Those surprised by Jubilee nominations shocker either do not read my blog or dismissed me as the mad one!

If you are surprised by the nonsense that was Jubilee nominations please raise up your hand! Then you belong  the same category as one of my good readers called Gatiba Kamau. You either have not read my consistent articles on Jubilee and who they are, or you have and dismissed me as a NASA mole or some other of the many insults that I have received ever since I penned my first article calling out Jubilee for the Kakistocrasy I have always known them to be. Luckily, Gatiba is  a sincere late convert as you can see from the exchange I had with him when I wrote,

Our initial exchange went like this:

Gatiba Kamau We are going to prove you wrong come 21st April 2017 Jubilee party primaries. Shame on you prof.

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Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD Shame on me for speaking the truth??

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Gatiba Kamau We are a peaceful Jubilee party that abhors violence !. We love peace and meaningful development in our lives prof. Please,don’t be too hard on yourself !.be honest and bold when branding parties using strong adjectives to describe them…..even a nursery school kid knows which political party is violent in their party affairs in all matters .I.e be it party primaries or internal power struggles, violence must manifest itself come what may !.

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Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD Gatiba Kamau Peace is not the absence of war.

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Isaack Gari Prof has great analytical skills while you kamau u are a sycofant

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John Busaka Today is April 21st 2017

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Gatiba Kamau Hahaha……shambolic and a big shame to us Jubilee party followers. We trust other people so much to conduct our party affairs for us for so long,it is a high time we go it alone at the risk of being branded tribal chauvnistic minded people. We just exposed our government to an embarrassing fiasco in the name of party primaries come nominations……though it is logistical challenges not voters violence or interference with the election process.

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Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD Gatiba Kamau Heheheheheeheeee…I thought you said you are peaceful! Even a nursery school kid knows which party is violent and chaotic…heheheheheheheheehee

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When Gatiba Kamau finally got out of his shock, he wrote this to me:

“Gatiba Kamau
 You were right prof. Congratulation for your early prediction about the massive failure to be experinced within Jubilee party primaries. We were afraid to state the obvious ….nepotism has costed Jubilee party this much. People at the secretariat offices at pangani offices are employed not based on academic qualifications,but on family connections and sexual favours. I rest my case prof.”

There is joy for a blogger when one of his followers finally sees the light!!

I penned my first article on Jubilee on 23rd April 2106 as a rebuttal to a GEMA propagandist article they had published in the Saturday Nation of 16th April 2016. GEMA had published what I considered a distasteful statement in defense of Jubilee and the two tribal kingpins at its helm and I said as much in an article titled, ” Gema statement is deodorized tribal jingoism and a whitewash of Jubilee incompetence” Read is here I said then that:

“There hasn’t been any meaningful dialogue towards partial “reconciliation and healing” much less a “total” one. This is one argument I have never understood. Can the jubilee mandarins and this Gema cheering squad explain to me this: How does the coming together of 2 tribal kingpins from Central and Rift Valley amount to “national cohesion and harmony” in a country of 42 tribes and several other tribal kingpins with whom the jubilee duo do not see eye to eye?  How stupid does jubilee think Kenyans are?  Making the issue of cohesion one of their top PR mantra shows that jubilee is aware that national cohesion and harmony is one of the greatest challenges facing Kenya today. Being mired in ethnic politics and devoid of any ideas beyond the tribe, jubilee offers tribalism as a cure for the tribalism. This is a marker of absolute intellectual emptiness on the part of jubilee. How can they claim they are uniting the country when they cannot sit down with their equally tribal counterparts in CORD to agree on something as simple as prayers? Concerted effort indeed…to divide and destroy the country.”

I penned my second article about Jubilee on 26th June 2016. The merger had just been proposed and hyped and I wrote that “Jubilee merger is tribal gymnastics: If they are serious about the tired unity song, dare they merge with CORD. Read . In this article, I was again very blunt about Jubilee cluelessness, incompetence and emptiness. Again I said:

“The proponents of the jubilee merger have been lecturing Kenyans about national unity. They claim that theirs is a “patriotic” move to “bring Kenyans together”. Politicians especially of Kenyan extraction can say anything. This is the newest “anything” in town which makes sense to no one except the jubilee mandarins and daydreamers. They are yet to explain to Kenyans how merging tribal entities like TNA and URP is supposed to bring about national unity and cohesion! It is akin to saying that if you have a small heap of garbage and you merge it with another small heap of garbage, you get a big heap of worthy garbage! But jubilee is so desperate to drop the tribal millstone hanging around its neck that they are willing to believe their own hype. This is a country deeply divided along a tribal fault courtesy of jubilee and CORD tribal chauvinism. We cannot talk about national unity provided this fault exists and it keeps getting bigger. If jubilee is serious about national unity and cohesion, dare they merge with CORD their tribal Siamese twin. Anything short of this is hogwash and tribal gymnastics”.

The backlash from Jubilee supporters was merciless.

I stuck with the truth.

When they gathered paid functionaries in Kasarani to effect the merger, again I wrote, “For 9K, you can be a Jubilee Party hero, they can manufacture history & remind you “…sisi ni serikali buana”, read it here

My contention was that Jubilee was “manufacturing” history at Kasarani. It was dramatizing delusions of grandeur showing the extent to which they are “serikali.” I said, and this was probably the toughest of my critiques of Jubilee:

“Such is the might of “serikali”. It manufactures history. You will remember the DP warning ODM and CORD that they are government “na tume jipanga“. This is the malady of a regime that has forgotten that the people are the government and that they govern courtesy of the people. They are nostalgic about the KANU of their heydays that imagined that it could manufacture history. Jubilee is recreating the KANU madness and it will fall. It was trying to manufacture history in Kasarani, the same “kisirani” place where Moi tried to manufacture history with disastrous results to KANU.

The manufactured history follows an official line that Jubilee is changing the political landscape by uniting Kenyans. That it is creating a new culture of organizations with institutionalized democratic processes. That it has distinct ideological positions, and that the merger is an “earth shaking” political machine that will carry along all Kenyans into the land of prosperity. Crap! What anyone in jubilee is yet to explain to me is how merging two tribal political parties, TNA and URP, and buying out some nondescript briefcase parties is supposed to unite Kenyans.

When the real history is written, it will record that two tribal overlords, desirous of perpetuating themselves in power until 2032 collapsed their distinct tribal parties into one big tribal party, with ten or so other briefcase parties as flower girls. To further consolidate power, the governance machinery of the new tribal party was handpicked by the tribal overlords, with sensitivity to the ethnic power balance between the two dominant parties not to upset the tribal elite who had collapsed into one party. Fact!

Ultimately, the circus of the merger will unravel because of the real history. They will have to manufacture new history to tell us why it will have fallen apart. But fall it will. Not because I am a seer, but because history has taught us that nothing founded on manipulation of the people, corruption of money and a dearth of ideas can survive the test of time. I am sure you have continuously heard of the phrase, “History will judge them harshly…”. Nowhere is this truer than the fate that awaits the product of the Jubilee madness displayed in Nairobi over the three days.”

Again, the backlash was ruthless from Jubilee supporters.

I stuck with the truth.

That Jubilee Party is a delusion of tribal warlords from TNA and URP who imagined that they can manufacture history in Kasarani.

I sometimes wonder what kind of desperation would make people believe that such a hopeless and hapless contraption as Jubilee can pass for a political party. A political party is formed by the people, coalescing around an ideology, a vision or a program. The Jubilee government was never founded on any of these. It was founded by two fugitives from international justice who wanted to insulate themselves from questions surrounding their involvement in the 2007/08 PEV. These questions had coalesced into formal indictments for crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court at The Hague. The ICC was their most urgent reason to seek power. Their scuttling of the Hague process was the first and only reason that they came together and when their short history is recorded, it must note that this is their most spectacular success.

Beyond it, these guys have been trying to look for relevance, legitimacy and a cohesive program that would give semblance to a government. They have been spectacular failures. Having none of these, their regime has turned into a looting frenzy unseen and un-imagined in previous governments. The Bible says, where there is no vision, the people perish. If you go to the dictionary to look for the word visionless, the Jubilee duo will be the poster picture! I have said before that they are the greatest tragedy to happen to the course of transformation in Kenya.

I am aware that most of the supporters of Jubilee agree with me but just find the alternative unacceptable. I agree with them. But by all standards, however reprehensible the alternative is, Jubilee is indefensible, and anyone who tries to defend it sounds ridiculous. There is nothing in the formation of Jubilee, their pre-election KANU hey-deys history and their track record so far that even has a hint of respectability and promise. They are the disaster they were meant to be from the very beginning and I have said so numerously.

Sure, they will repeat the botched nominations. I suspect that they will use all government machinery and resources available to them with abandon and impunity, their mantra and hallmark. In the next one week, you will know what the DP meant when he said, “sisi ni serikali buana…”.

Had Mr. Gatiba and the others listened to me, they would not be shocked and disappointed about the circus that was the Jubilee nominations. For me, the nominations showed them for who they are, clueless, delusional, manipulative and captives of all sorts of cartels and thieves. And if Gatiba is to be believed, peddlers of sexual favors! The nominations fiasco is not an isolated case. It is who they are. Those surprised by Jubilee’s recent nominations shocker either do not read my blog or dismissed me as the mad one!

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  1. Great flashback. I thought the Jubilee mandarins laughed the primary fiasco as a drill or did I hear it was a rehearsal to gauge the voter turn out and demonstrate to their opponents the kind of voter turn out, they should expect in their stronghold come August elections. That being a dessert, the real thing starts to unfold tomorrow. Wish them luck

  2. For now, the Jubilee house is burning or on the verge of burning. For the sake of the country, democracy and posterity, it is not right to stand aside and start discussing whose prophecy was right or not on the burning of the house. This kind of self postures boarders on looking for endorsement from the masses at the wrong time. What should register in one’s mind when the neighbour’s house catches fire? It is evil to celebrate, and Godly to assist before going back to one’s comfort. Failure of the nomination process for the political parties is a failure for democracy in the country. It can also be a precursor to the failure of the election process at the national level. Political parties deserve support and goodwill from all and sundry for democracy to mature in our country.

  3. The good Professor, may the Lord give you continued life. May you stand tall among the equals and the unequals of this wrenched Country. Indeed you are unbiased in your unmatched analyses.

    • Aye wachni ni, jogi onge maber, ondiek ma orwako pien rombo! ( Hakuna, he is only seeking sympathy but he will always be a jubilee sycophant. In NASA, we don’t need him).

  4. Thats quite profound. My hope is that at least, maybe in the next decade or two, we can have political parties where thinkers, and not only sycophants, can identify with, and in which their strongest of beliefs won’t be betrayed.

  5. That’s not the point. First there are no primaries in nasa because we can only talk of odm, wiper , anc , ford kenya etc so i fail to see the relevance here. Two , we expected it, even when two rivers merge, the challenges are more but so are the benefits, wait for it.

  6. The party needed 10billions to conduct the nominations only to garner 800million, secondly the turn out was expected to be between 30%_40% only to find an overwhelmingly large turn out. Is that difficult to observe Mr Prof? Why are you purporting to use you minds than your eyes?!!!

  7. When you fight your opponent,and the first blow floors your opponent,please ,don’t continue kicking him or her while on the ground as he or she has passed out !. It is a mark of maturity and a sign that,indeed,you’re tough and a good fighter. All along,you were right prof….we were refusing to admit the glaring flaws at our party secretariat. I am beginning to fear your earlier prediction,that our dear president will be a one term president ,if party nomination primaries fiasco is anything to go by !. I hate to admit,we are headed to a rude shock of our lives !. The writtings are on the wall to say the least !. Massive failure of Jubilee party nomination primaries is just a tip of the iceberg !. The worst is yet to come unless the duo of our national Jubilee party leaders do some massive restructuring within the government heirarchy and party machinery,we are headed towards disaster of gigantic magnitude…..sorry to admit so prof. My sincere apology for not seing the obvious to soon. You’re spot on once again in your analysis of what lies ahead….for Jubilee party.whoever ignores your early warning will blame themselvies for their peril !.


  9. OK prof,what I think happened is that Tuju a politician did indeed behave like one, tell lies, hold UA head high and Kenyans Will forget and move on, not knowing some things must practically be done and no room for pretence. I think they abandoned the idea o f iebc due to cost and no room to root the money they were allocated so, they went solo and because in govt they root with impunity, hii ni Mali ya uma, now, they themselves bore the brunt of corruption and its effect. someone somewhere was tasked with acquiring 50% of Ballot papers if we believe our President and ended up bringing to some polling stations 14% ! Now they at least feel how costly corruption is!

    • What do you mean by there is no alternative? Oh you are saying so because you are so tangled in some sought of political captivity that the moment you thought of if there could be any alternative your mind went straight to the opposition, right!? Correct me if am wrong! The opposition which to you is a detest! Whats my point? Of course there is an alternative! It doesn’t have to be the 2nd in command if you know what i mean! If we only stop ‘recycling’ politicians…right in there lies an alternative! But what are we? Captives of our tribal kingpins and there regime! We don’t wanna liberate our minds! Come on dude you can do better!

  10. professor Jubilee. that’s how you should be called. I wonder how much you’re being paid to talk abt Jubilee every breakfast, lunch and supper. what I would remind you that probably you weren’t taught is that we dont have perfect governments in the world.Jubilee government shouldn’t be an exeption.

  11. Democracy itself is a recipe for violence.It’s not Jubilee or ANASA you are all doomed until you chose another system either a monarchy where political instabilities will cease but tyranny will ride the day or choose a religious system frm God

  12. Professor I used to be firm against your posts coz I used to view then sidelined on tribal basis. Kudoz a NASA loyalist not because they are the best but in my view they seem better than Jubilee. The current government has done more harm even than the colonialism did. Kenyans should be insightful come election time!!!

  13. Prof. Tuju himself is a political failure, then the jubilee hires him to conduct their election, but regardless of that i thought they had everything at their disposal even with the government machinery

    • He is not………..or we may say he is mad with poor politics if that pleases someone, but before then let us reason out logically. Is there any truth in his article(s)? A lot of it!!! Is he suggesting sound solution/alternative? Very sound alternative! Does Kenya need change? Like 20 years ago!!! Does Prof offer the leadership change we need? Yes!!! We need to our open eyes

    TO >>>0700644319 ( MWATHE CHRISPUS)
    Govt Reg No: CPR/2014/157008
    Govt Tax No: P051506392P

  15. Professor Wainana,do you know your mind will make you exit the public limelight much the same way you came ? I liken you to some “musicians” who rush to release songs in competition with others. Such songs because of how they were hurried,are deficient in content and they get off people’s minds to God-knows where even before they reach them.

    I fail to decipher what your financiers need from you but one thing for sure is that they have placed the bar of emptiness so high so that you lose yourself in a bid to reach the said bar.

    The other day I was listening to you on KTN,and I could detect the mirth with which both Kamotho Waiganjo and Matole herself took your pessimism . One listening to you might be tempted to spend all his fortune on contracting the personnel from fire extinguishing department. It is futile to embrace a heart that feels evil,sees evil and does evil. If somebody makes a mistake,you encourage them to see the need to change and to improve on their weaknesses not to label them as outcasts.I hope the phrase ‘ there is still room for improvement’ makes some sense to you no matter how little. But there is this tragedy that some people particularly of Kenyan raw materials have found themselves in. They feel secure in the rotten illusion that by attacking the government with skyrocketing spite,they will make a name for themselves,and most painfully ,they are people who reward this, and it explains why you raise you daily bread with KTN. Most times than not,people have had to vomit such daily breads.

    It is breaking of social fabric that we are discussing here. It started with Raila when he sought to outshine his father,the failures he gets at present are the curse he got from his father. Recently we have had people like Ababu Namwaba who had resorted to even recording his boss secretly. He had started by swearing in the name of the same boss who eventually cut his hands off. John Mbadi had also believed that abusing the president,he would consolidate his base. I know you have no idea about what has befallen him. Makau Mutua had also to deal with pain of swallowing a humble pie,whose view he couldn’t see because a rotten egg had blocked his eyes.

    Of concern is when you take pride in having “predicted Jubille sham primaries” because it is manifest that you don’t know how prophecy of doom works-it is self fulfilling. It is like saying, a day is coming and people will experience a prolonged period of insufficient rains or no rains at all. What is the probability of such to happen ? Jubilee was designed to hold sham nominations,how ? I am here for that. First,Raila who appears to pay you or whom you want to start paying you,fought the law that the IEBC could use to conduct the nominations. He fought the law by brandishing a mistrust card against any slight invocation of that law as far as its implementation was concerned. Raila had foreseen that if IEBC conducted the nominations,he wouldn’t get the opportunity to sell tickets to the highest bidders whose history of intergrity is scanty up to now. The end results are deaths and bloody violence. But as moralist you are,you will never write about this because to you,it is encapsulation of cohesion and unity.

    You have talked about two tribal kingpins at the helm who think that by being together,unity and peace among Kenyans will surface. What distinct thought do you harbour ? The implied meaning from your flawed assertion is that you think they should change the constitution and create 42 positions for presidents from 42 tribes and the same for Deputy Presidents so that the cohesion which you are tearing off can be found. From this again,one can conclusively say you don’t believe in leadership and you prefer anarchy. I liken you to a teacher who told me that Kenya should be sold off and proceeds shared,so that every Kenyan gets their share. Professor, first tell us how ethnic representation is in the cabinet of Kenya.

    Prof,tell us what you can do had you been the president, or better still,come out of your skin and tell us that your information is Raila’s, otherwise your efforts will amount to nothingness in the fullness of time. But I wish you well because a man must do something to pay his bills, but remember, the Jubilee you are calling KANU is not denying you the freedom of expression as KANU did. Enjoy !

  16. Njuguna Wa is always very very right.and if you don’t believe wait until nomination for Nairobi gubernatorial seat on jubilee ticket, if sonko is given the cert,I will denounce pro and preach your gospel forever.

  17. That most Kenyans are dunderheads never fails to alarm me.
    I doubt even your most ardent critics read your posts through to the end before rushing to pen unrelated and disjointed responses.
    Why hide from naked truths?
    JP is tribal and is firmly in the grip of cartels.
    It has outgrown the control of its original fabricators. Those who joined them were swallowed and have since succumbed to the laws of extinction!
    Anne Waiguru is back. Others will be back. The system cannot stop them. And they are coming back stronger, bolder and smarting! They will either be out of control or they will take control. Revenge.
    But to talk about this is taboo.
    JP must be protected from other Kenyans…. and by only two tribes.
    By boldly and openly criticising JP, you automatically become a darling of the opposing tribal grouping called Nasa. It is also having its own returnees.
    The ground is getting set.
    That is why the comments above can be categorized into two.
    Nobody cares to follow your true analysis of these events and their inherent danger to this country.
    I repeat. MOST kenyans are DUNDERHEADS.

  18. I have followed your, articule closely, & i wish to state, that politics is like a game of chess, where the players must be very bright fellows. Jubilee scored on the failed nominations deliberately, so to point out! First it was a smart move, for delaying the primaries, for nasa to conclude theirs, to avoid defectors, As witnessed, The materials for voting was changed, to confuse, the opposition, who would have planted their moles, to ruin the elections by having voters, who are not jubilee members voting!

  19. 21st April 2016 will be a day to remember in the history of kenyas politics,This is the day God unveiled the nakedness of the jubillee bravado and showbiz PR for what it is,Am still waiting for Duale to tell us how Raila bungled the process in the nominations fiasco,It is a good lesson to those who have been claiming jubillee is a party of saints,Kudos prof for your consistent reminder to this pretenders to come down to earth and respect others as equal sinners in this game of dirty politics

  20. Kudos Prof.Some will allege that you are paid to fight on the side of the enemies of muthamaki.Some have called you mad for stating the observable truth,while they claim to be sane when they attribute Raila’s political politica (mis)fortunes to a curse.Remember:”When the madness of the whole nation disturbs a solitary mind it is not enough to say the man is mad”
    Jubililee mandarins thought they were given a blank cheque in 2013,to rob,rob and rob and then brag about.They have showed us a government can belong to a party and not the people.A government whose only vision is to stage a spectacular party launch,to stage a “digital”nomination exercise,while a commoner cannot affort a piece of ugali should be given marching orders onelection day.PROF WAINAINA KEEP UP!

  21. How i wish you could have predicted something beyond the obvious, i would have given you credit but going by the overly ambitious and fictious mentality employed by the jubilee Secretariat what happened was definitely bound to happen.keep blowing your trumpet

    • Apologies may be accepted but does not mean harm was not done. However, we need not lose thee focus………the happens are just symptoms and we may say they are diagnostic. They tell the “investigator” that the specimen need curative measures because is “sick” Bothering ourselves with apologies is like running after a mouse fleeing from a burning house. “Twende tuzime moto!”

  22. be on the ballot as presidential aspirant….u will know this is Kenya ….murgor n moha should b ur testimony…..a bloggers following, cannot n will neva automatically turn into votes…

    • The difference between Jubilii and NASA primaries was like day and nyt … NASA were much organised than jubilii. Did you see NASA cancelling its primaries all over kenya ?? burning ballot paper…. sycophance will kill u. You cant agree with prof then you end up negating everything.

    • Great thinking, but we didn’t see people dying in jubilee primaries yet we saw in ODM primaries, it’s better to cancel that to go ahead and engage in violence, no matter what people should not loose life because if voting….the prof dies not write for us to agree but writes for us to engage and he can defend himself.

  23. U are only out to abuse the Government and its officials. Venting out frustrations using your kind of language is commonplace in the opposition. U have not talked about NASA, or to u is a symbol of unity. Learn to shorten your posts, its not an essay writing competition.

  24. If only Kenyans embraced facing TRUTH head on and chewed it however bitterly our taste buds could feel it,I guess Kenya would be more inclusive and prosperous.. But alas…

  25. You arguments just dont make any sense. Prove to us NASA is an all inclusive party if not a Luo party. Politics worldwide is described by division and identification be it tribal, colour, origin, clan,… that is politics which you seem not to have a clue. Now that you are vying you will give us a testimony on how many votes you garnered in Nyanza

  26. only in NASA where the defeated ones don’t concede defeat,,,,,, NASA is a political arena where leadership is a battle and not understanding,,,,, a tribal party,,,, “if not raila we Luos are out of NASA”…..unlike in jubilee where there is no tribal difference,,,,,, they are united and they focus on agenda not politics of division,,,,,, stop preaching what is not there

  27. Both Jubilee n ODM is the same no different some are Given direct nominations n some places no ballot box n papers this tym we are not voting for a party we are to an individuals who deserve to be leaders we don’t need politician let them finish their nominations we will vote in numbers for leaders we want.

  28. Tell them prof. The jubilee establishment is nothing short of a disgusting kleptocracy! And its support base is confirmation of a huge intellectual and moral deficit in Kenya!

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