The Supreme Court Judgement – My response

In a split 4-2 majority decision, the Supreme Court issued a judgement that nullified and voided the 2017 Presidential Elections in which I contested as an Independent Presidential Candidate.
I respect the judgement of the Court. I hasten to note that my involvement in and analysis of the process in question compels me to respectfully concur with the minority dissenting opinion.
As for the order that directed the first respondent to organize and conduct a fresh presidential election within sixty days, I will await the direction of the IEBC that will define the framework within which these orders will be executed.
The decision has affirmed our democracy, rule of law and our institutions. Ultimately, the decision affords the people of Kenya another opportunity to restate who they want to be their President. As I have always insisted in this process, let the people decide!
Thanks you,
Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD

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