Will NASA survive? Of wandering political orphans, betrayed MOUs and an elusive candidate

My sentiments about the current political class in NASA and Jubilee are well documented. Still, some of my readers have asked me for my opinion about NASA and my analysis of what is going on inside there. I oblige, and here is my two cents worth of opinion…

From CORD to NASA…

On 12th September 2016, long before NASA came into being, I wrote on my blog:

“I have advocated for this new non-ethnic political narrative to rescue this country from the stranglehold of the tribal overlords in the current political class in CORD and Jubilee, our present day Goliath. This will be a new narrative, probably backed by lowly, unknown, un-moneyed “common” Kenyans. They will have to rise up against the established political narrative and machinery spun out of the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi by both Raila & his accomplices in the political class in Jubilee and whatever CORD will have mutated into.  (I doubt CORD will exist by the next elections. I could be wrong)”. See http://profmichaelwainaina.com/yes-mr-raila-2017-david-vs-goliath-battle-play-goliaths-league.html

In this paragraph, note that I predicted both the demise of CORD and  the “mutation’” of CORD into a new outfit.

I got a lot of backlash from the supporters of the defunct CORD who called me all sorts of things “Jubilee mole” being their choice one and of course that my name “betrays me”. They seem to have learnt well from the tribal kingpin in their ranks who refused to answer a question from a journalist because “his name betrayed him”. For people whose world is divided into CORD/NASA and Jubilee, there was no other way of reading my article. If I criticize NASA, I am a Jubilee mole, if I criticize Jubilee, I am a Luo disguised in a Kikuyu name, as if there is anything wrong with being a Luo. They even quote my looks to prove their point. Like we say, sio kupenda kwao, it has become the madness of a constituency under the evil grip of a single ethnic political narrative and the story of my life.

There are several forces that accelerated this mutation I had predicted, from CORD to NASA. None of these forces are bigger that the search for political relevance by a one Musalia Mudavadi.

Musalia Mudavadi: The Post Moi-era disoriented Orphan.

Since Moi and KANU fell in 2002, Musalia Mudavadi became the biggest casualty. He has never found himself politically. He momentarily found a place in ODM but ever since he left ODM, he had been in virtual political cold. In 2013, he tried with spectacular failure to craft himself as a “third force”. (Again, I have said that the “third forcers” are wrong. Read:  Third-forcers are mis-reading Kenyan politics and misleading Kenyans; CORD and Jubilee are the same force, where is the second force?)

Post 2013 elections, he went on a spirited campaign to discredit both CORD and Jubilee and position himself and his new ANC outfit as the alternatives. Such effort was evident in an article Mudavadi penned in The Standard of Wednesday 10th August 2016. I responded to that article in one entitled “Yes Mr. Mudavadi, the tribal kingpins in Jubilee are clueless Moi-men, so are you, only a Prince without a Kingdom.” I noted that Mudavadi did not have good things to say about the political class in both the then CORD coalition and Jubilee. He correctly warned us that the country is being held hostage by “political gangsters, from both Jubilee and CORD and he called both of them “a mockery”.

When it comes to implementing the Constitution, he was even more specific about the threats to the new Constitutional order from both CORD and Jubilee. He said:

“There are three threats in implementing the Constitution; those who seek to retain the status quo, reverse the gains or manipulate the implementation. The culprits are spread across CORD and Jubilee”
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000211496/mudavadi-trust-me-to-do-what-jubilee-has-not-done

He even had worse things to say about the claim by both Jubileee and CORD tribal honchos that they are guided by any ideology. He said:

“You will notice that I don’t sloganeer, sneer or stare at an illusionary ideology. A Kenyan leader professing a particular ideology is a liar.”
Read more at: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000211496/mudavadi-trust-me-to-do-what-jubilee-has-not-done

The question he should now answer to Kenyans is, “If he had such disdain and low opinion of the “political gangsters” in both CORD and Jubilee, why did he decide to abandon his search for an alternative to join one side of the “gangsters”?”

The answer is simple. The attempt to cast himself as an alternative and pull a katikati move failed. Miserably.

This ill-advised campaign never gained traction. This is because Mudavadi stands for nothing, could not articulate a course and he did not have a message that resonated with Kenyans. In the same article, he concedes that Kenyans were asking him “what do you stand for?”.  Can you imagine a guy who has been in politics for 30 years and the people he sought to lead are still asking him “what do you stand for?”.

His only option was to return to ODM. But because that door had been closed and he had a nebulous outfit called ANC, the NASA idea came in handy to get him out of his quagmire of a doomed search for a “third alternative”that was going nowhere.  He crawled back into the ODM fold in the hope to regain some relevance. His sacrifice of atonement to the tribal kingpins he had abandoned in 2012 was NASA. The sacrifice was accepted. He was accepted back.  He had succeeded in rescuing himself.


The second accelerant for the formation of NASA was the CORD MOU.  At around the same time that Mudavadi was looking for relevance, the Wiper section of the defunct CORD coalition was shouting about a 2013 pre-election MOU which stated that Raila would be a one term President and that he will hand over to Kalonzo in 2017. Of course Raila never became President, but Wiper hawks would care less. This MOU was becoming a headache for Raila. CORD, for him, was increasingly becoming untenable. He needed to get out of the CORD MOU and neuter the increasingly assertive Kalonzo and his Wiper brigade. When NASA came along, he saw an opportunity to kill five birds with one stone. He would dump CORD, accept Mudavadi back to the fold, join NASA, become its de-facto leader and widen his political base. He succeeded.

The Jubilee merger and the tribal arithmetic

The third accelerant to the formation of NASA was the Jubilee merger. Whatever the former CORD-men would want to say, Jubilee merger was a big political statement in a political arena ruled by tribal kingpins and the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity. It was a solidifying of the Kikuyu-Kalenjin political elite tribal duopoly and for all it is worth, it energized the tribal base from which the tribal kingpins derive their political legitimacy. In public, the tribal kingpins in CORD and the opposition loudly dismissed the move but privately they new that they needed a response. When the idea of NASA came along, they seized the opportunity. Like the Jubilee merger, NASA has energized the tribal base of the tribal kingpins who came together in NASA. It has however energized the Kamba more than the non-Kamba tribal kingpins would have expected. But energize it did.

The People’s need for Change

The unfulfilled expectations of the new Constitution and the clueless amateur act that is the Jubilee government has led to a huge desire for change among the people. The political class in the opposition know this and they seek to ride this discontent to power. That is to be expected. In joining NASA they saw an opportunity to galvanize the disillusionment and anger among the people and ride them power. It is however not enough or productive to ride discontent to power without a vision that goes beyond removing the incumbent regime. We are heading the same direction we took in 2002. Kenyans desperately wanted Moi out of power and the political class rode that desire to power. Unfortunately, they had no vision beyond that and five years after Moi had left power the country was in civil war.  We have never recovered. We should have learnt that replacing a bad regime with a visionless one does not translate to any change in the lives of the people. It only expands the playground for the tribal political class at the expense of the people.

Will NASA survive?

NASA became possible because as I have explained above, the political interests of the tribal kingpins in the opposition coincided. Mudavadi needed a political home, Raila needed to get out of the CORD MOU and the opposition needed an answer to the Jubilee merger. I suspect that NASA will hold together if these interests continue to converge. It will fall apart if they don’t. I suspect that these interests have started colliding and the only thing currently holding NASA together is the knowledge that the desire for change among the people is high, and the opposition supporters believe that NASA is that change.

When he got out of CORD, Raila had not bargained on a resurgent, energized and aggressive Kalonzo and a defiant Kamba constituency. Mudavadi still hopes to be the “compromise” candidate. They still do not have a candidate, but I suspect there is still time to work out one. My contention is that what happens to NASA solely depends on what Raila Odinga does next. What I can guarantee you is that the outcome of the next general election will be greatly influenced by what happens to NASA between now and August. Watch this space.

As for me, I hold today the same position I held when I wrote about the death-mutation of CORD on 12th September 2016. That position is that our salvation will come from neither NASA nor Jubilee. It will come from imagining a new-non-ethnic political narrative to inspire the Country differently. At the risk of repeating myself let me re-quote:

“I have advocated for this new non-ethnic political narrative to rescue this country from the stranglehold of the tribal overlords in the current political class in CORD [Update to NASA] and Jubilee, our present day Goliath. This will be a new narrative, probably backed by lowly, unknown, un-moneyed “common” Kenyans. They will have to rise up against the established political narrative and machinery spun out of the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi …”

Many have asked me where the narrative will come from. Again my response has been the same; “From me and you.  We are the people”.  And yes, that is my final answer!

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  1. The common denominator in NASA is that all the principals are losers in past elections. Internal wars are going to be vicious if they see Uhuru as beatable. They are all very ambitious and can’t trust each other.

  2. Kudos professor for a well thought out and spoken analysis. Continue enlightening us(voters). My worry is up to now.. No individual or a group that has come up with the non ethnic narrative convincingly to be embraced by the wanjiku.

  3. Why incite peoples hope into an empty entity that will never come into existence prof ?.Africa and especially Kenya is not yet ripe for the kind of political dialogues you’re attempting to propagate please !. You will end up frustrating yourself to your early grave academically ?.The kind of maturity you’re looking for does not exist in our corrupted society be it socially,economically, politically ,academic wise or otherwise !. We are handicapped in all spheres of human endeavors to actualise your academic thesis !.I can only compare your dream to the Jews dream of the coming Messiah ,yet the Messiah, Jesus Christ ,came and left without their knowledge ?. Charles Dawning theory still holds firmly, it is about survival for the greatest minds in this world,if you’re found wanting,you’re simply casted aside !. That is the game plan prof.

  4. Dont know how to respond this presentation. But one thing i know. Judging from the huge animated passionate tribal masses that throng political rallies on both divides and how the multitude religiousky hang on the words of their leaders in a trance, i can safely state thus; Kenyas goose has been cooked n at the moment indefinetely.

    • I do not know what “independent minded” means to you. If I had praised NASA and its tribal Kingpins, I may have passed as “independent minded” to you. Fortunately, my world is not divided into NASA and Jubilee. It is a world of immense possibilities. It is an independent minded world.

  5. I have followed you for long professor…why is it that in your articles you mention Jubilee lightly in few statements and condemn CORD/NASA ruthlessly?Why professor?

    • I do not know what you mean by “lightly”and “ruthlessly”. Jubilee supporters accuse me of the opposite of what you are accusing me of. The problem with me is that my world is not divided into CORD and Jubilee. For those whose world is thus divided, they will not understand me.

    • Okay…How many times professor have you posted serious accusation to the Jubilee Brigade?You mention them and before it dries in your mouth you fry NASA heavily.Am not Pro-NASA Sir.My knowledge of literature informs me to see your articles as thus.

  6. As you pointed out, one thing that worries me the most is replacing a bad regime with a visionless one. Its needless to say that what preoccupies the NASA movement most is the urge to grab power.


  8. Still not surprised sir ,because you are winning this war, the war of seeking public attention in the name of analyzing politics. Your arguments are always bending towards one side.Your assumption of being neutral to both parties has always been betrayed by your negative attitude towards this same side.
    I think you should come strong ,once and for all and support the government without pretance.

  9. Oooh…. Bwana self proclaimed prof. Who are your peers? I saw ur name and that of ngunyi among the list of udhamaki protector, keep your lectures to people of ur name type…

  10. A Prof with an intellectual pseudo- accent, who has failed to shatter the tribal shell, come out, feel and inhale the fresh air of nationalism. The article gives the reader an undivided conviction who the author’s master is.

  11. Prof.All well said ,but you still don’t drive it to majority of Kenya’s? I mean the youth! Many are definitely demoralized henceforth! Resort to bleed as they (Nasa /jubilee) lead .hope you will not in the near feature be a replacement of king of tyranny’ Ngunyi’.

    • Mark my words proff,”hope you Will not in the near future”. Why are you certain of that at present. .,? All Kenyans know who Ngugi was before, today and even have created judgmental ideas on future motives. .!!! We don’t want you to be like that! He no longer enjoy massive followers in terms of socio- political analysis. …!!

  12. Yout article is well thought out, but you fail on one point though. Kenya doesn’t need a political movement to liberate it, we need an economic movement led by entrepreneurship and innovation

  13. I believe people change like it happened to Paul. Therefore from the foxes of yesteryear could give us a saviour. Prof don’t sound so pessimistic in your articles. Why do you disparage the people who gave us the new constitution. Indeed where there is a will there is a way. Kenyans are crying for change and God has touched the hearts of their leaders. There is hope

  14. I agree with you prof. Neither Jubilee nor Cord/NASA can deliver the desired changes, with NASA the most visionles political outfit but a civil revolution can do.
    Again I tend to think Raila enjoys being the opposition leader than being in the government, but he can’t tell the electorate to vote him as opposition leader for people would take him not serious.

  15. Professor I like your article and the way you address people but there is one something your supposed to know that unless we have another generation of which I don’t know Kenya itazidi kuwa na hizo siasa za upuzi ukabila

  16. It’s a pity that learned can still think through tribal lenses, I concur with you Prof that both coalitions can’t bring the change we desire but are rather a union of tribal warlords….No ideology, but rather a fixation of grabbing power .

  17. Hi Professor. I wish you had picked a tribal neutral moniker. In the binary society we are living in (my tribe or the other tribe), your articles will always be read with jaundiced eyes. Someone makes up his mind that you are representing the other side and purse over the salient criticism you have for your perceived camp while seething in anger at every minor criticism on his.
    In the end both side will seek to do you in and only then you will be vindicated.
    It doesn’t have to come to that.
    Professor John Doe would have been a fine pen name.

    Am doughting your papers considering you the so called proffesor

  19. You see professor,Kenyans want to reason tribal lines in everything. Everything you say is the bitter truth.The common mwananchi should know that politics is a dirty game which is never meant to benefit him/her at the end of the day.Power is for the people,but only if one day all tribes will work together against bad leadership.

  20. What we need is change,by removing uhuruto and jubilee at large and replace it with NASA we test their leadership..we don’t eat articles proffesor,you have never offered us a candidate,you are full of ironical humour

  21. You hit the nail on the head prof. I like the way you responded the question of will NASA survive? The reality is that nasa is raila and raila is nasa so does jubilee. Jubilee is uhuru and uhuru is jubillee and that is Kenya.

  22. Well put prof, But in my opinion, both mm, & Raila were disperate to enter the 2017, with a different outfit, in the hope, that they would get a new lease of life, both having failed to capture the presidency, in the banner of Odm! secondly to eclipse kalonzo’s constant, quest for the implementation of cords, Mou of 2013.
    Like jaramogi once said, River nyando, never joins the small rivers, But its the small rivers that join Nyando, “Raila has made the biggest bladder in his pollitical career, by joining mudavadi’s, less known Nasa, while abandoning, cord, inicially nasa had 7 principals, now it has 4, who are together, with each, building his own party, before going separate ways. I will not be surprised if by the end, of the party nominations, Raila & mudavadi go separate ways.

  23. their is nothing like politics is a dirty game,we’ve made it dirty by worshiping our tribals kongpins,who’ve preached the tribals narratives of viewing our tribes better than the other tribes for the to continue rulling over us!i realy wonder at this age and time when we’ve got the called learned kenyans van still think and act with allianation with their tribes,i fail to understands ifits the sily sistem of education that made us dumb foolish not to think out of the box!why cant we identify our common enemy amd rise against it?we are all kenyans regardless of our tribes,when hunger was killing people in baringo,deceases and treatable sickness was taking lifes in central becouse doctors were on strikes! our problems are the same and they dont choose tribes we all suffer! it could be great salvation if we come together and sent all this people on politics home both in government and and opposition have absolutely nothing new to offer us.

  24. Today you accepted the tribal narrative of kalonzo’s move on fighting the NASA ticket is a portrayal of who we are as Kenyans, so i guess when people see you as a wolf in a sheepskin hiding under the pretence of analysis on the media but know where your real heart is, please dont judge them harshly. Otherwise i analyse your comments very keenly with a tin comb and even record some of the conversations and come to realise the narrative you push and the script is the same from all the government sympathisers. Kenyans are smart despite their silence prof.

    • You can analyse and the re-analyse. I have said my own. What write is what I write. What you read is your own interpretation and imagination. It is allowed to be as wild as you would want to make it. I am flattered that you take time to analyse my articles and comments. Continue Bro.

  25. Kenyan politics doesn’t need this much analysis unless you are trying to force sense where lines are clearly drawn hence making you just one of those who don’t get it,Kenyan politics simplified….POLITICS NEEDS MONEY,TRIBE AND ART OF MANIPULTAION,….Period,tell me what i have left out,it’s just that simple.

  26. Lastly also scrutinise jubilee with the same manner of intense and bravado as you do to the opposition. You focus so much on NASA despite shouting how the two coalition have no difference from each other. Its unfortunate you engage the public so much on politics instead of giving us solutions on how to deal with tge likes of Kaburas, the euro bonds,youth funds,health ministry and integrity in general. I know you are the few professionals being paid well to engage with gullible Kenyans on non issues to keep them from real issues like corruption, drought, high leaving standards,tribalism in government and unfinished projects that is now putting the regime under alot of pressure. I hope one day we dont we dont end up seeing you with a portfolio as a reward of ” driving narrative agenda” you kept saying over and over.

  27. dear professor,unga is 150 a kilo.waiguru,waiganjo and mugo wairimu are our preferred candidates,renaming dormitories is development in some areas while opening dual carriageways and milk processing plants in other areas is what they are talking about.i am a Kisii and voted for kibaki,then Uhuru.now i will vote for RAILA because kisumu is close to Kisii and bringing the presidency closer home is better. you see good professor, this is kenya.tribe first.replace sonko with Kenneth. UTHAMAKI must be protected. blablabla.wainaina we know where your heart is.same with the rest of us.

  28. I worry so much about the direction my country men are heading. Truly,truth is bitter, is abusive language going change the truth? No let us be accommodative, we need one another even after election.

  29. When i first read your articles, i dismissed you as a graduate from some shrewd university in india. I was utterly wrong. I now seriously like your insight and train of thought

  30. Hey!prof,truth always hurt. I like ur articles and they have alot of sense in them. It’s naked truth that Jubilee or NASA can not, will not save Kenyans from all this problems that we are facing. If u read some of the reactions from some people,u feel that they don’t want to hear about your opinion prof. The reason being, poisoned minds. Prof is very neutral in his opinions and he does take side with any coalition be it NASA or Jubilee, he hits them all. Keep it up prof and I second u for this opinion bt, time will tell.

  31. I like every sentence in your article, not just because I agree with your logic, but because its true. You just need to have independent mind to see the truth. Keep at it Prof

  32. to become a leader, one must get a blessings from his/her tribe old wise men, so i wonder hw will one become a none tribal?? even u prof, If one day u decided to vie for presidential sit whom to u first console If not your tribe men?? unles otherwise we change the constitution such that, the sits fellow that of president to changed. meaning If u ar a kalenjin an u want to vie for MP sit then go to bondo, an so on..

  33. I agree with most of your articles but the truth is that we must face the truth. Tribalism has been the base of our politics and it will be difficult to get out of this. You must align yourself to any of the political divide. Those of you who are hoping for a third force are cheating themselves. Get out of this thought align yourself somewhere and change from within. Otherwise you can write many articles repeating the same message but no impact.

  34. Jubilee or nasa will not save Kenya
    But Raila will
    Its that simple but those with looted wealth and their relatives irrespective of tribe must stand in Raila’s way even if it means using kalonzo to break him down.

  35. A tribal professor who want people to believe that he is not partisan but if you read his mind n what he utters carefully, he is as tribal as an ordinary Kikuyu out there!

  36. It seems we will take another 50yrs for us to understand one another,we will continues to be ruled by lords of the status quo due to sycophancy.In simple language and a question, where is the differences between Uhuru and raila???To me ,there isn’t any at all coz they both comes from bigger houses of the land!!!which are the gain we have received for having two presidents coming from the same area??(kikuyu land)!!!Does it mean we don’t have paupers in kikuyuland???For us to build a united nation with no tribal baundaries,we must stop hatred,envy,despise,sycophancy and enhance togetherness and harmony…The way a commoner in central Kenya suffers is just the same way a commoner in any other part is suffering.why do we tends to ignore and forget the prophecies of j.m Kariuki and mboya??its just an opinion,,,,

  37. Mr prof just go for it u are better that jubillee n nasa.better than whom u call a political orphan but managed some several hundreds thousands of votes…then we will see if u will manage some hundreds

  38. An alternative cannot arise now prof because Kenyans have not suffered enough. We are almost at that point but the pain is not yet sufficient. We got there in 2002 then Narc gave us asprins

  39. 2013 mutahi ngunyi narrative ‘tyranny of numbers’ reward nys ‘tenders.2017 ‘political an.’ narrative ‘better da devil’ reward kenyans know better now n wont swallow ua bait

  40. With the new registered voters and after the cleaning of it and old voters, we will see the clear dynamics and possible outcome of the Aug polls, including your analysis. But rejections of the polls and discrediting its process, is very ripe to Raira….

  41. Well said prof,I have read this carefully and at least I have gathered something. But to my opinion,, Kenya will never cease electing leaders basing on ethnic groups,mind you,it has already been divided politically one side supporting the ruling party whereas the other supporting the opposition. Unless Kenyans think as smart people and focus on electing change,,Kenya will forever remain the way it is.

  42. Like I always say, you are right in every aspect in respect of your analysis. But this non-ethnic narrative needs a face. The problem is that there is none and I don’t see one in the near future simply because the people who should initiate this change(intellectuals and lower middle class like you) have either taken sides in the tribal bigotry or are firmly perched on the fence nursing the hope that they will at one time join the thieving, murderous and conniving political class. That why at this time and age, guys with multiple degrees will laugh at you if you occupied a position of power and you didn’t use it to corruptly enrich yourself.

  43. Koech Noah

    Prof Congrats,

    I believe in what you believe. However, the narrative will be ripe in about 2 to 3 centuries when the current generation ( corrupt and tribal) is totally wiped out.

    We thought it was Peter Kenneth but he has teamed up with system ya majambaz.

    If I think it is you my kinsmen will obviously say another Kikuyu.

  44. Today, I support your analysis cos it’s well balanced. You have painted a realistic picture which many of us may not like but it’s the truth. However, much as these outfits are tribal at present, I want to believe that from these outfits, we will move forward until a none tribal one which will germinate and grow. The bases have been set, and as more tribes work with each other, a time will come when people will outgrow them and base their assassinations on policies

  45. To be honest isee nothing important in your post or article as u may call it, cozy to me, you have a central Kenya rotten mind’s that has nothing good to do with our great country Kenya.

  46. U can’t use te 2002 elections 2 justify ur mediocre tinking, kenya is much ready 4 change,through this years we hv been taken hostage by two tribes whom have squandered everything for their stomach, tribe diversity isn’t a curse bt a blessing in disguise.its high time te top leadership of this beloved country take a different tribe course

  47. We have had people like you before,pretending to be non tribal only by word of mouth but deep inside they come as tribal as any other Kenyan.Recent history has the likes of Martha Karua,Gitobu and the likes.Where are they now?They have retreated back to their tribal cocoons so proffessor climb down from that high ground that only exists in your dreams.

  48. Jubilee has an ideology – and it is political and economic subjugation of all tribes of Kenya by a moneyed clique from one tribe – the Kikuyu ! Forget about the rest of the Kalenjin and Kikuyu masses in Jubilee – those are just escorts being herded into a slaughter house by devious tenderpreneurs !
    On the other hand, the opposition ideology is the emancipation of Kenyans from the stranglehold of the moneyed clique from the Kikuyu ethnic group !
    Even if you and I and millions of other sober-minded Kenyans choose to propagate another ideology, which you don’t seem to identify in your post, where will you get the brand of leaders to nurture it?
    And by the way, who will you vote for this August between Jubilee and NASA presidential flagbearers? If you claim that you won’t vote for either of them because none of them presents the right alternative, where do you expect Kenyans to find the alternative to vote in?

  49. Should we concern ourselves with NASA disintergrating or should we identify that key non ethnical leader to head a third force?

    Prof, I still don’t see your point in rubbishing leaders within the 2 Kenyan very powerful political outfits!
    I’ve always talked about this ethnical virus having been planted by Kanu under the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta who handed it over to Moi (fuata nyayo) who as a result cultivated it to higher levels. Moi then confirmed the 2 tribes dynastic rule in Kenya when he recommented Jomo’s son who wasn’t even within the bracket of suitable presidential candidates for Kenya.

    Kibaki came in by default which was assumed for getting rid of Moism. Little did Kenyans know that the 2 tribes were still within their scheme & would regroup later fooling Kenyans that Uhuru & Ruto had come of age to lead.

    Prof should know that the ethnical differences problem we are facing today isn’t because of Jubilee & NASA but its because of a 2 tribes’ covenant syndrome between Jomo & Moi. That should be the pink elephant to slay.

    NASA is just one of the many oufits formed in the attempt to slay this monster although all its principals are Moi’s students.
    And may I also inform you that Moism is still live & kicking through Uhuru because that is still within the perimetres of the original scheme.

    Therefore, untill Uhuru & Ruto ends their term, they are not yet Moi’s orphans but his successors.
    A virus is subdued when its elements are destroyed. To destroy the 2 tribes ethnical political monopoly, Kenyans must elect into office a person from a different tribe than the 2.
    We must demistify the assumption that its only from the 2 tribes that a president can come from. In case the 2 tribes truly care about being part of a unified Nation, its everyone’s duty including the prof & leaders to start preaching tolerance to lessen the pride & arnimosity created in their communities that for example, in case Raila gets to power, they shall be in suffer. What have they done to be scared of another person getting the presidency? Why can’t copy from Tanzania or Americans who careless about one’s tribe?

    Don’t get me wrong, Peter Kenneth or Gideon Moi might be non ethnical narrative leaders but by their tribal backgrounds, they cannot reflect the ethnical unity change Kenyans yarn for because their powerful godfathers would still manipulate them or even replace them with more cooperative puppets.

    The Prof knows that this is the truth but might choose to be aviassive because its easier to attack a tiger by its tail than face on but we know the consequences of that.

    Attacking NASA & Jubilee in my opinion is the wrong strategy which cannot last long. You can’t impact people who don’t believe in your narrative.
    The good prof should be seeking for believers & not sympathizers. Lets focus on fighting the myths created within the Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo & now Kambas that if not their own, there shall be no peace.
    We need a unifying leader who has no attachments with the 2 major ethnical backgrounds whatsoever. The rest of us can then support that neutral person to help Kenya heal from tribalism before any of those two tribes could be trusted again.

    • I think this is closer to the political reality in Kenya than the Professors assertions.

      Provided some tribes still benefit from their kingpins controlling the government it will be difficult to get a common ground where the ordinary Kenyans will run to the streets to throw out a government. More so where change of government is through the ballot.

      Devolution killed the real hunger for change and it will take some decades before something catastrophic happen for the masses to go to the streets for change.

      The only thing we need is just like you’ve said; let somebody from a different tribe apart from the two we have take the helm of leadership and see the direction our governance take.

      What I believe most people are suffering from is the fatigue of only having two ethnic groups ruling the nation since independence in a country where there are 43 ethnic groups.

      Otherwise apart from corruption, too much debt and bloated governance structures, I believe we are in the right direction.

    • Oruka Orwa I support you guys with the exemption that “Let somebody from a different tribe…” This is a tribal narrative. It you adopt it, the tribal Kingpins in NASA and Jubilee will win because they are the masters of the tribal narrative. A new narrative must be non-ethnic. It is it ethnic,it cannot defeat the owners of the ethnic narrative. I always like the way you guys engage. Like I have said, all of us are looking for solutions. And the search continues.

  50. Kogutu Nyaranga

    Wainaina I read much pretense in most of your analysis the weight at which you put criticizing NASA isnt equal to Jubilee. Its true you are soon to replace Ngunyi.

  51. “Non neo-ethnic” yet tribalism is the major contributer to the mathematics. On examining your post, there is more disillission than hope, there seems to be no ideology besides the ethnic narrative. Prof, we have problem in Kenya, it is tribalism and non neo-ethnic narratives gives direction, all we need is a leader who can inculcate the ideals of nationhood and responsible citizenship.

  52. Hakuna kitu umesema.Uhuru NA Ruto wamebadilisha vyama Mara ngapi!All over the world political parties belong to a group of pple.In America Democratic party is for Blacks and coloured whereas Republicans is for whites .It is about interests of tribes.For Kenyans,Jubilee Ni ya Kikuyu NA Kalenjins.NASA is for the rest of the country.

  53. My friends its good to preach this political gospel but its very important to be fair to everyone.unless u invoke a different democracy ur preaching can not score any change.here Kenya s for us all and each had right to chose without obstruction.any combination be for the rich vs poor,ruling elites vs peasants,this tribe vs another or others s allowed game
    So let’s not try to devilish any arrangement.preach but know we r all Kenyans n we need each other

  54. You said nothing but much senseless writing, proff you ain’t real,and if you’re, then then you must be the most ignorant person in this society of social being to social doom the fools and leave them hanging in assumptions, I understand who you’re, one who can identify a problems without giving solutions,

  55. You write for jubilee, and you need to keep your opinions to yourself and jubilee….your writing is reflected in your name and not in your prof title… Better go back to research and teaching as you are wasting your time or go into politics.

  56. Your conscious misleads you as the first and last PhD holder… That is pride… Speak like a real professor not a professor by name… Support Kenya as a country not Uhuru as a Kikuyu….

    • How did you conclude he was supporting Uhuru from this narrative? What wisdom did you apply? I have read 3 times and I am yet to get that revelation…his name is probably the wisdom here?

    • Moses Wangoi This is the tragedy of fellows who are so blinded by the tribal lenses of the tribal kingpins in NASA and Jubilee that they are incapable of seeing anything outside of the tribal paradigm. Thanks for coming in here to bring some sense. I hope he will see your sense.

  57. John Mwangi, yes,Kenya belongs to us all but when two powerful people who were entrusted by all Kenyans to guide this state through the right path became greedy enough to plunge the whole country into a political ethnic oblivion, that’s where rain started beating us.

    We therefore must try to rectify this mistakes carefully & by honestly stating our forefather’s failures in order to defuse a greater looming danger which would call for more civil unrrests. Kenyans needs to know the truth so as not to be brainwashed into sycophancy & belief that their own has a National goodwill at heart. Any leader who doesn’t care on uniting all Kenyan tribes is dangerous even to his own tribes. A tribe might be too defiant to force him on but an enlighened citizenry must defend what is right for the future of a peaceful coexistance.

    As it is,the common mwananchi has no ability to make a choice as you say & he knows it too well if the past events in Kenyan supreme court & ICC is anything to goby.
    When a majority’s choice doesn’t count or matter any more, you must prepare for a revolution at some juncture. Is that what Kenya needs to retify these faults??? I GUESS NOT! The option might cause mental pain to sycophants but would be peaceful & bloodless.

  58. You have a difficult job. You have advocated for this non ethnic third force to liberate the nation from the current crooks on the front line of national politics. There are many able Kenyans out there who can stand up and be counted. However, as I don’t wanna belabour you with what may or may not happen. My question has always been, who amongst us can influence Wanjiku so that we may coalesce around him and vote him I’m since the mandarins own all communication channels. This for me is the challenge, breaking the mass media glass ceiling under their grip and finding someone we can coalesce around and make him president .

  59. Nasa forever,,, swali ni,, now u pple of mount kenya region mmsahau ile MOU, ya raila kibaki… Nyani haoni gubaye…. Nasa tuko ndaani .. Kitu ni 10am mashetani shindwa

    • Ngugy Ngaxh do u think i don’t know wht am talking here or? if u must know…MOU ya raila kibaki 2002, wht happened after raila kumtoa kibaki wheelchair to the trone,, you called him a triblist, a devil n a dictator remember if this country ni ya wakikuyu n not God then yote wanayotaka itawezeka bur if not pole sana tuonane kwa debe…

  60. For how long have we been voting in Kikuyus,,now it time to vote in another tribe as a sense of mono tribalism ..for the sake of Kenyans unity we must vote in either the four NASA leaders.let’s be abit socially Democratic

  61. like I always like to say,a Kikuyu will never betray tribalism no matter how much he portrays himself to be neutral. Peter Kenneth who once pretended to be a non-tribalist is a good example to Kenyans.

  62. The political gospel according to you NASA cannot not hold foolstop. Just reminisce the activities leading to the resounding thrashing that consigned KANU to oblivion in 2002.

  63. Wait and see,these are political genius,what is not possible to Mount Kenya/Jubilee brigade is implementable,only then shall remove your hat to Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and the entire NASA Team for you have failed to predict their next move with accuracy.

  64. Prof. I like your blogs but surely you should be able to provide solutions otherwise you will look like activist which to me you are not otherwise keep up the good work

  65. The Question You Started With Is Not Answered Yet,instead You’ve Gone Round Telling Us Stories That Do Not Answer The Headline Question.So Will NASA Survive?

  66. Many Are Saying Prof.Is Tribal I Don’t Think So,what Is Happening With Him Is That He Is Realy Trying To Move Away From Tribe So What You Are Catching Are Just The Stains Of The Tribe In Him,otherwise He Is Trying.

  67. It is rather unfortunate that people calling the author of this post a tribalist are reading the same post with a tribal mindset – the very disease this post seeks to heal. But who am I to tell them anything?!

  68. Without Raila Odinga you have nothing to analyze, I watch u on KTN Kenya morning show and I can say I am deeply disappointed. Uthamaki reason in the same way from the charcoal burner to a professor.

  69. Just plain clear! , Wainaina you are just tribal and not rational. Though you conjure your opinions and claim to be factual, you honey coat and hide all these under the resent of tribalism! .my suggestion, just analyse your side of divide and leave those other guys with their joy or misery. You are not neutral at all!.

  70. Story mreefu ni ya nini? What Kenyans want is a NASA candidate within or outside but with the blessings of all the four principals. Hio ingine tuwaachie wakenya waamue

  71. Hii story mob just keep for your self hakuna kikuyu mwenye ana huruma, mnaongozwa always na slogan ya”modo wa nyuba” na kama hujawai kua kabila ingine hapa Kenya basi huwezi elezea shida zile tumepitia Sababu yenu….uko na idea inaeza saidia hao watu wenu kwa ivo jaribu uwasaidie nazo.sisi hatuwaamini tena kuanzia kwa ma pastor wenu, authors wenu wa historia zao Kenya hadi viongozi wenu, kama mnaweza hata ku plant a police imposter kwa government for a period of 5 years, n wat for? Ama unafikiria Baragoi tulisahau, saa hii yuko wapi, si ni free Kenyan?!!’

    • Maumau never brought independence you people, it only awakened th international conscience, or don’t you remember that their leader th one field marshal was arrested n killed before th dawn of independence? It’s high time your authors should stat publishing th truth….n for your little knowhow lemmi help you for free, diplomacy led to independence good people

    • shed some history light mr prime benard oduor…how i wish they take your piece so serious.we are tired of rotten leadership..its time for right minded citizen to take over.economy has deteriorated, security is in mess ,civil workers taking to streetsbday in day out fighting for better pay…what this government has are jus empty promises….WE ARE TIRED!!!


    I was called a terrorist yesterday, but when I came out of jail,many people embraced me,including my enemies and that is what I normally tell other people who say those who are struggling for liberation in their country are terrorists.(Nelson Mandela)
    Following the strong advocacy for human liberation, our country Kenya enjoys an independent governance that was marked by getting out of the hook of the colonial masters.The year was 1963.The powerful, able and dedicated movements that were fuelled with the enthusiasm and yearn for liberty managed to overcome the tortures and oppression before them and finally led our country from the yoke of unequal governance to a better one that recognizes aspirations of all.
    Our founding father the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta,one of the most powerful opposition leaders and the father to the current fierce opposition leader,the late Jaramogi Oginga ,just to mention but a few,engaged in violent but fundamental movements that sought for freedom. The struggle expressly connotes the fight in the bushes and was marred with detention without trial.
    That marked the first liberation in Kenya.

    With Kenya being freed from colonial rule, the African men took over. They had wanted power and freedom but trust me,power captured them. It became the second African but colonial in nature the type of leadership displayed. Truly Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Kenya ,apart from having many parties that championed for different but essentially important rights decided to go the other way.The parties were limited and KANU being an authoritarian party became the single powerful party to exercise Power.As Plato puts it,We maintain that the law which are not established for the good of the whole state are bogus law.This therefore drived the need for getting good laws and since experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions, some of the leaders, the former prime minister being among them,advocated for repeal of section 2 A of the Constitution. The year was 1991.
    Many leaders came together, with the defined and mature standing words of unity to struggle for this change. The then President,Daniel Wrap Moi was so powerful that it laid a prerequisite of togetherness to fight his ideal.By the way it was becoming defeatist and ungrounded ideal.Clandestinely, only in association with others can we hope to become fully human or certainly, to realize our qualities of excellence as human beings.
    That was the second Liberation

    Not so long ago, 4 years to be precise a government was installed after the elections that brought a lot of uncertainty and mistrust in judiciary,a trust that it has tried to reclaim and is successfully doing it.I’ll not not engage in the intricacies of the judicial system for that only God can demystify explicitly.
    For all who have eyes, they have seen that which has become the incumbent, and by voting,the defunct government by August .The blind have been told and moreover this economic crisis has hit them too. For purposes of verbosity, I would not speak much about the jubilee government.

    From my desk,my instinct, which rarely misguides,tells me that this looming elections will be a determinant in either continuance or contingency in values displayed by the current government or an introduction of a new phase of government that shares aspirations that are encapsulated in their Pillar.
    These are the decisions we have to make come August and I Vickins Bondo,without fear of contradiction or favour encourages all registered voters to be part of this third and final liberation.
    The choice is ours.

  73. Consistent in the call for a new non-ethnic narrative. I, however, think that there is some “change in the lives of the people” that comes when we “replace a bad regime with a visionless one.” This change is characterised by disillusionment and increase in confusion among the people on which horse to back, when all of them in the race are stubborn and won’t bolt.

  74. I only read your posts as a case study on the impact of ethnicity upon the wrongly educated. You have failed to hide your ethnic sympathies despite spirited attempts to appear impartial. The balance of your attacks on Jubilee and Cord/NASA/Raila always favours or bare touch Jubilee. The tragedy is that you can’t see it yourself. I can’t find any intellectual beef in your arguments except fear and foreboding should your perceived enemies come to power.

  75. The problem with this fake professor, he writes a very long story on Nasa yet its fake like him. We have so many real professors in Nasa who can speak about what is on ground.

  76. The problem is,these days it’s so easy to become a professor,you might think it’s churned out of condom dispenser,,,, during those days of quality education a tiny brain like yours wouldn’t make it beyond class seven

  77. I am baffled whether ua a PHD holder or Certificate of participation holder?? Ua post is too biased,go back,delve on facts n try posting something constructive, not human interest posts here!!

    • I keep saying this prof guy is a wolf in sheep skin…i see no different from the other busy bodies who do marketing to be noticed by jubilee to get jobs…bure kabisa his n**e says it all.

  78. ProfMichael Wainaina the tribal warriors are back with a bang and even have the audacity to question your academic credentials because they can’t seem to understand the simple message you are relaying. Their brains are crowded by tribalism that they can see the truth even if it hit them on the face. Carry on prof, there are those like me who believe that one day the non-tribal dialogue will become a reality and a second force will be born.

    • He focuses so much on the opposition hence makes himself look suspicious. I agree with his articles on politicians but hr makes it look like the opposition politicians worse than the Ruling politicians…. I have never seen him go full throttle on the corruption that is killing this country perpetrated by this government???

    • Peter Ossome he has done some articles on corruption and he takes on Jubilee with the same zest. The problem, which he clearly states is that it all depends on which tribal side you are on when reading his articles to conclude that he is being unfair to ether jubilee or NASA. However, if you see beyond the tribal narrative like I do coz I don’t belong to either, you will read his articles with an open mind. Look at his past work and you will see how he criticises the govt on corruption and other evils.

    • Hope you know what is tribalism and it’s chief priests. Look at the forces investigating joho. Starting from NSIS, KRA, KNEC, DCI Mombasa.what can u say on this govt appearing one tribe govt.

    • Shaddy Shad I know that tribalism is when someone blindly elects a leader without looking at any other credential apart from they come from my tribe. It is denying some one an employment opportunity or service based on their tribe. It is assuming you know the political inclinations of an individual based on their name ( exactly what you are doing). Tribalism is when someone comes to the table with numbers of followers and that becomes their selling point because they have nothing else to offer. I can go on and on

    • Ciiku Kinyua I am believing with you that a non-ethnic political narrative is possible and even long overdue. Given that option, we hope that some of these people who insult others because they disagree with their tribal kingpins and the tribal dispensation they have visited on us will see the light. They then will understand that a different world is possible.

  79. “I have advocated for this new non-ethnic political narrative to rescue this country from the stranglehold of the tribal overlords in the current political class in CORD [Update to NASA] and Jubilee, our present day Goliath. This will be a new narrative, probably backed by lowly, unknown, un-moneyed “common” Kenyans. They will have to rise up against the established political narrative and machinery spun out of the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi …” Many have asked me where the narrative will come from. Again my response has been the same; “From me and you. We are the people”. And yes, that is my final answer! I echo your sentiments.

  80. Where do you think a new non ethnic political narrative will come from when we still hold on majority rules?
    Imagine the impact of ethnicity card when we needed votes in an elective position.
    If it is for change, then Kenya need someone who is not afraid of icc, someone who is ready to kill for the interest of the people Jst like tianamen square in China, someone who will execute corrupted men and women in public, someone who doesn’t follow blindly western policies.

  81. Prof..as a student of history i can say you have fairly tried ..but remember that Kenya is an ethnic -based nation…we only had non-ethnicized leaders before independence …and slightly after independence…Remember what Jaramogi did and said while Jomo kenyatta was in detention….what J.M kariuki stood for before he was brutally murdered…..prof…to name a few ..we don’t have such selfless leaders… Look what our current leaders are doing …zoning the country into tribal cocoons…warning others never to step there…riding on others development records…mzee kibaki tried to unify this great nation but was overcome by tribal- bigots…if there is a ‘messiah’ leader who can emerge and save this country from negative-ethnicity….God hear our genuine prayers!

  82. Am not going to throw ,empty punches at prof ,and become part of “upuzi” but a times reading an article can help ,,whether you agree with the mindset or not …but typical Kenyans react as predicted……but good piece prof

  83. Kuddos prof I always watch your morning program’s on KTN, I think what most of us should be doing is to make the ragged edges smooth on this non ethnic narrative

  84. Prof with all the know it all you portray on this platform condoning both sides of the political divide of the vices you keep mentioning today, i wont be surprised if today you vie for a seat in Nairobi you will be voted by you tribes men but am sure you will not reject those votes claiming they are tribal votes just the same way i dont see you condemn the tribal partisan comments posted on this platform. In short this narrative you keep drumming to the public is becoming too boring coz we as Kenyans accept how tribal we are. Mwaura, Bishop wanjiru and her son, Gachoka,joe Nyaga, Shebesh,Onyango oloo,John kiarie and the most shocking of all just to mentiob afew Martha karua and Imanyara the most learned have proved to Kenya’s who we really are. So please don’t take it personal but i would wish for you to convince most of the Kenyans on this narrative of tribe its time you start the gospel from your home considering the fact that it has never supported non from outside their tribe. While pondering on this comments try to dissect the Nairobi’s Sonko/ Kenneth politics to fully understand my opinion.

    • If I run on a tribal narrative, of course it is the tribesmen who will vote. If I have a non-ethnic political narrative, I shall have defined a different constituency. People vote tribal because the dorminant narrative animating politics is tribal.

    • Kenneth ran for presidency on a different narrative of all inclusiveness but circumstances has forced him to now run on a tribal narrative…i never knew he was a kikuyu until he sacrificed his ambitions due to pressure to support Uhuru to run Nairobi gubernatorial race…just imagine how educated and enlighten PK is to go that low. His political ambition is destroyed and it would take a century to convince the the many who used to see him as a different breed of politician.

  85. To start with they never did a search to verify the name nasa next they must have a candidate by the deadline of iebc which is a serious pain in the neck it seems its not going to happen soon

  86. PROFF….this is a great message that Kenyans should put into actions. Kenyans are wind driven people engulfed in the jaws of tribal kingpins who are making them hostages in the hands of a honest enemy. Its high time we advocate for freedom from this ethnic slavery …we need to advocate for a ethnic free society..open eyes and vote wisely otherwise Kenyans we are putting our country to a hell where our next generation will live to regret why they were born.

  87. It is a good article but your final answer!! Ha! professor, you’ll never witness it in your lifetime not even your children can witness it. Our society is far much behind concerning this narrative of yours, educating them is in order though maybe at one point when this ethnicity has suffocated us enough, pushed us into anarchy we’ll then embrace this narrative but for now my good prof. You can only keep on feeding the fire.

  88. I think the whole point here was to attack NASA but you are just relating in jubilee at a far to confuse readers that you are neutral.Remember in terms of diahonouring MOUs we mt Kenya must be leading.remember Kibaki cheating Kalonzo And imposing UHURUTO in 2013 despite being assisted to form rigged government…UHURUTO himself cheating mudavadi in 2013. You have no reason to discredit Raila towords Kalonzo since he has never been a president.will you tell us to abandone jubilee and vote for Kalonzo should he be made NASA flagbearer?.

  89. The good professor is dreaming of a non ethnic movement four months to the elections? They say too much of books is not a good thing, it’s so evident reading his narratives.

  90. As prof of great understanding who seam not to be happy with what happened, happening and probably happen with the authority and challengers. What solutions are offering to your mother land or is just to criticize and cause more confusion.

  91. This was the grand plan; NASA was actually a Jubilee concoction, Raila was doomed if he didn’t join because then they will wail ‘ look he is a selfish politician ‘ If he joined, as he strategically did, ‘make unrealistic demands’ and stage manage a fallout’ unknown to them Kenyans were fed up of thievery and tribalism, now their evil plot has come full cycle. The weeds are pruned and Raila remains as the genuine plant. All are invited to the harvest in August.

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