The tribal kingpins are dancing to their own drumbeats of bigotry and war, for those waiting for campaigns of “issues”, good luck!

I get confused when I read from analysts and commentators that Kenyan politicians should give us “issue based” politics and should campaign on the basis of “policies”! Which ones? My argument has consistently been that unless we get a new non-ethnic political narrative, the current political class in CORD and Jubilee are incapable of any issues. Their whole political engagement revolves around politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.

Outside this madness, they have nothing new to offer. Absolutely nothing. And we are told to wait for campaigns of “issues”. From who? How?

Again. I warn you. The season of madness is here. The naive and the deluded are asking for a political campaign of “issues”. I gave up a long time ago. The only narrative that the current political class in CORD and Jubilee is capable of is tribalism.


It is a narrative of unimaginable hate, division, impunity, anger and anarchy.  I know because as a blogger, I live under its specter everyday. These are what the current political class has planted since 2013 and are about to come to fruit. The tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee have no other way of keeping power or ascending to power. When I hear talk of a campaign of issues, I am wondering where they are supposed to come from. Those asking for an issue based politics and free and fair elections may as well migrate to Mars.

The drums of tribal hatred and warmongering are beating. If you cannot hear them, you are deaf!

Figure this out:

The Gĩkũyũ “Council of elders” (whoever those are) want the Luo Council of Elders to apologize for Millie Odhiambo’s mad outbursts of insults against Uhuru in parliament, or else.  A conspirational silence greeted this ultimatum. If indeed he claims to be a national President, such a reaction should have bothered Uhuru. It did not.

Two concerns:

That Gĩkũyũ  “Council of Elders” came out in defense of Uhuru is a confirmation that Uhuru is a  Gĩkũyũ President ( or they view him as such) and needs to be defended by the Agĩkũyũ. While the elders have the right to exercise their stupidity in any way they deem fit in a democracy, it was incumbent upon Uhuru who is gallivanting all over the country talking of “peaceful” elections to denounce a statement that portrays him as a tribal president. He didn’t.

He can’t.

There is a bigger reason though why Uhuru should have categorically distanced himself from the statement, if indeed he did not endorse it. The so called Gĩkũyũ  Council of elders made the Millie invective a Luo affair.  Instead of dealing with her as an individual and taking any other appropriate action, they roped in Raila and the entire Luo community.


Not to be left behind, governor Kabogo made the Millie issue a Luo vs Gĩkũyũ issue, and equally issued threats;  Again this is what happens when ethnicity is the super-narrative that governs all political associations in a society like ours. This is where leadership is required. This is where leadership is lacking. Instead of reigning in his lieutenants, Uhuru called Millie Odhiambo an idiot.

This is not the first time tribal “elders” are coming out in defence of their tribal Kingpin. The Luo Council of Elders had earlier come out with guns blazing. They were demanding an apology from Moses Wetangula, a Luhya tribal kingpin wannabe and a Co-principal in CORD (whatever that means) for likening Raila Odinga to a barren woman after failing to secure the presidency in three unsuccessful attempts. Raila said nothing.

And the wannabe Wetangula  finds himself in fresh trouble. Under his nose, and if Atwoli is to be believed, the Luhya have crowned a tribal Kingpin. The Prince without a Kingdom now has one ( See my previous article  And he has come up with half an idea called NASA. A key piece in the NASA tribal jigsaw is now in place and the authors of the ODM 41 vs 1 tribal formula of 2007 are happy with the coronation.

Unveiling Atwoli’s Luhya tribal kingpin

I have said that Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Raila Odinga, and Kalonzo Musyoka are bonafide tribal kingpins and not to be outdone, Atwoli claims to have led the Luhyas in appointing one. I have in the past written that Mudavadi and Wetangula are wannabe tribal kingpins salivating for the Luhya vote. When Atwoli crowned Mudavadi in a choreographed event, the latter was elated and more than ready to pick up the title. When the coronation of a tribal kingpin becomes a national affair and headline news in a country that is sinking in the abyss of tribalism , you know the end is near.   I have not heard any condemnation from the other tribal kingpins. They have no moral authority to condemn the coronation of another tribal kingpin It has something to do with the saying about those who live in glass houses.

Not to be outdone, the Maasai are looking for a tribal kingpin.

You will recall that Uhuru and Raila exchanged bitter words in the funeral of William Ole Ntimama each trying to outdo each other to inherit the deceased’s tribal constituency. I did an article on it. I told you that the dirty altercation had everything to do with the tribal constituency that Ntimama had left behind and the ODM and Jubilee tribal kingpins were drooling over the constituency. It does seem that Nkaissery now has his brief from his boss. A recent meeting he held in Massai-land is telling of the direction and thinking within Jubilee, and it could have dominated the headlines for a while hadn’t the Duale tape emerged and gone viral on social media.

Remember Kalonzo refusing to answer a question from a journalist from Central because “your name betrays you”. His CORD counterparts laughed about it. Now Duale reportedly wants Kambas evicted from Garissa.  Kamba “leaders” who said nothing about Kalonzo’s mad outburst now think Duale is out of order and should be sanctioned. When Kalonzo issued perhaps one of the most debased ethnic slurs to come from someone who claims to be a national leader with presidential ambitions, the Kamba “leaders” said nothing. Kalonzo has been shouting from the rooftops that Duale’s remarks “are poisonous and could cause chaos” and that he will report him to the ICC.  This guy! No wonder his co-principles in CORD called him a watermelon and Judas Iscariot!

To crown it all, CORD and Jubilee cannot agree over an obvious need for a backup system for voter identification and results transmission. CORD wants “mass action”. Moses Kuria is preparing for them. He is tabling the Kenya Stand Your Ground Bill that seeks to “entrench citizens right to self-defense in cases of unrest”. When it comes from Moses Kuria you know nikubaya. God have mercy on us!

And folks, there you have it. A snapshot of the people and the political space from where we are being told to expect campaigns of “issues”. And I have not even listed all. And we are being told to demand for issue based politics from these guys!


I have said repeatedly that courtesy of the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee, tribalism is the only and the dominant narrative for political mobilization in Kenya. All grievances and all “issues” ultimately take the ethnic angle because that is how the political class has crafted the political narrative. There is nothing else that this narrative can breed apart from the madness that we are seeing. Unless we urgently get a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently, the only result the current political class in CORD and Jubilee can deliver for the country is conflagration. And you are waiting for an issues based campaign, and free, fair and credible elections. Good luck!

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    • @Lucus Kundu,you lie when you say you read Prof Micheal Wanaina PhD,articles both in his fb wall and in papers,Prof don’t lean in any of the two current political parties,Cord or jubilee but a third force which id based on issues, read and read again Lucus

    • Hilary, Kamala and Erastus, thanks for weighing in on this. Mr Lucus and Sultan, I have said again and again that unlike you, my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. I have said there is not real division between the two. What you see as a division are simply two cheeks of the same arse. I perfectly understand why this argument irks CORD and Raila supporters. With a theory going around that “anything” is better than Jubilee, I can start to see how you imagine that Raila could be that anything. He is not, and anything is not better than Jubilee. We deserve a new governance system based on patriotism, accountability and productivity not “anything. And the tribal kingpins in Jubilee and CORD are uniquely incapable of such a new dispensation. I have never understood how someone whose elections are run by men-in-black and runs around asking for free and fair elections from everyone else is supposed to be the solution to siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. Impossible.

    • A third force that managed if not rebellion or the middle east springs. For now its shaping the jubilee or cord to lack majority then reason prevail. I have given examples of near democracies in africa. Same old forces fighting out

    • @Sultan Rashid,that’s not being critical enough,politicians are fighting for numbers,people like Professor Michael Wanaina PhD are fighting for internalisation of ideas,it’s us the electorates who cheer the politicians regardless how bad their ideas are,not all Wanainas are Jubilee neither all Otienos are ODM, we got to appreciate issue based politics which Prof is trying to reiterate in his posts,be critical in analysing

    • At the end of the day we shall line up and vote for politicians. What matters here is which side will you vote for. People thought peter kenneth was the proverbial third force until he sided with uthamaki. Prof wainaina is a also a bonafide member of uthamaki thats why he cant see anything good from the opposition side

    • Hilary K Adams Thank you for joining in this crusade and as you can see it is very very frustrating. Here you have a fellow so blinded by ethnic jingoism that no other possibilities exist in his head outside the ethnic paradigm. We must not tire though of speaking sense to such guys. He would rather die for a tribal kingpin as a member of a tribe than live and prosper as a patriotic Kenyan. The salvation of our country which includes him depends on us not tiring in reminding them that a different world is possible and that tribalism is just a narrative. We can craft a new non-ethnic inclusive narrative that enables us to live and prosper together. The struggle continues. Kudos my brother. When I started this campaign, I was alone. Now I can see many people get it and they are standing up for the country against those brainwashed by the tribalists and their narrative.

    • @Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD,Thank you very much Prof Wanaina I feel honoured even to share with you, failing of a nation begin with the failing of individuals even God cannot work with tribe but the heart that’s tribeless so clean we have led ourselves down that much

    • @James Kamala,an eye for an eye makes the world blind,using the same wordings wouldn’t help any of you or us move forward,some of us are really ignorant teach them tell them their iniquities in a sober manner they will pick sense,thanks and enjoy the rest of your afternoon

    • @Lucus Kundu,I have read and reread the post,the only difference between my reading and your reading is that I read the post but you read the name, WANAINA,and concludes before even reading, the name Wanaina is just a name but it carries many other valuable things he can be a lecturer,a conductor,head of civil society,a president or even s thief,look beyond the name Lucus

    • @Lucus Kundu,If you have bought the idea then Prof have won, a good product needs not to be taken to the Jamahuri park or Bomas but people would come for it,if we were talking to ourselves you would not have listened to us but you have heard us and listened to our voices that’s the much Prof wanted from you and our country as a whole

    • Professor Michael wainaina -PhD /jubilee , jubilee have been tested and failed miserably more so they cannot stand test of time ,this time why don’t we give NASA/cord another term we see what they have for us.

  1. This is where we are as a nation Prof. Live with it. We all know that social cultural changes take generations to come to fruition. For once be practical and present to the Kenyan electoral this ideal candidate and give him the capacity to influence and capture the presidency in August 2017. Its obvious u cant.

  2. In agreement,,u have read that times Prof,it’s good to look back so as to understand and see what is ahead.Men of goodwill,patriots nad of conscience should rise,apply and execute the vacancy advertised in your preciuos piece,

  3. I wish our elites Kenyans were to reason like professor Michael wainana – PhD .Mr Lawrence Akali let’s borrow alot from Michael to build all inclusive Kenya until then Kenya will always remain a third world country cause of tribalism .

    • Emmanuel Ndenga Dominic is not right. Kenyans vote for the options that are availed to them. Since the whole political class is tribal, the only option Kenyans have is between “your” tribalist and “my” tribalist. You know how they will choose. We need to give them a choice that is compelling non-ethnic and inspiring. The current political class is incapable of offering such a choice.

    • Tell me why celebrated scholars like Micere Mugo and Ngugi wa Thiongo no longer speak about injustices meted on Kenyans. If they stood against Moi then they can do it against any devil of a man. But alas, they no longer see any wrong. Most of you just disguise because “our kin has the knife”

    • Danish Nipashe Odanga You do seem to have build grand narratives around the issue of tribalism. You may be right. Those you accuse of supporting tribalism will accuse you and your scholars of the same. Tribalism breeds tribalism. I have said that this is the narrative of the political class. With followers like you, they have everything to celebrate. I guess Luo scholars are lining up to support Uhuru and Jubilee. To you tribalism is only tribalism when the other person does it and outdoes you. My friend, this is the problem with this narrative. it takes you, I and the country nowhere. Worse still to hell.

    • I have nothing to celebrate when my name deserves a menial job. Any of you only try but make a sharp turn at some point: Karua, Githu, Peter Keneth name them. It might be a matter of time before your posts disappear!

    • Danish Nipashe Odanga If you are engaging to me as a Kikuyu, you are engaging with the wrong person my friend. I have warned before. Tribal hatred breeds tribal hatred. You will never be able to make sense out of anything I say if your whole world is viewed through tribal lenses.

    • Danish Nipashe Odanga Take the challenge and engage your tribal warlords and ask them why they are pushing a tribal narrative that is dividing Kenyans so much that even you cannot read a simple article without looking at the name of the author and interpreting the article according to the name.

    • Well said brother Danish, our elite brothers from central are very good in creating narratives to brainwash their folks into believing whatever. So what they say we have learned to take it with a pinch of salt. See how they have succeeded in painting Raila Odinga as a warmonger yet they are silent about the core reason for the 2007/8 skirmishes. Stolen Election!! I understand their language and mostly i listen to their conversations and i tell you it saddens me because deep inside there is something deeper than tribalism, its basically Kikuyu Ego. Let them first remove the log in their eye before they can see the speck in their brother’s eye. I read a story yesterday that a passport to a bar in murang’a is a voter’s card. That in itself is tribalism because thats an admission that a vote can only be wasted by lack of registration but not by voting outside jubilee. I rest my case

    • Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD preach first to your fellow elitist tribesmen to stop this tribal jingoism and see things from a nationalistic perspective, it is only then that their fathers who know not to read and write will be able to make informed political choices. Charity begins at home

    • Danish Nipashe Odanga Yes. You are advancing a tribal narrative and feel a sense of victimhood. If the narrative favored you, it would not be an issue. Like I have said, when you have no others lenses of looking at the world, tribalism makes you self-righteously bitter. Change the narrative.

  4. Prof You have a big job to do.If these comments are anything to go by.Some people here have completely been blinded by the tribal bigotry and have accepted it as way of life.Their life starts with Jubilee and ends with Cord.A hard task ahead sir.

  5. Hi, l do enjoy n get real enlightenment from this kind of sober, unbiased assessment of topical national issues.
    If only we could afford to ourselves the spirit to love our country more than the selfish self we are.
    Dr. I would not agree more to this piece as much as l did on a past one. Your article on curriculum change in Kenya as vaguely n shallowly being framed.
    Kenyans we suffer from bad leadership. Unfortunately in the political or civil service. The tendency to play custodians of knowledge once appointed, elected or impostor.
    We need a sincere national conversation where participants do not carry along with them;
    — tribe
    —- political party
    —– age/ gender
    —— title/positions
    but only verifiable factual propositions and sentiments.

    Thank you sir.

  6. Jambo Prof. Its been a While since I Read yas..but Am Really Elated to read This one again..Yu Recall We Tried to Deal with it Sometimes Back in ya Post on The Same Uhuru an RAO..Being Tribal Kingpins.. I Luv The Humour and The Reaction too..One Maore Ithula..Wrote about Vast Presence of ” Epileptic Primates” in Our Midst posing as Voters and Indeed This Reaction is a Clean Confirmation…
    However..All is Not Lost..Some Reason out Slowly in their Smaller Minds and They See The Point Individually..On My Part..Its Here That I Put My Blame and Challenge Squarely on Our Current YOUTHS and Mid- life Citizens of This Nation…They are Not Really Party to These Tribal Mediocrity except When Driven There by Poverty and “Artificial ” Lack of Thriving Opportunities imposed by The Same Tribal Chieftains..BUT..They have The Numbers and Vast Communication Platforms and The Skills and ability To Use Them..My Questions to Them with Our Support and All Kenyans of
    1.Is it soo Difficult to Relate Their Problems with The Kind and Quality of Leadership we are Experiencing…???
    2. If They Rallied behind One “Fresh” Leader of Their Own…and Network to Campaign for Him or Her..Who Can Match Their Votes in This Country..??
    3.. In All Socio-Political Histories..Its Them Who Changes The Direction of Any Society..
    4..Lastly..Lets Register as Voters as Much as Practically Possible..AND VOTE on D.Day..Aware That Its those Citizens Who DONT VOTE..Who Vote in These Tribal Cheiftains..If We go This Way..10:00 Hrs LT. Kenya Can have a Brand New Leadership..Direction and Issue Based Narratives..1st..The Need to ” Clean The Table” is Begging..!!!!

    • Ehehehehe! What new narrative driven by youths? For what, to which end? Why reinvent the wheel?

      Anyway, Kenya needs no new narrative. All we yearn for is accountable leadership. Anything else is hot air irrespective of who says so.

    • Bro..Just A “Clean Table” Empty of Thugs and Thieves posing as Leaders is All We Need..Unfortunately Our Youths Spend Most of Their Time in Hair Salons an Discussing Latest Phones Etc..We hav a Problem..

    • Not everybody, young or old, is cut for elective leadership.

      Similarly, evaluation of sound, focused, upright leadership is never done on anything else but practical, verifiable deeds attributable to political aspirants on offer.

      The older a politician grows therefore, the clearer those qualities become to the voter.

      Honestly, do we need new ideas from youths, juveniles, adolescents, toddlers or infants to make that simple observation before casting our ballots?

      We shouldn’t plant crookedness onto upright Kenyans or dismiss their useful leadership skills simply because it now appears like people from a certain region are too bent to manage public resources transparently. Should we?

    • Not At All Bro..I See your Point..Maybe We Should Set Practical Examplrs 1st…True Inclusivity Should be The Equitable way of Managing Public Resources in This Country and Not a Preserve of a Few..!!!

  7. The Statesman you mentioned in an earlier post is nowhere in sight to save us from boiling in this tribal broth. Many of us are clearly aware of this menace but helplessly watch with bated breath for the consequences. The Statesman with the ‘Issues’ is nowhere in sight and if there was one he has been swallowed in the muck.

  8. Which seeds were planted in 2013, the Demons of Tribalism were released into our midst when Tom Mboya was gunned down in cold blood. The demons of Impunity were released in our midst when. J. M. Kariuki was killed for speaking the Truth on behalf of the masses. You may put it in your own way but what is happening in Kenya Today is a result of the national cake skewed distribution and until we get a leader who is willing to lead Kenya and not his/her Tribe what we are witnessing today is likely to get worse starting this coming election for the Stupidity has reached its Maturity. Gold help us for Celebrating those who Steal from us because they are from our Tribes.

  9. there will be no third force so discuss the two horses- cord and jubilee . jubilee has been in power so on a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate them. people will not vote for some abstract party. jubilee has failed so stop being a coward and say so and stop dragging cord into jubilees failures since cord has never been in power. judge cord after they win

  10. Wainaina, don’t pretend here, Kikuyu is a Kikuyu. Luo is a Luo, Kamba is a Kamba, Maasai is a Maasai, Luhya is a Luhya, Kalenjin is a Kalenjin, Taita is a Taita etc. Because what do you want them to be? In the first place is God in is wisdom who decided what we are today. Even Jesus Himself said He was a Jew not a Samaritan.(JOHN 4;22) Now, are you able to give us the reasons why you are a Kikuyu? And why ole Lenku is a Maasai? I find your arguements are lukewarm.

  11. Wainaina you are misleading Kenyans. The opposition has united to end Tribalism, Corruption and Dictatorship but you are the king of spreading jubilees lies and Gospel of Raila is not better. God will defeat you and your gods soon. Kenyans are tired and we’ll informed to see the difference and heart and humanity of our leaders. You are the reason I think Education is Overated. Ngunyi has gone with that doomed era of protecting status quo. Shame on you.

  12. Mr wainaina why don’t u become this thing u are calling ‘issue based politics’ and become the alternative??! Stop confusing the public…isn’t corruption an issue that cord is fighting or because its coming from ua ‘side’ it ain’t an issue to u? Ole wako

  13. Yeah., there is one solution, “drum beats” are a good distraction as long as the noise lasts. However in the serenity of a polling booth…,drum beats is no excuse…let each one register as a voter closest home where you are sure to vote…. a good number of youthful, sensible voters are either apathetic or geographically inconvinienced.

  14. I have read and re-read your articles to which my conclusion is one, they are well thought, well articulated and pieces that bring our the reality in our political set up and operations . my question is, what is the solution to our political mess? What is the way forward in sanitizing our political operations? Where is the starting point? As a nation we need to critique our ways as we search and bring out workable solutions to our current predicament. As a prof. in political science (i presume) and one who’s in possession of a vast knowledge and understanding of the problems that affect us as a people, what’s your take on this? I believe we have criticized ourselves enough and it’s about time we started deliberating on the way out. Do an article on this kindly.

    • Jackson, I am glad you have been reading and you are seriously, very seriously reflecting on our political condition and like many of us, you are genuinely searching for solutions. My answer to you is that this is where it starts – a genuine desire and search for change. It is Kenyans like you who give me unshakable hope that this country is about to change and change in a big way. Do not underestimate your own engagement in this matter and imagine that the power to change belongs elsewhere. It does not. It belongs with you, and luckily for the country you have started.

      I have been committed to the advent of a new non-ethnic political narrative which I consider the barest minimum in the prospects of change in the country.

      NB: I am a Professor of Literature not political science. Thanks for your kind words.

  15. Hi Wainaina, perhaps I will hesitate to confer you that title.well I have gone through your cut like sharp knief to all who bestow their tribal kingpins. Your tried pamphlet a classic literature.

  16. usituletee phD yko… u r analysing nothing in politics.. we r tired of ur mediocres.. go and preach doz nonscence in gatundu… turkana pple suffers day and nyt yet we have a govt… doctors are now striking… still we suffer… kweeenda uko

    • Prof it’s sad how brainwashed tribal politics makes us Kenyans.Instead of holding leaders accountable they just play blame games….As citizens we have a right to proper health care,security,food,clean water and adequate infrastructure. …..we shouldn’t applaud gorvernors,Mps etc for establishing these projects,it’s their mandate n duty in addition to having the resources at their disposal .I think we are lost when we start reasoning like we used to in the Moisture Era

    • r u a kenyan..? f yes y do u talk of proper health care yet doctors r on strike now… how many poor Kenyans r now suffering frm curable diseases but couldn’t coz de situations in health sector now… thanks to God u r not sick bt don’t forget fellow Kenyans who suffers now bro… double think wat u say wid that ur brainless prof… such profs r those who forged certs.. shame on you

  17. Some guys will never appreciate facts of whatever kind totaly blind and mind covered totaly by gross darkness what makes issue based politics in kenya when all these guys have eaten golden burg together its only uhuru I have not heard a scandal with!!

  18. Pessimism. One wonders whether one really needs to be a professor to write such a piece. Tribes exist in Kenya, fact! Tribalism as practised by the current regime is wrong, corruption is wrong. Do you expect Kenyan leaders to come from heaven? NASA /CORD is inclusionist not sisi kwa sisi.

  19. My friend, it is quite dramatic if not impossible to make a Kenyan think from a libral perspective, mind you old habits die hard, from time in memorial the political fraternity has always taken advantage of our civility, they consider their fellow tribesmen as their vote banks hence the tribal narrative, its quite absurd that the mediocre thinking forms a larger part of the society making the liberal appear insignificant but luckily mindset will always separate the best from the rest, in the meantime we have to always listen to the tribal narrative but the only prudent thing we can do (if any at all) is try to search, decode and find the true meaning behind what they say, coz the true meaning of speech is not always to express ourselves but to conceal our true selves.

    • Muiruri, It is not correct to say that it is impossible to make a Kenyan think outside tribalism. it is. I remind my readers often that tribalism is not an act of God. It is simply a narrative that has been crafted and popularized by a degenerate political class for their own political ends. Politics is about narratives and the anti-dote of narratives is counter-narratives. All we need is a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. It is possible. We only need a bit of imagination.

    • My brother I didn’t say it’s impossible, if you derive from my fisrt phrase (dramatic or impossible) I have given it the benefit of doubt, and like wise at the end of your reply above you simply captured what has always visualised in the minds of the liberal only for it to merely turn to a dilution, coz the political fraternity will always manipulate the masses though the masses civility.

  20. just reading some comments and am left speechless! I agree with matiang’i that 80% of Kenyans can’t score a C+. for professor, I wish I had a better platform for you. you are such an eye opener in the current state of myopia that our country is asphixiated in keep up the good work and kindly find your way to a mainstream media. we would be so lucky to listen to your on point analysis of our current political situation! am also praying that you won’t get diluted by some honey-handed tribal elites

  21. Professor,what disturbs you is tribalism,which is and was the idear of pple from a certain region.They believe they must be president whether voted or not.Jaramogi reacted, ‘no freed6 without Kenyatta’ (the quote may not be exact) Who destroyed that firm foundation of Jaramogi? Prof u can’t a dress a problem you know not it’s course!

    • The greatest and worst wranggle in our country is leadership especially the top most seat.Have u heard some pple say ‘Nairobi iko na wenyewe? Who are those and how do the others,who are in the same city feel? Did u hear a servant of God from a certain region telling his hearers to will quit heaven if Raila will be there? It will take the same leaders to re-direct their heares and followers.Change must begin with Central Kenya.Jaramogi passed the ball to Kenyatta,who kicked it off the playing ground! Raila also passed the ball to Kibaki,who did the same as Kenyatta! Even if pple might persist in their behaviour,the race to the top seat must be free and fair to ensure the majority of the electorate carry the day and Nyakundi,Wamalwa can also be president if merited! The country belongs to all who migrated into it-all are owners by migration,no one owns it more than some! If there Sudanees,there are equaly Congolees! Central Kenya must begin and walk the path! Politics of issue or no issue,but let the race be free and fair.It is not a grave matter to reciprocate with good or to do a free and fair elections,it’s not an offense! A man has married seven wives,who have all left him,under whatever circumstance,the man must be wrong or bad.

  22. According to African tradition, its a taboo to summon a woman to a council of elders without going through the right process, that’s why the Njuri ncheke of Meru demanded a he goat from the kibaki family when Mama Lucy slapped one Francis Muthaura. In a case where a lady is not married, then its customary to engage the elders of that woman’s community to mediate on her behalf and is culturally wrong for a man to overrule the proceedings of a council of elders.
    We may seek justification for our opinions but it’s improper to invalidate our cultural norms due to political ambitions or modernization.
    Let’s respect our cultural beliefs and customs and desist from meddling in affairs we have no adequate understanding of coz by such we have lost respect to our elders, we have lost integrity in the institutions of marriage and we are struggling to control the incidences of immorality among our children coz we are teaching them amiss and we lead by example as sponsors to our kid’s friends.

  23. The prezzo ought t av united the country by being mindlful of equal opportunity f all in the country,his appointment in jobs became exclusively from central & riftvalley couple with wickedly corrupt gvt

  24. Prof, I’m a fan of your articles, I do enjoy reading them, but all you have are criticisms and pointing out problems instead of giving us solutions. You’re right we have problems that need solutions but how do you as a Kenyan propose we solve them?

  25. Mr. Prof, i have a feeling you dint steal exams. Ur mind sounds sound but dont mind some people here, if stupidity was an acute terminal disease some people couldnt make it 20 just like if matiangi was ps edu 10yrs ago most people would b dropouts

  26. Hi prof.happy new year!! You were made to educate people. Never mind when some students can not comprehend a simple lesson,some get your point and their hope for a better Kenya is constantly renewed. They also confirm that we at least have people who can think properly and independently. Keep posting!!!

    Anyway! You have driven the point home.

  27. Professor michael wainana-phd(or whatever your real name is) for once i am tempted to agree with you, on a few issues, the artcle is fairly balanced, it has never been a secret our tribes vote on tribal lines,tribal kingpinism obviously wont go away overnight. apart from this, u talk abt issue oriented campaign, i think they are issue oriented from both sides. try to dissect this,cord says there is run away CORRUPTION which they will end,remember nys,1B,eurobond 49B,afya hse,32B,HEALTHCARE,UNEMPLOYMENT, JUBILEE is claiming perfomance in the following area,SGR, ROAD NETWORK GROWTH 9000KMS,LAPTOPS FOR CHILDREN so this is an issue oriented campaign by any stds. The only distabilizing thing which has nothing to do with tribalism which you have carefully chosen to tiptoe around is a negotiated law which jubilee sneaked into parliament changed within 30 minutes, changing this law has irrevocably damaged political climate, the qstn in every non jublee in this country is what are they so afraid of, what are they planning to do with this manual system, why did they disregard in passing the law the advise of the public &experts? if jubilee wins will they have legitimacy or may be they dont care, after the last two consecutive disputed election dont u think the incoming govt shld have legitimacy?

  28. The problem with our political system is that the intelligent ones are full of doubts like Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD while the stupid ones are full of confidence…

    • Yes. You stand to be corrected. I have absolutely no doubts about what I write. That the current political class in the spurious CORD and Jubilee divide are a bunch of degenerates mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. The for us to modernize and make progress as a country we need a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. I have no doubts about that.

    • Do you know why you called professors?? Its because of having the ability to see problems and providing solutions and not seeing problems and be on highest point to criticize those who have them instead of providing solutions ..that is not being patriotic and loyalty to your country prof….I have been following your articles and all can see is that pointing out the problems and nowhere have seen you offering a solution to them….

  29. Dear prof,
    Your argument is a tired, old, rural thought. Every time I am in my village by the slopes of Mt Kenya, I hear very old, illiterate folks saying the same thing. I hope you aren’t their spokesman.

  30. Another one from Professor Wainaina. Accurate analysis of our current Political ethos! Unfortunately, who is listening? Ultimately,what will destroy us Kenyans is not Tribalism or Corruption but stupidity. Because here is one who has practically chewed the food for us but we still have to bicker about swallowing it!!!

    • Agatha, you are listening. That is something. Change begins with you and me and it has began. It will spread. You will however have to believe in the people. You have to believe that given the right options they will make the right choices. They are not stupid.


    TODAY, I write to all fellow Kenyans concerning the forthcoming Voter Electoral Registration Exercise and later General Elections in August 2017. I urge everyone to be Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) registered with a valid Voter?s Card in the upcoming exercise.

    I am in the Kisumu Town west Constituency Race on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party and so urge all my supporters to register as members of the party for the upcoming nomination exercise.

    My fellow Kenyans and supporters from Kisumu Town west constituency, remember it is #Mabadiliko2017 for now, for tomorrow and forever! You and I, matter. I wish all fellow Kenyans good health, adequate energy and long life. Thank You.


    Hon. Ouma Fredrick Otieno
    Kisumu Town West Constituency Aspirant.

  32. People would not listen to anything true over why is my tribehenchman not in the helm of power eating, and the inverse: its my tribe eating so everything is kosher as far as i know…i may not be benefitting directly but feels good….
    Professor it is hopeless and i believe many visionaries started with such idealist and puritist mindset of justice, fairness and equal opportunities for all till when they were hit by reality.
    Let us just pray to God 2017 is not Kenyans swan song…for the brink-manship politics of 2007 just went a notch higher and the stakes are much higher…
    but if Kenya goes up in flames after the elections..then its our comeuppance and we deserve it!

    • There exists no other reality my brother than that of idealist and puritist mindset of justice, fairness and equal opportunities. None. Remember Paul in Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things”.

    • I dont want to sound like a pessimist,but i believe we crossed the Rubicon on that when we failed to deal with the so called TJRC recommendations both under “Nyayo” who dismissed it as “porojo” then Narc which as advertised claimed they were to birth a new nation then you know what Happened with M.O.U when some claimed they were given very little to eat and the other party claimed they were being too greedy and anything that threatened the status quo was bad for the country, because the national cake was too small for all of them

  33. This thought keep on being recycled and repackaged…am worried its getting tired..lets go to another thing even if within the same broad thematic area…at least for the time being. I know you are capable and that would be more progressive. Then just be more focused to ensure depth instead of being all over and on everybody. I don’t doubt your capability but do justice to your loyal readers.

  34. if by anychance u r eyeing any seat.first have respect for other doing so u il learn something from io kimbelembele ya kutusi watu sidhani watu wanaeza soma ii kitabu ya matusi

  35. wainaina your name….as kalonzo once said….but let me bring to your notice to understand that its only people fron prexos backyard who think that this country belong to them and no other tribe.thats why they strongly rubished milly and demanded apology as if hes there presidence and not for us all.sory but pls advice them to change.

    • You are one if the guy wainana is talking about,no difference between you and those tribal bigots, I can tell for sure,where your msg is directed,and that’s hatred,we belong to Kenya,and we are Kenyans, whether you hate us or not, it won’t move us even an inches from being Kenyans

    • Irungu your name supported by wainaina l dint insult any body l gave out my opinion and you’ve rubbished it away…thanks but l know you pple are more egocentric that u cannot be changed.but kenyans will change u to understand they belong to kenya

  36. All this democracies celebrated in different civilised nations have a history. So Kenya isn’t exceptional there you ain’t the best either even when given the mantle. Stop you continued criticism and help build a democracy that the future generation will live to enjoy. You can’t compare the democracy that existed when Franklin Roosevelt was the president and that of when Bill Clinton was in power. It was a journey and this journey all Americans took part none stood out of the track to criticize the fight to end slavery. For now they killed racism in that in Obama a black can rule. Unavaa ngozi us London Nani nobwa mwitu. Help Kenyans achieve their dream of independence not critisim from morning to evening.

    • I am not sure I understand the Clinton Roosevelt thing. My advice to you is keep it local. As for criticism, I have nothing good to day about the tribal kingpins and their political garbage called CORD and Jubilee. If you are waiting to achieve your dream through them, you are in big trouble. It will never happen. The only dream they believe in is their own greed for power and money. There can never ever be progress made in this country for so long as these are the people at the helm. That is why my criticism and opposition to them is total. It is not about to stop.

    • Apwokha Wesonga Frankline your belief that there is nobody with an independent mind is misplaced. You suffer from mental slavery. you are the reason why these tribal bigots will remain forever.

  37. Professor what we have is issue based politics but you choose to lie to everyone who reads your stuff that its ukora, upuzi na ukabila.
    The issues are-
    Corruption- which you try to distribute across board.
    Economy -already in recession
    Equal opportunity- read waiver on coffee debts mostly owed by big plantations although the peasantry will think its about them
    I can in on and on but am no writer.

  38. The failure of our political framework is collectively sharedd by the citizenry.We elect leaders who advocate the very things we detest.Barry told us in his farewell speech that we have to be bold enough to stand for elective office if we are dissatisfied with incumbent leadership.I guess as many opinion givers should step up to the plate and join politics for the sake of our nation.

  39. If the professor was wrong Kenya would be a developed country with a healthcare system better than that of Cuba, but instead we have doctors on strike. The primitive people always beating drums leave the country for care, so what do they care. People keep asking for solutions, yet I am in a Facebook group called solutions in which a manifesto was posted in 2013. It is very funny. I should post it here. The decisions we make will impact the #future Since Kibaki no one has solved the problem of drought. Since Kibaki the families of those killed in 2007-2008 violence have not been compensated, and it would only cost 1.5 billion ksh to give them 1 million each. We have lost billions to corruption in every ministry and county. You do not reward people for bad service, you punish them and send a message to future aspirants. The only thing I will vote for is a referendum to pass two things. 1) Term limits of one term. the past has taught us that people who have made a living out of politics have only served themselves, and it needs to end. one term puts a deadline on what a person says they will accomplish. you do not simply hire a contractor to build your house because he is your tribe, and then after the deadline they are asking for an extension and more money 2) Limit pay of all government workers. overpaying them since independence has only attracted greedy people. this needs to stop. if we set the highest government salary to be 20x the min wage, salary is pegged to the min salary of Kenyans, thus what we can afford. If the min salary is raised to 15, 000ksh the highest public wage would be 300, 000 NO EXTRA’s. Doctors teachers, and others could not complain about pay. Just as the government can mutilate the constitution, we can vote in change they can not mess with through referendum. The problem is as much us as it is them, which is why I don’t vote. Kenyans must change first. Greedy take advantage of the ignorant, not the intelligent.

    • actually, 3 things as a third would be necessary to use technology such as social media which does not fail, to post all gov expenditure in realtime. Gov officials can use Twitter to spread hate, but can never conceive using social networks to monitor elections, and track every expense of government in a public forum where Kenyans can access the information in line with the constitution. If someone buys a wheelbarrow for 100k we know who bought it, who sold it, and how much it cost as they buy it. If videos of items are put on social networks the evidence of fraud is admissible in a Kenyan court of law

    • Pliiiz..Very Good and Articulate Reasoning..But Just Remember That Whats going to Bring Change is A High Voter Turn-Out…Refusing to be Driven as We are at Present..With All That Determination..Then DONT join Those Who Dont Vote Coz They are The Ones Who Vote in Bad Leaders..The Awareness is Good..Determination for Change is Good..Hope for a Better Kenya is All Kenyans of Goodwill Have ..But its Enormous..!!! Join Other Kenyans in Setting The Correct Precedent..Register Ya Vote and Make Sure You Use it on Day..It might Just be The One To Drive The Change That is Badly Begging In This Country..!!!!

    • Prince Bunyore, taking a vote and voting is much more effective than joining a Facebook group that posts solutions on social media. Otherwise, I am impressed that you are reflecting on our maladies and seeking solutions. As you can see though, not voting is a big let down. Chukua Kura tafadhali.

    • 1). I will vote to legalize medicinal marijuana, as the oil is scientifically proven to fight cancer. my vote is for something that can be empirically measured, that as Colorado proved makes money opposed to taking it. Sure I stated I will vote for three things, and said what those things are. I am far beyond the divide and rule nonsense to vote for people. I vote for issues, but to primitive people its like I’m telling them issues are like creating fusion from plasma or lasers instead of poison. Me not voting may be s let down to you, but I encourage every one to do as their hearts desire. I have no right to dictate to them what to do. If I want them to do something it would be voting on the issues I stated earlier.

  40. your just writing English no any political narratives and ur writing a novel not an update profesa.plz write something small with significance.I like Ur stories despite boring

  41. In your articles, not once have you criticized the wanton corruption, public theft and tribal appointments overseen by Jubilee. Instead you seek to tie CORD and jubilee in a passive veiled attack on kingpins. These are bigger ills afflicting everyone but then again, to be correct you have to appear neutral. Tuko pamoja

  42. Marubu

    Well thought out article Prof…
    The responses should tell when the point hits home.
    This ‘Uthamaki’ talk is a fallacy to the peasants.
    Polarized polls coming up

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      It is the lie that the hoi polloi are being fed on by the elite who have had it nice since 2013. There has been lots of meat going around for the ruling elite and they want to continue eating. They have crafted a nonsensical “uthamaki” story to ensure as much.

  43. I Dont agree you have been made to make Kenyans loose Hope in the Good existing Leaders. Jubilee is different with Cord. Right Hon Raila is making a leadership for all the people of Kenya. Fellow Kenyans We can’t be smeared with these lies. Let us all register our people and Change the Regime.

    • Electing Raila is NOT changing the regime. There are many “good existing leaders” in Kenya. They can NEVER be found in ODM/CORD or Jubilee. The fellow you claim is making a leadership for all Kenyans leads a party whose elections are conducted by men-in-black and is trying to recreate his 41 vs 1 tribal formula of 2007. Shame!

  44. You are just wasting people’s time. And suppose I say, THE SO CALLED PROFESSOR as in the so called Gikuyu council of elders. Respect is paramount whether you disagree with people or otherwise.

  45. In kenya only 5% of kenyans can make independent decision of voting ideologies en not incline on their tribes. In short kenya will never have a sober oriental president whose aim is to sacrifice his services to the demands and needs of kenyans. I stand to be corrected.

  46. Prof since Kenya is tribal, there is no need to fight rather we can use it constructively. What if each tribe ganners for its man or woman and instead of doing it so that the tribe can eat, compete to see which tribe produces the best leaders. The tribe gets its reward which is pride and the nation benefits

  47. Professor,u advocate for unity,do u know what it takes? Raila cartoned Kibaki to presidency,what ought he,Kibaki,to have done in reciprocation? If a person spits on good pple,will he|she not urinate on bad pple? How can these pple be united? Look here professor:sometimes you sound kidy! Even their only partner is running away from them,how can these be good pple? How can a central Kenya president run Kenya? You and your fellows are the leaders of ethnicity!

  48. Raila brought onto the hand of Kibaki all communities,where did the old cruked man flashed them to? Kibaki had the responsibility of keeping intact all of them,but now where are they? Professor,don’t blame anybody for your muck!

    • Daniel, you fail to see you are making a tribal argument. This is because you have bought into Raila’s nonsense. he was working with Kibaki from a tribal angle. He was shortchange on the tribal angle and now he will never let us hear the last of it. If he was endorsing Kibaki as a Kikuyu, then that is the problem, and it makes him a tribalist. if he was endorsing him as a Kenyan, then the whole argument of tribal reciprocation is nonsense.

    • Professor,don’t be kidy all the time.Are you a foreigner in the country? Little illacies squeeze your brain or do u fear going the way of Kimani? Excuse me,before you type the word ‘nonesense,’ do u know that Kibaki agreed and signed to support Raila? Do u define reciprocation as collective? Do u think Kibaki is a tribe so that u may drag kikuyuism here? Why is this muck of Kikuyuism is a problem to even purported ‘scholars’? Do u think Raila and Kibaki are communities?

    • It takes adults,wise and sane pple to know that it is very wrong for one to rebell against ‘all’ How can a man claim that all women are wrong as the reason why he hasn’t married? How can another man claim all the forty wives he has divorced are bad but him! It takes adults to know that,though the wives could be wrong,but the man must be wrong. Do u think Kimani died of malaria? Prof u are behind news!

  49. let me teach you people. in every democratic country there’s a certain amount of corruption, even in USA. The problem in Kenya is that we make it political. it shouldn’t be the president work to fight corruption. All Kenyans must unite and use institutions placed for fighting the menus. Look for instance, devolved funds are misappropriated in every county. Governors and mcas have joined hands to eat more than lost in counties is soo much that what lost in national government is a drop in ocean. This Mcas and governors are the one making the biggest noice about corruption in national government , so that Kenyans will never ever think about what near them.

  50. Professor,only criminals and the illite can’t see through you! You were to speak only about CORD even as your picture indicates,but following suspecion of the crude ethnicity within yourself,you brought other politicians on board to make it appear polite,otherwise a snake is not a sheep!

    • I have no love lost with CORD and the tribal Kingpins who head it. I have said that over and over again. Neither do I have any love lost with Jubilee. All these are the same, driven by siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. If you think this makes me a tribalist, fine.

  51. Commentators,give counceling to your ‘purported’ scholar,the popularity of Raila will kill him! Last time he said that had it not been the corruption in the Jubilee administration,Raila would be history! So what hurted him is Raila not having been history,not corruption? And corruption should be curbed if it keeps Raila relevant! These are gonna be proven babies in the near future!

    • Heheheeheheehe..if I happen to meet Raila, I will tell him what an indefatigable defender of him you are. You actually believe that his popularity will kill him. I am not sure he can find a better sycophant if he tried.

      I happen to disagree with you fundamentally. I have said what I have said about Raila and I stand by it. It happens to be true. That he is a tribalist who only sees his path to power as being through tribal alliances and tribal mobilizations against other tribal alliances. He was the author of the 41 vs 1 tribal formula in 2007 and his party elections are conducted by men-in-black. He is a Moi-political-orphan who had gone to KANU in the hope of riding the evil regime to power and used his political marriage with Moi to get Molasses for his family. You can analyse what I have said to try and convince yourself that I am a tribalist. If it works for you and it makes you feel good about your blind support for Raila, fine.

    • But Dan didnt support Jakoms looting. Neither did Dan support ethnic propelled machine gun. He specificied on matters corruption & the fallacy of kula nyama yet they meat eaters are even on relief food aid!

    • Professor,don’t spit out words and forget immediately.You are one who hasn’t been with’ people’ otherwise your reasoning is sheared ethnicaly. You have mentioned 41 versus 1.How can all tribes in Kenya come together but one stay alone except the one be a snake? If Jubilee borrowed this leaf from Raila,did Raila not win with the formular? Which person,that has no tribe, will Raila unite with for a non-tribal alliance? Ngunyi said how he thinks tyranny of numbers is dead and that could symbolise it’s exit! The other thoughts of Raila going to KANU are simply mere notions,Raila did not explain to anybody his move!

  52. The other day RAO was on citizen tv, was unable to explain conclusively how he can fight corruption.The reason is ‘coz Kenya is not like tz where president barks orders. Here we have institutions, the problem is that they are weaker than those of Britain or USA. The solution is only to change our procurement laws and put limits in price of goods sold to government. eg. those who bought wheelbarrows at bungoma can’t be prosecuted because in our laws there is no limits given for buying prices on anything. what am saying is that the lowest bidder can mean a hundred thousands while actually it’s ten times the actual amount.

  53. Professor has said that Raila hasn’t and will never win any election,what did SK Macharia,owner of royal media houses, recently said? How can this person purport to be a unifier? I thought even goats can’t unite themselves!

    • I have never ever said that Raila hasn’t and will never win any election. My friend you read your own things!! Show me where I have said that. I honestly think you need to reduce your sycophancy of Raila. Haikusaidii. You are even seeing things that do not exist. Yawa!

    • Professor,you are behaving as if you have not done any other post.When pple contradict,they are clearly on the wrong! ‘Had it not been for corruption in the Jubilee govt,Raila would be history’ (the qoute may not be exact) Do you rem this? When the formular of 41 versus 1 came in,you said Jubilee borrowed a leaf from Raila,but when I said that Raila must have won with the formular for it’s leaf be borrowed by Jubilee,you said that Raila has never and will not win! But now,I can only say sorry for the interference of SK Macharia.Your guilts,illacies and jealousies remain! Why kill yourself with ulcers or do u fear going the way of Kimani?

  54. About corruption. this what we can do as Kenyans. 1) do away with procurement laws and instead constitute un outsourcing commission.2) do away with the lowest binder and instead buy the lowest price or wholesale and bulk price. ie. if citizens buy a pen@ 10 ksh the government to buy @ 9.50ksh. or a wholesale price about have price.3) do away with financial capabilities and tax requirement where the seller is a small-scale trader as long as he/she present quality goods.4) reduce payments period to two weeks tops after ascertaining the quality of delivered goods.

    • This is the only way Africans can do away with corruption. But..even raila can’t let this happens because it will kill the avenues our mpigs use to enrich themselves. raila himself sells to government and gets the value of bungoma wheelbarrows for whatever he sells to us.

  55. I have respect for everybody who has studied to a professorial level and hats off for them…..however you went off the mark through seeking to sanitize this government’s ethnic bigotry n failures by roping in the opposition….whose in power??what have they done to engrain a united Kenya??what have they done to improve this country’s economy?? Etc etc….
    Has the opposition done its duty of keeping it in its toes???
    You have elucidated about the issue of the complimentary back up n the election laws :but you haven’t quoted what the parliamentary standing orders say bout recommitting of a passed law n also the common sense of a negotiated document ….
    I can go on and on…
    Infct I am challenging you,organise a public forum n let’s come n debate these articles of yours

    • You are wrong professor n you know it….the opposition has olmost all the Kenya tribes challenging you to prove me wrong instead of pretending to be writing balanced articles which themselves have a hidden jubilic agenda..

    • Mention provable issues that make you put the opposition and the ruling coalition in the same Richter scale…
      Infct let’s do it on a public fora not on this online propagandist medium
      In short am challenging you to a public debate any day,any time

    • @David its very disheartening and dispicable hearing a whole learned professor being a propagandist instead of using those educational credentials to bring forth factual articles and make the country a better place

    • E-zzo Obiso Read your own statement. It says “the opposition has almost all the Kenyan tribes”. Note the word ALMOST. I am a teacher of language. If I would tell my student to rewrite the statement “The opposition has almost all the Kenyan tribes” without using the word almost, the answer I would expect is “The opposition does not have all the tribes in Kenya”.

      Besides this argument that the opposition tribal kingpins make that they are not tribal because they “have almost all the tribes of Kenya” is nonsensical, just like many of the things they say. It is not the number of tribes one has that will makes one tribal or non-tribal, it is the fact of using tribe for the mobilization of the tribes, however many or few you have.

    • I also think you are confusing a regions spokesperson from a tribal kingpin…
      And they don’t anoint themselves.the particular community gives them that onus so that renders your article null and void…
      And with all due respect professor,the only nonsensical thing hapa ni you indirectly hating on the opposition while at the same time advancing your jubilic propagandicism n pretending to write balanced articles …
      Toka Kwa fence and come out of that sheep’s clothing

  56. So you want us to vote 4 u? Shida ya Kenya ni moja nailianza since tupate independent, kukaliwa na kabila mbili tu out of the 43tribes, Kikuyus na kalenjins. Waki toka we will have a new way of leadership.

  57. Prof i agree with you that in the current scenario it is very hard to have issue based political compaigns outside tribal narratives.However there has never been multiparty election in kenya since 1963 without tribal narrative.At independence KANU won election and Mzee kenyatta came to power mostly because of luo kikuyu alliance. In 1992 and 1997 our leaders were divided and kenyans voted along tribal lines making moi to win because of the same tribal narrative. In 2002 president kibaki won election because of ethnic narrative.In 2007 the ethnic narrative had reached its pick leading to the formation of the grand coalition government.In 2013 the winners used ethnic narrative to win election.My question to you professor is why are you now over emphasizing a political unit which has been part of our system all along and which you have also been a beneficiary.Why this change of heart.As a professor you should have informed kenyans on where things started going wrong instead of lamenting with them.Kenya has 42 ethnic groups and council of elders you are now taking refuge in has been part of us since time immemorial.The council of elders have even been there in Israel during the time of king David.Jesus christ recognized the twelve tribes of Israel because it was part of jewish heritage and yet here we have one who called them stupid .Bishop Njoya once said that tribalism is the sin of elitism therefore instead of blaming the elders you should turn your weapon to the ruling class.The ruling class are the ones who have not realize that kenyans hire their leaders competatively through election after every five years.The aim of election is for the people to come up with the best and most acceptable leader.Now the question is once one has been declared the best and most acceptable leader why does he discriminate others in state jobs.Democracy is nolonger the rule of the majority alone.The late Dr Zachary Onyoka once said that in democracy there are no lossers but all are winners.In democracy it is the political parties and candidates who may be declared lossers but the common man has never been a losser .Therefore to discriminate any region of the country is a blunder.Democracy is not about the winner takes it all and the losser loss it all.The winning team should practice both constitutional and conssociated democracy.

    • In a democracy, the winner takes it all. Let CORD win. That is the last time you will ever hear of conssociated democracy. That is just the way it is. The fact we have had a tribal narrative does not mean it cannot be changed. In fact this is the more reason why we need to change it.

    • The concept of conssociated democracy is not limited to any political party and the winner can not take it all in a civil democracy because the country is one and the government is suppose to serve all people regardless of who they voted for.There is also the element of the bill of right which the government should respect.regardless of ones political stand.The professor the constitution also talks of gender, regional, disability,public participation all these require the leader to use both. Constitutional and conssociated democracy.

  58. I belong to a tribe you belong to a tribe, sooooo Professore a genius extraordinaire, do you want a man from mars to come lead kenyans since we all belong to a tribe??? Nonsense on stilts..
    A union that sees the most people represented is better than a union forged on hate, blood and thuggery.
    OUR TRIBAL AFFILIATIONS ARE UNDENIABLE… stop lying to us here with some pious platitudes… it is how we treat other tribes that draws the line

  59. Very spot on proff.And now not to be out done,both have resorted to ethnic profiling in order to get the required votes.The problem is that the masses still believe that it’s their interest the tribal kings are fighting for.God help Kenya

  60. Just a minute guyz! One thing is clear here two tribes want to dominates the politics of this country from ur contributions nobody cares about a Turukana,Njemps,Kuria,Samburu,Kisii,Makonde n the list is endless.Just get this things will never be the same forever do whatever u want to cling/assend to power but one day God will intervene for the voiceless.

  61. The only true enemy of Kenya is Jubilee. We can deal with the rest of the issues later. It is better tribalism that distributes resources and top jobs all over Kenya and not two communities. This nation does not belong to two communities. You call them tribal kingpins but in reality they r regional representative only that Kenya is divided into regions occupieby specific communities . Any talk that equates Jubilee with CORD is irrelevant because the sins of Jubilee are unforgivable. How do u steal from children and the sick then still say u want to lead . Even animals have a conscience of coexistence unless it’s necessary to kill to survive. You are either with Kenyans or a Jubilee sympathise. We r interested in issues but removing Jubilee is primary. All else is secondary bro.

  62. My brother you are among the few Kenyan without tribalism. ….let us be all kenyan!!!! One tribe @kenyan. Mm Mohamed Dida akisimama leo hii I ll support him. @ProfessorMichaelwainana

  63. I am totally supportive of the professor on the ills of negative ethnicity in our beloved country but would request him to work on his rhetorical skills to sound well educated and cultured.We need intellectual content and decorum in his discourses.

  64. I would like to draw your attention in history Professor, if indeed you are professor you will tell me this:- During colonial erra Africa, and Kenya in particular was divided into 8 pieces, and they named them provinces, follow well and you will see the groups of people in each province, they are either bantus, cushites, or nilotes each group in their province, only a few are mixed up but possibly share something in common, investigate the relationship btn the bantus and river lake nilotes of nyanza, I will be also glad to know. This was the mzungu tactics to rule the people through hatred card, for together we stand divided we fall. During the 2010 constitution we farther subdivided Kenya into 47 ethnic pieces, follow and you will see each county people have a common language and culture!! See how the guy from coast is chest thumping, even saying I am elected just like Uhuru ataniambia aje?.so to claim tribalism can end is a vision. This divisions are the best cards for politician. For your information, God never intended for man to rule each other but was to have dominion over the earth, read Genesis chapter 1and 2. But due to evil God allowed man to rule himself so that man may realise he cannot do without God. I have called it a vision for in the reign of Christ, the world will sing new songs for they will have gotten the desires of their heart fulfilled, so that is why there is corruption allover.

    • I ask the prof to answer this question.. this is KENYA, We are a collective of tribes, what is he then saying??? Absolutely nothing. He should be talking about using ethnic card and ethnic emotions instead of this tribal kings horse shit

    • Chris Masitta Heheheheheehehehe….when your world view is dominated by tribalism, that is the only thing you can see. You think there are no possibilities. The fish in the ocean thinks the whole earth is covered in water. It is right to think so, but it is wrong. You are right to imagine that the tribal narrative is the only one since that is all you know and that is all the tribal kingpins have offered you. It does not mean you are right. It only means that is all you know.

    • It’s only that you are fb prof. Not by the PhD. You can’t make things work your way by thinking, maybe am true by what I know. Look these things in Godly perspective and you may understand, though i know many of your class try to argue there is no God, which is foolishness of PhD capacity. You are possibly blinded by education. Answer me how can you blot out tribalism cocoon?, will you tell me am not a Embian? Or do you want to tell me even if I go a dwell among luhyias I will be a luhyia?

    • Tribalism is propagated by the so called political leaders in order to achieve a ruling trick. They passed laws allowing subdivisions of one tribe Kenya into 47 subtribes. Kila nyani na mti yake. What do you say pro?

  65. Prof those who are going to destroy this country are not only politicians using tribal narratives but also those scholars Who are over emphasizing it.They are both guilty of recruiting the masses into their tribal political agenda. The tribe will not be the only narrative in the coming general election.Those who are over emphasizing tribal narrative like prof Wainaina are hiding something from kenyans.They know they are weak in other narratives such as transparency, accountability, inclusivity,gender and development records hence would want to blindfold Kenyans not to see the other side of the coin.This is why the professor tells Kenyans not to expect issues based compaign.What has happened that makes the professor to over emphasize tribal narrative now than ever before and yet this is a unit which have existed from 1963.Is this not a way of causing unnecessary fear.

    • Elections in Kenya are about emotions that is why ICC was very instrumental in 2013. The politicians will look for those aspects that whip up emotions where tribe scores highly. Also in this group you find abuses, alarmist/scary information, things like academic dwarf, thief, clueless, rudderless, alimutoa Kwa kichaka, pesa hii ni ya mama yako, were in govt for 20yrs can’t show anything etc.

    • Gilbert Oloo You can accuse me of whatever you want to. The Country is under the grip of tribal warlords in CORD and Jubilee. They know nothing else but tribalism and it WILL BE THEIR ONLY NARRATIVE in 2017. If we do not urgently get ourselves a new non-ethnic political narrative, the tribal warlords will win. For me it does not matter whether it is the ones from Jubilee or the ones from CORD. They are simply two sides of the same arse.

  66. Who brought thé idea of tribal kingpins to Kenya ? Let Me tell you the truth. lt is baba who brought it and he is the first tribal kingpin before he spread the disease to others.

  67. As much as I agree with you, I still believe cord isn’t interested in violence. Jubilee is bating cord to depict them as having an inclination towards violence. Jubilee doesn’t seem to have any desire to peacefully handover power if defeated. So they are preparing to use every method to violently retain power. Of the two sides which group has been ready to spill blood?

  68. siku wakale na wakikuyu watakubali kusapot another tribe is wen kenya wil turn to away from tribalism bt as long as wanaplan kurule til 2060 tutabaki ths way…smetymz i say opposition is mch beta ata kama they call them confused bt atlist evry other tribe is in it apart frm kales na kyuks bt wat i knw the frastrations of 2tribes controling will 1 day kam to an end..

    • wat about the coastal kamba even turkana why is t tht almost al tribes are against this 2 mean camon stop hiding ur opinions against raila he did endorse kibaki you all knw tht for once si nyi wakikuyu you endorse him…ts coz ts in ur blood…am a kisii yeah bt am just fed up with ths 2 tribes for once we just have sme1 else nt frm ths 2 tribes…luhyaz did support you kikuyus n kales bt av nt see thm getting the sem frm them…si muamue msupport mdavadi frm presidency or kalonzo or whoeva thm tujue bt nyinyi mnataka kua pushed with other tribes to the throne bt hamwezi endorse enybody apart frm urselvez inaboo hope one day other tribes cn unite n get you out foeva…just myb

  69. z
    Good people of Kenya. what this professor of kikuyu has not told you or is refusing to tell you is that tribalism in Kenya was started by Jomo kenyatta when he was given an opportunity to lead Kenya by oginga odianga .moi perfected it by saying nita fuata nyayo of landgrabbing, tribalism and leadership of exclusion. right now, William ruto is busy preaching tribalism and warning kikuyus mostly those in rift valley that they have no alternative but to vote ruto as president come 2022 otherwise kikuyus in rift valley will be evected from their shambas and other property they own. I was at kuresoi yesterday and this are true facts on the ground. luos are the only tribe in Kenya who speak and represent the feelings of 3/4 of Kenya is population against the oppressive kikuyu rule

    • wewe acha chocha, why all the attempts their fall, if somebody can overthrow the govt, he must have his personal interest not for kenyans. If this representative tribe will unless from other guys but not #Raila Tünga…. we need clever guys like Kidero and the rest… cio…. wazee wa siasa zmepitwa na wkt

    • Tribalism started with kenyatta and odinga all had self interest.non had the country at heart.if jaramogi was much interested in liberating kenyans why didnt he join matiba in 1992,y did he separate opposition to make ford asili weak?
      If raila has been good enough and wants to fight for kenyans let him step down the race and allow mudavadi or kalonzo who stand a better chance to win nxt elections.
      The fact is the fathers of tribalism are kenyatta family,moi family as well as jaramogi family and no time kenya will ever change having this families fighting for power as they are the great beneficially of tribalism.

    • you have a point John njuguna. about the kenyatta and odianga families and tribalism in Kenya but please be reminded that it’s
      Kenneth matiba and Martin shikuku who split from Ford and formed ford asil after jetting into the country from London and moi used special breach police under kanyotu to mobilize kikuyu youth to line themselves along jogoo road and fooled matiba that he was most popular to win election

  70. It’s very unfortunate to hear professor talk of alternative non ethnic narrative in a multicultural, multi ethnic setup even if you professor stand for presidency today your ethnic groups will first own you before you are owned by Kenyans… They say charity begins at home and if they disown you don’t expect Kenyans to support you. It’s good to keep laying bear facts but those facts will remain facts and eternal dreams. I don’t mean any harm it’s just my opinions. Besides don’t shy away from pointing and naming the alternative just like you have pointed those engaged in the ziaza ya ukora na upuzi.

    • I ask again who is this Atribal kenyan mutant from pluto that will take us to your so called Canaan… wainana is kikuyu, Masitta is luo, Wanyonyi is Luhya, Mzenge is Taita…. WTH is your point!!? I said stop the pious platitudes that only pleases the uncritical and Utopians… let’s speak the truth…start by admonishing your tribesmate kenyatta to be a more inclusive person in government and in his 2 tribe party. Then you can move to Amollo and ask him to include more of the Mwaura’s despite the fact he has included other tribes out of his luo community.. to me there is only one enemy in Kenya. Kameme FM is already preaching tribal ganging up against all other kenyans… KAMEME IS BROADCASTED IN KIKUYU not luo, not luhya not kamba not hindu… Cmon mr education

    • I don’t know how inclusive any government can be if this one is not Rachel omamo is not a kikuyu, balala, nikaissalley among others. Looking at the party we have a mature person in raphael tuju who I bet is not kikuyu and sakaja among others. What I see in naswa and cord is congregation of tribal kingpin with a singular objective of removing jubilee in power.As for kameme it’s not saying anything beyond what other vernacular station are telling their listeners.

    • At this point and time it is beyond an imperative that we get a leader who, YES, belongs to a tribe but extends his ‘love’ and affection to the other 41 tribes in equality.. it is time that a leader should admonish those of his community for speaking ill against other communities, it is time the paranoia of others in leadership is ended… THIS can only be done by a Kenyan who belongs to a tribe…

    • Now you’re talking but I don’t understand the equality cause if it’s running government we don’t compete and then appointment our opponent to implement our policies. And that’s why if you are a civil servant you resign and take your inclined position in political arena. so when you say among others is laughable and the list is not exhaustible they can’t be listed. But political appointment no body will appoint from opponent and if you do their cry fault play. If it’s extending love how do you do it when the leaders have no respect even to lawful institutions. Some politicians misuse followers to extent of death for selfish gain. At bomas we were waiting for mass action and then what changed…. Nothing meaning it was meant to waist time on the street and give political relevance to somebody at the expense of our jobless youth . what we need is to ensure whatever money is devolved is put to proper use to improve our infrastructure mostly road and electricity, so that our youth and farmers are able to sell farm produce and milk to be free from political yoke and misuse.

  71. It depends on how Kenyan themselves were taught how to take politics since the legico in 1950s and money matters ie higher runumeration on elective post, so change on how to tackle such situation is so complex it will take us decades to realize.

  72. thanks proff for ur article ,bur in kenya their is no alternative in mattes of politics tribal if me en u an some few individuals change our mindset it could not help thus we are forced to follow our tribal bases unwillingly for it has been an habit since kenya gained independence ,,,,,be either my opnion or stand politics remains to be a dirty game,,

  73. Prof: Good for nothing words.I bet this is what we call learned fools.Whatever you just said we know.My friend this is Kenya.And that council you lack respect for;_Re-evaluate yourself.

  74. Thats a master piece..i like it.u ve said it true and plain truth..I wish most of us who are educated could free ourselves from the yoke of mediocrity thats in kenyan politics..politics of tribe and us against them mentality

  75. I wish the president was a Kenyan President! A symbol of national unity. His tribe owns him and he has made no effort to shed this perception. Our only hope as a nation was him, but I feel he has very little time to undo the damage!

  76. I will never deny my tribe coz that’s where I belong and will never change that but I will always accept other tribes because they belong to our only mother who is Kenya. Change of attitude is the only thing that brings change whether positive or negative. Embracing positive attitude towards each other is greater than our tribes

  77. Dear ,prof you right on your facts but your forgetting one tiny ,little detail.the young generation let me categorize as 13-5years things are bad this children are already aware. They belong to a certain tribe and a certain tribe is bad don’t associate with them .let’s not talk about 14-above cause at that age their minds are already set and can be used as firearm .so if parents don’t raise a untribal generation .which new leaders a we expecting ,# God have mercy.

  78. i can see tribal prisoners are on the neck of the professor both from the two tribal grups in name of political alliances….lets be neutral…if we abandoned these tribal beneficiaries..we can still have leaders..keep up professor

  79. Elect a non kenyan,or someone with no history of his origin?you cannot denounce your tribe wainaina we elect people to create a favourable climate for all.when evil is done to someone and he doesn’t reiterate it seems good anyway isn’t?mr professor the old lack terms or criteria to ask respect,and so are irrelevant smell the coffee,what happens when abus is torched in mathare,when Kenyans are brutally murdered in lamu?the stabbed hawkers nor even condolences..uh they are victims of circumstances what we need to advocate is tribal tolerance or do you first ask in tuskys what tribe the owner is before service?or from where a fish is to ensure its not from lake Victoria?our diversity is the adventure that unites us from friendship to work we need PEACE FOR ALL

  80. The problem in Kenya is that the third force has no chance, they has been denied by this clever high jacker’s who have made us to believe that it is only a matter of two horses and others are donkeys.

  81. Why do I seem to agree with every post the proff shares? hmm…Wasapere hapa wanatupa ma venom!!!…I have so many friends from the house of Mumbi so the issue of blanket condemnation is not for me.The Jubelee Government has however failed its voters, its citizens.

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