This is what a divided nation looks like, and this is how things fall apart: We urgently and desperately need a new non-ethnic political narrative

Dear Kenyans, it does not matter who is right and it does not matter who is wrong, this is what a divided nation looks like and this is how things fall apart. I have said repeatedly that the political class in CORD and Jubilee are taking the country to hell, they have formed a blood-soaked coalition government before and got away with it, and for them it is game on, 2007 all over again.

In my article  “Of a feckless Jubilee and CORD kakistocrasy and the optimist’s alternative narrative”, l explained that in 2013, we had a two horse race. One horse was called ‘the bad’ and the other was called ‘the ugly’. The good people of Kenya had no choice but to elect one of them. They did. I don’t know which one. What is clear to me is that since the last elections, the bad has gotten badder and the ugly has gotten uglier. By all means, if we do not imagine something different for ourselves, the choice in 2017 is shaping up to be between the badder and the uglier.

It is not like the supporters and cheerleaders of the political class in CORD and jubilee do not know that their side stinks, and that their tribal kingpins have been part and parcel of the current rot in government and politics. They do and have acknowledged as much. The arguments flying revolve around the “lesser evil” and as some sycophants have put it, “the devil you know”. The argument is not who is clean and honest, but the argument is who is more corrupt than the other. The argument is not who is patriotic and nationalist, it is who is more tribal than the other. The argument is not which political parties are efficient and productive, the argument is which ones are more tribal and mediocre than the others. It is never who has integrity and can be trusted. It is about who is the bigger or “acceptable” thief.

Someone said that if your only choice is between the lesser of two evils, all you will get is the evil of two lessers. And that is where, we, good people of Kenya are stuck with the evil of the two lessers, the degenerate, defiled and perverted political class in Jubilee and CORD.

The evil of the two lessers has us in a tribal death-lock, “political ngeta”. What makes this debased situation even more problematic is that we are expected to take sides in this dance of death. And we are expected to join the dance in the side of the warlord who comes from “our” tribes. Today, it is virtually impossible to express an opinion without having to contend with your last name. In fact, if you were to ask Kalonzo Musyoka, he will not even answer questions from people with certain surnames. It is sickening. CORD and jubilee have instituted a form of tribal dictatorship more debased and dangerous than the KANU dictatorship of the 70’s and 80’s. We replaced the single KANU dictator with six tribal warlords and when they rise to froth in the mouth with hate and self-righteous political double-speak we are expected to cheer and cheer loudly and defend “our man”. And those of us who have fallen for the facade do cheer and insult those of us who are urging sobriety and reflection. W. B. Yeats Second Coming describes the situation the country is in when he wrote:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Yes, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”.

Why are we allowing these tribal warlords  to beat the drums of war unchallenged? Even Moi at his height, under the old constitution was challenged by brave Kenyans. The tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee have constructed a tribal narrative in order to survive in politics. And this is the problem. The political survival of these tribal tin-gods in CORD and jubilee depends on the things that divide us. We have a stark choice ahead of us. Kenya on one side, and the tribal tin-gods on the other. Kenya as a nation cannot survive and the political careers of the tribal warlords survive at the same time. The two are mutually exclusive. You get one at the expense of the other. We have as a people to choose the country over the tribal warlords, and get rid of them. There is no other way. If we do not free ourselves from the tribal warlords, we are finished as a nation. Period.

How will this happen. I have said repeatedly that politics is about narratives. The narrative of tribe as a tool for political mobilization has taken toxic form over the last 15 years courtesy of these Kanunnites, former Moi spanner-boys, fixers and wannabes. It has mutated into the ONLY narrative. Everyone who runs for President will have to contend with the ethnic narrative. Unfortunately contending with also means looking for an alternative narrative. These Moi-men have found it easier to ride the tribal narrative than to challenge it and introduce a new one. I personally believe they are intellectually incapable of imagining alternative narratives. I have heard the argument that this has been tried before and failed. The example quoted is that in the last presidential elections, the “new” presidential candidates, were non-tribal but the people still rejected them.

I disagree.

None of them articulated a compelling non-ethnic counter narrative (Dida tried). They were just running around telling us that tribalism is bad and that government is corrupt, as if we don’t already know that. Someone does not have to be terribly intelligent to tell us that the current political class is tribal, corrupt and mediocre, ni watu wa ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Pretty anyone can do that. The question we need answered is, “what new narrative do we replace their tribal one with?”.  The tribal narrative has brought us as far as it can bring us, a nation deeply divided. The tribal warlords have sunk as low as they can sink, they have become as cantankerous and intransigent as can be, buoyed by a sense of tribal “strongholds”.  The divisions can only get worse, and the prognosis can only get more dire for the Kenyan nation. A new, well-articulated compelling non-ethnic political narrative is urgently and desperately required. As the country stands dangerously divided, I have argued like Marc Gafni, that our greatest crisis is not one of tribalism, it is one of imagination:

The greatest crisis of our lives is neither economic, intellectual nor even what we call religious [or even triabal]. It’s a crisis of imagination. We get stuck on our paths because we are unable to re-imagine our lives differently from what they are right now. We hold on desperately to the status quo, afraid that if we let go, we will be swept away by the torrential undercurrents of our emptiness. Marc Gafni

So, unable to imagine anything outside tribe, each is desperately holding to their tribal warlord. Afraid that if it is not their tribal warlord in power “the devil they know”, it will be the tribal warlord of “the others”, “the devil they don’t know”.

The political class cares nothing apart from their own power. Those with the power want to hold on to it by all means necessary. They have said they will rule for twenty years. Those out of power want it with a sense of urgency and desperation. The only option left for us the people is to rise up against the political class, with equal urgency and desperation. We have been warned that we have to die  for some of them to ascend to power, We have been warned that those who got power as hustlers against a VP and PM will never loose it,

We are at the edge of a cliff. It is said it is better to build a fence at the edge of the cliff, than to build a hospital beneath it. We need to build the fence. The events of this 1st  June 2016 confirm to us that the political class is full of divisive passionate intensity ready and willing to throw us over the cliff. We must stop them, we must get the conviction to save ourselves.

Dear Kenyans, it does not matter who is right and it does not matter who is wrong, this is what a divided country looks like and this is how things fall apart. A new non-ethnic political narrative is desperately needed. Any ideas out there?

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  1. Samuel Ndungu

    Whatever you say almost always happens to be the truth and rather than answer your question, I will ask one as well. Since we know for sure that we need a new narrative, is there anyone out there with the kind of narrative we so desparately need?And if they are there, will Kenyans in their current mindset elevate them to power? I guess not. So the main problem here is a lack of imagination on the part of us Kenyans. This is the problem we must solve. But who will mobilise Kenyans? This is a very sorry situation and we may stay this way for along time.

    • Prof. Wainaina

      Thank you for your compliments…My answer to you is yes. If we have a compelling well articulated alternative narrative, Kenyans will elevate it to power. Never doubt the people. They are perfectly capable of making the right decisions for themselves, given the right choices. But if the choice is between the bad and ugly, they are stuck with one or the other.

  2. Matthew

    Hi Prof
    I think you have over simplified the problem ailing the country. True an alternative is a MUST but by saying the country needs “compelling well articulated alternative narrative” without offering a foundation on how that articulated alternative can come into form is in itself part of the problem. Somehow it throws the search for solution back to the status quo. Every organ in the country is fragmented and the only thing that is functional and agreeable but condemned in public is corruption. From academia, in the family, in religious ground etc.Wanainchi are so deeply immersed in it so how can the country and every organ within it be healed from such a vice?

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Not exactly…First, I have not oversimplified the problem. If is sounds oversimplified it is because it is that simple. Its manifestations and repercussions may be dire, but the problem is a s simple as I have stated it, i.e. A political class mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity that must be replaced by purveyors of a new non-ethnic narrative that will anchor the country in a new political dispensation of patriotism, accountability and productivity. It is surely that simple. With that clarity, we know what we want and what we don’t want. It is a matter of articulating a new narrative, communicating it to the people, and let the people decide. Secondly, the search for the solution and the actual solution is a responsibility of the people. The political class cannot and will not give us a solution. They are the problem. Change does not come because the beneficiaries of the old order get a conversion. Change comes when the people, typically excluded from the largess of the mainstream, imagine something different and replaces the status quo. I have no evidence that the good people of Kenya are not capable of this.

  3. Godwin Murunga

    Great Mike. I have been looking for this kind of questions. The general problem with your analysis is that it begins with what ought to be rather than what really is. Any analysis that runs away from OBEJECTIVE CONDITIONS of the moment can only idealise. But the situation we confront now needs fewer idealists and more pragmatists. Even pragmatists idealise. What are the OBJECTIVE CONDITIONS? We have in control of our political system really bad political alternatives. Name a sample of countries where citizens are satisfied with the conduct of politics and key political actors? Canada comes close; it only elected its most popular leader recently and the jury is out. In the US, no leader has sustained an approval rating in recent times that is above 60 per cent. The Scandinavians; have you checked the deadlock there recently? My point is that these systems work because transformation happens incrementally and therein rests the HOPE. It is a process of cumulating change that works, not the constant imagination that some stroke of fate will come around and insert into the political space saints. In any case, and coming back to Kenya, where are the saints coming from? In professional organisations, universities, trade unions, student organisations? Where are they? In the church, the media; Really? Who in the church or the media? Or is it civil society? Let me focus on the university. You and me were in KU for some time, right? Did you see the scheming that went on as people biased systems for easy favours from the top, or quick promotions when they were not qualified for those promotions? Don’t we have professors whose CVs are suspiciously long with frivolous achievements; whose capacity to teach, train and research and publish is mediocre at best and who cannot command discourse? Can we get people who can clean politics from our professoriate? Why would we believe they can clean up politics when they abused their little privileges in the university, either as chair, dean or director? Lets face the reality, those of us who shout loudest at the political elite have abused our powers in smaller domains and will be no better when given higher levels of political power. And that is my point. You worry about my surrender? I worry about your excess confidence because it lacks a base, a substructure if you will. My surrender begins with the fact that those you think might be alternatives to Raila and Uhuru are fake angels; they pontificate loudly because we have not asked them hard questions. When we do, they are no better; I am unwilling to open space for them to go higher when they have abused smaller power in smaller corners, when they have benefitted from cronyism to be where they are. That is my reason for surrender. I prefer the devils whom I already know than angels that have dubious qualifications. I can plan for those I know, I can’t for those I do not know. Now how does politics in those other countries work? They work through the threat and possibility of regime change. The mechanism allows that there can be a break from one really bad coalition to another bad coalition and each coalition maintains a basic minimum of sanity in order to sustain power. These countries are not waiting for dubious saints; they are circulating evil and demanding that basic minimum from them. I am open to a third, forth or fifth force but please don’t tell me that they will drop like manna from heaven, they must emerge out of the OBJECTIVE CONDITIONS. That is my testimony.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Well said Godwin, and pretty reasonable. And I am guilty as charged, for starting with what ought to be, than what really is. In transformational contexts, however, we cannot rely on what is because it invariably favors the status quo. However convincing the surrender argument sounds, I refuse to accept that OBJECTIVE CONDITIONS are the sole determinants of possibilities of change and progress. I agree with George Bernard Shaw when he says “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man”. I am an unreasonable man.

      Societies do not change because the ruling elite suddenly or “incrementally” embrace the need to change. In fact, the opposite is true. The longer the people surrender to the ruling elite waiting for them to change, the regimes get worse not better. Frank Herbert put it better than me when he said, and I tend to agree with him that, “Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class — whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy”. None gives credence to this statement than our own 53 year KANU regime in Kenya.

      Societies change because a new generation of thinkers and actors re-imagine society and displace the old ideas and the ruling elite who the ideas supported. Arguably, the new generation of thinkers are beneficiaries of the old order, for better or worse. But more likely its victims. Even for the beneficiaries, who would have the material and the intellectual wherewithal to challenge the old order, it is not that the old order is their heritage that is the problem, it is how they define themselves in relation to the old order that determines whether they will be reactionaries of revolutionaries. A good example is the cohort of African Nationalists who guided the continent ot political independence in the 50’s, and 60’s. All were beneficiaries of western education and privilege. It is not easy however to survive the mentality of the old-order especially if you are its beneficiary and that is why in contemporary Africa it is very very difficult to get revolutionaries among the elite. This brings me to your example of the Universities.

      I would never look to the Kenyan academy for alternatives on anything, much less socio-political change. Herbert’s comment applies to the letter to what has happened in the Kenyan Universities, admittedly some more than others. Before I retired in early 2013, I had build a 23 year career in the University and I can honestly tell anyone who is looking for leadership and transformation from there that they are looking in the very wrong place. I am yet to come across a more vain, overestimated and sterile context than the 21st Century Kenyan academy. Wachana na mambo ya Universities, they are towers of mediocrity and vainglorious intellectual nothingness.

      An important point you make which validates the search for an alternative outside the current political elite in CORD and jubilee. About other democracies, “They work through the threat and possibility of regime change. The mechanism allows that there can be a break from one really bad coalition to another bad coalition and each coalition maintains a basic minimum of sanity in order to sustain power”. Our condition is dire. We are seeking a break from one really bad coalition to another really bad coalition WITHOUT THE BASIC MINIMUM OF SANITY IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN POWER. We are operating at the lowest possible level, which I have described as being on a cliff. Trust me, if there we were operating above your threshold of the basic minimum of sanity. I wouldn’t be bothered.

      The political elite in CORD and jubilee have reached a point of no return, a point below the basic minimum of sanity. They cannot save themselves nor can they save us. It is the people who will have to rise up and raise the engagement above the basic minimum of sanity. This is the basis of my engagement. I am willing to play my part however small in the search for the conditions under which that threshold will be raised. I will not be browbeaten by OBJECTIVE REALITY. I am not looking for saints either, just regular guys who think we are capable of better than “the devil we know” and that “better” is achievable. In this, I am guided by the words of the french general De Gaulle. when he said, “The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community”.

  4. The president has all the instruments to forge a state out of the current patchwork of tribes he himself has created.What we need is an inspiring leader in the mould of TJ Mboya and who?

  5. I have understood you but who is following the law and who is not following the law. Those demanding IEBC reforms outside the constitution and demostrating to cause the needed reforms as provided by the constitution or those demanding for IEBC reforms according to the constitution? By this I doubt if our institutions will be developed and differentiated for mediating differences within the Kenyan state.

  6. Why do people from some parts of the country think that supporters of Raila are gullible and manipulable but those of Uhuruto are not? It is a consistent narrative from even very poor suffering folks who gain nothing from Uhuruto salaries and economic crimes.

  7. Onyango

    Another nonsense article from a self proclaimed professor. Kenya is a divided nation and this division is self- inflicted. It is becoming likely that an outbreak of Civil war in Kenyan will solve this mess. The signs of an impending civil war are clearly out there.

  8. No divided country but an assembly of clueless idlers worshiping their tribal chief. .. why is not happening in any other counties with ugly incidences like in luo nyanza.

  9. I have read the history of Jaramogi Odinga and jomo kenyatta…it is like kenyans were so polarised during the reign of Jomo,and Odinga as oppostion,now kenyans are so polarised at the time the sons are in the similar positions…what is it with this two??…Kibaki’s time,apart from the 2007 chaos,i didnt see this hatred on social media!!

  10. Sasa wale mnasema constitution ikue followed tuseme kwako ulikua umesema lazima kila mtu atumie cocoa kwa chai then ukuje kupata hii cocoa ina madhara utasema juu huu mwaka ulisema kwako no cocoa na lazima mwaka uishe ndio ubadilishe hata kama inadhuru ama utabadilisha for the better choice.

  11. I believe the powers that be want to cast CORD in a negative light…. The police interrupt the demos knowing very well that there are looters amongst the genuine demonstrators who will take advantage of the situation to loot and destroy. CORD on the other hand want to take advantage of the situation to cast the govt of the day as being authoritarian and not giving a hoot or toot about the protesting supporters thus gaining sympathy…. All in all… I wonder what would happen if the police do not initiate the crowds dispersal… Would it be the same as it in Mombasa????

  12. Prof… let us first agree Raila is wrong. Why hold parallel rallies? should his opposition do this when he get power. Peace is important than IEBC… elections come and go but kenya ll remain. Two uhuru need to talk with Rao even though they won’t agree. Last Kenyan youths need to grow up. being used to demo and cause violence only earn one a curse death and poverty.

  13. Prof you are very right. The colonial masters demonised Africans in the same way and it led to the fight for independence. I don’t know which independence will be fought for today but the more people appear to be oppressed the more confrontation. I am a father and when my children’s disagreements come to my attention, I don’t walk away and let them sort themselves out nor do I favor one over the others. I call them to the table and we fairly discuss the matter and solve it amicably. A leader is a father figure.

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  15. amnt a luo BT pliiz qks I need an answer when rails said kibaki tosha he was a saint to u BT now he is against Uhuru he has turned into a devil to u y now…? n if rails didn’t axcept the grant coalition gvnt where cld these Kenya be now koz we ol know votes were stolen

    • Raila said Kibaki tosha because all the leading opposition lights at the time were backing Kibaki & were infact holding a public rally when Raila made his way to the Uhuru park. Kijana Wamalwa, simeon nyachae, Saitoti & charity ngilu had all endorsed Kibaki at an earlier meeting. Raila only came in with his LDP party which had all its members who all hailed from Nyanza constituting of only 20 MPs. Kibaki got 5.2m votes against Uhuru who got 2.8m votes… The Nyanza province at the time had a voter turnout of 750k, Gusii region brought 250k.

    • Raila has never been a saint in any way… Kibaki didnt seek him as a partner in the NARC coalition, Kibaki had already declared his presidential campaign while Raila was still in KANU. If Raila felt he was so popular he could have run for president himself. Kibaki was riding on a huge wave of popularity at the time hence nothing couls stop his rise to the top.

  16. Don’t be neutral to appear good, take a risk and give your stand Sir. What is the alternative you give yourself. Asking people for a solution..when honestly you know there may be none from a practical perspective is in vain. Be practical sir, politics is not about academic theories and papers! It is about working from the reality on the ground. The reality now is Cord and Jubilee…for many years to come and a professor should be aware of that. However key Players on top may change.Period!

    • I do not understand what you are saying about being neutral to appear good. Good to who or about what. But most importantly I have never been nor ever claimed to be neutral. I have continuously said that I am not neutral. I am vehemently against the current political class in CORD and jubilee which is hopelessly mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I do not know how much more practical you want me to get. CORD and jubilee are not the only reality that exists in a country of 45 million people.

  17. Prof. Why does Uhuru find it so difficult to just accept at let IEBC to go?

    Assume that we go to elections with the current IEBC and Uhuru wins, don’t you think it will be so difficult for Cord fraternity to accept that Uhuru won fare and square?

    Lastly, you remember how Mumo Matemu and his EACC cronies were hounded out of office-a constitutional office for that matter, Is IEBC not a constitutional office just like EACC?

    Let’s reason and please shed more light.

  18. Felix::CORD’S Approach is also constitutinal if you really understand the meaning of the law.Direct expression of sovereignty is lawfull.If parliament does not intervene and do what a section of the people are demanding,the people will express themselves.

  19. this all is happenin coz our corrupt leaders and greedy of power, uhuru knows without those thives calld IEBC he cnt win a free and fair election en dat y he wants to keep them while Raila knows wth that IEBC his votes will b stomen as thy did 2013. IEBC must go

  20. Ndungu Wainaina PhD, a new political philosophy/narrative is eminent for our great country to make the much delayed leap to prosperity. But truth must be the light for developing the narrative.

    Several stumbling blocks in politics of “a god-head” type of presidency and unchallenging mass have caused the delay. When President Moi took over presidency and perfected the god-head presidency, members of his tribe boasted everywhere in apparent retaliation for the arrogance Jomo Kenyatta’s community showed. Jomo’s Kikuyus were humiliated hence took a ride in political space created by the Rainbow and got back their pride through courtesy of Raila’s “Kibaki Tosha” call. The devil of tribalism was further entrenched when, in the words of the late Michuki “now it is us” hence no need of respecting the MOU and reforms.

    On matters currently going on, #CORDdemo is as valid as Jubilee’s misrepresentation of the Constitution is on the process of reforming IEBC, a body which conducted the hugely failed 2013 elections. If the Kenyans represented by Uhuru Kenyatta in this strife were sincere they would come out of their hiding place and quickly accept the hard fact that everything in the constitution and the constitution itself were created out of negotiations. So anything causing any citizen concern at anytime whenever brought out would be discussed and negotiated on for any amendment or otherwise. Such negotiations don’t have to be initiated by bloodbath in a civilized society.

    The way elections are managed and the perception of participants in the electoral body are key to stability of a country. Use of force only entrenches strife. Uhuru Kenyatta stood to loose nothing in opening out and launching a national dialogue for reformation of IEBC. Their hardened position behind “defending the constitution” and other rhetoric are selfish and dangerous for the country.

    The narrative you’re suggesting must be people centered and cannot succeed in dreamland that Raila’s led coalision is just seeking “Nusu Mkate” on the face of Jubilee’s abrogation of the constitution. Let’s start developing the narrative on truthfulness.

  21. Those who don’t want to be on either side,knows no difference between right & wrong hence not worthy leading any side.Either to maintain status quo or for Change.

  22. A government that goes to any length to shield and protect alleged suspects in the chicken gate scam is not only callous but also incapable of governing. That susceptibility at being involved in a scam where some souls in the U.K. are serving prison terms yet here this government can’t find the nerve to question the guilt of those involved should not be a surprise why credibility is a common word these days.

  23. Read some comments of those who are exposed,widely travelled,been living with other tribes, have worked with other tribes, owned properties in other counties,married from other tribes, their children’s schooled with other tribes, their children’s don’t even speak their mother tongue, ….., with those who are “typical” and not ready to change. Let not hide under the constitution, didn’t not people sat on roundtable to come up with them, what’s hard sitting together and save the country.

  24. We disagree to agree… No permanent grudge because our mother is still Kenya and sibling rivalry is always there. The problem is our hard stand(s) to National interest…chest thump is like setting fire. Bible says… Come all and let’s reason together…

  25. You cannot tell us that it doesnt matter whos right and who’s wrong. Hapo proff umetudanganya. How do we continue suffering while people like you enjoy life and struggle to make us believe that it doesnt matter who’s right or wrong. Hiyo sikubaliani na wewe prof.

  26. Professor how can 2 million people extra the number who voted in senators, Governors, women rep, mps and mcas go to a polling station and only vote for president and leave not to vote the rest 5 slots. The 2 million difference is the added tyranny of votes which iebc gave Jubilee and still preparing ground to give jap and more……… Uhuruto is truely right to protect their source of power… iebc Must be restructured…

  27. Well stated…
    Voters are very stupid…
    Like Keith Kilonzo I am gonna pretend like I am from a rich family (& not vote)…
    I am tired of being stupid…
    While Uhurutos are watching while NYS money is getting stolen,
    Railonzo are watching while Luos are being slaughtered…

  28. In 2013 we went to the poles with two horses – bad and ugly. In 2017, we will go to the poles with worse and uglier, in that series, we will go to the poles in 2032 with worst and ugliest. These two names – adjectives define a divided nation. What has or who have divided our nation? Had it not been for the fact that it is not in order to name names here, we should be pointing fingers at individuals who have openly been dividing our nation. I remember in 2007 one presidential aspirant when to his home district just a week before the elections and told his tribesmen in his mother tongue that now “their” time had come. You have also had “rais ameenda kwa ngome ya cord. You have also had “president is poaching from ODM when he proposes somebody for an appointment. This division cuts down to the Ward level. In a ward where there is one tribe, clans come to play. If not clan, then it’s village. You will hear the politician say, “msikubali MCA atoke kwa kile kijiji tena sasa huu ni wakati wetu” This is how divided our nation is, that’s where our politicians thrive. In my view, only hopefully, a peaceful revolution will be a saviour of the situation.

    • It is this blame game Henry that I think is the problem. The country presently has six tribal kingpins Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo, Raila, Mudavadi and Wetangula. They are all the problem. They have build and thrive on a political dispensation of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Pointing a finger at only one tribal warlord only infuriates his “stronghold”. I therefore agree with you that only a peaceful revolution will be a savior of our nation. Join it when it comes.

    • say ‘you’ll die’ leave others out of this. you comfortably watch from the comfort of your sittingroom and erode your fingers on keyboard inciting poor ignorant young boys for a course they least understand so that you can do your bloody comparative analogy? and for u proff. hope you wake one day to a strike by your students organized by your jealous colleague demanding your compulsory resignation at 45.

    • Kibet, I retired from the University in 2103. I was 40. The number one impoverishers and inciters of the youth are the current political class both in CORD and Jubilee. They are waiting for next year to cheat them, use them and dump them.

  29. I don’t want to believe that u are saying that a leader must be accepted 100% across. That why we have security to tame the renegades. No has ever won 100% but in a civilised society, the losers go back to the drawing board silently and almost always make it. At least they portray the qualities of a leader. Patience and responsibility!!!!

  30. Uhuru and his brokers r eating this country to the borne unless u didnt read the post by the professor both teams r just blind like their tribal followers@Diana Wanjiku

  31. The two dynasties took Kenya apart almost immediately after independence. It pains that we still dance to their tunes as they continue with their on selfish prosperity. It took the developed nations sometime to be where they are. I still believe it’s our choice to be where we’re

  32. Prof why dont you be as blunt as David Ndii. Let the 47 counties become republics. We are living a lie 53 years down the lane. There is no nationalism but raw tribal king pins. At no time in point have Kenyans moved to being a national state than in 2002. But Kibaki was not true to self and the rest.

    • My position is that of a unitary nation, that with a new non-ethnic and modern narrative, there is no reason every hard working Kenyan cannot expect to access opportunities for growth and prosperity. You may want to start your own secessionist blog and espouse Ndii’s ideas.

    • We have no tribal differences. We work together, we live and die together, we donate blood for each other, we marry each other, we go to school together, we treat each others family and relatives in hospital and we teach each others children. Until the politicians come. Having nothing to tell the people because they are empty, mediocre and visionless, the only thing they can do is plant tribal hatred so that they then can offer themselves to “their”people’s as tribal messiahs. Please consider tribalism as a disease the politicians infect the people with and then prescribe themselves as the medicine.

  33. The possible solutions to this eminent challenges facing our nation are squarely vested in the hands of the gov’t & the opposition. Nothing more. The shit engulving the principals is that they stick to their hard lines

  34. We need a compromise candidate who cannot represent the five big tribe or don’t vote any body who have served in the last two Parliament. Then use him to build a liberal democracy.

  35. U r on point. But the solutions still lie within the top leadership since they have the financial muscle an publicity to change the political discourse. What’s lacking is patriots at the top only tumbocrats

    • And that is why they cannot change anything. They are not patriots. They are power hungry aristocrats who have been part of the political class for the lat 53 years years. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The only hope is the people, you and I.

    • Papa Robert Odhiambo the alternative non-ethnic narrative is something that all of us will have think about. I think the first step is to agree that this is what we need. Then we can start to imagine what it would be and what it would look like. I am encouraged that a section of Kenyans agree that we need the alternative narrative. it will make looking for it easier.

  36. My brother why do you mix up issues here ? The goverment of uhuru kenyata has failed to be honest , uhuru kenyata had an amble opportunity to prove himself to Kenyans despite his fraudulent elections but the man failed miserably ! Or-other , why don’t you coment on the ills the goverment does so offten insted of diverting our attentions to forcus on who was who 2013 and who will be who 2017

  37. Ka ulisoma high school kuna book ilikua inaitwa ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE ..ilikua Inasema: (in matters of Politics compact Majority are always wrong “Enemy of the people”)

  38. “bad” has zero %of goodness… while “ugly” has a posibility of 99% goodness 1% for being ugly… but who n what in this world is 100% good… well now yu have it… if none of us whould like “badness” then why else would we part from each other if we all want one goal… : (goodness)

  39. It was long divided,majority of kenyans does not want the country to heal, because of tribal alignment & power hungry tribal kings . tribal kings from big six tribe-kikuyu-luo -kalenjin -luhya-kamba & kisii are responsible for this, They speaks out more dirty politics that’s what we want to hear & praise them.we are in the wrong political path as nation & one day we will havest this hate we are building now, inside me i know i love kenya! What of you?

  40. Or we can retreat from tittering on the edge of the cliff. We deep in decadent sensate culture the populace is better off settling for continuity to get us further from the abyss

  41. The answer lies in rotational presidency since the constitutional requirement of ethnic balance in govt appointments has become a mirage. This has worked in Nigeria!

  42. US in 2000 elections they vote DEMOCRATIC 49 % VS REPUBLICANS 51 % in hotly contested presidential seat.They emerged strong todates.Even Kenyan will overcome all this hogwash.

    • I have always been skeptical with these comparisons largely because most of the time I see them, it is the wrong ones. It is never the margin that matters. It is the fact that our politics are ethnically mobilized. Those of the US are not. You cannot compare the two.

  43. we first of all need to speak one language as a country its nt that i am against mother tongue bt using this language in public places brings mis trust look at the developed nations like U.S ,CHINA etc. the citizens there speak one language despite of the diversity in its people bt here u find in a public gathering some from tribe X speaking to his fellow tribes man the X language to get favors bcoz the next guy from tribe Y doesn’t understand language X we need to accomodate each of the 47 tribes becoz we need each other for us to realize the kenyan dream and this is done through proper communication bcoz that is wat brings abt strong relationships God bless Kenya

    • Oluoch there is absolutely nothing wrong with language and the fact that we have many of them is not a bad thing. In any case it is not true that only one language is spoken in China. It has 297 living languages. In an environment where ethnic tensions have been heightened by rogue tribal warlords like Kenya, anything and everything becomes adulterated and if we are not careful we will go on a blame game that will end us nowhere or worse still in deeper trouble. Our problem is a political class that relies on ethnic divisions to mobilize politically. They are mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila ukora na upuzi. The only was of sorting this is to get rid of the political class and its six tribal kingpins. We should then nurture a political dispensation that is based on patriotism, accountability and productivity, and continue to happily use our languages.

    • Well said we need to redo the identification card remove the surnames/family replced with a number that has all your details which can be accessed by a specific for immigration

  44. Michael Wainaina we all knw where you belongs so don’t fool pple. When things tasted bitter 4 u. You fool pple 2 shun tribal war. Jst b contented where u r bcoz we have been in opposition bt we don’t go to streets to beg 4 money. You are not even ashamed to compare ORENGO and kuria, itumbi hao ni akina nani? Wamefanyia wakenya nini kama sio matusi tu.

    • What are you talking about? I have stated very clearly where I belong. I did not compare anyone, reread the post that mentioned them and see who it came from. But I actually do not see anything wrong with the comparison. They are both mouthpieces of their tribal masters. I may also equally ask, umefanyia Kenya nini kama sio matusi tu.

  45. I remain unique in that i don’t care. I can’t even close my eyes to pray for politicians and equally don’t care who is who and doing what.If they bring conflict that is normal with the rich on planet earth.For it is the blind sheep who kills one another and hardly benefit even from the crumbs but used and dumped at will.Politiicians are self actualized and would do anything for fame so it is you and i to refuse.

  46. I disagree ……it was nt that way prof, at Afraha a bigger number of pple were out of the stadium untill when they were allowed in bt anyway you have made the Jubilee haters achieve their goals. Congrats and we are nt a divided nation.

  47. Our ” political leaders ” have dropped so low,they can do or say whatever they want without anyone stopping them.Tribalism is the CATALYST.We are living in dangerous time with gullible generation..

  48. Good Literate Works yu are Projecting..Personally My silent Sharing of ya Vision ahead is Really True coz For those with Genuine Eyes that see Beyond.. They can see How True an Accurate You are.. Majority Will brush it off and Think That “it only happens Elsewhere Far…”.Yet Our Current Flight Path is Taking Us Direct There…Infact The Stage is being Constantly Warmed every Week…God Must Do Something Really Special If we are to Deviate from This Flight Path.. Keep Talking Prof.

  49. Brother do not tire reminding this thankless generation of what the Lord has motivated you to share. Danger is liggering in the darkness as we approach 2017 and the blind generation is so engaged in their tribal hatred that they can,t reason.

  50. I always disagree with you. U always lack facts or u are too much ignorant, or else you are trying to derive to a message in the wrong way. We had Peter Kenneth who is good and handsome,also others were there. Kenyans had choices and they choose the best among them.

  51. Hey professor, I assure you that Jubilee could mobilize the same on any normal day! Picture speaks a thousand words, yours is just pictorial projection not a picture! His about that. My thoughts!

    • Pictures have many interpretations. You have decided to miss the point I am making and concentrate on the size of the crowd. Someone has actually posted a crowd picture in Afraha which does not change anything. My article was not about the size of the crowd.

  52. Which country does not become divided after election? Its obvious someone will win and others will lose. Those who lose is because they didn’t get enough votes and they have to live with it! Try next time

  53. Ethnic politics will never end…..we cannot burry our heads in the sand like proverbial ostrich to assume there shall be an end to tribalism….. Let’s just live with it bt we must avoid violence

  54. What do you think the kenyans would have done
    if they had the two to choose
    from avoidance _avoidanc
    e sitituation,Prof you have
    to choose an avoidance sitituation Anyway afterall
    will angels ever vie..

    • Mutugi, you are wrong. I never try to straddle the middle. I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the political class in CORD and jubilee over their politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. I do not have a lesser evil or the devil I know mentality. Evil is evil and the political class to the extent it thrives on the things that divide us is evil.

    • I have pronounced myself on the matter of IEBC. I have however said that these departure will not be the solution. Kreglar warned us that there cannot be a free and fair elections in an atmosphere of political dishonesty and tribal jingoism. The thuggish and tribal political class will never allow free and fair elections even if the elections were managed by angels.

  55. Leaders hav no personal problems. They meet nd eat together. The main problem is you nd i. Y shd we fight. As a person, i reported long time ago to support one group bt wll neva hate or fight anyone from the other political outfit.

  56. I agree we are divided, professor, no need to hide,let good KENYAn’s come out n speak the truth the way it is prof, I to see a luo telling baba the truth, I want to see akikuyu teling uhuru the way it is,aluya the same, akalenjini, a kisii, ande all Kenyan’s

    25ft x 50ft =230K
    1/8Acre =950K
    1/4Acre =2M
    Elizabeth 0710653013
    Or Mose 0722441233

  58. Thanks Prof for pointing this out. The level of vitriol on this thread is unnerving, this nation clearly never healed. The wounds of the 2007 PEV were covered without being allowed to heal, they are now festered. That we cannot tolerate thoughts, views or ideas that contradict our viewpoints is proof enough that we need healing as a people.

    • Musalia and Karua are part of the political class that is the problem in the first place. I also disagree with the notion of a third force. This is because that reasoning assumes that CORD and Jubilee are two different forces. They are not. They are the same political elite fighting over spoils of power. The ones in are “overstealing” as we have been told and the ones out are annoyed because they are missing out. It is the same fellowship of thugs, the noise is coming from a section that has been shut out.

  59. Oh God of all creations, bles dis our land en nation, Justice 2b our shield n defender. May we dwell in unity,peace en liberty en plenty wil b found within our boarders. GOD Bles our great KENYA § ITS PEOPLE.

    • Murabu Mutunga. You are very right. With that attitude I hope you are capable of relocating your village in aug2017 to another country coz if by any chance you plan to be around then I woild have expected better from you. Reality is both sides are fucking mwananchi from behind and you are clapping and taking sides. God help you.

  60. The division is a perception that sone people want to force down our throats. It is not real..
    By the way what is this non-ethnic, non-tribal thing being sung here? We should all be proud of our heritage and tribal backgrounds. It is God who decided whom we were to be in our absence

    • It is clear that you do not understand the “non-ethnic…thing being sung here”. That you do not understand it does not mean that it is not real. God may have created tribes. I however think there are more significant things to be proud of and I doubt God wants people to use tribal heritage to discriminate against others.

    • Prof. I think it is immoral to always threaten people just because they are a tribe just as it is wrong to discriminate them. You should have no regrets for whatever tribe that brought you forth. Negative ethnicity does not only consist in disadvantaging others but also entails thinly veiled vilifications that are aimed to make you feel negative about yourself.

    • I was not brought forth by a tribe. No one is. I can assure you that for so long as people feel discriminated against on the basis of their tribe, others will be threatened. The tribal narrative unfortunately has victims and villains. Anyone selling the narrative to the people are creating victims and villains, and inevitably threats and divisions. This is why I am against the tribal warlords in CORD and jubilee, they can never bring a solution.

  61. No! tell us the solution to our problems with all negative obsessions. Bro! We are under sieg of all those factor that undermine our national cohession. Check on both sides of the political divide and you will know which end has a thought for the wretched Kenyans.

  62. its high time we chart the way forward pliz come out things are gettin out of control lets come together for the sake of future generation we need the real patriotic leaders to save our coutry from colapse its not about you or me luo or kalenjin kamba or digo muslim or cristian poor or rich its about all of us as kenyans the key to this is loving one another and Kenya will be another beautiful country

  63. Prof our President is wise Man but the problem those behind him they are making thinks to come worse, i can see Kenya is burning, So Raila and Uhuru are the one who can put off these fire.

    • Mugera, you can NEVER be wise and surround yourself with people who are otherwise, NEVER. You are the average of your five best friends. The Bible warns, “Psalms 1–41 ] Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers”. What is he doing in step with the wicked?

  64. In every society, there must be what we term “The Animal Farm”. And again we will never be equal even if ” equalization fund” is distributed to each and every individual. Some have money and brains, others will have the money and remain clueless. In our case, Kenya,the worrying issue is the size of the gap,which astronomically looks up,as we watch helplessly but cleverly we know the players!

    • These kinds of tribal aspersions are not helpful. You cannot accuse any one community of being more tribal than the other. Are you saying that when Kikuyus meet they talk about marginalizing others but when people from your community meet they talk about their undying love for the Kikuyu? Let us not be hypocritical about these things. In an atmosphere where the tribal warlords feed the people on nothing but tribal hatred, their followers have no much choice.

  65. Kenya should need a good leader who is well educated and intelligent and also have a strong leadership quality. He should have the courage and confidence to face real time problems and to save our society. Firstly, Government should change the eligibility criteria for the person who want to become a leader. Secondly, Government should initiate a committee to check whether the funds allocated for specific project is used for specific purpose or not. By this they can able to avoid corruption and poverty in Kenya. Also leader should be the one who should initiate some steps for compulsory education for all. Nowadays due to corruption, richer getting richer and poorer is getting poorer, so a good leader should take some action to uplift the weaker sections of the society. Support right person!!

  66. Learned People tend to see things their way not Gods ways chunga sana coz God is about to intervene in kenyas situation and you will be so shocked this battle aint political but the devil trying tô provê us that we sérve a wrong God… Open your spiritual eyes the devil is a liar on our knees for our country

  67. Kenya’s problem is that we swim in very poisoned, toxic politics. If Kenya collapses, it will be because our political leaders are thoughtless, egocentric, selfish and ungodly. Any other politician lies to Kenya that , economy is bad because so and so is in power!!!! Wait until he or she gets to that position!!!! See how our governors are looting counties….. See how NYS was looted… and previously we thought we were injecting new blood to the system…..But where??? Please Kenyans don’t hurt your neighbor because of tribal difference… that’s your God given brother… and you should be his or her keeper….. Meanwhile let’s wait for elections and try as much as we can and vote out all thieves and looters. Voting Card is our weapon. Be blessed.

    • I agree with you to a large extent. I differ though on the sentiment that we injected new blood when jubilee was elected. They are as status quo as can be. We have a former YK92 functionary and a failed Moi project in statehouse. That can never qualify for fresh blood.

  68. Joe kim

    Prof, the problem is we are focusing on the wrong side of the problem, we are only focusing on politics forgetting that there are other parts of the country thats more important, and by parts I mean economics,. We need to shift our focus from this small nonsense called politics, tribal division is not even the real problem, the real problem is poverty. Kenya is simply very poor and that’s it. We are very poor and we have conditioned ourselves to accept the donations which btw the country really needs, have you seen the situation in Venezuela, the root cause is because their reserves have run to zero, they have no money to carry out global trade yet they sit on the largest oil reserves on the planet. Look at our country, we have no single important resource that can back us up, none, yet, we are busy doing and concentrating on politics, you think things are worse, we just getting a taste of how awful life will be when our reserves run dry because they will, we need to concentrate on rebuilding our industrial complex, we need to reinvest in coffee, sugar, wheat and expand on tea. Now it’s very simple buh if they concentrate on that, they will improve every persons life.

  69. Theres absolutely no problem.all this noise is acreation of one man who only understands democracy as hs way only.He refuses t accept defeat.its either hs way or chaos.
    secondly the nousr is only in hs strongholds of Nyanza……not all over kenya

  70. Its not 2 horse race, IEBC wants 2 still election in favour of jubile, the BVR machine has already been feed with votes, or do u think we do not know, baba is right, let the eluta continuer,

  71. Guys, let us pray for this country. Let’s pray for peace and harmony. If Kenya gets divided through politics this is what is going to happen;
    Our economy will fall deeply.
    Terrorists will take this chance to kill us.
    People will end up fighting each other.
    After death politicians will continue with their politics. Why die for someone to be in power? what about your welfare?
    The tribal war born by tribal politics will go on with generations.
    Kenyans, we are not stupid, fools or whatever the names are but we must stand together to defeat tribal politics before is too late.

  72. There is nothing dividing this country, it is ok to have differences of opinion, the only issue is to avoid violence and anarchy.. Competition helps you refine your offering and keeps you and yours in check! Take the violence rhetoric away and you will usher Kenya into an educationally unstoppable , wealthy, productive, accountable, equitable, God fearing democracy.. Which Kenyan do you think has a problem with that?

    • Even a spoilt clock is right twice a day, so I could be wrong or right! Nevertheless, the fundamental indicators are there that The country has major growth sprouting in every spectrum including democracy and religion, I asked a reflective question about which Kenyans do not want growth and would instead choose chaos and anarchy – those there are the people who wallow in this we’re divided or dividing shenanigans!! The rest of us folk would rather the country was on track, feeding and protecting the citizenry and all that it entails! And there is certainty here that despite all odds.. this light will and must prevail the imposed darkness!

    • Alex Mungai Rurii Your gospel of growth will not get you far. For so long as a section of the population feels excluded from the growth, that which you praise and consume in the name of growth is a poisoned chalice. It will poison the nation.

  73. Proff what I fear may happen, 2007 luos in Kikuyu zones didn’t expect organized gang attacks n died,same 2 Kikuyu’s in rift,this tym round guys ar buying machetes n grouping,4 security n solidarity, the few police n army won’t stop the bloodbath in the villages n estates

  74. Trust me,u r talking sense but when it comes to voting, u know where u will vote ,Kibaki, Uhuru,Peter kenneth n trust me not Ruto,Then NYS, EUROBOND n last but nt least Jacob Juma. And u know what,every jubilee person believes its Railas fault or is it RAIRA?

    • Odede, if you expect to engage with me, you may have to appreciate that I am a thinking individual. To imagine you know how I will vote on the basis of my name is to be hopelessly tribal yourself and disrespectful of status as a thinking individual. If you think that like you all of us vote on a tribal basis you are wrong. Very wrong.

  75. The first pix depicts multitude while the second one depicts organization.a multitude without organization is dead.multitude not organised is as useless as peeping anywhere.!

  76. Prof,u r preaching exactly what the opposition wants.Spread fear n lack of trust btw tribes and thereof create suspicion, the fumes from these situation just needs one mad politician to strike a match.U in your place of work or where you live, do u have a problem with your neighbour from the other tribe?Stop these alarmist posts. These are just politics and its not for the wanainchi.Its for the wenyenchi.Is the nation only polarized on fb?

    • I have not done anything. I have simply described where the tribalist in CORD and jubilee have brought us. You seem to think that is is the oppositions fault. I have said it doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. It matters that we the people reclaim our country from the thieves and tribalists in CORD and jubilee.

  77. There is a group in Kenya who are letting us down… those who claps at anything and always have time to show up in any demonstration, organized by any side of the political divide.

  78. your nefarious motive is known prof. is to digress what we know n it is terrible on your part to seek attention n make a name for yourself at the expense of nation building. any luo or cordiot trying to cause violence ,wanton destruction of property in the name of a regime change is the aggressor,must be tamed with full force mercilessly and there cannot be a situation people will sit down and watch.we are tired of threats .i urge u prof to call out the facts,not only to suit your case or be a bystander in a conflict,but a conclusion those want violence must be resisted at all cost ruthlessly

  79. Prof Wainaina, Dr Ekuro Akot, Reuben Kigame and other great men who think right, why don’t you people come together and save this nation? Come up with a new non-tribal based political movement…many kenyans will go this route

    • Ken Otieno This narrative is given to discourage Kenyans. I have said time and time again that Kenyans are not stupid. If you are coming out to challenge the tribalists, you must have a compelling alternative narrative. If you do not have, the tribalists will win. These two guys you are mentioning and others who have run for the presidency did not have a compelling alternative narrative. Tribalists won. In 2017, without a compelling alternative non-ethnic narrative, tribalists are guaranteed to win.

    • Elvis I am glad you think I am one of those who should save the country. But like I have said, the most urgent thing is the search for an alternative non-ethnic political narrative.Without one, not even me, Ekuru or Kigame can save the country however well meaning our intentions are. It is not about intentions. It is about narratives.

    • Wainaina, you are a prof ! We have so many good Kenyans, we can come up with the narrative. Let us try 2017, popularize the narrative as we lose to the tribalists but come 2022 we will win

  80. My felloe Kenyans we only have two tribe’s the rich and the poor politicians are only interested in using us nobody cares about the common mwananchi whether we die or live but they are great pretenders

  81. Rona okune am much sorry for u and ua tribe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no the fire thats ua baba kipii atawasha haitazimika and raudi hii sio mkate nusu,,,,,,,,,,

  82. Must kenya be about two familes? the Kenyattas and odingas. can another deserving kenyan pliz stand up we end this hate just bcoz of two families who fight for God knows what since post independence era???????

  83. For the first time in a very long time I feel encouraged that someone from the other side can have a balanced view on matters politics in Kenya. Thanks a lot Professor Wainaina. This is the much needed approach to our problem. Being in government or in charge is not a death and life issue. Let’s look at the problems facing us as Kenyans not as Luo or Kikuyu or Kalenjin. Stop thinking and reasoning tribally. Kenya is ours regardless of your origin. Professor I agree with you and I pray that Kenyans and particularly the extremists start seeing things your way before it gets too late. God bless you and please keep the spirit. Let’s come to middle to save Kenya.

  84. Any rigged election results to anarchy…. Unless our election system become credible…. No single day Kenya will feel happy like they did in 2002…. When Uhuru was thrashed by Kibaki on a wheel chair. Despite the full airport of the then president moi.

  85. Kenya is a beautiful Country with wonderful people . The biggest tragedy we have is that, good people have deliberately decided to slink into shadows and left a few men standing, the likes of brave RAILA. Kenya’s progress will never be measured by the fortune few millionaires, but by whether a girl in Kilifi who dreams of starting a Tour Company can do so because our economy can sustain her idea. Or a person in Turkana can become a millionaire through irrigated farming because our Country has put in place such strategies. Divisive politics has resulted into ethic superiority, bias classification of resources, corruption and unequal sharing of what the country is baking. This has made our nation to have a bandit Economy. The consequences of which is an agonising society rather than an organising Community. In nutshell, we either shine together as a people or sink together as a Nation. Kenyan folks lets seize this moment of progress together, United.

    • Raila is part and parcel of the bandit economy. He is at the helm of a political class that thrives on ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. if you think that the matters you have written about will be brought by Raila and the current political class in CORD and jubilee you are terribly mistaken.

    • Just to remind you Bwana Professor, look at the DEVOLUTION that Raila and company fought for so hard while other Leaders were either sitting on the fence or became watermelons . It is the most celebrated structure of governance in the progressive constitution we gave to ourselves. Another thing, Kenya is not an island. We need both the West as much as the East for Us to make the development we so desire as a nation. There those who think, since East doesn’t care on how we spend our Loans and Grants, those are the true friends against West who have strings attached to what they give. With this scenario you cannot expect economic exchanges in business like tourism influx that used to be the second foreign currency earner. With a government policy of that nature, you cannot hurriedly say that Raila cannot afford leadership to avoid the hole, the current leaders have dug us into. Bwana Professor, this narrative is Long and needs a whole PAGE.

  86. Prof,politic is a science!!When you win an election through back door,the signs of illegitimacy will sprout,hence people will reject your leadership!This is what we are experiencing in kenya today-Jubille has failed to unite people four years on!!If I were the CEO,I would call for fresh elections

  87. The great thing people don’t understand is ,God is not a respect or of falsehood …Kenya being a prophesied land the inhabitants never have the known the season of the prophecy…. Time of desolations ,evil in social ,moral and rise of falsehood even in church….I tell you Kenyans a great turn of events dire than any other time in history comes and its by fire that all should know that God is at work now …..2016 and 2017 years were far revealed 2011.

  88. The problem is never Raila,Ruto,Kalonzo,wetangula,mudavadi.the problem is only the Kikuyu’s in Kenya,they take them self’s as first class citizens of this country and they insult other tribes calling them fools reason being they dominate every public office in Kenya not on merit but through corruption and tribalism,but the time has come when the Kikuyu’s will only use mures because the are easy to manipulate,they are just told they belong to gems.