only contribution in the political space is to tweet, criticize and insult the likes of Sonko. Some of them do not even vote and if they do, they will vote along the same ethnic lines proffered to them by the same politicians they call buffoons! They will complain about everything and everyone and will not offer themselves for public office or work with those who have offered themselves to provide practical solutions.  As you complain and insult Sonko, he is in the trenches building a constituency and a campaign war-chest that will make him unstoppable. Polycarp had an opportunity to learn from Sonko, build a profile and hopefully become a possibility for alternative leadership. Maybe, he was too posh and too rash for the job. It requires a different mind-set and a long-term strategy.

As Polycarp throws in the towel and you sit in your living room flipping channels, updating your twirra profile, calling Sonko a buffoon and a scoundrel while waiting for change to be delivered through your remote control, Sonko may as well become your President. Watch this space!

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  1. You came out as the voice of reason, as the better option, as the answer to the “ills” you correctly pointed out……….
    Kumbe you were just marketing yourself for an opportunity……. And now that the cabinet is halfway named, ndio unatoa sauti.
    Bure kabisa !

  2. Anyway, pathetic because even people like you who we thought were the best choice are just Kenyan politicians. kenyan politics, anyway I got my legacy to make why struggle to make others famous.

  3. As you call yourself, i dont know proffesor, your the most useless person not even to comment on other pples thoughts. Such tribalistic, infact good for nothing for this country, ur ideas ar worthless…

  4. As with presidency, mmmh…I know why I’m confident with my NO. Who make people president in Kenya? Well, it is Kikuyus, Luo n Kalenjin. The Kikuyus have nothing in Sonko to appreciate to make him president and so is Kalenjin. Luos’ loathe for Sonko is just staggering. For you to become president atleast two of these tribes have to rally behind you. Somebody don’t consider me a tribalist but this is how your country is like, and that way I have explained why Sonko can’t be president.

  5. Bogus professor. You must sick in the head. Sonko is a 54% Governer fixed there by uthamaki and not the ballot. Kikuyu knew there is now way they can beat Luo Luhya Kisii force in nairobi. So they used IEBC and this Katitu called Sonko to rob us the city. For a professor to think Sonko can be a president it is evident education in this shithole is overatted.

  6. You have finally come out of your coon.You embraced the thieving duo when we wanted to get them out.When they stole an election, you gladly congratulated them openly only for that election to be nullified. You’re a sell out.Like a character in Betrayal In The City said,”you’re a green grass in a green snake”

  7. Sonko clearly is smart and most importantly he’s a Kenyan! Prof please we get leaders we deserve but I have followed politics closely Gov. Sonko is uniquely different. Go go Sonko!

  8. Correct. Populist politics will take us nowhere. I don’t believe in giving people money. Bring real projects that open up people’s minds to make their own money. A populist politician will kill / oppose real projects that are intended to help the common mwananchi… Why? Simple, the common mwananchi will always be waiting for the populist politician to show up with the little cheap money. The cycle continues, both survives.

    • OK!
      But I genuinely respected his views at some point in time; until that quest!!
      Kenyan Kleptocratic influences are perversive. They not only corrupt a man’s Political outlook but his moral fiber as well!!!

    • They are contagious more than the effects of cocaine….a little sniff and one goes…..I no longer subscribe to his school of thought. Sometimes I feel he is being paid to play a given tune

  9. The only time I nearly believe you are a don was during the debate and your ability to articulate your issues.
    The only problem I find it had to shoulder from is that you failed to appreciate the fact that Kenya has a well recognised and acceptable political class and until the society endorse a change people like you will find it harder to rule this republic.
    The fundamental gap exiting to so called top tank and the general populace is bigger,the small man down doesn’t need philosophical solution to their old fashioned problems. A simple guy who can conceive a makeshift solutions gets the mantle.though the society has given has to opportunity to widen up the scope of globalisation and civilization, it is prudent to it back other than asking for, ungrateful indeed, serve the nation in the you are now. Politics is best done by jokers.

  10. Roeny Owino-Hist you good “Prof” is here after being a paltry beneficiary of computer tricks: now he’s a jack of all trades foretelling that Sonko who ferried 16 truckloads of FAECES to a residential area becoming the president!!! Boy oh boy lemme grab some more popcorns, this is humour surpasses church Hill show

  11. Well put Prof, I agree that Igathe needed a mind shift and be humble enough to learn from Sonko.
    I note your description of the middle class voter, are you bitter? Remember this middle class will determine your political fate. Can you pass the message to them with out the use of such words?

  12. On point Prof., Trump is the president of the first world…Sonko has his eyes on the prize and time is on his side but the murkiness in Kenya’s politics requires courage and strength and a pig-like behavior, I am not sure Igathe has the grit for it.

  13. Sonko….from Makanga to MP, to Senator to Graduate to Governor…. This is the only politician in Kenya who does has never relied on his tribe to rise to where he is today. He’s voted in by kila mtu especially the poor. Keep laughing guys. Keep sneering as you fart after your five course meal in some air conditioned office while the ground shifts right under your feet. True keyboard warriors….

  14. Bogus professor are you looking for job at city hall ? No wonder you couldn’t even manage 20 votes in the whole country…you can’t even win position of village elder

    • Only people who consider themselves useless will even think like that. Sonko can’t even keep a Deputy Governor for four months and now an idiot thinks he can lead Kenya, nonsense.

  15. For sure prof. you’re not different from the middle class characters you’re critical about and I do think you are tribal too, at least based on your performance on the last election petition

  16. It’s true Sonko may become our president one day.
    Those who know history can recall how Moi pulled things against all odds. He was totally opposed by the decision makers at the top, but it happened. Sonko is already a built politician, he’s unstoppable.
    It’ll be a tragedy however

  17. The best article I have read this year. That is precisely the problem with our nation, and if the educated middle class folks don’t change, your prophecy may as well come to pass.

  18. I had a lot of respect for Prof until he supported thieves and connen. If you had seen the potential in Sonko, why didn’t you join him instead of bombarding us with Youthify and new narrative bullshit.

  19. I can a PHD holder glorify a leader who has failed in his 100 days… Education is not a measure of intelligence… Tribal politics propelled sonko… He taught Sonko PR nonesense will work… He is in the real seat now… He has to deliver or…..out!… The bitterness if having Luo in Nairobi gave birth to clueless sonko ..and yes he is not a leader to emulate or political mentor… He is just a bully and PR shinenigan.. The middle class has no role in his failures!

  20. Wainana is a pseudo professor. Too much book may make you a professor, but your thinking suggests otherwise. Who will vote for him? Uthamaki will not,who will? Even now Uthamaki voted him to be their stooge through Igathe, only that it has failed to work. Prof. Stop laughing at yourself.

  21. U rushed,when u went to elections on an Independent presidential candidate. U should have started here n j know u couldn’t have resigned. U could’ve learnt the steps n be master of the dance. That was yos . Wake up n explore yo destiny. Don’t be like Mutahi Ngunyi , who have a lot to offer,but just sleeps in his office,wishing for the best person for the presidency.

  22. It`s right to think that way and to wish him well, but i shaply differ with you, sonko has reached apex and he will fall like a thunder. The stairs beyond where he is require a team leader tactics which he definitely don`t have , yes he might be having financial resources but but lacking tactic to team building, lets wait and piece together how Igathe will describe his former boss once the dust of resignation settles- he may build or brake his former boss.

  23. Great pօst however , I was wanting to ҝnow if you could write a litte more on tһis topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit furthеr.
    Bless you!

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