Transform Pedagogy, Don’t Just Integrate ICT


“There is a near consensus on the need to transform the way we are teaching the next generation. Locally, not much has been done in terms of concretizing this desire in the classroom and school environment.

Yet, ICT is seen as a solution and efforts are being made to “integrate” it in education. Consequently, ICT in learning has become a buzzword. Institutions are rushing to buy and display computers, laptops and projectors not to be left out of the ICT fad.

A fundamental question I have frequently posed to practitioners is: “Does simply using a computer or transferring your old notes into a PowerPoint presentation mean that you have integrated ICT in learning?” It does seem to us, devotees of modern pedagogy, that what most institutions are doing is simply to use computers within the same traditional/analogue methods of teaching in the name of “integration”! Like the old saying in the digital world goes, “garbage in-garbage out”.

Using ICT without interrogating and transforming old pedagogical approaches is simply same old educational garbage in, and we should only expect to get the same old schooling garbage out.

It is like buying a smart phone and using it just to make calls because that is what you used to do in a phone booth!

That is why the discourse on ICT for learning @MidasBoysHigh revolves around transformation of pedagogy, rather than merely integrating ICT. This is what we call the #midasmodernway.

Our focus has been on interrogating how we teach to ensure that ICT is used to support modern pedagogical approaches and not same old garbage.

Modern pedagogy is by definition, learner-centered and collaborative. Pedagogical approaches in a modern classroom include but are not limited to inquiry based/investigative learning, flipped classrooms, peer instruction and active learning.

@MidasBoysHigh, we constantly work with our learning designers and facilitators (a.k.a teachers in traditional pedagogy) to ensure that they adopt new methods to provide a transformed pedagogical space for educational technology to achieve its greatest expression.

It is not ICT that makes learning modern, it is modern learning that integrates ICT to leverage on it potential. We recognize that the opportunities offered by ICT in learning are limitless.

To fully realize this potential, we @MidasBoysHigh appreciate that we must let go of old pedagogies since the real transformative potential of ICT in education lies in evolving new and modern approaches of teaching and learning.

These approaches have developed a new type of learner@MidasBoys. A learner who has developed key attributes required for success in the knowledge society, including higher order thinking skills, independent learning, lifelong learning habits and the ability to think critically, communicate and collaborate, as well as to access, evaluate and synthesize information.

So, the discerning parent should not be taken by the fad on “we have computers in school”, you should ask, “how have you transformed pedagogy to leverage on the provisions of ICT?”. It’s a question we will be ready and glad to answer @MidasBoysHigh. Pay us a visit.

*Midas Academics Group is the holding Company for Midas Boys High School Juja and Midas Junior Academy, KahawaWendani.

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