Vacancy: Statesman/woman wanted for President of the Republic of Kenya in 2017

Happy New Year!

2017 is here with us.

The Constitution of Kenya informs us that the office of the President of the Republic of Kenya will fall vacant this very year. We the people, are looking for a statesman/woman to fill this position. There are several applicants who have shown interest in that position. They are Uhuru Kenyatta the incumbent, deputized by William Ruto, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula. They have been the same applicants cum aspirants since 2002 and even then, they had no nationalist vision for the Country. They are applying because they have elbowed themselves to the top of the tribal hierarchy and achieved the status of tribal kingpins and warlords.

Looking at their CVs and track record, they subscribe to no ideology, believe in nothing except the acquisition of power and can offer nothing new to the Kenyan people. Evidence of their emptiness is that between the six of them, they have hopped-stepped-and-jumped across “parties” and”coalitions” at least 35 times and they are still forming more. They are Moi-political-orphans, dyed in the wool KANUnnites and experts of politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. The unsuitability of these tribal kingpin aspirants reminds us of what Mark Twain said, “Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason.”

But if we do not get new applicants, of the statesmen/women stature, these tribal kingpins will be in the ballot box and they will get themselves elected. The position must be filled on 8th August 2017.

The unmet need

Kenya is in dire need of a unifying, visionary non-ethnic political narrative that does not mobilize us as tribes but as one nation with shared ideals, hopes and aspirations. This can only be done by a statesman/woman. The current applicants in CORD and Jubilee are singularly incapable of this. They have created and sold the singular tribal narrative to Kenyans for their own political relevance and survival. They know that without tribalism they have nothing else to tell Kenyans. The tragedy of the country is that the political survival of these tribal kingpins depends on the things that divide us. That is why the country is so divided and can never unite under them.

So, incapable of being statesmen (they are all men), they are bonafide tribal warlords complete with “strongholds”, billions of looted and “hustled” monies they call “war-chests” and tribal contraptions they call political “parties” and “coalitions”. These are however not parties of any shade, and their owners know it. They are tribal briefcases that they use to haggle in the tribal political brothel which they have created. In this political brothel, your value depends on the tribal numbers you bring. There, you will find other tribal kingpins who are willing to jump in bed with you, regardless of how contemptuous they are of you. There is never a question of whether your values interconnect. There are no values in this brothel.

The principal non-negotiable qualification

The suitable candidate MUST be a statesman/woman with a new unifying, non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. He/she must be anchored in principle, moral fortitude, have a futuristic and modern vision and the ability to build consensus to achieve the vision,  WITHOUT RESORTING TO TRIBAL MOBILIZATION. This is the only NON-NEGOTIABLE qualification.He/she must be able to appeal to us Kenyans across ethnic lines with a modern vision and an accompanying compelling message that speaks to our national (not tribal)  aspirations, our shared humanity and our optimism for the future.  Anyone who does not meet this requirement need not apply.

This is no mean task given the fact that currently, tribalism is the only and most dominant political narrative and some people have given up on ever having an alternative narrative. To displace ethnicity with a new non-ethnic narrative is a difficult proposition. The paradigm shift required is herculean.  It is the job of a statesman/woman, not the tribal warlords, demagogues and  charlatans who are currently lining up to apply for the job. Statesmen/women are not ordinary human beings, they are definitely not empty self-seekers, hate mongers and tribal demagogues. Statesmen/women embody the best possibilities of humanity, emerge once in a generation and in a time of strife like the one we the people of Kenya are faced with.


It is desirable that you are educated. But again it is not mandatory. If you can communicate simply, and speak to our hearts as Kenyans, that is enough. This ability can be the product of the simplicity and non-sophistication of an uneducated mind, or the malleability and adaptability of an educated one. Why I said education is desirable is because this is a very complicated modern world. A certain level of intellectual sophistication is required. None of the tribal kingpins has such sophistication. It is one of the qualifications of being a KANUnnite. The more intellectually uninspiring a KANUnnite is, the more likely he will succeed in tribal politics. KANU’s rule of the thumb was, the dumber the better.

It is necessary that you are able to communicate the new non-ethnic political narrative in a simple but compelling way that will move the masses. If you have the narrative, you could still qualify if you are an average communicator. It really depends on how compelling and appealing your new narrative is. If naturally you are not a good communicator, we can coach you on how to communicate, how to package your new narrative so that it not only appeals to the masses, but it displaces and defeats the tribal narrative of the tribal kingpins.

Age vs “newness”

The suitable candidate must be new. It is desirable that they are young but not mandatory. Young and new can be very different things. In 2013, when we were hiring for the position, we thought that ‘young’ meant ‘new’. We were wrong. We elected a self-confessed-YK92-hustler and a 2002-failed-Moi-project who called themselves new, even digital. They may have been young but there was nothing new about them. When they got to power, they did what they knew, same old siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, which they had learnt in KANU.


Prior experience in politics is not necessary. While it will not automatically disqualify one, it is undesirable. It is virtually impossible to be a seasoned politician in Kenya today and be untouched by KANUism and its siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi that we are trying to get away from. Yes, cross-over, a conversion of some kind  for an experienced politician may be possible, but achieving statesman/woman status is highly improbable for KANUists. But we the people of Kenya are willing to listen.

No Jokers please

To be sure, there are some young, new and even highly educated candidates besides the tribal kingpins who have expressed interest. This maybe necessary, but not sufficient. Lessons of 2013 have taught us that being young and/or new does not give you any advantages over the tribal kingpins. Those who were young and/or new then did not make any political impact in the polls against the tribal kingpins. The reason is simple. They did not have the NON-NEGOTIABLE qualification – a new compelling non-ethnic political narrative that appealed to Kenyans. But more disappointingly,  they were afraid to confront the tribal kingpins and call them out on their tribal narrative. They were jokers, and we the people knew it and told them as much in the polls.

The new applicants who have expressed interest for the position in 2017 seem to be repeating the same mistakes.

Telling us there is tribalism and corruption is not a new narrative. We already know that.

Telling us that you will fight tribalism and corruption is not new. The thieving tribal kingpins have been gallivanting in the whole country saying that they will fight tribalism and corruption. They instead escalated them.

Telling us that you will build schools and hospitals and roads is not new. The tribal kingpins and their fathers before them have been telling us this for the last 54 years.

Telling us that you will implement the Constitution is not new.  It is ostensibly one of the main reasons all the tribal kingpins have applied for the job. In fact, there is actually nothing else the tribal kingpins in CORD and Jubilee have been telling us since 2013, while doing exactly the opposite.

This is the reason why the young and new faces of 2013 and 2017 failed and will fail – lack of a new compelling alternative non-ethnic political narrative.

Money?  Stay away from dirty money 

IEBC has said that a presidential candidate should have billions of shillings. The would-be statesman/woman should ignore them. First, we the people know that you cannot outdo the tribal warlords shilling for shilling. You see, this is the same political class that has been looting from us over the last 54 years. They have enough looted dirty money. They call it war-chest, (now you know why we call them warlords). Secondly, the tribal warlords have rich backers, billionaire oligarchs who have hugely benefited from the corruption of the political class, more dirty money. But thirdly and most importantly, a statesman/woman should know that politics is not about money.  Politics is about the people.

If you can give the people the new non-ethnic political narrative that unites us as Kenyans, we will do what Kenyans do best, Harambee. We will changia your campaign. This will ensure two things. First, that when you are elected, you are only answerable to us the people of Kenya. Secondly and related to the first is the fact that you will not be beholden to the billionaire oligarchs, who support corrupt regimes so that they can be beneficiaries of government largess once their candidates are elected. You will be a people’s president, answerable directly to the people of Kenya and not to any special political or economic interests.

Job description

The single most important responsibility of statesmen/women is to build nations. Yours will be no different. Nations do not just happen, they are build.  Nations are not created by building railways, roads, airports, ports, hospitals, giving tenders and electricity. Nor are they created by street demonstrations, demagoguery and  ideological inconsistency. Definitely, the can never be build by tribalists.  They are build by inspiring  a Nation towards shared ideals, creative ideas and confidence in the possibilities of their polity. As a statesman/woman we will expect you to heal and reconcile the Nation by providing a common modern non-ethnic vision around which a united Kenya can be build. We expect you to be the designer of a platform where ALL Kenyans will feel ready and confident to take up the call of our national anthem:

Let one and all arise
With hearts both strong and true
Service be our earnest endeavour
And our homeland of Kenya
Heritage of splendour
Firm may we stand to defend.

Let all with one accord
In common bond united
Build this our nation together
And the glory of Kenya
The fruit of our labour
Fill every heart with thanksgiving.

This requirement to unite and reconcile is even more important in a state of crisis, like the one we have been in over the last 15 years under the tribal warlords. Because the tribal kingpins have no common vision for the country, and their political survival depends on dividing the people along tribal lines, the country is divided, disillusioned, bitter and angry. Some people have even started to doubt the existence of the very Kenyan project. When such a spirit of disillusionment and anger grips a nation, fixing it and reinvigorating hope in Nationalism in all its people is the job of a statesman/woman. This will be your job. That is why we need you now.  Charles De Gaulle, the great French General, talking about statesmanship said:

These are the times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, that great characters are formed. The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties. Great necessities call out great virtues. When a mind is raised, and animated by scenes that engage the heart, then those qualities which would otherwise lay dormant, wake into life and form the character of the hero and the statesman…A man of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty that he can realize his potentialities.

Charles de Gaulle

We choose life, lead the way

Our country is in a space of great necessity, a serious cross-road where the tribalists want to sacrifice the Nation at the altar of their depraved political ambitions. Great necessities call out great virtues. A man/woman of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty.  This is the time that a statesman/woman must rise. The incumbent tribal warlords have warned us that they will rule for 20 years. They have read the Constitution, but it does not matter to them. They have never let the Constitution stand between them and their blind political ambitions.   A competitor tribal tingod of theirs has warned us that the 2017 election will be a matter of “life and death”, and his attack dogs have warned us that Kenyans must die for him to ascend to the vacancy.  He did not tell us death for who and life for who.

The good book says:

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live” (Deut: 30:19).

We must choose life. So that we and our children may live, to “Build this our Nation together”.

And this means rejecting all the tribal kingpins who have already shown interest in the vacancy,  they offer us only darkness, tribal division and death for the Nation. The road that leads to life has been elusive to us over the last 54 years, we genuinely seek it and its possibilities. We need a statesman/woman to lead the way.  Are there any out there?

Happy and States(wo)manly 2017!

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    • E’l El’chayyim Jireh Chris My friend, tribes are not a problem. Belonging to one is not and has never been a problem. Our problem in Kenya is not tribes. Almost all societies have tribes. Our problem in Kenya is a political class that uses the fact of tribe to include or to exclude for the purposes of politcal manipulation. That is the problem. It cannot be solved without getting rid of the tribal kingpins. They are the problem. My friend, you cannot solve the problem of malaria without getting rid of mosquitoes. You need to understand this. They are tribal kingpins and there is nothing wrong in my saying they are.

    • Tribal Kingpin tag has a negative connotation proff…i am befuddled that you wittingly ,(or is it unwittingly ) but intentionally throw in Railas name as a KANU orphan ,while everybody knows it was never so ,fact that he collaborated or engaged with KANU for a season never qualified him as a KANUNNITE ..he was always the odd one out are well read ,i dont need to explain …have you sincerely forgotten your history ..? where did Kalonzo ,Mudavadi and Uhuru come from …are you trying to sweep KANUS detention of Raila for 9 years under some carpet with intellectually scripted generalised anecdotes…do not try to exempt his excellency the presidents failings by dragging Railas name into the muck heap of the presidents short comings especially detribalising the Kenyan mindset..this constitution that jubilee is hell bent on disrupting was premised on the obvious fair and equitable distribution of RESOURCES…as long as the resources bit is skewed to benefit afew , tribalism will never end no matter who in Kenya is elected…Raila is no angel but surely he aint no KANU orphan either…be serious…

    • Prince Kadabra I have not better term to give them than tribal kingpins because that is what they are. You have said it yourself, Raila “collaborated or engaged with KANU for a season”. I agree. So did all the other tribal kingpins and moi political orphans. I also agree, he is no angel. The difference between me and you is that you seem too eager to excuse him for the things you have pointed out yourself. For me, they are that same things you accuse the other tribal kingpins of, but you choose to think that somehow because Raila was detained, we should give him a free pass.

    • So…. dear proff ,your memory seems to fade ..conveniently so .how did that ‘ collaboration ‘end.?..suggesting that am eager to excuze Raila isnt true..what is true is that ive stated facts..but you are the one eager to GENERALISE…and paint the ‘tribal kingpins ‘in one colour while they are NOT…but i appreciate your attempt at balancing your critique to appease either the pro..or anti..protagonist of our political divide…as i said before , EQUITABLE distribution of resources is the antidote to tribalism but that doesnt take the fact away that UHURUS devolution credentials visavi RAILAS devolutioncredentials are not equal…the former is a saboteur the latter is a pioneer…yap i know now you think am favouring…face the fact head on proff…happy new year by the way…

    • You have sated facts. Fact 1 that you have stated is, and I quote “Raila collaborated or engaged with KANU for a season”. That is not my fact it is yours. That makes him a KANU orphan. It does not mater how it ended. All the current tribal kingpins somehow “ended”their “season” with KANU. Fact 2 you have stated is that he is not an angel. I agree. Other people have gone further to define what “not being an angel” means. They have called him tribalist, dictatorial, hypocritical, dishonest, treacherous, occultist, disorganized etc. You only choose to summarize all these description in one cryptic statement “he is not an angel”. I agree. Prince, I have said before that CORD and Jubilee are teo cheeks of the same arse. There is nothing to balance.

    • Prof this narrative you keep choking us with that Raila belong to the same group as Uhuru is a scheme meant to blind his followers from putting him to that seat. And we know it! Raila Odinga has never been a president to be judge on the same pedigree like Uhuru. Ati if Uhuru & his ilk is messing up this country Raila is not the alternative. Really? This twisted notion is becoming boring.

    • Can people remember the YES and NO (devolution )referendum campaigns …has the good proff suddenly forgotten …who between Uhuru and RAO was on the peoples side…proff proff…Uhuru is for a centralised system while Raila is for a diversified system …deny that proffesori.!

    • Seth Ongiri I can understand why you find the argument irritating. If I was supporting him, I would also. But I do not. I have said that he belongs to the same political class driven by politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. That is true. If I claim to be a speaker of the truth, there is no other way of putting it.

    • You are side stepping the point…Raila is for a system where the wananchi identify and priortize how to solve problems that bedevil them in their counties…. while Uhuru nostalgically wants a system where all decisions to solve problems for the various counties come from the central govt where priority projects are decided by hidden minds with bias..this two mindsets do not reflect a uniform mentality of people who share the characteristics of political tribal zealots that you would have us believe…after all isnt Uhurus home county also benefiting from the spoils of devolution championed by one Raila cannot compare night and day and convince us the two are the same just because you have lit floodlights…dont be sturbbon ..chew on this points neutrally and you will see the reality..

    • I can’t argue with your trademark sentiments. They have always been abstract or academic. I am not a fan of concoction either. Michael Wainaina, we are all tribal. Others are silent & use it as a soft tool. This is very dangerous that which storks resentment. Please, allow me to walk you down the lane our country’s history. This country has been messed up by rulers from two communities (sic) who have consistently bred & nurtured ethnicity, impunity & mediocrity as you put it. Reasonable & patriotic people like me cant stomach this & your boring narrative. As a matter of fact when other communities TRY to change the narrative by offering alternative leadership they are branded all sorts of names not to mention being equated to the regime of the day/past regime. What is disturbing is that this narrative is peddled on the fact that majority of Kenyans are either ignorant or shallow in mind to know what’s going on. The motive has always been,maintain the status quo. And you are part of it.

    • Bulls eye ndugu Seth ongiri..its the story of a lie severally told ,it eventually seems like the truth..,anyway the status quo…is unnaceptable ..ours is a desperate situation where any alternative is the better choice

  1. Prof plz your reasoning is above the common citizen reasoning. The problem of democracy is majority carries the day but that does not always give the best. What is your take on mudavadi being given kingship of maragoli. Waiguru replacing the current kirinyaga governor

  2. For sure Kenyans need to wake up and choose better leaders for this country. The leaders we have are just pathetic. Tribalism is slowly sinking this great nation!!!

  3. Remind this mechanical professor, that one Raila Amolo Odinga is not a tribal chief. He is not Uhuru, Kalonzo or Ruto. Rails has a staunch support Country wide unlike Uhuru Central etc

  4. They are not the problem, We are.
    They do not have problems, We have
    The only problem they have is in lack of thinking capacity,
    And all our problems are compounded in the fact, that they think for us.

  5. i know this is out of the topic but we have to talk little about it. Matiangi though a performer but isn’t in the right environment. he is stepping on one too many toes. he’s interfering with business,Prof. alafu ile mradi yangu nifanyie kakitu mkubwa.

  6. Untill August 2017, the post of presidency is well occupied unless u don’t live in Kenya. It shall be so impressive to see Uhuru handing over the power to none other but himself again after election. Take it to the bank professor Michael Wainaina.

  7. I had to quit reading your always often so useless propaganda and will only do otherwise when it sinks into yout thick ‘professor’ skull that your opinions are far from even the resemblace of reality. You cannot condemn our leaders blanketly, with your wish-wash ‘they have nothing new to offer’ as if only you happens to know the meaning of the word ‘new’ and hope to get away with it, ‘professor’! If all it needs one to qualify for tribal kingpin-warlord is to enjoy popular support from whole of Nyanza (which for your info has Luos, Kisiis & Kuria), Western, Nairobi, Eastern, Coast, parts of Rift valley, kalenjins and kikuyus of goodwill, then Raila qualifies to be one, unless you want to say that if he enjoyed 100% support elsewhere and zero or thereabout in luo nyanza then he would be the angel you’ve been yearning for, ‘professor’? Tell your master we’re too clever for your propaganda, it won’t work!

    • Oh, correction, reading halfway this particular article. You see, everyday I wake up to a new article from you, i’m hoping that you may have had ua biblical ‘damascus’ moment and that i’l make sense out of your propositions. Unfortunately, this far, you’ve always kept dissapointing me, but why, ‘professor’?

    • Gauo Gilbah I do not write to please. I write to engage, to interrogate and expose. I do not expect everyone to agree with me. In fact I prefer when people disagree and give alternative options. It becomes difficult to do this with someone who instead of seeking to engage, the cast aspersions on my person, insult me and cast aspersions on my intentions, even when they have not cared to listen to my argument by reading the article. It is also irritating to engage with people who want to imagine that I am a hireling. There is always something called “good faith”. Your engagement lacks it. As they say you can never shake hands with clenched fists.

    • Gauo Gilbah I do not have an “intended” message. I only have the “stated” message. You can read as many intentions as you feel like. It is the nature of reading. You get out of a text what you bring into it. Often one’s reading reflects their own prejudices, not those of the author. You have been and will continue to be disappointed by my articles because your reading lenses do not change and my message does not change either. And it will not change. It remains that the current political class in CORD and Jubilee are degenerates driven by siasa ya ukabila, Ukora na upuzi. For us to make progress we need a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country. differently. If we do not get one, the tribal kingpins will win in August and nothing will change. That’s my only position and will continue to be so. Sorry that it has been disappointing. It will not change.

    • Something is common with some people they cant express there opinion without insults this is there greatest undoing.arrogance and disrespect fails people in life,Hon karembe once talked of people who draws away votes in thousands once they open there mouth.

  8. Prof, the starting point is to decolonize the minds of Kenyans. We’ve been oppressed for so long such that all hope is lost. Am yet to believe any of these guys you mentioned fit the description of the man or woman we are looking for and many are missing out here.

  9. This time is what Kenyans and the world are not expecting, wait and see what GOD will do, maajabu juu ya maajabu, Siasa ZITAKWISHA ulimwenguni kote, hata kwa mitandao, MUNGU ataufanya mji wa ONGATA RONGAI na KENYA Kwa jumla Kama kielelezo, nayo amani ya ulimwengu itaanzia hapa KENYA, ukabila, chuki na matusi zitaingia kwenye kaburi la sahau, it’s good for you people to repent, MUONDOKEE hasira za alie juu, hii ni sauti ilio ongea na manabii, wa kusikia na asikie

  10. May your dreams happen during our days for propheses takes time,tumechoka tumechoswa tumechanganyikiwa.twajua tulikotoka lakini hatujui wala hatuna imani na kwenye twaenda.

  11. Good good one,But the best mustn’t be rich,learned,or correspond the C.V’s above,”If devolic colonial symbols of metalic,wooden vipers within n outside house of lawmaking remains?If the hopefuls r welcoming magicians for political offices?”(The best would once be an Over 60yrs Widowed Woman, Motherly,GODFEARING no nonsense on Corruption,Land grabbing,Injustices of former regimes,Perfectionist,Untribal,New in government,Law abiding,Gender sensitive, e. t. c”The rest should be disqualified assets freezed as per regimal changes).

  12. Our societies were defined thus, tribes! How we gave abused the word to mean all evil is weird. Being tribal is never a sin, how you apply it is the problem. There are things that don’t compare even in hell, first things first, we are being looted by Uhuruto. There is no time for software analysis here, we must first save our honey jar!

  13. At the moment on one who is qualified the one and only Uhuru Kenyatta. The rest are only noise makers. Keep my words. Otherwise you have a good teacher in matters of politics. I congratulate you sir, keep that good job. But for me I am Jublee damu and UHURUTO. Thank you sir

  14. Non of us including you ‘re qualified, just let us be either stateless or tukubali shingo upande the thieving kanu-nnites to have a field day for even. No light whatsoever at the end of this tunnel prof just let them off the hook

    • The rule of natural justice is missing at present in these part of the world, politicians are United against any hope we could nurture for vibrant n progressive country where justice would’ve been our shield to defend us,the same monkeys in different forest all the decades since independence, therefore unless n until governance will be for the people by the people then garbage in, garbage out ideological slavery will thrive for the better part of our lifetime

  15. U trying to make a name from slandering other people. Tribal kingpins I’ll accept that but ‘warlords’ brother I think u r chewing more than u can swallow. It’s a shame that people like you choose to be controversial so as to grab attention.

  16. The reality is that there will only be two horses. Uhuru and raila so stop the utopian analysis and be realistic. Uhuru has been president so we can judge him on which promises he has fulfilled from his manifesto. Raila has not been president so let us judge him on his performance as opposition chief, minister of roads, prime minister and on his manifesto

    • Peace is not the absence of war. I would also not be so confident in “letting them do what they have planned”. Remember that these guys trampled on the dead bodies of Kenyans to form a blood-soaked government that lasted a full term. They can form another one.

  17. Professor u again? Some months ago I asked u whether Uhuru alikunyua mafuta yako nilipe,u started talking about nys,Uhuruto has stolen nothing,absolutely nothing from me.uko na chuki na uhuruto.plz show some love 2017,sawa?

  18. Prof. , the solution is simple, teach people that they are the ones who employ politicians. Teach them that politicians are their employees and that they must constantly supervise the politicians. Tell them that when politicians start misbehaving and citizens keep quiet then they are also to blame as employers. Tell them that at the end of the five years let them have a checklist on what the politicians promised and what they delivered and if it is less than 80% then they should sack the politicians during elections. Tell them that their role as employers to the politicians does not end on election day. Imagine if kikuyus treated uhuru as an employee or kalenjins treated ruto as an employee and demanded that they fulfill all their pledges and fight corruption or face a sack, Kenya would be transformed in a day. It is us who have failed in our duties as employers to the politicians

  19. My brother, the question isn’t who is good for the presidency. There have and shall always be a favourable aspirants. Look, when you see a group of people behave wrongly all together, then the problem owes to the system assembling them. Factually, Kenyan betrayal starts from the system and whoever, is genuine in paying the bill to gratify Kenya let him face the system. The system is ailed and unfavourable. To mention one but a good example, our system encourages longterm political strategy. It’s in Kenya leaders generates political parties and not the vice- versa. It’s in Kenya senior politicians will either direct their continuously failed aspirations to their grave if not victory. This is biggest stake of the wrong. My brother in a democracy where political parties are empowered there is little or no recycling of leaders. It is unusual for a single candidate to be nominated after failing for any subsequent election independent party. This will develop self discipline especially in the race where we wouldn’t recycle aspirants. To assure you with a good example Clinton won’t vie for presidency again in USA. Why? The Democratic won’t embrace her again! Imagine of 2013 election without a previous contender, wouldn’t have we slacken tribalism and siasa za upuzi. Kenyan constitution should have invested in parties durability, independence and sieving of briefcase parties. Our system the biggest betrayer.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      I totally agree with you. And that is why I say that the solution lies in a new non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the country differently. It is the tribal political narrative that has produced fake political parties because they are owned by tribal kingpins for them to further their tribal agenda. For so long as the dominant politcal narrative is tribal, we are stuck with such parties. They will open and shut them at will and will run as many times as they want. The narrative must change.

  20. If they are the candidates we have,know and love there is nothing we(I) can do.As one who loves reading and scribbling down poems that have no place in hearts of some Kenyans I am just one of the poets and, of course,there better poets than me.But I can’t shy away from writing even the most useless poems.So those who want to take the high office have the capacity to do so.To me they are fit to run the office because they are Kenyans and no one of them was born to lead Kenya.They were born as the children of Kenya and love being our leaders if only we(mark NOT you!)elect them!

  21. Proff the world over every candidate running for any political office have areas perceived as their support base. Its therefore incorrect to demonise our leaders. Morever we cannot import leaders from mass.

    • I assume you meant “mars”. I have never complained about tribe. There is nothing wrong with it and everyone comes from a tribe.The problem with the CORD and Jubilee tribal warlords is the use of the fact of tribe to include or exclude politically. I have not demonized them. I have described them.

  22. So live and let live?

    The Kenyan society produce Kenyan presidents and consequently its governance.

    From your advert, the “qualified” individuals may not be Kenyans. And on that basis alone, Kenyans will reject them.

    An innocent view but some of the above comments from Kenyans vindicate my position.

    Kenyans get a government they deserve.

    • I agree prof. That our condition is our fault. Our future is our choice!

      In the same vein:

      Today is yesterday’s future, yesterday’s choices are today’s faults.

      Tommorrow is today’s future. Today’s choices are tommorrow’s faults.

      It follows therefore that our condition = our Faults = our choices!!!

    • Our Kenyan Society seem to be wired with a volatile RAM. There is little room for permanent storage for history.

      Yet history is known to have an uncanny behaviour of repeating itself.

      Them majority survivors that do not learn from it are bound to be destroyed by it.

      2017 is playing in the replicated leagues of 1992, 1997, 2007 and 2013.

      Monkeys are busy changing forests and body colour yet they remain monkeys. Where are lions to put to a stop these monkey businesses?

      Unfortunately Kenya is not land of political Lions. We only have monkeys, hyenas, a few pigs and squirrels, seeking to lord it over the short memoried majority beasts of burden – the asses!

    • Omwami Shitseswa Your analysis is funny and creative. I like…It is only true to some extent. I do not know why you have lost faith in the people. I have not. I know for sure that given the right options, people will make the right choices. If the only options are monkeys and hyenas, they will select form the pack.

    • The choices made by the people aren’t independent of affective campaigns, poisoning propaganda, within an entrenched culture of impunity, corruption and worship of the “well endowed” regardless of sources of that endowment.

      2017 will be my tenth participation in trying to choose a representative at governance level, since 1974. Some valuable experience has therefore taught me that the masses are gullible!!!

      Entrenched culture in the people is akin to that which you have christened “Ukabila, Ushenzi na Upuzi”, na ulaghai – I hasten to add.

      The people of Kenya make decisions to cast their votes to a choice they make the last one week to the polls.

      History plays backseat roles in these choices.

      The fora for presenting such options to them, never being sober, provide influencial controls on the choices the people make.

      Have you ever attended a firebrand religious gathering where listeners are psyched to repeat what the charismatic preacher is asking them to repeat after him? And the masses chant back without thinking? He will throw in a line: “Nairobi must burn tonight”; and they will ALL chant back: yes “Nairobi must burn tonight” in unison!

      That is the environment Kenyan electorate is used to; the fora through which eyesights, foresights and reason are usually thrown to the winds and choices made that yield to the psyche rather than reason. And herein lies the gullibility of the Kenyan masses.

      If nothing else makes me loose faith in the people, then it is the people’s worship of the monied.

      Kenyan politicians cherish being worshipped! This is a Kenyan characteristic that becomes catalystic to grabiosism, lootism, etc.

      The few sober ones like Prof Michael are simply a drop in the ocean.

      I am a villager living deeper in the interiors of this country. Sober People have lost hope in the transformative power of their vote.

      Zambia made a choice between the trade unionist Chiluba and Nationalist Kaunda. Chiluba ended up being indicted for corruption.

    • Kenya made a “Kenyanlike characteristic choice” between a KANU system and it’s euphoric byproduct NARC in 2002.

      The thrown in phrase then was “We will be zero-tolerant to corruption”! Kenyans swallowed that psyched phrase hook, line and sinker, and voted for NARC to the man.

      Months later Kithong’o was on his heals running for dear life for assumiming that the clarion call was for real. He had been fetched from a different cut where he had been brought up differently from the average Kenyan.

      No! I have lost faith in the Kenyan elector. He will only react when the mess has brought him down on his knees and against the wall without anymore room to maneauvre.

      And even that reaction will be resolutely to change a hyena with a pig or squirrel, as long as they are monied!

  23. Wow. Wow. Wow. What a strong message to open the new year… Thanks for a well calculated and timely message.. God bless you God bless Kenya and all leaders of good Will.. Happy new year.

  24. Prof.Am Willing,After reading your article i hv felt rejuvenated to always fight for change, Ignore those who think we cant dislodge these tribal warlords,That day is coming, That day is over here,It is now.

    • Karibu sana my brother. My work as a blogger is to inspire. Absolutely, change is coming. Like Robert Kennedy said, “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”

  25. Well done prof.Kenyans needs to do something & do away with this tribal barons.Sadly some of our brainwashed kenyans are unhappy with you.Keep the spirit prof.You’re changing many despite those ignorance characters who believe those tribal lords were born to rule them.Be blessed prof.

  26. Great message Professor. Unfortunately, it is NOT yet Uhuru in this great land of Kenya. Our liberation from the tribal yoke will only be complete when the majority of your readers are able to understand and appreciate the spirit behind your message,whatever their political affiliations. Meanwhile keep up the good job!!!!

    • Much appreciated Agatha. We have to spread the message of hope and change. The yoke of tribalism has been placed on Kenyans for so long it will take the combined voices of goodwill from progressive Kenyans for the message of change to reach home. But it will. Cheers and Happy new year.

  27. The same idiocy I keep on talking about …for the parents …who are taking their kids to private schools on Tuesday ask yourself why in spite of paying several thousands in taxes… U could probably have spend a fortune on a medical bill of a loved one …while the doctors are asking for a pittance against a country which loses billions every year through sleaze…yea Uhuru is yr kinsmen and coz of that he is above reproach… He is not accountable to no one…anyone who asks questions about good governance is the enemy …they should be shoved into the oven and left to burn in eternal fire….but the fellow doesn’t care about u ….he doesn’t lose his sleep coz of u…he is a politician who cares about himself…so u will abuse others cox of him but kesho if u don’t av busfare he is not gonna send his Presidential motorcade to take u to work…when your child is send away from school…he wont mpesa u the fees…we are so myopic

    • I have heard this reality thing before. Of course if you limit yourself to what the “current political context is” you cannot see such possibilities. They are not any less real, it is only that the scope of your reality is rather limited. If you expand it, you will see that the ideal will easily come into the realm of the real.

  28. A leader is a reflection of the people he leads. Going by that statement, why do you want ignorant, corrupt and tribal Kenyans not led by the same people cut from the same fabric as theirs? Tell me Profesa!

    • You like it or not that’s the reality. Who asks for cash hand outs from politicians? Who demands that politicians must give them donations during fund raising? Who covers and rallies behind corrupt politicians when they are prosecuted. Who burns tyres during partisan demos by politicians. Who votes for the people you call “myopic and tribal kingpins?” Who calls for Ruto’s in Sugoi for cash and foodstuffs? The list is endless….. You don’t seek angels to lead people of questionable character. They ought to be led by people who are like them until the day they will be fed up. The change must start with the electorate themselves. Before you quote Chapter Six, Leadership and Integrity for the leaders, you must remember Article 10, National Values and Principles which ought to guide Kenyans to have a sober and rational government – where rule of law is supreme. Be pragmatic and realist my good Profesa!

    • Mr Kamau,while what your observation is might be true,we must admit that the political class has become the pedestal that we have emulated.Because they have never cared even an iota of time to be sensitive and cognisant of chapter 6,so we have not been inspired to be faithful disciples of chapter 10.If the politicians have consistently exhibited pretentious concern for the electorates only when elections draw nigh,the only time the electorates can get them and “milk ” them is during the same time….A better version should be,the only time the electorate can have a little taste of their taxes coz what politicians give them in form of handouts is already theirs…But a remnant is there that has not despaired and such can give us a fresh brand start

  29. You impress a lot prof. It doesn’t mater to me how many people became President from the same ethnic tribe but if only they can be true statesmen who actually improve the lives of Kenyans, being truthful to their oath of office! As it is I don’t see the need for them to stand before this great Nation pretending to take oath to a constitution they don’t ascribe to.

  30. Happy new year prof,you have said the truth but if i can remember there was once the larte wangari mathaai who contested the presidency in years back,At least you know how many votes she got,I believe in my haert that was the woman who could have changed kenya as she was non tribal and had no any political affiliation of the past,we lost the chance and as things are truth be told we are nt ready for a performer yet prof, If asked i couyld forward your name prof,Are you ready?kudos

    • Karega, I remember Prof. Wangari’s bid. I have a lot of respect for her. If I ask you though, what was her memorable political narrative, a message that resonated with the masses? Can you remember? Now let me ask you, what was Obama’s message that resonated with the people in 2008? Can you remember? Everyone who followed that campaign can remember until today. That I the difference my brother. You must have a compelling political narrative that resonates with the masses. If you don’t you will not make any headway. The tribalists will trounce you badly.

  31. The country need mature president who can run country efficiently n kill the corruption which has been going since 2013 . We don’t need. Corrupt persons to go to statehouse and run the c.

  32. Wow. you article has reflected the light of change in my political thought’s urge Kenyan’s move out this doomed political warlords to renovate our great nation Kenya. God bless Kenya.

  33. As per your article Prof, you just did your analysis and later settled at the same place. So it is not of any difference but the same political theories of the tribal kingpins. When our government ascended to power, they could have taken the responsibility and balance all state jobs to the Kenyan 42 tribes. This never happened. 70℅ of the resources have been shared with their tribes. I will never change my mind to vote for a president who can take money to waive for people who applied loans and Idrunk everything when we are still asking for pyrethrum money never paid to date. I have no reason voting the same government, change is within us. Voting Jubilee is more like staying happy with the current management of our resources..

    • This is my reasoning prof, our forefathers planted the seed. A young child from Kikuyu knows that a Luo is an enemy of Kikuyu and vice versa. I am not any of the two ofcourse. So, this is the time that the enmity should come to the end. Why? People say that Kikuyu’s are thieves.. it is not a fact. The same case for Luo’s. What is it that if Raila become the president can do that will do more harm to Kikuyu’s.. nothing but sweeping away the corruption cartels controlling everything in Kenya. Since no better option available, let him also try and proof his ability.. then now we can have a good reason to say no in future. Am always against stereotyping, that someone is bad because of a single reason. Next now, it will be easy to vote on performance than voting on tribal lines. My view

  34. Thank you Prof for this masterpiece.. I look forward to seeing a new Kenya devoid of tribalism, where people are judged on the content of their character but not on any other basis, just to paraphrase what Martin Luther King Jr said in 1963. I get pained when I hear one Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka whom we happen to share an ethnic language calling members of his community to be united under him so that the community can be respected. As you have said this purely for his self agrandissement and not that he cares for more than 4 million members of his community..Any member of the kamba community whether in position of leadership or not who does not ascribe to this narrow mindedness of tribal politics is branded a traitor or sell out.. The same narrative on Dr(honorari causa) Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka applies to all the tribal kingpins (I call them tribal bigots) you have enumerated above.. I agree with you the task ahead is herculean and most probably it might not be achieved in this year but I believe we will get there one day..

    • Muia, this is the kind of personal reflection from which change a rises. With people thinking like you, I am optimistic that change will come and I will come this year. When I read responses like your, I am so encouraged I actually think that change is already here, with people like you. Keep the faith bro.

  35. Am looking forward when Kenya will be liberated from # KENYATTAISM AND ODINGAISM!

  36. Is the seat realy vacant or is it the usual mock elections. The looser carries the day. We are cheated that counting is going on the whole week. While for those familiar with excel spread sheets you know if doesn’t matter how the results come it just tallys. So that By the first day morning the winner was known but it took seven days to declare a looser the winner.

  37. When the Kenyattas and the Odingas, The Mudavadis, call them the offsprings of KANU think that they are the only ones who can design, make, keep and use the political key of this Nation, then we will be rotating around people who believe in no one else except them. To them, it is like Kenya belongs to them. That’s why they can call for wars, call for mass demos, allow looting of Public resources, employ who is related to them and do business among themselves.

    • We have Kenyans, native sons who can do the job. Because now it is being done by clueless self seeking tribalists, it looks impossible. It isn’t. A child learning to ride a bicycle makes the whole thing look very difficult. Hii maneno sii ngumu vile hawa jamaa wanaifanya ionekane. They are simply incompetent.

  38. U have penned your arguments so well. Kenyans should reject the tribal kingpins. Jubilee and their cheer leaders should be sent home in August since they have raised the status of tribalism in the country .

  39. Why don’t you apply David Mascall, you’re a Kenya Citizen – one of VERY few that doesn’t have a large extended family waiting for the bribes and meaningless appointments to roll in.

    • The corridors of power ( State House ) would be ringing with ” off with his head thieving mother f….ckr”
      I think I am the wrong ” tribe ” anyway Richard, I would have to go for a ‘re spray and a full frontal lobotomy to qualify.

    • David Mascall that’s a shame. Haven’t the many decent Kenyan’s realised yet that there is nobody who will steal from a poor black man more readily than another richer black man ?.

  40. The best thing is to buy every Kenyan, spectacles that may not see any ethnicity as they vote,but policies that will help build Kenya. A Kenya for us and our children. For me the line up on Jubilee&Cord does not matter so far as when they get to power a conducive environment is created.

    • Uhuru Kenyatta tena na tena!!!!

      I can renew my DL comfortably in my house…

      When I lose an ID Huduma Centers serves me right away

      My house has been connected to national power grid(electricity)

      My class one kid has a chance to interact with laptops

      By the end of this year,it will be possible to travel from Nairobi to Coast in just 4 hours

      Education reforms has become a real deal.

      My wife can give birth without paying anything

      Panpaper company is operating today as we speak.

      Car manufacturing company(Volkswagen) set up their plant in thika recently

      Beautiful bypass has been built e.g Mombasa road to langata to Ngong road

      6000Km roads has been tarmacked

      ….list is endless…

      Alafu naskia nyang’ao ikisema jubilee ni kuiba tu wanajua.
      Sipendi ujinga…UhuRuto Tena!! Na tena!

  41. Tuliza ball, it’s not vacant yet, ngoje May or when IEBC declares. May i request bunge to postpone for 6 months so the incoming IEBC is well familiar. Jan 2018 is OK

  42. I pray that Kenyans would vote wisely and no rigging this time round. Uhuru should steer the country well and not panic. He should pave way for fair elections. From his New Year speech, I read alot of mischief!!

  43. You are full personifications.your cv is well framed proffesor of the kind whom i think next time when matiangi go deep,you must have earned it in asilver plater.I myself i didn’t go beyond form four but my reason capacity is higher than yours.I have read your mind all along ,you usually expect appointment from the government because of your cv but you are getting nothing that is why you usually jumpship.

    • Uhuru Kenyatta tena na tena!!!!

      I can renew my DL comfortably in my house…

      When I lose an ID Huduma Centers serves me right away

      My house has been connected to national power grid(electricity)

      My class one kid has a chance to interact with laptops

      By the end of this year,it will be possible to travel from Nairobi to Coast in just 4 hours

      Education reforms has become a real deal.

      My wife can give birth without paying anything

      Panpaper company is operating today as we speak.

      Car manufacturing company(Volkswagen) set up their plant in thika recently

      Beautiful bypass has been built e.g Mombasa road to langata to Ngong road

      6000Km roads has been tarmacked

      ….list is endless…

      Alafu naskia nyang’ao ikisema jubilee ni kuiba tu wanajua.
      Sipendi ujinga…UhuRuto Tena!! Na tena!

  44. We are the people and we are going to protect our votes like we did at the coast during the by elections sometimes back,we stopped the likes of waititu and other jubilee vote riggers from interfering with our elections

  45. As long as we identify each other by our surnames and not one’s character then I don’t see us making progress towards a better tomorrow though all hope is still not lost as surely as God liveth.what I fail to get is that is democracy only limited to elections only or we might also come together as Kenyans and go for a rotational presidency if only to save us from another unwarranted deaths?seriously, if indeed the seat does not come with any such power of controlling or deciding who,when,where,why and what to do with certain regions/People, then it’s better we demystify the purported and highly coveted seat of power so that everyone get a sense of belonging and not for others to feel like subjects to others or enslaved. maybe this might go along way in bringing an end to this nonsense called Tribalism coz it is a creation of a few elites who want to divide and rule the ever ignorant masses who have been brain washed to fight, defend and even die for the highly coveted seat only for the elites who are haggling for it to continue deceiving us.just food for thought #allhopeisstillnotlost.

  46. The problem of tribalism i do not think it will ever end.we thought as nation by having a devolved system of government ,tribalism will be a thing of the past but 47 warlords and billionaires have come up instead

  47. A well reasoned appeal.. only that its falling on deeply engrossed tribal society some with deep vested interests that will take a miracle to vote and do away with the tribal kingpins. So sad we queue to vote what these kingpins advises. I think we Kenyans r to be blamed.

  48. Gud advert but the military, the chief Justice and the incumbent president must not overturn the people’s verdict like they did in 2007 and 2013 through the IEBC. Heckoh fellow citizens and Happy new year!

  49. Why do we get so preoccupied about who is going to be the occupant of State House? We who are to be found writing in this forum are very distant from those who end up in SH. If you are not attending meetings, luncheon and strategy forums with them, forget about getting emotional on this issue; stick with what you have always done&seek to do it better.

  50. it seems tat u ave the ideologies to b the President, u are visionable with dreams tat can change our country Mr professor, so dont try or aim to liken yourself with the pple u ave mentioned above,its funny tat in Kenyan history av not heard any of your achievements cos i know u are able to do the extraordinary, meanwhile if u see Kenya gas tribal kingpins,come ad change the trend,wish u the best

  51. Who said that the only pple that can lead Kenya is Uhuru or Raila? To those castigating this writer, its very unfortunate. Tribal inclinations kills our country. What have these guys brought to the table? None; I hate to say that a Kikuyu presidency may hurt this country. Anything but the incumbent. Forget Raila; Hague is no more.

  52. I have been reading your commentary but today you have thrown decorum out of the window. I belief in constructive criticism but not name calling. However i agree this year we need to make s wise choice.

  53. Prof. You seem be like you live in another planet and visit the Earth during the night.what you should analyse is who among the presidential candidates is better than the other not to imagine impractical qaulities.

  54. You are very good in other fields EXCEPT politics…… That vacancy will be filled by the best bidder in POLITICS. If you can define what is Kenyan politics and who is a Kenyan politician your many questions would not disturb you sir. So sensible and sincere but to the wrong people. Ask Mudavadi and he will tell you for free why he had to start in his backyard FIRST b4 any big attempt.

  55. To dethrone the warlords sir, i think would initially not be easy by that single hero yu are subscribing to.They have already formed groupings based on the wrong ideals to perpetuate their selfish political interests.In that regard they need a counter progressive technocratic-politico grouping with shared ideals of sanitising Kenya.The latter grouping will then sell their agenda to kenyans and therein we will see the hope in the new outfit. People will take that grouping not as a joke and avoid the one- Man mentality of the Kiyiapi and Kenneth type.,

  56. Daniel okeyo othira

    U meant nothing useless you are the one who is playing chip/tribal politics and at last u will gain nothing from this government that believe in ethnicity bure kabisa

  57. Very true and achievable only when we wil have a well informed electorate.Professor,we are in a kind of drunken stupor of tribalism where those who go against the grains like you are seen as sellout and stupid.I believe one day we shall reach there,but as for we have to make do with what we have and ask ourselves,who among them can help take one or two steps towards your vision.

  58. Its the government of the day that determines whether to tear country apart or unite it by equal sharing of national resources and inclucivity which is not the case here in kenya

    • This is what the reactionaries and collaborators said when we asked for independence from the white man; this is what KANU sycophants said when we asked for multiparty. This has been the only response from anti-change agents to the drums of change. Michael, a revolution is coming.

    • Michael Mwangi Yes you will. Even the colonial collaborators who were using the same word you are using towards the freedom fighters enjoyed independence when it came. KANU stalwarts like KIbaki who had said that removing KANU is like cutting a Mugumo tree with a razor blade were the first ones to form new parties when KANU single-party dictatorship fell. Join them or join us. But the truth is, a revolution is coming.

    • You have been convinced by the tribal warlords that the ONLY way to mobilize politically is using tribes. They cheated you my brother. They are the ones ho use tribes to mobilize because they are empty and have nothing else to offer. Tribalism is not created by tribes.. It is created by greedy empty thieving politicians like the ones we got. That is how come Tanzania has more tribes than us and its politics are not tribal.


  60. you seem to qualify.come out and show us the way.and before you try be adviced that somebody cannot work alone,this reminds me that you will still require the same people to work with.

  61. Nice piece…. spoken like a kenyan citizen but unfortunately kenyan politics needs enough coz its rotten to the core and I assure you this year it will still be the same problem….voters have a tribal mentality and its like an addiction