Who’s fooling who? Is the new Constitution tying the President’s hands or is it being misused to muzzle freedoms?

Overwhelmed by claims of corruption and executive complacency, jubilee claims that Uhuru is powerless to do anything about corruption, because the new constitution ‘ties his hands’. On the other hand, CORD claims that executive power is being misused to stifle constitutionalism and that all independent institutions have become marionettes of the executive. These are two contradicting and extreme positions, and they cannot be true at the same time. The question is “who’s fooling who”?

My contention is that they are both fooling the people of Kenya and frustrating the onset of the new dispensation envisaged in the new constitution. On the one hand, jubilee possesses executive power but it is hopelessly handicapped by tribalism, corruption and ineptitude, and the new constitution has become the easiest excuse. Jubilee knows that ethnicity and corruption are their bedrock. They can’t shake them and survive. It is the proverbial paradox of riding a tiger, you cannot disembark, it will eat you. On the other hand, CORD, locked out of power, would like to undermine the authority of the new constitution to the full extent possible, including mis-reading and mis-interpreting it to reinvent the constitutionally irrelevant careers of their principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka. I will explain both positions. First jubilee.

I have heard it said over and over, especially from ardent jubilee supporters, that the President cannot fight corruption. That there are institutions that have been tasked with doing so and that the President cannot order them around. This is half the argument. The full argument is that corruption is a political culture in the jubilee government. Corruption operates as a culture not just as an event or a practice, what CJ Mutunga called a bandit economy. I have made this argument in the controversial article Uhuru, it is your ‘system ya majambazi’: Because you can’t tame its appetite for corruption, our only responsibility as the people is to vote you out! here http://profmichaelwainaina.com/2016/03/18/uhuru-it-is-your-system-ya-majambazi-because-you-cant-tame-its-appetite-for-corruption-our-only-responsibility-as-the-people-is-to-vote-you-out/

Hadn’t it been a system, it would have been possible to root out corruption through simplistic events like tabling lists in parliament, telling people to step aside and giving MPs non-existent powers to fight illegal brew. The implication of corruption as a system is that fighting it will first and foremost be a political undertaking, which will then be complemented by institutional processes.  You have often heard something called “political will” to fight corruption which jubilee is said to be lacking. This is what they mean. Jubilee is abdicating its political responsibility to fight corruption and pushing the skunk to institutions, which are undermined by the same political interests. A good example is the NYS saga. When two top jubilee honchos were mentioned (you remember the live-wire?) the issue has gone silent.

To understand the context of corruption in Kenya, we need to answer the fundamental question “how is Kenyan politics played?”. It is correct to say that the fundamental construct of Kenyan politics both in CORD and jubilee and over much of the period of independent Kenya is the unholy trinity of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa za ukabila, ukora na upuzi. This political culture will frustrate and has frustrated any bureaucratic institutions that try to fight corruption because in effect, anyone who tries to fight corruption would actually be fighting the government. This is why the only anti-corruption bodies that survive are those that do not fight corruption. They do not threaten government. Those who fight corruption are seen as threats to government and this is not a uniquely Jubilee problem. The EACC door has been revolving for almost 15 years now, and no fish, big or small, have been caught. Don’t hold your breath.

We saw that EACC was hounded and harassed in the blood-soaked coalition government. All the political big-wigs and tribal overlords were in government, a polite word for “were eating”. They felt that EACC was raining on their parade. This has actually been the problem of the regime since independence; how to fight corruption and preserve itself. Disembarking from the Tiger has proved impossible. In fact, independent institutions for fighting corruption are a fairly new invention. No institutions could do it in the past since they were mostly controlled by the executive. The matter of corruption was left to a few independent minded and courageous individuals. The government quickly got rid of them. Touching corruption is touching government and it will take you nowhere, then and now.

It is therefore true that the President cannot fight corruption. But it is not true that the President cannot fight corruption because of the constitution. He cannot fight it because his hands are tied by the political culture of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa za ukabila, ukora na upuzi through which he rose to power and in which he is a major player. He mobilized for political office of the President through ethnicity, the evil twin of corruption and impunity. Now he is stuck with all of them. If he fights any, his government will come crumbling down. It is the old paradox of riding the tiger. If you disembark, it will eat you.

If you ride the Tiger, you cannot disembark, it will eat you.
Image: Johnlund.com

Let us however indulge jubilee’s argument that the President’s hands are tied by the constitution. If this was hypothetically true, there is a very simple and direct way of solving it: let him propose a raft of constitutional amendments that he needs done so that he can get the power he needs to fight corruption. It is his government, as he often likes to call it. He cannot call it “my government” when he is ‘fulfilling the jubilee manifesto’ and call it a ‘handicapped government’ when he is asked to fight corruption.  Because the problem of corruption is a political one and not a constitutional one, he will not propose constitutional amendments because if they passed, the excuse will be gone and the problem will not be solved. He will look bad. The excuses serve him well. They will stay.

Now to CORD’s argument that ours is an imperial presidency and that the constitution is being abused by jubilee. An imperial presidency is not possible, simply because the constitution does not allow it to be. The problem is not that the presidency is imperial. The problem is that CORD and jubilee have come from the KANU school of thought and they do not have any other way of looking at the presidency and they do not have a lot of respect for the constitution. When both were campaigning in 2013, they were campaigning with the old constitution in mind being incapable of conceptualizing a new dispensation. Those who won would like to blame the new dispensation for their incompetence and inability to act on graft and those who lost, suddenly found themselves irrelevant in the new dispensation. I have dealt with the former matter. Let me explain the latter.

Nothing exemplifies the extent to which the new constitution upset the old order for CORD than their insistence on opposition politics. The new constitution does not recognize anything called opposition, it simply does not exist. The title “leader of the opposition” is a pigment of CORD’s imagination. Ours is a presidential system as envisaged in Chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the new constitution. What this means is that the president is the head of state and government and exercises executive authority (Article 131). The executive is checked by parliament which has the majority and minority, NOT the fictional OPPOSITION. Article 108 (4) states:

The following order of precedence shall be observed in the National Assembly-

  • The speaker of the National Assembly
  • The leader of the majority
  • The leader of the minority.

If then we were to follow the constitution, after losing their presidential bid, Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga have no official status recognized in the new constitution. They should have gone home and found something to do in retirement. As far as the constitution goes, they are persona non grata. Period.

That is the supreme law of the land. Sorry if Kalonzo and Raila don’t like it.

Dida, Peter Kenneth, Prof. Kiyiapi, Musalia Mudavadi, Paul Muite and Martha Karua understood this. They have accepted their status. Kalonzo and Raila have refused to accept the commoner status, prescribed for them by the constitution. There was need for something to be invented to keep Raila and Kalonzo relevant. They even tried the ridiculous idea of making Raila a Senator. You can now see why. But I digress. Sidelined and emasculated by the new Constitution, they naturally fell back to their KANU days and invented the opposition. It is unconstitutional. They have used their “opposition” status to harangue the government at every turn, accusing the government of abusing the constitution which does not even recognize their fake status.

The second illustration is their insistence that they will not follow constitutional means to disband the IEBC. That one is self explanatory. The tribal bigwigs in the political class never intended to follow the constitution on anything, unless is favors them. They have never been constitutionalists. They have been and remain against anything that did not fit their personal political ambitions.

So on one hand, you have Uhuru and jubilee, blaming the constitution for political problems of their own making, and on the other you have Kalonzo and Raila inventing non-existent and unconstitutional positions to salvage their floundering political careers and remain relevant. It is therefore important for CORD to shout that there is an imperial presidency and that they are the equal counter-measure to that imperial presidency, “the government in waiting” to justify their imaginary political positions and a deluded sense of self importance. It is as if the more they shout about an imperial presidency the more legitimate they feel, since constitutionally, they have no identifiable political portfolio.

So, for jubilee, the constitution is an irritant. But more importantly an excuse not to disembark from the tiger and get eaten. For CORD, the constitution is an obstacle and an impediment to their floundering political ambitions. When CORD tribal kingpins accepted the new Constitution in the blood-soaked coalition government, they actually thought they are the ones who would be in power. Bad miscalculation. One political commentator said that when making laws, make laws that you would feel comfortable with, even if they were being applied by your worst enemy, don’t make the laws you would like to apply on your worst enemy. CORD realized their mistake when they were locked out of power. They started to hypocritically agitate for a parliamentary system of government. Too late.


So what do we end up with? A political class that is fooling Kenyans. A political class with a constitution that is counter-intuitive to their idea of power as learnt in KANU. I have argued before that both CORD and jubilee are mired in politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. And that is how Kenyans yearning for a new dispensation have been frustrated by a political class that cannot see beyond its cheap power struggles. The new dispensation has been delayed for almost seven years now. If Kenyans want it to blossom, they need to get rid of the current political class in 2017. All of them. They have no intentions of making the constitution work. If it does not suit their political interests, they will use it as an excuse for inaction or the wrong action. We can usher in a new era of constitutionalism, but we cannot teach constitutionalism to KANUnites.

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  1. Prof With due respect, the little I know is, the sovereign of the state lays with the people… Donated to the elected officials, the people can excesise it or the elected on behalf of the electorate, for their benefits….

    • Professor with the due respects i strongly disagree. Drivers of corruptions are more than political and legal issue…..Politicians and legal practioners are product of education systems ,religious systems and homes…we should address problem from the source.

    • Cyrus Ngari Lets agree to disagree on this one. If the political class that got power at independence had not normalized grabbing, corruption and impunity, we would have a different country today, regardless of the education or religious systems we could have adopted.

    • The drivers of corruption are politicians especially the ruling class
      We hail paul kagame and now Magufuli for their uncompromising stand against corruption.This two gentlemen are politicians not religious leaders.

    • It is citizens who fuel corruption….leaders come from citizens and not the other way round. If todays leaders decides to caease corrupts activities…that does guarantee end of corruption. If a considerable proportion of population acquires sound morality level mathematically, that can give hope. I am interested in this research.

  2. If I were your teacher, on your argument on the erosion of constitutional freedoms by the regime, I’d give you a zero. You have gone around in circles without anything substantive either in reference to the prevailing political circumstances or chapters of the constitution. Disappointed!

  3. Professor we know your political support but you always blind us,how and in which way does the constitution tie Uhuru in fighting corruption and which article denies him that,speak out

  4. Spot on. The jubilee government has played perfectly into the hands of the so called opposition by failing to decisively fight corruption. If the the government stepped out of the ethnic fabric and chose to address the real issues that affect Kenyan with corruption and ethnicity being in the top drawers, then Uhuru wouldn’t worry about losing a few corrupt followers as he would win the good will of the majority.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      This is true. But like I have said, it you ride the Tiger to power, you cannot disembark. It will eat you. What you are saying is rather obvious and Uhuru knows or ought to know. He will not do it.

  5. Charles

    This article is very dishonest. Fortunately, it is likely to only make sense to a certain group of people who are known to exhibit veritable blind-spots on matters that don’t advance their selfish and very myopic agenda. So, where in the constitution you are prattling about is it written that ones someone loses or is rigged out of an election bid, s/he loses the right to engage in active politics in the best way s/he deems how? Why was Uhuru’s first agenda upon assuming power to literally plead with Raila to retire from active politics? When Raila refused to betray his course, he was denied his pension for serving as the now moribund PM. Are you therefore trying to suggest that Uhuru and Ruto should be left to their devises simply because they happened to wiggle themselves into office through such dubious means? The mere fact that the constitution does not mention the word opposition does not mean that political competition has been outlawed. The bottom line is that Kenya remains a multiparty democracy where competing political interest are free to play their respective roles in the best way they know how. The fact that the constitution acknowledges multipartism itself makes your argument rather worthless. Raila and Kalonzo are leaders of major political parties and it is those parties that compete for office. Not some funny “leader of minority” that some of you thought would simply be bought using Eurobond money then everything is settled forever. It is not that easy folks. The main task of political parties is to put the ruling government in check and there is no way they can do that by joining the government unless they agree to form a coalition. If they are not part of the government, they, by default, become the opposition whether the constitution mentions the word or not. What you are trying to argue is akin to saying that the new constitution was a one-shot tool to determine who enjoys the reigns of power until kingdom come. That nobody was to challenge them ones they took the reigns of power no matter how controversially that happened. And where has Cord leaders claimed to be occupying the position of official opposition? As much as some of you thought you had locked out your most potent political threat, little did you know that the same constitution put “PEOPLE” at its very center and that every other institution, including the presidency, and, yes, minority leader, were mere delegated powers that did not “wash away” the people as the supreme fulcrum of our constitutional framework.

    Part of the problem in Kenya is that even this constitution was dishonestly crafted with some people having ulterior motives that we are witnessing now. To them, they were looking for ways of blocking their main threats while accepting parts they couldn’t stop but with a very clear motive to frustrate those parts ones they rig themselves into office. That’s why we see people very quick to uphold what shuts out the opponents but frustrating everything that is intended to work how the constitution envisaged IEBC, judiciary, parliament, police etc …. The problem with this mindset is that it puts the country in the precarious state we find it in now. The reason is because can clearly see the dishonesty.

    • Prof. Michael Wainaina

      Charles, this is a very well written and constructed response. I like it. A lot.

      I am glad you agree with me on two fundamental issues in the article. One: There is no “opposition” in the 2010 Constitution and no “Leader of the Opposition”. Two: That there was dishonesty in the crafting of the Constitution with a section of the political class having “ulterior motives that we are witnessing now”. The manipulation was to give the manipulators political advantage over their competitors. Having agreed on these two points, which anchor the thrust of the article, how is the article dishonest, I pray thee tell.

      Thank you for a concise, engaging and professionally presented response.

      • Charles

        Your gibberish is splattered all over the place. But this part takes the crown: “…..on the other you have Kalonzo and Raila inventing non-existent and unconstitutional positions to salvage their floundering political careers and remain relevant. It is therefore important for CORD to shout that there is an imperial presidency and that they are the equal counter-measure to that imperial presidency, “the government in waiting” to justify their imaginary political positions and a deluded sense of self importance.”

        You seem to insinuate that somehow, Raila and Kalonzo were totally finished merely because Uhuru and Ruto rigged themselves into office. You conveniently ignore the obvious fact that the duo are solid leaders of major parties that are in legitimate competition with Jubilee for power. But I don’t blame you. Your reasoning is common place among folks from a particular region. As long as it remains there and the delusion continues causing orgasmic pleasure among them, the rest of us understand quite well what we passed in our new constitution.

        • Charles

          By the way, merely because one side has proved their dishonesty with the whole constitutional issue does not necessarily mean that the other side was equally dishonest about it. It was widely argued that those who never believed in the new constitution would never be trusted to operationalise or implement it. All that has now come to pass. But we know that in Kenya today, what the government fails in, the opposition fails in ten times more. Never mind that the said opposition has not been tried with the same mandate to gauge the truth behind the bogus claim.

          • Charles

            I can now understand why someone campaigned to become president as if it was the end of the world. hahahahahaha …… kweli fools rush in!!!!

          • Prof. Michael Wainaina

            If you had read my other articles, you would understand that I am no fan of either side, if indeed there are different sides. The current political class in CORD and jubilee are indefensible even by their most ardent supporters. They are hopelessly mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. When their supporters talk, it always ends up being a matter of the lesser evil. I do not buy the argument. If all you have is a choice between the lesser of two evils, all you get is the evil of two lessers. If you have read my articles, I have made is very clear that in 2013 we had two choices, the so called two horses. I agreed. One was called “the bad” and the other was called “the ugly”. One of them won (or stole depending on who you ask). I don’t know which one. All I know is that since 2013, the bad has gotten badder and the ugly has gotten uglier. If Kenyans do not rise up and claim their country from the current political class and the tribal warlords that head it, the choice in 2017 will be between, the badder and the uglier.

        • Prof. Michael Wainaina

          Charles, even you can invent any position for yourself and call yourself anything. The constitution is the supreme law of the land. If it does not recognize you, it doesn’t. It is not me who has said it. No amount of wishful thinking and brinkmanship can change that. That is a fact.

          Then there is politicking, which they, you and I are doing. I am in agreement with whatever politicking comes out of the situation. But facts are stubborn things, and like I have said in my previous response, you agree with me on the two fundamental facts that anchor the article. We are all within out rights to play politics with the facts. It does not alter them.

          • Charles

            Can you share with me where Raila or Kalonzo have “invented” themselves and called themselves “opposition” leaders? All I hear and read in the media about them is “Cord Leaders”. The constitution acknowledges that the country is MULTI-PARTY and that it is through those parties that people assume power. What now justifies your tirade against people who are only doing what the constitution allows them to do as leaders of their parties? Cry or diarrhea if you want but the two will continue doing what they are doing as long as they have “PEOPLE” behind them. Live with it!

  6. Charles

    Hahahahaha….ati “If you had read my other articles, you would understand that I am no fan of either side…” As if everybody is blind or foolish. Why should I read your other articles? What are you trying to defend? That even you, deep down, acknowledge that what you have posted here is crap that should not be graced with the huge title of “Professor”? Bullshit!!!!!

    • Prof wainaina

      If you have not read, of course the only thing you can resort to is insults…it is at this juncture I do not wish to engage with you anymore. I do not mind when people disagree with me. In fact I like it because it brings a different angle to the discussion. I don’t have to engage when you turn insulting and childish. I wont.

    • @John Tuukuo,are you not even afraid of yourself when someone with great ideas like this write for general public, the reason why idiots like you still live in our modern kenya leave many wondering about free education, Our oldest man in education, Mr Murage died incomplete looking for education and you still live akwardly without education, what will come out of you?????????

  7. Prof, don’t you agree with jubilee that the the constitution “ties his hands” – Uhuru? You have said it rightly, CORD locked out of power, are undermining the authority of the constitution to the full extent, and doing all what you have said. Well, whether jubilee is sincere or not, they are hiding themselves behind a safe wall – the rule of law, while CORD are doing what you have said are doing. My question to you is, what do you mean by, both of them are fooling Kenyans. Pleas avoid trying being persuaded to appear nonpartisan. CORD are the ones fooling Kenyans.

    • Henry, I have never claimed that I am nonpartisan. I have stated is clearly that I am not neutral. I am vehemently opposed to the political class in CORD and jubilee mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. I think we agree but you use different language. You choose to call jubilee fooling us as “hiding themselves behind a safe wall” and CORD “are the ones fooling Kenyans”. I accept your analysis.

    • Henry Mutava~ there’s a law that CORD is following as we speak otherwise the courts would have stopped the picketing but remember something not written in our Constitution does not necessarily mean its unconstitutional , to DIOLOGUE is not being against the law and besides our history has a precedence for this therefore it wouldn’t be something done out of political expediency.

    • If jubilee is really following the constitution,why then all their orders giving to their children in uniform turned down by Kenyan courts which use the constitution to determine grievances. Just accept that it is jubilee which is always out of the law n not cord cause it is ever winning when it comes to the matter law application

    • Various parliamentary groups are engaged in talks where all parties are represented and other groups will be brought on board. I believe that is the way to go otherwise amending the constitution should not be a business of a few people kwani ni kuchagua pope?

    • Mutava # instituition of presidency is not a management based but a leadership based institution.Who told you that as a president one uses constitution only.Apart from that there’s influence and power.By power i don’t mean our current destiny,’police killings’.The disputed commissioners can simple be REQUESTED to step down for the sake of National peaceful coexistence.What is the essence of the institution of the presidency in the first place?Don’t you remember “Can’t pay won’t pay “-Was there no constitution? That statement of can’t pay won’t pay was full of leadership and can still be applied.

  8. Prof. True muzzling independent institutions. IEBC is a visionless moribund entity. How could they take 7 days tallying about 12 m presidential votes. Astdt 8 kid using totals from ROs could tally those votes in less than 2 hours manually or in less than 1 hr using a calculator. Out of 45 m or over 25 m adult voters only 13m is registered. While mpesa has almost double this. Corruption though them are free their cartels in England S&O are serving jail terms. Failure of electronic vote transmission : EVIDs in 2013 and its like all are in 2017 it will be Jammed again. This a body that has visionless leaders and have been used to carry out ballot coups. They impose leaders on us people we dont need or want. This Entity must go. Prof here u have spoken sense.

  9. let me correct this guy talking of new constitution. nothing like this exists in kenya. what we have is our constitution. we dont have two. eti old and new. get ur facts right.

  10. I had been ignoring these falsehoods, from a scam ,in the name of Professor Michael Wainaina – PhD
    But now am forced to do so,1: why don’t you point out all the scandals that rails has been mentioned, haven’t you had of mumias sugar?kazi kwa vijana? Maize,sugar and rice, to name but a few
    2: do you imagine that there can be another party/ leaders other than uhuruto and ” saint rails& cord?
    3 don’t just criticise without giving solns !
    Now what are the alternative s? Coz it can’ t be you! Or rails!

  11. Kingo’ ri kabiria. Where have said its OK in uhuruto, s ,all what I fight for is for the evils done by ” saint rails be unearthed with the zeal that the writer has illustrated above!
    Yes ooh yes, am a jubilant damu but KENYA kwanza, and that ‘ s why I hate any soothing, greasing praising ,advocating, the warlord!

  12. We are so enthrenched in tribalism that we fail to separate myths from facts,politicians av exploited our naivety fully to their advantange,engaging in mega corruption deal unabated,coz when cornered u hear a whole community is facing justice.With the current crop of leadera,we are doomed to the core,,

  13. So the word ” corruption ” was an alien word before uhuruto? Be real ,in cord there ate very corrupt pole, b,ba,t,nys ranch,molasses plant,mumias, wheelbarrows,gates a mm, illegal imports if sugar and rice, yet no one dares to name them coz they are paid by raila to mudslinge the gava!

  14. I think the president is persisting so that it is not seen that raila must say for the government to hv reason to act on an issue affecting kenyans or his advisors are too young to counter cord principles but not ruto for he is not the president but he gives his views as a kenyan,uhuru is the one with verdict he is the kenyan president,let him spare the mayhem we are facing now and again for iebc will not be the referee in 2017 elections they are already tainted with corruption and bipartisan

  15. Prof u r the one who is fooling us!stop pretending tht u dnt hav a clue to wht would happen if iebc as constituted were to b incharge of the next elections n the outcome were to b contested by either side!ots like sitting in a room with a bomb bt u r unsure if it will explode or not!n at the same tym do nothing!

  16. The most powerful tool with any useful president under the sun is “Social power”or Influence. I believe Uhuru has that tool.I dont think if calling those unwanted commissioners and requesting them to step down for public interest can be a heavy task for an influential,intelligent and legitimate president like Uhuru.

  17. “ethnicity and corruption is their bedrock” true that if they try to change their tribal voters will label them traitors.. just like you’ll be named a traitor here for saying the truth.. Jubilee and Cord have failed Kenyans period.. No tribalism here we need new players.

  18. JAP is fooling Kenyans Wainaina…You cant blame both parties here.Corruption has thrived under this administration. You cant hide what Jubilee has done by including cord in its failures

  19. You may tend to protect one of your own, but you cannot own such individuals or their activities no matter how much you claim to be their tribesmen. Kenyans will only exhibit unalloyed intellectualism the moment they will be brave enough to cease thinking in terms of tribe to give room from issue based discourses.
    Look at the way some are voluntarily breathing fire in a plain and accommodative forum like this. This is like Kenya is in a very dangerous hole, yet some of us are still busy digging. Tribalism, nepotism and corruption is viciously eating the social economic and political fabric of the country at a very alarming rate, yet few individuals engage others with myopia whenever such issues are raised.
    Let me tell you this for free, things are falling apart, the center cannot hold and perhaps all hell may break loose as a result of this things that we are toying around with.

  20. as much as you and i are complaining….we have to agree we are heading somewhere….we are growing….poor governance serves to enlighten us…our greedy leaders are teaching us a lesson…..we deserve them we choose them……we’ll get to a point where we know who not to let in….its gonna take sometime..

    • Yours Jonah is the approach of supporting the devil you know because they are your tribesmen. It is not a very helpful approach because others will support the devil you don’t know which is their tribesman. You have said well, the problem is lack of an alternative. Support the rise of an alternative.

  21. Might want to ask former CS’s Ngilu and Macharia, Matemu plus the other 100 plus names that were forced to step aside if indeed the president was hindered by the constitution then. This crumbling house of cards is thinly held together by a very compromised and suspect IEBC. And they know so.

  22. Well I think proffesor here is looking ay the situation with an eagle’s eye both sides dont seem to be of much help to kenyans what they are doing is just thinking about themselves amd using common mwananchi to suit there interests

  23. I hope this stalemate will be resolved soonest. It is painful to see citizens especially youth roughed by police and business investments being destroyed. We have a beautiful country to build n protect. Let’s be united n not be divided along any senseless line as a country.


    The pertinent question that young men from Luo Nation must ask themselves is this; For how long are we going to die young because of politics? Are we going to die like flies simply because we are not happy with IEBC, election results, the regime of the day etc? While demonstrations are constitutional, but can we change tact or at least how we approach the police? Is the worth of a young man from Luo Nation now equivalent to that of a stray dog that can easily be killed? For how long are we going to be martyrs of a futile cause while the children of the ones calling us to do so aren’t on the front line?

    The politicians whom they die for are having a blast, plotting another protest while their children are safely tucked away in foreign schools or they are busy investing. The poor men who are probably the lights of their families imprudently risk finding out the power of the bullet. Yes, the bullet bought with his taxes will be fired by the police he pays then his family will have to hold a fundraiser to bury him…..

    Dear Luo Nation, it is time to tell the politicians that we can no longer afford to die on their behalf. We no longer have tears to shed because of political fatalities. The dreams of our young men are also valuable enough to be nurtured but how long will they be treated like political capital? We have tried our best to sponsor a family’s ambition with our blood yet more keep dying, it’s time to say enough is enough. Dear baba, we have buried enough young men fighting for you, when are you going to take a bullet for us?

    Dannish Odongo
    Capital FM

  25. I promised not to say anything to u but hate not to Tell people when they are wright or wrong and this time sir,u have hit it wright on the head. Very true picture of our situation. Good read Well done.

  26. There is a constitutional crisis the excecutive hands are tied in taming corruption in some institutions but some demands by cordians are just negative critics to blackmail the government by creating chaos just to delay some jubelee pledges

  27. Let’s not debate Yes am sycphant of jubilee,I do not lie Luke this writer here who is an odm sycophant since 2012_ when I started reading his anti Uhuru post! Was uhuruto there, the country was spotless of corruption?
    Why should use a platform to attack the president for 4yrs now !
    Can’t be sorry for you if you not sorry for the propagandas you were doing especially 2013 but anyway if you call a spade a spade I will stop the ” radical fanatism”
    Use ur power to unmask the father of corruption raila ondingaism now!

  28. Don Lawrence. Let him educate that stupid tribe which ,regard a man as s god, those who know nothing else apartb
    from destruction!
    I have been reading his posts since 2012, and I know very well whom am dealing with
    Why hate Uhuru with a passion? Let him denir!

  29. If asking up Gregg is attacking Uhuru for nothing let me continue sleeping! Not unless raila and goons are unmasked and the zeal in which Uhuru is blamed for with corruption, then we are doing nothing!
    My point is that why do writers as this one,journalist, media uses fear to expose raila and goons buy when he takes his madness shouting corruption they will dwell in for months!
    Raila and co: are the worst corrupters and must be faced as the we as those in uhuruto’s!

  30. The professor has some insightful points, the trouble I have is with those who see ethnicity by calling others luo nation versus Kikuyu nation. The issues are IEBC, legal and illegal demos but of course the writer is getting to paint a picture of what ails this nation devoid of calling people names. Some people cannot just rest until they insult a luo or Kikuyu even in a sane sober reasonable argument.

  31. On this one, I totally agree with you, this two powerful political families will always compete for power until the end of Kenya, and us foolish wananchi will fight and kill each other in the name of struggle for power which we will never benefit from. I think is high time Luos and Kikuyus stop fighting for individuals to gain power at our expense.

  32. Our Constitution is one of the very best in the world but before it serves the common man’s interests, we’re gonna have to avoid trying to change it for the selfish interests of a few. Instead we should demand that they conform to the Constitution annd not the other way round…

  33. As a govt u can’t jus entertain corruption..its the opposition work to keep the govt on toes. When kikuyus were in opposition they opposed the moi govt with zeal. Jus cz one of your own is on power u fail to reason. Kikuyus worship uhuru, kales worship ruto, kaus worship kalonzo…now yhe kikuyus and kales think luos worship Raila…..hahaha that is laughable and mediocre reasoning.

    • I have said that the tribal warlords have held the country hostage. I do not think there is anything wrong with the people. When the political class raise the stakes on a tribal narrative, the people would have to fall in line. The only solution is to change the narrative at the top and give the people a non-ethnic counter narrative. Right now it is either one ethnic warlord or the other, and the people are right to chose their own warlord over the others’ warlord.

  34. This is an amazing piece. I wish Kenyans understood that the political class is only fighting for their own survival and care less about the common people. We really need a third force in 2017 otherwise it wont make any sense to vote.






  36. Your won’t pull me down Peterson olum,I don’t take shit lightly, so pls take it to your wife!
    Must I agree with a hater? Must swallloe his partisan views, especially when I remember how he has been using this platform to attack Uhuru even before he became president ,leave alone I know whom am dealing with just a hater. Who is trying to be relevant!

  37. Kenyan we can unite against the divisive narrative of the political class. we ought not b rivals becoz of the railas & Kenyattas.we can bring a change in this nation if we unite in our diversity. No Constitution on earth is perfect.we will all suffer if we go the tunisia,Egypt, Libya way of solving problems ignited by selfish blood thirsty politicians.

  38. Corruption is deeply ingrained in the national psyche.i find it unacceptable anyone suggesting the president can fight it as a lone ranger.our institutional complacency and incompetence coupled with a good dose of corrupt judicial officers is to blame.nobody is telling us how the president interfered with mega graft cases already before the courts as to prevent their logical conclusions.

    • Mwaura it is pretentious and wicked for you to say you “know” I have been paid. The only way you can “know” i have been paid is if you are the one who has been paying me. So do not coat your wickedness and emptiness with “knowledge”. Say you suspect or think or hope. It only demonstrates that you are so corrupted you actually think that everyone is for sale because you are. I will let you know that there is something called conviction and integrity. You would know nothing about them and you are trying to convince yourself that everyone is equally dirty. You are wrong. But most probably you have no capacity to know that.

  39. Whichever way you put it Prof, politics is flourishing business, no company in the name political parties and or gov against opp is readily willing to ceed any ground/profits to either.Matunda ya siasa through corruption ni maaatamu sana, gharama ya kuyapata, sio shida wala si tatizo.Kifo, wizi, uhuni, matusi, maandamano, are just ammunitions used in gaining markets yaani wateja ambao ni sisi wakenya

  40. I agree with you on this one professor. Jubilee is a captive of corrupt clique of buddies whose fathers did job with Jomo and Moi. CORD on the other hand is made of frustrated friends who once tasted power and then lost it. None of the two can claim to be defending the constitution.

    • If the reason you cannot get convinced is not because I am not convincing but because of my name, then you are part of the problem, not the solution. It is only after you have gotten over your tribal bigotry that we can start to engage in meaningful search for a Kenyan solution.

  41. Kenyans are doomed citizens…. You cried like babies,,praying and pleading for mercy to the masterminds of the post election violent,,forgetting that you were blocking and perverting justice to ya fellow brother’s and sisters.. Jus to protect the interests of a few political elite…. We as ordinary Kenyans ,,we have conquered awa selfs from within and that why we easily fall prey to the ruthless politicians

  42. ‘CORD, finding itself locked out of power…’ It is not short term gain as you seem to imply. We can always wait a few more months (we gave done 36 plus months remember?). This type of democracy is a sham and that is why we want electoral reforms. We have the presidential system like America. Let’s swallow the whole hog and adopt an electoral college system of voting. As it is we will never have a regime change through elections.
    My sixpence.

    • The purpose of elections is not regime change. The purpose of elections is to allow a competition of ideas for the advancement of society. None of the CORD and Jubilee politicians have advanced and modern arguments. That is why for them, elections are about occupying statehouse.

    • Titles given by the same ethnic and corrupt regime. They have been awarded in recognition of their role and service in perpetuating the regime. Those should not be seen as awards of honor. They are awards of shame, betrayal of the people and conformity. How can someone accept accolades from the same regime they have been fighting claiming it is corrupt? Hypocrites.

  43. Not only that the president’s hands are tied in defeating corruption but he now claims that the constitution has tied his hands and call he is left to do in build railways, roads, dams, etc and extend electricity. This attitude of Mr President is pathetic, too lazy to lead Kenya in the 21st century. That President Uhuru wouldn’t engage in dialogue on matters to do with governance and democratic rights of citizens isn’t in tandem with his responsibility to protect and defend the constitution. Something keeps on misguiding the president or he doesn’t think well enough!

    • I have always opposed the argument that the President is misguided. He is not. And even if he receives the wrong advice, it is he and he only who has appointed the advisers. It tells us something about his own judgement. His advisers cannot be the problem. You have identified the problem in the last phrase of your comment.

  44. Take care the kikuyu community might disown you!!!! Don’t be too harsh on their “MTU WETU”…….Again you’re lucky you are not a luo. It’s like meddling in the affairs of their “god”.

    • Every of the five big communities have their own gods. Pointing out the Kikuyu is itself bigotry. I have no love lost for the tribal tingods, Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Mudavadi, Wetangual and Kalonzo. They are all beneficiaries of the mtu wetu syndrome and then hypocritically run around “denouncing” tribalism.

  45. I guess you have forgotten what I told you Mr fake professor.your articles too are polarizing this nation and we are sick and tired of them coz.we Kenyans know our leaders and after all Kenya will remain a united state.

  46. The truth in this country is that executive power is absolutely wielded by the presidency. A mere opposition party stands no chance trying to subvert this power. Only once person walks on a red carpet and it is not to keep his shoes clean.
    I am old enough to remember Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania talking on radio for 8 hours nonstop to the people on the need for unit and Tanzanians to shun tribalism and stay as one peo ple. This is sourly needed In this country.

  47. True, none is straight n all is about selfish struggle & defence for/of power. But, unfortunately, who n where are the kenyans who want change? the people, the parties, the parliament, the gvt, the opposition, the law, leadership, jubilee, cord,…….., all is only but the ‘tribe’. when there’ll be no tribe in kenya, there’ll be kenyans 4 change with no tribe.

  48. prof u are a fence sitter .who is the aggressor? corruption has only existed this time? confronts issues head on ! u can use the relevant material facts available to u to a destined position traitors like u r outmoded n tasteless

  49. Prof , get out of the Libraryy and smell the coffee / tobacco. Raila is not in power, has no control of armed forces , police or anti corruption or nsis… just point the finger right…there!

  50. Professor, the image you look for, ain’t there, not even in heaven. The good days says, ‘do good, especially to the house hold of faith’.
    See it clearly, ‘charity begins at home’, remove the log in your eye, before pretending to be a messiah.
    Professor, if you can’t fill your own belly how do you hope to fill others. Hata marekani ni vivyo hivyo!

  51. That’s the truth, politicians are jst politicking and gambling with our damn lives….. I will comment on this every moment until Kenyans learn that we r being played.

  52. When will humanity evolve from ethnicity for even the Bible call them Nations. I know you are aware that even the most civilised like Britain there still Irish ..Scott..English. …In Africa this is what is called ..tribalism. .

  53. The chicken are coming to roost. Mwalimu Julius Nyerere had long warned Tanzanians not to be envious of supposedly good development of their northern neighbors coz the ‘nation’ ( ethnic) Kenya is a house built on quick sand rather glass house. Our leaders past and present concentrated on building ethnic hegemony and preached about the superiority of their tribes and the uncouthness of the others. Like the nazis of the Adolf Hitler time they indoctrinated their youths with the false knowledge of them being the god chosen. They are to conquer and subdue. All the land and its products belong to them and the others can only claim to have it at their benevolence. Any opposition to the rulership of their heir is satanic and all efforts must be expended to bring it down. The Kenya situation is tricky and no amount of fasting and prayer can bring healing to this ethnic enclave. Though separation is a far fetched ideology it might be the only way to bring sobriety for the different ethnic leaders to a round table and discuss an Union or the Kenya covenant

    • You raise several issues. I am not sure about your claim that no prayer and fasting can help us. The other challenge is that “ethnic leaders” can never sit around a table to discuss a Union or the Kenya covenant. They are the antithesis of these ideals.

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  55. A career cannot be constitutionally irrelevant. The constitution recognizes the right to work, to actively participate in politics, and just to express oneself. Only primordial hatred can conjure up a phrase like that.

  56. All said above can only b solved by an independent Judiciary which can jail and interprete constitution indipendently with no political influence unlike here .A case filed by a cord member and presided by cord judge (disguised as independent) will always rule on their favour. Likewise to jubilee.

  57. Prof.jubilee is playin the blindmans bluff!!whether u like it or not their blinkmanship ttype of politics will tear this kenya into pieces come july 2017!!if nothin is done to address oppositon grievance..not. condescend them

    • This is a very foolish thing to say. It would have been better had you not made any comment at all. This is an argument that can only benefit the corrupt, they like hearing it. For the record, I am not corrupt and many regular Kenyans are not. Do not use this argument to justify your own corruption.

  58. You can never build walls before laying the foundation. The foundation is justice, peace and unity.

    Men with goodwill can do marvelously well with or without the constitution. All that is good is known to all men but due to our selfishness and ego, we choose to do otherwise.

    I strongly believe that the constitution is not the problem so long as there is the will to do good.

  59. Here is my prediction, cord knows they will lose 2017because numbers have not changed and voting patterns won’t either, so to get to power crisis/chaos is the only path unless uhuruto form an inclusive government. Iebc, courts are just scapegoats. 2017 will be a do or die election for cord

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  61. I presume u know wea the problem is exactly. Plz i beg u , go ahead en unvail it. U may be a true citizen of thz country. Plz do it. Dont look at Uhuru, tribalism has enslaved him. Dont look at Raila, power hunger has enslaved him. Dont look at the common kenyan, joblesnes has enslaved him. Look at the good of thz Country KENYA.

  62. The tyranny of numbers is a myth borrowed, copied and sold to Jubilee by Mutahi Ngunyi. Numbers don’t lie unless tampered with by the processors. During the last election a keen observer could have noticed during the early stages of tallying that a constant difference in favor of the Jubilee candidate was being maintained irrespective of the new entries. This was an earlier sign of tampering. Again the number of spoilt votes was becoming unreasonably high at some stage and then the interpretation of the votes cast to mean the valid votes cast. All this pointed to a deliberate manipulation. The next theatre of the absurd was moved to the Supreme Court where all requests for the necessary election results entry forms could not be availed by Iebc and the total rejection of several pleadings by Cord coupled with the hurried conclusion of the case. There are questions that were not answered; what happened to BVR kits, why were the television stations not allowed to have their tally from the results that had been verified and announced at the polling stations. Prof. Chinua Achebe pointedly put it that ‘ when you see a frog run in daylight know that something is after its life’. These were all tell tale signs of the ominous culpability of Iebc and the principals on whose behalf they were working.

  63. Can anyone in the know attempt to explain why we have borrowed over 3.5trillion, within a span of 3.1/2 years while the kibaki /Raila coalition government borrowed less than half of that money in 10yrs.Kibaki was almost able to fund the national budget, but now, we have a budget deficit of 700trillion,plus. How did we get here proff? Is corruption to blame or the figures are being cooked,

  64. Badala ya kuandika comments mingi mingi, anzisheni biashara ya saloon. Iko na dough. Ukipata CS mmoja anakuja kusuka nywele kwako, haki utabeba pesa kwa gunia! Nyi ni pang’ang’a tu.

  65. Professor it’s us citizens who r the fools and yet we have all the powers to stop corruption in this country , if only we could come out of our tribal comfort zones unite as humans beings and as Kenyans only them will we be able to stop this politicians menace of dividing us, corruptions, unsolved murders , among others, and Kenya will be a respectable country in the whole world

  66. If you want to clean the country, start from your doorstep. Our country is experiencing bad tidings because of people like besigye, tsangirai and malema who don’t let our elected leaders give us the required services peacefully. How can cord governors, MP s, SENATERS accept their results and continue serving and getting salaries with the blessings of the same bad IEBC that declared your presidential candidate as the worst loser. Propaganda will change nothing. We are now focusing on 2017.

  67. It is LIKE in the US Elections 2016. We read that that BOTH MAJOR CANDIDATES ARE NOT LIKED. Hata hapa Kenya, the TOP CONTENDERS 2017 are not liked, but they are the TOP CONTENDERS, Prof. we cannot change that. Prof. liwe liwalo, farasi walewale wa 2013 wanarudi Ngong 2017: Siasa ni hivi tu, we dont have to get ALL that we want. We can have these KANUnites ruling us for more years to come, however history has shown SIASA KAMA HIZI ZA JUBILEE ZITAANGUKA TU. Wapi Sadaam, Ben Ali, Iddi Amin, Mengistu na wengine na pia ukoo zao? Waliangamia tu. Mungu hapendi binadamu WANYANYASWE (tyranny of numbers itakwisha pia)

  68. Can’t have your cake and eat it!Who amongst you has never bribed?Did you have time to consult Jubilee or Cord for that matter?Seeing a speck in others’ eyes with a log jammed in your own eyes…All are hopelessly in the muddle and know not how to jump out!

    • This is not true. The political elite are the thieves. Common Kenyans do not bribe. They are extortioned by government and its agencies especially the law enforcement and regulatory agencies. I am against this argument where the thieving political elite call us all corrupt n order to justify themselves. We are victims of corruption, they are the beneficiaries.

  69. This gvnt has failed to deal with corrupt curlprits yet they clam that they are obeing the constitution!!! it’s painful to kenyas who are paying tax for few greedy individuals who rule us!!onlyGod will save us.

    • CORd and jubilee have blinded some Kenyans into thinking that there are two sides. We have one political class driven y politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi. it is only that part of the group is in power and overeating, the other is out of power and overshouting.

  70. Stop commenting and start doing something or at least come in with a viable solution, otherwise with your education and status in community you are a bigger disgrace than those exploiting us through corruption.

  71. #Stolen Whenever I see those South Sudanese registered vehicles in the streets of Nairobi, a number of things come into my mind: 1. What brought all those vehicles to Nairobi? 2. What if what happen(s)(ed)(ing) in South Sudan happened in Kenya? 3. Why is the Kenyan political class obsessed with making our country another African “basket case”?Junet an opposition mp says that moses kuria should go back to congo, where he came from, a mca from nyanza says if uhuru refuses” ibisi” dialogue, Kenya will burn.. I came across an article in the Star Newspaper with an article titled “ODM’s Statement Regarding the Statements made by Kinuthia and Moses Kuria”. I also listened to Kinuthia (or whoever that was) stating that members of the Luo community should vacate Nakuru. The Kenyan social media is ablaze with hate speech or is it ethnic-inspired vitriol?. It is despicable what is happening. There are however a number of things (many things) that will happen if both sides make true their threats. Here is a sample: 1. You will kill each other, blood will flow. 2. If the violence goes unabated, the effects will start being felt after a week. There will be no fuel; your refrigerator will have nothing apart from the noise coming from the compressor (that is if you are fortunate enough to own one); Stadiums will be filled with people running away from the gory scenes in the suburbs and the slums. 3. CNN, BBC, MSNBC, Al Jazeera and all those cable news networks will be all over the place. Hovering like vultures. Their Nairobi bureau (or their Dar es Salaam bureau) will be booming with activity. The will retreat for news from Syria or about a dingy carrying Kenyan migrants (they refuse to call you refugees) that has sank in the middle of the Mediterranean and come back with breaking news about a massacre in Nakuru or Kisumu or Kibera. 4. You will be forced to move out of the country. Lucky you if own a passport and have some dollars with you (Kenyan money will be s#*t money; worthless like the paper it is printed on). You will probably move to Zimbabwe (They don’t require an advance visa application if you are from Kenya). The poor ones will troop to Tanzania or Uganda with probably a blanket, a mattress, a handful of clothes and a few worthless Kenyan currency notes. 5. You will meet in the refugee camps. You will be forced to live with the njaruo or okuyu that you despised back in Kenya and whose blood you bayed for. You will be asking your okuyu or njaruo neighbour about what happened. If you may not have learned a lesson or two, you will probably start fighting in the refugee camps like they have done in Kakuma and South Sudanese IDP camps. 4. The world will respond to humanitarian situation in Kenya. This will probably be after it is satisfied that enough has been killed to create enough shock value. 5. Jamie Foxx or Anjolina Jolie or any of those showbiz “heroes” will start a “US for Kenya” or “Kenya 2017”. They will probably do a remix of Michael Jackson’s “We are the world”. Funds will flow. There will be #SaveKenyafromCivilWar on Twitter and Facebook. But remember that #BringBackOurGirls did not bring back the Chibok Girls. 6. A photographer from the New York Times will visit one of those refugee camps and take a heart wrenching photograph accompanied with a very sad story. He will probably win a Pulitzer for highlighting the plight of Kenyans in the refugee camps. 7. An evangelical church in Wichita, Kansas or Jonesboro, Arkansas will publish images of malnourished children (sent by missionaries working in the refugee camps) exhorting the members to give generously for the improvement of the lives of those children suffering in refugee camps in “Africa”. 8. You will remember that before the violence, you were working and that you had attended some village university named after some dead Kenyan politician. You will probably seek a job in whatever country you would have settled in but they will tell you they don’t recognise that university and have never heard of it. You will realise that you were a student in some elevated village polytechnic. 9. Woe unto you if you used your passport to gain entrance to South Africa. You will live with the indignity of being a “makwerekwere”. SAQA will demand to have copies of your degree certificates certified and you will have no country to turn back to to have that done. You will probably use the few coins left on you to start a beauty parlour or a spaza. A fall from grace (from a middle class keyboard ethnic warrior to a shopkeeper). 10. If you settle in the United States, you will be lucky to land a job as a car park attendant. You will rue the day to egged your tribal warlord on. You will the focus of dirty Republican versus Democratic Party politics. You will end up as morgue attendant or something you looked down upon to barely put something in your stomach. You will your life in some middle class suburbs and reflect over your better days. Your degree certificate from Kamau Otieno University of Science and Technology will worthless; toilet paper. 11. Then PBS will make a documentary. They will probably call in “Ghosts of Kenya” or “Shaking the hand of the Devil”. It will air in the United States and the humanitarian aid agencies will use its shock value to ask for more humanitarian support for Kenyans in Africa. 12. Idris Elba will be tasked by MGN or Universal Studios to take a starring role in a movie about the violence. They will probably call it “Hotel Serena Talks, The Dogs of the World, Hotel Nairobi” or some fancy name to ensure that it breaks Box Office records. He will probably win an Oscar as you suffer the stench coming from the infirmary and makeshift morgue just behind your tent in some Godforsaken refugee camp in Tanzania or Uganda. 13. Then they will forget about you. Kenyan news will no longer sell and they will probably move on to news about the successor to the then probably-vanquished ISIS. The successor to ISIS will probably be hijacking more planes and ripping open the bodies of American journalists on live TV; a new shock for the world. 14. You will reminisce the good old days. Like John Ruganda, you will probably write another “Shred of Tenderness” (That is if you were an educated tribalist masquerading as an academician in Kenya). You will write about the travails of life in the refugee camps and how glorious the past was. 15. Then we will be another Somalia. Since we deliberately killed the International Criminal Court in defense of our war lords, the world powers will not be bothered about the crimes against humanity, crime of genocide and war crimes committed in Kenya. They will laugh you off and remind you about the “monkey chants” you made about the ICC during your better days. 16. The guys at the top will probably agree to share power and they will write a joint newspaper article (like was done by Salva Kiir and Riek Machar) in the New York Times with the title “South Sudan(read Kenya) Needs Truth, Not Trials” which is high brow BS disguised as genuine concern. And then you will remember that the likes of Mohamed Wehliye and Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani warned you that when you burn the country, you will be forced to share the refugee camps with the njaruo and okuyu you fought against. Before you type that silly comment about Jubilee or CORD supporters or about a njaruo or okuyu, remember that you will be on your own when the violence takes its toll on you.

  72. Professor, our Constitution is progressive but the people aren’t. Our President promised to be a listening president, is he listening? The opposition is one mandate with keeping the executive on its toes when things turn messy! But they play politics of division instead of showing the government the pitfall of their actions. The single agenda of either side is to better the LIVES of Kenyans. Sideshows won’t build this Country. Neither does Change come FROM State House, Change come TO State House!

  73. Ronald Mungoma. Division in Kenya is caused by the governments and Uhuru’s being the greatest amplifier. The opposition is just bringing it to the face of the government

    • Opposition are active participants and enablers of division in the hope it will take them to power. They know it took jubilee to power. A country cannot progress when the survival of the political elite depends on the things that divide us. The only option is to get rid of them.

  74. Well argued thoughts, Prof. The only problem is that you are imagining an ideal situation which is not likely to happen in a swoop. Which leaders are likely to fit into what you envisage good leaders to be ? I think the question of political leadership is more complex than we think if we are not in it. The evils of corruption, tribalism, nepotism, etc will progressively end as we develop economically & socially. No matter who rules and how good a constitution, their ending will be progressive and not an event. Remember we are talking of these evils at both the national and devolved governments.

    • Karuri, you are an advocate of what is called gradualism. That somehow, with time, these things will sort themselves out. They will not. Time is neutral. It does not fix anything. It gives you and I a chance to act to direct our lives the way we want it. If we do not someone else, unfortunately with evil intentions will. Secondly the rise of alternative leadership is not as hard as you think. All we need is a new narrative that the people will respond to. However vile our politicians are, it is the people who keep them there. They can get them out.

    • John M. Nyamamu This tyranny of numbers narrative is nonsense. It is called democracy. Rule of the majority. I do not know why CORD makes it look like something evil. It is ironical since some of its leaders claim to have “sacrificed” a lot for democracy. This is it. I do not support jubilee, the difference between me and CORD is that I am not prepared to spread empty propaganda. And if there ever was propaganda, it is the tyranny of numbers nonsense.

  75. Corruption has been there since independence. You purport that the Jubilee government is very corrupt. Am sure you have also given a couple of shillings to gain favor from someone or an institution.
    Corruption is a war to be fought by everyone.

  76. its very sad as a country see how the political class is ruinning this great country its either you are on this side or the other side the climax of all this will be in the election and with temperatures like this be sure that we will turn against each other

  77. Why we should doubt jubilees seriousness on this IEBC issue. They are insisting that law must be followed, but why are they violating the same by employing most people from their two communities when kenya has 42 tribes? Corruption is a crime but to them its part of life? Where is the report on justice commission?

    • Absolutely. In the words of Robert Kennedy “A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability”.

  78. Recently i was touched by these meaningless maandamano thing and had to stood up kwa Bus on our way home and asked the passengers the direction our country is heading to. Interestingly everyone was in agreement with the fact that Kenya is our country and all should champion for peace. So be it constitution or opposition all in all YOU and ME should stand firm and say NO to any politician trying to use especially youth for their selfish interests.
    Maze mavijanaa wanatumiwa vibaya coz of their status (poverty).
    I urge each one of us to take charge and sensitize two or three ppl for the sake of peace in our loving country.
    I love peace!

  79. Edwin kiprop. If maandanano were MEANINGLESS. The president would not have listened. If the president was a good listener, WHY WOULD YOU KILL PPL in demonstrations before you can reason simply to do away with CORRUPT PPL LIKE ISSACK HASSAN who have a mega corruption case. Unless he has something to benefit in it

  80. Who was it who wrote you can fool some of the people some of the time, all the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time. The problem here in Kenya is that we are trying to be like Europeans with democracy, Central Banks ” independent institutions etc and end up with the worse of both worlds. Who are they kidding what remains is the worse of both worlds., corruption.

    • My guess is that it will not happen. It has not happened for the last 14 years since we removed Moi. His spanner boys are in power now and there is no way they can go after the big corrupt people without bringing down their own government. If we have to deal with the corrupt, it cannot be with the current political class. Corruption is the legal tender for their politics.

  81. i tend to think if uhuru went at it alone,it would do him more good in terms of public opinions, he is the only ‘clean’ president kenya ever had,since all blame on corruption is placed on ruto n allies,y not jump off that tiger n jump onto a horse of choice mr president

    • Very irrelevant. The constitution does not recognize anything called opposition or leader of the opposition. These are relics of the past and those who hold them are craving for political relevance. That is law and that is a fact. I can understand why some people have a problem with it. But that is the way it is.

  82. You are wrong with your PhD. No constitution is being misread and misinterpret by cord. Why is that every time cord challenge decisions of jubilee in court they win. PhD man the more you know the more you will know how little you know

    • You are twisting facts to wish away the reality you do not want to face. First, CORD has not won every-time it has challenged Jubilee decisions. It has won some of the time. In any case, even if they had won every-time, it does not change the fact that Raila is a persona non grata in the new constitution dispensation and so is Kalonzo and Mudavadi. The only tribal tingods who have constitutional relevance are Uhuru, Ruto and Wetangula. The title “leader of the opposition” is a pigment of CORD’s imagination to keep their tribal tingods happy. Fact.

  83. U must know that any action which is taken by cord is constitutional , is always aproved by the court, is only this govn made up of idiot on jubilee side who cannot help uhuruto on how to fight corruption & tribalism

    • It is not just the government that is made up of idiots as you call them. The whole political class in CORD and jubilee would fit in your description. You should revisit your statement that “any action which is taken by CORD is constitutional”. Any? Really? There is sycophancy and then there is this!

  84. my take- I think anyone in govt bears greater responsibility to do what is RIGHT, more than the opposition. in fact it’s always about What Is Right. that’s right. we are driven by What Is Right. That is the spirit behind what is lawful/constitutional. but what is right ? or conversely, what’s not right ? what’s wrong? 1. corruption/stealing is not right. stopping at 1 is enough. government is fashioned/modelled like a business complete with a business name. it’s about MONEY. public resources and who is in charge (executes as executive) tribalism being a form of corruption supports the theme of (its twin brother the vice of) economic corruption in society, firstly by undermining virtue-in-society. basically, to narrow down the term is that, corruption of the soul & mind losely defines tribalism. the soul of man searches continually for truth/right/good/clean which when found is like a spring of fresh water for a thirsty/broken soul. right prevails regardless of who propagates it in this case the opposition. constitutions are man-made constructs and therefore inherently imperfect & that is why you see it constantly needing or being updated/modified … until … we reach the elusive position that feels or rather where ‘ is right ‘ so yes, until its right its .. “everything else aside “

  85. Kenyan politics play quiet differently. For any elected leader to remain in power he has to appease his electorate.Every candidate is working towards cementing their voting blocks…The only solution is independent institutions. Apparently attention seems to have shifted to the political class.

    • You have accepted that tribal balkanization is the only way of mobilizing politically. The fact that it is the approach of choice for the current political class does not mean it is the only approach. A new narrative is needed and it is possible.

  86. The debate surrounding our new constitutional dispensation vis avi the prevailing political mechanisation can be very interesting in our times. What informs our argument as the Prof puts is status quo. Which to me runs around the narrative of Cord, Jubilee or neither cord nor jubilee. Prof Wanaina seem to be toying with the last school of thought. My humble submission is that a new political dispensation cannot be realised by calling others names simply because we hold a divergent opinion and political orientation. Neither scholarly arrogance. We must start by understanding why we are where we are first. My theory has always been cessation. Citizens who trust only their tribesmen has no business ruling other tribes. Listening to the so called political class I believe the rest are worse. We must start from self before we reprimand our leaders. The middle ground between cord and jubilee for me cannot be the solution Prof.

  87. The prof should read the Constitution more clearly. The leaders of majority and minority are just representatives of their parties in Parliament only. The leadership of the parties represent the whole country. That’s what makes raila and company very important figures in the running of this country. Try reading the Constitution without your usual glasses and you’ll definitely find it.

  88. It’s true that “Opposition” is a figment of political class own imaginations but parties are recognized by the same constitution which doesn’t provide for opposition politics since Kenya is a democratic state. So you don’t expect vibrant political parties to hibernate and go into a political slumber until next elections professor. That’s foolhardy and playing with the psych of informed populace. When one is defeated in a democratic election, he doesn’t lose as well sovereign power to question the authority. Apologize for playing with our minds on this for the sake of intellectual honesty

    • I still insist that you are intellectually dishonest applying selective amnesia to your line of thought. You have said and I quote. “executive is checked by parliament which has majority and minority NOT the fictional OPPOSITION. upto there you are right. Where is your fallacies start to emerge and begin to lose your intellectual weight? It is where you continue to state that:” if then we were to follow the Constitution, after losing their presidential bid Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga have no official status recognized in the Constitution”. You are saying therefore that they have no constitutional rights first as citizens and two as leaders of political parties recognized by same constitution. The citizens have sovereign power bestowed upon them by the Constitution. You further annoyingly state a simple fallacy that Raila has refused to accept a commoner status prescribed for them by the Constitution. Let. A commoner like me tell you professor that nowhere in the Constitution is it written that after holding an office for a period or a term or losing in an election, a citizen becomes irrelevant or loses totally his civic duty. You can’t compare Raila and the likes of Ole Kiyapi, Martha Karua, mwalimu Dida with Raila who speaks for millions of people he lost their votes.

    • Mr. Oyago, you are confusing constitutional matters with political grandstanding. What I have said is a fact and you have re-stated it well. That they “have no official status recognized by the constitution”. That’s a fact. Maybe I need to explain. President, Deputy President, Chief justice, Leader of minority, MCA etc etc are official positions in the constitution. “Leader of the opposition” is not. By all standards it is a self-styled title, a relic of the previous political and constitutional dispensation. That is all the point I was making. Beyond that every Kenyan has certain inalienable rights and I was not commenting about those.

      Again, anyone is free to call themselves anything. If we are using the word commoner to imply someone who has no official or constitutional role, then Raila is a commoner. If we are taking the word commoner to imply someone who thinks he is special or whose followers think is special, then Raila may not be a commoner. My argument was based on constitutional provisions not on perceptions of importance. According to the new constitution, you are a commoner if you run for Presidency and loose, i.e. the constitution has absolutely no role for you and as far as it is concerned, you are a persona-non-grata. That is the law. I can understand why it is a big problem for Raila supporters but it is the law. I have met many a people in my life who have never held an “important” office who had a very high sense of self importance and did not consider themselves commoners. This is a very different argument.

      So Raila and his followers and detractors can call him whatever they want and bestow him any and all titles they feel like. I have no quarrel with that. No at all.

    • Why should he retire from politics? Is he not a political. Leader of a dominant political party? Should he relinquish his political position because he lost in an election? Does the Constitution recognize his party? Is it funded by the exchequer? These are the pertinent questions you are cheeky dodging professor. If the answer to the above questions are in the affirmative then I will conclusively say that he should disappear from the political scene since his role is not spelt out in the Constitution.

    • Joseph Oyago I have not and never said that he should disappear. I am also reluctant to join in the argument whether he should retire or not. That is his decision and that of his supporters and I have no problem with whatever decision they make. My argument was limited to the constitution and that only. He can be and can call himself anything he wants. Politically there are many possibilities which I have no quarrel with. Constitutionally, he has no role beyond what a commoner has. That is the law.

      I will give you an example. CORD was saying that he should sign the report on the Parliamentary Select Committee on the IEBC. For the first time, I have to agree with Duale. He is a persona-non-grata and cannot sign a document to be tabled in parliament. My point is, whatever he want to be politically, he can be. When it however comes to the constitution, it does not matter how highly he holds himself or is held by his supporters, he is a persona-non-grata. He cannot sign a parliamentary document, just like you and I cannot.

  89. bloviators like prof wanaina attacks the govt to seek attention and credibility n be a household name in kenya .you and a few others just form a minor group which has no relevance in times of agitating for change .

    • You really hope that what you are saying is true and you might even genuinely believe it. You are wrong though. Very wrong. First I am not a bloviator, I am a communicator and that is why you are commenting on my page. Secondly, anyone who has alternative ideas to the current intellectually bankrupt political class is welcome to share them. If they give them “attention and credibility n be a household name in Kenya” so be it. This is why we are a democracy. To ensure a competition of ideas and hopefully that the best will win.

      I agree with you that those who are agitating for change are a minority group. You are right. Change makers are always a minority. Then through the sheer power of their ideas and capacity to inspire change, they are soon with the majority. Change is coming.

  90. The kind of government a people get reflects their nature. So I don’t think the solution lies only in changing the crop of leaders or parties, it’s much deeper, requires multiple strategies, methods, mindsets, spirituality etc.

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